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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 1/23</p><p>Creative Solutions todisposing off Dog Poo</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 2/23</p><p>Framing the Problem</p><p>I decided to choose dogs as my target pets asthey are plenty of people who have dogs aspets in my area.The biggest problem that they encounter on adaily basis is disposing off the dog poo. So Idecided to take on this problem heads on, anddevise creative solutions to this problem.First I will tell a story about some of thehundred creative ideas I thought for thisassignment. Here is my story then.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 3/23</p><p>Chemistry, Biology, Dog Poo &amp;Chess</p><p>It was the best of the times, but the worst of theweathers.</p><p>It was very hot when I was sitting in my roomtrying to think about solutions to Dog PooDisposal. Then all of a sudden, my brother entered my room, and I casually asked him if he has something to say on this.</p><p>My brother just finished his A Levels science</p><p>major, so he noticed an opportunity to beat my</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 4/23</p><p>And the Story Continues;mathematical and logical mind.Here comes the composition of Poo from mybrother, its has methane, this and the other etcetra etcetraI said come on, give me a solution. He gavemany and most of those involved changing thegenetics of Dogs, I suspected that he wanted to</p><p>become the Mandel( Father of Genetics) of dogs. Any ways you can see my long list of ideas, and most of the ideas which involvechanging genes are from him.I asked, leave the genetics and come up with</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 5/23</p><p>Once upon a time, continues;</p><p>something else. And he said ok!Introduce a parasite in a dog which eats all thedog poo and never lets it to come out.</p><p> And I was speechless, he is my younger brother, and I had to come up with a buff idea</p><p>like this one, and then all of a sudden mycreative mind sparked and I said: Alter composition of poo and make a newsubstance like krypton (The SupermanElement) and give birth to a new superhero.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 6/23</p><p>If you have to give a title to thisstory, what would it be?</p><p>That was a good one, isn't it? And then hecame up with another one, this was more like achess match between two people determinedto prove a point. Ultimately we reachedhundred ideas, and I blubbered this last andran away.</p><p>Donate all the poo to Edgar Allan Poe fans,theycan use poo instead of poe in writing,not muchdifference.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 7/23</p><p>Hundred Ideas: Some Buff, someBluffs, but all toxic!1.Make your dog excrete fragrant poo so that itcan be taken by perfume companies.2.Build a museum where all the famousmonuments are made of poo. They will take</p><p>Poo.3.Build a poo museum and use all the poo asan art.4.Feed your dog something so that he excretesgold.5.Buy moon to dispose all the dog poo andname it as poo moon.</p><p>6.Put poo into your enemies shoe and take </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 8/23</p><p>And More:</p><p>7.Alter composition of poo and make a newsubstance like krypton and give birth to a newsuperhero.8.Learn magic trick to make poo disappear.9.Make an engine that works on dog poo.10.Advise military to make a stink bomb andthey will take all the poo to add to stink bomb.</p><p>11.Donate all the poo to Edgar Allan Poe fans,they can use poo instead of poe,not muchdifference.12.Contact Alien life which is interested in pooand export all the poo to them.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 9/23</p><p>I am just getting started!13.Introduce a parasite in a dog which eats allthe dog poo and never lets it to come out.</p><p>14.Devise a sport which involves dog poo,sothat the ministry of that sport collects all thepoo.15.Train your dog to be a movie star,so that hispoo will be valueable.16.Make genetically altered pets which only eatdog poo.</p><p>17.Modify the poo somehow so that pooconverts into food of dogs and they eat thatagain.</p><p>18.Make an AI poo duming container attachedto the do . </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 10/23</p><p>Bring it on!20.Feed the anti gravity food so that the earth</p><p>pushes the poo in space.21.Make an iron kit for your dog with automaticflash system.22.Genetically modify your dog so that he getsrid of waste by only sweating.23.Alters dogs digestive system so that heexcretes crystal like insects.</p><p>24.Feed him a lot of protein so that he remainsconstipated.25.Make a time machine and make the dog pooin the time machine and dump the poo instoneage.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 11/23</p><p>26.Make an invisibility potion and make the dogpoo disappear.</p><p>27.Hypnotize people in believing that bad poois not bad for environment.28.Move to a poor country and nobody willbother with a dog poo.29.I have had enough,Kill the dog!30.Make a movie of dog and sell the dog,watchthe movie when you feel like playing with poo.</p><p>31.Buy a big chunk of land keep your dogthere,even if he poos,nobody is going to bother you.32.Advertise in local media whosoever willdispose the poo of your dog will get price.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 12/23</p><p>33.Send your dog to India and watch thenonline pay the people who you have given.34.Use virtual dogs as pets.35.Hire top scientists to advise a solution to thisproblem.36.Use shopping bags to dispose it yourself.37.Use robots which can dispose poo.38.Use green disposable potty bags.39.Train dogs to do potty and dispose it</p><p>yourself.40.Wait for dog evolution ,so that they convertfrom dogs to humans.41.Dig a hole and make him poo.42. Make a si nallin s stem.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 13/23</p><p>43.Do Chemical experiment on dog poo to useas fertilizer.</p><p>44.Find a place where nobody is watching youand make the dog poo.45.Petition a new law and to repel the dog poolaw.46. Genetically modified dogs which use poo for energy.47.Genetically modified dogs which recycle poo</p><p>and use it as food.48.Make a poo which vaporizes poo.49.Make a spray that makes poo disappear.50. Don't feed the dog,starve the dog.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 14/23</p><p>51.Make him poo before going for a walk.52. Don't keep pets.53. Hire a servant.54. Potty Training with the help of machinelearning .55. Make a toilet for dogs.</p><p>56. Flush it. Sending the dog poo into the samesewage treatment system that we humans dowill adequately get rid of the dangerousbacteria.57. Bury it. If you bury the excrement under in ahole at least 12 inches deep, and cover itproperly, you'll safely quarantine the bacteria.</p><p>58. Use a poop collection service. </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 15/23</p><p>60. Turn It Into Fuel.If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you may be ableto turn your poochie's poo into power. San Francisco ishome to more than 120,000 dogs (more dogs live therethan children) and a lot of dog poo. Known for being aleader in green innovation, the city decided not to let its dogwaste go to waste. Instead, it launched a test program tostudy the feasibility of turning the city's dog poop intobiofuel. So far, the program is limited to collecting wastefrom doggie daycare facilities around the city. The programhopes to expand to city parks in the near future. For moreinformation contact Norcal Waste System, Inc., at http:</p><p>// Burn it in fire pit with brush and such.62. Simply clean it up!</p><p>63. In a brown paper bag on someone's porch.Set it on fire then rin the doorbell and run </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 16/23</p><p>64. Pick it up with your bare hands and rubon your face like warrior paint.</p><p>65. Poop Scooper.66. Wish for a dog poo fairy.67. A Mexican internet company is helping toclean up parks by installing pet waste disposalbins that activate free internet access for thearea. Good idea.68.Poo Disposal Through a Curve. The biggest</p><p>problem with dog waste disposal cans is, thatthey fill up on domestic rubbish way before time thus even responsible dog owners cantdispose their pets waste. This is only for dog</p><p>poo so works better. </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 17/23</p><p>69. Dog Poo can be used as alternative fueleven though it may sounds funny. Through abiogas digester the poo can be transformedinto biogas energy and give us Green PooPower!70. Put the dog in a cage so that he does not</p><p>urinate on floor.71. Somehow make other people to not thinkof poop as a negative thing.</p><p>72. Society gets so modern that they installlaser guns everywhere which shoot dog pooand make it disappear.73. Pray to mother nature for a solution.</p><p>74. Consult a vet. </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 18/23</p><p>75. Act to be strange to dog when he poops inpublic.76. We should magnetize the poo and installmagnets everywhere which pull them to thedumpsters.77. Genetically modify dogs that their poo is</p><p>extremely volatile and it instantly evaporates.78. Freeze the poop then throw it in garbage or drain.</p><p>79. Use dog poo for medicinal purpose.80. Somehow modify dogs that they digestfood by burping81. Give Enzymes and Probyotics to dogs for asolid poop, easier to dispose.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 19/23</p><p>82.83.84. Add in a methane digester, and letyour dog waste power the streetlights, tea cartand popcorn machine.85. flick it with a stick approach take a stickand use it to flick your dogs poo off the walkingpath and into the undergrowth.</p><p>86. Tiger Wormery Pet Poo Loo is a great wayto turn pet poo into great worm castings(compost) and a liquid fertiliser for your garden.</p><p>87. The Dicky Bag:The Civilised Way to CarryDog Poop, google this.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 20/23</p><p>88. Offer residents the chance to enter adrawing. One lottery ticket will be given</p><p>in exchange for a bag of doggie poo. Thetop prize is a gold ingot worth $2000.89. Use dog poo as an effective protestweapon.90. Give DNA sample of your dog to authoritiesto resist the temptation of malpracticing withdog poo.</p><p>91. Move your dog to siberia, frozen poo iseasy to handle.92. Make and Iron man kind of suit for dog withthe facility to poo inside.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 21/23</p><p>93. Poo is composed of methane which ishighly flammable, so can be burned outside incold weather.94. Methane is highly explosive in the proper mixture percentages mixed within air, so dogpoo can be used as an explosive.</p><p>95. Gas can be produced from dog poo, whichcan be use for many purposes.96. Methane [Natural Gas] extracted from dog poo can alsobe used as a feedstock in petrochemical plants to createmany different compounds and products, probably the mostcommonly known end product is the very large list of PLASTICS, as in the manufacture of plastic bags and themany different polyvinylchlorides which are used in many</p><p>different types of containers. </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 22/23</p><p>97. Can be used to do protests:SMIRKINGSimon Bonnell dumped 10 kg of dog poo in hislocal Job Centre - after staff refused to handover his dole money.98. Clean the dog poop off her shoe for better relationship, first plot it then clean it, bullseye.</p><p>99. Create a community dog poo dumping holeand charge people for using it.100. Now as you know so many ways of </p><p>disposing dog poo, you can open a Dog PooDisposal Management Business, and earngood money. The more money you have thebetter you can manage your own dog's poo, soby readint his you just hit the jackpot congrats.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Dogs, Poops &amp; Disposals: Challenging All Assumptions</p><p> 23/23</p><p>Hundred ideas was hard, but it really stretchedmy thought process. Had so much fun doing</p><p>this, thanks for reading.</p><p>Thats All Folks!</p><p>Dog Poo: Mission Accomplished.</p></li></ul>


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