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  • 1. Rhetoric in Documentary Film

2. Great thanks to AndyCarvin( 3. What is a Documentary? 4. A lmed production that uses footage of real events, interviews, animation, and other lm techniques to either inform or persuade about a nonction subject. 5. Things to think about 6. Story Structure The Tease The Body The Conclusion 7. Tease: Establishing shot of U Street, montage of activity; Why is its history relevant today?Body: History of U Street; archival footage from library, old postcards; jazz and civil rights; interviews w/ community members, parents, grandparents; recent trendsConclusion: What does the future hold? 8. A-Roll 9. B-RollImage 10. Why? 11. Narration 12. Voice of God 13. Establishing Shots 14. Transitions 15. Transtions Cut: simplest transition from one shot to the next, usually in same location and time frame Dissolve: graduate transition where shots overlap; often used to show change in location/time Wipe: special effect transition where one scene seems to quot;wipe awayquot; the other scene Fade to Black: Scene literally goes black;end of chapter or story 16. Transitions 17. Point of View What is the purpose of this documentary? Is the mode persuasive or informative? How do the choices the lmmaker makes reect bias or intent? 18. Credits: Image Credit: Image Credit: Image Credit: