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Vihangam YogaThe true spiritual path

A journey With Gods own Messenger

Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj,A Divine Affinity..

Vihangam Yoga________________________________________________________________________

ForewordEven while Yogiraj Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj was alive, he had directed me to write about his life-story. Accordingly while participating in his memorial services at Vritikutta Ashram, I had declared that I would soon write and publish his biography. But my tours across the country, propagating the yogis sacred teachings delayed the execution of this work. The first twenty-five years of the yogis life had been recorded in the shape of a biographical sketch during his life-period itself. Based on my study of that biography and on whatever knowledge and information I have gathered of the Saint through the personal contact that I have had with him (it indeed was a privilege), I have completed this book for the benefit of those interested in getting a true and authentic account of the life of the great Saint. If accounts of all the travels undertaken by the yogi and if all his teachings and discourses were to be compiled it would turn out to be a big volume. Therefore, I have given a short and concise account of only the salient features of his life and teachings in this book. In this book, I have covered all the stages of Swamijis life from the time of his early detachment till the time of him renouncing the body including the period of his yogic practices, so that the readers may benefit from the unique and superb teaching of the yogi and the memories of his great life. Besides, subjects relating to experiences truth directly felt by a Vihangam yogi have also been accounted in this book. I have completed this glorious account of his life today after eleven days of continuous work taking meticulous care to see that nothing important is left out. I hope the readers will find this book eminently suitable for the purpose for which it has been written. I also hope that human beings all over the world will assemble under the a marked white banner of the Brahmavidya propounded by the Sadguru Maharaj and shall make a continuous endeavour to attain spiritual enlightenment not only for themselves but also inspire others to achieve the same in life. I am confident that the Almighty will bring fulfillment to Swamijis determination for universal propagation of the Brahmavidya. May God keep me true and sublime in the fulfillment of the great mission of my life under the patronage of the Sadguru.. This is all I pray for!!! -Acharya Shri Dharamchandradeo Ji Maharaj

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Vihangam Yoga________________________________________________________________________

The Birth of the Eternal GuruThe great saint Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj was born on Thursday at 9 A.M. on the fourth day of the first fortnight of the month of Bhadra in Year 1945 corresponding to 1888 A.D., in the family of Baba Lal Ji Rao of the dynasty of Kshatriya Sangers. His father's name was Rajarshi Hanuman Singh and his mother's name was Maharani Mukti Devi. The place where he was born i.e. the village Pakari is located at a distonce of 25 Kilometers towards the North West direction from the northern bank of the Ganga, in the district of Ballia in Uttor Pradesh. The Kshatriya-Sanger-dynasty is a dynasty of saints and it has its origin from Shanto the daughter of Raja Dasrath of Ayodhya, who was married to the renowned Rishi Sringi. This dynasty has produced a galaxy of Yogis, saints and seers from time to time. But the Yogic excellence and the sphere of influence of Yogiraj Maharshi, Sadafal Deo Ji has been the most spectocular of the whole lot. People all over the country hold him in the highest esteem and his enumerable disciples worship him as Kabir incarnate. There is an unmistokable impact of Yogi Ji's prowess, knowledge and philosophy on Yogis and searchers of spiritual truth in India. The eternal flame of the Brahma-Vidya of Sri Sadguru Deo Ji will always enlighten their hearts. Sri Nath Baba, Sri Junglee Baba and Mahatma Bulaki Das have been some of the luminaries in this dynasty of Sanger Khastriyas of the Gautom Gotra in which Swami Sadafal Deo Ji was born. Sri Nath Baba was born near Rasera and his Samadhi can still be seen in that village. There are a number of places in districts of Azamgarh, Chhapra and Ballia where one may come across Matts set up by him. Even today his posterity offer Roto (a special kind of large size bread) in his holy memory. The sphere of activities of Mahatma Bulaki Das has also been close to Rasera. Even now one comes across people, singing his poems that contain the refrain so says Bulaki Sanger. He was a saint and he composed his poems based on his experience and self-knowledge. There had been the advent of one more saint in this dynasty, that of Mahatma Junglee Baba, who was a recluse of the first order and was amongst the category of saints who, though not literate, are possessed of the divine light of Brahma-Gyana. Usually the saints of true realization are unfamiliar with language or customs of the society, but they are possessed with the internal and secret knowledge of the divine, in the light of which they roam freely about in the universe. Sri Junglee Baba was a saint of this order. Sadguru Sri Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj had great respect and admiration for Junglee Baba, who lived for fairly a long period during his life time. He was widely known throughout the district of Ballia and there are numerous stories pertaining to the Baba's bountiful mercies to his disciples and others who went to him seeking fulfillment of their desires. Normally saints and pious souls show reluctance in doing miracles for the benefit of people, but kind hearted and full of compassion as they are, their stiffness melts before prayers of distressed and suffering folk made to them in the expectation that they would be fulfilled. It is on record that the wishes of a lowly devotee of the Baba were fulfilled at the mere asking of it. The fame and reputation, of Bhagwan Maharshi Sadafal Deo Ji is spread over not only the districts of Ballia and other adjoining areas; it extends to far off States like Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and Maharashtra. A great number of people in all these States have disciplined their lives in accordance with the teachings and the ways of life propounded by Swamiji and are striving to attain spiritual bliss in life. He has been the most spectacular and the most illustrious among the saints of this dynasty, both from the point of view of depth of spiritual attainments and the extent and range of his impact and influence.

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Vihangam Yoga________________________________________________________________________

Rani Bodha junglee nath Jila tin maanhi | Bharat ke kone kone me Dev Sadafal jaahin || ~*~ Junglee Baba enlightened the esteemed Maharani of Hathwa, Nath Baba's message was spread over the three districts of Ballia, Azamgarh and Chhapra, but Sadafal Deo Ji would disseminate his divine knowledge throughout the length and breadth of India. Yogis and pious souls are recluses in life and then renounce all that is worldly. But for the benefit of mankind these great souls roam about the world telling people how they can tread in the path of peace and glory. The position of Maharshi Sadafal Deo Ji is that of the Sadguru fully immersed in Brahman, thoroughly versed in scriptures and perfect in all the knowledge. He was like the brightest celestial story radiant with experience of the vastest personal knowledge. One can become a saint or a pious soul through a process of laborious dedication and the pursuit of principles but it is among the millions of such saints that one ever attains the height of Swamiji, who was the knower and preacher of all knowledge contained in the Vedas and Upanishads. He was like Yagyavalkya in the Court of king Janak, whose spiritual knowledge far exceeded the knowledge and wisdom of thousand of Rishis and Vedic scholars assembled in that distinguished gathering. Renunciation of the Joys of life, therefore do not alone make a Guru or a seer. It is only the Guru, who has the internal and external knowledge of the animate and inanimate world, who is thoroughly versed in the glory of internal Yoga, who has a transparent vision, who is a knower of all the phases of time-the past, the present and the future, who can renounce the human frame at will and who has mastered the states of Samadhi is one who can claim to this dignified position of Sad guru and the fountain head of Brahma-Vidya. The Sadguru traversed a wide part of the Indian Territory and met and spoke to a cross section of its people and taught them to live a life of glory by following his teachings on Brahma-Vidya. Devarshi Narada used to roam about the three worlds singing the lore of Lord and initiating and guiding the people to take the righteous path (Satya-path). The ever young great Yogis like Sanak, Sanandan and others have always been moving about; and it is therefore, that saints have been called as the moving centers of pilgrimage. Yogeshwar Bhagwan Maharshi Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj has propagated the sacred message of true spiritual knowledge for the resuscitation of mankind all over the world by traveling through the length and breadth of the country. Swamiji's mission was to bring the message of Brahma-Vidya to the remotest corner of the globe. Real peace and happiness can be established in the world only through the knowledge of Brahma-Vidya. This Vidya has been the chief possession of India in the field of knowledge by virtue of which this country has always been held in the highest esteem. I think I should make it clear to the readers that Sadguru Deo Ji was not a saint or sch