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    Dove has been practicing and teaching yoga

    for over 26 years, and believes that using as

    many modalities as we can helps kids and

    adults to learn. Dove began teaching yoga in

    South Florida before moving up to Philly. He

    began leading yoga with a Jewish bend to it

    – blending parsha and yoga together – at Elat Chayyim, a retreat

    center in New York.

    Dove has taught at Germantown Jewish Centre in Mt. Airy for 22

    years. In his 2nd grade classes he uses yoga poses both as a

    learning tool for the Alef Bet and in connection to various stories.

    His philosophy is that yoga – and all types of embodied practice –

    engages not only the mind, but allows the whole body to remem-

    ber what it is learning.




    S i t t i n g a t t h e i n t e r s e c t i o n o f t r a d i t i o n ,

    innovation, and community, the Religious School at GJC is

    committed to educating a new generation of kids for our

    evolving Jewish world. Our program urges students to get curious

    about their Judaism and integrates cutting edge teaching

    methods like Hebrew Through Movement. As they learn and

    explore, students build confidence in their knowledge and

    connection to our tradition, competency in prayer and ritual skills,

    and a strong sense of Jewish identity and connection.

    We proudly embrace the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of

    our students & their families. We welcome multiracial, interfaith,

    and LGBT families, and we are committed to the inclusion of

    students with special needs. The diversity of our families enriches

    our community and our children’s learning. Our religious school is

    geared towards students (K-10th grade) from all of GJC’s many

    concentric circles of community.


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