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<ol><li> 1. DOCUMENTARY &amp; PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY<br /> by Alexandra Copley<br /></li><li> 2. COURSE DESCRIPTION<br />This is course for students wanting to gain basic understanding of documentary and portraiture photography. Students work on a semester long photo-documentary project on a subject of their choice. In class lectures will explore different genres of documentary photography including street photography, social documentary, photojournalism, the photo essay and environmental portraiture. Students will learn the fundamentals of digital photography from assignments and on fieldtrips to Mumbais unique neighborhoods.<br />Camera experience is a plus, but not a pre-requisite. Nikon D40 SLR cameras are provided for students to use through the duration of the course. Students will need a digital camera for use throughout the course. <br /></li><li> 3. AIMS and OBJECTIVES<br />The main objective of this course is to introduce the student to various forms of documentary photography and environmental portraiture culminating in a series of photographs ready for print or multimedia publication. <br /></li><li> 4. COURSE OUTLINE<br />LOOK ON DESKTOP<br /></li><li> 5. WHO AM I?<br /><ul><li>B.A. &amp; M.F.A. Photography </li><li> 6. Professor of photography/online lecturer </li><li> 7. TRAVEL &amp; FREELANCE photographer </li><li> 8. Worked in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Central America, Canada, Europe (all over) and USA </li><li> 9. </li><li> 10. Paris Metro Project with Brazil </li><li> 11. </li><li> 12. </li><li> 13. book called Transmigrants</li></ul></li><li>ALEXANDRA COPLEY<br />AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER<br /></li><li> 14. PROVIDENCIA FAVELA, RIO DE JANEIRO<br /></li><li> 15. WWW.FAVELITE.COM<br /></li><li> 16. ROCINHA FAVELA, RIO DE JANEIRO<br /></li><li> 17. GLANCES<br /></li><li> 18. </li><li> 19. </li><li> 20. </li><li> 21. MAINE, USA<br /></li><li> 22. HANDS OF THE HARVEST<br /></li><li> 23. </li><li> 24. </li><li> 25. </li><li> 26. </li><li> 27. DHOBI GHAT, INDIA<br /></li><li> 28. </li><li> 29. </li><li> 30. </li><li> 31. </li><li> 32. WHAT IS <br />DOCUMENTARY<br />PHOTOGRAPHY?<br /></li><li> 33. The photographer attempts to produce truthful, objective, and usually candid photographyof a particular subject, most often pictures of people. Photography that has a connection to real situationsand that attempts to represent those situations with minimal distortion.<br /></li><li> 34. </li><li> 35. </li><li> 36. </li><li> 37. STREET PHOTOGRAPHY<br /></li><li> 38. Street photography tends to be more of a private and individual practice of photographing in public places. Usually, though not always, the interest is connected to urban life, since that's where so much happens on the street. <br /></li><li> 39. HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON<br /></li><li> 40. SOME STREETS<br /></li><li> 41. INDIA STREET PHOTOGRAPHY<br /></li><li> 42. WHAT IS<br />SOCIAL DOCUMENTARY<br />PHOTOGRAPHY?<br /></li><li> 43. The act of recording, with a camera, human beings in their natural (ieunposed) condition. With the purpose of bringing attention to a particular aspect of society in hopes of change. <br /></li><li> 44. SEBASTIAO SALGADO<br />BAZILIAN PHOTOJOURNALIST<br /></li><li> 45. </li><li> 46. </li><li> 47. BOOKS<br /></li><li> 48. </li><li> 49. PEP BONET<br /></li><li> 50. </li><li> 51. </li><li> 52. WHAT IS A<br />PHOTO ESSAY<br />?<br /></li><li> 53. A series of photographs that are intended to tell a story or evoke a series of emotions in the viewer. A photo essay will often show pictures in deep emotional stages. Photo essays range from purely photographic works to photographs with captions or small notes to full text essays with a few or many accompanying photographs. Also a slide show or similar presentation, possibly with spoken text or music. <br /></li><li> 54. EARTHQUAKE IN HAITI<br /></li><li> 55. MEDIA STORM.ORG<br /></li><li> 56. WHAT IS<br />ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITURE<br />?<br /></li><li> 57. A portrait executed in the subject's usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject's life and surroundings.<br />By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, it is thought that you will be able to better illuminate their character, and therefore portray the essence of their personality.<br /></li><li> 58. </li><li> 59. </li><li> 60. WHY IS HE POSING WITH A TREE?<br /></li><li> 61. WHAT IS THE <br />FARM SECURITY ADMINISTRATION (FSA)<br />?<br /></li><li> 62. In 1935 as part of the New Deal in the United States, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) was an effort during the Depression to combat American rural poverty. The FSA adopted a goal of introducing America to Americans through photography and a group of talented photographers.<br /></li><li> 63. </li><li> 64. </li><li> 65. </li><li> 66. CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHERS<br /></li><li> 67. </li><li> 68. PUBLISHING YOUR WORK<br />NEWPAPERS<br />MAGAZINES<br />YOUR OWN BLOG<br />ONLINE MAGAZINES<br />BOOKS (SELF-PUBLISHING<br />LULU<br />BLURB<br /></li><li> 69. More Mags<br />In The Fray<br />Blue Eyes Magazine<br />Social<br />Lunatic<br />F-Stop Magazine<br />Vewd<br />Lens Culture &amp; Interviews<br />The Digital Journalist<br />Media Storm (audio &amp; visual)<br />File Magazine<br />Travel Photography Network<br />Colours Magazine<br />Deep Sleep<br />See Saw<br />Photo Eye Magazine<br /><br />Reuters<br /></li><li> 70. PDF TO READ<br />The History of Documentary Photography<br />Street Photography for the Purist<br /></li><li> 71. QUESTIONS TO ANSWER<br />How do these photos make you feel ?<br />What kind of compositions do you recognize?<br />Do the images tell a story?<br />When were the images taken?<br />Who is being photographed?<br />Where are they being photographed?<br /></li><li> 72. PLEASE CONNECT<br /></li><li> 73. CALL ME FOR INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION: 976 9842 976<br /></li></ol>