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The digital agenda for local and regional development


  • 1. Miguel Gonzlez-Sancho European Commission, DG Information Society and Media Unit Digital Agenda: Policy Coordination The Digital Agenda for Local and Regional Development Diego intermediate conference, Brussels, 29.09.2011
  • 2. Political Framework: Europe 2020
      • Europe 2020 7 flagships
        • Digital Agenda for Europe
        • Youth on the move
        • Innovation Union
        • An industrial policy for the globalisation era
        • New skills for jobs
        • European Platform against poverty
        • Resource efficient Europe
  • 3. The DAE virtuous cycle
  • 4. What is the Digital Agenda? 101 specific actions, including 31 legal proposals Interoperability & standards A vibrant digital single market Trust & Security Research & innovation Using ICT to help society Enhancing digital literacy, skills & inclusion Fast & ultra-fast Internet access
  • 5. DAE Scoreboard
  • 6. An open & inclusive process Coordination with authorities in Member States Open data from the scoreboard Digital Agenda Assembly Online engagement
  • 7. Going Local II 2011
    • September December 2011
    • Different topics per country/ event
    • Not only in capitals
    • Dedicated webspace on DAE website per country
    • Use of social media platforms at country level
  • 8. Rural coverage - xDSL
  • 9. Broadband in Digital Agenda Ambitious targets to promote social inclusion & competitiveness Broadband/NGA targets By 2013, basic broadband coverage for all EU citizens By 2020, fast broadband coverage at 30 Megabits per second available to all EU citizens At least half of European households subscribing to broadband access at 100 Megabits per second.
  • 10. EGovernment Action Plan: Structure eGovernment Action Plan Empowering Citizens and Businesses Strengthening the Internal Market Efficiency & Effectiveness Pre-conditions User Centric services Collaborative production Re-use of information Transparency Involvement of Citizens Organisation process Administrative burden Open Specifications and Interoperability Key enablers Innovative eGovernment Green Government Seamless Services Personal Mobility Cross Border Services Malm declaration DAE
  • 11. ICT for Government & Public Services EC Instruments Policy Action Plan Ministerial Conferences Research FP7 ICT for Governance & Policy Modelling Deployment ICT PSP eParticipation ePractice eTEN eGovernance eGovernment - eParticipation
  • 12. Ageing Well The EU Picture Policy Areas ural More Better Time to market New Knowledge JPI Years, Lives New solutions AAL Proven Ideas FP7 ICT & Ageing well FP7 eHealth FP7 Health Active and Healthy Ageing Partnership Ageing well action plan eHealth action plan Public Health Programme Struc tural Funds EIB ESF Natio nal funds Deployment support CIP ICT & Ageing well CIP eHealth Evidence and innovation guidelines
  • 13. Towards Horizon 2020 3 sets of challenges, 4 funding schemes Societal challenges Industrial leadership Excellence in science Roadmap based Open, agile Infrast and skills Testing, piloting e.g. EIPs PPPs FET flagships FET open ERC Light WP Any time Small size SMEs specific e.g. Living labs e.g. Clean rooms eInfrastruct. CIP Pilots CIP Pilots
  • 14. Proposals on cohesion policy
    • Common strategic framework for all structural funds
    • Investment partnership contracts with Member States
    • Stronger conditionality
    • Concentration on poorer and weakest regions
    • Thematic concentration
    • Transition regions
  • 15. Connecting Europe Facility" (CEF) for broadband
    • Announced in the MFF Communication (June 2011)
    • 50 bn for networks in transport, energy, and digital infrastructures (formerly TEN)
    • INFSO budget: 9.1 bn
      • Broadband networks (ca. 7.7, bn)
      • Smart Grids
      • Digital service infrastructures
    • Expenditure through loan guarantees, infrastructure funds, plus grants and procurement
    • Legislative proposals: EC adoption on 12 October
    • Requires pro-active promotion with MS decision-makers!
    Europeana, eID, eProcurement, eBusiness, eHealth, Data.eu, Safer Internet, multilingual services, European backbone, eJustice
  • 16. Thank you blogs.ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda @DigitalAgendaEU DigitalAgenda ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda