dont make the sap hana story a difficult story

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Christopher M. Carter President Of Strategic Accounts Don't make the Hana story a complex story

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Dont make the SAP Hana story a difficult story is a true to life description of real life SAP Hana use cases that were able to be fixed and supported after making it easier to swallow.


  • 1. Christopher M. CarterPresident Of Strategic AccountsDont make the Hana story a complexstory

2. Agenda: Who we are Our partners Why were talking Dont bite off more then you can chew All-In-One 3. Founded by SAP Alumni Advisory Board:- Gil Gomez (Former VP of SAP Hosting)- Larry Kallhoff (Former CEO, OSG (SAP Partner)- Justin Cloutier (Former CPO Servicemesh) Product General Availability: Launched July 2012 SAP Hana SMB launch January 2013Who We Are 4. Strategic RelationshipsPartnerships 5. SAP Hana from ApproyoIndustryStandardTemplatesSupport24 x 7InfrastructureMigrationBusinessCaseHana 6. SAP Hana Use CasesLegacy Data integrationProduction/Development/QA/Test/Lab EnvironmentsBig Data AnalysisIndustry Specific Use Templates 7. We make it easy to develop, deploy and manage SAP Hana, whileimproving efficiency, time-to-market, and lowering the cost ofmanagement with the most flexible application architecture.Value PropositionEfficiency Time-to-MarketMaximumFlexibilityLowerManagementCosts 8. We will provide Industry Standard Templates/ContentMakes Hana more Scalable with smaller IT footprintprovides Automated Updates and PatchesLow Risk to Learn, Apply & Create business case scenariosFeaturesAll the Hana Services to Build Complex Analyticsprovides 24x7 Managed and Monitored support 9. Industry standard SAP Hana TemplatesSAP Hana providing large scale AnalyticsBusiness Use Cases: Sales trends, analyze prospect dataBy starting now your well positioned for futureIgnite ValueThe SAP Hana VisionOne Stop SAP Hana Solution 10. Infrastructure-as-a-Service High Availability Monitoring Security/Isolation Multi-cloud Usage MetricsDeveloper UIAdmin UIEnd User UISAPHanaPlatformDbaaS RSS BOBJ/BI SocialLegacyPlatform Reliability, Availability and ScalabilityIndustry Standard Templates/Content Service IntegrationNetScalerAll-In-OneIGNITE By ApproyoAnalyticsDevelopment& Migration 11. Investment protection of existing IT assets Eliminates single vendor lock-in Governance adherence through strict access Long term Vision: OLAP/OLTP/ODBC Simplified DevOps and application lifecycle management Simplified & improved time-to-market Eliminates manual configuration and Analytic errorsBenefitsManageable ScalableAnalyticalStatisticalDataDrivenLettingYou walkBeforeYou Run! 12. How to Get Started: Approyo.comIndustry Standard TemplatesLong Term TCO With Smaller IT footprintTry it before you buy it *[email protected] Risk High rewards to your company 13. Why Partner Were Hana experts We bring Industry Templates with us We make it easy on you We make it easy on your customers We help you generate net new revenue 14. Contact Us at - [email protected] you!