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Introduction to Vietnams Startup Ecosystem

Presented by Mike Tran

So who am I ? Apart from still on survival mode

Founder and CEO at Keewi Studied in Canada Doing startup in Vietnam for a while Running a startup community in VN

Vietnam is potentially a goldmine

Vietnam is a very hard & tricky market to figure out

Pop: Over 91 millions

Internet Penetration: 35% (higher than global avg)

Growing rate: 5%

95% age 15-24 have accessed to internet

73% of internet users are under 35

66% of netizens using web everyday

Big numbers

Every year there are 1 mil new born babies

Over 50% of Viet population is under 30 y/o

25% below 15 y/o

And 69% are in rural areas

Young population country

Mobile user penetration: 130 million subscribers Smartphones: 17% 3G penetration: 12% Zalo hits 500,000 Android downloads in no time

iOS & Android picking up

Large portion for internet usage is

still on computers

81% desktops

47% laptops

56% mobiles

3 in 4 households have a computer now

Credit card: 2.5% but spending (transaction) is very low, mostly users pay for oversea payment. Bank account users: around 20% according to governments announcement

Various online payment gateway: Paypal, Onepay, Nganluong Pay by text messaging but limited amount and Telcos take around 50% range.

But you should be able to do it anyway learn

Running a startup in Vietnam Hard to find quality people & right mindsets Have to clearly understand culture & market High valuation is rare Honestly competition sucks & COD is still king

Startups that are doing it anyway Keewi.me Giaohangnhanh.vn Appstore.vn Ig9.vn Tiki.vn

VCs that are funding it anyway CyberAgent Ventures IDG Ventures PVNI DFJI Vina Capital Kusto Tiger IT Investment fund

+Once you get it, you get it

Thank you, any questions ?

Mike Tran Founder & CEO at Keewi mike@keewi.me @mike726x