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This week we were delighted to finalise our Head Student and Deputy Head Student appointments. Mr Singh reveals who they are in this issue! On Tuesday we hosted our first Scienfic Reading Group, led by Mr Rehman, Governor. The discussion was incredibly rich and varied; students discussed whether Newton was on the right side of defining if a light was a parcle or a wave, the deeper philosophical debates within the Schrödinger’s cat paradox, and the links between DNA and machine learning. Mr Rehman has set up follow up problems for students to work on and will recommend further reading in the coming weeks. We are grateful for Mr Rehman’s generosity of me. As we draw closer to half term I would like to wish everyone a fantasc break! Please remember that the 19th of February will be an IL learning day for all students and Sixth Form interviews for all Year 11 students will be held on this day. With best wishes, Sugra Alibhai Vice Principal and Head of Sixth Form 5 th February 2018 Newsletter Sixth Form Head of Sixth Form’s Welcome Key Dates 6 th Feb - Year 12 Berlin Trip Meeting (6pm-7pm. For Parents of students attending the History Trip to Berlin. ) 7 th Feb - Year 8 Progress Meetings (school finishes at 1:15pm for Year 12 students) 12 th - 16 th Feb - HALF TERM 19 th Feb - IL Day Week commencing 26 th Feb - Family Week (no after school events) 28 th Feb - INSET Day (no school for students) Below are some photographs from last week’s Scienfic Reading Group, led by Mr Rehman. Scientific Reading Group

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This week we were delighted to finalise our Head Student and Deputy Head Student appointments. Mr Singh reveals who they are in this issue! On Tuesday we hosted our first Scientific Reading Group, led by Mr Rehman, Governor. The discussion was incredibly rich and varied; students discussed whether Newton was on the right side of defining if a light was a particle or a wave, the deeper philosophical debates within the Schrödinger’s cat paradox, and the links between DNA and machine learning. Mr Rehman has set up follow up problems

for students to work on and will recommend further reading in the coming weeks. We are grateful for Mr Rehman’s generosity of time.

As we draw closer to half term I would like to wish everyone a fantastic break! Please remember that the 19th of February will be an IL learning day for all students and Sixth Form interviews for all Year 11 students will be held on this day.

With best wishes,

Sugra AlibhaiVice Principal and Head of Sixth Form

5th February 2018

NewsletterSixth Form

Head of Sixth Form’s Welcome

Key Dates6th Feb - Year 12 Berlin Trip Meeting

(6pm-7pm. For Parents of students attending the History Trip to Berlin. )

7th Feb - Year 8 Progress Meetings(school finishes at 1:15pm for Year 12 students)

12th - 16th Feb - HALF TERM

19th Feb - IL Day

Week commencing 26th Feb - Family Week(no after school events)

28th Feb - INSET Day(no school for students)

Below are some photographs from last week’s Scientific Reading Group, led by Mr Rehman.

Scientific Reading Group

My Education Journey...Q&A with Ms Woracker, Head of Humanities

Q: Which A levels did you study?A: History, Government and Politics, Economics and French (AS).

Q: Which universities did you apply to?A: Oxford Brookes, Coventry, Brunel, Keele and Westminster.

Q: Which university did you actually go to? Why?A: Coventry. I was given a bursary to study there and, also, I wanted to get out of London.

Q: Which degree subject did you choose? Why?A: Law and Politics. It was a Joint-Honours course and it allowed you to choose your own components. I chose Philosophy, International Relations and History. It was a combination of humanities styles subjects, and I liked the flexibility.

Q: What was the best thing about doing that course at that university?A: The seminars, small group work sessions and the experienced tutors who had a lot of time for us and were able to give us tailored support.

We had the chance to debate and discuss really complex issues at a high level. We got to learn a lot from other people who had come from different parts of the country who had had different experiences and this really enriched the course. Q: What interesting/fun/worthwhile things did you do outside your studies at uni?A: I did loads of things. My friend and I set up the International Relations Society which discussed international relations and politics and we went to conferences around the UK. I was part of the Afro-Caribbean Society and Law Societies - they helped me to make links to other students on different courses.

I was also involved in the Student Union, I was a Halls rep and a Course rep. Later, I became the Vice-President of the Student Union, and that gave me the opportunity to have a real input into the way the university treated the students.

Q: Is there a decision you made that you are particularly happy about in retrospect?A: I did a lot of research about the university and the course I took up and knew that it was the right course for me. I liked the location – it’s a big city but not too big, and a good distance from London – not too far but still away from home. I am really glad I made the right decisions on both these choices.

Q: Do you have any regrets about educational/career choices you made in the past?A: I regret dropping French and not subsequently pursuing it, for example at university. I was offered the option of doing a year abroad in France, but I didn’t have the language skills to take up this offer… it would have been a really good opportunity.

Q. What message would you want the INA Sixth Form students to take away from your experience?A. First: listen to the advice of your teachers. My sixth form teachers really gave my good advice. Second: Do the research! Choose a course that you’re passionate about, and choose a university that fits in with the way you work. So if you like campus life, choose a campus. Third: Try to develop your passions early. You start off with extracurricular activities now; which supplements your learning in your lessons; but later you will find this also helps you with your c/v and at interviews; and will continue to benefit you throughout your whole life.

‘It All Adds Up’Maths Conference for Girls

On Thursday 11th January, seven female students in Year 12 took the initiative to plan a trip to the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford to attend the ‘It All Adds Up’ maths conference for girls, where we attended a series of talks and activities.

The first talk was titled ‘Mathematical modelling of biological and epidemiological systems’ by Dr Louise Dyson who talked in depth about how mathematical modelling is used to assess the effectiveness of mass drug administration for a disease called ‘yaws’, a bacterial infection caused by skin lesions. This talk was particularly interesting as it tied biology with mathematics and gave me an insight into a career that is pursuable with a degree in mathematics.

Following this talk, we were confronted with undergraduate level maths problems to solve, which were both stimulating and thought-provoking but nonetheless challenging. My favourite session was one run by Dr Rebecca Cotton-Barratt who taught us how mathematics can be used to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, like how much of the ocean is covered in plastic, using mathematical assumptions.

Towards the end of the day, there was also a masterclass about prime numbers and Euclid’s proof which allowed me to stretch my knowledge beyond the A level specification and think about theorems within mathematics that are yet to be proven. Overall, the day gave me a clear insight into what studying maths at university is like and encouraged me to pursue a degree that encapsulates mathematical concepts.

Written by Neha Rajput, Year 12

Head Student Election 2018The results are in...

INA Sixth Form is proud to announce its new Head Students and Deputy Head Students:

The selection process was tough and all students presented a fantastic case in support of their candidacy. With the hard work of canvassing done, it was left to a student vote, with a 60% turn out. We’d like to offer our congratulations to all students who took part and we’re confident that the students who have been voted to the posts will work hard in the role and leave a lasting legacy. Here’s a few words from them:

“Thank you to all who voted for me. I’m honoured to have been chosen by the student body to represent their voice and I hope I can live up to their expectations.” Halema, Year 12

“It’s come as a big surprise but I’m really excited and privileged to have been voted. I’ll try my best to do my utmost in the role!”Rohan, Year 12

Head Students

Halema Rohan

Deputy Head Students

Awais Sneha

I will be returning on Tuesday 6th March at 3pm.

I will send out three papers for everyone to read. Following the first meeting I would like:• the prospective maths undergraduates to describe the maths in the Schrodinger equation• for the group to find some examples of ‘Quantum Phenomenon’ and share those.

Furthermore I would encourage those of you who are passionate about studying maths to consider the following course:

Calculus Course:

1. Learn the basics of differentiation. You can do this from the textbooks you have or maybe the following links may help: ••

2. Start to learn/get familiar with the following rules: Click here to view document.

A side-project would be to plot some of these functions to get familiar with them.

3. Answer questions on pages 5 – 8 and send these to me to mark.

4. Answer questions on pages 20-22 and send these to me to mark.

When/if I receive items 3 and 4, I can then move onto the next stages.

For those of you who are interesting in Coding to consider the following project:

Coding Project: Snooker Ball Mechanics

Ideally this would be done in Python as it is an easier language, one I am familiar with and you can prototype this in ‘Scratch’.

Phase I a: Develop a program that can simulate the mechanics of a snooker ball hitting another (stationery) snooker ball when their centres are aligned with the direction of motion (i.e. reduce to a 1D problem).

Assume a coefficient of restitution of 1. (The program should visually show the balls motion and allow inputs of speed – I won’t explain for the points below what else should be shown as it should be clear)

Phase I b:Extend the program to allow for the second ball to be moving.

Phase 1 c:Extend the program to allow for a coefficient of restitution of less than 1.

Areas to research and think about:• In real snooker the ball eventually stops, what force is this due to and how would you model this mathematically? Can you

find a mathematical equation/proof that shows the ball comes to a stop?• How would you model the ball hitting a cushion at angle? (hint: think of conservation laws and coefficients of restitution)• Hard: How would model ‘spin’ on a ball? I.e. in snooker people can do ‘screw-back’ or ‘put side on a ball’?

Regards, Wasim Rehman, Governor

Scientific Reading Group

• The Redbridge Youth Election is about deciding who will

become the next Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs)

• The Youth Election takes place every year so you get the chance to vote and decide on who you want to represent you in Redbridge as MYPs

Ali Raja Anfal Addada Kishan Sharma Madhuzha Maheswaran Malek Djitli Mia Olagbaju Rameesha Ahmed Shanzeh Haroon Suvan Naik Zahra Laurie

Ali Raja Anfal AddadaKishan Sharma Madz Maheswaran Malek Djitli Mia OlagbajuRameesha Ahmed Shanzeh HaroonSuvan Naik Zahra Laurie

INA’s Shanzeh is a candidate for the Redbridge Youth Election. We wish her all the best!

The Sir Ernst Chain Lecture 2018: Professor Christopher M. Dobson

21st February 201817:00 - 18:30

The Amyloid State of Proteins and its Significance in Biology and Medicine

Natural proteins are a highly select group of molecules, and their properties have a number of very special characteristics when compared to random sequences of amino acids, including an ability to fold into unique and often highly intricate structures that can remain functional within the complex milieu of living systems.

This talk will give an overview of this field of science and discuss recent progress in understanding the nature and properties of the amyloid state, the kinetics and mechanism of its formation, the nature and origins of its links with disease and the manner in which its formation may be inhibited or suppressed for therapeutic purposes.Click here for more information.

Our Automated Future: utopia or dystopia?

For the younger generations considering their future career options, are the technological advances transforming the way we work something to be afraid of or excited by? And are they being sufficiently prepared for the future of work?

Click here for more information.

Monday 19 February 2018 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Year 12 History Trip to Berlin

A Parent Information Meeting for students attending the History trip to Berlin will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Year 12 Alternatives to Medicine Presentation Afternoon

Wednesday 21 February 2018, 3pm - 5pm

The event is suitable for all students who are considering applying to Medicine to aid their decision process. This event does not require students to supply any predicted grades, they to not have to meet any academic criteria in order to register.

This event is not suited to students studying BTECs and does not cover Midwifery, Nursing or Physio.

Click here for more details.

Grantham Annual Lecture 2018 | His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco

Wed 28 February 201818:30 – 19:30

Climate change: a threat to the oceans. The Ocean: a chance for the climate.

The ocean covers two thirds of the world’s surface, and increasingly our development occurs in coastal areas, on the seas and depends on marine resources – in addition we know that we will become ever more reliant on the seas for our energy, our food and our raw materials in the upcoming decades. More importantly, the ocean plays a key role in balancing the weather and climates of our planet. Yet today it is facing direct threats from pollution, diminished biodiversity and increased acidity caused by the absorption of our greenhouse gases. It is clearer than ever that the protection of the oceans and prevention of climate change must go hand in hand. By implementing a sustainable form of development (the only solution which protects our seas and preserves their wealth) we will save the entire planet. We must urgently take responsibility together.Register for your ticket here.

UK University Search Fair London

Friday 2nd March 2018 – The Emirates Stadium

This exciting and informative event will provide attendees with the opportunity to speak to a multitude of universities including; the University of Oxford, Russell Group, redbrick and modern institutions. A wide variety of the UK’s best apprenticeship providers, HE colleges, specialist institutions, and student-related organisations will also attend. Exhibitors will be featured in three huge halls overlooking Arsenal’s pitch. Seminars will take place within a large theatre style space. Click here for more information.

Nuffield Research Placements 2018

Spend your summer holiday developing your research and quantitative skills on a short project that will enhance your university application and career prospects.

Nuffield Research Placements take place in your summer holidays after Year 12 . You will work on a project that relates to an area of science, quantitative social science, computing, technology, engineering or maths (or a combination of these). Most projects are based in an office, but some include working in a laboratory or fieldwork.

Placements are between four and six weeks in length and are available in your local area. Your placement might be in a university, research institute, company, or voluntary organisation. You will work alongside professional researchers on a project that is an important part of their business.

Applications for 2018 are now open and will close on 13th March 2018. Click here to read more and apply.

Y12 Work Experience Programme: Imperial College

Please check out the Eligibility Criteria (this factors in household income etc.).

Students will apply to one of the following departments:• Electrical and Electronic Engineering• Life Sciences• Materials• Mechanical Engineering• National Heart and Lung Institute• Physics

During the 5 day programme students will be introduced to current research being conducted within their chosen department as well as meeting and shadowing the researchers involved. They will have access to research and teaching laboratories, workshops and specialist technical suites.

Imperial College: Department Of PhysicsInsights Work Experience July 9th-13th 2018

Dates for Insights 2018 applications are as follows: • 15th January 2018 – Applications go live• 5th March 2018 – Applications close • 19th March 2018 – Deadline for teachers to submit their references

The Insights Work Experience programme is designed to provide current Year 12 students with a true understanding of the Physics Department, how it functions, and what it would be like to study physics at Imperial College London.

“The Insights Work Experience Programme has been an incredible opportunity to study at a world class university for a week-it has exceeded my expectations. The staffs were not too formal and so made everybody more relaxed and we enjoyed the week more”.

It promises to be exciting and action packed, with successful applicants joining us here for one week in July 2018. Each day will begin promptly at 10am and end at 4:30pm.

The Insights work experience programme is aimed at Year 12 students, so primary consideration will be given to students in this year group. Students applying for this programme must have Physics and Maths GCSEs and at least a grade B in English GCSE. You must also currently be doing Maths and Physics A-Levels.

Work Experience with the STFCThe Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is one of Europe’s largest research organisations supporting scientists and engineers world-wide. The Laboratories offer one or two week work experience placements to over 100 Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students each year, many from local schools and around the country. Longer placements are available for Year 12 and Year 13 students over the summer. As far as possible they are placed depending on their interests indicated on the application form.

Read more here.

From Corporate Killing to Social Murder

Speaker: Professor Steve Tombs (Department of Social Policy & Criminology, Open University)

Thu 1 March 201818:00 – 19:30

The aim of this presentation is two-fold: first, to understand the reach of states and corporations into what is often represented as a private sphere, namely the home; and, second, to better understand the mass killing at Grenfell Tower, and the ripples of harms

subsequently engendered, as phenomena produced by state-corporate policy and practices.

Book here

The next University-wide Open Days for undergraduates will be held on Wednesday 27 June, Thursday 28 June and Friday 14 September. Students, parents and teachers are invited to spend a whole day in Oxford, attending events, talking to staff and students and getting answers to any questions which remain after examining prospectuses and websites.

Click here for more information.

Future Focus Career Workshop07 February 2018 18:00-19:00

Venue: Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX Free entry: booking required

This workshop is designed to help you explore how undergraduate study can have a positive impact on your future career.

Gain a more in-depth understanding of yourself to better inform your career decisions; Learn about your skills, personality, values and motivations; Apply this knowledge of yourself to different career options; Know how to find out whether the course(s) you are considering is a stepping stone to the career you want, including information about the graduate destinations of Birkbeck students to inspire you.

For more information and how to book, click here.

A national industry-led accreditation designed to enhance workplace experiences for your people.

Each employer works with both the Industrial Cadets team and a flexible framework to decide how to deliver a structured programme of activities, including; site visits, presentations and talks, hands-on team tasks, workshops and project work. Once the activity has been successfully completed, young people taking part will then graduate as Industrial Cadets, becoming part of a national accreditation network.

Young people have the opportunity to get a unique insight into industry with Industrial Cadets. Skills and knowledge are built and enhanced whilst being mentored by industry role models.

Register here.

Industrial Cadets: Workplace experiences that develop employability skills in young people

Wednesday 7th February 19:00

Quantum Circus


Join us for this popular show staged by post graduate students each year to explain all you really need to know about the peculiarities of quantum physics -and some.

REG CHARITY 1161269.

VENUE: Lecture Theatre 1, SAF Building, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London

TICKETS: Members of Friends £5, Member’s Guests £10, Imperial Students £3, Imperial Staff £5, Non-Members £12 - Members of the public are welcome.

A number of complimentary tickets are available for GSCE and A-level students. To apply contact [email protected] with the student names and numbers of tickets required.

Dr Simon Foster and students from the Controlled Quantum Dynamics Group, Imperial College London

Lecture Series2017-18

Criminology Taster Evening - School Of Law, Birkbeck 6 - 7.30pm, Wednesday 21st February

At the event you will be able to learn more about how our courses are taught and meet our academic staff who will present a taster Criminology lecture. You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with current and alumni students.

This taster evening is for students interested in studying:

Criminology and Criminal Justice (BSc) full-timeCriminology and Criminal Justice (BSc) part-timeCriminology (Certificate of Higher Education)

The timings for the evening are as follows:

• 6pm - 6.30pm – studying Criminology at Birkbeck• 6.30pm - 6.45pm – refreshments• 6.45pm - 7.30pm – taster lecture

Click here for more information

Sutton Trust Summer SchoolsApplications Open.

These free, residential, subject specific summer schools are hosted at universities around the country and are open to students currently in Year 12. There are a huge array of different subject stands available, including medicine and other related biological subjects.

Applications for UK Summer Schools 2018 close on Thursday 8th March at 5pm.If you would like to read more about these and to apply, please click here.

University of Exeter Scholars

The post 16 activities available to Exeter Scholars are the point at which you get to personalise your experience. At this point existing participants will be asked to update their Exeter Scholars profile with GCSE results and current study plans. It should be noted that to continue to this stage of Exeter Scholars you will need to have achieved the GCSE grades outlined in the programme eligibility criteria and we will talk to you about this at the relevant time. If you are in Year 12 and are new to Exeter Scholars then there is an application entry point available to you now. Visit ‘Apply’ to see if you are eligible and fill in an application form.

In order to immerse yourself in a subject activity strand of your choice you will be invited to come to Exeter for a second residential event. While you are staying with us you will be given access to University of Exeter facilities and learn from world class academics – you may even have the chance to participate in live research projects being conducted by the University.

Alongside the academic programme, the residential experience will give you the chance to explore the local area, develop your cooking skills, try out study societies and find out what student life might be like on the University of Exeter campus.

Attendance at this residential is a compulsory part of Exeter Scholars for both existing participants and those joining the programme for the first time in Year 12. Via this and the other activities you have completed throughout your programme participation you will have fulfilled the time commitment required to graduate as an Exeter Scholar in Year 13. Read more here.

Summer Schools 2018Applications for the following summer schools will open on 15 January 2018:

• Year 9 Engineering Summer School • Year 10 Insights into Science & Engineering Summer School • Year 11 Project STEM Summer School • Year 12 Engineering Summer School • Year 12 Work Experience Programme

Attending a summer school is a great way to discover what it is like to study at Imperial and what life is like as a student in London. For more information including dates, eligibility criteria (and the application links from 15 January) please see our website.

Yr 12, Study Day, Somerville College, University of Oxford17th February 2018This year Somerville College will be running a Year 12 Study Day on Saturday 17th of February, 2018. The day offers a taste of university study, and will have as its centrepiece small-group seminars (each with a maximum of 15 students) run by Oxford university academics in their own specialisms, which will offer a challenging and entertaining introduction to university-level study of the subject. The seminars are open to all Year 12 students taking a relevant/related subject, who are thinking about going on to study it at university. The students will also have the opportunity to spend the day with current undergraduates in their subject of interest, and to discuss the courses with the college tutors. The day is entirely free of charge, and includes brunch with current undergraduates in the College Hall, refreshments and a university tour, although we regret we are not able to pay students’ travel expenses. To request an application form please email Elsa Hammond, Access & Outreach Officer at: [email protected]

Yr 12, Trinity College and Jesus College Women in Science day23rd February 2018Trinity College and Jesus College will be co-hosting a ‘Women in Science’ day for Year 12 pupils. The event will be an opportunity to further your scientific knowledge and skills, and will give you a valuable insight into studying a science course at university.

Applicants should:• Be in Year 12 at a school/college• Be taking at least two science or maths subjects at A level• Be predicted at least three A grades at A2 Level (or equivalent)• Have at least 5 A or A* grades at GCSE (or equivalent)• Identify wholly or partially as feminine or transfeminine, or any other gender minority (such as: non-binary, trans,

genderqueer, a-gender)

Bookings will be open until 9am on Monday 5th February at More information about the event can be found here:

Yrs 11-13, Poetry CompetitionDeadline 2nd March 2018Tower Poetry at Christ Church hosts an annual poetry competition for 16-18 year-olds in schools and colleges in the UK, which is now open for entries. Tower Poetry was founded in 2000 after a generous bequest from Christopher Tower to promote poetry in English. The competition is completely free to enter, and awards 3000 pounds to the first prize winner, 1000 pounds for the second prize, 500 pounds for third, 250 pounds to commended poems, and 150 pounds each to all prizewinners’ schools. Each poem is made anonymous on entry and judged by a panel of judges who are all successful contemporary poets. Entries for the Christopher Tower Poetry Prizes 2018 must be on the subject of ‘Secrets’. The closing date for entries is 2 March 2018.

Yrs 12 and 13, Corpus Christi’s Peter Cane Legal Reasoning Prize (Essay Competition)3rd March 2018,Applications for Corpus Christi’s Peter Cane Legal Reasoning Prize 2018 are now open! Year 12 and 13 students can enter the competition; please circulate amongst any aspiring lawyers. No prior legal knowledge or study is expected or required! Shortlisted students will be invited to visit the College to experience legal workshops with academics and meet current undergraduate Law students. Details can be found here:

Yr 12/13, ‘Powering our Future’, Ship Street Lecture Theatre, Jesus College Oxford3rd March 2018,Powering our Future is an event for sixth form students who identify as women/non-binary. It’s a chance to hear from powerful women from diverse backgrounds and career paths and mingle/ask questions to Oxford students and graduates. RSVP at [email protected]

Yr 12, Physical Sciences Study Day, University College Oxford, 6th March 2018University College Oxford are excited to host an engaging and challenging study day for Year 12 students interested in Physical Sciences, on Tuesday 6 March 2018. The day will include lectures from Univ’s tutors in Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences and some extended break-out sessions where students will be able to discuss these subjects in detail with other students. Students need to submit an online application form, and teachers need to fill in an approval for, by Friday 9 February 2018. Information about the day and how to apply is available on the College website under ‘Year 12 Subject Study Days’:

Yrs 12-13, Further Maths – What Next?, Oxford University’s Mathematical Institute 14th March 2018Studying Further Maths A-level, but not sure what you want to do at University? Talented at Maths, but not sure you want to do something that abstract at Uni? Want to know a bit more about Maths–related degree subjects that don’t appear on the school curriculum? Oxford University is delighted to welcome A-level students, from UK schools, to the ‘Further Maths — What Next?’ event. The day draws together subject areas from across the University which are suitable for prospective students with a real aptitude for Maths. Participants will attend a range of short taster sessions on subjects that list Further Maths as either a ‘highly desirable’ or ‘helpful’ A-level for Oxford applicants to have. You will get the most out of this day if you are also taking Chemistry or Physics at A Level. Apply for your space here:

Yr 12, Faculty of Law Open Days12th, 13th and 14th March 2018 The Faculty of Law warmly invites up to three of your students to attend one of our three Open Days in March 2018. • Hear all about our undergraduate courses, and opportunities for careers in law following undergraduate study. • Receive clear guidance on admissions procedures, entry requirements, and student finance. • Meet current undergraduates and law lecturers. • Have lunch, a tour, and an academic taster session at one of our colleges. • Visit the Bodleian Law Library.

Learn first-hand what it is really like to study Law at Oxford! Please use the link below for more information, details of the programme, eligibility for overnight accommodation, and to apply If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 01865 271491 or email [email protected]. Applications close on Monday 12 February.

Yr 12, Law Residential, Corpus Christi College12th-13th March 2018The first day of this free residential (meals and accommodation included) will involve legal workshops at Pembroke and Corpus Christi College led by legal academics, with opportunities to meet and chat to current undergraduate law students. Students will stay overnight in one of the colleges, then have a closing session on Tuesday, 13th March before being taken to the Faculty of Law Open Day. Applications will be open soon at

Yr 11/12, Oxford Materials Science Taster Days, Department of Materials, Oxford University13th, 14th March and 17th April 2018,The 2018 Oxford Materials Science Taster Days are now open for applications. These will run on 13th, 14th March and 17th April and are aimed at Yr11 and 12 students who are interested in physical sciences and/or would like to find out more about Materials Science at Oxford. Students need to be studying or intending to study maths and physics at A level (or equivalent). If you have any questions please contact the organiser at [email protected]. Further details and an application form can be found here.

Yr 11-13, PROMYS Europe, Wadham College Oxford 15th July - 25th August 2018PROMYS Europe is a partnership of PROMYS, Wadham College and the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, and the Clay Mathematics Institute. It is a programme designed to encourage mathematically ambitious secondary school students to explore the creative world of mathematics. Competitively selected pre-university students from around Europe gather at Wadham College, Oxford for six weeks of rigorous mathematical activity. £1350 for six weeks accommodation, meals and tuition. Partial or full financial aid is available for those who need it.

Closing Date for first-year student applications 18th MarchClosing Date for returning student applications 11th February

Yr 12, Lumina Summer School, Harrow School 2nd - 4th July 2018The Lumina Summer School is open to Year 12 pupils based in London, and aims to increase their awareness of the procedures and requirements involved in making an application to Oxford or Cambridge, as well as giving them exposure to subject material beyond the A level syllabus. This free three-day program involves talks from Oxbridge graduates, practice interviews and specialist course masterclasses. For more information or to register, email [email protected]

What Can be Done to Reduce Inequality?

In this panel discussion, leading public figures consider the political issues associated with reducing inequality. Can inequality be reduced? How? In his 2015 book, Inequality. What Can Be Done?, Professor Sir Tony Atkinson set out a portfolio of policies for reducing inequality.

The event, celebrating Tony’s life and work, will consider the extent to which practical realities of politics constrain the extent to which policies for inequality reduction such as those of Atkinson and others can be introduced.

Click here for more information.

Friday 16 February 2018 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Chair: Professor Sir John Hills. Members of the panel:

Rachel Lomax, Ed Miliband, and David Willets.

Taster Day for Modern and Medieval Languages, History and Modern Languages and History of Art

Friday 16th February 2018Provisional Programme:

Kings college London offer a range of free evening lectures and on campus programmes for 6th form students to attend, independently. For more information about these events, please click here.

As well as the above opportunity, Queen Mary University of London is offering a number of free activities for 16-18 year olds, including coding, Health sciences and Law. Click here for more details.

Year 12 Undergraduate Shadowing SchemeApplications can be submitted at any time until Friday 16th February. The shadowing scheme is ONLY for students who meet one of the four criteria: currently live or have previously lived in local authority care, have a disability, are estranged from their families, OR are the primary carer in their household.Click here for details.





Other Public LecturesMany universities host lectures that are open to the public. Some examples of opportunities in London include:

LSE Public LecturesThese are free and open to the public. There are some fascinating topics which would be of interest to anyone considering going on to study a range of subjects, especially Politics, History, and Economics.

See the events available here.

ARTiculation ConferenceFriday 9th March 9:30am - 4pm

The ARTiculation Conference will take place at Clare College, the University of Cambridge. This conference is open to all 16 – 19 year old students and is designed to encourage debate and engagement with the arts. The day includes a university fair, art presentations, tours of Cambridge’s architecture and art collections and the ARTiculation Prize Grand Final in the afternoon.

There are only 5 places available to INA so if you are interested in attending, please speak to Ms Alibhai.

Power of Podcasts!Many universities have their public lectures available online to access for free. These podcasts are a great way to learn more about a subject that you are interested in or to find out where your passions may lie.

Two examples are:

Ms Joy, our SFSC Supervisor, will be able to help with suggestions of where to look if you are interested in a specific field. It is highly recommend that you have an iTunes account as most universities offer access via iTunes U. Happy listening!

The Taster Course Programme provides Year 12 sixth form students with a taste of what life at a university in London is like. Through your chosen taster course you will experience the different teaching methods used by university academics and gain an insight into the additional facilities available, whilst meeting students from across the UK. All our taster courses are free to attend and you can choose a course from a variety of subjects taking place at the numerous participating universities. Courses range from voice and drama, to medicine and nursing, to computing and business. Click here for more details.

How to Cure Cancer Thu, 15th Feb 2018

18:00 - 21:00

Cancer affects us all. We can’t avoid it. But treatment has improved dramatically over the last 50 years. New methods of surgery, radiotherapy and drugs have had a massive impact and the majority of patients are cured. Leading experts will consider the future and give their views on how to cure cancer. Click here for more details on how to book.

Voluntary Work ExperienceCalling all future Medics!

If you would like voluntary work experience to include in your Personal Statement then check out the links below:

BMA - Work Experience Advice - Click here

NCVO - Volunteer Centres - Click here

Do It - Find a volunteering opportunity near you - Click here

Royal Voluntary Service - Giving back to older people within the community - Click here

Kissing it better - An organisation specifically focused on connecting groups and individuals to local hospitals or care homes - Click here

Are you considering a career in medicine or healthcare?

Join the RSM as a Sixth Form student

The RSM have introduced a Sixth Form Student Membership which can help you on your way. The membership is designed to give you invaluable guidance, prepare you for when you apply to medical school or similar, as well as useful insights into what a career in healthcare is like.

Below you can find out more about all the benefits you can get with your Sixth Form Student Membership and the eligibility criteria.

Sixth Form Student Membership has a one-off cost of £35.

Click here for more information and how to apply.

From the site, you can also find out more about all the benefits you can get with your Sixth Form Student Membership and the eligibility criteria/ Below are two useful benefits:

Years 12 and 13, Corpus Christi’s Peter Cane Legal Reasoning Prize (Essay Competition)

Applications for Corpus Christi’s Peter Cane Legal Reasoning Prize 2018 are now open!

Year 12 and 13 students can enter the competition; please circulate amongst any aspiring lawyers. No prior legal knowledge or study is expected or required!

Shortlisted students will be invited to visit the College to experience legal workshops with academics and meet current undergraduate Law students.

The deadline for entries is 19 February 2018 at 5pm. Read more here.

Law Residential Event for Year 12 students

2018’s Residential will take place from Monday, 12th March to Tuesday, 13th March, in partnership with Pembroke College, Oxford.

The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 12th February.

Read more here.

The Royal Institution hosts talks, short courses and workshops on different aspects of science. The talks/lectures can be quite costly to attend but you could become an RI member, which would give you huge discounts.

You can join as a ‘Young RI member’ for £29, if you are under 17, (it goes up to £39 for 18 – 25 year olds), membership benefits include:• Reduced price tickets for Ri talks• discounts on selected education workshops• welcome pack with experiments to try at home• bespoke emails packed with experiments to try at home• exclusive member offers throughout the year• 10% discount in the Ri Café• What’s on guide delivered straight to your door three times a year.

Do you want to work with some of the most successful companies and high profile

organisations in the world?

Business Insight WeekSpend an action-packed week in a PwC office of your choice during your summer holiday – meeting our people, experiencing the work we do and making new friends.

If you’re interested in business, then our paid work experience programme is for you.

You’ll see how we support household brands, governments, charities and global companies with everything from planning for the future, to how they can make best use of their technology and meet the challenges of a changing world of business. Plus, you’ll get advice and coaching from our recruitment team. If it goes well, you’ll have the opportunity to: secure a full-time job with us when you leave school or college; explore our Flying Start degree programme; or find out more about our undergraduate work experience opportunities if you decide university is for you. Click here to apply!

Big Data Summer CampJoin us in Belfast, Leeds and Birmingham for a week-long training programme designed to provide you with the knowledge and experience required to prepare you for work in Big Data and the Technology sector.Our Big Data Summer Camp’ is a week-long, paid internship that will help you to:

• Understand more about the Big Data and Technology sector• Learn theoretical and technical techniques used• Work on real client challenges and case studies and simulations• Gain a deep insight into the work we do, and problems we can help our clients solve• Learn how big data is stored, processed and used

You’ll also develop much more than just your technical and data skills. Our case studies and interactive exercises will provide you the opportunity to build relationships and use your initiative to solve problems. Click here to apply!