Mauritz Albert Scholtz

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PROFILEMr Scholtz is a versatile and very successful Foreman/Manager with a wealth of mechanical and logistical skills acquired over 33 years across a wide range of demanding roles. Excellent timekeeping and attendance record. Ability to work with a high degree of accuracy. Even under significant pressure, possesses a strong ability to perform effectively. Wide range of experience in all aspects of the mechanical and logistics industry. Proven supervisory skills and excellent time keeping and attendance record. Heavy emphasis on managing and using skilled techniques, knowledge and experience. Full life cycle experience. Now seeking next challenging opportunity to demonstrate substantial abilities and make an effective contribution in a successful, end-user focused team.Experience and skills:Employer:

AJCOR Opencast Mining cc

Middelburg South AfricaFrom:

2013 to presentPosition:Workshop ManagerResponsibilities: Supervise and maintain day to day operations in workshop

Daily feedback on operation in workshop to Directors Prioritise scope of work to be done

Maintain the purchase and distribution of parts for work to be done

Manage daily tasks of cleaning lady and general workers

Manage the logistics of all company vechiles. Daily control on tools used by mechanics

Build and maintain business relationships with customers and suppliers Control the moving of tools in and out the workshop Control of stock in store

Purchase of consumables and parts

Control diesel and oil usage in workshop

Build and maintain positive relationships with employees

Address representatives and visitors to the workshop

Responsible for the smooth running of duties on a daily basis


AJCOR Opencast Mining cc

Middelburg South Africa From:

2011 - 2013


Mechanical ForemanResponsibility:

Managing logistics.

Controlling and distributing spares on site.

Tagging machines.

Head of Admin Department.

Controlling and calculating fuel caps on site.

Controlling and calculating machine hours on site.

Coordinating fuel purchases from supplier (ENGEN) to site and distribution.

Stock controlling all consumables.

Controlling and arranging all break tests on machines.

Communicating with subcontractors regarding their duties and machines.

Controlling hiring of plant.

Responsible for correct disposal of used oil and waste.

Coordinating all communication between head office and site.

Achievements Reduced the diesel cap from 0.58 to 0.42 to ensure that the profit margin of the company remained positive.

Achieved project goals through closely supervising a team of 10 employees. Employer:

Self Employed

Kimberley South Africa


2009 -2010Position: Owner Builder - Maintain and Supervise Responsibilities:

Renovating private homes.

Developing and building private riverfront dwelling, ablution block and entertainment area.

Developing and installing irrigation system.

Installing plumbing system and building of the complete sewerage system.

Mounting floats on river raft.

Measuring, fitting and installing curtains, rails, pelmets and tiebacks.Employer:

South African Transport Services (Transnet)

Kimberley South AfricaFrom:

1980 - 2009Position: Millwright Responsibilities: Conducting mechanical repairs on all machines and plants.

Repairing and maintaining pumps water and sewerage plants.

Repairing and maintaining mobile and mounted cranes.

Repairing and maintaining all types of diesel and petrol engines.

Maintaining safety repairs on all forklifts.

Performing all auto electrical repairs.

Moving heavy materials and machinery.

Fitting and turning work.

Repairing all machinery (shapers, lathes and milling machines).

Repairing and maintaining compressors and boilers (electrical / diesel / heating boilers).

Repairing and maintaining hydraulic equipment.

Welding (including gas welding).

Repairing air tools.

Repairing, maintaining and inspecting the equipment for rails.

Repairing, maintaining and inspecting vehicle running on rails.

Repairing and maintaining all mechanical jacks and earthmoving equipment.

Repairing and maintaining small machines to inspect railway lines.

Installing air pipelines in workshop.

Building and maintaining water treatment plants

Manufacturing and installing water pipelines.

Installing water pumps and sewerage pumps.

Building and maintaining fuel lines.

Acting as Workshop Supervisor. 2 years

Controlling and administering purchasing of all parts.

Testing brakes on rail trolleys.

Transporting equipment on low beds

Conducting inspections on:

D shackles and slings.

Air receivers.

All types of cranes.

All lifting equipment.

Hydraulic jacks and cranes.

Machinery and grinders for safety.

Purchaser for all spares to workshop 3 Years.

Dealing with customers and suppliers countrywide.

Operating the Blue Train Tour Bus.

Taking national and international tourist to the Big Hole and back to the train with tour bus.

Achievements Awarded the South African Transport Services Study Performance Award (1983).

Awarded the South African Transport Services Best Mechanical Student Award (1983).

Awarded the Brain Minnaar Floating Trophy for Technical Compressors (1990).


South African Transport Services (Transnet)

Kimberley South Africa


1997 - 2000Position: Purchaser


Build a business relationship with suppliers and customers Courtesy visits to suppliers and customers Request quotations on consumables Maintain constant communication between suppliers, clients and new business

Compare prises from a variety of suppliers to do cost accounting

Purchase spares from suppliers

Maintain knowledge on new trends and development in business Equipment / Machine Experience / Knowledge Lathes

Milling Machines


Pedestal Drills

Hydraulic Press

Exhausters (Vacuum Pump)

Oil Separators

Water Pumps

Sewerage Pumps

Submersible pumps

Reduction Gearbox

Overhead Cranes

Hydraulic and Mobile Cranes

Diesel Browser TLB

Chain saw

Diesel Engines

Petrol Engines








Hi Up Back Mounted Cranes


Gas welders

Rail drilling Machines

Passenger coaches (Bus)

Rail Screw Machine Rail Grinder

Rail Servicing Rail Inspection Trolleys Trucks & Trailers Tractors (Bell, etc.)


Mechanical & Hydraulic Jacks

Light Delivery Vehicles


Motor vehicles

Sander Drill Plainer Wood saw Concrete Mixer


Workshop Manager

(AJCOR Opencast Mining)

Year of birth:



South African

Drivers License:

A / EC




Senior Certificate


Diamantveld High School

Grade 12 (Matric)

*Best student in Accounting (1977)

Military Training

1980 1981


Financial Course-Fin 8001 Pretoria

Engineering studies -1983 - 1987

Northern Cape Technical College


*Best Mechanical Student Transnet (1983)

*Best student award Transnet (1983)

*Mechanical Drawings

Brain Minnaar Trophy (1987)


Registration Certificate - Millwright


NTS 1 4 Northern Cape Technical College



Training College Esselenpark Transnet


Auto Electrical

(Basic, Instigators and Alternators) Esselenpark Transnet


Quality Awareness Transnet


Gas Safety Training Course

Harris Calorific South Africa (Pty) Ltd


Bearing Maintenance and Fitting Procedures TIMKIN


De Beers Consolidates Mines

Advance PLC Course

(Based on Siemens S5-U-Series)

Basic PLC Course

De Beers Consolidated Mines


Emergency Care Service

(Transnet Level 2)


Forklift Truck FL2

(Transnet-Competent Certificate )


Examiner Code 29 Act 85

Key Skills

MS Office

Micro Soft Outlook


A position as a Mechanical/Workshop Manager with opportunities to train, manage and share knowledge and experience with employees to perform and develop their skills and duties professionally and cost effectively

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