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The official D11 Dolphin Newsletter.


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    Dolphin Times

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    06...Division Points

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    09...Eliminate Week

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    Hey Dolphins!

    Im pleased to present

    you with the very first Newsletter under the

    leadership of our new LTG. I hope you enjoy

    what information we have to share and

    continue to support and submit to us as the

    year goes on.

    Happy reading!

    ~Tori Hallmark, D11 District News Editor

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    I am so honored that I will be able to serve you all this term! First

    things first, thank you so much for those who attended the FIRST

    DCM of the 2014-2015 term! It really

    warmed my heart to see you all there

    representing the division at the Miracle

    Mile of Quarters. As you flip through our

    first newsletter electronically, you will

    come to a page that says Division

    Points (Name TBA). This is going to be a

    new system implemented into our divi-

    sion in order to help us grow, and have

    some fun, friendly competition with one

    another! YOU voted to try out this new

    system and now you all will also have

    the opportunity to vote on what the offi-

    cial name of the point system will be at our next DCM in June! Dol-

    phins, YOU are going to help make an impact in the Division this

    term. I KNOW that our Division will grow throughout this whole year

    if we all contribute and keep effective communication with each

    other. By the time this term ends in March next year, we will be

    celebrating the new accomplishments we have achieved during

    the term. I cant wait to meet each and every one of you soon

    and I encourage you all to this year to celebrate service, leader-

    ship, & family

    Enjoy the first newsletter!

    Mia Hallmark

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  • The new term has now officially begun! The new Key Club

    year has started, but first let us recap this past month regard-

    ing DCON and other events. The 2013-2014 Key Club term has

    been a milestone for our club. At this DCON we came back a

    distinguished club! This is only our second time being distin-

    guished and our club is very proud to have received such a

    high honor. Other recognition at DCON were District Tree for

    on-time MRF submission, membership increase by 25%, and

    member retention. It's amazing how far our club has made it

    and I hope we can build upon our achievements in the future.

    At DCON, our members learned more about Key Club's values

    and how to get themselves and their members to immerse

    themselves into the organization through workshops. It was al-

    so an event where our members were given the opportunity

    to meet Key Clubbers from other regions. This month for

    events, some members have participated in the Creek to Bay

    Cleanup at our school's native plant garden. In weekly busi-

    ness, our members have attended St. Vincent de Paul to serve

    food to the residents. For our once a month events, we also

    went to Ronald McDonald house to bake cookies for the resi-

    dents there. Our member of the month is Brian Alegre. Now for

    the upcoming month our board members are planning our

    end-of-the-year banquet . -Charlene Miciano|Secretary


  • Ashley LopezSDSCPA

    Ashley strives to keep her club involved within the division and

    present new ideas daily that not only benefit the club she

    serves, but the division as well. She is definitely an individual

    one can rely on. Congratulations Ashley! Thank you for your

    hard work.

    Jasmine Lee - Gompers

    From former officer to general member, Jasmine still stays in-

    volved with her club and always asks for clarification on cer-

    tain events in order to give others concrete information. Jas-

    mine is overall just a great human being and deserves to be

    recognized for all efforts. Thank you & Congrats Jasmine.


    SDSCPA begins this term with a strong start. They have partici-

    pated in many events already and have pulled off a success-

    ful Eliminate Week.

    Amazing job SDSCPA!

  • Thank you to all the clubs who participated in Eliminate Week! You have saved so many lives. Be proud of yourselves

  • After a week of planning, our club, St. Augustine High school,

    held its annual banquet. After catering from Os kitchen, we started our banquet ceremonies. Our outgoing president, Jamie Steck-

    beck, talked about our great accomplishments. From our success of

    Mckinley tutoring to the money we raised For DCON, he gave a

    heart-warming farewell speech. As tradition has had it, he gave

    farewell gifts to our Advisor, Dr. Jerry Rey, and the in coming presi-

    dent, Myself.

    Our advisor came up after to remark about this last year, and

    introduced me as one of the most enthusiastic key club members in

    our club. He mentions how successful Jamies efforts our new key club and how he actually looked up to me. As his speech conclud-

    ed, he asked us how we feel, and then called up our incoming Sec-

    retary, Alec Drachenberg, to present awards. we gave awards,

    such as Most improved member and most perseverant member,

    but for the first time we awarded The Mckinley Tutor of the Year to

    Jamie Steckbeck.

    Finally, the Decommissioning and installment ceremony. Our past

    officer stood up and were recognized and decommissioned, and

    so the new officers stood in front for our installment. Our new Treas-

    urer being Chris Heffner, our Secretary Alec Drachenberg, our Vice-

    president, and finally the New President, me. As soon as we were in-

    stalled, I gave my speech. i promised to perform more community

    service projects and fundraising ideas. I promised to raise our mem-

    bership, and even have our own club T-shirt. Before I finished off the

    night, i had a surprise for our seniors. I had made all of the seniors

    ribbon leis to wear at their graduation, and so i ended the night on

    ~Dominic Rymer | Saint Augustine President

  • News Editor

    Name: Tori Hallmark


    Phone: (619)-933-4856

    Lieutenant Governor

    Name: Mia Hallmark


    Phone: (619)-933-4571

  • Region Advisor

    Name: Geoff Tobias


  • Division 11 Official