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Super Precision Bearings

Super Precision Bearings

AC 41 130/7 EA April 2008 Issue

Every care has been taken to ensure the correctness of the information contained in this publication but no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. We reserve the right to make technical changes. Schaeffler KG 2008, April This publication or parts thereof may not be reproduced without our permission. AC 41 130/7 EA

added competence for your successWith trend-setting bearing arrangement solutions for in-feed spindles, main spindles, rotary tables and linear guidance units, the Schaeffler Group and its brands INA and FAG have been at the forefront of the world market for decades. FAG Super Precision Bearings for main spindles represent both the highest precision and absolute operational reliability. Innovative FAG spindle bearing solutions continually raise the standards for speed, precision and service life. However, the bearing components alone no longer guarantee the success of the main spindle system and the overall machine. Significant performance increases and unique selling points for customers are now achieved when the bearing manu facturer consults and develops based on extensive system knowledge, and provides system services. The potential that leads to market leadership lies in close partnerships with the manufacturers of spindles and machine tools and in the shared experience and knowledge of the needs of the end users and their customers. The experience gathered by the Schaeffler Group for more than a century in application engineering, consulting and production engineering forms one of the largest product portfolios worldwide. This knowledge is always part of the solution we provide our customers. Conversely, the Schaeffler Group also benefits from its close involvement in applied solutions and from close contact with its partners. Schaeffler Sector Management Production Machinery terms as added competence this approach based on cooperation in a partnership, with the aim of achieving consistently Faster, More Precise, Longer-Lived and More Economical service in subsystems and overall systems. The integration of important functions such as sealing, lubrication, location, damping and anti-corrosion protection and more results in fewer interfaces and lower maintenance requirements, increased operational reliability and time advantages in the market place, in addition to cost savings. Basic research, calculation programs, installation assistance, fitting aids and training courses available through a closely knit network of sales and production sites also increase the value benefit for the customer. The prompt, reliable presence of Schaeffler employees guarantees that our most valuable asset, namely our personal connection, is available to you, our partners.


Added competence for the main spindle optimum benefit for the customer! FAG Spindle Bearings FAG Floating Displacement Bearings FAG Super Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings FAG Double Direction Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings Tolerances Tolerances for Super Precision Bearings Corner dimensions Machining Tolerances for Mating Parts Engineering Lubrication Service Life of Super Precision Bearings Speed dependent fits Speeds Deflection and Rigidity Bearing Monitoring Bearing arrangement design and application examples Bearing arrangement design Application examples Request to calculate bearing arrangement Mounting guidelines Handling of Super Precision Bearings Checklist for spindle mounting Template for spindle checklist Clearance Adjustment in Cylindrical Roller Bearings FIS Mounting service Customised Solutions Appendix B EARINX Request to calculate bearing Checklist for spindle mounting Template for spindle checklist Overview card of grease quantities and distribution action Further products Addresses Index Notes

Page 6 Page 10 Page 88 Page 96 Page 124 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 138 138 162 164 176 176 184 187 189 190 192 194 194 199 203 204 204 208 209 210 212

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Added competence for the main spindle Optimum benefit for the customer!

Page 6

FAG Spindle Bearings B719..C, B70..C, B72..C, HS70..C, HS719..C, B718..C B719..E, B70..E, B72..E, HS70..E, HS719..E, B718..E

Page 10 Page 20

FAG Floating Displacement Bearings FD10

Page 88 Page 92

FAG Super Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings N10, N19, HCN10 NN30, NNU49

Page 96 Page 102 Page 116

FAG Double Direction Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings 2344, 2347

Page 124 Page 130


Page 138


Page 176

Bearing arrangement design and application examples

Page 194

Mounting guidelines

Page 204

Customised Solutions

Page 218


Page 226

Added competence for the main spindle Optimum benefit for the customer!

Optimum benefit for the customer is the aim of the Sector Management Production Machinery within the Schaeffler Group Industrial. For main spindle bearings, this demand applies to far more than simply manufacturing a good product, as it also takes into account the application, the end user and his requirements. This leads to the following requirement for all divisions that deal with the manufacturing of FAG Super Precision Bearings: Top quality and technology leadership Closest proximity to the customer Highest cost-effectiveness for the specific application.

Highest precision and cleanliness in production ...

... in bearing assembly

... in spindle mounting


FAG solutions and its customersThe beginning and end of all our company activities are the same: proximity and benefit for the customer. Exact knowledge of the specific application requirements and processes is decisive in selecting the technologically optimum product that also correlates to the lowest system costs. This can derive from the sophisticated FAG range of Spindle Bearings, which possesses depth and breadth unmatched worldwide. The solution can also be custom-made and application-specific, provided both promptly and reliably by the Schaeffler Group.

On components and expertiseFAG Super Precision Bearings set standards wherever there are extreme demands in terms of reliability, high running accuracy and high speeds whether incorporated in machine tools, in the textile industry, woodworking machines or elsewhere. The comprehensive product range permits optimum bearing arrangements for all types of locations and applications. Schaeffler Groups research facilities and close contact with the customer provide the fundamentals for continuously developing existing products and expanding the product range. FAG Super Precision Bearings always combine the technical solution of a bearing application with the economic solution. This becomes apparent when the bearing system is analyzed holistically in terms of calculations, simulation and design, as well as distribution, mounting and service. The analysis begins with the principal demands made of the bearings, but also includes examination of options for application-appropriate integration of important functions such as sealing, lubrication, location, monitoring, etc. The interactions of bearing arrangement adjustments on the system as a whole can already be tested at this stage. Schaeffler Group Industrial provides proven calculation and simulation tools for independent use or as a service, and offers comprehensive training and consultation events.

Milling spindle in use

This catalog gives a detailed overview of the FAG product range of high precision bearing arrangements as well as the most important rules for bearing selection, bearing arrangement design and mounting. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact our competent partners.

... in work result


About this catalog

This catalog (FAG AC 41 130/7) presents the product range of FAG Super Precision Bearings for main spindles. It is further designed as a technical compendium for the selection and design of bearing arrangements utilizing high precision bearings. The principal engineeringrelated information for the designer is summarized and accessible. The clear structure, numerous crossreferences and the subject index at the end make it easier for students and young colleagues in training to enter the world of high precision bearing arrangements. For the experienced user of spindle bearings, it provides a ready presentation of all components, expertise and services offered by the Schaeffler Group.

The catalog is provided in 8 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese and Japanese) and is available in all languages on a CD-ROM of the same name. It is also available on the Internet for download at www.fag.com and www.schaeffler.com. The printed catalog can be requested (in limited quantities) for free through your national company (see appendix, Page 233 ff.).

Catalog structure


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The catalog is divided into six parts. Following the introduction, the chapter Bearing tables lists the complete product range of Super Precision Bearings. The important technical characteristics and performance features are described in tabular form. This section is structured based on the different bearing types: Spindle, Cylindrical Roller, Floating Displacement and Double Direction Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings. A short introduction to the bearing forms, design types and a description of nomenclature is provided at the beginning of the bearing tables. The Tolerances chapter follows the tab


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