1. Image 1 2. Firstly, I began to erase the background of the original photograph as I wanted to add my own background to it, so the whole background had to be like a canvas. I used the polygonal lasso tool to cut around the model, but I also used the eraser tool on the bigger/easiest areas. 3. Once the background was completely deleted, I added a gradient overlay with the colours green, white and black and arranged them diagonally. I chose those colours as I felt it matched the models clothing and the reason why I put the gradient diagonally was because I didnt want the model to merge into the background. 4. After I added the gradient overlay, I then turned up the brightness and turned the contrast down; I felt that I needed to bring the model out more so it was eye catching to the reader. Next I created the title of my magazine; I decided to have a simple yet sophisticated font as my idea of urban was stylish, not scruffy. The reason why I chose the colour of the font was so that the colour would fit the other three magazine colour scheme. To make the magazine seem a bit more realistic, I added a barcode at the bottom. 5. Next I added a sticker like shape in the top corner of the cover; the idea I was going for was the idea of having a price sticker on the cover; and by that I added the price within the sticker. Next I added my already planned cover lines. As you can see, I put a few of the cover lines in different colours to fit with the colour scheme of the models clothing. 6. Image 2 7. To start off with, I changed the whole images brightness and contrast, as I felt the background looked a bit gloomy, I wanted to bring the model out more as she is the main focus. 8. I then used the paintbrush tool added a baby pink colour to the models cheeks; this done because I felt the model didnt have enough make-up on and so I took the decision to edit make-up on her. After adding the colour on, I used a Gaussian blur to blur out the colour to make it seem more like a blusher. By achieving this, I blurred it our by 41.1%. 9. The only thing I needed to do was to add the title of my magazine, barcode and cover lines. With the cover lines I first the colour as white, however they were lost due to the background being so bright so I decided to change them to more brighter colours but had them a little soft; salmon pink and a light blue. For the main cover line I had it a different colour to the other cover lines. 10. Image 3 11. For the third front cover, I didnt edit it much; I only changed the brightness of the image slightly; the image was fairly bright but had gloomy patches. 12. Image 4 13. On my last front cover, I altered the levels of the image by increasing the visibility of the colour black to darken the image a little. I also increased the exposure levels to add a little light to the darkness of the image 14. Next I increased the vibrance levels of the image; the brightness in models face is lifted more. After that I lowered the saturation levels. Once I edited the image I added the title and barcode and price sticker. Like I did with the second cover, I made the main cover line in a different colour from the rest. I also created my version of a CD disc.

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