PowerPoint Presentation

Advert 2 Editing Process Tom Price

In this photo Im making my canvas using international paper with a resolution of 300 pixels per CM

This is the landscape canvas I will use for my advert

This is my opened image full size without any editing.

This is my image after being resized and transformed on my canvas.

In this photo I adjusted the brightness and contrast with a brightness of 32 and a contrast 48.

In this photo I adjusted the levels with the centre adjuster being adjusted to 0.80.

In this image I opened my logo and dragged it onto the canvas of my advert

This is my logo after I have transformed it and put it on my canvas.

In this image I used the magic brush tool to get rid of the white around the logo.

In this image I inserted my slogan and used the font from my proposal.

In this image I added a stroke and drop shadow to my text.

In this image I readjusted my logo size and text size to stay consistent to my other adverts. I also adjusted their position on the page.

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