section 1.4 identity and equality properties (algebra)

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  • 1. Section 1.4Identity and Equality Properties

2. WITHOUT using any calculator or pencil/pen, evaluate the following expressions:
901 + 00 + 357
439 + 04358 + 0
Subconsciously, you have applied the Additive Identity.
The sum of any number and 0 is equal to the number.
Thus, 0 is called the additive identity.
3. By understanding Additive Identity. What do you think is the Multiplicative Identity? Why?
1 is the multiplicative identity, since the product of any number and 1 is equal to the number itself.
4. Complete the following sentence:
The product of any number and zero is equal to______.
This is known as the Multiplicative Property of Zero
5. Two numbers whose produce is 1 is known as ________.
Reciprocals or Multiplicative inverses.
An example of reciprocals would be:
2 / 7 and ____ and _____ and _____
5 and ____8 and _____n and _____
6. Identity and Equality Properties
Identity Properties

  • Additive Identity Property

7. Multiplicative Identity Property 8. Multiplicative Identity Property of Zero 9. Multiplicative Inverse Property


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