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August 14, 2012 edition of the Trail Daily Times


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    S I N C E 1 8 9 5TUESDAYAUGUST 14, 2012

    Vol. 117, Issue 156

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    Mitchell Joseph Fleischacker from Sidney, B.C. died from a possible drug-overdose at Shambhala Music Festival this weekend.

    The 23-year-old man was found collapsed at the Salmo-based music festival without any iden-tification early on Sunday morning. A joint inves-tigation from the B.C. Coroners Service and the Trail RCMP Detachment is ongoing, but specific details about the death have yet to be released.

    Theres not a lot to go on here, said Sgt. Dan Siebel. I did hear that he was there alone; he wasnt part of a group. He may have met up with some individuals while he was there and he did not have any identification with him while he was

    at the hospital.Some significant follow up is still being done by

    RCMP investigators and Shambhala security, he added, to positively identify him.

    But a recent report from the CBC indicated event organizers saw the man collapse in the food court around 5 a.m. First responders found him unconscious and non-responsive but breathing, said festival executive producer Corrine Zawaduk in a written statement on Monday.

    He was quickly transported to our on-site medical centre where he received a high level of emergency medical treatment from a doctor, a registered nurse, paramedics and several first aid attendants, said Zawaduk.

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    Those who wish to step into the ring on the smart meter bout can now answer the bell.

    Intervener status is available to all people who want their voice heard on the prospect of smart meters being installed on West Kootenay homes.

    A representative of the Kootenay chap-ter of Citizens for Safe Technology (CST) urged people to apply for status and express their view if they have even the slightest con-cern over the installa-tion of the meters.

    What Im concerned about is we are getting close to the intervention date but people arent getting the information needed on the topic, said Cliff Paluck.

    FortisBC filed an application with the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) July 26 for the installation of around 115,000 meters in the West Kootenay and the Okanagan, thrusting the application review processand the hot

    potato topic of smart metersinto the pub-lic sphere.

    CST has employed the services of the chief science offi-cer for Thermografix C o n s u l t i n g Corporation, Curtis Bennett, to act as an intervener on their behalf.

    Paluck said the rea-son they did was any-thing a person says against the application has to be backed up by science.

    For the average Joe that is a pretty big order, he said. As an intervener you have to

    back up what you say with knowledge.

    Former Trail city councillor Norm Gabana. is one of two non professional individuals that have applied for interven-er status and will be speaking before the BCUC when it announ-ces hearing dates.

    He said the commis-sion was pretty lenient to let people intervene.

    Smart meters raised concerns with CST when it was revealed they emitted a small amount of radiation in operation, said Paluck.

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    10,000 people attended Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo from Thursday to Monday.

    Man dies from overdose on last day of music festival



    Daryl Brost wheels and deals at Brost Auto Worx as he prepares another tire and rim for balancing at his shop on Farwell Street. Brosts shop has been open since October and business has been brisk.

    Intervention on smart meters urged by private individuals

    BECOMING INVOLVED To register as an active or non-active intervenor, write to the Commission Secretary ( and provide the following information: Your name Mailing address Telephone number Email address (if applicable) Name of organization you are representing Include a description of the scope and nature of your interest in the application. An active intervener is a participant who intends to fully participate in the review process. Active inter-veners will receive copies of the application, all cor-respondence and filed documentation. A non-active intervener is a participant who does not intend to fully participate in the review process, but wishes to receive all filed documentation with the option of making a submission in regard to any issues that may arise.


    Where theres smoke theres fire.

    And two lightning-caused fires in the West Kootenay have sent smoke across the region and into the communities of Nelson and Castlegar, the Southeast Fire Centre reported Monday.

    Two forest fires started Sunday are generating smoke and fire suppres-sion activity in the Five-Mile Creek area northeast of Nelson, and the Syringa Creek area northeast of Castlegar.

    Both these fires were discovered Aug. 12 at around 1:30 p.m. and are suspected to have been caused by lightning. The two-hectare fire burning in Five Mile Creek is located in a watershed and fire officials are taking precautions to protect the area.

    See FIRES, Page 2

    Smoke from new

    fires visible in region

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    Penny and Howard Kuenle are opening a second healthy shop in Trail on Farwell Street: a yogurt shop.

    Being frugal on food wont pay off. After struggling with health problems for more than one year, Penny Kuenle decided it was time to change her lifestyle.

    Instead of taking tests and visiting a handful of doctors each week, Kuenle vis-ited Booster Juice and decided to change her diet.

    They still dont know what I was sick withit was an autoimmune disease like cancer or lupusand they had absolutely no idea what to do with me, she said. But I havent had any problems since I started doing this.

    This for Kuenle was an unprocessed diet of whole foods and gluten-free products. So successful was the diet she wanted to spread the word and improve the communitys knowledge about the importance of eating healthy foods.

    Penny and her husband, Howard, opened up a juice bar in Trail and, like Pennys diet change, it also became successful. Now the two are looking to increase their healthy reach.

    Were expanding to have a yogurt shop so people can come in and choose their yogurt and whatever topping they want, she said. Were hoping to open it in two weeks, but it depends how much work we get done.

    The couple is currently using every spare moment to take their business to the next level. New floors need to go in and the counters need to be built, but the duo is optimistic about opening before the end of August.

    The Kuenles have rented the shop next door to the juice bar on Farwell Street, and are knee-deep in renovations ranging from replacing the floors and painting the walls.

    Right now our life is focused on our business, Penny said. We go in there and work before we open up the juice bar, and then we go back after we close.

    The expansion project will allow

    cliental to choose fruits and add toppings to a healthy snack, and the best part is that prices will vary depending on how much they take.

    The economy is tough right now but that doesnt mean going to McDonalds and choosing a $1 snack is good for you, she explained.

    If people come to our shop they can add their own toppings and theyll only have to pay for what they take. A lot of people dont want to pay the same price as others if theyre adding or subtracting from their meals.

    In addition to that, the new yogurt shop will also be selling homemade snacks like chocolate covered cheesecake, chocolate covered bananas, whole fruit popsicles and popsicles with protein.

    Stop byGot Juiced is located across the street

    from Ferraro Foods at 875 Farwell St., and are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. between Monday and Saturday. Contact the Kuenles for more information at 368-3380.

    BIZ BUZZBy Breanne Massey

    Healthy snack options expand with juice bar

    FROM PAGE 1This form of radiation is cumulative, he said.

    Plus, as that level of radiation builds up in our bodies over time, then we have a problem.

    Gabana said the research was inconclusive on the health costs. He was more concerned with the f