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Xcellon Institute of Business management Ahmadabad Name of Student- Ghanshyam Gurjer GD Discussion Topic-Borderless World-Dream OR Reality Borderless world conceptWorld as a single entity wherein there exists no discrimination between the inhabitants on the basis of region, religion, colour, language etc.Equal opportunity and growth for everyone. Growth of one = Growth of all. Both A Dream and A Reality.

Borderless worlds-Dream or reality?Globalisation of business Opening up of the various economies. Cross exchanges.More and more people getting an opportunity to work in different lands among different peoples and absorbing a bit of their values and culture.This leads to greater tolerance and understanding of others' problems.The other side-people despite all this have nationalistic and regionalist chauvinism . A world divided into first, second and third worlds.People still talk of "their" economy and not world economy. Europe has shown a step in this direction with EU but its feasibility remains to be seen.So while people clamour for globalisation, they still think only in terms of their national.We cant expect that we would ever have a boarder less world in the future. History proves that we are creating boarders every times in the form of new countries or new states.Every country wants to be at top by showing the power, by suppressing and acquiring lands from neighboring countries. This mindset has created many disputes in past & still existing. All are strengthening their arms & weapons to be always ready for any adverse condition in future.So with this type of mindsets we would never find boarder less world. This would always remain myth for us. border less world can come into reality if the people stop being selfish and this can never happen. At some point of time people start thinking about themselves rather than thinking about others. Yes tension occur in each and every state and weather it be border less world or with border the world will be the same.Borderless world is myth but is closer to reality if we look at current developments in the world.Multilateral organisations like UN World Bank has taken many initiative towards social development in world as whole.Countries are talking together about problems like climate change.Countries came together to form a single country (European Union).Nations are talking about eliminating trade barrier.Border less world is a good idea. But I don't think it will come. All the nations try to expand their land area. For this they made new weapons. But it will come on true, it is good for all of us. In such situations there is no terrorism, no border dispute etc. At that time world are in calm and quiet. In that situation there is no religious fighting, no property fighting, no cultural fighting. It will come on truth if people change their mind. Borderless world it can be a reality if only all nations stop spending money on their armaments and concentrate towards the betterment of humanity. One of the greatest challenges will be to narrow the social,ethnic,religious and financial barrier. With the emergence of European Union and other such organization their is hope that future might hold the possibility of a "border less world". Again this can be possible only when we start to

think of the general interest of the population. But the question is, what will it be like? will there be freedom or will it be an oligarchy?