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Participate or Dominate? Email is a luxurious channel for marketers. You really can’t lose. Almost anything you do will make you some money, and following some basic principals will make you even more. That’s what we call participating. Email can also be an extremely lucrative channel if you really focus your efforts and resources on maximizing its potential. It’s not as easy as just participating, but with the right tactics and relevant 3rd party data about your program as well as deep insight into your actual competitor’s behaviors, rather than generic industry information, you can build a winning strategy and stay on top of the most important tactics in the market. Now that’s what we call Dominating. eDataSource will introduce their new Inbox Tracker and Delivery Tracker tools, as well as introduce critical consumer behavior and business attributes in email and ecommerce analytics for a few chosen retailers, showcasing winning strategies and tactical ways to utilize competitive analytics to outsmart your competition. Presenters: Carter Nicholas, CEO, eDataSource G.B. Heidarsson, SVP Sales and Marketing, eDataSource


  • 1. Competitive Advantage gained with eDataSource.. Verified monitoring of ones own results thatenables maximum efficiency and success A more accurate picture of the competitive landscapeallowing insight and countermeasures to competitorsstrategy and tactics Understanding of successes and failures acrossindustries and industry segments

2. Tools for the Task eDataSource pioneered monitoring of emaildeployments through consumers inboxes in 2010. Thisservice is now offered in a free version as InboxTracker eDataSource just launched a seed based monitoringplatform, DeliveryTracker eDataSource pioneered monitoring of promotionalemail and social media deployments and now has anarchive of messages reaching back as far as 2005 eDataSource aggregates and reports on revenue andsales information from order confirmations sent bydozens of large ecommerce players 3. eDataSources Focus Internal efficiency control Control real inbox delivery through an organically grownpanel Deploy and monitor email seeds Verify 3rd party deployments and social media messagessent on the companys behalf 4. eDataSources Focus Strategic Monitoring/Competitive Analytics Know your competitors email list sizes and segmentationstrategies, offers and creative Monitor deployments in Email and Social media Benchmark your own successes to competitors results 5. Internal Revenue Maximization Clear view of your own performance Inbox Tracker Real tracking of consumers interactionwith you emails And Its FREE Delivery Tracker Delivery monitoring, duration analysisand Spam Filter control Affiliate Quality Tracking 6. Leg up on the competition Clear view Competitors Actions Promotional Creative, current and historical Segmentation, Personalization, Promotions andMerchandizing External traffic drivers, social media activity, affiliates 7. Know what you are up against Competitors Metrics What is working for your competition and what is not Understand approximate list sizes and deployment sizes Monitor Read Rates, Inbox Placement and Deletion Rates 8. How It Works in Email Search for any Email Marketer to view Detailed information about the emails and their performance Image of Email Email HTML Subject line Third party emails Domain owner Link report Overview of other links Analytics for the specific email Or search by anyWord or Phrase In subject line or copy 9. Learning from others Proflowers.com challenges with Gmail Increased frequency reduces inbox placement beforeValentines Day Inbox Delivery needs to be improved byEaster Action: Do whatever it takesto increase activityamongst GmailSubscribers 10. Learning from others Cigars International Challenges with Gmail Copied Proflowers approach with Gmail specials Saw immediate and sustained improvement in emailactivity Results Improvement inactivity lead tosustainedimprovement ininbox delivery forGmail 11. Keyword usage in Subject Lines Usage of Black Friday in Retailers SubjectLines2.47%13.20%31.89%68.11%86.80% 97.53% 12. List Overlap Analysis Who else is influencing your customers 13. - Competition in EmailLargest Marketers sharing inboxes with J. CrewDepartment Stores sharing inboxes with J. Crew52% 18%60% 20%48%50%15%14%15% 12% 12%40% 31%28% 27% 9% 9%30% 24% 23% 22% 22% 10%5%20%5%10%0%0%Other Clothing Brands sharing inboxes with J. Crew20% 18%15%14% 13%15%10% 9% 8%10% 5%0% 14. - Competition in Email(Dell Home USA)Audio and Video Streaming Providers Sharing Common Online Services Sharing Inboxes Inboxes with Dell with Dell 29%25% 22% 30% 19% 22%21%20% 25% 12%20% 14%15%15%10% 6% 5% 10%Series15%2% 5%0% 0% Electronics Brands and Vendors Sharing Inboxes with Dell 50% 45% 41% 40% 30% 21%17% 20%12%10% 9% 8% 10% 6% 5%4%4% 2%2%0% 15. - Competition in EmailTravel Sites Sharing inbox with Beauty and Intimates sharing inbox Victorias Secretwith Victorias Secret17%19.6%20% 16% 15% 20.0%13% 13% 13.7%15% 11%11%15.0% 10%10% 10.0% 6.2% 4.4% 4.3% 4.2% 3.3%5% 5.0%2.5%0% 0.0%Flash Sales Sites sharing Inbox withVictorias Secret9.0%10.0% 8.0% 5.9% 5.9%5.5%5.1% 4.9% 6.0% 4.0% 2.0% 0.0% Zulilly Rue la la Gilt Ideeli Myhabit Haute Look 16. Presidential CandidatesWhos Sharing Inboxes?Political Senders Sharing Inbox with Political Senders Sharing Inboxes withBarackObama.comMittRomney.com19.6%20.0%42% 50%11.3%10.4% 40%15.0% 8.7%10.0%30% 17% 17% 15% 13% 12% 0.9%20% 5.0%10% 0.0% 0%Brand affinity between Romney and Obama campaign subscribers25%22% 22% 22% 20%20% 17%MittRomney.com 16% 15%BarackObama.com 15%15%12% 10%10%10%8% 7% 5% 5%5%3% 2%3% 2% 0%0% 17. More on the Presidential Campaigns 18. The first Presidential Debate 19. The Finale 20. ECommerce Monitoring and Benchmarks Keeping up with Amazon Over 20% increase in AOV from September to November Almost 15% increase in number of orders Almost 30% increase in Revenue in the period 21. Example: Competitive Insights Amazons Avg Daily Sales are Daily Total $ Sales Index 4.28x that of Walmart.comWalmart.coms Black Fridayand Cyber Monday salesevents resulted in a higherboost in sales than Amazonsweek long approach.Staples Office DepotStaples AOV and Avg Average Order $ $156.53$104.30Price per Item issignificantly higher than Items Per Order5.425.39Office Depot. Avg. Price per Item $28.88$19.35 22. Data AccuracyData is gathered from an organically grownpanel of around 800,000 active email subscribers.eDataSource has never used targetedpromotions, toolbars, co-registration or othertactics to grow its panel size. This preventsinaccuracys and imbalance in subscriberdemographicsNo other analytical platformcan make this claim