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    We must always be referred to as Chill Insurance. The company name must never be referred to just as This was our old brand name. may only be used when referring to our website address We are a 100% Irish owned company. An independent insurance broker. Members of the Irish Brokers Association.

    Regulation and Compliance:

    Chill Insurance Ltd t/a Chill Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Any prices quoted must be referenced by an explanation of the quote, criteria, risk details and price inclusive of government levy and administration charge. Any prices quoted must reference the date the quote was created and number of days the price is valid for (7 or 30 days).

    Key Terms:

    We compare 14 different insurers to get you the best deal on your motor insurance. We compare 14, you pick one. One quote, 14 insurers. We compare lots of different insurers to get you the best deal on your home and motor insurance. We take the hassle out of searching for insurers by comparing 14 of the leading insurers to you get you the best deal. We know that searching for insurance is about as enjoyable as a flat tyre, you just wish someone would do it for you.

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