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But Miss Conover Declares at In­quiry She Only Heard So from

the Superintendent.


J ll l i io r lf r Mfiaib^ra o f lh « H oard of T m p ie o ii, W ho Itro u ich t .ih o u f fh r lP> VePlFBatluD o f the la H tltu t lo a ,W a n t Mr»4 ^lauii^M to I l f l le t ir f d on fhn l^rot ind t h a t Sht- Hah LuhI F«Hb III t h f W o rk Ih n l I n I»ouf T h f r f .

M U R D E R V I C T I M . H E R H U S B A N D A N D S C E N E O F T R A G E D Y

Missing Since Yesterday, It 1$ Learned He Suddenly (hiit Green

Street Saloon Business.

B a M ria d fr WlnaFtiit O f f lr ln lDitfhrd** a n d th a t Ha Dofk \ o ( O n nISvlAbllahiBvat ^ K r u f s ^ r li rp^tDic 4‘« n p a o r PttatPH t ' a f r In Oavnc-d b j J a m r * I’. noDBfHr» Atthouifb l.lopimf H ad npcB T rBB affr r rd . \ obuii |

('nrrrufifinrirnrt. Kutll^ p f f o r l J aJiico t^tirly yeaiierriayJE R SE Y f l T Y Foil, 7 —ScnsuUoti by fr lai idp an d o lh e ra in loonlp Ahler-

ItromlBt'iJ ^^hHn Mie-a Surah P ronovr r , man F r an l t D lf i i f r of the- Sr<.r)n<1 W ard , one of llu' lr'int*'fn of the StJ te Home j ibie dlHi' loaurr lodny of the fiu*l

. t)iAl the n lr lernm n hnrl nuflitenly eaveredfor Girls, loi'alt'd iiem- 't’rerit'.'n. de«Tari.d yealorduy before the cujniTilltte ihul Ij# inveatlKotine ttmi lii.iinulliitra Affairs, th k l the i\h',pi>lna: of Immstea ’ haa ion* tm u e d / ' pruiidtifs tlittt siicUpunlflhlnetil wua tf.> he ritopted. l.'riJer cforis-e.xujninBtioM. Innscver, Fun-over u d m lu td Ihul eihe had never seen one of tl.p Klrlrt whli'ped. und had no kBouTcdgf; Dial Itiey wire , c n e p t that th« BiipirlntftKleru of ttu* home, Mr^. K ll laheth MuiittiMI. had told tier tha t up to tftBt ht ptemher the girls w e n whip- l>cd.

Summed up. ih r tei^ilmony of the four flllnorlly niemltiTs of Iht* Vnyaril of iruateea, v h u lauaed Governor K'leldt-r to order an in\LaUgatlon. wan to the e f fec t tha t Mrw Manavll ahould resign Borne of ttn o ther f h e niemliera, wtio Fiave fttilh iii .Mm. .Mariacil e uolhiy, are oppoMid li, sMf'h u nio^y. and Ihia dif fer­ence uf opinion «jififHr'-d lu W the cauBe fur ttic frict ion tliut lias existed in the lioard (or m any nionlhii.

T he a t a l e m e n ta imido tiy th e lioard Jnemhera j eali i day w i r e i i relini inary to the prulMi IIikL will lie m ade next Krldu>’, w hen th e m vest ij^iitlori will be con t inued lA th e o f l i o uf Joseph I'. Byers . S ta le citrmiitHwjontT of ci iurl- t lea and cuneclioiiH, ai T'rcnlori Mr B y e r s uriil .\lbei t I l u i iy to n of Knb'Ie* wood and fonrun .siuio Seriuior Uohert WIllianiH of I 'aUu’son <iiiimIH uI p Ihr com m iUi 'e th a t Ik n ia h m ^ th e inquiry, and they v\ill has t t efor*' tiiejn n« n' w e e k M i'8- Manacll nnd o th e r nttaclics o f the Itomo to kivi- racifl f<inp«rTilnir w h ich Bomo of th e hoard niemlir-rs les- l l f led yi'Blerdiiy.

[.Bck Ilf ^yn lrn i Alleged. |MIb9 C onover dec lared (h a t while |

his c o n n ec t io n With a la loon he had lieeji c o n d u c t tn i r a t Efi Green s t re e i .

Accortl lng to one report . Uip i-lty ! off ic ial In now In Morris I 'oun iy , while a n o th e r has h im trav e l in g to w ard Cull- I fornla . |

So f a r a s can he learned th e ult le r- m an w as s ee n last , .ahiiul H o ’clock y r s - : te rd a y m ornlnsr He was (hen - onBroad s t r e e t , n e a r O rton wtrect. und had a p p a r e n t l y Junt loft his liotiie o v e r 1 the HalciOR, Tt had pot lioori KenoiiLily kn o w n th a t he had rejnoveil hla reni- dencs from the Hecond W ura , ha he ' had c o n tk u ie d to net ut\ u m e m b e r of [ (he t ’om nion CTouncIl hhiI had d r a w n 1 the BHJary o f th e off ice ^

The rum or tha t ttie a lderman had dia- appt*ared had gained a pre t ty u, ue cir- ' ' iilAtlini a t the cliy hall this n iu rn lng | Some s a d tha t Incner tiatl bean heard 1 from t(KlHy as (icing In M en d h an r ;

i (hlierK d they heard (le left yes le rday ‘ I fur ( alifrirnth, .None »eemed to know j

flic reriMiii fuj’ dlsMPtM'iaranrc. iI Dlcncr l.M tiAid to have h ten seen 'I around the «-ity h:ill hb lain us T'hur«- ! I day, tnjt h» \\a? nut present T’hurKdny [ nl a mefUiiK <if the floor and a lm s I'uin- I

niitlco -if th*- t ' ommon Cnunril, nor rhd ' lie a llend iLie rounHl incedtig last n k lU . j

"Nn( Ab j M«re," n n r t e n d e r . i! A repo r te r f.ir the Newa i‘«lled utI DlPT'cr K aaluun this tiiorn'nk' and asked 1 j to see Kic . \h le rn ian j: "Uh. he | g n i hen ’I plleu the ba rtender’ wliHl happened to h i m ' " asked! ihe repurter.

Den l know, ' replied the bartender .

• g m m '.V.



Chief Justice Gmnmere Refuses Writ of Certiorari in New

Market Contest.


A ra ihB iEe i nul«l H a v e lla la e d 1 ncim aql. fudo i ia l l ly t |i iea(IOb l^noic Aru, !%b | b Ju rln tt h i D e rM n ln c tu r a s a »ti (bat Ih iln t— Not b eeen aR ry fo r t Biupti^idleT i (u Se ll HoBda I B d er iM reetlvin af F lm in e e i O m n i I H e r f o u n c l l Acted .




Shot Victim in Latter s Home and Then Makes



MRf tAMmc► T W c- V i ' c t i r r L . <1

any more. rf-

Mra. Mansell w.i.s u fn p a h le woman | " '’® J”*' 'I ' leked' tha t 's all. Me used tn ’Whom she l ik e J lUTsotially. she fe lt \ ' i ' ” h " l *H his s to ff h»a boent h a t th e BU|,arliitentleTit wua not fi t io i ' 'I '"’ ' K™"' " 'h ^ re he

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_ _____ axialadrhanpc 4Jrtft ioif ■Wta«W'«iid *i> iiiiliiliIjMflllit the hornA alithorTtTei^having any Donnelly.

be th e hearl of th e fiome because uhe h ae lost fiope In the .vuccess of the h o m e and the f u tu r e w e l fu re of the g'lrle. Th is np in lan w as s h a r ed by MIsb H a r r i e t M. Hpining:, prcHldenl uf the bo a rd ; T heu d u re D- Gott lieb, aiuji Her* b e r t M. Bailey, ujl of whom w ro le the l e t t e r tu GoinmlflHioner Byere, which r e s u l te d in th e n a m in g of t h a probe com m it tee .

Lack of system e l the Fnjrne In the checking and s igning of blllk, and the fa i lu re of the iKianl to live up to its by laws, weri^ ri led as i-ausea for ohjertion to the i^resent methods . MIsb Conover alao declared (h a t Mr*. Mansell did not have a proper probation flyat.»m, hy which t ra ck euuld he kep t of {jlrts who a re allowed to leave the instStutlun he* fore they oerome tw ent-one year# okJ. V ery ofton. iihe said, fflrls would run aw ay and no e f fo r t would be m ada to find thern and b r in ? th em hade, end elhern who went to vs'ork as servante Wouldwithout the home enthof l t le i^hav ing any tn ow ledge of th e i r Whereahoyl*.

4'h iirKea b b to P o n fa ln iie B ta ."Despite prorniees t h a t have been made

g r i n s ' the pas t five yearg," aaid Mlaa Eopover. "cond i t ions a t the home l iav e l o t (reproved. Whipping of the glrla has lontlnued except when the public hap* t r n e d to he looking.’"

Mlaa Conover also spoke of the con­tinua t ion uf "(Sarrel condi tions ," re fe r­ring tn the practice of putt ing the rIHs who mifihehave in to so l i ta ry confinement, lockln;; thfiii lip In soundproof rooms, At the iiloho of her te st imony, which she read, Mr. \\ ' l lliams called a t len t loa to th e fact t h a t her s ia tem en t would prob­ab ly bo puhllBhed in the newspapers, and he usiced If she w as certa in a s to the t ru th uf w hat she said.

Then Miss iTonuver told how she had not long agu heard Mrs. M ansd l Hay tha t whipping had continued as a punishment unti l lust September. Since tha t time, ehe explained, th e punishm ent adopted wa« to waaFi out the mouth of an incor­rigible Inmate with soap and water . This ifl the punishm ent used in o ther elrriilar ins ti tutions , Mias Conover said

In Bpeaklnff o f the "ex t ravaK ance” t h a t p reva i l s n t the which causedth e boa rd to exceed hy IS.OOD its appro- p r la t lo n l a s t year , Mlsa Conover said t h a t thp meals s e rv ed to th e t ru s tee s Ob th e days th e y m e e t a t th e home were toog^ labo ra tc . T h e excuso offered for t h e s e d inners , she said, w aa th a t it jicave th « g i r l s an oppc ir lun l ty to learn how to cook such a d inner . As a m a t t e r of fac t, Mias C onover dec la red al l the c o o k in g on such occaBloris w as done by th e in a t ru r lo r .

W hen JameR A. B a k f r . one of th e ma- jo r i tj - m em bere of thjS board , wae called on fo r a ( t a to m e n t . he ridipuled the Idea t h a t th e t r u a t e e s h a d enjoved e x ­t r a v a g a n t d lnnera . A d d re ss in g Mr. By-

Brilish Tramp Steamer, Steering Gear Awry and Lost in Fog,

Strikes on Bar.


JS'prHij/ Nrn'lo? ofMANAaSQUAN, F«b. 7.— Drlftlnif help­

lessly n a dense fug. snet with a broken sieeriTifX gear, the Bri tish t r a m p f team -

1 ship Queen Louise, hound f rom Cardiff. I Wales, for New York will) a load of tin

went. H« didn t own (his sslnon, any- wsv: It Is o ^ n ed hy I.Junnelly. '

On J a n u a ry 3f>, the K rueger Hj-ewjrqs: ]Company brought suit against Donnelly i for J27G alleged to Ivc due for ren t a t i the 2B Green slr>-et hulldlng. |

Dlener obta ined the license for the saloon a t 2D (rre^en street by hav ing It t rans fe r red from Jam es C'. I.»unnelly to him on August 2F>. It (» unders tood th a t Donnelly did not know the t r a n s fe r was to be madtf and tha t when he heard abou t It he asked the Excise Board how it had happened. He was shown the pow er of altnriaiey t h a t he had algncd. giving the Krueger iJrewIng h’ompany a u th o r i ty to t rans fe r his llrense whenever it s aw fit. ., A t the office of the hrewerj- )« w as h tandard Oil t .omi.anj ,


Nankin Garden Restaurant Gets Or­der Stopping Picketing and "Ad­

verse Advertising.”


eta ted th * t DIsner w ss not reeoBnlied h,' them iw th e t en an t of the p roperty . T he

It wge e la ted . ' I s held by Tionnelly. but the off letst* of the br*w#fy 4sclt tt« they qnder i tood th a t eotne

a W h e r e b ywen.

ihe t ie r w ae elected l e a s a D ew ne rd t from fhe S r tond Ward in I91fl a n d rb- elecled In 1*18. According to hie Mo- graphy In th e (. 'ommon Cmindll fhanital. he v a e In New Tnrk in 1S5T. an d earns to th is a'lty In 1907. purchasing the N ew ­ark Turk ish B ath a t 10 W est P a rk s treet , which he ra n fo r a Urn*. He had prev- loualy worked In the same bus iness in New York.

Among th e organlsatlonn of w h ich he was a member a re the S ta r of Hope | Ixjdge No. *30 P . and A. M. o f .B ro o k - j lyn; Tall Cedars of Lebanon: pre s iden t of I the originel*T'hlpd W ard Guavda, a mem- | Irer of A er l - No. *4, F ra te rna l O rde r of j Eagles; Jef fe rson ian Club. Lenl l..enape i Club, J o h n H. Sullivan ABaocIntion. di- |

Ckar Manning TiuXPAt P of ike Viet im


Said to Hit» AcoqpM bit Gnr-vwxlaJUBdMJPlittoi

ProfesMr Daniebj

grounded early th ia rrioriilng un the (sand­bar a quarter uf a mile from ahore nt th is plai-e. The ship lies In a dangerous position.

'i’he belief of C ap ta in I>avidl E . Me- l>Qiiougii, commanding the vaesel, t h a t thny wilt h i M t t i ' t aw floa t h e r a t , tide la not aliared by l i fe-savers and •««iruptalna of Ihks place, who declare tU4t : __ahft la asLlllnff rapid ly with th e ebb tidd '

.•fi.js,has imaged fibdei cAUPAicHsW arr ive here ihla a f te rnoon. * i ' '

Three b:.yh, m em uers of th e erSw. | CorriJtponMft.were taken ashore In th e breechea. buoy. TREsNTON, Ksb. 7.—John J. 'I'reacya The vcsKfl prounded a t 4:3fi o'clock and member of th e Aiiembiy And fur-distreKsi aipuals were sounded ' mer Judge of th e Court of tSrrora and

P b r k e i ln g :iml 'adverae a d v p r t l a ln K ” of th e N aukin Garden Resta .ura.nl, w h lrh Ii!i3 ber-n uiuJor thv (Tillr-iam of u rg a n U e d lubor for seve ra l w e e k s , liave l>eeii r*'Klralned by an lnjuiiclli>n a lgned l a t e y rs le rd f iy a f te rnoon by Vlce-«‘l i a n - ce l lo r Howell, (.’e rt lf led cop ies of (ho In juuvl io ii a re belny; aervetj t o d a y on th r e e lo« lil unlonH and f l f t e rn of th e i r Indlvidiii il off icers , "bustrieats i ig en ts " an d Alleged plckeia.

T he FGHiramlng fjrdcr was ob ta ined by Tiny V. Arithuny, at to rney for H e rb e r t IV Minor of GJen Uidije, Isovl W eln g ar len of th is irity and Mu ('hu of New York, p a n - nera In the Nankin (JarUen R eam ura . i t . Tho order varrufs witb It a ru le t«.i shusv

f i a n s e why tin; irjiincliun ahuiiM not be pormani' iit The rule is r t ivirnable j before :hu U-e-vhancellur. I 'V bm ary 17.

! Union No. J^'J. Bar iunderi i’j T'nIon Nu. 131 and Cooks' Unltm No. ;!ii4

h a \ o been rcBtralticd. Ir ijonctlon papora will he (Aer>'e<l Mnrria Kubingcr,C h ar le s Mrookcr. Atlllio J. I 'oziuUnn and

! l,onls Issavs. all officers of iho W al tera 'I Union, John F. ( ’allaBhan. A ugust Weis- 1 le r and FhlHp J. Warsl iauvr , otfivcits Ajf t (hu Ijarlendsrfl ' Union, an il Char les 1 look-

man* president , and Mr Uoaiullno, buaU /less agouti of tho CooUb T nlon.

T h^ o r d a r of th e v ic e -c h an c e l lo r a U o n a m e s O sca r Sauer, Jo se p h K len ian i Aib«i'L McDougal and G u s t a v W ar d , 'mitf 'f tYs a l leged by th e o w n e r s of th e r a s t a d r a n t to h s ce a ss is ted In p i c k e t ­ing.

Acootrding (o tho bill of c o m p la in t a n d a f f i a a v i l a al*ncd by Mr. M iner u n d C b a r lc a E. M arliu’, m a n a B e r o f th e r e a t a u ra t i t . raprcakn iaUvea o£ th e u n ion* tt t tempted to un lonla* th e pliiw.

. v r i r r l i c a r l i i k u r B ' i i n e n i t o d a y o h t h e I The Police Find Her in Hospitnll r ^ l l I l i u n y T r c r n l l y t a k r - n o n ; ( h e r u l e I n j J A L • / v f •

H l i i i w t u i j H f * w h y a w r i t , o f t f r i l o r a r l ] BQQ Ootlln Con[fiSSIODH i i u u l d n o t U - i K S u r d l u r o M c a v ( l i o s a l e o f I i r *5T i i < M > t H i i n . ' W I ' r n t f f t M a r . i u t h o n d s t o \ O ' ! C n i I I C ». \dama ,<,• i 'h uf hos iun wt j f h a l o la le a t | __________l i K i 2> > , t ' h l o f J u s t i i ' i - G u n i t n r r e d e n i e d t h e i

, , TOOK FATAL DOSE OF MERCURYI 1 iiti r-qurM jur rt’vivw wuh mado ori l > ( l i i i l f n r J u l i u . \ r n i l l e g i > u n d A i l l i e i k o n

. ^ A • U ' r • u l K r ^ M i i u h I ' l a t i k i l t i W . F o r i m . i d v t h v u i ' R ! i i t i i n t ( n r t h f ] t r n N o v u t i i r s , u b d

I U i i y A i l M r i i f \ I ’ . u g R M | . » r J i f c U y .I M r . n u l i l a f t e r w a r d ( h u t ( > e w u < : t i l

r r - ^ i i « ‘ W ( I r e a p p l l < M ( | t m f t i r i h v w r i t h « - I f u n * ( I n - H u i i r n t h t ' o u r t u t T r t n t o h . F e b - j n i t i r y 1 rI T h e c h i e f J u . N t i i e h a u l t h a l h e d i d

n o t f i < l c u J i t a l u | v i i i t u ] m s a u p o n ( h e ' c o i i E i t i t i K l u n a l i l y u f t h e h v I u n r i s i j ^ v h l l ' ] ' l I h e b o n d s w o r e l A s u e i i b e c a u s e

i i I t i v a s u u c ( M i H ( | t n t l o i i H l n o w , h s M r .; F o r t <t>ntehilf<l. I t w a s unconnUtu tiui:a l j earl> I n l.»p« ember, v. hen i h r Teiohlt ion I i iudiurlz lhx the b u n d Ikhuc wuh pasicil.I T h a t W H M ( h e t i m e f o r M r A r m l C i t t H ,I h r e . i l d . I o t ' o n j o f o r w a r d t o u s k l o r I r r l l t f .I T h e i ’ h l e f J u s t i c e l i t i l d f u r t h e r l h a ( i (

w h . H n o t r i c f H ' s a a r y f 4i r l l i e t u n p l m l l e r t o K * l l t h e i M i r n l h u n d e r t h e d i r e c t i o n n f t h e f m a n c o I i » m n j ( l e e , a n c * > i i n , s e t f o r . M r .. t m i l l u K A * c n h l e r u j B H , ! . T F i e • t ’ o r n p t r n l l e r

u ) u l d £ 4:11 t h e b o i i t l H H K V i h a t t b c p r o - l e n t o f t h e f l n a n n t j c o i n i n l U o o . I b e « h i u f

j i i H i i c ' H K i i l i J , p r m h l t i d t h a t t h e U u r m n n n I ' l u i n c l l u [ i T » r « ) V L u l h i s a . < . l l i j s i . T h e ' T n l l ■ ' u M k l n o t w a g t h e d u i ; . ' t h e c o u r t r e * n i a r k w l .

. \ n t o T r u a t t ' o m i ^ t i a y ' a l l l i l ,M r h ' u i l h a d c u t u e n d v d t h a t i t w a s ( h e

d u t y ( i f ( h e c H y ( " I ' o r n i A o l t h o I ' c d e i B l T r u M l I ' o m i i « n > ' , w W f h h u d p r e v l o i i a l y h i d

l i p l 4 f t < r t h e p u h l l v s a l e , m l a k et h D * m w h e n t h e y w k ' n * t u r n e d d o w n i i y

K e H M , r K > l n r k1- ( ‘ c p . ' p f K e w ' Y o r k , w h o h a d I M 1113 73 u l t h e p u b l i c o a l e .

T h e N e w Y o r k f i r m h a d b e p n g h r d a n o p i r i i i ' n f r o m t i n * f i r m ‘ > f l l a w k l U H . D o I h - f l o l d & l . u n g f e l l o w n f N e w Y o r k t h a t l l j H n f w a s a d n u h l u l > t > u l ( h o c < m a l l t u t l o i l - u l i l ' o r l U f t h < T u n d e r w h i c h I h f l > o n d . iw i . T c i a s u i i d . T h e F i - d e r a l T r u s t w o n t h e t p n i y b i d d e r t h a t d i d n o t H U t t ' h u r o n * d l i i P A i i t o iiti o f f e r t h a t t h e b o n d s w o u k i h a v e t o b e a p p r p i v e d b y c o u n s e l t r s f o r e i i i ' i ' c p l a n i . e .

A d d r e s s i n g h i m s e l f t o t h i s p o i n t , t h e c h i e f j U B i b . - f l B a l d t h a t t h s < m l y b > K S t p »I h e r l t y , I h e i i . w a S I h s d U f e t f l n i ’ o b c - u v c c n I h c ( i f f e r o f t h e F e d e r a l T r u a t a n p |1h ' ' i > r o c e e d n o f t l i e a a - l e t o A d a m s & C o .I f i h c c K v h a d a n y r f i m e d y a g f i l u K l t h e

i r U K t A ' c m p a i i y . h e a d d e d , t h a t r e m e d y e x l K l o d Juki a s c l r u r l y ( m l a y a h I t d i d s i a n y t i m e , a n d t h o . - I t y m l g h l r t i t l » u c t o r t ' p ’ o v e r t h u d i f f e r e n c e I f U w l s h w l .

Tlif filler Justice statc'd. however, that he warf not ImpreflB^d with the argumentthat tho cllv could go t" any bidder aftor the cerllfleil nhefk fuTolKhed. If “ne wub rurulaliad. hart >>»enthat bidder U muat 'lake tbs bonds W inuaft lha a<;‘‘®PAed t,Wd«T hkd n«l varr laJ

"I don't know of any wwy. o b « r , ^lha clilef Juatli*. " th a t the city j’ouluh“ o VO.mailed thauany to take Ihe Untado. I i '* n t think A l-oorl of ofiulty liaa Jtirladlclton to enforce auoh a fontrai't. If lha* la a tract, lha city of Newark can recnier ttaloaa.

I ilouht if the I’lty of N'oWark f ould

^a'otor of the Eagles ' Building and Ix ian I E n ie s t Uow of Ur rector or in m ____ ------- I ijuya t i ro u g h t iiahorc,

Q uid ' ork waa done by th e mera l^ ra of the Manaaijuau Beach IJfe-aavli ig .’rew who Hhot ou t tinea to her. prepar- etorv to taking off the th i r ty memtiere ot the crew In the Ijreechea buoy. T he Mana.'iiuan crew waa augm en ted by th e ert w from the .Siu-lng lu ike na t ion .

of Ui-avesend. h n g la n a

o feven

A he a a ld t h a t th e l a t t f r had p a r U k e n ’ *he b o a rd ’s h o a p l t ^ t y a n d had never ’en beeii off ered a ^ l g a r e t t e . There

c a r l t f n ly had n e v e r ' been any wine ■served, T-tr., B a k e r p a id sa rcas t ica l ly , a n d he d ec lared t h a t the d in n e rs could n o t be conside red e x t r a v a g a n t .

W o u ld n ’t A sk T r iu l f o r .Mrs . Mausell.As f a r aa th e c o n t in u a t io n of Mrs.

M anse l l in office w aa concerned , k^r. B a k e r d ec lared t h a t s h e could not be Olfsted w i th o u t cause, because of the civil s e rv ice law, an d t h a t he had to ld th o s e w h o w e r e opposed to th e auper- In te n d e n t t h a t he w ou ld be w i l l in g to h av e h e r p laced on t r i a l If a n y m ember w o u ld m a k e th e c h a r g e of Incompe- lency o r an y o t h e r c h a r g e a g a i n s t her. This, Mr. B a k e r aald . Mrs. M ansell ’s an- t a g o n la t s would n o t do.

Mr. Baker a t tem p ted to cross-examine Miss C l o v e r and had her a d m it th a t Mttbln fo r ty -e igh t hou rs a f te r ^ e had been appointed a m em ber of the board, ahd suggested to 'M r s . Mansell t h a t she resign.

I t w as admit ted by th e fou r metnbsrs who called fo r the invest igation tha t the re was no th ing c r im in g o r dishonest

’ charged a g a in s t anyone, bu t tha t It was contended th a t the re were lax methods which th-5 m a jo r i ty of t h e board did no» seem wllHng t o change.

Mr. Gottlieb, In h is test imony, and Miss Splntng, also to ld of how th e members of th e board, will not ta k e th e trouble to s ign bills, a lthough, the n ew bylavvs re ­quire them to do so. They havs dele- ga ted the" powers to th e president, the Bscretary and the auper lntendent. Miss Bptnlng sa |d she w as tqld by Rober t M. Ajideraou, fo rm er-pses ldon t , th a t It h i ^ been.'vani

Aaeoclatiun, and a memliar of th e Gotl- fried K r u w r A»B6clAtl on,

A ld e rm a n JJlener waa Iden t i f ied w l lh m any of th e com m ltteee of th e C o m ­mon C ounci l and w as c h a i r m a n of th ree of them . H e w aa c h a i r m a n of the l lcenae committee , th e M em or ia l Day j o in t c o m m it te e and th e C ity Hom e com m ittee . .. Ho held m e m b e rs h ip upon Iho commlt teca on construct ion and a l ­t e r a t io n of bu i ld ings , poor an d alms, publ ic Advar tfsem enis , publ ic o u t in g a apd fhe M o rr is C ana l a b an d o n m en t .


N E W ORLEANS, Feb. 7,—Rescued from the ir waterdogged vessel o ff th e No’-a Beotia coas t a f t e r a ser ies of h u r r l - cenea had s tr ipped her ut m a s t s and burs t open seams, Captain J o h n B. White and -crew of five of the Br it ish schooner Tobeatlc arr ived he re y e s te rd ay aboard th e G erm an tanker l,eda.

The seamen told a atory of a weekXi fight fo r life when they ex j» c ted every hour to be the ir last. The d e a th P f th a ship's cook from pneumonia added to the i r hardships.

T he Leda took the T o h ea t ld a c r e w off J an u a ry 27. in the opinion .>f t h a t ve s ­sel’s crew, the abandoned sh ip h a d b u t a short Ume to remain afloat.

T h e Tobeat lc was sa l t laden. San Paoll, Spain, to St. Johns. 'I'he veeael waa owned by A. B. Reynolds. St. Johns .

deniedah i ia rd

Appeals, baa been a t t l led nbon hy Gover­nor Fielder a s the r t » n who will succeed j 'Vlnthrop M. Daniels on the Tubllc j I' til ity Commiaalon aa soon a s Mr. : Danlola reatgna to become a member of ( the In te rs ta te Co.nmerce Cominissinn. j 'I'he appoini ineiit of Mr. Daniels by Pres- i ident tt ' lisun ie pending In the f n i t e J )

S eve ra l conferences w ere h e ld b e tw ee n i having r e tu rn ed Ita check, mmiiclt h e r e a t a u r a n t owiiera an d l a b o r lead- ; If 1 were the advlacr of theera , headed by -Mr. Coiio llno , beg lnn l i iB ■I'rual t 'o inpany . in caae of Kui'hla s t December. n anil. I vonid advise t h a t It wna no! a

Upon Hie re fusa l of th e p r o p r i e t o r s . „ou ld be Jnatifled In compro-o f th e r e s tn u r a n t to e m p lo y un ion ylie c i ty could only ,'■‘’'■'’' '•1 tf

Tro(lf>r t .a r lYrnderlor Atav« KIrpt ClM** f*lar*r !■ HIm l la ir l llerdm jia^T tfllB (har YVna Id Lrtvr witli HliMtaadof Miird^r^il dY’Dman and HaM l 'ra # 4 L a ltr r to Hlvorcr’ V lP tlM W m .Mrn. H u rrle t fTnoulsB. U ho Hm4 S«p- a m ird fn im Miihaliiit tiouftlM o

Ulnae t>n the heele of the inurdec o l Mr#. H arrie t Manning in ihli city tervJay a f tr i tioun by u veiled v>oman, who Buhiequundy eai'a|ied, ramw word from (ho MtiunlalnalUe Huapllal. h( MonluUit, thla afternoon, tliat M1*a iim*;l Herdnun,^ u yournf woman llvlni '’>» the Roiuploo lurnplk.-, In i> ijar Grove, hiifl l>«n re- velved ihcr© aa u hjohlorlde of morcury vk‘t«m. and had tionfensed to the crlnie,

U la helieved th a t the poison wue i»eir-adinlnl8terii<l and Gnu (he rem orse fo r h» r rrlrne was tlin ciiuae. The g irl miLde a full confeMHion to Chief of Ho- llvn Mlolmel T. I.un?-

MIbb H enlm sn dlvd ehorlly after 3 u clod-fc th is aftornoim. tier m olhsr wsd at tlui deathbed a t the limn,

In her cpnfffl#loii tho Hcrdman girl told Chief Long Mho had lung been In Itivu with (.’harlpB I. AJiinnln5» her hJc- tlm a (lUhhand, umJ not luriK egn went to Mra. Manning und aakt'd the luLUr tu Kvl u dlvort'*j ^ o ihut Mien HerdmsO cuuld m arry M*tiinln«. Mr#. Manning re* fused, ao the girl doviUed \u nut litr uut of tho way. aVfter elie realized tho vtiur* jnlty of In r crlmv, luiWL'Ver, aho did tuil vare tu live lunger, .n» louK the polauii.

Ae (io*m qu wucd uf ihc vunfeaaluii putU'i. huadqnhrlera Chief Fred*

erlt’k W'eirru'r uf the iTusoculor M olfkc;, and County J'hy>ldiin WlUlaru If, Mo- Kenalis went t" Mont«'lalr to get tin; furtnel unte-mortvni ulaLtinieiiL

Tlui Drat clue lu lUv glH cam* from UMnurice Welsh, a k’Uiuhu'tor on tho in'unKe line. Hu told (.'tiief Lunu th a t a woinun iKKirdoJ his oar at broad and M arket streH ts a t ’l:uu u'clooU und nKU«{l him |u U t her off ut u atr<|iet th a t W'ould he near 21D W arren atree t. Hhu HoviTied very nurvouit, iind re* pvutedly atU ed him not to fu rvet Uer- tUie a ll^ h tu d u t Norfolk street.

MsrinlriK and ihe Herdnmn f l r t out uf aiK nutomobUc in UluomfLold t ’enTrff a t Ihta iifterhoon. tIKs(Tir)r su ro rd ln g to what M anning sa id U ter, h av in g eorapUlned of feellntf fkim . f^he waa l.^kcn by M anning to u d rug sto re add a doctor wnti sum*' rnonedB who iidviiied her im m ediate r t - rnovul to (he hoapltai. Ab buou na Mail* nliiK go t the iflrl to the liuupitul h« lefi for u ed a r Grove to Buiiuuon !di(N liffdinuri'H m ulhor to her bedside. H« did tmt lull tho riocloru where Ihe g ir l wuB w'huii ,-ihe took th^ polNon.

ti wuK Nuld ill lh« hospital th u t the young w om an apparen tly h.id tiwul*

report tha t ChlTieae s t o k e r s j ihuard Sunaie, confirm ation having l>\,en J u n u a r y 20. It was Kiihaequujii lo t h a t |the s team er w e re on the b r in k or h a d S e n a to r LaFol le t te . iln to that, the B ar t f iu le i ’s' Union I s .th rea ten ed m utiny , Rn'w huIu i n a t : in fu rm ailon roceised here, and lie- | a l l e g t d to have Julnntl In th e f i g h tthe re were nu O i l n e y in th e crew. | nhpolutely accurate^ in to the i .^jrjGiiHi th e rea tauran t .

The three hoys t e l l / t o r l e a t h a t a r t con- ; effect th a t the Governor offered the of the Muslularis' Union. lh«fhotlnff. Nothing Cif/ld Ive learnod from • Trcacy and tha t tho J a i l e r , ' ............................... .... •'them further th an th a t the vessel a flteor- , hav ing taken th e propoeltlun under

w a d e r s t h e c o m p l a b d a l l e g e s I h a t , i,„„, ^ auy, Mr. Armitage la ntit hurt u , , , „ | a r ^ e q u s l u i t y o l the l i ie rcu iTp lc k c ta w ere poated o u ta id t lUid w a g o n s : o,,., ^.eimy by tbc uc tlun of ! oiid t h a t h e r d e a th w «* a q u e s t io n o tw e re s e n t tl i rough lb< s t r e e t s bea r t i ig .wMiug tlic tamde a t a lower figure tli.iu i o, , |y a f e w hours . , . , ,ey ldence t h a t the place w a s " n o n - ........ L / ' ' ' mc .‘" ' ‘V ™ ' ' t T l

b s r of the r e s t a u r a n t w a s opened I . , , , , „ ; : : ' a o ; : ; : r U d ln Mr. F o r , ' . :

Ing gear had broken and th a t they bed drifted until they s t ruck on the bar. tv i th the ebb of the tide, C ap ta in Andrew I-uns- Btrce’ of ihe Squan Beach crew went out to ilie vcBsel tn the b reeches bony and conferred with Captain McDonough of the vpaael.

ra p ta la and Crew Stay by Skip, j■Wbeii Captain L o n g s l r e e t re tu rn e d

SOLOMON, PLEASE WRITE!B rough t Into the fltatlon-houae,

It perched tn o. confiplcuoue place while tw o women w ere trying to prove owner- fhlp, A of the ordinary ha rnya rdvar ie ty waa th e central figure In a caee tr ied out In the Irvington Police Court l a s t n ight, before Recorder H e n ry P. Bedford. T h e mngla tra te waa unable to reach a ' de f ina te conclusion a s to ow n e r ­ship.

McDonough and tlie r e m a in d e r of t h e | crew, had d e te rm in ed tu s t i c k to th e

ftdvlRemcnt, bus Informed the Gosernor he wilt accept. The Governor refuses to pay a n y t h i n g ab o u t th e m a t te r .

Officia l a n n o u n c e m e n t of (he Gov­e rno r’s de te rm ina t ion nalura lly will not be made unt il the vacancy In the comnvis- slon haa been created. Such a vacancy does not exis t a t present becuUHe Mr. Danlelfl haa not sen t In his resignation

to th e beach he s t a t e d t h a t C ap ta in I and will no t do au until his noiuuiatlon- • ' shall have been conf irmed by (he I nlUd

gta tee Senate. The resignat ion will bringr. IJO.U ................. .. vw abou t the vacancy. Tbs te rm of a cojn-

ship* unti l th e i r d e p a r t u r e w a s m a d e nilssloner is six y ears and tha t which Mr. necessa ry by the h igh s e a s or th e , Daniels la serving will not expire nor- b r^ a h ln g to pieces of the vessel. | mally until May 1. IDIT-

T he ship 's o ccu p a n ts a r e c ons ide red i Meteciloa F a v o r e d by W it tppnn . to bo' In no Im m ed la ie danger» as th e I Mr. 7’reacy m anaged the campaigns of sea s a r e less v io len t on t h e low tide. i Governor Fie lder fo r the pr im ary ncjmlna- Should the Uifih t ide a t 0 o 'c lock t h i s ! tion and in the general election and h ^ E>i)ouja a n , In t im ate relations with the

Exocuti .-e. l>CiPlte his friendship fur Mr. - Fielder, Mr. T reacy has been favored by H. Otlo WTttpenn fo r the Utility Oomrnls- alon.

HTie sele< tlon of Mr. Treacy will give to nrie of the tvi*o hloBt populona counties In th_e State. H u d so n mid Essex, a rup- reseh ta t lvL on th e board for the f i r s t time. The a p p o in tm e n t Is looked upon p g n ]*erognlTlon of (he fa c t t h a t th e m o s t ’’ Im p o r ta n t q u e s t io n s r e la t in g tu publ ic u t i l i l iea e x i s t In H udson and | Essex, I

Mr, T reacy is a law y er In J e r s e y j Clly, H e iB also a m em ber of th e New Y ork bar. and fo r some y e a r s w as na-

af le rnoo i i b a t t e r th e boa t too ha rd , they will come ashore .

One of th a boys b r o u g h t a s h o r e a cab leg ram for th e b o a t s ow ne rs , T hom as tn in lap & Sons of G lasgow, aco t land . t l i c jn e ss a g e w a s b r ie f and repo r ted the vessel a s h o r e on th e N ew Je rsey coast.

R lgh seas a r e p o u n d in g affninat th e Queen Louise s side and w ash ing over her, m a k in g work d i f f i c u l t on decH of th e boat. The h u g e c o m b e rs of th e ea r ly m orn ing s t r u c k a g a i n s t he r w i th H deafen ing r o a r an d d a sh e d h igh In to th*i air.

With the dawn the crew were be t te rable to aid themselves, a s signal ing could ’ socla ted w'lth a l^w'^'flrm -of w h ich th ebe carried un to be t te r advan tage . Sea men of this place declare t h a t the boat Is rapidly set tl ing In the sands and th a t she cannot be floated unti l a hard n o r th ­eas t or southeast s to rm cuts the sand from under her. Hlie la sinking visibly with the ebb of the tide.

The vfiSiiel Is of steel construct ion and Tneasiires about four hundred feet In length. 6he w as bu i l t In 1912. She lies

la te a p e a k e r T h o m as ' B. Reed w a s member. He-Is' n o w ab o u t fo r ty y e a r s o f age. Tie s e rv ed In the Assembly in 1902 and 1D03 an d In th e l a t t e r yea^r w as l e a d e r of Ihe D em ocra t ic minority^ H is c a r ee r In t h e Legls la t t i re w as m a r k e d by in d ep en d en t th o u g h t and act ion , an d w h e n W oodrow W ilson b e ­c am e Q o v e rn o r h e w as p ro m in en t as o n e o f th e a d v i s e r s of th e Executive .

T h e p a r t i e s In the proceedings a r e Mrs. ; north and souUi aloitg th e beach between j H e w as one o f t h e men who a ided tn'— A ri-,a_ j a *_J J a • M_____«Aa«M ati lda ZInda of 19 Montroae terra<’e. h e r Bon Fpul. and Hra. M ary Polefki of 13 Montroae tcrraca. Mra. Po lefk i charged t h a t th e Zindee app rop r ia ted the heh -a n d - they denied th e ‘ accwia tlon. datmlTig t h a t It wae Impcaalble tvr ' thern to i t e a l t h e fowl, aince it waa th e i r own property . /

t t developed th a t before tak ing the m atter in to court the trio agreed to turn Ihe.iihicken l(ioaa In the roadw ay near their hora.ea and le t It decide the quea- tlon .of ownerehip Itaelf, It being part of Ure p a c t th a t title waa to vest In tlie perMii td* whoae :cqdp' I t ra tu rn td . Clm

q a t o m ^ a l g g g d . J > 9 n

TWELVE RUM)iai$BEEriHf~: poeom AT m u ramiT0N 6PA H , Kev., Feb, 7.—Twetv*

Iwndred aheep o f 'a band of 3.800 on the trail from Rhyolite to Rawhida died yeatorday a t Millera. fifteen nillea from here, by drinking a polaon aolutlon from A * mill pond' ef< e comi»ny.

C O l l E f f i S T M ^ ^ FIREPURHAM, M .'H f' Feb. 7.—Studenti' a t

Raw H am p ih ire 'C ollege form ed a 'fire brigade la r iy tt'day and succeeded In preven ting a fire In the gymnaatum from spread ing to o th e r bulldlnga

The officere' q u a rte re o t the collage arm ory on th e f irs t floor and several o ther rooms w ere burned out, c a n a ln g f’’ loaa e ittm ated a t iSB.oob. P atective electric wtrihdf *i th a d g u t tor > ](•** canaed th e M a w ■ ■ ■

t h*re .- Ir

p a r e n t t h e h e n l a ' i n p o s s e s s i o n o t a d l i d M e r e s t e d p a r t y , w h o . w i l l h a e p - l t p e n d ­i n g t h e d f e c ' s l o n o t t h e r e c o r d e r .

HAN OVERCOME In CAS FURNACEV e n t a r l n g I n t o a g a d f u r n a c e I n t h e

f o u n d r y o f t h e A t h a T o o l C o m p a n y , p a s ­t e r a v e n u e a n d C h o p e l s t r e e t , t o d a y ,

M a t t h e w P o x , ' a c l e a n e r , w a a o v e r e o m e b y g a l a n d t a k l n I n a n i t n c o n a c l o u a o O n d i U o n . t o t h e C i t y H o s p i t a l . H e w a a r e v i v e d a f e w n i l n b t e e a f t e r ' h i e a r r i v a l b y o x y g e n a n d w i l l b e a b l e t o g o h o m e a o m e t i m e t o d a y .

I t w a a e x p l a i n e d g t t h e f o u n d r y t h a t P o x e n t e r e d t h e t t i r n a c e t o c l e a n I t w h i l e g a g w a a a t l l l h e l d I n b y t h e

- h e a v l n e a e o f t h e a t m o e p h e r e . T h e c l e a n e r e a r e a l l o w d i t o l e a v e f o r t h e d a y a a a o o a a a t h e f u r n a o e e a r e a t t e n d - a d t s , . l t - d f a e e s U l a n d I t e w a g i m p a t i e o t t » g a E t h t t M i f a u -

the Inner and ou te r bara . Thla le conald-1 t n a e lec t ion l a w re fo r m s of 1911. C o v ­ered a pronounyed ^detr im ent to th e e f - ' em o , . w i l a o n n a m e d him to th e C our t forts of th e 'w re c k e rS ' to f loa t her: t I o f ' E r r o r s on DaeSmber 8, 1911, w hen

About two hbiira a f t e r th e f lr at signal i j g d g * M a r k A. Bnll ivan res igned, and rocket was sen t up. th e United S ta te s n o m in a te d h im a g a i n th o nex t m on th revenue cutter I taaca- 'gnd th e wrgpklng fo r g f u u te rm . H e re s ig n ed la s t year , tug Commlsaloner le f t ancho rage a t Tomp- klnaville and passed o u t of t h e K arrow s on the ir way to the Queen (aiulse.

The s t r a y e d boa t t a j l t t l e m o r e . t h a n a quarter of a mite f r o m th e apo t wliefe the berkentine Antloeh, f ro m : which seven men were rescued lg a ty>iarch , grounded and broke to pieces. . f fhe spa r s 'o f the Antioch still rise ab o v e t h e .Water.

b e in g succeeded b y E r n e s t J. H eppen - he tmer. . " " J -


c o m p la in t niid affl r iavlia set fo r ll i, ilit’ InuBlclana a t the re«(. 'ujraiil w<rfj o r- ilureU to q u i t and an 4'8j..'urt had (u In* obiii lneU lo accompany o th e r mublcimiH f r o m New York be tw een th e I ' n tk • UJace S ta t ion ami the rea tz iu ran i "ywln/? to in te r fe rence of m emburR of tlifr union. ' '

o t h e r afflr taviln a llcKio^ Htt ficka un th e p a r t uf plckeiK upon c e r t a i n w a il-

w e re aijrnetl hy W il l iam II. Mtla! a n d W llJ lsm H. Temple ton , a aiifklxil o f f ice r employed a t tjie r o n t a n ru n l .

The t e m p o ra ry o n i f r r e a t r a l n a r.11 pIckeilngT- lo itering , etc.. In t h e v i r l n l ly of t h e re a ta u ra n t and p r u h lb l m the iiee of adver tl s ln sr weifona an d oilH-r | m e lh o d r , InclurtlTif? the d l a t r lb u t io i i of c a rd s and c lrcula r« b e a r in g on the m a n a g e in e n l and com ll l lon of the reBtavjralit.


T he Excise Board yoBtenlay to ld rep- reBftntallvea nf union waitrr.s. v.hv »r.' oil s t r i k e upiEinal tUc N a n k in G u : i i .n R e s t a u r a n t , tha t It would n o t ri.vnke th e r e s tu u n in t ' s Jlquur l i ie r jsc a n d (hat t h e p ro p e r rcfoui!*'! fo r t h e wait iTS w as lo apply fur a writ uf ce r t lu ra r i n- rev iew th e g ra n t in g of ih e Ucense.

The board Hgret-d tu g r a n t t h e w a l l ­e rs a n o th e r h fa r l i ig next P> lday, pnup to the open m« eting, **nrl to If ivlte L e d W e in g a r te n , who holda t h e ll cenac . tu b e prA'Hent. It 1« the w a i t e r s ' cluiin t h a t haa no f inanc ia l I n t e r e h t Iti th e r e s t a u r a n t , and they h av e t tsaerti 'd t h a t he useil fr aud and R e c e p t io n in o b t a in in g the lluenue by le a d in g Uie J>oard to believe ho w as to u u n d u d , th e bUBlnE»«0 himself. I

T h e unlonl:$t3 a re m a k in g th e i r f ight a g a in s t Iho roBtaurant l■ec'anHfe nun- ; un ion m en are em p io /ed th e re . 1'h< y ' co n ten d ed yeMtnnlay th a t Hlncc (hi y h a d placed before the lOxcIse Board w h a t tbey r^'ghrd a s I 'oncluslve ovl- dence^ Mr. W c l j ig u rn n hap no r i g h t ! to t h e lli^cnso nnd i r h a i tlie botird ; s h o u ld re^^nke it. ^

CummiBsluuer Sm'tti took the position th a t the board should s tand by its ao- ; tloi) In allowing the ll rensr to rdunain ' Jn WelngarUn '* name. He said the board

u *»v.w «r. • b rough t un vnd lu (he lifeavK'iineui, tha t ho Alldnl ha \« the nf Mrs. Matin-iig tn Hir puriur. a h i k inporlunSiy unli] la te in Jam ia ry «»f know- ad jo lu ing ruAiin rluuil Mts Gubb an*l tng p.xaody *'hat wa.s bulng dune, the W il l iam Ulloy, unu t lu r m i im o J, hicf 1uiitirE> wai'J tbwt even ■\f the i -m -I liiiUBbter, isl o a ff \v rninuten rifforif hud. at va„- iiifliifli-il the irh i isarlbni was ' uilmlUed the atriiniiM' lo tin: bu ifie.(t-iiticm UHP JU8tiri..U inc iransf u leariEvd-t.ulay fruu. Mat:id.w J-iL riirnpb‘lr'1 one. U >" fieiulv uf th e In w firm ul H e lm H-.dlfttnlmlrcl, 'T e re . iheru Hnd yicjniy i lm l aMrw. ^Manning recin-,vu a*wlipj-e.” Iv' ^Hld. I t vaH a eI uIv upuii Mr. Aiinllsgu P’ Phow th a t ffu.-b was nut the

a t liuy ra te .The i ijitrl f u r th e r ntateii tha t Mr. Arm*

iijigc'K i.imi>lainl came d-iwn a - unien- linn that ho would Ihj dep r iv 'd nf hi« pro- piirtPitiati- &liurc; unmiignf N’fwuirk nJ .........froni Mu- inarUct Itnal, m thepEnii with th

f,ll th f dtizeriii ipm, Hu' vf'iirly

Thi luHH Infinite.^’ii/r t’p opltilnn. In lompaii*' hiPR ilmi: would be pos-

Ueady i lm l I c heck Monday fn>in Kr: inkt H- Somim^r. ,'ia «i»ci'l:il iii.ihU:} Iti I E’ery , aft»*r Hie: .ifflllniif’iit of the t -s ta lo j of he r fu lh e r , K«ubti i W. c.'ubb of llosi.*

UiruLI Mr. f ’obb tiled abou t llircc .ituirs ugo,I l e a v in g Kt-vciiiy ur h ' I hh o f land1 a t Hritif-Iutul, A fr . ' ’tidl.\ I'urUMun «ui( I lii'Mi gilt by u ihiriJ alPtcr ufI Mra. M a n t l i n g —xMrs Alvina ,N. I 'u u - ! ithigliiiin uf -40 I; li hiuuiid rii 'ei t. At u ] fcii'crd s a l t th e prupi rl.'’ b ro u g h t $lw.-

Mrfl. Naiu-y K Unbb, the w id ow .I,V lnn«.'.u.l li.iMprs ..r the t,maH

l.v -Ir.UrlcK til.' sale Irualtd.Ti„. r. 'vi'mi..« ..r iti<. I rf<',-tv,',l Jl.flmi im.l ..u'li of th e t o u r

111, ai l nuihiiriJiliiB h.' jH l s u r a . Mra. .\1aiiiiliiu. Mr«. ill ley. Mi's.t „ 1. . . i l iviTtcd I ' .war . l mi-vilni. i h . . In | , i u i .1 .' ‘ I r a . Au..<lln r i i i l -

r . s l iitl.l ill It . ipal >•” i UoWCl' i.t It.iavliimJ r. 'i'flli' il J2.4UII.

ll.' h

S|t. iiklm; 1" iivuuni. ii l timi DipI v. ns Iini'.ilial l luDi. lu il Un- i'll,.'I Jua-

'(I,,, -III! ill Di. "Ulsir'l thi ll h>. 1V.1.. nut lmpr,«>i..'l w'Dii It Mr, I'oi'i Imil m n - trii.ti-.l Dial Ml- l,..f!laliiMir.'. Illiil ncli'il riiiitriiri t.. th. fiii.llaltl. iiliil law In im.iHlliil nil : i ' ' whir'll |)ruv IJl’iI f<n' iii;irk*[!i lit fl ih l-r laaP r l l l r a UbUM.

’rh/’ rb l r f JUHlIrr toM .Ml'- RugHW. tin laMi’i bi’guM to reiily, IMhL

............ .,] u-ldM'Ws li lm s 'd f If) only oneidi.-ia.' uf tha t piirt of *M r. FurfH urgU- f,;,.i,t tln' pulni t h a t III*’ iit’l of H>13 urnl-r a h l r h Hu l»unds wpr*- issuEnl l in v l ib ’d fur pint: ■ t iTtn boruls, whlb-

„,-i nf im n I’l ^'idiuK for nmrkr lB ,1 ;iii l i i l . y di’Migiialt'El temporur> bi'lidH.

Ml lloKgs P'iid m any njasoi is <-oulfl ill’ iliuuiGi': uf w hv a in a rk u l tn a larff f (Hy bhuuld be pa id f'T by In n g - tm i i bnndP lliHtead nf r. -m i.ura ry bonds. lU- liiiinifd nut Kiiolhr-r riin'erence In the a'-lii Ih" U'I2 law ptr in iH eij 'publ it- or pr iva te s a l e / ' ihtT iDlO a c t only pub- lli ^n!l’.

Mr Huggs. in hi» a rg u m e n t , poll.led 4>\it th a t the o r ig i n a l reflululiiKj pro- ■elding fur tl\e ItEPuanco of the boridH

adopt' d I >cff’TTibpr 5 by llu: (.'oni- mon Uoiliu'il T h a t w as the resolu-lion, hu a rgued . iindE-r w hich tlu- botuls won* .Hold (u A d am s & Co, a t pr ivate salv. Kful (he riRoUillon a.dopteEl J a n u ­ary 7 mere ly ra l l i lcd a n d 'e o n l ln n e d the .sab*.

' i r aetifin of tho Connnon (Council la

will, th e |2, 'I00 I'bLttived will go

l(i th e abs.' tn 'j nf w hich Mrw M:nm|.ig lo h e r hiidEbitlHl.

AilmlH ed tu tl 'c uobb home on th e p r e t e n s e l lu u nhe w at. a friurul of Meji M unuh ig "frion 1’hlladaiidihL," th e ve iled s i a \ e r unb-kly eEnni.ieted l i t r lieadly tivHk a f te r Mrs. aMunnlng ha^l enlEn-tsd ihe purb .r. There w as u b r i e f('niiverKijiiuM bel^veeii Ole rTtuederoHSnjid he r vlc lhu. whb h Mrs. tJobb und M.rs. l!tlc> i>\erneard . and which indl* (’Hied a dlHpIaS' nf I'UOluaHS 1)1 th e facaof llu- J.d> th e v is i to r was a lm u ' to do

Will i 111.' t:Lse w i th which she g i iined the fat..I into rvif tw with Mrs. Muniiliip;, (he v(*l|ei] woman, repu ls ing expec ted i h t n ft r» iK’c w l ih her p lans l>y Mrn- 1‘obb and h e r o th e r d a u g h te r hy f l r m j t (wu Khotri a( them, d r iv in g thejn f ro m the hou.Hdr, d isap p ea red as th o u g h th« ewrtli had sw a l low ed lu-r.

Wli4*n (he pol ice :iri-|ved th e re w as Ticiihing to s t a r t th«lr invfs lIgHtion ou bul t h e tlOiid body, the frsUI ilueM t h a t tilt! revtiifYer w i th whbih the -•'rime w a s coTuniil ted un d a wet um bre l la th e rn u rd r re a a h a d curr lt tl preMHited, anil the t e r r i f le i l m o th e r and s la te r of th e a la ln w o m an . The women had la k e n f e fu g o iTt a ne ighbor 's home kvidiout h a v in g s e e n the d r im r tu 'e of th e v is l lo r .

H o w >^hootlng OrcnrreiLTliO shoo ting uccurred ut &;10 o'ul«>ck.

hfrs. M an n in g u u s In the Icltchtdr doing some laEUuiry work Mrs. Ftiley w«s ab o u t to set the table In the dinltig-ruom

CLEAR AND C O LD -TH E EORECASTIp a d ^ if xlid X ■ hfilV .m o w

*nd cold tomorrow ft" the fereiuiat raed- * **!” -*’**'

T he eatentle l . fex tu rea oF municipal govem tnan t e e conta ined in tha propoaed new city ch e r te r o t IDU will ^ con- aldered i t t h » m o n th ly m ee t ln f of the Boerd ot T red e EVedneadxy nlfh t , when ■ repor t 'on the iu b jeo t will he lubmit tqd by j ,he. labor (he leflaLjtUve committef* -------- ‘ ' 'nlttetk deverel. Af-

■ th e * «JI N’o. . 7*. ..TOvldlng- for tho (or'emnitlit of citlea of

today by the weather.-onaerver | firit-clau , will coma up for dlacua-The temperature, at*;; I * o'clock, thla laion.

mornln* waa t h i r t y - t h l ^ . dekieek, a t 7 | Another In te re e t in t topic which, U la o’clock thlr ty-Bli a n d a t n o o n ' 'U i l r t j - announced, will bo conMdertd. la trto Xevar. Ffon> 7 o 'c lO tK , the /hun i ld t ty re- commiaalon f o r m of g o v m in e n t . A re ­mained unchanged e t ' l d # , ' p e r ‘c«rt. . un ti l ^ recommenda-noon. At noon a p fe idp lU tlon of .IS tton* on oAtier bi lU now ponding in tho

LfigiBlfttarfleinches had been recorded.The tf inperaiu re y e a u r d a y ranged

from Uilrty-fiv* down to tw en ty - fo u r M - greea, with »n even igo o f t h l r t y - ^ b andaeven-lenHia. 'E*'* hum id i ty v A r i ^ - f r o m phyalc iana a t t h e i-lty Uoepita) today 100 to Blxty-nlne p w eept . a n d avetiaced Mtea C athar ine C aq g )W . th e

■ ■ J taint

a c t r e s s d e n e s t r y in g t o d ie

KoInc lo he qm-stloTied berausi- some,,f the (.riuru'limen a re not payli ia ill- i f.jr aupper when ihc doiirhcll raua . Mra.

,U . I lenthiri. II wil l he dlff lcuit tn curry un i (’oUb en te red a rcHr dour (.. the ki tchen

r T 1 ;“ r r r , ; s r ; ’.r z 'plled^wlth the l jw lu inuklnx b.a | hed^heen

y o f . t x r e e p e * ' L ' T u , : . '(. »■ , I Btuod on the stoup. Tin) VjSltof luqir rs t lJ tnsLlmflny th a t t h e r e w a s a MwnnJ*-'*’ ■“ •t'A Yu the house an d' ivhfth t' r or^ nift- a ck*rllfled cbecl< had ' '^;.her. •i a room parikd iHkr bid o t the ■ tllley aixcflT’f^o fatfer who sh«; T ru s t (.luinpany. a s rt -qulred hy th« ! replied tha t she was a

,;all for bids. T h e rcBb of hl« a r g u - .j,, fr i«nd from J'Ulladelphla. Mrs. meht w as un a h u ly s i e of t h e te s t im ony ■ ■ -

Itcments ha dr bo

ninety per cent. The ptwcipItatlMi- _ .Philadelphia .,t3 inchea. - ' : the hosp ital' yweterday afternoon.

A te a r .a g o the h ld b ^ t tem pem ture by from-JTi W aaM aftm itree t, was twOnty-slx . degreep. y the .low eet . | . out of d r ygen. , twelve end Ihe average t ( ^ t y - t ^ 6 mkI j ectrea*. wh*-|» a member of the tw o-U ntha The day wao tHeat, J i « ........... ...............................

.■ v a rg .O h a ia C iw a * .,.|wm*r '

. who w a j :en to over-

F l l ed Cl.Blnoe the

oy the. labor Acn, Mr -Sm ith — ...........W elngarton had (lied with (he. hoard a copy of a co-iiartncrslilp uBreement. showing th a t,h e was to receK-B twenty- five per cent, of the-profits of the Nan- kln'a buslndks. As far aa he waa con­cerned. sa id Mr. amlth, he was not dla- posed to n iltS further Inquiry to learn If Mr W elrilrten 's ela'ma were Remilnt. an a he ffided that he w ou ldn 't fe d h u r t If tire court reverted th e decision of the bferrt th a t W eingarten w as en­titled to a Ucenae. •

Mr. alntth cited the case of Lharlcs P e te r s .’;to whom the board recen tly r r a n t S a tran sfe r of a license to Dd S o r w w stree t. When th e appUtkriion

a Of’ th* proposed saloon w as _ ited prppsrly. T his a ta tem en t w alT danled by o ther peraons In tha

niestInR. The hoard jrran ted tha far. Those figh ting th e caae took eourt, proved th a t th e p ro p erty

fsa tric ted gnd atciired an lnjutie«


From thf Wni^fttpif)n Huffim of ike f-JVFS-;v(/ \FWR,

WASHIN(JTON. Feb. 7.—The cniull- ;'s7r.'V a- i,o..rd w as toW that 1 ‘'«n of public Printer Coynallps Ford

__ J ______ ^%-at (George-

bum on 'Id paga. I ttt ooliiaM.)

town H ospital - today. Thft exai-t tu re o f hln a ilm ent haa no t been de­term ined, accord ing to shle secretary.


Ted her into tire purlur. Mrs. Riley called her sister. As Mrs. Mana'n* reached the purb.r door the vlaitor, said; ' '

"D on't you know me, Hattie?"W liy. no, ' Mrs. Manning respopd*<V

■‘but wait until 1 light tha gas.''.Aa Airs. -Mamilhg atruck

the B lianse “■J""'''' ,^f.^hnv- « 5 tWHS H friend from I ’' ' ’“delphliL M anning did not answer but rekM «« up und^^llghtt'd Hie gaa fired am i M ra Manning propped to th<: floor bvsldn a cuuoh. She had hettB sh o t throutfh the head, the buU«t m - UrliiB behind the le f t e«r.. ^' 11 w as )>'«' .S lnnn ingw a»a kncuHng ^ s t l lo p . her heiid bulled In tSe i:ouch, th a t the a « f ^ d.resiJ iflred two more shots a t her,

' » « T , r i t i ^ w u n : c o s u n ^



POISONtAKES(Coatlnutd from Ktr*t

#f V h lch r n l r r


»'(1 ll4‘r rtM'l Mlfh»r bKO** thi- I'-ri si.uulil'-:

bl«d<i m d prolialily pHii»r<l <hrciiit;ii ii"i hufcrti

W t lh the Bound of tho Hlmtl i r a . Cobb ami M '» ltll- > I'o'l lb'" I ‘i la i 'a tw o - y e a t -"111 iIh obIi I'-i i : v l ' nr u i In Ih r parln i , Tio' .........btuVnad Ihi" plelul on '">'1 flifOtw o morn Bbn'a Tb" I'Ull'-ti' .In to liif' wFill» on '" 't il '<f I'"-door I rad lna to tin- (ilnlii^'-roiiin imaabl iiR tw o b ‘' : ' ' bo- -fthe bullHte cam e neur hlttliiK (In' n u i r Bin.

W naiea f e l t fo r Aid.EolUiweil by hor deUKhli'r nrid ariimJ-

dauBhtrr , Mrr. I’olili ran ihrouKli llm ki tchen Into <h' ya rd and Inin th>" home of Mrs. Uella M urray nexi ilnor. nliero ■h* orUH not tha t aha had la'cl' allot andaha cri J n m . , -rh.- i«iU.-o „ a r e Ibalunja w h n h m arked th" " " ' - n i I ' l ' i lMia. Manning kUle.l. fh . I«'U.o «« i« ^ ..Ta..Hm, N u m , - mat n u l i r - fnotlfioil by te^ephnne. vival ttun** b^!wf‘Mi i -ji (r'Hni

In the m*«0.llnn* a d t l w n I^hvitir h * a r i *Vk^.*nlli t ^muTy- wlii*;' i . ttv^'tiiiuh ran *u tlnhh'Hiwt «buut a j kcflux m »h on, a I'

Large Facilities for Small BusinessesW hile th is B ank with its c ap ita l am i su rp lu s of 12.650,000 m ee ts ev ery re q u ire m e n t o f la r^ e dealers, its se rv ice s a re e q u a lly given the sm all g row ing busi­n ess m an — th e a c c o u n ts of bo th b e in g so u g h i. In ­te re s t a t 2% is -p a id on a cco u n ts o f $1,000 and over.

E ssex County National BankS a f e D e p o s i t B o x e s $ 5 a n d U p w a r d s


i J iN l iu N , Kell 7 ifiit.vMle llurkf'T iho HI tii r-manaKer, hn.i r1 i"m pUi.vK'’*ern plf'nlv Ulii lihoul by liiH IhtIi nul 'A MIdHumnwr NlRhfn l'l•■■aln Hi Hi’' bavov Thfjiiln* In a fBJhban Ahlf-h in HMiie |H*op|p wan H lrt»mi| 'h urtlHhc b-nrufy axwi In o the rs k n'Kiurniure A«lii'’i'nK " tlie "Bpran*' MiaR ' iiHi ulinr

th e ehoiHblock «wuy In Warren t ln -cl and told Pa t ra lm an Klaiik F a rr r l l of Ihu fleeond Praclnct. whft war ' ,rf duty . Parrel l found Mm ManntnK daad. T h e other WDttien were otill n’Jt of th e heueev F a r ­rell picked iiv the untbTSlIa and revol'- 'T lit th e hallway and tu rned Ihetn aver n> Detcctlvi-ii yiiliin. Kapah. D aly and f a n - ion lit police head a i ia l t a ra

Chief of polli.'e Michael T, lama- drove to the houB* IB hla »gtomoWI« a l ien he heard of th e (hooting . Pollccnton tiinid-

riil ldlt>,i 111 lai.'i

SVhlrll' li-Ik K<

«dn! Volk and Zell f t Were acnl out from the Second P rec inc t .^ County PhyalrlatiHcKeii i ie wa( notif ied and ho urdEicd the body removed to Mulllti b mornoo In W aih tng lon atreet.

J u a t aa myatertooaly ae Him cam'- tli" B iurde reu van!*h«d, wlth-tul an>- nf t'm ttelghbora aeelllg her. The aiithnritlea could not even find any one wli'i heard l a y of the aholB hcBldes the mother and alirter and little rclrl.

Five d lw hargcd cartrtditPH were f.mnil In th e revolver, and the irlK*er had ev­idently Btruch the Blath. but failed to•SplodA It. . 1 1

Several I'luft" thkt Mronkly the dHterllvee Ihk! nijyht w^r*- run do^sn And th<! tiiovefn*ntfl of tw J 'vimien iJi pat'" Ocular 'were irat-wl.

One of women lo whom the police pointed flTBi for a proliable c lear ing up o' th e myetery. adm lt t ln i h^ r aoonaln tam e w i th the huflbund of the deed woman. WM tnle rvKwed In Tpper Monu-Ulr. Sho y/MM Mlee Herdraun. but th*’ police let her

BeeJdea Mannlnff, Mrs. t obh, Mrs. A iUy. Jo h n Zink, a fo r m er b oa rde r al t h e Cobb homo, an d Mlaa IsabeHe H o a th a fr iend nf M annlnu. have been

f n . r : i ; w ;-TutmM th o r l t lo a . C ap ta in F m n k W"bureau wan In charge

'h l e f Welmer

The koMiig wan nn, a pleCAf wen? ih r ' iugh wtfh t-.i- MendeleAohn a whn t»*j'*i iof a. nesv Ht.'ir*' by i 'v 'U Sh ir j foundDd fhleil:. on olil Knall.^h

Milt 11 WH« from Nrjrnian Wllkluaon « fli'i-oralive Hiin rmr that rio- ipidu n'i* « '■ rhi r<‘ral eh«nk II In I r n j ' ’HhiMi- In d'-tall ev.lTythlniJ but H rulruil I’llv u h l rh ri-kt' a |iitik wall w u^ not llu' mufeiHlkrlllJin f f r t t i j f nt-rTitri. TUrttilu Hi'ltill* wliidi fairy wero rii-Ihi-K In k'lldf'd *iM'm*'fi1;i nui* Uh'-.ma r r e Rllded, and Ih 'dr try*‘'i>f-WH vi.ef-' jilrkPi! out wllh i-rlrneon Tlu' 'Mfi' 't t-i mans wak urI> and •'vim jBfhiirtiM'.

of ih f HcturH worn 0'oKe«l ■ i in Oif weirtleet mann*‘r with ni^tal lifiiil dreHttB k rd widn. bearda and m‘i5-Ufhea Ilf Ktl'led tin shaVliiKi* uhhrci-reta^nied by h mun wearingdru'Hk


< ll i rA»J ' I, l-vii '^ iijum H'irfiai:c tillfij "Kfovi. n Ik l b ' rtlii’iwm cif 1 i,f < ‘‘.i V uYluM of ih'* Hii}-rrnurv 1-1

r r,thl.r »h- Itllrl.ints. u li'ni ' i .i lus iflll.‘.| III M--I t . i lk ’ Sh|i':f;t .I'Hl.-lsV- ,;r| hrI “T 'll-

Tl.- niirciH • ■rfulnll> ■n-

• 1 I'll I'otmrr* H i;i > id ' 'T; the' ■•'irt f " i Ke!'-


fllllll)*l It 1-

i-M h*-

.1 hi'H rr)Ike

■ Hf» ; u ' 11< I

1 iM..' H ! ' 1 If l< th' f ' ’nni '1 j - ‘ t Ml’ i lo'l uould n'lllifv■ fm H' n "f i!i - ’ :.s.oon . ini hr , , . h.. \ llii- [rnNhiH I IP' f' T

Unit Hii’i klsii in gill affi 'i ' l 1b»> ■r ir.anv d- wti Kin*" Inral "P fb’ti ssli'-lr II! MPar^s isM inu i i i ' ipn l-

1 hff I H kl ni*i1 hv S'.ell


f r u r k i


of th e deloollive

^ d L ^ t r f ' h e In i^ul^^toT 'th . p ro w c u tu f .

I t w3* ( ( t e r m ldnlRht when th e tie- w e t iv e* b r o u g h t In M an n in g end MKe H w t h friiin Mdntclali-

M a n n in g eftM 1’' ' “ h* a b o u t ton year* ago- He and h » w He M p a r a t e d In Ju ly . 1911 * H e denied ah- HSlutaly t h a t he k n e w a n y t h i n g ahou t “ • m u r d e r and b egged to be e inueed from BaytnR any more. j i

Ure . Manning and her m other lived tn t h e W ar re n street house fur about eightinonthe. About tw o moniha airo Mtp^Riley left her husband, and the and her d au g h te r Alan went to live tb®r«

I l l ’S Mannlnir ’ a a employed In a bAkary a t «« T h ir teen th avenue for about th ra a motl th i l a d (umniej. W hen (he flUlt the ra (he went to work In a h a t fa r -

—M ( . . a ___«k. anil wae la stlo ry i n T h ir teen th av rnn r , and. a»iir(«A-cf Electricalemployed ln th e PplUdorf

W o rk i . in W ar ren street.H ad T r o n b le Before .

In q u i ry iii the neighborhood revealed t h a t Mrs. M anning had m any callers, The poiloe were informed by a niece of th e dead woman th a t a young m an who fo rm er ly boarded In the huuae vailed on Mre- Manning T h u r sd ay nlfiht.

Mrs. MannlnB and her hiiaband. who war® marriwi U n years m <\ .came 19 foy e o ^ d e r a b t e nb to t la ty in » T Jy fail o f t^ lO w h 6n th e Tktlftf eWpctf*wlth a church orjtaniet. W hen hla companion

, la te r le ft him Mannlntf re turned to his ! wife. T he couple lived toge ther for sev­

era l months a f te r t h a t until their final eepara t lon took place.

On Saptfember 30, 1910, Manning sent lUa wife from the ir home in Mont­c la ir to Pa te rson to buy herself a new h a t . W hen aho rolyrned her hus­band and d player-piano were gone. A week or so la te r suspicions harbored by th e deserted wife were aiibsiantlated by siorlea and she went to the home of a young woman of ra i r f ie ld and accused h e r of being the causa of her husband's ddaertion.

The young woman a t f i r s t Indignantly denied an y rela tionship with the mlsHing husband, but when the ira te wife pro­duced a check fur 11,084, d rawn by Man­ning a g a in s t hla account in Iho Montclair

.T ru s t C om pany in the young woman’s favor, the ta t te r ta said to have udmlUed h e r re la tions with Manning, it wbr said t h a t M anning and th e crlr) had plutmed to go to Reno, Nev., where he was to ne- cure a divorce and m a r ry her.

gAfter Manning left hla ’wife, however, h is companion weakened and failed to ca r ry out her p a r t M anning went to New York and remained there until Oc­tober 19 when he end his wife iiecame reconciled Before he deserted hla wife Manning purrl insed a diamond ring- and gave St to the o ther woman and also m ade out a will in her favor.

JS'/HVhjf n r I'f (hr \VVASMJN^JTt'N Ki-b 7 i ‘,tnni-hl jf

.iupali to H ■ Jai'uuefit' exrliiPi’Ui a- t. fllrnihir t«« the t 'h lneee exrinslnn lnvs, m IhiIOK Houghi |jy ,Sc’t rt'lHry id Htatc I’.ryun !n the kdm'n is iikMon s t»oaoliHll” n.“ with Japan, it wuw uu th o r l ian v e ly k U b ’u \<>- day-

Thla Ik the thkI gyul *'f tills ll wus reported. The iiiu untl-khrtn land iftw la the prinelpal uh.’iUcle. Secrelury Ilryun, U 1» «abl, keeking ID havk the iinwriUen law, or genl lemen’s

with the Japuneae Knipen^r, |jy which Jupnnesi- laborers ure practi- rally I'Hcliiducl fhruuifh the refu*ifll of the Jii])uti«*fle (.loverjjmcnl. to give them ishb- puria or emlgriilUm to i IiIb louniry, made a aiatutoYy provtkion.

Japan la siUi lo ho willing to -Moieienl to an exclusion act , wlilch will ofieriile only a g a i r s t J apanese coolies, providing lh« ban aga ins t lumi ownerklilp by Jaim n- ese in Cal iforn ia iB ruined and tha t no In jury is done inlercpta of wcuthly lanil- ownlng JttiJanesH nejw In ihla country.

A 1. H A N . 1 >-lh h, f7.-I -I ij.l riiuiu nf Thf Siil/i' t »rnpfiii li ’

triHl. iiKi:;ro ,1)111'. v.*-rTfllr.l Ip'r*' tT"l.i> hriiixlna Mil • 1' ihi 1 f>K.1 'ri.‘*if .'f ihHt rrt ■••(lUlK 1n f '/ ' svilhH 1 ' 'i 1m' r r of t.tllis ,.*1111 uiiS'lj ISl.‘(l

!■•.!rriM'r J ■ itUr Ir'.itiw G \'iiiiiii '.rTh t ' *n>III I- it". llli>-.1 f.. rf -t fi\ f ‘ ;4r>\ '■ ' luTi-Ui t -!■ .)■, 1. pr»r’ft >nr]l■■'! ai- u! r JiZCf • ' " inn-'' ' in 111"jil-mi ikI tha t ht U>'1 sam*' UlPM h ‘ waa ^n

1 Ihu 1 s .*PU'l In au" ih.-r I'H |1hi'MvThe ikymcMlk u*;teed it-lky torn-

pi'lsr $fiii,oo(i ft,r i)ii iinitrip’Vjj In c iia rge ; of the I n«ait:H\ ibiV'iTn r ^ nuei. di-

oLintry, : v1«Jrd ahI Korrner Scnoi r rdjjiir T l i r e ik e t l and

John B StKtnhneld, tb i iUlii each , f-^rnior ' . Indue .Micri M PiukeT, lUl.ihin, laU lo rJ .' Kiek'-I Hbd Ihcj'ifie LhjuIj flichknlH.I VK. I, I■ roiinRcl f.-r Mr Sulr.er re. civ** ihe.Re, i Hrnonnt f • l-’- i m e r .lud^n I t - rndy Herfick ' wnd iHiiiis ,Vliirphrtll, Il'i.-V f} e«ch. Harvey ' ]i il inmaii. $k,uuii. Aunteii <1. l-'oti.

^ ■ % r m'J / .

Questions Propriety of Coamit- sioners’ Branford Place Appraisal

for Official Who Named Them.



* V (





SjifHnt kfrrUr fhr .VFBFWA.HHINOTIIN, Ftih

.V'TF'irr „t It,," S!'A\S.M':W YOIU-;, Fi',' T —WlHlrt ArnmnK'

KuiarlBn, Bit .,trn,-i,tun l,mn,Br»nU ,>'lnB BHrinualy tv.’,Hide,t In th„ HorriBV- pBthl,." HiiBl'itnl wllh B hnllft In h i . a h j , . - ,10t,. H lB ir l ' l .Ittnriipy U'hllFnnn and tt'.B

,.,itli ' 'rUt.s ,,f l 'hdmlp|ph,a and aetBrnl tt i f r <"!11„b trKiHt ttPre lnv,-.^tlKa(lnK U r

Fresld,' ,,! I a i t a rk Kniarl ftn In an „ri ' , rt t


Troops Guard Palace and Arsenal Owing to Rumors of New

Conspiracy.I '

WIIboi, today madn e t ru - i tv . th# K,’iiyon act, abolishing th# national rapllo l s rnd- llglit d is tr ic t, The m easure will k,i Into force at once. 11 " III he nn, le r a l tack Immediately on tl,e grounds of mii-ouBtl- Intloiiallly.

The F r e d d e n t waited until th e lest few hours ue im it ted ti.v iaw to sign the me«B- ttre, U wa» reported th a t th is delny had lasen caused by an adveraf, opinion as to hIs conBlItu ttonality hy A l lo rn ey -U en ca l McBeyrnddg

The local poHc# force declurad Hits af te rnoon they were ready tn evict the t e n a n u front W as h in g to n 's underwurld Reformer# will apply fo r the perm anent It i jupctlom W tM nd nf prppevtv tfor Imniond purpoee i to portal t the police action. .

Wnahlngton la the f i r s t TSastern cllv | Of any bI»o to t ry " the .Iowa In jum tto r and a b a t e m e n t iaw, " a a It is cBlIed. \

w s s l ihyb ruak

Arrruin-,ip ii gnru; prH.vinKalH5 In Ihik <’oimtry,

k a i a r l a n . w'bn \sas in Thllad*!-phift and brought her«^ waa the v ir l im "f Htlf'niiilvd murdpr, f«iy ihf' auihoritlcH. i-fi uuae fu‘ refused to !u4HaP8iriate Mlrlaui KkraKhibiflian, h rug dfal'^r. a t Iho coiri- nmntl of the gang. KkraghDUBtar^ was marked fur dea th hn:aiifle hu refused to pay tr ibu te . Kazbrlan refuacd to klU Idm bemiifle the vU'tini aided him nuTonier w hen hfi ^van detained a t Kllia Island.




NP7W XT)RK. Fell. 7 - W a l l a c e M. Malley. son of it n if rehaii t of New Haven. <*onn., whb locked up in u police Hliilion h e re luOuy. chiirged w i th ftdo- jilotiH li.'iHauU a f t e r he fuid been t-oii- tured by pol icemen lb n vhuwe in M adl-



D s i ly T c l s g ra p h from , 'ona tanU nopls announce* Hist a rtcclHloi, has been reaehod to a d m it T u r k i s h women to tits un ive rs i ty , w he re spec ia l le c iu res on hyglone, gynccoingy, Ffomestlc #r.,n- omy. *, 'le,,re n,ul w tu n sn 's r lg t i ts will be d e l U e r c i for th e i r bet,ef il .

W A ail IN G TO h ', F e h 1 . - T r l s 1 nf C ap ta in B e r r y nf th e M erch an ts ami M iners ' p a c k e t N a tU u rk e t , cha rg ed w i th n e g l ig e n c e in th e cnlllHlO!, which s a n k th o Old n im ln lo i , l ine r Monroe, with a loae ot for ty -one Uvea, a ago . wil l b e g in W ed n e s d ay I delphln.

R edford S a rg e n t , loca l in spec to r a t FhlladelphlB , wil l h ead Iho t r i a l board, to w hich D kvIb a . H o w ard , a n o th e r in sper lo r , h a s been apoclully Bsstgned, AasiBlunt l i e c re ta iy Sweet o f the [,e- p a r t in e n t ,,f C , im m erce ; In spec to r - r.eno,-a1 I 'h l e r of t h e s te a m h o s l s e r ­vice ami i’o m m ls s lo n n r t ' h a m b c , lain of the bure . tu of n a v ig a t io n w il l atlenil.

son a v c v j e . ,lu r in g which more l h a n a d , j ien sh o ts w ere f,re,l a, Ihe y o u n gjTiHn’H CHI'

Accomvmiiii*-! by n t'rifMid .Malley w as d r iv in g 111 Miidlflun uveiiun, w hen his ('AT kno t 'kod clown uml aovcrely in ju r ed John MHhnn»'j, a pt-destrlan Thn po- lire sny ihor younpr man did noi a top his miichhu>, biH iiicreuHfcI Its epeftd. Ho- l)^Htf*d Nhol^; f ired ill t i r e s fa iled to jitop him. Kinally ih-- pollen r o m m a n - tlefjreil R psfiHlns louring oa.' and ottii- turei i t h e niitn aCCti ,1 rfi.ise of m ore Ihnn ifU blocks.


M EXK’f' r l T Y F e b 7.—The federa l c ap i ta l WHS qu ie t toda>'. The au lho r l - tiea had feared (ha t t oneplra to rn ngaliiBt Ihe a d n i ln l a t r a d o n would a t ­tem pt nil a rm e d u p r is ing , tiut no o u t ­b reak occurred.

.^Troops g 'uarded th e palace, the araena l and th e a r t i l l e ry barrocka th reu g h iu i i the n ig h t as the re su l t nf laat r itghr^ I'oporta t h a t ronap ira to ra hud p lanned a coup d ’e t a t in tfie flhapo of a n«'W revo l t In th e ci ty a g a in s t the goyernnvpnt. oiv .^ en e n i l .Hu?rte-

W r a t im e la a t n l ^ k t conside rab le ex- I ' tlement w«tf causod hy Ihe ac t iv i ty of th+! Roldlera an d by a r e p o r t tha t an oulbn-uik had a c i u a l ly oc rurred In Guadalupe , a Huburb seven miles n o r th - caNt of the r a p lU l , w h e re t tgh l lng w as said to be In p rogress .

Tiib'phone messagea early today failed. liuwc\er, lu confi rm the rumors of Tight- ihg. It v.'as thought tivat the fact tha t ImopH hail lieen hurr iedly sent lo the fuiburba, In accordance with military plana to he in readlnui^B for a possible up­rising, was responsible for the Guadalupe reports.

Rlanquet. Minister of War . and other of the mil i tary off icers Id command in the capital, were in conference during the night and U was na tura l ly assumed th a t the mil it ary act iv ity th a t enaiied was .an outcome of their talk. Officially It was denied, however, lha t the meeting was held to consider any plot.

Reporl.s about the capital were th a t 2,BOO police In khe v-apltal were involved in the plot and tha t they had pledged themselves to revol t with cer ta in ol the troops,



'Vohtinued from First Page.)

Hon pre5’ rLtlnc P e te rs fm m . open ing Ihe saloon a t the Norw ood Htrcet lul- f] ress.

Tt w as I’onlendeH hy Mr. Sm ith th a t thi* w a l l e r s should fuMi'w th*- saniHi course pursued hy Oiobc f i g h t in g P e te rs 's t ra n s fe r . T he la b o r nien hu- Hwered th is hy s ay in g th a t it would prove loo costly fo r them tn go to I’ourl , and th a t they had th o u g h t th a t a t less expense they coulil p lace th e i r cRBe before the KxclHe Boarti and ge t w h a t they iJealred.

The labor rcpreaenlatlves w.|io a p ­peared before the cninmlseloners v,i"rf A. J. ( 'OTi^otlno. Henry J. Hohae, Dii lip J. W arehaus r and Frank A. Petrldge. Commlealoner Ooehring ohjected tu s ta t e ­m ents made by Fe tr idge a t u recent Ka- sex Trades r o u n d l ineetlng. when Ket- rJdge had said there was ‘'Bomething •wrong w ith Ihn Excise Board," and had declared th a t Its re fusal to revoke the W elnger ton license was "a moat d a s ta rd ­ly hl«»w a t organized labor.”

Both t ’omniisslonera (Joehring and am llh told FelridKfl he bad no right Iti m ake such sta lamenta of "men who were try ing the ir best to do thesr duty ."

Mr Ooehrlng said fu r ther tha t he had obtained legal opinion to the effect that If the board were to revoke the IScenec merely on such evldenrc ns the waltare had produced Its memhers could he sued hy Weingar ten and the changes of hla re roverlng a la rge sum were g«)od.

The hoard grunted Emil F laate r n t rans fe r from 121 Bowery atreet to 857- 259 Shennar. avenue, a f te r petit ions In favor of the t ranufer and pro teste aga inst If had been read. The claim made hy thoBO wno have fought thie t ran s fe r j was tha t Flaater. h shor t llmo ago, was I

black j place. I

though the license was not fn hla name, \ because, It was said, he had not been a citizen a suff ic ient length of time.

Say F la a t e r Sold Nalooa,Flaflter’B opponents claimed fu r ther

Potomac Missing, After Vain EHort lo Rescue Fishing Schooners

in Frozen Field.


WASHINGTON. Feb. 7,— Wlreleas calls were sputtering out from the navy tow- ere at Arlington today to the fro ien f ie lds of the N ew fo u n d lan d co as t searching for the tug Potomac, lost tn the ice a f te r an unaucceesful a t t e m p t to resciio the crews of the fishing achooD- ei'H H lru m Lowell and F r a n c e s W il la rd .

'I'he heavy ice packs In th e Bay of IsIanOe tu rned the Po tom ac back from her work of rescue a f te r days of u s s l e u smoahing a t the fro ien fields t h a t hold the Lowell /a n d the WUlard prisoners. The tug left the hay fo r N or th H^idnay ThiirsiJay night and should have ptit into port yenterday.

W’hen the tug was not h ea rd from today, navy officers said the re w as no cause foi alarm, but pu t the wlrelesa to feeling foi her, They thought she merely had been delayed m aking her way th rough the heavy Ice In the Stra i ts ,

'ITie jam, hov;ever, probably will be the Balvatton of the crews of the imprisoned fishing Hchooners, Officials hero a re not concerned for the safety of the men, saying if the ships are c rushed In ths pack the crewe easily can m ake the i r way lo shore over the Ice.

the real owner of a saloon only a'w.ay from the Sherm an avenue



.11,1,II,'I', Ml., Fph. 7 —Only tine nf tl.O nrty i v n <"0nvk;l8 pi'nl to Hir "lionnr ; oumr" ill il rnml Iiptnur. Ill . lo huilii ii rimil, H'lH tB'no lo Ml" M""' inhim ii riiatl.-: known |i..lo". whon Hi.-mvn Ii-lurn.-rt to Mm yia t" iionMeuMary hfr"

The beKlnnlng of the new revolt. 4c- j sold th# aaloon cnntlucted for himortUiiK to the reports , was fixed tor F»ti-

BINGKAMTON. N' X . Feb. T . - A motion to d is so lve t h e 111 la toil RiiiK- hamtl in n o t h i n g rompaii .v . wtik-h lost Tl.l.- miin iiltemi.led tn sniuk-yle n Hat-k aM t u p ro p e r ty in 111., f i re which oost ' his i - r l . He wnm h1 nn.:rt h l r t y - tw u liven la s t Ju ly , wu .h mude In ; f ^ p n i f d his ti-nimHp'fi hti-I ba'-Kthe B ta tc r u u r t today . i ^ii.^on

Thf- cnp l ia l lzal lo r i of ih» flrfn 1?] a IIh i . w a r d e n of tlir i-‘‘nUvmlcry.Jion.uoi). nut th e re Ip only jri.4Ufi that order Pi the rnmp was verydivide iimonft t h e B tockholders , A lest ^neldenUlly that the men built

Tuary 9, the ann ive rsa ry of the begin­ning of the ten d a y s ’ homhardraeni of ih«5 capi tal by the rei.)els la s t year, which waa followed hy the death of F’resKlent Madero and the assumption of the pro­visional Presidency by (Jeneral Huerta.


l i i v i ' i r ------ | _ficti-m ri*;Hniht the s tockU ol. le rs ha s |


JEiRf^lEy CITY, k’eh. 7 — TMflriiaglnn for four hours yanlerday fatleil to sett le the differences ^xistiriB heUveen .Torwey f'lt)’ and the York hnd New Jersey W'aler Gottjpany, Thp rity tlie I'ompanvabout |28,Ul'u fill' u'BU-r auppllns und Ihe company owee the city about ISH.OO'l In hack taxes, which it rcfuaod to pay because H alleges llu? uM.^p.sameiits were too high

Gommlasi 'iier Geurx^ K TTicnfiinger, Char les A. Hana, \ l-'e-TTesideni of the w ater ro m ran v ; r n r p n ra t l in I’niinpel John Milton and Spnainr WMllarn l>. Fd- WRrds as counsel Tnr the company held the four-hour Reashm. ComtuiBslonfer Ferris, who Ik lUe head

of the W ater [>ep«rtrnent, cma rerom- mended tfmt the Mil be yvald hy thechy ConnrhrtHu.'nrr Etrensuigpr is a t ­tem pting to reach an O'luUahie p-^ttlcment by ■which the city will be H-SBurM tha t it will be able to collect If the i-njrts deride t h a t the -wtilftr company must pa> Its back taxes.

bron com nienced to r e c o v e r the Ions uf o^e life.

n r . . 000 for The coil-


an BtreP'h of nnul\ l r l s r r iu r r c d h ru rzc l <in.| L-hpr-rful. all li' ivimi% il’if'd Wi’ikjiil ASK-n r»"1nted f»ul

vv.T.' V'U ........ I i.l.-ked. hutrliiiHCT' :>t rnniinni. hi i| includeo sev- tii ivlrlfd uf m-mshtUKl'.i'T

Hjif.rial fieftJfce of ihc h'EWF.EL PASO. TPx,. Feh. 7 — Nothing had

been heard early today of the paaaengarfl

hy ano the r man. and then took steps to open a no the r close by tn get back the huflinaes he fo rmerly had (Charges were also made lha t F las te r was unfi t to con­duct a saloon and th a t lie vs-ould permit dancing In Iho cellar of hla place. Sev­eral le tte rs from m anufac tu re ra attested to his good characte r .

C onside rab le opposit ion w as «x- presged in the m e e t in g to th e t i a n a - fer of a license from 301 H ulsey Atreel fi> 3H-318 H a w t h o rn e a v en u e In the nam e of Tbom ae H a n k in s . Gne of the n pponen ts of t h e t r a n s f e r w as John Lukfln, w ho keepji a s a loon a t 217 R'un-

who were on a Mexican Northwestern I s t r e e t Mr. Lukai i sa id hla buslI ,


VFW YORK Feh. 7.-' In a ru l ing \r>Klerfhi\ the A ppe l la te ThrifiUvn of the ; Suiiremc I’tn ir l held t h a t a hunbaiid i-'i , rii.l Iciiui's reHjionsHhlc fo r th e oare- IcPBiu'KK ‘>i wife In op^ '’u t!ng a n 'antmiiobllc TU«i co u r l difim!snod an ’ iictl ' ll hvought by Misti H.Ji*n H. j T hiik»‘i an ui ' I iabr, ag u in e t lUuu'y P, , Hc!iiI T ip? 4’r.n.i held J iu lgniem i»i be i eii f'li I'Cfi Me o n h URalnsl Mr^. Head.!

Tiiny^r whh run duwii by un auto- ui'ir tle ripcr.iled by Mrs. Ttfjtl




Hoblnmni ami Lane and Ticpr-pHHjua- ilvcH r .nrf 'T a n d S tephena . c o n a t lm t in g a Joint fvub-roinrnll te c of thn Indian affairw c un tn l i iee nf th e !wo houHcs of (■otign sft, today r o n t i n u e d Ibc lr Irt- vPsUHHtfnn of affijirB a t th e i ’htUhIh Indian School They luir tlcii lii rly in ­quired in to .nm pln li ltB m ad e Rguhiat r tupe r ln touden l T’rledrnan nf t h s 1nnM- tu l lon Tho c o m n i i l te e a r r iv e d u n ex ­pectedly y re to rd u y «nd will concUidc IlH Inqu iry h e re lon lgh l

S u p e r in t en d e n t F r ied m an said loday tha t he w e k o in ed a fh o r n u g h invePtl- KUtlom of th e srliool. If It hr ti fa ir one. T he cb i i rge s a g a ln s i Mr l‘’rlFii- man and hi.s ridiPlnl.sirat Ion of the

a re Kuld to h av e heiui filed some time ago.

.yp'i-ifj/ 'NKW

UMOl hHi Leaving Priiiikhis 'Aulpulled ra in

1'v. .1xlepi'e-l 0,1 line i‘( the fll ed ’ VN l' '■ the Ml' ri f!ei|

Tl;a IS nil the police know rif the Kho-.t;o: F’a!u7e;zo Ir-avpp a w idow and

i hil.lreii. If hP had refUHpd to hpi'd a w i m i l r g ('f the gatip, h is widow and cdd. r rhildri*ii knew’ n o lh ln g of It.

night when Maximo f’afltlllci s bandit hand i L»e rulrio w'recJted the g rea t Cumber tunnel, near Pearson by sending a burn ing train through it with wide open thrott le. The t ra in was wrecked, eottlng fire to the liinnel’a wooden roof. No trace has been found of the bandits .

Rumors were c u r re n t today that the pa.ssengers were not held prlaoners, as al first reported, hut, lnet#“ad, were locked up In the coaches on the t ra in when H was e- Pht, with the th ro t t le wide open.Into the fiery fu rnace of the subway.

If he had a com peti tor .

r. f, r nl V/'.'U'SVm RK, I 'hP. 7. limniipii pul ..Irh In ilieir rcv'dv»•^^ lodHi-

'' jJ^Ptin'her'* TtflTTMd | These rumors are not credited by the rall-lU'Ril I'VTit and M b hatt pr.itp<-1 him f ro m the

'W a te r d a y T took In only |4 Ni), and gave a w a y 13 tvorlh of free lunch,"Nftlrl he 'Tf th is m an opens up a saloon and t a k e s ip h a l f of my 14.80. w'hai am I g o in g to do, p lay pinochle w i th him to see who p e ts It**"

VVABHINGTON, Feb. 7.—I ta ly ’s protest aga in s t the new Immigration bill ’s provl- stun to place American surgeons upon immigrant ships was before the Senate committee today, awai t ing the re su l t of conferences with Pres ident W ilson and Hficretery Bryan.

Representa tive Burnett, a u th o r of the bill, th inks the provision one of th e most valuable, but should tho Senate , a t the wish of the administra tion, s t r ike It out the House probably wlH not Insist upon It, l^iadern thought the objec t could be ttccainpllshod In other 'W'aya.

The House bill was today aubet ltuted for all other pending Senate bills and. with amendments, will be t a k e n to the floor very soon.

Chai rman Smith has consulted P res i ­dent Wilson on the li te racy t e s t an d o ther restric tive phasea.

" ‘I um In no position now to d iscuss the Preaident'p view," he said.

Hear ings may he ordered la te r .

Herauue of nhjectlori* hy Joshua Hr'sr ley. as « taxpayer , to ttwards for dain- sgen lo Mayor Jaonh Huiisg'tng anil the l laus ihng Hoda Apfiaratus .Mumifactnring Company. Judge Adams, In CIrcut c.Hir* today, de fe rred confiniia tlou of a secCo ^

I of Ihe rep(»rt of commissioners I upeiiing of Hranford place.I The am oun t awarrteiJ i h | Mayor Indi­

vidually )s 147.01ft. while to ifie company ijd given |2fi,00i).I r>no W'eek was hy the court forj Mr H rk t ley lu flic his oujcrUuns in ' wrllliig. Judge .vdanis, however, rs- , served the right eventually tu deny Mr J HrU rley legal sLa»i.llng in the m a t te r of I protesting In Ih^b manner,I Tlir^ugh his counsel. <iyde U. Houler I Mr Rrlerley based his right Uj ubjert on I the ]irlvllegft of the d t y ty asrtess all the• laxpuyiTis for the expense of the oi>enlng,- Uiking the s tand lha t . while none of his I lu-operty might he directly affected by I ll e pri posed 'PUilng, he bar ii ' financialI Interest ’ In the pro ' cedlpRS by the pon- ' slhllMy <if hlfl t a x e s being Increased

through the work.Ii«w7 r r Halses r m p r l e t y Q u e s t lo i ,

Mr Houler pulnled out lha t the com ­missioners were appoin ted by the Mayor

I snd said t h a t It w as a t least a "m a t te r of ; Impropriety for them In f u ciompenes-

tloTi fi«r the man tu whom they owe iheir I jobs. ■I The m a t t e r c am e be fo re the co u r t on ' HpjiUcullon of (Teorge C a r p en te r of I the ci ty law d e p a r t m e n t fo r confi rm a*, Hon of those a w a r d s (o which th e par#

HoriP d i rec t ly Hff vA'ied hud not objar tad .I Tlie Mauanlliig p ro p e r ly , as well as t h a t I of the u p p a r a tu e cumpatiy, is amniig 1 Ihose. Mr, SuuI pt. Irv u l i je r t ing to the

ru r if lrmutlon , a s k e d the cou r t to have the coinmlaslonei-g produce a f f i r m s -

i tIvH evidence th a t the aw iirds In the I rase of (he M ayor and the com pany* a re "fa ir uml Just ."j . \ f t r r f in d in g out (h a t the lav,’y«r did

not rvpreaeii t a n y of thpaa to w hom I s w a rd s hud been made, J u d g e Adutns

* I Mftld he 'WAS Inclined to doubt kha court 's ju r l sd l r i lo i i In e tU er ta ln ing ob- jactloTiN f ro m o th e r eources Besldaa re p ra a rn l ln g Mr BiUirley. the la w y e r explained, he mailc ihe req u es t a s a "frisnrl of th e cou r t ," t a k in g th e s iund th a t 1( would be ’'wise policy '’ to g ra n t R.

Houter weyit on to expla in how the co m m is i lo n e ra were appoin ted . A f­te r ths Uw'yer h a d expressed h im self as tn the " p ro p r la ty " uf the i r act ion, the co u r t s t a l e d t h a t he w as no t ucit- Ing In th is case In p u r s u a n ce of his cummun law p o w e rs , t h a t al l ha could do wfts to paas upo n the lega l i ty of Ihe report or of t h e p roceed ings lead ing up to ll. He added th a t it w as not fo r him to deal w i th "p rop r ie ty" and s u g ­gested t h a t th e p rope r p roceed ing would be an ap p l lc a l l o n for a w r i t of c e r t io ra r i f rom th e chie f Justice

Th« court asked Mr Souler to point mil In law where a ta xpayer hag any legal right , atiyitvay, to bbject a t th is time in a w a rd s fu r damages. The law ­yer rofcrre«l lr» Ihc lawe of 1DI2 govern­ing the opening of s ireete. A section he road empowers the city to asstiss the coat of optjnlng on th e ta xpayers a t large. T har he cxplalnwJ his s tand th a t a tax-* payer ha s a right tu object lo any act ion thiU might tend irj place an ex tra burden upon him.

After re i te ra t ing doubts as lo Ws Jufla- dlciicn. Judge Adams explained th a t ha did not w an t to take any act ion th a t might deprive a c it lsen of his rights. He then decided to g ra n t Mr. Carpenter 's no­tion, excepting the aw ards objected to by Mr. Brlerley. luater, however, a t the aug- gestlon uf Mr. Carpenter , all oonflnBa- tlon was deferred.

The aw ard lo the Mayor Is for prop­erly a t 4 5. 4S and 60 Nicholson s tree t and 22 and 52 Arl ington street . In th s case of the ap p a ra tu s company, In which Mr. Soutcr says the Mayor is "largely InlorcEted,’’ tho a w ard Is for property i t 24 Arllngion street .

P rocsed lBga Yealerday#On th e a p p ea l of Minnie E. K in g and

o th e rs f rom the a w ar d fo r dam ag es placed on th e p ro p e r ty a t KOI H a lsey s t r e e t fo r th e op en in g of B ran fo rd place, W il l iam C. F ied le r lesl lf led ye s ­te rd a y a f te rn o o n th a t the va lue of the land a lo n e waa |27,noo. OharLea A. W inston , a civil engineer , had p re v i ­ously t e s t in ed t h a t the bu i ld ing on th e s i te In w o r th |l0 ,000. T he c i ty baa a l ­lowed th e e s t a t e 119,000 fo r c o n te m ­p la ted d a m a g es , b u t the a m o u n t c la im ed Is 138,900.

The te s t im o n y w as ta k e n a( the ci ty ha l l before B uprem e Cour t CommUelon- er NSchdas lY. Blndeell. The d is t r ibu­tion of th e K in g e s ta te Ib now in O r­phans ' Court.

E d w a r d H. Lum , a n o th e r wUnega. t h o u g h t th e l a n d w as w o r th 831,000. The s am e op jn tun had been expressed by Abe Felat. a rea l e s ta te deaU r , e ar l ie r In th e day,

Otto Licht, an a p p ra i s e r fo r a firm of hre ad ju s te r* , g a v e It as his e x p e r t opinion th a t the building was wor th $9,BOO. He eaid th e cutt ing through of the s t r e e t w o u ld m a k e the p re s an t bui ld ing w o r th l e s s and th a t It would* cost t h a t m uch m oney to rebuild one of the s am e s ty le on the sm a l le r space. The p ro p e r ty la a t th e n g r th w e a t c o r ­ner of Camfleld p.nd H a lsey s t ree t s .

AH th e w i tn e s s e s test ified t h a t th e re had been a s h a r p r ise in the va lue of p ro p e r ty In B ra n fo rd place, a p p ro x i ­m a te ly fifty pe r cent , In. the last th re e years .


.itop a m u g g l ln g aorosB th e loe b r idge over th e St. Law rence RlvtAr, aald to hiO'c .been g o in g on e x te n s iv e ly lo the

Otht-r ob jec to r* to th e t r a n s f e r w ere j dP tr i inent of m e rc h a n ts a t Cornwall . F m i F Mpyer, E u g e n e H. M^^ver and , Out., th e Merchante ' A sso c ia t io n of th a t E. .Alexander Underwood . wli<> siitd (he i tt^wn ha s pe t i t ioned th e C an a d ia n Gov

11' hid ing In n d o o rw a y Hurt walkf'.! in w a r d h im

n»-n drew a revolver* iifid I'liliizxo droppi'd dead and



Make Movr lo G r t TrolJoy Mnr.HELMETTA. T-'eb 7.— A move busard

gfttUng trolley nervine for Ihlg weclinn nf MJddlcaex County was jnade la.si nittht ■when Alayor I'harlcH \K‘ Rummead ap- l>olnlPd Coiinj.ilmen William H. Cl'^monp,George H. Jam ^s and J, H Albert Klenz[»* a, committee to confer with tho Jami's- b u rg Connell. Tho tnw'n.i nf llelmcua,Janiesl iurg, Spotawood and Hrirfgis!

‘J^hlcU are on the line of the proposed . - 'of

"■ y .n d e r l . i , e aa a t t r ibu ted tu the poor lrangi>rrta(kjn ' ' i ’"'



nd jiajlv. in- hCi fl of Mfin-

resohed New York to day .un the Fruit O 'm p a n v liner Almiranle Mt

t ' .'AHHINOTONL Foh. 7.—D om inan t in- ii-r«'dtg of th t FnitetJ StviiOH In Halil arc •■MeidPd to ralise the HriUsh naval oom- mii'ider For t Au ITinec,' who ranks i'aT>ta,n Russel of the hau lesh lp South <'.iP'liiiH, 10 defer to the leuderahlp of (tiC A m erlran eonimuncler In an y st*p,s 'h a t may he taken. If Iho s i tua tion

I war*' to become more pr-Hons a n Amcr- I Iran rea r adrnl iul might he sent.

I'xcc’utlon uf several parsons by thu I rcvniutum'KtP s( F a r " Hait lcn T h u r e J a y ( ti’gJit 1e T**i>ortfd. ,

Flijpiackr-ts from the gunijptk r ^ vlllo are pa tro l l jns b poVUoti

I way r»fficlalfl.! Railway officials and employes, '-attlp- 1 men from tha rancho* In the vlclriliy. and i rcHldenls of M adra and Pea rson and tho t Mormon colonies near the tunnel, hava , , all heen searching fur CasllUo’a ganK [

Rlnr-e Wednesday, and the fac t that they h a \ e not tiecn sighted le regarded a* Big#

I nif icant by many.I 'Phere were th i r ty perHone on the train I when it left Ju a rea Wednesday morning,

Im-ludlng seven American railway offi­cials and employe*.

F^ecause of the bandi t depredat ions along the Mexican Northwestern . Gen­eral Francisco Villa, a t Chihuahua, today issued a proclamation to all commanders of ronfl tl tu tionalls t garr isons . Instructing them to execute summari ly any person found along the ra il road track*, either an official employe of th e rallrood or the Madera company, who cannot give r sat- iafaetory account of himself.

section w as s tTlctly I'eaklenfhili and th n t Its needs In th e in a t i^ r nf s a ­loons w e re well supplied.

T r u s t e e s of th s Hlxth r rcsby ter la rx C hurch p ro te s ted a g a i n s t the ira tia fc r of a HcenSf lo C har le s T o n k u s from R7 .lavksoiv s t r e e t to 25l> W rI miii s treet . T he a p p l ic a t io n did n o t coni*- up for



NEW YORK. Feb. 7.—More test imony wAb heard yeste rdpy ip t h « / ' * ‘oc«adlngs IrlsOtiited hy Manual M- Marttnoa, a

rO T SPA M , Germany, Feb, 7.—The la t ­est mili tary Zeppelin alrphlp iittflined an e v e r s f * *p«ed of s lxty-f ivf mtle.n an hour on her e ight hours trial trip from Frled- rlohshaven, today.

♦ rn m en t to s ta t io n spec ia l c u s to m s rie- lec t ives a lo n g the border-

It I* dec lared th a t c o t ton food* , coal oil by th e barre l, tobacco an d shoes have been sm ugg led In to C a n a d a in la rge q uan t i t ie s .


ar io n aquad bf m ili tan t *u t f ra«a t te a to- (lai- Is charged with a e t t ln t <lr* to Haael- bank House, a H lfh U a d realdenoa in To- tnatln, 168 mllea from hera. T h a houae. which waa destroyed, ba lon iad to tna widow of a county councilor and was temporari ly unoccupied. S u f f ra a a t t a pla- card# end li te ra ture were found In the neighborhood.


SpecIffI ^'frplce of ihe A'fc’Wg.P H IL A D E L P H IA . Feb. 7.—A wav* of

Immigration w as predicted today, follow­ing the arr iva l here of the s teamship Kotoe, on rout*t to New Orleans. The Isti- mlg rants m ade th e two-week t r ip from Bremen fo r 122 each.

I t Is es t im ated the cost to the company was s lightly more th an )20 each. TbpM passengers who continued through to N iw Orleans will pay Just over l l a day.


d ium b ln to e n c o u r a g e ex p lo ra t io n fo r t h e p re c io u s h e a l in g o re w as In t r o ­duced to d a y ; th i s one by S e n a to r W alsh . The g o v e r n m e n t w o u ld have th e f i r a t r i g h t to buy o res found on p r iv a te lan d s a s w e t l a s th e pub l ic do- mativ P r i v a t e l a n d a u n w o rk e d fo r th e i r deposit* , m i g h t be t a k e n ov d r by th e g o v e rn m e n t .

Some of the H o u se b^ll p rov la lons fo r a re d u c in g p l a n t In t h e W ea t w e re in ­cluded In th e new m easu re .

A H O M ETS followers ia a



ynttn ihr M'lf \ n \A

WAKHLN tliAl l ‘r*gJ(j iiM his hjiiu (he I’dUaiir rnp ld ly ju-t ♦■vbleiu'e I Hpprerliii<»flJf»h uitd w r / t o n In hi li« rdfu lH r I;IhJmklTig,

UenJislnfijuni le r tak l i iuhurI iIIIIkune hig po ‘odlvlduHl I • . 'it lee oilaAiogetheikf{ Ihe we< Iheae meroff iveg.

The fiii XX'hUI i, Sh *.H anti t ’li

uf I * le F’rean jiieni If hi *'f SenulnWllM IH K IIhikI In (}i

The tilvlm-u'c HcuthiiM on y!eiiuUli( a j-:iltni Riu free tu lN r I at H ha Vi *> ,aln:i.

' >11(h« I'erntRU'hOl l-l fLepiftMenl W tu • 1 S llIho MniJi-f iee . lolls Rrl.

Ml lu-!froiiT lit RreHhler; i IlIrlTI of t j*'ntn 111 Cl I " V. Il llOiS )n UK U|)|)o

P'1 CHKion:'V. Ik.iIh fi


Pie I u-iri PHuainii pin I form fuM't {\ A niOT K-a fi paHelhp

Seorelj th e plRt ppinnfui' h a v e i"l mun gl1| him (lurl

Hero 1 tioM, T5OOlllfoi'f m eut Oh 110 0 it pint form ieil t» HI

■ \V.‘ I pTHpIdent Funlte of th'^ Natli

help Ufl

"Our hup {erfinoea of Rma I’anal rnTtrary 1< lilairurn\. not urglm; eT-fual Hiiffninn th a t i^ul

"Hut ,T.riv tn l€:giglati‘'p la tform it hia influeni ^ h h 'h the 1

“ RGaUy. 4.0fio,0nn vfH).l)0l}.0Df> r r. Ill have PreaUlent. s fo r Amerii'j: of G rea t Hi a rejpeal of la tlon of ar furrn iii>on elected.”


BALTIMi son 's peridot free tolls or leap ships 1i lUhed bert* le tter la W which waa Sun.

The free la "a mlsti of view, an any rate, oi

Referr ing the pulley, view tha t it I 'auncefort? t h a t others end th a t t sweeps d!s< declarationbate a polni

Tho lettei"My Dea

loLtflf of Ja ga rd to thi opinion is V .s lltuiea a every point u n ju s t , a* fo r the pro nopoly, and t lon of the t re a ty .

"There l« ference of f th e re Ig. nr U la a t Icai Isea we ma able. I for them. I th in let no q hear ted pu In th e llglu tion of the of honor.

"Your n S ta te sho^ have look< months . N characte r , t ranspa ren t c*p1ca, mad with whon in dealing rap ac i ty fa principles calUd upoi a w a y man: to the poll deflnltenes! admlrahle .

*T need prof i t I, f a asoda t lon pughly he a re assocta not only 0 t lona ta adt


Maaa«x S u r g l a r a Begti] Term*.^rperiol eSVrrlce of the SHiVS.

N E W T o N, Feb. 7.—-P erry Clifford ind P#C« Benjamin , the young burg lars of | Sussex Borough, were taken to the R ah ­w ay R efo rm ato ry yealerday to begin their Inde term ina te term* by TYnder-Sherlff A lbert T. Lyon*. The young men pleaded gui l ty to breaking Into the barber shop of Mile* Wilson In Sussex some week* ago#

RfiI lu H(K!nii trUfri'm Cfijon airfl k lngs lon , ffnlBhlnp Trip nereEsllHti'd by fho Vanderbil t .yacht Warrior gTuunding- off the coast of L'ol- omlila.

Avcurdlnp to la*l ropo r ts^ke yacht


8\lll Stranded and all hut i rn uf the crew i gva'.pF fbl/An t!«i«e R,..* 4li..h ai

X^'AF^MlNGTON, Feh, 7.— Word ramie to the Htate Department toda.v fm m Ar-

rTcKldent Penawere taken gff, A ^ti'Sctal lug met Vanderbilt party a t Quarant ine .


asked fur Indefinllc leave of abMence from du ty becuuse of Hines*. Hla of- fji-e has Lot some months been In i hargo

Victi-Preflldeut De La Plaza.

A .

I lB rI ! • H aB B w ar N e a r Belvidere. Fp«pl4l flerrlrt Bf iSf VEWF.

BBLVIDERB, Feb. 7.—Oe<,r»e But a farmer living In L'lwer Ht. Bethel, near heiA. waa Injured yeaterday whan l||a team took fright and he wee thrown tirott tha wagon. HI# leg wa# broken, kja. head and face were cut and brulaed, And feb iMck waa hurt. Ha waa taken to tke Saatoa Hoapital for treatment.

fipf-rifit FTf riir of fAn .YCFTr-’.TARRYTOWN, N. Y.. Feb 7 —John T>

Rookefellpf arr ived in T a rry low n a t 6 .51 o'clock today. He refused to d1«cug* the

on his «*Umate>d for tune of $900,O00,0D0. Mt. Rockefel ler le expected to remain Irere IndefnUely. Mro, Rockefl ier was too 111 to travel, hut I* expected to arrive wlUkla a few weeki*


whh’h ne wln:aca *t,«-.' 'T 'H.rehau*? In Mexico and shipped to Jer- I He>' C'lty, N. J.

Marline* told Supreme Court E i a n t l n ' r 1 I (gfttirgc B. Beach th a t Villa'* men con- | fiscated more lh an | 4h,Oon w6i*th of hldes-

I 'VA'hen he learned th a t the Central Taeatber ■ I CniWpany had purchased ^ lllO.OOO con- I Blgnment of hide* from the rohel* he hur- I rl^d to New York and Identified, he said.

tSO.fibO worth uf hie own hide* In the I Pennsylvania and Erie fretgllt yards. He

was able to m ake th e Identification, ne explained. Itecause he found strip* of white musIlB. which he had tied to the rope* binding th e hide* In hi* raided ware- )iou*e.

empire. ‘ But, they refused to drink

beer, — and.look.at them.now!


Kpeetel Hrn-fer nl Iht VEITN.V E R A C R t’Z, Feb. 7.—Mies Jen n ie

an d N o rm a n Lind, sort and d a u g h t e r of Jo h n L ind , w e re due he re t o d a y from H a v a n a on th e F rench »teafn»hlp N a v a r ra . T he t o a t w a t dha th i a a f t e r ­noon.

)SES1AY0R[ Coamit- Appraisal

id Them.

ofthua Hr<fr f!w forf'li;) anil thf unuf&cti/rinff I’lrciJl r'nuf* of A |/

nerp t>n tlj

Mayor Ind!-the L'oni|iany

hr court for )Lij(H'tUmA in itiwrver. r«- tu Mrt]v matter cf

io Li. Houleir IM object on

all lb« iho oiitnln*. none of hia affi'ctcil by ii ' rtnanclAl by the ;m3k-

g tncTeAieO

t^ueetloD.the com*

>■ the Mayor a "matlcp of X oompenaa- ifv owe their

the court on urpenter of >r cohflm a*Ich the per- lot objected. ' well as that

Is ainotift I ilin n to the njTt to have

affirms- •«i<ie in the he company

e la wyer did ae to whom udgb Adume

doubt Lhe rialnlniT oii- i«8. Hceldee

the lawyer equesi as a iig the stand

policy" to

explain bow jpolnted. Af- aeed hlmeelf Ihelr aytion. aaa not act- jance of his ail he could

gallly of the ings leading

wae not for ly" and sUg'

proceeding fur a writ

lef JuiUce liter to point lyer has any liject at this ft, The law-

1912 Rfivern- A ieotion he

steat the coat prs at large, d that a tax- to any action extra burden

a to Wa Julia- iined that ha f action that hla rights. He arpenter's no- objei’led to by fiT. at the aug- all confirma-

r Is for prop- ::hotaoii Street ( ireet. In the any, in which >r is "largely >r property it

rday.E. King and

for damages t io i Halsey of Branfordteatltled yes- value of the

Charles A. had prevl-

lldlng on the ) city has al-

for coniem- lount claimed

in at the city CommUBlon- The dlAlrlbu-

B now in Or-

her wltnee*, rorlh 131,000. ;eii expressed state dealer.

for a firm of s his expert

WAS worth ig througlk of the present

hat It would' ebulld one of

mailer space, arthwest cor- y streets, ed (hat there the value ef

ace. approzl- ihe last three

DTOHMIGRANTS7.—A wav* d( today, rollow-

the a team th tp can*. The t w ­eak tr ip from

0 the company1 each, Thoi* hrough to N««f 1 a day.

BILL IN—Another ra- xplorallon for e wag Intro-

by Senator ; would have res found on ihe public do- mworked for ) taken over

provlaions for Vest were In- re.





Manifest that President WiD Have Sends Process Server After John J.Opposition in Gaining Accept­

ance of His Views.Kennedy. Who Failed to Appear

as Witness.


Frosty Blanket Over Ohio Valley and Lake Region Spreading Steadily

Toward Seaboard.


thr IfMiTflM n{ thr /. I r S .

W AWH INliTi IN, K(*h 7 Kvlrifnrn [ tliAl iTealileiit U )li4im ban h Mlt*rri fight

4iM tiln hunild in uffortlriK the r^iu-wl i»f th e pHiiiinitt fret! (oilti proviaioti le rup ld ly ii rcuiuulalir tg . 'riier4- a lso e-vUleiu'e 0m l the iTeulfleiil h im self a p p re i l a lcR lli.it he has l a c h h i l u s t i f f Job utMl vtUI lit* put to cunalfle rahle e f fo r t In b r in g a m a jo r i ty of I ’ongTeas, pH rt It uIh r ly i ho Somitu, ‘to liia ofth in k Ing,

l lea l lz lng tfie illmerigloim of the umlerti ikliiK. the I’res ldiuit. w l lh his usua l illliKenre, Ih now iin -par lng lo use h is powers of pers imalon on ttie ‘ndlvliluiil nu 'inbers of Sermle coni' . .itlriee oit Iiupin4-cunlc 4-aimJs. it la *Aiogether prohubte tha t Die b«'vlnrlhR

ilie w rek will ncu a liroi-esslun of Ih ea r m em bers to iho E xecu t iv e ’s offliu'S.

A leftorH !«i'hr<lMleil.The fiiHt vlsUofs wi| ! bo i^euainrs ttlhli, ShioMn, Mlmmuna, (»vieri. Tlv-m-

ajuj (’lulLutj Ttiey I'miiprlsc a ma- J ' r i h of the I'ernot ra il i ' niotniiers and *10 iTCsIdtiMl will iiecil every une of

if he Is tn iu itwlt Die <ippt>HKIon *‘f iSenaifii ii (*nnimii. the ^ 'haiiinan, Vi'tm IS a ilelenninOd nppijnent uf Eng- land ill (hft vnncrnveray.

'i'be ilivlaiun of iiplnloh upiicai.H 1>> be ni 'i ie a cu te on the n o in o c ra t l r side th a n cm Die ilei>ublirai!. .Mont uf the M ep u b ln a n s tiHve fidlovveil Die lend of J-lllluj Rmjl I I iirfflnu Dio Tei*eul of the f r ee to lN prnvmiori. while- flm Demo- fra lH have iKanni to itie free lo l ls pi'O- .alon.

*>110 leufon fill iliiK HenlJmunl am ong lh« Deniofia t.s the f a r t l h a l tlie flii 'hoi nf the free lo l’s p ro \ l s io i i fa KepresenlH iIve Doiemijn nf MU'higan, schi. is -'lie " f the biy, l ie inoora ts of th e Ijnijhe Up m the iiuDmr <>f the free, loll s anieii 'Jnient l " th e Danarna s n

Ml th.ieinijp VkHS |d;o f‘.| h I Die fine- f ron t ill the nre-ionl DonpresM when IYeHnleni Wilst.ii hail him ininh* ohair - niiin of Die «'(ihgi eNSioriHl < ;iinpfl Ikh lo'TirnlMne. Tlie rouiilr.s is imw ahou l I'l wjiiieso' llie sppcIailR of Mr DoiP- muH oppos ing Mi W lI.soii In the House.

as loHilei in ilie ens'onu Don- ffieHsloMifl I 'Hmpamn. tie will Inise the tAiudp. fiphi 4'n the RA'l,le\emenla o( Vi o-nirow il.'ifiii

T be ['IriMorni IMnnU.\ nerni.rl learoii foi thP leaning of

Die I iniri.iTii t- [nsM'iri f ree 'o i ls Is the r ’a n a m a ('rtoal pl l |l t n the 1-JaUlni 'te plHlfurrii "ihiK ].Unk read.s Dial We fiOor Di" »*>-mptb>n from l''P.« nf .VmPrnan . ohp' I h to '•lla^l^slap trado pasHltiK ib n m p h Din Panain ii DkiihI"

,.f StHle tti > an. w ho drew th e plsiroTin, with a s s t s t a m e from Fteimlor O’DrOt m a n . is un d e rs to o d to h a v e tol'l biH i’mpimIm Dim Mr O'tTor- n a n nlippp‘i ‘his i i a ia p ra p h over nri hvrn rluplng fln i ing i ian led moment.

is one s id el igh t oti th e s i lua- tioM, T he wfinieu e u f f r a g m i a fiml m.iiifoD In the P ref t l t len fs nrtinomiee- niciit on ra n a l lolls, b e ra u s e t h e y be- l i e \ e it show s hitn not s<> liouml lo p la t fo r m p iom isea as th ey had been led lo Hupivt^se.

• We have hepun |o have hO|iefl of Pres ident \ \ ‘ils«.n, said Mrs- Aiitoinetie FunW-nf th*' J'nnKressional <-ommltlee of the NaLbmal AmeriL’an AVnman finffrage AsaoclHtlon. "otn] we may look lo him lo help us SmIo erpsal suffrage

!HMffrnKlvts* Hopes.■'Our hupe.‘- a te |•.llyp(l on the puhlje oD

tei'HTires of the Preslrlenl repard lnp Pan- s m a ( 'anal t'dl.s, in wliich he goes directly rFirtrary (o a iilank In the Democratic tilairurrii. Ke ha.s given a s a reason for not urg lne D<ingresa to take act ion on er|ual suffrage the silence of the platform on lh a l pui'ject

"But s.ruM he Inlenda lo urge I’oriBresa tn IcglalatPr in direct opposition to lhal pla tform it la poasihle t h a t he may usb hia influence regard ing a m a t te r upon whii'h the p la tform Is ailenl.

"Really, now, we have hopes that ^.rnbi.dm’i v-oters of the L’nlled S ta tes and tO.OOD.OOfi people In sympathy with ihem will have as much Influence with the Prealdenl. when they ask for equal rlxhts for American women, ax th* government nf G rea t Brituln. -Ahlch is Insisting upon a repeal of n national laiv and the repud­ia tion of an Important plank In the p la t­fo rm upon which the Pres ident was elected."

NEW YORK. Feb. • -Ihatri'-l lorney Whitman ha* ■onl a pt.'i.-ss Fcrver up-8 ta t« a f te r HtHie I'na-mrer John j, Kennedy, .who la wKiPd n witneea in the " J ohn Doc" jjrafl i(ii| .lry here.

Mr Kennedy was lo hH'»=’ HppeHicii fnr exam ination j e s l e r d av U Iuti Ifw came aroiind uiid hr hud u'-! fipiwuirctl. Assis tant 1» st rict A t im nf- i.inbrcT' .-*iU4-d up the Slate ireasuret’s offi'*' in Aibiin'- iind made Inquiry.

Mr, Ke-.., -'■* pxplmrioii tli.il bo lia i dfi-blcd nnl l»i t auf> uj Dk' 'U-iTstlgallon rntll he IihiI i u, .d|i*d wllh hl9 liivivci Ho wus pii-eHfd i'mt a ileh n (e pri<mls4> an<l said nt [i nDb that he Mnitd tall the dlstriil, NtlTnry ti\ fr the (olephnne in (wouD iniuiiles and

whether or nnl li«* W"iihl iiime aa a witness

M'hoii tha l apKce pa.-..-»'il muI pn i-al] iiaU been riM’e t ied Mr llmuret! C"t the Irca.iL.rer's off ice on I In- w re Hgain ’I'hls lime ii man. who said that liiw imme ■ FJp.lli ti" und thal he was ii "ilep ily an.Hworcd the Muerleu fif-ni the t r e a s ­urer h office,

’.Mr KeniK'dj has -ro fi r th" day, till! io;(.e said. He t"<ik l\ s bag and went lo Hu/fnlo

liupjlrles at lliiffri!-^ last niK>d d e ­plored tha t Kfnrwdy Hiymri’uiliy had nul

loncheU lh a l pnini It ^\hh then ilmi Mr, W hitm an decided to h siiI)-poena A proe^as wm.“ >>ent o'lltu aerw* Hie wu.nmons last nl^hi

Mr K ennfdv w dl lie cxi-eDed to np- p ra r hefore the 'Johii In-iuiiywhen ii lx icMinied Monday F’ormer D m e rn o r William Wulzei Is anoiher prob- flbif TvltnesH for Monday The Kupreme Doort grand Jury whbli hns been ih- \f.fltl{tatlng ^ ra f l will resume work Tues- !


SYSTEM. ASSERTS OSBORNEM .W VDHK Fell T . - J a i i ie s W ns-

l-oriiH DiiviT hor D ly n i i s g ru f l i o m k I i - In II I 'onuol btatem^vii [oda>, said

Me w.uilij recom m end the removal of Die wbole S la te iilghwity ayalem from the field of p a r ty poJlt lt s

" I t ough t lo he done." Mr ti.sborne ijeclared. "a l (he enrl lesl possible mo- m rn t . h r f o re v. e s ji fud ii dolhir uf Dip iipn K'O.IMIO.OOO fund .Many mlUmiis uf (lolinra have lieen nil hui isiiaU-d th ro u g h the a l l i a n ce of conl rjii 'tora Mtid p o l i t ic ians "


DUeVKDANn. o.. [>b. ('orcinarr . .1. Bry iie «ald todav (hat his in- ijuesl into th e d e a th of floherl K Mer- r-er uf I’ittahuirgh. found Bialn and buried u n d e r tiie new ml>' hall h e re Wedriesday, w-aa prai'ticnHv complete.

The c o ro n e r aabl thiii b.isad up<»n the ev idence suh in i t ted h> the police he would not find tha t Mercer had been m u rd e re d liy Norman Htanley of W heel ing , \V. Vr.. now uiiiier a r r e s t he re c h a r g e d w i th the crime. If the tiolice o b ta in new evidence Br.vne said he would reopen th e case-

Slanle.i 'B a t to rn e y , former L'uunty ! P io a e r u to r J o h n A. ( 'line, a sse r ted in- day the police w e re hold ing Stanley .as a b lind w h i le they R e a r c h for (he real m u rd e re r In New York, He declared he w il l send de tec t ives to New York to t ry to find th e man who k il led Mercer. Police off ic ia ls denied D l n e ’a nccusa i iona

' It .X^IUNaTON, Feb 7.—Cold weai lu r j-wecpiiig eiLitWArd Bpread Its frost y btankel n \ e r the Ohio Y'ulley and rh*? upper lake retrlon today, with promise nf h u n t in g Ihe Iq o f e t l e m p e ta tn c « of ih** inar

45tf>rm warningfl ordered up all ulung D.e .Vtluiitlc I’lmal from iw-iawfirc HreiU water to Kuatporl. Me., lieraldeii Ibe Ul

wiut'li hy all preiilrtiiuis will in- 4j\er till: AilahtK (.''aft district and liw lower lake region l*y InniKht and will fla) lomormw'.

Zero, iem|>eraluri‘8 lliTii.-sboiit Die MJsaourl Valley and the jilaina Stales bc- Inif pushed along eastward tire expei.y-d lu cnahe it veuy cold and clear fnr iim next lw» nr throe- days. 'Ti-eju m D *- lower lake rpBiuu;i and nuDhurn N ICtiKltilid. where srinWR wern expe-led Jenerally fB<t wctiiher was predliUdflR4 W heif

T h e wt'dlluT Imn'Rus bUle while fia« will! the blank ?<(uare ti rii- c-entre wu* fluuerlng nff Ita allcnl mcasaKi'- ' utnd w a \ e / ’ from all the suilam.i In Ihe blast today.

MKAli’HIfl. Ftb. T T w e i t . - l w o dp grees almve se io was reK l^ ie i td liare e a r ly lodft> by Die iii>\ ei nni«iil ih e r - ri iomete r The (u ji iperuture , wni«.-h js Ihe coldest nf the w iiiler tiiui, tur wtis H fall of forty ilogrees from m.nii jes- lerdiiy.

DAU.AS. Tex, Feb ' 'iVn legree.s olm ve zero waa regiBieied ii. wi-jither bureau IjibD unien Is lici e T-rdrt> The cold c‘Ov.»red the en:.ie Sl.Dt-, iiuming ficim four ilegtees above zero »( .Amu- vlDo lo freezing (enipernt'ii ea til Dul- \estnn . The freeze* u Sniiiii i exas was nut beliesed lo hiiie ilftmuHed seri­ously Ihc strawhet T \ iimJ otiiar eaily spring garden cTop.-;

KANSAS CITY, ,\|n, Keb ; Ti'iupp- cHturea u \er MIshtjuii Nelunt-kR. Kun- HR.s and NnrDu'n' 'iKUbmim wen* In low zero Indas'. In n l#- i>>wna nn<J .ItleH nmnj fHinili*-'* ale « r>bl lirenk faSlB and shi'c4‘i*-i in half • hi-u i edliouM»S because "f a -lirqi in ruiluiul Kiiji pressure. iS'uida IIi.lI i,wi-pi the plains .\eaterdu> died .1 vvji - wliij. und lenip*- iRturea ro>e sbnvD

The loweHl Ir nju-i/i t ure mi ihe fuuiS(Rt*a W»H tin ili'MI'-rs helnw Zntr> rtl' 'maliA. 'I'he lowest rei' n le d fiuni Kar Has W ua Hix d eg rees lu-i-iw r.pin a l Dun- ' nrdlrt .M 'k In tioimi ' 11 \ l lie ni**ri u i - I'H-in fud two aiKve .-.lit"

f'rigitt 111 Irwllfina.INDIANACMLIS. Kfb 7 —Tnd.r., 1,-,

one tleRree w-rr (he i'0ld"a( nf the sf-,i Poll. accofLiJiig to Ihe ^ <Mlhe bureau .Vine dcgrecM iil'ove :eru wna the niari% iMac-he<l Ihirt incrning, wliile Die fre- viuuH record was tf-n degrees, li was Sfild lh»!re wiiR mi hope for wiirmo: weuDier until ufier (aniormw Tho rhermomeicr ycpterday at 2 oVlo< U reg- lalered forl.v ilegiees.

ST IjDDIS. FT'b 7 Zero lemperalurf WHS recorded m s; laiuia this morning The rU>' wriR . lenr hiiiI high w inds, whli h ])re\ai]ed Inal night. liHd ueKriy died down, More Diaii TOD hoinelesamen were ahe4lere»l at (he munlcifuD lodging-house lust night.

SH il’X DITY', lu . F>h 7 -T lie coM CHI wcHtbej' of Dip wlnur Is bp-ng ex pprienm**! In DDs Rcilinn (uday Thf- Diermomelcr rcgiHI ei *’*l Rixteeii liplnw zero here. I Mi((h'-ll, .S. D, li wayt w CUT T-fIve below.


BAI.TIMOKH, Fab. 7,— Presldenl Wtl- , o n 's personal rieclaiatlon on the polley of free lolls on the Pa i am a Canal to r Amer- i rap shlpa In the coastwise trade was i>ub- lUhfd here today. H took the form ot a le tter to William I,, M arbury of th is city, which was published In the Baltimore Bun.

The free toll policy, the Pres ident say.s. Is " a mis taken policy from every point of view, and benufite, for the preaent, a t any rate, only a monopoly.”

rtefert inK to the International staitiB ot th e policy, the Pres ident re i te ra tes his view tha t It Is clear violation ot the Hay- Faunceforte treaty. While admlttlnK th a t o thers honestly hold another opinlop, and th a t the quest ion Is debatable, he Bweeps dlsctiaslon aside with the blunt declaration that he does not care to de ­ba te a point of honor.

T he le t te r follows:"My Dear Mr. M arbury— I have your

le t te r of J an u a ry 30. • • * With re-(rard to t h e question of canal tolls, my opinion Is very clear. The exemption con- .plltuiee a very m is taken policy from every point ot view, If. is economically un jus t ; as a m a t te r of fact. It benefits fo r the present, a t any ra te , only a mo­nopoly, and It seems to m e In clear viola­tion of th e te rms of the Hay-Pauncefota t rea ty .

"There Is, of courso. mueh honest dif­ference of opinion as to th e la s t point, as the re la. no doubt, as to the othere; hut i t la a t least debatable, and if th e prom­isee we m ake In such m a t te r s a re debat­able, I fo r one do not care to debate them . I th ink the coun try would prefer to let no qiioslion arise a s to Its w'hole- hear ted purpose to redeem He promises In th e light of eny reasonable construc­tion of them ra the r th an dehale a point uf honor,

' 'Your reference to the Secre ta ry of S ta te shows how comprehensively you have looked on dur ing th e l a s t few months . Not only .have Mr. Bryan 's characte r , hla just ice, his sincerity, his t r a n s p a r e n t Integrity, hla Chris t ian prin­ciples. m ade a deep Impression upon all with whom he ha s deal t, but h is tac t in dealing with men of m any sorts, his rapac i ty fo r business, hts m as te ry of the principles of each m a t te r ho has been ra iled upon to deal with, have cleared aw ay m any It diff iculty and have given to the policy of the S ta te D epar tm ent a defini teness and dignity t h a t a re very admirable .

" I need not say wljaf n leaeuta >and prof i t I, myself, have t a k e n from close assoc iat ion with Mr. Bryan, or how th or­oughly he has seemed to all of us who a re assodatet^-wUh him here to deserve not only our confidence, but o u r affec­t iona te admira tion.

"Sincere ly yours,(Signed) 'WOODROW WILSON."

^FRIENDLY WITH SYLVIA/’. DECLARES MISS 'Spcrffll Benrfc# of ffti NEWS. *

PARIS. Fel). 7.—Chrls tabel P a n k h u p t today denied there was any enmity be­tw een herself and her sister, Sylvia P ank - hu rs t , who has 'w i t h d r a w n from the W o m a n 's SoetW and Political Union In I-ondon.

"M other and I a re now w orking out p lans fo r th e fu ture cam paign of the Engl ish suffrage t tes ." Miss P a n k h u rs t said.

“Sylv ia does not agree with ui_ and therefore has w ithdrawn, to w ork atoi if h e r own lines with the Federa t ion In tha Heat End. It Is untrue t h a t there ts any m isunders tanding between SyltHa and m other . W e differ, bu t there le no un ­fr iend Uneea.4 Miss Pankhurst Intimated that she and Mra. Pankhurst have decided to advise the Engllah mnttanta to uta laai violence In the future, while the younger leader* M t a t« .k a« f t I i*s^ i^ ;j« jw npti5 t« ,.

. T ■ ) ■ ■ H ;


MADISON. Wla, Fc*b. 7. — A Maiv- xvidp cam paign has been opened 'VaJIealey g raduatvs in Wisconsin to raise fund-s for a 11,009,000 endowmtn l for Wellttslcy College.

■|‘he mnvemenl In this Slate vraa a ta r l- ed by tht* Madison Wellesley Club, uf v.'hlch IvIiBH Mary E. Hazehine. preceptor of the Wiscons in library school, is pres- hlant. The S la te will be canvassed by alumnae.

The cndfiwment Ir needed for a s tudent a lum nae hutldlng. dormitories, scienco building, more adequate cumpensation of teachers and to usslNt In paying the run- n+ng oxpensea of upward of 2,00 a(u- deota.


N E W YORK. Feb. 7.—Alfred J. T a l ­ley, counse l fo r Mra. Bridget PeJx- otto . w hose rem ova l by the Board of E d u ca t io n f rom h e r place as t e a ch e r In P ub l ic School 14, In the Bronx, w&a upheld, y e s t e r d a y by the A ppel la te D iv is ion of th e Supreme Court, I n ­d ica ted to d a y th a t he Intended to c a r r y his c l ten t 's case to a h ighe r court .

Mr. T a l ley does not believe (hni his c l ien t 's re m e d y lies with the fi tnte commlBSioner of educa tion , rs the f ive Just ices of th e Appel la te Divis ion I n ­t im a ted In t h e i r decision, and he will a s k p e rm is s io n to c a r ry the case to the Court of Appeals .

FOG SHROWDS VIRGINIA COAST,\f i n f ’i M ,K. \ i i , Keb. 7-—The VlrgipiR-

Daroliiia coas t whb agaiti phrouded In fog iMiU n k h t Ht’d rnrjved very RlnwlyT he fog became so thick In the harhnr t h a t ferrybontp nponiting betivepn Noe- ft-lk and t 'o r tsmuuih \N4*te tied up.

The revenue ciiir* r Onninlaka, deepltp th4' fog, went tn tlie ssHlHtanne of ll>e three-masted s<houner Helen H. Bene­dict. which, OH told, stranded .vesterdav half a mile south of the Nag a Head l*lre- saving Station



Tj^ASHlNGTON. Feb. 7.—H e rb e r t Knbx Smith, fo r m e r com m issioner of co rp o ra t io n s ; WllllAm D rape r Lewis, dean of th e law school of th e U n iv e r ­s ity of P en n s y lv an ia , and Donald Re'lchborpr will p r e s e n t the P ro g re ss iv e p a r ty ' s v iew s on the I n te r s ta te T r a d e (Commission bill be fo re a House c o m ­m it te e nex t W ednesday .


WASHINGTON, Feb, 7. —The a g r i ­c u l tu r a l e i ten f l lon bill was before the Sena te tv d ay fo r a final vole. It a l ­re ad y h a s pasaed th e House. Hy a g r a d ­u a te d aea le o( app rop r ia t ions i t p r o ­poses to h av e th e governm ent e v e n t ­ua lly a id a g r l r u l t u r a l colleges In al l S ta te s to t h e e a t e n l ot tS.OOO.OOO a year .


/VCf NEWS. ^WASHINGTON^ Feb. 7 —Presiljpnt

Wilson sen t th e following New Jersey postoffice notnlnatlona to the Senate late yeste rday a f te rnoon.

Thornaa J. Foley, Gloucester City; Jame* A- Cleary, i*ambertvme; Andrew F. Btoutt I.Awrenc«ville: William S la t­te ry, R a r i ta n ; W il liam B. Maxwell, Som­erv i l le ; R. J . Quince, Buesex. and H o w ­ard J . Tombleeon, ' Wllliamstown,

NEW YORK, Feb. 7. — Pruvlsinn was made by Justice Flljur yt-slerday for a commlpplon lo take testimony In Eng­land In an effort to iiscertnln tht> iden­tity of H. i^omnn metilloned h.v Mrs. Mabel Ward In her pull fur divorce against [resile l\ Wurd. eon of the bite Dr. Leslie D, AV'ard, flr-sl vice-president 4if the I'rudentlai InKuiiime Company of Newark. N. J

Mrs, Ward asaerlij Dial .Anne M. Daiiz. book-keeper at Die i^avoy Hulel, Lon­don; Thonjas (.,'larkson, who was <‘oac-h- maii for Mr. Ward at Burllne IvOdge. WajbrJdge, England: Thomus Wallop nf Walton-on-Thame?. Mr, Ward's business manager, find Eroderick W. Aslel. clerk of (Juild Hall rhamhere, London, and other.s are nlile lo lelS of Mr. Ward's alleged conduct with the woman. There la a list of Inierroga- ilontt accompany. Ing the application for Die appointment of the cnnimlHslon and a pholoRrapli of Mr. Ward lo enable the witnesBefl to idonlHy him.

Mrs. Ward, who before her marriage V, a» Miss Mabel Keymond, was a mem­ber of a family prominent In SummU, N. J. She marrJefl Mr. ^Vard In afteru luncheon at the AVaMorf-.Astorla Hotel, tn this city, and lived with him only a. few years. Since then Mr. Ward has Ih'ed In Europe.

Mr. Ward Inherited from his father, who died In London in 1010. a share of M.000,000. By Dip will Mr Ward was to leceh e only llO.mhI a year until he was fifty years old. when he whb lo ha've four'flfths of his share of (he estate and the privilege of bestowing the other one-fiflh as he saw fit on his death, li is iinderslond that Mr. Ward w ill contest hlft wife’s acDon.

“The Divorce Problem ”Dr. Stewart Fill Preach on Hus Subjed

Sunday Evening, Feb. 8thAt 7:4S O'clock ftt the

ilortb Rtfortiied CkurcliBROAD, near BRIDGE ^T.


“ Jesus, at the Pharisee’s Feast ”S tr« n g e r» C ord ia lly W eicom e


Hohler, Britlah eecretary and charge d’affaires at Mexico City, who will take , the'Place left vacant by Sn* Lionel Car- ' den'e ncdlSk^^rlved here today from New | , ^ >>• a gueit at the Brillah j?7mb«fl»> , k '■* ** 'np* '»r«# Ihead Impreeuilonr of and the aUItnde of pj bLIc men the Mexican problem before resuming his { duties.*' 1

CriNity £burcit11 L N., Moraint IVayer ud SemsB


"The Rights of a Child"7:45, Eremif Pn^er » d SennoD


“ A Challenge Mo the Woman- looi^f Today”

Tiufadg. Rn. I n a Ctm Marta, fnacM.

~ . -. j c Cordially Invited



la ■ pelMMrtt and atngaraua thinf. It affaeta avary erfan and fuMtian M d brinaa abtirt that Ittf aandltlan that pradlipaaaa ta maat diaaaaaa and allwiaela.

.«O O W t" raata and iiwtMt Rwa

EMMANUEL CHURCBR e fo rm e d E p iecopad

■ reart Straat and Faurth AvanuaRRV. ROBRRT W. PILtOR

wUI Preach. Fahniarr f), a t ladW A. M. aail Tiae P, R.

Topicf;•<4'he Wrrakera”

ISugeitrd by an Editorial In the Evening Neua).

"tialiert ftnaa Braataar. .V laia i Over Oeatk."

Hr, 'WUMaa A. Iliaaia w |a Twa VtellB aalaa at tha am eirtd

Softly warm as moonlit-JunelW hat could be more of a tri­umph of comfort on a sharp, cold evening in January than to be housed where the sure- heating, silent radiator holds guard in every room, beating back the frost-line and keeping the air genially w arm — as balmy as 8 p. m. in moonlit- June? That is the ideal of winter-comfort made true in any hom e by

t o l C A N yn Radiators ^ B o i l e r s

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c o m fo rt fro m e a rly m o rn t i l l “ b e d -tim e ," a n d coat wastes are prevented. T h e r e is g re a t w e arin g s tre n g th to I D E A L B o ile rs — fire , d a m p n e ss , heat-gases, w a te r d e p o s its , e tc ., d o n o t affe ct th e ir lo n g -la s tin g qu a litie s.There are no parts to warp, bulge, unrivet or loosen; put together with iron-to-iron water-ways which areleaklcss- no packed or riveted joints. AMERICAN Radiators willi their tightly screwed connections have no known limit of endurance. If you are using an old-time heater, you can have one of our modem outfits quickly put in without annoyance to occu­pants or interfering with present heater until new outfit is ready to fire.Really, if you could sec, stacked up before you today, your prospective coal, repair and other bills from old-fashioned heating for next ten years, you would insist imme­diately on putting a moderate investment into an IDEAL-AMERICAN outfit which would make your winter-life more worth while. M ake \fOUT in^dcor winttr$ softly warm <ij mo<miil-J\ir\e /Send today for "Ideal Heating*' (free) giving much valuable information on fuel economies — for homes, churches, stores, schools and other buildings. Act now!

il 7 I .1 1

AN'o.CSllS IDBAL Boiler and 270tq,rt.of ai-ki. AMERICAN Rsdiatorv. coitins the owner $ 1 3 6 . were used to hc*t thiicot- tftge. At this price the foods cm he bou|ht of any reputable, cornpetent Fitter- Thisdtd not include cost of labor, pipes, valves, frel|ht, etc., which are extra, and vary cc- cordial to climatic and other conditions.

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I 'n I l in l lB d o p p nnuT i tt l^ s for l ire arifl reiTk^iiilon. a n d h n m i? uq iivrtlprl fiyr l u x u ry a n d crimforf

I .Int Din's m n h i l a j fThwrbtlu.v, I rh r u a r y I 'i l J ubI (Fie op|»ortunli(ji for a lu n ^ a n d i te l lg li i ru l a v r r k - e n d Dnil .

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T h r i v n n h t i m tThrough F’ljilrniio kfrjillbule trslnii ami Iloy In 1''J hmirn ffoni Newerh via Ihf rf>ntrul K. H. i>f New Jersey. <ir (ha Pf'nnjsyh anta FI R,


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e i x i v i sj ^ tlAn t ic c / t y . / v . ^ -

T d* h o te l ivUh the aiHLineU>« (ee- t uroa . F p c i n g th « orR mid overlookln ic t h o famouM D oardwahk . Cvery rnnnv cDnnac te d ivlih p r iv a t e b a th , nr hn v- Ina tin* and l'• Ul running wale'*. C a p a c l i y W A L T R f i .1 n c ’ 7 BV


B«i and (re sb watar Ua(bi. l luanlng wH(er In pue«t rnb au . UafnlAvf'Rl sularium orpHooka ooeMD and hoinlwfllk. Orobealra ami aft ernoon and erpnlng da nDnx. RaM<rvBtloft« now ruode for UncolD'a and WaidiInftoD'a Ilirt t idar.

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TlckriB, .1 E- Muyr-i "1 I’Miitriii e | . . Naw - n rk , a n d Rdw E M c K tu n . 3Ui Harriaoir avo,. Harrleri' i ,


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i T f u r w i a r ^ R . P «,rMMMa. MaaeBaa,

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- i - '

H O T E L A L V O R DIB HuiKh Cltaton HtreeL

EA ST O R A N G E , N. J .A uioUern, h u u t f h k t r Emtai. Wkh

fiivikhia repuialion Utr Um (jlaanUrinMa and sycapLlotUilly .All

ounny 'tooniw, vvUnv pfl^aM C ifiR. Tfleah<ma In nvoVr fonai*. Afiarnoan tMa. HoaoolHkb!#

. , AI.VOKU. WiO: M; j'-ft.-. • t

1- ' U i d * a



Prompted Printely by G t- ' y m Sbowi G ly b Free fro n

') Cownerctaliied t v i ] . '


' A Kirvey of vlc« condltioni In N»w- ■nL inndo of ff*o Initono* uf a numf>«r of Vrivat* e{li»*na with a vltw to * do- t m o ln o t l o n o* to whfllhcT thoro ha* boon • a y police or ofr idal collualon with white i taoe t ra f f lcM ra or other* rnaaRcd In OpininOTrlallaed proatltutlon, la aald to

theve abeotutlori-Tiie Mport, It )i wW. wlIJ ih ow th a t

K tw a r k practically t r m tr em fo r m i f | demmerclal lMd vlc« mwl th a t ihef« t f * now In ojclil«nc«i praeUcaUy no houaei o f W 'fnma.

Ttia atirvey wan mada by exparta who • n f a i * d In th* aurvay mada by the

ChlOa#o Vlc« Comtnl^alon abd thoa* of oUiar d t l e i . Th«y raada a ihorouih atudy b local conditlona dn r ln i lb« month of X ofua t . laat yaar, and again In L>ecembar «»d J a n u a r y .

I t la axpaciftd tha t on* of tha prlnclp>lkl imX^__ i t i r t a of lha report will l>a concarnlnct h t f topa nece ifa ry aapaclalty for lh a pro* Mnctlon by the city of tha t c l t a i of f l r la f ro m w hom proit ito tea a ra froquant ly 4 l t ,v t> ~ ih o ae who Hva alona In t h a board* Ini^ a n d rooming houaaa and of w hom tk a ra a r a U r e a mimbari In Newark*

T h e a l a r m i n g fa a tu ra of th e r e p o r t M o o r d i n e to tboaa w h o hava ba«n In ^ t h w i t h da ta l la I t th a n u m b e r of g l r l a w h o a r e oooaalomiUy v lc loua and

. w h o y e t c o n t in u e to w o r k a t t h a i r da l ly t a s k a. U U a ta ted th a t th e c o m m i t t a l ia In p o aa t ta lo n o f tha namea and ad- i r o w r a w i th f ac ta conce rn ing th is y k a a a o f t h a i r Ufa of num b ara o f g l r l a o f t h l a claaa.; T h e r e p o r t eo n ta ln a a n u m b er of rao- o m m a n d a t lo n a to t h a munic ipa l i ty , hav* h)V i n in l^ d munic ipa l provlalon o f f o m s o f a in a r ta rn m a n t which wil l g lva U e o a g l r l a th a o p por tun i ty for n o rn ia l S ivara lona.


President and Treatnrer of Bank- nii»t Initalmeot-house R ehte

F inn’s History Before Refere.


C o n a i s ^ Men Assert Cost of T rusportitioB of E ( ts Wasn’t

Lowei^ed by I. C. C. Order.


- XITI iM out from h l i roufh n i j h t or duty, ktrotmen Holiwtir th of th e Seventh letiict w anted nothlnc mure th e n eleep I n o r n l n c when he reached hi* home H T South Twentieth etreet and went

0 T h e w eary bluecoat had bara ly ctoeed Wa ayca when along came Vito Cana o f I t t So u th Nine teenth atreet. Vito ped- dlaa coal and he we* announcing th a t fh o t i n c la r ion tonee. So loudly wa* the IMdtUar c ry ing hla waree tha t It rouaed file ofntjer .

B t S i w a r t h atuck hie head out of th e IMb I ow an d bade the peddler begone.

**You w a n t iome coal, boaa?" quei- l iM d Cena.

"Mo. I want eleep." replied th e dle- n M officer. "Ton etop your yelling ntf b e a t it aw ay from here. It 'e aga in s t IW la w to yell."

C ena clucked to hie horae and a ta r tad on l a w ay . b u t ua the ateed did not move e f y (g g t the c r le t did not dimlnlah. Hola- m r t h thr lc* more demanded alienee, icna did no t comply with th e order. Ihen, tho roughly eaeaperated. th e police­man donned hla civilian cMthea, allpped ttta lde and a r res ted the peddler.

K o l i w a r t h took Cena to the F o u r th IkOeinct Court, where he wae ar ra igned jgfore J u d g e Herr , The lew saye th a t It. iftap h av in g been notified to etop by a lOUoeman, any x-ender cont inue! to c ry da ware* , h e Is liable to a fine.

J u d g e H e r r aaid he did not believe the kddlOr w as guilty, becauie It ie h a rd to KMngulah w hether a m an Is a police ifflcar o r a plain civilian when he la a t - ftild In a night ie,

O n th e g round! tha t she h a d not p te - n n ted an y new facte tha t had not been aid be fo re th e Cour t of Erro rs an d Ap- Wala, Vlca-Chancellor Uowall l\a» danied

app l icat ion fo r alimony made by Mr*, n a K . H en ry of New York, de fendan t a d ivorce su it filed by Fred M. H enry t h i s c i ty ■ ,

T h e application denied by the C our t o f I r n r s waa made In a second eult fo r dvorce b rough t by the hueband on th e knund of desertion. Alimony wae denied I t h a t eu l t for the reason th a t Mra. | a n r y w ae receiving fP a w-eek support n d e t a n o rde r made by a police magi a- ra te . I n t h a t s u h Henry’s petit ion wee lamlseed He has since filed hie t h i r t Bit th ro u g h F ran k K. Bradner, and It la I ra . H e n ry 's appllcatton lor a limony In hla autt t h a t haa heea dented by the vice- lianceHor . T he courh however, a llowed Af counsel, John 1.. Griggs of Pa te rson ,

eouneel fee of $60.i j f r s . H enry left her huabgnd a li ttle

ore t h a n ten year* ago, taking with h e r


L>«cUHnf ( h i t lh» inv^ntm^nt w m " llliM buying mining Rtock. " A toiandBr H. MgcAdumi of rogd, Oy^rbrook.pH., president and prlnr lpgi owner of the l»«nHrupt Inatallmeot house of J . W. Greene A t'u., reviewed the flnenolwl hla- tu ry of the concern from lh« <1ste of its Incorporation to tha t im e It pagied Into the hands uf a receiver a t a pre liminary exam inat ion In Kankrujitcy before R efer re Atwood L. Dei^oater yeste rday a f te rnoon

U nder a epeclal order g ran ted by th* re faree the exam inat ion was rond iu ted by N a th a n Bllder. a t to rney fo r creditors A motion to poatpone ih a examinatinn unti l a f t e r th e election of a trus tee was m ade by J o h n A. Bernhard , a i tu fney for Mr. BdacAdams on the ground tha t the •n m e m a t te r s would then he taken up th e t rus tee for the benefit of sU i r r d l - tore . The rrmiion was denied.

Mr. MacAdams testified tha t he had no idea tha t the I'ompspy msh in Mnanolal dif f iculties umil a short time before the fa ilure. He said he waa "heavily m con­trol of the stock of the company" which had outs tanding tODD.OOd In s h a res of common, |I7,00D of first pre fe rred and IJ 41,000 of socond preferred stock.

According to tha leHllmony of Mr. Msc- Adams, m e 4'oncern was incorpnrated In February , lUOB. when he acquired a one- half Interest from J. W. Greene of Jersey City.

"Mr. Greene was heavily In deb t . ’’ said Mr. MacAdams, "and on account uf 111 heal th wanted to l>o relieved uf the N ew­ark store. When 1 went in I put In 187,400 In cash, ea did Mr. Greene, snd800.000 worth of preferred stock w-as is ­sued. The other | t 0 ,il0 i) was ta^uud to Mr. U w y e r a re la tive of Mr. Greene, who had an In te rest In th e fo rm er parinership . T he common etock, amounting to t276,00o. w as given to us as e bonus. W« oun- s ldered the net a sse ts of the business to be worth th a t amount. '

D ta ap p e la te d by leT es tm en t .Mr. MecAdama said t h a t ho Invested

In th a Qreene s tore as he would In mining s tock. He asserted that the asse ta and Itabllltles a t tha t time did not figure out a s he had expected.

"1 th o u g h t the liabilities were abou t |S75fOUO when t went In," said t h e wit­ness, "but I th ink they were nearer 1374,000. ! thought the stock represented ab o u t 187,^00, b u t now l th ink It was w o r th about 145,000. I was told th e book accounts a immnted tu 1438,000, but I question tf they were worth more th an .1300,0i»0. T th o u g h t the corporation o w n ­ed th e building and real esta te , hu t T found out t h a t It stood In the nam e of Mra. Greene."

Mr, MacAdams s la ted t h a t he thought th e common stock of the company was w or th f i f ty cents on the dollar, ami th a t the concern wan absolutely solvent.

"Bo m uch so," said Mr. MacAdams, " t h a t 1 subsequently paid Mr Greene dol la r fo r dollar for his prefe rred stock and gave him 880,000 fo r his common s to c k . '

Jn August, 1910, Leon A. W al ters , s promoter , of Chicago, and Mr. M ac­A dam s bought Mr- Greene’s In te rest for •160,0OD. A t t h a t time 146.000 of the IlfiO.lHID w as paid to the M erchants ' N a ­t iona l Bank to sati sfy a cla im aga inst Mr. Greene. Mr. MacAdams th en tu rned over th e a sse ts of Ogden & Halley of Trenlon , of which he w as sole p ro­prietor, and added them to the c a p l t ^ s tock of the Greene company.

A new orgsnlxatlon was effected and1600.000 worth of common and 8400.000 w'orlh of preferred stock were Issued Mr. MacAdams gave the o ther off icers «f the concerns a s follows: Vlce-piesldcnl and secre ta ry , T hom as A. Jaynoa of Ph i lade l ­ph ia ; t reasurer , Char les H. Cook of T r e n ­ton: directors, K. A. Durban of Ph i lade l­phia. A r th u r Gummere of T ren ton and George E. Shaw of Philadelphia-

Com m ission m e r c h a n t s In th is city a r e w o n d e r in g w h o o r ig in a ted the Idea th a t th e new ta r i f f of the tixprrae co inpsn les w o u ld m a k e a universal r e ­duc t ion In th e r a te s . They say th a t s ince FehruAr} ' 1. when the new raten w ent Into efTeci, th e cost of t ranspori ; ' Ing food p ro d u c ts stt( down In tl ie ir w a re ro o m s has In m any rsfles g rea t ly Increased-

This la. i)ari][cu1ar!y true of eggs, they Aa a h example, it la pointed outaav-

th a t prior to the first of this month r r e te uf eggs could come fruiii placea In Ohio by express for fif ty-eight cents sx- prassage and from points In central New York for th ir ty-f ive cents a crate. U n ­der the new ra te the transporta tion of a cra te from Ohio costa eighty cenU and from New York S ta te f if ty-three cents.

A cra te of exK* conta ins th ir ty doaen ami with the increase of rates, It la de- clsre$| tha t ut leart nne cent a dnien mure will havt* to he charged for the prAxliK'l. The r:iMmninBluTi men are polrrt- liiK to the additional ra te s aa a reaaott for advancing prices.

Before th e new r a t e s were o rdered by the I n t e r s t a t e Com m erce Com m is­sion fAod p ro d u c ts w e re clasaed as "genera l spec ia ls ." T i ide r thla cUssIf l- ratlon flat ra ta urns charged for egge, butter, poult ry and the like. I

R xpresa D iv ided iM e T w e ( laascs. |T he new ufi ler Ulvidstl expreaa m a t ­

te r lnt(' Lwi) ulusaeM. o n e was th e first, o r m erchan iae class , anri the second Claes Included al l a r t i c le s of food and drink. T he o rde r f ixed a pound ra te in s tead of p e r m i t t i n g th e upectal clase l- fICHtlOII.

Deiilere In p o u l t r y at td hqttev say the rnten on these com m odi t ie s a r t Utile changed by (he n e w order. In uume cases the r a l e s c h a r g e d a re h ighe r th an fo rm er ly an d In o th e r ca jea they ■ a re lower. ■

111 Ihe In le ra ta te Commerce Gominls- | nIoTj's order Is Included i» recommetida- lion that ilie conipanlra adopt a scale of ra le s for aecond-olasa m a t te r that will bear m. purcenlago relat ion to the ra te s churged for flrKt-claas merchandise. It is suggested th a t this charge bn about seventy-five per cent, of the charge for flral-ctaae traffic. i

An examination of (he rale ichedule SB prepared by the commlsaton makes It appear thn t t h t new c h a r s i s for eggs complained of are .ihoul seventy-five per cent, of Ihe clia rges for flrst-clase m a t ­te r from the same p o l ^ to this city. |

G IM BELS Eveiything Is m Favor of The Home Builder in This

February Sale of FURNITURE( 1 ) T h e m o s t s a tis fa c to ry range o f p ra c tic a l b u t

b e a u tifu l F u r n i t u r e th a t we have ever p re se n te d . T h e r e are S u ite s and s ing le pieces fo r the finest ro o m in the n e w c o u n try h o u s e , o r m o de rn c ity a p a rtm e n t, a n d fo r th e sim plest little s u m m e r c o tta g e , w h e re e x p e n d itu r e m u s t be k e p t d o w n to the low est p o in t c o n s is te n t w ith serviceableness.

(2 ) A d is p la y w h ic h lets y o u sec, in no tim e at a ll, ju s t w h a t the S a le a ffo rd s o f the p a rtic u la r s tyle s and ty p e o f F u r n i t u r e y o u w a n t.

(3 ) E c o n o m ie s th a t ru n all the w a y fro m 10 p e r c e n t, to 50 p e r cent, on o u r a ll-th e -y e a r-r o u n d prices— n o t fic titio u s v a lu a tio n s.

(4 ) S to ra g e o f y o u r p u rchase s w ith o u t c h a rg e u n til F uy o u need th e F u r n itu r e , i f w ith in a reasonable tim e .

F o r M o n d a y , the b e g in n in g o f th e S a le ’ s second w e e k , n e w g ro u p s o f F u r n i t u r e o f re m a rk a b le in te re st are re a d y — especially fo r tho se tw o im p o rta n t ro o m s— the D in in g -r o o m and the B e d r o o m .

C o m e M O N D A Y to m a k e y o u r selection, f o r , a lth o u g h the m a g n ific e n t h a lf-m illlo n - d o lla r stock c o m p ris in g the S a le w ill a ffo rd a w o n d e r fu lly rich choice u n til the v e r y last d a y , y o u w ill fin d m a n y a piece y o u w ill w a n t n o w th a t m a y be g o n e la te r.

Adam Four-Piece BedroomJ^uite, $85, from $125 Coniisiing of Tollel Table with triple mirror, Dresser,

ChilTonicr and fifll s ire Bedstead. In mahogany; dustproof construction

' Three-Piece Colonial Bedroom Suite, $150, from $240 Of mahogany; Bureau, Chiffonier and Toilet Table, with

French plate m irrors and straight front. A beautiful suite. In pure Colonial design.

Circassian Walnut Bedroom SuitesThree-piece, in Colonial design, richly figured wood;

large beveled plate m irrors and dustproof construction. Bureau, 46-in., $4S, from $60.Chiffonier, 44-ir., 140, from $55.Toilet Table, 34-in., $28,''from S3S.

Adam Five-Piece Bedroom Suite

l l l l u a t r a t c d )

At One-Third Below Its Usual PriceThis Is a splendidly constructed Bedroom Suite in the

charming Adam style, now in such great favor, and in a siie convenient for the bedroom of the average New York apart­ment. Made especially to our order by a flnt furniture concern, and priced tomorrow as follows:

In Mahogany, $122.50, from $185D ra w ers with wood k n o b s ; fu ll s i re

bedstead .

In Old Ivory Enamel, $1SS, from $205Drawers with double nickel drop han­

dles; full sire bedstead.


Isr tw o sons, now twelve and fouf teen amrs old. respectively, on learn ing of U . H e n r y ’r alle*ed relaUon# wUb & 6tl|lV wniTisn living In New York.


' 0 START WINTER CONCERTS FEB. 18T he band concert committee or th*

ommoii Council la st night decided to In- u a u r a t e th e w in te r concerts a t the H a w - i,8rne School F eb rus ry 18, when th e re dll be a musical and li terary e n te n a in - lent. T he program wilt he given hy

■ loctor’e Philharmonic Oroheetra, Thom as UcCarthy, fUite eololiit: Mias u o ro thylowkln t. a j p a n o , and Mlaa E. Marie unti, reader .

tniPlhH tlie w e ek etidlnB a t noon to d a y lOB (TefttYlB In th e cUy w e re r e ­p o r te d to th e Board of H e a l th , r e p ' re sen t lh i r aT( a n n u a l d e a th r a t e of 14.32 pe r 1.000 on an e a t lm a ted p o p u ­la t i o n o f 396.000.

T h e re w e re e lg h ty -o n e dc i i ihs due to g e n e r a l cauaes. tw e n ty -o n e to vonta - g lo u s a n d InfecUtius dU eases . iw o su icides , one m u rd o r and t w o d e a th s f r o m acc iden t . T h e re w e re BB4 traaes o f c on tag ’loua an d In fec t ious rlllfiPBaeR, a n Inc rea se of ten over Inal week.

T u b e rcu lo a la o t th e lu n g s caused t h i r t e e n d e a t h s ; pneum on ia , e ig h t , b r a in conlfest lon, s ix: incaalea. fou r ; B r lf fh t 's d isease, ten.

C las i l f lad by a g es th o re w e re iw c j i ly d e a t h s of In f a n t s u n d e r ono y e a r : one to tw o yea r s , five; tw o to five years , five: five to tw e n ty years , seven; t w e n ty to s ix ty years , fo r ty - f ive ; and o v e r s ix ty years , tw enty-Rlx .

C o n ta g io u s d is ea s es re p o r te d w e re : D tphtherlA . fo r ty * iw o ; s c a r le t fever, s ix ty -f ive ; m easles , 342, i-h icktnpox. fo r ty - f iv e . tube rcu los is , t h i r t y - o n e : whoopIpK cough, t w e n ty - f o u r , and m um ps , five. T he cases of m eas lea r e ­ported. w e r e f i f ty -seven m ore t h a n la s t week , 'b u t o th e r d lseaeea s h o w ed a de­cline.

No complaint was taken th is morning ' against John Sharkoh. twanty -th ree years old, and K a ther ine flchlosa, fifteen | years old, vrho cam e here from El tiabath , were marr ied W ednesday and s rreated | yesterday a t 191 Char l ton Street, a f t e r ' Joseph BchLoss of 224 Hfcond atreet. Ells- I abethport, the g ir l 's fa ther , aomplaloed to the F'ourth Prec inc t police. |

Bchloas aald hla daugh te r was only fif- ' teen years old and m ust have perjured herself to secure a marr iage license. The girl has the nppaaraivce of «, woman of tw enty Aa the couple had been duly i wedded by a rabbi and both declared they i were exceedingly h ap p y — until papa Inter- |

—Captain Vogel, af te r consulting with the office of the city clerk. Informed ftchlosB th a t no compla in t would l>e ac- | cepted In th is c i ty aga inst the pair.

R E LIG IO U S N o r mBtptift

FIRST BAPTIST PEDDIB ^HL.'Rt.'H'—Brnscl and Pulton

Me m o r i a lMtrsets, R«v.

Specially Fine Offerings of Dining Room FurnitureG e o r g ia n O a k D in in g -r o o m S u it e , $202.50, f r o m $305

Four pieces, sideboard, 68 in. iong, china closet, mirror-back wood shelves, serving table, extension table, W-in. top.

E a r l y E n g lis h D in in g -r o o m S u it e , $285, fr o m $450Three pieces, heavily carved, 66-in. sideboard, all-glass crystal closet

and side table with 46-in. top.

M a h o g a n y D in in g -r o o m S u it e , $ 12 5 , fr o m $ 175Three pieces, sideboard, 60-in., brass knobs; side table and china

closet, with glass back.

It a lia n R e n a issan ce D in in g -r o o m S u it e , $ 1,2 5 0 , fr o m $2,500

Fourteen pieces, of mahogany; sideboard, with crystal clOset, 60 in.; exteniion table, eight side and two arm chairs, upholstered in dark green leather.

C o lo n ia l D in in g -r o o m S u it e , $235, fr o m $350Four pieces, in mahogany; sideboard, china closet, glass back; side

table and extension table, M In.S e p a ra te Pieces

Sheraton Sideboard, mahogany, 54 in., dull brass handles, satin-wood inlay, i w , from S80.

Colonial Sideboard, mahogany, 50-in. bevel plate m irror; leo , from $72.50*

China Cloaet, half circle Style, mahogany, wood she lve s and back ; $25, from $35,

Colonial Extension Table, mahogany, 44 In.; $27. from Dining-room CHtfr Set» mahogany, panel backs, scats uphoUtcred m

dark green leather, four side and two arm chairs; $3t$* from S60.CHU-. .M. JoMiph Twomey. pastor, ilonilng wor­ship. 10:39. ElT'eTiIng aervlce, 7:45. Blbla achool, 13 M. Mr. Fred A. nunTietl, super- IntoBdent. ihvarybody welcome.

NORTH BAPTIST CHURCH—Corner Hlfh and Oranau itreeta. Bunday aorvlcei at U'.i l A. M. and 7:4$ P. M. Rev. J. W. McDouall win praach at both lervicei. Blhl* Rchool at Z:3d P. M. rhrlet ian Bndeavor le rvke at 7 P, M. MiLl^ ewl< service for praJea end prayer ThurkiJay at 8 F. M.

SOUTH BAPTIST CHURCH—Rev. Clark T. BrnwneU, paBtor, Morning worship. II o'clock. Sermon By PrnfMw>r F, A. Star- ratt. D. D. «>f Cnlvute fheolnflcal Beml- nury. Flvftrtltig service. 7 *H \ BflrfiKin by the pantor on "T]te AUking of Peter." Sunday- scliool, 9:18. Mldwtak service, Thursday, 3;4Ci. All Invited.MT. PLKASa NT PAPTIST CHL’RCH-IMIle-

%lll« avenue. upposRe Oriental ilriai. Rav. EL Ward Pk'k-.'rlng. paalor. preaches at 10:4$ A. K.; lopic, "WorkUn; Toward the Itleal." At 7:45 P. M . 1 largi! muslcBl service by rhe Choir- lllble school. 2:»> I' M. y, F. B. C. IC.. IHJri F. M TueaJay evonihf, prayer-meet- ill*. S o' clot'll. Beals free.

FAIRMOI’NT BAPTIST CHURCH— Falrtiiotint iiN’enue. near Btink nlreft. George JO. l>omburcl, pawtor. Meti " pruyer-meetln*. 10 A, M. F'rrarhJnt, 10:30. “An Ounce of Prpvcpiion. ‘ Hunday-schi'O?. 2:30 P. M. C. R.. Organ recital, 7:3E; preaohSnf.■‘When Uin B<ivh of Life Is Opened." Teacher iralnliig claos graduation. Thurs- dny, 7 ir. I’. M. All welcome. Beats free,

1‘lFTll TlAFTJHT UUrRUli-LnrayeUs and lTui|>Qi.t sirt-elp. Rev. Hamuel Alden Pfrrlns, mlnlsier. Serv U’es t'^-morrow ui hi,4,*5 A, M. end 7-L5 I’ M. ]>\ the morning ihe pastor will i reoch on ihr subject, "Tho Sun qf Lift:" In the bv' 'ii1tir 1i1b sermon will he liluHtrstad tivld sfenopRcon vlesvs. Bible schout neei i

B u r e a u a n d C h iffo n ie r in C irc a s s ia n W a ln u t — Illu s tra te d

Htndsomeiy figured wood, in an accurate Colonial reproduciion of beautiful lines; an unusual value.

C h if f o n i e r , 3 4 -in . t o p , $ 25, fr o m $33 B u r e a u to m a tc h , 4 2 -ln . t o p , $25, fr o m $33 S e v e n th Floor .

Broadway GIMBEL BROTHERS Thirty-third Street, New York

RELIGIOUS NOTICESP r e a b n e r i a n


PKUOND FRIWBTTURI a n CHURCH— Jamei Ind Wtshlnxiott etreats. l i n i n g wor-

• Evenlns, 7:4f». Rav. Dr. Pleusont ulTl pifuch. Sirojigsr* wsl-ehlL'. lUrJ

lliinttr, lAsior,I'bma.

KBWSMITH M B MO R I A L PREHBY- TEHIa N l UTRCH—lOiSO A. M. Hr InVwni pr.-*ih, =;3« f . H.. 8u,,rtav-<chuol. Men’s HIblo Dlacuaslon C.Jasa- «.45 F M., y. p. H. C. E. 7v45 P M-- sermon by Dr. Rrnoning.

TMK WEST >Rlfi8CTTERL\N CHUR' H - ftirnar of Lltilalou and BlevetUh Bvemits. Hav H* C. Harmon. mlj>lsier Bunuay wr-school a t 2:30 P. M. CjivlsRan •^ ndi-avpf rne«-Inr at 7 F M CliOfch prayer meillng 1 ues- ilay a t R F M. Seats free- BlnttigerB wsL 1‘oma-

KOBISVILI.E PRESBYTBBIAN- L'HURW -•Roa*vUI* nod »voiiur». »« '. W.

Y Ch»pmnn. U. !>■. i>o-U)r. Sunday m««t. In**' 6:tJ. Uoyf Ufuniorhood. le.so, »•>■-laan, "Ne"' BIrUi." 2 Jf. uU't« athool. V-a-hrlatlan Kndeuvor. 7:16. —rntnn. tuu r

' Tuendny. " P. M-. prnycr-meflln*. l.'ildny, S:30. Junior (7. £.

CLINTIJN AVES’L’It I'liESHVTKRI AN CHURCH I'tvner Bnuth BHUsnth Rlreol. Bervlees at lO'lfi A. M. and 7-4$ P. M. Pas­tor. Rev. Joseph F. Fnlaom. Bunasy-ichool at 2:30 P. M* Young pMplo’i moattiMl at ii:4$ P. M. Midweek uti-vlJtB, Tuesday iv*n- Ing a t 8 o’clock.


THE THIRD FREBHYTERIAN CHl'PCH- ............. ........ - ....... ■ - ^ .• ........................ kfthart I Daniel D. D., will speak In U>s morning.

8-f. LUKE^B METHUDlBl BPIBCOFa L c h u r c h —The paator, th« Rev. J. H. Mac­Donald, wDI prottch next duiidny morning on ■The DlBUm Motive." Bvanltig aubject.


C'HURCB'-iumtntr avenua and Kaarny street Bepvlce. tt):80 and The Rev. Frank Mac-- - - - . ---- 1--- nr.Broad etreet. opposite th* cliy hall. v | A-eauiv* -.......‘V’ ' “ ju,.*.-*fkftii liiglia. minister, gervlcea: Morning. G. Viael will speak at night nn •

10;3u, evening. T:45: Bahbaih-}ch^U 2:^^ P- Responalblllty for Man." Ocu.iii rnuali. Lvevy- M Prftycr-msaiing. Tuesda


UII KlflT.VD El.FH IA N El U>.Eei A -MuiJi'lan* Temple, 40| Flaiir sirveU baluei-n Wi.llutn ati<l f'ouiL Sun'lay at lu. Dlbi« study st'hoOt: 11. ■'dominuuloii lervltc, addrosa by vi’lillain Me- Kelvie "How to iIlMalh Kntrani-e Into tike Klnifdcnk of tjod'." .i>t T:Uii Sunday k-kunlnx, lecture lit fr. U. U M. Mull, ihangv an>l KlxUi slrrela. "Thf Ki turn uf Christ sn tm- Itenillng Reality," 1>y DavM Wilsun. Ah ire vvek'OmO.

cordial hivltatioi: eJtiandsil to all I h w sar- rices. Hubjecls for tomorrow's aermonJ by th* t-ttslur: Murnlng. "Regenerating FsliJi:evening, "The I'rosn of Jogus tender the fiouthern tJ-oss. up What Aro Wo Doing for South America'*’' Illusiruied.

U n i t t d P r c B b j t e r iu kFIRST UNITED P H B j a B Y T E R l A K

('HURCH'*'Bellovllle avenuo and Uouvor- neup Btrovt, R*v I. MeUay Knlpe, pmstop. areaches )0;45 A. M. 4iti ''Honoring the- - - - - - I •"

I:.!!! r . M Midweek prayar-mretlng TTiura'day at 8. AM are conitally Inrited to I itlOH BTtlieaft servlooa. | -H igh and CAiurt alreeiH


F,ord7'’ 7:t& P. M. on "Our Colleges,''^ Rab- baih-anhoql, 2:45 'P. >1.' Young peop^'s rneoiing, 7 P- M. Visitors Invited. Bvery one In church February 15.


Kcv. Jiihn J Mo-KO.Sin it.LB BAHTIST CHUHCH- I U * " ' ' T c ™ h T i r " ' s ‘ !>'"( :

<.'f>rn,r y,lev,mil end Warren itreela, Praarh- 'J , 1 Ub Haly of Hollf* ' al’>' i t ' “*P«*ior.. Bev Albert I'oeter. D. p.. j SI™.,. ' . . .hwi, ^ p. U-. rh r lu u n


MtBer'a Sor ta l Clnti H»* Hopper.An annual siiimer wee held laat niglit f M iner’s Boclul Ulub at If fland a*

1 U t k e l Th* chib I* compoied oft mployea of Miner’s Kmplre Theatre* and 1 ae a f t a t r tolloweil the ragiilar parform . ( nee In t h a t plm e. F B. Matt ie,1 $%pa^r, acted an D^aatmaslcr, and thft i peakerd Includori Thomas Miner, H a r ry 1 [adfleld, Kdward Miietler and Oeorgo ] 'arre.U, A musical program w as given

hlle th e coursen were being served.


T he h i s to ry of ham t-w ri t l r iH from th e f o u r th to th e s la t e e n th c e n t u ry will be shown, b e g in n in g Monday, a t th e P u h t l c U h r a r y In apec lm ens of hnnd- w r l t l h g done tij" -MIsb K l i i a h e th H. W'ehb. T he e sh lb l t lo i i will he on the th i rd floor of th e bu l ia ing . u n d e r the BUBpIces of the N e w a rk MuBoum Aaso- ola tlon. , ,

MlBB W ebb h a a s tu d ied h e r a r t in Burnpe, eotiylng frinn old m a n i i s r r lp t s . P h o to g ra i jh ic atudlBS by Mlsa Alioe B o u a h to n of New York w|11 be show n on th e fo u r th floor. H e r co l lec t ion In- oludea p o r t r a i t s of m a n y pe rnona ul p rom inence . T he Muacum -Aasoclatlon la alao apunartr fo r thi« exh ib i t ion .

at Ifl'SO .A M and 7:30 V. if. Mr^rnlng suh- JeL’i. ' Th* {!lu}rrh’p Bei t UofiirMiuilon to ths Kmg'fom. ' fvenliig iubji r t. ’Th* 'V'^urnlng Falh*F>)nni!i of God." Sunday-pi-h()i>l. 2:30 P. M.; I 'hrlsllan Hndenvor service. 8:4,6 P.M, Tuetstlay evening praysr-nteeiUig, T:4i.liVpryho'ly n*lfOTTiq.

I’LINTON AVKN’UE BAPTIST c h u r c h —At Fvtnthg Wonniouifi eirf*et. Rev; nilay A Vosr Ec D., liv'od In th*' i>4Jior. Gradfil Sunday school at 0:46 A. M,Vreachlng hy ihe i^astor. 11 A. M subject."Chown." Fvenlng servlc*. 7:46 0'clt>c1f,

hi' hRrge: 'The lilMe and Modom>lt»therIiouil tii' harge; 'The lilMe and Modom rrablwms." hj- PmfMsor Y. A. Starnm. ^ I - gale I 'nhenUy HpaEial musir. rhristlan rtf-avor f4t 7 1’, M Praia* and i>«yer servlc# Tues<luy e^*nlnK al 8. Ho.v Broun. Thunoliy evening Dtrangtra especially weli>ome.


T he hoard ot matiaKera ot the llclal Loan Society of Essex County will ] old a mcellnB and heniniel T uesday I f tom oon a t .tchlel-Stetter a.

T h e Bl.xth BcrleB cf .,torh will be opened i t the nieetina Monday n ikht of the I ncle Sara nulhllne and lionn Aaaocla- t Oh a t HcntKali'B hall, 2J1 Smith Ten th I ireet.

An old-tasjiioiird.Methodist revival will I e held tonlcht In the h«Benient of the 1 llghth Avenue Methodist |■hllreh. T h e I fn d ee will he led by Mr. und Mra. E. O.( luting, evangellata.‘ T he Volunteers of Anwrlca will hold

a gospel teniperunce service tomorrow In t h e i r headquarters , Sufi Flsne street . N e x t F r id ay night coffer and biine will he served to the needy and the N ewark Evangelis tic . Baml "HI furnish niiialc.

A b re a k fa s t . asBOclatlon hi " t i lch needy personH will he welcomed will be Inaug­u ra te d tomorrow morning by Mrs. r a t t l e W a tk in s Lindsay a t the (Joepel Temple, 2 k l M arket street. B reakfas t will be aerved a t S:!0 o 'clock , fo llow ing which a rel igious service will be condurted.

A lectu re was piven last night a t the h ead q u a r t e r s of the Woman's i’olltlcal Ualbn , 79 Halsey street, by Edm und Sei­del. m anag ing editor of the Dally and YVeekiy I ’eople of New York, The talk, which w as on "The Failure of Sor lallstlc P a r t y Twctlcs. '' was under the auspices o f a b ra n c h of the Socialist p a r t y . . w.

■ i t u m n i of the Newark A cad y n y will hold t o n ig h t , ih e l r a n n u i l s i h o k * at, tho A cad em y gyrhnaaiunt There will he U l k a hy "Big m il" Edwards, fo rm er

. A , 'udge Rober t Carey of. Jersey C ity and •j- F ro fe sao r Rober t McNutt McElroy of

TO T ELL OF MONTESSORl METHODFnder the auspice* of

County Tenchert ' flulld, S. S. McClure, the m s jaa ln o piihllshcr, will deliver a lecture on the Montessorl method for the education of children, a t 4 C c 'j ’rk- Wednfisdav afternoon. In W allace Hall.

Thft n*^v TTieihnil of e lameniary teach-Ing was founded hy n r , M ar la Monte isorl ftf Rome, vibn paid a rtCftTit country The- lAclure Mr. Mcf lure ftlllba illuBtraled by motion plcUirea ta l t tn In the Monieaaorl achool In Kome.^

NORTH RKFQnMED CHURCH—Broafl. nffir Bridge Mlr*n. R*v, CharlaH H. Staw- art, paMUir. At 10 30 A. M. Dr I'harlak H. Rtfwftrt YYill preach on at tha Phtr l-

F*a:*i," "Th* Dix-nree PnihlrnU wlU b* hi* *\*nlng topir, Btrafig^rs ccvrdlally

rlcf>m*dNEW Vi.'iyt .AVRNL-E REFORMED

CHURCH Sf-'v York avanu# and Pariflo atreet. R*’- IMwin Kmerenti iFavli. mlnla- ler. Mnrninir aervire. 16:40; "Naed and Supply:" e$i-tilng iiarvice, 7:46; ”Th« Bay Si’out ■■ rrHyer-ineetlng. Tueeday evenlrtg at S n’cint'h

TRINITY REl'^iRMED CHUm-H_|p«fry and llawtcins etrrfi* Rev. Charlea Reach Condit, l-rAitor. Sijth|^> xervicea. 10:30 A. M,; topic, "Thp UnUy uf ihr- Race" 7i45 P. M., topic.

....... ........ "Elemcnle i.>r (ireulneM In Abraham Uncoln.trt t b i t : J P- M. C. K. s'**peri, Tvigil lO line D ,, Mi,i„.„,.v =e.r* • “ ■ - *

The Mplrttunl 1 if®.p M SundAy-aohotil. c- .Kndtevor. T M P. M., evenhn wonhlii fciili- J<cl: "Tbs Choice nf Book* '

f-ORBBT HILL FHEaitYTEKlAN LTIURCH — Helltr uarkway, corner Hlglhlaitd a\enur, Itev Frsderlek VV. Ls*l*.s im*lur. Morning ivoHhIp. lOiUti-. aermcm lifilc.- ■vvlnoln* Men.

— ’-•I'A- tennun tuple, Avan- lanni' eraary aermun).

aab^th-fchooi. Vi M. Chnatlan Endeavor. 6;.5B P. M. Seata f'*®'?- All are welcome.

f'ALVART PRK8DYTERIAN CHURCH— PannaylvanlB. avenue, and Cllletlo plaoa. rraaehlr ig by Rev H tp ry t . 'New YiirW CUy. U A. - Z ^ lRpiloratldn nf Ballof- -fu ,Cro*i of Christ Our Lord. Bahhath school *l S F M. Christian EndfS'or mssllnl at 7 P. M. Mldwssk praysr-mestlng. Tuesday.s p ! m .

CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH— Clinton. Belmont and Madison avenue*. Oeorae Walton King, D. D.: itobert Spsneer Yimn*. B. D.. llllnlstsTB. ID 46, commuttluhKA*i?"?ero*Dlloii (V< new members. Sun-Hna recoyiiwii t;i„,4.avrtp 7:46, ner-


URACE CHURCH—Broad and iValnul »lr*eta. Holy uommiinlon, 7:30 A. M. Mat­ins. ID:B0. Choral eix'lmrlai ahO oeMtiony 11 A M. Chittlr«n’a service, 3:30 P. M. Choral bvenaonf and sermon. T.45 o'clock.

BT. MARK’3 PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CD I.'RCir —Heller parkway and Ridge ntrepl. Rev. A. W, H. Thompann, ractor, Hnly cnmmuniiin, 8 A. M., Sunday-Mhbol, 6:36 .4. M.: morning aervlna, l l o'clock; veapera, 4:30 P. M,

3T. ANDREW’S CHURCH—Clinton iva- nue a t South Sevetil«antJi atrael, 7:1(1, holy communion; 9:4^, the church aehool; 11. morning prayer and aerlnon, 7:4$, evaninng and aildreia. Rev. C, H. WoHa, rictor, 7l Muutli deveniaanih atreet. T hona ’Waverly 4!’.’2,

ST. AUJAN S CHURCH—Corner ^IrWenlha,vi*nju ani

fieeponJlblllty hcfdy walcuma.

f r a n k l i n STREET M. F. CHURCH— Uppoalte tka clly hall aonaa. Dr. WIlllaTn Waklh*. poator. 10:40 A. 51.. "PaMwlngThreu|rh ’ h« FurnacO." 7:4I[ P. M.. "Itn- luortarity," flral of a couroa nn "Life After


TIST—If Kill Hireet. in-iir isliy Jiun-doy aarvtL'aa at 11 A. M. and r 1’. .M.. fUti- Ject. iplrlt," Sanduy-»dir>Ol ut 10 A. M.~ ■ tt ing V.__ , -

90A Wlrtn I ulMlnj. (171 Broj-dif-i

Tealltnoolal matting xVednoNiluy K P. M. Rcadlng-rooni. 9DA Wtan I ulMtn^. 4171 Broi'd atreet. open naliy except itutiilayH and hidt-Rc hg-rooni.Death.'' P. M., Babbath-acbool

P M.s veeper eervlte. .URACE M. E, CHURCH—N«w Turli avenue and Atm atreet. Rev. Nathaniel Dnx>k».

tor, 10:fji0 A. M., ae-rmon by the pueinr. 2::>i J\ M., Runday-ochool. 7 P. M., Ei'wnrth League veiiwr aervice. 7:45 P. U., addruea by tha paator. Topic: ’'Abraham Lincoln ’Appropriate mualo. Everybody welcome.

SUHMEKFIISLD METHOD18T EPISCO­PAL ertURCH^Summer avenuo and Haller parkway. Bav. Orman M. tt'est will preach at lO:So A. M. on ' ’How to Make a Proa-

Th*.me Tuesday night. The MUlng. . Bubjeci. i, " rhe PnhiUislDB OROOT METHODIST EPlBCOPAlr ! T. V-.uns Pec-i.le’d Vlllan. e

CHURCH—Corner South Orange and Little- iThurauitv auiijfft. ^ I’. M.. ‘'Dhlfie HeaMug.]

dayu, froot 14:30 A. M. until ' h.8RCIJNI) CHURfK u F CUKIST, SUtlS.N-

XlfiT—Second avenue. c-..-rn4r i.*iP id? Btreel. Sutnlay service. U A auLject. "iUilrlt." Buitdasr-Hrhoiil, lt:l5 A. M. v\ ciliKSti»ty. ineellng at « P. SI, Fri-v ^uhllr r.»nrtlnB- rouiYi. Mftinp niJ'Irpti*. cutp/nie on ' ‘■iirolrtr atreet. open daily, 1.30-i 1’. M.: Tu«>‘lay unit Friday, P. Af.; aundny.-idaya eKcopted.


ChriitieB and MuROBary Alliance

toft avanveiL 'Tha Rev. L. C. Muhar, D. D. will praach a t 1D:3D A. M. on "Beneflta and the Return We Make for Them." Blble- eohool, 2:30 P. 5l.; Epworth League, $:6B p. M. The Rev. Arto A. Brown, (tecretary of the Newark DLatrIct Churoh doclaty. wUI preach at T;4A p. M.UNION gTRat.T METHODIST EPIS­

COPAL CHLRUH-Urean and Unlofi. Warren n i t a n Coon, mlnletor. Serlneu, IfiiHO. "AhM- Ivam Lincoln." Evening. THfl, "HawDiornu’f grarict Leuer." 10. Junlora and olaH iPvct- Ing. Dlhlo achool. 7, EpwOTlli l.eegue:

Thurti^iV.u (•U'Oiilu.ent-

•ri-tnon aiul te*t|mon1i*i. .tll Ri,N'. W W. Nesvberty. auiiar}nt ;til-


T K ^ u th ” ra5hth” ^ i ' ' r« 7 H " u Z w'hks7' i; iu ’»v- Msndsv svenlh*. Issgu-Rkw rsetoi. Holf 'com m J^ kllr jo’clock. Morning Prayer. II A. M., Holy ^ hou^»f^r«fi«ab1ng. ^uraday. b. rojTununlim tohoniD and Sermon. 3:80 P. M.. I

.................... BVi&unUa$'-ouhoo], 7:45 o'clock, and Sermon.

ening Prayer

r i n 'K ' H OF 8T. JAMES—OeHavIlie ave-“ • Holy eomftiu-nue. oppoffiie Taylor atreet.

nlon, 7:30 A. M. ami flral Sunday In month at g1 A- M- Sunday-achool, 9:46 A. M. Morning prayer and eermon. 11 o'clock. Choral eveneoog, 7:44 o'clock. T. Plrcival Bale, pneinr.

BT. PAUL’S CHURCH—Corner High and Market alreete. All aeata free. Rev, Htrovy

I Harriion Hadley. B. D.. reetbr. Holy rom-

loai meet'Start.

T R I N I T Y METHODIST EPISCOPAL OHiTtCH-Warren ana Wilaoy eireeti. Irvinx C. i«iDrr, mlnlttar. morning worohlp:topic. "Tbs'Nvw Gouiinandraant." 1:45. Jumur I>>ogui: atndy Sttnaay-trhoPl. Lp-Vioriii Liiuxuc \eapcr avi'kice: Mrt. R. J. Mmp- sun. leader, 7:50, e\ cnlltg worihlji: ■uld«‘'’L T h p Man m Hlaok." FfUtay avenlog m y e r anil [tqIbc mvuting. Tlmraday evening. Lincoln •urpvr. Frlrtny, 4 V. M.. young people a claw.

ROSBVIU-E METHODIST EPlBCUPAL CHURCH—4.>rabgci elreat kml Bathgate pwcl. Dorr I'-ranh Dlefondorf, fnlnlattr- Morning woritHp and jifr7n.Ort by _ tha RfY- ■


mlnlMtcr. Morning ■’The Manr

Abraham Mttcoln." H’»'enin* iservii aubjevt. "Th.'ae Men Under One Hat Mlrtneek "frilre. Tueoday at 8, conducted by tha mliiiHiet.

t i tnn f4pimjiae to the un- FIRST' REFORMED CHURCH—Clinton Fire rauerr t a t ki'.' -!"hn..>n *v*nuf«. H,v. O. M. Tr.m*-

occupied hoUflA oT tMlIlam t . -ruft 1 dale. mlnlHirr. Morning Harvlce a t 10:4$;in Jftlmacm «v«*TUie fur ly Inat nignt. i topic, "Men and the Chupch," Evening *Liae wae ubdlacovered. The houee wae nt 7:45, loptc, "The Real Problem ofI n! 1 « I f «b .n lev and w as hie home the Modern uhrlMlan " aunday-fchoo) atbulU by Mr S’haniey, ann a ^ Midweek prayer meeting anduntil he moved to New ^ o r k aome umes rueirtey evening at i o’clock.

P. H. SlMweck tervlco Tueaday, P P. MCHIGKT UEKOKMKJJ CHURCH—Corner

Waifhlnginn and D^lavan avenuea. Perrlvul II. Darker,

dn-v.achool. 4:30, Bndekvormon 'The Midnight Sun." Excellentmuniu. All « « ' “ H«arty welcomerer ev*ry ene.

f*ARK PROaUYTBRJAN CMURFH—Fpllevllle avenue enrt Kearny "f***; J"*'"McDowell, paator. J . __ ____ ______eermon. "laryiUy anrt Rellalon. Bvanlo); i, a . m . aunOer-*ebool p:3u A M.tarvli-e, 7 4$: writion, "Abranam Lincoln. Morning prayer and aernion. lUi46 o'clOi-k,aecond In Iho Mrlt" bn "Chrlst-inadf Mon. Evening prayer and »*.rmon, 7:4B o’clocL.Next Sunday night Prufeaaor Robert H. | lervicea by arrangement.Nlrhola of ■Thtolo^oal | t RIMTY OHUnUH-Mlllrary Park He.-, j BdVV’' ctW Mid

LMarcor Oreon Johnaton, rector. 6 A. M., holy aendca fOr woronlp Tuoaday avefilng atI commuidon. Morning prayer and aermon, 11 u **i ^re froe. ohd atrangcra aru cvrdDo’clock. Evening preyui* and aermon, 7:45 'jiy j^vltad ti* worlhlp »Kh ui. u’cltHk. SundayeBvi'oijI fl:45 ^ M.. In Trinity mai^KY MKTHODIW’ EPISCOPALHoui.‘. All welLVm*. New choir .Inga | ^ S t ^ H S l H a l a S Srrttf Naw atreai

J.mr* 3 * r ton hewerd fa. D„ p**iur. I>:1«)A mV ** •moBtt,

S01-1V;TV u K FIMENDS rUickaUei hoht iTieoUug wery flrat aay Jrtutidaji un«moon *i 3:3(4 p. H.. at office of Dr. II. M. '('i.oulmau. 54 ThiPteeiilh av#r.Lw. Everybody vsrkonie.

SOCIETY OP KHIUNDS i^jiUiodaxH* k^gujar .iK-eUiigm m i* .>• -I. w I’ lr^i Diiy iSundHy). kt i. Si- C- A. IfiilltJIng. 1IJTHaiHpy Kir.*ei, l^tmt Un.v ft-T M'luHaat 10 A, M. Chlidren, t0.l3 A. M. Eviry- biidy ivclcninw

Chrittiu AuadaHonsAT THE Y, H. c. A.. li>T Ilalaey atrwt. un

Sunday arternoon at 3*45. Falher LUl >ou Daywin til' obaei'tL-d. Meeting foe iathgrjf In gymn. Addre^i by Klcliard UennoK-

WYTCdSd IL. aaiva* *m e . iivee »..ep l-I'rowther at IDJK'. EK'enliif *or*hip *nU « r - mui, »i 7:d5. KH5 A. M. M*n * A«eml.lY,

j ;|:S1I r . M.. Sunday-echwl. T P. M.. Bpeortn

welcome In all aervlcaa.MEMORIAL PRKaBYTiamAN


fjom fomt^en lo twamy in Wallace Hal. Apollo Malv Miuarivt ulll alng* LuiilIi at 6 l Jl. A I! men Qiwi boya Invllod.


t r u t h —fPrvk'M Buiidtiy* s P M.. In (Jarflohl


C H U H rn -^^uih Orange avenuo and Hevpnth

Andrew S. Zimmerman, mlniaiar; h-au.Junior Kndeavur: 'William Deater, leader^ 10

M.. men'* half-hcur prayer 1«:^a»‘(mou. "Why do to Church at Allt -:JOrvlce. lu 8d; aubjoct. "The ManUneaa of

Kvijilng aervice. 7:10; young p o ^ •’8 meeting: ariilreee by Rev. J»rne* R. ^Bhleldi. iuiierlmeiid-

Kbclor preochea at both aur- |

ent AnU-SatonBefore and After oodTrea ted Hlui.'

In the «\’enlng.vires.

gT STKPHICN'fl EPISCOPAL ('UVRCH- r«rner rilnLoil and Elliabeth avenues. Rev. IJdinutid .4, Waasjfi. Ph. D , roLMor. Stir,day fervk’sa: Holy cummunlon at 8 .V. M.; morn­ing aervlca. with lerTuone at 10*4,1 o’rhick;

poet roonu, 24H Mark«t ftieet; nfwaker i irt moaium, Mph. 8. Blnru. CIrolo, WedniJlNUy #vb at 471 CHition ava.. corner uf Hunterdon atreot. We eatend * nma: hearty lovUaiion to all sincere irulh knd gplrltuiillatjitn rnvet with utt. Come frirnda and atwrt yckUr right aa American cUlaefia to g-orshlj. iecord- iftf to tha dktalaa o( yuur coneclence. Ad- mliElun free.

M i K c U u M o t

"riie Chlidho^ B***’'” ' “ rte*'V gtrrvka. 7:45 P

tvu VAe wm, ,- rm - - - - - , IHUC* HBSI MVac’Jui* ■* V.MI enplaneOod Help* the Oh'«r. 12 U.. unto iltt nS»1»B of oOr Lord Joi$tl i^rlal.

OOfiPEL UDCTING HOt’SE-ChadwIck av»- CbrUtlana gstherad

i« r gtrrvwa. 7:41) i Ma,ti. avll, and xx. Ma#t every laord's Jay i t - P. eermoin, ’The | ( , break bread and wefahlp (Jed. Xel*

Hr.llTH PARK PRPSRYTEHIAN CHLR('H I e.enlna Mrelce n< 1 W e'elcwli On (lie Orel BTOa"at olinion avenue. Rev Lyrr^li Whit- I Ulinduy of the monlll iillddare. „ , w i i , , , .... ......................... — Lommunlon,

ptaior; Mr. Chariot F, Buck- j Sunday-fchf*®! at h P. M. ley. a*il*t*Bl. Mornlt-a wor*h|l>. •(;'.- | ^T. TH'JMAf-'S CllUKCH-rnrl. end R m -teoi. "Th« Habit of Service.'* Evening eervlcc j avamiei, Rev. John B. Atkinson, racteir.In 84>uth Park Memorial Cliapel, .nouth ana ; fjunday aarvlcea; Holy communion. t», Sunday*v_aa*.iLLu ■IlKliRiit "ThA CllM' BOrV IflS . aiJK- maPliIPndr -----' - “ ** - -*

aso.Houae" Chapel F*.bbalh-»chool.

- ;h-i-----.a*. * u . . 4*, 4he ClalNTON AVENire RITFORMUD rHUftCH i-aHah Pahhftth-arhool al 2.4ft P.child pUytng 'A’ith m o t c h « tp i _,-n„iun avnme and H4!*ey Rev. Al- servlet on Tttcaday •\tnlng. cond

hnrrtP nt Wljjfam SIftfftiBon on the aat : -! k-nua ■!. uro*^k. minUrter. Crayon In t^ i lec J #1 - tftJi Weat Kinney Htroel |tur.‘ room at lo A. M. Morning aervice, lu:8n

ond floor oT 1” - h a h t da ruase ' hi. Rev. o. u Clnte will r-reach. The anni-cuusrd a fire which did eDf ^ | tJ■|^ary exerclte# of iha Ilibla achool at 8 J last night. I # t e r . the f iremen ^ e r e cau ^ ,\nrtvvj-sary day of the Bc.v Scout* w| rd tti a amall blaae a t B03 Clin ton axe- ibe obsened at 7:4V JThe ^pattor will preacnue.

Fifo today a m o h i aom® rh a r lea Cullle'a ofUar. 22* P a r t o f atreet,


nld dttjnage of about | I 0 .= F

ti-hary exercltea of tha Dibt* ochOQl at 8 p.— ‘he Bc.v Scout* will

paitor will preach -.. Dur I ’uty to the Royf.’ The quartet will he a«l«ed by Mr. Henry W Jordan J r , ‘cel- llit Chrletian ■Endeavor voiyeri at 7 P. M MldviOeh service Tuesday. S R M. QiroAgera arc cordially Invltod.

Methodiil P roteitut

eervlrt on TueidiY e.enln*. conducted by Rev Robert BeoU Inglll. All *re melted.

f i f t h A V B N l ’ E p b b b b y t e r i a n t 'UURCH—Corner Roseville and Park sve- hueo. Bav. .Toseph Hunger. mlnl*ter. Main atuS latarmadlita department* of Sundsy- Mchool 1:1* A- M.; morning worihlpi U ; ierman "Tha Valley of Weeping Made Into a Pile* of Spring*:" pnimary and kinder­garten department* nf Bdtiday-sehool. 2:3P p M ■ jdnior Chrlatian Endeavor. 2:30 V. M ; ChrliUan Endeavor, 7 P. M.j gvanlng wornhlo, 7:48; oermnn, "Love Coating Out_ _____ ,_.»wlr.a eiAety Av fi p

:d0 r . M surmon. "The iJr*aU»l Thing Man Ever Did;" M. I rnyrp fonflrmitlon cia**, ih4lrMctU>n. J- Ivctun*, 3:4i:

evening prayer and termon, T:4,V Arrhdvacdli McCleafy. preacher. Everybody welcome to all *trvlcei.

1.-:HI:RCH o f 5T. MARY MAGDALENB-ro'ruef of Po.TiOna avrnue onJ Hedden terrOoa. Wee<)uahlc section. Holy communion. 7:30 A>

' Fcar.^ Pr^ayer - aorvU-a, Tu*a<5ay, 8 Invited.


W n c e t o n . Oymnaelum a r d u rea l l ln u t e a m * wUI ahare In the enUrtatn inont.

r W o i o a n Sii/fr*S«’“ will be the euhject o ( a d eb a te tomorrow afternnon a t the O w r t Thea tre . The meetlni! will be LlllWian a t £ o'elook. Uf. Wlll laia 10.

fi t Kaat Orange will uphold the «f- „ t i v e and former Aeeefnblyman John M atthew * o t thla oily will lake the itive. Tlie meeting ha s been ar-

by the Soelallat party .. Jtyfatigementfl a re being m ade fo r the

a j in u a l dance of the Hatoohlah Ztoniat Soc ie ty to he hold March 11 a t th e W aah- iDSton. Thla. da te la the ev* o l the Jew- tail ho l iday o f Porlm. Th* cownll t tee In c h d W conalste o t M lt ie i F a n n y Opee- -tnCi' jBatma Jennla. Mollle K au fm an .

KlelB and Roe* JJahelat Bomnel # LM SbM . Jaeob U/betlttn, E l lao ^ KeJi-

t o r , - l f « x S lnxer a a d S y l r ao U. KohB.

REAl ESrmj;OR SALE---CinDwellinfe

R#v. ascfitipn thrrp* ‘Limiting Almighty 2-80 P. M,. fhibbuth-srhon!. T F, W.

0ml.-- .LLI . C. B. t nl

I' .aRUAIN-Three.family hou»e; fioutli Seventh it., nv*i- Central ave.; 15.2001 IUH* c*eh re-

i ulretli » u nulcV. WglBB. IttO SiTlnaflelil »ve.

STORES, OFFICES, ETC, TO LETgl'RINfSFIKLD AVE., 7*1. at Tw^niy-flr«t u. ■- Ktorr*. T<» ft. tong. r*nt *J6 month. En-

gi-qvar uj-iitAiri, \an Bprlngn*ld gv*.


FLA TV. 1»3 Thiriflsnth avt- ; 4 rbomi, pantry, t)2; ai*« &4 Stirling «t.. ft rcomo* bath, tm-

provypiflnta. ram $K.

FURNISHED ROOMS TO LETPAIIK AVE.. 4T—Nktiy fumlib*J foont room*

oorand floor. H«at«d, far iwa fOBtUmea: cMipIo, or toaobora

tna*Urta- 7 45. avrning worthlp. Mrmon ihiniA. ■’Rffmnanta” Tuesday, 4 P. M.. Jr. (' H- 8 P M.. prayvr-meating. .Ml paws fr*e. Von iir« Invited.' METHODIST PROTHBTANT CMAPtJL— BragAw avcnu* nnd Dewoy rtraeL 8:80 P. M Sabbath-whool. 7 *0 P. M.. flong aer­vice and prrachlng. Both sarvicea In Eng­lish- All are Invited.

lod«p«iid»t Methoditt

| l | |X iBTTERIAN CHURCH—I.a- irtw* U*tl*h a trerta Rev. Robert R.

Llttell. mlnlater. Morning worship and Ju­nior church, 10:80: -S abba th -y^o l , 2:80 P M ; wonvah'B Bible cloo*. P. it-,teachers' elaae* B:45 P. M.; m ens olaoo, 4 o'clock; Chrlatian Endeavor meeting. 7 o'clock- evening worship. 7:48. iloroing aarmon wubjecl. "Th* Sympathy of «!hr1*t:’’ evening. "'Will AUenrtlng <'hurch Hav# a “f a n ’" Prayer*m^etlng Tuesday. I P. .M.. In tb* church, and WednMtlay. « P. M.. at 183 ■0li«lo'*’ street, . lu^or t^hrlatlan En­deavor maeting, B:3d P. Annual fair and mipplr. ‘Thursday and Friday, « to I p. M. Strangers welcome.

THU OLD FIRST PREERYTBRIAN CHURCH—Ltoad alrerl, on# block from Mar­ket gtranfei^ welcome at all oervfcet. Dr. TV i Dawson will preach at A. M. anti7 4ft P. M. Evening lubjcct. "Templatluti."

’ All d«T»*ftmant« of uw- Sunday-»cbi>ol at Z;.*®, * oxeMlfng the adult Bible clk«a at i. CbriBlIan 1 Bnrtoavftf at 6:40, Tu««lay at 8. annual oocUl I gathorlits of church and co:igrcgat1bq. .


itraeL tonight goepeJ tentgewo*- ®unday Tyler siraetA Newark. N. J Rev. Andrew■I 10:80 A. lil. Sunday'icbDOl. At 8:80 p, M. H. Reilly, Minister. 8:45 A. U., Junior C

J. HutCer will lead a tong ksd p ^ t e G, i ^ l e t y . 10, Bretherhood- 8:18 P- M-._ _ -a -a-.-. < ftenlor Q. E. Society,tbou and

IKDLFENDBNT METHODIST CHURCH ^ 44-68 8teuh*n street, EhsL Orange, War­ren or Central car* to Steuben. 10?|0 A. Tf . the Krt . R. Newton Salter. J:*0 p. M., Lord’s Day School. Tj45 P. M-. t h e ' TTev. rharle* F. Nettleehlp. I P. U.. Tunitfays and ThvirtdayB, meeting for Christian help. A church of perpetual revival.

Vf^natten of Aacriai

M. flunday-ichool. 0:45 M. Morning PPaygf and atrraoii. 10i45 A- M FAenlng oervlc*, ililrd Sunday eJLch month. Parish meeting, third Wciine*.iay each month. Parish room ti-*erv«d tor young rrupk every MoqiJay aveiA' ing, Hoy Cadtts Tuesday evening,Club Friday evening.


lerrlca. At k P. M.. Caytila J. B r a m wlU Babbath-echoel. lead an oW-tUB* Balvatloa B M P - -cema

BMtie. AU web 1 T)4t, Teunt yeople'e rally "Cna* Ihou f - -r I all thy twa**.” Btraaaen laatfa wait

. . . f • .>■ ar ' ,v- - , ..t'. i- ' , «L,t d-i.-.T *

BEU-KV1LU$J -*A\h:.NUK CONORBGA- TlONAL c'HUncH--Oppi»»tte Crlt ttpMn Kireefr H^v, J u/tifh a . Solandt, minister. SuTitlay morning •crvlce. 10:45. B4bia clautoi, JS:l5. Humiay-Mji.inl, J. Christian Bn* deavor. 7 Rvrning '•drvtce, 7:4i. TnekdAjr evening msstliiH. E.

THK FIRST fXi>;(JRE(IATlONAl* JUBS?iEMDRiAL n i i ' n r u - c n n w n Avenu*, earner fright t . AlrJ Moffgt, mlnloter.

Morning worehjp At u o'clock: oarmofl thrat4. ”ProtestaniUn» uml It* F'UuK* (7|." Evening devotion* at T 4.' o clork; another "Modvrh ifON’emviils" BrrvLi'c. AddreAoaa will be dollv* t-rsd l‘v Mi'k Restrlcr Henry. mlperlnteTWloiit welfare dfjiarrmrnt of ih« t*. RAmborger itore, iind Mis* V. iianiday, sxten*1dd MdreUfy or Y, w. c. A. on ‘-Woitara work Jb Out btorot and Ficiorle*,' traded Suoday-ochCkrt III M b o'cloev. Christian Endeavorj^l T och^* Ttei ate aitvay# weltome at **Th* Frlaodly Churcll,

g;4Q P. U., l/togue ^M.. iervlce Of aong. n -- — .....Hoy and Big Btnlher, ■ 8 P. M,, Mo^sy. mt, *jui vii.genafal Frid-ii 1 INTBftKAtKXNAL BJDLK STUDENTS'liottr -of l^ayw- « wpisJI'’ itov ArnoSt,League. 7:30 P. M.. Friday, Boi 3i.ouW A Brtiwi •trcel. entrance nn»t Haloey o t w l cpfdial H-eh^me to tli- . Bunday. February S. » P. MT. ’ '•AL MfJTHODIBT ---------------- - - . .. . .e w r u ^ S ^ f t a v . , t . Murkland. pafltcr,

A, M.. Boy. - J ames K

KPISCOPAL and. pAfltor.

ShleldA SlAleiuMrUiUnAeiit of'Anti-Saloon League: kub- J I K "Out Program ior i i i i . - 3:16 P. Sunday’Khc*n1 Moolon. Tho pastor williVirday-Khwi' 'eeaatnn- Tjwteaeh th* Barean cla** and eenduat a dU- eiOTlon on -Ttia Klr tdom of Ood." Kou-orlh Laaiua veeper oorvU*. Bpeoker, Mr 8. M, Tynloon. Newarh dlntrlct fh-eel- *j»al. ■ T:fS P- M- the paaior will preaoh hahJeet, "The Comln* of Sin." Titeoday, «**L.e M ,r A a. _ * I .. V 0e.d.iA4P Jp, churchypray*r-m*et|ng. Friday, 4

l«y. hjWMiU

Junior Bpworth Laague.

Unhrm iliitN T.*-V - ..................

Bunday. February $. Mr, F. C, Detwiler of7 p, U, Kuat* free.


. . __ dlw'eurOv byUroeklyn. IHble eiuoy.

No cellectfoii................. HOMF.-'Ift Srlng

sUeet* Meeting** Sunday. 3;4fl and 7:4& F.M. Rwther B. Y*. Davlei; of the Souih Parx Prttbyterian Church, and Brothfr Jam**Wgrd. uf the Csmral pn-isbyieilan Churrh *11 f be llrt aveakars. tb r s f men ar* well in enJ*ilou work In thi* cUy. Mya. muef. pienlft.

CHlLDlfi?N’a TEMPLE. Inc., undMomtn- jUlonnl^-aiia East Kinney streeL Childrah s Church tefvice Stamlay evening, ^.IriMpti Wild* will be the spenkar. CltlMrso nf air creeds con be b e c o ^ uith - Children's Tetnpla, 'Weakly

Om m IEU bti> nw.i: lAhcbtn Sunday.• ' w . fiSSi R i ^ W at n on "Idneoltt^i Witt."

• ^oad "JHd will read "An Original LlftcolTi Story" a t T'4$, dua r te t slnga; My Old 'Kentucky Homs- le a ta and a welcome Cor avary vis­itor * Com* to our chu^h Sunday. 4vtry Snnday; but ePimelaMy Ftbruary U.

• .iiiiuii'/i <" TcTnpl-*i -• , “‘ _'v4a«li <«r ewtiliw tiharte* W. UilwiFd* *nd Joeeph WllJe. HupeHn-Laniianti.. All are wslot^irte. s

Ewt O n i« *

Free MethodtitFIRST 'FREE METHOnCrr

I* South Twelfth Blrest, cHf» vices .^ s belns cotidttcifd by Rev. »•Olmstead. tjeiieral Confaraitco Kvgi|t*|Ift pf

Bight egcoiNChicago, tu,. every Dcilicntjon Mrvlot* of hbw oburcBa FebruaFT 12. 3:3» P. M. AM 'ST

lee "CThrMlan n u t t - ” a . X.II WSIW0IW**

^ n d a y momlftg, *'Clir|bdgllAlbaugh, pastol'e

W m a a ’i O v i t t i u T n a p w u c cSpeOND W. C. T. Ue—48 Bsllavlllfc avenue.

Meeting Sunday 4 P. U, In charge nf Q. W. Thomas. Bbv* Mr. MarHat will tpeak. Miss Hubb* wllk alnS? ^ > Frldsy 4 P M.Praise and tgntlmony utaeilng, Friday » P. U

ROSEVtLLB WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEUPERANCE UNION—1 HumhottU streei. Meotlng a t 4ii*; speaktr, Mr*. Staphsn Horbaq* tba First -l l s t |od i* t Episcopal Churcb. Orango, Evarybody invited to a t ­tend-tvcrtiAK’B c m h ib t ia n t e m p b r a n ;k

UNION, 12S llulborry at. Tonight, praise strvloe. At 4 P. H. tomorrow, Mr*. Kenney will rofhtuct tho aorvle*. At iho evetilng meetldc Mr*. Baldwin nr Union No. 2 will pra- filde. Kv*nr oj*« weleoBia.

W. t?e T, V. No. i will conduol t wntard 'me- ntorlAl aorvtce on Friday. February 18,M.. at yflS fftmth dtxlti ttreet. Mrs. M.'itrt-lne. ooBiiiy jffeWehlr I f a . M. L. Jehnatog. KM. t , OM pLher ihtsrsii'havt booB w v h il Cordial invliat

ihnatoS* Mroi a r f c "

MX NN AVKNUE P R E i B B I A NcHiJH('Hw-i*oi'ii*f Main fireot and Munn avt-nue. -lOiit kT^lfaf'utriF RerviL'SS at 11 A& aC, tail o P. n- in*Idem*' ot th* iSj'Dertrta" In ‘•'•-V:*?*!!*-,’ej.„?S?f.nreaeh ori: "The B*!l*ion of Unoolh.

FI118T CHURCH o F iC H W S T , SCIKK- t iS t^ » * i o i i in i i . M« M»lfi »ire*t. Ijf-

’/.tln^rw.dnewiai'. a‘„ * P; .,»■ibject foi- teBWrre*. ipIrU. n e e d l f t ' » m w an M i r t n m ! to » eieopt ^ n -

L y a and halWoT*-

O r u f *

E S S ' iSiiTw to" "tpw * • ’ ’■fcS:d a r^ M l

optB eeetr w*ii> 4 a ( t l in a M t r e » f le » r r . <

r i M T c h u r c h . Oh- CHRIST, 8CIEHT1IT.

leader of rean Eip


ftm O A L

In Conner C oun ly" m Public Well m ee t in g ui ing the* pri «f d ep a r tn i meinl in th« te rday a f le

Thu prr>pi n l d p a i Kea whic-h hao BlTtillar lu o th e r citlea, trig by Ka 1

Tho iiIau u n d e r Dr. c o u s ia t ln g al t coun ty AUporvla ion wllh Ita ol am ln u t lo n tu t lo n s . CO ■ympathot ii toachera at aucceaa of

Dr. Aller tho flxaniin vest iga t lo i ) n o t l i i n ^ HO met hodH et ami In all tho off lcU ' am In era. 'I au b m i i te d Dft r tm enti clnrn I f I will be giv4 them. If will not be

»ib«En answei

V. Hanibiin Trade, to tl Nowfirk are Oil In the c If thin ueri ihcuhJ knov many ln:pr< made hy tL oelvca unde This, lie mil case In St. of which cl accord u l th

I>r. J>ubai committee, to confer t gnrdlng the ed th a t th< willing Lo

i l Waa tl th a t the wo "by the Vr'Rlf t lructU 'e ra

Among o Dr. (“hrl K Averlll of n ITnnness, ( Avenue Brii ic c re ta ry o CharUles; ! rivic Club I dcr and Jan Board of T;

Tho local the directloi who waa aei Commlaslon

It develcF the county the bureau county aff* only at iht paymant by Involved- 1 nation will men, who h private resc

The welf WAS in rec< Auditor Alt hla hearty and express action of t


Approvini In n repor Child Jr., e "Walker has of Mrs. In town, lent!George o. 1ax-parte

Tlie deer custody of Rudolph S[ achool a t >layne retu: tan ia from Bailed (or ! upon the cc

T h e ' def d ivorce pe' llsch, of i the pet l t io i 27, 1907, ai in May, II m os t of thi the h u s h a prominent, he r m ar l La monthB.

-Ajnong A a s to ry cui of C rown and th e Ci ■were fourn In a h u n t s u b u r b of ago.

The bl H a y n e ' s so town, glvei an "Alm a a s Vienna, w as m cre l gpe l l lng

While M re c e ip t of Austria, eh w h e re ehe In g m tn ia t


The mot] Thom as Scl peared aga1 Third Free d a r e d he r and blamed turea,

" E v e ry t a moving p bonte what part icularly ha s witnea w an ts to b geld he wa by th e th ro to m y rea« choked me. dren by hi nia/'

" I th ink gtra lghteo gazing ater Roosevelt’s

■‘Well, I lonig." inter band plead punlahment

The com mother, re days.

MAYOIB aglnnlr

51 O'Brien Counall, V

llTtg, WflOa'vBcation l$anied by to be awi

Mayor I Tacatton t years. Ms one of Mr but Mr* H Southern

3Mr* O’BF

esi 4otini bad.

BorBound f

deBoalt 9 1old ICharli avenue im Charlaa'B police are e l ib t fuel Macli derl b1u« troui 9 t beard*





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ly tfi’haAt; l\.VViUlBiii Mc-

lltto Ili« niiay k'«nfn|i.

u^arwti' ftni hr(«t an Im-

leon. All ir*

1ST. HCir^N- Y littll. Kuti-

l'. W., fttli- lit 10 h. M.y « y. M. >r, tin BrrtKri ttyx ttnij bi‘11'1- . Ailist, a c t sN -,ur Iti9:eL‘t, ' iltlirlt."

\S psjutftd'lrty IHIt,- rAmllnK-* All 'iiir>i1nA

Tu«^‘ia.y and y.H unil hoU'

r Alliance.VKY A l-U -

HunH«y ««r-At>. >-t't' iA.. -fU« ri(HjU»)• le'a Alllftnin. Ilidi

imonira. .vll

irii'koliei litklii I iiri>Tnovii hL M. Utiulmau.

y \^fk'UWe,4 JiUiOd«) >w.

- V. tj i-'lfrflImilsling. 1(TT

i>] f(<r ii'liiiU . U. Kviry-

osslaay atrvL-t, unr \ OA Day Uier« tn (fynii)- ?rtinie foi* buya Waijince Hmll.

B 1.

LrUHT ANP Vf.. in iJarnrH

Mp«ak«r vVadiHiBay Ilf Huiitvrsloiia n y UsvliailontU nvkrltuHlfaiH:n<1 aiWrt ycMlr ruruhljp acuoril- inacktice. A4-

rhadwlek Bva* itlana irather*d

iaaM Christ, ■ tjonj'a day i t -

ill> 0*d- Acta

r AM- xp%ai. atrstt.•tv by aiUBy.

dran’arltjrk. liUraa ifK ue »ctin|


T T s n I A N an4 tlunn «vt- aw aur UMrtk.

H P, M. Tha a; “ CntUlfUlBiJ r Bahttlt artlJ dncoln.'* iiST, ac t^K - ' in atreat. I^y- 1 A. M- Ben-

XcstlmBnlAl H, Liaswn

li. - Aaftdjlf ' 9 sTcepc B n -

T. gCIEATlIT, ar Ucin fUMH.

and B K ^ U . '• ip l r t t - IhiP’ :1mnhy matillif> iadtnff*^on0 m

t n . '.Vi- Z i .


leader of Municipal Research Bu­reau Explains How EfficieBcy In­

vestigations Are Conducted.


Tn connec t ion n i i h th e "K n o w Your C o u n ty " m o v em en t propoB**d liy tho Pub l ic W el fa re r o n im l l t e e , an ejterutlv^) mt-etlriK waa hrM by Uiosf* (ot^alder- ing th e p jopona l to co n d u c t u su rvey «f d e p a r t m e n t s of th e couti ty yovcrn - m au l In th e B oard o( T r a d e toujna ye s ­te rd a y a f te rn o o n

T he propRftam?tt and p lan of th e Mu- Iticipai J te sea rch Hutl-ru o f NVw York, wlik-h hae c onduc lcd tnvestl(fiBli>n* Blnillar to t h a t prupo.vtjd here In fifty o th e r ci ties, w a s expta lneil tu th e nieet- Uif by l la leader . Ur. Wil l iam IT. Allen.

The p lan propnin-rl liy tlie co m m it te e u n d e r Dr. A l l e n s d irec t io n Is twofo lu , coiiHlstlnff f l ra t of an exam iria l inn of all co u n ty d e p a i lm e n t s u n d e r the a uperv ls ion of and In fo-operuUOii witl i lla off iclain , and Hccotui. an ex- am lt iu t lon of bcIiooIs a m i oti io r In s t l ’ tu t lona , co n d u c ted larKcly ^vllb (bn aym pa thB tIc a as is tu n ee of p r inc ipa ls , ' t e a c h e r s a i;d o th e r s In te re s te d in (he AUCcesB of t h e i r own w ork

Dr Allen e inphaslzed th e fa c t t h a t the exam lna t lo t i would n o t he un In* veet li ra tlot i an d th a t th e re would be n o th i n g d a n sa t io n a l o r a ec re t In the m e lhoda employed. Tn each InstmiLe. and In all de{ iar lm ent8 lTive3iit4'uted. th e o ff ic ia ls wil l woiU w i th th e cx- am lners . T he flndliiR'e of these will be a u b m l t te d to th e off lch i la of the de- n a r t m e n t i conce rned , fo r th e i r c r i t i ­cism If e r r o r s a r e illsoovored they will be g iven un o p p o r tu n i ty to rem edy th em . I f th i s is done, the f indings will not be m ade public

Sbow of <«ood Nehoola.In answ er to a etaleuif’iit by Augustus

V. I lanibura. president cf the Board of Trade, lo ilio effect tha t ttie achuoia of Newark are tlie most eff ii lcn lly fonduct- ei! In the cminlry , !.>r. Allen s ta led tha t IP th is wera «o the rest the country •houhl know of It l lo w m e r , he asserted, m any im provements i.nulcl doubtless be made by the teaehmK faru ll le s tliein- aelvcs under th e direction of an expert . This, he fiaid, had been fiajtid to he Ihe esse In ML I jouIs and Bifchester, In l>oth of wiDch Hllea teR<hi'rH had worked In ei’cord with the. hu r ia ia

l>r. I,*ibun W. I>ftiiriia. p res ident of the committee, and Edward Blau, appointed to confe r witji (he county off icials re* Rardlng the proposed e ram lnat lon , rep o r t ­ed Llmt they had found practically all willing Lo co-operate

ft Was the sen t im ent of the meeting th a t lh« work tif the bureau, as proposed by tlio welfare commlUee, would be con­s truc t ive r a th e r t h a n ctil leal .

Among o the rs iiresent. in addi llon to D r ‘ *krl !■:, McCombs and 'sVllUam H. Averlll of Dr. Allen’s e la ff vvero ('. Ervtn Wanness, principal of tli© ivlghleenth Avenue BchuoD A r th u r W. MacDuugfti!, Becrelary of th e ItureaAi of Assuelkted Char it ie s: Miss Edi th ft. Hall of the Civic Club of Orange, W allace JM. Scud- der and Jan ies M. Reilly, necretury of the Board of Trade.

Tho local Investigation will be under the direction of Dr. Frede r ick Cleveland, who waa s ec re ta ry of the T a f t Ef ficiency Commission.

I t developed th a t the municipalit ies of the county m ay also be Investigated by the bureau during its exam inat ion of coun ty affa ire . This, however, will be only a t the ir special request and upon paym en t by themBstvea of th e expenGe lTivol\‘ed- The coal of th e coun ty exam i­nation will be borne by several N ewark men, who have promised to meet It from priva te resources.

The welfare commit tee th is morning w as in receipt of a le t te r f rom County Auditor Albert T. Guenther , premising his hea r ty support to the invest igators and express ing hie sati sfac tion w ith the act ion of th e committee.


Approving a recommendat ion conta ined in a report recent ly filed by Francis Child Jr. , as special mHater, Chancellor "Walker has sighed a decree nisi In favor of Mrs. I rene Alm a H a y n e of Morr li - town, ten ta t ive ly divorc ing her from Geors« O. Hayne, whose w'hereabouts the ex-parte hpa r lng did not disclose.

Tlie decree gives tn Mrs. H ayne the custody of h e r slx-year-o ld son, Charles Hudolpb Spurway Hayne, who Is a t a Bchool a t Eas tbourne , England. Mrs. H ay n e re tu rned Thursday on the M aure ­tania from a vis it to her son. having galled fo r Eng land ear ly In December, upon the conclusion of her test imony.

T h e ' df t 'e iidunt. uccu rdh ig to the d ivo rce pe t i t ion , f il ed by Sam ue l Ka- llsch, of K a l i sc h & K a l lsch , m a r r ied th e p e t i t io n e r In To ron to , C anada , April 27, 19D7, an d d e se r ted h e r In M ontrea l In May, 1919, the couple having lived m o s t of th e t im e tn M orr la low n , w h e re th e h u s b a n d ' s f am i ly w e re socia lly prominent. Mrs. H a y n e test ified th a t he r ]i iar ltnl h a p p in e ss la s t ed only th ree m on ths .

A m ong Mrs. H a y n e ’s f r i e n d s t h e r e Is a s to ry c u r r e n t t h a t she >ra n d a u g h te r of C row n Hrlnco Rudo lph of A u s t r i a and th e C o un te ss M arie V s t se ra . w ho w ere found dead from b u l le t w ounds In a h u n t i n g lodge a t M eyerl lng , a s u b u rb of V ienna , tw e n ty - f i v e years ago. ^

The b l r l h c e r t i f i c a t e of Mrs. H a y i ic ’s eon. w h o w as born In M o rr is ­town, glvc.s Mrs. Hayne^s m a id en nam e as "Aln ia V ecl ra ," an d h e r b i r t h p lac e a s V ienna. "Veclra , ' It Is expla ined , w as m e re ly the r e g i s t r a r ' s w a y of sp e l l in g " V e tse ra . "

VV hlle Mrs H s y n e is s a id to he in re ce ip t of a n in com e f ro m s ou rces In Aust ria , she has a s tudio tn New York, w h e re Hhe m a k e s a s p ec ia l ty u f p a i n t ­in g m in ia tu re s .


The m o the r of e ighteen children, Mrs. Thom as Scholl of IBI W aln u t s t ree t a p ­peared a g a in s t her husband to day In the ^hSrd P rec inc t Court. Mrs. Scholl de­clared he r husband tr ied to chol<e her and blamed he r t roubles on motion pic­tures.

"E v e ry time my husband re tu rns from a moving p ic ture show he tr ies t o a c t a t home w h a t h a ha s seen on the screen, part icu lar ly when It le a t ragedy th a t he haa w itnessed ," she said. "H e a lw ays wants to be th e hero, bu t yes te rday he said he w as th e villain and grabbed me by th e th ro a t . I t eome one had no t come to m y reacue 1 believe h e would have choked me. I have borne e ighteen chil ­dren by him, and th is la how ho tr ea ts me."

" I th ink th la m an needs th i r t y days to • I ra lgh ten h im ou t ," rem arked th e court, gazing s te rn ly a t th e em ula to r o f Colonel Kooaevelt’s an t i - race suicide doctrines.

"Well, I w ouldn 't send him to Jail t h a t long." Interjected Mrs. Scholl, a s h e r h u s ­band p leaded ' w ith th e cou r t fo r lighter punishment .

The court, tak ing th e advice of tho mother, reduced th e sentence to th ree days.


Uuion Council WTiH Im p ed Cannente of Mendiers a t F irtl Meet-

inf ip March.


T o I ta rn w h e t h e r th« union label Is displayed, th e w e a r i n g a p p are l nr earti d e lega te to th e Ea«ex T rad es i.*uuhrll y,i\\ bo subjovtcd to tt rigid rxanvlruitlnn a t the f i r s t m e e t in g in Mart h This u t l lon vvite ileolded upon. Tullowiti« a fuellUicle of sp eech es ul ihc meM ing la st n ig h t in w h ich th e iinii>n labhl WB9 dlBcuesed.

"Prac t loo '■> Imt you i>re;n h ' forni^tl the ilieme of th«‘ Bpeevhew D elega te W il la rd L. Sjiiall wf (he Tyi^ographlval Union s ta r te d (h e ba l l rolHiig by re- riuealliLg Ihe nppoliKmeii i ot lo m - inlltBe of five to w o rk In «Miijuiu tlDti with s lm ilur c o n m l ld e e s fn*iii union label section of (he coum 11 Mild th e Trades I ’nlon Antl-Tubfir'-uloflia Aeso- c la llon irj h e lp ing th e laiitfi o r g a n l i a - tioiv's union labe l s to re in Broome ht reel

As th e m otion to appoint the com- tn liteu wjiB pu l fo rw a rd , f 'e lega te A J f 'o izoUno of fhe Wallers' Lnlon offered nn a m cn d u ien t sugifentlng ih a t dll llie c lo th in g of tlio de leg a te s be exam ined to find out x'. ho were \seat - Itig u tdon -m ade upputvl

"If 4’lo th in g not Ijearing tn e ufiion label la found oti any doU'^ato, lei him bo unacalcti from th is ' d o luredCoziolino.

"If we s t a r t (h a t now, we p robab ly would not h av e h tjuoruin," aalcl Act ing I’realdenl J aco b T ay lo r , who ru l t d t h a t the f i r s t exumli ia tloii (nke place In March. A f te r m an y speeciiea had been made on th e s u b jec l ihe nmtloj i and uniendmeni w nie • arrli 'd .

"There a re a g r e a t rt\an3‘ ilmea w hen union men buy n o n -u n io n goods," rom - ineiUed kSeiTi'iary H«iiry F J-lllfcrs ' ' ^omelhing muat be done lo s t i r union men (0 buyltiK imt>e hut union gooilH hearluR (he l a b e l "

AV'frrlniii tl ia t (lie dlHi-ontinuance of tlie union label s to re would be a blot on the nam e of the ('oundl, H l l fe rs uT*rcd Uio delegates to make pers istent demand.^ fo r un ion goods.

E lg h l -b o u r l.gfT B roken . Iw (Tnlia."Till- f - igh i-hour w o rk daj' law In

being vloliiled by Ih o s r who m ay have helped framo th e law." a s s e r te d Dele- da te G. (.1 Adlon from the D is t r ic t Council of C ar p en te r s . He deL-lared (ha t those In c h a r g e of (he new nja r- k e t f l tn ic iu re w e re w o rk in g la b o re r s (here eleven to tw e lve hours dally.

"The lab o re rs w ho a re d ig g in g th e foundat ion for t h a t new mark»*t a re w o rk in g long hours , as high a s tw e lve each day, and a ll for the m agnif icen t sum of $1 to tl -75 par day.' said Adlon. "If Uiftv s t a r t t h a t way now. w ha t wilt they do when th e building Is being erected '!

"H ere Is a b ig c ity p ropos i t ion breaking the law on the s ta r t I t only goes to show th a t we must keep a sharp lookout fo r o u r Inte res t* , or th e re IS no te l l in g w h a t wil l h a p p e n . ”

The quest ion w as re fe r r ed to (he munic ipa l com m U tef .

R ep o r t in g for th e a u d i t i n g c o m m i t ­tee. C ha i rm an H e n ry J. Lohae a n - tiounccd th a t d u r in g the la s t six monlha. cndlry; Feb rua ry 1. the council had r e ­ceived 99A0.41, expended |5B9 BO a n d hod a ba lanco of I3B0.9U

By a r i s in g vot© the counci l a d o p ted re so lu t ions of condolence to be f o r ­w arded to the w idow of C o n g re ss m an Rober t Gunn B r e m n t r . Ttie re s o lu t io n w as presen ted by D e leg a te Small.


Fran k Bergmann, a former convict, re- new^ed his acquain tance with the F our th Prfrcipct police th is morning a f te r an ab - senes of seven years . F ive years of -this time was spent In Sta te prison following his a rres t a f te r P a t ro lm an Heurick had fired several ahola to ha l t him.

Judge Herr, l>efore whom he was a r ­raigned In thft F o u r th I’r e d n c t Court, senlenced B ergm ann to 360 days In tho penUehUaty. "ihe prl.soner waa a r res ted last nlffht by P a t ro lm an Jam es Clark. Simon Jacobs of 7S Monmouth s t ree t s u r ­prised Pergm unn and ano the r m an in th« |•■e^a of his home. The second man fts-Laped. ji,

Mr. JafipW test ified tb ls morning th a t Bergmann made no a tte in ; t to escape b u t threw himself on his inervy. According to the complaining wlti.epB, Bergn iann made a d ram at ic plea fu r freedotn, «ay- Ing. "Ef you tu rn me over to th e police Ihoy'll hang me!"

B erg m arn ’s methods have changed i'n seven years. At th e time he was la st a r ­rested by the F o u r th Precinct rol lco he was on the th ird-f loor landing of a fir© escape a t Pr ince and Spruce s'r^ieta. Pa tro lman H eur ick saw him and a t the same time Bergm ann spied the offlcetr. The burglar leaped from the fire escape. An exciting chase followed, "^'hen he was a rres ted B ergm ann was In hl^ s tock ­ing feet. He had removed his shoes on the fire escape p repa ra to ry to en ter ing a n apar tm ent hi the building.

EfTTERTAINS WOMAN’ S PRESS a U BMembers of th e New J e r s e y W o m an 'a

Press Club w e re e n te r ta in ed by Mrs. S tephen J. H erben y e s te rd a y a f te rn o o n a t her reslrience. 247 P a r k avenue , Or- aiigil. to g e th e r w i th m e m b e rs of th e Query Club of Roseville. All fo rm al i ty 'waa .put as ide a n d tha p ro g r a m w a s In th e n a tu re of a frol ic, a co l lege r o ­mance, r e a d by d i f f e r e n t guests , e l ic ­ited much am u se m e n t , a s did a c o m ­posite s to ry w r i t t e n by m e m b e rs of th e P res s Club an d read by the p res iden t , Mrs. F lorence V. Frap i^e l l , o f A r ­lington.

H a r ry H. Corey, recen t ly a p p o in te d o rg a n is t of th e M ethod is t c h u rc h o f Orange, of w h ich Rev. Dr, S tephen J. H erben la th e pa s to r , gave p iano so los and accom panied Miss E d n a Pa l lad lno , Soloist of the choir , , who c o n t r ib u t e d vocal selections. D r Herben took p a r t In th e p ro g ram by g iv in g a t a l k on books.

The hos tes s w n s a ss is ted In r ece iv ­ing by Mrs. XVllllam Falr l le . one of the founders of the Query (Tlub, Mrs. Rue! F. Gage. Mrs. F rap w e l l and Mrs. J am es A. B an n is te r . T he roe ira ■w'fcre Il luminated by candles. A ss is t ing In the d in in g - ro o m w as Miss M ar jo r ie Dru m m ond of W es t Orange.

MAYOR GOING ON VACATIONBeginning next "Wednesday,

il. O'Brien, president of the ^Cor^Rp Council, w ill serye .as / ‘

ling, Wno ■a'vBcatlon. The Mayor w ill be kcoom- panled by Mrs. Hausallng and expects to be aw ay until March 1'

Mayor Hauesllnig has rhade several vacation trips to New Orleans In past years. Mayor Behrman of that city Is one of Mr. HaussUng's closest friends, bu.t M r H aiissllng is not going to the Southern olty as the gueet of its ex-

He w ill stay at a hotel.Mr. O'Brfen w ill be one of the young­

est A<^tlng Mayors the city has ever had.


K u t f i M r i . E to e l K rj.nhtC f w n b c k M .e

roj. E d w i r i aWard J a c k s o r i j

Ei^iie C .T b e u r e r |

\(r*f ,\ l-.dJBon. Mra. .lolm Cy. W \. I'raril; ICj .i IR. Mrs ' l»ria-Hull 1 I. i.-iri, Mrs JaiiK'b Mr fk. Mrs ,l'ii I. 11 I 'oaicr, Mrs. J>'bn \V I ill r.Mull, Mi.- M E iaare i84 'n. M i ».

II '.i-H .Ml J r . Mth. Ailfim (il iiU' .Mr: ' (,n iiM-fy D i ln f f i ih s . Mra

\ I t , - . I t r Ii I Mr* Simon litthn,Mrp \SihlniTi h H a rn rs . Mr." h!no«U II

Mr- I’rr-derlfk A I ^r.MI lw>u;s 1 !;ii«;ljnayt‘v. Men Wllliidm D,»->'nisjrr .Mrs Jacob H h‘i?m!Ims. Mrs l.l\'>-iTd Hi'ffimin, Mr? (lt'*'rKf J I I ' iImi'?, Mri- I.“ ||Ih i", tOflzVMrlh, Ml? It' iiriaii Ibil/.. Mra. Georgr llubbrll, Mra ll^'fiti.in 11 i,vl.-4inan. Mrs Henry HI

Mr:» F-i\rnoH lv \. Mrn CenrKP W Jaglr . Mr.' Uuliaril r .f^nklnson. Mrs H a r ry T

C ath a r in e / f i l l e r

"T he Road lo YcHlcrday, u h u h Is lo lie presented next Fr iday uiglil in Krur- fcsr .AudlUiflum und'-r the aiifli>irefl of tb r auxil ia ry of llif Hnapdfil for W’om''Ti iind t'liiUlr-^n for 1)n- I't-onfii Hih1 in­st itu tion, V.I11 mark iln* ihir tncnlh iiii* rih'craary of ihe au.Mlimy

'J hoBtt Inter-Hied Hi rli-'» siuvp.'IP of [ilay hope the nimn^nil 13 ' may n mascot for succem Thrro ui« th i r ­teen persuns in tlio I'lisi, .Mra,l.ydla Marie fu r r e n , Mie.-« Elsie Tliuerti' , .\lias Ruth Miller. MIhs rn th tTine Milh r, ,Mrri. Edwlnu Ward Ja-ksnn, Mrs Ethel Knight i.’hainboBse, Sulricy I 'u in i i . t 'h a r lea W. t 'hamboaac, il iward A Nor- n^. William H. Jack?*'];. iMwanl U lia rti iu inn, Rcnjajtun *..'hmih and Frank t ' i"ckcr,

l^alronerar? fo r tho play uro Mrs. H enry Ahlburn, Mrs. Ih-nry Ailsopp. Mr?. .Mark Andrew, Mrs, Henry Backus, Mrs. lier.ry lia'ichLln, Mra. U iUlutu A. iiaker. Mr» HetTfe-e W, Ham-y. Mra. Chillies K. Barker. Mrs. William Bark- horn, Mrs. I’retierick O. Bauman Mra. GeorKO U Hoardaley, Mra. William 8. Bechtold, Mrs. EniHo J. Hein. Mrs. A R. Benedict, Mra. Aclulls Hl|iparl, Mrs tveon Hlanchard . Mrs. Otloinor Blork, Mra. F ran k J. Bock, Mrs. Paul H llrunga. Mrs. T. Pearsal l (.Campbell, Mra Cham- bosac, Mrs. Edw ard 0 . chaae. Mrs. Nel­son B Chester. Mrs. K crrc l t t.’olby. Mrs. E dw ard H. k’olycr. Mrs. Fillmore Con- dlct, Mr«. Charles (. 'onkllng. Mrs l-'reder- Ick R Cook. Mra, CiiarleH M. Crane. Mra. Amasu S. Curtia. Mra. J" lm 13 Davidson.

Mrs, Albert B. Dias, Mra. Henry M. Doretnos, Mra. George A. Dowden. Mrs Augustus Dufienberry, Mrs John Eckert ,

JuiH ;, Mr.H Pam.iel KallHoh. Mm M Dr , \u suata Madi?'.Mm William i( I'ilnx, Mrs <j P' 'rtiiirt Mm H^rb'-rt Kniyht. Mrs Krue*{er. Mn* Wi «”> m.^ F I jirt r* 111

Wllllan) n Kelni, rae Kir- iiillfried

LHin n Kuebler Mr? », Mm. t.ouis 1i*wls.

' Foxier.


Mrs Ji 'hii 1! Maher. Mr?

F. Marl; with. Mrs. Frnnnlf-





Mrn I'e l'’nroMl I ,Mi'''iH'ken, .MrsJohn Mkmi Mrs.Mra. V\ illlMn- K ........ -Ml i-ker. .Mrn \lbert Mersfeltb^r, Mrs < .arl M. r::. Mrn. < lipirlPH I' M'lf-i'. Mrs I' rank I. .Mnrinn, Mrs Hu.,nrii N'r.rris. M-"1\ hI|.t niiKli' lir. >■, Mrs ShitiusI Mrs MIUlHm r l 'p rr \. Mrs. Hrnrv (.

Mrs I.-ii.is CUiiit. Mrs ri.Jill Jr,. Mrs Willlnm r I'li-m. Mrs rilson H Pn!iil|i|. Mrs l inrrv F'li'i!',1c.hi, H. Ranrl Mrs Froil rrl rk Hcyt'nM,, Mrs IhlsIavilH A Hhhariis , Mrs. Ailrlnli RIkrr, Mrs CliHrlrs II Rnhinson. ilriirKi' A, Hn^rrs, Mrs AVIlh^rn A Mrs llarirf I ' rtuKin, Mrt- Arthur K rnril, Mrs, S.irnh K. Hntirr. Mrn, I onin

.Mrs I'hrisilHfi Srhmitit.Si lilmilt, Mrs Kdwuril W Sun hi*-; Mr- M'llllam r . e^ruilrr, Mrs. Sum.ir r P uiUrr, Mrs J.iim F Shanl-)., Mr*. ‘ ■' f'lmnzr. Mrs AVilham O. Sharw-11, Mr-, ll„rn,(> Sh-r,„an, Mrs Piiriil aiBjhBflh Mrs Jarnrs SmiOl Jrl. Mr*. U lll im n U Sny.lfr. Mrs Kr»iiti H Sommer Mrs. WiUjjMn H. Stevenson. Mra. Fred Sutton. .Mr.- Jamos Taaffe, ^Vlra. J a y 'I'cn l.yck, Mr? Charlra F Theiircr. Mrs. Deorge Virtue. Mrs. AUBual C. Voelkncr. Mrs. Ch^l.^t1rtn I. VoU. Mrs. Geurge Mrs Henry J. F. Wallhauaer. ward J ^ ard. Mrs. Lewis J Mri tieorge Wryraui'h, Mrs,S. Whitehead. Mra. Robert Mrs. Frederlolf Wiebke, Mra.C. J Wipa, Mra,

H r s l^ydig H o " ^ u r r e n -

Wales, Mrs. F d ' l

. Wendell, Benjamin

Whiteside. Frederick

C’harle s S. Wood, Mrs.

H oti . Mrs C urren , Miss Miller. Mrn SUifkes Mr? H arrdd f( rani;s ,“ M Ikn T hi-uri>r. Mix. VVHIlam J ac k a u u a i i l Mrs JaintH Mcldruni.

Bolen for the pi rfdrnuUK'e have been tkkeh by Mrs l.,ouls .V. H ase lm a > i-r. Mrs. V rodei l rk Hasftliiuiver, Mrs.ThHurer, Mra Mermiin Moll, Mr? liuuis I. ,Sltt(h1e I (1 Wll lia in G. Shai'v%i-H ami 'T'-tjrge A Wall ft.

Mis» I la ae lm H ie r Is chfi irmaii of lb*-! com m lltee hav in g c h a r g e und <li=<5rpe r ' ' im slead I? coacn Thu hl'H oii "T Ih/' 1 lay da te s froTn 1913 lo Hil3. ']‘h*-re will be dancing a t th e l■|(.Jen of the pe rfo rm s n c


OrganizarioDS from Fourteen Munic­ipalities Want Places in Wash­

ington's Birthday Procession.


If al l (he rellhiioua and pn lr io t lu or- gun lxa tum a w ith in u f o r ty -m i le rad iu s of NeivKiK tha t loivi- oxproased a d e ­sire to Jiitn III (ho W a s h in g to n 's B ir th - rtoy piirudo. F4'lnuHr> JJ. iic(UHll.v pur-tielpaN', (he com m !iire m c h a r g e i»f the uffaii vfltitnuU’N ihi-r*' vs HI be mure (hull .Mt.mlq poiaoiiM m .Jn>c Jf only a small jHTcmUa*:!' ..i tin- s tsU om r t t lual- I) a i q u a r s in Hi,,- line of m arch , the p a ra d e | j rum u-f , lu )>c um: of thela rgexf «vei held in Mila c1i>

Uc[u CBi’iiiai I \ **H frum pvact n-.iHv ull these uj-gunlxiiMun:! aUended h m ee t ing of th e cotimniU'P la«[ nighi in T u rn bull Hull Ilk M arke t ftlruiu. The Mae• 'f m u c h und idhei- iletaila of ihe pa- I'rtde e a n aliped

s t a r t i n g a t WanhiiiKton T ark ul U> o'l'IocK In Ihi* niornliip. beaderl bv ii

un s v h l r h . w . l l a f lgura nfW iisliingt<>n, llie pi ni c>:iiioii silll m a n l i ftnuih Ull H joad Hln-ei to I ' l ln ton ,ive- rjTM*. lo l f l« h wtreel. lu i.'eivlral rtvetiue, to South Klevi'iiMi hlrunt und bui'k to WHHpiinginn >'ark by way of (‘’l ln ton a v en u e ;snd Etroad ulrcel

To I'siBK In Itrvivvf s( r i l y l la lL ,U (he i 'lt\ HhU (lie purude \sUl b»i re ­

viewed. ijoserimf I'heldir, Senato r Jam aa I-; MnrlHn' uiiJ Alavur Hanss llng and• ‘lly Mini counly Ajffklul.s will lie asked tu form the r« \1 rvutu purty. fMiurchea aJid pubib' tmlbllng** along the line of march \c1EI be uftked l > dlapluy the uatioua l flag ami every ura- w.ftl'hlriK the paKcant will alfto he rcquealeil to carry a amalJ flag l>Dc>ry urip lu the i>bra<1u wUl rarr> a flaK,

:\f lpr the purude r rh irna to its utarl- 1nif fK^lnl Ih r \ariiiUM Uandw wf|1 UMlIirr iiivd play eeb-ctloni' There w Ml uDi) Ihj sprakeru ftt Military and Wasidiixlon parks.

special rffcTl will be made b' Imva school i ld id reu take pMTl With tbl? en<l In view th** I'liy B-'urd ipf HducHtl'Mi will l»r naked to grt r permlSMiun lo the yiurig- Klera and the SU\I - iHvaril vmII be u«licd to XIV 8 Its Bunclbm to the mun!cl|‘allllca uut- Bidr of Ihe ' l(y.

Besld«'? Newurk, lh« f"llowinx plui'cs were rei in'setib'd h.i |u?l n lgh t’a in<-etlriR Morrlftfown. Nr*w Hrmiiiv, ick, KtlKuiu^ih. I’lslrififld, nrange . Irvlnwlon, Jerj^ey Cliy, Kearny, Ro?«*Ue, lllnomipgdalr. Butler, New I ’rocidence, l''oiui>tun I ^ k e s aridRidgRWood.


- - - - - - - *Legislative Comniittee Acti After

Address on E lects of Laws Pet­ting Onus on Property Owners.


A f r tn jp of members of Th« C o n t e m p t rary , ur,iler the kwderahlp of the com nU ^ (re UP Indusirlftl ut><i muvIuI condllluns. which Mrs B. H. EUrrlfton in chuirman^ iiiel in H e V. W. r . A building yesUrdai^ a f le rnuoib und ;ido|dt-d a resoluiiun f u r th e r any leglsIaUon H\ut will control coinrnerc1all*»id vice In Nev. Jersey.

Thlft a d l o n wHm laken c f i t r u talk b / Mpm. H t i T l d .Andtrsui) ( ’olib, one of editors of ’l lgtlance.' ' tiuhllHh-'d hy th ^ .Uip-rk-Mn I'lglluti.'i- Aahudation of Ntw^ YoifH. oil th© Kenyon hill, recently iiMw eU hy Congrevs. uml Hn> d r c c i pi nine Btuteit tl.M.1 have si lopied simllut- luwi*. Mrs? i f.ihh ?«ld (he bill "n-movift Hie unst'nr? bund from tho law bj php lng power snif

I iii tdatlvo w'Kh thu clHs^di."I Tlie point of a t t a c k l« the prosvert)^

uwnei • aaUI Mrs, Cobb, "There Is lid I d'Oibi th:rt If some people aru hu r t Irt I (hi 'r pcH kivtliuoka they renpond as the.v I n<*vei \vu\dd to menta l or moral prod*'

dins; *[ Mr’S I'obb lold eapecially uf what Ihl?- rnfnrcrniiMil uf hii aba tem en t law h t t

don<* fur lows, shs referred tu Hie coYi* teal now un In Cal iforn ia where a slKl’ Mar liiB will mm*'! before Hie vo ters nexif No 'n rnber HJu» naul Ihe women of (hd

SlaU‘ ar« mcMw In aerklng the adoptlovAj of the measure *I IT ea ldeni ^^ll^un'ft n lg n ln g uf th d

K enyon hill lutiuv giveH added In to ras f to a b r ie f rolbujiiv be tw een M ra Coblw and Mrs. Henr) ' ii. Duwhoh. i i r es ldan f uf ( 'on te tnp iTH rv . Mr^ I'ohb declAfAd ttmt the I ' rueldeni was w i th h o ld in g hfp HjgnaUire from tho bill iin lll Home foriiT of e m p ln y m eh t wita foviuil for thrfw om en to be ftffectod hy tho ma40<^ urt ' Mm. Dawsun ex ii resaed d uub t of ihlft s t a t em e n t .

"I ciiniint helievf th r Hreeldent will hold up ihe ihU for any fltich roa to i t , | ftald Mr? l)A\Mion. "H e fft too capabt* an offirie l to hea l t s l r fur a moment oti Huy M-ure t h a t would permit IllegltlmaU hiislnes? This hill Ih HiMK'd a t Hie own* era of UieftH women niorG th an a t ih© u iiineip and 'A hen vve stop lo th ink thOi| ETt^HJdenl Lincoln freed the black stav-ai wv wunder th a t ITcaldent WBson woul4 hoellute to fret- Hie while s laves." ^

Mrft. I)awftuii said tha t tlie leglHlMlvf cutnmUte*.' of The t 'on lem pnrary srid th* IfBlftluilve romnitl tee of the Htate b'edar* litlori of V\‘omen'ft I'luhii Fiave lndor**f the Kou.von MU nnd liHie anked the auop {TKrt of the Congressmen and Senator* i|i Its l>eliQlf 7

David Young. Mrs Richard Young.Members of the a u x i l i a ry a re Mrn

A lnswor lh J. H sgu r , Mra. WllSIam M Halsey, Mrs. Kamuel L. U am H lon , Mlsa J e a n e t t e 1.- Hftlesmayer . Mrs- H en ry

BRIDGETON PRISONER WANTED HEREA fter being arres ted la st night tm r

beneh w a r ra n t Issued in Cumberland County F eb rua ry 26, 1910, Harry J.C lark was recogulzfd by D e tec thes Dono- vun and Meehan a s a m an wanted In this ci ty for desertion. According to the po- ll re Clark, who they say la also known as Howard J. Evere tt , was arrested faur y e a r s ago In Bridgeton for embeizllng money of hln employer. He was released on bail furnished by his wife and then railed lo api»ear when his case was called fo r trial.

The wife made a charge of non-*i]pport and desertion asalnft t Clark last June. He wftB a rra igned In the F ir s t Precinct Cour t on the la t te r charge and held In 1500 bail fo r trial.

WORKERS FOR BOYS HAVE MEETINGThP inlUai meotin* of th e boys' cru-

B8.do rnnrerence, held In the T. M. C. A. last nlghl. which commenced act ive oper­at ion In the Second J’reebyte rlan Church thla afternoon, waa at tended by a boy from practically every church in the city. Dr 1., B. Wright, direc to r of Chrlat Church Home. New York, adilrcaaed the boya on the aubject "Opportunity of the Older rh r la t lan ."

In addlUon to the program a lready an-nnunced the following eectlonal group ncnfcrencea a re being held thla a f t e r ­noon ftunday-echool. Rev. C. 0- W righ t : B,jy Scouta, John R. Boardman; employed hoya, W. H. Burger; Eaaex Federation , Ivan P. Flood; mlaaion Sunday-achoola. Rev. U B, l i i ll li i colored bnya. R. Parla Edwarda.

Former!), A. T. Stewgrt

Broadwt) and Ninth, N«w York.

A Large Event in

S M A L L O R I E N T A LTold in a Few Words


When You Buy Imitations You ‘"Shake Hanils” With a Disappointment

i i

MOTORIST’ S DELAY CAUSES HNEJohn Cailah&ti of HUb city was fined

$14.2U fo r Jipeedlfig and violating Uie light law by Recorder Jam es M. Post In th e Nutley Police Court yesterday a f te r ­noon. Cal lahan w as stopped while speed­ing south on. F ran k l in avenue n ea r Centre s treet W ednesday night. Sergeant J am e ­son allowed the m o to r l i t to proceed a f te r taking the Itcenae n u m W and seeing th a t the auto lam ps were lighted. Cal la ­han promised to appea r fo r trial the nex t day. Cal lahan proved to Jam eson 's s a t i s ­faction t h a t the lam ps had gone out accl- dentaJiy and in such caaes a reprim and is the usual penal ty .

The motorist however, failed to appear and In the meantime a suspicion circu­lated that It was his car that hit and fatally injured Mtss Mary V. McDowell Ib , ^ l l * v l l l i T h ! f JvR uti-

.w u«P4«arlBj jarteM iy'*ft«rnQM i,. ..^vTiUae ®f -..Li.. "-SjUj* to aK ^-^r Thuraday the full

. . o o tX . s p e e d in g a&d tllg'ht -<Srg»* w«* Impibfed. *

Bey la SntatU ak O at a t (3S.Bound for tha bank thla m ornyig to

dauoalt 135 for hta father, flftean.yaar- old Charlea Bchwari o f Sd Sprlrigfleld avasua m et a atranger. Aa a reiult, Cbarlaa'a father la mlnua ii5 , and tha pollofl are looking for a man five teat e lth t fnehaa in 'h a lth t .- . w earing a black derby, a gray overdoat, a par of blue tiouaera and a twe>lajra' growlii

TO CELEBRATE EMMETS BIRTHDAYCelebration of the birthday of. Ire-

l«d 'a patriot, Rotiert Emmet, will be obaerv^ by a committee compoaad of membera of varloua Irlah eocletles In “ ** i'ohbty. The calobratlon la to be held In Kaeney'a Theatre March S and apeekera of note w ill be invited to make addraaaea.

* ™aatlng o f the committee waa held laat night In the rooms of the Co- luigbua Club In Broad itroct, and rop- reaentatlvea o f organliatlona w ere praaenL. including the Anolont Order o f Hlbdfnlana the St. Patrick'a A lli­ance, the Clan-ita-Oael and the Sinn Fein Club.

It' i t Intended to g ive a portrayal of the courtroom aoene I s which Bm - mat delivered hla famoua speech. Voeat Bnd Instrumental .garni eUded la U » paagranl.

wUl ba li t-

Is th e O n e a n d O n l y O r ig i n a l!G e t T h e m . B e S a tis fie d W it h N o O t h e r !

They biaterf a new path—of their own making! Thought new thoughts! Conceived new ideas! Discard­ed most of the ideas of Undertakers—and injected a common-sense spirit into their profession!

Thai created consternation among the other Under­takers—and a spirit of confidence in the hearty of Ihe people.

The resul(7—you order a decent, reKpectaWe Funeral from your "old family undertaker" aad you'll pay $150 to $250 for it. The Undertaker himself will be a solemn, owl-like party, surrounded by a horde of forlorn-faced assistants—and you’re paying your good dollars for every long face and forlorn look in a ight

You order thla same decent, respectable Funeral from People’s Burial Co, and you’ll pay $75 for it. You'll have the attention of Mr. Zeliff—polite, courteous, considerate, efficient —and hla assistants will impress you as being capable, skilful men who know their business, and who attend lo their duty with a nice regard for your feelings that you'll like. But “ People’s Service" entering your home comes in with a quiet dignity that pleasea—a confidence-inspiring manner Ihat con­vinces ^ u that everything has been thought of for you—but i t doesn’t fill the the home and impress everybody like a cloud of gloom that depresses everything and everybody.

A t $ 75 P e o p le ’ s B u r ia l C o . pro vid e s a m d s t b e a u tifu l H e a r s e , th re e o f a b o u t th e ric h e s t C a rria g e s y o u ’ v e e v e r seen, a n as­s o rtm e n t (a c t u a lly ) ' o f 50 C a s k e ts fr o m w h ic h t o m a k e y o u r se lection, a n d e v e ry de­t a il , as fo llo w s :

Washing, shaving, dressing, embaiming, advertising, gloves, crepe, opening grave, out­side eaae, candies, candelabras, maaaive silver

■ lieautifHl top ornaments, ruia, pedcs- * tala, chairs. Funeral parlors free. ,

'IW'g » 7 t ■ "•rtJajft Burial Co.

One of the oldest, largest, most reliable rug-importing houses in America called us up some days back.

"For quick sale." said its representative, "we have an invoice, just in from Asia Minor; take it at its face and enough to cover etpenses of landing."

This was unusual enough to be interesting, and we looked into it; found the rugs were the kind our customers want—the cream of the weaving of Asia Minor—and we took them.

We shall offer them on Monday at 25 per cent, below the lowest price asked of rug retailer* for such grades.

520 R u g s in A l l — $6.50 to $69,50In sizes from about 2Vi\2 feet to 8(/2x5 feet.Some very pretty pieces at $20, $22..50, $25; deep blues, reds of many shades, camel’s hair

brown; silky, tightly woven; in range of designs and colors varied enough to match any decorative scheme. ,

H a l l R u n n e r s a t $25We think they are worth, conservatively, $35. 8 to 15 feet in length.

M o s s o u ls , $ 1 1 , $ 13 .5 0 , $ 1 7 .5 0 K h iv a - B o k h a r a s , $8 to $ 15 K e r m a n s h a h s , $25, $30

These from our own zealously-assembled collection; about 3x5 feet and 4x7 feet; the won­derful Kirman creams and Khiva reds; no crooked pieces.

Just a few of each. That is why we offer them at these prices, less~by actual test—than we can buy their like for in today's rug market. Fourth Gallery, New Building.

B e c a u s e T w o F r e i g h t C a r Lo a d s F a ile d to A r r i v e in T im e f o r D e c e m b e r H o li d a y s , W e N o w O f f e r a t S p e c ia l P r ic e s

Victrola and Music Cabinets(Exclusively Designed for John Wanamaker)

With Interior Equipment for PUyer-Piano Rolls Has Latest 1914 Features


B 1Cabinet only

Was$h0 Now $4ft

B 2Jariir

Wis $25 Now $20

Cabinet only Cabinet only Was $25

Now $20

B 4Cabinet only

Wa.s $15 N o w $ 12

B 5Cabinet only

W as $15 N o w $ 12

Your own choice of cabinets in all wood finishes of oak, golden and mission, or solid ma­hogany, at the above reduced prices. Victrolas to fit these cabinets priced at $40 and $50 extra, permitting special purchase terms of a first payment of $5 and balance in monthly payments of $5 each.

A l l O t h e r C a b in e ts , R e c o r d A lb u m s , A l b u m R a c k s , e tc .. S p e c ia lly P r ic e d a t N o t Le s s T h a n a T h i r d U n d e r R e g u la r P ric e s

. This is an unusual opportunity to secure a cabinet for your talking machine, sheet music, p layer ro lls and re co rd s . Vicirola Salons, First Gallery, New Building.

Why Old Backs Ache

to $250-rirrom the "oMfamily nnderUker'* •with hia mournful face—hia gloom— and hla separate charges.


PEOPLE’S BDRUL CO.3 8 0 n iM D s n i E E r ‘: r

Be ante of name; aa we claim the tnat la ' tryteg to fool you by using ■imllaz' none

W h a t a p it y t h a t so m a n y persons p a s t m id d le age are w o rrie d w ith la m e b a c k s , aching k id n e y s , p o o r eye­sight,' sick h e a d a c h e , d i z z i ­ness, g ra v e l, d ro p s y o r dis­tressing u r in a r y ills.

K id n e y w e a k n e s s b rin g s these d is c o m fo rts in age o r y o u th a n d is a d a n g e ro u s

fo r i t leads to B r ig h t ’ s disease a nd u ric acid p o is o n in g .' D o a n ’s K i d n e y P ills ha ve b ro u g h t h e w s tre n g th to th o u sa n ds o f la m e backs— h a v e rid th o u s a n d s o f an­n o y in g u r in a r y tro u b le s .

H e r e ’ s a N e w a r k ca se :

“livery Picture Tells a Story"


T e s t i m o n y o f a R e s i d e n t o f - E i g h t e e n t h A v e n u e ‘

G e o r g e T r i b e , je w e le r, 32V E ig h t e e n t h A v e ., N e w a r k , N j J . , s a y s : “ 1 was afflicted w ith a severe pain through^^

' ' ___ " : f m y b a c k . T h e'se fcre tio ns fro n ) m y k id n e ;’?!,

, becam e u im a tu r a i a n d 1 h a d :: to g e t u p o fte n a t n ig h t toi pass th e m . Ip s u ffe r e d fromT headaches a n d d izzy 's p e lls .^ D a r k spots appeared b e fo r ^ m y eyes w h e n 1 straightenec^ a ft e r s to o p in g . T h r e e boxes’ o f D o a n ’s K id n e y P ills c u re d '

“ iH y hack's bad all the time" nr®-"

*When'YO0r'BKk 1i lamfr-Hcoiemberthe Name”

K E W A H K E V E N W G N E W S . S A T O T r A T . F E B R U A R Y 7 . 1 9 U .

J I T t i s a i k ' ( £ « e n i t q [ i f e n i s .MMMM teltr. «M«»t auadiy. kj

; IV S N IN O NEWS P U B U S illN G COMPANYU f - t l l M«rk*t MrMA^Nmarl i i N. J.*1 tk« N*«krk, N, roiuffli:* m Hosud-olaM


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U AJh ■UEaCBIPTIOWt—Tba Nawarll Kvanlnt N<"*. on* VMBth. fifty C«nl»i ( l i innniha. i«o dollar, and fifty MSUi ona yrtir. fl»a dollar., poaiaia to foraltn MWilrlao addad.

Tark Offli-a. I l l - I l l Brun.wick bulldini. I l l Ptftli •vakua. Tt!. t l l l l - t l t l Madlaon.

Otrioa. I )« l Trlbuni bulldinf, ifkflon. D. C , Haraaii, 1*1 Colorado - | Branch o i f l c a 111 Main a(r--.u "bP.

_„aat. Tala Oranya lOi"). Market ft's". Frivata hraaoh aachan ta oonnaotln. all depar tm ^ta .

(town Branch nffica 11 *no«t> air««'- T*'-Branch Otdca. t ! l Ul.nrltlia T. . , I ! r

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m Branch Offtca II I Pprinjt atraal. Tal. II.i Branch ufflrt. Room 1 F O.

ranch Offica, I Loa.y airctl. Tal. 211. l<ffBBNTON nUhkAL'—IT Waal blata airaal. Tcl. IM

> l « r » r ^ R i s T b k a « h o b k a r n c E - i i ' dS' Rarikaaal oarnrr Banra avanna (na«r*a w. PlftlhiatJ*

r ia l aalala offtoat. opp. naw poaiofflca.^CITT—The Dodand Adaartlalni

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LOrAla PRAKCM OFnCCX:UvltU avenuE, lOi p ja r^ 14.c« itr«4t Ml-

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Mrrtlc AT.. II <Ro«tvli1t)aHOqth Sixth Etaa IM.WaUAC* plACA, II.


A P U B L I C U T I L I T Y B O A R D J O B . aa J » l t w hy the L a ililstu re should be called on "Iq H ^ke »n tiiveellKutlon of telephone rales, m •^ropoaed by the McQlnnla concurrent resolution, '•to 8 « t Intelligible In view of the fact that the ^Irtflglature has already erected a epectal trl- LfeWial, em powered to Inveatlgate and 111 rstea of

pnbllo utllltlee.W hatever the Board of Public U tility Commla-

'%MBark m ay lack In the way of power and fundi llh tB C k i because the L eglilature h a i stopped short njgf i>equ|famenta. True, such an Inquiry aa la

called for would be far-reaching and e i- Ive, but the commlaalonere could conduct It

" • t )«M cost than could a legislative com m ittee, ja, T here le more than consistency and continon %Mne In continuing the Utility Board In control g f quM tlona to deal with which It waa expreasly

arBNBted. Thare It the political argum ent. Rates 'Syp ttld p h on e service have, of courea, nothing t W u im a t e to do with party; they are buslnesa

pure and atmple, and partisanship In fu tu re w ould work as partlianehip hae worked

ta th e past, to muddle and corrupt the clear o f detached Judgment and fa ir coneldera-

t l o a .s* T here le risk In a legislative inquiry by the ' lu h e r e n t nature o f the c < ^ W hile the State poe- f'tM M e a U tility B o a r ifT h ^ Is no risk in giving

body Jurisdiction, f r a proper com m ission Is MBt hotter fitted for this work than Is any LegiS'

agalnat a s t a t u t e t h a t .w ou ld f o r c e d e l i n q u e n t s up to t h e i r a t a i i d a i d a n d so p r e v e n t c o m p e t i t i o n by w j l lch t h e y n o w m us t be t h r e a t e n e d , Hum e l ink In t h e i r logic le mleelng.

It Is t r u e l h a t a Jo in t c o m m i t t e e has been w o r k i n g f o r b e t t e r l a f e g u a r d a b u t I t la a l so t r u a l h a t If t h i s c o m m i t t e e c a r r i e s I ts l a b o r s f a r e n o u g h It w il l In s t i tu te t h e r e f o r m s d e m a n d e d by A ss e m b ly No. 17. I f U h a s s to p p e d s h o r t o f those re fo r m s , t h e n t h e r e Is need t h a t t h e b i l l be m ad e

J a w , I f It he* p laced p ru c t lc e a b r e a s t o f t h e blll n i lem an i l i , t t t i i i l la le f t of th e o b j e c l lo n a ?

Moat f a u l iv of el l th e a r g u m e n t s u g a ln a t the I cad -p o ls o n bill la th a t w h ich d e c l u r e a — ga the T r e n t o n A d v c r t l a e r d e c l a r ed l a s t S u n d a y — " th a t it la n o t s o u g h t by r e p rc a en ta t lv e a o f t h e Indus- t r i e s m o s t v i ta l ly co n ce rn e d ." I.aa l y e a r t h e m a in o b s t a c l e t o t h e p i il^age of t h e bill w a s t h e a land t a k e n by a g r o u p of acm e fd r ty w o r k e r s , while t h q m e a s u r e w as In d o r sed b e fo re t h e la ig la ln t i i re by a p e t i t i o n c a r r y in g l.SCtU w o r k e r s ’ n am ca .

Aa to t h e m e r c e n a r y a i g u m e i i t t h a t t h e law w o u ld h a n d i c a p t h e .Hale ea i ig a ln s l o th e r B ta le s w i t h o u t II, Ihla would h a v e s o m e force , no d o u b t , i f I t c o n ce rn e d m e re ly w a g es . I n Ihla In s ta n c e , h o w e v e r , we h a v e to do w i th a n tn- sldloUa, a n u g ly a n d a d e v a s t a t i n g d isea se , w h ich n o t o n ly in llseir, hut tn Its c o n se q u e n ce s , s ap s t h e l i fe o f th e w o rk e rs , f’rc d l s p o s l t lo n to t u b e r ­cu lo s i s la one of Us moat cer liUn a n d t e r r i b le

c o n s e q u e n ce s .A nd . a f t e r al l. except fo r th e m o n t h l y m o d k s i

e x a m i n a t i o n , t h e l e ad -po ison bill m e r e ly a t t e m p t s to p ro s c r ib e hy law t h e s a m e s o r t of s a n t l a r y r e g u la t i o n s , prec ise ly , t h a t t h e d e p a r t m e n t of l a b o r w o u ld d e c r ee an d e n f o r c e I t It possessed Ih e p o w e r a n d th e fu tids to do so ; w h i le t h e m e d ic a l e x a m i n a t i o n Is of t h e s im p le s t c h a r a c ­te r , le i n e x p e n s iv e an d Is neccaeu ry to t h e e f f i ­c ac y o f a n y law th a t ha s fo r ite p u r t .o s e ttie c o n t r o l a n d l im i ta t io n of t h i s o b n o x io u s In d u s ­

t r i a l d i s ea s e .

tloas or savings am i loan soefetlaa m ay ba oon- verted Into national farm land banks by a two- Ihlrds vote o f the shareholdera. This provision Is essentially Am erican, and may prove one of the iiuisl popular features of Ihe new system It Incor­porated In the Houaa com m ittee m easure and adopted by Congreea.

Made B y Tomiaend With

A Conetituent

A « G 0 T O T H E P E O P L E ” M O V E M E N TS y C h a r l a

J l i l t u r a o r s p e c ia l c o m m it te e t h e r e o f , t h e n th e his -oBPry o f rate regulation has no leeson to teach but '% laason o f failure.5v I t m ay be contended that the Postal Telagraph


I‘t9m npany, the efllclent cause behind the McGinnis ^IgMOlotlon, has twice tried a lance In tilts w ith the -wSall system and been unseated by the Utility

award, and that th e com pany's present itgltatlon la an effort to procure th e Loglslnture'e

' “•Ctlon a s a court of ap p eals This ignores the s ila o t th a t orders of the Utility Board are subject " Id raelew by the Supreme Court and again by the

Oaurt o f Errors, No em ergency court o f ap- llaals la needed, for am ple provision already exists to protect th e plaintiff and appellant from un-

O lM M n ab le rulings and from conflacatloD.E conom y, conelstency. political purity, all point an Inquiry Into telephone ralea by the body

I Bonatilnttfl by law, and supported by the citizens, "’to r gnch a purpose. And If the proposed Invesll- * ^ ^ tloa le likely to irnpoeo too heavy a draft upon ijA a board's tim e and resources, under existing

xA ppyoprlatlons, sulTlelent funds should be pro- f ld e d . I f rates are to be regulated by comtnls-

in thla State, then let th e com m ission, and " '•o t io m e substitute, do the regulating. For one ’■''HAIb B. tl>l* kaepa politics out of buslnsss-baltlng.

l*OHTOFFIC’E H K G U L .V r iO N Ob' III SIN E SS,T h e O w en bill fu r th e r e g u ta l l o n o t s tock

e x c h a n g e s aeem s to be a s t tm e w h a l e x t r a o r d i n a r y n re a s u r e . I t la callivl a bill to p rohltOi t h e use of t h e m a i ls , t h e t a l r g r a p h a n d l e lo p h o n e In f u r ­t h e r a n c e of f r a u d u le n t an d - h a rm f u l t r a n s a r t l o n a o n styfck pxchaugeR.

E x p reaae f l A nother wav. th e p u r p o s r la to use t h e P o ^ l o f f k e D e p a r t m e n t aw a A<irt uf c lub to c o m p e l s tu ck c x c h a n g e i to s u b m i t to regu- JftUons I m p o s e d by C ongfeW on S tuck excba i iga I r a n s n c t lo n s . T h e only c u n s t l lu U o n a l w a r m r i t for t h a t d e p a r t m e n t Is to PBtalillsh pos ty ff lceg und

pos t ro ad s .I ' n d e r thiK o o na t l tu t lona l p rov lg lon It is p r o ­

po sed lo r e n u t r e th e New' Y u rk S lo c k L x c h a n g e to b e c o m e I n c o rp o r a t e d a n d to g e t d a t a ab o u t s o m e t h i r t e e n billion of s eou r l t lea lis ted w i th It f o r tradlnffz d a t a w h ich In la rg y p a r t doen no t exist . H e r e a p p a r e n t l y In th e f i i n d a m c n l a l w e a k ­ness o f t h e hill.

T h e r e c iu l r e m e n ts w h ich t h e b i l l I m p o s t s aa a p re ro q u ie l t f l fo r g a in in g th e pe rn i la s lo n of th e P o s t m a s t e r - O e n e r a l to u se o r to c o n t i n u e us ing th e m a l l s a n d w ire fHclllUt-a the c o u n t r y a re of less I m p o r t a n c e t h a n th e g r o u n d p la n ItHelf— t h a t o f I n a t l t n t l n g a sy s tem of g o v e r n m e n t r e g u la ­t ion h y t h e P os to f f lce D e p a r tm e n t .

To Im p o s e th e p o s t o m c e ' s f la t, t h e J u d g m e n t o f o n e m a n . w h o la a n a p p o in t e d o ff ic ia l , a s th e bas te o f p r o p e r bus iness c o n d u c t , m u s t a p p e a l to c o m m o n sens* as a t le ast q u e s t i o n a b le . B u t If ConereBS w a n t s c o rp o ra t io n s to m a k e c e r ta in r e p o r t s b e f o r e li s ting t h e i r sccurlt leH. C o n g re ss m i g h t p a s s s u c h a law d i r e c te d a t th e c o rp o ra - tlons th e m a e lv e s .

I n J u s t i c e to S e n a to r Ow en, h o w e v e r , U s h o u ld ba s a id t h a t h e does no t c o n te n d t h a t t h e bill a« I n t r o d u c e d La p e r fec t . H e d o e s d e c l a r e t h a t h i s c o m m i t t e e a l r e a d y h a s e n o u g h e v id e n ce of t h e WTonffS d o n e a n d 1h w il l ing to llwicn to a n y ono w h o h a * a n y auggea l lons fo r p e r f e c t in g th e

m e a s u r e .

M l'M C IPA L HIGH FINANCE.N>w Y o rk ha* p o t r e a c h e d t h e l im i t of Its

b onded In d e b te d n e s s . N e i th e r h a s N e w a r k . B u t s s In the m a jo r i t y of t h e m unIc IpaU U es o f t h eco u n try , Uie c i ty d e b t kei^pn p i l ing u p a n d dp, ATid t h e t a x p a y e r s s t a n d hy w i th o u t e f f e c t iv e p ro tes t h e ru u ae t h e y h d lo v e th e b u lk of t h e b u r - dun will n(.d fnll u p o n th e i r s h o u ld e r s , b u t k> to be l in rnc by f u t u r e g e n e r a t io n s . Wo b o n d Is sue fo l lows boritl Is sue In a tf4-heine of f i n u n c ln g t h a t Is b e in g d e n o u n c e d hy economlBlB -and a g a i n s t which w aniingN a r e be ing c o n s t a n t ly iM u e d by oxperl e tu d c n la of m un lc lpy l g ' l v e r n n ien t .

If lilt- \ u l e r s co u ld tic nindo b u t to feel s o m e of th e b u r d e n th e y uru ihun n llowir jg lo b e b o u n d up o n th e h a c k of th e --Ity mid th e c i ty Is m a d e u p of all th e pe tip le w ho live w l ih ln It* b o r d e r s — they co u ld t)p d e p e n d e d upo n to c h e c k t h i s g ro w th , fo r th ey ne t c ffce t lve ly w h e n t h e y a r e h a r d h i t In th e p o c k e ih o o k -Lhut t e n d e r p a r t uf m a n 's a n a t o m y .

Know'Ing th e s e facta , <‘n m p t r u l le r P r e n d e r g a a l haa deV i^d a p lan a n d lu .’i pres'^'ided ll lo M ay o r Mltciiel , u n d e r w h ic h New York I' ity , I n s t e a d of p u t t i n g ou t loiig-tertTj b o n d s to m ee t t h e e n t i r e coat o f i m p r o v e m e n t s , w ou ld la-sue c o r p o r a t e no tes to he r e d e e m e d In Bucccpdlng la x lev ies fo r a porioi l of t m y e a r s to cuver a p o r t i o n o f th e cost. T h is wm jfd r e q u i r e th e p r e s e n t g e n e r a ­tion lo pay H om c th ln g o n p e n n a n e r i t I m p r o v e ­m e n t s to be m a d e In t h e n s x t decade , In s te ad of s h i f t i n g th e w h o le e x p en s e on tn s o m e b o d y else, t h u s p o s tp o n in g t h e d a y of puy. pay. pay , Deg- in ia tion will be r e q u i r e d to pu t th e p la n In to effect, find s bill f o r t h a t pu rp n ae la to b e I n t r o ­d uced n t A lbany . I ts paaaage a n d Its e n f o r c e ­m en t w m ild he s m u n ic ip a l f in a n c in g godoend-

lUit !4uch a law a s t h a t wil l not he w ^ lcu tned by Ih e c i ty s p e n d e r s — the- m e n w ho d o t h e m u ­nic ipal h ig h f in a n c e nc1. T h ey w a n t lo h a n d le m oney - t>lg s u m e — w i th o u t In c re a s in g th e tax ra le . T h e y p o s e a s economlsti i , w i t h o u t g iv ing pub l ic i ty to t h e a f t e r - u s - ( h e - d e l u g e a t t i t u d e la w h ich t h e y s t a n d . So long a s It’s t h e o t h e r fellow, In t h e s w e e t b y -a n d -b y e , w h o is g o in g to pay t h e score', t h e y feel safe.

N e w a r k k n o w s Burneth iug a b o u t s u c h f i n a n c ­ing a s W'pll aa N e w York. H e r e we h a v e g o n e lo even g r e n t e r l e n g th s t h a n In th e m e t r o p o l i s In o n r d i re c t io n . W e h a v e Issued lo n g - t e r m b o n d s To in e r t c u r r e n t ex p en se* In a t le a s t o n e In s tance , Just lo s av e a J u m p in t h e tax ra le . K e rh a p a we m ay d o ll a g a in If t h e r e Isn 't a c h a n g e In t h e g o v e r n m e n t .

' I 'h e re la a d a y o f r e c k o n in g co m in g , o f cou rse , b u t ih c h ig h f in a n c i e r s h o p e to p u t ti o f f Ju s t a s

, they h a v o p u l o f f th e t im e o f p a y in g fo r t h e i r k ind of f in a n c in g .

r© lAt h f f t i n r n f f k t VJBfPE.'fi\r^A fflw evenings ago upon re*

tunilns from my daily to ll 1 found my wifa bubbiinK fve>- w ith eacItSTnant And hobilug m her hand *u Imposing looklna mtMive b*arlng In one corner the InarrlpMun ''House o f R«pr**enU- livea. r S'.. I'ublic Document. Free." Ahd 111 !lie idher iha name "B. W, Town#*nd M '■ • icann«d the en­velope cloeely. In The meanwhile pon­dering llH pubwlhl* purport. I could think of n > I'ti■ lldr reason why 1 ihoulr] rerelvfl a letter from my Con- grefisman: In fnH. I did not euppoee ihuT he was avi,Are of my exletence. Then the thought fiiiKgenTert Itself that he might haveaa ft member of The s i x t e e n t h W a r d !m proveruent As b i k IuI^oii and thul my (e len te ' goAenimeul serv ice

I had h e a r d of • a ae s w h e re [iftUent And uTioblruslve r n o n i had beefi I’e- worded, and why not m e ’ I ctmtlnuei to tu rn the leTler o v e r a«vl over fto.s to ponder un t i l my w1fc \i pa t ience was* exhaus ted *h<i she rtom ewhet >■ijggeeted th a t I *eo w h a t ll conift nod. Home wives would n o l h a v e walled for Ibplr husband'l l a r r i v a l iPB m e cuntenlfi of t h e le t te r . 1 km.w

r t tv I lU a ’arA Im-

t'efltled Iti llta

Iheli- huB-k u z r a My . iB . - r - l u - t a w do*«

» i .d l i f r I tU B b a n d » o i i i f l t l i n « » a o i r iD la ln * u m e r lv . But my wtfo ta o"!HI,, mflrBly l u s H t . t h a t a ll *«-rt,-„,s»d to m . s h a l l b« opa.iwl t» h«r

and th a t s h a t n . p s c t th e oon- This eevn.- e n t i r e ly

N„ tiushaiid Btuiuld r e c e i v e '’utteapond^ t h a f h e IB a s h a m e d lo have hla

Hut Lo reaumr Hecurltig a paper knlfo Ihe envelope.

One A pe*"' ouched

W hateve r m ay be the M cew U y for pushing ' to Church " ra m p a lg u t in our cltJ«e- end tlue Is si^rely a good m ove»-ibere s t>eD a grea te r tie«cl to In- form the pS'>pl« where tits churchea arv, and, lac ldeutt ily , W tell what t h e y a re doing I 'here U cdnfi4»nitf« tgaorance on both thesB noliils. ee r e W l itsrtotuU exper ience would eeem to Indicate.

1 w ent to qiii4e a good-sleed ci ty tn Now Je r sey the other night—U was Ug enough tu liave a epecia) poUceman on th e " fpu r c tirncrs '’ lu s teer Ibe tra ff ic . Ju a t fo r the fun of ll, I asked ihe off icer;

"Where le The First Fresbyier tan Church?*'

“ K lrs t Preabytftrlaii? ‘ he queried, hesl- li^tlngly. “ F l t i t Fresbyterlen." he re- pe^^ad, slowly. He glanced down the s t re e t In th e leisurely feeblon common to poticenoen, and finally suggested "There a re lo ts o f churches down the s t r e e t " And h e let It go a t that.

W h e n t told the story to the group of people In t h a t church later In the even­ing, th ey were Inclined Tu become very In ­d ig n a n t a t th e o f f tce r^ they were going to sea lo It t h a t he was on the job h e re ­after, etc. There Is no doubt tha t a po­lice off icer ought to know* where every church le. Jus t Ilka an ubdertaker, whose buelneas It le in go there profeeslonally onot In a while: but don 't let 'e put the whole th ing up to the pollceiuan.

On a n o th e r occasion 1 went to a d iffer­en t New Je rsey city to speak In a Con­grega t iona l church. Thla time I really did no t knew where the church waa. W hen I Htepped o ff the tra in . 1 w e n t to the d rug s to re Jusi across the way. a s ­sured th a t th e druggis t— who la supposed to know a b o u t everybody and eve iy th lug In t o w n —could promptly direct mSa But no— he couldn’t tell. "George."' he called

to lili nMlstant, *Tell thte man where thet-kragiegational uhurch le.'*

But George w as l i k e w is e u n in ­fo rm ed , Tbv n e a r e s t h e cou ld comv to It Was Hull he t h o u g h t It w as "ab o u t tw o b locks dow n th a t way,** p o in t in g dow n th e s t r e e t W hen 1 got- ou ts ide th e s to re 1 found a m a n w a i t i n g un th e corner fo r a s t r e e t car , H e d idn ' t k n o w w he re tlm ch u rc h was. N e i the r did A young woman wtiom 1 m e t ha lf ^ * y down th s block. F in a l ly , us I 'Walked f a r ih e r uiong, I s aw th e o u t ­line* e f H I'hurch b u i ld ing a c r o s s the w a y and Juhi Than k yu t ihg m un uame o u t uf ^ s iore , b e fo re w h lc l r I was s tan d in g , lu let dow n th e a w n ln g - * ! t w as ra in ing ^nnS.

"Hay, y e u n ^ fellow, w h e re ' s the C on­g r e g a t io n a l chu rch?" t shou ted

‘T don 't know, but m a y b e t h a t ’s K a c r o s s i h t way," he l•cpHed.

rture enough, l l hsp j iened to be the ch u rch th a t I w as lo o k in g for.

W h u t w&a thi; m a t t e r In th la p a r t i c u ­la r ca«e—was This a new chu rch , In an oul-of-lhe-W ijy sec t ion o f t h e cItyV H a d n ' t the people h s d t im e to becotna a cq u a in ted w ith th e c h u r c h ? Not a t all. T he church b u i ld ing w a s on the moat p rom inen t co rn e r In t h e city. ISvery s t re e t car In town pa ss e d hy Its door, and I was In form ed t h a t n i g h t — w i th A good deal of p r id e — t h a t th s ch u rch wua ab o u t a h u n d re d o r mdre y e a r s old. But t h e to w n a p eo p le ev i ­d en t ly h a d n ' t g o t ten a c q u a in t e d w ith It y e t

Good for the "Go to C h u r c h ” plan. B u t Alongside of Ih la movt-m ent th a re shou ld be an o th e r—a "Go to t h e Peo­p le” inovemenl. so th a t t h e y m a y know w h e t ' s duliig In the ch u rch . T h i s will m a k e it eas ie r fo r t h e m lo go le church .

A Mineral Which Is Half Gas

I .ar*f;Jlly ot'CUf'l withdraw ih* endoaurcB. oonal iBitor from Mr- ■rowiisand r . h , IntimaLo and„ U.K1 h..w huBv hr. hB.I h-an ^tariff «nd rurreory b ill. ira..«d aud ho» ,j,.ap|v I.B rBBreitad that ht. duUB. h.d prA-. nlPd him from oon.umn« rrw per- Hanally. 11. b,ld ot hi. kB.p in lou.h « iih m. and,„ .t I unul.l «vlle him my hoanv iiiatlers bafore ConKresa. '‘'R" aiVurHucB that my would h. *hm earnest allcntton. Havlntt decided views on the ImmlRrailon qiie.tton, due to the r*et thal a man who has only h«n m thla country ten year. w»i promoted over my head, I at mined to give Mr, Towmwnd « t . ^ n .f ltof my advice on th e s u b jec t . The b a r . mus t he put up h ig h e r to prevent .ueh

M a g n e s i t e la a m ine ra l w hich ta o v e r f i f t y - tw o p e r cent, carbon dioxide, th e gtta w h ich la used for c h a r g in g s oda water , g inger ale end elmllar b ever­age*. By f a r th e g r e a t e r p a r t of th e m a g n e s i t e o ccu r r in g In th e U nited i l ta te a le fou n d In CaLlfornta. a cc o rd in g to th e United s t a t e s ( ^ o lo g l c a l Survey, w h i le r e p o r t s have a lso been received of d e p o s i t s In Nevada. Arl io rm and w e s t e r n T exas . A n u m b er of these <1*- poul ts , espec ia l ly In Cal iforn ia , a r e of u o n s id en tb le alse and yield m a g n e s i t e of e x ce l len t Quality, which Is p ro b a b ly exce l led by few, If any, of th e fo re ig n depoaltB.

At p resen t by fa r th e Largest p a r t of th e m ag n es i te used In t h e Uni ted .‘Sta tes le Imported and le co n su m ed tn the E a s te rn Statee. th e Im p o r ta t io n be in g abou t tw e n ty t im e s th e domest ic productlo t] and r a n g in g f ro m 100,000 to 150,000 tohs a year .

Considerable In te re s t tn t h e dom eit io product ion of m a g n e a l tg h a s been a roused of la te In a n t i c ip a t io n of the ppssih le a d v an tag e t h a t m a y acc rue Wrih the open ing of t h e P a n a m a Canal. In the hope th a t th is n e w r o u t e m ay enable California producers to reachthe E a s te rn p o r t s a t s u f f i c i e n c y low f r e ig h t r s te e to allo'w th e m to placeth e i r p roduct on th e E a s t e r n m arke t .

C urious D evelopm ent of the Lobster

A m i s c h i e f - m a k e r .■o2nR paraon or peraonn about town aoetn to

1 tmuRually active In s ta rttn f unfounfitil rumorat h s f in an c ia l Rtablll ty o f lo ca l conce rn* .

F i r s t , o n e o f t h e f i e p a r tm e n t e to ree , a n d t h e n one ^ t e t o e l a r r e e t f in a n c ia l InBlttutlone, h a s b e e n m a d e ytH v i c t i m o f s u c h "ya rn e ."

0 n s Is a t a loss to ass ign a r e a a o n a b le m otive . l "X U t c h a t t e r c a n h a r d ly pas* a s a t e n a b l e excuse, ’t o a H c e m i g h t be t r a c e ab le to Jta s o u rc e a i jd po-

J tU o a l c a p i t a l cou ld h a r d ly lie m a d e ou t of s uch

'U tlugs.F o r . a n y m a n w h o s o u g h t to m a k e c ap i ta l by

- ' H n g U n g o u t re sponelb ln buelncHaes a m i m a k in g ^ e i n t h e s u b j e c t of s u ch u n f o u n d e d soaree would b e w r i t i n g h im s e l f d o w n aa n to ra l l y a n d e th ica l ly u n f i t t o b e t r u s t e d w i th g o v e r n m e n t .

, , I t w o u ld b e s im p ly d i s p l a y in g lh a t s o r t >*gpC t n o n t a l l t y a n d oonecience w h i c h w o u ld con- ^ | t d a r p o l i t i c a l a t t a c k s upon a n In d iv id u a l buel- tt -MM t o s e r v e Ite o w n pu rp o es s . a s a pe rfec t ly ' t o s i t l m a t a po l i t ica l w e ap o n , e i t h e r fo r t h e ob jec t

A P l f - T I R E S Q U E F I G U R E in t h e lo n g c o n te s t fu r Ih e e s l a b l l a h n ie n t of th e p a rc e l pos t w a s J a m e s I j . Cowle.B, t h e f o u n d e r a n d t o r tw e lv e y e a r s t h e s e c r e t a r y of t h e P o s ta l P r o g r e s s L e a g u e . W i th bis w h i t e h a i r , h is s p a r e f r a m e , h i s n e r v o u s a n d Incis ive m a n n e r of s p eak in g , h e a t t r a c t e d I n s t a n t a t t e n t io n w h e r e v e r h e a d v o c a t e d h is ho b b y . H e w as ca l l ed a c r a n k , b u t his a r g u m e n t s w e re so so u n d t h a t h e m a d e m a n y conver te , a n d I t w as a c - k n o w le d g e d t h a t no m an h a d m o r e In f lu en ce In b r in g i n g a b o u t t h e c h a n g e t h a n he. N o w he h a s r e t i r e d f r o m t h e l e a g u e b e ca u s e t h a t o r g a n iz a t io n re fu s e d to s t a n d f o r g o v e r n m e n t o w n e r s h i p o t t r a n s p o r t a t i o n . H a will be m is sed , a n d d o u b t l e s s t h e e x p re s s c o m p a n i e s w il l be so r ry t h a t b e w ae not fo r c e d In to r e t i r e m e n t e ar l ie r .

T H E S E I . E t T I O N O F C i ty A t to r n e y H e r b e r t B o g g s o f t h i s c i ty fo r th e p os t of a a s l s la n t a t t o r ­n e y - g e n e r a l of New J e r s e y h a s receh -ed w id e a p ­p ro v a l . e sp e c ia l ly a m o n g h ig h r a n k i n g m e m b e r s o f t h e b u r a n d the Judges of t h o S ta te cour ts . Wr. B o g g s h ae lo ng e n jo y ed a n e n v ia b le r e p u ­t a t i o n a s a la w y e r of t h e h i g h e s t p ro b i t y a n d o f w is e d i s c e r n m e n t . H is r e c o r d d u r i n g h is c o n ­n e c t i o n w i t h t h e legal d e p a r t m e n t of th la city, d u r i n g w h ic h ho a p p e a r e d In m a n y lm por ta .n t c a s e s f o u g h t o u t in t h e co u r t s , a t t r a c t e d to h imt h e a t t e n t i o n o f th e m e m b e r s o f h is p ro fes s ion to a g r e a t e r ex te n t d o u b t l e s s t h a n h e rea l i sed . H is o p in io n s on ques t ion* in v o lv in g m u n ic ip a l a n d c o n s t i t u t i o n a l law h a v e b een well r e g a rd e d . T h e a t t o r n e y - g e n e r a l , 11 Is c o n ced ed , iimde a h a p p y h i t w h e n h e secure i i th e a c e e p t a n r a of Mr. Boggs.

’^ a h o l d - u p , or t o f a v o r som e " in s id e " com p e t i to r .cl- T h e b u s in e s s oond l t lons In N e w a r k , b o th f r o m

■ ta t l s t l c s an d f r o m In d iv id u a l In q u i ry a m o n g th e ‘■'’l a r g e r I n d u s t r l e a do no t w a r r a n t an y b o d y In

s t a r t i n g s u c h "Hcares," T h e y a r e b o th foollBh

'daild m a l ic ious .

P A S S T H E L E A D - P O I S O N D Il . l . .SB

A S t a t e t h a t r a n k s a s h i g h a s N ew J e r s e y In ' t o * I n d u s t r i a l co lum n c a n n o t h o n o r a b l y fall be ­l o w t h o s t a n d a r d of d e c e n t c a r e t o r omployes. I t fe l l b e lo w th a t s t a n d a r d w h e n ll re fu sed t h r o u g h Us re p re s e n ta t iv e s last y e a r to pass the

c . I e a d - p o l s o n in g bill. T h e bill lo s t l a s t y e a r hue e t a g a ln baet i In t ro d u ce d a s A s s e m b ly No. 17. It

a s o u n d and w o rk a b le bill l a s t y e a r , and It

T H E SO N S O F T H E A M E R I C A N R E V O L U ­T IO N In th i s S t a t e n e v e r c o n ce iv e d a n y l h i n g m o re a p p r n jm la t e o r c r e d l lu h le Than th e p r o j e c t to m u r k w i th o b e l i s k s th e r o u t e l u k e n by G e n ­e ra l W a s h i n g t o n In h i s m a r c h f ro m T r e n t o n to P r in c e to n on J a n u a r y !, 17 77, w h ic h Ib a b o u t to he c a r r i e d o u t . Th la w as t h e m o s t .s ti r r ing ap laode ^of t h e R ev o lu t io n to be s tag e d In N ew J e r se y , o n d 11" Is s in g u la r ly a p p r o p r i a t e t h a t a Borlely, I n c lu d in g In Uh m e m b e r s h i p d e s c e n d a n t s of th e so ld ie rs w h o m a d e th i s h is to r ic , h e a r t ­b r e a k i n g m a r c h s h o u ld t a k e th o s te p l h a t will [ircaei ve its m e m o r y fo r pos ter i ty .

T h e c r a z e f o r t h e f a s t li fe w as n e v e r m o re ■slrlkingly I l l u s t r a t e d t h a n In t h e a n n o u n c e m e n t lha l a spec ia l t r a in f r o m C h ic ag o to .Now O r­leans . on th e occas ion of th e Marfll G ra s , will bo equ i i 'pod w i th a b a l l r o o m car , so, t h e ex cu r s lo u l s i s can t a n g o eil ro u te .

e l* a s o u n d a n d w o rk a b le hill to d a y ,rif T ru e , th e sam e sort of m lsrep reseb ta llo ii tlm lun ■ I-.!iA«feated th« reform a yoar ago h a s a lread y been

a tu t e d , a re told tVmt ILip I* too draH-tlc , t h a t em ployers of ih e lr own In itiative a re

c,.tb6m *elves rem oving th e r iik a It w ould rem edy,.t h a t p lu m b lsn i le praclienlly w iped out In the af-

,i,facted industrloB, th a t a jo in t com m ittee of em - •5»^pIoyerB and em ployes is engaged iri discovering *']'and ap p ly in g preventives fo r th e dread disease,

qu ite a* qJjfecUve as those provided hy the bill. -A n effo rt t* m ade to produce the- im preeslon th a t

t h t m aaau re orig inated outside th e Rtute, th a t It la th ao ra tlca l, th a t U w ould su b je c t Ole industries o<m€aroed to a burden th a t w ould handicap them w ith corapeU tpr* in rival S ta tes In w hich th ere a re

: r e s t r i c t i o n . J r t , ‘A I t C. -N. o m of« '7ra*fi4‘jh m - is th e ^

■ ^ la w 'O f Ohio, PfflnSytvflrttla o r W lseourt, a i r of W lllch las t y ea r jolnefl Illino is In 'sd o p iln g .s RMVitloits. ■ I t Is not th eo re tica l, h u t Is the resu lt • t co m p e te n t stu d y an d so b e r exp^ lenca . P lu in b lsm Is not wiped o u t in th e Industries tn

S ta te exposed to the risk o t lead poisoning; tb*rA a r e m any, m any cases, carefu lly traced, S tapnosed by skilled p hysic ians— and crippled to tte ra b ly fo r life. I f ce rta in em ployers, since the C ftto tlo n o f lost ywiT, have in sta lled safeguards t h a t a r e adequate , th en euch em ployers connoi flnfl f a u l t w ith a m easu re th a t w ould requ ire them to 4 e w h a t th e y a lready a re do ing; .while If such ■ ■ liF a a tto a re a fa ta l h an d icap , as la contended, t b w a ipp IaF a t^ eanno t h av e p ro v id ed them wUh- o u t lnfln«tl1a!''*ulcJde.

A a ^ . l t b a trange, too, th a t iso la ted employer* tsiML Hav* d w * th ese gapd 'th ln (« i w hjcb th e ir Io fl« l^ itval* h a » a l* f t i w t a a »

F.ARM ( I l E D I T L E G I S L . \T K » N .' T n e p ro s p e c i s a r e I h o t C o n s r e s s will e n ­c o u n t e r s o m e d if f icu l t ie s In e s ta b l i s h in g a n a t io n a l f a r m l a n d c r e d i t s y s te m In a c c o r d w i th t h e Glass- O w on c u r r e n c y act . T h e r e le l i t t le . If an y . o p ­p o s i t io n to s u ch a sy s tem , a n d Ihe P r e s id e n t Is In f a v o r o t It, bu t th e d e ta i l s a r e Ukclv to be th e s u b j e c t o f m u c h d iscuss ion .

T w o id e n t ic a l bil ls c r e a t i n g a f a r m loan system w e r e r e c e n t l y In t r o d u ce d ; one by H e n a to r F l e t c h e r of F l o r i d a a n d th e o th e r by R e p r e s e n t a t i v e M.jss of I n d i a n a . B o th m en w e re m e m b e r s of Ih e A m e r i ­c a n c o m n l a s l o n a p p o in te d b y I ’r c s ld e n t W ilson to s t u d y t h e land c red i t s y s t e m s of K u ro p c . T h e y npen t t h r e e m o n th s a b r o a d last s im m ie r , visited e ig h t c o u n t r ie s , an d t h e i r b i l ls a r e siihstHritlalty t h e rom m ls* lon ' .a a d a p t a t i o n o f t h e H si f fe laen and o t h e r r u r a l co -o p e ra t iv e c r e d i t syatom a to th o n s e d a o f t h e f a r m e r s In th e U n i te d Kt.ites.

I t la n o t a lw ays a n e as y th in g , how ever , to l a k e a s u cc e ss fu l f in an c ia l p l a n f r o m ono c o u n t r y a n d e a l a b l l s h It In a n o t h e r w h e r e tlie c u r r e n c y s y s t e m Is d i f f e r e n t an d o t h e r ro n d l l l o n s e q u a l ly v a r ie d . T h e bills a l re a d y In t r o d u c e d do no t m e e t t h e u n q u a l i f i e d ap p ro v a l o f t h e y iouse h a n k in g a n d c u r r e n c y co m m it te e , a n d t h e rn e jo r i ty l e a d e r s h a v e d e c id ed t h a t a n e w bill shal l b e f r a m e d by a * u b -c o m m lt t e e , fo r I n t r o d u c t io n In t h e H ouse o n o r a b o u t April 1, a n d t h a t It sha l l t h e n be p u s h e d . M ean t im e , It is p ro b a b le t h a t t h e Inves ­t ig a t io n of a g r i c u l tu r a l c o n d i t io n s a b r o a d will be s u p p l e m e n t e d by f u r t h e r I n v e s t ig a t io n s h e re , t h r o u g h t h e A g r ic u l tu r a l D e p a r t m e n t a n d t h e c e n s u s b u r e a u . As th e p ro p o s e d m e a s u r e Is a n e x p e n i n e n t , t h e wise p u r p o s e o f C o n g re s s Is to m a k e I t a s p e r fec t as poss ib le f r o m th o beg inn ing .

G e n e r a l l y s p eak in g , t h e n ew bl it is n o t l ikely t o d i f f e r m a t i r i a l l y In it s es.senUal f c a tu r e a f r o m t h e I**letcher-Moss m e a su re , so t h a t a b r i e f s u m ­m a r y o f t h e l a t t e r be takq j i a s a r e a s o n a b le

W o m e n a h o p l l f t e r a In N ew Y o rk h a d loot In t h e i r m uff s w h e n a r r e s t e d . J u d g i n g hy t h e size of som e m uff s w o r n th i s winder, a m u s ic a l ly I n ­clined s h o p l i f t e r m i g h t BurccasfuIIy c a r r y off a p la y e r -p ia n o i f t h e sa lo sn ion w a s n ' t w a tch in g .

t ’ ntted B ta t e l C o u r t o t C u a to m A ppea ls , a s k e d tn d e c id e w h e t h e r sna i l s a r e live anlm aUs o r not, will g e t l i t t l e l i g h t on th e s u b jec t by w a t c h i n g the s u b je c t s o f d isp u te .

M ayor of H a v a n a haa re m o v e d b s n on baao- luill lie tt lng , In d ica t in g , i i robobly , t h a t b e t t i n g will gn i>n J u s t a s u sua l .

In o t h e r word* . Bos* M u r p h y t h i n k s h e can m a k e a m o r e g ra c e f u l exit b a c k w a r d .

Here and There

gkeuld protect

a d v a n c e v u i i i i t e m f c o m m ie e l o n ’e blHr w h ic h la t e n la U v e ly a n adn i ln ia - t r a t i o n m e a s u re , ' p rov ide s fo r th o c re a t io n , o p e r a ­t i o n a n d su p erv is io n o t a f a r m la n d b a n k system. U n d e r It 'e i the r c o -o p e ra l lv e o r p r o f i t - m a k i n g b a n k s m a y be e s tab l i s h ed . In t h e tu rn ie r , d iv i­d e n d s a r e l im ited 'a n d ex ces s e a r n in g s a r e dl*. t r l b u t e d t o th e p a t ro n s . In t h e l a t t e r , d e b e n t u re s m a y be Issued hy t h e b a n k a , t h e p ro c e e d s to be l o a n e d to t h e f a r m e r s a t a r a t e s o m e w h a t tn ad- va i ic a o f t h e d e b e n t u r e In te re s t r a le , t h e d i f f e r ­e n ce c o n s t i tu t in g th e p r o r i t o f t h e banka . Se- c l i r t t lM o f th e se h a n k s a r o e x e m p t f r o m ta x a t io n , a n d t h e f a r m e r s a r e to p a y t h e i r luana by a m o r ­t i z a t io n . w lfh ln th i r ty - f iv e y e a r s . T h e lusiio of b o n d * is l lm i t sd to f i f teen t im e s t h e a m o u n t of c a p i t a l a n d surpliia .

O n e f e a t u n o f t h e c o m m is s io n bi l l Is of e sp s - e ia l In te re s t , i t p rov ide* t h a t b u i ld in g a n d loan aacocla tiOh* a n d ezdiUng l a n d m o r t g a g e aasoe l l^

T he S la te Ueh hatijJiery a t H a v U e t ts to w n U a m uch larfiftr I n s t i tu t io n th a n moat New J e r s e y p e o ­ple conce ive it to be. and it h a s been and now Is d ^ ln g sp lend id w ork In r e s to ck in g th e S ta te ' s d e ­p le ted la kes , ponds and a t ream s. D u r in g th e p a s t y e a r o r bo li ha* placed m ore th a n a tnllUon you n g fish in tlifl t i ta le w a te r s and th e re a r e now ab o u t 800,000 t r o u t f lnge r l lngs and sm al l f ry r e a d y lo he d i s t r ib u te d an d s ev e ra l h u n d re d ihout t^nd e g g s In p roce ss of h a tc h in g . To feed tlieso l i t t l e fe llows f rom M arch n e x t to D ecem ber will r e q u i r e aeven ly - hve tons of fish u-iul ao,000 sheep p lucka ; b u t th in k of t h e fine f ish ing to be had when a l l t h e s e have bean l ib e ra te d an d h av e g ro w n to l e g aT s lze . And th is b r in g s up a t i t t l e point. T he S t a t e e x ac t s a l icense fee fo r h u n t in g , b u t no t fo r A s h i n g / a n d fo re ig n f i she rm en come h e re -^espec la l ly on Sundays f rom P e n n s y lv a n i a —w h ip th e s t r e a m s a n d c a tch m a n y c f the b e s t fish w i th o u t h e lp ing t tie iState to bear a n y o f Us flsb and g a m e expense*. T h e P e n n ­s y lv a n i a l a w p ro h ib i t s Sunday fishing in t h a t Sta te , honce tho. r u s h of the K e y s to n e r i a croM th e D e la ­w a r e R l v e i B f ^ u i r l n g f ro m for^iore

occurranca. a . t h a t to which I have re- ferred above

R etu rn in g to th e l e t t e r . I re ad th a t accompany I ng It w a s a Hat of Bulletins pi, hi I shell by a p a te rn a l government fo r the information of it* citizens, *orae of which Mr. Townaend w a a sure would ha of Interest lo me or t h e ladles of th s huuBehold, and h e b e g g e d th a t we w ould

•check from the Hat auch s s appealed to us. send him the Hat an d he would a t once «M lha t wo received them. Mr. Town*end closed w i th t h e assurance th a t It he could servo m e In a n y o ther way I had only to wri te a n d le t him know.

Although s o m ew h a t disappointed a t finding the le tter w as no t the official a p ­pointment 1 had f i r s t hoped. : a * onca decided to avai l m yse l f of th e promise held out in the l a s t i ^ r a g r s p h . J u s t a s Buon aa 1 have decided w h a t office wlU be most sult shle bo th a s to sa la ry and duties I shall noti fy Mr. Townsend.

iMy wife and I then lu rucd our attfln- lion to OiB list of bulle tl ti s enclosed. W* wore aatonljihed an d gratif ied a t the groftl va r ie ty of s u b j e c t s co n ce rn in g which Prcpldent W ilson has taken th e trouble lo wri te fo r t h e information of the people. t will en u m e ra te a few of them such as " F i s h a s Food," "Note* on Frost ," "Home M an u fac tu re and Use of Unfermented Grape Ju ice ," the au tho r­ship of which m y wife a t t r ib u te s to Sec­re ta ry Bryan; "Bquab R a i s in g / ' "Cncum- bers / ' "Home Grow n T e a ," "How to De- i iroy Rale," "T h« Peanu t ," "House Flips," "Kalslna B elg ian Haree and Other Rabblta." " R a i s in g Guinea Pig*" and "Pfipcorn for t h e House .”

My wife and I s p en t the enti re even- Imr going over th e l i s t and deciding which we would send for. Her f ir s t choice wbb the one on "Belgian Hare* and Other Rabbit* ." She didn’t car* an y th in g ab o u t B e lg ia n hares, *he said, but 'other rabbl ta" mviat Include Welsh rabbi ts »nd she w a n ted lo know how to make one th a t would no l resemble a t a n ­gle of yellow shoe at ringa. so we checked that. Then ! m arked the one on "How to Destroy Hats. ' W e have never had any rats in our f la t, b u t one can never tell when they will a r r iv e and I thought it well to know how to dispose of them if they did. T h en m y wife selected the one on "Raising G u in e a Figs." She Is very foml of ru a s t gu inea hen and r e ­marked Ihftt gu inea pig* were probably members of the uam e family. Next I chose one on "Horne <5rown Tea," W e are bf.-ib fond of l e a a n d 1 thought if we could ra ise our own it would make quite a difference in o u r grocery bills. My wife had next choice a n d she picked "The Bfhonl Garden." O u r oldest wllf go to th e k in d e r g a r t e n n e x t y e a r and we both fell we cou ld n o t h av e too m uch in form ation on th e sub jec t .

Thus w e w e n t t h r o u g h the en t i re Hat, check ing o ff one a f t e r ano the r , u n t i l 1 e s t im ate t h n t we eha l l have enough reailhig m a t t e r to l a s t us a year and shall be f lua l l f led a s e x p e r t s In da l ry - iiiv. f ru i t g r o w in g , t ru c k fa rm ing , b la rkam Uhlng . p o u l t r y ralHing. l a n d ­scape g a r d e n in g a n d bee keeping. W e will also k n o w h o w to ex te rm in a te rats, files, moequtloeB and English s p a r ­rows: to d e te c t b a c t e r i a in m ilk : d i a g ­nose m a la r ia a n d ty p h o id fever, and tell when my w ife '* Pom h a s h y d ro ­phobia.

I fieri!re la t h i s p u b l ic m a n n e r to e x ­press the g r a t i t u d e o f m yse l f and wife to Mr. Tow neend b o t h fo r hla compli- meiilB Lo m y se l f a n d fo r su p p ly in g us with sutdi a v a s t a m o u n t of useful and Inform ing l i t e r a tu r e . In these days of t ra shy f ic t ion it is indeed g ra t i f y in g lo know th a t t h e g o v e r n m e n t adheres rig id ly lo th e po l icy of Issu ing none but w orks of s t a n d a r d w orth .

At th e p r e s e n t m o m e n t I cer ta in ly feel tha t Mr. T o w n s e n ^ will Jia\c the benefit of my a id a n d Influence ^liould he seek re -e lec t ion , b u t a t the sam e time I sha l l k e e p a n open nund a w a i t ­ing the fu l f i lm e n t of h is implied p rom ­ise tu g ive tne a p le u e an i and lu c ra ­tive pos i t ion w h e r e I can ilevpte my ablll tlee to thg s e r v i c e of the people.

Very t r i i ly y ou rs .a i X T E E N T H Vr’AUDER.

S o m e th in g of the m y s te ry h i th e r to s u r r o u n d i n g the developm ent of th e l o b s t e r h a s been cleared up by P r o f e i - s o r B o u v ie r of th e Pari* N a tu r a l H is ­to ry Mueeum. The In v es t ig a t io n wa* c a r r i e d o u t a t th e m ar i t im e l a b o r a to r y a t P ly m o u th , on the E n g l i s h coast, w h e r e th e lobs te r* a re a b u n d a n t a m o n g th e rock*, an d th e condit ions f o r s t u d y ­in g th e m a r e favorable.

T h e n e w ly ha tched c r e a t u r e s a re q u i t e d i f f e r e n t from those com m only k n o w n . In th e larval e la te th ny s r* m in u te , q u i te t r a n s p a r en t , an d t h e i r b o d y ^ f l a t and lea f - t ike— h a s Ih r s e p a i r* of a w lm ra e ra B etw een th i s an d

th e ad u l t condit ion aa m a n y as nirie s t a g e s of t ra n s fo rm a t io n h a v e been o b ­served.

R a r e specim ens of so -c a l l ed "pu*r- u l u t ” have been s uspec ted of b e in g lo b ­s t e r s In a you th fu l s t a g e — a b o u t an in ch tong, t r a n s p a r en t , an d lo ft -i rhelled —an d th is view h t s been con f i rm ed by f in d in g the n e x t t r a n s f o r m a t i o n In ac tu a l progress.

T he puerulue i t f tge l* t h a t In which s w im m in g is g iven up fo r q u ie t lodging in the rucks. O re w th a n d c h a n g e >tr* rapid , and th s evo lu t ion f rom the egg to the fu lly developed lo b s t e r seems to be comple ted In s n o u t tw o m o n th s

LAUTLRThat which gives the LAUTER

PIANO its commanding place among its contemporaries is its remarkably beau­tiful tone.

Have this piano played for you, and you will appreciate the great charm of the instrum ent; you will un­derstand why discriminating pianists the world over have been loud in their praise of its delightful liquid purity.

LAUTER GRAND PIANOS, LAU- TER-HUMANAS and LAUTER U P­RIGHT PIANOS represent the m axi­mum of piano excellence. We invite you to examine them.

Lauter Co. 591-593 Broad^St.

Over $800,000

lamp*rl:3grifcrtitSfl g a i f la^aw s .

Crooks, a s ia wall k now n , have as a c t ive b ra in s a t h av e the g u a r d i a n s of th e law w h o se d u ty It is to a p p re h e n d th«m. Th« on ly d lfferenc« 1* t h a t the l a t t e r c la ss u^es i t s b ra in s to a b e t t e r end. The s y s tem of Identi fy ing^ o ffenders by . t a k in g Impre*- 8|ona of t h e i r f inger t ip s w as j g a t w e r k l o g well w h en a su sp e c t In F a s sa lc con t r ib u ted a ne'w p ro b ­lem by p ro d u c in g a se t of Lingers an d thum bs , all as s m o o th a s a ch ina eg g and devoid of a l i n g or a Wrinkle . H ow he did It. does nol m a t t e r - tho fac t r em a in s t h a t t h e Inven t ive gen lqe of t h e ch as e d Is as a l e r t a s t h a t of the ‘r h a i e r . Now I t - m a y be ilfeoessary f o r th e law to di ’vlse s o m e th in g new.

Rocky H il l Is one of the places m os t 'Ocently tu see th e fi rst rob in of the year . See ing rob ins Is a p le a s a n t p a s t im e a t ihi* sbason. but it Is m ore I n ­t e r e s t i n g th a n in any o th e r w ay s* an l l lu s t r s U o n of th e te n a c i ty w ith w h ich sumo pe rsons c l in g to

o ld be l ie f t h a t rob ins a l l go Bouch durl'ii^ the T h e ro b in Is a h a r d i e r b ird t h a n he Is gen*

o r^d l t t o r be thg . '

A S U R E - E N O U G H B R U T EIn Chicago It haa J u s t been jud ic ia l ly

aff i rmed th a t b e ca u s e a wife snore* her husband Is n o t Ju*tlfisd In b e a t in g her. W c shou ld say not. Any husband who will s t r i k e hi* wifu w hen *h* l i asleep Is a m ean , contemptible , Coward and no puTi lshtuent Is too severe fo r him. Of course a w-lfe atidletcd to t h s *no,rlng hab i t is an uncoAifljjlteble b#d ; .fal low, but t h e r e a re c o r r e c t . - g t*Tv an i toyanco th a n club. An elbow s u d d e n ly ' a n d ' f f o l n * - ' w h a t v igo rqus iy i n s e r te d b e tw ee n th e fou r th unci f i f th r i b s ' 1* v e ry a p t to produce a t liMist &> riemporary ceaeatioB of tlie bld'eoun no U '‘.s t h a t e m a n a te f r o m ' the prohuft<lri uf iL confirmed snorer. A small piece of lee d e x te ro u s l y appl ied betw een the ah o u ld e r b lades t* recom* mended by some, *wh11e o ther* ho.'tr* more faith Iti t i c k l i n g the so les o f th* feet with the w r o n g end of a feathrer dUKier. FuBtcnlrig ih * J k w i t o g e th s r with :iM U^on c l a m p is elaifned to bs* efficfuUpus, w h i le o ld - f a s h io n e d people still st ick tu ^ h e “c lo th e sp in ou nO«s“ plan. Nunierou* o t h e r g e n t l e and tter*- auiiMivp nmthod* w'lll s u g g e s t th e m - spiM.s Lu u hiiKband o f h u m a n e In- Httneis. KfLr b e t t e r , tndOedp If all o th e r mPSHuret) fnlJ, a q u i l t . a n d a p il low on

I the k itchen f lo o r t h a n a r e s o r t to blows And t h e o h a n p e i ^ a r e t h i ^ - t h e wife was on ly a n o r ^ l T to anyhow. '

During 1913 The Prudential paid to its New Jersey policyholders in dividends $821,500. A large propor­tion of this great sum was paid as the result of purelyVrtlutitafV bv

' • : > --

Forrest F . Dryden, President.

: M i y f i r’

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A re\ ol t h e AlfflTi tion of Pr .MfarltiLap E loy Alffi 1911. and Toward 1 udminlrili'a dlsonlcrly to he plol Timllln Te S. 191L and h!ft I killed hy w as helipf dafi PlaY:a the foil' w

Nolwltli m the fin P laza 1ft developTnv condlttonfl of Quito,

When I I f i l l . a t t! It was h placed 1t£ and the dieted. T how serlo

A dramN orse b|ion Fr ldu t lone r* uto requee defense*

'w i l l not h e ad s of agrofeineii J o in t act o f the Hi lie. The a l l ie s In expan elor a* t h a t r

R uss ia n e rv e s o d a y s ago to ld the E n g lan d a n d th a t a r m y an In check n in e ty - f o Inc i t ing H u n g a r la employed in de ta i l t o alien R u th e n lu t h e Dual I* comnm and F ra i a l l ian ce ''

Varioui h a v e atai g r e l end le av e hei In Turke A rm enia , th e sam* B a lk an t h e i r lali

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unIn* d comv to«■ "About ' bolntUff ot UUt«l4A 'Alttnc un H« (ildn't

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to b« th« for.i i part lcu* L‘h u r i ‘h. In r th e cl ly7 to b«*ebtno ? Not a t a a on Uio th « ci ty

i««<t hy Ite At nl(|ht*“ — th « i tha d o r more >»ople avl- liitod with

rch " plan, nent thara a th e P«K)> may know

T h is will o ffo to

T f a i t part the UnLtad m a u m ad In m porta t lon la domasltn 1 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 to

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l ion o f the lay a ccru e a m a Canal , routa may k to raach :lani2y lo*It to place 1 m arka t .

ny a s mHe baan ob-

lU d "pu«r- f b a i n j lo'J- —a b o u t an lofi -t ihallad ■nClrmad by rm a t lo n In

Lt In which Uet ]oAglng ch a p f ie i r e Dm the effff e r sae iua to m onths

^ s id e a l


REVOLUTION THE ORDER OF THE DAY < ia IN THE LATIN-AMERICAN REPUBLICSlapanese Opposition to the Misrule of the Chat-ScandinaTiaiis Deter­

mined to Oppose Russian Expansion-Yuan Works Against the Provinces for a Centralized Govemmeut-South Africans on the Defensive.



d e m o c r a c y urn] r.rlelo<Tucy ar-- IiinJi - lOtf In NbX’uiHl ciuarlM'fl of x^oiid. Tlip wi'fk I lie nnv l f ll s c ty uii purbii l III l^iUh Anu'rU'ft. win- « i i-vo- lutloiiN in iVni and I'ctrvdiii ' i> iir<t l*e a d d ed lo llie I’llPdrdiTH of M»-xii «i, Huhlo

j,ndIll J ap a n Ihf* optaKHiliu'i p.ir llee

threale^ri tr.i o\ r r i t im w tin- u'f ' rT i rneni n e x t Tijondev, \vtirr» .i n in : :4i ' lif I’onfl- detM'e ie to til* \ 'nlpd ut'oii l h r iit1)' extiosed nrival m ii.mifd ;isth e I'UiiNe of IIiIh. Inti Indot ■! it stiiudei th e oppos ition of tlif jo ■’[-: • to Hie c la n s t h a t k ' i m a lon^r un^ . t id a f 'c o u n 1lti*{ loT th f |.(»hll' al i ■ n r«>i ni:i • tioil of l>rMitt TiW.|it:i* 111 iliiH In- Stance. oppoHiiuni Ih >d p.u'tii’ula r iy u^^Mlllhl Cu- s.it>uiniii whichh a s lorsii tipfn hijiucmi*- in imvnl iffalri' .

Ttie KoveminfpT of Sf>ulh Afiu'H hiiH made Ua of rnartin l law hiidd ra s t i i ' t rout 111 I'll I nf ilif“ .--trlkp leaders, bg l w hether 'H r oi It will In- ao^upti'd b y thi ‘ Purli.iiiirtii ih d m i in fu l T lu r e a re 1ndii;atl<inH thut the Rov-*fPtrnnl w i l l be forriid to \ < nl^n

A liUKc deniiinat rill Ion in li ’ ’ Sn<*<l(»h rn p itn l In fa vor o f 1 i n T t M a l n H i - ’’ ' ‘nun- t i y ’B m l l l iu ry ^ireoKit i f(" Uh«-H -illon- ttori upon the SiH ia l in u M n n fiMifl of Huajilii'a Pxpniidlii^' hei .tu roi’ r.i l rule,

Ir» ctiiUrasl In theae InrldenlM wtin'h, e l l l ie r now nr in Uielr u l l lm i i le dev t l - Opineiil. apell war. I« lh«* r r ee ld e n iV announced i l r t r r m l ei:i Uon to w o rk for ropetil of Itif free tnllii r l,u iac« In Ihe P anum u Canal tdlJ, I fu ro h y reKpcrlinff th i s aoiiii!r>'a t r e a ly r.itdlKu i lotin find •ngagBmcnl: i

t 'nup n V t R l s i liltwtfl.Tlie rnup d'viat Utim \^edncs<ln>^

mornina by whlrli l ‘r. , <!"id HitlincU'irat o a s urcrthniM ll and ih'> f r r m l e r nluln ‘ •amo * 3 11 Kurpr'nn rv'-ii I p ThiiH<' nliohave kept alktH.-ael «>f de*. dopii ionta In ; 1, ^ Pern .

Prealdfnl HilDmfhm st wan o!f* tert Au- gUKt 1! 1312, and t udc -fflr*- rln* fnllow- Ing m*'nth I’hi* le rm nf la for fouryearn. The eh-i ttima \^l•re heM with dtf- flcidly, lull, I'n* onr 'dhin l p>f Ibe eler- torate rerii.iir'''d by the i ' i in sh in lh in ha\ - Ing vnied. the p'lei-iiiin nf Mllllnuhural WUM di’i-larrd legal

ia gu i le ready to ojven un Ih^ uura i inn uf Turkey ' ll Asiuth ' po isess lons. Ami yet s o m eth in g ev iden t ly niunl be done In Armenia , fo r Ihe presHure for r e ­fo rm s th e re htiN become slroiiK

Kusalu would like to u n d e r l a k r the ta sk iind aui'h ii relhitile ron im en tu rn r iiH Noel n u x to n ulNes a t rong aaHuruiucs lha l the policy of "HuBBlni jii Ifin" pur- |Hijpfl e li tew li rrr would md he rrpfalp'i). F'robabl) llie Ih ieres i-i nf ir*'iin;iriy Hioiig llie UajiCdiid Uailw .o li.-ne tie- roi ii r HO Htrong lha l the K.ilher ntiu ld iioi j icnn l l ll uiileais. iia hiih Im-pil hh^- geRled In Home nf the d lep c i l.es, Ci

pr lv l le K es at ■ '(msla iitinoiA s f a r UH a conBeniiUR eif npniinn i' .vi

be fleler ii il iied, i| appeurh lU e l y lh a t refonnn In Mitredonla will bp ir-fr inI ii tcrna t loniil HClInn, uh u a ^ >lipnn In the raae of Mni'ednnla .< h ^ea^H aao ; and, in l lia l pvi-iil, ii is r ,i| p ro ln - ble tha t im irh w o r th whil. will he m-. vompIlHliefl. T he oulinppk fui | | . r . \ i - meiiLaiiR. w h e th e r tb eh f.iie in en* truMcil to n u s v la or- tn ihe <iin'(Tl of rlie puwerH, Is iioi briKht

F e d e r n lU m In ^iiKtrla.\ ncep InterpJd l.fim; luken m il,<!

f iture (if .\netr la - l l n ta ry arnl in 'h e plaiifl tJiR heir-appiirp nf (a likely iHrry uin when the .,ui InnpKh r tl i ji. \\ Idle the flit'iat nn :h trvn conipl* \ !•» be Tii'ire thtlri menM-me't here, npe pt>int ib Worth rectiriili i.- Tlir'niith thni*- svli<> are I'loaest t i C m' .silent I->iini r'''crtlinKhil,II liufl Inal.Pit I ' l l Hint lirurl Ih .‘a'ton SI fi'ili'nitpiii Ilf U»p efurral rh-menia In ih r ilual TiKinar'hy Kn<i that lie wdl m.nke a vli;.,r ,.;r: i-ffi.r-r In en-c-t tha tTi'TIii ijf C'lv' I'nmeMl

I he .\ri-| dijke le f .llv lihse 1<i the fo' l Mint ihi pjny w li*-Ti Hie 'r'-rnnin uikJ ill' M.-ivvht ••■ oiM r ih‘ ir.si i m • H uiiaury

U'‘Me. anil lhal vrr 'Upnn nujHt be niftil'- frji- InihriQ |h'- minor races tin\e a rc| rf'.sp’iil.kii\ e \-nn-e In ihe nmiiaa* - nie.-il nf the eniplre Ttils seems on caj'lrlrti 'e l ‘ i he ^ rTngre«si\p nieflshr*-.I'Ut biliind ll brfl one of Ihr moat diffi-' ' ill ii lliati.pTiH.

lYiiiix Ceridiiand m a ChriaiiaM S"- j 'iiLllht, Icmi nT4ilip- synii 'nlhlee T i eI • hrlslltin Si'i-iHlisiH |n I In-- dual piuii-

b« bulU upon sDd not to b i dMtfoywd. M to n w tnlMlt«Hries of «n otdor 4*y thought Confucianism tniJ o th s r Asiat ic rvllgjohs a re only l»«|lnnlng to bav* th a l r

I i-eal slMnlfk-ant'e underotood by th« W ss t - ■ern world. sraJ the despor In ls rp roUt lon td h o r of rA< StlW 8:becom ri the more the old rellgtooa a ro B l r ^ l n a lect'ire given by llev Dr apprci-lMied .Any reader who Is In ts ro i lod Jamea Lap# of N>^v York on the sntdert Wi. find I h . ot ChluM lucidly « . • N „ . „ n , n d Itell^mn " " h Cforth til H n.'w hUtury of the rel igions of il,« effnr< » . . »iIhe r h Hired world hy Profesaur Moore of '1 * 1 . " 7 'Harvard , , cmphasi ied ij... ne«.#Wlty -.f it,e

.» _______ .«_______ - - I oilnority giving way to the majusiiy inthe proceaN of refnrrnallon of am na*W<»fial rehgjf.,, Or ScuH inglla.ariutner eminent dhin , ., hii ad*diea# Veiefiily upun |he sam e suliJeiT, a f te r whli li H i-onfeiPipo of the Pren n- leriati ' ’tinr.-li raieeil h fund for the p\ir« !"»e i>r rnrivertlriK ()ih .lewN.

Aa a Jiehrew unil m goml Ameri.Hii -ilJiCh firiiiU itiiHched fi. all Huit free. r1"Mi 4ir s|.ce<|, and th-'iiglit alhiws andSH a reader of jm i r valimt le iimiht. wIj h Ii slwHys MlKiulfi for i istic*- regMrdh HH of nath II. - reed .>r s ia iua, mav I t'c-sllowril ihroiJKti Its foli imna tn aek itieaewurthv nentlrmeii h .|urFl!«»n‘’

Do Ihe Jew*, a f te r lttUhrull> keej>|iui (hell rel Ki.in In the face of |ierheH'ii1l<in, tread .r r» and p|-htb for the pant ?.i'i»ii veure need n m-v» rdlKlon or u re\ leton<‘f the old otip?

rhe Mpftri'i HityM ".AbniJiam euou io lecipRiilite a Supremo P o w e r " Ti-niib, Die fatliei .,r .Mirahani wa# a makrT if Rodr The HabyloTiirtii i'<a|#nder waa kii i xteti- Bive r.Tie aiHi flernapded h v a r f |> nf di vlhlliPN r<THi h evidently anpplP'pJ thin demiirid hikI peddled his god# arnl K(d- Id s vvImtcv I [ hr roidd

A ! rHliiiiii vv H H a m a r of shrew .1 < (immini sense whu 'iiw the u t te r fuHlii’ ' f ile- peniptig i:p '1 ibeae arved t-ImkH <>( wo«h1 for Hfi iiHfllHlH i < p Me mutilrttcdse\pin l of ili.vp- ImseeH. wc an- loi,|, uinl Ki-onilHKh WHS takefi tn tHf*k by hir,fa ther III ir rn Aliraham, hhU! ih iy IihiI ’leo I fighting hul Terw l> replied ' U hdrllipsi Kods loi\p legs thiM cHtin-ii whIK. HO'I tianili< thr-v cfititiol feel, and ■ •vea. I"d l iinpoi " Tlien 8 ai«l Abriiham■ Siix'r ^h,.^ ,^re lieb>|eHst. h\ do >nii

ki I.....pie iicihM-e In l l ie n r '"f-roin iPiH time A brahani recpiffrdiei)

the one tr>lp and llvftlff Coil, thi' great lam. whir!\ wh.i und Ih. anil l-'i In i-oivp T'o-. I ■ifiiTpTpiri w a# alan hi ld and per-peiuatHj iiy Ihr iMji-i-e TlSriR ifeni'rwl loiK'<CaHi- and JiH oi. This Ihei.rv was rwli- fled wlif.p KH\i- Ih^ T»>n c.oinnonfjnienlH to tip JeuR grid UiHr


7‘o fAr i.finor »f thf SKWF:Sir H uv lng irttnsiu'tAd busIneKa m

Dift IChh« x County c o u r th o u s e fo r ««fv- <-ral psitt. I believe t am auffl-' "'Ull.v fanilllHr with condlt innii exia t- i»K th e r e in to m ak e the fa l low ing HUg. Keatlapa r e U i lv e to th e p re sen t and fu tu r e need of more courtH and m ure room fnr ull o th e r coun ty d epar tm en lB localiMt In the couiUy bulliltiiK, a eub- J^E't t h a t Is JiJal now Ing iti#Berloijs a t t e n l lo n of the Houtd of l' 'ree- li 'ddsrs .

T h e r e h a v e been IW" p lan s i>r<ipube<l til pr<ivide a g r e a t e r tiUlldliii: -on e . to porchn^ie the b lock fr 'x i l on I he oppo- Hlte aide o f HIk Ii s treet in Hie r e a r " f

m any Blmul.l lie a ln -n , „ r , | | •I'*' I ' re sp ii t l.iilldlriK; tli* iitlier. to lilll -. . , II . l9 ahinaklr .tnii .^ ii lu^eLljh f.i f lE iie. l4.rp.r.aau.l i e the trlftiiKulHr plot o f land a t pren

e n l o w n e d hy the cuunl.s, and lo build on o r ove r Thlrtecti ll i avenue .

< Ihe Lwti plaiiK t be l lc ie th e l a l l c r lo bp hv f a r the bes*j. for th e follosv- Ing rua sons .

Tl ie new s U U ilu re Hboiild he dc alKned (dilcfly m house the rap id ly g rrnv lng busInesH of (he c r im in a l c o u r t s .\.s the crcHtioii of a th ln l c r im in a l cou r t for th is i(>unt> d u r in g th e proMent leglHlallve session Is a rca BOhaldo cer tHliity. Itie new H lruc tu rc shoiilfl cuntHlii four light siikS why c o u r t r o o m s {not iinilile ru om s) ; tt ircc fo r hnm ei l la te needs, ftinl the fo u r th fo[- cmerKcnc) and fu tu re Hues.

It s h ou ld priivldo spac ious ii<-coinmo- <lH(iups fo r the sher if f ' s , proKecuLor'a anij pruhaLlon d s p a r tn u ih ls ll should a l so ctiiiluhi a pi i.soii depiirini>>nI t h a t Would coiinerl d irectly liy l o iv a l e hall, s t n i i s and elevator , with nil i-f the fou r cuui'ls. HO tliat piihoioth nui\ be taUfi i lo and from any of ihe Htjvoral<Mnrls w i lh n u l the llecea^lt^ of ir a - \ ni^^niH to th, J p sh srid Uivlr vcr.Hliig th e i uhlli liiills. .11 is now the I perr-rIiintcd th' idcH of mormttd^sm, p n - CUSP vslicn piisonciH ;i fr wiinlod In j ink ox iliP ori»' iilcnl iclliflnn from whl-h I 'ac i Two, i nil otlicrs )ir ' p beep flrnwn

.\11 this , w SI ll niU'di <lcKJialili' loorii I Jin i|i< TPn>-ti1ijg5 r»f S^-rlpturp p»i!nl (" to fliuu'C, un i ld b. pM>\idcd in a btiu-- ' « ch;#ngi f n i ig lo n " Hn Iho coidrMiv t u r e e rec ted uo the |uo |* i r t s imw \ ilie>' 1ri.ii;i opon h folftlnient of 44II iti.-

^V1thm k year the tm' w Tref idcnl bad , |^ydisplayed bis ndnilnlHtra11\c nhlHti'?* “ U'J ; JpiSii.s The mass of Hihis sntrll ,.f |.iiln.«lskliri! Irimilry InW nil i ;,|.p ii,,,,,.,,, ()„, ,n„s , ,,,the affalrfl of the r.-puMP- so svio-esHfidly 1 Hj,. , j,, jialiHts a ic Jews l l c u .c there

flic Socle ly ofworMritr pro7b

that be WHS cipdiled with ktvink l lA . country a thormigti h;jMinR.«H admlidslra- tlon. bast J'Piil ‘ inbiT he sent a special |nicsMage to Hu- I'croN iiu ro n g ru s s dml-Ihg with the flt\binns <d flic ■ •tiiiutry th»! ;Wat* as s<nind m Ib- gci ic ia l principles »a ' It WHS mipopiilKr in i-t Ikiii fp iartc rs ;

'rho ITcHid.'Ml fia iincd lh a l la rge re\e - | nuca of till-- cu n iry liad not been «• ' rountcil for. and tlial, nol wltti.'^landinK fliesc rcveni/PH. Ih*' republic had pUmged , deepl.s Into dchi Me fo\imI that a vant j scheme nf piihiu- worka, ra i lw a y s , irrl- ga llon works, etc., had been prujccled | that, In lh*or entirely , wt.ubl cobI a siirn l w a y beyond what be bc l lesed Peru cm - j nomlcal ly c r financiai ly able to 1Hlfl policy WHH oiiB of reiren.dinietil, Ihe , Congress opp«ta*-il 11. and he Hppears to , have contemplated <|lfc»olviuB * unsreup. , That , at least. Is 1 h« c h a rge laid against j him bv the revolnUonlsta who h a \ e o ver ' , th row n him. So fa r . the dlspatchea have 1 brought to bglil no other aPi-K^ft of 'hc disorder. I

overthrow of '

iH iioUi HI] i^Luruunli anil an cc. icHia«{|cKl sld* to tin* derriorialic mo\«on»*rtl. and I’ luiiK l•■ e^dl .an^^B path ir domo. racy Ik not p a w d V. i(h roacH

A fr ic a kt lll Miiddlptl.'lliK .si 'i inllon in South .^frii'n has pot

\e l oif^ared, Mcm-ral .Smutn, the Mln- l.-.tPr Ilf Jii.feiiKe, made an liniir-hmx apccvh durihii the \\L-ok. dcfcndmK ihn proolnmation uf m u l l n l law and the d - - portution of the Htrlke IcaderH, on the Kroiind that :hc- country w«.-5 facin*; n rcvohitlun. A b:li huj, Peen irunid p-nd to Indi-niiiify iho mm erniiicriL for all iih ftuli.urHtlc attlon.i, arid u \otc of ron- ftdnn e will ho. n hr u k e n ‘I kcr.- .•rt-emts........... 'hnibl Uun the K.-wTiirmntwiH be HUhialu-d. 'n,(. M .r l 7,..K oi-pu.si. tion to I 'reniUT Holha is naid to Hilled rb-rir with the l.atior purly

Disni.KHlon of the .juh-k Huppre.ssiou nf Ihe Btnke m (irr-nt Hrllaln l lngrrs ov,-r two polrUa, One is itic fear that a -lam-.r will be made lor tin' ijb# uf s imilar ineili-

Fe^u^" 'h^x l ‘'5o l l v r T h " ' s r i u a Uon.r ‘ tP e ru fl jX t . tViut i two 1-ountrif‘H are pci diffproni ihui tm,.

to he I' repldPnl's mea- I England, for ItjstHncr. ili.jBr \sh-i nf Ai.eiigi 1 11? In w h h b be men- I ’’Phtdd Itio South .African tJuvcninir-nt «re

S C , r ,e; = = = ' i: i = r S i H ' C : ; : s y iBtrikea, and the aoqulfiltlon of a lart,« 1

o w n e d h y t h e <o ii i i l , \ .It Would b' f iliH plan W*‘JC

t t d o p t f t 1 " <n[iroir i Ijc iTen rd lodidliig ai.d Ihi: mis > t i io i ' i io l y aliuri bHils »>r Ur dg*-a m rosy u IikIU and air wpa' i lu ail flours, Hu ihui ilo- iv.i> would be pruc- tUnlly I'lc build.UK \ Jury pnro 1 <ould 11 t ri be mused Iw i.r.d irotn l|n‘ * Ircull I’ourta ih tin- • ' irnctnie and tliciriTiin. il ciuirl.s :n i It new. wilbuut yo- Iflis outs d ' . w liuh IM'\ w'lMjid in-'d)H.'l> l i a s f lo <Ki If Uvt' lli^li Hirf t p Ikii sseie t idupl fd. u|lo-|-ss|yf llir 0 'p in r a n - f .d tbu liulldinK^* arid of High ssoiilil . elo be <|i.'ifiK'ir’ ‘ Ji tiy a bi Ik '-. S'bbdi would ul heal ciiiirii-i I till tssii b oldini-ii only -.n t'lje floor Icsel, as asaui. ' l Li i*-atly uo m - municatiun up »!! fl oih in the o t b - 1 plari.

The lo. Nllniij ol ad Iho ’ i ini'iial csojria in the ivss s i r jc l i in woult! \a<«to the uiiijitH, now Ivpowri us I 'nrt One and Lart 'Pwo I ’url Two .-.lulu th ' i j III- re lum ed to UH# Kd a rir> hit ' 'mirl, lli i.s making tlir*-e rooms asadahte fur the '-arrylng on of Court IrluLs, In p ls ie of twoas ttl pri 'senl,

Thfl rnolioii i ■ >'n iror>m, iois\ in uhc as an e x t ra trmjioniry criripiiijl c n i r i , could M',ert buck lo Judge lioluii of ilp- Jncp- nib CouiL ’sVIuit Ih iiovs ih.signat'-<J aft T’a r l ' »ne loiiUJ be ••■ lUscrTcu In a k*-n* rrat iiascnildy or Im tuie-r,,i.iti, and cnulrl b« iiMiJ by Ihe sarloua Stale and counly board , and t "mni'.‘<BionH fur ♦ \atTiiriM- liohs. IoiiLside [oirpvHPH t ■nipi ha.s now tn s en #

The uffb-i'p now orcii| .’r-d hy the ahor- added on to tlic

Othpr I,, u.n « a v pe ,:p lb „ | , i r . I'hr-ir I ' ' ’l-rK « ; iind' - I T ir , j| |, r»ii'!0 ',a! of Co- pr.daiit.'n and prison

wMk. ah« w M 9 romi>Uy •ngagrd to gp- }iCHir tn tb« Brooklyn houBf. It In t<nTb> •tble th a t ihB will l>A h » n l In IToctor'a F t r k H&ce Tbea tro no dlalanl d«lo.


from /Af TVa«ATN|rf<in ffucrua uf IA*- f l f .V-n t j . v n t s j

\ V A U H ! M 1TA>N. I-Vb V Kepre- a e n ta t lv o 1 ‘ownNend of M uiil ila ii re ce lve d I.OTo le t te r* frnm Momlay to ycHlvnlay . Incluaive, In .jimwri (»► a c ir i 'u la r l e l l e r d la l r lb u l i i1 h> lilm laa l Sn iutd i iy N e n l l y al* i*f the lellci 'HrKpVrNHrd the w r l ie ip ' opIniuiiH on to m e phuN# o f (lie adniUiiati'U.lbm'a ]ii srldfmN pmt accoippl isl)ninid ft

M?-. TowuNetu rn i ln-ubir ItHei- wna H#nr I h r m jg h o n l his d i s ln c t ami. Ik : Niileji II ti.Bl of avai l . ih le gcivr-rnm* n ia l puMiCNiionH, conlti lned .t ri*niioHl l h a l con^tilijcnti# w r i t e in Mr Tow ppctmI to info ini lilm o f Ihoii siewn <in pemli i ig iBK^rUii Ion.

In Mr TawnH*'iid’p cKLUm;*li«n the inoHi r e m a r h i i ld r fact iinn i*i m og tho l i - t l e o w a s tliKi HpprcK!riuitel> l*‘ ii per \'«-nl. wnre from wuiiuti

"I 'sio sui irs n g " II wnuhi hiivi- ti«ePhJ mui.'i I 11 fr enk m -c u i ie io c lo l e i c l v # one ledter f rom 11 isoimin mi Icg ls lu- l ive iiuillt-iR." Bald Mr Tnw iihviid. w Im In pi o-sij f fi rtge 'Thla w k rp> m ail h.iH ird u i le t l froJii HeV.'lit) ■ fIs e lo 1 " 0 )*-U4TH f i ' . io ss'uipi II, lavoi'lriK npli • liild luboi bill.'* and klmli'Ci] leg la la Cop "

With tcMurd To I ’ reslilent VVIIn oph .i l•[•^ lI1pl IshineniH, nearly all o f Hk i k*'ss h I > I \ r I HHT-d ii 03 lip I ll I mi ii p p la udail the I ru i-fipi 111 of Ike new u n f f ijriil (he . iH ic ' i i v law Som# itoik up Ilia r|U»'>tioii o f [he I'rtiiKm.i (olln. and o f Mich. Mr Tosvnserid cahul iMcd. a. Ii*-,ivv in ,()o:lt\ wVre with Ihc I 'rrHl- deni Hgaln^l f ree (uIIh for .ViP^ihan

'■ I n 1 r e Bl# i m e re *1' lo- i ex t i ii 1 bul Io| llu- f P t in l i im Ilf t tu* f f n ' lonR Of llio<4. ssho wiiKf- of the Miiftknn rtill ' >o.<'l bill. .Ml T'livs idenil .said, e tiia Jor l ts wi .rr .igbUiid the propoHUlop

T he U'Meth .ariiB from in^n and wonu-ii ID all V. ,C k H of lir*- In tm*i In- s lanri ' , M i T* wnH>nd fijieiied a b ' t l e r from II |i.-i.!l. pr. 'Hiilent and the r o x t tf ividoj j, lie fi | ip id i>nrloh*ul a note liurn ;i Jea lto r s s o r k c . VI! of the

' niiinhni.-- f 1 pi I NHi'd. .Mr Town.*.t ml wind, ho!b-iiU:d a . |enr know of thefii'l.' i ol ib e Hltiuilirm illi iLis.scd, aisO

le i|li(-H[ lotiH of |»oip-\ mVidvftd. T* Ol rnorii of ih r l iCarH wi-re rnltiiMi TH pnesT anil nibbla.


Speaking on Militaol Exchition Amendnent, Mondell Repeatedly R efen to Democratic Caucijs Action, and Twits Members of Majority Party

with Their Hostility Toward Votes for Women.


o f 1 I\fl'olll

law and M"' |'Tu[itn'lH ThBrc hIihII 'I TP' law t-'T nil, fill Ihn hIIcu mid f'>r c ’Knri HH .'.<-11 a.s fur Ilo- Jew ‘I'lie T hI Tiiuil «H\H A\ luitn-fT Ih fia rmfu l (o Voij do rio( prii-r ' * upon .o u r nelglihor

1 llR IW etiT>-IhiiH ihflptOT of I.ecUh-j.'s".And wlirp sun r ta p the harvest i

of vour lard Umi' Hhrtlt n-i| ent bwh i |alloKCtlier (in- . rTpTft o f Ihy fleM Kill) Ithe- Kb'(in:nK .d ib, h arvcs i t l ..... s IihII Ihirmu u/ thf M 7 .V-ii'd pa dicr 1 0 t rcn llm [lunr hiuI I" ihe I ' M I XHljTftr;;i'r Phall ....... leave Ihem" |•.oJl.^u hi n«-r law br u bstnuted'* An ex- jiresi<Ierd i f ' o| india t 'n l\ iT s i t \ hh iii


Chronicle iimkps tlie liri.ed I <i>-|,..rUii.-nl .-m.l.l he a.li

, h e rich f. .« , .vhlle ^ for cn n, ll t „ lh .n al and

■ ever, B h l la h roMiinent is cRudi.iis, und j the press s la le s i-karly Hint JihlBineiii

must he u l lhh cld until the rai-t;i nre Ij H I.t undersLtjod.

p ie ce of lend fo r t h e c o n s t r u c t i o n of m ode l dwellli.KH, H e ce l led u t t e n t on *1*0 to th e com ple te Is i ' k of tegiBlatloii d e a l in g with iiunetlone t l a h le t o a r i se M - iw e e n eapUel e n d le h o r a n d p o in t ed oiil t h e a d . Iseliillty of i .aseInK l a w s p r o te r t - Ing th e w crk in g n ien . H e p ro m iaed m r -r ^ l l o n In the electoral j despots In his person. Ihcre Is somotlilnKt h e n e c e s s u c ror im p r o v in g th e p en a l ............ . ^ Keo r rec t io n a l I r s t l t i i t h m s of t h e ■ „c e „ r r in g la ic iv a r e

R e u . d o r r p l t e n r e d . re-CBtahlielimcnl of itie . lo ra h ip ofA revo lu tion In hci in-dor y | heaver , a n d fonfu< 'jua . a n d hla diiiaolu-

O u l r A l l E l a g ('taliia.While Tuan Khi Ixat'a ev*'ry nrw elp'p

I SMTUH to Indicate that ho l.s trrudually I coiiconlrHlii^g all the power.i nf i|i»» old

"h o law HKVH |i I ,a w miu<y wjib itic mi'dl.r-T ;i ml cd . tftpd nil Ik w > i-rM 1u el udy Ilic b'K.k of Mxodu."

hpfi Titi fi - 'w rth rew tbp J r ws-' [mwor ' at Pnlestdi^ and B*'t up the KMinarj {J ' l ■ ernn.* ill I h** J e w s (K-iftsc.isod noUdiiK hhi a | thou Hn|> Hf-ripl uree .\ i ihiil timi- i-hiu^ ' JcsijH uf Nfixaridh, # 'iC]>hf*\s .if s i .r.doithr- Lapliftl. wltii h now idOH Tti<> T al . i im,id Hpoaks nf him a# k Iri. Ji.HopIni.'a | U llh the lnc#pt-on uf i ■ hn.'stliinlts »-ui.ic j tlio ftHTHpeuthm t|f llic J'-iVfi Prrsin tbP ' rec.'Knilhiri h\- «'nn.'^tHhtjriP tlic Mroal rtf f 'hrif 1 lanllv In 4 2 c bi.«-an |ho ijtiIictm;hI j nppnattb'n arcl perse.-otlrm uf tlin J owb i Many p i rd b 'o d the Ihcrmigti mi'l Iple|i- aiinibllHtbin »T tlip J * 'w1b Ii tkcp j sUioh Hcrb tpi-rildp InHlruinnm.'a h« tlip Hi'uriiftli hiuidfilliori were t'rniiyld tn b o a r ' aanhi.Rt tboin '

Mijt allhniigh iliplr hf^dlra b irnoil Mkp f

for a n y ami nil uf Ihe various : ' Jll'Vf';;' ' ; ' r \ ' , ' , " ; ' 7 , ‘ ' T , ' n *itiHT lilP frcr hnltiprB' ' '* fHlUiful In thou roMttjnn \\ Imnthat thfi fr< hnioerft Martin l.i jther .-Hhie out in If . 12 with bin

' Imlb-riRp In (hf RmriHn I ’ liurcti hihI wIipti thf- l|(i|y Scrl[itiirOft ■ ' fgan itt b«' mure g*’ n- rralli rckd, it w as h r l a ahurt tdiic wlipfi varioufl ppi-tH bcRrin In nppokr. ftr'iiu' nf tliPm acft'|>tiris aSuiuniay Ina'oad of f^utidH> hb Up Ii .I\ dii.v, All IhfBo c v R T - r r i i d l h ' l I c d l o n nnd sortB roBt iifinn the Old Tr.stnmoiU. Itm \ltfil '-iiro of J ew ish full)!, T li ry niuBt thank lliB Jpiv fur Iho \r»ry Hiblr> Uioi- prnfpHB to rover#

VMi\ tiHVo rlic inUJjrmR nf rliutctp-B 'llv hied and .subdli ided tnt" fin inuri.v llttic

1 Bri-tH’ Ir tK | 2 the Krcru-h pnet Milllor ! f i t the BlHtlalli-B o f thr> J cwh. si-tin-li

sliuwccl t>n!y b<bni,fibn in iho entire wr.rM, j A1 Iho I'roflOTit time there nro 1 4 ,0 0 0 . (Min I and 11" '-hHiiye in Ihpir reffBlnn VA'IbIc

It IH true there nrr sunip wtio hto inll'^d j Reftiirnp*! Jew s , the reform Ih mend',

nninlmil and has only t*i ilo with i-otp- ninnUilfi ri'.t with tir ljof. Thepo m e Oon-

: LiloH fill t!io Ptrof-t, b'll J e w s at home.I Nf w KB tl. (he fiiiopllon. 'W h y d" Ilip l in inn r i i l not k Iv-p in lo the m a jo r i t y ’’ "

lTt« Alfarlatns, who demand the reatgnH- tlon of rrpftidcnt Plnsa. reported, The .Mfarlhtafl lake tlif-lr name from OMieral E lo y Alfaro, wlm waa .LTeeUient lnnT- 1 3 1 1 . and otlicT members Lbe fam ly T ow ard tbe end of tienera l A lfara 8 adminlatrati in b/tiiadnr entered Inin

I 'lii of tlip dis tr ic t ciJiincila in the prnv- iiPTH TIte le tter is Ihou^ht lo t,e the fo rerunner of a doing aw ay with the pro- I'iJiciiil agaambllBR, and, takon with bi# dipmjflsnl of Pnrliament Home little time ago, It looks as if the laal (races of con- 8tltj;tional govt.riim.'nt were aJioul gone.

diBorderly period. A l fa ro w a s h«ll<‘v*‘ U | The district tcninollK, whichti> he plotLing for the election of Beri’ r TiTtilllo 'I'orpii a. Ma aiiccesaor. On July S. 1311. Ser.or Terrm was Bftsa«sinal»d and hiH inurdir iT, {'olnnel Qulr»>la, xvas killed hy ii g id lo mob. Qulroln s b<-dy w as beheaded and burn t. Oencral Leoid ' dafi Plaxa was e 'ected lo the FTcsIdency the foil' wing Marih.

NDlwinialaiidliif; n BllRht improvement m the finanr-^H of the coim try. I'reRldant Plaza Is charged with obflt ru tting its developtncnt and hpimed for ihe finanrlal

nossosb aveto power in the pra\-lnees over the provln'.lnl assemblies, are composed of the i.Jo\ernor, or eojilro))er, as b# lg now called, four adinlntHtnllve offlclfils. a p ­pointed by the cirntrollcr, and ten niem- hers of the prov im ial aascnjhiv elcctid by ballot. The pxciihr g iven for d issoU- ing the uouncila w as that they imerfered with lh« federal administration.

It htt.s been evident fftim Ih^ liek-inning i.r the rcpuliMc that the rock upon which Die new State wiia mo#a apt to founder

d'dirtrliii»'iit.'i. b - a u i r g a l t Du; ri-oms oii tlie m cxzan ir i f floor \Hi-aiu, would iiro\l<le l-ooliiy tju.irUTJi for lb'- c u i u d y .srhool iiiui e l e i ' t " i i bouri’lH. and Die w r g t i i s iind incuBurc-' dei iHrlmnnl. T l v l a x liOHid ' uiild Dien absoi b tlie 1'1-uii li-ft \hcan! bj- lh« «rlvMj| I 'oaid, and Die eMi.dneeriii« d«| arlmnnl, that va- .-ateil by Ihe ck.-llon U.ard, ajid "ti Die e- ' "Mil flu'ii tlic (ifficeH at prcHonl ">•- riipp--d by Dih prosecutor ciiiiM be laKcn u[j b;«- t be aurrogate.

Another reason wliy I d " not f a \ o r the l lig l i Hln?*.'l prupoH liuh Ih iM-nitjae it would T\eccftsitaie ilu' ' ' " in ly .h pay ing for and thi-n wrecking suinr «d' (}u fincat and ni'iHl intKjerti rcc dHtu ai firopt'rTlee In Die c ity . wh»'r'HB, bii lidmg -m Du* I’lrc'pcrly at t-rehent t wned by Die c<junly would merely I n v i h e Die wiping out uf a nd*b c tb u i rjf ini Kiiifii un i aiid uriRlwhlly • W k e n r n p r r n i l c u a In 1514 advri tj red th e : pj,. , _ ............. .letipmc'iilB and Ht';n.s, of which Die ' o r i ' j ) if | io*cerdlic t h c o n he coni-lenmid j w c - e t a k e n lo h o s p l ta ln

W. VHlII.NDTnV. I'ch. 7 T " n i i ' r . j y nn apiiaronl defect in the l lmitc bill, Scnalur Marlltn' will luiruducc un Minciiilmmi in the jjuftloffu c H|iiindiris- Ibiii bill I " Hulhori/.r til*' PosftniHMler- {b'uer«il lu iihf- part " f the general uppm- pruD un fur the pun liuae '»f v. ukoiib and aut-'iiiid'do.s fur d e l l ' c ry Kervu-c

■| fic fimcndmcnl wth further ilire. t Dial D> ^*ll ,"nH may be uMtd for Die opern- th'ii of an cxi iei iincnta! ftcr*‘eii-wagun i l l y rullf' i'tlon and delivery *e r \ l ie


\l ' ,\\ F eb 7 To p|ri\id# w orkI'lr uiri'inpl >» ed wnnieri Had glrlp !a the nbji ■ I nf un urguTilzHlIon fermed todav Hi ri general mf?cllng " f wnineTi a'-tl\'e ifi .soruil Hiid I'hilaiiUiT'U'ir work.

The copimiUee on w a \ s himI meana, ai>- poln'-d b( H prellniiiiai-’. nu'ciing a week ago bHH l.HflijeiJ H brief Htatcmenf rerjijcsl- Ilip; the i-o-uperatloii of all wiunf-n In H.cinpiiDi.v wil l ' the iiiuvenu?nl

Tfi'- Women wlm hiive inier'-ftiC'J them* In Die movement iriobule Mia

A mow Pincliol, Mrs. UgeJen Iteid. Mr# 'I'heudore fb . "« e i r | i , Mrs \Nrtllt“r M aj ■ mird and .Mr?, lirhi il l-a Kaige

In cnnnertlun with the {KganUaUon, a free emji!ti> nienl bureau for s', idiien hnH been eatabllali'-'J at Die M'nmciVu T rad e Inl' .' ii l .,eague heaJipiar-lerH, which la near the i-er-lre of ii large d la l r b l of iiiirmenl and oll.er fai lorlea,


i - -------I BH.SMuiN. MIriii-. Fcdi 7 More ■ ihafi fo ils iierfoTis svere injured laal I nigJit when, during :i liock'-s t.sme.I the erosvil nj.s!iP<I to niu- lusd of Dh'I art-nil, causing a nilliiiR to lu ' iik The

' tn lo rs fell to til#* jc« belo e r u l

Irut [lart of the r l ly ssuuld be well ridL- U


and persci-uted by (he ehiirch. yet IoiJh.s I even the B'dsitulhny kn 'iws the theory hikI | j psers iine lietlevvB it Slionld he in the |I Jiegtnalng have relirmulBhed Ida Iheof-. i ___I l „ca i :s c ho w as In ihc mlnurliy'. ' Kir y u l i K , 7 - -T h e fa ie O the

I S IN E R R O R O N S U F F R A G E i p ;^ ; in : 7 7 n , . ; a : " ' u T : : r 7 ; 7 7 ; ; ^ . ,:::;^I law of gravituUon, y C the minurlty wnn , , , ,,I OSlt. ‘

eofidlllons that h-dd back the santtatlun i w 'ib the relation hetsveen the pros'inidalo f Quito, long krbbsn aa a peathole.

When the ,\JarLstiift w e r - d'Deated in I D l t , at the lime T vran wa.s a.HaziflBliiuLed. !t WiiB htdievcd that the country ha<l planed Itself upon a more s la hle banlft ft.nd the forsshrdi m osrm e n t ssns pre­dicted. The dlHjialcheH fall lo flhoss juat how Berloiis la Ih'- pr'^peiit revnIuDon.

Vlklntf !4p l r 1t A vrahe.A d ra m at ic rtemonutniDon o f Dm old

N o rse sp ir i t w aa m ade at Slm-kholTn on F r id a y , when 3 0 , 0 0 0 S w e d i s h pell- t lo n e rs asBembleil frcmi n e a r and f a r to re q u e st the K i n g to s t r e n g t h e n the def-eneea o f the c o u n t ry . T h e Hwedea w i l l not w i l l in g l y let r iu s s la b i te th eir h e a d s o f f and a S w e d la h - N o r w e g ia n a g rc e in e i i l la under r o n te m p la t io i i for J o i n t action In cli r-chlng th e proKfe ea o f the R usala n b e a r t o w a r d (he A D a n- l lc . T h e IDniis and D a n e s , n atu ra l a l l i e s In this oppos it ion to KuaBlan expanBlon, have show n th e s a m e sp ir i t a s th a t m a n ifes ted a l S lo c k holm.

R u s s ia aeeina to h a v e g o l l c n on the n e r v e s o f all K u ro p e O n ly a few d a y s a g o the h igh e st t»erman o f f i c i a l s to ld the ITelchsiag t h a t r e l a t i o n s xvlth E n g l a n d w e re g r o w i n g m ore fr ie n d ly a nd th a t the rea l o b je c t o f th e (-Serman a r m y and n a v y w a s l o hold R u s s ia !n check, y e s t e r d a y a t the t r ia l of n in e t y - f o u r R u th en ln n a c h a r g e d with In c i t in g rebellion a g a i n s t the A ustro - H u n g a r ia n O overn m ei i t , a d e tec t ive em p loyed by the g o v e r m n e iU tcFt lflod In de ta i l a s to an a l l e g e d ILuss lan plot to a l ie n ate the a f f e c t i o n s o f the R u t h e n ia n s and lo a b s o r b tt iiortlon of t h a Pual-MoiiHrchy'H t e r r i t o r y . And It ta common gossl]) th a t both E n g l a n d and F r a n c e h avo g r o w n t i re d o f the gllLanoe w ith R u s s ia .

V a r io u s n e w s d is p a lc h e a o f th e w ee k h a v e s ta ted that K i ia s ia w o u ld not re ­g r e t en d in g (h is a l l i a n c e us It w ould l e a v e h e r f ree tn c j i r ry ou t h e r p lan s In T u r k e y and I 'e r s la , p a r t i c u l a r l y In A rm en ia . Here R u s s ia Is h a m p e re d by

and federal governments. Now Ih# quea lion I'f "dep rnv in r la l t sn r i.s probsibly the nioal impor tant fmcetlun hefor# Dm Dh'- nt-MP |ipoi)le. Yuan is pla 'n ly working for a mure s trongly centralized goveinnient and \ LT.v likely tha t cannot he ar. 'nrn- pllshed wllhoirt Home rr-arrangemenl .if tho ohl prcvtnrea and (heir au thor i(y

wliut nan plamly inlr-uda to do is whhl th'H rvicntry mteiiipird S'Uiu-wh.if over H i cnDiry acn. "(o form a mnrf prr - fe rt iirdtin.’ U seems to Iw hts plan lo de.'^troy Die old province# r*pd parrel ilia whiilc of (’hlna out into dis tr ic ts mider one rc f l ru l goverurnenL. In im lr r that iiiij- fiirni iiatl'Uial legialatuin may ha appMed Such an nrrangernent, If ll i-jiri he a - ' ctmpl'^hecl xvIDuml dis turhing the people too mi>rli, ]jronilses to l>e lap t ly eaflier lo adm ins fe r thnn n looar ionfedera tfon of provinces, with \-iiiylng privilegos nnd d e ­grees of a i^ m r i ly . The two fiirina here suKgopp'rj imiy he Illustrated roughly hy the fu l l ed Sta tes and ihi' r>oniinlon of f anada.

The great oTixioty of wid'^RWHke Dhtna- men fierma t'l l>e leaf Yuan abalt abuse hlfl power, and they seem di.' iio.'ied to a c ­cept It afl n ThcI Dial his miherenta wHl abliBe It if be lioesn 1. The i 'onstltutlon of Dig repiii 'l i' ' Iihh not \ e l been wrlU'Sn. Yuan c'.mitTnls the administrative Asseni- bly Tie crealeii as a substitute for Die r‘arllamen,t he diHHoKo(). and ll la not

i likely that (his .\fisemlily will he n ig­gardly tn defin ing the P rea ld en fs powers.

f ’onfc)elif<( nc^fored .Aparl from Ihe enlitlcnl flignificqnce to

be rmiitt] in Vunit> i-refieribing (huifudflii- Imiii as the Statn religion, and in hla a;s- fliinilng the rnllgiouf; functlnrifl of the old Emperora. there Hoem.s t<! be pi^une reason in hlfl restoring Ihe n a lh e religion of Dio people. Or THlher there wniiltl be if he foiild give 1'iirh lo the Chinese the re- llgum of the people of which they were rul^bed when the Stale religion was given fermftl shape.

WIlhouL an tn ing Du* merits of Con

J o f h i /:.hUr>r f . f I h fS i r — As one of your dull.v readtra. [.er-

mit me lo ariHWcr Rabbi Kunlcr aa oiio of tlie opponentfl i»f <ivoman suffrag**.

All Intelligent, ibinklng profile a re a t- i r ia cd that a man credited vsiDi liberal Lilea.s ahuuld (.ippoHe a course that nil niod*»rn Diiiikera ap[U':j\e T he arfiu- mvnf of Uublil I’ ustiir la liasetl on sipj- poalUi'n, hut iu>l on faclfi How does h« liH'i'sV that the majority of wumen do not desir* the vote'.' 1* there not eimii^^h reas'in is hy inoUuTS and dsugiUers and siflters should desire to Tiase the balUilV

U u‘*bs Foster says that mir l a w s ard good \Miat pruiei'tbui have our chlD flnui from the preseiit laws in the L'ti1li?d Islam# usaln.st brutal and sflf lah corpora- Dons. who are (Tiiflhing the r v ery Uses out u[ion lilt! a lte r nf Mam mon" What prolci ’tlofi have our daiishter.'S fronl being kldnapi'Cd by KangHlora and olhor a«en* c irs of v l ie? bonk at Die .«latiflDca.Our dnufil'iier.fl are lured ami kipnapped hy the Diuii.sandfl. Now cumc* the .women (o urge Itcuer laws for proleclion.

T he rabbi eayR lhal he represents the vIewB o f the niajorilv of Dt* men and women of the .Fessiftb faith. 1 den.v thl.s mnst eiTiiihHtiuHlly. Tlie m ajority of the .lewlBh rHc? ul all nyva of history were am-mg the fli-D t'i carry the banner of modern ihouf^lil and progreAfi. 'I’hat Is wliy all IM’untrt hate the J e w s . T ha t w h y i ’ liara-'h hateirWoHes— because 1; lovrd llbertv That la why Die (, ' iar of Husflta ' lues what every l iberty-loving

i man deapifles,f\!n<lHinciital rriru iiile or nur <'nn-

aUtuLlon Ifl, "no Inxatlnn sslt-hmit rep- TCflentatlon." Woniaii is uiideF al) the Tirndu attPTTiptfl '»r fln-called r^fnriner.s obligations of law ssllhoul forc^ l ' i ex- Vujt rp.^ts ennlent In hlfl tie.Hef and flays preflfl her siews. All pollthMana of Die with the iTf^ihet .Mlchah: "Hut though ty pe o f Tam m an y Murphy. divr-ktM;pera ell Ihe p 'o|)le should w alk rvers one In

f, , . r, ■ , I I 'f ^ 'Lrs l'-c ( 'mnnii-fcflion, mude piD'iji tt -t).n whilr in th.. mm.-.rny In ' rt„y, „ l , i , h pro l.J,-, fnr » K „rtysr .- .. l l . l

point .,f nu.nhera y r l in tn,Hi ,,r.. in th« | , , i i„n I r tw ren 1h^, U 9 to Ihom « ( ar., Imiehird „ „ . i tl ,o l.,■ xlnKl..n avrum- tl r ,„knoMlodftc- of 11,0 ono inn- arid I „.,v. l ,„||d(ns. Ii has. .Iirn,,

ndfiMii all Die property peressary »"uDi

majoht fo r Diliving flod in ' nritra'llstlrifDon to Die vain ppeciilytirm nf pnlytheiHin

Diioe Die J e w . llu-n, need Ih ' iiilnaion- Hi'y? The 'I alinud dc('U»reH " W I h-ti vou have knuwledg'^ >ou shall ('^fii)i your hrelhren ' In the **arly i.vi.ti rioa the peopic nreiled ItuKriH-Mon rou'♦ ■ rnPi;? re­ligion. for th**1r nwn Unowhdg# whsscant. riien the rnis.sionar> f i l lc j that ^need emd did IiIh work. T h" (rriula, k'ranhs. D'^Hs an'1 other S'^ml-dv lllzed hordes needed this IriBtrucDiui arnl In due Hmr- recehc-d i r ;

The Jew . li'^w c: w a s eiiDi:s|ed Inthe very beginning uHJi the p rc i ' iu a gem ' '>f kno\\ and made a r> ■ •er liicle forbeeping M safe , milil such niu" as! Di-' wi-rld coiili] re' '«'l\e h Should he. Ihen 1 re'jihrfl a nilflfiifinar> ? It i» a wdl-Uiioui i j f a d Dial iiian> of t)>o atlcmplfl u( ''on- | '.crtlrut Ihe J e w s have been purvh f " ' t

I aelfi.Hh yaln on Ihe part o f the so-ratled |' iTiiHfliofiHry. I, The Talmud flii>‘’s*; ". \rjv affet-tirvn i

u h i 'h depends upon a sensual wurMlyifluse tn'ist cease wHh that 'au.se. butlino ihsinlereauid a f fec lio i i or orceafi*'a.i’

NXi'ild it not be v e i l for tlioHe v. Iit>flo filrenumiflly a d '. '>l■ afe the Dliri-stlH iiiz- ink " f the J e w s (o hr-ar )n mind the wt.ni.q of Ihrlr teueher bh TneonJed in the Dohi'cI

. " 1 cam'* not 1*0 dest roy the law' or the I pr'-'plH-ts, bul t " fulfill It."

Thr sincere Jew i s b " really be|!#\e,*) jtt

h orty-BocoTi'i sire.?!., wliich JncInd^H ! Ir-und I nlun Hotel

WOMEN PREPARING TO VOTE.NEW V f i l : i \ . 1 I ii I The w ' n e i i s

ctinimiltce of (hr h'-'rtnl'bi parly of N>w V rk hflfi opvrivd a iif IuraJlzalion luHtru*- lion burcn\j for vioui'n in Ih# belief that Di'' worn* Tl " f New Vi.rk Stale will hav« !h" vote In I 0 1 k

i l rculars aent (r> hU th** di fferentu n ' .n liead'iUHrrera of woiklng wott;*'ii'•onlHin Die li.' l of iiiesll'Uis ufluall’, pul('* HllHna applying f'>r natu ra li sm nm papers.

TO HONOR FANNY CROSBYN i;W Y O R K , l*>b. 7,— A ntPiunconif nt

was made h*re tor|ay Dial the F a im y I 'loshy Ciri.‘ le " f Kli ik' s I 'a'ightrrH Ih aak- iriy I 'eople In all [larlH of Dp* world who liH’ ''' bi*#n bellied In loT tijrniiH to v . f a r D ilcLs «jn Murrb 2 l , whiih s^lll tie l>i*r n lie !y -f ' iurlh binlidiiv.

apecial I’ l.oiny r ro sb v b1rD>dM\' ser- \ w ill bo h 'I d iri Dh’ l‘' irst .MeDi'-'llflt ' 'b u r ' l l . Dri 'lgeporl . I 'o i in . ut wl il-b it Ifl hoped filiL will be jTesejit.

A rant l/ir TY'fTHhiHt/ht fJloriTM Of thtiMTM r U N

W . \ S m . N ' iT< »N. Keh. 7 . Hi tho ifih Nra-a .11 sM. Die r o u iU iy has read iind biHi'd i-'MiHlderiible fcboiD the l a w • de la>s . (larl IcuIhtI j Die delH>fl caused bv (he ' lu ll 'b llna huiI Dui huir *[il)ttDig pe ruiHtc d to iiiiDuuKled ru le# nf pm- cedur ' ' 'Hi# reHLiibsiit ag i lu D or i has lirtuj^hl hubfllHliMH) tefornifl mid. w hi le d ia l w o ik liiH> ni'l b# com pleted , thei'b Ib a i iolhoi J" li o f Miifiii 'whjl s in i l ja r Mmnictei wumng f«>r Du haine reme­dial fo i '* :* of [ojiilic opiub'n And, ll Is J u s t as old HTI IhflU' .

l l Ih Ihe 'ltlly-dnU> lii« m Irg ih la l I ve Imlls Dim I ' p ' i m | t l ' ‘d lo Do- rult-it. nr lii. 'k o f iiib-'i, of pHri'Uaiiicdtftry pro-.tS'hiri ' A 111...... o rD oi ig iv sN re'-#UvHKr.fimi a jeu i , tiilb ux' allow iiiiceK, clerkhire, iitbci rea l , ilu f r a b k i u g pilvDe*ieHI d s l a l l u h " i ) The «Muntr\ hub lo pay Dn^. bul H Iw ah even bet Dial If Die ^ o o r ih y fid low ti i (be i nu g i ohhIoji uI i iegord HTul lu'jh meahurement of Dm • p im c " and Do- "b u n k ‘ 1 i i ierfliu-f*."lDiToiiwhoijt D.-* piigvH. It woulil bu w i l l luK I " ubollHb Dll- i ‘onKi-ofle1"n a l h\mrii i atui adopt Dm K husuh Idea ofb-KlhluDiin |i> «.unmlsHiou,

.A huiiipie nT Die IooIIhIi i;ufllnciH> that f r u j u i - ’ iDv [ • la ld f l \ \n prorfn-KH of cftrl-oUh b kli>ihDI\i' huaiiiefli* ii[u*enied In tha of ln l. i l lecoi i l " f Diu Muub^ Du* day r t f l c Du- Dniio'THlIc rmijorU> 'md dw- e l d ' l l in 'Hii U:. Dial Dipy w ould m*l cr fMle ll (mi'HiHti* co n ' i i i ' l leu uii wom.in siifTi-rtu*' T>o' nirahun- [»endtnR wiib Du* 1 inmlgriD;<' ' i bill ,Mi Hinendmeni wuh on’crcil i-v icndlng thr Dnie f ro m Ihree 1(1 Live \ "u fn i lui lng u l lb 'l l cvrtalM un- ib' : , i rablpa i«»uld he d> i)or(»*rt.

T h is iiiiT iidinviD w as o[jen I " bi lef 'lebilU* and H" HepulihcH iib J itlcruptcd |.v €Ver\ jiosalMe Mjbli r fu g e (o us*' Uil* p r i v i l e g e fo; Ihy piirii'>Me o f '-ii pi I nil* lug Die i K u n u j a d ' iiDllud'F' fHi huT i h u c . RU f l tiDnd# in Mil wlfl*' ' llfTercril fr- 'm that o f Die ItMpntill 'a ns wticn l i n y hail p n r #1 T ills la thi' w a y the record r u n s

F*r* 1 Ke fereuee l« I 'm icu" .Mr M 'lmleil— .M f f tiKtriiiai ' I do niil

‘kn ow that 1 Im^e nny ohj'-s-i loir lo n d l h i P R oui "U\rf.>‘ Hnd InMcillnR " J ive . 1 w as u m n id d a b ly dc lu inc i l and th e r e fo r e luivi* not )unl the benefit " f Ihe ijlNruftskin, wlilcl ' I undi-rslHml Iiiih t a k e n idimc r'daDv*- I " the hcH' ju ' i f (he neir iocrnU c 'aiit-us ''oi the h ubje 'd of-

Mr iDirdtier -Mr r h a i r m a n . 1 rilHU th e poinl of onb r Ihm Dm g e u t l e n u n Ja not dlftiukfliiig Dii' a iimmliuent

T h e Dhrtlrmnn—The c h a i r aubdilim the po;hl itf or'b r

Mr Moiubill Mr. <‘ liii l ruiiui T b e ­l ieve D'O HmeU'lmeiit ia tn a tr i l ie out " t l i r e e " wni) Insert " f i v e " T h e re are muiiy more than f ive com ml D ees In (hr H o u bb . 1 do not recoil the ex a ct n u m ­ber of comnilDerH. liul th ere a r e m any m o re than f ive m m of thoHc foinniit- (uea b aa lu do with Dm giiPBUnn of how' much inllPHKe w e a re e n l i r led to un . ler the liiw'

M r Uv)r ii tt(--Mr r i i i i , riiiiin, I m ih n Ihn I'oltil or tililiii- Ihiil ' I ' r K.'nl lemiui f ro m W>(lmirl^ i" not . 1 19. uhhIi .k tlm Llm rinlmti .1 i irrore the Hounp

T h r f ’liit iniiiin —Tllfl . 'h a ir f u s I i. I iis . hi' iiiiini o f (inlcr Tlie Kent l.inii 11 fri.iii Wyii li ill ia miie< I'Oillltli. Himse lf lo ttld iiuenti.ni befo re tlic [Inline

M r jr imdell Tl, . i | i i .f l i t ' l l Is 'v lie lher she l i elr lUe 0 ,1 1 ■ ■ rlliee” luxl liiHert

f h e I thlnl. lllnl i“ "'"'i 'I'*- I"-'”portion In III.' Ili-Tno. IHtIc i ttil. us - ■

M r Ila r . l i i r r—Mr Chiiirfrinn, 1 rntee the point o f iir.ler tln.1 thi- k . ' i. i lem.ili l3 not .llnllBHlIiK llie iiincn.lineni

T h e I ’ halrnniii— The Ken I le n n ' " f ' " m\\'voinlHK rniisl prneee.l In on jer .

.Mr. F'.urnell— Mr rlKi l rrnjin, I Invok.' Ihe rule l lm l If the K enllem nn Hnej tint lirni-ee.l 111 ori lrr he inuet t n h f hie ne.1l

nTie r 'hsl 11111111-—'I’ he K e n l l . in n n fr.jin \V>t,inlnn will fo n tl l ie h im s e l f In the fj iieBtlon

Jlrrtered \n< to ' m f l r « l l l i f holr.Mr M oluie lC-T I e Kentle i imn from

\. , .iriilntt will illeiilSK .lie .|ij.-alln,i lie-t'vneli -’ th ree" iin.l ' f l ' e

T h r riuLlrinml Tll.i KenHemen fr.' iii \V \nmlnK IIMISI line eeil In ..I’. ler nmimnair not tr i f le with Ihe ' I m lr l ie Tmisi bt- In Ollier

Mr. M'ind. II -Ml ' 'In. 1 r mini 1 'h' m'l IhlnU It Is nnitPil.il whet! i-r lee sti ll , .- nut ‘"three" nml les.-i l ‘ fi . ' - , Imt I thlnU iiiilf o f Abi'- '-l .sn . 1 1 i renshl, .s h a l l linvp an oprn.i 'tunlt, lo he Ii i m m I b e fore n r-nnimltlee of ' ooKi.-sn-

Mr (iKMlner Mi. ( 'hii 1 rinn 11. I tinil.e the point of oriler tlinl the K.’ tith man !s not .-nerinlMK h im s e l f to Hie suhje .-t befo re tlic Fleuso.

Th.- I 'li. iti man - Th.- K e " H e " " i i ' f t " ' ” W ynmtnK is out Ilf onh-r 1 In K'-n l le m im is ii"t .-n.i ( I lltn K h im s e l f ( “ Hn- s u h je r t hefoi. i the .-oiniolt le . . 'I'ho p o in t of onlei IS si istd lnei i ini'l li is hei-n r.-|.-;it."lly s u s t a in . -.1. nml ll.i'Kentlelrii.il l liiisl )iroi-.-e.i In or.l.'i-

Mr Monili 'll- ^ ‘ elI. Mr. 1 ‘ h,i I Mti.i n. , ,>lne to think of 11. I mn niHiei In- Hlne.l lo tlillik Hial p e ih o p s lb-- s t r lh - loK mil of ''Iln-'-i-" smi the Insertion o f -'(Iv.-,'- five heliiK a hil'K.-r n um ber than three, wr ..M he n most r-si elh ril jtiirij. I do not iiri'ier SI anil w h y Hie1 b-niiH-ra Hi- i-sin ns h m in.I .se.-n fit l.i inrr.MSB Ih.- iniiirher nf it.s eoiji-

I tieiimii from I Ml nuts will b* In ord«r. but I th<i chair Ift notI Mr. - - Me c h a i r m a n ------*I T)k« Dhfilrrnun— Thu g^iitlujn*n ffofn

W yornlug.Mr. Miind<»M — Mr. rhalrmftD,

am«n(lrnc!it i r l a t ' * to tli# length of time within uhlcJi r r r la J n allfina n i ty b% d#«

I porird, and hnumg Diom referrod to ar» thoa# uJiu unluv. f u l J y - — •

Dlaput^ l i r r c i a n m o B o f Mobdollt ■Mr Uardn 'T - Mr c h a lrn iw i , • poltotof

o rd r r Thy gcriDcituin la nut BdtlreaiUig h'.iuaHf to th« n ia t i f r before the vumnUl# lee, ^

The ( 'h a lrm an — Ko fu r ae (he gentle- niuh lie* procet*ded im in apeuklng to th* anirndnient.

Mr (**n lner- -M e wan not reoognlio4 by Die rh e i r to efieuk u aecor.tl time.

Ttm H iu i rm w i— I 'h e c h e l r did recogttiM Di* getiDemHii from ^Vyomllvg.

Mr. Moure— Mr. (Tielrinaris may I tele (hai th# amendment l>« reported again?

The Dhfl irnun— W ithout objccllOli* th* clerk will report the ninondmeiU.

I 'Ihe c|f*rk rcml aa fo l lo w s :I "Fagu 3 H. line 3 . a i r lk e out the wor4l

■ Direr’ HhiJ, inarri Die word ' f i v e . ' "I Mr Miindrii. -Mr. Chairman^ I WM j Hbniii remark when the gentlemgn I from MaMHacliipbcUfl. whu, like Ih* gentH*

man fmm .\labttihn, doee not want U »I 'Micetlpn uf wuinnti a u r fre ge dJacuiMd^ In-I l*'rruii(fii| imv 1 m ulrra tand th i i amettil*

iiicnt relate# lu tlic [.crloil o f time within whicl^ certain HUerm .'atj Iw d e p o r t^ . ■ 'Among th<*i i-au*CH fur which theo* depoi’* tHlUjiiM may he mad# Ih th a l o f a belief )n Dm unlawful dcatrurii iKi of property. Now, lliG i)cii]de wlirj ' icajr# to appear bp** f'lr# oinimUte«fl uf Dnngrt-ia m behntf of the ni"Ht ^i^lU(MJp and InlPiillgfnt hnlf of A m erb a n clllK#iiahip nnd their right to 'o te , arc i»#oplo who Uit not believe— —

Mr. D ardn cr— Mr. Chulrmam, X li*n ! • tt P'dnt i>r 'irder.

-Mr Mundblt—Mr ( 'h a lrm an , I l& i l i t lhat 1 ahull not be jn(erni| ited.

Mr Darrlner— Mr. DhAlnuan, I liudet (hat the nilen o f the H'jufle be followed.I will read the rule : ^

NliiBiJell T e k e a lYfore Ro|i*,I f u mem ber tfl *Mlled to order for

wmnta apukcii In debate, live member calling Itlrn f j o rder ahHlI indioate tb« w'irdN excepted tn. a nd they aliatl b* taken down In w rit in g a l the d e r l l ’ i iJeak #nd r*?4 d aloud (u the Houae. Alid the ]ruij)t>er. under (he r u k e o f Xne Huuh#. tr.ial itfUc Ida a#ut.” ^

Mr. H u l k r — Mr. Dh ain n an. 1 move Uv*'t the gchtlrniTkn from U 'yoinlng be per* iiilttcd t'> pruct'^-d In order.

The ' 'hj il rmun— The ch a ir t h l s k i that ^o fa r Du* genDeman f ro m Wyomltoff tlM been priu'codln* In order,

ft'r Mufidih —Mr {.'haJrinan. I truirt that uB I prurced In onjer. the choir Will iirutci I me frcun Iho gentleman from MiiBaarhiifit.tifi i\ir . tJardnen, who Ji no much oi>]ioaed to wuinan a i i f f raga limt he doua run even want it *llMyuiied. I waft r'mwifkliiK that (.huae who dealr* to liHie H fumuilllee named In order that they may uplu ac befiim it in iM-fialf o f a confllUullunal amendiiieiit. wJrScli | hav* Ini ri'dui. C'l, d'j Mot bc-Ilcxc in (he unlawful 'irpiTiicDiU' uf pru[icriy. Dwy are IhuiiW lui do hi'l' flvo------

Mr Diinlner- Mr C lu i in n an . I n l w Dll' pi'inl "T iifdi r The a li l fiidmehl ho* uoD.Inc lo 'In with (hu un law fu l deutruc* lI'U. Ilf fU"i vrlx"

Mr. Mf'hdt’ ll — cli. Dirt ilratruoUon of p ro p 'r ly In ilul iill ui ' i f Diu law ,

Thrt ( ■iiHlriii Lii—'rill, i tiH'r HuaOt^M the puliit uf uder, and ihc gcritlrtmaD front U’ yurnluj w.ll piu '-ccJ in unJar,


— —'«rM-;\\' V'iRK'. Foil 7. I'urchKSo by p,

\ M VVidener of I 'hllHdelphla of tbo "Small (,'uwjier sMiidnnnii" by Raphaoh anrp'un- ed t<nlay. (er h fluiu asaorted ■tobi; In excea# nf |7lui,<ion, i-rfulftH a recordp f l 'c fiT H .*'liigb* £jr( (nuuspirthin In tht* • '" 'i iiDv Tip' jiri'vluUrt I ' l ' i n J wufi Mr.)A i'Jen'’r H purrlui.'-rt of ■•'i h r MilJ," hyRr*!!|hran'Jl, fin Jjiitf.inin

'Mu' ' S m a l l ( 'n w per .Matliintia," aiMn kri'is'ii lie ihf' ■ I'MTiKlumgpp Raphael/*'"fily rc' CiiDj a iTl\c fi m h d .s i-minlry from Kiij^himl riiM pirtuTR w as ilraL utTetid t " Dp* Nall 'Uml i^Hllcrs’ in Irundim. liut fv.iulfl wf'ii- n"l ai 'iitlii ' ib; f"i ' !Ih iMirehafle,

'Hu- I'aiihliarii^er ItapbHPl' wilh painted abi'ut KiuJi, w)K>n the Jirll>l wan twenty- iwu yCHl-ft tJd T lie p l i tu r f , wliU'h I f on

I li jiaiiri (TVrtTii\-rci.ir Inchca In height and I !*cyf iit#eii Ihi hrtfl wide wux crSpInKlly gc* I'M 'l’Cd hy De'irgf} Nflflsnt;. Uilrd )C|fl

I'L'wpfir. when lie wafl Bhll.Hh Mlidaler i t I•'il1r^ n' ^ In I 7 H(! '

Tin: pl 'turtr tiolnn.gfl I f il'p inai*ter’a nirlv l■ '}"T^*n lnc f'S-r ud Tin .V!iidonim ffl fteeii rented on a stunt* ftent near a bahk ' I ' c r i f i J d n g an "pi'ii liiiidi*'i a| > Kliu lialdw till- hul-.eil clilhl in her lefr nrm fiho dri'ftfled In red. wiDi h I'l .' ’nandc I'ned with grief'll (iii 'twii ruuiid herwafpl iitid f \ p r I 'cr l:iiee«i

Till ’ Imr-kgT'i'iiid n f' lfhin nf the plt>tiin* [I t.lniw.t "Tl III' brD ii v.'nd!rig rlviP,Duwlrin lie iueep u n ' id ' i l )>:ild';« to Idllfl. T " lie ilglil Is i-'-i't' wlMi ItH don find eariii'fiiille, Dm * liun-li o f SJan. B C v ■ ruinlihu. ii' iiT iTijln*' >(firiding In rah j i - f ailin'- uii'Jcr un 'l"ndle(ia s k y ’. '



I HI 1 I t'.*PH.I Mr. jUinielt Mr f ’ ha irnui n, T inakfl

Hu* peint 'f riniei DuU Dip ;:PiitlPTTui ii If ro t illHciiHHiug Dc- (iiUssriun, unij I

I ITI'IVI Hint b- l e ni-1'l" "» DDiP Ills hctD M r M.imii

I jii'rt I 1 I lu‘ ! nedtr.

' ' luDrrnnri, I rml iMii in ifl H" fn r out of


HiH I h s .hull- th in k s

1 I >• . i I IS . .. T I I I Ihlfl M-IlKlon is no! njnvrrl by tliPse spas- i I C ^ C DrCDC/TT CfID AlA TimiAl UVUUTTifdii altPiriptfl . !f sn-callpd refnrmGr.H R U r L t I rU i l l lA U U rfA L H l m l l

to thr L'fUnr uf th‘ \ f .WS:.................... .. . . . . Si r — AI Dll New ark 'I healTc m

and gangKters oppose woman s u f f ra g e . Dio tif nip " f his g "d vol will wp walk tn few ul^flus a.pi. ilm mg D i ,. Dt-rformHO. e

t h e ettme ohl Ber lin t r e a t y t h a t t h e I ' “ '■‘‘‘'’I*',™®'’''B a lk an S ta te s t r a m p le d u n d e r foot in a<-hnot^dedge.i Hiat the pre..-ept8 of r „ n -

ee.uis M. i I It T i< fi# fiiclus hEVG boep s s t rong moral force lut h e i r l a u w a r w i th T u r k e y . ^ danKerouH experi.Armcnii i a f^roblcm, j lo (nke (heir ritual nw ay J rom Hi**

T o o much credence, howeVer* cannot j peoptr a rbl lrar lty . i t is a part of their i a f e l y be a ttached to th eae rutnora f o r j dally TIfe. and all Intelligent inlRfl^mHrlefl tt Is v e r y plain t h a t n on e o f th e p o w e rs | now I'ecognl^e lhat it is a. (oumlatlon lij

The genuineB a k e r 'sC o o p a

andB a k e r 's

Q to co la le

h a v e t h i s I r a d e - m a r l t o n e v e r ^ r p a c k a g e

WALTER B A K ER & 'C a ,L T a

CSTje^Liawco >700kOORCHESTER, MAS&

T h e y h ave puod reaHuii. W hat reauun the r.at'U' h a v e intelligent nten'.’ itful

Women are good enougb t''' bring us into the W'Tld, teach us fruni ch i ld ­hood and shave the reapunfllblUDea and obligations uf our companions In life, b'»t a re not good enungh or xslse enough to go to the baHot'hoK and express their v ie w s of w h a t laivfl would he beat for tl i3 xvelfare o f the community

1 wou«d Blake my life, if Die rabbi and T Bhould diecusH thlfl question l«eforc Ida cotiKregatlon Dint the vstunen, a t least, would uphold me and fon«lenin hla views.

M RS. M. A. K E E I N .3 4 () UltClelon avenue.

WOMEN PROTEST RABBI’ S STAND7 'n ift# K'ff/uc ft/ tfn' V F irR ;

S i r— K in d ly era n t us apace In your v a l ­uable paper for the purp'ifl® of voicing a protest ngalnst the mibllc utterance of R abbi Solamon Foster lafll M‘cflncf»day at the bear ing of the A n t l -S u f f ra s e A sso c ia ­tion In Trenton. ^

Tim fol lowing statement ia th f joint tipinbiti o f the Jewdsb membera of theM '*-■*— v , n - ■VlW'isTU .liiy rtabhi l^oaler'. th a t H, Avaa-K..un w arran lcd on Jilr i>art to speak fo r th * - entire ra ce aSMippoaed to w om an 's auf- j frage. . > ' i

Aa a matter o r ' f a c t our men a n d J woolen— as floon a» released from the re- .*itri<;tlon of fanat ic l im — a re am on g Hi* f i rs t i o advocate toknince . a n d A f fo rd » equal opi'ortua'tles to a ll citizena. v i icD m r luale or female. A g lan ce a l our ear ly h'fltory ahowa that eve n In thr darkest d a j ’B of female subject ion there w ere women of uur race b ray * ettougb to break the chains of prejudice and part ic i ­pate in public a f fa i r s We must, there- fa re, assume that lh 6 spir it o f progrees v,as ettrly nurlured by our ances t ra l mothers . *

Knpwlng tha t Kabbl t^ lom on F o s te r 's h igh stiwididg In the coiumualty adds w eigh t to b i t expressed opinions, we feel

" f Die l/urd our Dod forever

1 M A N D K T.R D A TT .

A NEWARK SINGER IN VAUDEVILLEMiss Viola Cavanfig li . a young and

|ironuflliig flinger o f this cll>', will nmk# her debut In vaudevil le at the Warlck Theutre in B ruoklyn next Monday. Miss t'aNHuagh, whose honiu la 3 3 Jainefl alrect, Is only s ixteen y e a r s of age. Since she onti-red her teens her voice, u tight and IiImIi aojirttno. hoR d<?vrloped a very



Viola Cafl'anagli.

1i\ i ’ hHun>'cy i HviU ami hlft cumpuii.! . ;it the begii it ii iig i.r liii’ ih lrd ar i , wbi-n Die ' ■ urlnin aroH'-. liO' luiml p l a s f d oiii" naDoiuil anlii#-n:'. Tlic J^lar S p a n g le d I J . i rn 'T . " nil'] 1 wjifl hUi'iirlflCd (bul no one iM the aiidiciu-. ruai- (u hl.fl re''-l, an ia cuKtumarV In " l i i c r pUcca (|i I'fju;.; U • 'lilt <‘ur country \i ii'-n that grarul "Id j i r is played,

ll niusl l)C tliui ihf' audience lacked the ferdlriPi of pa 1 rb>(!sni and 1 w r i te i " HUpgesl Ihfil, 111 liM!- u iDi Die w ork " f the [la tr l i ' t l f luHtruciurfi uf (li'c Hrand A rm y o f (he R epublic . (Iia,l Dm fleho'd uiJlhorii lr 'P uf N'r-wark ta k e xtepfl to Iri- cu lcnte i>ati‘ l " ( i s m in the plas tic uiimlH o f Die ci i i ldren, ho (Iuit ill h'HRt ihe nex i geiperaljfrn wil l bunor Ih4' nay h> i' Is Ij ik lu their leoi w hen " T h e S t a r i^pJ*n^^l€fi B a n n e r " la [ilayctj,

M'liat w o u ld b f tl iougJi l of fin a u d - Icpce In l-iiigland that uuuitl k#i p Hs fciD udien the band p l a ‘ «<l "Uod S a v e Dip K i n g ? ” \Vi* should at Ifafll be as jjaD'Iulii' in f‘u r l•r.ll||lt .\. I a u n a e r l l h a l from time to Dmi* you editnriall.N u r g e upon y o u r c lD zen s l>ie developniprit o f pr<jprr respect for ilreir fbiK and (he de vc lo im ie n l o f patrlntls iu . p a r D r u l a r l y ' . > miiitlB o f the ytiung.

V nrk . -A. D. (Dt.ANDKFv.

WANTS ST. PAUL BOND PLAN HERE?W i t r r f.Mif'ir ftf f t *, ' M f W t l :

Kir— Wliy fllioiild pot Npuark as St Paul / Minn . *e)l Hs horwla lo lift people? The g r r a t HdVBiiiagc lo the people In giving them a. ftwfe and sure InveRtment, eap<'cliil]y fur the ir aavInRS, at four iicr cent . 4b very apparent . The aiJvantag^ L« the c ity in ability lo nell lla bonds a t four per cent, a t par 1s e<|usJly apparent . The bt . Paul ''lH>nds" in reality are p a r - tldpHtlon ceni f tcales , repreflentlnK a |10 inte res t In xt. bond. They bear four per ucnt. Interest, payable Janua ry and Ju ly 2 each yea^. and ran h* bought or cashed la any am o u n t in any month or any m ln- uteJ

AVhy could not .a s imlls r plan be pu t

Thf* I ’lirtl I n'i tfDierw ' hi .

.Mr. M.'oi parliii fiH I'laiw llif|UiiJ 'I'hc I ‘ hfli r ritf! n The ^t riDenum will

flliDc It.tlnnn Held T«»ri.

.Mr .Mnu'^ I l u ' D i » ’ ' Im'r l id d Diiii "iiilns amt*T"l!iM-rii ndl i inh ' “ t! i>e dl«t li.iisi-f!<‘ Xc' pt Di'' 'I'ti’ .Htl'in " f "(hr<'« ' ami

T hf 1 'b fi ' rnuir '- - u , Die iduilr JojIiJa riLiiblni' " f til.- fnrt

Mr Mfuiu blit lire.- ]fl ll proii't.'illi in tJiiil ' ft all J‘''fS"n4i lUMy be di-|Mtrli*'l-- ■ ■

'] h<' I'Jill 1 rni'iri W'luit In lliu K' 'idb’ - iiiHii'f piirliiiHii-ntiiry iiui j l ry ' '

Mr .’' lain. ''f- uhiil Di- i hair hobiJi TIi ' <'iia.Mmiii-'• I'h'’ >iinlr held.- lli;D

rh*"' ; ;rnl if-nu'fi fr'-m Wyomiijj,' ' •aiiiiol ilifl- -,-UKfl .s>mi' j'ui ;»'> I "D .r r Duiri tlif' ftubl'-'ti,<»f,,rc ........... .. and no onr kiKo^.slicDi r tliHii Ihc acrub'iniiii f rom lll.in"H Dmt Dif :r ul I'-nm n fr'>l»i Wv'. in 'nj; li l,,'t liueii citiifiliUli; Idm.'flf lo the «u|.jfrt t.( fore IIh- '’ "UiuiUi pf

Mr, Mfiiin Aft Die «hnlr liae uh- hI iii>- nnm'- in e n n re ttmi n l lb DTs nuiU*-i

'I'lic ' ' i i i' innan —lie lUiHi- thr* gcnlb iii;j n fi-"tu ll1'Tir’ *H aski’f) Di^ c l ia ir a rurUii- iiicniBr.v Inquiry

Mr Mann — hli ll the i butr luis U"lt) Tl.SH'k I' l■l■'|

Tlif ChRirmaii -Tlie ch a n ’ hiifl aii- s w r r f d it and uill a n s u c r no funb'-r .

Mr .Mann— Tlic i-hHlr L'i dlM-csp'-'-tfid Uj D'I' I liri.se,

Tin" I brilnuRi) ^T!ic u'-nllcinaij irnfii 1 IHn 'ift \ dl take ills sohI.

M i- Mann— The i;fin(lr*ma n from IMl-tto's u ill lake Ii Ih HOftl lfi::caijae Do- gen-

NKW Vt 'HK f ' . u 7 - F rom set'bn I I apItalH In 1 '.ii rfi|ic, uii' irien uru It, take

fllfihl fidinillh lu’ oiiftly on .^|fril Ijo. geu '" rdhiff l " M < a iili'ifv/i m whirl! reached Du n« ' lui of .\i;uu-ii-« Ilia:, nikht, ahd all Hi fliHin IMP t " niul-" Dm .Miuitn l.’s r loI 'nalni' rb' tr gmil #

I'lir Dll' first jiirninn frurn cHidi ci ty to a Ikhi "h Ih'- Mont'- Curio grounds a i,r1zf Iff jr. qi'U sDli Ik* HeaJdesthe rii-Pt i-riz.'. tlien* \ ill hi- prlKtft .Of

i f' f tl" D j 'T rroin ca.-li i-ajutul wTiuI ma^r-H Dfc t'l ftl (Ini'.-, and prizea uf $ 1 ,0 0 3

fer tlM',-!' ivlui finish Ku«-"r>rl.' ' ih- i;. r-'pean cKpilalfl •aelpcieil sn

flinriini.: p- 'Mifl kp" Fundfut, BruflfjelA,I'irl.M 'Uithrt. Mii'lrld. VU-nriH and lloiHh. A , iMc liiK-i he"!l 'Je.'ilgdM 1 'ul In Monaco, rrw idi D," flo-rfl will liH'i'c t " parft £Lbu\0a i i 'n i l " r of I n lc n '-n i i ig cIDuk

r.Tif£ln«*i*rM IHiir In Ni'ii York.M .W A c l t K . I'cti. 7 — ,M"PP Diati 200

T*i' iiii"'‘rfl I'f Dirt profesHliuijdt'-iidc'i Iasi lygh l Du diufu-r glvnn frj 1 L U luiitioii " f Dirt niri '-DHli unhlverflftry

I nf tl " Ui'nsftp’ ii 'T I ’uh Icchu'r ln«Utute. ■| 1' ■ . N V Thq* 1 rcsulcnlfl niii] offluiah nf Dll. m lnirp ♦ •Iciri-- n ic l i . in l i ’f!) andriij 'al ''ruf nt**'i’ lj ;g fl' iclciu h i\c*rrt iireSCiit 11,- gUi'MlH.

I r lrv r la n ii Una Kiri'.

I I 'liriK In t:,e It. K ly i i ' i ..hu-K .n Bin'l).!I a'.V'UiiK, r e a r I ' i fty -m r. ih fttr"et. Ufcrrt' drivi'n out by fir ' .......... 1 :.hi o'l-UirkI CiiH mornin? 'i'l"- flrv s tar ted ip the I CsmriH'i. Dlilurh Nruclib C >.’h funilLUfe I Flore in r:iu-!M m e u i " ' . 'I'b'- |"aa is estl- I malcMl a t t l f t f '""lO

Old Remedy That's Always Best^ ^ ^ o m a i d u m d B o v . / l k

pleasing quality. By the advice of com- p«t«nt JudgKM, vvbo ftppr«ofat«'! th« prom.Ice in her voice, her peronts eent her two

th a t an iinautlioriied i ta le n u n l of thle | >eare ago to a vovat teacher under whose nature— reflocOng os the Inteltlgence of j initrucUon eha h a t tm de rapid progreie' tn operat'.on here to the benefit of th e our people—ehould not KM atb uncbal- In learning the an-.of aong., < - ^ilty and Ite people7 Why ehouid net th alansed. Very reapecUuUr ytHira, 1 A fter ilnglan. fo r tha eaam lolag com-., livcnliut ^ 'ew e advocate tt7

, a t e 1 raRtee of thadJi ■ ~ " ■ ' ..... ................ ....a t e J raK tM of t k ^ U a l M Booking OtflcM U g t | . K aw ark . B B N JA U IN P. B O a u X .

Lh;er, Stomach and Bowel remedies have been coming an o going for 50 years, bi^t C a r t e r ’ s L i t t l e L i v e r P i l ls keep right on giving health, strength and happiness to millions. L a y aside the harsh cathartics tha t act violently on liver and bowels and give this old, gentle, sure constipation remedy a tria l

I t ’s really wonderful how speedily they banish headache, indf* gestion, biliousness and nervousness and clear up sallow, blotchy,

pimply skin. Purely vegetable.

Snail Pill, SnuN Sb u R Pricft


GENUINE must bear signatureii


N E W A R K E V E N I N G N E W S . H A T U B D A Y . F E B R U A R Y 7 . 1 9 H .Bg n j i a c


I j i p i i l i i i i t j to View Bod; of b t e

B o p m e D t i l i r e ia P i tn ic Home Drow* Throng.



S^O'Int SfiTlfC of (*t .VJi’ll *.NBWTON. Feb. 1.—Thrf<u«h I»i:k of

tn tr rcot on the | i i r t of rei ld«n(» uf I’tiH- llpaburs, (Vnir^^Minon An.'lill'nld C. Hoit. who *'*■ h«re y c a U r d i r on o f f l i l i ! liiif • n « » . » 1 d tha t hiB litll tu (.uri'liHlr a n«w »1t» and conatrin-t a faderal Imllil- m « in tha t town would not |iaaii t 'on- ■ r«aa l» fu r ( tha aoBBlon n t » t winter

Mr. Marl B Idll a ika thnl <'o i ic r fa t »!' propria le f.ir the pnri..,ar h eaaW th a t lana ite ihe PhdM|»l>urg real- denta had fHlkd <u itrai: the ra inaHa of



C^rrtKptjtKtr/frr.PAb*?.VM\ I - Iti

opportuni ty Tor rht? imhlii m view tl.« t o d y of Htil'rrl U. TlfN'-iii-M r th is iifteTnAum arni ©verlnjl. Hi''

^Im iu m up©r (i^miirrow * ift* ’nnM’Tifor lliti PTHpliiyoB of t t e PuH»uli.‘ of whii'li Mr. Hrwniner proprieif>r.W h in ll if nuttin r»f ih« Ur«mporrMMom*' In llamlilon avfiiu©

^l^UeWfl 0 [»©ll IMIb uftornonij llier© i t m d y arvorfll lnjudrenJ [n-rnonM In

Moyni' <j«orir© N Sejipr o rd erstoday to hav© ull ih f t l iy c Io m

*^lt noun Mondoy 1i> «»rifpr that th« ti r t ' ployeoi of ih© I'ltj mitflii a ittm l ih # fu- M ffti Of M r. Hr-emrier l! In llk r ly th a t tkM #eliot>U w ill ml DIO ht cloactl a i ri'Ksn to $ivo th t teii<.‘ti©r« a t<i u lc iid , -thofuiior^l T h l i w ill 1i© deA'IdcJ thlo noon w h rn th^ Mnyor )ia« a umforoncw % llh tJm'«rlnwmd<nil of iiohooU U- 0 - W h o o k r arul Edw in Klow cr. pragldont of

AIM of KdiK'iUon..' The hon«jr*ry and aiUvo pollbeor»‘ra

«a ro AnnouruTd limi nl»ht, Tho tuin* Orary bonrr ra were A^lociod t y Adri. B i ^ i n t r from Anituii* h*f bujl>iind'« mo»t In timate frie-ndw. They wilt be J o n n MlftrliHffe, Kroderlck J. Biu’kloy. I I uhIi

jCe l^ n d r l i n Mijor John Nolan, H enry * C, Alien, Anton 1*. r« le reon. Krank KU- , f o u r and Comrtii awl oner Adrian P,S u lliv an .

Tboae who will boar the body will be tba t i r h t oldee) emplr>)>eB of the Pa»iaLo ^ r a l d In point of ■I'rvU-c. They will m w i l l i a m Riga, William I’oei, J a ines C. tUgler, J ac o b Freeewlck, Oevjtige fligg,

■‘Chai iaa w . Uelaney, William T h e u ra r aitd Michael H w yer

Vaiioua u rgan lu t lo t ia of which ihe lO P M r^ a in u n wae a nirmher will HttoruJ Um fune ra l fn a body. Ainung tht-m aru G inara l A. M. R u n Hvaivlah-Ainerl'Opn W a r Veteran©. Pusnak' l.odge No. B42« Loyal Order of Moowe, illati M c l^ a n N*. l i t , O. S. H. and The Pica (JJuh, a

. n p w tp ap an n an 'a organlia tlon, aa well aa 4tle0atlonfi of I’ateraon and PhDaah.'

' i i t t tT -ca r r le rB . All of thcae organ iM thm a Vfllld ae va ra l oihera have haNaed reeolu*

.^ tlona on th e death of Mr. Rremner.• By ap tc ia l request the delegation of

M cLean ScoltlNh I'lana. with whiuh

the bill, he wnwki lie unable I" g" ihrottgh a i thie tcBBlnn.

D R . A R M I N U E B R A C K E Rttfiftirtl Htn'itf 'if v^.'R'y.

M O R K IB T n W N . Feb . T - p i Arm m Hebelacket one of the beat knotvii iirar- m tu iiers In i Ii Ih section of tlie tttaie. and a m em ber A>f the Btat*i I'tuard of Medica! Exam lnerH , died last nlffhi a l h ia bum©. pj'J Bouth Htreot. D eath rratiUod from u compHciUion uf Ulaeavee.

* ,\Uout four m onllia agu, I j r . ireiM -larkcr Buffered an a t la -k of lypnolrt fever, from which he apijarently re«M»v«rcd Hiibae qu en tly liidlcatlniiB of gan g ren e w« m d ii- eoveiad, and he underwent ampuifiiton of th e leg.

|)r . UebelacktT, wlm r ig h t\- lh t« ey a a r i old, wua Ihajn m thTJii my. iind cjime to thla ccunliy « imu*i fo r iv - ih t- yt»*rs bK". Sea l ing hi i iennan hr u is foim \ r r a l yriirE* k iraA.’h rr <M-rnBri acdrnneh- Al-"‘jt five >ciit* la l r r hr o.j.

prai h 'e In Itbw r ltv . p.hli !i ha iVAilnlalr.rd imiH sirl-'kon. lb ' la aurvlvcd by n widiMV aiirl tUir Non. t ’ liarb*-. the la l- t rr n TfKident n* ll iu 'k rn a n 'k



Mfa B rem n e r tvao aaetu-iated for a long 'time, will fnllnw the military o r in n laa - Uotlf. T h e Tenth Wiird Democrat ic Chib o f Fate rann and the Rob Brexnner D im o c ra tb f l u b with the ©hiployr* of

• i t a t H era ld off ice will lead, headed by a 'p l a t o o n of police unhAr t ' ap ta ln Oue- ' t a w a Bchmidt . 'I'he line to l>e followed (w i l l ba up Hamilton to t.ea lngion ave-' ^ a to Clif ton avenue, to Main ^avenue.

B atereon and Laurel Grove Ceinterv, * w t ^ the burigl wilt rekr iilu-.e In the ’ piM of Mra. Hrahinef’* family.*. I t r . B rem iie r 'i brotherB, Rev. W al te r

M I'Vrt. ( ’H E N . Kcb 7 — ' ‘liH rlre VViJI , m er. on© of tho best Know n e r l pottrrB In .Vrnerh'tt, died of pncurnonlK ym ter- rtiiy at biH home here Me U ic ©on of the laic I'h a rlC i \ 'o lk in u r of Haiti* more, a v«ell known p u rin it pnintor, uml him eelf atudicd paintiriR In tb« siud'o nf the great F rcn rh landa«ap!©t 1 Inrp'prilc^

He wae one of tlio f irs t nrt'utn In Am orb’a b) petpi onderglazR upon tllc^ and hlH ve*cp, )nrs «ri'l hmvf:* 'n x-fi tonod ylnxea, manuftt'^lurcd in tbc ii 'd ic r j a t M e lrrh cn , bnKitfM hbn fum e nnd wi ro featured in a ll the e x h ik itl 'nx of orte hm'I r-iafte In the lo u n try H© u b i h tnern- her of the Selm agundt. vnUonn' Ari'^ t'luh. n 'lilterh irH l L c h k u c , and uua tlic Inal aurvlv lng m em ber nf the ' h a i'n a l f lu b .

Mr Vblkmar Ih eurvivnd tiy blh " i f r who ^ah Mlsa Nclt lr «i1 Flag.staff. Me, and lw»i Uay \ ’n!l’inmrllHahroiick ffelghla arid I,»-on \ ’nlk"vir. R cdfnn h N T

MUa M ar th a Hu j Icb. . lyhil* •Hiru*' ycafa old, t*f Klng*itijn. N I > ’IIcaI yt'B- I r n l a y a f t i ' rm m n at Hi‘' fEBi'bni- nf her hro l n.u. W^at iv) Huui l i n y h ’* "f ■ *^VatBcul u v e n n i la.AKt *mmhc' \ I id¥ < llHihM w ent li> K;i;i f ' u i r / * uhout II ii iu n lh v. .n> i iKu few daj'i: lu lo i H'-r ib iii^cattarej hy it vAiniJiH- ui ion

M Ibb liayh'H w .ih eb. i i i - - j i i i - i ofth lulu Ml aoil Mr»i U (lli.im b^yl- of KIbRBlOll, JWKi lo.il lli ! 'd «l l i ' ‘ ' plnrv el l lici life IbMUb a lo r broiiu iwho IIvn'B III liBHt eh' H sur-v l \ i d by a t io ih e r bri>i>ir-r t ' .llllu", HfirrIsiMi Uu>bli "f N’ i' Y'-rk Tin. fu n '- ia l Mcrvico v u ll l-* .oM iJuvltd ii • m orrow Hflcrniion -it o i bj' k k ‘ ll^v Rolvffl HrfWKf' f l.aKiln.of ih«- Munn t i . -u ' i . fr.MtiyicTUin r t i u I « ti Th* MiirTin- i'i vs 111 bt- *s' KIligetOM «>i' Mniid-c-' to i: n I

r i i l r l r k Tyoftii,I 'a ir i i k J'ynan i-f L.MH'liHfcUi strE'cl,

<uun*{c, ilb'si 1a©( m u l i ni the (ErungcMemorial Hoapilal a l t - r an dliiCBD of ©everal week'a. Hr wm fkMy ycura I'ldHnd III *sjrsuv''d by lu© w T r afid Mc-t-rHl fh ikJren Mr Tynai) \‘ «n h m©n»!»vT uf BrKh«'h .\ti l, 1 bet fir I Vn f>, i?| rh-h a .M llam n of (Iran*:-- ’I'h*' fimcTnlvsill lo ln»hi Hi H o'l k« k M4*tidu> itioTh-i!iK- vvlu-n a htkii muBH < f roquieiii w ill tio offfir.rl In s>t .rd iti ro fn n n -h . Tin intvr- m 'lit Villl lip III Hi John .s I'(nu-I©ry

Lht« rrtK'C ^Ir^lnhivri,La w t'iii< Mi M hjoiii iiiri> *f" iji \Mor-

ol«J till'd |h - i .-Ir I I lit l ie homiv i'o. Illo o iiilk d i i . i n io . MomI i IhI f ih - ilh n ih•Jij© u H ■'Oiii liuitl"M 'If dllMi'cnt'* .MiNf.Malmii I iti [>e 'I 4 ic-!E.blrnr .V|< nt t Ictli f'lr .itioiU iw o siw tr Hr l'> r*b .a v> Itiuw . ,\f' H I-,! 1 i-ii M ' .Vbi krti I ‘I 1 > > f n m 1 ri I Will b< ' < hi \!'>io1:t\ lii-T iiiiiju fiom Ih - I ' tturnh >if llo' Irinifti i'<itis ©pt "nwhere a Mol*inti lo^h nma^ <'f rou'i'+TO w ill i'C I e irh r iil' <l

eiUilpb Slokr.M l|.k « 'll w ill HI rirpl nfll't

dinni'r ktyi iiblh! .Vdolpb HlMk*' tln-tl 4a> at li -' ho'0 '< l■’al^fl<‘ d ytrr-<»i. I ' l - prr M ruiolult ."vl 1 H lakc, who a>um .h*.\Iv four je a r ? "hi. tin*l lived in MonfrlHlrBhintl f I'll' yr-Hi.'i M© i r© • oi^ily n'.Hift*’ il h I .Icryo'y t 'liy Mi K lak.i u h .h /*ri '■I’l- fil'j)© in It N’evs > or*- ItHiik II*' loxvi'h ii vshlou yiid il iicp il i ik ire n Th»: luMct are m«rr;f *J nm<1 b v in New ’t ork iitul J'TH'y n i y


State Warden of Standards Says De- partment Has Saved Consumers

Tliousaods in Year.



F A R M E R S T R I C K Y . T O O , H E W A R N SUlttll i O’

Tit I ;N Tt ].V'. I-'*!). 7 -'Mia n n ly f i iu l l a - (ila n ijin iii .r ot t>M)1 nu atui B t l l ln i i la l'\ w n iK i.i . i i .'u r i l l t iB to W K IU n i 1.. U a liH iJ i- . .■'lilt'* a ii i ic r lin m it le n i of u c lK l i la j i i . l iiipaatirao. In h i* h iiiiu m I u p o n . Just a ii l.n i lU t il . K v a r y th ln ij , l.a a . i j , , ah iiu lil Ilf aoltl l.y w e lirh i. Ha r.‘ Kiirrta Bu.-li K aya lam as yra .-t lo B b le nno l.fliavoH nioBi rn fiT h a n ta in tha s t a t e w.iul'1 lif a-IlllriK to adopt It at on.'.- ili » .i'.'n a l lo i'a lit lea (he aya ta iii rt lrf .iU j (M III sa tla fa i'ln ry o p a ra llo n .

M r W .p ir o ii oaya he b e lle v a a oori- Biim nra ti.ive hern aat eel h u n d re d a of thoiJiiaiiriH of iltflla r* th ro u g h the w o rk of th e i j ip a r i in n i l In c ld a n ta l ly ha iM iillo .ia tH .iip ekrfp f ra not to Iru a t fa rn ie r f .iii> inorr than o ily l i fa la ra . r u d e r the l•HplUlll, " K a rm e ra A re TM .-k y . T .1.1 ■ th f le iio r l aaya In v a a t l- a ii lln n e l . i i ' r .Ila .'loatd th a t triiiny l . irm frB In ilrlt^ e rtn s th e ir (iroduota I,. ( 111. . I l l , , h i,\ r in ilu lg e il In a lla rp ( riii li.'ee .Mr U l.tron re .'o m m crrlB

kpw lal err, a . 0/ lOa A AIR 4- MAI'Iflt'N *'•''■ I- “ MIMitmHry

le r t i i rn wiH a**!" *’< oh< **<“ ta»lhraa .■f Hi, I fiiteit araaun her* durinu Srlmr.-'i ■|ht l i l t ir.‘ a 11 im Klvah. »a la a t year. In ,li.n, .\,. .,-mhly Hull, and VIII Irt p ,m ; . . . I m k Ttiaaday .afiarnuoiia . ■;'litr.' e ill I-, A,'- le.itiirea uailer the au*. in.-c- ..I liie t t i . in u n a f . n t r a l M 'l i lona ry .•.ii[.mltiin. n I i.-ai-ntlng tha Mathodlat, I ' rrai.vier an aial lipla topal etiurfhu*

■I hu a..'i)r. t I'.l aMldy "Hi '*• '"I’h r , In r, fi M ItN Home 'i'aah. S iiaakera U hl. t i* '* hud H"-*' evpanaiX '* In m 'ua'm ist) ■ ■irU Im tr hf*n a n n a i .d hy the ,o m in ;ii> f t«> uddicno theaa m eal-ujgie

re liab le , f i im l ly

I kp IcrtuiCvi will be ©n fAillows Mirt'h 3 . Ilohv© Mi©»bmd To rtty . R lghi R tv . A n h u r F l.loyd D I ' . r»r''«ld^nt of lb©

Ajf .idlfliion* of ll ic l*rA)lfiBl*nl Kp.i.iVfpnl t’ h u rrb , M arch HI. The liKliftn, Mre i' Hna Ind ianml#4ionar>- a l la r«* of ih« Reform ed ('hur.-b, M H nh 17 ’ Th© Nc-jru, H©vH r Haul H T'ouglaB. » c r© lu ry *'f Hie Aporj'-an M iBJ'nriarv Hovlcty, MBT*-h 2L ■‘Tho Mouiilalnc©!', Mm© hh^AlHSin I'articpon. field ic c r c l i ir i ' - f Hi© M oman i Bunrd of Home M litiopa v ( Otc Prenby- le r la n <'liurch. M an Ji 31, ‘Mormonlani, H«v Jam es H. IlftiBcy, fo riticrly d«an of Pt MHrk’s C ath ed ra l L»h« ’-Hy.r iH h , Ap»-H 7. •Im m lKrah nn . R«v Hr W illiam P ShrU-er.

The ■ Tjfi'nilticc rcpre©ont:ng Ih" t'hnrflicH ror^slM© uf Me* FI ILifflrtu-

M>t=M M ury Hi BtirtiPt, Mr©

^rrt/^r of tk§ NWW'S.W A tH T N tjT O N , N, J.. KftJ. 7.— A L

thuugli the u eu th er wae u nU vo raW e,©Itoiu i a - n iy - f l \ c e u lh u aaa tk ' Imoebaill fan© gaihered last night at the tHiroiigh hall and u r ja i i i i 'd 'fur the i*a»un uf

r i ia r lc e Hrowi. vybb ©lected tcm im rary ••ha.t-miin. ttmi U. W M iller, tem puiury Bijirrefary John Mill wmb ulcclvd ma»i- Bgur and ©cercturj of Uu l©anv uiid Hub­ert r.annlrig, lr*-aMurer Mi ©xacultve t-ummUtce of five ui© ©i pointcvl l»y the r'halrmatv i «j ral©c i u i'ls ©nd Molbui luem hr-rH ftrr ih c \S jahinnub-u Uasuball Aa- eoN'iatiou-

T h ia cum nPU ce l© ■ ■oii|Ksaril of K. Herver, pa-ny I'ha ichcr i;©oigv C ro ck e r. F ra n k W‘'mi and S u th a ii D ('a rp e m e r. It i© planncAl i" m nm bere by A rp ll I. wlicu h w'll gin to pay w(*^kly J'Jv© i-u- ih© riiiri»>n at the laam .

T h e uffJeure ©xeAMjti'C ii'iu tiiU ica whi meet F e b ru a ry It , at Ho it-or-oiifh hall, w ith reprertN'nlaltV va "f tlu' < l‘ ib» from N ew tun, High Hridu© Ha« kcMa town. Tlelvldere and Phllllpabuu!. f'u the purpoe« of cohJklerlnB Ih© ATX**n aaitAiC of a T r i - i ’u unty Lcagu©

A n o ther m eetinjf "f thr lu '*1 a I i Ii wdl be held T u e sd ay nighi Tf \* p la iin H t‘> hold a m eal ng of ih c HJiwoiiatlon s i lb© h^l! once a «>ek duriny: Hi© iciimjti. Huii

niemberH nm y ke*p in lo m h with ihti 'alT8 of lha aeaoA’ a l oh fltvcru l '‘ii^h

V o htrib u llfin s vvert rcee'vcil.


"Guilty but in s in e " Plea or Verdicl Measure Pending at Trenton

Arouses Interest.

H f T R O D U C E R E X P L A I N S F T S O B J E G

tun.iLii.irr |■uuH. M u W iiltp r i- .iw llr l 8 r,, .Vlr< Juhii H kutilktim . .'lisi l i it o lw it y Hu.vi«, .Mibs l-;lcaiii,r f , lli'Id rn . M ri

.1 I' H u m h eri. . ' In I M ' ’an l i f H a l n nml M l*, . la m r , t StrHP J r .



t ill lii?:l:iil.H TUii HI a tea

Aa cNitu-,' '*' "F "•© s a v in g a ih ie v e rt III Ih"* .kiat© m 1,1 tb« re p o ii c ite s ih iif I m I ’J IT r lic i - ia l n u m b er o f dc- •. tPM rd nml . -iilrd by til© d e jla r l- iTu-Mi - .n s L'94.D'J», "f w h k h n.H 74 w e re ' rvnrl r JIII' I'd aficl i (UTflHt'iil ed na be lowt ill M-E'idHi'i T h * ' ’ w cTc 19D iiroBe<-u- ili'ii-* 4fiirth B II'© v«-Hr. th© f ln c a co l - | h r 'w u I> ,'l ©H :ig'r 1 ©Rill I 'r; H.^1 7

InNiPrrtlon* f- lf f r r t iv e , Kalmott. In llio u-Kreptluns ihe Rt‘- l•■[■‘‘* jijp iit Iriapnj'hnTis, lU c repo rt s a y s , j r<;i,ntfiig in th** 4 .‘nih1 w .1 rdge Halmuii vviJI

t/iirf io keep* n *-rfh alit* arid d e a le rs ii(,inn M ar'h n to tli© *•' d©n*’© « (v ii| i|) i[m w JCi i ! " luw T h is Inaur-'B ' p),,iM ivm \\'t"d ru ff - f N©\.Hr‘t, tepre-liijija©vi-lvp:d ngiUri5t maii.v d la b o n cia ' hcutiMt Mr^ ' l©tR W’ ,Vp>»ar, sh KciI th© p rs ib'**? w h b ’h tV inncrIy t oiTirtbul© il (r* I , , f,„- „ | ,ir t-> , l■m:'Pl Kflviiurtl \ih© h ig h fO.st of liv in g A s la tllra tlv © tjn.jaTi- and Kjim'ti l|ov>l©M. tli© etr'OJ- o ' w'b.M biiH bnen !irfo*TvpllFh©‘rl ttv© ptrs of lb* »AVtKb' "f b©r h'lpl'anTl !.©«!© iv r n r t M -'W " th st R i.H * parki*rt©:i ■ w nf M orrlh'uv.it rn HI© iiii a«-

I I A o lch ff l 'Inrliin : Ih© v ear, rvf v\bti-li I , Mint I r ic l i t v ii't© pnr fcriT w ©tt fnnnd IO

halt wa ^ i


Skr/i rur,v»i»tinlt'iti.ie.TH hlN Tt.'N . Peh 7. L le ; i* .4il lu lo re e i

Is being iu 'uuscd hy lh« I'iU in lruJuv'ed iM the Leg tN latu re le a l Tu e ida.t by Ae* aternblyhiuit UubtdMB uf L'uk*n CuiiuCy. wYilt'h w n u lii |i©rmU u Jui';- m o rH m Inu) can© lu l e lu i i i o v e r i l ic l i>f “u ir llly but iDNaii© ” T'hn b in . w h ich It* llouDa -*C. {© an u u tg r iiw ih c f tli© T h aw vase and fu llu w s u rem in iu en iia tiu M iniidt; hv u I'OUimIt lee u> lb© Nt'W V o tk Hgr.4h:tU('liilKiri ut Its revu iii iin iiu n l m sB '■

I >.,4. r,.; .................I fhi‘ \ t U S ■.I Mt..»FHHS’l i)\VN . Kell 7 . - A l fi'im cnl in I Ik©. Q;ktdi»ut^-m 1" rernuve Mr© K iiin ii G

i*5r r in r i\ "f her kuiiiiiirid. n©,'diir© Ur'iw n "f N«v'fonndland waft

! fniHlwd >©aifrds,» before Jvidg-- Joehuo H Halmuo. In ll ic tj.isrctillan# l-


(I fl rmiiMr of Vlr ilnla. and wil l iam Brem-i - m r o t C a m lllla , t'an ada. a rriv ed h e r*' t ill* nyiriiln*. Hl« mother 1* e ip e c te d

- tX i* an e rn u o n .Maaat, H eao r* B renaev '* Meninry.

i e w l*e B'onMaJIun Hurtau of Ike B f i'.V -J /VO .Vfc'.rS

WA8MINUTON, Keb 7.— l-*l* y«*ter- ' , 4 ay afte rnuoit , the Senate ad juun ied out ■of r t i p o d t to the mvinury o t th e la te I tM raaana t ive Robert G. Breimier of Ra«-

"**jc, N. J-. ar,d VIee-Rrraldcnt M areh^ll .ASBPOlhted tJenalor* Martin and Huithau* o r ) f* w Je ra e y V u n lan ian of M laalaalppl,

C I4 PP of M ln iie to u and Sterling o f South• OUio ta . to aarve as a eommIUe to rn j^*- ' M i t the Hertate a t the funeral.

B m a lo r Hughea Introduced the reaolu- * tJon cal l ing for adjournment. The reao-

llittoi) eapi-eaaed the aorrow of the 8en-;hi

P . b-dt

' a w a t th e dea th ot Mr. Bremner ■With th e niembora of the Hou*» tu-

taiiml commit tee, the Senate (scmmltteo .¥111 l a k e th a 0 o'clock New York ea- Mtapa t r a in Monday, end will leave th e t r a in a t Kewark . Arrangement* have llaen completed to have molora wait ing a t tha N ewark alaUon to fake th e com- Wlttee* dltMCl lo Paaaalc. .after the fu- a i tta l t e n Ices, the rommUiaemen will a n t o r hack lo Newark, and th e re lake a yfaaUlnBtdii train.^ B e t f e t a r y Jdaeph F. Tumulty v#lll at- t t a d the funera l as Pres ident Wltiot i 'a

; te iireeentative.

WprtJfj/ tlnrlfr of lAr V/.'UX M ADlfiO N’, Keh 7 .— Jfffer«t>n ntvr©ini.rp.

fjft,y-flv^ ycflr© old, dlftd thl© m oniing ai h'fc hotne In LJr©©u v iiiaRO , a fte r a.n ill- tiC»a nf ah'^ul & yea© from Fi©arl troiib lr. Th a fiinaral will 1>« h©ld at 2 o'<-!«ek Tuesday aftarnonn from hla homo, and will he t ‘uuFuf b'd by Hr,v Krf'rf I ’lirry of W ftrhaw km am i Rav j j,. Mrnwoi. paKtor uf the MelhodlBt Kpl©<'opal r)iu r« h ')f Grear< V h U g c. B u r ia l wHl \m m Falrm ou n t >'«fnftery. •’h a tb a in

Mr. P fTfm u a waa born In N>w York hyt came hare many i'eara aa*' M* Y>ad hftan anjfagad In thfl f lo r is t biialnafis h«r© for about thlrtr^n ypara. h'.swidow. Mrs. Liif’y L rb re m iia , hs l i atirvlvad Ity twr sons, K ra n k b n r Dor- em us of Grep'i ViMag© and J f.©oTi Dor- em ua nf Noa nvrriue:. M adison

M '.W \ n U K . F©i» ' T . - r i i n i Jii Vnn V11©1. fii-r^'drnt "f Hm* r}rK«ly*‘©r India ltuM"'i S-dbiiR I ■I'mpftfiv , di'-d >©.iinrilayll* tlif I 'h ’f i r i i s Il't.-j'JtuI jift©i‘ an Lum fur append! 'I l ls and Ih© HnipiilHtcTi nf lii* Irfl I f, M' wufC in h a .dMj-muLh year

Mr W p V lii-l ijiid*"! w ciii Kii iipcrHti-'ri for Hi'pf’ ndh iliH. sji h'* s i iL'P"©©'I. tbr-’ ''’ arr l a iuiH .\©Hrs Rg". hut wtu'ii k© v.n taV©n ill four vveeUtt age physli laii" 'Lasr- nniOfJ FbH ulllll©nt a© app< iid irllix , Hpd ho (jp craT iu i revnaled d ia l 'inly an appnn'Hc- ular ab«v©aa hti'1 n"t Ih© appendix lU©lf had b(©r rPUJovod 'n Ih© first nprratlnn Ho «pp©fir©d t*' ra lly fo© ji Urn©, but gan

)is* t-rii-r,. ! m vvrl*c}if jimiI i p f i s ' i i *' Th© rf inHlnlni;: ©l©v ©ri p©r c e r t ■ahovr©dFltirbi I n;41 ■iirai'i©.'* not jNUff' 'i 'n[ in lh©rna©iv©!? In w-nrr:int rnor r t h a n a f©- prlnm nd

^nlpntlH^lt pHfl nf th© J*"!*! ' " ''’ I hu© ■'•M In Ik© s iip rrv 's i t; es©ri'lMd nv©r ' I 'nl drahi'H Durlrv? fh© v ©/»i ’’ < t•h.’bv fi.'«4 wnr© )nsp©'‘t©i1 '■>' *iU|" r'■!jiirnl©Tite M uai nf th©F© Bk!'V\ril i»vii-u v i th i rariKiUK from l©n i" W'' pfnmda"• li "‘ inp . the HV-firaPp' nv©rvv©H4h1 h©- liu' a uf iklrfy rivF pniinilfl I'b© ©'©r- :Ej<© i!':inb "r nf utvd*!rvv©1nhl d©liv©r'.eJ r©;ii nri; t v i c i t i p-iiiiflK I" Ih * Inn I r ii fi'vv isli.irlngrs of from '"i>2 in p'liinda "U ib© b*n ‘•©r© dlsi’o vrh 'd , iind in nl s"r’k « hb©b pti 'Bf« ultons f'd- |i.y.*'i. w.bi«h ro?> dt©f] in th© rn nvb lionI'f tliY t^fipr-dprs,

K''liii«\’P^ tbr rl/vi' ad"fit©d ip If'12.

.\fr \V i -mJ iff sa id Hin' ! A p ia '' 'i 111 l!iiri | [ l r piiHino.^S u u s lu l i n ev'T *>y hi.'! V'tinvs f' l pavman! Jl.Tmi 'a sh ,vvblrk h© l©••»'v©rl fr©ni ni " ii aiu'©. nn'l A h"t© fnr f'l 7<)b. u h n i i "•['© »kiv© "Ti HiC iiniJriB laiunnK Mint ■( iv nbl I-© dP-l'i -teJ fruin iier plmr© nf ih© f'-lat© S in © ih©n,■ I vifts pid f' ••'vh, sli*- hrt HiippoTic'd bar- B©if nnd tlirr© rhllrtrt n I'Pil lui© ¥©v ©ral

©ndinvorptl to pbtalii a s©H1©m©nl

mg.'I’hi' mpRAUJ© wlib h IS In Ihe form tif

a ttiippICMiior, I ui the t iimefl act. would hIh.’IisIi (he rJi'feiise < f iiisutiiH b> c rb i im a l oases ami wiJuM a llow the a t- fuae«l to o n i f r a p k a uf • gu l l iy but In- aana." Sui h n p lea w ould AdimK tha f u ' l a t'lvftigecl iiv Ihe luitKctnicnt. but ■JlUl (h<3 llUTeil ITUlliie ijf tlU' iilllgecJ i rinit ikI a t l .

hi I iti<u au th a pleii ta ufl'tjied, lb© p i ‘jiec.m li'r w lh i lU « I’o n aen l ul' IhfiJui lgr mn>' t"’i u |d Ihu |dOa umi th© ti©fviiiJi.nl would ih e ie u p o n bucunlb lH -

NV,-,/,.. „ 7 7 ^ F I I k I ‘•■I I" ■c R A .M - o R i . , Feh . 7 . i „ t . ,

,,f h(» .■■infirmatlno u,dnv l,y the S l» if l-u , ,v Hu c , i th iil the .le fem lu iit Is I lu e n l .if llitli.-Htluii ut Tri-»ti,n ,1* ru i'cr- * l „ „ , m n n liiaaliH.V li,' m »yInlrndetU of llie rn io n County P iil,li, | ,r ,n g ’ [he , «ro o,i t ,,r ti'iu l before uHchirole, D r. A rth u r 1., .lohniron j'cincrde.v yp ,,,, d ,,, ,|uealU ,u ut iiiaaiut> .to o , hlH le e r * of the teechern end I'uotl!, c n ,, , , huch ii'in l. If the Jury ie n 'li-of ih c C cin fo rrt Bchool Willi whoiM he i,e y„ti,i „ i-caeom il'lv Uouht (hatline been e**,',ri*te ,l ne a u i» r , l* in s yr n- p n a o n e r le eai.e, it luu.v b rin g in ».■IpBl for the leat ten yeurii, alm tile vei .11, [ o f "r, ill llv.'" but If It In

M em ber* ,.,f thi' thierd uf l■:<iu,■ull,ln ,.„ u v li ire il ih e u It m ay brlUB lowere fireeenl emt eauli (eeilflcd t., the giiofi „ f " g u i ln hut m eiiiie." iindw ork (lone by Ifr Jo hm o n aa head of ,,,,, (pp prlauner would(h* l,„'»l acliuule. rr»reaft*r, Hr Jotm- ............,u ir of il,c iiiHane ai> ■roh 5 off irc will l„ In Hie .■cirthoiiKe at FJiaai'Cih HIn nii; '"lnlineni h* F' r h t*'ri"ot Mufli yeera h1 h ffa!ar> "f fll.f'"'" • ' T« Hi© I'yUtU' lnC©r©Ml,year. ! Ml" l ‘*ji>biU‘c, sp rak ing r>r Ii:b hill. ha»<

H i. Jonnanii vv a.* hum Ji S lK n riin 5r ' fii 'n '■"J Mm f'-ilbnv mf? ht«M'ni©ni.Stnn© F a , an«l i©t©(vp*l bib curb ‘Td^pa- 1 In ihe dlni-uhttlon 'jf vr pnnal piinlah-tlon ilifrc M# wa* gruduaird fn-ni th© ‘ ipfiu, mnfi pvupl© b a ' t lt©r©li>rcu© I'^eri'-nlb guitP iiiPlU'iir ai T o w h uiIh hi I ipf li t ; '■] P* U»-k a l lb*’ uM Uvr Ihroug 'NprI fn 111 l.«faj©lt© fallc.^p at ICaslTiM, | th-- « r m g iinl f Ihv ttlCRUupi* TheI'b. in IKHH I Inlrtt-M;. f Ui© fli.cuN©d lu«'« v-erv

SlM*rtly nrtci KTHTbiMll^n. I t .fnhn- | ifaluLcsb utjaicipd. Tli© jrit©n-sls of them>n f'blflln©u ti p«>rtl|1on us iciii'h^r In ibft i |miM1i' h a 'v b©©ti but allghM* r<3ns1d«r«u. piibilf Hi'hiKVl bl \\'a©hluKl"n, N. J Thu i ■ TMs iiiiv;li’ forglNru If the folhtviihg year )h- wt'm in M«''kettstMwn 1 ,>f , ntmi.al i-imlshinrpt vvrm vlTuIlctlvr whrr© ho aeP'd u?v suporvUlng prln.Jlmi j Rud m*-r* l> Mi© iiuiilBUin©nL uf th«‘ *TlPv for X vtarfc . Dc't'Tlpj? t" lie noam r N©w \ uvul Tlu niiiefi, hl'\v©^e‘T. if rrimiruil York sn tha t h© '-"’114 avail hlniBolf nf 1 [lunli-hrrifill. Innk©'! «il fr<’iii « in"r© P'lM"

Rrm© ii©l in hU'1 hi>« f'nndUimi hfi ame ©o tk© 'Iviiarlmi tvl ch'vnted .Byoflal HU©nl'nri

R I C H A R D D E M P S E YSpcrMl ^irnkt'c of fA© V(JIT8

MORRiaTOWN, Keb. 7.- S tr lrk f in by parftlyH ls lat© U s l n ig h t . H b h a rrl Dem pney filed e a rly th is n io rn ln ^ at il i« hom e of hla s ia le r. Mins H f'phia Ticm p- sey, of 1 P e r ry s t r e e t H e w ee f if ty - tw o ye a rs nid. and w ith th e e xcep tio n of ten s'enrs harl a lw a y s llvorl In tbie c ity . H e l» su rv iv e d by iw n aona In ad d itio n to h Is a leter.

B o rn hi M o rrlsto w ii. Mr, D em p sey re re iv e d bln educH lion In Ih e I'm-k I erboola. L a te r he w ent lo New Y m k and obtained a t ra in in g In *be d e co ra l- ln,ff a rt , rem aln lu ft th e re ten y e a r* . Sub- e w iu en tly he re tu rn e d h e re am i io n dueled bueLoans u n d e r (be Demiisev' &, M u rphy,

.spri'MJfl that "h M^dnop'lwv hts l©ft I*'k v.aa an iku la lvd in ari ©ffnrl t*i -sav© his life

Ml \'«M ’h©l vvas a r©r'idenl "f I>o u k - lualon, l*onx iH lanJ. f'>* ih© IhpI fiffren } ©Hr©. In ii's ra r iv tw friilr.iv lie iMtvanvi identified vx-ith Mi© t Jnodv ©ur Rubber rornpan.v sa a saio.HrnHn A fter tliT^'ey©are li© ......... , i'© pr©Jild*'nt of fh©ciin ipany

D R . W I L L I A M K E L L Y S I M P S O NN K W 'Y 'nRK. Keb 7 - -D r W illiam

K>ll> Sliiippf'iL, vl'l©-h Known rta a Ihroat Hnd noP© FpAi'lallHt and fur Mio la?t nine vrars proffiafinr uf liu'yiiuf‘loK>' at Mm rnlk*;© nf I’hyslclariK hiitI ?iii*Kenn© nfr'oinm bla r n lv e rF i iv . dic<l \ rslp rd a y from

lu ihuiDkui ■ r''a-vrD dm hr tk© Rurnm©TAKhn'i^ili n few |U©'*H of fflully a ’. ■p ara iiiR \v<r© (luihem d. tli© T'‘ i>nrt shi-WMMtat not im urly aa mm’b .vv^© d la m v e in J IB tlviring the preiTdlng \^ar M rrc h f in ii hov' br©n lirnujfkt t" e ©©aliKatlon of Lh© fa f t, R^'.'urdlns M' th© riT 'orl, IhuL Ui©y l auTvd aHfely la n ip rr vv'rh lln ir 'v fig h iiii ; an'l iiM’asurinaf app liam -ts

l.nn«©N ^uata lnri l by F a rm e r^ .I ir, ea’ ui'.t in»-B l oiidimted liy Ih© de-

tii''n i© n t havp l■r■J|lviHt‘lnJ Ik© auprr- 'm fn d v n i H mI In tin* ps.st an ennuKl l"M iT SJMJ.r'i'fi liHS kopTi .'Niiffer©d hy Mie fartnord i,r R ir lin fito n MamdPn, H Icju- .©Hter. S<il©ni and ritm b fr la n d rm intH B in the ru r iliH * ' of fe r l lh iln g | iro ilu ii5 . Mm-li I'f th is prt'dU' L lu m es frum FTnn- RylvatilH and Dvlttware. V*‘M\n siiovi'd

nf Urn cdut© w h u h '»rtir>iml©d fu sb o iil i ihe m eiro i o ils p advHt.lngep for ad'HTued [ o h u iIi ' ih I pednt of v iew . '? U© n iarlly lb© My)n J i v^a8 In , stu dy. D r Johnsoti a,-i©pled Ih " poi.vtbin • pri*t©.’t1''n Mm pub llr. Th© fiubllv neMfi

Iff &ui'©rvl8in ? primMpal 'n UMh I mwti p, i>/. i-it,n’ iU ‘d fu lly as iM -ib Prom aninsHiie iiikii wlm Ima t t innutl'**! ii

m an vsh-n in m fit of

?21 Jui^ I'dw ard ro' r( unii Hebl tb©r« *tr© .'Uill «"ni© iTittlt j act-u'jnis t'l I*«'“ j‘©iMi©d .liid'.'© Salm on | r xi->l ITt-r iHTy J" Ks Ih© Mm© F"r an n«‘f minting, i

Jarr>©fi R .K l ' ' ‘©biirg ih i" ii« h W illa rd t \V, I' lMcr. Hiikpd f"© !©H©r8 'jf HdmlnlS' ’ Irathm of th© ©Htatr- "f hie w ife,. L e ila |\M m n"y KonhurK Rh© was a i .s'|irr i,H ,s.

HONOR LONG BRANCH SCHOOL , liayshiri, ha? H'nmmilti'd a .-iiiMlHr ‘rime HEAD ON 25TH ANHUTERSARV: "

that at: insHU" siihii vk'UjIdof AlfTflid TI W h iln e y find there 's som© qiicsth'll ilJ* t©’ Lh© ifispoSltioii of h ls flstul©. Ih© l«M n h a'JnK l©fl f Fund uf J 7itH/iO(.i fur th© TUftlntenuP' © of Ike in in 'T fliU dren a! h is (.Jllmpe©u O'd Manor ©Blale li«r© .Mr.'! K**«burg loft two chll- dron Till'*.'© iI h v s liefur© th© firflt rM ld .

, WKH horn i.he m ade a w'll, w k irh h as | j been THol>«t©'i m New York. Ipavinff e ll

h«T vru pcTt. lo h©r huflhand jih© b'fHbBr.d doslrod to Ignore Miin wtM |

,( Ific ■■Tho n -(l-O N H M ILAM l l . Keb. T .^ r h a iw e r iy - i

riH h imn verHury of rhri^^tupkprUP h©ad ot Ihe hong l ira iv h ■ultuEdB vxa© , <'©l©hral©ij tuAi n glU In iha In lvnuciihal | B u illlo riu m . the f<'Hlure <'f lii© ovoiUTori'© bring Mi © preHentrtilun '»f a s ilver »©.r\ U e | ai. an ©.ppr*'PTlRl© in©menlo of Dm '.liver ; Jubl'oB. Ku rm er i©nf'her». IncUnllng^ Hr Jftinew M G reen of ITsn lun , Mr iH©>:

tml l>i‘ t,©b! rKep''iuhhlp f'O kin iTlin<'*a la. M-b>i|"l n© Tb-F pr"'©'M-ui of th©

p r lih ‘ ■Imnuui!'- tlii'l Mn’ bill M mI 1 have lnlnidiJt:©d b lh “ 1 .-K'K'al'ir*' l.cr.mi© uiaw 1 P!n'1 'h ©II k a n iD Ibal it i© r©- l e L in g M © iijiptovul of i'Oi-‘‘"n-‘! fit- l©d lo oF it.H in©rit©

•| I'.av H'l Mn- nutl©r nf thbill under L'nrisl'!©ru tb'fi fiT' ,*'Veial munllm i>„"U > 'Fus, tUc uccl‘_ '

ll I'K.- r©coh P'J 111©l ; .-hU ■ prf.dc eesor. and » lu rse num ber uf [ ‘ yn rk r:tnt. Fbtr

to rkeor in© aituttllon. ^ ; i? rado,v(©.«i present. llw V u tfn ti I b.AV ri-.f v c l n il•lien hfirP lo ihe r©al ©Hale 1 nhl©b M© Prcbldent KdwHTd R. kSlnunni of ihe | i i,, ii.p '<*'•( >',iii. K hi A.-r*cu'ln-v.lfe um ild hav© falk'n h© r i Hoard of KdinuMcm prewidetJ TIvc I - I Ip puji, ,na fpoit iu vk-.n l© r r©-Salm-m rvjrervecJ h ls dtn lalon s e n la iu n of the rflfl from Ml© grad'ialoe. ' ,,, n. . im nj

--------- • “ ’ i-'M n^irling of .'=©\m I'le ire w Uh ^jf. one I h r '- m! i ’ l',. “d 1 und©"-! Iv'igHiiv aland and platter, "u e mini© b' 1 .:,,; ulv ik* lm t iu ;l Ini' n Int"COUNTY COMMITTEE BLOCKS L a c k of tke p iri’en korc tbe

nam e of



H ('©rrliral bemorrhag© at hb bom© here. Flu WHS ruiiHUlting pliyi-.lciftTi of pov©ral hoapltHlB. hu'luding Rnm ciset HoppHol at tkofnerv Ml©, N, J

T/u rm ro .J. MnffJv Dead,j Nl-AV Y D lt K Ksiii 7 ■' Hkle nifUc' uh' s

from iT K Ih g . I'h lim , ^©'•©|v''d t"day. l"i 'I of tl^n d*eth In that '’'ty of h->r©n.':«* .1

H atch, d T e rto r of Hie 1 urre iv y ai'd ©n- kiravlng d©i>anmeni of th© I ’hines". * iov erm neiit, Mr H fllch , who wa.- nh.,, : fifty year.'i old. wm* ftn ©xparl nr©'J graver, and for rminy v.arLA was ©mrb >- '>«J by Ih© rt iilu d HtaiPH ' ir '. ©rniii*-,il 'i. W aBhinytun.

Ik ftl sh o ri w oieht am i varioOh meMv'd^

•f iH g f JYrrrI©© of thf liKWB. jO C E A N o n O V K , V'eb. 7 ,- T h o m a a M-

^ D ickey , th e Ocean blrove A sso c lR t lo it ^ IH # in b *r Yrho died W ed n esd ay n lR h l.

b u r le d th is m o rn in g at C ra n b u r y .A t tk e g ra v e the se rv ice w a s c o n ­d u cte d F>y m em bera o f A eb u ry Iurf>dge No. H t . K , an d A, M , o f A ib u r y P a r k , o f w h ic h Mr, D k'key hurl been a m em -

i ^ T w o r e than th ir ty ye arsS ev en c le rg y m e n partldpat*M i in the

tuYieral s e rv ic e at Ht. r‘a u l's M etho- ,d l l l t C h u r c h here la s t nlffht. Lulog1©a 'w e r e p ro n o u nced hy R ev . Ih- A. E .

W h e e le r ofd o e a n O rove , R«v Dr. F r an k L. YVIl-

? 10 ix of Y onkers , N'. T.. and Rev. J am e a I). B in s , p a s to r of SI. I’aul'© Hhurv.h.

n p r a y e r waa offered by Rev. J, H, " H a w x h u r s t . Sc r ip tu re Icasnns w ere

r e a d by Rev. Wil liam T, A hhoii of .. . 'IX ibUry P a r k and R pv. Hr. 'W'llbur K | laici years

B r u s h o f Ocean Grove.

Sp<riai iSrrrke nf fA©O X F O fU b Feb. 7,—-Jt>hn Ffard im ati died

vaaU rd ay at hie horn© m W ashington avenue, afl©r a short, lllneaa from pneu­m onia, Mr. H ard jm an w as e ighty yoara old snd w as born In Ire la n d He ram e 1 to th is count ry w h«n a young m an, oh- j Is ln e d employment «t the local mlnr'-i. | and w ta active u ntil severa l v ears ag' w han he M il red,

E X A M I N I N G Y . M . C . A . A T H L E T E SK r i,U ‘ 'if !ln‘ SJ U ,s’

M O H R IS T O W K . l''eb 7. — A n©w fea­ture of th© iJ iv s lc a l w ork of Mu" Y M.

I r . A. i;i an a ilv lsorv niedlcal i Kmrd * f I five 1 h ystd an s , who 'J'-voi©,. Home tune i ©Hch day in p va in ln a ib ina r>f Mie uiem-

Ri'eldes IiIh widow. M r H ard lm an Is i t era of th© tv.- jrH-iatiun The,, ar© Hr.•u rv iv .d by two Biins, M artin gild Thnm sB , ( je o rg . I I . I j.th r ,J !,e . P r Knniufi i'.M .rHIm nn »nd am, dn iighter, M r s . . H a 'c n , S>i. I'lam -la I), ( iia i« i,n io k , [ir . 'M lrh .c l Fr& lne ot O xfo rd . T ire (unoral | M urk K. HcoU und D r n irfu rc l .Mi Hb wtll ho hold »t 9 o'dtK-k M onday m .irn- i T in, I'hyiilcal w ork ,s n,,w umJor Ih - Ing at 81 Hoso of I.ltTia'a ( ‘atholiu I d lr(,ri!an of Ih r follow ing tu iiim iu re , Ur.C hurch Rav F J Kftlloy w ill o ff ir in tr. | itunTgr l i , I.H ihnuiu. .h u irn ia n . M o rn' ' M, Hnsith. Thfl,1 ,1,pro K, J . n m o n

" . 1 ' .■.■((•« t ^Ylloy and M aitland Dw ight.gpAcinI k c r l i t ’ . i i in u .. I Th(, totfll uU ondance In Ihfl phyalraln O S K I.M ii. F e ir T . - A f i o r an ,lln e «laa tlns rrro n , ' j “ ! fo llnw r. Ilualnoua m en. f r l - , arntors. *95.P in s ■Heel vJled tor hlBh wchnnl, 30(>; ^.'Tfinimivr ,i.-houl. 3n7He had b©er a r©s den ■ m uiKvia. uTii; omplov ed ho>©. Thothan forty y e ars and had neen

<*f t r ic k e ry v»©r© used. K a lsc hotluivia V'.'ere fr'',rid 1u huttts *i')nv eying fer- I'llJi^rs, Qivl 111© llhf-ral U6© of w a te r in- •T'’us©d H i © Inan "f iiurrhu^'^r© In "ne sh'pinr-nl hI'TI' hy Hi© '1©-1 ir lm r-ib .-i r:©l Ics.'V of v a s ilia-I i»\ pr> iF

’1 lu 'b'luir I iil©nl lir-s heun i iidlj um pnial in '■iiniH'lllng ’' i*hI©in na 'k©©© of !■! bavc the 'r shlpmotUa w'elghftd srr lv H l b ( dr,NMrmtb»n, Instead of in ( Ft w as fuumt iF ia l m eal|U' 'Jiu i.' }<liuvv©d H ih'i Itipif sFirInItagS fMririK sF ipment, Mu- biHS -if w eight lie- lug hniM* 'll the t'h s I hy fFv> purrhaflci's !(i:M©ttd of Itic- :«hi5'F‘©r;

I t i-l'r th*' hHjslut Itiw i'n.iU(ed 'nal y^ar tlie fJ©;‘arH'i«’ iu hfl."-' i iinfist-aled Ihou- artnrli> uf odd-Alacd imskele, whn-Fi have l ''©n replfu-rd liy aluo'JaTd fllRCS. 'I'li© lepurl !udi<aica ihftl Mie law Is now lu-

[ in B lumpllt^d Willi thruuthout th© S tiiU j fuid that b has rn©t with fav o r fin the * p art of llior© lu whou it la a r p h ‘‘ ah|c

II lb* pu?g©filed that Ih ? b asket law be flmt'nd©d iiy impualng pt-nalties and rum - pellm g ijuHkiji niafi'iffu-tiircrH to m ark U'giidy up vnrh basket u b iH p a r liy 'l iie o 'ii*artn ifn l hna alRu heou c.-n sldenn g the iidv.r.abilu> of U-??lblaMun re-KUlul'tig Uie ..Ni^fhL "f b'0 VPS of tu©H<] T l iu s far lh« .•jiiin;r1nt©n',]cnt Ima n il F'cen ro iuHH lu th© d©.slraktlily ui* auuii IcgipUtlon.

I r»r. Hro©n,

BLOW AT SENATOR HENNESSY 1 In msk.TU the ;lIP pnlIlll"Tl ki*©©''!'. HrI iircc iL pft u (ribui© til Mu recipient and

Kpffsfi! yrnotr iij Mu > J | ©\pressed 1 l>© vl:<k nf Uls ft' ©lids tfiMl |uH A i'K I ' r N h ’K . Kflh 7 -By a v o lt ] ro iH in i© Fi»a PUM"iT»rii1 Icadorsh lp of i iv

nf n lu ' (h© Ib r u v u ( o u ‘i t ‘ Pf-mu | m. I h k iIs for m any ycai'H. Mr O n-g uiy rc-c r a l ic c o n iin U D e laf t n ig h t ©♦'jecled , hjxrndpd f'ftln^My.

vr'ifji fiill'i-*-'.! I'l [■' :n.n©


I h#- rpa'dviM<in uF Khui'les M N el till II I .\ti nfniinei iPcepiioii itubjwed M-©ih«- Muai-d "f1 Gif Mnine. vvhu:!) iMlIed fo r thi- tun ; i (o e n la lb -n . niurnn<r

ac r ie l ci>nfRi‘''TiEes , i-iducutlun am! ,Vlinniii .\s*uviat<. l .m nallo ii nf Mmi-allotl :l rew w©©LkB ago bv h©

n i;H le * i 1 1 ‘H untinr M entu ssy

},ift frji ■■ ■*i n : : s 'T ' fS

rep'ivi i«iibli'


i .Mat n?, mu© cal [rngrum W1 S "I i i l l ipiw h l .h -iul.*© were suns hy __ ' I h a l pc nun,-;

Ml© ity‘.Y I miinASB uf s * le c t iiiK Ih f ii 1«J f ll I , R T'' kK ©. m 'isIcBl dtTfiflurj ‘ h c r n r f e i - u n c e s t o w h b - l i s r h u o L , a n d M M y r t l e * u H e n i -■ ^ ■ f l t d F n k J o b j m u . l w o r . p n r t i r l p a t o d I u n m , - h , - g ( f l r A r t h . t r g o v * , n I n «I , b j c i r , ' i i l t t ' o ' i r l J i i d y B l . M t t i e , \ ■ i f ' C c n P n r .,1 t h e r e h « B d U „ ' i ' - ' II ■ijinphcll, t d i c l f f Hr,holt N. Ilrull i

u o . ," F c r ; : : i Du n d ee co. o bjects toF li .t l . N -M lln ff ,T iliartfl h i- t.rnlo.-t . , 1 1 [ho ,lH nniir\ 19 m,-oMntt' "f fh'- < oni m lU oe, [nil n w a s I'aid over o iit ll la a intp h l. I .S/>r-((Jl .g(,ri ((o of fkr ,YkM F

In rva l i i ln lng 'h e cooflulion Neld- p^SS-MC Fob 7 - [■’.dtriaialIM iso, d.-, lril'0,l lh a t lb,- a, th in nf Hen newsy M as ,n I 'n p riii' l w ith the G e ra ii ffiv-' I ll nnenev

Uq jll'ie ••||[|!

!■ 1 f(- I'U EM*' ■th- !{' Ill'll ■ '

Fl'.d ;IT|| 'iUTl'-V-[, •!! . ' 1 ir llv *

lintH i* vt • 'f1 111,i IHi '•1 kv' II I'r iu ll I up ' M I

lai'lc.-liri ' ■,,ril! |l -1 .Ki . J rv t hU' Mf* M"!"'

,|| LlpC-'. Mev ■ , .Fflf-



ih-nled Ih ia and in- HiHi©il he kad ii p erfect r!?ylii to cu n fe r :is. lift liad don©.

Mr. r iu t t unnoufu-u'i ih a t h'* w ould re t ire frm n th© co u n ty cb n lr in a n a M p AJu T'-Fj 1 (1, :is !h© position * u n flic to d w ith lii.-N dutle.'( as a vnomh©!' of the SlrU' ruiniuittp©

a I :-i' ■w, II III J '■ *'

The Siu II. K I cmil© 'll 1' IpWfM '.N -1 "k! ■ I m I .- b n*? ] I ■ ■1 1 ». ks ■ I' 111'Ru Irns'l V.'th th Uallruiiri V h ■ F' ' - '-.1* nr,h*;i '11 1©: ;Hi ©r , I’lij .fcrk©\ Pit

Tivn potni.v v ’ c [*H




G a rd n er treasurer I'f Mu- iJundae ‘lal© | rhuvn- .-mU I j ind (.Jrnnpd-.iv, v t^airrduj acn l fl l©uer lo M ayor G c o r je N invshl'di he voiced ulijecthm lu thfl biH In- irnclMted th is week by H©naUr M'-i.i!nn'© n tin: r re l iTiu'Pw rei" nf J’a le rsn n . ndvooaFtrg repeal of thu P u r " 'U sURt u I law (TCfttInvt Ike hund©e M uniTuclurln^I'firnpany* now ihe H.tnvle© W ater Kowoi and Lan d t'u m n a iij.

Th© le i lc r ©.xplalrifl Miai e<vmft Mmn Kg'

tuaii '■ .■'f.t I'l

I u- i

••(,1- Kc. .Lncth'Oi

r.L *1■r 11 bell Il'i -

whethn- th© cap l a l i ’.mM- whb'F-' It iiv rjHhivri'd lu ' cd bv (k© 'll 'hi-ru m p au . ' . »iii'’l lb© wlii- r ]wi»ftr-i m©rg©i w 11 r*‘s;|ii

;Uj ■[\ >-1 Ih-g f'l'--II, (,r M, -£#» 1.-I ( t !ic ' Diiiranvr-'- t*- Jk w.irraiMui' w c-ci - iUi!aL©J u b' I Hu lir-L

midKVia. gTH: omploved ho>more than forty tho I w r - ' average a ltendanfft wuh IT* |i*r iIk \. \ ' ' . \ i \ f n L N , I'ek. 7. — Almostactive in the ilevLdoprn . m^mker ' -S b'nders’ ilafls hap been urpanlreft'l | I'arne time ilint lli© puliu© reieaaiougli. For manj >eare 1 urvj in I Hmong th© higli i*chni>i levs, with s i murde'P su*tp©cl. fa i r l ck ! ‘unley. a

« ’" ' r ,nembm^^T■-h" o" Ii KdhcxtIoh. Mr. - b i l v e r — Ived l.y . I

I) Tl ie paU benrera were J n ie j ih C. 1 widow, tivo " Vnd t wo j asas'oo-' ‘■"Kdlai'l.'’Grove t Mabel York and : * ^ •

I S L A S H E S W O M A N ’ S F A C E W H H R A Z O R

nf tw'ftlvp. Kacb uf thcai” hil T io w. ,p\-tvi»d hv A i ni'iei. . |Liaiu\ In cer ta in ©.vcrciafs, and 'h" ( C r , ' d 1 H„‘ l ll*' . . . . U '"" '

h J a c k io n . reprosentlnR the Ocean - t i u v r .tuii,-**.-- A t s o d a t l o n ; Joseph F. Johnaon, Krriest , «ona.. j , , . , ,' N . W ools lor. and Kiumirl S. U u d e r , , Arthnr f’hllver of thi* r ' a ‘ «

feU resen t ln g St. r a u T e C hurch , and T. NetBon Llllagore and Georg© M. B en n e t t , r e p re s en t in g the Masons

F U N E R A L O F L O U I S C . B L A T T

J« b n H . V e n H I-JiperJoI SfiTicp of iN© VKIYiJ. [ tfftfi ial .s'm t c f h( thr Vf.TV.b

M E T L h ’ HF'N. Keb T .- J o h n H V e n e t t ] W TUil H iR I H G 1-7. |-’©b 7 - W it h wnund.H died veaterday a t hi® hom e In Amboy | i„ re-'iulf’d tw©niv-elghl

------ v earp old H.no | HUtrhes tu '’lue©, K '.'il© ’I'oiiai*'n Is In u1 avenue, TL' s ix t y y e a r s oicj ano j H iltrhes tu -’lue©, Fci.*'!© Toha^conti'ftCUir fo r m any t rrlli^ Hl 4‘unrj!lb ‘n a l Ih'’ home uf kf

his w id o w ] Hrftfin .sir©©t. KhIHp Tohasmason the

ff JlpftfidJ Aftrfrf of f/i© JN'fc'IVJ .N E W P R O V H iR N C fc :. Feb . 7 -Th«

pifuneral of Lo u is C. B la lt . who died Tuea-

waa _veara TI© Ib su rv iv e d T'V h is w in o w ; Hreanand live ch ild re n T’ he fu n e ra l w ill i w om an's * nrnrunn-lftu hu.shftnr|. \r In lu ll

k fia MoridRy. K'Urlalb© wUi be

WAP held yesterday aftern oon frtimH ills id f Tk'ineUTy.

Jn aep k K j ir te l l .'^thA K rfiab y ie ria ii church In M e y e rsv llle t spen'irJ (^rcrirf of ihe VfHCS.

* iM r. B la t i w as sevenly-nln© y e a rs old * H e had lived in M eyarsvllle s in ce JSTli,- H e waa born In Germ any.

M r. B la tt for ynara conducted a car- weavln.,^ plant and w as the o n ly one

of th a t Irad*; fur inllftft a ro u nd . H e 1.


In I a t \ ’©w HniD.'^wk'k. iiwaUirijj the action i of Ml© ^frand lu ry . churgftd with slash in g

her v llFl a r.izur, Th'’ womBn, who had been llv ln s w ltli ’i'l ha.S'-'o p Ii;'-© Vprlf, 1903 jecenM v look her ikn»e i.hiblvfn and wetrt

s rM M IT , F'eb. 7 . — Jo se p h r f i i r e , Fuim© of ti'*r fntb©r, il© lu rln s To-th ir iy yeaiH old. w h o h ad been ein- . |,aii n-ied to ' it tier tbruot. To basruployed a w a r iie r In th e HununU S i n i |j. nm rch ol iFie woman ThiiTsdavMill, died last nitfht a t h is home. I-j . aunl'P hem© He , ^ *r k. .*.-Mihi rv PI (Ml, a f t e r a Io n s llln«i>». H« ; ,,, . ,,, , , ,1.,.,, |, ,,aid. | K a le J a n e Blgart. who .lied Novem ber 3'iwa? lUu’i ' yearp old Mr. t a i r e l l ; v.li*-ii nFtn n'f'is-'r! b© \h Rll©d©d r n | i n Montapu© Township, ha s been pm-

Ajnuist at Ih released on©

SUSP©! n©. t’har1©s Scn ii, w as arrested

' 'onlay had I'cen arrested at Reading , ('a . la s t iiiiri'Jay, in tl>r helFef that he Unftw aomethtnp about rh© m urder cofc

f Jo h n MucAl'ieae. who w hs billed un ' i.o v c r ’p l.a rp ," litloucesFer <’iiy^ on Miv

night of Auciifit n i.Tru sociilu i' Ki-flft, aft©r peveral day?'

in veatlg atlo n uf CnrylRy am.! h is nmve- rnent*. conaidered tha.i the p risu n er did nut knowledge of ihe ©rinu* andl l i a l he waa in Ohio wh- n the m iirder w aa i;um m ltied.

Thc» arrest of yco lt, who Is a neKif'. a m i w ho Ip supposed lo be "Tip" Lcwl.-=. wHs m ade here, l ie Ja sa id lo b© w.'anlrri fo r m u rd e r | r h u b lln , Ua.

Srrrfff nf Ific AKFYfi, , g. ■ tf L A IN l- ’lL l .T ) . F©k. 7.— T h e m em bers I b'o\ ern m em refused, -m Ike 7^“ ^

nf th© M ery i*. W ilso n M^'ntcna! C hapel

hill. ,4 I'P*' •Lhe L-ntTipany uffered Ihe fiu\cnim © iil tti© iru ffb >1"” .l©r^T i:'i L jp :priv ilege of ©rectihg a luck n i the Dond'?c UHilrcm l an c uudi'd b irdY- u ' dam, In C hfton . tu m ake p'-salbl© n o V g a- securdb^K "f M p runHuMitut-d Mon to P aterson , the object of tb© M ‘-- are .■>uFiM©M'J©nt.v p.Trtgrui CrJnma m easure. 'I'he letter aays Mint lb

or ^ ‘atvtlung. North P la in fld d To-.vnship. have lAkon step" to cstaDliHli an inti-

MTiuthf'r PPntLnl chu rch to be know n aa ihe M ary K. \A’lUon l.’nion M em orial C h u rch . Kev .Mr. L . G . Head of IkUs city . V. h has h©e« prnachiiiK at Ihe chapel f c ' aerne Mine,w ill coMlimic m do i'o fc i the present. It U expected

F’lrty m em bers have s lf in - l the church rull. U haa bren decided m adopt the ApnsMea' C recu da n cunfession nf fu'th and liHslB of metnbi^rfthlii.

’I'he ©Ulfic©. ’,' h cFi Is of ston©, w as Ih©

the dam had been huMt by private e n te r­prise and it did not want lu in ie rfe ie

M ayo r yeger. In com iitentlng on Mi© ip iter, said lie would favor the c re c lli ig of darns at \arin ua points w ith Mie lock ayatem, as Ihia would provide deeper w Rter.

(■'impati -i c iru rt-

EBiJ.' I„,nti» ,,l ll'fl Mfl" ' '■,■■''■"■ «"'lMuiii".'" n i ' r r i: i , i l l ' ,u ,l li,H er(V.r.itlnn l l i f »! td 'in 'l Ijg 'F"(he Nev- Jflra, " J jtirtlt'M KrFlli,fl,l

R l f T G E R S C O L L E G E N O T E SSprunt K rr iu r nf fJir \h!WS.

N'KVK’ B f t l ’ N S W IC K , ?> h -'I’hftm Rm b 'Ts of the fa cu lty of (h© colleft©

gift of form©r M avn r John K. VVIIaup of | bavt« been fo* tljn© rllscu aa inK^ . ■__ ^ . .. . . J •_.. 1 1 L 1 . . _ # .J I . . 1 U fl. U *..' »■ .1 1-, 1.'North I’ lalTifieid in m-uuory of hi-« wife, Th** S m id a y -y h o o l w as na*abll©hed s U iy

I y©ara ig o L u r in g the past ll ilr ty ;i:a rA ■ I'hiMard Iv. Hoiiney nf th is d ly has I'vcn 1 Its su per.n lcnd cn t.

f^prn'aJ Ncn b'f of 'A© .VAir^X L W T O N , Keb. 7. — Th© w ill of Mr.' .


th© f''uiyiiMlIly of ado pting the 8 o'clarl- hou r fu r openlriR the co lleg e e x e r- c lsca It la be lieved th l« w ill b© adopted som e Mine d u rin j? the B pririg in ord**© (0 r I\© the m em b ers of the b u se lia ll tcftir m ure lim e lo p ra c t ic e

G h a rlea 11, G a n t of A sb u ry P a rk w'aa flecli'Cl ca p ta in of tho b aB ketb a ll team Inst n ig h t. T h e first gam o of R u t- Ri rs u h itcp co lle k la te seasoTi wLH h«


'Spfflui k tr iiiu uf tiif,N W W l'u N , Vet). 7,— Thro ugh ii«w or* 1 pluyed in N ew Y’o rk to n ig h t a g a ln a i

tlera ih© F.elMgh an d New bJnglaud H all- | Tht* t ’, f , N. n g g rcffatlo n . road Ih holding Its aw ariB w gu J SUM on- j co u ch W a lte r S. U rodle. w ho ha?

.^.aurvivfld hy ih re e amm. C. K , B la l l , the v illa g e gru'.'flr here; John, tU aft, an ©n-

fro in t^aterson abo ul a

^'BiYieer on tli© Lai-kaw auna R a ilrv iad , who '* rasidea a t L'halhani. end i lu s ls v e B la t t of MMiUinglon.e- Th© sofvk-.ftR wer© conducted by Rov. * 'J . A. Roflftnbaiiiii, iiiist'jr of th© ch u rch , j!^.and b u ria l whh in Hi© fam ily plot In the jfChUTCh rernetery Tina bearcTR wer© J . b"M. G rtn itn , M eeker, Jo hn"^'tlchtterar, George S(»©nr©r C h a r le s H arn - #,lB©r and Jo hn Ku t 'her.

i L A U N C H F E R R Y B O A T M A Y O R G A Y N O Ruiuvnd here month ago

^\\nH KHi-b J< Phipps.(V'i'ur nf the

c l lA FlMM Kel', 1. — Pneumonia caueeo , — -t lif , le .t l , ' ( « j* y ,)f MI(S* K l l ia J . U 'tF P ’ ' y v ' ' ',l h h lat hflt home in l-.ast M ain street. She w e* i- .\M l,! .7 ,. I'rh , ' ho im k -leekhorn In thi" place J'*’ ’' ” f-rr ., I.uat M aj-or l.a y iio r , h „ l l lS n rv '. ln - her a rc a slater, n 'ltli whom she , in,- (he .-hy of N ew YnrU i.y the New

baled in th© aurroffftte © office . SJie b©

W I L L I A M S . R U S H

llRV© I'Ut Ilf II tp ii'a lhs th© Income of her e n tire estate to her dau ghler. Mrs. A n na M a ty Hein- j Fiardt. W beti Mrs. R e in h a rd t dies her j

ch ild re n w ill receive Ihe catate. I f Mrs. |I llftlhliRT-dt dice w ithout liau e . the eatat© [ r \s to he divided equally am ong M rs. Rig- i urr'p lie irs-a i- la w , The w ill appoints '

( ’o n ,,,. , , ,) . w as I ' w hich ro rm .r ly left hare a t 2:6u IMiH« T!©leii G i'v I ^^ddebKi'h as executora 1 h© form er Fiex ____ u. , I . 1* I . \ ja ” ..w I declined to torve.

M r. t ln n t a r r l I.. A rraatrnn w . i "OC. il iiU K h U r d ' " ‘T i l ” I P a trick JM fi!(H TS Tr,tv\' Feb 7,— Th e funeral i c h r lB le i ic I , l i , . ho.it_ .\ ‘ .h m n a rv 17 in StiaflO* U nrough, leave* hisM f iH H Ih lo U N . eeb, , fro m N -w T ork lo see lh „

b©tb Thirn. A fte r Mra. B u rn *! decease a

lived and a hrrdher, W ilU om Fhlppa. of v o rk S h iid n ii li l l i iKH f ld E f '.'cn iie I liiu iich cd here (ofti-y

Spfrrnl Seti'he of thr.y O X F’XlJRD. P'eb 7 .— ih© fu n era l of

W tllla m H. R'lph. who died Sunday night J lit tho horr© of h L parentp. M r and Mra.■‘Calvl'd R u sh , at CcrniBli. near Fierc. was

held th is mutn lns at 11 (.I'clovk a t Ihe hem© of Ills pareniB, Hev. B J3:. W iiite- more, pastor or the Methodist Kpiacopal aiit) on©

- r h u r f h of Bummrrfkld, officiating. ,v ivo ll?rM r. Hush w as tw enty-eight ye ar* xud.

n r iV E R .

The Yuncral ! «hrisl©n©'l the ko.it, i,r Mrs M urxaret l.iv jiFa Armstrnn'.-

wife i,f .(tfrfld M .Armnt.-ung. w ill n.- I held al 2 3" o'clovK M .m day aftern ,„.n

„ l her h„m,- m M l Kem ble avcn ii*.AJorrte Tnw nshlp M rs .Vrm etnm E d'ed surtdunlv ,'h -n u irsd ay „f h e .r t ir„u h ,e . from w hi.h she hod su ffe red tor * oni;(Im c. Eihc WAS horn at B a a k lu s RUlwe n f.y -c lk h l veers Bko. her m aiden name t» ;n« h-laen. 8 h,i h a s lived lu Morrm •I'owiiehlp for m any ye (irs H er husband

son. Krerterlrk .trrn strons.

lavmi'hiuK;ie sh^.

Gaynni' c so l id gclrl brai-elel a tu ik lc tThe "h.,, hn l lde ra iireseule,! lb Miss : recel lfesa hflu..,e

l a n d lot tn Bum's Park , Snsaex, and aw i th d iamo,, , K, Afl(-r ,he l a u i . ^ „ | | |pal ly wu.s ta k e n tn Mn- BftH©vu©-st n ii * ■ *

StissBx liuTuugh ttiTernoori tra in iweiiLy lA'Milea each day ul Augusta (o uonneci iviiFi the -York train which b-aveftFi©r© M'ftT lb© l^ckaw 'anna Hadroad at 4 h.< P. M. 'I'hia will rcstur© ©aba con- iiBCiiun?, for Suasftx ];cople whu 'Haire t “ visit the county 3<’a t in the aflftrnoun, ;in<l will also "pstore tli© afterui' j/ i ipall for liie Sussex res idents.

.v.icr being petillunftd Ixy Hie l>ranch- sllte Board of lildiicaLlun (o hold itb train,

M■ fur tht! accomntudatIunH of Branchi llle

Burn, who died ' “‘'ho"!,I he: LauVuvvaiina ufilclulb .Januar,. 2 ur- dc icd the Lean. bt-.H ivventi minutai,

Tho Lcnlgh and New KnffhimJ .rfli inl^ nL flrsL refused to hold their tra in a t Augusta for the accommodalinn cf the aufli'cx reald©"'' ft'iJ the la tte r appealed

burn m a n a g in g the R u tg e rs va ra i ty F>osehnll team for lb© last th ree years, hna ann o u n ced hla IntenHon of s t a r t ­ing' p rac t ice oii March L If lF*c w e a th e r p cn n l ia the squad will b« put lo w ork IninicdlatftJy on (he N©il- «nn A th le t ic Field, bu t If not wil l he xlvcn indoor p rac t ice In the B&ltaN' tliiw (iynir ins tum.

Th© sen io r class ha s dflclded to TnaU© •Uuraiil L ay a fe a tu re of commenco- nu-nt w e rk til ls yeaT. Lrffenl req u es ts ftiH b e in g sen t lo all the ro n n e r rlaasoa of Ihe college to Bcrid iai-Rs delegu- t inps to ta k e part Fn the pa ra d e In cofilTitnc t h a t Is c u s t o n a r y on th e la s t day «r collcB©. Tho un d a rg rad u a t© c lasses have al l pt'ornlsed lo t u r n out j;i coalumvr

D I V I D E O X F O R D T O W N S H I P A S S E T S .

ford, I'hllnilfliphiti. fn r liinctieon

H E L D O N D I S O R D E R L Y H O U S E C H A R G Esii!'- i Wpcnril S‘cn Ifr nf >Z!.’U'/5,

1 KMI/.ABK'm, Keb. 7 ■ Frank . . Mrs. John U. Pellelt. ’ Kranlio of '-Hh N©»’ Point ruad Is under J

Feb. 7 ,--The funeral uf

A-elve I'i.Ooi) when she becom es tw enty- on© y e a rs old. T h e son and daughter. M rs. Maggl© Josephine Sutton , are named a s executors, Th© w ill waa signed h©- cem ber 2D. I&l 1.

! An Ini’entpry of the personal estate of ■ the late Isaac N. Williams &f Vehnun - Township shows an ©stale valued al |

T O A S K P O S T O F R C E F O R N E W T O Nfur r«l c f to Ih© m.bllc- I 'll lity Cum inls- alontrs. In 8i-<*vi, • C L , M tK e lv ey made !H i hiBr-vctlcn a»id t a ■iriirtiFiided th a t thu ,I.e h ls ii train ehi ' kl '#ail at Aui;usta., a s ' ihs I'.ail would ru t itierTtn; I ' iih an.v ■ Sp^er.lai Sfn'tfC ftf f *r V£.1TK, counetlioti Ihe Ira n i nuKlit m akt ^Go'ihcn. N. Y. Ol ll c Krle,


K , , v r . i j , r h! lire Vf.ll'SKXIll^ 'tV, T rilfl ilul,flfi> I'.v-

r m pt I' lrcmil'M H Atiiui 'ul mi 1**1 v,imiflniiifl,l .Lsscnibiv IvlF' I", 11 „nD 1 i. hflsfJiituins wfl.'fl H,l,i[,ltul u.iil(ni¥ Ihelr flion.«T . .\s.'.8m L(bm au ' DuliGlna, and Ihd u l lT r IflgltluUirs Inmi I niun t ' ljuniy li, kid I 'm iia ,-4il,;ulalcdlu wui'K harm l,i ih s exOTuiUs.

Several v is it ln s atie iikcis ,ai,miieil(fed AUMmbly h ills 12D su d ''■li',’''. " w»» sa id , w .iuld |,r,.le,.'l U ic uid vuUmtecra nnd r.\eintits from e n i'n ia iliin e iil hy Him S tate F lra n ie n a AasiH-ialiuii. du ininited 1)1 paid d e iia rim e n ts.

'I'ho mcatfurfls (llaa iiprevcd. it w as ia -serted w iiuld in ju re tlia (d'J v o lu tu w rt l,y re it io v in j Ih e lr Jurisdletlun over VI .luii.uDD held u3 a i>i'iiv.*l(.iti fur erippled and In d iscn l v.diintefli's of their widows (iiwl faiuillfls. W ith the udvutieo of paid 'Jeportmenta, tl w «s aaid, the old voImt,- Iflors would he w ith n u l the aupporl tor- vvlikdi ih e j laid txrer preparing for yottri. T h e exentp ls w ould he a l the m efey of the rfl'd flretneo-

Sjjcrlnl Nr,tort; of Put AlJllfl.tyM rt.llvn, Fo h 7 . - * T h c lownahlp coin-

mlltce." of W hite and O xford townehl'js Indtl the ir firat .lolnt inectlm t yesterday at the O xford H o te l lo divide n ew ts and

I settle the a cco u n U between the two I U iw nildpa aint'c O xford Tow nahlp w as t d lv id td . H waa d(',.‘ldct! to sell the. road

eruaher and eiittine and other m ach ln try oh hand.

■U the ad journ m ent of tho Joint moct- m g O xford To'vnahti) vummlttee held a


O ru fe E x iContei


l A N A G I N G

I t t N1'*X^'1'GN. K«b. 7.— A ccord ing to Con* 1 ir^tietlnq, and h siirprls© wtia given when \ grftssvnan A rchiU alu C H t f l the r.ill for ' 4-pmu for the jpp ointnitn !. uf uf-

I hoi'ft* lha l HdUros^-* a n d Ifftfildes Irs parenta he Is siiTvlved jby a siM©)', Mint. .Mary Rush, and a Mi'-s, dolii) TJ 1 , polk-© say b'CanluVs wife fled Inbrother , Edward Itusli „f Fornlah Mr. ucl. vi< , 7 y e e t e r d a ) . HI,,- was taken IntoHu*h wa* k i harte r meitiber of f io ja deiire lu Itictiartla a e ... , na„,dv a t U i.IvuiksIoti sir(,et. thel elly.

-- - ------- , V.-..— o-.a -. ., . , . , . . (0,1 I.v Hev. Dr. M im am VV. ! . . ,, _ Newark nffk'crs.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P A S S A I C M A N O V E R C O M E B Y G A S' WiliiftTTi A. Karber. app ra ise rs, I

: ‘ T r |b e No. Jt.». _ Im protfld O rd er of BrM B R A N C H V I L L E R E B E K A H S I N S T A L L E D'll.Man of Oxford, and

tended Lh© funural.•}fl©j:aiU)n at-

'?-■ F u f ic r a l of U onjsfffi” ' • T>. Ktab er.

flic vtunian ?' rrend©rr'J lu the Kli^ia- Lu.lh uffivere L ik ia j.

fi’CJT-tVc of iff<! .YKTI’S "WHTTEHOITSK. T-'sh. 7.- - T h e funeral

% f^Beti jamti i V. O. Fisb©r. flfly-flv© yearn b c M. w as held thiw afternnoje-f ro ir i lh©

Iwm© of hia brother. Postmas^Hr WIHIam * P . F is h e r o f ‘*N©w Germ antown. Rev. irOtourtes.G. FJ-mMe. i>«Htr»r tif lh© Iju theran

e rl J Th om ro n , re c to r uf St- .John a

t-enm lery Mr '. ■ a ;,(P r r l7 lm n .-e . n r o , , ! ^D'ablili'U a ff ra y . I'b'i-h H.-c'ivrcd on NewThuesdny tiioniliiK. iH ter ht, 111"

mere than a year, t rom (-omphra t lons E u n e r* ! n* M r". H u o iio b l l l f f n r i l .

iS|jrri(H Nrrrfr© of tfi© V/'-’TI f?.UAYONNlv K©b 7 ^ T h © fimaial "

.S'pcriflf A'fjTi.r ol Ihr- ; I tVs.I PASSAIG. l''eb 7 ■-FJrrjj-v Housekanip. . a d c s t iduio of 70? Md'JlBoti street, was

found In ]\\9 rnurn >cHEerd«y overcome by gas Jl iy presumed i>y the mithorJtSdS IhaL when h© rctlrcij i’liur?nJay n ight k© neglected to tu rn

XV hen F't-auafikiin.fT

new postofflce builHlng for Newton, fu-erfi. At present ttie Uepubllcsns huv« xvhlch be Is furmulatlhg. asking for nn » muje ri ty of Ihw ctunniHiee, the rijiitappropriation of for the site und Lime hialury uf lh© tuwijHb'ii.buHdiag. w lii he Inirodov-d In i.unfi'reaa *i-‘- <

I'M-ftit j"acl Tiifj'd.iv

iVrrrlce ol tUt SEWB.-T'O *. \}rnj y j L L B . Ffthr 7 .— D l J tn Cl

D*i5uiy ' Mrs.' .E^liabetb F. Riddel of IhlE ulaut, briiakiraat m 7m tx77S i XbG la in l ly iX’enfc'.

............................ ... * hiB room ' Tl,©y fuuntl him unconscious

w ltiilD a fo r ln ig k i •M r. H a rt rs ld vcstcrd ay t lia t he

thought IN it the hUJ wumd be passed next w lhttT. Th- bill for u new pusl- office build ing wouU hav« to w ait tts #iirji a s L.U m any prejertfl fo r pu slu fllco

. Mr. Harr

Jr ' r f : , . S . ' 1 n 7 r f l l y " ' N : m ; ^ 1 m « t a n - . Jflrxfly t ;uy | ■Artl. ' t .r . ' rr tu .e . " f , H 'l 's i .lv . T.twnahtp,half

^ v ? l t l t f la m e t a r v at New OermatiLow-n. T h a pall- — ------ ■ . . . ,^ ^ h*aj*r»*w fl.rf, Frcdfrh.'k B. Sutton. Anra- way. aiid.Kl. M*ry * < h u rrhh s m F . H a ll. A lvah A lyauBl'

- iW ld d ro ii. KtJward M elick and John M iller.M r. F fa n e r f a * connected with' 'h b legal f t w r t m e t i l of the C en tra l R a ilro a d (or

ye ar* . Ho waa u nm arried and he-^ U a brother he left a a later, Mr*. - , K ra a h e u f le ld .

j ; * & 0 J . H agem am | ,,V r a n e r a l o t Jae o h P ra a le r .

gensjeo e fXr .VtJirei. , , c . . . ............... . . . - - , ________C H B a T B R , Fe b . T.— T h e fu n e ra l of n '* ' ' " ' ‘ t__ . .o>_,aa-.-a J a Ji a *y _ . . ..j _________ .»./ t ‘ wm r,m

Tr? K u iid r iu a l .s n il fn r School..h/if'-rH NJa'k-'h

i ask©y o( fltflnhope. ©acting as grand r m arnhsl . installed 'Phursday evening the 'fo llo w in g elective and appointive offreer'a ; n/- M escal RebeUdti l.odg©, T. O. G . F .:

N ul'le cran d . M rs. felUxaheth In^TC^soll:ehurcb, off l f 'auS ,_ond Inirlal^ tt-aa^l^n^lM ' HUE. '. liUTH, Kcl, l.- J u t i i . «• p (> i 'B t : iv i r e - g ra n d , Mra. Mary Skinner , record

In bed. H'* l»i.k©n *n the po lice am -bTilani© lr> th"' Lcn^rrtl H o sp ita l. A pul- m oior wa3 u'c-j. Hf! was revived, but hia uondUI'.in U rept-rt«u lu be esrlous.

fJurlsl will I luclny ui«rif’li iicd Jfihn H. I 'urftmus ftn<l

f’Mw'ftril S A l\ v ;i l t i uf l^litiLbelh.


Mr* ( liffioid Usd livud herb! oenuiry She becam e a m em ber of -bl. ! l a a c .m m iiu i- ;," t" y-n .lem n l,y« l a,!- Mary « I'hu rch when H started In IS t,,. ' J.nreiit I't the .,-aybrn,ik s-i lu ,i,l (ii H ill-

p IB BUTvlY-ed by three sons and ih rce ; ai<le. w h ich is w niUod f'''i' ai-li'>ul pur-I nnses. T h e c o iu 'i i Is p Iuti w as aahftfl h©- 1 «'auR© fill© tu lira plot Is Invo lved , I T h e re w ere no o b le c ilo n s rained.

Irig sftvrutary. Mrs. K. F. Riddel: finan- I'iai secretary. Mrs- Annette Crone, treasurer. MIba Mae tngersoU; warden, Mrs. .\iminda Rosenkrana; conductor.

add’tloftal fiopj .qiaup roi- Ytie poftiicrki! In the H brary hiiiUliug.

To qiioto hia own w ords the (.'ongrHs.s- m an ‘mode u k 'Uii shoe trip" to Now ton "to flntJ out some fa rts re ia th i- tu fliv five can d idates who ujo B/pkinK th«? ub- polntm ept aa sueeftssor to K u stm a sirr

i JB jU es L . Haldw ln, Rypuhlican . vi h«s© term exp ires K e liru ary 2 .' The plur© pays $2,4110 a year.

A fte r he had conferred w ltli eeveral

She daughters

F H I L I J t-d B U R n , Fa b . 7.— T h i, fu- n rr.tl i>f J ia v ld F r a i ik e n f Is U l w a» held

'‘ in r t ‘•cm t'sicr w l lh IS Kenloms.iun: >.f th' i

ll.-\'"K K ri'f^ T O \V N , Fob. 7.— Th e senior......... rla iis 'if fh© lla c k e lls to w n H igh School no >l,-vum=M r*, tjflorgr Van N u b ; ch ap la in , M r*, .starts (ha Ib s I ha lf of the school y e a r w ith n .n io c ia tE -M r H art . 'B id il i i .„ M r . * 'r !* *od f v " ? : “ ^ a t “

hots. 'I'hrr.' are a lso four c „ , j M r. P .ild w ln would bfl made tiexlsl"drt!(»— iwd boys and tw o g ir ls— wn,ia r , c rrM U d in tho F ro m w hat took, plsco yflster<iBy at.d

tl,h Itepu h llcu iis b ho were naine.i lu (lUci'flcU D vm o ci'a ls a rc tho fu llu w iiij :

Huud o\flr,»'et'«. John M cNeac, lu Btit- .'ocd J ..ln , F ly n n ; Ed w a rd Hchuluo, lu sufi-etd h-hlhl) P oU b ; Joseph b w lu t, m pltnt! of Ja m e s W Id nor. H rorae liookei J r r ic |)u h llc*n . wan named for B iU lavlli,) avenue, J . W tlson Fot: waB_':tt,upsioliilo 1

"•aivltlfTo Hvejii'e, l ’hU!if.,-Ka^!t 'I't- w l tb F H e n ry sire u l and Hutfh'

cjw an. w as reappointed ro r .Jo U n a lo n

**"\vSlfiam H o in l'l'K or. Ucpnblioan: ■w as itaniod for .rvorflecl; of the pour, bi sun'iO d VVilllnm 'Mlo, who w as leatalaU d out of office "'b'.-n H'e tow.usli.p was d v id o d .

Slmultatin :^V W Brad

CItlaeo*' t'oi of Orange , the campati quesllon. M. tofore a Ira a statement Uclpatloi..

The vonini ty cltlzftuH thos© comm, nf tl)« n©pti gresilv© pur been prep«r residents of committee.

By namlnj OJaumes tlit■Ion govemr T t y ’s alatem

"N o w tha formed an campaign fr ■hall retire Uie manager ment Tt is and for the <

“I hellftv© ■Ion go%'©rni to (he suc'ci ■ nd will ftlvr ^Tiat s©rvl( will he pun in th© rank


*7j*i>ob P ra rte r who died la s t W edn esday, jo i f o h Stu m p , p asto r of H rn rr'■ w ill be h»ld M onday m orn ing from h i* i.m h e ra n Clniirch. o f f lc lu t ln E .......................... T h e body

hoBM B u r r i l w ill be in P le a sa n t H ill w l* taken th is m o rn in g to 'U p p e i T ln l- < { ;u iM te ry . M r. P ra a ie r w a s « v e m y - cum , Pa., w h ere e e rv lce s w a r* co n .

aisfcr y e a rs old. H e is lu rv lv e d by tw o ducted In the L u th a ra n C h u rch by Rev. l !S -- Q a b ria P ra a U r of M o n tc la ir and S. 8 P le h l and in te rm e n t w a a S a d e In

1 : S i s e P ra g U f of J o m y O R y . 1 tb * a d jo in in g o e in eta ry , ' /

M. Fn in ce a U o Fo c ; inplde B h ard lan . Mr*.A tin a Y'an O rden; outside h'oardlan,George Van N esa; .right siip p u rle r nobha

__ ^ grand. Mias Ada M e C a rr lck : le ft aup.---------------■“ T I (lo rler noble arand. M ias I 'r l l la C ro ne;

IiB ifn rtn t l i f "> © olice C a p ta in . r ig h t supporter vlee-ai'aud. M ra. Edna K p cid l N en h r "MD" -Vb'f','*. J Brown', left suppurler v lrc-g ran d , Wlas

E E I Z A B K T H Feb . 7 .—T o Pnlk-e U rilla H enry ,C a p tn lii S. H M u rphy w fls presan ted a Fo llo w in g the Insta lla tion a fu ll u -tlfo rm by a p a rty of IDO fr le m la w aa served hy the home lodge. Mra,In M aso n ic H a l l ia e l n ig ht. T h e p res- O n d ie l'a Oregory o l M o rrla iow --------- ------- ------- , .B titation w a s m ad e b y fo rm er A ssam - S la te president, made her o ff ic ia l v lslta - moud Johnston , M o rgan W asoa W ym an A u g u a tu * W . B ch w u rtb j U on. | Joseph M cD o n a ld ' .5. . . .

the m en M r. H s r l had confcrcnecs with.

Eoae* V e t t H a n d l» Corn Cutter. 'b((ccid I tii't'lfce ol Ido .V i'd S .

IIA.'! B H R H . Feb. 7.— f ile , le ft han d of W a lle r h id sn ll, a , H a rd y ato n T o w ij- 3 h lp fa rm e r , w hu w a s In ju re d In i a c o rn a la lh c u t te r M onday , h as been am * (lU iaLed a t th e F r a n k l in H o sp ita l. E d - s a ll an d a h e lp e r w e re ru n n in g theThe ( Ias3 o ff ice rs a r t : _

lloldtm, ; h r f lc w ’’ cf fiV; 7;;did;;;:;;.^^"w^o"7;e machTne. ■ u became eloggad addse,-marv, ^ Jacob L. Bunnell, ,lohn W. Bryant. Will- BdaoJl "tuck hla wloted hands In to

till) UllMSI . _ fja«jalg.-L« #«*Lc'^na (’ooper

M o r r , t o : n . n ; ; ‘. - - 7 . . '- .a h - “ w t h V S ^ ’t l J i w ^ ' l f ‘ r ' ^ ^ a ^ ^ S j...................... t « t b c w rla t .I M a rt i* aa tti<- favorite.

rstHJfjfe' -J

A report < th irte e n ca i V illa g e Fir© c a ll fo r a d r th e f ir s t line v illa g e truat C h ie f W U lia B a r r y J. Sf com m ittee, not e lated, th a t he w ill beet in the i h is course.

Un<Jer th( w ho fa iled t tJt© d r ill ma of Inatibord T h e vlulatto m and , fine, o r d ischarge nwTxibera ag fe rre d sh a ll of tho henrl o rd e r that tl to defend tl

George Yf her of the d teen y e a rs a w a s jirea ldr h tt id rd In h "Water Supg*i h a s also rvai th ey feo] iht of w ork In i ■loud that t the new rul


F o u r c b ir t io n Yiefore O ra n g e l*ol an e ffo rt tc le y o f 1D3 co u ld lilen' c la im e d Im I o l 2 S p r in g b a rn . T'luf an d Bald he had been Pr w e a th e r of

K lu m le y tn lsaed tw i R ic h a rd s o n la t t e r hrjni co m p a n y w R ic h a rd s o n ' o f hln rdost' fo llo w e d , th e cu sto d : A. L o rd , fo

W A J f T S PA rec(

m or« ap co n stru e th e g lr l j S u p erin t th e O rj and A u j 1,060 fr- p u b lic bl

In th( b# plant' A reco r oectlon V in te r .

M U S TT h e E a a l

TnU alon , v l G . S co tt an< !©■■ of the C U y Couti a fte rn o o n g ra n d s ta n d p o r t in g p il l a g o h av e w a s d ecid e th e f u l l le r H e ve d the ( | 2,<l'00 and

E D U C AAlighting

• t n e t , Oran, t lna . yeate S tephen D. ■truck by a t a g feat. I Though It , • n , Mr. Rli rem a in ed Ir velop. Ur. e t t h e Ease F r e s h Air 1

U O U S E W I YT h e Kou

• n g e e will t h e E as t C M o n d ay afb be given c M atlonel H< be ing held N ew York.

K E P T CConvlc te t

t h i r t e e n ye 111 o u t o t N e ld ig o t I B e e t Orang c o u r t of th c o r d e r Mol d a r k e n w N e ld ig gav t h e young! l o n e ly and fo u n d then ■efork.

A y e a r a •Ame amoii

' f a i n t e d In « n t h a t o'c

L n e h <A lunch

Union vlllo ^ p tarted t n th e base be In ehaj Mhool. -Cl th e only e t h a t th e cc tvlU t o t u r e la t ion of n e t dbfflcle fo r m s and ■piing.

J nA m ln st

given unde of Orange M., In ita 1 city, Hond

C U n «Hav. P.

tniailonary morning ■

, lUgBlon, Ol

CASEr Verdict eDton

i O B JEa


;i) by -X®* h ri>uiiCy<!i i it»r ‘■guilty

» ib'h^s\ r:LH« tiuM mude

V o ik Diii lunl ■

he- fo rm uf iK-i. w o u ld i t l s lit alJ

Ihe l i t ' Jiy liui In- Kilmii iti*

:iuent. buth«> allAiced

flureitl (hr* o i u( ihC! Li utlii Ihf! »tt cuMinitl- it a lu wilt i-

pruMAoutii) roiidiiiit la

h r m a y I hefoi 'A u ! muuiiity- r> Ik fO!i- Ui.uilit Ihu t b r i n g lit II

hut If II IH ly Urmn Inisrtii€, ' iind ,‘nr*r woulil intia lie -

1i :b hill, Ha*t*Ttl+*Tltmal putuslt- '‘tofori* hfen tpr th ro i> |h Acoii**e heeii '-erv 'rrslfi 'if 11®

1-fjnsMerftd f Ihe tihj^ t s vindictive of the 'Tint-

,if cTimilniil H m«ire jtlill- iF'mil i lly lliK jMiblh-, , li from nili.wl ti crimpin H ru of

n'llHt < rime I'liiutl'K at

,H ;tli i.Tlm‘ iiim tl-'K.H iTiMn slp'tjldhi- .Tlin'*3 la• . il.iti of the

l | i« t I havp rr lircoine l1 hat It ii» re-

lipat f it '

mltpr "f ttl'.i fui ?*Aeral

hijit wee!!, f rprpl^pd the

■\a\> tlar Ak-Kpei ' !'P h h liHf Ar-r Oi*tft-

r li -■■s I r r rr ( .-wme litiPJ ►*'1 1 imrl#'-1 h:j-i n lotI ' m.tic


fARK E v ia o lb 'im w s , SATtTHDAY, PETOtJART 7. 1914. w -

' n:!r ' 'v‘,»iy. •!> :-i !■ -K f'J'-

. ' i:, .•'#1 It' th;- r'ljiiiraiu Ir w.drraii^

vs ,•' 11n'i 111'’tim "» IT" '

(•\ Lflp •!■ :i , lie the „t^,l riimiian •n t ro r t -11: ri-Mml Hivl irt. la tip r Mir-

\<\ fiv .-itiii'l-: c.r (ii'lrufl'l

tNODNCE AS H o s m s

P Kah'.'.iiv \ '.\- L>n luat nighL •1'j, i l und 11

\ u.sliiiiK th e i r IJuliblRa.

friitn ! niim :a Hd ouliniliitcd lUs.•i S' I’oimnijndcd >, whiHi, It W.Hil old vohuitecra 1‘hrneiit by the ion. dumlnated

.'til. it waB as- old voluniie'JVU

'iadk'tiun over ilnti for crlppiPil if their widows id vu rive of paid

the old voltin- ;h© a'jpporl f«3r wring for yolir;? t the mercy '‘of


lownehlp coin- cford townshli'3

yesterdayIvldn iissete and Aveeti M>ft two

Towriafilp was to well the roH'] ither mucliinCTy

the Joint meet' innilttee hold a, wuH i?!vcn when poinlmen!. of of- cpiibUcans hu>a nlUee. the firtit

the tfjwnnli';>f ho were namfesi

e the follov.'tiija: McNirar, lu BiiC- :rd BohuU-so. tu jsepli Bwlt.K, m

Lfforge Uucl-iei ed for Buit^viliu waB^-:reut>;>oTm‘i I MdllifB.lla^die I t - rbel and Huyh'I for JoliniJtun

or. lricpiibliea.u; ' of the paur, lu

lu WO.K lejialuieU i to^vUi3lLlp waa

Coro l u l l e r . 'S.-The. left hand i rdyaio ji Towrj- i in ju red Ini » y. has been am- I Hospi tal - J5d- e r u r m in f th e

clogged and i?d hands In to n ro l ler p i thee ing run by a t btp left h an d a th e r o l l e r . up



O n i f e Executnre Desirei th it Active Contest May Be Wholly in

New League’s Hands.

m a n a g in g coM M nm s a n n o u n c e d

Slmultati foualy with the animum-prnpm ^■liy \V Rfmiford Sinlllu president "f tbn

Citfeenw' I ’ommisalon tlovernm ent of O rengr . of five i-omnilUcee lu Imnrtk the cam paign ftir the election nu the quest ion. Mayor Frank J Murrnx. tipro- to fo re a leader in the niovenieiu. limued* ■ ta lemeni withdrawing frum ac t ive par- UclpatluL.

T he voinniltiep.M nre vompM«i-d i,f t%en- ty et ttzens each. Serving on o«> ii of these fommUteea w’ill l»e re ji resenlatlce* of t h ^ RepuhiU-ati, T>enim riiiii an<! F'ii> greaalve partlee, and the lists have also been prepared with a view t,t having re s iden ts of all par ts of ihe rh y on each commit tee.

By naming ilvewe lo imnitleea Mr Hmllh aawumes llm leaderwiilp of the cominli- •Ion government campaign. Mayor Mur- r t y ’a a la tem em is as follows

"N ow t lta t tlie cltliens of I 'lrange tian> fo rmed an oraanUatlnn to rnndoc t tlie c am paign fo r eominiselon governnieni. [ ■hall re ti re aliaolutely from any p a r i In th e m anagem en t or direction of the move­m en t It is now a rltiaen*' undefrlaklngand fo r the idtlxens to manage and direct

"J believe In the principle of I'onmiis- alon gos'ernmi-nt and have no douM as to th e siicoesa of the roinfiiH cam paign• nd will give It mv support and asslBtHiire. ^ T i a t service I shall render, however, will he pure ly tha t of a citizen private In th e ranks . ’■


A report on the failure of eight of the th i r teen cai lmen of the South ^'ran^ti Vil lage Fire Depar tm ent to rcHpimd lu u cal l fo r a dr il l last Wednesday af te rnoon, th e f i r s t under new rulca H»ioptc<i hy die vil lage trustees, has 1i<een maile hy I''! re C h ie f Will iam M. Ash to Y’lllago TniaiHe H a r r y J. Bchneil, chai rm an <»f the 'I re commit tee . W hat the report conlalnH la not s la ted Mr arhiiell ^ HhJ last iilghl t h a t h e will take aurh e r l lon a s deeine<t beat In the matter, but wnutrl n'.»l uuilinu hie couree.

Uyitter th e rules Rdnptrd ih s firemen w ho failed to put In their appea rance a t the dril l m ay be hrcuahl u]> on chargeH of Ineubordlnailoii <-tr tjcpieci of iluty. T h e violations are pinilshal'le by rrprl- Tfiand, fine, reductlnn In rank, auapension o r dlsi.'harge from tlie depar trnent The m em b ers against whr»m <’ha rnes a re p r e ­fe r r ed shall be given th ree da , \ s ‘ notUe of t h e hear ing b> the fln> n im nil t tce In o rd e r t h a t the>' niMy haM^ an <'n>pnrlunlty to defend IheniKclvcs.

George Yeager, who baa been a m em ­ber of the de[iftrlnu'nt fur the f»aat four- te en years and who until a few days ago w as p res ldm l of the depar tm ent , has h in d e d in his resignat ion aa a fi reman W a t e r Supci Inlcndeiu ' ’ornclius F Nolan has a lso rvalRtierl. Rrith h a \ o s ta ted tha t they feel tha t th»-> have dune the i r ah '.re of work In the deparinieul. Ti is imd.-r- atood th a t tliey are aisu dlSBaLisfied with t h e new rules.


F o u r chlrK^ris w-ere phicetl on e x h ib i ­t ion befnrfi Tteconlrr NoU In tJic F a a ' O r a n g e Police I 'ourf ilsin niorTiing In an e f fo r t to find ou! If WIHhini P lum - ley of IH3 Wil l iam t-lrcrt, t l ia t <*lty. cou ld Idenl l f j ' a muLsi4’i' whl» h he c la im ed F d w a rd HichardHon. co lored , of 2 S p r in g s t r e e t had hI oIcm f rom IiIk b a rn . I’lum ley i)ick*'d rjilt th e Mnl an d said he knew’ It by Itn gills , which had been f ro s t b lue j i d u rh ig ih e Hcverc w e a t h e r of a few wveKs ugo.

P lu m ley expla ined (ha t re v e n t ly he mlpseri tw o roos te rs ami s uspec ted R ic h a r d s o n berriUHc lip had seen th e l a t t e r b a n g in g nboul liis h u m In c o m p a n y w i th a (joIuptuhh he w pn t to R ic h a r d s o n ' s hennery aud iden l I f lcd one o f h is rOOBtera. The exh ib i t ion In co u r t fo l lowed. k l rh a rd a o n wan pa ro led It] th e c u s to d y of his rouiiBel. \ \ l l l l a m A. L ord , f o r the, g rand Jury

WAirrS PLAYGROUND APPARATUSA recommendation for the purchase of

m ore ap p a ra tu s for older boys and the conet ri ic tlon of a basketball cou r t for t h e gir ls Is made in the annual report of Buperintei idcnt J. Frederick W rig h t of th® O range Playground TJurlng duly and August , the report ahowg the re was l.OBD free tickets Issued for the Orange public baths.

In th e eprlng, a number of t re e s will ba p lanted around the border of th e field. A recomnnendatlon Is also mad® for a aec t lon of th® field for sk a t in g In th® win te r .

MUST REPAIR GRANDSTANDT h e E a s t O ran g a P l a y g ro u n d «'om-

m lss lon . w i th Bui ld ing I n s p e c to r John G. Bcot l a n d O haJnnan P a t r i c k H. Law- I®M of th e b u i ld ing co m m it te e <~if the C i ty Counci l, d iscovered y e s te rd a y a f t e r n o o n tb g t the ova l p l a y g r o u n d g r a n d s t a n d needs repa i r . T h e s u p ­p o r t i n g p i l l a r s pu t in p lace e i g h t y e a r s a g o h av e ro t ted a t th e bo l to m . It w a s decided to place a c o n c r e t e base th® fu l l l e n g th of the s tand . I t Is b e ­l i e v e d th e co s t w il l a m o u n t to be tw een 13.000 and 13,000.

EB U U TO R BUMPED BY CARAlighting from his ca r r iag e In Cone

s t re e t . Orange , near the L a c k a w a n n a S t a ­tion, yeste rday , School Commlasloner S tephen D. Riddle of W es t O range was ■ truck by a Crosstown tro l ley and hurled t e n feet. H e w as taken to h is home. Though it w as said no bones were brok­en , Mr. Riddle was advised, unless he T«matned Indoors, pneumonia would d e ­velop. Mr. Riddle Is also super in tenden t e f th e Essex County Christian E ndeavor F r e s h Air Hom e a t Roseland.

HOUSEWIVES’ LEGISLATIVE MEEHNGT h * Housewives’ League o(. th e Or-

M Caa will have a legislative m ee t ing In th * B a i t Orange Library a t G o'clock M onday afternoon. Those who a t t e n d will h« given complimentary tl cke ta to the N a t io n a l Housewives' League Expos ition , be ing hstd a t the Grand Centra l Palace, N ew York.

KEPT CHRDREN HOME; $5 FINEC onv ic ted o f h a v in g k e p t h e r t e n and

t h i r t e e n y e a r old ch i ld ren f r o m school 111 o u t of 120 school days. Mrs. R u b y N s i d lg of H ow e and E i g h t e e n t h s t re e t s , K a s t O range , w as f ined i5 in th e police c o u r t of t h a t c i ty th i s m o r n i n g by R e ­c o r d e r N oll . T r u a n t O ff ice r M ichael d a r k e n 'was th e co m p la in an t . Mrs. N s l d i g g a v e a s h e r excuse fo r k e e p in g th e y o u n g s t e r s a t hom e t h a t s h e w a s l o n e ly an d w a n te d th e i r c o m p a n y and fo u n d th e m a lso a he lp In h e r h o u s e ­w o r k .

A y e a r a g o Mr*. Neld ig n ^ s f in e d the ■liine a m o u n t fo r th e s a m e o f f e n s e and

' f a i n t e d In th e cou r t room . H e r fine o n t h a t occas ion w as rem i t ted .

Laae l i C o n a t e r fo r ITnloa gches l .A lunch counte r fo r pupils of iho

tJnlonvIUe School. Union Township , will h* s ta r ted Monday. The c oun te r will be In th * basem en t O f f ' ■be In c h a .p a , ,■ehool. 'Cand;^ ann *aticre-n..nw ______th* only eatables sold unt il U Is found t h a t the coun te r will pay. The proceeds Wilt be tu rned over to the a th le t ic a ss o ­c ia tion of the school. The boys hope to n e t dti tflclent money to buy baseball uni­fo rm s and o ther pa rapherna l ia In the spring.

J n a l o r O rder M la s l r e t s .A m instre l show and dance will be

g iv en under th e auspices of the glee club o f O range Council No. 1M, J r . O. U. A. M., In It* rooms, a t fo t Main s treet , th a t c i ty , M onday n i g h t F eb ru a ry 16.

i m i i i MiD Hill poucaw i. SAL0(M4EEFBIF0IIIIDSUn.n

r i s t d ln g gulHir to having p*rtnltl*d B saluunkoaper to keep Ids pla** after hours recent ly , and a lio to having been In an a lle jrway alongsid* the s a ­loon, I 'o lt ieman J o h n tie lgnsn of bloom- field was orde red reprimanded by In* Town Council la c t n igh t . H* w '“ lose Ills sala ry , a m o u n t in g to about Ho, for ifie time he w as suspended.

Uelgitan w a s fou n d off Poet '’f, , , W ll ium lU u e e r an d h’halrman ( barles H. Madule, of the polio* committee, J a n ­uary 2i. while t h e y were stending on s stoop preparing to chid th e saloon ami (lame hall of F r a n k Nmrruchl, a t 1» John bteol. Uluonvtlcld. T hey ordered him lu place John .Varruckl. son of the proprle- uir under a r r e s t fu r violating the ciclee ordinance, and la te r th e Mayor ot-Jered charge* prepared ag a ln a t the (jffker.

Pr®viuua lo Ihe a rm ly n m e n l of hoii;* nan Herortlrr J t n w a B. MvKe® fll«'i an Opinion flndlnjf F r a n k Narruckl gulliy tif having kopl th e aubKin open urt**r liourK. hilt did not itat® w ha i penalty vmuld Ik- Imposed. The ord^nant'O prm idee fnr u fino of >100 fo r the f im t offt^naF Thin was Iho fi rst linio N urn i ik i had Pecn fharged viltii v lu lu tlng thv otdliian'o

Rpi'tirder McKe® had aKri-fd >^llh 1*hu1 Roder. who waa a t tu rn e y for hvigimn when the policeman pleaded noi guilty Monady nig:i>t tu havln j; iNCrn m tlie Ha- loon from lliAU a t nlitht until I2:l 'i in the tnornlnK, not to announce derlHlon iiMlI III® a t lu rn e y a rr ived at the courtrll I'hambcrs. Mr. Ftoder waa n,H pr*'bent III it o’l'lorli, however, and it wu« saidthat |»elKnan had decided not to i,e rep- rcHPnlrd by oounael.

Dclgnan denied having been in the saloon hefor® )»dnp naked u» enter ljy the nfficiali to m a k e th e arrest. Mayor HaiiHer, who did not take auy part in lit® pr.iceeilinifH aa a m®ml«er of cmmcll t>e- I’Huac wan the coinplHiimnt, ttaid there hud iM-rn m n iia lake m ade hy the frumer of thfl charifc a a l»etgnBn hn-1 not been tiefh inside the pl«<e.


hai’k of In tl lailve on the part of ii^i* vldualfl, wtti dci 'lared aa big a pruhlem as any tha t m igh t confront a muniMpall' ty. hy Mayor U'Hllaio llttuaer <>r Hloom- fk'M. speaking hef.ipe the Fifth Ward Tnii'ros®incht .\MB<«,'iatloh nf \\>at Orange lam night in the Wanhington aohool. He as.'sertnu tha t the average rll lien, no mutt®'’ Imw 'iii>r|> he ku'-wk a rL-form ia r.Kt dt-d. Ift IlkiUy lu s tand in the bark* yi'fiund iiruH stuii** on® else launchea ani'iveinriji 1,1 uKatn II.

Ot-neful I ninro\em^niH lu Muniii|tHll- IH'H Htid hai the r i t l w n r a n Do Ini- jiru.i* Ifirt Own Tow n" wjia Phe subjerl of the Il.xvfiiln f , who waH h'-ard by forty inru

' '\n Ih'li '.idual who known h® i.- rigiil Hiid hat! the ]iro]ier d a t a and atateiiienta (0 ‘i:u k liirn up bcfui® a btnvernlng body, i iiiiulc] 1 ronaidered JUHt aa favorably ag an organlziMloTi of m any mernbera Beck­ing Ihe Narit- th ing ' t^aid Mayor Hauser "Very fr ri]uent ly a alngte man may be Kei'kine BorTO-thing hot te r for the town thun an ort jardza tk ri. lr<t l»-cauf«e he la poi hHckeil iji Dy a largo mcml’ierHhip, h'fl I'iews a re not eonsidered yerlously.

' Today !n prditlcs ," aald ll'e Mayor, “ ta a lime for the people to lie aer \ed and to Imi pJesHed. fur they know their own w:inls liOHl An offIcohiilder wh'- iloea md NRllFfy the people Is not doing what he WHS elerleij for

"If f-vety m a n would fiBiugn to him- Holf tho laak nf finding .“nine nppiled re ­form nnil work out aome PUKget?lionB aa to the way II mlgYil l»e tarried oiil. then we wiMilfl get n«mij gm-ernrnpnt and the orfifc-holdern would know JijbI whut we px]'C« I of thorn "

l're*ulPo( Lnort i ' 'oward read a enm- nvini'hltnii from (he riayproutid rrjin- novNi-iji . 'f tht town askltifi I 'o-op'ration of liip flfl&!.>i'lotloTi In lh< pfforlH t'pjug mu'lr- to lorate a si i ' lahle site for a play- Kiound in ihp n ori lie r ly section f:'f the town. A .■special lOTTim'ttee, cornpoKed of ''Jrloml «'ommlsaioripr J a m e s T Lrh- i man I 'avhl \V WilHon ntiil .Mbrrl 'W, Mrr>.'h w as appolMtfil In look Into (hi malU-.v

"BAZAR OF NATIONS" AT CHURCHA "HBZar i 'f N a t io n s ' will he held

under 111'* uiHplcf.s of th-" l.adica .VId tin- clPly of the Sanford Street Methodlal • 'hurtti. n ran g e . on Wednesday,Thursday an<i F r iday . Th® ha2nr ^ ill bfl In the Kunday-scliool room, whi« h will hp ilrcorated with the flaffs «if all n a ­tion®. Among th e pperlal fealurea will he the serving of u aupppr rach niglu and n s lr reoptlcon exhibition to he g l \ tn

the main aud i to r ium fif th® clujf<'h at half -hour Interval!; MubU* will be f'TnJshed by I lie Mark 'i ttli trio

Mrs. J. Wil liam 'Ryder, wife of the pastor. Is rh : i l rm an of th® central com- irilltee, lln' '■•llier memberfi of which are Mrs. Ilaiina Seaman. Mrs. FIroy Head- ley and Mrs. Mtltori Ja-cobus. f'lmlr- men of tlie o th e r commit tees are as fol­lows. litulng-roorn. Mrs. L. Frederick Iverson, kltohen, Mrs. Seaman, recep- I'on, Mrs. Ryder .

For Ihe booths representing the dlf- fereni nations tne rha irm en will he a® folluw'8. United States, I'onfe^'tlonery, Mrs, H arry HLark; Alaaka. refreshment garden and Ic® eream, Samuel \^’elte; England, habe rdashe ry , 1*. Frederick Iverfion; Hcl land , children 's apparel, Mrs. l‘'r ed r rk ‘k Moritz; Little Holland, noveltlea for children. Miss Ethel Whft?iton: Ire land , linen, Mrs. Cornellua A HofhelmB; France , fancy articles, Mrs. Frederick Chandler : Herrnany,dellfatesben, Mrs. George Murray; Japan, tea room. Mrs. Jo sep h K. Harrison; Scot­land, caps, bags, rugs , Mrs. Cornellua B. Lh Norwood. Ita ly , lemonade, MIks Carr ie Ward.


Move in Orange for New Secretiry Said Due to Politics, but



unaucreamfiil a tt empt was m ade at night fc meelJng of Ihe Oranf® Fire

Hi'urd to ous t liecrelary Wtlhur T*. Far- iiarii. Republican. »nJ elect Thoinaa H Higgins. ]>«fn(H'rat, In his place, n n iwo •alhd-s the hoard deadlcH*kcd and Mr l•'ll^nHm will hold over until the tie is broken.

I'ha e ffo r t ta regarded bV Preaid®iit F ran k M. P lum m er a« a pe^-ty move, but Alois Rnehrl. one of the twk> DeirnuTalK. denied u . aaylng he nupporte*! Hie presetP . 'ferretary. The liallot was eerret

Mr. H iggins liven a t I 'U Hay street , fie 'e a bro the r- in - law of City Ccumsel A r thu r R. Seymour. He was plHinl In nmnlna- Hon by fonimlsiiioher J a m e i Maguire, wIki w a i Mr. Seymour'e cam paign nian- a ae r when Mr. Seymour was defeated for re -e lection by Mayor Frank J M urrav Mr. H ig g in s is pii rrhaslng agent for the Hpragu® Electric Company.

D lscu is tng the iiUumtion this morning. Mr. S eym our »ald there had been niuinr* t h a t the hoard wbb not entirely satlh- fled w i th Mr. Karnsm'B serv ices during the p a s t year . Mr, Fa rnam bad not been p resen t , he said, a t some meetltigs snd o the rw ise had given the C!)niml*»l<>ner8 cause fo r O'^mplalnl

f o a s p l a l a l s H ad Been H eard ,T h a t the re liad been amne cause to

th ink t h a t Mr. Fa rnam a i»ersunal a f fa trs had m a d e It difficult during the past year for h im to a ttend to th® a ffa irs was s ta t ed by Pres ident Plummer, who said, however , tha t he had voted for Mr F a r - n a m a f t e r receiving hla assurance tha t he would have the lime to rte\«He lo the b o a rd 's huslnsss.

Mr. F a r n a m has been secretsTv of the board s ince Us organisat ion In 1907.

Dr. Plunimor was r^-elecled pr'^sideni of th© Imard for the th ird lime. I 'nm* mlss ioners Maguire and .MoJb Hi>elirl both decl ined to serve. Mr Roehrl was elected vIce-prsHldml in Bucreed h im ­self.

\ Bpecliil meeting will b«' I'sUl Monday n igh t fo r the purpose of revis ing the t e n ta t iv e budget to be prepented to loc f inance ro m m ll tee tif th® t'onimon i']l T u es d ay nighi

At t h e ren iics t of t)ir f in ance c t im n u i - tee. I w o h u d g o la will tie preBented. (‘nc d e p e n d e n t c n th e m o to r iza t io n o f i h r d e p a r t m e a l and the ' ' [her on th® lo n - l i n u u n c v o f tiors<‘-dniw n Bppara luB

RENEW PARK EXTENSION PLEAThe a g i te l lo r fo r the vacating of

ChcBlnut s lrcel , tielw-een Woodland ave- mjc and I>ukea Btrect, Kearny^ for the purpose of Including th a t street in West Hud.^on P a rk , has l»een renewed by a pe­tition. which will be submitted to the Town Council. T he request waa formu­lated by priva te I 'itizens It w-as Bald ti - day by one of th e town officials tha t such a petit ion c anno t be acted on hy the Town rou n c l l , but that a request from the Hudson County Park Commls- sJoti might receive conHldemtlon. In the evont of ttie v aca t ing of the street the park commission would hav® to bear the expense. Befor® th e s t ree t can be v a ­cated a iiublic liear lng must firat be held to obta in a n expression of opinion from dtlaena.

The project received consideration by the Town Council a txmt a year and on®^ half ago. At t h a t l im e William P. Davie, president of the commtsison, and a land­scape architect, had a conference with th® Town Council. I t was understood after the confe rence th a t the commission would file a pe ti tion for the vacating of Chestnut s t reet , bu t th is has not been done, it Is eald.

MISSIONARY SOQETY ANNIVERSARYA rrangem en ts fo r the observance of

(h® fortie th a nn ive rsa ry of the Woman's Foreign M iss ionary Society of the North Orange B ap t is t C hurch were made a t th® monthly m ee t ing of the society yesterday afternoon. T h e ann iversary meeting will be held F r id ay af te rnoon, March 0, when the principal sp ea k e r will b« Dr. H&rlan Beach, of T a le XJnlversity.

Efforts will be m ade to have all the living ch a r te r m em bers and the former officers p resent, and among the special guests will be Rev, Dr. Edward Jndson of New York, w ho w as pastor of the church a t th® t im e th© society was o r ­ganized.

A talk on “Effic iency In- the Home Church" w as given yesterday by Mrs. W in th ro p B. Scarr l t t of E as t Or­ange. Social g ree t ings were exUndf>d to MIbs F rances T enca te , a teacher In Nell* ore, India.


I ' c t a l l s o f I h r mOV' f o r u l l l i z -l u g v a c a n t IoIb fo r k h r 'lntihiK: w i l l hi C o n R ld e rcd ;il ii rnn f«-rriu'r Mnrul:!,: o Ik IR b c l iv r rT i H rem mItt iM ' a p p i i l n i r d b) t h e N r w K u |;1k]1(1 Soc1*'t> of Ur- an«L- a ru l I h r r r p rv a r r i i i i l lv rH t»f » r \ - e r a l o t h e r orifi inlzHtlcnH

E d w a r d K Wunu rw e l l , i lu i l rm a r i o f l!. ronin i llU-®, hn.*! alroHii) h>'cn h b - s u r r d ( h r < fi. o p f r;il lOTi of .■irvi-ral n r - ^ t a n l iH t ln n a . I t i c lu d h ia i h r o r m i n f t u l ­les' S o c i a l S H I b i i K ' i t , Hu' ' " f i u r r h of t i u r L a d y o f I h r \ ’Rllr,v. lh< ' irKni;*- H o a r d o f ' r r a d r . U ►■si n r a n a r u iv l i - s C u n i m i t t e c . r l v b i.'lul* <!f lh*- a n d th® H o m r a n d Si 'hnol l . c ag u r i of llu> ( iraitKcH

? ' r n m th r prrM iriinur \ r‘<*porU w h b h havH be®f5 rfc!»lvr<l h \ Mr LSuini r w c l l th»'Tr w il l h*- a n alnioHl u r\l! m l trd n u m b f r o f v H ran t Iu I.h w l i i rh w i l l b " a.\'AllHhl® fo r pardi nlTig purpuBJ'ji Th» Bi ca rd P M s wil l in l o r a t r r i III a l l HCf lb.phS o f ( h r r i l y a n d K cv r ra l ( r o u p s of Roy S c o u t s h a v e voluti(c®r®iJ t o fu t - nlBh " p o i U r protrrtli-Ti ' for th«- g a r - df cfl.

Mr. S u m c r w e l l lias K lr rad j K o r u m i a l a r g e s u p p ly of Hrcdn from th® k o \- ert imerit ami Ih® Inral b rrw r ry w i l l p r o b a b l y b ® r fq ucM rd In KUpplv c ra ln It' b ® used a s fert i l izer . Th<‘ hrew i r im a nd o th n r ron rern s h a v in c rxtcnHi 11- d c l l v p r y S }S t r : ib may hr a s k r d Ui loLiri horscf l fo r plbwlnfr


A n n o u n c i n g t o d a i ’ hl» l o n g d e f e r r e d ■ e l e c t i o n o f a m e m b e r o f th® Kusl O ranK © B o a r d , o f [.’d u r a t i o n . M a y o r J u l i a n O reg i ' r> ' s t a t e d h e h a d n a m e d H a m i l t o n S. r o r w l i i of 197 1‘roapei - t f i t ree f , p r e s i d e n t of t h e M a n h a t l a n a n d H u d s o n R a i l w a y r o r n p a n y o f N ew York .

M a y o r G r e g o r \ tn a d e o n e a p j io in t m e n l o n F e b r u a r y 1. r e t u r n i n g <.’o m - m l s a i o n e r G e o r g e S. H ulh ©rt lo hi.s s e a t . A \ a c a n c \ - .^till e x i s t e d , h o w ­e v e r . a s Iw o h a d to he f il led , bo t h e bOsirri o ig a i i l z e t l w il l i a m e m b e r s h i p t h a t l a c k e d o ne of b e i n g full.

T h e redi ici ioTi of il ie s iz e u f th® b o a r d t o f i v e n i e m h e r a m a d e it n e c c s - B a ry t o f i l l b u t tw o nf t h e V R cfu n le s c r e a t e d t>y e x p i r a t i o n s of t e r m s . H, A d d i s o n H i c k o k a n d M ck. W t l l l a m !*. S m i t h a r e t h e o t h e r ti vo w h o r e t i r e d


A ld e rm a n Leo F. Mlnahan, ch airman of the special sew er committee o f th® O ran K® Common Gouitcil. has a r ran ged for a conference to he held Monday rught betw een M ayor Fran k J . M urray arid th® spc 'dal and advJaory sewer '’ ommitteeB A t th i® conference the Mayor will e x ­p lain In detail hiB reasons for le tn ln g the ord inance authorizing Gra n ge to unite wiHi Montelatr and F u st Orange In tlie erect ion o f a joint Rewaj,® dls- popsl j ' lant. #

TO HOLD VALENTINE TEAA rra n f t em e n ta a re be ing m a d e fo r a

v a l e n t i n e tea to be given in th e i9a r lah h o u s e o f th® Church of th e H oly C o m ­m u n io n , Kouth Orange, on th e a f t e r ­noon o f F'clday, F e b ru a ry ^3. T h e a f ­f a i r w i n be held under th e au sp ic e s o f t h e R ector 's .Aid bocleti ' o f th e c h u r c h . H e a r t - s h ap e d In v i t a t io n s will be a en t o u t ear ly next week . A d i n ­n e r w i l l be served a t 7 o 'c lock fo r fhe membepB of the society, t h e v e s t r y a n d g-ueatfl. The d inner wil l be fo l ­lo w ed by an e n te r ta in m e n t by t a l e n t f r o m N ew York.

T h e ch a i rm en of th e v a r io u s cotn- m i t t e e s a re : Tea room. Mrs. T h e o d o re C. B ra n d e l s ; decorat ions, Mrs. R o b e r t B la i r ; f lowers , Mra. A. M. H en n h aw ; c a k e a n d candy, Mre. B. C. C rom m ele in ; g r a b bage . Mrs. W. T. Gooch: pos t- off ice , M iss E l izabe th • B a ln b r id g e ; f a n c y artlclefl , Mrs. C. N. C la rk , and d in n e r , Mrs. H o w ard ’W atk ins .

J b e r e a r e now for ty mem bera of th e o r g a n i z a t i o n , which Is g r o w in g rap id ly . Mrs. T h e o d o re C. W oodbury Is p r e s i ­d e n t a n d th e o th e r o f f ice rs a r e : Vice- p re e id e n t , Mrs. W. F. G r i f f i th ; eecra - U r y . Mre, W ll lU m W. Beebe; t r e a s u r e r . M iss B a ln b r id g e .


C h la eM VlMleiuiTy ipeafc .R ev . F . N. Tau, a Chinese p i ie s t and

pdtealotiary, will give a n add ress a t the m orn in g service In Ep iphany Episcopal Mission* Orange* tomorrow*. «

Te Seek Sehonl' Completion*■- J.L w'ttfl .S ta ted - to d ay tha t_ .an i th e J ‘

jv e would be m a d e n e x t week by the K e a r n y B o a r d o f E d u c a t io n tow ard the com ple t ion o f W as h in g to n Public School In t h e F i r s t Ward. L a s t No- uem ber b id s f o r f i n i s h in g th e w o rk w e re re jec ted by th e board on the g round t h a t t h e y w e re excessive. Had the low est b id d e r ob ta ined the con­t r a c t th e s ch o o l ' s coa t wlould have been ab o u t |3S,000 in ex ces s of the o rig inal c o n t r a c t S in ce th e re jec t ion of th e bids. It Is sa id , t h e cost of bu i ld ing m a te r ia l h a s b een reduced .

Rev. Alfonso de Bantola. rec tor of the C h u rch of th e Holy Family . Nutley. has axked the police of t lia t place and Bell®' villa to apprehend a young m an who, It Is al leged, h a s been swindling parish ioners d u r in g th e pas t w eek . '

According ti> th e priest, the m a n repre- I te rn o o n J himself a s a friend of th e recto r

and collocts money, supposed to be fo r th© church . H e w ears clerical garb, U la said, and h a s appeared among F a th e r de Sun- to la 's parish ioners In Nutley and Belle­ville a t Interval* fo r th ree year®. This Tveek, It is s tated, he solicited funds ' from famillea in Jo h n street . Harr leon s t ree t and - P a rk .^NuOe- '^ iscelv lnga m o u n ts rangn** >Tdlh tw en ty -f ive cents to | l .

T h e s tory told by the pseudo priest In moBt caaes when he called a t hom es waa th a t he waa act ing for F a th e r de Bantola, who w as too busy th a t week to do his own collecling. I t Is believed th a t tho m an w orks o ther terr itories Id th e sam e way. He la described as ta ll and dark .

F e w e r M cae tra CepeieThe n um ber of cases of measles report­

ed daily to th e E a s t Oronge Board of Health Is s tead i ly decreasing, while many ef those-which ex is ted h ave been dropping off. The Duniber In th e city todsy was •Stlmated hy H e a l th Inspector WtlUani T* B t t t tuan to be seyentj - f lv* .

RfillBg os febeel Moeice*AsBis tant Btate C om m issione r o f E d u ­

c a t io n J. B rognard B e l t s h a s r u l e d t h a t a n y b o a rd of educa t ion h s s t h e r i g h t to a u th o r i z e the uSe of pub tfb s choo ls fo r m o t io n p ic tu re e n t e r t a i n m e n t s In Us d iscre t ion . Th is op in ion h a s b een s e c u re d by the New J e r s e y a v i c F e d ­e r a t i o n , of w hich Rev. Dr. A do lph Roe- d a r o f O ran g e Is p res iden t , a n d th e f e d e r a t i o n w il l no t i fy school b o a rd s a ll e v e r t b s B t s t a


Asreemenl «** rea rhed la s t t il fht be- Iwaan Msyor Urna.t C. Hitioti or Munt- Iilslr anti Praaldant A r thu r O. H arr i i of IhP IO..U (,f hiduretlon lo holj aJoint m a r t l iv of Ih r Hchool Boar t and ttie loBii Knanl of Si ho«l Katlina lr In II,* liner futnr* to a t i rm p t lo aelt la the ™n- in ive r .y rn la t l i r t,, the p repoM j highBi'liont.

I h e ti if f ting , w h U h httd been m llod by & cuoimiH®® of twenty-<tne i-li1i®na re-icnMv Hl(|Hi|!it®<| hy the 1‘lvU; ABMu-lKHon.wua h®M th® Mllleld© timnirriHr SrhtHtl to I'oneldor the hish Mthool proiHj*ltlon. Hix TnniibiM® of th® Town Louru'll. in- '•I'ullns (he two meinlierB of lha KiUmile

m«‘ni(M*r» .-f (he B*'anj withllM- of 1.4Mjl»e r . Mlm-k,«i*.lvT of Iho Mai nr. urul of wv-»Txl rlIiooI uj4.‘6iH-iuriohn iilienUed Rev, il«!irv }. iHi'kxi'h prchiiied

A T**.' •lotion niftMnK it ivm® ili** hoik*® of tin- 'nof'Hnir lh**t Ih® Ksiliiiut*' Monrd Hiui .Si'hi.ol IhiRnl sliouhl Ir® left Linhrtiu* I'K'n'd tn inTr>lTii< <m ihe lr w<irk, w af HilopteU i H-.Ko|iiUot( fu r lh* ' f |-ro\ Ided Ihal ill I ft>.® the Hdili'® of cUizeiiM I© de- alred a • iifpr®nrs nhall hi hrid. Ap- t»olnlnu'ii( of u I uTiimltti^f to roprenenl the cliti II hoi'lu(loLiH a t Q fiilun* rnveHiig w!iji uioin

Mr. Hhiiih Intlrnat'-d (h u t nil il.ffpr- •■IH'CH woiiIhI |iri*hulili he wtlhlnth e noxt :i vt\ d nys un<l a oon tra ' . ' t uw anJ- i-d for or'Mii, 0 of the m-hunl. Thu MaytifHicreoi] ihiH tiro*! woidd he neiet'^nry. undmath* It f'lHit ilia t ronil ' lvl® Hpe< ifo-HIioti« miiHt Krri.iiu ,uiy Ihn plaiiw Mpproi I'd. Th® arUtttI '-n^l Jiiul iiol ari ©HtlmaL'd flKur® niijpl al.'!o Iliad© kn.!\\n h<forn hev.t>uld ■••iK^oni In H hsind WKiJ cx-pliilrosl liy ili‘6 May(»r.

rii© r> h®tilde!« Hi® I'^xot UlG© andMr tlarCH in luiled «’ njnv Inmn 1‘ Mat- VM'U FoHhrts »nd F^lmond M, G#ibumr.\ KPiifrel dif-'LiFSlon, uhli 'h cortiimifltl until imiJnlaht. foliuwed.

Tho i'iil\ f pn of f r k T u u i w as fv ii lem pd hoTi r'ommisHior.er Flint r H. Naff ra*

fe t red In f ' r I'l'HliJty a* m a n wh«'. ru'^ar liMvijik hfr^ed Til (h r lloard of flohuo* Ks- iiniHir. J.nvvs no th ing of nTPi-<deniH of lhnl ImmI v ThP Mayor proinh 'lv chj®ii*-d (o |'■TS'inR!ltlc•



'I'aklTiR IHPUP w i th thosi* wlio rlHlniod lhaf no grout (m pro \ ttio*n I s had folluwotl Hip g ru t i i in i ' (hr rIalH of Huffr;in'- lo u m n o n hi iiiii' SIhIp , Mrs .Mlniii® .1 C'.kiiohln i I'Ih I'Hy u®sertP!i Ht II Mippiirig nf i '•> \\ oitn m h1'olllli-Hl I 'III........ ... rUomiiflPliJ \®HhTrLi> aflptrio.-ii UoG ll aeoin**') guH'-Si ,11 fii .'anl 1hni h'tiil® Im r i lc r iu K «>!i ll 'oxo w h e r f n a h t nf rmiirliiH® v\us oxTonclod wei*- (hr onon to f o l lo w llio rxam (i lv . oo'oriiiK wiia h»*lil Inllip I ' c h t r e S«‘hool o f Ho* ®u1>urliRii n 'w n

■ H s e e m n i i n fu n t h a t w s liouM I"P wliRl w f in l f th d ed d o in g w i lh

im r volcH w liPM nr® porniMI®'! l i ‘ po lo llsp i' r HI M rs Heyniiid5i "TIUk(|UPHlion In n n \® r askp tJ o f ii ppropu o r forelgtiPTH w h o rt-rpiv® tlu- r i p h i To \ n l o SHU. Wf iUi* . i h h t o iiiiBWcr Hi® i|ijf-r> by ( lomlinu: cuit w liiil Iirr Iwon oofrini pi lahod UI Mins® St,il<-P wliorf woippii veil® Ih'Hplli- a l l Hi<- lall< of Hnri-fluffrj^ iii ' lH. SiRl-.K a r t fo llowl iiK

Ii o th o r 111 k I ' I hu u“ p m s o ra f t e r i m t in g Ihf Hiiotn ns o f thr-H iirltfh- horn ■■

Mr.*; RpvnoiHH r p \ i fw p . | Hi'- r-ffotts to w ,m l |pui'"'hii loM fio the .^ul'Jpi ( In NV\«, .IpfHPi HTid ivjiF lonfnIiMil Hmi Hu- HnuiHliiiHTit ('PiloiTtlofe Hip voIptm to pass on the innMHoii would tipi-<viiu a h!w Sli® ui'ceil Ihe K loomflr- ld woiiipm lo i i i r rv on Rf» earn p,i i gn f'lr Ihiflpiinios®. a n d roni jd I meu l nd ihe TU'W oi-|,n ri izH I ion on N; hHl had lie-'-n done (oM. .1 rtlH a rou.sin p iiitPiPHI m Ho iruue- nien l i n t he tow n

AiiMOunceiiipnt \ ' rs? marlp bs Mrs A Heekf-n. who preMlderl. th a t a'liiriKP-

MiprilB arr* under way f«*r a ir.iSMiipi*! Int: to he h®ld hIioMI>. at w hirh an e f fo r t will he 1(3.idP to tntPM-st men ill Ih® Huhjenl


MomlipTB of thv Ti! X [3H.S ore’ l-Pagu® of MilUnirii 'row f'sli lt> hint ti ight pxiirPHSPd themHclvpa i.'i ofipopprl In any m o 'p ^ibumloii Iho lilgh Si h o u l d e iH i r tn i fn l , whk-h .snhpiitp Is uuw un 'lpr niinsldpra- Hoh hy Hip Loartl of IndU'-allnn

The lejgii® to ok Ihe proiiosIHoit up for dlsnusnion a t th® rp^fui'st rtf Hhalr- man l•:me^HOll «' M cFudden of the r[»c- r ia l noinrnil iee of the Si huol lioard. \sh lrh Is I n VPBl Iga li ng (lie qiieylinu Mr MnP’adtleii suKgpated a \ n lp on til® plan by th© le ague as a guide to the hoard in a r r iv in g a t a tleoisioh a s to w'hrHhpr It would he RdviaahU- lo rlie* ront lnu® tlip ilepartTuent.

There w as iio Vote ta k e n , hut near ly all of th r f i f ty mpml>er« [|®i’lar®d llicir opposit ion to the H'diejii®. Tlipy s a i l they felt tha t lo do a w ay w i th the high school, whl!® It wouhl meHU a smal l s a \ ’1ng lo the towTiship. w'ould tPiid in keep aw ay (lerBcma w ho m ig h t dcKiie to m ak e llieir hoin® in M il lburn Tliia. th® inP3nli®ra tifulunnl . would hr mar® sprIoD.s than the s a v in g of severa l h u n ­dred dnllfirs a year . Not a slnKl'- ntein- ber spoke lu favo r nf (he aharnlonmeiU idea. Mr. .McFi'dden will he lohl of theseutlniPTil of til® nir-etlng,

A rpsoluHon w as offcrf^l by .Mjchacl J \ y h a l e r a s k in g th a t a "<deau• up" da> be ValabJiBhed by th e townsl i i i ' I'om- rnllte®. Twelve new m e m h c is were e lected to th© league

IRVINGTON BUILDING GRANTS DROP,\ big ileiTca.'re in tiuddlng epf ratinriH

enmparod with I'pE Oinbcr Ik sJiov n in Ih® r®]iofl uf Bnllding Inapci-tor Sonar Licrg of I r i- lngloi i for ift r inary . I ' f im t^ wrr**gnitiled la»l mt«nlh Ht \sorI; iTnulving Rn eatimal®d ontlas amounting to as aRalrtflt $113,9Hi in I >r.'.-iui'fT. Iti JamiRTV. 1913. the aggrngt ilc ainoont of expendlturoB shown bj’ th© i»'(i"ri nf Ihe building depar tm ent was Jtu.lmi ,

The heavies t o[ieralionfl are n Ui® Third Mard, wher® ten permilH were ts- sijcd representing an a g g r r a a t r indlRv of $37.«6rj, nearly fimjhie the Hmouut of new work in the olh»'f tw o wards The Sti'-ond VVartl has a toiuJ of luthe Plr?»l Wftnl only iKirnilla weregranted for work, am ounting to $»j.3(iLi

ROBBERIES IN WEST ORANGEThr®p places In West Orans© were ®n-

tfired last night, but less than $19 was Iftken. At the homo of F’luMp I'elkRrt. 2A Aflldard Rvenup, (he thle'i'ea sSiMired $7 Ir cash and r bronze rlork. Th© s a ­loon of 'ipury' Shall! nf 2G l^ftkcslds avc- nu© w'as ri^hhed of ft revolver and two bottles whisky. Money was stolen from the delicatessen store of Christian Meyers of -D Ashland avenue.


Booker T. Washioglon Urges Mem­bers of Race to Demonstrate

Ability and Reliability.


Ailvit'e lo (h e negrt» ta ro nnd praU^- fo r t h e u p l i f t w o rk of ih® wliitea expre«B«Hl l.iat n ig h t hy Mooker T. W a s h ­in g to n . h e a d o f Ttjakpg««® InvLKute. 1ii jiJdr®M®ea a t t w o meeting® us ll>c G r ­an g e s

I ' r \A uMhmgton Mpokv f ir s t a t (In I ' lm t F*reai>yterlan Churi 'h , Oraivge, a n d r f t r r w ^ r d a t t h e AshlHUd Kus iGrang*'. T h u t l r s l .meeling w h-' i imh r Ih® auspIt 'Ca o f th® I 'h Ulrep’s A'd und I ' ro inHv® Soi’le ty of ihe i,»rang©« an d Hk* BC®oml u n d e r i **h of m g f ’»• • rg a n iz a t i u tu o f G r a n g e a n d L a s t O r ­a n g e

■thi' puhlli .’ ilemoi^KlrKllon " f i p e HbltUy u .hJ r e l f a U l l t y uF ihc n eg ro rac-j n a c o m i m m l t y Ilk® Kaal o r a r tg e wouhl

ih» mur® to wlpo o u t ih j r r im T .a Hoj a n d rue® prvjudlc© t h a n all \ \ w . im l ig ' iu iu m lUi'cttngM t h a t r au l i l Ik- held until dooius- duy, " h r . VS'HahInglon tiaid in KrmI Gr- Rruv. I’h® f®murk was Hmely. by r»u r'on of a g i t a t i o n rece n t ly s t u r t ^ J by rei '- ri-B®nlaliv®h of Ihu race t l u r v , who 'b-- ■ •lariMl d ' s i ' i - m i l n t f o n h.ul lawn mao*' a,;aUifll Uu-m a t a local th ea lr i - l>t W a s h i n g to n Hiiggoaied l h a l a pu bli c 'n ce t in g l>c h e ld wh*‘rv th e a l laJun ien tH of iho r u ' ‘c l o u l d he sh o w n 11® miidv a ph-tt fin- ra<‘® pride .

H i VS'ubhinglon said tn tu a i ig t - l h a l wl:t(c ju iauro i Piilglil h u m hOinelhloK ,i1iiui vjr® itf d*'l'«'Ulleot^ f ro m iht• olom.1 lo lk s Irt umti i riuumuhlUe:* o: Hi'* So ti ih it W UM ('UUKld» rt'd a diisgi,t<.'i' iitiioiig lh( iK'gna*®. he said , (o hn ve >i|ij uf Hh ' I i' iiuinbi-i' c a r n l lo r by (lo i oiu- mi'iil(>. r ii fo r li i ru il® i h l l d i m , In paMO ulUT, WiH' f ree ly Rdop« ' ' l by t*'»- iin 'i ' fo r tu iK ip , Mild M> k r p t ft-(>ni lost KutP

Th® ll•-|,(lo c u m a t o r i l ec la icd H u i Ho- M g i o of Hu' GniiHfi'H Will he t ( e rn a l i> d i . i j: i jo ed If (hey dc iiol Uiiuiibt'lv't-s l u r r y un ih e w o rk ••( (!ii:|r o rgan izudohH linle- pMidflll 111 o.il.*‘td® H-»thtunce

t ondii4‘( Ifer® a C r h e r lo i r .IP'. AVuy|'l((g|iui (ornpii red ll'e h tg io lo

.siu ll u lo i imm nity as jLshl Grange >vl(h (Ilf sah'MiiuM's simiiilc Koods, i !oI uri'lu '( uf Hi® ■'(MU|ihI’u((v i u w ro.tOMi O'lkN In H i® N o '-(!i . he sle^-|,iri d. «k-pemlid lilt oiiiiiloji the white livopli iif Hie Nitiih uouM have '<f Hie ruolliin.K lu (h< S.-uih r..i h Mubviiiiidl III- -'..id. I out ] li^(‘i b*!,'' (II upllfi I hi- w feile race liy makULi: u . ll ' '

I :»> u! Ills i-W II llfi"I l®( Mil M.lui-,1 (Ion, XllVf .......... , ,H

( |i i ir e p m p i ’i ly u io l bu lh l up ch u l u r l er, ' w ,iH h id udv o e

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■Tlir-re .-ire loin of iM'ojde tioing iltoul I rv ing lo RoUt- Hie n u i - p n i h h m Hr \\ iishi np.itvn Hiihl. "who fiavo riol v el tinUril Hieir nwrv pcr.'ion.il (inihleins. JUi't M.vr llvrrr- a re i i ihm> who, u n u h l^ to (M V llu-lr own g r c K ' i s I'llls, wouhl p o in t lilt- way to pay ihe iiaiiiui.H detii

V\hllr (lie negro III Ih r .North huH many rS va n la gen. be .ilnn. Hr W.iah-ItiRloTi -Irel.i ti i!. wii.M I'fKe! wjih t ru ip la - linns, and lir u rged Hir r o l n m l pro])lf to avoid e\(r ,i \j ig ( in< I, (larfO-ubirly In li-'-SH Hid !«' open Im ' iI< lo-r <oj|ite He

h Iho lo-iunjgli1 hiishfind. 'i and wives (o Iji- noiri- f r a n k wlHi on.- anoHir r and lo Id.m io*;rilo r fo r Ht wood <jf Hie Iiouhc liold -un! for the sake nf e<*'oinoii\

Tlir Rp^rikrr sa id In- f»‘nrei1 ni'T® M"' d a n iag v l l o ‘ T:®gro n o r rriuld do p.-Jilf Hum all III© iilaiTirniiiuHim Hiat m lk ld l>f pra«‘lli'c<i or mki iH W s en m - t idMany u cg ro ca , lie c judluucd. wen* I"-' rvadv 1" ai lvTrt ls e Ih'tn.selse. ' i »*-h H d'*w n-Tri-KhJen peopie The re wero tl iio -a ; h r said , \ s h e n (Ijn r i o ' ‘ shtnild t r l l u s ■ wrotvKH wITh U" u i n r r t u l n vno-e lait l o r j ru'-e. h® I 'xp la i ii rd , should frdh-w Hn- j eoii rs ' ' of t h e hiinliieKP niHTi und pfo< hi in I ilR v i r t u e s am i a t t \ » r y oppol U in dy uih 'i ' k n o w n I h f In ig h t Hongs.

Ylie awttk^.nlsiR of the .\rn'TleHM i "i ■ ti i r n c f I >r U-Xhliiglori MPserlr 'l at H‘ ‘I TuriRe rnccliiiR. wh.h llie rin>.al r r inn rkfi M** Hiliig (hn i liud hap p en ed In Ha- ' jhhit r r i n i l u r y

Hr. Wa.'^hm glnn h'liJ of his nw h H > wtruKKlee a n d ' Is i- la in l Ihwl Hi'' h iU 'T > pf.rlencfH b r u n d e rw en l Inol ! n ip h m t‘''l h im R sivnuihtliy f«T i h iMrrii und h draif.- to la-ip t h e m

Th® experlfMi.-® nf thos® nf TuHke-gre-IpSHlUt®, t ) T fip®Hkri wcn l ’H. ll'l'lHiown th®m tl ia t r'hiklC'Pi hrooKht up miTiPlItutlOTjiii V or® Rot mocHlIv a i high n - (iiofif iT o u g h l up in ii nuttirHl w n hfftinlM®8. ®\'®u by Hil'i|itlrhn ( d i l d r c n . he inalntttlMijd .should ne kepi mil of th e ■■itjex a n d big town.s und k r i l r lu a r to Ih® HOll

Tlifll ll® h a d siitdied Ih r work uinJ n ie lh o d s of t h e Hhildrpn 'a Aid und ITo- t f i ' t l v f S n id r ty o f i h r OraiigCH. a m i whm l o n v l r v ' d t h a t ll \ - h.i u d ' a m i n g ulon-; H i® mo.st n a t u r a l lines wa.s nd ded hy Hr' Wurih ln g to n .


Pr-n'llrtg a '>n Hip p a r t o f .MraHope H r c e l r y . preeldPht nf Hi® r-h lldrfn '> ho me a t r».'i J io r r rn t" .■ IrcPt. I rv ing ton , k n o w n u n d e r (he I 'opora t® txarn® of "A Bylnm of G ur l*«d\ of ,Seven .SurrrvuH,' [h r '-ondDct of which ha.s been cri((. iz®d hv th e a t u l e I 'pparUnMU " f Hharlllcpt and i 'o r ro c t lo r . s . no ac lk 'i j will he l a k ^ n hy the h o a l l l i aiithorllie:* of t h a t (o w n or H u p e r in t c n d c n i J o h n .A '■iilh’ii of th®

at lio l ic H h l ld r i r i ' a Aid A aso i-a t lo n f»»r n

K ra f f -S c l t l rk .Announrr-rnant hax been made of lha

marr iage, Thursday evonlnij, o f Mrs. Tda S. Schick of 12 Kast Kinney atreftt. this cUy. to Captain J'Tdward J. K ra f t of Alpine place. Arlington. The ceremony was performed a t the bom© of the bride by Rev. O. E. Brauno of St, John 'a Lutheran Church. 'Ph© witnesses were Miss Eleanor and Jo h n Schick, children of th© bride. After a wedding tr ip of two week© Captain and Mrs. K r a f t will re ­side In Arlington. Cap tain Kraft, who is In business In M an h a t tan . Is former Kearny councilman, pas t exal ted ruler of K earny Lodge of E lk s and a director of the Stumpf Memorial Hospi ta l Associa­tion of Kearny.

H a f fn e r -X lR m e ra ta n aaCARLtJTADT, Feb. 7.— Miss Florence

Zlmmermann, d a u g h te r of Mr. and Mrs, George Zlmmermann, w as married to H enry H a ffne r of New York last night In Zl inmermafm’s hall. Rev. Frederick N. Kohler, pastor of th e KvaugcUcal church, off iciated. The bride was a t ­tended by Mils Lulii gherldut i SK.. Mtas'*

'’H , Putiw. A. vJj f'epJliOTV: tellowed ' the 'cer*. w-bisy. Mr. and 'M rs . Ha'ffner’wlU live In New Voric.

’ Sohl-Ciroff W edd ing ,gpcrlof Ncrricf of ifie anWB. *

HAMBURG. Feb. 7.— Word has been received here of . the m arr iage of Miss L. F.lixabclh Groff, d a u g h te r of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Groff of Lancaste r . Pa., and William A. Bohl, a te ach e r last year of mathematlL-s tn the local school. Mr. Hohl is now profeasor In mathem at ics in Franklin and M arsha ll College, Lancaa" ter. Pa.

F o r i a e r Je rney M sa W e d s la r e n t .gpMdl fienict of fhe TfKWR.

BAYONNE, F'’eb. 7 . - -Word was re ­ceived yeste rday of the marriage a t Lima. Peru, o f Cecil Pocock, formerly of th is city* to MIsjj Given Button-Flack of U>ndone E ngland , Mr. Pocock is in P e ru for a local m anufac tu r ing coocem and will remain the re some tlnw.

day Drjtwo.T h t I r v in g t o n

th® m af te r In ihBoard of H e a l th b u s t®f(

he h a n d s of Sanlt ar .v In* spi-tTor J o s e p h K. (.’li ck en g er >vh'3 Is sr 'i- l/!R w i th M r. H\j | |en.

Ati the children In Hi® iu s ti tuuoh. whP'h. a s haft been lold. hui* no ro:m®v- l*un with ujiy rellgioux dcaomhiatlou . ur«' iiJI 'll" ( ' a tho l lc parentage, th» m a tto r liu.'f henii le ft p r im ar i ly for Mr. Huilen'a re tion by th® IrvJnjrtun aulhoriti®H,

Mr. H u lh 'n aald to d a y th a t H w v.rr® w ai t in g f o r th® GixrlC)- w nnia i i lu rnuk® Ih® f i r s t mov® heforp p ro ro ed ln p fiirHier In th e m a t t e r . H e addr«J t h a t Anlfoin.v ll . 1'lnell! h a s usa ii red h im IIi h I »<h>ner t h a n ha^'© a n y legal prouved ings Ii® \vnu]d a d v i se Mrs. H ree ley to close tli® plai ® uri'J plae® th® rh l l r t r cn In Mr. HnM®n b i-us- tody . .Mr FlnelU has l>®nn rv p re s e n i ln y Mrs. O reeio y .

'AVe projKia® t" gL® th® woman a change," said Mr I ’ijJlcn, "and w® hhull waM fi day or two to w hat a le ia sb® takes hefor® pruce i l ing further . Th®j. If no th ing ha s bevn don® w® shall t r \ in ascorla ln wnc-ther thore is som® lav. liy which w® ra n (ak® tic.* m a t te r Into rouM with a Nl®'V of closing (he place."

Mr. Kinclll today siitlcd tha t Mr;< Greeley hud visited him and they had gone over the matter , )»ut he was rc t prepared to say what act ion would l>© taken . H© added tha t the woman ha'l told him th a t she wanted to devote her remain ing years to th is cliarKy and claimed th a t slie was able (o handle It.

Mr. Klnelli said tha t memtierH of th© Society of Sons of Italy, whose members , Mrs, Greeley claimed, a re contr ibuting th ree cents each per month for tho sup­port of the children, are looking over th® r a t t e r now. H a added tha t they liad promised th e women the ir moral support some time ago and financial support la te r If the Instltutlpfi was found deserving.


Not only th- f'fgnge HuNoai Art Bo* clety hut tiM large audlsnt*© sttaodinf lu concert in tne aaiembly hall of tha Mast Orange High Hchool last nigtit paid d®M>r\'®'d trihute i<k Marshall KsrntH'hahj an American composer, vtho la forging lo (h e f r o n t among natB s creative mu^ ■Itian*. ^

Mr. Karnochen's cantata. 'The KooUah Vlrglno," figured on th© prograxii- Aj In- urproted by the rhural iKMiy. asiiated (ly Miss Louise Van Wagenen. soprano; Mra. Jamea MK^utcheon. contralto, and t'ecll Funning, baritone as sidoUts. and the Npw Yurk FeaUval Orchestra. Us m enu I'rompted h ‘arty appla*ise. This reviisnlHun nf lie worth was fullo 'Vfd by an iLeiur i1 ©men St rat Ion when Ihevorupoaer, dlecoverod In the aUdlen«*i was toni[»ellcd tu arise and to Imjw his ac* knowledKinents.

The them® of (he ranUta w a s aug- gCHled by tn® Hlblical p a r a b l e t o Mr.

aliM hHS (h® poetin gift aa well as ilia utrnt for unns and has amPUfl©<l Ih© SiTlptural iiasNageu Into a text ttfat 1ni-h.d®u tliu llriititudev In Ills muslval trcuHurrit of the uuiijeci. Mr. Kern'H’han

blniHelf to ll® a mudarnlat In Iris intsriinunlaHun and In hlu wrlCng for >oic®a luing nin© numhera thework t>®gins wulh an orchestra prelude that recaliu th** style uf (hr Edward Elgar In his sacred ciMupus*ttons niur® than that i»f s p y ''(her nf tin- \'onritK)a©r s vNtruem- yorarles. Th® harnumlc d»\ clnpmenia quickly fix aUuiitlun (ly InclHha rhitUiiu and III© ©uphuttv oiiiained by ukllful coin* I'inutlor 4/f Ittstru3ii®nti.

In (h e nuids, choruHcs and cuiu-crled M'tmbBrs Ihjil follow, ih® iumi©»ser baji r®Murled lo surboja ouans for giving van* ®l.\ tu hlu score and for <.TeHlirig uem- irauting effects In Mis writing fur1 <uc®u Is mutiti> lu th a a r lu s u f o r m an*!, while ni©li>d1uuB, is ruil su clearly out*1 !i®tj ®uv« 111 one chiM'us a s to le a^e a v e ry dcf liiUv In iproaslon a f t e r a sliinl© h e a r i n g In tl(e f in a l " B e T h a u k f t i l and Hhjolce' for b u r l l o n e upd 4'liuroa. he (w- (umcR il ec lud ia lo ry a n d c r e a t e a a Ihrll l- Ing I ' l linax li> Hie I n te n s i ty of Ills m u s ic a l fXpr®*u|on HUil by c a r r y i n g (h a uo])raD"S of Hic ch o i r Into t h e i r h ig h e r lan*;©. rt'h®it scHT o v e r a l t o s a n d o r c h r s l r " .

'I'h» ca n U iH IS by no m e a n s a n eauy u n i l e r ta k ln g , c 'O n for a c h o r a l bixly s»i «xi>®rienccd In p a r l * s l n x ln s ■© ^ve O r ­a n g e Hoclely. M any d i f f i c u l t i e s m u s t be c o n f r o n te d , uol tliu l e a s t of wlHclt Is th e unuccompan t'd ( h'^rus ' ‘ Tho l»ord Said (o

laord." o n l y a v e r y s e n s i t h e c a r .•..iibl d c tc i i a n y d®cia ilon f r o m th e pit '-h 3in i | th® cl io ir ’s a b d l ty to in a ' r t l a lh Us lorml Integrit.v t h r o u g h o u t th i s irv i r iu »«■©• Hon a d v a n c e d it In th® e s t e e m o f ai l w h " i-Huhl KPpiH-c.atf the h i b l i i c u l cM el Icn cc of Its work

I01u®\\bcrr 111 (h® p e r f n r n n u o ® (h rc l g b i y HlnjjG’U »tto\«.cd n p r c ' B l u n in lULuck. u .skill In d ) i o i i n l c H hm llng :u k 1 1, coo'Ui ii iHi’iHIV® wplrlt In v o b H'M til© s c n l l m e i i l n n d f ee l l t ig expressed In text aru l m u u i i i i l s e U I n g th i i l s e c u r e d n d- r n l r n t d e n - s u l ta .

( 'o tuposf 'd fu r mid d e d i c a t e d (o A r ­t h u r H W o o d r u f f th e e o c U ly 'f t m u a lcn l d i r t c i o i . Ih® w o r k w a s 4‘o i id u c ie r i I'V IHni w i t h a w u i i d v r u i m i d i n g of I ts con- tiMitu iirul an nl i ilKy In ■ e t t l n R (h em f o r t h l l iro iiKh h la h i t ® r p r e t n l l v v for<-p* ti o i l inuKt I'RS® a r u l l f H ‘<l lb® c o in i io s c r

............... a l s o w ax h e u n l hi J o h n[ • o h U i- r s ' ( ‘]<cir a m i C f t 'd .’ w h ic h h a d no r e f e r ' ( H H (n Hi® r s ln - - ’»ndd®ri h HiH'S- idi. r«- w i t h o u t lh«- h u l l b u l cc l^ -b ra lcd H i . lUliHftJhM i*'i|»*'McfU'CH of U mulJll* iHiii b r o o k l e l lu >o-” kli iB th® uea : Ho l-'i r r a r U - K I M o t •'('w H ig h I H®v«l." R'-td - a s l ' i i i In rl■a. -ll> o f IIM w a l t z I cm p i ' t h a t a i®pitMI'i]> o f Ih® p® r f'*r nmnci- w.iH ilrniii iui» f l. H .X MHUhi‘U.SS "A |•■'lstall S®n imr!»'. ■ l i u r n s i elti rt " i ' l lv cs .” ' r o c U 'g n’li'MioiHS fjirnlHur "Nluhl H vin ii ill Sea. M l 'v r l HecU.-r’u "Mh U© \ 1 , l l ' i ly . II .l(S'UH. " n Ih mil \>r .v u p-

i ; . . ' i t l!lik 111 Ha F ld r U u a l ilKlillRMon Ms jundruhnU H i - t i i i n i ' t ' i . lud H ,n .i 'C " i i i | i n n - j hill lit foi atr lii -: '>l i ns l riiiiicTit!< oul) ' .I and ri voi nl h n aUKCiio nl of it Biahins J ! I unj:H rl.a i» I 'aiicc.j In Hii I. niiniloTM (ll® clo.lr :i«:Hn , '' .ii h®'l ii hiuh (dan® of Hi'll.'iti) in I - liiitl bh-ii'lln;; (otic. In Just

IhhiRhli'#; mis! In th® gi t i f rn l f ln lu h of ' iih i\ ..I k In Hi® "NIxhl H y m n at I Sr-a,' till a l ( o ''iclion MtlhmJKh mil ho J II iJlUfl I. H IH r<lroilK J+H It USUiHIv I.*.I ilisl }iii; u Is Imm1 HK®lf h \ ( h r d epH i iiiid I v c . i n n th of iH (ofm. No r l i n i r "IriB'-rH t i l l ( | i Ih 'ocH.ii i Imvc fMj( mnris d H Im i l c I \v o ik I" l l i c h . r c i lH G u m d id Ho ho- j 1 rwrins III Ho; H 'c k e r by rn a , whb:li vs r.h j ''uiii,: In Hcrmiir i w il l i d t l l R l i t f u l (lurl lv j I n - ti u lo In ( I If v; 1 ll® I r X (I Bosbl®» iLS.sIhGtii; III t h e r i u H a t a , Mr.I l•■i'nrl1nK. v\ Im liiia b e c o m e a f a m l l i n r I f i g u r e in oui ro o m s , 'a r s h ea r t lj III i i ic th f i \ e i i ' ! i ■'AdclaPle.. " o n e of t h e 1 flreaicst, of t l c n n a n llcdcr. H&IIc ' h

fJpvU's Su!i«, ■ nrr«fiK®nj®n1Su f (I l■o1J l ' le " f o ld l''’reiTcli Hriugs, ' T ^ 1'3‘iit B ins ^i'AlnlM]^■’ ujo i "L© r > c J e rlu Vlii." iind of rh® nlil K n g l ls l i ' ‘Ibim® [ o p ' l e n . " O ' i l .SIo h i i ' h Rmisi«©m©(H of "N nl .H'Ih i , No !" j i Iho jus I'^ngllHh fa lk - ao(iK, Loci* .’ H '’Ki'l K I mm" a n d H a r r i e t \V m 'P > " M a m n iv , " tl \e l a s t tw o g iv e n ;iH ®!ii ' i ie nUiillitu t., . \ h r I IHfl ( f t i l t a lIII W i il l i- cf H a i l A few weekH u r ' i. M®. t'«i Mil i ii»i d id no i h es iL ii lc lo ©mpbiy K r a p h ic ai 'Hoii I " m a k e <dflarer th® in e a n ln R o f (h e l> i l' H. :uid h>' UHlng (IHh ivlil to I n l e i ' p r e t a t lort f i i r lh e re i J sn - J u y m c o t o f hla a b ih ' l n g


\ r®.‘ 'i]ijlb>ri rci|ii®Htjrat Hi© Belleville Tnv\ n '■|®iM'-ll t " ' l e f r r (II cl ia i ix in sr^r ewlaSsMishliig ofr® cm Iri Hie lowiv until H ' •imu'^bu il Kur\c>' (i® m a d e by mi ®f- fn-leni-y r-xperl. vvs.h udr>(»(»aJ |jy Hic I ’ltl- / .ona’ I.OMmi® of BHlcvIlle 1b p ( rOsht 'I'h© H a g u e m-mfli ' ' Hgo r c o i in in tcm b d Hie e n ­g a g i n g of jtii'Ti a n ex p c r i 1® nyHtcmaiIze I ho tow M lU-jiarlnc'Uh-'

Th® rcMs'Uit Ion, w hich whk o f fe red by H ftanslMll. pro\»>k®d ir-ngUiy nr-

guin r rit Andrew I. Bus, imi m a d e an Ht- l a ' k on Lhc Tow n f o u r n il for Ign 'ir li ig (Im p rev io u s icv omuodulH Lle.x., a n d as- MMU'd ( b s l . Jiin^'d bn« don® w o is o Ilian iKTi' i® Ihe h HtfiJ® n Holt il hart ulrcai ' lyIl lrl|t•lf!d flu pr®|iiirrtMo|i nf ifnliniiii.ieH

o ren l i i i s tw o n®w dihrHrUnetdb- -wM®r arid rt'-wer ' r ii f derti-inM lu rn ak n th e se '•har.KCH wiHi'III hav ing g i ’-cn the b bgut*: K m rjpmi®udalInn a n y s'on«id®ra- tj .in j^hovu'tl Hm 'ouncH 'H d ispobil ion lo Ignore, flald Mr lioy lan .

Huun®i!maii F r a n k J . t ' a r r a g l i e r , c h a i r ­m a n f»f th® •••:<hI conijult lf® of council, to whli-b III® ' - l a u n r ' if mi • f f lc icn cy ©x-

li»n I ®®n rcfflTrtnl. d en ied l h a l t h e .-niir.-'l hH'-* i.'d ;iiv®n t h e iiiit-isUi'' v<m* biderfllion,

CONTINUE SEARCH FOR MOTORISTITfori!^ I" ri:n d ow n th e m o t o r i s t w h o se

automnbil® ki!l‘ 'i MIsfl M a r y M cD o u eJ l In BHIei ill® SVcdiu nday n ig l il c o n l ln u e n to[.ro\4- fnillle.ip

t ’hUT MI' lirtH Flyni i of Hrl lev ll le is nf t h e fp in u ju lh a i th«'5 fleeHig a u t o l a t m ig h t tint bftv® f u r t h e r t h a n N u i lc y orvii ln i iy lb® chief will c o n f e r w i th Ho- M*‘o fTdef W r i g h t S u tc l i f f e uf N u t le y lo- da> an d muke f u r t h e r In.' ixsv I lo na uf g a r - flgrjv In Huit b-wii. I’ho fH«;l t h a t po li te fj-tiin I’fiBsai® 'tmi to w n s a b o v e N utley k®[>t a .**harp lookout fo r li ie a u t o , hav ing hi-en not if ied by t fdcphone a f t e r th e a' .cb d en t . a n d ^aw no m a ' h ln e Hke th e bla<'k U 'u r ldg cur t h a t hit th© g ir l l e ad s t® the bel ie f thill Hie c a r m i g h t posalb ly be a io rcd miurby.

[ncreeacd fa'dllucH to cnahl® tFie police o f Bnllcville to coi>© with v io l a to r s of tlie apeed llrulL law w ere dlscueficd ycBterday a t a irm fer t ticc b e t w e e n O hie f F ly n n and H o u n d lm a i i Frank J. C a r r a K h c r . The mntor 'T c l© of l i l t po lice hart been r v - tj al red a n d wna de1|vere<l yt th e police s t a t i o n ycr t ten lay . I t la p ro h ab le t h a t a n o t h e r mob..rryc|® will he p u rc h a a e d for us© In outiyltiK scc t lo n a of the to w n .

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\\ KHT t^KAMiK —ItrHhillH, i Ma in Hi. T f I ^ l » 0 \V.Martin. I I VaH®> m a d T e l JTKSSP-

Occupying a building which il erected for Its exclusive use in Oranga, the Evening News also inaintaiiit branch olllees in nearly every auhurli of Essex County, where trained cor-' respondents are eager to serve the thousands of patrons of this news­paper.

ORlNfiE ADVERTISEHENTSr c i i i ' i . E . I 'lCniMJC-ui'iicr iiuw >our tlisair*

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T w o t^ergoiia w e re In ju red today In n colia lon be jw eeh (wo tro l ley cara of the-Spr ln | ; fke1d a v en u e line in I r v i n g ­ton. S am u e l Goldman of 116 Peahlnrj avenue , 4 conductor, woe taken lo the G ladden L o ^ g e Hosp i ta l Buffering ffom a sca lp V o iind . Mlse C ather ine W o r th of S T r e m o n l terrace, I rv in g to n , w as bru iaed , b u t waa able to go homr;.

T he a c c id e n t occurred a t Bprlngf ie ltl and l^llls a v en u ea snd wa© la id to fog and s l ip p e ry ra il s . One of th® e a r s atoppe<^ a t t h i s In te rsect ion to le t Mlse W u r th off. Before she w as ab le to d i s m o u n t t h e o th e r car appeared . T he m o to r m a n p u t on th e b rakes , bu t th e w h e e l s sKd an d (he cara met. G o ld ­m a n w a s t h ro w n a g a i n s t th e r e a r end o f h is vestibule . Mine W orth w a s t h r o w n ti ff th e p la tform. T r a t lk i w im b lo ck ed a b o u t h a l f an h o u r


Nolle® l l Ikt©1j> Riven lha l iba commlulon- er i appointed by the JolTU nrainJaadon of th« nonmgh y'oiiOfll of (he Borough of fHon Ahire and the 0/ (he Town '6f HldOm*

.1)0101. HU:jQinl n r s a n l f l a B r i l , e ty p f e * : ;T r S tF ipv Of H*i»ciuui|®* fSr in An®'-of (he K«sez ow hec fuivlng Improvemeril. and Ihui. purtuanl l.i Clie ibatul®. dujulU*it« copioa huso been (Hod with the uninlclM) cUrk of ®ai';h of 1 (jf a l w e menlloned itiunlcIpallHea, to H'h:

John A. nrovvn, borough clerk Of the'Borough Couiitlf nf iJleii RldK®. und Kavtnond F. l>avTa. loivn clerk of the Town of BloottiflaM..

Fdriher notice li hereby given th a t oalij joint oi'gamzAtiaB at i meeting held on the twenty • eixtb day of Januarv, )UI4, d«4iknated Mcrndai- &Uiroh >. Iht'i, a t T:4A P. M.. In Ihe councli uhamber *if Hu- Town of MloomfieM. eecond I'Icor, NaHonal Bunk buildlug. Bloomdeiri. v , J. , t i Hie time Od'l plav-* when and wlierv tli^ Mid RovanUng bodloa meedhs Jointly will nr«« i to ®onalder all o(ue;t1ont to ggM aaoenantent tha t may hi- prnaarued In writing; aakl wHtionubjecHoas may k« piaaetitMl g t t|»(« nm , . <,r (Poll wUb eUlvr or the nmnlelinu jrlerka above menilooed. or with thr o e c re ta ^ of siHJ JmEuI oifanlMl.lon Klor to (hla da ta-

My umer of the Joint organlaatlon of Hi® Dorough Oinincll of tha Bwtingh of Glen Rftixe, and tlio Town Council of tho Town of Hlooiu- fleld.

ttATMOND r* OAVig.- • gi ' i i ta .__ iM crettry . '


12 Spruce St.. West Orange S te a m l l e a ( , K l e p i r l d t y . Hjib, S h o w e r

B u U ib , r t r .

Price, S4,000$&041 d o w n , b a l i im ® In m o m h l y p a y *

MU'iils. S U m n f I 'j i S.TxMU.I. Kstzman, lit Spruce St., W. Orange

Dr. S. Par'^es Gadman of Brooklynl,©cliifr* on ' ' .\hraham Lincoln,'*

Mnnduy . F®l> y ui iJliulpieK of ChrU t Church. P ark hv ® . iiieU l . lh nt., ICiift Orang4f.

AHMIHSIUN AO AM> . i h (’l^INTS. uii •'( Lnulf-r'-t i'lnnM Htor* and

Drug Hii>ry,-ur M arket & Broad


iTlUl'Ha.H I.-: J'UFl UUAH OIL*.G l - L r u c r i u F l II i. t j y j i l L C I T y Q F

1' v . i l ’beaU'l [trof'Oaail* h I».- mvn®il liy |h» I ' l ty

rouiiHi of 111® 1 ii:> v<i tkiHi Oiange for fur- iiiihliix mill <4;.i'i;i iR i'7.'s'kK> Ral'OuH, or any [art ilitreof of n- i: nartliali ll- roail u|| to Iho ii,r«ctf of 4 1.i.i;;®. in a®®ord«ijcH wUhil>®<‘iflt'fL(loni on [iiv UI tli6 uffk-e uf th* oltyd a r k .

Iiri- ri-.j iilr® l lo htijla lliolr r'lR'®! In wrlt(h;i IIB Iicll 2IS In m;.| u> iubmltwitfi l i n k leiU'UBrils Buiiu<li-H of tli« 0+1 bidupon Iti i| iuiiiiMv •'( i iliai i one q u i r t .

,% hiHivincyii or ih- i.oiii)ii(uiiB R o s e r n ln g th e w uik >uii I'l- a n ] c x u ii i l ’ii/<l Ht U)L- off i i -«uf 111, h\ I Irrk It. l i l t i l l y li.il!,

F't-0|.o8H'b iTi'iFi ir« m-.'iinitiunli J hy th a a g r e e - nicm 111 wriili iH of (HU BurvHoi d u ly i juft lf fl fd, or (if u Kurviy . u m i ' a n y ■ jualKled to do tiual- m Brt III S h»« u'li.i jiih.iM a l (lie i ! m ® c»fi>uHli'K 111 v'H-li |»tJ|<ii«Dis i|URl1f y M» Id H^elr r>'r-oiiv|iitki III 1)1® uniouKt u f ai jrh pi-upoaol. Hill] Mil l t livf iiK A H o r Uh® ! ! , a» lb> r a s a m g y l,( |i,a( '■ { vunirur I |jv u w u id e . l lu Mio|,<(iit..® 'T I ' fr iu i i i rrmH + MR (h e |■ ^o|>o■ a3. (h ayv.|i| u'On |T« I 'ilnk *0 aivarjed. h®®vni® auraty for III' f o u h ru l iHerforuiHiiLv i>r Bald w urk ; a n d iliHi. If (ll® i i er ion to wliuiii aui-ii i.uniriii ‘ 1 be

oiuU or r®f i .H* lo itlan »nd f y e n i t e huH i c o n d a v i w I i M n ten d a y * irom the d a ( e or It* liHi't: a w a r d e d , they wi ll pay to the Clt ./ of O r an ge i m y i l i r f e re n i F he iwMt) l l iebiiTTii (0 Nv>i1«;li i l l ‘h- [>riB0h vau lrl ha ve b i c n FiiTiTieti ai>or+ <-DiTi'ileijon ur the vuiitract hdiI Uidi i iiin wil l ' ll ih© '* ; iy o f K i i t o r a f i g e m a y luy iiu'- or tx reo' l hnii imt bui*|i work dun*.

The Mayor und <-'lty ‘ oiin--M theiifiik (u {-•'Jn ; liny and hH (udB.

No <untni> l i l i i H (u- liliulltii.; or u b il g a lo r y iimil » i>rt|u;r hurirt or (lon.Tt' tn. irlvt-n for r|i« fHiLhfiil i - fr fn rm aju-e uf i !ic u ork and b* riJBl d|i|>'OVKl , u i to form by t(i« i l i y I'OdJiiiil, a n i HH 10 ■ uffK-b'Hvy I'j ih ® r i i y I'uuncll.

A! l lilda a r ® IL he ilellver 'l to the C i t y(V'unL'Ll rit u m*H'Hng lu b® Ij H iI a r cyclotrk1 . M-. ©n M o n d ay . 1‘'nbruHiy ]!>I4 E u e b )iii jii>*al mu«( l e ©lU-luaeiJ ir a s r a k d pn vel oj ^ lii'Iuritieii w K h (he r i l ii ie und i idiUeia of the lilrtiier an d mark®»l “ Proi iosal f o r road ' o i l . " and dirrrl«*d tu " i l i i - Aluvur und ' 'M y i.'ouiiutlof Kail Orange."

liy order of Ih® ‘ ‘Uy C'^um-lli.iNV(ii..s K. nowr.i'rr,C li y Clerk.

Niw ark Rvening Nu*a. January .it and Feb­ruary 7, IPU.

E A S T O R A N G E N ^ T I C E ^ ^ ^n K P O i r f ’ 'c^^^TlTH PO-WtU OF ASSS58-

MSNTh.C L E K K ' R ' J l ' l H C K u F I H l i C I T T O F

EAST urt.V.S‘«iK.Ndllre ]■ hereby given ihut Hit lioard of -Vs-

aeMiiianli of ll>® CHy of Kaat Orui»ac- (laa flletl Iti J*aae*«nu.‘niw ftwil vetKiria i\jr. the fhl'

Jn /isu' <Vfk.o^- -j*n»lj1vi3 by glVv©* "

fr'^a'lliTereateil m tl it iiau)»<;l.*Tvrene© olm-t aldwnilk. '>«lwvcii Wdit jhluur

HallrubS iitid Marvv avenuv.Nvwfleld «ir«e( pJotu-hllc. between Kt>a«

■trevl and Sot-end avLime.Clifford atreei etdewalk, betweeil italfteJ

ilteot and Bandforl elpeT-L - .Elmwood av*nu® alTl»rwalk, tMtheeia ^sndfoRl

«ir««l and Halefcd t(»*e(.rrmtihlln it ruei eWawalk. htiwcM-,11 u lo o a eu l

avenue and Proapaut Mroet.ClenssQo© avenue fl-U-vvalk. belween

date avenue an<i lk>iicr otrost.Dojdeii Birc®( iUlev al t. between Dodd ftrout

aod ( JioTlwood wveuut:.And thfti Hse Cjly Lounell boa f l i ea Ihe

iwanty-thU’d > i»y l^-lruary, nineteen huftv di-M and fouriaen. a t ti P. M*. ap th o .U ms. when and lb® ‘-Hty haH "■ Im place whep»*v It will conildar gpy o b ^ l o u a thar*to; and tha t ■uih obJectkJM may m h r « < M ^ l B wrUtng wi or befiwa *he data a l w o mhhHehM: srtich ©h- feotlon* tn*y Iw to lUt city ch?rk a tmiy time befor* th» b o w of moeltfig og ©hoveniaotlonvil- UNCOLN * . » 0 * L E T .

Nawgrk Bvaaiog Nawi*. Jeautiry'»aLti4^' 'sferuary t, Mil*-

..' ■■•1.' _',hv '.'a, • ' u''?"':, •''■"i'■ ..“."V'jC; •J.'TPS Sra

N W X b K e v e n i n g h e w s . S A T U R D A Y , F E K B U A p 'i* j;c'l C .!>■ -i-- t '

iJV Tv"'.;




T lw Entirely a Consideration of Ha- ■ an Relationships and Duty,

' Says Rev. John McDowell.

UNSOCIAL CHURCH NOT CHRISTIANt l m i H B* Dtfllrr <lm< Pcm cr

U p t l f t lo c f 'o tnmuntty mad t^uptaort All MoveiDPiiCa — < u t i s r rpa t lvD

fiMt fu r aVulstd^ l*«o|ileCm Do NoIIi Iiqk for C>o4—> lp fo CBrtPtlv nm to l. rod In Alaral H r l o m .

**Whnt do T thldk th« church n e td i noff t to yneiat the need of the t im e i t h a t | a r# upon u«?" mill Ttflv Jo h n McDowalh j n C M tl t ig the question Juft put to him ,

1 believe thet it neede the c o n v k - \ C an th a t , next tn H knowledge of the i tn iU ) e j It fe In Chrlet, the churoh ought ' t * kSDir the times.

" • y knowing the limes I mc«n the «o- etoL pollUcel end Induelr tal a s well e i i tk * n l lg loua life tha t la au tg ing about It. A nd tt ahould he able to In te rp ret the m l meaning ot t h a t life, r i r t t to Itself ; and , ascend, to ths world a t large. To , In ta rp rs t i t meatui U must tl ret know. I t ■ M tt it knew tn order to be able to do. Ths e p w e b m u s t know whers Ihs usntrs of | iM U o la ts rsa t lias a t any glvsn tims. And Ulla can t rs of Intereet U a change- ' ak ta m a t t e r and changea from generat ton to • d n a r a t lo n —soinetlmcf s i s i i within ii

T J f t y , y s a r i ago th is re n t re lay In Ihs la laUaii of rallglon to solems. I'wenly- l lva yaara ago it lay In the rela tion of N t M o o to tha ftcrlptures Today It Use l a n a n l a t l o n et religion to aootety and a a t h e question now oonfronllng the

a h n ta h la not tclentlfto or oven errlptura l -ed t la a aoctal cusetlon.

‘T h u s , If the church la to min is te r truly t a t b a age In which It Is now living It m o a t b av a a social meseage amt soda' aalaaiati. And to have those ths church m o i t unders tand th ree th ings: First,iv b a t t b e social question Is; second, the a a la t len of Chrlst lenlty to It: third, whet l la p iaaen t duty Is In view of thia rela-


R t v . J o h n M ' r D o w e l l «


• T b a Mclal quottlon a s fa r as tha 4hBfCh ta conoarned Is not oconnmlcsl «>r

Itleal. I t )■ primar ily a question lii n la t lo n s h lp i— a simple riucsiinn

aCI^TotharhQod. Tb» social qtissilun, bsimf B tVtaUon of broIherhotKl. ou^Ht to lie M t T a r r near the hea r t of the churoh 9MA l o r tbe reason th a t both the 014 Mid New Testaments a re filled with Dm doc t i ino of brotherhood.

* 6 # 4 ’s f i r s t question to m an vi^ui *44»m. wh«r^ a re thou?' T ha t showvd

raiatioi] of m an to Ood. 1-iod's bov' dDtatlon to m an iva■ ‘Cain, whoro jb

thir b ro th e r? ’ T h a t showed the relation 9 i tC^ti to hie brother. T h rouahnu t ell C lu la t ’a teachings there ran pre-emU b t e t l y th a thought of duty to one's bvothar and one s neighbor.

church Is worthy of the name of C h r i f t i an t h a t le not act ively Interes ted

tba .p rob lem of brotherhood. The re* T14DM1 of Chris tianity to th is problem Is

t b a f r o a t reaaon «‘hy tha church should In. baUrastad in th a social quast lon,

*7hlg n la t lo n sh lp Is two-fold: First,bdM ligl i t baa c reated lb* aoclal cun- M igaea which h a i recognised th a t there t t b i r e h l a m —there la n problem in India

AlMca. bu t the re Is no coneclenoe th a problem unless among the

flbfjgttatie. Second, its re la tion to the ■Milal problem— Us apprecia t ion that i% f la t lan l ty Is the only cure th rough the 4aetl ii>a of regenerat ion which changes l h a BatUTo ©f man: the dot-trine of righi- a a m p f i s t h a t changes the reiittonH uf Piatt and the doctrine of love th a t abaAgas th a Impuleea of man, These dor- t f f a a l pa r t f of the one g rea t creed afford Dm 9 ply solution of the social problem

f A p d th e c rux of tlio wlio le p roblem B M In the quaat lon: W h a t la the prea- m tf 4 u t y o t the church hi view of the (gfOblMn and Ita relat ion to Itf

church has a fo i i r - fo id duty: F t H t . U a d e r ih lp of t h o u g h t tn euclal

.qbngtlone—a dom inance of th o u g h t th a t w i l l l*gd tt to f 'h r la t - l ik o uirtlun— to a f t s sb rec la t lon tha t Chrla tlaulty la the b b ly t r u e phlloaophy t h a t can be a|i- tll«di t o th e problemH thw.1 i-onfj'onl Uf*.

Second, to m ake Us ro n s r ien ce social, f o r !n thill age the re u re a l dHiiK-er t b a t th le may h r m id e potlth-Hl nr < o n u n a r o l a l —ihs g re a te s t eneniy ihe church

T b a i to d ay Is the eommercIfiMzed con* 3. eolancr . Every p a r t of ou r Hfr af- :^ ;fac ted by on r conaclem-e. Hut whilp

n a n m o s t often sh.v In e x tenua t ion of t b e l r B C ^ n th a t tlipy w**re putded bv t b e l r cotGoJence. th is rlrs's not nriops^h* l i ly mefim anyllihig. 'I'he auestinn !s,

.■ W h a t guided (heir conscience? If it v g s guided by do l la rs they will rom c to

?: r tef o n . t h e rocks ah ead If by r h r ia t hay gr# on the m s d lo (Up K in^dnm of

Oad s,nrt Infinite peace a n d 1o>‘’Third , the church m u s t g i \ c loader-

• h ip to the act iv i t ies of th e si-h-IhI m ovem ent . T h o u g h t will not be pnoiurti;

t consc ience will not be e n ough . Tho ^ ch u rc h m us t tseue h dofinlfe p lan of sei-

vice for society an well ns the ludl- v tdoe l . Tn my J»iilRment no n>nvenn'iit t h a t meanB the heM onneni of fiio coni-

UracLicaHy tilx new i-l>urihns. >in the average, for rveri- wurking day of 1913, muklnR s t " (a | of U.oaii. Is the repuried gain In the r n i t e d Sluten Iasi year It has hooii found imposslhle lo es ilmale the cost of these, running into millions uf dollars. T^urlnR the same period (liers has been an Increiiai'd i^sln In mernher* Bhljr of tikD.lOS, a tota l of all dc*nuinlnatlHiuj uf ST.'JSb.STn, To houae ihia number thure are now hi existence 294 d iu rch liulktliiRe.

The la rgest IndUldusI denonilitatlonal gains In number of (.'horehes arc us fol­lows luiithorans. Methodlals, 49C;EapOtiiu, 3RH, and Honinn ra lho l i r s , 373. The Kregiiesi Imu-eowfia In niombershlp a re .McthiaJlatM. 32iT,uiiij, Ihiinan < uthullcs. 21?,50b; ftaptluts, Ot.libR; PrcubytsTlans, 46,till*: l.uihci-flns, rjlsilplee ofrh r i s t , 21.834.

The fllRtlstk’fl rIiow itiat there arf- Iti exlaience fif ty general denomliiulldns having 175 divlaiourt, mwtiy of wlib h are

ns trrci-nru'ilnblf ns ili- iigl fiic> v' - tc nf en t i reb fipposni fu ih/i fb it.n .f hu -n::lUr Int- '- f n'im!jc] iIi \ ' h'-':ih iJro l, i- Ihurans. .'T, .\Ut liodiMlN 1 ii y b r i -ane. U' .Menni’nl' r- I'J, atiil Ibitl-Nf . 1 -

Tltn Mio.“l rintttl'h- ch i rih ;niin.-« iii tio- period w.hUh lias Inlcrwiici) sjIeiic '--.Oij are ITomun I'Hthollrn HR52,M7 .M-Mb-i- dif.t JCplHonpul, 1,17(1 4M Sniilhir-i Hap- MhI, I ll!l.;j?3 .\1e|Knilli<l krijK ■i|'iil. .Sniilh, TSii.HOJ, Ma|H Ml, icihir.fj, oHT.lTn, UrvKliytnriun. .Nurrli, i;n P'ii, I» ho>131cs of t'hrlNl, 7?1.6fin. JJapUsiH. N rtli. iTsjiesiant l-iplaropsil, t.’.-l Li th rrHiiSyi^odlcHl <‘onferen 'e m n -IsrcKutiom, iisiB. 2:1:1,.',up

ll Ih wljowti }*: 111- .I'yt-niN 'bn'i Hir nf.| iiHin t ‘( ohiin li Tiv mbcf!*i>i|i ojuin the growth of population in ini.l v\ui .m r hihI e lnht- tenihp per cem u\*,ing Uie fn. t that there am a TMunl>er of -iiM.-Hnlna- iJohN ivliowe rctuinn sii-r- iru'niopinie, it In cs(ima'.t-d by Ihe .‘<tNt'sU' an.^ Uoit U,»3 y.H'n 18 really a l leasl 'J uent



It w'uan't neceHsary lo liioh hI (he ■ Igna tuce to te l l w ho m ad e th e d in w - Ing. ! could tt-ll by th e w ay th a t the llnee w ere d r a w n w i ie th e r it w as m ad e ' by Reid. Schm id t o r Hpalkhaverj , (he I th ree d ra f ie m e n who w ork ed for my depwit tnent In the m ach ine shop, They always pul somi^lhing of themaelves Into their work.

J u s t 80 ev e ry w o rk m a n exp resses hla ind iv id u a l i ty th ro u g h (he loll m a rk s or Ihe final pi-odiirl on every Jot) he l i i rns out. 1i u m uchhie or u p a in t in g or a lo i t e r "Hoal" it wfiu piiL th e re b> jOhu m the wuniat)who n r ig i n a l r d |l, ’A i r tue has gone ou t from h i m " It has gone ii^lo his work

Th is s tu m p of Indcvlduali ty le a g if t of God. He nuide each of us in a dlf - fe rcn i mold an d l ie llicn dnBiruy«fl ihe pHtt rrn. None of ub look uUko. Wt- do not Ih ink a l ik e VVe a.j-e Urns Biivftil from th e m ono ione of life which would d eaden ing ,

T h o e Is u acTiBB In wl»lch we m ay have Homo IhlngM hi ^-unmioii. The Boll- d a r i ty of rhe tiuman race an<l ilie sp ir i t "f l>r(jthei'lu>ofl is one of iho grSttlCHi fac ts In h u m a n life. Hui nevertliplrsB every ntie of un atorid jtbso|urf>l\ Hhuio—JuHl a s aloni- 14H thought each nne were the only pej-Hon In nlJ th e world l-iach of MB lias a •olo p a r t III the gr<'iit c ho rus of Ufiv

A ffin i t ies a re produced not ho nmeh hj IlkeneBseA as tiy c o n l r a s t e li in bei’aiiHo people nre diffr-reiil thnrj we are ttiul we a re moat a l t r a c i e d to lhi;-m

In the m a i l e r of re l lg ian ijod hart n d if fe ren t - r eed fo r every man. Tlie fundiuiU’Mt.'ils m;L>‘ be the amup. iiul the; expreaHioii of re lig ion vorlea wilh ea<'h


The people In an 0 |i p rl ly hud voted , uijt the imlnon. Hixty-thiee va.Jint nloros told the story. At nJsht the .sticpts were \ iTowdud with HorkiiitjiiU'jv ■ there was no j pUce )ii ijikt town to wh* h tlmy r<niUj ! gn. The maii.iaer i.f n.r nu-Stcenge fo m p s ls u was asked "V\‘hut a r t ymi go- j ing to do for these men" ' lila tmly reply ! was II ahruR of the shniiliferB. He dtUii‘1 | knoa There n a s no plan hi the mind | of the cotnmTtee nn thi.«'p<jlni j

"I will re tu rn unto my Imuse. wjK-rice I vaii^p o il, said iiif iiiiclfcan apin t. in the dey 's V-sson. Nal alone that ■'Thi’p «t>elh he. and ttikeih ti. him sciofv idher Hplrlta nmrr u i rk rd Hihh Iitinsclf; and they ente r In and di^ell there and (he h»H( s ta le In wnrafi than the firat ■' ;

ft !i a gnoc! thing tc» ( lean up .1 (own, I hi:( a town iha^ goes bndf af i rr 'Ifl \icon 'clomioi.1 IJJJ, Id an almo.'it tiiu’ ndNial>le ; plnct tu Il \e In, Pren.^c|y ihia happens!m thn Ohio town refftiri'd lo. The men voted the waloona bark. They fnuncl the place “swept wnd gAnuNliPrl.'' and they he'd high carnival. Nnw they a re try ing to vole the flalnons out aifaJn Ttn- job

II he \e ry mu.-h harder than It was he- '

H b* f b f rh tf r r l i a liB ar tf While DOl |jul p e rh a p s In eiBi-l ly (heae m»rO* Thai Ife t h e q u ra G o a a l a rg r BUfiihrr or th e Pteu ra l rau g e t f t ro ia M a re a s k in g . Is (be r« aay doub t (hut If th e c h u rc h had a g r e a t e r h e a r t l u i r r e s t la the people Hltum It Is auppoaed (o ahepfaerd it iSAulil e l f e r t uo loa B o r r r ii lirhiyf If th e h e a r t of the e h u r r ^ were one t i t t l e a s w a n a as w as (ha t of th e b la s t e r would N Ike l a th so m aax d1-kiMlniidf I list Is (be c r u i nf the 4|uesti<in “ H as the ch u rc h a h r a r t f "

l . rovt ib comes froas aerv lee for o thers only. And (h e re e a a be nolugrnnl ttK grow tl i »vorth whllr-*^ 11 m ust lie oiir*>ard u ru w th . H e|)o«o f io ileu ld (o ih« h ab i t of ( a lk ln s about I he so H aJ et>U> scLeace of the ch u ro h . W e realty m ean Hie soctn i bt*[ir(— (he heart lh » ( -lun m c a iii v ilirn Je a u s sa it li ••Du )c un to iPtbrrx—

• |h r r r o t e s f u n t i Jhurcb Is constilerluK a n o th e r g rea t oa tlonul and la te rn a H o n a l mnvefnciil lo ok loa tn^sard unity , i h l s le tbe l-cdertr ted t oun- i l l of the tTjur<Ucsi of t h r is i In \mer1cB. ip em b rra h e l l r^e(hilt a f t e r lriit;fh> de t lhe ra t lov uml li f ter thi- pnssnge o ' j r a r a men will n a r r e ro fo r g e t (hefr brii lio d l f f r r f u i c s curtecrnlQg IvB- mera luu iinil I 'liptlsin e | uL. and eerfsr lie Musplrlmis nf tb e i rr c ig h b o r n | ilie kuc ram en l .

(1 wMP lie u n w ise fo W all fo r the r r s i i l l of th is m o tm te n l In N r w s ik . > h i i ie h e ro w a K iu g |H(( hwib u ud U iu r su b je c te d our- <»rMc'k | l | i 'reb> tu Itm lu iic li m is-tr rtulcf s III ixlliij:- ' t l ic ta j in e u , If lull till' H era j i . h av e g row n i m r n r i of too niiiii:i nioi r iiicnts. Nu| •! prcai-ber In o u f c l t j woitltl hr It) his t»ul|ilt A s ing le Sunday In the 9 e a r if be loaarr l It to al l Ahn iisk t h a t Ih r y may lu t ro d u re tn his rv u u r e s u th i t l th is or titai luuvemeiM iliey repreaeu t - Hl|- Ihms of ilullars t h a t (h r pour bad- |> lii-cd rts tt too Unrd to s a j D n n s led lu Nriv York I Ity alone each >enr in tnucb lnrr} for nnliotinl reltglnuN itod neml-rellK* luon inu^tii irniN iliiit. nlus! ap- peii r so uffeji (u to nnughl ,

\% h u t r \e r the ’• ( r c n p t t i <»f (he nwikCincui tb o i t r i e s to brloB H iilM>iil, how <-an liupe for iinlou n l fh our brnil ier 'i in Kal- amnroM or SeoKhn If we I’anuo t aet tn& elbrr in 1 hrisUs serv ice a( iioiJief > \ l iere I'liii we Tlnd our rniureoB ari^uudf In the liu ldcn IlitiP— In the needs «if liie n '" i f anil Kufferli ta uboii t u-s— In rent hea r t so r la l serv ice . T he (clergy and iQjinco w bo do not see tha t we are on the eve of nu r rn of such act iv lt.>— h e i i r t -p ro m o te d —- an the ehwtrU has n ever seen since JesjiM left t h i s earlh« have th e i r earn Ui n m i id -p u d d lr uu<l t h e i r nicutascopA (r a ined iipou the c louds . It Will be a se r ious of- fense a a a i u s t t iod to iirglect th is opi ior tnni ty .

K ai'h I 'ro le a tn u l c l i i ir H i b u d j In N e w a rk h as aum e sn H uf tiocifll se rv ice o ra a n la n t ln ii. T h e re Nbnulil be ti u u lo u uf these. I'b e H om an ( n th o lica a re u n ited In one body. I f (be P ro te s ta a la werf. sfl centrnDr.e<l w o u ld tt not be puaalb le fu r ( lie se tw o ( u w o r k side hy Bldr. t n d n ile ly m ore rf> fei’ lK 'c ly . w ith n com m on h eart la le r e s l , t r y ln u In fo rg e t la the n erd of the people o f o u r c ity , (h e ir In le lle r t u i i l d if fe re n ce s .


, » v

?-T .


iRev Dr CHASLEi' H.y'ttW AtjT «

North Reformed Paito r Urgee Unioi of Snail City Chorchea Into

Large Central Bodies.

SAYS PROTESTANTS OVERCHURCHEDNnlulluo of t ; r « a t f*robl«tua of Chtt reb

Mnat U*a1u w i th M erg ing Not Alag* «f D e n o m U al lo n a , bu t o f khurvliOB of the SoBse H rl le f— (tairc«iMt of Untnaa I 'a thaD ea Due to L a rg o r a r U h e a ^ M u s f He hovlaJ Cag(ra«

Dr. *;littile« H. HtawarL, paBt«r of.Nuiili Heformed I'liurch. beliovoa th g t tji ' mufit furruiilablo eneiiilea of tb* il iun h are lo ba fnimd within lha cYturch

He rays t h a t It haB noth ing to ivar outside of ( ’hrigllanlty,

■■'I he prliv'ipal lea ron lha chuffh la not making g rea te r headway." ha aald. in r.iiHwar lu b queatlon us to hla though t 9/ i»*e rulurw (ji the Froiea tant Church lo Nc\«iirk. IB (hat it baa too m any dlvl- siuiiB ov.d all of tlieae fiave too mnny vhurchOB Dim I tK-ll«ve (Hat th e ra la a nvw Hplm <-n»«plnB into the church in

I .Neuark and. in fact, ail over th a coutilpy, 1 .laid tide to Dr Luiwaor] (he o ther dgy

I and he anieed ^vith jue."Afte r studying r«(llg1uua conditloaa

h o t I fir^d timl there are he ra abou t liU.UliU to I riu,0Uii peopU of tlia Eggllgh-

■ iiteaking popiilatinn aa poBsIbla mAlarlg' for about l^u '-Jiurdics If wu allow tbla a t a modera te (L-stimiiU' wu find t io m out

‘ re tu rns of ch ir^h u.iLtiuIancB th a t of tha ' firol ahla forty oj forty*fivc per canl. of

ihQoe who atleiid a t all rftg'iiBrfy th a t eai'h cliurcU ho.a about 300 pe>.)pl« »neag4 LiviTi all throe ol Ita i»crvicca— inornlnfi tveriinK and tsundai-hcIujoI. ur about 100

' pciiple ui (.-acli It In needless to Hay tha t u M'lv [arjie uiajoijt.v of our i^mrchai have luum f'M' inaii.v limitn thlu numbar.

I ' '11)1: Hum III i.'aULullcb noinltigUy. ' a sHiy noivli lo rg rr pupulalloii to draw


Brillle 1Tlii-y liu^

li'-r. Thu.s

Hii I.U '.MU.tlOU peopla, Ifi only furiy to fifty

they have double our

A iiMT! risked re ren i ly of a Nessiirk mihiBiftr ■•Do you uHow men to .iMum) your iTiiv M - t n c u t l n g '*■ He aimk-; In jest, injt the c k r a y m a n took him al- moM Mcriooslj. He replied " I d glvt n sfieai dviil to h jv e oven » doKtri Of ihcm HifeivJ. r i u r e :ir© thesam e (i|(i pcof;)e umi Jusi rthoui the snnie niurnl' t:- of them iireHe.ii al ea^ h Mie-'IinH. Ki-iipklj. I fllg<*f>i!rn7B<lTell me, w hai i-.xti e ilo to make llie p r a y e r • mre th iR po im la r? Some of my (ftllow-fni nlhttiK mairi ti iin ihjit we hiivs too many rolt^ioiis meat I iigf —I h iu peo- n 'e m e gctlirift prttic-hed to death.

aay lliar w ha t ive ncfid Ib a prf(i,l. revl>ml of u ld t im e re lig ion and iho rorojtiiDinn hy psofile tha t pr .iver la ;i viuii p a r t of the t.’h ns t lH n 'Ife fllve me i few hivj.iivi.v hugnoationu,"

The man bIiooK hirt head The pHSlor am! hci iJiai-UBsed the m aU er for an hour or 'lun© and r; i !I r'onmJ no real Holufloii of thf jH-oidem, Many nf (he th in g s llie> SHltl with rngun l to p rnyer- mcfiiiijiis art ' h a i j e r Igfi unto ld

A ii'iiribaP of the Icudlnft .Neuiirk fliurrhe.T Yiuvc l>e< n (giving aer iouy a t- ten(1'f>ii to th is prol>Jer.j of thv ptaywr- menifii?. \ a .« re su l t the Klrsl. Th i rd

am i South Usrk D re ih y te r la n and '»liJ St P a u l ' i Matf iodlsl li^plBuupai cJinrchea iui ve hud a m on th ly uriloii pn iyc r- ji ieeting in op«nitlor i for aevei;U moiithH 'Die puatOTH of these churches a re umir ilmoaa In (he ir i lac larat ion tha t Ih© mset ingB have been u au c res s h o ih ' III the s p i r i tu a l ga in of the par(i< 1 p un ts and th e n u m b er hi iatemhin<*<' U Is said th a t U tnay be l ii fer ted from thm tha t p raye r-m ee t i r rgn need "nuw blood " At these maellngH many vital rhui'i h mid c is ic proble ina have been

In a live and p ray a r lu lfashion.

A d e f in i te pi.in of p rocedu re Inia h ton o u t l in ed I ti advmii'e ami iicople have come Into lliesir m oe ih iga jireiuir id with thnught anent tha lubject. [t is th e hope of all «oncernecl In lln;fic un ion n iee th iga tha t, from ihc-lr effort, mny come Rome ao lu l lon of Ihf t of niuUlnR (he mbh-.-eek g a the r in r , llic Hource of BlreiiRlh t h a t H shoutd be to the i'tilrllue.l life of the co m m u n i ty The n a i l of these d o w n t o a n union priiyer- ineetliigii iH lo l e held In the .Souih Dark ITfluby tcrini LI Dhiirch TucaLhiy. F e t i ruary . IT. a l S o 'c lock ill the •-veil- iri»g


inodrrp thinfir hs ra il roads In Iho Holy Land.

"Not a l aM,' ropi od Iho old man, “Tha piophets t«nld tha t thIa wanht come Lo pass many years a sn It la in your Bible."

'Shou nil' where It la, ' Hemandofi Dr. Hurli ut. (aklng u nfble from liia grip aim handihg ll to the tild maTl.

I'lic la t te r turned to tlie Kook of N a ­hum. found the second rh a p tu r and wiiti h B fltisor puiniftd lo thf; fourth \e rsc.

The do i ln r rrail “ Thf iharhvtB shall raa© in the atrecip, they shall Jostle one aauiiigt a i io th 'i in Ihn lirnud waya; thev hlmll seem likf* (nrolie -*. thei' shall run Ukc liglitnlnkiE' ■■ After reudin i he turned III ihe Areh wmi .'<»l'l. “ Voi.i anpaar to he

I j IbVi I, but ivhftt Hhoul th a t juHtllig’:"Tbr old Arab refilled dryiv “ Walt until

vfiii ^ r t Ptarli 'd on It on the v-ay to Je- niaalem. '

Ivinss'un v, Nc's Ynil, t'amniShhioi ti’ -’'f printed in The Sursry,under aat ' ' of today, Hock- hohp'plB were CBlahilahed a year ago on the Lurtt Hide of New York **nd whole fain I'u.i Jirr ’ng ti ibercular mcniiherp mo\-fd !n fur tiPRlmcnt. T hi»se w rr r provided with lion- p t«l rare at <i ermt mm h In-low t'^nt "f rtnoll^rtrluni I ren'. rnsn I. .Ml t^’P yuMpnta ond'!*r (vpatment inadr notable aaln^ ruio ilie lnr]-eaBe'J earti'nij capac i ty of llii- f a n rh e s tnoif than doi.iilea the r 'Hip m o\cm enl la regarded by Mr K'in<>- i>nry us navinv the way to the aulntii-n of a vjIl I social prohlcni, Dial of ilo rK f’ • f the Indigvnt inherc ii 'a r whose f«m'li';<

ar.- (11'“!- oi l o a der+indcnl upon them


Rev. M. Joseph Twoniey to Be Wel­comed by Governor Fielder and

Many Other Noted Men.

side the

soul How I'an i( he o th e rw is e? We tnunU y nuirhi *0 phps thf' door nf Mip I neod poi dlwcusH th e question of au* C h r l i t l a n cb i i rd i w i th o u t Ds rt>tnprvlli\ j thor i ly In relipclon— tha t ia qui te a p a r tgnd help. The church oua li i 10 hr the boH ar svhUh sreneraipH ih*' power tbul u p l i f t* tbi* enll re com inunli i ' Mhicp t h a church Ehould be In ie rea led in nil ■Uch TnovemPnlH hs child welfare , the p ro tec t ion of woniPii worki^rs. rcifula- tlon Of hours of labor: l•fllTrtl•'•v[lt!oll of th e r«Bt day, PAnllallon. tutiftii.ulosia and al] otbpr lhln;rs I ' lsf i>prt«li' to tt'c h e a l th or (hP indtv ld ' j’il and flip Inipid- nees of th e whol“

■■T woulr! Itlie to thp rhurc l i c-on- nected with all .-Ivlr nrKaTil*(fttlon8 that a r e w o r k l r a for public w e l f a re 1 bfi- TIeve thru th*> rii 'irch In d o in g « tjrcjxt deal In Ui Ik dh rcU on bul t h a t It mlvhf do much nnifp if oil Im YirHnrhes were

fioni Oiir iimhjfl<'l. j In the lu.it niiHlyalN. w h a te v e r au*[ ih o r i i j we m ay acoept, out lo llg lon : mual unrleiMably be nu r very owe Ami I if It iH to he ou)- own. It m us t come to I UH cut of J vliiil pej-«onal exper ience,

o therw is r It rnni io t avai l, If wo d i f f e r in r \ r r v o th e r way, how can we be

I a l ike in 4iui co t i rcp t lons of reURlon?h:\cr-\ man nnis l un ucco u n t of

' Tiiinsolf lo tiod.I There fore, le t 's live o u r own Uvea

iihrl fxpr»>tns obi own Lhoiighle in nil , Niiv pTitv. T)onT live a copybook life, j Flnven I vou npii- od th a t each line in ■ 1 lu’ copypooU becurneB w o rs e tlinn the

preccdiTiK ime. In jjay n o th in g ab o u t I Its beli : much y-orse th a n the o rlg -

,No re-orni . an l,e lm,g an, .-paaf.,] upn„H tnarnly nngath'^ progium TI.ern must

p-nlilve. rontarnnllva plan alonc- npp iti»t go»B In for .ip.nnllahlriK

ininffs. It ni«v h* i,n,t tn hav- r-a, h plopn nf work d,,n» aeimrntnly and hv diffffrnnt Krnnpa, l.ni thfl man ulin tna rs rl.iwn must wni'k hand Iti hand with tha man a h.i tiuHri.a ■>[.. II la |mp..rtHnl. tn... th a t the tnjlldnr should hoi-nme Imniedlat-ly acl l. r , « lion ihe iMirk of dcrnT.IIIInn has t.een a r - compllshed,

WliRt api>lipa (0 llie flfllrmn (jfta ref- Gi-Pncc In thn enth-p rnrrpatlonel prolix lem. T-) (Pp yuirnir people \^hat tliey muBt not do, Isn't anffii-jent. Tlipv should be ifnldf'd intu whotOfiome fniniP of r e ­creation u > limy as well mak-' up our mlndrt (hm ihi active wplrll nf younq ffilke Mill oxjiresB Itself In sume way, it cannot be harneNsod. i\ hIi,ii!|,i bert-aincted— it slumUi he d l r c tc d .

■Tpfiis came mlo the world in hnild up ! a klnedoni fif light as-*ttig«met a king- . doni of darknpea Thia kmEdoui will i ronifl “ without observation. It will he i

s!nw JirocesB. Injt there will h* i n - ' light

Sla te Slid civic offktal.rt with iPaderN of all (he rpliBiouB denuTnlnatinns, nffl- rlHlsof fral-^i nal societies and '-oininerrial hfiflies and iabor unions w'M nnilp in h rf -okui tion .-srrvicr next Tuesday niRhi to he offered In T-lev, M. .[(fsepb Twotney. Ihn new- pasto r of the F ir s t Rapt ial Ted- -lie Mennirial ' 'bu rch , Mr Twumpy sr- r ved In Newaik yewterday aflernoon-

Gree l inss from the Sta tu will be nf- fered by nu\prm >r l''leJclpr, from Die city |,v A. V. HRmiiurg, pTe.sldant of the H-.anl of Trade, and from the Masonic freto rn ily by Herbert 1'. Routk. deputy ^nrntl maHtcr cf New .fergey

The followlim c le rg y n im tn brief lalKa will Kive evidence of the good will of their reapertlve denomlna Ilona: I7pls-I'opal, Rev Dr. M orrer <!reen Johnfll<iii: rTewhyteriBii. Rev. Dr. Tleiiaant Hunte r;

; Mftthodint Kplst-opal. Rev Geoige f DuUKhsrty: Refornicd. Rev. Hr. rh u r l e r II Rtcw'Drl. Raptiat. Rev iJT. Riley A \iirte, RaplIttL Slate Convflnlion, Rev I>ftlnv0n i.'eW'olf: 1'iilverBaUst, Rev.M in ry R Kotte, wilh Mpcrlal Kj-eetme^

I During ihr rf<-enf 1 nlied M ibsIopb camralfiii, Ff 'v c , 1., Wh.le. secr^Jlary of lln-i K hi ' IIsI r.onril of MiaaPotia, told this ptvu v of a f'lUVi^rcsai-naTi who had rerefillj'

■ poiup to Wa.'^h'ngtun fr-um a fa r Western Sta le

'tH'.o day, iluring a dlicUNNlon onn- : cerninw ibe fllimse of the FlHpinoB to ' govern tbemfcelvoa, he arose to a, ques­

tion of privilege,i “ Mr PreBidenl, ' he aatd gravrlv-. “ It

.sceniH lo m*? tha t theyo ivaople have been rlvl l 'zrd for inanv liundredB of years.

; A'n 't ihev' tin* folks t h a t P6.u) wrote one■ of hie epiatles to'’’*

- * — — •

'1 hf- ra m p a S l i -p (lie U'ltrre.-l.s "f r - dren in Moriftin lands, which '■oiumrcii’f'-l m I'Ihcago, ' Fehr. iary ‘2. and iGi-rnTn-toH 111 Nfw York ' ‘ilv on l■>l^ru^l^y 11 ban been parU'-lrulerl in i'V iliirtc-en princip-il iilloR of the country. Meetings In con- neidl-ih w.th Ih'a nvjveinfnt wlU hr l.cd In v . iu i le r New York, In the f ’enlrnl i ' i ingrexal’ooftl i ’hi?rch, Hrooklyn, M"n* Jay nfiernoon ul 3 u clock, and In tiis evening a t ohdock. '^n luerdiij ' Ih* r - will b. a m fd l i ig in th^' Fifth A.•^mio T'r*-xhylcrlan C'hufch in Hie ev«*n.ny at ->'*locU. 'p m principal ipciikere a t them inertlngB 'i ll be PlBhop J. • HavlTivM Afr.ca: Rev IT a. M JCwejner of r«> n \ l-K>Jd: Lh® '• Trovvbridhic. rci onilyIt ml»*u>nary in Turkey: Rev. r . T. Kvu-b- son of Albania, and Marlon l,uwr*'nr.. former general aecretary 0/ the VVi^rld'e ■•junday-Bchool .Association.


rr f»»mg light tJi* n«i until , , . . .the dm-knesB dlBapyeara The d a rk n ess ' *5“ lon'“ n M ater .tUll dtaappear beeause the light has come ! ” ‘■1" ’' o rKanlia tloii i to participate inThis la the method of Jesua The w ay aervli-e a re ^ Y, VV, C, A., repre-

j la dr ie r nut evil Is lo cultivate the good

u n i te d #mi1 '*■! " n - k <"-'-ordlnRt*»d'^Ai a mqUf'^r of ThcI tb»* prc^prit cr-n’.* i innl"

t i going to force lb*' vni-ioim hrannhert of [ ll m m «1v ah men live s t r o n g Indi- th * church lo unite m nn offort for jfplf* J vlduai ii.c* th a t they m ake a dialinct PTiSiTvatlop from th r r-rrn.-tja of the ten- | f 'cn irl ln ii lon fo the oommon good.d inc les of th** ga*' toward u tte r ingterlal- I --------------- --------------

.**Vnd o rih.“" 1s ,.,e dc.v of the; Christian €Bleat)Drchurch In give leadprsiur' tn tlie aolrit nf


t h a Bocifll movfmont Thp whole riuee- tJOTi of the vnhi^' nf the k ' -IrI uprising will he determipPil b\ the that, dom-fhateg It In Hr f gbl -m ibo fnr'-ea of g t^ed born from ih* fii>ir'i of j*p|fUhnejiB.

**The inBue In i Ipht - ut U la this: Shall the Not'lal rnovfmpnt be o-vsnmer- elajlMd or rbrlrttlunii^'-l ’ Khali U be led t - r th e anti"'^hrlp( of uorT'nnTi’lBl’.rtni or h y th e t^hrist of ihr rpoFs’'

'T f the Niilrit lliHt dnrnipfjtpe it ip that « t the Christ of tho f m a s O.rn it w-11 prove the grentert! blPiiN'ua b',uirtiptv will aver know, Tt D up tn tp^ riuir<h to M tha t Christ lontis tb r j*piril nf iho Borlal rrin''em€nt

"The time lias mi'.p wiu?o wp Ti cd inUfjde»‘iitand thfli n rfllglnn tha t dufN nrit w a n t to mi*'ke UN dn *;crvtcp fnr r.»h(ir.'A can do nutlilng for urt and thr t h a t doefl not want tr» do something f-ir th« eettimunlly In wlprh H standfi ran do no th ing tb a t wD! he permanent in Ue

. kingdom of Hod."


Thft loplc for (llscuBSlop ih Ihc Cliris- tinn IlmiMHvor inee l inge to m o r ro w n ig h t Is "T\v<?i\e G reu t W reea , (he y a fe ty VerBV." 1‘Halm xxvll., 1

Tiie dully r h r l a t i a n b'-iuleavor Bible reHilIngs fo r nex t week a re th e f o l ­low Inn

Wonduy, ' I>Kiiger« of Ijrinkgl’ Ibb. xxvllL, 1-4,7.s, 'Tuesday, "The Drunk-

! iml'N Stuphi ltv ," I’rov, xxl., 17: W’ednas- I day. “Avoid IlvH," 1. Theae. v.» H-S8;I Thurhdttj ' , "An Exam ple to OtharB," 1.

c’or vUl., t-l iV Fr iday , “Keep a Sane 1 Mind." 1- Tim, I. 1-7: Satu rday,' Dm Body Dure." 1 Theaa. v., 23: 0uti - I diiy lopic. "\^'hy Rvery One Should

Sipii a Temijera i ic r I’ledge," Prov .xxlU ,, 20. II. 2^-33 1 Tpiniieriiiice m ee t in g 1

' The r e a d in g s oii the J u n io r E nd eav o r ; loplr for hcxi week urs th e fo l lowing ;

Mornluy, “The T reaau ree Of the S qow . ' J o b x x w l l i . . 71-27; TuesdaVi "Aa Snow In H a rv e i t Time," Prov.

' xKv., 13; W ednesday , "W h i te tt* Snow," l8u. 1,, IS; Thunuday, "He PrefutrSB Rain for thfl E a r th , " !>. ix lvtl. , 7, 8: F r iday ,

Rented liy Mrs.' l^ lcherd c Jenklneoii, preeident: Y. M. C. A., hy Henry K Dawson, president, and the Newark la ­bor unions hy iTiar les P Ingttlts.

Thfl adrJrnss of welcome will he dflltv- ered by K E. Sargeen t , president of tlie board of tri ietecs of the church. T]»o principal address will be given by Rev. Ur. w . B. Wallace, Bap t is t Temple. Brooklyn. Mr. Twomey will, a t the dope nf the iimeting. m ake a brief responfie Uj :tll the uddresaei-

I'revlouM to (he opening of (he nieeiint,’ by Ivan r . Flood, cha i rm an of (he com- nvHiPf; of a r rangem cn is . who will alB'j

,« — fc. - *1. J - pregldp, r.onie A r th u r TTusaell will give an■ oryan rcciiul. 'I’hero will be also a num

the inaLli itfl thi'ra will be a celebrat ion

y Miaaions and social service a re to be fho gpn'uai KubJeclB of the in i t i tu lo ex^icndini^ ovrr ilirce days, Feb rua ry 9 to n . to be heb! In Grace Fplecopal rh u r c l i iiader ilm aiiNplfCB of the Woman'B Aux­iliary lo the Board nf MlBslone of the Dloreae Newark.

On tlie

of holy ' oinmunlor) at 9 30 o ’clock rangementa have been made th a t com m unb 'an l f may gel hreakfaet nearby the church af te r th is service.

From 1d:3fi til 12 o ’clock and following the t’ommiurtlon, on all three days, there

'Keep ! mlsBlon study claasee whlcli i, will dlscuaa " t h e Goipcl of 8t, Matthew. ' i “T he Why and How uf MlssJona." "Tiiej Kmarg^ncy in <’hlntt,.......rhe Htory-tellingI Book" and “ Forward. March: in r h tn e . "1 On Monday afternoon from 2 to 3 3d '

o'clock there will bt a conference led hy Mrs. D, M. Sawyer of the R’om an 'e Aux- I Hlary and M'ss Orac* Mndley of the |

ber of seloctlomii by the full ehoir of theAr- church under the d lrectbm of Mr, Rui

* sflil. The male q u a r te t will take part In tho proffrain.

NIr Twomey plunged Into the activities of hie work Immediately upon hla a r ­rival (n the city. Th is a f te rnoon he ad-

dressed the boys of the c ity a t tha Older I Hoyrt’ I’nisnde (.‘unference In the Second

Pr tahy lorian ‘Tiurch He will preach at both rtcrvlfci of Peddle Church tomor­row ami will, tn addition, hold a special

• rterv'rfr for men niid boys a l noon.

I St ra i iL s M ethodist l-Jpiscopal t lhu rch will r e ie h ra ie i.ta s i x D - f i r s t b lr thdiiy to m orrow with uii a n n lv e re a r y sermon preached by the pnato r . Rev. George p. D ougherty , uiul h apeclnl mua lcal pi'o- g ram hy Mrn. F lo ran cc Mulford Hunt , the lioloial. and J H. R. i.’onger , or-

• K.r'itilI T here a r t s ti ll in Uic c o n s r e g a t lo n

ibi'fle uf (he o r ig in a l I h l r t y - rh r e c mem- bera who founded the rhurvli . These .irc Mrs. S a rah M C arhu ff . Miaa I'liehe l i ^ m o r k ami Mlae M an h i i J. Smith.

T}\f rhur .-h w aa o rsan lE cd F e b ru a ry :i ls:-s3. ami w as lit f i l e t ra i led the Kroarl S tree t M ethodlat Eplucopul (■‘hiiT.:i 7’h*: f i r s t Ber\i«;-eB were held

^iii rt hall r en ted for th e purpose on Rioad s treet . T he fl r*l p a s to r of the congregrt tion was Revu Wll llnm W Cor- bft Hhd the corner-s tone of the pieeenl

; edifice was laid o/i O c tober 26. lNf)4 I Among m an y o th e r diBtInguiahed

m e in b n s Of the c o n g re g a t io n which haB held in each decade lo m e of New­a r k ' s most In f lu en t ia l and pubHc- spirUed citlKena. have be«n the late (Jovernor F r a n k l i n Murphy* former

• Governor Jo h n F ran k J In Fo r i . Amoa Van Horn, w ho ia r e m em b ared for his g if t to th e c ity of th e Llncolu and o the r m onum en ta , and th e la te Lhan-

' cel io r Theodore R unyonThe proBent pa s to r . Rev. George P,

l iougher ty . ha s been w i th the church th ree yeare D u r in g hla c h a r g e U him g re a t ly iprreaBed Ita m em b ers h ip and (lae r e c en t ly ta k e n on a nevv lease of life, la rg e ly th ro u g h th e effec ts of an e n e rg e t ic c am p a ig n w h ich Hs membern

, a re m a k in g to becom e a real eocia! pow er a m o n g (he people of the d is t r ic t in which th e y a re Blluated.

Tn add i t ion to th e Sunday eervlcea tlio r o p g r eg a t io n will ce lebrate its an- nlvei-Bury w i th a special p ra y e r and pra ine m e e t in g on next Tueaday eve- TiliiE. xnd a recept ion to membere and th e i r f r iends In the paraonagfl ad jo in -

j Ing thft church on the evening foHotVlng.

•jniin, Genlleness with Vehemento. ' v.dl be the t^»ph' '‘f the scninr i Vial>t-“rs J i ts week: Mttrl< ill.. 17: Luke lx., ,b)hh xML. I3'2E^: John xxi.. 2i>,

'Ihc- top'*' nf the .luijior Leajiue^is ■‘t!(.findink' I 'y Oui Dnlore." Matt. s,. S2.

T P p vesper wirvlcc of South Uruntfe I ’hapta r tomorfriw niglil ^vlli be led by Miss IflaWTI Brown

A mset lmt of the freah a ir commlUce of the distr ic t was hold In Halsey Slrer t Melliodist l':plBi'opal Ghiirrh luat Monday even'nk. P lans were dlacussed, but no definite action taken. A^erton VVllaon, president of t ’a lvary Chapter , lias been added tn (hi commUtftfl from Group fu

Miss (Jladyrt MeCalUim. third vfi'c- prealdrnt of the district, a ttended the vesper s trvice a t St. Luke 's Chapter last Sunday evening and ta lked on the fi«sh air M’ork

Thfl young men of Pa rk Avenue Chap-

tTutJpc’ls wilh uiie-iJurU of our num ber of rh:i rii f;* ll r a v Im tha t the- CathoUcB are uudi.r-i kurchc-.J, hut wc F r o te f ta n t fdit- c.-Kti nly Ui tj- i-hiTi lir-d.

L h' ll nf Ihc i;rtr;il l-raiirhea of PUr ihijr^'bci^ ur*’ s.dli lulu many ilivlslona. In NflWHi'li. fur Uui*- apv ihreeur rni:i . r i l r n u u k iuD uf iTesbylerlttiis at vvor]' A 8 I'f ’Ml ujoal propY

Ilf ttir' ilK ih li must iiugln with * ijictl; ntj tini ab.iu uf iJ» ruuiimalions. but f rs( Ilf triH!i> "1 ihi ' hiirchL'si Ui uut1 Ity uf thi- huiTK il''iJurnlriLjtiui‘, Wt m u i tfulhnv tin pollr V (if huPt'fi vi-'ntral.Lttlloi) uf 1>H ft' Uiiun C h I b '1k m .

■\\ r rmifit h n v ' big c-hunhes. cftch v'Tb H I' K I 'Pivlii.e. ihuM makttiij It poa- fl t’ lr u* hii . r more cucnmiTid ntf and able m»-n hi tmi ' ( • in t w voijUl then give tbvrti; Ihc rlvbt kind < f aa : jftaiivp In order trs Tiiake Ute’ )' ■ h u n h a rval «oininunltjr I -iiirc I n i 'an pa^tr^ra! kelp*?i H and visi- t,u!'R, vvhu i-iJidd visit th r Kick and i>oor, nuraefi and all lb'- vuCoua k nds of spec-

.-itid ti n rif u .’ Oi lul wtirkc-r^. who wou'u atUnd lu Ih*- jjvv d.'j that would at-

ibv Milfliil - n and j-ymi»sthy of rbn.«i ,1 ||.' vi.. r- here now.

•;t has I'oe:: the e.vprrfe::'-e of vhurchef ihruuglii.'iit '.lie i-'oiii,;r.v thn l w herev tr tiu'v h 'l 'v :: i vi'.lly l‘!x a:.d . ulr nvih Who •rtii cl,or‘is;t tiu- i^rcal vilal si.icIbI iiura*

iiu:if of r'lv Ub.v V'ith fun-o and d'yeern- inesii tlicre i . ivv uL a.v:; liC4*h drawn araa.t rruvdrt io him I do not mean l>> thisi ,H( iK'Ht iinul 1 M’ai'liCra, but men nho lire, able lo pulul tlw way to a i*uliit' jn Ilf ijiii rtoi al il v'iiLuitles-,

I'flrhoi'uily. I .;i‘-d tha t v^hmever 1 (llsi il-iH, "ll Hl’nrJjis iMriiin^s, v.iul pr«s* I! nt 'lay ii r '' • m i n no : vf*rii:-r thcjin well •tlf-rcli.-lid f ’.v .i ' d l i a f v u>jj xery

i n - ' h iKi jj'T ih,-:i <'hurdiiiulugpiopR- '? N • V. u r|( , m -■ 'iliiir in oneth'n'4:. tlmr wlilli. they a lic i:d fltvT own ■ 'lUT'll ' ”Ti I'.i Mura iirf they

o' 1" ; i’ \ hi-i G u y vvdl in\].o iMii lnt ; And lli'-' b-uU fur the 1 huTi ll I': u hi. h IF- t" O ' ■[ y> i:.;srd etufiu * (hiliS " ' l l of (Ilf- lud-iuirv

• Tii^re irt l Ub‘ iivfld 1" i-all al-i« i.i|| :: u Ci.H nr:^mi''-' ' f u ■•■•riLrulixa-iu,n uf u!)-. I'tii i'lluM f'-r'-es, iti work for (Ik* ' i - n i n i u j i h . ^ u ti-p (ic'>res of eiUtifl ihiir ' iiea u h b i i u-c- - . i F o r a Ivare » !rttrn<f iiiuJ u rr uniy tender' d power- Ir .i tu I'''rrOTf11 UMV it-wl .«ir*cl8l iHSkp fot th<' ur ' i:id. tliopi So .letlmes theyar<' Ipiddird '■b/'-' ly lo s e t lm r—two or Uiri'f' Li 111" ' r> .1 .r.i'.s nf ii^fl block. Ths tr lo n d l io i i <p' t. k‘i fuL K.- Tlf '! hey cannol .ivrvf when thi y furrr-d to stniyjilelo hi'.v e ihei rsc!'. I r ra the r lliau the peopleBiTiiifnj <litin,

"'"»r rourap, it \v H 1 * Haul In ana'w*T Lo ni., Hi jiiunf 111.. Ihiit tin* Roman Cath- oili ( hundi In iiol ai v uinv liahins njore fiu huinanlD, wUb iIh .ijri'ut central i-luirchcj'. than Is the riotr-eiunt denom* Inyl "II Lui , allhnii^li thia cUurrh ie. In it.s fp ld , doin« f^ulrjuJiij work. 1 do m l ihInU it I*, with its absnhilt" and im- movablfl ilieolcsy, « v.**ll ahlfl «« tbe FTnlostciiil ( 'htirch In deal with tins neede of the .S iu 'TTan poi.ipb-.

“Mn, if v.u rtu< i'Pcil in lirmsln^; our fhiirdiflrt It -.;* (her In Mnme surh form ae I hn.‘ e w*-' ''ball huvn lU’Cuin-pl'Hhfld llip fir:-il "ti- - 111 lliH taak Of br'n-pn'^ nUout ifiu Unyijom nf Cjiriat "V ear th Iti \Viiini[f'-. whence I camR here, tliere !•« a Crnt^'-iunt population of I.Mi.itvd wh'- li ;s well cared forl>> niTK-ty fl;d-"i:c.I;'lly (‘(lulpped and manned rb im luN . nmply able lf» inlniafpr tn I In nct'dfi i.r nil. .\iuJ thcs?c I’hurches are u!l proaporoiis and accnmpll&hing great eerv'lefl,"

ter. of Park Avenue Mathodiat I^Plucopal 1 'h'JTirh, Kast Orange , were ohicrla lned

L \and IbhntrmeKter Church . thtK ('Uv. <’h: lagvtt thatv pariah

I . r l o u d a and- Wlfirt W ith o u t Rblty^!. (.^ 1 fie rv i re '

junb>s departm ent. The aim ot thia will i be to consider the conhectlnn btjtv'oen the , auxil ia ry and tho IndividuAl Following I th is a t 3:30 trrlook Rev. Augnatua Kl- j mepdorf will deliver an address on “ Sc-



*.7K now 'and Haiti TettCTi

•*>»(■ T 'f»r'c| n v\ hi j - 1P * Isu "■] v., 10, 11.Miirrh 1 He whM The F e b ru a ry ■eeslcm of t4ie

iigitJ d.............. .................. . - F e b ru a ry ■eeslcm of t4ie Essex

M u m e glmilgr d u lT s at r h r i s t Church. ! Endeavor Congress was held last n lablill tbu F i r s t F reab y le r lan T a b e rn a c le ' 'bu>vh. T be usua l su p p e r w o i servedCorning. N. V.

Mr# Corwin waa a nupll of George T ' S r i v e r , orgenlHl a t the Church nf Zion : Mu8 St. Timothy, and of Clement R, Gala. MggkXllBt of CJirbvi Chui’cli. New York. H U iucceaftur In the local church has not b«*& announced.

Dr. D aw n aa 'a .Anafveraary.4 io c ia l g a th e r in g In ce leb ra t ion of

t t ia pacond ftftntvAF*ary of the pa i- pOftaU of Rev. Dr. WilUam J. Dawson

F J ra t H reaby ter tan C h u rch will be -iOW. Tuesday n igh t . A p ro g r am cotn- l ^ t l l i g muBlc, add reae rn a n d refreah-

v'MMBtii 'Will b« I n a u g u ra fe d a t S o'clock.t v t a i n g wRl be b r o u g h t to a d u a e

-ppltk fMMly p raye r* a t 10 o'clock^

m 6 : 3 0 O’c lock P res id en t P e r c y R. NiicBHh: prc'alded.

'fhe work of th e union fresh a i r de- im r im cn t for the coming aeaeon wa* tho topic discussed. T he homo a t R o te - land will be opened abou t J u n e 1 and pa r t ie s of fo r ty ch i ld ren will be given tw o-w eek ou t ings , T he in s t i tu t ion w d l remain open un t i l Sep tem ber 1. S tephen D. Riddle, ilia co u n ty f r e s h a i r s upe r - Sniendent, wtj! aga in have genera l cha rge of th e home, a ss is ted by Mr. NueeaSe, W il liam R uete l l , S ta le Preei- d en l John T. Sproull , C larence T. P la t t , A- B. Johnson , A. W. CIgner and George C. A rn tg

fr rence* of |d e p a m n c n t i

will bo helo s'cptJLnatii'ly. Thf Inpl-- f«r cuOrtbieralloti v . l l | .hc the neoens t>' f o r ' definite knav ledae lb ihe pu.xUlary. ‘1‘he Jo'nl conference of W^inegdHy Hfternnon ' wtlli be lud l>y Mies Undley imd will con- !»ldcr whiit the aiixlllBiy can mean in the life of the [/srieh

Op Tiiesday nflernotm al 3:30 o tjorlc I the subject of thn a<Uli'*flH wHI he the Newark City Mission; iHhi of W(»dne(-- ; day ftl ihe same hour wtl! bo given by \ M'se TJndle>. The noonday prayers and I addrenn wlJi be given hy Hev. Dr. H )f. 1

Arthur Mac Fadyen. a reader of the New®, HyJp* Menryetta, Okla.,1‘ ccqF' x M b office a'^num-Vier o T ' m g t u ' r e d tuoGeri. laaued aa ad* vaftiPing mate ria l by (Kq F ir s t Chris tian n i i i r ch of tha t place. On It there mads:

■yhort' SermonP c,ckhJ MubK'.“*Spat8 free and all weirotnc, Special

(JiBfM nsRtion to men. ‘ ‘mne, enjoy Die mtieic and take a nap du r ng the aermon. Eh?

“ KalUifuIly voura.N OBIJTT, A. M , M Ti„


Rev. A Wesley Mp ||. pacific Coast secreta ry of the AmerHran Bible Society, t i au thori ty for thc>atate!nent th a t the pao- ple of the Psdfio Coast propose to apetid jr>D0,00n for rel|£b;ii8 cxhtbt ta and work during Dir Panam a Exposition tn S*n Franolscn Thia mohey i* to Be erf^^tfed. In the an]ipresKion nf rommcrclsflsed vIcA In that i-tty lit piihhr meeiinga and it* *P effort to 1‘how Dip man> Orientals and others V, In. \T lji v k i i the eitpruKlon the power r>f chripiisnitv .

on Monday evening IttSfct ttt a supper bsrved by the youug women a s a ruhiilt of the membership conieat recently lu*ld, The condICon of the contest w h s llisl the winners should be en le r ts lned by tho losing side.

Roseville Chapter Is prepared to wel­come a la rge delegat ion a t the fourth de ­partm ent d is tr ic t ra lly to be held in the parish hsU next Monday eveninK. Feb- n i a rv 9. w han a fa rce wHl be gK<?n en­titled “ Qelwflen the Acts." Tiie repuriH thus fa r received by Erwin Q, C. Gbush, d is t r ic t four th vice-president, Indicate t h a t every group In the d is t r ic t will bo represented.

Group No. 9. composed of the chapters representing tho Iab Grool, Fratikliti Htreat, Hilton, Irvington. Montgomery Btrset, Bt. Luke 's . Si. P a u l ’s and Valls- burgh Methodist Episcopal churches , will hold a fou r th depar tm en t ral ly In Ue Groot Methodis t ep iscopal t7hurch, ilouth Orange (and Litt le ton avenues. Thursday evening, F eb ru a ry )ft. .in intorebtlns p rogram of a social na tu re has been ur- ranft'ed. g ho r t addresses will bo made by BaMueJ M. Tutifson, d is t r ic t president, and fi rwin G. C. Oauei, four th vice* presMent of the distric t. Miss Charlotte Jones, grpufr reader, will preside.

Miss M auda Haberle. leader of Group No. 5, Is p lann ing a four th depar tment ra lly of t h a t group, to b« held Thursday evening, F eb rua ry .2«, In the lA'est Dr- antte Meth.odlit Episcopal Church. The chap ters compoalng O m up H ace^Jafil^.;. wood. Orange, South Orange a n f ' :

Bli$$ PerryProfessor of English at H«r-

vard Universily. and for tso 5 ears editor of The Atlantic Monthl]', speaks in Newark, un. der the auspice-s of the Prwby- lerlan Onion.MONDAY— Febniiry the 9th. a t 8

P. M.PLACE— First Presbyterian Chveh. SUBJECT— "Abraham Unerfo.” RECEPTION— Follows the Address,

with Refreshments by Day. ADM ISSION— Includiaf Rcfreib-

ments. SOc.

O R I G I N A L ,g e n u i n e !

Oranffl. *nd-CalvGry . Fer*y, 'jPGfk- i*AP nuo and Sandford Street c h a p t e r s ^ LCaat 'Orange.

Group No. a is assured by the dlstriotfour th vlce-*praildsnt. KrwMn G. t' . Gauss


Thfl news ot the recent building cf an {■lertrlc railroad from Jericho to Jerusa

Dongrtgatf^'naiUta In (he ■ church o t jiRcv.. Dr U’. |i A):cd. fo rmerly b a i to r of I th r Haptlsi '-Ihirrb In New York € H y of I vvhh'h J >hn t ' RoekefeUer is a member, ; are hnibl'nsf r- r liim a church to cost

•ri.C»0ii in thfl mte rin i and while wait -

Hadley op .VlDiiday; Rev j R. A tk in s o ^ i brings to mind a Blnry recently told Tuesday, ttPd Rev- C. L. Gumph, \Vt>dne»- | hy Rov Dr. Jesse Lyman Hurihut. super- day. -• I mler.dcnt of (he Ncsvark Dlatrlrt of tha

An inviiadoii to a ttend la extended by i Melbodlst Episcopal Church the AVonuin'a Akixlllary to all women o f : Dr. Hurlbut waa atKmllng a t the ter-(hc ''Ity luterCHted In misaloDs or tfO'Aal ’ tnlDal of the s team r&l'road from JnpjiH. riervice. Tea will be served a t the rluas I to Joruaalem. Ht* an old Arabof each day 's snasiun. At noon the wom-*i guide who stood with hirn If he did not en will pa r take of b«x lu^ahcoas- [ th ink It s t range tha t the re should bs such

• -- ■" iiir •*!« r>(ing I’or Die ntw building Dr. l,rc«i’l’*Tm on fiimdaya In the kJx. .,.■ '.*-.1- r* .^ _ * rr

AK«d I*................. ... . . . . dyn»fOSueIn n1i;.li rir. Mi!yer, one of Ban P f * ' '

I'amui:, raUbl's. p reacho i on Batur-diij «

■'Aperim.'iiu mR<(* to spow that ^on- .Hn t.0 foiiih i anil cor-d In its

I I ii'.'ifil ( trooirliold tho coniTOitiMl *K»’ tr'.'i uf a largo city, hata Iwen micoen- f',l, Rot.i ruing to a ttoT)' wrllHB b f Jobn [w tra praacat.

t h a t the new n t e n d a n o e bVnnor will hr nreaentx l to the pToup a t the rally to i™ helU (n Da Qroot Church on h-elmiary 19 This banner wilt be awardert (he chapter hav ing In a t tgm lau rc a t th is rally the la rge s t peruenfae;* of memberihlp.

Unless th e p lans of Mlaa MauUe Hah. erle, group leader, mlaearry, Group t will have (ta a t tendance banner In time fur the rally to be held (n W est Orange on F eb ru a ry HR, Negotiations are pna un­der way to securo (t through the Jlatrtct four th vtee-prealdent. This leaves but rouS group* without * htinner.

The social ral ly of Group .\n (. held last evening ot (-'aat mimi.i't Methudlst gp 'i copa l Church, w*. aal l attended. Several of the off icers ^ the distric tU. mr» IMMfcOdMlt

T h a Fvifiil.Dirink tar a n A g a*Rich milk, malted grain, in nowdar tttO . For infantc,invalids mid (ftmeing clriMtgii. Pore nutrition, uobuitdingtiie wiiolebtfly.Invigofrtes nurKni motkareanOtlMafed,

ion**:More beaithrttil than ton or oo l TakenaieiliaW nta. Aak «•» HOHUIHrS

BIRDS.81. *2. IS* ISbriftfiJInu I'i'uuilaL*an«r(flS. full »M(it*»*>

Uftlrtflp i'aftirHltGi*|*l|)tnR fiiqlniFcb***1-Hfn.O t(.i |3f. ISO. *7ft tWUi. 1*rtG tSS4 Ho]6flV*)< NflW flu ill Htnst bp«4>i..« fnre* r-*-- j*’e if(i)>f|rj*i,

...... 83. 14, lEa |S. H. s . i r t t® . i t ; , m . m . r.D. 8T>V 1104* fUv . t7Pi tlfUi. tSs4Klr6», ill Htinst

i..i» fnre« rflflfft-i", f - — J*’e lf(l)*niW.

J a N.H0L0EN, 25W.23d, S t. l i t

Mil 5 t r v

-fS:^4 '4f

ifif .


Viriatioo in Realizati

S i

DEVELOPMENTrh r ia t i i i i i rh

tSbniinv lliu ' s f f u n a aie riilOUB i'f I' iii'od and umK vessity rcr a: baslrt f(>r till-. la rt-uliKvJ by i wot.

Tlifl inrhidin Uie posi t etilu: hs ir , liss mox i' to oxvrtHkfl lU unprepart'ii i" Upon tliom fur t«r])rfltttlK>n h<\ l o t Ihb lUfw «■! wUii tbfl uvw nomen*. nv^r 1 sh if ting phase

The Buf-itil f Ittmii to Lho <1 h t d bftforti ruf t ttceustomuj (•-• sncJsly It irkHf ttnd underpin til niovemvni TI w s i not of a fl tioft, 'rhi> typt rsp ted wiifl f.iitu ry uhoxfl him thoaw of thfl r secuplod £iii-|i a finality It whilu «| | I order of life i rttvesllnsc tin* i and >vsA ralliii cttj da\ebipmfli

NfwAftflr a perU

■UubUou And ■odal ihaiiEtt'rt sre gfiun^ int davaloplng a \ beforfl b*n^ h clel rpoonHiruf111 gmdmilU- brt t (hfloloK' irt r e la te t" Uk-

In dstflrmJnli (Ion iir fuliHfl dsinsji'-ltriK a lha roformtt at

. *npoun<’ea. « u la fluffiripnl " and lo !fla\o f'l church lo v a n splrtiiloii. thr- t

It la polittfld Chris tian Iraiif some 1:mfl pr handlo-ttp Mir d e a r ly en«niK)i courai* (" lak iJubafluneiU t lu Indlcttt'- » \ F' mclhod than l slUMng D'i*f|ij gram.

I t w as Ikin'that liiii! riiadF tla ii f’ hiMvhf’ j Qulrkly lo llu Itig perloiifl i mulaa nf ihcr a p ro g ram .TV hi oh to the mitts'll tbenpH a d h e r e m e cai t h e l a rg e r Borial r o n a d o fisplrationpr t s t r u g g le fa l l r

’SttifJii. Indus In te rv a l s for t r«ncy or tnpai lar. Tl iPie HI logica l or vci■VN’ant of a re»thouglH anri I Ituul mind.

\r i 1Human aff?

rato aa io m Intoleraiii up tlan fhiirclipR to Ihi' task Tvhlcli ' aiinot roncluHioti \vi and ppiriiual lhal Hie I'hm eatahliflhefi tr

ThoBe chui a cldflnllc in-< bIlh that thi grcBsive and certain Houml that 111 valves Juatlc-e and more, a d ear churchPB in ti (naasurea of vsloplng put) ests and In \\ by olherwlsft

It is tbe a; inite, positive mistake mad Christian chu fields of eerv prlncipleB, U arouae thoug may preach thousands of aln.8 of aticit yeara away, a conadouanest makers of cP Dfve In seUin life that are the duly of thorn ao tha any condltloj that there ot laauo raised, tost.

luolliIn thia d h

tba queatjon i taut progrjxm th* dh'ialoD and tho proi that no moVI tho other bel be given an orgy, aflpecia.1 inclined to ir the wake of sires to cetab van of progri be Said for some aer\tce Loath to invl pushes along clal construe eariously and tianlty, la to must be at 8(

Chrlitlan ( principles tha to rnttlntaln 1 sacrifice, an< practical wor Is an express sire and aspl the Christian demonstrate spiritual life temporary an

In the tea It Is to be 0 sens wrho cf eternat life young ruler test JsBus b herit eternal the story oi taught a ies rich youn** have eternal showed the him self of f to follow' Hi between ini having it, ' the other ni possession, the terms of

. ' . t ^ v f s lw he:' e (e r t i« l Ufe

he r l ted . Thf I t cou ld be c h is w e a l t h 1

In these about ‘eterp c la s s es th n t traditional tomsi laws rulers and t iG n s Iti th Increasing I ilay» becauB vision of 1 qualitifa of choosing to 1 to take the possible tha but IheaegepUB came i lufie’lirfted with are. The n .fbets in his < «ee« In ebedi Ulliuliantg aoftnables ezc«

ENCYEet Uniol t Into

LURCHED• f C hitr«b 7%ot

i. liu rcbM ir««iw mt fo1 O a t r f *

, p«ftlor «f lovot th « t >e of tb* ih« eburcb tio th lh f tp

ureh If not t M td, la th o u g h t c f C hurch Ifl Tiany dfvj- tcu many tb«r* Ih a 1 chu rch Id

counUy. othPr day

conijitlonJiabou t

ta ECngllph’ ia malaria.^

ailuw thlR d (iom out that of tha ar cant, of iiarly that .>ple—m orn lo i.

abou t 100 tu nay that i- chu rch w a num bar.

noinlnaily 111 to draw ) pcopla. Id . 10 fiftyiluubla our• nuDibur of

CiithoUcaP ro te i ta n t i

of our (.llvlajuiiu.

• a rc throe Ki^byterlarito

prob'- ijln ivith a latlons. but fiLii ' n uur

VVt’ TllUil n ira l.nation

n-bca. each11 P08-

ig and abiflJ then (five Iff* in order I oium unlty l■ and vis!-

and iioor; idsi of s|)6c- ifk irs . whot \Noulcl a t 'n ip t thy uf

of iliEjrchce t w herevfr Iv ! :ih who loc'.ei iiuva- ijf] d ::c#rn' I'cn drawn io not nieun El, but men

v a y to alet.jv.iw‘never J

\ , U ' pFM* r them well ■,b- j'v *' ' ery 'huroU^'ulUii [la.r in one I thO r gVi n irn nrf they lny wd! ill •ik for the i:>sed cuJ'iU'

In i-all a l- ' ■•lUrali^a'

In wolk for ‘s of entafl : Tiir a bare jp d power- sl tfiake for letlniPfi they r^r^tv.’o i>r oc't T heir hey cannot Lu Htriiff^le

:i the people

li! answ er jinen Cath-Htiliii* njuri;ut central iiint dfluom-

church la, work, T da lie and im- ihifl aa the h th e needs

nfflnif OUTrli form asiiv« iH’Com*If leak of I af L'hriai nee 1 cam e ipiiJution of I cared for Iny.-ed ami tfi in ln ltf'rr

sc churchea amiplUliinf

r va t H a r- fo r t m A tlan tic a rk , un> P resby*

Hli, a s


___ --- TVr ,

A * «wrfar*«tto.ig c iiM rM .trhotabcay.■ a t iM afad ,a t eoffaa;w m M t n

M A T EN O W I1. ( a Hj , IS. | i . u • IIS. ISO. I p ; 1100. lU o >. 1t>l* IIM •hnrt besf^I ' I

■*- ' " ' ' '-E, * 't ’• ’

N E W A R K E V E N T N O N E W S . S A T U R D A Y , F E B m i A R T 7 , 10 14 . 1 I I H"vui i aRwiv


Viriatioa in Principle and Tactics. Realization of Need of New

Social Basis.


eiturcb SertiKts tomorrow

f ’hrsaiuiii chi;riiiif;« m aenUiUK 'it- terruliM- Ihn rltrof-t lr,j, o f th e n t i i l u ue ffa rtP m e in 't .tiiiM-ii >>n Uii- nui---l lo n s " f i ‘i-in> ij.;i i.i' u -.h nmJ uusiii nd anti wniKh^^; iiiM ^iani. T'li- iicCeM lty fl'l' U:-1 n 111 ,hl; Mig It rif'W »uciii|baslH f(^r the. iiiiM i.iiii of <’hi .• 1'. in i l> le rcalisviJ bv (lu: Icadcin uli>j i'< i failli* eat.

Tlie ind iic iriil and aoclul cv .. iiiou nf th e paai tR uturv , e.'fiet [ii.\ nf tne laH«r ha lf, lias moved uL au>‘h a >u|dd pace a* to overtake ilic ■ liurchea and fltiU Ihsim vjnprepai'tiJ to inuci: ihi- dt man<ie ivuiiJu Upon tliem fur u int rul atui M|nntUHl IiL' te rp rr ta tio n Hderinate ti yri<vtde a hHili f a r the now cUHiifc'je and c im inenaarata V.lUi th e m«iw irx luatnul and S'*cl«l phe- itbrnen*. ever hko b aaii'nl j-h ape in iheir sh iftin g pnaaioa

The aai-ial evuluni'ii lia.4 hnvufiht pruh- leiTlH to liio <’1ni]tli ijiiiir unplic at>> U h«d beforti met. Hfcaij.-in tiie cluirch was■ CCUStomuJ t'V takr- ih a a ta tlc virw ofiocJcty It ViBa iiuL (irep a ru j in realize knd undereierid tfic n u tu ie of th r a--c||i niovenu-nt ’l lie ihoalogy It had adnplrd w t i not of a flia rh i'ip f io meet the bjI t i tioft, Thu lyfii’ of tLienlony auneihMy ft- ■ rippled wae f>irinij|utrvi1 m an early lOii- tu ry ubosft Hiiriai crvnJItlonh wtipe iinltke thoue nf ihe prn-sent \> i t,hiiri*hf‘a had■ CCtiplnd Kiich n iheol«>pv afi prai'tlcaliv a fln&lUv' and th*v pf^'^'^^titcnlly Ivald lo It whllu all tfir- ntiv ' the new er Morlil o rder of iif© m criaklriK them and

m t l B o d t l l € p l t ( 0P » I>1 T rllil'r l in lu id l l l Eplscupsl t liUruh , H r.

fi-v Irving V ittm r wifl pr«»vl' r. V, inurnln* on 'T h . N .w Com nwn.i nil 111 ‘ I lls «v«n in i topic will !>• I'l'”-Mui lit Ulavk."

I k i . Jam ua K f h Hds, S u u •un«CTH-tcKtluni Ilf the A nll'^alu im hear«ie. will h h u u on "O ur U rofrarn fu r ItfH . at I 'cn ira l M etlw d'ai Kkhai-’opt^l Chur< h u - morrt.v. rnurnin^. • Hk Cumlnk af Sin wlU be I he aeiriian imbjevl af Uu' U. 1 .U MkUtid. Ihc pustur. ul niuhl * m.iiP- will I'c M oriihm - Organ p i-l -dc . ’Hlkiu. aiilhciJi. Iluw Uavul) Ar« dia Altsent nB<‘rs. M«ndaU#fuhn: rciu'iiiM« i> 'Aliitft M vitifiii. Sibllllri*:: offciloi.v, i ' u«i , k in tlly l.f;;ht. O i-k . g rg tn invaiful^- iJn g li llv e iiin s - 'O rg an preluiK-. Ssu*;* nor. untficrn. U«ua \lire rea to r . \lurr"*i;.ii rff^Ttt'i'y. 'rtu ' K ln^ uf l»»ive Khulle.v. ' urgMi itosiludr, .Marih, I ’lark.

At F rank lin SireM MeilvodiNi Ki'iStn pnt i.*lMJrcli. [lev. Hr. U’illlani 1'iv'suie will . preach ilie f h i l c f h eurlr# I'f seiirumii ; on 'T .ifr \ f i e r I^cetlj" U innricft n xhi IliK firm euhjHi.i will lu ' ImtiK'i ta llty

J{ev J. XN' C’rfvw ih rr uf alll ^preach In Rusevdh* MeihodiPl Id'lMt.ipal ’Ofr.iirfi Inni'irrow m ornhig. The pa«t<'r. riev Do! f I ’rank Diefendcirf will iiT'‘Hi'I i In the evening upttn the lupli "Kerpin*,Oh' T rad ition and BreaklriR th** Oopj- num dinents. ■ Pelos lieckei, l•!lOl• aoli jsi a( i>nO'H] fT eabylerlan rh u rch . New ’Vurk i ’H>, will Bing tlie fulhtwlna nelac'Onna «L the evening servicH o..m e untu Ihni, <''ver»’n. How tA)ng, O Lord. Speaki ,Mid \ \ATrJenesa In (Tod B Mtircy. Ulisle.i.The Inu lr 'in irp ta l miial<‘ f" r lUr day imde- the d lrrctitm of Hoy J. TiftKai. o r ta iiij t , ' will he »a follows: M U hlns—r’reliidr. 'raMuTnl^, UuMniiani: trio, K#>rcriadi.,B t'fichfrl: I 'fferhuiv. irlo. Nucturnc. Rub- ner. purllatle in i . rappe lcn . U venlng— i rreh itle , rh u ra l and Prlere a Noire Dame, | lloellruHtin; tif fm o ry \ ‘lolin aolo. Seren­ade. I>rdla: postludc P 'eital M areh, Grey.

Th« rTinalc a t St. L uke's MalhodlsL

•v e n ln i toplu » iu be ‘T h r e e Men Under One H r i ." TIio in u a k a l p ro fm in s win be: M >rnmg'^irjran. Cantllen*. Mar-,bhent: mih^'m "Send Oul Thy Ught. Gounod, g i.a r trt. The f^ird Is My liot-k. ' Itufers. irBSh Msr.ii. Ijsst. Kveidni^ f>r8Nb, At'tlanin Ki'ilg>oao, liRmetfire, an- (hvm. I U ill l.iri t'p s\< Eye*. Mpiiney


III lo-

Mthe w ilM "! iUuUI- ' VLlbJe

M Mt

Pr»bvttriaMHr l.y inan W h ltn ty A llen '*IU

|H'wach u:i "Tha H ubit of d e rv lc e Uo’jlli I'lirk I ‘1 i.al»jTcrleii d i u f c h niorrii>u ii iondiig . At South I b i f lmi#ri.(l I'ji.siifi 111 (liM I'v’vnliigspf.ik HI 'TIk* iJo J.aerv iitf;The ru l louir ig nu'iilc vv'lll he fcinlcriul -vl I 'rnIrm ‘ i rga i i [ireludc. Ini<*''nnesi"H'dli '1 . rupiuncj aulo. .\bivl« w ith M* T m-IIc . o f lr r lo ry , o rg an aulo. v.'hiiU'^aM UiKi't, org .m paali iidv, Mtirvli, utliii L v iinm g i ip e n in t ih t» ru j.^■vlJlh untJ Nui hy S igh t. M ti’eilM h. .u p j.n rf poiu, ,S aviour, r to u n r ui i-Li-ri Hli*nsing i.Ielhel; o f f c r lo rv . . l in i . i i ' itoUi H(i3ii, Ho4lnwy

Tlie m us ic uf Ki » Olid ! 't riibv ivi lu.' fuiicM lOiiianov* \il!l ho M n n u m i I’rfliK h . Avu Muriu, S b e l lo ih th i. l.uvt-ly A ppe.ir, liuimiod. C'lgO" iiM '!- lur;., AuihiJi 11 no. Lunitire; (»f f t i to ry . mIUj jMolo. roMSldeC iiTid N ea r Me. S . o o h r |>CM,lliidf. ALirrh In D. M 'U iy ^^lnul■ t. r\-.K vH ilhji — J*Jfelii-le AllogreLlo. Jo b a j , ..Alexamlwr W c tl . an tliep i, Lov^v D Iviiit 'Ali J..Ovr L x i'rlll iig. H v h lu 'U e r . oraufi | .n f fe r io r y . R e v e r i f . J II- UokjiTs, u f f c i \ l o r i . Ii-lo. A M dr with Me i ' I m d w ic k - . i pupi lude. f ' f f r r l o l r t ' . w'el.v

‘The Wapr^a of U U h teu iis i t-as ho the iturm oh ftuh.U*<‘t of Hev N elllv ii( F ira t |•|•f■.-h> f r r l ^'ru h en iu H e , [u m o rro u

qua I ic \\ nrk.-v.p ;bmi

' ' 1/Td l|i io M snlfold An* ThV U arn 'iy . orgun. HrherKi. N-liu-

RepilM■■■.. of i.ifc w I'l p« ih«

or r,fT ik ir ; ,,r ! .MfJcii II' 'H h.'pl*.;:! I lijr.-h lomo'

I - I . 1 . .11 iW liv ' 1


> I

1, r n. I?r I'l II irrscfv I'.nuu ri ‘ i --i P - llr»l I ’m,:'- '1 ll'M fvi'iihia h :I 'l 'tiu r.vllierh ■*.!

1' '-1. n

I I IM . i.|i

wil l A li

i h u t . [•n iuriil ip H !

revealfnfif thy ilvnam ic i-otio-ptlon of liraend Wflf ralliiiK fur n d if le r tn t tlimi.vgi- j r iu in 'h tom orrow m orning will

Mafnll)g--'TTPlu<le, [Tnlode In A flat, Spark; an them . In 'dine Thine E ar. llltn -' .. ............. ,_ . l__kll...... . a.

cal da\elnp(nentNew ^ in tr of MlniJ.

A fter n. period of piiidc c f t)u- ^ ''iie ril ■Ituatlon Htld rif the <hHm«!ri* of U'eaocUl < haiigcji taking' tlm clinrchma re gerting in to h hlnle r,f mind utid hth dsveloplPB a p lan of « 't io n ilia i nmans before long h niuVMmont In an­cle j rec'onatI iir'Mniv Stx-ibl i iinHclounneBS le graiim iliv b»>cf»im5K intiujiified, amt hy !t UieoI(ig\ !.'< helns: ami rellRinllre la ted tn th-- n c in iilr f l « r life,

Tn de term in ing the i-hurar-u?)- mcl direc­tion of fu tu re i-frnrl .h<uiu' Iradnrn are dem eii'ling a [ro ^ ra n i iininlitakH hle In

rnel. o fferto ry . Andante, Alkan: solo for tru e r. Rai'k of Agea. Hheppuid, P'latlude. iAA|e^ro M oderaln, A’uh 'km ar Kvenlug iT th d e . A iidam e I'antaldls', F lag ler, an- llu'in h* i*n Ihiiir of huflowtidr«ttce H arnhy; o fferto ry . Itom am e.

f lv tn ln g top ic w ill he ■“d p ir l iu u l S u i - [ s . oitie.” TIi* iziuidc w ill he M m iilnw - , fh i'rc 'ludc, IV chule Mi l'. D o lm etach . on- [ J i them . I.iki-' aa l'*t H url, Lu'-y; o lf e r - j mT lo ry , ( ‘u iiieu iii TItiie* ft KDllnesa. W ood- ■ iii wurcl. paHtluilf. M lru r tU o Fompoiio. ot Noweil E v e n in g — I’rehuic. M ed lla llo n i L' M a ll l i , UlitfKm. iT (ia« |:ig the lUv. , W At ooilwwtvl. u ffc i'tr ji 'j . Abide u ilh Me. V y g crlc li, p c isllud ', M.ircli In .A. L 'h

At E lliab e ih Avenue TT*Hh>Leruiq C biin li. Kev Dean Newton Itol'e' n will p reach an “ Sth.v U Not l-!ver; I 'n r at i ’h tiroh?" trunorrow mnriilng Miw oven- llig tuidc will he ■’T’he ''* 1 ; '“ aTMl U i- Jecl nf rh r la t lu n Eilucatbiti "

“ Now B irth" and "l-’ii ir FonP will Iv the mornInB and tveninK pf'rtiMm si.iij^'eis of Hav, Ur. WJIlUim V riiH iunon &l llolievjlli* f’! '‘il»vt»*rian < hur-li t. i:\ ,iruw

A itten'e service will I'f cfinihirted alP'ewanilin M emnrta\ iTeativ l-^rian I ’hurHilom arrow nlRht Hev lir . 'h x -raa H HroeiUng will pieach .ui "A ‘ all t “ Men

'll Haplli-i ‘‘luv:. r

i Sought ihe L"rd. S t a \ - , ] n tlio nm rning he will uprakn rem . antl 'om, . ^CMflim, tioatiude. Marcii in A finl H a g le r ’! ho wermon H'lhjeci}! a f the pa l lo r , Hev J , II MaiTumald. will be: MornliiB^I'lfttiini Motive." and evening, " ( jod in Kurtipo

• Mow Tri Make ft Church ITfiiperou.i sn,l "Tho Hollb'lon r>l l .lnvrjln" _ nr« tht

I 1 tl VMl I ’ !, . • |h li

f Ij 'ir» h I i»M 1 I pi. V .11 he I « ........... I \ 11 ■ rgi I f. ■

1» I -fPV fI' lMria.A - r MTU'.iMi *■

i, ziil.r 1 1 \ . f nil' Hb I -c. ui rn tj.^ . 1 in V .1 -.1\}, I M.|i Mill i'e t i l r

' h ’ I fO' irg'- Ni' Nf "I> ■ li’*i|||ig :*M I. eI .'ipl Ift! * hi 1 ii. Ic I.I i‘ftf h ■ «n UapM* e hi, I

I ' • > w n M111 I lo 'I.[• Ill *J, vv fr'-r

I ’ ,pte .. W •ui»I V fctuTi at L "T I

1,1 ry. Will I'l i- i'- h H f Tch lonit rrow iiMTions ■ \4 netl, i 'ir pavt'ii '•V lil

I in 111- < --ri iig on I h r MarUih: 'e r i ' l- muilcBl uioKram will

.M l 'IK Anthem.'*, 'I he hMU y ft .\lj ^ l,|..].«TcJ 1ft, >helley, If ■! e

.v:i ■ M y I ’'iiniTiRndnh-nta. II V n t h e m e . 'I.irry wMh

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thi) *eruv n Mipnie nf ' lie I ; h,, ' > ,\ m ' Iv ' 'Union ;A«ttu I liiipT'st t ' l m r ih tainorii 'M niurri-ItU ic e , f-iv'f.v; irt-Ts jee will hr ui ' Im rge jof Mo 111 ■ Hiiilioo'l i f the clcirrh and will .1 N-lr)it*j.;! ii b\ ITofoaflor V A |Hlar I H' I ,,r I I gar e I niv ersilv I lie ULib- |j f . 1 ■<‘]] he ’ I he M.Me and MihIctti lT"b-le rn -■ ....................... nrcl.isiTH wih H^ftlatIII ihm I'ei'M i- I li«‘ fi'Iiaw ins niijftlc will I n r hi'O 1 ■l- rihg dtt> Moi'fi- ltig--.H ;th.-ni I U’lll 1 ■ft Mine hLes,\\ lu l fk ' li l . diiT rftUij ftolo .Itm ,B Laver '•f Ml Rniil At : -- k h I1. he M ika L'iy Ma'it-

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I?'’TX.I ' i t . ' j

C e t i t r o l ' h r e 5 l s i t e r i a n C l i u r c ^

I 'cm -H l |'i’ral)> M" ,.i M iTiur-'U, jb u M ' m l l.rr ii due lo nn> alJK imI W..UI w i l l . eleli iHle toniveruw TTiurn- | m-lh M. M-n h cr, T h " . h i i i . l i I,Iff 111. ti i l . i j nhiMvcraurv ............... i ' ihl to II.m p.MO .im kh i ,; Ms tm i i •u „ a f r iH pitDoi !l- P r h- ir and in olhej-ft I . till- co l imii iMK m,litongK W h Moij K lijg. ha^ li.n! c i i i p e |

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g ro w th W ithin Ibm pfiio-l. h.i ;idd-I'd fu lift inou ibrrah lp . I iu lo d in * ru in e fo ip - in J d n»'W comm unlrujM P lu hi. ad - mlTif-d If- Ilia cfingregi, 'Ioni ( a n i J i r o w , iii.rtjly f.fe [MiirKaiia

Pu^■lhR thi* (HTpal a i h u r ih i t id a l lodneih o f J.’h' '" “ I hurt b«'eii r c in i ' 'e d ftinl HU addM Im ial rum o f jn . i r to i.ih iad l o’ c h u tc h Uhl<''^h iind bm p v nh-iicew, tnuk- siij; for ih a pir*-r vraiH of P i . K i n g * p^iaturatr- a total uf IfiJ.nop,

11 la p-HiiI I h a t 1 hrac Higna o f a< (h It v

\vri|,ll 1 IB Io i h U iI P .> Iku ( r>a(r|h||*4>-»niuf- i l i tl l lo Imlb Ihu .iiid 1 4'ieU 'o Mlpyloii tioiiicpi o f lla ov. u uiu| Ml lit ih'hollliliHl loll!-

\V blh ihc I ’f l i P i i l I ’hui ' l i l ior* iii>( :niiii h ri 11, iM I ON g regw 11 oi. iiii.v v . ; j w culth> pi TH'ii's, Us irin p lu henovo-l o m . p hill I ftvri 'ajjPil fM i-,n h pfli' rnmii'L"i ill l i l t pari Miree >vuii4 Thu pniiiiipfi(.i]ih’ H jiiid m m 'n Mi/dri li ’ a " f ihe• b u r I' .ire i.-M iih In tn in im m ilty w ork iiuu tli» humla:' n im ol lina tt m cm bvi- ■ hip uf SfiO.


,Sp,rf-il -*»pi Mir 'Ni" V f H.tSUl ftV I 'A K K l i t ' : T I .J!'l'»^A

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Ihe Afthurv Fii rk Klkfa hu>'' -‘i w » rtlc’'t,. J ’r a r -u * Siittw of llrudp> IPtijch ih-

!Tr*|iKle I-y the vr- ' “ " M a . l lyt I Ip - m vi - iiil.'li.jUi»r In b<- ana I ‘h ! " I o.*. otnjii 2, |rr(--ted lU l o o k man m s i i i .,!' find 1h«. 1. k \ . gi ifbcm. ' I Wni ! ftiri'fi lir-.uml |i;ih heen hi,.licn uml ih-

the reforms and cutmii j i i p e purpoae* it . Lhoiuef upon which Rov. O. M, VV eat w,i■innouDi’ea. MpiPr lenderH Inalftt th a t It la fliifflrif?nt "iii> In ('‘Uiihllfth pTifirlpleB and to leave o th e r or;.ni nizatlonfi than tim church In cfirrs <mt. onder Chrlfitian Iti- ap lrallop . the <ir'Flre-1 i+'toriiifi

I t la palnied oin hi Um h itie i type nf Chrlfttliin IraderK fhal h iiruEjrMin may at •ome l im e p n n e eniha! ruHfrfn, and a

apeak a t Sunim urfleld rh u rch tom orrow . T he miieiic will he an follow*. M orning- Organ proJude. F rayer, B eckar. o fferlo ry . 1‘iinMlene. M allly: an lhefn , Re)olce Yo W ith Jonm alenj. Spinning; o rgan po»l- huJe Featival Pofltlude. S tefert tP e n ln g - o r g a n preludft. Vmion. UlhP anUiem , The Hftdlanl Morn H ath Foaied Away.

handicap 'me. .fin tv 'i .lee I n ‘ advance i nffertory , L arghetlo . Capm>clearly enouKli ti, dc. lHre puojltlvely Che . hoIo, Bpreenar from ,locnlyn.courftc i " lake m m hlcving a , r - p ja r d , o rgan’ poetlude. M arche Sultn-Subsequent changes In p iMic "pinlon may i Mallly.

-...I - EpiacopaltnrJlcat" h \ rry dif'*’reni cmiraft and m clhod than th a t of the progroin. necea- ■ItHllng ffeqii'*nT. re . i^ion «.•[ thi* pro- gram

I t w as lliift dcvplK 'ii to fi p ingn irn th a t had riiadp it d lffh u lt fo r ilie Chrlfl- t ia ii chmcliPH io m id ju a i them atlv«a qulfk lv to the n^'f-ds of newly develop ' Dig perlotip a f huiiiHU life. Thu f o i - tnulas of theology con stitu ted In effect * p ro g ram , to the i iirr.i itig ou t of w hich to th e le lic i- th e ch u rc lica cOin- m ltlc il tlieniftclvcs W in ii ih ia rlgh l ad lie ren ce cam e in d o s t conP ic i wMh th e la rg e r dem R iids of develop ing Social 4‘Qnai‘lpusne?H and new-er hum an aap ira tlo iiR th e re iippea r*d n ahrirp B lrugg le culled n re ro rm a tio n o r revo-

TnduHtrlal p u n k a o c c u r r in g nt In ie rv a la fo r th e w a n t nf u flex ib le cu r- rejK’y o r tneana of e x ch a n g e a re fa m il­ia r. T liere jip p c a r alfto a t tim ea .heo- lofficftl o r i’cc’le slaP tli’Hl pan ics fo r the v-ant of u ?'tH<ly ex ch a n g e of re lig io u s th o u g h t umi Ideas an d n to le ra n t aplr- itu a l m ind.

Nil L o n g e r TeneHikle.H um an a ffn irn Bre m o v in g at rucIi n.

ra to afi lo iTiake li ii! «ii ab le lo n g e r tha In to le ra n t n p irit, if r e a lly ibe i.'hrlfl- U an fh u rc liep a re lo adilies.s tliem nelvea to the ta sk of s o tia l re ro n s tr iic llo n . w h ich c,ifiiiot p roceed lo a Huccujssful roncluf^lriM w in io iit th e iieceByary m oral an d B piriiuul H frcngth and chB rac ter th a t the I'h risM an i hunch aa a w hole Ib ealftbllaherl to «-ive rn Mu* a o d u l fabnlc.

T hose c litjich le n d e rs w ho ad v o ca te a clefln llf p ra g rn m do ao I'rom the de- a lie th a t tl\c c h u n hea a lnill hr. ag - g re se lv e an d b h a ll ap eak wUh "no u n ­c e r ta in Bound" on ev e ry bocIhI T ies lio ii th a t Invo lvaa th e e l l i i ia l p rinc iiilea of Justice a u i nghtpf>Msne3B. F u rth er- m ore. a c le a r -c u t p ro g ru m conim U s the churchcB inflor’Hlngf it ie> H uppon the m e a su re s of auch h p ro g n iiii. hy de ­v e lo p in g pu b lic o iiin ion In th e ir In tc r- «BtE and in Influcioclrig Ic g ie la tio r and by o th e rw is e foB tt|r ing them

iL is th e a rg u m e n t th a t w ith a ilef- in ite , p o s itiv e p ro g ra m th e re can be no m is ta k e inad«=- as lo th e p iirposea of C hfia liftn c h u rc h e s ion<*ftpnlhg the new fie ld s o f se rv ice . T he a n n o u n cem en t of p r ln d p le a . U ia hehl, is n o t enough to a ro u se th o u g h t an d ac tio n . A m in is te r m ay p reach a b o u t th e s in s of P ek ing , th o u ean d s of m llca a w ay , o r ab o u t the s in s of a n c ic iil B aby lon th o u san d a of years aw ay, and a I 'ongrepatlon have no co nsc louanesa of s in now an d here. The m a k e rs of ch u rc h so c ia l p ro g ra m s be­lieve in aelzlng on thoae needs of hum an life th a t a re m o s t fe lt, a n d in d e fin in g th e d u ly of a l l c la s s e s In re la tio n to th em ao th a t (hfi un righ teousnegH of an y c o n d itio n m ay m a k e i ts iippeal ao th a t th e re can be no av o ld n n ca of the iBsue raU od, b u t In s te a d e a rn e s t p ro ­test-

lu o lia e d fo M ark T im e.In Ihia dlv’lfilon of ch u rch policy on

th e question o f princip les only o r a mill- Uiftt prograJTi, th e re m uy b© recognlied th e d ivision hetw eon th e gonacrvativo tutd th e p rogressive. The one believes th a t no m ovem ent can be hurried , and th e o th e r believes th a t a m ovem ent can be given an unw onted ncccleratlve an- orgy, especially If It Sa belated . One la Inclined to m a rk tim e and to follow In the w ake of progress, bu t th e o th e r do« sires to eetabUeh a pace and to be In the van Of p rogress. T here is som ething to be said for both sides and both have some serv,tce to render. Yet one p a rty Is loath to inv ite troub le, w hile the o ther pushes along, coun ting no coat. I f so­cial co n stru c tio n Lb to be undertaken ■erlously and relig ion , especially C hris­tian ity , Is to d em o n stra te its power. It m ust be a t sofne coat.

C hristian churchea need to establish prlnclpLea th a t m eet m odern dem and and to m a in ta in them , though a t the cost of sacrifice^ and th e re Is need also o f a p rac tica l w ork ing p ro g ram so long a s it Is an expreseloti o( p re sen t conscious de­sire and asp ira tio n . T he s tru g g le before the C hris tian ch u rch a s a whole Is to dem onstra te th e q u a litie s o f e te rna l and sp iritua l life am id the env ironm en t of

te m p o ra ry and m a te ria l existence.In th e te a c h in g e x p e r ie n c e o f Jesu a

I t Is to be observed- t h a t th e tw o p e r­so n s w ho cam e to h im a s k in g a b o u t e te rn a l life w e re a la w y e r an d a rich y o u n g ru le r . T h e fo r m e r s o u g h t to te s t J e s u s by a s k in g h o w be m a y In ­h e rit e te rna l life, and to him Jesu s told th e s to ry o f th e good S a m a r i ta n and ta u g h t a le sso n In so c ia l se rv ice . T he ric h y o u n g r u le r a s k e d h o w h e m ay h ave e te rn a l life, an d to him Jesu s sh o w ed th e n e c e s s ity o f u n b u rd e n in g h im se lf of h is r io h e s a n d in freedom to follow ' H im . T h e re Is a d iffe ren ce b e tw ee n In h e rU ln g e te rn a l l i f e ' and h a v in g It. O ne m u s t w a i t fo r ! t and th e o th e r m ay en jo y It a s an a c tu a l p ossess ion . T h e law y er, In te re s te d in th e te rm s o f p ro p e r ty r ig h t s o f h u m an

• .•^ v fs litg . has, noi, h ig h e r '-4toeptl<in of e te rh a V l l f e ih a n '' ' t n a t I t m ay be In ­h e rite d , T h ^ ^ c h y o u n g ru le r believed I t Bould be c d ^ l f u i a J y realised^ th o u g h h is w e a lth h in d e re d him .

T h re e t'laaeeii.In th e se tw o tn s ta n c e s o f tn q ijiry

a b o u i e te rn a l life w eru nam ed ^three clasBbB th a t a re u s u a lly 'r o n e e rv e rs of tra d i t io n a l w a y s a n d th o u g h t , c u s ­tom s, la w s an d p ra c tic e* —law y ers, ru le r s an d w e a lth . T h e ra a re excep ­tio n * In th e s e c la sse s , an d th e y are In c re a s in g In n u m b e r In th is p re s en t day» b e cau se th e y a re c a tc h in g a v is io n o f the e th ic a l an d s p ir itu a l q u a lt t le a o f e te rn a l life . T h ey ore choosing to h a v e e te rn a l life ra th e r theia to taka the risk o f Inheriting It. I t Is p o ss ib le that the w ill m a y be con tested , bub I h s t s t h r e e c la s s e s w ith w hom je iu * cam e In co n ta c t frequen tly a re eat* Inied vh th ths a ffa lra o f life as t h ^ a re . The ruler is r a r e who can see de­f a t s lb hi* own govefnmsnt; the law yer •ees tn ebedlenoa to U w th s b slg h to f at- ialnmant, and th e soopomic lysUm th a t

. aaablBs excessive wealth to tcoamiilgte

At St Faiil H MftlhodiHt I 'h i in h tam orraw m rrn lrg . K«v. George p Doiiffbrrty will p reach tli« s ix ly -fir» t Hnniverftnry aermon. T hs evanlng topic will bo 'C h ris tia n ity and roH llre.' Fol- Inwina ibla tho rungroKation will Rivft the iiaiial after-lhc-ftcrv lce RCrlAl liour, lo which all who arf' hmeacm e are invited T here will be a Bpeoial mualcal program .

At H a lsey S tree t M ethorliat E p iscopa l Church, Kev, Dr. Jam ee C. H ow ard , tn e pHBtor. w in p reach lom oiTow on IhS fo llo w in g th em es; "God H elps th e G iver" and "The Boy and B ig B ro th e r . ' T he su b jec t of th e pcrm onsU e p re c e d ­in g the m o rn in g serm on w ill b* "T he Boyhood of Jesus. ' T he m uaic w ill be:M orn ing—u rg n n p re lude , P a s to ra lBeene. L u d eb u eh l; oiUhem. O nce M ore R e tu rn th e i>ay of Real. F flu re -N o e lso h ; o ffe r to ry . R om ance. B lngelm ann^ a n ­them . T^rom th e R is in g of th e Sun. Solly; poa tlude , R ockw ell. H ven liig— O rgan preUid*. A ud an tln o , G ills ; an - thnm . S av io u r l.lk n a. Hhephel'd L^ead r* . K rapf; o ffertory . Adoration. Noycp; goapel bvinn . H elp J u s t a L ittle , K irk - pR irlck : postlude. A lla M ard a . V a len ti.

The Tnuali* a t De G roM M eth o d ist Kplscopftl C hurch to m o rro w w lU be: M orn ing— IT elude. A dagio, B ee th o v en ; rin lhrm , To Thee. O P rec io u s S av io u r; postlude . B atis te . E v e n in g — Prelude,

tuple ‘‘(Jolng riiil Into the HKhWft.'. s , iicvn a, (Muju^. i uinl the Hed;;e3. I'hi- fnllowing jn'iaic ,s,\i T*.-h,nk ^vlll be r«*!Klrreil M ornlua— f*rel s d '. (-'cpri My Sim per , tterilonft solo. i m i-H for ihe frnnvv.tjrlc :» rxp«i'l**d ea r '! ,i*rgo. H a n d e l, atith^'m ThlB la th e Pa> . ] i-Vyj- \o t , ) i : Ui nN Ri,> k, Itv John B. ' 1| Mar. Ii ri-'’' h liltllri^ u III ■ '-'t *4", '' 'Maul; r f fc rio ry , Sb Ham*. .M archani:,j Pum ilinn . urfrrl.i>r- , h-. iMo ou*he»tr&, I ami v lll I.......... It « x i"-'l«d . lup'i»Hml«, R elnhard I r ii^'’ c\eTuuH tl»« [ s i-ilian Phtinf*. M'Ufi | A'lRUftt.■''‘u'gl niisaii will hp rni'l* ipd h.i a inal« j Kvneai \v i') Ml! pTtai’h 1 I'lu' '•IuIiIim isi- u ill hp Ihp ( " f l Imibi

hiM’MP The ln.ll I umvtn Rl rium beri arc j |qi*K4i«t'l H.ipi f r h u r r l i to in o r - |ln gr »u i ;i ' W 'ltrkifig I'l 'Ah h I the lilral." A apedMl iiuielcftl rrr* will be held In the Th-- p r t '- iiu ii for the dayvsill le , M 'rm ris * [T?l\ide, Joiiohln: f 'a l f . [ojK'T i-'ki. T h r Itom elnm l, Johr: sut! anil -ivi. My Rp'b*eijipr I.Pe*. T. I>\s"I'Mutiift. !'■ rtll ,dr, Th:r'.l SouaU . AlevijiiilinftiiiT K'. Phi r g - - I Tt-lvule. Romanop, i

ki elude. Song W llhoiit U orda. I'pr-hai* k in^rhv. Dffprtorv, ( ir i 'n lu l P icture, St h ;n iann. p'^iftlhide, ^lari'h I.ie-t.

Ilev. Josfipii H unter w 'h prea> h nt F ifth AvrnL'* PmabylrrlHU ‘ In in h t-'^ m orrow moriiiu* ■' n Tli- V a ilry "f Vn upping Made Iritis « PIh- ' "f S p nnsb ' HIr evnninu k-p1c will be I . 'u e rm litvg Out K far "

FCev Pr, H Gcliliart will preai h a t tt>o«iuahir .JV B byterian ' ’hu rP i tom ur- rirw m orning. R»!\. Hhrrnuin H M ar-j. the packir. will preach a t n ight on Ihe Aw akening of Zioii

At Sixth P reab y tm an I 'h 'iroh Her Rnherl ft- LUtell will preacJi tom orrow ninrn 'ntf nn ' The Syinyailiy r’f .Jesua ilia evening topic vvUl l>p "AVlii .M iendlni; r h u r c h Save a Man'.'" Th fo llow ing muftlc will b« rendered M rrntrm — V'oUiii- tary . G nog, nnlhein, (.i Sacred H>*atl Now W ounilcd, L lszl, upcclul hytnn, I.eL Him In; poslluda, Morso. Kveiiing— Volm itary, G u llm a iit: an iho in . O W orsh ip th e Lord Sm ith, an them , lilorlou.i Tliin*is of Thee Are Spoken, tshelley, potfLlude, 'lo u rs .

Rev. Joseph F, Folnorn will p reach a t P hn ton Avenue P resby terian C hurch to ­m orrow m orning on "Tlie T'ask th a t Lies Before I 'e ." Tti the evening he will apeak oil "T h e G race of T em perance," U. Rell Cloee of Georgia will m ake an td d ree s ■ t th is service,

"],oya llj' and Religion" wUl be the flUbjecL of Rev. John M< Ibiwell a serm on In P a rk P reaby terlan r iiu rc li lom uirow m orning. In th e evening ho will deliver iho second aerm on in the eericB on "C hrist-m ade Men " A braham Lincoln ' Pilll be tile m an voriftSdcred. I h c iiiusb’ fo r tlio dfti’ will be as followa; M orn­ing— Prelude. Adugbu Jo b n a lfn ; aoprano *olo, H ear My (Ty O Lord. W ooler; a n ­them . JcBUB. Moridful and Mild, B rack e tt; rusponse. Threefold Am en: postlude,Paelliide In K, '^./emniena Lvontng.

W tmi'uwm. i . '.icilin nnd organ, anlhem , ' off! Th<" Lorrl Js Kxul ind W

ii xirel « uiiii r n iifui in Hi'’ritv If n ill h(i r*"ir storli-s "f I'"'

I U.w' iile. *\,tli et K'l u rinlali ft ml Irimnih,:;I of irii-i-iui' I rii It Tlln M r f I I n e l fb -' ' ’ r.'Ml !■"* fln\*h« l lift a m l B ' i r a r ! and ha

a lrea iP ik-ch P rhciI l ' a s>w V"Tk <"u'( • t in Th*' «if the h iiM Ing ;ic'I h S x l " ' ' ' f t * e t

Dn tfie fii ;.t jh riiM'! u lll F-r 1-h a fed Hu-and

willrnniu'^ On Hie h t 'otl-I

e |l■la1»•d Gic Mirial roniiift

idvlle. R o th le d e r : an th em . T he Lord | Prabi.ie, Brrc«u*a, B erenger. Hnthem, My Khepherrl. S m a rt , poB tlurta M arch, f F a ith Ijooka F p to Thee. B uck , oolo, Scoison C lark . i One Sweetly fioleinn Thought, Ambrnav,

"A braham Lincoln ’ Is Rev. Mr. Coon a Peace I 1-cave w ith Von. B u t'Sunday m orning them e a t I .n lo r S tree t | p,^5^l^^de, Fugue, B fla t. BachM ctliodist Fplacopal ('hurch , Gre#n anti l T h ird P rephyterian C hun h tnm or-I'n jo ii slrcatft. The evening serm on will j music will Include: M orning—be "llaw t.hvirne’a U':arl*t l-ette.r. nr. la | Peace I T.eat* w ith You, Rub-tlie W orld l- ■0lng Its Conscience?" W ill- | o Day nf Rear and Uladnesa,lam Vance of the Pennsy lvan ia R allroud Sf i^Tio' ker Kvening— Aiuhem , H ost forwill B in g a t the evening service. M orn- , \ \> a r . Bruume: trio. Real in themg mueic, prelude, M oderato. Xondel: | Brlggechorua. Jesua Saves, H all: an them Re | An'lrew S Z im m erm an willM erciful F n to Me, P e rk in s; q fferto ry . . tom orrow morning a t MemorifilL-ilgi Bordcs?; postlude In 0 , H arrltig - | p^ftjni te rlan f ’h iirrh ' 'W'hy (7n 1‘dton, Evenlhff— Prelude. moveniBnt, j a IH" T his s* rn o n le prellm l-F au re ; rlm rua. Do Sornethlng fo r H om e-, F \ery -unc-jn -C h irrrh move-body, M artin ; o ffertory , *ketch. F r ltc h ; | to ha nhSTvfd F fh n ia ry 15 In theftnlhoni, P ru lso Y'e .Tehos’ah, E n tw lse ; so p rano solo. Mre. HolUngbeck: harltunosolo. W'llliam V ance; pcetlude, H a rr in g ­ton. I

At C en tenary M ethodist Episcopal C hurch Rev. Dr. G eorge G. Vogel, the pftfttor, V.111 preach on "M an 's R esponsL blltty for M an," tom orrow evening. The j muBlcal p rogram will be: M orning— O r­gan h^mberft, prelude. Prelude, H lch ter; offertory , Tntermenjo, M acbeth; poellude, M arch, C lark ; an them . O Thou W hose I ‘<j ’cr Trem endous, Splcksr. E vening— Anthem s, The D ay Thou G avest. W ood­w ard. and Love—A ppear, Gounod. Mra, Ldlth T en Droeck K rlck will sing Angela E ver B righ t and F a ir, H andel. O rgan num bers, prelude. R om anea. H aydn : of­fertory , violin ftolo, selected, G eorge A. K uhn . poBtlude, allegro, R heinberger.

C o n g reaa tid n siAt BollavUlB Av«nu« Confr«gaU onal

Churt'h. Hftv. Jam ea A, S o land t will preach tom orrow m orning on “L tncoln ; A m an ." His evening topic will ba aons from th e L ife of Dr. F . B. C l*rk."

■‘Pro teslan tlam and I ts F au lts (?)" will ha th e serm on subject of Rev. T, A lrd M offat a t the F ir s t C ongregational Jube M emorial Church tom orrow m orning. "M odern M ovem ents" service will be held In th e evening. A ddresses on "W elfare W ork in Our S tores and F ac to rie s” will be delivered hy Mrs. B eatrice Young, au- perln tende.it of the w elfare departm ent, !j. B am berger & Go., an d Miss Vorijon Ila llld ay , extension sec re ta ry o f the Young W om en's C hristian AESoctatlon. The following music will be rendered ; M orning— Voluntary, M editation. F au lk s ; an them . Gently, Lord, Oh Gently Lead Us, H aw ley ; offertory . E levation, Ba- tls te ; solo. W hosoever D rlnketh o f T his W ater. B ennett, Leonard E . A uty; poet- luds, W ely. Evening—'Voluntary. H um - oreske, D vorak; an them . N earer, My Ood, to T hre, L ithe, Hclillling: offertory , o r­gan , Andante, B atiste ; violin solo. An den "Fruhllng, Grieg, Peyton Johnson: solo. Abldo W ith Me, Llddle, Miss Em ily E . B egun; postlude, Sims.

€Di$copalThe m usic a t Bt, J a m e s 's B plsoopal

C hurch to m o rro w w ill be: M o r n in g -P relude . A n d an te from F if th Sym phony. W id er: T e D euih, W oodw ard : B ened lc- tu s . c h a n te d ; K y rie , G ilb e rt; o ffe r to ry , S w ee t Is T hy M ercy, B ar .ib y ; ben ed ic ­tion , L ead Me, L ord, M ark s: postlude . W edd ing M usic. W est. Evening^—C horal E v e n so n g : p re lu d e . R o sa ry , K evin:M agnificat and N unc D Im Ittis In D, M ark s; p ra y e r an th e m . O S av io u r. Bless Us, M ark s; o ffe r to ry , Now th e D ay Is Over, M ark s; BaA edIctlon H ym n, B eet- hoven ; p o stlu d e , M arch , C o ita .

A t T r in i ty E p isco p a l C hurch , Rev. M ercer G reen J n h i i t to n w ill c o n tin u e to m o rro w m o rp ln g th e ^ a e rm o p hae-.n la sU S iln d ey on;"3T je R liB fg o fV ftu 'A .. ■A eerv lce fo r y o iln g w om en w ill be co n ­ducted In th e ev en ing . IThe re c to r w ill p reaeji on-"A C h allen g e to th e W o m an ­hood o f T oday."

uneth ically Is n o t likely to be found In any lau it.

Suggestively ihe ChRstlan churches may work, whether by a program or con­tent, to announce epptlcable prtnclplee for the trensformatlon of legialatlcm, the egtenslon of the. Ideas and ldes)g of democracy in government and for an equitable distribution of wealUt la the Interest of the larger social wSItare and a relationship of goodwill and ChrisUan ijelghborllhtat. There ere people of all desses today who are asking again what "good thing' they may do that th*y may "have eternal llfo.” This desire to have now a vital experience of the qualltlea of eterhat life Indicates the ground on which Christian ohitrobes may t firmly' take their stand ahd paUt ths way t s ihess who waht to fcaow tita "wgg. dm truth and ths Uf«,i* - A lf liW V S .

pvpning’. Kir ZimmrTmftn u lll ppftak on "Jacob , Reforc anil A p e r H'-'d TreatPil H im ." Thii following nuialf will he reji- dertid: M orning—O raan. b re l’jde In K, B atla tc : an them . Trum In tlie Fyoril. H an- del-SpIcker. offertory . B ut They T hat W alt. Peace; Poslliirle in F. S lern F ^em ng—Orjiftn prelude Cftlkln; an them , Th(? Sun Phsll Be N Mot* Thy L ight by Day, W oodw ard; of- fe r to r j’, G rant. W* Rpseerh Thee. J&nia- Tteaiii: postlude, .-Mleurt). Read.

rU the P*lrBt Pre*hyi«riaii f'h iin-li. Rev. P r , U illlftin J . Dawpnn wiM p roerh on "'l e inp tatlon" Inm orrow night. T h is will be the f lr r t of n. oerie.s i»f foisr ta lk s on "The Toptlng P oin ts of " The muaii'

I to be repdered will be as follows: M orn-Inff—-O rgan prelude, F'l'-stal Prelude, Ba- tiatfe; fjpenlng sentence. Now T hank We all O ur Gud, Johan Fniffer; an them , fp- flamiTialua et nneenRus, Hoftftinl; o fferto ry nenlence. Heethoven: nffertor.v qiilntatvMore L w e tn Thee O F h rlst. W Idnr, organ poi^llude. ProrepHlonsl Rellgeua*’, lu«rn*.lffre. Kvenlng—O rgan preludo, Berenade, Shelley; opprilng eentence. Nun D anket. Jo h sn f’ruger; en them , T iim A lpha and Omega, Stftiner; re.sponse'. P eace P e rfec t Peacn, Puldbeck: o fferto ry ncnlence, H eethn \en : o ffep o ry qu in te tte , t) JcftUfl, 'I’hou A rt Slardlnn:, "MficB B. F o s te r; organ postlude, M arch. Host.

C ttth tranAt i^\ M a tth ew '* L u th e ra n I'hurch

IntormeaJi^ i Rev. W illiam F Schm idt will pr^aih to ­morrow m orning on "T he PhruTthin a Life, a B aer," H is evotiing topic will be • True Dig' iplea "

'T h e I 'hU to W ork ■' and "In g r;il 11 ude" w ill he tlm Jn n n iln g Hnd cv»>ii!ng se r- Tttoii o f R ev. P. K. Braunn, filfll. .Inhn'6 IsU theran P h u rc h t im arrow .

At Gi’ACft Lii thernn P hu fch , Hev M h. Waior* will speak tom orrow m'*rnlng on "Some Ttilr.ffft Lat-orrra M ay T-'H'li " His e\enlng loplr will be ’ ‘Vi'lifre Rr- eponslbllity in Chrlntlftn L iv ing L ' eb '

CH rlstadelpD Iiin\^’illlam M cK e lv it w ill H(J(lrtb.ii the

PbirlHtftdeplilan H i'c le s la n t *\lu.Hlcians' Temple, -lOl P la n e s trc p f . tuinoiTOW morninf!, on "H ow lo t^btalr) /in U!n- triin i'f In to th e K inK dom o f Gud.' M thi* Ji L.h A. M H bII, PrHime Rtid H lith s tre e ts . Ti. «' W IIboii w ill rtc- live r Ihe second le c tu re In the series rm ‘ The Socond PomtuK- o f P h rla t." Mis loplc will be "A n Im p e n d in g R ea lity ."

Ftform tLRev. C harles Beach Condif will preAch

* t T rin ity Reform ed C hurch tom orrow tn o rn ln f en "The U nity of tho R oll." In th e evening he will apeak on "E lem en ts of Gteatne&ft In A braham Lincoln ."

"N eed and Supph '" will he the subject on w hich Rev. Edwin E m erson P av la will pveach a t New York AvenuR Reforrpftd C hurch tom orrow m orning. In the even­ing he win epeak on "The Boy Seoul. " T he m uaic will be: M orning—Prelurf**, G rand Choeur In D M ajor, U’enham S m ith ; offertory . Longing- John W inter Thom peon: an them . W hat a r r 'These th a t a re A rrayed in W hile Rol*es. Btalnor; poetlude In O, Jac*(iuea LcmmamB. Kvan- ih g -^P re lude , Melody Im prom ptu, W illiiim R ea4; o fferto ry . M agnificat in D Minor E dm ond I^ m a ig re . an them . C'ome Y'e W hoee lieartB are W eary, G ilbert; post- lude, M arch in Q, F. H andel.

Special m u iic Will be rendered a t C lin­ton A venue Raform ed C hurch tom orrow n igh t. H en ry W . Jordan , 'ce llis t, will aa- Blflt. T he p rog ram for th e day will b«: M orning— Prelude. L e i. P relude, L lsst, an them . And I t Shall Come to P srh. Caee: reiponee. F a th e r, H e a r T hy Chll' d ren 'e Call. B u rde tt; aoprano solo, Turn Thee U nto Me, Coata, Ml*a H ow kins; poitlude. G fand C horus In C. Salome. Evening—Prelud®.. 'cello solo, A ir Rellg- ieuae. K ronold. M r. Jo rd an : an th em with 'cello obligato, l ^ l d Thou My H and . Gou­nod; qu a rte t, la D ying Jn th e West.

{HI sfftft ('0 rPutr is pr<u\i'l/'1 an ntnple urirl iftfflKcrfttlflti p lant ’/ 'h r r r

e re ftlsn h1uivnp» t'atl]ii-Tlu’ I'liin i '■lU' itir* hulMing w ere pi'f?

pari'"! liv I'llm* r C H ennfr « Im al n rih i- IftfU


s ta ff f'on^upnvilence. 'in rU N T 'iN Feb 7- Finding th a t In

tppnr iH>ln, MoorF«'nr ,\iu 1 r. n Israel. Mm:U, ntilhem. ! billiard aurl lu rd r'>n'nfi 'I'l'"- iM ttI ri'"U Mnri' Love to Th/^r, M arks, sriprann ami | w-i!] h** ^Ivcn o\<’r t*' tluj IcdRi' ftf*ftft!''»nft hHu M. P P ln p ne rio n n er, Gounod; i TIim buiM iPg f.*? i ' l*r f'lUftlubl fhr*’'ig h ‘ftor-fUii * Arlii. Saul vUil'n offerlory, | out In flippiiiul and lulftslon ftl\le On Mi'Laryn H andel. ftriil>em n Israel, Ku* turn I nto Ihp Lord, T hy God. The ehoT win le jflelst>i1 by Mtss EniHy Ta. Grafke, rioi’rfln'i Miss ^^nrlnn T. Heim, contTfll- to , Hnrry Mh< NbM). t fn o r ; Edwin Wick- f^nliof-’r, v lollnisi, E lU w orth H. Cadmua. nrgftriu^i and d irecto r-

Unitier$ali$t^ t the I'h u rch of the RedeemeT. Rev

Henry R Rose will p reach on "L lnculn 'i Iron Will and V elvet T ongue" tomorrow tTinrnlng, At th e rv en in g service he will reud "An Orlaliirtl LlQ-joln F tory." The muaJcal pfoKram s wdll he: M urnlng—'P re ­lude. M 'lrn'ng. M ’od, f!rl<»s; procesBional,H(il>', lloly. Lord <»or1 A lm ighty, Dykes: ftnttiem. The L ilarfin a t P ray e r, K re iitte r. roiipnnse. F a th e r, H e a r T hy Children Call,TLirdeti; o fferto ry , To the Rifling Sun,TorjBasen. tp ia rle t, <''f>nie F n in Me, Te W ears', I.anaing: an them . He th a t Keer»’ e th Ifiriifl. d a r e u c e AVlIllatns, composed fur fthd dedl'‘a ted to the Church of the Reodemer choir; rn s tlu d e . Swedish Mflrch. r^cdorm ann- Pt^'en[^g—Prelude. Medlta- llnfi. M ausenet: procesfllonal, HolyUu'd God Alm igh ty . DykAa: Rntbem,Happy I* th e M sn. B ridge; offertory. priinhVrn Melodies, F o s te r : aolo. The King of lyTivt My Shepherd T. . Gounod, Rdwflrd J. Royle, postlude. M arch. Heb.

methodlti ProtMtani'L l min tig A lm ighty God" will t i c th o

aermon them e of R ev Eugene C Ua koski’ in tlie F irs t M ethodist Proteetanf C hunh tom orrow m orn ing . At night he will pTea<h OR "R em n an ts ." The mu*lcal programs^ will be: M orning—Prelude.Barcarole. H ofm an: offe.rt(5ry. Cantllene NupHale, Pu Bols; aoprano solo, The i;ood Shepherd, V anderw ater. Mlsa Buchanan poetiude. M arche, Sfllome.T-^enlng — PreL ide. In lerm eK O , Fll»et; offertory, n ffe r to lre H ofm ann ; soprano snlo, In Thee. O l ^ r d . Po I Ful Mj- T rust, Pi hnecker. M tse B uchanan, post- Lide. M arch T rium pha l Costa.

te rfe re ii'C on Itfl p a rt w ujld nut bi* ju s t i ­fied l>> tlK' facta, the Huurd of Pijlillc I tu n y i.'rjinml!i*lonerB hsa fiiamlsaed Uie petllion c.f the boroughs i>f Roselle and rinaelle Park , protcKtlng nkalnal th e re ­moval of the Aldene ftlatirn of the t 'en - tra l UHllrnsul to n point about ft q u a r te r of ft mile woNt nf Kb proeenl *lte

The new station will be bejemet the Ivnrougii nf Roselle Park. It was a lleged th a t the i-bange would prove a d e trin ien l lo the cornTnunlly, a hardship to pa trun* of til** roHfl and would cauee public in- roiiv cnience

FOR CAMPAIGN AT DINNERSil 'R sIlV ■ 'ITV, h'eb 7 - r i agn*i*sl\u*y

t i l l -1 .Rhoul 11i« btiHr w i l l |!r*p«1'*i foi1 tn ■ ' jiniimlpn iiiiit full iit II fleileu nf dnl la . ilhuiriis, Um f t r r l o f w l i l 'b wMl I |ti> ^IV<‘ ]1 \V ( .inOFlIii) Tl£gl|( J t (In llnfftl

' .Ayp-t. Nev. Vnl'k I . v i i o t t ('nlh.v .lUJ' t 'la ru ,\/vKe ,,<i>r UnTirti*’ I- Itevuiil m e

l i-a d ln g if'ri t i io \« m eii»S'rxI b a ' II I'du > oi|ph! u ilji’ ri'*r vvKi his

hlvall lu“je hj the H 1l^l^'"ll I 'o iin t,' I’ro- ^h’e ilk e ! '‘ w ill t>c tL iro iil

I iiii 'hol, Ftu I Mill Idg L I ' f l b j nf N'fW I nrk. Mk \ . ii Murk M Fftgun nf itn* ity ctui A; I Ilk I r,i iL

T h e I'.’ l lrHbc'I i 1 'm g r 'S^ l v r I ’ luti will l a v e 1U ftinnrtu ,.iihuul ‘Jn inei Febni- r v I ; 111 l iiJfilnn ii nIppiMjI'ouii \u<b-

'. . i lu m In Lli:siitu*ih H^onue, iiem nroml • i r ro l b liite s H nnulor Moiu t;! I ' lupp nf Mb: iii.-Hntii W'!|| speak nri

I'I'ngI'CBxtviKni.' an d .Alifs .Uii-e bm '’ peMlrtr of New "i'erU. orgunUrei of the .S'ipioiiHl I’l'ifgreHilvo S t^ rvbe Le>igm>.will ta lk ■ ui wnmuiv fluffTugo, ft 'will tie rh« fleet po i l th i i l d l p n i i in I ' lnon F m in t y at which m.'ii a n d women will Bye.I k


I'ATEElHriN. I'cb. 7.— \V hrn Mra. F lo r­ence Ri j ftni, iirlnripal of a public h« lbK>l jti WoHt I'ark. a 1’Blcrnon auburU, found th a t her slyfy pupils w ore bpoHIng the appearance nf the frun l untniru-e to the .l-'liool by ti'eckm g mud >:;> Iho broad r« ' m enl sldovKulk, bho oribuau] (hem tn use ■ side eiitruiM'e Tlio < tilldrjbi *d>Jpt ted,

j end today fifty of tlie n la ly nttiindlng Ihfl Ki'hoDl a re on Hlrlke. They u re backed b\ th e ir puicniH. who doi lare HihL ihe front entrance. nuiBi b t i>prnt*tl. oven If re a tn o is In appearanen o f thn echool has to be aacrlfk'ftd.

T he Doaril of E ducai cn la s t night voted t • auppuri ih« U'a- lver a orders. If fo r no nllier reftfloq th a n to Im press upon th e chllrlien llio value uf tldlne.ftft. and It wftP agrpRfl io Invoke this truancy law to b reak the ctrlke. If tn e pupils refuae lu rom o lu 6 'hool M onday and en ter hy th e aidfldoors w a rran ts will bn iaau«d for Ih© arrofll of dll p a rem a f«*st«rlnif the m ovem ent.

ACCUSED OF AHEMPT TO KILL,s’m u r uf the \ fj 'h o'

nG Pl'LN H BlK G, yph. 7 —A w a rra n t r b arg in g aeaault wMh Intent tc kill has l>prn fw ori i "Ul by !-'rank n Menial of this plai'** ng^iinhi t ’ harlos E d w a rd


rA sflA K ’, Feb. 7 —T h a t h« heal Ids eon, u'hHiued bm i up w ith dog ohutn.'t iitid then altfltkoti hi a fu iirleen-ycuf old

I'ran ip v.ho niHriliui Mr M enzel'a w ard, d au g h te r s^aft the charge uiian whbdi Im ■and who bn allogca Hssuuliad him last Mnnday.

(T/*nip dlfiHi'pcarPd ' rmnc(Hal''ly wCler tliH Hlb'a'fcl afthii ,11, wbj'.'li. Ii la said, wae (Lie lo fan d ly a f fa ir s Jua l lce nf the Foace 1 ‘tiai'lrft Olah " f L’raukl ln, wlio

ricfll Kuchiftki of Herund ntreet wu8 held In f-.nuO '''Bi.ll y es terday afterhuou

Nelglibui'fl heard t ries Loming from tlie K u t l t i ik l house 'JJioy «muiniimd the po- \Wt. wlio found P’rank Kuninaki, nuie y e a n old, chained to a bedpost. Tlie

\ Iflited the Ml tuel Imme and i "n k the ch ains liad been wound around the Isd'a uved man fl cumplHint baa placed the | no lightly that th ey cut the flcnb.w arra n t In the hunslei of an officer . m urt Inter P'rank flyhl ih a l when

Mr. Mcntel ft con'Hllon. while serious , ! | jp f^ihor had emne home d iunk and had ii not dangerous , lu the. fiy^ht. wh1i-b ,itU:mplod to aU« :k his a is ic i, F ram es , w a s witncsHed by Sl tf . Piaii ii ' , .Mental’ s liad rcmotistratcrJ Angored. he said, hip w aa fractured , ihreo ribs were t>rnkfn ftilher turned on him. whipped himund be wna bf-alen tbo ffti-e. -halnftd liini up.

Since hiB marr iage I ’rsmiu if is Mlleu'^d, j Kuclnaki s wife dh-d tw o months ngn Fiafl leM hla wlf** sovecHl limes. 'I'wu K ud n*k1 told Judge Pu/Uello th a t the job w eeks ig'j tie \vas arrctiled and taken t'e- ' caring fur hia nine i.hlldreu had driven fere .lii.itlce Olab Hnd a i fu ip i l of deser ■ llion iiu l noii-sijp;/orT I'n in ip waa ab le ' _ _ --------- ^ ---- -----------to fliviw hy ft 1'K'hI miT' iiHnl, Jutin 1 ’ _______M adden th a t hla Wife , lid get a ll MORMONS STRONG

IN NEWARK AND ORANGE[TO'. isi'Uifl she w anted nt Ids sto re , arid wafl rll.SfCharged Pram p then rtued Meuzel fnr S’-J allOKlug tluil tluit funonut was riiLp bini from Mfiizcl f'-* wnges. Mnn'la> wan tli« re tu rn dav hef<ue Justloo t')!»h On ihr* rftqiiGft! of Mfii?-'! nd journm enlof the suit WAS gr j intH lo next M on day - , ..™Br«r-,iucThis - n r x K 'd C r .m p , .u.d it I- ««ld th« s n . J c f yx.HsaHlt fol lowv. l h.v.r or t v o la t e r In I e rt rrn oon Ir. Hie M m M eiliodiet Kp.x

.Spccl-?! / I'l 1‘lcf: of tAcp iiv lu J t. PVb, 7 -M ri- May Leonard

W ooriruff of A ll'-m lnle Hfidiessed the

the Mo i»el home


R efw m tfl ep iscopal

lln ffO K E N . Feb. 7 -F o ilin g to lo- , cd 'e h e r h u sb an d Hud ib e lr tw o iK tle ' dft'uglitarB since she anUed the aea ik t- I HU'c " f th e au th o rllie fl la st Novei7iDef\ Mr: . F re d a K elly Lerm y Iihb J u s t re - |new i-d h e r ap]ieftl lo th e pi oes, i

Th*i h u sb an d ifl l>r. PourLAnay J leflim.',. an d th e ch ild ren a rc l'3tli*llnd, |

! iiSne, an d Y olinde, six. La.ftt May, M rs. i T-criny ex p la in s, th ey w ere a ll liv in g a t i I 403 (,'lintoTi avenue, W est Hr>|>okeTi. | ' T lien becaufip of th e B lisiton*d H r-

roii.il t 'h i in b . ' M aM iu'iiiKirr w’aa ll^e s u h j c r l of the a f te rn o o n , the sprukei' ( r i l in g her bcu rera o f m a n y incidents ilifll came under her o w n ohflcr\iitlon. T h r fleet, sh5 said, is atrari fi In Nfjwurk a:id Orange-

The mtpsiormry I'-oanl la a c t iv e ly eii- p a ^ rd III an e ffo r t lo fltam p ou t the wri t Ml this i r iu i i iry a s w e l l a s abroad, Hftid t in Hpu.TV.er


r „ : . i i **m .'..' T h e W reckers ' '

juTdert.will be his ;

Fipfcin! of ffif .V/TVNI'ASSAIC. F>b- 7.—C h arg ed w ith nine

. H n,.,n.-r (M-er n i ' i ' N«i;n.unr „i . o , ----- ro h h erlts Joseph T elker i.t 43 SBoniiil■Rol,t:t ijiinn B.ciiinc-r, \ h l o r ' ,-um iitanreB of the fam ily , M ra .:L ern iv , e treet wee a rq u ltled h rfo re Ju Jg € M eii-

Dexlh- v .ll T T \ v t 'r» -h F ''h ProfeBslon o f *\jr3lnK , . ' r t In the fo u r ! of Spsclel Heeslunt fttR obert - T carh at '■'bi’ i rx-,.,*. Unma i pa te rsun ycsiprclay. AUhougU the Fsft-

fiKif- tiolii-e bfllev" T e lh^r Is an accoiu- 1 lice of Juaeph KrEjaki. who it Ifl allegpd bus comnnUc<l morn th a n fo rty robberik-.B in iluA city and aa m any m are In Rutti- erforci, L yndhuni, K earny , M ontclair. iiTflngft and Brooklyn. Ihc evidence against Talker was not ©ufflcient lo hold tdm.

Kruflkl rieclareft T elker had nothing to do w-lih the m bbenee. He ha* annlir'l for trial in the C ourt of Special i^ea- .sluns next Friday.


C h ris tia n Scicnte

pi'. L c rn i\. It, 3ceniP, then trover! to H f la t in I’ftilsade avenue, W a*t Hnbo^

I Ufiii. th e nu m b er of w hich Mjfft- ! doeHii'i ram em ber. In B a p l ^ b a r , ac-

L'fjrdlng to M rs. Lerm y. flha c a lled a t ! Ihe f la t on ly to find th a t l ^ r huebaJid

The dubF^t of the lesson permon In i ch ih ii’on bad movBji a w ay tw oF irst and KHf’ond ch u rch es of Christ, Scl* 1 p rev io u sly . She h s i n o t eeetientlat. inm nrrow . will "S p irit,'■ Golden ' th e :n since. 'tex t: Fftalm rxliii-. lU, "T hy sp irit la . ---------- ------------ *-------

eousnels.' R esponifve read ing : "PeoJra j DESPONDENT WIFE KILLS SELFcx x .lx ., 1-L I-U . 17, 1!. :3. IL ___

m i s c f i u B J o u s . ,’t Th ' o V j ; ' : h e l d as in sa n e m a n a t ChathamI jii Peafth, Mrs. kJ m Budd Hmlth, ' ---------- ------

The B ara-a Cla*^' of tne N oilh Ha- ' old, wffe of B en jam in F . ! of .YirWff.form ed rh u rc h wiU vi*lt tlio \a n c a CIuab lieraelf lii/tli© rig h t Hunple cH A T H iU l. Feb, 7. — Accused oftomorrow a fle i’noen. George S. ilo b a rt. j^ ^ ta rd ay . a t her h o m ^ 100 P o tU r s tre e t , j th re a te n in g H- k ill a b o a rd e r la s t n ig h t

' ' ...................... H er husband found p tr body w hen he | the home of J o h n F a ra « In W ashing;'cam e h ‘»!n« fo r d ln n ^ . j ion avenue. D aniel Myar*^ tw e n ty -th re e

I aal S a tu rd ay asked h«»r huebam J ; y eara old. w as c o m m itte d th is m orning ' ru the county Jail a t M o rris to w n ponii-

ing an e x am in atio n In to h i* eaiitly .Me.rcre. it 1* a lleg ed , p icked up a

fthotgun, w hich h a p p en e d to he uji- loaded, and th,reateru*d f i r s t to k ill th e b u a rd e r 'ind th an o th u r personfl p resen t. He came he t* from C le a r C reek, Pa., to w ork H.S a la b o re r on th ^ local Lack* a w a n n a Im provem ent* , a n d had been a c t in g s tra n g e ly o f la te . J u s tic e K. FT F e rr is was of th e op in io n l-hat he la de

teacher of the fo rm er, will be the speaker.

Revival service* will be held in the Free Methodist C hurch a t IB auu lh Tw elfth s lre a t e v e ry n ig h t next week except Sa tu rday . T h ey will be conduct­ed hy Rev. W . B. O lm atead of Chicago. Rev. !1. Z. AlhoUgh 1* paetu r of th© church and hla *ub jec t fo r tomorrow m orn ings aorm on will be "ChrlBtlan Holiness." T he ch u m h will be formally dedicated T h u rsd ay afte rn o o n . Although ©ervlccs have been iMld th e re since last May a lte ra tio n s to th e building have Jnsi been toroplftted.


I _

Sunday-schM ElficiaiKy Object «f Two GatheriDi;s~-MeD*i OaN

' CoBsider Child Welfare.

MECTINGS AT UNION LABOR TEMfLETito H-"r'r*,iL I'oudSy Social W orkeft*

«'lub Will tiuld a ruuiiihly m fe t ln f |n thn Y W i ' A Mondny e v fh ln f , com - • iiienrInK w ith u ftuppyi y( I] o 'clock. Tho loptc fo r Ih* e x ti 'h ig will hr 'F ltlrleiiC y In H e a lth a n d .\dm hiiftl. ntlaii." D lic u t- .|iiM o f ih ia w ill be upcnu.J by Dr Ju llU a { i.ov>. depaM im t^ l o f vhll'l hyg iene . \ i w a t k . C lm nicc H WcHv iinjiUti uHl- ■f ('. M iiqH liilr F ran k 1' iiJ.>buriie, I 'f t l l t i iiiiniRi*. ii^'d tl liUMUGOJl-iiiD ti i ru m thv Newark Dvnid of

, 1. a lrh ,

M rollrign * l the L'lih i. L*tn i rrm pl©I'ihiMi r "W w ill incIlKU uiu* a t J u'clUcUin iliu MflC'ChOuii lu ba a'Jdieuxed by IT . Dr TIjum aii C. Mail. I i lun T h e o ' u-4h i; S w n lna t'y . on "Tlu i.'lturi-li itml L niiiui. III(■>. and aiiutli*: uI b u c luck In if 1 hr . VI I.i K lit W'bU'h Ui". in J u n .i th a n I.'- I i> «<ii » |) f j |i w.i itu- topic "T hro* ( ‘I 'l i i 'i : ; M ihb ifclkwtthb> Ins* In Div j»ii**'uiiui lit .i uv lucii Itwv Ur.I I L>i i.A 111 uu "(jud iiud th e.UaxiftiU! Next l'’flduy oven- ‘ina a( h, w ill d e liv e rM.1 11 luts( I ,ituii .idiliu.)S uii '"dm aeU lQ ^I Uil I* ( III;'

S|irHiui I Mill 1' I- ' S jn d * y '-* ch o o |w iU c i . Hi!]; K ' ' I I'N the N e w a rk In s iK jiu 111: ind'ki'MKi F ik u j t io n liuT'* *« In.; VI I iJjii'iiiln.i uli ig 111 thO 'T h 'iil Pi'i-fttij '• ! ;iii > hitrch l iu t r u c - ? Ul I l u vai im jt i'lunU ir t uf Sunday • f: l>n< 1 WM!|< kslll „'|v01| |> HdW'krq\> I uoper, pr>-»ldfttil i*r Did New JwJ‘*oy

-fttlioul AuMicift Hull. Mr*. W R l.I.>'i L K n m i, Kev. I'l Fi'vdfti'lrk W.

|'r i 'f> M, Muiilh k liitd Mlatt .tli<< iJanihuri^. 'I b« 1m«Miutloti I * ' u t 'b iiomiIII!tI'MiuiI and upfu lu uHii'UiN tUid rh ll iirc n It la u n d e r |(it> d liec iH m >‘f li luuiicll of ftfteon m e m -.. Im'I'm. u n d e r tiio iMidrr:Ailp of Ur. C g rl .H Whilfti-li !li'\ Dr \\ ^ r»jW ion 1* . I'liiitirm ui o f Hu; luL 'Isoiy Civruniltte*.

Tti»* c \ r r > • iiM e-hi'i liui’i'li p u b lic ityi-niuui 111 nt- h;iH cuiuidi'ti'd arranv^^-* Itu-nlft i<> liH \'- lOD.DllO uppu le tte r* dtll-< trltiu if 'd I*' boincH In e \* ry tiO(*tloT^of thi* cli> tIurHikf the com inu w c o i^ C u n i ' lu lttfpft fru in i'Vftry church pa*fTclpltl« ing tn ilie movi»nieiit will u n d e r ta k e I 111* ivni’N 111 Hiclv uw n dIeiHcti. Car* ha* Im' i II l a k t Ti to p rrsi-n l an y o v p t ' b ipplr Hoportft frnni K m ira* C i ty . ' M lhviiu H nltltnnrr. ^VaMhlll|'(01^ .lU im U L ii i\nd e lsi-w hrrn nhow' t h a t ti |

a t ' li ii i(<uiilnni*M on ihu day Bel a p a r t w:i,n liH'i'iuinvd g re u t ly ~ lu Born© CafeOi L'V I'H d u u b k 'd

Thn iu>niinun!ly I'xleiiBion w o rk o f the V. M iV A. ivNI Iricltlth; d u r in g th * roniliitf w fu \i the fo llnw ing n o o u -d a y inietlriBfl in H r\' fuL'lurles; Tuenday.^, Iflliell-Pfu 'iI 'l' .Mftrliirift I'c im puny; WeU* umkLi j . M riber & I 'T o ck h a rt'a »ecohd lulls of a nn "Has t!ie ChurchV'ftltrrl tiio AA'orls iiigiiian? '’ by Rev.U i'o i'g r I*. D o u g h o r t j ; and a t G ould ^ L l ie rh a rd l EJ Hhop, Kpednl addr*** un " M a rr ia g e ,” by Dr. C H e rb e rt C h u rc h ; F rida} '. J. S. M undy'* inachln© abop . lender, fl. L e ro y HniMh.

Tbe r t iu r ih e a of Vemna. fired by th e rcftiili uf tins Kvery-one-Jti-Church itiov*- ment in u ib e r citie*, hav* decided to have ftiii-h a d ay on Marvh 1. Thoy ar* urg* ing n rh rtiw a , i'athollc'S or P ro t** ta ilt* Ablce, An fl«ek out the n^^areit ch u rch o f their fa ith , W hether In o r out of V arona. mid attc*nd on th a t <joy

Tho M en's riaaft of Religion and S tat*- rriH t of ill© New rim rcU of tlio O ran g a i will m eet a t 10:20 o’clock tomorrow-. inMnilnK t'^ crinalJor tli* annual rep o rt rpf ibB ( 'h lld rcn 'fl AM end Prot*cllva So**!, r e ly uf llio Urangen. Ub mem ber* will alflu consider [landing leglalatlon affect* Ing child labur. »

Memberfl of Alj^ba tjodg* No. IIB, F . and A. M . tvll! a ttend ft lerx’lc*fti 41 Philip'* episcopal Church lomor* row n tgh t.

The KoileraUnn uf Organised A dult RIMe uf hftftex f’liunty. m ee t­ing iti (.Vntral Motliudlat KpJ*cu|ikl t'hui-cb lust niglil orKunlKfliJ a uerBOiwI work p lan for tiu ' extutiftlon of tho *copr. of 111** nrsanUft'K in and tho prom otiprt uf Hi^le Rtudy. TlE'pi'OFenalhe« w ere preti* <»nt frun i Sunduy-flchouls of tho evani^cU* 'ftj chiircbpfl of the county. A m ong vhfl s |r a k e r a wothl tlie Rev. H a rry T . Murk* Unci, wln> ap^'ke of the value o f orgatiixedI l.'iriaeM. and urgncl Ih© form ation o f Vcpt- pLckf*! 'I'eHUhment I.e«guea in all S unday- ftf'lioolfl. Am ong o th e r flpeaker* w ere F rederick R acht SUIb p re*by te rl*n r h in .h , an d I* U, B rum baugh. H octh (jTanqo RepU ^t C’hurch . Th© Uual propa* pi r,da uf the' Visit Pocket T tiatam cnt L rii^ue 1* u n d fr the dlrocHun of Ml** F il l M. M H hm orc. ICuecnt A. M «y*r. I’. 'n lra l Pr-iabyterlan Chur«:h, wa* c h a i r ­man o f th e inoellng.

Th© parlHh-hfMjs* of Hcfl H igh S tr e e t P r e s b y te r ia n C hurch will IfC- o])©n ev ery d ay a t i uon fo r glrlB nt w ork In th e n e lg h b n r lr t |7 ffli'lrirles, (lirla of a ll d e - iiom lnatlo iiH a re wHconip. On W ednee- dftv a f t tm a o i i at 3 o'cluck Mr*. R o b e r t K u e h le r w ill apeak a t nn open ■women’* incftllnK on "How .Several Church©* C cm blneri to du Ffelpful W ork Atnoner thte K orf'lw u P o iiu lallon In T h e ir N s fg h . b o rhoud ' T lie Y oung Mcit's U nion w ill ho ld U* anuuH l L.lncoln dinner on T hurtfday tivcnliig.

IUth .hh |ire\entK RiHiarri B annbtt. th© ftdnj- wliM I'pceiitly plavnl in th is c ity In 'l 'nm H jiu : (bP'ilB." frijin ap p o arin * to

ftpi-uk III the V. M f . A. i--morrow aft* i'-II i.m, .ind in hlfl lii'-Hrl Dr. C. H erb e rt Chun-h of IliiH ■'ll;'' will talk. A te leg ram wsie r<>o*-lveMl Tr* rn Mr. BenneU ftt the aflao-'iotlon buiklmg tuday. u jjnounclng thftt nift d o c lu r uidered him to re fra in from com ing h<rft Th* exercise* to m o r­row .eftornooii vonrtltui® a " F a th e r and firm" service. Air Runn«tt had been kj\- ffiiftod lo Mi eftk to the m^m over tw en ty y rn ra of ago in ihti gymnaelum. In W al- lari* Hull, Dfivld L. Fultz, p residen t of (lie Hftsrtt'iitl PluvarE' F rate rn ity , w ill ad* dresH tlK bt'yft-


.S 'LW 'Iu N, Feb . 7.—S h ortly a f te r hi* wiffi', M rs. I'Gora M. PluniBlead o f K e n - vii, WhH fin ed |300 fo r a id in g and rtlM 'tilng an Illeg a l o pe ra tion w h ich r*-- Bulted hi Ibft dPutlv lu«l S ep tem b e r of her dai.ighifjr. M iss K thel May P lu in - aieii<1, in K env il. h e r luiaUanri, J o s h u a \', I 'lu m s te a d paid th e mon«y o v e r to C ouniy C le rk H a rv ey S. H opkins.

Il I* uuc lcrsiood th ru Mr. I 'lu in s tea ii, u lio In an ag ed m an und is a c ripp le , m ui'lg;iK ed hi* house aiid lo t In P lu m - Btead to r a is e the niodpy, Mr. P lu m - Btftad w a s In ju red a t th e Dupujil P o w ­d e r W o rk s som e yours ago u rd Is u n ­ab le to w o rk . HI* sole rtuppuiL Is a p ension g ra n te d him by the po w d er com pany .



' ' ■'•srf. popt.i/'. I ‘Hr. Jorfan; banidhe m Ip, 'tollo obligato,IJke as tbo Hart .Dealrath, AlUtaen, Mr,R.>8s ; poetludo, Temple March, Ylncent.

-^nnlrereary daV of thf Boy Beoate wWL be lelelirated at the evening service, c ,v A!berlii»"'’l'. Broek will preach on - Our Duty to the. Boys."

-Men and the Cliurth" and "The Beni rrtjbiciii of the Mwiorn Clirlatjaii" will be tlie morning and eveningurm on anblacta of Kev. O. M. Trousdale a t . Firat Re­formed Church tofflorrow. The-following music will be rendered during the aer- , ,vices: Morning; Organ prelude. Andante *'con moto, Rqthhone; anthem, Art Thou Weary, Bchnecker; aoprano eolo, Lead,Kindly Light. Shepperd, Mre. Woodbouae: poatiude, Postlude fn B fiat. Bopartx.Bvoning—Oegan prelude, Allegretto Gsa- gloao, Smart; anthem. Saviour, I .FoIJqw On, fUiya-Herbert; contralto and baritone

ti> take her to AlBnfJr City end this was done, Thursday aha begged to be taken hunie again, And th.:y came home In the early evening. Mrs. amith being then In excollent health anJ apparently entirely rocoveredrfrom her recent attack.

Mrs. Amith wa( a daughter of the late Samuel Budd of W'nodtiury and 'vaa mar­ried to Boiija.mn F, Smith about all

.years ago. Tlfcy came here tu live shortly aftervrftd. Mr. fimlth Is In the | ;„”'nt*d,^ 1 .^ m* .SK TT Jm w Jtr -

r Ltr lb' _r«h-a-_


-....r ------.. ---- - ----- iTCKERl^Ohh-Feh, 7,—Careful searchKyck i to .n o v c r ^ ^ fa rm e r of Hrnwntown, 1 (pg r ii l/s of th e hoiPe of C ap ta in won a v e rd lo jjp r PT.OOP yesterday In hla , ^-|gi,oias m e p h e rd , ' In thd bu rn ing of euit againet f t i ru e a l I.. Pheipe i>f New | J a t i ia r y 71., C aptain 'S ltapher.1 andYork. H o had ch a rg ed th a t Phelpa alien- aged Alfe lost the ir lives; h a s ron - ated the a lfeo tio n s of h ie wife, who do- j vmced Iw al au lho rillca th a t th e re w as nied her h uahand 's charges.

Tho verdict ta m e a s a surprlee, for \ H u c h p f the Jewelry, gold com a and the p la in ltff 'e case liad been subjected to ‘ ^ jb e r v ilunb les known to have been In blow aflei- blow d u rin g the day 's tea tl-1 hodii. have la-en recovered from th e

duet, "The I^rd Is My L igh t. Buck, Mrs, T « i B-rli-and Mr. Shaw; pogtlude, March In B fla't. Barnard.

A t d w t a Reform ed C hurch B«v. P e ro l. g g i l l . w m a r R ill p n a c b on "T b a M tjtu> 'MM t< UBedln*' tamnrrow morning. Illji

Conovar «nd her daushtai'f iKabell*. Cnnover, toM storlce of Uonovtr'* *Ucs«d b ru ta lity . ‘


ashes. Jahlch were m any days In cooling, ow lngito th e burning of fif ty ton* o f coal In thd cdliar.

robe for Loag Breach Fire.Bpcckt fitrrlf* of Wie JfBVtS.,

NO b r a n c h , Feb. 7.—Invoitlgai'JER3KY CITY, Feb. 7,—Louia Beck, former teacher of languegea In a Brook' . tlow have been etarled by fh* police to lyti synagogue, who w ni arrested on sug- ' learn the cauee of the fire which d*- Dleten last TuooiUy when he dropped hli iin y ed the i^nox Hotel end nearby oot-. . a. . . ..ei a____________ . Uos thsM taftata flVA .

^ ' .a a* ^tev©n* Tech.h-TlC St^WS.

'HOBGKE*"^, Fab, 7.—T h s S tevem Tauh ju n io r prom, given la s t n ight a t th* Lastte,' tvaa a tten d ed by fo rty -a lgn t eoupJaa. The following Now Jersey girl* w ere amun!» CTi© guesi* ; Mlfttiaa Mlnitrvs. H ali«day of E a s t O range, E v a Blackm an cif \ ^ * t Orange. A lk a JaeggU of. Mont-

L aura H erraloff of NutlsVp Ethel R / i ^ n of BernardsvU te, M adeline T a te of M etuchen. F ried a Tjewl* of Hoeelle, Glady* Hopping nf Red B anks Alice C arr and C lara Bmtth of H oboken.

fiuttoi*e coqtglDlAf reUfloue book* from a MoigytvkoU C^ftj'boni Into the Hudeon River, W yeBterder,

■e'caitat yestsritay. The lees w w glfl,- T b ^ wds a fire In the hotel tait

. . . ■.’—.41“

Bsiex County glen Ar« Freed,SpseieJ fien.lce vt tse NilTFfl.

ELIZABETH. Fob. 7.— Thoinae O'Sul­livan of Newark and Samuel ^ ahn of Nutley, magaslne ounvM seri, arrested here Thursday lor atlegdO susplelove autlona In a coal office In Bust Orand street, were later dlicharved. A friend of O'BuUlvan’s vouched for him and b o th . men left poltee headquartere in hi* MHtedy. ........ ...................


liA C K E T T ST U W N . Fob. 7. — T he H oard o f i O nnuii^siuneJ x. a t th ea n n u a l mcbtinii; lafii n ig h t t#luv’led o ff l- s e re a* foUowu: A uguaiu*W- C u lle r ; b«tr«ttai'y. K ai'ry <1. N olan: I r s a a u te r . C h aritii X NVaUe: co lleeio r, L r . G eo rg e B V lbit; supL viiitendeiit. J o h n Blackwt?!! Thonins Shield* BUf>t;eod4^d DJ'. Utjljei't 11. Wfiodi'Uff U8 a m e p tb e r o f flif boai;cI,

Tlio boiirU atarl©lltu><^.a-vixt jpuT 'W ifn . a cash baliinfc of JS. -RJDS. ivlth noiae’ i fo r |4 .300 an d bondfl of RJ.UIK'.

« *A ■ ^CunH’-ta u fvr I'sasurt Moapltal.

Spfc.ui 6'fCt.lfe “I -VhIt'S.PASB.MC. Kel). 7.—The governors .)f

the PasEsic (general HOBpital have ap­pointed a committee, composed of Charles K. H. Johnson, Paul W. ,’aiUler, ISeneral Bird \V. Bponcer, Jan.es B. Ackersoh and Isaac W, England, to carry on a cam- naign tn April to lalse money wtlh which lo reduce the $7S.e#0 floating debt. This will aian allow [or some altoralloi.* to the lioapital. _______

Puea Tests tor gteuograplteni.Staff VortaiiomleiKt.

TRENTON. Peb. T.~ .Announcement wo* maile b,v the Civil Service Oowiftii*. slop today that John Cuff gtid Melon. B. Knobloch of Jersey t'H)' were Ilsu ■ only candtdatps who pasted thd lent'dor the ptMitlon uf seeond grade alenug- n p liar for eervlce In Jerivy CU)s nnd u « t* d B C pattty . , ._• p

N E W A R K E V E N I N G N E W S . ' S A T U R D A Y . F E B R U A R Y 7 . 1914.



CiMcil, bjr 22 to 6 Vote, P a u e s ResohDon AutboriziBg Mayor to

Make Award Effective.




By ■ vot* of Ti to 6. the t'om m rjn C ounctl n l« h t ih f rPHolutlonAUlhorlfliiff th e M uyur nrul i l ty c le rk to i l ^ n th e conirw i't for ih» conNirucUon o f the Tiew C on tra M nrkui by the K«acs C o n ilru rd o r t t'om iiH iic i 4>niruciW fj ilifTird by M ayor lIuustillTiK t>r(lu)

T ho alx who voted UK^btitl Itn- luean- Vre w ore ; A tdorm ctt Thotnaa I'i. Ibtr- H itC WlUlaiM n. Itleli-W. Knink V\'. t'unn . B. Qorfteld rjlfford, T t)eodore !► fJoii- Ilob an d Jo h n M J^ in ii. ull l{e[>ubli- e tu i .

A lderm iui Charlow W liin len e ld . the m in o r ity leader, und A lderm an W illiam F . H u m , n e p u b llc a ii, uf the N inth W ard, w or« reco rded w ith the m a jo rity m em - b iH i p re sen t Tor th e reeu lu tlon .

T h e le t te r o rd e red ii*-nt to th e M ayor At A re c en t nieethiK nr the h u lld e re a t th« B u l^ e ra and I 'ra d c r i’ KxchatiRc, w h ich erltJciXBd api an "unbyalneeS 'llk ie iD ethod" the recen t a w a rd uf th e c o n ­t r a c t to th e Ks^ex ertm pany. w as read an d “o rdered fllert.” w ith o u t com m ent.

T h e em oant of th e bonrh o f the C onatruciloii ( ‘om pany Vite apprcived a t a maatlnR of th e fin an ce com m ittee be­fo re the ro u n rit eeaalon.

T ha euimcll approved the recommerKln- tion of the riaan t'o com m ittee fu r the Ih- nuance of | 12&.b(i0 In bomla fur the ex- tenaion of th e hIgh-preHaure service; $121,000 In bonda fu r the e re rlln n e r the E a* t Bide b a th 'ho iiee , and VHl.OOO In bonda to pay th e c lly ’a ahare nf the coal of M veral a tre e t openings.

AU theae bonda a re to be taken by the glltklnc fund a t fo u r and onc*(|iiHrter per eont.

•n te propoaed Uaue of |l&i>,floo tem ­p o ra ry loan bonda fo r the ni)onlU8 «»f H aynea avonue w as also approved.

V ot« Dotvn T i r e A m eadfneata .Tw o aniendm enlB to Uio rulCH offorf^

a t th e o raa tilaatlon m eeting the miin* d l on Ja n u a ry I wore voted down Quo

.o f th e am endm en ts would elim inate the ru le w hich requlrea all memberw not vot- InV on any m olloit to bo recorded In the a ffirm a tiv e . T he o th e r would ha^’e re- quirod th e cJty c lerk to prepare all ratio- la tlo n a em anating from com m luee and to h av e them on the dcska of m em beta a t lOMt one h ou r before each m eeting

A oom m unleatlon frum the S la te BaffflC0 t!ommlaalon w l forth th a t it waa th e oplelun o f th a t body th a t tljere ahould be a sepa ra te class f«jr ctly hall W Iployes receiv ing $l.OOO a year or n w rt. up to th e neitl classification iHdnl. and t h a t th e re ahculd be a prom otion exam ln- A flon to en te r It.

- A lderm an OottUeh aubmUted a peltllon the E . J. B rooks Company und tbe

O rocker'W heeler <*ompany. requesting, f a r th e convenience of th e ir w orkm en, a V M m nvem etit o f the sta irw ay over the lA ^ a w a n n a P a llro ad tra ck s a t P a rk av e ­nue an d N orth T h irte en th s tre e t The pe tition w a* re fe rred to the Hoard of W orks.

Will B« Four Stories High and Cost $ 3 5 ,0 0 0 -~Stractttre Planned

for Bioonfield Avenne.

Th* to«l II * l 'e n(o u r ro u itti and l.ath aa ab o u t lU.UOlt , \

A nlon lo V |■1•llo^ta ' " “ I';™'' *, f* i r r d ln K a ihrfe-« t.< r' brU'k hulld in i 14 41 fuel 'n gruiiiid ilim -niluii, "n in . n o r th w . i l .o rnB r ..f Ualili-d « U fit and NcrwiMKl I , I f f . 'n 'f flriiulur.- «• d - ' Nl»n«l by I.uflHii n . l lu i l , . , ' ’.7 ', ' , , “ t a p a r tin f i i ta u( (ouf room , and bain r i h i f f fatnlllaa.


M ortgage Market E asbg and End of Shortage Danger Strengthen De­

mand for Basic Prodnets.

S E C U U T I E I , IN V E S T M E N T S , E T C r x i T I E S . IN V E S T M E N T S . E T C


Total Valuation for Week ReachesVICE-CHANCELLOR RF5ERVES i

RULING IN FORECLOSURE CASE$306,625 , as Compared with

$40 ,920 Previously Reported.

■>r iht \^'1t>*NI-:\V YuUK K»-i> T ^ -•'onllnued eaa-

i.f ihc MM'rtHtiK'’ in ark r i and the re-ing

NEWS OF THE BUILDERS’ WORLD Virip-r'hnnce'lhiT rc s e r .e d d»--.•Uloii yw atrrdsy e ft^r iH-nriim eruum ^i.t In th e su it brc>u;;bt ly lT “ nk A H allrn- tln« fur f4irf*ri'isurp 'if both m m ortgage on « ninoiv-eight'S 'In Itrd n iln s te r Tt>vuiBhlp.


T»' fe rm

(’(tunl>, whi

A m th e r large a p a r tm e n t building >■ soon to l>fl added lu th e a e v e n l recently erected In N orth B road a tree t ttelwecn H arvey and O rien tal s tre e ts . T h li strue- turo , for whl^'h p lsna a re Ivelng dealaned ! by Ktiward V. W arren , will I* lucal- j ed a l 28 and 3<] Bruiid s treet.

The bulldliti. w hk ii will be owned hy j --------------W'. K. Top'dn*. Hill .o«( 111 ibe nfigh- bad i in d f mb'r.STM.-ntHib'ii!.borhuod uf I 3&.U0U, will have four slorlSH I h is nwti rrliiniM from I le urm yr

before MH‘ A f l b " r

An iti'T'-ane :u nTjn-rvrw and s hig lump>n \rthJ»', :ih «'«n]pnred w llh IhhI week, IH

in ilte r c o r d >•( pernillx ft>f nowi4‘!i he ntild Hi June. 11*13. I" | buIUllriKM ^ ru n tc l lilts week hy the hulM*

A rchlhflld MucAHhur, furin^rly «'/ h ^ a r- ny. tinii H 13.000 ('uUfit'*rttl nu-riKH^*? "n U p ro p erly M s' A nhur 'wna In K '-arny

HjilIrnUiic denied "H the Hlan»l th a t he

lb " yearl-ll II- Me bmifitil Hv

and haaem cnl and wilt rover u plot aOx 83 feel. Ttio fro n t will Iw fared With lapestry h rhk and Ind iana llniestimc iCarh flunr Is Uhl for tw o fn m l and two rea r apartm euln, tu oum prlae five- and ■lx rooms. In the basem ent U provided Jan ito r H q uarte rs , a s team heating pU nl ! and Ivol w alci’ heater. 'I'be kpArlmenta i f i iu r fa n n e r vNllnesst H in^itiryins 'n a re to he partly trim m ed In liardwuod i Hr Ih-nllnr-'M hi'lialf. d th e ir "pin- and will liave tiled Im throom e T h e ri | (p^ farm vhs a *;o(.td one and

farm f-Tfb in -n d h r tnallfird , bill h r r<-m.idfli-d th>- b..u«i' Find IFlsdF- olbcr IftfPT'fm'FfWfiI a ,•.,1,1. b I........ IVFF iFllF SlFFlFlnt Ull I" > ' 'I ' j4l'Fi. nid iFiklFiB mb) Fii'-'jiiiFi bin i.hf, ,

will be niarhle aleps and wainscoting In the \'C!iilbule and main hall-

MhnfredI M M ani'USl-rngHru la taking ; estim ates for the e re i'llon uf a fcjiir-slory I brick stru c tu re a l 4 j Hloomfleld ave- | nun, w h U 'h ^ ^ A b e ow ned by NIfol* Uru- ikfUI, ThA M M dlnB Hill liKvt: h frunL- | age of tw enty-five foei arid vvili ho eiisib- ly-flve («el In depth- A slure and one ap artm en t a ie u rran g rd on the ground j floor, while the uIhmt flours are each | divided Into tw<» rtparim cn ls * t t c a m i ' '‘

I to

wiMild w»'H T»pny MlhnKTialbiitliic'a s 'de "f the rtult,

JiidN' t 'la ren cp !■: (’spe of SonurviU e a>»- FfTl^d th a t the defcndanl. M HrArtliur. ran ic Inin r«>url wllh e mpm«»randum tio'ik l■on^s1Tllnk' NlRiemenlR nlle;;eii t'l hu\C! been riiQ'ie hy Tliillcnlinc iiR I" tils hiiJcs of fa rrs prodner ll»'' year Icdoi'e, hul liad in terpolated H latenviits of Ida own T te (p:ftllfh-ath>ii “a fte r feednin' rrq ilrcm eiifa ■' .Turlgi! I'nce fahl, wflM noi

t'e f'Mjiid In (he incmorttmia .Yeither hii dR-'lMrert

Irig denarlm-til In the Ias i t r ' e n dayB f r ( y - i p e r r n ' i ’i wNgroxailim $;iin;.ii2.'’». have lu-erj is>i,*;d. wlilk- las t u - c k twenty- ' four permlle, t da llng were .Krnnied I

MruhtR anionntiii ; to $1,iiiin i-r inure ,weru H.i f'dliiWM j

Hei'oiid U a r l II Market, siruet. altera*l+on 1" r rb Hi u< ,V. A Slpprl, 'jwih’T.

i;i M urk ' i Hln-ei, »lleTnt|ipnH (u t>rlck -lur»*. I ' .a l lru j i Hrulhirs ' R ea l ly('iinuib)i^. iiiwncts MiZlMi.

rtiiTiJ \\ Hfd SorlheuRl rnrijcr Hpnnx- ' flelfl ui 'd Mri)oitio hlrc'd, altcrs-(lon.H P» hi‘lt'1: si'iFH and tlwellum, k'THTU I .chinH'tier. own*r. $ l . lu fi . Urnufriohlroei. alicrHl'iin to brick dwelling, Ahm- iiHin Uler. fiwrer, $3,500 ' " i -m-r HU]!> RlK-i' and ^V^\e^ly ase i i ie , Ih ter -s lory t'r ■ k rluJrtdi, t ’ongri-ghth n R ea l .leshur ili. "Wnr-re. $2llt,POO.

Sixth W.’inl SoMtlv Ursni jenue. fuiir-HtoTv ‘ t p k s loro and dwftlllnii:, Kiiplati llTolh«'r.<. cwncra ,‘ 'i imder, Mlr-ei, (uur-Rlory Itrlck dwellitu. .MI'liaet (■ arrociUu, i4V.ner $ 1 3 , mi f arndmi atreer. opp-j-t-Ty brick Michael Hoeier ow ner . $IJ.UU0.

HoventI) W a rd — 17 fi s tden stree t , wl- (r.rrtliniiH to hrl«-lv f a r f o r y . IR 'eJhurrIt l '\iher I ’onipKUj, uv\ iiiTH, $1 I""'-


HFFH l b - H..F.I " „ r i " Fb-r.-, hi. . l .-bir.'F, j IbKhil . v y ) i r d - : ' 3 7 Bell.-yillF-‘KMliiliiuU' Itii- .IcfimilFFlirF MTliEil In- I miF-M '.i y briF'k liiir iisu 1. -I. ■ i ■

tiT i.oliiilonP." JvidSF' '■usi' Hisi'rtril. ' ‘iiifiI I (iw iifi, Jl.i'(H) 11.1 'tw o Mirpc-Blory f r a m e <lwelllriRs, JuleH


heal Is lu he Inslallod. The approxim ate cijsl Is Risen a l $ l3,ony Mr Matu’OBl- Mngaro h o i also d raw n plana for a one- a la ry brick garage w tilch VIncenao M«r-ola proiHises lu put up a l N orth lilev- I the •dsarge uf mlHTcpresentalh-n ta ils a t j «n lb s treet and lle rk d e y avenue, l i j o n « e ’will co sfr a ground aroH uf 40*10u feci. ! Thai no m an «ouM farm a tnO-acreThe exiiem llture will l.u nliuut JK.IHH), ■ bohilnn .-.iFFtlnK ,lS.:.nii «t n p " ’' ' !

Alfred Proiim tis h III bn Ihe owner And ! tbn »*«Ttlriti ..f M acA rlhur k .'o iiiik 'I. iiulliler (if a lw o-aud-n .|ia ir-B tory fram e I <'..I 'iily I'r.iBe. iili.r Kred A. Uniif- tH 'o-fainlly dHrllInK, uii wlili'b niirk It "H ItriT iioHsIlile. Fin'l I krniH, f<T Iabou t to be s ta r ted .■♦oon at 48 St I'anI I w af ttnniRl'it up on a farm . Mr. Hope B'-enue, The tmtldlnK le tu i'o (e r a blot ' dci liir.-d.: ! « i8 fi-el nnd Hill i.'iisl abou t Jt.6(l0. Mr Mupi- Miid llial all Ihe cases bi.blAIDiul W allnra lirew tbe plana. | tb a i Hhnn » vendur. lo Imluen a sale,

Iferinun M eliger. an a rch itect, has ' m akes [...slll^e nsserlbm s rcRardlnggiven out cun trac le fo r a threo-atory I iiiateriKl facta ..f wblrli he baa pci'u llar fram n th ree -fa in tb f la t which la to 1i* , knuu ledRe and . onccrnlnit h IiIcIi l b ' '! erect*d a t »:i llo iis to n s tre e t for Charlea I p u n -b a a rr i.i iKiinraiit, llin piirchaeer hae anit illlarKarel ZHcldIngi-r- The hiilldiDK a r la b t to rely ..ii the eeller e elu tem ente.

I l l It. coat about IS.iJOU. Louli Then a | anil ebmild they prove i.. have h.-en |Snna have the (m asun conlruvl and , fals(*. he can bold bla w-ndor liable f o r , i i.en u e .I ’h rle llan Rochrluh Ib a t fo r the c a r - , daiiiusea. |d w e illiik ',oenterina i .Mr. Hope a sse rted , s.,.iiiiii

At ’ sT V am den a lrre t, Michele Armen- I ■ the ru le ciiM-at em ptor’ llet the buyer H fie e u il i W aid — Mfi H lp h s tre e l . a b to Is Dhordv to licstn the erection of a I liew arci dune not apply, , len itlon .e to b rick and fram e a lo re ai.'lfour-sto ry brick hulldlniE to contain ac- > T he caae al bar. Mr. linpc contended. | rtwellinff. M ich.iel » lo rc l.l , ow ner, 53.''(HJ.

* . . . ex ac tly in po nt, Ball^^nlinc haU ru; jknuw lfidgf, hfi averred, of Ihf* f im n ’n ‘ yield, w h ik M uiA rtlm r whs Ignorant, j and Ko w«H legally iu:»hfir<l in rely ing on B aU entine’s repfeyr-niattuna.

l*N)urlh H iretl, iw o - B l o r y fiui\!e d w e l l ­ing, .lOHoph Id Kollo, ow ner .

N inth W ard — 13 an d 16 W oe'iualib ’ avenue . tw o tw o -n iid • one tiiilf-Hl'>ry friim e tlwellmgB. H a r ry M ''n x . uwt^er. Jlii.nfui 1f!l S ch u y io r nvetiue, tw o -u ii 'i ' o u c -h .i lf-a lo ry frame- (Iwt-llinR, Wllhfim 4’, VS'nlff, ow ner. $4,v';uu hju ^'rehT^K■ hiivh'Mi avenue, uiic-glnr'. b ru k a lia llo lr and powcrdvniflo, vV I'liiU lY Shiib, owu- em. $3iS ouf*

T li l r le c i i l li Wiini — 77 S. I 'aul a v e ­nue. i w o-a ivd-one-hal f - a to ry fraino dw ell III fT, Sou th e rn N e w a r k R e a l ly ( 'o jnpniiy. ow n er , $b.tiinj 4 s S t Paul

t ij-a m l-one - h a lf -s to ry fram e A l f r e d TromaTis, owner .

ry tirlvkrommudayoiiB fo r e ig h t famllleB. John B. Celia Vlas co im detfd plann for the s tru rtiirc , whlyli will m eaaure tw ahly- five feet In w-ldlh hy Revemy-Bli fent In depth- Tire a p a r tm e n ts will comprise

f lu f f Corrupondenrt.TRENTON, Feb. 7.—T h e a p p o in tm e n t

o f C h arlea C. S tlm c ts us co u n ty su p e r- IWLendent o f H udson , and A. U J o h n - •o n , AN co u n ty s u p e r in te n d e n t of U nion W as confirm ed by il>« BtHle B oard of E d u c a tio n a l Us m ee tin tr h e re today . T h e a p p o in lm e n ta w ere recom n>ended b y C on tm isslohe i' C alv in N. K endall fuid iim n e d la te ly confirm ed by th e S ta te b oa rd . Mr. HUrm^la sucm -cda M. f t . K in sley , an d Mr. Joh n so n , w ho w as •Q pervIslnK p rin c ip a l o f C ran fo rd , suc- e sed a J- J> HavUx.

T h e S ta te h o a rd a lso ad o p ted the reco m m en d atio n of C u im n lssloner K en ­d a l l ehatig ln ic Iho ru le ren a rd ln B the h o ld in g o f te a ch e ra ' InstU uleg . T he rtllo In th « o rla lu ttl Inntainu: m ade It W tandstory to ho ld InstVBilwe in oewry co u n ty o f th e S ta te . T he hoard wiis In fo rm ed th a t In som e co u n tie s th e In- • tU u te a w e re p ra c tic a lly Ignored and U)8 co m m issio n e r recom m ended th a t t h f ru le be choPRed to read th a t the tn i tU u te s be con d u cted In c<mnties •only w lio re deumeel ad v isab le . The l*aconimendu,tlun of Cnm m lsBloner K en- daU w as ad o p ted by th e board .

u p o n m o tio n of Mr. fllce, the board • • p ro v e d h re p o rt of (hmimlBalonei l ^ n d a l l apporllun lriK $80,l»00 fo r vo- cB ttona! achoola lit v a rio u s c ities.

t in d e r th e ap p n rlio r im en t N ew ark w ill receive $33,039. o r iibnul $20,000 l« fg th a n th e a m o u n t asked for. The d is tr ib u tio n In N ew ark w as m ade a s

♦follows: AM dav v o cational school.110 ,J00: evenInB Imys' HChuul. $4,318:

, F a w c e t t School, $ll».0u0; S en lra l Kven- Ina: H ig h SehonJ. $B,ftO0, B ast STOe Rchool. $3,321.

A m o u n ta a llo te d to o th e r cIi Ipk w ere M fo llo w s; J e rse y Chy. tw o Hchools. $10,000: B ayonne, tw o wchuolH, $12,261; A tla n tic C ity , th re e rteparim cntB of day ■ohoble $8,000. R aasalc, day and ev en ­in g schoo ls, $5,700; Rater sun. ev en liia c la sses . $1,000. *

D iltr ib u H o ii w as iniide In acco rdance w llh an a c t o f la s t w ln tp r u iidcr w hich th e L e g la la lu re nulht>rti;ed lh« ix p e n - d l tu r e of $80,000 lo w ard th e auppurt

V, o f vocalln iittl BOhuola lu d islT icls r f - ta b lla h liig Hurti in s lltu tb 'u is . T h r tn ia l a m o u n t a sk e d for by the six applylivg c itie s w as $108,31l. T h is w as ru t diiwti b y th e hoard to tbe nm oiinl a u th o r i i id Ip th e uuproprlalluT i, The Huina asked

• f o r by th e v a r io u s f i t le s w ere us fo l­low s: N ew ark . Je rse y$20,000: Hayonnr-. $H.761. A tlan lic4 'ity . $8,000. RaHsalc, $5,700. P a te rso n . $1,600.

S ev era l am e n d m en le in the ru les a n d re g u la tiu n a grivernlnK vocallonH l schoo ls rpce lv liig .S late aid w *»re aflupl* ad by the hoard lo ilay . •.me atnvnd- n i^ n t p rov ided th a t a ll day v u ca lio n a l

■ tchooTltHiH\inK a coui’hp uf »ludy i i t \ -orlng: th re e u r m ore yeuri^ nm> adnUl p up ils over t t ilr te e n y e a rs of uk<» fur such p rev u c tttlu n a l w ork a» auch schools m ay u f f n . T he ru le roquiTfR th a t a p p lic a n ts fo r 4jdiniRHlon f<iurl+*ei) y e a rs old o r mr'ri- hIiiiII tuive the p re f ­erence. Tt fu r llie r provIdCK th a t tl^e nu m b er of p u p ilf u n d ir fo u r te e n i e t f u o f tnuat nut in te r fe re w ith the o i- g au lza tio n of iiif MChool a s p rov ided by th e ac t nf la st >ear.




TRENTON. l'"eli 1.— For th e purpose (if dlflOtiaHlng T’fupotied leglalatloTi the

■ Blalo K ed'fratlon of H ls trlrt Hoarda of Lduc-aMoi) m et In spcrtal seRslon a t the S ta le Huusfj luiiay t ’harleh P . T ay lor of N ew ark, prewhieni uf the federation , presided over the session About 100 delegates w*?re

Amoug the topic s taken i.ip fo r d iscus­sion w as ih(9 udvtaabillty of d ra f tin g m easurea to be prescnipti a t the p resen t seaakuh o f th e Legislature, having fo r theli* purpub-o the legalizing of tire fed­era tion . H is also th e Intention to have n isaau res d ra fted wtih'h will m odify in some p a rticu la rs iho tenure nf servi4re and teacherr^' re tirem en t fund acLe, The law re la tiv e to roinpulsory attendance

I a t school 1h an o th e r subject which will be discussed and an e ffo rt will be m ade to have th e age ilm ll reduced from sev- en leen to six teen years.

A silver-m ounted gavel, m ade by tha - pupils In the m anual trt^lnlng departm ent

'• o f Ihe C en tra l H igh Bchool of Newark. ’ w as presented lo P residen t Taylor by . "VPilU^m W teper of th e C entral Hchool.

The fnllnwing deeds were filed In tire county regIsterLs office yesterday:

N EW A R K .Henry Young J r e l ux to N ette J Gross,

e fl Badger av 350 f t s fr H awthorne. r ix 7 8 , $i-

i'iwald HesHng el ux to Frederick Ncu, e c cor F ab y an pi unJ Ridgewood av, 3DxlOO. |1 .

K arasik M elokcl B ldg Co In U n ils k s r - aalk. n s W alsuti a \ 72& f t e e fr H uaU r- don at, 25xl6u and u th e r tra c t, $1.

Ida aolomun and h u s to laidor K oltler. w B Hroomo s t 23 f t n fr M ontgomery at 3Gxl0l). 11.

Hreakcnrlflge & T lchcnor Inc lo Lrm a L Urctx, w s Isab e lla av 12D f t a fr Grov^* te r, 8&xiau, $1. * „ . ,

M ary E Rolt to W alle r Reul e t Hobsun ril 100 f t a fr Ilrag aw av. 35x103,

^V aro lln e L T rau lw e ln and iius to Mary A lexovlia and hue, e b S 14th at 352 ft a fr Avon av. 28x100. $L u

J F rederick Renlalun a t ux to O ar^r H I'Tahnert. \s a Halcm s i 406 f t a fr a Ur- nnne av. 35x100, $1. ^

k enny l.lclitenberg e l - a l ,.'*'*” “ 7 'N tfh tc r e l iix, w a Bcrg^A. *1 J8U i t ” if Avon HV, 31x105. II - i

John F ilo n a h a n (sh e riff ' to t nur- lecn lh W ard B & L Asan w s Mrmn av 771 f t s f r y O range av. 2ivxlfln, |2.u00.

John C Else)© c t a la to Kr^Ue LarfluKie e t al. s e R R av and l^riren fll. 3<JxV2 and o ther tra c t, $1

John C Tobin e t ux to H crjnan \^ e^nc^. w 8 y 6lh a t « c land P arrel.lixlOl and o th e r t r a d , II- \

Marv A MrHonoUKh und hufc to M niU A Lewis, w 3 S iu F i at 595 ft a fr 1.3th

^ .loh'n ' M unahan (sh e riff^Creccs, n a 7lh av 7x f t e B Mtonu si, 25\1'-JU, $4,950- ,Same to W m H Bftrkh«-.;n •. ito w a 8tuyvariant av 35J f t k fr b UVangc av.

^^Sa?iie*i'o Hiime. w h Stuyvc-aant 3S3 ft a fr y Orange a 'b 32x69, $i),nl8.

(.)l-’TSim-7 U F NEW A RK. ,Wm F H eadley e t tix to Kllcn Llatoti,

Irv ington, w a 43lh s t 150 f t s fr Sprms* field av, 176x185, $1- , ,

rtoSttlind S H oberts nnd bus lo .John l a Roberts J r . H Uruuge. « s ClirUon St Dtio f t tj fr M & T’ It H. « 7 x n 5 . $L

Same lo Humo, L O range n h I ruspect e l and n o cor land lle tir ;c ita te i icur- ina.li Wiix41U, $1- _ .

Same to sam e. L O range, s o Proa^;iT St 52 IT w fr land J M I'Yeemsti. u- kJ oU,

*^iiobinc Morrison lo M srtha Frazer . \\ urHiigc, c fl i.'lii:rry s i 263 ft r e f r Har-

Plilill) .1 *fi> F Orange, s s P a rk uv ft e fr Rruspect St, 311x122, $1-

rh illp J Howtsm & t o to < has M J^ar ™ii! ot UK. K uraiiBS. sam e properly aiiu

l■■r ;dk Ned t t IIS !u JuI itangc, \\ s N l.5lh a t 125 ft n fr P ark av. :|iixl0S, $1- , ... , , e- „

Frank H P> ke e t to 'i«« M WiPn, S OranBo. n w s pl -i*- f t se fr Wyoming a \ , SoOxlTU. $3,U<db

iTia-3 M iiartm rd cL ux to Slate Rcalt.v Cu uraugR. a cor Irem on t nv uuU i ’r‘turc HI, R'lixU.U and o th e r trac t, $1-

Iiru.>kHn 1-aiid atr Im p to Hobl J Uoinif'in, Nuih-y. w a Hrooklln© a^ 4 1- fl s fr i'ToreiK’ft s t, 37x100, $1-

lljiruld W Ileadloy e l ux lu I Tytun. ri Orange, a a tsttUer pl 20*. f t w f r Mauie av, 49x113, $1. , a

l-Vodk L H ielnbrucker a t al Tredk W dler. Irvington, e s L inden av 180 f t n f r Irvington pi, 37x100. $1. n.»aiiv

F has Decler el ux to Cr>. In ln g to n . r s M aple av 30 ft a fr T a ft St, 2SxH'o and o th e r tra c t , $i

JuH M M asters 'u i lo Max Orange, s e cor W yom ing a \ pl. 83x1 80, $1.

An ItK iTaflc li\ Salop and iiurnbers, mm- pared wlttt Iasi week, w as noted In Ore plans ftiivrruw''l thin wpck by ihp Board of Trn»’ ment 'house Supcrvlstnir. Piiring

ti Asan, a e cor W ashington and E Sylvan ' iho past Kcvrn da)S Iw m tV 'tw n g ran tsO.VS, IG.&OU- I $16T.20li v e rc made. uTdb*

Ju s tiu ld s looe el u i u, H arry N B utler. | , ih tiiiIIs lu ta lm s 513U,-— “ Mulberry ai \ ‘>2 ft - * --fr W alnu t st$600.

I'L a Baum and hue u> J a s H Moure, w n S l l t h St 276 ft n fr 17Tii av, $2,00<}.

Ju les M echanic to Teachers & Im prov ­e rs 13 & 1. Aaan. s a G rafton av 612 f t w f r W ash ln g lu a av, $5,(joo.

M orris J fey inau ct ux to Em pire It & L Assn, Vi- a iSuttiereet s t 15o ft a w fr

*\V userly pl and o ther trac i, ll.u m cHanie to T raders Ic 'e a tin e n t Go, sam e

properly ,M aria T Giordano lo F irst Ita lian B i'i

L Assn. 8 R 8lh av 25 ft e fr No I7n 8lh av, $.51)0

Jaa J Glhb e t &l to Fidelity T rust e .3 K erry at 45 ft s o fr .lerfe r^5 to,nun.

W alte r Keul ct ux to Krnest H tehm an e t ux. a H Hohaon at 10(1 ft s fr R ragaw Rv, $2,rnio.

M ary A lexo \ila end lius U» Gurniine I. T rau tw e in , c s S H lb al 342 ft r fr Avon


'/irU \sere I^sued.Tn 4h'S loH-ttl tenem 'III-huusG plana a r

i&crcdSf. In 'a lu c and nunii.rcra mtp ahuwn, to<» l.ant week tw o permit.^ luUillri? 5,6.601) were mad^, w liik this uoek ten, ; jg ; ;n 's a t ln g ''l9.''.riiin, >\i-re granted.

'I’he \ \ ic |, a record fDlluv.aN t\ \a rk — M iohfle Ai-mciilu. 226 • 'am -

(n-ii .ati'iet. fuiir-RUiTN brick, $10,u*'0 . Har- j-Ib i;:9 Sunieravl Htrpvt-. fuLir-stur>urk'k. $ l3.uuo; Levi W em surtou . i;uTlh

1 ; r C :.I U . SlraUonV Un,.dHHy. s iilu irta n iI . hI ^ s.

, HiJmum i M iistru.'ti..,, . ■u,i,|.uii.v. - ' ' " u ' , : 1 ^ '. i u s Ioh-;lim un ! I'rliin- striw t. fuiir-Mtury It Ii V. .............. ............. ,___ ................................... torliK-i’ atre

AiiiiiiiloH alated slrpijl Hliil NurHuurl [il.-lrf. H ire -Btnrv hrli'l., sn.Ill'll, HI. hard Kiilm, JIS

I Suiitli lllf-hti-er.th -.-tri'ft. itin 'f-a lury

r..i| tf-d . aialpliTt;in-iil uf (IIP fact th a t alt .laUBfr ■ f II a lc riB k - uf any i-.iniuKidlty (III., H Intel- la i‘i a c i ‘. Mlly nvor. h ac-■ aeiti- inulv l■,,ml•ll | . | (u l.nnil "u( » s tro n g e r Irniulrv f ,r I-hnu- l.uililing rnslerta la

Kteel re fli- 'l.'il (Ilia ilialigt- |>IT|1»IW het- ler (liun dlij ,ih> 'tlicr departm i-nl th is H-ell Hu im irkcl has lieeil the linp rine- iMPnl In (he ...H l . r th is m ateria l th a t (ho I'arneg le Hti-i-l I'utni-aiij liaa ad- valli-i-d lh« litl.c uf Muft al|..'l l .a n from 1 Jii lu I 2.. hare fur ah ll'm iu l O 'e r th e m iiu in d c r "f ii.c f ral i|u a rtc r. ainl It la rapu rtn i lliiit aunie uT I In la r s r r IniJe- !ii-niJrllt matiiifa.-l urr, a arc asUlng l -all fur RHCMTjil ipirri-"f ■*ilnpio‘ rits-

Slar-. rup! pll'f h..» ' rj up aI dullar 11 lull by Ihc NiUiiUiii! Tul"' • 'un i-

puii) luvsM ng (hr- .HKPuwnt half apulnl, fullnwiiig t 'l '’ "if la rgenKii’iH In Ifip twbr)'*i Lc"J Rt ru 'T urnl Hlf-vl d» piirlmcrst ll'< hyuklng-'f riiade

' In JiinmiT) hri' tu ld i ‘ bv I'p^ipoiiHltile for ■hr atiffriiing "f l-y tin- rpm y\aluf (h r luvirr- isn li'', liret id i 'w a l 'r "[iiulullun ii.itv u fla t I 36 As:;i<.llu'B uf wliHl Itir rniilkel Ih uuW off<T* inK iti«- ruiiusung bldii have ltd 'll sub- jiiilU'd

I r«u- a Inft ifu lb lm t un 'I w'-nty^llUTd str.-ct. i.LUi'i i(-na ' f.tr Hi« A ito r vata tc

' bi lbl.ng Mil T IP rlv-G 'inl P irrct. 2.'Uuj P-ii.., fur tlip G o rk i is lu le ul NTiielrm tl, Hti'i-it iirui Hr"Hdva>. J'OO tuni". fur u do* pjirimr-ni ftP'Tt a t Now l{u"'b('lle, liulj

I (on.-!, uhil fur (tu- iclrphoiu' building Hi i .Mpfruc-f-. 2"'i fme".1 u:i the gpnciHl pT"ipuri "Ui of liaskI rilhritf nphleriul th is im inagr fnrunul «tnI urdt T.s iluriiig Uo* m n t sw><*k "if l•■el Tu■1 nrv v lll tu k r l.js-l.nuu loininot^ h r l ik ;I Hb'p'U ’’lOiv.niiu fri>rsl brick. 2. luu cuhic

fi Of tif hitrldlfig Bluin , 8uu pm s uf le rr« - I . fir i ' -prooflng. ahuul 3,'Ui(i l>ttrP«1fl

".f ITirtlauil cement fur fuundati"'na and I fluurs. .ibn ii f l f t \ I Hi-'oflik uf timt>er I (s lrucli iral and con'Toie inuMing i.ioardsl arv"l abiiiit ii tiunflri^'l inns uf plLirnblng i matorlM. ruiifili aiifl fix1nrc.i.

I ‘t-nHitb^ring tha) thiH steel (""iinaRO of atuiru,\*ni‘" lely 5 'uiu t-ma I'pprt s'^iilB only a part u l)".iil"linK (i]>rni1b>ns uf u week fr^r ih r iliRtrlct and >cf shows ii gain of apprux+innlel.v s p \m per 'e n l o^er the tnniin;;"' l-id uii I" i‘l««'l ihleroflts fo r the

pr"\luu.s week since tlta l en«1lng nrluh" r 16. It rh u v s . bulh lers say, tim t liiilld iiii m<ip.pv iR luoaciiirg su>l Hint p ie - ^allEnK luw p ril l 's a re p ru \m g « strim g ar;;:jm t nt (u iiu " s lo rs for prugreRfl

Ik e ^ rn l ^u jip ly Am ple.I'liring I he re iiia indcr of the first

ouRTler, up 'mi ll the bulUling scasun K®*® fairly "iiulvr wav, w eather cundltluns j'eTmItliri*,' fiictrup 'd itan dlHtrl"-T su p ­ply will Ixj fully cuiial, it Is fnveeftfited. lu (leniHUil in all brunches, p a rticu la rly In i-ominori l>ri' k. venienl and lunil>er. Rriiea. It is declared , a re nut sxpCi'led to fho-tiiutr MS u resu lt of a n \ a tra ln on rcs*-r\o Nt'if ks I'Acri in steel, first ha lf prlcep iiri>l'Hlhy will nut sharp ly ad- \ a r i e fu r th e r . Hllhuiigh consuTnera. it Is preihci-cd, nm y expect a s tro n g e r tone lo mfet The pres’HillriK 8e<-und h a lf deliv ­ery pru-PH now b<!lng quested, aB the f irs t ha lf wanes.

Price s ta id iity nn building m ateria ls. bnwevF-T, Is plrunk'L' t’ontlnpent upon weBThcr cunditluns, it la pointed out- A

j heavy 4«t\oW', o r a protrR«‘ted ]>er1od of wet w catlier w l’erHin "citaidc building op>-

' mrMmiR nr tra n sp o rta tk m Is Inlerfi^re.d wllh. miKlit the even tenorIhlngH. 1m4 V in ter has progressed so f»r wltlu’Mit much pfl\erity th a t builders, as n rule, say tlioy nr*.? p lann ing an ea rly ■start, w hb'h m ay ac'coiinl fur the g rea tly Impruvcd inquiry ilurlng the la st fo r t ­n ig h t

A ccfiriiint to wlKilesale Imriher rpporta received . a r lire beftdt4u a rte ra in low er

who hav« w inter, a re

term s, In th e jJleotluna

The Howard Savings InstitutionN e w a r k , N . J . , J a n u a r y 1 , 1 9 1 4

S A M U E L S. D E N N IS , f’ re s id en lJ . W ILLIAM C LA R K . I*t V ic e -P re s . R O B E R T 1). M EA D , S e c re ta ry W ILLIA M T C A R T E R . 2d V ice-P re s , HRANK E. Q U IN B Y . A ss 'i T rea su re r A LE X A N D E R S. W A RD , T r e a s u re r CH A S. II. N O R M A N , A ss’t S ec re ta ry

J O H N O, H , PIT N E Y . C o u n se l

J M < V > S A O I ] ; w M



. v s s M i c ' r s sU nited S ta le s B onds .................................................................................... S1.H2..>(MI,U0B onds and M o rtg ag es .................................................................................. <1,456,200.00C ounty B onds ................................................................................................. 2,64.1,708.37M unicipal B onds .............................. ......................................................- • ■ .'1,540,462.13R ailroad B onds .............................................................................................. 8,420,211.25In ie re s ! A ccrued ............................................................................................ 318,800.00Real E s ta te .......................................... 436,429.00C ash and d e p o s its in B a n k s ................................................................... 759.139.66


L I A I * I I ^ I ' r t l i 5 «Due to 73,477 D ep o sito rs .................................................In te re s t A ccrued .....................................................................Incom e Tux C o llected ...........................................................S u rp lu s ..........................................................................................

. , -324,893.598.82 74,016.05

2.68. . . . 1,719,833.16


Ol'KSf IM IIV . 10 A. M. Ti) 4 I’. "I.I S l M l t V S A.8U H iH .ID A ie K S lK I ’ l'KIX)

H OXDAyS S A T L H U iy SFA i . « . iA Ti.lo |F. if. I-'thbi 1 t. A. SI. IlF 13


Good Income Without RiskYes, th a t is ju s t w h a t p ru d e n t people a re lo o k in g fo r Iff

invest th e ir s u rp lu s funds .By o p en in g an acc o u n t w ith the S ecu rity S a v in g s B ank

you arc s u re of bo th o f th e se d e sirab le q u a litie s . —A bsolu te S ecu rity and L ib e ra l In le re s l on y ou r m oney.

4 ' 'r Interest Paid on Deposits of Sl.OO to $1,000

o k k i ('I-:h 8 fJuliQ A. lilfTuril. I’ rfjilrti'ui

Hetirj f! Alho, Vtrt* Pri-xI'F-nf nrnl lrfg*grfr. OBvar li- MurkTlil*"'. V|ci' rroilfleiil

Mowph Gfililiidcr et tix to Fannie Ki.ibiii, \ fram ^, lllch an i Kuhn, :i'H, ■•ua.w a a IhUi Ht 125 ft fr cor lU h av, $ l ,0iH5 | rn5(j -,11:, SuuTh Nlii^'t'-cntb lUretT, thru"'

Alex Korle^cz el ux lo HenJ .Muyer, w h tlurje-sturv fram '., Ji hn II i'urinS 17th at iMi ft a fr IHih av $soij. j ^ iTi-lniniii jivmu-G tluee-Htury

HHimuii M ch te r el ux lu Lam iy Lrch ' } , ..jLf.nj. ....... . 1. *• g. iiLii.f-rt ntan h erg . w B Bergen si 386 ft n fr Avon .av. $fi3n [ :.27 Huufh lo u r te e n th .street, three-

lilmlle G urfinkel e l ui to Niirfolk H & \ nl- ry fram e. $6.iiuu; hiTr.ilin,la Aaan. s e cor HalirtiaiJ av and G reen st. 1 596 Nurt'.i F ou rth sircct, tv.\j-stoty$1 4,000. fram e. $5.9(10.

o iiT s in i- : OF N e w a r k .

. r iMn. ............... i^vprvw h ere m<.ro elast ic credit will Ij*

In moat I'a-^ea. It In reptirted, legtti- matft dealer, du find HCY-ummudatlnn of Ib is khnl free ly given, providing ordapB are large enough l«> make It Intereating fur the itl8t.ributur or manufac lurer 'B agent t " take 11 chance U Ih aaaerted 4-uiifiunierH. tliereforc. Hliould find full Hlnrks and prb-efl within their reach 1n the aiibjrhfl, though wMh a s t i f fen ing ten- tJency s b the hirJhling season approaches und Iho ri€nmnd intTeairea.

Ibijgene H Van Klper to M uderu L! & L I Assn, F Orange, w a Norwoud ,bt lOij f t n | f r Hhudo liAland av. $6,Ui)0.

Santa lu Butne, orungc, 11 w a o d g en at 37 ft n e fr Kuynuldy et and o ther t r a d , $10,000

M fllten MnnicH et ux to P e te r Haa".'k, 1 F nran,i{c and NevAark. e a Hedfurd hi 173 fl a f r T rom onl av uin1 o ther t r a d , $2,000.

F rank Zw igard ct ux tu Ada N Siowey, Ire ln g iu n , n w s (iru \e .-ai 209 ft n fr i.'ultaKe Hi, I.T.3U0

Hobt J Homlein tu J A M D A G Aspii. N utley , w b Hrui>kline uy' 112 f t s fr Florunve at, $2,400.

F ronk I'] Van N phn et ux T«i f'aldw ell TI & L Asstjf n H WesTkUle as HiO ft. n fr ^Vu,nhhurn pl.

t ’lui.H II 'I'yBon tu liuruM H eadley, S O range, 3 s Salter pl 202 ft w f r M aple av . $:nM!.

(S ivjiuck l4ind ' o to W alter A WIJIs. Ite lleo lle , prt>j>6rly Greyloek J..and l.’o, severa l lot.-r, $3.0OH

I'^redk \\«]li-r d ux tu Freilk 1 S tein- h ren b n ick e r. trclngbm , e » l.indcn av IHO ft n fr lrvlngt".rn pl.

M anny lu Geo J Muprli, II u raugo ,H \v I'lir N 1Mb Hi and 4lh a^. SlM.ridu.

H enry W ahlors ct ux I 'j rn H F laher. Irviiigtuir. w h I’rfiHpcol av .h h cLir R obt GItiHun land,

t'lH rencc Hanson tf* J oh G tiln s se r exr, Irv ing ton , cur ept Jului Alursh e a Union ftv, $1.1*00.

H ugh S tew art cl ux tu H«Taca N Van Huyne, '.'aMwcl. l.lndflley rd adjGomollu,s Yorks land, fFjfjU.

Allege K MeMIrlia""! and bu,iA tr> M aria Collax. nioomficld. II H Newark av 2ti9 ft w fi W eaver av, $2.xiiii

Jt)B G VcFelker d ux tu JaP A Murplry, Uloomfbdd, s s I ’titlage pl 25S ft e fr Sprln"« Ht, $200

CTUhii Katss and liua lo M ary l.,arKen, M on tdalr. w s I ’ark hi 41 fl n f r xMun- togue pl, $4HQ.

Bayurme —1-iOurs Ln:iaruB. 461 Bnmd- w ay, thrce-Hlory fram e, alterallfin, $200,

T’astiaic- Favii Sm-.da. Uiii T enth wlrcel, three-story frame, alteration, | 3 on, Aiun- luiiu Kuplan, 164 l‘’Tiiirth street. Thrcc- htory riunift altfiriUluu. $ 2 0 0 .

G r a n g e —riarcncr- A. ib.ddlngtun. north Ride i ’ i iilr:il avenue, near Ks.sex a\GPue, lhi'ee-5tury rrame, $1

Jerxey t'ity-~JttV ob V\elltuff, ncrilieawt . . ,rn c r Kandolph an-1 Mv'rtle a\enuea, tlirre-Ht.iTV brick. $k.mi0. J a .’ob W em olf, 12 M>r!le avenue, t hree-alor;. brlik, $7,000; Jrilin r.’orrune. .Huuiheafl < urrn-r Sum m it fivcinie and 1‘bnrn ntreet. ruur- Plory brick. SiT.UOO: J"lm I) AniMtu. :iS3

t Sexen th streel. ih ree -s tu ry fram e, uUer- a tion , H .ooo; ICatrite M. Brown. IS-VIKT N ew ark avtni ic. threts-Rinry hrick, alter- ailon . ll.TiOu.

T'aterson- lirne.'ji i ‘ul.'7mnmi. 1 102-1 104 Madlaon u'ernic . thrcG-Btury frame, alter- ftUon, $ 1,500; J a c o b Gold, pniitheaflt eor- ni'r Oliver und Marshal l streets f*lory briek, $13,000.



H Sm ith, H und C urtis

N«wark'& iMulley Hca-lty i'o lo I'jereFnla SlmouFi. N utley. 'o t 369 block 6 m ap f irs t l>arty. $1.

r.'uNTRAL'TS.Kills '.llniher, owner, t.'lintnn and Kllla

avs. With Oavid Rudenberg fnr m ason w ork, $2,iui'. Tlyman Hoaenauhn, aroh l- tvet.

W'lllikim Kenlt>*'U’o, owner. Beverly rd. M ontclair, w ith Rolwrt H W illiam s for general wurk. $&,650. il M eaulnger Kldher. ar<Mitcol.

H arub l Milier, owner. 183 A iadem y at w ith TlubcKt h' Baraden fo r p a in ting w ork. $115.

C arm ine Manna, owner. 145 Schley si, B ennett


Bel le v^^'jJa^J^G laener exr tu C larence Hanaon. Irv lnglon , cor land r s l John M arsh on e » r n io n a v , 75x250. $4,fifl0.

Samuel Sandersun to Hugh S tew art e t ux Caldwell, inld Hlndsley rd 100 f t n fr land C Ci Vorks. 50x100, $1-

Thos r> Cole e l ux irj same. Verona, n w ro r Jot land Thus D Cole, 3^x100, $1.

Same to aame. V erona, centre U ndslcy rd fl wr cor land A Cole, 50*100, $1> , ,^I-'yedSflck W sinlm t Sr to W plnlnc J r K Orangi!, o » rHiFjde Tslanri av r « V s s ft- H«rst<-»d Bt. 25xl');i, 41.

Robt W H a rtp e n ce tn m to ( .has ® ben Irv ington, iv s **JuyveB»nt i t 604 f t n fr C linton av W, 27*1 24. 4916.


'h asH. Baldwin, archltevl-

A th e rl BuetaT and Juhuix M esuricllo owTiera, 47-49 C&niden st, w ith Pam poioa & IgoflB for all work, $7,000- John B t'e ila . arch itect,

r'ontract.s for I he- fli nt co-operiiUve ai>Hrtmenl-hoii&e In N'cwnrk have br-cn avuirflfil . 11 has bo<*n Iruirncd on authority . The buildinit Ih to he IochUmI Hi 333 ML- f ’ rospert nNcniie on pruperfy foTiTiF-rly owned by WHMam A. llKlscy. wher *3 lie hH.<< haii his rcHldence for many ycflrj5.

Mr. Tlalsey sold the property rmcnily lo a Hyndicuie uf promoters. I k n r y W, Wilkinson, an arch ltcc i of 1 5 \VeH,t Thir- ty -H shlh fllroet. Manliattan, han drawn the plans and K a r l lI. Snilth of iifiit Broad street, this city, a n ellKlneer, Ims i b f conlrti'-t, for «iolng the work. The lln lsny hun^e is to he demollsht'd nnd Krtiund broken fo r the new atruvUire within ft Bliort tliuc-

l'>w df'iaiU of th e IransacU on I'uiild bn learned today . It is known, however, th a t A rlaiiHe In tbg eu n lrao l of fial*- pni- videa th a t Mr. ila ln ey will retain title to one of the ap a rtm en ts . The utheru will be sold aa detached houfiea am aulij find full title vested In the purchaser

111 New York lliero a re m any i^mdi eo-opei'aiH « ap arim e tit hotiBfs. Thr proposed huildlng fo r th is d ty . It is said, will lie one of tlu- f irs t ones to he erected in the K ast outside o f M unliattari

ThrouK h th e l^ase by l..ouiB Schlea- iuger. In i', of space in th e B arc lay b u lb lin g a t 153-155 Sum m it s t re e t , tw o ad iim o n a l In d u s lr le a w ill come to th is c ity T he .sevenih floor of the b u ild in g hufl b'“fn lesised irY Jaco b so n B ro th e rs of New Y ork for u se In fln lB hing d ia- moiHli.'N ii> a new [U'occss. Space in the b u ild in g h a s a lso been leaseil to H. "W, M cU lenp. m a iiu ra c tu re r of w a tu h caaes Biid w ntidiea.

Tljp receniUv voniiilcte«1 b iilld lfig ot S69 B road p tre e t, m llo in tn g th a t o f T>p- penhcijn . C oliins & Co., h a s been leaseil by Louis S rliU aln g er. liir., lo the V. (i Sm ith f’tuno C o m p ab i of th is c ity 'f'he firm has done busin esa here for tw e n ty - I'ive searfi and th e buKinpos w ill be in i l ia rg e of M. G eorge I'asaa.

Tlu' A etna lleR lty C om pany h a s had phtriH d raw n by W llllan i hi. L ehm an fo r liA fiilj liouHPH u l M 'eaton i‘’nrU ’I'licy will i>e e re c ted on I tay lo n s tre e t- oppo-^ slip Iho race tra c k _of W eequah lc T’a rk 'I'he iU n rc lu re s wifi he of tw o a to rie a ami each iiouse w ill be for one fam ily . T here w ill be peven room s and a b a th .

.\r llu jr J. I la n it, of McGuire & (Tardl, anil I -I. llttchlin, lutvc lnase4l thi* sLum and la.i^ riiHiit a t Hn>ad Plret-t, I'ppu-silF* ilir- r e n t r a l B allroad alatlon , lu the .Mbuc I'.iiliber <'ompany «f ,\lhnny. \Gii>li >vtb occupy the preinhses abm it t)u* fIrM 'if May. The lease Ip for a t^^rni nf yi-niH fo r ft ren ta l to ta lling rilMUit $75,(11111 The rnb*n Building I'uiniMiny uwfis tljc pruperty .

.lufH'ph IsaKL'P ll4LS Kuld 300 feet uf land on the west side of Ml, r ie a a a iit avetiuc. miinbored from 25 lu 47. for the .Jark.sun eslHlH, to hulUk^.•^ \ 'h u interuJ ■•rl■1^l^g si" fuur-.stury npartitien t bon.4C8 The price pa 'tl w as abtm l $125 a fiii t Mr, I.hhhcp has nlft'O nnld for the f! i iHPYfdt IlPalty ( ’<5inp«ny two pbjts of fiiTv feet eat-h on H m ad a treet tu builders idiinnlng tt> e rec t a four-Nlory, aix tern -fam lty iipurtn ient house.

7 T t £ U K O A l ) f e » ' r w i i i 5 ' l '

* « . „ 0 . . . » . ™ , F » 0 . „ 0 4 j p 3 i ^

5 u r p lu 5 » O v e r $ 4 3 0 ,0 0 0 ,0 0D eposits m ade Ihe flral th re e biiKlncsH d ay s of iuei'> iiujiith draw

In te re s t from tire 1st of iht:! nionth.OFKH ICHSi

tfO'I'T F i l l ion IVeftldenl.Jo b o K lseber. F ir s t V lr«‘ B rm .i $ lieb a rl i '. I fn rre tt . srt'u&iJ

WIIIliiBi (j. TrnM i\xeln. See'y auil I reii*.TIltJSTIOIOlNi

M lcbart iV t i a r r e l t -Aug. K. KyrgrrsW m* H. I la rk b o ra U m. K. b lrd l r rllerm aD B orD em anv Jf> i br< W. Fi>taeBS|»atiJoaepb All H reae Jckbn t^lscherJo h n J« n u rb lin r t t t K. A llirrt H nbn

W I I I . K'- IfnlVnitMiii t» o tt f r l« l Kri iPirer ftol iert 0 **l6orne f-iifltnviiiM '•IfirhM rW m- tb i j


Twelve mem bnra of the M utual T'rn- iPi'tive Building and lA.ian AHsodalion have bought up the $1,500 ulalm of the

' « o u t la high schoul. He explained f * th a ipaclalJzatlon in books ts incidental

to th e tra in in g of th e pupil, th e claim {•' being th a t thJB is better p repara tion fur

life work.

JKRBKV <’[TV, 7.—The follo'wingdeeds ami [nurtgaKei a ffec ting p ropertyIn W est Hudson were recurded ye ste rd ay ; - , , . * m

KEARNY L'UNVEYANOKS. | aBsoclatlori ag a in st the HtjKeiiMe ^ n isi, . . . , , , . i< ompanY. re lieving the FirguiFlaatlon el re-•Tohn 1*ran k e t iix t-abigero Mule e l eri/.n«rhririw in th is inntt**r ux e a Davla av 50 f t s fr H oy t s i j sponsiblllly in iiiis m atter.

25^100, $J. I Thuae who bought ttic claim a re 1-rcd-C eor’ge .1 Rrsim ct u x io A nna B M orn- ' erick W. Tidey. M atth ias Ludlow. Liifis

..................-■> >»=.hii/ 3-T »' •" -ijipp- Frederick S. June*, ru'ul H

The foiivn .rf'iii6rtRa*x.-SrtYe filed: NlOWARK.

Emile G arflnkel e t n} to Joiin C Llsele


■ - eg«e4«l Sertifre of f»o NEB’S.UONROR. ^ b . 7.—T ha t the th ie f who

.broka tntF) Che M unrue a ta tlon b t the Le- . Ui4g]i end H udson Ttatlroad, W ednesday

% ti lfb t , w as no t sa tisfied w ith h is haul L 4 '’; . w ae ev iden re* T hursday , w hen S tstn jn

M as te r R obert K im ble In th e village was ti-ytng- to a d ju s t Hie claim of l-ewls R.

.. ^ O a o ^ to n , a local m erchan t, who lost 176 w o r tb ' o f d ry goods and |6 w orth of c sa n M beef.

vl! 4<»n* one look a d v an tag e o f th e ah* • , N a 9f Mr. Ktmble. who w ent on to f'raRkUn Junction , a f te r con ferring w ith M#. .(ICDgleton. and took w h a t beet and

' d rlf J h « a » W ire t t f t . JL local H S ta e n t *a . ja W i c l id fM robbing tbe s ta tio n , an d n s

grliM : may follow In a- fear days.

e l al. a o cor R ailroad av und Green et.

*”ih*iaB l.evy e t u* ,fo IGremcn’s Ina fjo, n s Court at 100 f t c f r ,8 9th at 43.000.

Same to sam e, s g C ourt a t 66 f t w -fr Kairrootint uv. 43,000. . „

Uaiilel C reccu e t ux lo Ila inhu rg H * 1, Aaan. n js (61111 st> 7th av 75 f t e I t Slone at. 44.000. . ' r

Isadore HorowU* e t al to Kaglea B * I- Asan. w a Peahine a v 76 ft n fr M adlaon

^ Same to same, w a Peshine av 100 f l n f r Madlaon a '’, 15,300.

W m H B arkhorn Co lo Annexed Die B & I. Aaan, w a B ltiyvcaanl av 303 f l a f r b Orange av, 45,500.

Hani* to sam e, w a S tuyvesant uv 362 f t a f r S Orange av . 15,600.-

Geo V Ptaclier to Annie Klaher. e s S l l t h a t 251 f t n f r IS th av and o th e r tra c t. 43.006-

Rudolph J Ooerke e t ul to Krederic 1. Johnson, n a S O range a v 104 f t e f r F a ltm o u n t av , 45,400. ^

Theo I. M aurer e t ua to Rlrealde B & J-pel .........................Astm, e a p am area t i t 100 f t a f r U ra iaw

•Vi $$ BOAjo b n .m rg re a v a s to B lghth ’Wnod .ik <>.

ler Bros, 25xH10, $1.\m ia b M ornlngstfrn to I'Catharln^

B raun , w « yorflist si Int b|k 37 m ap N«f. S of N iirth J e m y I-ald Co and F u l­ler Brofl. 25xlOa, $1.

KKARNY M OH TO /ttliS .Ju lian Jova el u.x to Uon»olldaied B &

L Aasn* n a Devon at 591 ft e f r Devon ler. 25x90. $240.

M ary and John Atanola lo Trank f and t 'a th e r^ n e Stum pf <>xrp of Ja ioh Slum pf, n ft Oakwood ttv 390 ft w fr K earny av.37»2wx 12D, $3,500.

M ary and Jtihu^MouHlo to F rin k r audt'atliH rinc rituinpf exrs of Jaeo^ fcSluinpf,• « MagnidlH av 104 ft e f r K t^ rny av. JOvftO. $4,000

„__ .1 SiJUuel P*. Bi^ntleya JalTirft FB entley, The e s ta te o f '5 'ra n k f lu n l; Y*ill- 1am a. M auDougal. Sylvester Hill, H arry J . Slevcna and C. ipifforrl Rrangs.

A new perleft will l>e s ta r ted hy the a s ­sociation i i th e m eeting on February U , w hich will be held a l 554 N orth Fifth street-

J ^ L I J j S A V IN G SB A N K

. B . R O A D S T R E F TtlAhlAUI-lUSF

A ssets$ . S , 8 0 0 , 0 0 3

M e rr llt (L P«rk lo ii llerlNert I*, ti IrunimI vV.Pri W niidM itr H enry >1. D orrm up J , \% ard W nufirn ir K nlrlleJ4ibn I*. C v n tr r l l H enry I l r r t> r fJoneph Ms H ike r WHIInm Ncht^^rer

,lny i ‘en IC>rk (kroner Jnr.re r^nnirl H D unham f n rl H. l.*‘hkiif‘<’hi'T tVni. <>■ lirrn ti

4% Interest to $1,000D eposits M ade by M arch 4th Draw

Interest from Mawch 1st

POLICE B. AND L. ELECTS OFRCERSThe armiiftl m eeting uf llic PuHc-e Hulld-

Ing and I.chti .KHsuriatlon iLaa hr-Ul in rooina of ihe I'niirfi Ib'nnJ ln.si n igh t. These officnrft were ^'Ir. ted; P residenr, V. W. [vrueger; vii-e-;.rea:rJ''nl. John T laader. direi lurw fur ihri'c years, t.'ap- ta lp O scar Vuifcl. Lciiti n an t Joseph K. F bert. Terreru-o l ^ r r i s and t ’hlef of P o ­lice M lrhael T. l.ung. {iiidllor fo r th re e yearx, . tsa is tan l Fits I 'l f ik M urlin O. BrYjpp-

The six teen th s».'no*.‘i of fittn;k w as open­ed and 3 Ml sburcH were'dispi.)it€d of. T he msa<»fiHt!i.irii hafi liHin in exlatenoe elishl

Our New, Up-to-Daie Bank Building

a t Springfield'A ve. and High St.W i l l B e R e a d v f o r B u s i n e s s ir i a V e r y F e w M o n t h s M d a r i i f f t i / t f t f e o c c u p y T e m p o r a r y Q u a r t e r s a t

72 Springfield AvenueO fK . Interegli J l Q t IntrrMl£ W on lt(l«l- * * ■ ^ 0 " 'e 'c v l-

I ne«Fl I>riFOFFlt» I FHl-nt HflFOSlHKKHOl'RrBh

OVKK 4::.4(>o,onnHivo»«-nieni Depa-rtmiuit opuH

Moixitay evenings. 3 to 9 o'clofli.Travelers’ Fhecks and ItfGtirs

of Credli available a ” tiio wivrid.

parts <jf I


M ary and John Manola to Frar.k and C a th ea r 'n e Rtumid exrs of Jac b h « tu m p f , >

fijrrdar S erfk f of Iht. S im B ClxKVLl.A N L). Ftib. 7.—John D Rocke­

fe lle r 's depttiTure from t.'leY eland In th« fa re of s ffo rts by local m x eommissioners to collect alHJLit IIJ.UDO.OOO In persuhal

e '’B TfeaTny av fl7 fl 8 f r Magn'afia av] I properly taxes u l l l have no effec t on the J5 xS7, $4,odd. ta x fight, coiiinilssloiicrH armouni-eri lu-

KKARNV BU11..DING CONTBA'JTS. day. Mr. R ockefeller left the FiircRi Hill Ike P o lgan wllh Max and WILllari Koi- i ta ta le lato yoslcrday .

linger, all painting and papering fo r a rig h t ah ead .” said Toin-tw o -jto ry and attTc fram e house '■.o t»e \ m laaloner Jo h n D. F ack ler today, ITnJer e rected on th e w t of Mapl* s t lOO'.ft n the Ohio law Ktickefeller has nntM to- fr H alatead i t 4166; n ig h t to divulge a Hat o f hlfl e etlm atcj

tlURlni aBd_gM f l l U n E _ * ^ , | jjoo^deo^ocOflif p e rtu n a l p roperty liuldlngn



j^ c ® b * * ^ |» h n er* \» ii Y itjo r^^M jyer | BAK!m aaon and cem ent work, 3c!gOT*.h‘ U -.' V « t,

1141. fo r ta x a tio n If ho dealre t to eecape a ‘ 2S1 M ir k a l S b f if ty per cen t, penalty . .1 (

Built right, tiaiitlsoiTifi 'R appearance. Made of oak, six foot size '. 121.00-See them at “ Newark’s Ofii« Furniture Hcad-



781 B road S tr e e t , N e w a rk , N, J .TRLKPHOAB an-V' ^lAHKU'T.


W h i t e C e d a r ^ a t B o a r d s

Lumber for Boats One of Our SpecialtiesW hite P ine Yellow Pine

Cypress H ardwoodsHILL PACIUTIES

A.B.AYERSS a w a n d P l a n i n g M tU

358 Ogden St., new Clay4 ' T t d . 3 7 9 7 B r a n t f k B r b o k t

'Y o u can p '/ e is a B a n kB o o k s h e w in g the first

*I d e po sit in th js rtistitu-

tio n . S u c h a V a le n tin e w o rk s fo r .yo ii 365 days

I a y e a r.

T H I N K I T O V E R !


1 2 2


R o s e v i l l e A v e .t n r r GhiI Buitiij Ficily"


m £ }f


Temleocy ol Prices on

R est


Thft loea! nei q u ie te r this v>< 4Uit* as Veen. i U unsy was eii I’ticU nt to kew bonds which t whtnavwr deni •ccum ulatJun.

K a s y tim>3 I bgcU of the i] which have lor cen t, wn ra do\ IS 4 result, fl local M nandal

Municipal til • good detnnri

Tra«‘t1ons w< • •y bonds it>ll' •o lldatod T rtc ftt 77 Vi. Full i l H : PuYalfo h Public Service llOVi,

G as boride •£k«. but Ul*) Whioh ivatrJc!l4

Consolidated 73 o rd >*ul'|l 104V& to 106.

(kis stocks 1 • r k C.>nsol1dal fA; Ptirgen (' E m sx end Ifud Oos shares sol>

There was •h tre e . wllh a s to ck s of ihe w ere Inquiries s r k Hsuikirik'. ty Natlfiual. e h sn ts ' Na1U>» pric'es. bi.t itM

Both liLBiirar securities vtfi:e week ago, whi

The follow! UlShCd by J. 8

COUNTYU srceti iJouLU srceti ijouu KeUn O range K ss l O raiig t E a s t Orange KHipLbeth AU E ssex C ount Ksaex C uunl E ssex C ount Essex CauRt:Sasax Count

ex C<jS e sex Couii Esflox Count: E ssex Count; E ssex Cmmt Essex Count H ud. Couhly H udson Tour H udson Coui H tid iun (,’oui Je rsey City Jersey City J e r s e y City Jersey City !N ow ark 3 % N ew ark 3 Vj|N ew ark 4e N ew ark i s ! N ew ark 4s N ew ark 4s O range 4V&s Union Count Union Coujii

t N. Y.. F?. a * S . T . G.

No. J . F y Con. Trap. Co J . L'.. l i. ft P. N ew ark Puss P a ss ft New.R. T. St. Ry. I J . C.. H. ft P. B ergen Turnpl N. iiu d . Co, B N . II. Co. Ry.N. H . Ca . Ry. PalerHOfi Ry. TA terson Ry, ' B. ft R. R. R' B ru n sw ick Tt BFist J e r se y S Mid. & Som. ' E ., P, & C- J. B lalnfleld St.O . > P. V. 5e

Tr*n. Pnes, Rj T ren , EL Ry. T ren to n St. RP . B. C. Gen,

OAS A N I N bw ark Con. ( New. Gag l i t I H ud, Co, GagQ. ft E. of Bel G. ft E. of B. f P . f t p . o . & : E d igen B l. Ill Paaegfe G ag 'I P aa sa io L igh tS. ,U. ft M. L t O i i t r a l E tectr C ltlaeng’ Blec. P . G. ft E, OcS o m erse t L te

B. L. P.MIdd. B ____Bo, J . Q., E. 4 T ran ton G. ft IL . t . Cf>. lo t

N lJ 'S 'ttS . L, iGag o t 5

' . T. G ag L rang. I,. I :S T H IA L > . 1*. f t 1 Kene'k w a ekoo P en

, , . U ft Im -vew J e rse y Z N. V. * N. J , ' N. T . f t N. J, N. T. ft H. F P la in fie ld V. '

U . N. J . H, R H e rrla a Esa! W arren R. E. H, Y,, Iftck . & Laoltaw anna 1

J . C,| Hob. ft Con, T ru e . Co No. Je t. St. R Pub- Ber. Per.Sub Set. Cor

ap ia Tranelt N. J. f t H . R.


H uft

L-r, i i , 5PnM rcbn ft Pi Boip.. Unletl I

A tiN a t ifiewarlc National Stat, E n ex County M erchante' Ni

Union Natloni

Trflal . Y iuet

. YTeat Bide T r C ity T ru st Co U n b o u n d T n N ew ark T rust C ilnton T rust

J jg ^ f le id A v« .^ y T ru st C'aahington T “IJhfttbfi Nal

^ i l O range I people's Bank “ ■ County

.v in rs Inves Qond N atto i

Brange Nattoi N utual T rust N egt Hudson tinton County

LIFE a n d - - n d e n t l^

darlean . , . iremen's . . .

Jew a rk Fire, Bemmerclal C

J , P id . f t 1 iw jereo j

kansadte"' ekenaaek l




aryT rea su re !Secretary



I l^.jOU.UO 456,2UU.OO ti43,708.37 .'>40,402.43 .420.2 n .2 o 31S.MOO.00 436.429.00 759,139.66





Itl H.

M, N J .

tClo r to

B a rkso lu te

IfirnniMnu IimI Krii^vf^r t \ . l>**ltorn^ 4’iii« ^InrhMh .. Tr(t7»t

hMh Iz U\ s s s t s> ,8 0 0 , 0 0 3

'l‘n» K>i'k IT** - jhl' rp Ir1 t |H. Ijf‘l»kir»‘r h r r

(■. Itreno

, 0 0 0

4-th Draw 1st

St.7 l/r ss a t

lendneis a Batik

the first is f(istitU“ Valenthie 3t55 days

O V ER !

RUST4NYi l l e A v e .i l F*t3ily“ , '

N B W A H K B V B N T N G N E W S , 8 A T U B D A T ,


Tendency of Holders to A dnnce Prices on Recovering Demamt

Restricted Trading.


Th^ lor«! js i’uritlp* marJ^et wr* n Iimpi iiuletftr th li Th« dem and not

as kenn. luit prlren v^ern mutntalnf^d. | M oney wan eany. but Inveetore w**r«* re- I hscU n t it> keep oti bidding fo r Rinrks nr b ond i a lilch tended to advance In pr1<-e m’hanaver dem and liecam e ]n«iat«iit for accm m ilailun.

Kaey tim«3 money a t New York wae back of the Improved aentim etil. Itatea which h«^e long ln*eti a t five and alx per cent, were d o ^ n to th re e per c riil. and. u i a re iu ll. fund* were much eaaler a t local f ln an d a l inatltu tlona. v

Municipal honda coFitlnue a trong with % good demand for varioua Umiea.

Tractloria were aleo atronK, NTorih Jer- •ay bom li telling from Tf> t'» ro n -•olidate<1 1'ractlona to i!)3; W tiite Un<'t a t 71 Vi; United KIcctrlCR tip t*' R1 t l H ; Uubtio Servi4'« g eneral! a t 91 end Public Service slock a t New T urk to J10V4.

Oaa bond? were s tro n g e r on th e Md attd, but tlie offerings w ere limited. Whtoh restrlcti'd trad ing .

rotiaoHdaied J'rn rtlon sh ares aold a t 7J and l*iil*he Service certif ic a te s at 104Vi to 105.

(Ms stocks were i:kewlR<% strong . New* a rk C,>nsolidatcd (iaa stock aold up to ♦5; Bergen (.’>iunty Una up to Rft and Eaaev and Ifudaon to 132. H udson County O a t th a rea solil a t U d to 131.

Tbern w m a lie tte r feeling In hank •haree , with a broadening of dem and for ■tocka of ih^ older Inetllu tlona. There wwre 1nv]ulrlee f »r slof k of N ational New­a rk HaukiTij,'. Nutlor.al S ta te . K^sejc C eun’ ty NatloE'ai. L!nton S'Htlonal and Mer- ch an ta ' National around the nom inal hid prices, bi.t ru.rc cume out.

Both luaiirancf com|.iany and Industrial securities we:e held abou t itie sam e as a w’sek ago, wKliotil trartba<‘U<njB.

J’he fpllnwlng q jtd a tln n s w ere fur* fUihCd by J, S. RIppcU


B ergen Cuuuty tU s lb 3 9 . . .K a i t O range 4a U 3 8 ............H a st O range 4 Vis Ik& D ....E a s t O range 4b 1947...........Kllgabeth AdJ 4s 1922...........E s te x C ounty S.ti&s 191B.. .E ssex C uunly 3.6Ss 1920-3S.E ssex C ounty 3.tS£s 1930-35.Essex. Caunty 4s 1926...........


E ssex County 4a 192ti.B a s e l C ounty 4a 1 9 4 0 ,..E sbcx C\)Unty 4s 1943-4 4. . .E ssex County 4h 1946-47. . .E ssex County 4s 1948. . . .E ssex County 4lks 1 9 5 3 ...Hud. County 4 ^ h 1923-4-5. H udson County 4 ‘/a» 1948.. H udson County 4» 1 9 5 4 ... H udiut) l.'niinty 4ii 1 9 6 9 ... J e r tey City ln i j l . . , . .Je rsey City 4h J932 .............je r s e y C ity 5s 1 9 H ...........Je rsey c ity 54 1922...............N ew ark 3 ^ 8 1931-32............. «iN ew ark 3Vi« 1945-55.............. 87N ew ark 4e 1922....................... 98N ew ark 4s 1923. . ..................... 98N ew ark 4a 1 H43-f.7 . . . . . . . . 97N ew ark 4s 1948-38 . . . . A . . . 97O range 4Via 1938...........T . . . 98Union County 4a 1948 ............ 95Union County 4a 1942........... 98

RAILROADS,U. N. J. R. H. Ji C. 4a iy 2 9 . , 96U. N. J. R. R . Sc. C. 4s 1944.. 95U. N. J. R.R. & O. 3Vi« 1951 84M brrta & Kesex la i 7s 1914.. 101M. & E. Con. Tm 1916-........... lOH'■ & E. Ref. 3Vi« 2000

Bid. Asked. 102 98 100

969797 96 94

ll9698 9898

10296 98

103 96

100 103

3 -- ______ - Wa 2000rAiTeh H. H. Rcr. .TUa JOOO

■■ ' ■ ■ ■ - i s i i .ii2



lo t101*71018«

N. Y„ L. A \V. 1st N . Y.. L. & W. (.-on. .Si 1923.N.Y., I.. & W , T. Im . Is 1923 C; K R. o( N. .1. 9* 19*7 .. . I lS ^ i ' 11S14 Anj. D. A I. Co. Ob 1 9 21 .. 104 108N.,y-. A L. a. IB lO l l ............ 93L^htsrh V a lle j Ter. Bs 1911. 101L ehigh V alley 'T er. Bs 1911. lOB L. V. R. R. of N.Y.1V4» 1910. l i p E asto p A Ainbp.v 1st Bs 1910 1?1 E r ls fa t Con. Gold 7s 1921). . m

Prli “EH* R rlor IJcn la 1999 E rie Gen. Lien la 1 E r is P. Coll. T rust Is is r .iI,. D. Co. Con Gold Bs 1 9 3 i . . 122 M Idlapd P. R. 1»t Bs H I O . . 100



123N„ T., B. * IV. 1st Bs 1937...

J N. Y., R. ft "VV (len Bs l a io971475




N. T., G. L. R. R. 5s 1912 TRACTION.

No. J . 8 ' , Ry la 1913............ 79Con. Tree. Co. ns 1933......... 10214 liiiiJ . C., II. ft P. Hy la 1919.. 7s 5 ■■N ew ark Pass. Ry. Be 1930. ., lOl Pass, ft .New. E. T. Bs 1937 lOOH. T. 8 t. By. 5a 1921.............. lo iJ . 0., H. ft P. Ry. 4b 1919, . 77B ergen Turnpike Co. 5s I9B1 92 N, Hud. Co, Ry. 1st Bs 1911 Ino N . II. Co. Ry. 3d lis 1921. . . 9«N. H. Co. By. Con. Bs 1928. 101 P a te ra o n Ry. !d * an .B s1 9 1 4 100 P a te rs o n Ry. Con. S» 1 9 31 .. 112B, ft R. H. R y 59 1951___ 91

I B ru n sw ick True. 5 s 192B. . 93E a s t J e r se y St. Ry. Bs 1911 93

I Mid. ft Som. Trao. Ss 1950. 93E., P. ft C. J. Bs 19oS___ _ . '96

1 P la in field St. Ry, Bs 1 9 * 2 ., lOO■ V. Bs 1 9 3 8 ... . '......... 91: H .J, fcH . B -ft F, Co, Is I960 78! Tran. Pass, Ry. 1st 6s 1031. 113 I T ren. Bt. Ry. Con. as 1938., 92

T ren to n St. Ry. gen. 6s 1911 99! P . S. C. Gen, Bs 1959............ 90


91O A S ^ N D e l e c t r i c LIG H T .

N aw ark Con. Gnai^g 1048. . . 103(4 105New. Oas 1st M tgs es 1911. 123H ud. Co. Gas Ss 1 9 1 9 ..'___ 102Q. ft E. of Her. Co. 5s 1919. 100 a . ft R of B. Co, Gen. Bs 19B4 92 P. A P. O. fir E. Sa 1949 ., loo E d iso n E l. III. gen , Ds 3925 100 P a s sa ic O a s 'L ig h t 6a 1922. 102 P a ssa lo L ig h tin g Ba 1 9 25 .. lOnS. ,U. ft M. L tg . I s 1913___C en tra l E lectric Bs 1 9 1 0 ... C ltlsen s ' Elec. 1st 5s 191B .P . G. ft E. Gen. Sa 1910. . , Boraoraat L tg . Ss I 9 3 S . . . . M Idd. E. L. P. Co. 5b I9B5, go. J . G.. K. ft T. Ss 1 9 6 3 ,. T ian to n G. ft E. Ss 1919.. . . . Ifl* U . * , Co. ,16^ M tge^ * i WVs. 81





*2C. R , H, ft P Bs 1938--------- looJJ< v Irtd . L H. « P , 5b 1488 ion CpA. G as of N. J , 5b 19*A. . »« ,

. T. G as lA g h t 4 U a IfSS lOO ‘fa n s . L H. A P . 4s 1§30 78 ■ ”

5TR IA L AND m i s c e l l a n e o u s, P. & L C g .,? a 1923 105

kenB'k W ater Co, 1b 1952 36e k a a P e r r y l o t 5 i 1948 lOO. L ft Im p, Co. Bb 1930 100

N ew J e rse y ZIno Co. 4sl929 95

C- X- f 2d Bs 1946 96P ta ln lle ld U. W . Co. Be 1931 102


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PROGRESS OF BETTER TRADE MOVEMENTA lm o it e v e ry b o d y la a » re e d th a t a t u r n fo r th e

b e t te r In th e tid e o f b u i ln e w h e a m a d e lia a p ­p e a ra n c e a lnce th e b e g ln n ln i o f t h e new y ea r , b u t (h e re a r e eom e w h o h a v e d o u b le b e ra u s e o f th e la c k o f e m p h a sle w ith w h ich th e Im p ra v e m e n l

h a a ah o w n I tse lf .

T h « r« i t a n i i to bo lo m e c o n tro v e rs y ovop th « q u e it lo n df w b e th a r tKe u p lif t !■ tu h« pro> n o u n c a d ; w h e th e r o r Tiot th e u p w a rd b o u n d l» to be « e tr ik lr ig ex h ib itio n o f re c u p erH ilv e vUalUy.

N e v e r th e ie se th e fa c t re m a in s th a t th e gw ini h a v e b een le e n o f a ll m en an d it o n ly r e m a in ! fo r th e re c o v ery to show th e e x ten t to w h lo h ll w ill d o m in a te th e g ttu a tlo n .

R e p o r ts fro m th e iron an d s te e l In d u s tr ie s a re u n ifo rm ly e n c o u rag in g and a s to t h e f o r m e r th e to ia l o f new o rd e rs a t ad v an ced p r ic e s Is su ch as to a t t r a c t g e n e ra ) a tte n tio n .

W oolen g o o d s rulJIs, too, a r e ru s h e d w ith o rd e rs a iid m a n u fa i tu r e r i In m an y lin e s o f s ta p le g o o d s r e p o r t a n im p ro v n m en t o f d e m a n d a con- ira s te d w ith D ecem b er and p re c e d in g m o D th a

I t re m a in s to be added , h o w ev er, t h a t th e re is ('onalderai>)e In d u s tr ia l Id leneaa d e s p i te t h e e ta r t- in g -u p o f BO rAany s teel m ills a n d o th e r m a n u ­fa c to r ie s , T h e u n s fa en n a b le w t^ th e r . to o , h a s se rv ed to c h eck salee o f s e a s o n a b le g o o d s a ll th ro u g h th e w in te r m o n th s , a n d c o lle c tio n s a re re p o r te d slow In consequence.

T h e u su a l e ase fo r fu n d s , h a c k e d by w o r ld ­w ide c o n d itio n s of th a t n a tu re , h a v e c a u s e d m an y b a n k a to p u t re la tiv e ly m o re o f th e i r s u rp lu g In to

m e r c a n t i le p a p e r th a n w ould h a v e b een th e caee o th e rw ie e . w h ic h h a s te n d e d t o h e lp g e n e ra l tra d e .

O n e o f th e e x tra o rd in a ry f e a tu r e s o f th e f in a n c ia l a l tu a i lo n la fo u n d in th e c o n tin u e d ea* p o r t o f f o ld to r s r l s a t th e ex p en se o f th e B an k o f F ran ce* o f c o u rse , w hile ex ch a n g e r a te s a r e a lm o s t )ow e n o u g h to p e n n ii us to Im p o r t g o ld if w e n e ed e d It. t

T h e J a n u a r y rlsr* in s io ck a s e e m s to h a v e tu rn e d in to a F e b ru a ry ro a c tln n . W all S tr e e t th in k s th e l a t t e r is a h e a lth fu l m o v e m e n t, p e rh a p s one C a lcu la te d to p e rm it of a f u r th e r m o u n tin g of p ric e s . T im e a lo n e will tell

B o n d s a r e s te a d ie r th a n n tnoks a n d c o n tin u e in g o o d re q u e s t fo r th e belli r v a r te tin t . A lm ost a ll th e te a d ln i s ec u rity mHrkHts, b o th h e re a n d a b ro a d , w e a r a tire d «sptH-i n\ th e m o m e n t, b u t th e low r a t e fo r m oney, w hk h lies b ack o f a ll of th e m . Is f e g a rd e d by good a * p o in tin g toa n u l t im a te h ig h e r level fu r g e n e ra l s e c u r ity q u o ta tfo tiA

T h e R o ck Is lan d upset Is riiiiiMv re c o g n iz ed a s a p ro p o s i t io n hav ing to do mb-r.-jy w ith r e a d ju s t ­m e n t a n d th e e lim in a tio n of n d o u b le -h e a d e d h o ld in g c o m p a n y , not to lack r<f in tr in s ic sound* ness In t h e o ld Ruck l i la iid UailNvay C o m p an y .

W all S t r e e t d eclines to ta k e too v a rio u s ly e i th e r th e M ex ican o r PeriiM an d is tu rb a n a e s a n d looke w ith f a r g r e a te r con if-rn on th e l ik e lih o o d o f a fa v o ra b le d ec is io n h\ th e I n te r s ta te C o m m e rc e C o m m iss io n in th e ra ilw ay ra te c a s e a n d th e t h r e a te n e d a c t io n by Congrt-aa w ith r e a p e d te s to c k e x c h a n g e reg u le ilo n .


W ASHINGTO aN. Feb, 7.—Senator Nor- rln'ft reaoluiion, d irecting the in te rs ta te Commerce Commlaalon to continue Its Inv'eBllgation of New Haven H allruad af- fttlrs, w as passed today by (he Benaie In M modified form.

T'h& m odification w as to specify th a t th e com m ission need not dup licate any (if Us previous work and leaving It to th e dfacretion of the commission w hether Its previous Investigation hod developed all the Inform ation It desired.

t.'ommlsBloner Frouty , who m ode the f irs t Investigation, recently declared he could see Iluie to be gained by furtbev work t»y the cam m lsslon, but th a t som e­th ing m ight be b rought out by a com ­m ittee of Congress.

This Inform ation w as called fo r by the resolution:

“W h at t>ecame of the funds of the New H aven Inveeted in various en te r- p rlte s and corporations mentioned in th e recen t repo rt of th e In te rs ta te Com­m erce Commlselon?

“ W helher th e person or persons aulh* orlzlng investm ent of those funds and th e person or persons receiving the benefit a re liab le to punishm ent under existing laws.

^ 'W hether, under ex isting law. theso funds can be recovered on behalf of the atnckhbldars of said company.

“W h at legislation, if any, Is necessary to p revent the recurrence of sim ila r tran sac tio n s?"


N EW YORK, Feb. 7.—R obert S. I>ovett. rh a lrm an of th e Union Pacific, yDBlertay 8*va au t th e fo llow inf s ta te ­m ent re la tin g to th e ra ilro ad 's schem e fo r the d is tribu tion of Its hoIdlnES of B altim ore and Ohio stock:

‘ T he d is tribu tion is of accum ulated surn lue profits, plainly applicable a s div i­dends only on common stock, and Is rh a r* eab le to su rp lus and not capital. T here Is no th ing In th e convertible bonds o r In th e Indenture under which they w ere Issued th a t im pairs th e o rd inary rig h t of s tockholders to a d is tribu tion a t any tim e of th e e n tire profits or th a t lim its th e pow er of the com pany w ith r e ­spect to ra te of dividends, Increase of stock, reduction of su rp lus or otherw'lse. The com pany prom ised to pay the princi­pal and the. In te rest and to convert the twnds a t a certa in ra te d u rtn s a certa in period a t th e option of th e holder, and th a t w as absolu tely all It prom ised."


NKW YORK, Feb. 7.— L ow er cab les th a n €xp ec te»1 w ere fo llow ed by a n o p e n in g decline of 3 lo 6 in ao tto n to - dayii &Hd a c t iv e p o s ltio n a sold a b o u t 6 to D be low y e s te rd a y 's cldee d u r in g th e f i r s t Yew m inu tes. B elling m ay a lso h av e been enco u rag ed by re p o r ts th a t b u y e rs o f co tto n goods in th e p r im a ry m a rk e ts w e re ho ld in g o ff so f a r a s fu tu r e d e liv e rie s w e re co ncerned o w in g to th e re c en t u n s e tt le d ru lin g o f ra w m a te r ia l an d th e co n tin u ed h e av y rece ip ts . T h e re a p p ea red to be a good m an y o v e rn ig h t b u y in g o rd e rs a ro u n d th e ring , and eab ly o ffe r in g s w ere w ell ta k e n w ith p ric e s h o ld in g fa ir ly s tead y . M arch show ed bon tlnued fli-m ness, s e ll in g a b o u t 40 p o in ts over May.

le a d in g spot in te res ts offered to sell M arch and buy Itfay a t a difference of 40 points. G eneral business w as com par­a tive ly quiet, w ith th e m arke t closing steady a t a if i t decline of 3 to 6 points.

T he following quo tations nished by P ost & F lagg :

w ere fu r-



Charles Coaant and H. K. Pomroy Tell Senate Committee It Is

Not Needed.


Open, High, IflW. C lu e . Cl 060.M arch , 12.20 12.23 12.17 13.20 12.32M a y . .. i i : § i 11.86 11.78 11,85 tl.S 7J u l y . . u . a t 11.84 11.79 ■ 11.86G et.. . . 11.40 11,41 11.37 U .40 11.44


CHICAGO, Feb. 7.—W heat showed firm ness today on account of low tem ­p e ra tu re In th e w estern portion o f th e w lni>r crop belt. Any m a te ria l advances In price, however, w ere m et by general com m ission selling. A igen tlne and A us­tra lia n repo rts continued to be of a buU- ish ch arac te r. The m ark e t opened ^ to

h ig h e r and held perelsently above la s t n lgS S s level,

fln larged receipts had a w eakening In- fluonce on the' corn m arket. Besides th e re w as ra in In A rgen tina favorab le fo r th e crop. Opening prices which varied from % deciine to a shade advance^ w ere followed by a m ateria l s«t back a ll a round.

O ats d isp layed com parative s tead tn ssa F e a r of crop dam age from a record b reak ing fa ll In Texas tem pera tu re tend ­ed to o ffse t sym pathy w ith th e b reak In th e com m arke t.

Signs of a liberal supply o f hogs nex t week m ade provisions ease off. F ir s t sales ranged from fh s aaine a s la s t n ight to dow n and th e re w as a n add i­tio n a l sag la te r on.’ A decided E d u c t io n )n th e A rgentine

e stim ated w h e a t ex p o rt su rp lu s w as an e lem ent a g a in s t th e bears. C losing prices w ere eaay» though, a t exactly th e sam e aa Ig ft night.' J w co m tn a rk d t lacked th e support which- cam e y e ste rd ay from sh o rts buy­ing. T h^ .close w as easy a t % to n e t d eclink ,

W ASHINGTON, Feb. 7 — L a te w i t ­ne sse s y e s te rd a y a f te rn o o n b e fo re the S en a te co m m ittee on b a n k in g an d c u r ­rency . In th e h e a r in g on th e O w en bill to r e g u la te s tock ex ch an g es , w ere C h a r le s A. C onant. fIn ah cU l ex p ert, an d H e n ry K. I^omroy. fo rm er p re s id en t o f th e New York Stock L x ch an g e . Mr. C o n an t c ritic ized th e blll^ ad v erse ly , h o ld in g It to be both s u p e r f lu o u s and w ro n g lj- conceived. Mr. P om roy ex ­p la in e d th e m ethods of M ating s to ck s and s ta te d h is belief th a t p ro v is io n s of p e n d in g a n t i - t r u s t b ills w ould o b v ia te th e need of such leglsIaLion a s the 'O w en b in

T h e eh m iiia tlo n of th e s to ck ex* c h a n g e a s th e c en tra l m a rk e t fo r sp e c ­u la tiv e and In v es tin g se c u r it ie s o f all s o r ts fo r the United S ta te s w ould . Mr. t ’o n a n t feared , re su lt In th e c re a t io n of a s i tu a t io n s im ila r lo th a t w h ich ox- la fs in th e m a rk e t today fo r u n lis te d b o n d s of a ll c lasses.

T he In h ib itio n s of the p e n d in g t>lll upon p u b lic ity for exchange q u o ta tio n s w ould slow ly bu t su re ly rem o v e the m a rk e i fo r such secu ritie s an d te n d to d e p re c ia te , if not destroy , v a lu e s , Mr. C o n an t a sse rted .

T h e O w en b ill w as c h a ra c te r iz e d hy Mr. C o n an t a s a ro u n d ab o u t an d clurnsy w ay o f g e t t in g a t th e p ro b lem o f h o n ­e s t s to c k and bond v a lu a tio n s.

W o i.ld R eg u la te C o rp o ra tlo a s .A cco rd in g to his view, p ro p e r c o r ­

re c tiv e *'leg is la tio n shou ld he app lied to th e co rp o ra tio n s ih em se lv e s an d not to th e b ro k e rs s tru g g lin g In a n ac tiv e m a r k e t to m a in ta in p ro p e rly a d ju s te d p rio e q u o ta tio n s a im ed lo m ee t the a c tu a l v a lu e o f n s 'n jritles.

Mr. C o nan t believed th e O w en b llL w a s a long w ay from b e in g th e s o r t of m e a su re needed. Indeed, i t w as h is op trilon th a t the p en d in g t r a d e com ­m iss io n bill, fram ed lo r e g u la te the c h a r a c te r of s ec u rit ie s Issue^t by In d u s ­t r i a l c o rp o ra tio n s and to c o n tro l th e ir c o n d u c t coup led w ith the p ro je c te d bill e m p o w e r in g th e I n te r s ta te C om m erce C om m ission to re g u la te th e lesue o f s e ­c u r i t ie s o f all clABsee by th e ra ilw a y s a n d o th e r com m on c a rr ie rs , fu rn ish e d a ll th a t la needed,

The n ece ss ity for th e p re e e r v a t lo r of th e p r iv i le g e of "sh o rt b e llin g ," Mr- C o n an t In sisted , w as im p o r ta n t a n d im ­p e ra tiv e .

T h e w itn e ss cited Inalftnces an d g av e th e c o m m itte e an a n a ly s is o f th e d if ­fe re n c e be tw een speculalloTi and in ­v e s tm e n t. Specu la tion , a cc o rd in g to Mr. C o n an t, Is a p reced ing c irc u m s ta n c e to th e d ev e lo p m en t of s e c u r it ie s a s a n In ­v e s tm e n t p roposition , and It Is on ly a f t e r su ch sec u rit ie s h a v e p assed th ro u g h th e v a rio u s f lu c tu a t in g s ta g e s o f sp ec u la tio n th a t s u ff ic ie n tly ac- c x r a te m a rk e t va lu es are^ e s ta b lish e d u p o n w h ich to c rea te g e n u in e in v e s t- tn en ts . a tocka o r bonds.

P o fltm aste r a s “Dictator.**In co n clu sio n Mr. C o nan t e x p re s s e i

th e v ie w th a t the Owen b ill ten d ed to m a k e th e P o e tm as te r-G e rifra l a d ic ta ­to r o f th e finances o f th e U n ited S ta te s . H e th o u g h t th e pow ers w e re to o g re a t to be le f t u n re s tra in e d .

"T h e p rin c ip a l fa u lt o f th is b il! Is t h a t I t m ak es use o f a fo u r te e n - in c h g u n to k ill a c an a ry b ird ."

M r. P om roy follow ed Mr. C o n an t on th e s ta n d . He review ed a t le n g th th e sy s te m o f th e s to ck e x ch an g e in re ­g a rd to th e l is tin g of s e c u rit ie s . He p ro d u c e d th e ap p licatio n b la n k in use by th e s to ck exchange to d a y a n d d e ­s c r ib e d th e process o f s to ck l i s t in g In m in u te de ta il.

T h e w itn e ss th o u g h t th a t s ta b i l i ty In th e financ ia l w orld w o u ld m a te ­r ia l ly be fa c ilita te d w hen a l l ra i lw a y ie c u rU ie s cam e to be p assed u p o n by th e I n t s r s la te Com m erce C om m laslon . H e th o u g h t th a t a s im ila r com m ission w o u ld re p o r t upon the p ro p e r tie s and v a lu e s o f In d u s tria l corporatlOTis.


VVAHHINGt o N, Feb. 7 —In v e s tig a ­tion of w h e th e r (h« UnlK^d rita te s Steel C orpo ra tion lias received itleg a l re-

from ra llru a d a d u rin g th e la s t six y ea rs w as hi-aun t<iday by (he In* te r s ta le f ’m nm eii*- <’t2m m 1aalon by tlie issue of a fo rm al o rd e r for h e a r in g s u tular the recen t re so lu tio n ad o p ted by th e S en a te ha tt-e fo r h e a r in g s w ill bu an n o u iic rd laL^r.

Fo rm al no tice i*f (he in v e s tig a tio n WHS served upon a ll ra i lro a d com panlea and upon th e fo llo w in g nam ed con- re in s

r n l tc d S ta te s S tee l •’’o rp o ra tlo n , Car negle, l*nlon. Tlllnoia and In d ia n a Steel com panies. N a t l ^ s l T ube c 'om pany; Khelby Uteei T u b w C om pany, A m erican Sieel and W ire C om pany, A m erican Sheet and Tin P la te C om pany. Sharon Tin P la te C om pany, A m erican B ridge Company. TonnoHHee Coal, Iron and R ailroad C om pany. H. C. F r ick Coke Com pat5y. I n te r s ta te T ra n s fe r R ailw ay Com pany and S p ir i t T>ake R ailw ay T ran sfe r C om pany,


BAYiTNTTF, Feb. 7.—^Announcement waa m ade yeelerday th a t th e F ir s t N a­tional T^ank of B ayonne, which recently failed, w’lll be absorbed In tw o weeks by the Union T pubI Com pany of Jersey City and will be opera ted as a b ranch of the (rust company. F'ul) paym ent will b« made depositora. It was said, th ir ty cents on the dollar being paid as soon a s the m erger is effected.

The bank closed its doors Decem ber H to avoid a run a f te r It was found th a t $380,000 w orth of potes w ere question­able. IL is said the stockholders m ay still he compelled to pay $170,000 in addition to the $100,000 cap ita l stock If the loans a re found lo be uncotlectabie.


N EW YORK. Feb. T —The stock m a r­ket cJoead easy. Forcud Uquidatiun of Rock Island aecu rttle i d lscou raieJ e ffo rts to bM up pHcea today. Although the Initial dow nw aid tendency wae uheiked q u k k iy . the m a rk e t was aplrltteea. with a heavy undartoas New low records w ere made In th e Roi'k Island group. T he eominon dropped to flti, the p referred lu 1 2 ^ end (he colla terals tn 44. B ear op-

.e ru lo rs who havd been cautluus recently tn pu tiing out sh o rt llnea tiaUea more a ig resaU e ty . bu t the ir seltlng hod little effect. New York C entral wae offeri-d freely a t Intervals, a t ^ declined to $ 0 ^ Donds w are easy.

F irst, p r ic e s o f s to c k s w ere lo w e r t'an a iJ Ian I 'ac lf le and C otton OH rose

bu t o th e rw lae th e re a c t io n a ry move-* m en i of y e a te rd a y m ade fu r th e r p ro g - re«e. L/osiee o f one to tw o po ln ta w ere reco rd ed In In te rn a tio n a l l l a r - veeicr, B lsiuK and Callfurnla F e tro - leum, Hock ts laiid e i I, the prt-ferred a i 13% and th e c o lla te ra l bonds a t 44%, m ade new low records.

H elling from sp ecu la tiv e so u reea s to p p ed a f te r th e open ing and th e m a r ­ke t reb o u n d ed ab o v e y e ste rd a y 's close. H ricea eased o ff la te r w hen t r a d e r s (ogk p ro f its on th e ra lly .


Tho rahge of today 's prioaa for m e m ore a c tiv e aecurlllea In the New Tofk m arket. In c o s tr a s t with la s t pravkrus closing q u o ta tlo iu 1* last sale), a s tu r- nisneu for th e News by Fost k r iag g . Is iflveo below:

T o d ay 's ------\ P reV sIx>w Clue*

^ Oftrm. lic e t Bug (.'an . . . .

Can, p r . . .c . & y . . Col. o n . .H . 4ft L . .I c e .............Loco. .

Am. BrrteU- . Anj T. A T .•\m. Tob., pr .Anaconda .A (ch......................D. A 0 . . . . . Beth, bteei,B. R. T. ..Cal. r e t . . . '"an. F ac . . . Cen. IvcathC. * o . , .c ., u . A d t . r Chi A N ’w est. Chino CopCol. F. A 1. . . . Com r ro d . . .D. . L. A '5V. . .Diet Bee.............L rifKrle, 1s t p r . . . Erie, Zd p r. Fed. t l . k H. Gen. Kl. Co Gt N orth ,.

g| Ml MMl

S E C U R IT IE S , I N V E S T M E K ia E T C S E C U U m E S , IN V E S T M E N T i» E f C


NEW YORK. Feb. 7.—Call money, nom inal, no lo an s. T im e loans, w eak : sixty days, n ine ty days, 1 % O I;six m onths. 3 % ^3 % .



W AHHINGTON, Feb. 7.— ftep reeen te- Uvee o f th e Caneolldetod S tock E x c h u g f o f N ew York w are th e f ir s t lo te s t ify to- dwy b e fo re th e Senete benk ing ooram ittee on th e Owen bill fo r th e Inco rpo ration of s to ck e:tch iu tfee and federal reg u la tio n of th e ir .practices.

H . H . Boyeaen. counsel fo r th e Conaoll- d a te d Ebcchange, questioned th e conetltu . U o n a lU r o f th e Owen <hUl. H e declared ex changea could no t ouat objectlonahle m em bere ty lth o u t m uch delay If th ey w ere Inco rpo rated and cou rts could leaue In- ju n c tlo n a

,\GW YOKK, Feb. 7.— F lo u r—Slearty.Th^ p a rly m a rk e t fo r w h ea t w as

steady on h ig h e r c ab lea an d d e c rea s in g N orthw est re c a lp ts . May, $l.TMl4i.

F*ork—Stead yBeey—S taeady .L ard— B arely s te a d y . M iddle West.

1I>.76#10 8&.re trd l ru m — Steady ,M olassea—Q uie t.H ay— B arely s tead yH ld e S "S te a d y .L eather--^F lrm .S u g a r— Raw . f irm ; M uscovado, 2

c en trifu g a l, 3.48: m o lasass, J.73. Ha* lined. Bteady.

("offae— R|o No. 7, F u tu ra i steady, May D.46. Sept. 9.81.

R u tte r—S te a d y : 4,500 tuba. Proi-ean, ex tras, 32^23; fac to ry , cu rren t make, firsts, $0@i20^; seconds. IRCPI-DH.

Chese— Firm , unchanged : 360 boxes.Eggs— F irm : 4,700 cosee. Freeh g a th ­

ered. ex tras, 31@'fl2; e x tra flrete,30; flrete, 28H ^ '29 : seconds, ZTi^ZH; re ­frigerator. fa ir lo good, Z3@24; lower grades, 18i@Z2; S ta te , P ennsy lvan ia and nearby, hennery , w hites, 36^39; gathered whites, 37(@'3B; hennery brow ns, 31(^32; mixed colors, 29®an.

Live P o u ltry—S te a d y : W estern chick­ens, 15; fowls, 1 6 H 0 1 7 , tu rkeys. 17^18. Dressed quiet; fresh killed Wefitern chickens, 15@24i fowls, I 619I 8 : turkeys, 18@25.


tb « following ouuuiloD * blstaod by Poat f t F lag g ;

Open- High Ing. eat.

Am. Ag. f'h . 6a 101 (J A T ft T cv 4% 97Alch. 48

T h « fo llo w in g q u o U tlo n t, from th e Ih lckgo B o ard o f T rade , w ere tu r-

n l ih e d by W illiam F . U u tb ft Co.:C linton T ruat C o .................. .....Springfield Avenue T ru a t Co.JA beity T ruat C « . ___ __Jw aahlngton T ruat C o . '. .............17bT byingtoa N ationa l B l b k . . . I 4(fl ^ t O range B an k ............. 175F eqple 'a B ank o f E . O range , 220uBeeex County T ru e t.............. , 275Savlnga Inveetm ent ft T ru s t 800n o o n d N ationa l B an k ......... .. 200

^ r k n g e N ational B a n k ............ 239'M utua l T ruat C o ....................... 185W est H udson Co. T r o s t . . . . 2*5 v n lo n County T r ie l C o ......... 81B , .


515 480280 170l i e . J ---

S& U u lo ld ................................ 112 H I ,

e r-W h aaier ® rd -,„ ...v 181 101-

iiu aek J ^ U r ^ l i s , . ! ; atnaack W ater p f j . . . . . 125 . . ,*Md J ^ k W a i t e r ...........700*<“ 4 C o . , . . 575 r Mfg, C o ., i . . . t o o ,2 tB

W h e a t— , . . . Open. H a y 98 U J u ly 89 K

C orn— H a y .8« « JUlF 8 5 «

6pL D ata—

H a y 39HJuW 39 S

P o r k - H a y 31.82

L agd— F eb . . . . . . .M ay 11.05 J u ly .........

H igh .m -


e g u<5H5«K

P rev 'a Close. Close.

n i l

■ s«65 68



I M» l !iiH

21.70 21 .77 21.80




nN A N O A L PO D dE R S '

T he apNng nw etlng o f th e exeeutlve counctl of th e A m erican B aoberg' A tso- c la tlon la to b« held In H o t Springe, V a., from A pril 20 to M ay 2 indlualTa.

■ •• • ■ * a • J. ...The S ou thern ' F ae ttle OeM pany h a t

practksglty decided upon a new bond liau e o f 266,200,090, whloh p il l p robably ta k e th e fo rm of five per cent, eoavartlb le d eben tu re!. . A fo rm al annoim oem ent la e x p ^ e d n e x t week. I t Is m d e ix to ed

th e bonds tsfli Ve-tgptfanil b e - th e ^ M u d d lrO a t m 'M t * m tk 4 h k r w u h » M M M tQ d f-in to » t « a


LIM A , Peru ,, Feb, 7.—A n extraordlig- a ry session o f the P eruv iah C ongress was called today to m eet on M arch 1. 'A t the opening of th e session the governm ent win m ak e a s ta tem en t in re g a rd to the p o t l t t ^ l a ltu a tto ii 'k ftg tiv 'd itt* a r th o o re r- th row of P res ldeat M U th fh u ra t

R ew ard s fo r t)>e -psrsonB -who- dts* tlngu lehed them eelves a t th e tim e o f th e change o f governm ent w in be ask ed , and C ougreg i will be requested to a p p ro v e the budget an d o ther p ro jects . .

T he provisional g o v an u n etlt ■ today m ade gi%nU o f 2500 to eaeh o f th e fam ­ilies o f soldiers who died dyg lng th e fig h t­ing a t th e cap ture o f the>Fteelde& tial pal­ace.

T he second v lce-presideat o f th e re ­public, Miguel Echenlque, w ho to o k otfloe a t tho sam e tim e -as F ree ld an t BUUug- h u rs t, resigned today. <

ftir tre a em lea l B v m te —tfren s IM en T s - d ay to H oea T e a a e rrew .

F e b ru a ry 7- T h a t rem ark ab le little g roup o f s ta re a little w est o f th e sen lth , look ln* U>“ » ™ * ‘' * K w r . ■ Is th a P le iades. In whloh. though, o rd in a ry eyes c o u n t b u t six aU rs, no t Ues th a n 19.009 h a v e been revealed by th e p h o tog raph ic c am ara . Heelod re fe rt to ttO s m to p a .C an do the m o re -a n d e tit B tM rw tr it-l n « . .B v a n a IM d g U w M i^ m d k * , |ld g

B. ft 0 . BVis. .B. ft 0 , cv, 4 ^ s 94 B. ft 0 . 48___ 951B. R. T. Bb . . . . m ’’,Bth. Steel, fd . . 851Cen. L eather 5s 9S4C. of N. J. u8 . . 1161C. ft 0 .cvt,4 4 a 85^ C., B. ft Q 4a. . 97C. OL W est. 4s 74% C„M .ftB tlV4% s 102% C .,n .L ftP .uU .!a. 44% C .,IU ,A r.J t R-4s 98% C .,RIftPHKolr!5a 78% Col. ft Sn. 4a. . 98Col. ft Bo. 4%4s 93% DIatn. See. i s . 66% Brie, 1st eon 4 s 87% Erie gen lion 4s 76% Erie evt 4s A . . 76%Georgia C N 5s 104% Inter-M et. 4 U s 78% In te r Rap T r fd 99 In t. Pum p Ba.. 66% liiL M. M. 4>4is. 68Louie, ft N. 4b . 96%M an h a ltan 4e. 91%N .rc.& L .a3% 4e 81% Nor. P ac ific 4a 96 Nor, P ac ific 3s 68% Oregon S. L. 4e 98% Pac. T, f t T. 5a 98% P. cv. 3%%s 1915 98%Reading 4s___ 95%S.UB.W . 1st 4s. 87 ia .-L , I. M, 6a.. 104% Bo. Pnc. evt. 4s. 89So. Ry. 4e......... 76]8o. Ry. Be...........106%Third A. nw 4s. S tl Texas Co. ov .. .Union Fac. 4s IJnlon P. evt. 4s 92% U. S. Steel 5 s . . 102% Virginian R. 6a 99% W a ^ h 4 s . . 80W aSTpltts ls t4 a 18W est , M ary. ^ 'W eit'nouse cv;W est. U 'n. 4.%ia 92


The following q u o ta tio n s nished by B lsele f t K ing ;

C am bria Bteel ................Electric S torage, p r . . . .........General A sphalt, co m . . . . . .General A sp h a lt p r . . .......... ..Keystone. Telephone, co m . . Lehigh N avigation s to c k . . .Lake B uptrtor C o r p , ..............L eh igh V alley T r., c o m . . . .L eh igh V alley T r., p r ...........New Je rse y Con. T r e e .........P h ils . R. T. V. T. e f f s ...........P h ilad e lp h ia Co., c o m .........P h ilad e lp h ia E le c tr ic .........U nion T ra c tio n ....................

were fur-

• Low* Cloi-eat. Ing.

9l“ 9"7ft

92~ 9 ^ 95 ft93 ft

i s ' ' 85 ’ '«8ft 38 ft

97H74ft T4K

102 ft 102%44i? 44ft

7Tft 7 7%

« « " 66“

78ft 78 ft98 f t 38

67ft s’?!*

s i f t 9 ^

6Sft 68 ft

93 36 ft

88 ft 89 ft75ft T6ft

103 t i 133ft97 %t 37 ft92 93

102ft IS ! ft99ft 103

r. . .

M A R K E f

were fur-


lin ed .

4273ft 83 ft12 12 ft84ft 81 ft22 ft 2119ft 2314S3 3478 ft18 l i f t45 ft 41 ftS6 2746 46 ft

81C 51 'a 51% 45 45U 46%a6 %% 5 « 4%;

1G%{ 2T 26%, 84 ;, *4%1 34.*« » S 6"'%t *8 %

in % i 121 %k i 2 I %4 li)4%5 I0i%5 105 36%i. 37%, J7%4,

N A U O N A L S I A 1 E B A N KCorMT Braiil imI Mcdiioic Stm b

Cipdatlurptn nil Pratm, onr t1,090,(UI<) llsiBiircN e w . . . . . . . . . . . . $4JD00.Dllil

124J 12%8 i ; i3»i ..................

31 30% 30$U38$i .................39 ..................

147^ 147 147\132$k 13S^ 133$ 37 36% $$4

O ua. B x ........... 60% fioS 60fIII. C e n t-------- 113 113 USIn te r-M et- . . . 16% i i% IB iln t« r-M e t.. p r . 61 61% l i tIn te r . H. o fN .J .llO llfl UO K an. C ity Bo. U \l.eh lgh \ a l . . . . 153L. fi N ................ 137'Mex. P. * T .

S TRONG R an k in g connec tions a r s an Im p o r ta n t buslneoa aaaet. An ac -

cuun t a t tKe N a tio n a l B u ie B ank is an Ind ication o f l o u n d n a u and an In d o rse ­m ent of to o d ju d g m a n t.W E! have on h an d a supp ly of fo rm s

for m a k in g tho r s tu rn s fnr r.^( OMR TAX

ai%d w ould b« p loa iod to ofl^r ou r o«r- v lrss In m a k in g o u t s a m f for Alina

k1 "w ith th e In te rn a l R evotiuo D fp a rtm s n t

e m c x iA

r . HATB Xva Bt Tire Prttllw i a VS W. Q K ^^O ir. CoUsr.

Gt. North. f)n

3 fl’= V -,'

Miami Cop......... 23'4M. , B.P.fi S.S.M. 13B'$Mo. F ac ............. 37%Nat. B iscuit . . 136% Nat. L o ad .........Nev. . . IQUN. T. C e n t r a l . . 91 %N Y.. N H A H N orf. & VV . . . .N orth A n ie r , ..Nor. P a c if ic . . .Fac, M all.........F. T .u rllla rd ...Perm.....................F itts , C o a l . , . .Fr. Bl. C a r . . ..F mII. P a l ..........Rimlely ............. 14R ay C^nna.......... 19 ^B eading .........Rep, 1. d( S , , Eu S Rock Tsland Rock Island, p r 14% Scora. Roe . , 191 %South. P*c. . . 97%Houlh. R y___ 37%Boulh. H y , pr 33% S tu d e b a k e r , . 29Tenn. C op ,. . . . 3fi %T h ird A v e ........ 44Union F a o . ... , 162 U nion Pac.H pr. 64% IJ R. 1. o f K. 33U. B. R ubber. . . 69%V. S. Rub., la t , 101%U. 3. S teal. , . . 66%U tah Cr.'iiiJer.. . Vtt.-Caru. f . . 3J U TValiash, pi4. , 9H Weal, rn io r t. . . . 6JU ^^■'(.■Htlnght^uae. . 70%

7i %523%i

134%5 136% i i t l 27 27

126%i 136% I36%4 49%f 4913 49H16H I 6 %i H '4 91%9 9U%4 8Q%| 73%9 73 %J 73 ij

I04%i 104%5 t04%( 70 70 7(1

I 10%4 116 11626%l i 6%4 23%4

m 171 171 •I13%4 113 112%4mUft 156% r

14 11%1 9 ^ 19%

197% U7 1 26 S ZG%

S% B%14% 12%

191% 191% ]

Union National Bank(

CAPITAL ..................................................................... ■IJIW.mwV•v R P L V g A k n L k o i v i D R n p h o f i t i ............................................. ig.»wMMHi i

nhipogiT i .................................................................... 9i3g>enjNHi|

o p p i c n n gW ILLIAM B C H K R IIN n ....................................................................................... P m iM rs iLilAL H . M aC A H T R n...............................................................................V lre .P resId eS IARCHIBALD W. CO N K L IN .................................................................................C ssh lrvlOHH'lN D. P A nN B W O ll'I 'H ..........................................................A ssk ilS a l CesM vrWILLIA3I U PKAR90N.................... ........................................AssISISM Cashirp

DIRRCTOIUI i s l H. M ei^srter K rsu k ltu CewRIte SA BssweV. P. Hwygev H erb e rt P. O lM Sea C. W- r* lg e e « ii« eT b n s ts s N. K eC ae te r H. C. H uy C b sH ea W . Cosp o rrev f F . D rydeu T k e sd ere M. W m idlesd Levi 'W e le g s f te l iG t.ttfrieg K ru e g e r W llllsm feb eev er C u rl H . lu-hfcueeher

A rch lhslil W. C u u k llu P.rWtn D. FirUUW tiHb

6!%47 0


Tha following quotations w#ra nished by W llliani F. Miilh & Co.;

INDUSTPIALB.^ Frob'louB l ;d 0

cioiiQg Today Bid- Asked. Bid. Aaked

Am. WrU- Pap..

Bucke.ve Pipe L.B orden 's C. M ..Bord. M., pr.Brll.-Arn. Tob... Continental Oil..Crescent Plpa L G alena O il. . ..Havaiiii T o b . . .Havana Tob.,pr Houftlon O il. . .Houaton Oll,pr I n te r R u b b e r .M ah h a i T ra n s M arconi of Am.N. y. Tranapor.Ohio Oil ........O ils E le v a to r . .O tis Nlev., pr..P ra ir ie O il.........Rlker-Hfig-t. . .Stand, O.. C al..Stand. O., N, J,Stand. O.. Kv,.Stand. O., N. Y.Tob. Pro., p r . . .Union T, L.V acuum Oltl . .Un. C. 6 ............

RATLROADS.A. L. & Tr.... M 266A. L A T.p p r. lOQ 108

1 1ft 1 117ft 17 ft 17ft 17

L7R 176 172 176US I 21ft 119 121107 ft 11(8 107ft lux

33ft 23% 33 *t n240 24.1 236*^ 245

57 KO 67 80191 1 D4 h)D 195

2 ft 4 2 ft 4K 12 i 12

17 ft L8 17ft IHS7 az 57 62

9 10 9 10'45 1%4 1 1-16 1 3-16 ft 5 ft 6^4ft Sft 4ft 51

163 165 162 16674 ft ifi 74%4 7695 (♦fl 95 36

520 bUTt 520 &307ft S 7ft A

3 ir, 317 315 »23425 128 425 42727(1 275 270 275180 l»l 18» 191

34 ft R5 84ftl(/fl 1U2 100 to s212 216 214 21792ft 92ft 92 %4 93

Money M a k e s MoneyO pen g n r i n g i a c c o u a t N O W an4 In a few j e a r a y4iu w ill f in d you have m oney w o rk ln f f o r you .

In te re i t paM a n l a v ln g t , 4 % .

I n le r e i t im U o a ch ec k in g , 2 %,

C apital and Surplus, $300,000 T otal AsscU, $2,000,000

pr*«lg*a«. ChrlsRas Plslssaar Vtrs-PrestOrnls Dsvlrt K isg. Gsbrge M. Frits

('■shier, Charles W. L n t



B raden Cop. Urll, Col. (Jop BuUo- N. Y. , C. A. S m elt.

MINING.7%i 764

.3 ?7440 %V

I 1 1-16 I I | . | d H %i f t ft

.1 15-16 2 1-16 I 15-19 2 1.16

7 f t

F. N at. C o p .. . 8 2 f tlo ld f le ld C one.: 3 -i6 1 ft 1 8- l l ] ^> r.-C an an ea .. 40 41ft IS 4iv!Jum bo G x t. . ■. 22 23 2.8 ■K e rr L a k e . . . . 4?* 4 'U i%L a Rove C ons.

1 3-16% 1 xZ

M cK .'D a r............ i l - r t 1 uMl nee Ce. o f A. 3 8 3 ftN evada H llla .. 38 39 88 30Klplealng M. Oo Ohio (.'upper. ..

6 ftft

6%ft %S tew art M in .. . 1 5 11 1 ft 1 5-18

TM -Bultton ___ ft 8-16 ft 3*HT onopah E x . 1 ft 1 ti>L6 184 1 13-16Ton. M. of Nev Sft 7 6 f t 7U nited Copper ft ft f t ftU nited Cop., pr W ettittu fer Sil.

i S a b7 9 7 9

Yukon Gold 2 f t 3 ft BONDS.

! f t 2ft

N. T .C 4fte l360 100ft 331 100 74 101N. y.C 4ft»1962 303ft 303 100 lOlW eit. E'at. 56.. 74 75 74 75


N EW TO R K . F eb , 7.—A rrived K rie- tlan lg fjo rd . B eiim h, v ia H a lifa x : I ta lia , .Genoa; S an ta C la ra . Ghai1«gt«n.* BA KJB IS L A W , V ^ . 7.—C a m m a la ,

C to S w * . docK. 1 . l a r k H a ad ag .I k - a

N. Y. BAHKtSTATBIENTN EW TORK, Feb. 7.—The e u le m e n t

o f th e a c tu a l o(|Dd1Uan of clearing house banka and t r u « oompanlea fo r the week ahowe th a t they hold 140.068.090 reeerva In exceee o f l e ^ Tequlrementa. T h is le an Increaae t>f 1 2^ .100 from laa t week.


SUMMl'D, Feb. 1 —By th e upeatU itg 'a r a cab in w hich they were paieengere, H ite E th e l Cad'oo, dau g h te r o f M r. and U ra . A lexander Ceded J r„ of P a rm ley place, and H aro ld U etx of W oodland avo- nua, w ere th ro w n ou t laet nM ht while on th e ir w ay to the home o f Mr. and Mre. Chhncey S. M okok 2d. W e t Chdoo wae th e m ora m rlouely hurt. She euetalned a epralned a n a , agd w ae bruieed a b o u t th e body. M r. H e t t a l to tu f f tre d from bruleea.

T he tw o w ere being driven to th e HIckok hom e by H ow ard Davla. T he rig had TeiMihed U o rrie and Ifoun talli ave- m |ee K ie fL a dog lum prS Into tha m a d a n d f r ig h tw e d th e horee. The aM mal ew ervad Into th e d itch , upeem ng th e o a n ia g e a n d p i t t i n g o u t the d river end th e paeaen- g e r a ' T h e rig wae dam aged. W a i Cadoo a n d M r. Met* m ade th d r way to M r. K ie b e k 'l hom e and a (wll waa M s t fa r

cafriage, % h le h oonvayed th em . . rM peotive hornet. The r ig k t i l t e telgr* bead waa tCM tebed « M fm

w i a 'a i m h n i n d . .

IS IT OVER?There ie a reasonable expectation

that speculative activity may cetst for a time, bill investrneni condition* are not affected. Discriminating invest- ment opportunities should not be negle<aed.

inquiries cordially invited.

WM. F. MUTH & CO.stock and Bond Br»»k«ra

785 Broad St., Newark, N. J.Tel. 4588, 4580, 4639 Market

Ctiadbourne & PeyserIN V tS T M E N T B A N K C H *

Firemen'* '"e. •W g.. Newars

Bonds for InvestmentR aw Verk C e r re e g a n d e a t*



L 0 8 ANGELES. Cal., Feb . 7.— The M erch a n li and M an u fac tu re rh ' A ssocia­tio n of Loe A ngelee a en t a te le g ra m to p re s id e n t W lleon l a i t n ig h t a s k in g him t o p re v e n t th e p roposed u n in e rg ln g of th e Boutbakfi. ; i^ c t f |5b;‘'an d ^ oific 1 j |a l( to a ia hy ' th e D e p lin m e itv 4er*

^ 6 U la g ra m M ta fo r th J h a t MU6h ac tio n w ould w o rk a tr«m aj»o«iia b a rd - aliiit on th« c o m m atc la l a n a L n d u itrta l I f tia ra a li o f C a lK o m la .

LONDON STOCK MARKETLONDON, Feb . 7.— T h e a to p k m a rk e t

w aa d u l l .a n d n a rro w to d ay . T h e s e t­t le m e n t c e tn m n io ln g M onday bFom pted f u r th e r re a lla ln g a n d p rto e s w eak en ed a lm o tt w ith o u t ex ce p tio n , een ao la lo*. ta g f lv e - t lk te e n th e , C an a d ia n ^ o l f t c and K a ff ir s re eo v ered e a r ly lo t te a and (Uoead kteady- ' . .

A jnerfaan a e ru rlU e e oppned Irre g u - ta r ty a n d a g e a a ra l d e c l tn e fo llow ed III sy m p a th y w R h th e w su k n eaa la o thair g ^ o n t . C o v a r tn g o a n n d a ra lly n e a r m e clPee a n d th e m a r ite t f in ish ed s te a d y w ith v a l a t a f r o m f t g h o re to f t .b ftlew p a r ity . ■ 1, ■ >

Ih^ay was plentftal •«« dlaeowit.eaiggft w a re * m - . i . ■ > - -

- ■ ■■'•'’ •a-'--

E IS E L E & KINGAlenib«t* rtf N. Vi Stteb BaobaactM«ab«r« of PhlJa.aRocli Raobaago

N e w J e r s e y I n v e s t m e n t S e c u r i t i e s a S p e c k J t y

Broad and Clinton S tm taN B W A aK , M. J .

<Ma(nl BeaafI BatittBS)l*hoa«a d84i» S8aS l l k t

ARE YOU ABLETo BBalroo r»tar lavoBliiitaf koldlagat

W« rhoerfwllr m i c r tk li Mrvtea free of obatge«

P o st & F lag gMemLem M, Y, Sleek Sxchaage.

ALFRED 1 DENNISBaafdemt jpartaer.


B ftabllilied ttao,CLABBNCB HUDSON k € 0 ..Bo m i iMdldlar. Newark, N. i|.

'V taaM a Kiarl|etWB BCV a n d MBI.I. HTOt'KS Og BMNftetal L«rt» SMlety* Newark;

W Cifenalf)' C'o.e Newifki 11 laaarinirrt Ca., Newkrki

^ratkfwlcli F lf« IM. Crt-,Now HnuMwIek;

------ - f i r e liuiMraoce 0 *.. N ew o^t, J en ey t BacU AM oraaH C*.i NawaBu ortti Aia^rtcaii Life Jnik Co., Ckloafot

Collot r w i ^ iMeiar* h . I . i i_ A _ . Co,, Newark*

taadtrlea aro torltea.'

ANHUAL MEETINGSlb . ML P le u a n t C .m .u ty (Jo n i|^ y 4<

M.werh wui be h . |d Is ib . b«e(l * « a o f■ " ■■ I'. Cftii...........................rtrii.D A la■1.W Nvw .!*. 00 Y«R*ay.- - - ---■ .1 r ; » . p, JL.j m h y « i ( e

SI. Y .aag ittB nlMT otrortt, '

of * h* ' Bm H ^(I) mernhoPM of M (H a^

traoM ot naoti othkr

U «r* rii. N i - M em TV.9% 8PI4.-


t.r t j (MvWwd m y .b l. H w eh ,. .S 3 »i Iho rle—1W4.- * E 5 S L ! k ‘* f t a . "■'■‘*4-'’ ' ' ' S ' - ' i ' - '

i w - Ji' -■<- - S t


m a r r i a g e s

J 3 n « wiSi*« Tutt.;______

D E A T H SALLWOOD-Oi Vebru*ry H. lf>H. Ann. wi­

dow 0 J*mM Allvmd. »Re«1 T« yi jti* > u- MMI ■irvJ<‘*# win bt heltl «l lut 1fc-'.* jeil-

W1 Wohlnif'M « . on M..u-l*y bbml Ftbru.irr tt. at 2.»<* o c Iihx lud rrlAiidf lire kindjy lovltMt Ijit-Tiunn *t rUfjnount t>m«Unf.

BKENTUKlZKl- Ou Krlday. Krt.niert h, 1>im , S^BUiel V . iH-U’frd iiuelHiod »-f li-nnUchel. **wl TH jreetl HrliUvr- ■li>1 Jrinnln sri- kludlJ to itfeml Ibp tmurel iirvl-i**fwm Ihf rreldrnrc of hie i«ii, i truih I'h'Mi tteUel 5t foil Uvliiiftou S J , ' 'I W'liid*X. FflTUAry a. ei 2 i' M. fiu»-rai*-m t fnwD CemtUry.

butEOWK—Ou »bnierjr 41 idH. Mof S'tniul Hull'* in l I(>|I III »<J1> I llnl

tlkt lit* Marim mill i «ih«-rii,*- •Md frli'ttila ir# klinlljr Im 1<> utiuid fvperal fr«ni lil» leif ri'»iili'in •■, »1 llut|«uii »iri‘'i. ta MoOiiT. rfbruBry H, ai T ;iu A M .Bdcred lUert I'hUfrli wjinf a v(wtu offrrpd fur tLi- i.|i.r-e i-f l,i* fc.'ul ► <•>4 . II, luterrurnt lu Ihf iviui-ifry 'if tli*- Bepatcliff

CA«HlLI^-On F r tiu a n 1!>H. »i l‘"r lete -t4 M"ll *1 \ i,mpU*I.i

4ow of llif late fjklTi'k ''lUhtil tine rUnty). Nirtlee of fiinprAi fi^r'-ariri

CMArPEM' -On Ki'liruer) ft. lUI*. EHm - tMMh, l»elo\ed i‘f fe r r i 'n ' M 1in J deufhur of l*a\|if nn-l Knii"» J-nn-e, Iti tMr With y a r liiiui'-iliBii I 'la iiy e eod frlende wMl mfoi m h^ leie Iimi'h.-. lH Tlnr- b « n ilr**!, on Tiii‘*da> nfiffrnxm. Kt-^rutry 10, et 1 1' li" H- ’■iJii'-ml p^rv^rae will held In the I’hriP' K rir a'*' fhurrh. C«nirMi •tfvet, Jii i‘\iO'"k Krlfhda Kf* kindly In'* vJted- Mi-nil'P-rj nt I’riijf i-f l:Uiii End No. 421. D. of 1 , 'A :: Bfn lc*i on Mondsy even-inf, 8 ocliH-k Jiitcrment et F^lrmounl Ctm- •lery.


D E A T H S H E L P W A N T E D -M E N•uddenly, on■TURER-Enlered Inte rfit, . ^

lltubfr fiiM Khmunnl, widow of AlfewrI Htobor.MarU

,w of A lt^ l iKoMr- AOKNTS-.Oao.aaa potlaL._ ------n.latIVM and frl.nda. alM (h* .“i./J** fraa irla): llo . a n l l . p«»-r of ImHI*'''

A f t n t i;ieU|e ii})M- 14 ileye'

H E L P W A N T E D - M E N

Ne»ork [.odfe. Knlwnie eii'i of Houor,and Herman Lutheran I’hur'li on Multierryitreel iRtv. WlJIlam L. ............ urr- nai-eei.fully Invited to aueiid tht famrul m :'M'ee on Sunday. h>bri.ary ft, ui 3 V. M . ai h'’t Jet* feeldeiKe. 43 Varnmni a.om.*, \ l»iiprmiiu 111 Kiilrmwuni Cemetery el ».on\ i nitm e uf the fimlly.

TYNAN—At OranM*. N. J up K’rliluv Keb- ruary «. IftH. I'alriik T>n*n ih-* bd i.'.fl hua- l.iiiiri uf t ’anirrlne 'Tynyn M rl'iM iti.JirUtlvei Mi.il rTl«*n>ln. aJau Kiain'h I. Inelrtu n 11 i‘a lri'k AUlenir -'f Anh*tlm. en* re ■i" ifully inw.*'l li> altrn'l the funeral fi-m

Mfht for I cenlB w««h, n» e I'ha trim ; no chtmiieye lo break, a neyealU . imt e lUKUry. Mle ■fleiiHfb- romlilnuMuh of ki-ro- •rne vap«/r wllh uxnen . pr-niu-io* H'* nioalwomleriul and rcunmiib al Il|tit *» J'>e wofld . every uaer a bonaiar f«<i r*'iie«t' f»al"i, b1l rimney for rellalde <iK«»rkerfc. e%*Jualve rrajii.'hlMa g/ani*'l (jl.t>klA |1:7- WeeLlnilun U ud, r t i lf a i ' III

hif- lata r te lb- - 23 atraei, on Mnii• iiii-. Kebruar> u at h:lHr «‘''l'N-k A M-. Ihen> «i I .*‘1 Jghn : I'tiijrih. H|j*r« ■« lilRh Uaaa i<f l.-'j'il'-m will !■ ■fferaa (>■! in* rrjHi»* yf hli a lui Iritarniiiif in f*l- Jtihn a iViietery

WIUlTD.v "ri l-Vbruity 6. lUL-l Tboman. 1 ualMiwI nf l-.inmn Whation in*'- Thurni iiii-l ». n Hif trie iKf'- Hi-’heni and Wii'iUia Wha'inti Fi-iriMMi Hil l rurnda. ilao mt-mlir-ia of CMii-t |-:BB*t S-i h. i-'u.raiera nf Amerl'a. ure klndiy lu tin] III Hl'i nd lb>* filn^rnl Hrrvli-ri a? hi* lai* r<aM'nn, 37 Kumif aireri, im Hurirt*>. |>bruar^ M 1. 10 r M Iiiirrni*i>[ In l-Kir n,i urn N*w Vnrh Pai»*re plca»>fuhy.

AUKS'TI, Sow lnv-oM"0 . BlmUlo. K«n,ll> [ilahvi e«h*r. a«il 1 « 'Uy make 11> d->>>y v4u

nt'ekly. tiro M 'U> weehU waabea.ciriea, aterlllae* d>nh*a, gUa^ee. |u-ia. pan*, milk irfililoi, >aHli<iii ^'firing ih* ii«nd*. i ti' I mlrmtra. inrge irtpeilly . nn inai'nln- rr> . auvQB iiioney. lini'*, labor, ••hiui ‘ ■•n run. I'lw prk'* mil a*.i'i In alora* hna tn i]f miHielrala. hi»w t** *el N"''* narUUln, <1e- airlpiloii, /^ellliig plam- Hliriviex Mfg 1l>*|.i li , flru'lnriall. _______AiJKNTH Wa furiiNh > <u . apHal lu run

pnifHable baalnaHa '-r vuur n.Mir, hi-v unr of iiur luf^l Tej>r#9**i.‘ a ik ' 'e anil "'■H high graila 1 u*U>iii-ma<)« Hturia. alao guiir aiilf* I n^^ealerh und*r>'' ar liuainry uI lI h f 'k l l r * (11r*«l lit h-iii'*-' Write ttiea«l:.i.'i Mill#, Dept i* i,'«»|)r>** N V

MEN—Waniad. («r United ttuiea army, able* liodloJ, unmarried mea between act* ef IH

and Vi. ciiiMiii uf Unliad Hlalee. of «uod fbar* Icier and iem|wraia habile, who t.'an apeak,rttid an i write (he Rncileh lan iuay* ._for |n-forniailun a><iiy lo ree-ruittnc oificer. kei a t , Newark, N. J.

3M Uer-

M E N -[IN Lm rT Et> , PKACTlflAL AUTO--------- -o h r Ak . ^ ---------AlOnil.K COllR^ti. LAKUR R dl'IP -

MUST ISMPBC"# gBOPI NKRT CLABH 8TAHT* PEBhVAHV «. BOOKL,GTI if. M. C A.. ICT IIA I^R T STURN -1 -m .U rl >vu -Arnlnt | l d.lly at

I ome In *|Hinr llnir. allvarinc nilirore, no i-Mfi|iai. fi<a ]uBiri>4\Uv* Niokirt. eivinc plane>•( oiM-jel'ciif ii V KEUMUND, l>*pt. 3H. 2to*ion Maag.UKH—1 made large annual Income Iklih a

euiill mall urilar bueinria; bi-gan with |3 , land for fr*« U-oklel, teUi how. HEacOCX. Ih3:l Ijsikiorl, N. Y.MEN Wiinttd, niwfi to ecll e«vde (o farmera

.iiiit (.iiirfiiiriiia] etovk In lowni. Apply a l r-rH K. tlKDIlli'K Srcd Company, Hochuaiei. N. V.MDN il« a -hiri-tlvu earn |23 io |13 weekly.

■■h«ni* ' 1. p ihi- wurfd. with ell ejtprtiiei PM'I l.nhAiNK Hyitem. L'epi lol. Iloeioit. kfai*

\Vt>I,K- I'annTil Hway on Krlilav FMiruary <». IPl'4. Frink, li*hi\r<l fiuihaiiil <'f ' ‘iiM'llna W- f fpr* Mver*. !■> hi* riftr-i>M'din<l yrar Itelistivra and frlende nre kindly ln\Mtvd to Hti*n>l the fuii'-ral Ir-un hie l*l«’ r**1d*nc*, 7<r' r«*rry ei

CLANTON'—Al riiani*. cm February fl, 1014 “ APdella ■Caeaar, hehA«ri huehand of Beiraella P. t'larv-

ton. Relitivt-- and frlenda are IpvUed io ii- tend the fuii*'-*i '>n Sunday. Febniary ft. at 1 r . M . fr-'ni Union Biptlet Church, Oak- wood aM.-mie. Orenga U od^ No. lilu. n t ’ . Order of Odd l-'ellowe and r a i l Uaelere' t'oun- cll. will ni'Mft at hte late realdetica, 11 Wltir>n plaoe. al I3w%i. Knuiehold of Ruth wLli in*t*i Cl 40 i*er(r/i| place. Febniary 7. a t N V. M. latarment In Roaadale O m ttery .

DEAN-At Oraf«a» N. J.. February 3. DD4. Qeorce Dean, belov^ huehaiid of Mery l>een <n*e Ealineh ReiaMvef and frlamle and Or­ange Aarie M7, F. O. K.. alao Bar Tendere' Local No. 340. are kindly Invited to attend the funeral (rum hU Ute refidance, 60 Diyatreet, on Monday. February P. at 6 o'clock, thence to St. Jobn'i rhuroh, when a Highhfaaa el Requiem will be offerM f'vr the r«- poee of hla aoul. Intermant In Bt. John C*Dielerr.

DORBMtTS-At Green Vlllaae. N J . Febr* aary 7, 1P14. Jefferaon lioremua in Kl» ooih year. FunenU irrvtcei will h* held at hie Wtf reildencc, al Hrcen Vlllaae. N J , on Tueaday. February ID. at S P M.

X>HBW—Al Baal Oranae, On Fiidar, Febru­ary 6. 1B14. Staphen H. Draw. In hla wxti year. l^Iaergl aarvlcee al hla late realdenr*. 41 nttu- tea atreet. Sunday aflernoon. February K al iJ O O’clock, ralerenn Call pteaee copy. In- tannest at Roeedale Cemetery, at the eonven- leooa of the family.

DUDLBY-PeacefuUy fell aa lfp . nn Friday, Vabruary 6. l i l i . Mary, l.#loved wifp, nf (’*k- nar Dudley. RHntlvt* and frinrid* Hr* r*- apaetfuUy invited 1« intend the run*ri«i fn'm M r late realdeme. 3 M'-Cheaney lunr, iirunH”. QQ Uofiday, February U. at 2 F M Inter- BMnt at RMOmfleld.

r u r r r - O n February 4, 1614. Hugh F., be- iaaed buaband of Julia Duffy (nee Uennon).

I aoA of the late John and Mary Duffy (nee ghanl- Relative# and frlende, aleo m«m>

_ tDlemational Brotherhood of Compoaltlon Ofari. Local No. 2. are Invited to attend the

from the reeidenc# of hla elder, Miw Duffy. No. 113 'Walnut itreet, on Mon-

lay, February 0. at 8 A. M.« to Bt. Jamea'p Jliiireh, where a High Maae of Requiem win be for the rtpoee of hie loul- Inter-geant In the Cdnetery Holy Bepuichre.

DUNN—Buddealy, on February A, 1014, Her* •M J m eon of Jennie and the late John Dunn, a t tala ropidencn, 10 Rldfewoodi avenua NoUoe 9t faneral hereafter.

■vans—On FebraaiT B. IIU , Sarah J., widowof David IDvina ag*d To rean . ^. . . . . . . .- __ Ftifiertl eertloee will be held at her late home, BS BJlIot gtreet. on Saaday aftenioeii, February 8, *t 4 a^eloeg. Belativee end frlenda are kindly Inrited.£ tercpefit a t Mt. Pleaaist Oaffletery on Mod-

f at famlly’i ccfiTe&lence.FORD—On February 7,

ehlld of Cornellua and llag flt 1 montn.

I Alice, le Ford (

beloved (n*e Tai-

bol). aged ] year 1 moiTtlk. RelaUvee and frtenda of the family are kindly Invited to a ttend the funeral from the reildenoe of b«r parent#. No. 214 Hamilton atreet. H atrl- ton. on Monday. February t. a t t P. U. In* term ent In the Cemetery 01 the Holy Bep- tUohre. ^

FBXNCHMAN-On February B, 1014. Bman- tMl< beloved himband of Rachel Frenchman» # Henry), and eon of (he late Jacob and

y FreiKhman. Helatlvea, friendi and ggamberi of Trllumlnar Lodge No. UL T. and A. IL. are kindly Invited to attend the fitaenal (Tom hie late reildence, No. ll^-fiou- dlnot ftreet, on Sunday, February 8. at J 18 P. M. Interme&t In the family plot In Roee- lilll Cemetery.

HAIOLTON-At Weet Orange. N. J., on Bat-

n Tueedey. Febniary l<i, at ft Hid l'i HI. Marv Megdvlrne I'burcli vli*- M tii of lU-qulvm will 1,« uffi-r*«l f ivtw* ol hll Ouul Inirrineiil lii Ml' of the Huly bcpulrhrc

W O LhF-f'n Febnierv 3 lUH - )>«U.veO hu*b.<nil ..f .'Silell* U .irr ">• merit), gti.} h.-m t f Ibr Inie I' ljli enrr VV« l f. HoleUven (.iift Invlied ii/ Hi"-nd ihe funi reildrnce. 47 Klirh ruary S el 3 I' M Terr f'tery.

A ii , I lUuh

AtiKNT u*nn“l Ui I"liund 1111**1. tp-p.

hip mac'bITie, In tlin St feniell rnpliMl r«*'|ulr*<l III*- HL.M.MlNij Hltii.s MrA'lley B.rd WlilUui

I, l H low ijfh nt . I. unit lifea.l elU. . r .New. .1 er"f y , a

M KN- • U» » ileiF-cilvt; earn I I I to tJOV per (revi I I'ver woritl. Write Hupi I.I'D-

\vt<+. 61: Wi--h.v*r bldf . KanM* City. Mo

H E L P W A N T M I - W O M E Nc'Hoi'Ol.ATE dipper wanted

H E L P W A N T E O ^ W O M B N E M P L O Y M E N T W A N T E D -W O M E N

141 High at.URFHHMAKICR by th* day: «U le price end

r.-fr*rrnie. AildrvM Q., Qea II . Nawa office.ill ivuuti'il; eaparlenced. Btan<

Hull «‘o . 20 T’enfral ave,. Orange.

YOUNCi womea wanted, to beeome irataed i|CW lNn^M lddie*a,ced widow, good plain nuret-e: rourat ftk yeari, laid while InUnlng. etwlng and mending; willing lo eeelat

Apply euiwnieor or flureeo. Beth lerael houeework; private family, boarding-bouee.lal. High ami KtRoey eta hotel; raferenoee; weg«e |U monlii. Addreea

Roealle, Uoa 31. Newa office.

oiiiLM Wa n t e d .vs KHTI.^<tm.>1'(<F LAMP eOHPANT

mAKlMFlELD. N. J.,

\O L ,\G Wo m a n who can MW and remodel ilo th itii. *iaie wage# expected. Addrew BTBNuOnAPlIKH deeirea poelHon. on*' year'e

Tailor. Bov HO. Newi office.YOL'NO OlUL wanted to take care of Jtg-

, -.S . vear-uia buy. A BLUMLNTHAL. to Ua-require eifMTUiHfd >>|paratava and laamatwi k,...rr,yi-r .■Icii. .I , . '! , M|r. Ap9l,r mt liw

eiprrtvTU'*. either In Urange or .Newark; pood rrfvrchce Addrea* Bieno. Box K Newi uffliw, iiranae.

factory VVHin-*»lng Hleilon, l^ackawetma Rail- rued (talT> hi ii>e furapuon, or a t Bmptoyment Butrau. fOMu A <Ully except Friday and S«l* urday fir*( f i '' r -tftl Broad *1., between Hr1dg* 411I orxng* a l l , Newark, from I 10 3 I' M

BTHNuGRa PHLR t r d lyprwntfr. willing. faUhtuI wurkcr; Met of reference*. Adurier

YUt Nif Ctrl hi nork In aholeealt wal\papir Hlvnu, Box tl3n Poatoffke. Oreng*.i. J...—— I4l If— ..'i.tfl if --r — . ""_huuif. ID Raiikm jt-


hTLNf’UHAPHnit. iKiwrlciu-etl. ktiowl«di|v iu>oh-ke«j>liig. (li ilrea ;uieliluii. Addrbei nh

Box 4.'i. Ncua office

(•I R -TteUal'Ii* R>fJ general hou«e-»ork and goud plain cooking, good wagee

end rxrfarn peM from Sawark, to right ij«.riy with P"J'1 refetflTicM. al*o truat- wprthy. h'*aith>, fc' tirle woman for m otheFa 8 '*^*

ip ..................HMITUh:N J

AtiE.NTS—l.adlex or genilernen: Wg money aelllhg new line of nerktlee; eouvenlr Pan­

ama coin net ae premium raloed head of Balboa Oil aih-kpln anil tu ff link*, l l-k a ra t

iiteeii live )v*rH. w* have ekvJu<

UPWTAlHb WORK—ilerm.»n girl. gni.eUiidliig little KnfllHh, Millie* upkt.

work or rur« for cliild. ALUUKt'll r Magailne *1.

heli> Apply jM T*onal!r iu MRS B. L. Mv* fonlroj of thla eet. only offh lal ewuve-ll.s, Old iihori llllle road. Mlllbufn. I ’anama fcl*poelHoh; Htmderful eeller.

hurry. SVlIoon .vjfg t’o Laru.a6ter, O.

tlIR L couple.aente.1 'whll»>, (ilain cook. HO waah* COUPLK—Ah experlence-l whii* ................ ...in i muet ha^e k '*"1 refeteme. Apply IT Uerinan nr Engflirb. i^Hh g«>od reference, each cUm of linen le waatid irj.a:a vi>

\V*pr'lnglon |l beiv>*tti Orn^e and North lake charge i*f luiuaewurk. Apply at jsMtjeteenth «ie Kmt inang* once to^TJ Overlaok road. Upper 1'

PlBThlBtrTCHt—SS'llI pey re llabk man or wuman l l i ;0 to {heiniiuii* lOd free pki*.

perfumed borax eoap powder among frl«roiM no macioy required. a . B. VVARB V'U-.214 Inetltul* pi., t'hhago.

< orner Haven,


t!i{>n(hly may be made making Hrculerii iiarMcuiare free. A. H. KRAUH,

DOh Kiriux ti.biiillng. MIlwHukee, Wie.

GIRL for pew liutmeee college; opene Feb. IT;3 mohtl^' tuillort fret- lu flrxt fifty ilUdanU.

Addreee ^]]»ge l-ox 31, Neaa offU e.GHil^SVaiUed. I'luieetxnt girl for klichtti

work; jdaln cook, rtfcrence* required; a ejM 123 4N Hawthoni* , Koal uraiigc.

-- F . Sl- i 'or-

: II a I III FI or -\f itrr kindly

III 1i‘ :ti hi* U ie VMI-.r I It ."tu-iila) Fvti]i]iM!ii*n' in l-’ulrmouni

Ar.l'^.vrs Y-uii ‘ lin TnaXc I*- per I*"* - 'U'lecilin,* >oy! hnghPur* nn*fl'* I-t unr i th f turj , all

Vliull ul napii-* 10 ccriT* i>n»l:agt]r«»! hia»di iHOk uni oulh' we wanT^a million i.amv* 'ini'.k kt.V<i Sl'k Co,. 4371 Art her a»e.. iJepi, 17, t'hhago.

UKN a ’l] p-’ilentebit iOeae. write RANDOLPH g r o ■'•iifcK Sii'liliora, Woehlngion. D. C..

'fo r ll»t* Nieded Invriiiloria."

Gntl.d4 for coi'k*. hou»*^(ir1'OI.KMAN‘B r.iniilojm*

Valley *t.. Orange

MAN—Btrong. or min end wife, on email farm; wH* ii> help In houxe; goo*I home,

rkere. w enieiL at nioOeratfi exlary tu elan. llAU 'H rl.AliK nl (Hflcf. T70 PAJIJHH, Manager. The Fllhlan Farm. Diu-

elOTi ave.. Madiaon


DitT bERS'ICE le (b« nu>a’ iatle^aciury u fxuted ivei-m glv*» you * erk ►!! Ihi* r'.>i>U ktnn. delivery le irmilr vvht*n you npiki

fe i> ,n*W atw innnd'-rfd by mir ‘'eufi *m'I fljfr. ipuhod. we have bed irn y*.n*' -hAndllng KAMICV m U n P lUtY VVA311IN‘- aDd hav» Ittarned ho^ t: yi***# ovtr 3'a>i huueeholda ‘

AT 6 CKNT9 A rOL'ND •very hit of your (>ed and lel.le IhirB. to*vel« etc., will be ironed reedv tor 'i«*: all the cthei cPi'hea will be dried; mafiv of ilunn. \»> our proctae, alii ba (julie fit far liinoedUte wear­ing. nut iijui-h irctiing left lur you,Wfei'LL t a k e Ad l.ITTl.G AH Jiv WORTH-

The iauUilry witb the WAgoaa

Man* if'ii'-fally Urii fiil. one horae. furnaca, iKin-lieei wnd'H* riigr floor* and general •loUe* in<<l l« H/i'l iLiiePle: gentleman'* place;

— —^ I iw-rmaneni i»oeltlon, only appflcanie con*fdered ,\.siKN*TH r>i*h* big money celling «ne*lng , who ha» hfM elmilMi ii-ultlon and have flrxt-

Kinri f' ur nca brand*, four fltvnn . lontlnu- , . i«jm r^fni«-nc*» vppiy 320 Highland av'e . ua repeair- ai*o iril '.ill gum vcu-lmg me | i)reng«*. Sui jrdmy (■ I■iUl1g H to 7 only ur 8un-

‘ ■ - ■() t - ] ■

U tllL b-W ani icvanil glrle to *cw lining In JJEN. aomen g"v'l Jole JG-I lo I2N) U\q : iUmw heie; eipfrl«nv*d Kearny lU t \V urke, eprlng fxame riarywher*. full d<**''ripi|on.

lei I'hfettiut * t ____________________ Krenklln Inst. I>*pt 3H0K R ahcattr. N; T. i

IIIUHIIR rtOUOH DRY t^AlINDRY CC.. 413 Marlu.! •>. 'FhoDt Mark«i A34k

GillUS vranied. Orange Doin+’jiilc 120 Oekw4M».1 err . Oretige

A N N IV E R S A R Y M A S SDFlLMNt>- Fhet Annlvaraary Mam nf Re­

quiem 'ivMI t>* tirfrre.i fill th- r* i-•* -if the »i>ul of F-liKubeih I'unhni nier r..)ennani on Mnnclx). l-ebruary •' *i h fr) A M a) Rt.jem ea'i < huroh. H<-**Hvc» and friend* erekindly lnvii#d to ai'end

I'AOE -F lfil Annl^'creiry High Meea of Re- qujnn will be oflered (m the rirMia*- of the ■oul of Jam** I’agf on MynUx)- J>briiary 0. at ft A M . al ihu I'Nuicli of th'- Holy < roM.Harrifc>ii N J IteleilM^a and frl*-nda are

,,iM** ii«r' and 'hoip*-»t i<n mxikei parllcJ ijire on r.qur*i KWlCUT MINT CG . Mur ru> at . N**w York

ilay morning. 1

U uii Jry , K A a T lM E l- lA .S U P L A Y IS i l <!l’ A HA NTEKIJ 10 TU :« 1.K.8SO.SS. B u u K L K T : MAILKIJ

FHEE. (.’a BPENTEK'S BTL'DIU. 10) t J E U .E V lL l .E AVIi.. f H O N B l » 4 l l t B H

)i only.

A 'iKN TB - lJ*el direct with prornlrent men '.ifaciurer; f*(h«r> price* *ure repeating.

Ttinner*. guuranteed p*rTi\'ineiii Income cojv . nn fompeiHiun, protected lerrltury Ferfeciion t’o., 17 Weet Ki>rty-*oionil at, New York

MAN ’Wunteil, aniiri man lo run IV^-ton autn truck two or ihree clay* a wf*k and

mak* hlnmelf geneiiiHy ueefull the reel of the neek. etate wngeii required and give referenrci* Addreim Ueeful, Box 71, New* office.

RAGTIUK piano pitying pr>ilt|ve1y uught eny peraoii In 3y lewne, write for ln>ok1tt.

CLAF................ - ‘CLa r K‘8 Htudio, 37 Halevy, 4 ^ WaJnul cti

klM'lly Invited te aiimd.

IN M EM O R IA MIn loving tnemorv of my dear eliter. Mliinle —

Mergellberg ittee Wv/IR. who pBHCxI February 7. IPJ3

Bll' iilly el night ihe Hare a n gleaming. ■ In a lonely grave;

Where there aleenrlh without drenming. Ona we loved, but could not *ave.

AUKNTH-- Horeat man «anieil In each ii>’vn tn dlrttrUiute free advertlalng premiuma.

t lS a week In xiart. experienca unne<-en*Hry ■ referenie* reqglreil Addrea* MiLEAN. RI.Ai'K A ft J *4 N Beverly it., Boalon. Maaa

M.AN~Mni)«at men wanted In each town for Hpei-lil advertialng work: Sl6 x week In

a ta ri, expcrlenre unneceaeary, referencaa re ­quired A(j<Jre*a a! unce HcLEAN, BLACK

84 N Beverly a( . Boaton, Ma*a


OF WORK IN' KlKHT-n..ift3 KAMJMSB Of TMK CITT o r NKWARK »'AN BKCCRg EMPLOYMENT AT ON'^E. WITHOUTc o r r . BY APPLTTNO TO THE MUNICI- -------------- — -I’AL Bl'HEAU OF BWPLOY'MLNT. CITT olNilERW, mala and female, to elng In opera HALL ANNKX. ON FRANKLIN ST. CALL fburue In Newark for the euke of eiperlenca. ANT AFTERNOON nFTA'KKN I P. M- vuH to rtho4rtal at Munlgrm«r)- Hall. M .nt- AND 4 P. M , EXCEPTING BATURDAY9. gt-inery, vorner Prince ati., A;30 p. M . Tlmre- SUNDAYS AND HOUn.SYB. POSITIONB day


DU r ’U «v*r etnp to thloJi whit th* word* ROUGH DRY mranef

IT MEANS nothing reiurn*d lu you wet fogynu |r, hang Out-

IT MICANH wa waih evaryiblng eomluf ttum the hoga>4hC']d.

IT MKANh Wf dry everyihlng.■ lod of dry'

. large 1------.which finixlivs a 'l your flat aork ready for

..... ........ ................ .. frying la to pulyour clolhei through a lerge Ironing nje^blM^

IT MFAKS n i 'R metho-

u*«, and riiughiy Irun* all other uIacol IT MEANS all vrur wtahlna and the large*t


(julredA r o .

A UENTB-Y ou can make HUt a* our general or louoJ agent, lioueehulil neceeeliy. aevoe

M) per ooni., I'ermenrni buxln**#, oxcluelv® (errflury, eaJary oi romn’.iaalun. free aample,

r#<m. r iTKJN . 4<ri» R *t-. Newark. N. Y,

MAN to organix* xnd take oharg* of force nf lady ranvaoerre t" acll coraeta. bracetarra

night gowne: e(«$eidy employment for rlglfii par­ly i*eil 142 Waal Twenly-fourih *(..Vurk; third floor, phone i$$40 Cheliaa.

HOL'REWOKK—Wanted, young white girl In Bummli. N. J . for plain cCMiking and

oxaiet with hnu*»wnrk. m uit have rofer- RHce from prevlnu* place; no >hll<1ren In fam ily, no bedroom work required, all waehlng and Ironing *HHt out. w tgea i;i:2. Reply to A H , P. O Box 12, Newark. N J.

EM P A Y M E N T W A N T E D — M ENACCUl’NTANT nnd book-keeper, to email

1 and hanteei part f>f >he Iff-nlng done.I 15 pounrle for 73 cemA

Over I'S p"unde. • f:eniJ per pound extrfcI WAHUEl .l. STKAM L A U N D R Y . ____I ft* CRUtiS ST.. N EW A R K: THONE IT0< B.B,

Ai»UNT8 -l ee yniir ipare time to build ui> a mall order himliii'ii of )oui own, we help

you alert fv>r a Chare In profit*, twenty ic»en oi-porlunillci pgritculata fiue. Mutual Dpiior- tunltlra Kxi'hangA, Duffalo. N. Y

MAN—SVanted. hlgh-4-laaa man, to eel] tree*.ahruba, roec*. vhipc. berry buehea, bulba, etc..

guDd wage*, permanenl. exclualve tarrliory 1EKGWN HRO'niKRB' NurMriei. Hocheeler.N Y.

HOtJSEW'ORKEB -YS'anted, general houae- Worker, a girl In email apanm em . good cook

corpor.ll®n. c o n e rn . V;,V fln.ncUllycapable of paying * good book-keeper, hi<ve ' ' b- I htwo day* lu luare tu write up or upi-n -uiim ple but good doubla-eiitry *y*lem. one ( i h it . retunifd w Hhb- *4 hmjrx. reedy for tb* day aufficlent per week: IS per dey* Include* line; give * trial- Teh 2W1 B. B.

and laundreaa. to ilee;> home; reference*. *'aU after 10 o'clock, at bufi Sprtngdal* ave., E jut

trial and all atalement* in flrat cotne. flr»t *erv*d Anew Box HE. New* office.

exDe • r Ac

e r l form, ccouiitHni, W ASH fNfi—German

Orange.aprakH m tle Engllhl>. want* wuahing *nd

53!i Hnulh Seventeenth

M A S O N IC N O T IC EKMKR^1H.^T i-mumunlcatlon of Ti iloititnar

Lodge N'ij 112. I' iind A M., will be hei.f a t the |i-lxrroum. 47' Hn-a.l at , oil Sunday Febrtian ^ at 12;30 F’ M . lo aliand ihe fu- iieral of "ur late hn-ihiT KTnaiiuel Kien. hman. Member* ih t crwri aie Invitc.l to atirn-l.

Hy orri.-r '.f .ll’Lfl S 81 l,HKH FELL, W M- Geurgf 1*e« k, tvi rriJiy,

' AOEN'I'S Sib thr^<‘ NX *ilk lira $1: beautiful mnfiLgiMjri tuff Ilnhi and *lh k | ln at i free

Tfi f-Rch l ur haRPT, H.iwden t-karoil |7] , five I dnye; wrlio f'-r eamplra, I’OMl-JH M K'! I'O ,

A7 Klghili *1. Dai ton, D.

MAN, pxi>erieni’etJ, lu ruo hydraulic iluff^r T>> go out of iivwn, aiate experience end

wagf* i>xi*ectM. AdOres* Hydraulic, Box Ul. Nuw* offi-a. t

Hu L'HEWOKK—l ’hlta gtri. with reference,iror

ACCUUNTING and auditing In all brartclieii,Ironing h>>nie. n.vnTi'1 flour, right

re epee table. ‘ ng and

vth et.,

for general linuflewnrk. vvaahlni and Iron Ing. 141 Midland «ve . MuiiU'latr. near I’lnainu l *t., carfare paid.

Inveedgailora, ayatematlxlng; monthly lu- pervlflun. •'tlNSTAM Audit \.'u , FioIhI-ing; telephone 62^1 Market. Founded

WAmilNG. Ironing and cleenlng wanted ftret t*art of Week hiitio or oul refcrtncf. col-

nroil Addrea* A.. Hov H6. NfW* ofitca.

M.YCIMNIHT, ejpertem'od on Bullard end (He- hull lorifi lathe*, niuet be able lo operate

HOr^FW nltK .V mill'll'' age-1 wtvfuan fnr general huuaework. iivitleraie aalHry, g<>od

COOK-KEUCPKIl. at preiml eriiploi-d by bad- Fuk iiienufariurltir: concern, will Le rellevcl

from 1 »il>’ ah'iTtly un aicuunl ol ilulm-ia hiMRS. IIKNHY W.^GNF'Jfl. iloll’ South iru-lt. ha* Ifty roll •nd thn*. eb'

\\ ASH 1 N'G—Colored wnman wanin Monday RiiJ Tuemlay laii, or wirhliig 10 luka

h vine i 'Ll.IH, 332 .Udngtor itvi

AGKNTH—Soap agent*; nuf lan ltary akin «'/*[) liR* a\nrything 1‘eal for prorila, we

nrnteui you In territory, oiimple *nd pre- mluMi iDt fra*. DA LET' MFG. CO., St. LuuU. Mu.

vllher ma.'hlne Bon<l |T.altlon to right jiaity, Ai'ply Nrw York office, room 200-E. 30 Church

. New Y’ork City.

Fourih »i , Hhirlion

Ma c h in is t and toolmakar, all around man, steady and reliable, xtate wage* and

experience. Adilreoa Permanent. Box S7. S>MH "fflce. -

HOUSE W u K K —Girl (white) wanted for general hun*evvork. fatnliy of iw-u. t'all

20 1 litaftoii ave.. corner Clifton a v e . Ml. prohpe' l earn

j'reacnt im|ih...v ere wilt rcconimcnil him '■xi.m;) AJ'ite** J.. Lvox h3. N«wa oflKe.


AGENTS+ 'iBf ceiii Invented In a ptratal card bring* yuu |3S to weak propual-

(Ion. wllh pr'iiei-iml lartlinry Htarllng Aluminum ( u. Cqnal Slatlnn AO. Clilcag'j.


YviLu f u r n h ;ii f o r 173extra flri# bia<-k broadcloth, white ur allveg

NAMES wanted, and addreaie* hy mall ord^r houBcs. big pay, homa work, InfcrmaUon f'vr

■tam|i Direct Appeal (.‘un.pitiiy, Plymouth. I ml

Hul'SKWORK Young Rirl wanted Tor light houeework and h'lf' ivir'’ for rhll.IrKn, fruin

1 lo B P. M , «vc.“y day 72b Mt fioipecta> a

li( HiK-K EKPER, I'l yanra' e\perlen' 'p In nirpuruilnn Kcoutillng. d#RlTee p<«nltlon,

heal I'f reference*. Addreau AmbitluUH. Hnx '.’h, Ne^v* urrice

gray pliuih caal:e(. with mae*ivt bar Iiabdiee, engraved name plare, raaket b*nuttfiil]y lined ivU|i fine ailk or eatin; ouialde caac, adverilt'

a g e n t s —Hiory of Mexico: new epoch making huok. thriFiicg. anixatiunal, tiTnely;Juw price:

•eilB cm elRhl. big lennci aample book frevi act quli-kiy. Univrreal Houae, Philadelphia.

Ihf. embaltninf, dreiidag, ahavlng. crucifix, eatidelabra, glovee, chaira, heorae end three coikihea to any city ceinotery.


a fUDerai that meaauree up to any high price undertaker'* (00 funeral; funeral per lore free.



I AGENTB- InvtBlIgftta our vropoelHoti. hlg (iruflta, aella In e>ery home: cxparleniie nut

eaaemiBl; wilt* toduy. WILKDN Sui-ply Co., Uetil. H, lK>x 32, I'utlrvillu, Da-AGEINTB—Inv*eiiRaia our prnivoeillon; big

UToflte; evlla In every hom*. aXT»erlrtio< nut aaaantlali write today. YV'II.KON Supply L'O-. Dept. Box 22, PutHvlUt), I'a.

OFFIi’E—Mn Ing picture alble* I* qulckeet niPihnd to l^arn ahurleat course I*a*c P it­

man iiml PinitaJilc ehonhend and othfr com- mrrrlat brarvhea, Inclutllng b<vik■ keeping; pu- alLl'in HH •LKm a* i'lmitwteni. club begins Mon­day fur imlhMuul ln*trucih»n. day *e«a]un; Tuesday evening fos evening liialructlnn; Ifm- lit'fl rni'mberehlp. come madv to enroll if you wish MKItrUAN'TS * BANKERS' SCHOOL, A&l Breovd *t

HOL''SE\\(YRK—'EiigU]ih-speaking girl for general Imuaewurk, nlth rafereni-c BECK­

WITH. 34 North Maple ave. Thisit «.»range

IlOOK-Kl-:KPEri-Voimg man. unbbmlehf'd tbiinicter, entrseili, experlciu-ed, coniruiinv

BCCiiuiiiB eU'. A-Jdreex Ertergellc, hox 37, Newi uffF- e.

WASH! N’G - Wom<»n, ai"i> swcatlnK Ovrr waili I'ib an i >i*e our" !*'''■ nait>*i viTvl save your

vlnth' S 3J1 Neia. >- xt., wHrk ^\t ASHING Ip'iil.vk an«) - l-^aning. MR.-*-

1.1 IK >vv J l- CK !, lib Jon** Ft, t'lyM,\HFII\'I1 -i'iilo;i-l V\unii,ii u Ij Iics «ft*litiig by

,iay, ur cr.uk'* pliiic HI .‘Summit I'lWA.";HIM'r. IrnnlnR rU-tiiilrtg. vunted OUl.

f«H l'iHc»-nTli flv<- , iHii

HursFJWOflK—M'hlte girl for gm rral house- work, mufft. aleep F onie. refereniT rerjulreil.

t all today or tomorrow. 3d Farley h\ b , city,

H f l u K - K E E P E R — T h f ro u g h < |u u Fi|r-* iv try .w it h o v e r >eura' expepli-rvce, tlesirHH

pr>altii>n, A iid reH » J , D , B o x Qfi, New'ii i-f- floe.

'kaijTC'l Hi lak'' Ii 'itk-. MRS.,11 r|{s^< i\. ]rn Slone ei

NEWARK BtJRIAL CCMPANT.688 Broad at., between Bridge and Lombardy

AGKiNTS—New propueltlon Juat out; doea awAv wllh extra tire on duiomobllea: write ouK-k

for dvUlle. ALOIS WAGNER CO., 013 Bond . Edizabeih, N. J.

o f f i c e —E xperleticed office man and book­keeper for new inanufacluritig plant In

Newark, eHiie ealary experted. reference* required, Addrece Book. Box 68. Newa office

it#.. oppuBite Waahlnglcn Pork.— ----- ------------- IINEH“ —|8B—COlfPLETB FUNEBAL^Ma Black broadcjoth, white, plueh. ur Imitation

oak coeket. handle* and plate, lined with <i1k

AOKNTS warned everywharu to handle high- grade eojy Ciller; mccfi* nesured. For fi-<o

rvartlcular* write J S. UAklB, 1713 Penn et.. Horrlaburg, Pa.

PHEHS FEEDER young man, lo make ready end feed I'nlverKWl end Gordon preMsea.

American Tag t*o. of New Jereey, l ! l Corl> land *(.. belTevllle.

Hi.U:sE\^ ' )RK—GJrl for general houfcewnrk and plain cooking; etiiall family. c-urfa.re. 3u

Nonh Temh it. 'Fhgpe IJ. R

D.VKKR foreman, ur good aecoiid hand on bread, r'>lle >vud loff^c rakec, waitTa aiea'ly

poiUL.jti REt'llKN, 1) Hiileldti pi., ,'liv.

UAlTRE.ss Hrul upflDilr i girl Hun \'M h private family

j)\ i- . flr^l flt^ur

pnal-i5 H-Hiiiunt

HOlTbEt\URK-<!irl wanted for houaework.amall famllv; either German ur Siavk.

FANTL. ID Wf*t B( . Newark.

POV, IH, who haa Just graduated fiurr Brhu< 1.wlahve pueiiluM In nrrhllict'a office. A'ldie**

Graduate, Box I ID. New a offlca,

\ 1 ir.N'i \Vi i.M A V i^Rh t\",' "tM; In pri\ -1•' h"Vitic

. .1. H \*=FK_V Tvil jlldrer. '".IxhewIruTM Tii:iriijfiii*-

llO rSEW uRK-H lrf for general houeework. nu waahing DR- RALLENTlNtl. 1S2 Waahlng-

ton at , city.

BOV (151 « antH nurk aa lu-Iper In faclory ( r iiiiythlng S7 Fairv'lew ave.


Of eailn. outelde eaie. edvortieloir. embalmlof. AGENTS wanted In Northern New Jereey; few draeelng, ehavlng, crucifix a id candelabra, , ]|ve agente for Ford epeolaliy; gueranteeij, flovet. choir*, heara* and three coache* to any Addrtie Ford. Sox 113. Newi of-city cemetery; funeral ifarlort free; mure for jr Q

RAILWAY mall clerke comtneTtc# $75 mo.;Newark exama Feb. 21 aample queattona.

Franklin Inst. T»ept. 271&K Rucheiier, N- Y-

1*M money then offend ><la«whtre; epe<:tal at> teDllon le directed to our flraDclae* llveryc higher priced funeral* If dfielred NRWARK BURIAL FOMPANT. RSs Bioad et.

Tel. 3D31 Market.

AGENTS to take order* fur vleltlng and buBineee earda; large profit*; outfit free.

1C Nonh Hank *(.. YValerbury. Conn.

Ra il w a y mail clerhe needed everywhere: ipcclal axamlnailyne Kebruery 21; nc expert*

pnve. Clerk Agency, F rovldecice, R. I.

AlXiLPH PFSIL; fur ITS I will fumlih clOM funeral, InoJudlng grave or cremetloo.


170 ^ u r t et , near Weet at., undertaker andErofeeeknal embairuer; L D- ‘phone 1fU7 Uor-

et; op^n day and night; funeral porlora freo.

AGENT—Wanted, live agent ihal c*n earn from $5 to $10 a day. Aiiply at the BETA

Chemical Co , 248 Muln ave.. Paeealc.


Private Funeral parlora 07S BROAD BT.

Telephone iSl Market. Newark. N. J.




HAEBERLE ft BARTH, eucceeeor* to Heeberle Bnye,, funeral direciora llelchenbcatatterl.

ird a r . Iftebruary 7. 1814, t'hariei J.. hufbartd «f l iw U e U. Hamilton. Funeral aervlcei will be held from hla late realdence, 35 Oaiton

Hugh hanh . Albert Haeberle Jr.; open day and night; p rlcti mnde.aie. 453 Springfield ave.,

,eral eervlcea will Newark. N. J .; ‘phone lOTft Waverly.

reel, on Monday, February 0. a t 3:80 F. M, ee utA frlende are kindly interment at RoMdale Cemetery.

Invited to et-TELEPHONE 4i100-4Rb7 MARKET.


AUTO INSTRUCTION.'W* do not only teach how io drive, but

tnainict you In the u*e and care of each moving part: llccnae guaranteed. YVrltP for parGrulara io Garage, box 85, New* office.

HARDING—Oa -Vebruory A -U U . Namoy “ . —. - ReJatSvee andHarding, af«d 7$ yeare.M end* a r t rafpectlully Invited to attend th* funeral from the r*aid*ne« of her eon- ln>law« Mr. WlilUm NfeoJ*. $46 Orange atreet. on Monday, February I, at $ P. M- Xaternsent in Glendale Cem eleir.

omctt AND CHAPEU 044 FRO ^ROA0 BT.

RICHARD MAERKHI.B. funeral director, now at 458 ISih ftve., June, of Springfield ave., for­

mer partner of Heeiierle Broa.; service a t rea- ionable rAtfe;lel.3<V4ft Wav. ;fun«ral chapel free.

HBMPHILL-On Tkbruarr T. 1914. a t hi* IkMne, 145 North Fourth atreet, William, hui-

Dd of Ellxabeth HiRipblll- Notice of funeralill Bunday Call.

HENDERSHOT>^& Friday, February 4.1014. Annette E. predm ore, widow of

uteph A. Henderahot, Lit her 6$th year. Faneral eervloei will be held from the resi­dence of her daughter, Mra. A- B. Unger, 18 Sterling atreet. on Sunday. February 8.1114, a t 7 P. M. RelaDvea and frlenda are

:lndly Invited to attend. Interment, Mon­day, February 8. at Newton. N. J., a t con­venience of the family.

JOKNSTON^-On February I, lH4, Anna &. dau fh ter of W'lllum ami Ide Parker joonaton, In her S8tb year. InimertluLe reL fttivee and frlenda win meet at her parenta' kome, 11$ Elm atreet, on Sunday afternoon, February t, a t 1 o'clock Funeral B^rvlue* trill be held a t Grace Methudlet Eplacbpal Church, New York avenue and Ann Klreet, ftf l ! |$ O’clock. Frlenda are kindly Invited. Member* of Camp No. H, P. O. of A. will hold their eervloe a t the houae on Saturday eYenln*. February 7. a t n o'clock. IiHer- tnent a t Falrm uunt Cemetery.


Oppoelte Grove Bt. Station, Ea*t Orange. Geo. B Callen In *Henftanc»i tel. ronn.


B24 Orange *1.; private funeral chapel. Tel*. 1158 B. B. and IH Orange.



FU N ER^' ----------------1ft BELMONT AVE.

FUNERAL DIRECTORB,■ PHONE w a v e r l t a il.




GUSTAVUe L, ERB, FUNERAL d ir e c t o r ,


ID8MBi>-IlBtered Into reit, on FYlday, Feb-Eiary ft, 1914, Magdalena, widow of John

lehm, in the 72d year of her age. FuneralSrlvote. from the reildence of her eon, ilr.

Ohn Klehm Jr.. 137 Wright itreet, nn Mon­day. February U. at S 1*. M. Interment at V/oodiond Cemetery.


Tel Tea W'gv. 4*g SPRINOFIBLD AVB.


KING—On February 4, 1*1L Anthony, u - loved aon of the late Thorna* and King, brother of Wllll&m and Rose Kinx Ketailvea and friend* are kindly Invited to a ttend the funeral from J. L. Nuian'a Huneral parlor. HS South Orange avemfe, op Monday. February 6, at B:B0 A .M.. to Bt. AnlunlnuB'i Church, where a High .Mu.nh of Requiem will be offered for the rapoee of hie soul. Interm ent In the Cemetery of the Holy Sepulchre.



AUTO .SCHOOL of New Jereey, 382-284 He'ley *E : oldeel and largeit In the State; unlim­

ited coune; Ucenee guaranteed; day or even­ing. itart now.ARE ytju a live wire! eend etumped envelope

fur particulars <*f bo*t proixmltlon ever nffpred. ha* no equal. crEETTEE Co., 23 Weal ]25lh Bt., New York.AUTO DRIVING AND RErAlRiNG; COM­

PLETE COURSE. Iia, START NOW. 310 UnOAD ST.. CAJIAGE DAY or EVENINGS,AMATEURSj for rube mlpatrel. Apply Mon­

day night nt TO Springfield ave,l-lOY far nd>-ertl*lng office; goi^ chance to

learn buain>'*e and work up; wrllo full partlo- ulara oa to a :hoaUng and age, AUJre** Adver- tiling, Box To, New* Ofll'e.

s.u.i=n.M h:N-woNnERFrn. o p p o r t i ' n it y iHleutly Income, aelllng Feeler Fountain Shav­

ing bnaah, 12 lu |10 i7«r day: then a contln-kinua rtuurn on repeat aoap bUBlne**; bO more 1J\e inen w-anted; unique aglee [>lBn free. FESLFK KALES COMPANY, Department 540, 2T»fl West iSfcenly-thlrd *L, New York.SALESMAN, experienced, for New Jeriey;

aell all c-laaae* of merchant*; alaple line; nelabllahed house; poaitlon will pay $2.!»0I) to $4.GOD yearly; expeneea advanced againat r-ommleslona. atate aelling experience fully. D. VV. BARROWS, Detroit. Mich.SALESMEN—Two Intelligent young men on

Leelle'a Weekly; If you are out of work and want to make ttO per week-call and our demonstrator will t^ke you out and ehow you how. 82s Broad at., Newark, K. J .; room 2MSALESMEN-’ NBW SPRING CLASvS IN

p r a c t ic a l s a l e s m a n s h ip w i l lOPEN FEBRirARY IS; INSTRUCTION IN ­CLUDES SELLING PRACTICE. BOOK­LET V M C A , lG7 HALSEY ST.SALESMAN wanted to Aell uaeed liquor*

and Bpeclaltleij to (he auloon trade; *em- pies furnished free, experience unnece*- Bary. T. F A I R B A N K S . * CO.. 3 110-12-H Weet Lake h1.. c m ,'ago.BALliTSME.N—. Ide line traveling aaleameu

ti.ake S1.'> tu IT5 weekly handling lateai pro- duc tiau uf fl' lvorllilng fane; liberal term# Ap­ply now, I'nlieil Stale* (.'aJendar Co., Cincin­nati.

Ho UHEWORK—Girl wanted for general houaework ti8l Bpftngfleld a\e ., In i-andy


JlUTCHlJR--arr1«)Ua butcher.-^apabU* of inan.ig- Ing I’liy nr couniry .tddreae Tiulcher,

JoraU-mciL pi.. UelkvUle.I'ARTliS'TiRR- Ycmg nun wishes [toelilwn as

bartendi'r. r»-fereiu-e. aalary IIS. 125 Weal

.'GUI'Ll;] wish jioal!l"n s<|>iira!e or I. gelher, ffilui-nd nun. Ii.-tn'lv wursian. i-xp'ricm-ed

rrfk JAMES hi Hhki.iy at.,'irangf.

at.HOV8RWOKK—Wanted, u white gjr| for

general hmiiework. Call 34 Johnacm ave.' C.‘ llPPINTEft. fxperU-Tii'erl uii any kind of bulldjiif aonviru-liofi; new or retiulr' day or

LAUNDRY — Experlen-'eil pres^ier and folder coniract. 145 Shaw o\e. . tel. Wav. on nihletli- underwear and ahlrta. Ap-

CiiL'T'LE, iJefiuati, \« i ilihuffeur. u'lfi? g'ujij

fl , flour

puHliln'i. man ,k 47 .Magnolia

ply Saturday afternoon or evening. HEERY'. 437 Broad *l.

CHAUFFEUR wisliea ]mellioti, r* perlenc ed rm all mukes, does o-vn repairing. ref’‘r-

I emeu, JuHN MADDEN 33 Nsiabuu nt , vlii

t'c^rpL-j-l liPTinan^ wisher pla e men r--ur. wtl* M-ok 327 liellfNli’.- a^t..


rbaiif ■ N e w -

MII-LINKRY MAKERS AND COPYISTS.[ I ' lI.AUFFEUR nlshfs povlllnn; best of refer- L ence: honest, sober, rvllublr. Addrea* Me-

chafllc. lio* ir>, New-a office.

CiiLT'LE ^n..k hriil bu'.i-r wLb |>opI- ihms. S'-h iiilliiavlanH. rr'vri'nf’e, i'l .laniee


, fUAUI-l'MUK, white, 8 year*' experlemc, iin- I queeiitmabic refertm-c*. \'A .\ fiUSKHlK,I ilO Third avtiiu*.

-Liidlps requlrlii* hr|p. male orfemnl.* iKl-lrns.-, COLE. IA N S i;mpl'..viiient

ijffit'e, IT" Valley HI., iTungp 1311W.

Require the lervlcei of a large number of


I DRAFTSMAN nine years englneerlnx and drsfilnir exT^erlence: moderwG' selBr>‘ -\'l-

dre f Tfechnkal. Hox J . News office. Orange.

M-AN ami wife, piperlenced a* farm foreiivtn or nil phari-a b\ April 1, leffti i iic«A. Box

22'J MiifllH' n, N J . ■ —

AND COPYISTS. FAi” roRV Block rlcrk or tuefu! man. Addrea* Reliable, llox 1-in. New* office.


Heat lighted and heaUhieHt workrooma In New York, alao hlgheat aalarlea and longest atEauTii: these are the beatreaanns for saying that GIMBEL Mil­linery poBltlone are tba moet denlrahle

La t h e -h a n d - KlrAt-nea*eo po)

AddrnHH Litlhe, B":

years e\pnr-

Uii, News office.

Apply a t Erriploymsnt office.

F ifth Floor. 82d 31. Side. N. Y.

MAN fSOl, good worker; beet rof^renten.wWheH work on f^rm or anyihlng. I'.

RILL. Monrno city

ilftGIF.ST cfirl) prlc.'s pilJ lor ladlcfi' andyem*' iMBI-off I'it'Gtlrig UD-i cMrO high

fnh'«'S f'>r rnrn's auits aij.i1 iadn-a' fancydrrseeti. send pustal and I w'lll call ul once; r-T 'phf.m- -iiMnW Mnikvt MK \.'All.N. HiSmith H'e.. nmi .MVTfolk st

rLl'M HEK ulahe* pruilion with iBrjj* renl relate or cnnetrurlJon roTicern. cam ?»tl-

niMe. Uy cut work; alan have i-lly license. Ad<lress Plumber, Box 'J'L N*'vh riffW-o

>\'ANTED Lute model typnwrlter ami la rd Index 1‘ablnrl fur 3xl> ciiriJ.v capacity Dj to

11' 0('0. tn rxchfinge for orie-vylliub r <’u>1lll.ic autu In rutiiilxiK order, seals 4. ArMugion Uemetery. Arlington. N. J.

TifAlZ.INO circular* 1m light, pleasunt work fur apure lime; rm experience or canvass­

ing; BcH'd name, begin making nmuey at onre. RAYMOND. 80 Koxbury Crosulng, Mas*.

, , ' HIGHEST PRICES in Id forPHINTIMI- Kr ill Itor, csGmalor proof rp.-(di'r, PLATLNL'M. old (SOLD. ni.A.MONDS.

Blnne hand, ail-arnund nmn, M, run you usp SILVER PAVSNTU KETss, ANTK>UP3S. etc. him 7 1 'Hl go piiyw herr, A M, B , 62 L>oiid JOHN (■ M.EY'. r” ii dth ave., cor. kkth *1., N. Y,Mt.. Ea*i Orange

MILLINERY'—Experlenceti maker and *al*a- lady wanted at M. HABLuW'S. 444 Spring-

flpld ave.

HOT—Bright boy, about lo year* old, for office Tcnrh; rt-slilrnre lu the Orange* preferred.

Addreaa Offl*''’. Box IW. Pouth Orange.

n votinniiiig order*? w e wajil the men vrho can.

A]‘ply liefore 10 A. M.. r>r writ© American Atl- vnrtlalng I'u., llfi Boulh Orange ava.

BOY for new bunlneia cnllege; Openi Feb. 17: fl muntha' tulOun free tu flrat fifty •tuderl*.

Addreea College. Box 27, New* office-BOV wanted to carry newapaper*. Apply Hi

once. DODSON, S12 t.'llmun ave.. Eighteenth Bireei.BOY to carry newapaper*. Inquire 230 Clinton

avo, ^BOOK'KEEPER—Young man w anieft, 'twenty-

one to thlriy-flye year*, fur factory office In eaatLTi) aecllon 6f city: applicant* must he familiar with *hop and coal and xtoreroom eya- temi ealary to begin $12 to lll^, good oppor- lunlly for right man: anawer In own handwrit­ing stating age and experience. Adder** Manager. Box 67, New* office


MoDOWe l L—auddenty. a t Belleville, N. J ., on February 4, 1$14, Mary A., beloveddaughter of John and Mary a . McD<iwell, j aged 1$ yeare E month* 26 days. Relaitvee ]

THE EVEROREKN CEMETERY; orgatilxed lNft3; b*iween Newark and Ellrabelh; on Main

LIpe- trolley route; fare S cent*; nor a atoeV company; money *p«m In Improvemema; beau­tiful eeclion recently laid ■out; permanent care of lawn pint and luwn creat loU; raeh and par­tial paymema. Addmaa HENRY M. LOOKER. Rut'erlnleniem, Elliabelh, N. J.

atid friend* nre ruepectfully Invited lo attend th* funeral from the family residence. Mann atreet, Greylook cectlun, Belleville, on Mon­day, February t. a t l '* 0 A. M.. lo 81, Mary's Oburcb, Nutley, where a High Mash nf QUiem will be offered for the repnee of her aoul. Interm ent In the Cemetery of the Holy Btpulehre.

e a st BIDGKLAWN rEMBTERY. Delawanna. N. J.; on troUej' llqa between Newark #.nd

MoMAHOK—At Montclair, os Friday, February ft, IDM. Iawrenc«, beloved huabsnn ef Ellen MoMuhon (nee O 'Rourke). Funeral Monday, February P. at 8:80 A. M. Solemn High Mass of Reqvilem at Church of Im- niBculale Conception, 9 A. £1. Relative* and filendi kindly Invited. Interm ent in Immaculate Conception Cemetery.

O'TONNOR-On February C. 1014, Margaret M. Q'Coiinor inee Gallagher), beloved wife ofMichael OTonror Relative* and frlenda are kindly SnvUert to atleml tiie fimeral from her late raeldonce, 44 Hawkina *t., on Monday. FebruflJT H at ft.ao A. M , to Bt. Aloyilua’a Church, where a Solemn High Maae of Regulem 'will be offered for the repore of her

. of IIchro.eou]. Intermei'it lo Cemelery Holy fiepuJ-

R B N N E R — February ft, 10)4. at the reel- dance Of her *■ n Mr George W Renner, ^ i8 South Thlrte*'nth atreoi Mary Oprtel. be­loved wife of the Uie 4jtlfrey Renner. No­tice of funeral hrireaflar.

RICHARDSON—Otii Friday. February ft, ^914. Charlotte flulnaby. widow of John C.Richardson, aped 77 years. Funeral eervine* At 'bar late rpsklence, ET Lyotie avenue, on Monday, February !■. ei 2:3u p. m . Rela­tive* and friend* are tiivlteil to attend. In­term eni a t Evergreen Cemetery a t the con­venience bf the family.

IlOTH—Dn_ Friday. February fl. ip]4, MarlaI, hfilnv ■Magdalena Roth (tie*" fiolli, hfilnved wife of the

it** « tnonths and1» d»yi. R .latlv.n and t-lend., a |,„ Elli»l.iiih No. 7i7. K. atiij I . or H„ and Sacre.l

i . a r t League tif B[. Lltrisdlcfa nmreh aroHl- ________ ________ ...-kindly invited to attend the funeral frtim h»-rJrt I,-..___at. —a _ _ _ - _ .*■* -

Paeaelr, fineat In State; perpetual rare free; loll of four grave* $:i!V up- '^Fhone 1T2S Paa-

E R A K E M e n . FIKEMKN. railroad, anlerlns Newark: wage* $J0O: exi'ertenrn unneceaoary;

lend age. Railway Aasodatlon, Dept. 11, Brooklyn. N. Y.BUTCHER wanted; good pay FKFIDLANDER

Broa., .10 Hickory *l , Orange, N J,CORRESPONDENT--Large mall order con­

cern In Newark requires the Hervlce* of a capable correapondent; must he well edu­cated and thoroughly experienced in hand­ling correspondence; eicrptlunel opportunity for advancement to big paying poattlon; elate age, experience and ualery e je c te d ; referencee. Addrea* Opportunity, Box JS, New* office.

■ftlc. NfcWHrk nfflce, S2ft Rroad 81-; lel.6!\TflMkl.QLICNDa LE CEMETKRT—Franklin ave. and

JorHimrotj *1., PlnoTiifieldf finest kept cenie- ter) ; ptois, 4 Interment*. $30 up; aingle grave*, 116, I'ftriiprua! car* free, 'Phone 1258.ARLINOTUN CEMETERY, ARLINGTON. N.

J. 'Phone 17; take Kearny car to Arlington Depot, thi-nce five miriute** walk to cemetery.

e rv iL BERV'RJ® EXAMINATIONB «pea the way to guoil government i»o«ltlona; I can

criach you by mail at amall coat: full partlou- lari free to any Amerlran citizen of eJ^teen or Over. Write today (nr Booklet E-142, ElAKL HOPKINS. Woihlngton, D, U.CHAUFFEUR who dr>ee hie own rapalrltlf

■h pricedand experienced In runnlnc high prlcei car, reference required; state aalary. Ad­drea* Chauffeur, Box 13, News nfflce.

R E S O L U T IO N S E N G R O S S E DJ. V. WAKl-S’O, 174 Bummer ave. Tel. T07R

B. H, I'en Rrllst, Illuminator, 'examiner of

M A C H IN E R Y F O R S A L EUNIVERSAL plain and hj^d-mnUng mochlnee,

ehapera, plaorr*. acrew-outting, tneed end ■vlniilng lathe*, power preaeea. drop hammer#.i1ngl« unO niultlple aplndle dmia. screw rna

clUnc* gencralora, motors, boiler*, engine*, plating tank*, window fen*, blawert, J«wel«re' tool*, forge*, wood-'vorklng machinery, tln- emlih*' tools, leather belting, hanger*, ebaftlng, pulleys, etc.BNTIBE PIuANTS or p a r t s THEREOF


CO., ttn iOfi CHl'BTNUT ST.■Phone MH)-fi41! Market.

ABSOLUTELY new 40 H. F Fuleuber motor. gUHraiueci;L reverae gears: Bosch

magneto and Mmer; water-cooled exhauat;aub-frams; cost over $B00: want more power; sell for $400. Seen ul BRADLEY MOTORCO-. 163 Highland nvn. Nf*wark'

late recldencft, ft2 Koesulh etreei, on Tu<-»dav February lu. hI H:ao A. 11.. to Pt. Rene1i<-r-* Churrh' whsre at It A, M. a MaeaWill bp offered for the repose of hrr *gul.

RYER.S0N—Of Wtynpi N- J.. eiilerc-d Into reit OTdde^y a t Waalilngton, D, C., on Tbursday. “ *■ ” ‘“M.'- Lor-"*- *’------- ' -February 5, J914.'- Lorentti Kyrreon. agKl'fiii yrara Relativee^and frkods *pp TPBpe.ifuii* loTltrd to funppol servlrei to \tf heldSunday, Fabyai* at Porapton EMaln* Re­formed ■ M., j^umiiion Pialg*,N, J.


Largs Block; w -li aaeurlrd, pricea right. Pulley*. Reltiiik. Shafting. Hangera,

NEW JERSEY MAUHINEHY EXCHANGE, 64EI8 MaritPl. 34C Market at., opp. Penn. R. R,

CADINETMAKER-One familiar with repair­ing and finlahing; atrady work. The Vita-

phone Company. Plainfield. N. J.D R D '1 ;R —^Wanted, driver; energetic, Indu*-

trloui and aobar married man for home­made breed route; gooci paying poaitlon for huatler, beet of reference and $100 caah security required. Apply after 8 P. M„ Grand Ma* Bread Co-. SSS Sooih Tenth St-

Dr iv e r wanted who ha* had experience in ■whoScflule grocery and paper Hne; tnuet

have bopt of reference. Box 43, Nrwa OfflC#-

Addrese Wholesale.

FARM HAND wentei. one underatandlhg truck rind genera) farming itnd able to In­

vest In -smuii lynount; 1 have |00-acre farm ai

s a l e s m a n lo ieJl cii*iom Phlrt* In Newark and vtclnlly. experienced man preferred. Ad-

dresa HKEflY, 48T llroad *t.l^ALEhMAN wanted, with established (rade on

aulomot-lie, carriage and furniture leather*; liberal aaiary end oomnrk|*ilon. Address Tan­ner, Box UK Nswa office.B/LSbMPN wanted: »xp«riertc*d canvasaer*

make Ms money aelHrrg household jmeclaltlea; Bieedy poellloc* to right na.rtlea C- F. ADAM? CO.. 80 Market i tBA1..E8UAN—Automobile lire salesman want­

ed; exciMHive territories given. Address only. FRO'91'NE ft WEBER, 2m3 Market at.. New­ark.JitALESMAN--|2 per day salary, beside* com-

mlBsion, Billing a eenaatlucal novelty. 32 Centre al., Newark, N. J.SION MEN—New electric, flashing, change­

able, aeclional elan; selling on sight at 110: exclusive territory ; amexlng profit*free sample, cago.

F lash tric Sign Work*, Chl-

SUiN PAINTER'S helper; experienced ad ­vertiser preferred. Apply on Job. Mon­

day, 71 Chapel *t.SHEET IRON WORKSZR wanted; flr»t-cla*a

man. L. WEISCOPF CO.. 16 Kirk pi.TOOLMAKERS wanted on aub-preae dl*

work. Jlga and flxturea Only those tho r­oughly fam iliar wUb very fine close work need address Tool. Box 7], Newa office.TOOLMAKER wanted; only rirat-cliwi. Coll

41 Oakland ave., Jeraey City, near lube.WTUTING'—Ambitious perion may earn $lfl to

$25 Weekly during spare time at home, writ­ing for newspaperi; send for partlculara. Pruoa Bureau. 0-5B3, Washington, D. U.

OFFIO'^-Movlng plrture elide* la quickest muih'’)d to Iparn shr>r1eal. course leuac Un­

man and Pltinar.lc shorthand and nihor coin- m«TrUl braiv:hei. Inrhidipg hfj^ik-keeplng, p 'j - ililon a* *04,m sa comp^ieni. ciuh begins Mon dtiy for individual inatroriion. day *e**ifin

PAINTHR, American, nee-l* work, hns lad- ilers, scaffold, etc . will do gfiod pnlnilng

very reasonable, OHtlmstes given. BilUNT, 433 Badgi>r ave.

h i i ;hi-:s i pners piid it v ■ mriuiuhot* and shw? M- MANhON. sertiiil-hnn l

cl'ilbt*a for Indick rtn-l grtitiH 111 Hartlunl si., 'lihiitif 4774\'‘ Mark«1; rend |i'>iial

F^AlNTING. uippr barjgtng, ktlaomlnlng andP-, . . . . . .plastering done very reaaohable. JACOB «onp uraipej*. t-lc. New Jersey Coupon Uu.

TRADING STAMP HOOKS l-Oiight; lilgh BL price* pnid for loc*e etsunp*. tiillk labels

BENNETT, South Revenicenth at. ;jjtj Plane *t-. n-ar Markit.Y{>t.NO Hindcni. Kuropean college ^duration, WA.N’TKLi -A Vlclrola talking iiia-hine; stale

.......... Hbla irnnslator Englljvh. Frem-li. Italian. Ui- mndel and jprlct. mu*i be flTSI-. lawf condl-T ufsdir Overling for evening Inairucllon; llni- i«rary ahlllly. wljihe* imaiilcn as rrirreeiionrtent tlrm. ,\.idit6B Vkdor, llox L. News ufflce, Or-tied membership; rome rrady to enroll If y^u adccimld work, wish MERCHANTS ft BANKEKS' SCilUOL, n - w* office, ftft.T Broad it,

Address Sludent, Box 114. ange.HIGilKST prlcrs paid fur all kinds trading

j!tiin>pfi. Miup and inlik couiiOn*, irome cOh- vlriLB j-curself. 130 Prltica ft : op*n evenlugs,

-------- lOUNG MAN (I?J dealre* position on suc-OFFlCfJ aailBiant: young woman, about 17; cesxful poultry farm, with rhanoe to learn

quick at figure* and dependable, experkhc* bualness; some experience. Address Poultry, not neceaaary; give age and references a* to uo* 64 NeivH nfflcecharacter Addre** leiicr to Auditor, Boa 70, ■ - ------------ ---------------- --- ''— - — ------ — _____ . . . „Ni wi cffloe. I YOUNG MAN wishes steady poslllon at sliOiguns. ABK. ALTLR. 1«4 West KInJiey it.---------- --------------- ----- —— ------------------------- plumbing; non-unlnn but willing and — ------------------- -

I.leady . A ,l,!r« . P !u ,.b .r, . U, K ,w .' 431 - .........

price* paid for pawn llckei*. dia­mond*. jiSatlnuni opi gold, sllvir, i-Htnerai.

OrERATORS-Experlenced alngli;eaoy

needleapacial operator* wari«>d; ateai^ work and

highest wages paid. Apply CHA5. R. DEBE- VOlliE CO., Plane and Aoidemy

nfflce.YOUNG MAN i241- office experience, employed

afiernoons, di'siro* Bomethlng to do mornings

ipeeJiptTttal. ik Boutlj Eighteenth at. i^HURMAN,ALbOLU I’KLY’ highrat prices for cant-off cloth­

ing. special prli'f.'B for fulldrras. luxedo; alau(iinylWnil. Addrea RellaliJe. Bor 78. Nrw. S6 K.lrview . . . .Office

OPERATOR on binding machine, m en 'i soft fur hat*. H. D. PARMELEB ft CO.,

Miller et. and N. J. R. R. ave,

' YOUNG MAN. good eflunatlon. desire* to learn real ealate bualne**; beat of re^rencea. Ad-

dreaa Ambliiout, Box Tti. New* ofTlce.

BURLAP bags and barrvi covers snld cheap sml bought at highpsi prices: send postal.

AiJ*'.X. YE f iKE L. 11 PeshSne a«p.,, Kt-wark.

OPERATORS—Experienced girl* for ftallln, and hemming ladles' night gowna. B'Ji'J4

Fifteenth ava., cot. Twelfth at.

y o u n g m a n , 34. office experience, desires position; excellent references. Address

Reference*, Box 71. New* office.

TRADING STAMPS bougUt; highest price!pala for bo-ike and loode vuutKma, milk labcla,

e^ap wrnpiters. llG Market St., room 21.

ftPEHATORS wanted to learn m aking men'* neckwear. Call DELPAUGH. corner Plane

and Academy at*.

Y'OUNG MAN wishes poalliort as driver; tvelJ acquainted In suburb*; references. Ad-

dres* Driver 184 Charlton st.

DIAMONDS, old Kold and silver bought; alao watches and j^f'w'riry repairing caUed for. p.

' B. LKVY. fHI- Broad st.; Est- 1880.

PERSONS wanted Id do Baay. pleoaant col­oring work a t home; good pay, no can-

vaanlng; no experience required. IHuetrated particulars free, Helping Hand Stores, Hunter building, Chicago.

YOUNG Qerm/Mi. not sfiald of work, want* to learn the butebt-r V>uBliietf. Addrew Butclier,

Hox »8i News office.

iLtJvH register; I want to buy two cash regPa- ihtb; give make and bottom price. Addrea#

Bpol Uj»sh, Box 73. New* office.

E M P L O Y M E N T W A N T E D — W O M E NPAPER BOXES—A law bright girl* to learn BOOK-KEEPER—Factory coat expert and------------------t. ------ .rapping machine work, ateady work.

' ............ .. «1 N.

IppB. Paper Box

good pay. WM. GAUCH ft SON, K. R. avePAPER BOXES—Experlen^d atrippera and

ture-ln glrle wanted. 'Co.. 164 Bummk at.

office manager deelrea cftnnectlon wllh concern where exceptional ability oounl*; thoroughly experienced. E. W., 8S Shephard avfl.. Newark.

WRITE moving picture plays. $$0 each; all or Hpare tim e; no correepnndsnee course;

detail* free. Atlae Publishing Ce., 16, Clh' clnnall, O.

ItC l’HEaENTATIVE—Wanted, a lady rtpre- aeiitatlve, well acquainted, to Iptroduce high

ciaoB household novelty of mertl; delight e\ ery lady to whom H 1l demonstrated; con­genial end lucrative work; exclualve territory given. Writs f'sr free um ple and particular*. WIUAAM WBNNIK, Hollli, New York.

BOOK-KEErER--Doubl# entry. 7 y««ra with one nnn, thoroughly familiar with pay rolls

and general office work; can do atenograpliy; comptlcnl and willing. Addreaa H. M., Box 00. New* office.

OLD Go L d . silver, sirapa of Jewelry, dlo.* mond* and idatlmim liought. 781 Broad ft.,

over Felly'a. E. H. BALKVRB,HIGHEST prices Dald for gent*' caat-off cloth­

ing and bed feaihera. Send postal to J. REuICER. do Uomtfoutery'atWANTED— H ighest price*, paid for rabbits,

any color, a t the Newark Bird Store,Clinton Hi., neur Mulberry.

WRITERS—'Intelligent; Urge Income corr#' sponding for newspaper#; no canvaislng. Fni

partlcuUra Preos Syndicate, 710. Lockport, N TYOtJNQ m a n . 20-23 year* old, bright, gram ­

mar school education or better, fqr Insidedepartm ent work In laundry; opportunity for advanuement: ala'Address Halsey, Boxfor advanuement; atate prevloua experience.

1011, New* office.TOUNG MEN, ua* your apare time to build up

of )

vest In jmnii lynount;Moun>nn Viha] N. J., and have a good oppor-'• - ....... - ' -------------- /_ Ej_lunlty h-T till' right man- Addrea* DANUr Mminlaln View, N. J.FLOOHMAN -WE WANT A FTXX5RMAN

GR SECTION MANAGER One n-ho thoroughly underatanda the re-

qulremenii of the poslllon. 8. P. DUNHAM ft CO., Drv Goode and Houaefumiahlngi, Tren­ton. N. J.FACTORY Bupcrlntendent wanted; must be

fully qualified end able to Inveat frrjm threeto five thoufland with company; good salary. Afldpsia Factory, Bog 75. New* office.

60o FKFT ahftfting. 1% and 2 Im’h; also orrr 20 h p. Gremflcld upright engine: celling

and well hangltiRs; belting and imlleys; can he bought uhcap, uan be BCen runhlng atany time Addicss WM. HAY. 05 Uadlaon avn,, New Turk City,

s dolSEVERAL ghapera, rolling mill, action and dial prosnes, foot^p: .

pteas, circular ehoar, che*^ .RUESCH M

GOVEIIn MBNT rallisay mall clerk exam*" February 3 l, get prepared for this and

other *‘«xam*" by former U. S. civil service Becretery-examiner; booklet G8T free; writ* todiy. PATTERSON Civil Service School, Rociisster. N. Y.HARD 80LDERER5 w anted; al*o

sHanied lo learn hard soldering. Df FA NY ft CO., Ave, C end Parkhurat at.INFORMATION wanted; fto for Informalloa

concerning army and navy draartere; atrlctly confidential. Chief, Bftl G a ts ave., Brooklyn, N. Y

a mol' order busineaa of your own; we help you start lor a abate In profttij twanty-aeven opirortunitlea; partlcularf frao. Mutual Oppor- tunltlai E xebe^e. Buffalo. N, T,YOUNG MAN about 18 Jeari. wioted for pack­

ing and shipping. Appiy UoDdor nioratDg, ---- 7 Broad tod HI"comer Broad tod Hill at*.

H E L P W A N T E D -W O M E Na m a t e u r s for rube mlnatral. Aj^ly Mon­

day night a t TO Springfield ave.BOOK-KEEPER—A thoroughly comps;**tt

doubl ------ —factory

double-entry book-keeper wanted for small and salary; no other*state

acknowledged. 44, News office.

ddresB Book-keeper, Box

COOK—Experienced German or Hungariangirl or woman for cooking and housework,

no upitolra or laundry w o ^ ; enaell familyreference! required. MRS. F. CLUTHS. $$T Ridgewood ave., Glen Ridge: tel. 3420W.COOK—White praferred. muat apeak Eng-

...................................................... iTyllah; cook, waah and Iron In smoJI family e t Morrlatown, N. J .; good wagei, Apply a t once. 1147 Brood it., Newark: or 'phone

Wav.COOK^—W hite and colored cookft ,iran ted ;

also cham berm aids; three German cook* wanted a t once. Employment Agency, 207 Main at.: tel-' ft1ft$ Orange.


tOft ,JBY

— ' V .... L______

SCHMIDT—ffniared Into .esat on r^ *February 6, 1014. ovir beloved **>. f^7u-p4‘, AND UA- grtuftr'e*^tallon'^ New ^orlf'ckv*■Brandmother and great-grandmother, ('aro- CIUn b RT; BOU^R GRATES. ALL KINDS. , . 5 ^ _ _____ ______ __line Schmidt, ^wjdow^ of^ Joseph Scimildt. WEHB,».n WARD 8T.: TEl... 8067 MKT. LATLNDHY-Experlenced marker end aisorter;

. . . . . . — ^ 7 . ------Z-----------1 .7*^ must Iw able to take charge of marking*s t e e l culling, welding of every d ^ rlp tlo n . n>om: flrsi-cltto^ reference required, aieady pS- E. W BOl.LAt. Dl\ lilon ave., Belleville; -*♦*— i u a eteU 2631R Belleville.

- P'"■ 'r a l nouaeworkera IS4 Mein

_ miliar wllh evory branch and defftf ‘ ' * -i- -buslnvaa. Addren P. O. 294, Madliuh ( vOOk. "kxio •nurwet i-.s/teatanij; ffrat-claaa

aged $1 years, 6 months. days, Rslslives ,ftnd friends are respectfully invited tg *,t- tend the funeral on Monday. February 4 c >J a P. M., from her la te reeldence. 49 Daw ■op atresL In term ent In Fairruount CameUry.

BHBPPAHD—Ob February ft, 1914, Anal* Waahtngton. beloved wife of Jame* A. B b^pard . Rclattvee and friends are kind­ly invited to attend the funeral from her la te reildence, No. 171 8outh Orange av«- nae. on Monday, February 9, a t 8:1ft a . m ., to f t JoMph'ft Church, where a 8ol*nin High UooB c t Requiem will be offered for. tha rapoae of her aoul. Interment In Um Catnetery of Ute Holy Bepalcbre. PJeoae • n U ftowere. . i

BlOTIl—M artina CeOMlL wife of the toU illM O. Bmitb, a tb S a i r , N. J.. Peb- r« # r r 8* 3014. Funeral a t Fjrtaiclire parlor*. XMkvar. a t 1:|B P. u . , Bundiqr, February 8. m 4 . Bervteea a t grave In I^Uley Btraet Cemetery. Booth C ^ng* . N. J., Sunday. FObfoory $, a t 4 :U o’clock P. M.

_jdden1y, a t her home. 46 Orange Irvlngtoii, J„ February T. 10f4«

Blolth, In her 43d j to r . Kocloe m !• Sttuday CSolL

, sitlon. UtUqn $team l^aundry. 8 ^ Sroed at.

M a A in e ry W an tedGAS ENGINEH wanted, from ft to 90 hor#e-

power, either White and Middleton, Backua or Vreeland; must be cheap- Ad- drasi Engine. Box 72. Newe office.

' UEn% 1:4 10 3ft. becomo U. S. Government rail­way mall clerka, $75 month to commence; ad­

vance $100 year through your grsdea until $150 montti Is reached: every aecond week off duty

I with full pay; life job; etcady work; parcel poat la making nuny appolnimsnta in the iirighborhood of Newark; "p'jir* unnecassary: Newark «>xanilnatloiiB Feb. 21; common sense

BENCH LATHE and Hi-Inch engine la the aducatlon aufficlent; wrilo Immediately for free anted. fSend partleulara to r iU W ' 31 aarapie examination queatlona. Franklin Inatl-

- • • - ■ tute, Dept- 340-K. Rochraler. N. T.BUerwood ave.. Bridgeport, Conn.

ST O R A G E =5^MEN-'Karn while learning: learn mechanical

Aehtlltry; clean, well-paying nrofeaalonai ! trade; cnormou* demand for mechlnlcaf dent-

lata; patKlons guaranteed; taught thorougbry e lpTur- month! _raorning. ufUrauoon and e v ^FURNITURE end planoe moved In

vans; stored In aaparat* rootne; help .... , - —nUhed the beet, dpealal rate* for winter *ea- leealon*: *15 monthly. Call. wHie or tel*' aon. National gtonige Co., B64-8W Plane e t phone bODEE'B Dentgl Tnule Bchc<ei ------------------- Fifth ave., near Forty-second *1., New York.ALL your h^oc^old gooda atored. | l monthly; ,

moving,_^Wj_»ood core guaranteed. MIMEN—If you warn position oa fireman, brake- nmn, electric motortnaii, colored e la tin g

; iMrter. firatH^aa New Jersey Naw York ihd PcimBylvanIa roads, write; | » to $ioo moatb;« « a y

^ u ! e S i ^ ” i o X » S S ^ ' ' S 1 2 S ^ I ^ ' (or,Iter* I otilke; pBiasa and unlfocau arrojiged Cor, Ad.J 4feM Intw ItattwoF. DoptJMl lo S o w o liftiS L

cooks, waJtreaae*. chambermaids, Ifto houseworkers, white and i-olnred. STEVENS. 683 Broad at-COOK* wanted; a perfectly competent cook*.

one who uiideratand* leking charge or kltqj^en. 40 North Arlington ave., Eiaat Or* ange-CORK EflpON d e n t —I * rge mell order con­

cern in Newark requlraa tha fervtcea of a capable correapondent: muat be -well edu­cated end thoroughly experienced In hand­ling bualnas# corraapondsnee; exceptJonal opportunity; s tate age, experience end fal- ary expected. ' Addreee Op;$8, Newa office.

dreee portunity, Box

c h a m b e r m a id w anted; young Bwedtah orGerman girl preferred: experience nnneoee-

■ary. Call Monday evening, MRS, A. B.SQUJRR. ftts Bcotiand road. Orange, N. J.CHAHBERMAll>'laundreis for three Iti fam­

ily; houseworicer, Eift: no laundry; other cotr- r-etent help. MISS CUFF, employment olTloe 3M Main et., E«at Orange.CUTTERS, eaperienced on button and celluloid

eytting. Apply WHITEHr a D ft HOAQ CO.. Warren et. ontrance.CANVaSSVRB tor Newark sad w ^ rb e . Ap­

ply .N#F-($4ia HQoeHy 'UB Morkol rpogft CL . * • _

U(>OK-KEBPEP and aienographer, thoroughly ek[>erlnnced. de*ire* rsaponalble poaitlon- Ad-

dr«Ba S. 8., 1S9 Morria ave

OXYDONOH No. 2 wanted; state loweat price. PoBtoffIce Box 2$4i Hoboken.

H o n ie h o ld G o o d ) W an ted

8CLKMTORS—Wonted, bright, energetic lady aollritorii, good tppearancA not afraid to ap-

proa<^h bualneea men on hlgh-cloas propoaldon; ealnry or cotnnilsllon; money every n lghl; BtrlcTly confidential- Ca|] betwsen 2 end 6 P M. Bunday. E. H. ODLUM, Hotel Plata. Or­ange. N. J.

CuOKS. colored, 1.30. $28, $2&; ehamberttialds. waltrelses. while and colored, $20. |2fi


AT MR. CASH'R. 04 Academy *t. What have you got to «'ill for caah? Ws buy anything

and everything for caali; second-hand fUrnltura, old carpets, chairs, tables, pillow*, quttt*, ruga, ftov'et, drvMere. witli or without mirror*: on-

than-any dcalar or suction houae la

8AL-KSLAD1E8. $4 per day aaUry. be»ldra ■ ' ^— %liicommlaaion, aelling a eensallonal novelty

Centre *i.. Newark. N. J.B2

COOKS, chambermaids, houaeworkera re­fined help, want posUlnna. GORDEN

Employment Agency. 6T Brunawick st, Wav, 387BW. • _________

the city: I b&vw iio agents to pay commioaloni lalTy; that'* wliy I cao pay

. . . .0 ^ 1 my prices first; Miidpoelal, I will cal) at once; busineae BtiiotV1 call myMlf personalTy; that'* why I cao pay more then other*: get my prices first;

s o p r a n o wanted; only thoee having good CIURLBS TAMME. 128voice* need apply.

Orchard *t.. city.TRIMMERS—Experienced trlmnn^rs wanied n.etnod- Orange 4!>S8I

on men'* *oft fur hats- M. D. PARMB- LEE ft CO., Miller it. and N. J. R. K. ave.

COOK or chamberwork; sleep home; board- Ing-bouoe. 71 Warren at.___ ________

D R E ^'m a k b r . by day, novelty walata, evi'n- Ing gowns, tailoring, remodeling; French

confidential. Tel. tltiftSW Market.FURNITURE and hndlMliohl effects, every de-

Bcrlptlon. bought by the moat reliable of fur- ntiurH dealers, who guaramees to pay 3ft per u 'Ot. more than dealer* or auction rooms; com** iielled to meet the demand of furnished-room

WOMAN—Wanted, Intelligent woman, will­ing and ootive; one who can tnke charge In

oecaalonal absence of parent! frum city; able to cook wholesome food; good home, pleas-

DAY'S WORK—Woman wants day's work, waahlng and Ironing; experienced laun-

dreaa. Gall 142 Mulberry at.

: 5 I 7 s W O R I C - C l . . . L „ , a „d H.

DAY'S WORK, waahlng nr cleaning. ID&>* • UA.FtQTflDV hrtHnm bwH “r PBr»un*NX. a«u we wiu pay you mori^ o rth Third s t. , j f ARKIBOW. twttom beH. p.

ImuBAfl. and naturally can pay the most; poetlil will receivu my Immeaiate attention; itrlctlyconfiduntlal. MR. PERRY, 211 Washington at-ALWAV.8 ibe highest prices paid for furniture

((f every deecripclon; we buy content* d store* and nierchaadise; we will sond our agent or call poraonaiiy. and we will pay you more

E5., 72 Court al.WrOSJBN wanted; JfjW •* lo $ft per week xiOUSEKITEPCR—Refined German widow

making plain aprons home, no canvaaslng; wlahee pwltlon a i housekaop.ir for refimhi

BIMoN, the mau who pays you cash and deals fair and aquorcy-aend poftal- F- BIUON. 73 Abademy at.; 'phone 004!il. Market.

legitimate; wo pay yeu; panlctRera and full 'no objection lo children; references

f* ■ ' 'Und, O. fke.HOUBEM'URK—Toung German woman wlshei

WOMEN—Honeat women wonteii In each roaltlon for general heuiowork, with childtown lo demonstrate well-known ariiota; ^mara old; beat of referedeea; city or couji-

|1& a week to start nr 20 cealJ ah hour for #*v 80 Lafayette it., oily,spare tim e; experlenoe unrM kaiary. Mo- -------- ------- ------------------- ----- • S4 nT ”LEAN. BLACK ft CO. Doaton, Maaa Be%erty at.,

WOMEN'—$5 weekly, hnme, spare tirne, copying name# fnr ua; exparlence unnece*',fy: eend 12 cent* pnstags for copying ma-

• - -■ake flhlelda home. tlO per 140:

tertal ju rtriS l^ M i

rtdard Copying Co,. Naahia, N. M.

UOUSEKEEFER — M iddle-aged womani \ j u o a * A T T W j i j a i iwlahas poaitlon aa houaekeeper In wIUom -

r’a faTntiy; reference*. Add re** Refined.

gX<Box 6$. Newa office.


iturei. hou*^ and fiftti or anything you have to sell, bought for cash; consult ui ikefore sell­ing; eslimalea chu«rfui1y given; aunJ postal or 'phuna vn?:i Market.

REID'S AUCTION ROOM,18 Arllngiun at., nrar Market.

ALWAYS RELIABLE. VAN P051NAK BUYHA i iy r m s o a n d c v e h y t h in g , i p a t


WOUBi>-t-.^»n« BnieiBB nome, era per xvv: .■ work sent prepaid \a reliable women; par- L

tlsular* for iiamped addraaded envelope. Eureka Co,, Dept. lOFC. Kalemagoo, Mich.

BUT ANVTHiNO OF VALUE AND OIVEno wa*hlng. 1TB Fifteenth avA, DONLNEaN- .I Furniture, fixtures, aioree. factorlea. Under­

writer*' Salvage Uo.. 43 Clinton iL TcI.l7S4 Mki

-WOMEN can earn money at homo, epora time, nn canvasning. send etam ped, aft-

drewert envelope fi>r partrcular. Mutool RubJiahIng Co.. Scranton, Pa.WOMEN can make |1D to | i 8 weekly copy­

ing. addre*a1ng and TnaiMng aam ples; par-' ■ .............. R^5X CO., S« Celtic pL-

HOU8EWOHK—-German woman, speaking Bnglish, wants housework; have child ten

years old. 104 West Kinney at., jjiecqvid f lo y . . ‘MOLbil Ft Gc«4b> - . ... ''i ,

place Ine private family for housetvw.-h. STEWART. Too Livingston at.

DON'T s4ll your gooda before contuH'ng us;ncMl (>oaltl\ety you mone.v; nothing

[00 4^ > ajsdie. Modvrn Auction

WCPted In small or larka lots; yety good price*; neml postal. 71

Brunawick eU. ' ' " ' **--’--*or 'phone 4704 M arket

tlculars for stamp. Buffalo. N. rWOMEN, gnv't Jobs;

exams. April »; samplebig pay; Newark

. ......^1i attestlosa; writ*.FTanklln ln*t.. Dept. ftfiT-K, RooheJiter, N- T.

HOUSEWORK—Blrong young girl poeltlon for general houseworlt- Apply

tS t Camden at.


HlGHi-:;^T FRR.'ES Aid fof hoQaehold goofti, Write or 'phone, J. Uellevllje

0ye., Newark; 'iihone_4hfiaM R.^R^

WOMEN.-W»il appearing woman to caftva* for made to order cqraeti; Mod commleakm-

Address Madame, Box 106, iftw a office.

HOUSEWORK—Girl. fS years of age. a l« h ^ to aaslst with''housework. 34 Shlpirmn at.,

first floor.

WHITINL— AmbitloiA p*r#oa m ag earn $15 to '$ 2L u-eekly during spare tim e a t home

writing for netvipapera; eend. (or parUou- lara. Frees Bureau, O llftft Woehlngton,D. 0

HOUBEWDRK'-German girl wishes general housework; aniaii family. LBvi. io4 Mags-

alne at.

D R E W I ^ I U N G A N D ^ ^

TAYIjOK'0 JirLDINEKT’ &hoot;'IllH opi'- L'fntral *v»., Inrt*.-. .. .. .— . ^uhcol In city; ope-n daKt"'

h o u s e k e e p e r ,wlahrs position in furnished- houiA experienced. Inqirlro 142 Mulberry at.

HOUSEWORK—Experianred girl for general housework. 4Sft south Tweiftli st.

WRITING—|t£ weakly; apof« Utn«: Tiom* writing; send aUnipad addreofted enve­

lope for particulars MARTIN CO., &5Iparticulars _ South 8tat« Bt.. Chtcoge.

l a u n d r e s s wants a-ashing arMj Ironing to taka bom^ by the dosen. 22C Helmunt

call during day, Saturday and Monday.

TS'r it e moving plotnr* ploya; $00 eadh; all or spare lime; no corr*«po»ftetice oiniree;

details free, AtlOi' FobUoklog Co.f U Cin­cinnati. O. . • ■

taka horn* by the doacn. 22U Uelinont ave,; BKTfV Laftiek* Tailoring Co.„ CIA Broad dU ^ ' ' will m ake d perfect-fitting suit to order

for $6. or o k t r f fn r $1 ; furnish your m ate-will m ake d perfect-fitting suit to order

' rial ^^Phm i^M arkMday's work. 241 Oentral ave,, city. i— a—

W RiTERB-iaUiiigtpt; Itflie fnemne eorr*' ■ponding for nenedpiHpoi; P9 jMtmrajMlH'.yy

rarticuiara, P r w . 1 0 f t I**p*ft.N iT ,

NURBS, German, wishes pcililon for confine­ment caaes. MRR. HINGER, 4fi0 Houth <

Eleventh *LC O A l A N D W O O D

South .L J - g g J jWAITRESS, upirM aM ± j tWBHW |» rl nwiUsa: will M l» i r i a J U M r i o m O. j t i i i a *

i , Am ISAU w1uSm I* 7 w i IWWiW**. » STW i t . . T « a m MS i tm .


and only flrat-<-la** ■uhcol In city; opon dmi*”* • 1*0 Mondny. Tiw-aJay, Thursday evening*; spring season now open; Individual Instruoiloiia, - ErtabUahed ISVt. MARY E. LYNCH.DRSBRaiAKINH. y w * etf^rience, m guar-

n n te ^ ; deetgner of ernkrt. effective Pariilajt evanJag gownti 16 up: cloak*, suits. <Vi rohuair bla a t , n*ar Broad-Market, catow Market,

! COALr-ftsthlgli and tre t burnlog, for fiuiillg NUB*B—Conflrifnimt. ,n d oth*r «S H . (« l bliunUnoiM fof— - • —. - . g t-reek ,Cumh*rla«d • fn

A. e.t n Mark

ttAVS TQU JA eeivaty, aon

werkt a waehaUl tka ragular yrke01U we are eeliln

Fix top your b«H pel l* unequal

A l|l haating fu aJieiorMllsra. raJ

aaWstoe cement. > Mtihtube. lavaiig water oloeeta, kitpallerna of washo f 1 ■plirniblng fiiti terlal (>)r couairwork; all goodif tlarant*ed ul io*

4 I^itiberdy si-,tel. SM04 Market.

lArge igUanCItts* tarial. AosrJe. j

Van001 FAKriAir'

TEI.EFJlrARB you loukmi

tar*. ■c«l*a, xhu bdxoa; al*o fat-L raaUunkiit fixtur ra all; aave one-r •fk Purvhaelng <' n iM Market: Iwe buy everythini S ^ A L f 7 l i n r i

•qutre feet, ma remnant* ti p«r t tin roof*; usphaJi Me.; red 7Sc.m , i red Tftc. ii Jem y ; city deU Fgetery, 10ft K.ATTUNTION—

^ r , lift Ban fleers mad* u aA ftliU for MJe

Bloom field.n W A flD . pool

evJd; repairing l ^ k e t se., cm. 'BAROAtN-lloiii

ohlde for *alo, drees Film. Box

RAUER'8 nne

A86BARBEH fixture

like new; hex North Fourth sL.iiiJC B R r flatun

tkop fixture*. Newt office.CAfH register*,

excheoged; *11 •Kle for any buai U l eesg; all mac ftAOttenta. Kaiai ’Fkdtia 2681R MaOUfERAB—Raf

others $1 u stlJeta. Newer] Igglon vt.GAllDS and pri

PRBB8 SUIT rdheap to qule

I n IT, New* OlfO R BALE—Yoi

ohoee attachedCiiln. l i t OlivmFOR BALE—Ice

deltcale*e*n at RgDterdon at.FAIRBANKS gi

|f IM; good a* ne k] ford ave., In in i

LARGE Deirull and 13 revoiv

etoole In flrat-c Brook Park Bo

MERCHANl We iHue OrJer C Ourti dtores for i pay the esme pru your account witl

IDEAL Ream delft. Wi

Now I

"PCtiM tnoat praotica. tsaide and outride proof, sun anti v lOry Wall coverJn kUL Write for u

I-'07 B

OUVE OIL—If rosy, UM Lily

ell, of Nice. Ft blood-bullder; C' or aiomavh trou ia uaed. It tnaur e t Olive Bram!] Broad at., oppoa TURNER.ONE computing

I ahowQSses a e t any price, i ava.; tel. 104ft '


:WAUIH iONB ftPURE product c

ft lb*, for 13 del Aftftiaft GEORG Bee Fknn. WealFOOL TABLE,

eve.; call any





iM c ia l —meaoton: ezee

U$F znetarial fo I I S ^ U t Mount 9ERO WRECK '^ ■ n a I 4 t i J en•OAldS-Tolodo,

m S iii Mj ‘, Mjaiag e tfr ocelea; ftue

Jjog aoelei A, W. LI

iWiQNB-HAND teoftht and reti

Main et., East CTWBlFm-ONE ]

ftery, 2ft foot I MliiUtv cabin Is

~ eayergl othean. c . aride eve., c

t Wo -:

^aajT' '—ojnj

BOLE . fine . ith ave.


lent bl.36 Munc

660ftWa aoarf pin

f t i O B f i F Detrikfr, cTiwp: 1 Ik for Mliii


Ift p S A R n IQ . end Stm df Addran

B o iM b n ld! u a y flie ft uMtt pnvete 1‘ ny Sft-not

*n baftiw -A iSia*

hfTDaNe VHVWrt,

t f y cM*> auKi e*rftct

a M l h b u n t pt.n to tO I T Jnrel]

n ta r tn c l

■ng«-m BALE Ghe

lor atovea, oi Inaitbiuot

u ffew , iRiythe. 1W . betiitub,S '), ate.

laid. N.orria aVif 0 k SALE—I

ftrassmekar oifftftd condillon. New* office.

FOB ftALI—O _ eteed. on , o , IfVlntlt»n, NT. J.

OA8 RAKOK. i i t P^rkhu rtt

La m ®

MU8T BE n o t llantly furnia]

yayy reasonableaUence for yom

W and Mo^aFBIVATE part

MTOlluTe ‘fornJtui'e forMil raaaoTtable; bargain for eon 100, Newe offlc■EWING machl

Mat* aUacbm W ia , 14: ell r fam e withont urtoiioe. Writ 10 Tb1rt«*nth t

MACf* : Vllliar. W.

'ng end n«‘ DOUGI

BMALL u a rant. f t gaeaen. hcM

pey fellfumlti


- W O M E N

good plftln ng lo ktfilft ftrdlD<houM, >n(h. AildroM

in. onn y ^ v 't or

Box K Newt

lt«.r: wtlllug.m'«f. AdiiF^u


girl. urn. nie» u]>»(.IllK fU r,


.|; Thr r:.(■mu rl|M L I

••I xn-l r3oM,11‘ t«,i>e».fr ;¥ NSAaiJIN*- lm overND

hum. toweiK all ihe othei

I hum. hi ovtirieilluie wear'»>ou.SiK- WORTil.' WngooiiNl)T<T CC.. rlfai

A3HIN'a. hat iht wonbio you wtt fofig oomlDf Cxura

‘ying la to putjoJng raaehfnt. orli ready forr uleoai ini Ith t larrM t

doaa.ni*.oitnd excrk .’NDRT,DNE ITCH P.B.

iha waeMub; !f LAIINDR^ ly viaab for » ready for th*B. B._______

reapectabta. ^k'aahinf and

venteenth at..

If wanted drat rufenncf. col- •w* ofTIca.i.antK Monday htpif 10 taka

hip O', rr n oah iiii'l aavp your rkMi'ing. MR. .. uy,

ir-* «Baliliig bynh |>l ^

\.anted out.r.

m.-. Caw MRS.

v\tsh»»!* poal- ilG b>hi«nnt

ilktren 'liHhew nuTi mrinufur*

•D - M EN I____________I or 11 f piher; II. i-xy., rl 'iu-ed I Khki'i-y Bi.,

lOMUtmi, man 47 .NfagnoUa

e: mill I'hauf- li; a^t.. New-

V iHh I'ObI-?. nl .JaM)«a

h ’lp. male or S ICmpl' vment p. 131]WI farm furenrin jfeunre^. l3o*

or lailius' and , cMrii high

d udii-ii’ fans-yI cull lit om^e: K cAiiN u r Ik

ritor aiiiJ ( nrd i;aj»uclty I*’ lo

llnthr t'adll'.ic i Arlliigiun

Jil for ii A.MON ns.NTIQI’F^. etc.r *1.. N.y.tt-iil! • !'v hirn,' N. secniulhiatvlI I HartlurJ a i.. iitilKlkphT; liieh^BL I. rnllk lalicle ey i.’0'jpon Co..

Tiiut hlnr: aiala lai ■, IdMT -.oniM' .'ewa office, Ur-

I klnda trading One, iximr con-

open evenluga.vn ilukeia. dla- pjlvir. njmerui, A'eat Klniiey at.at-off olothlng: I. (uxedti; aemlIt. SHURMAN,)r raat-off c!olli- BR. tuxedoi a.lBu fi KalrvJew a r t .vorH mill cheap -b; Bond (Hnalii). avp.,1 Newark.

hlfheal prlcei ona. mhk labcia, ... room StI.«r bought; alao f called for. p.\m .. __iwu cash regla- prlco. Addre«

t Jewelry, dtA- 781 Broad flU.___________

I* caat-off cloth- id poalal to J.

ltd for rabbUa> Bird Store, S3

; state Icweat Hoboken,

V iD tedft. What have e buy aiiyihlng^ -hand furniture, wa, qutita. ruga, mt mirrera: an- > iell for caih; 1 itiction houaa la i>ay commiaidan:

why I caa pay ir«B firit; Mild ^UBlneae atiict' eL___________ffecii, every da-

reliable of fur- 9 to pay SS par Ion rooms; epm- ' furnifhed-room the moat; poatal tODllon; strictly [ ^Va■hlf1gton at-lid for furniture >uy contents of l send our agent il pay you moro ity; send for P. j cash and deala

F. 81U0N, 73 farket.D GOODS ANP CONTENTS OP ythlng you hava It us tkefora sail- l; send postal orROOM,Market.

Iw /n a k b u t h■HINO. I PAT

h o n o r a h l rHAVE TRIED



jUE a n d OIVPJictorlee. Uader' iL Tel.lTM Mki

i conauiUng Us; mone.v; nothing MutNrn Auctlm

I) or liirge lots; • ml postal. 71 1 Market.hoaaehord gooda IT, A'J UcUavtTIa

m y N ^ R TMlLLlNBniT

tbI ave., Larc*-Bk illy: open daTr*-’ rsday evenings; lutvl InstruoUona - .YNCH.ierwe, fit guar- ffecth'e Parisian ntitj. ^ coiam* Slaw M ark t,^b fils Broad Mh r salt to ordfT Ish your inat*-

K>Dling, for family bituminous t i f

'*Umbtr|aad for



A. C. aSTCIlIUH * CO..i n lU rkst SI-. Newark. N. J.

VAVC TQU EVER KEEN MANIFLATTA oalvsty, aufi" finish for walla aiul Istsflor

wsrJi, a washabl. and permauerU flat pwni; tlM ragular yrke for this . i«sn cf t«<Hla le M t w« are aelilns II or |1.TA per gallon.

Fix up your heater and ainvee; vur aiove pipe '— \ la uoequaled. Iftu.. lUc.. TAc. iwr cAfl.

AW , heating furnscsii, pij-ea and mlalRrt.Mllara, radlaturs. s-alvec, pipes aud fitilnfi.

Mueiiua cement, sectlrns pipe vovcHnif. rnalhi'lpipe vovcHnf.balhtuba. lavalorlee. high aiid luw uatiern w tltr oldeelM, kitchen elnsa esu five dlfferem patierne or wash ireya. repelre fur all hUidi of plumbing fiiiurea, aatlo<a(ee given on ma- torkaJ f jf I'ousiruction, building* and repair work; all gooii are new. higheel grad* andfuaranleed at loweek vri''«. L B. UJONAHO.

4 Is»mbardy si., upinjieiie Waaningtun Park: (el. tUKH Market.

ALWAYS ON HAND.lArge tfUaiiMtles I'f se<.oiii]-haiul building nia- Unsl. Rusrds, Jolsia, tliubet, aasjj ami doure.


TELEniU.NF i'tUi H.ARIMiktNARV you loukms fnr (Ixturea, eui:h an '-oun-

Isrs, acsies. iihuwcastB. ehvlvlng, gnK'<*r«' ice* bdqias; also fat-L«^ae«. i^yster bur. hehstanda, resUurnni rixtuius? Kuitahle leime vMsndeu U all; save one-fAJf hy buying fi-uu ihe New­ark Puruliaiing Ci'miiany. 73 Avedumy »i., lel. W4M U«r|cet. F u iures kIn-.i luide !«• urdcr; wa buy ererythlftif that yuu di>n‘» need.AEFIIALT Clint rovMng f*lt, 11.0m per rolirUB

square roet. markat price |3: siaridard good*: rtBiiunis tl P«r roll, liirolicnt nver ahlngiva or tw raofs; sipjnaJt and metallic luUsla; aaphaJt |Ba.; red Toc. aallon, lurgeet dealer In N*w *W ty; citr deliveries free; eatfiblishei 1191. Fgatgry, Iw N. J. R. U. a v t.; lei. 0MO7 Mkl.ATTlWTrON

M» I-_____ _____ ______floor* made new; atairs ooKered too.

Newark Parquet Flou* Com' Bank st.; tel TD3« M ^ k a t Old

_____F O R S A L E _______________

I HiBicbiAl G m A t a i F o rtR ir t, TOUSO roupk, ,|ijr h U Irt W W 'I lor ilove. kiiehan emMn*t. Inlaid

dtreaers aud other furuaeMtl goad*, bis gain prices. IJU Ksfgaias M . awry-THAKN. .(t f t ! round top

lew. <'all svenlUfii « W 5. DOBmNB^ W. Wpcdiide ava, city.

I C h ick mA TTEN tlO N -ll »ml • « *

lifgloncr I Witt give »«■ •jl ■«)( for'flu Incut-tor*, poultry.MV I, fWiu «perl«no*. go ^ e f * y ' * ”UOM anJ J ou uTlI Rn* whal J«u *•"< ■ »■' ‘ ' eye ImuOgtora. gu*r*ntrc.l tor g alie. r .M . Rofcort Kaaoi, .I t l ^ 7lopiirr lank. ♦it.W. fYgtie™. ' ‘“jliiUrit*tlon*t ganliary kovm . f ? '! 'M. (he lluck.yt Kant ‘'to * ? . ' '™'tha largeat h*var maila for W-Dtt. H * i - tkt- ch lk l.W 4 .r B . Btav* modd, t»-ohirk ou, deor brovder. lL3f. ga* lampa eud Ihermunieieri for Incubalore and bfoodrra, Ideal rbal sto<.>- brooder lekaa rare of 1-000 ihlt-ks ihick fccdi^re and drinking founlsina from hh- nr Chicken irraich, ll» me-. 'Ak'., Park A )’<vlisid • ■•l,ay Of Rust." !0 Ibf. 90c., or chlik hwHl. lo Iha., :Uk-.; emr boxeo; Whltlng a ' vhUe dlar rhoeg remedy will save your rhlrks. is li chp-k cuts you artt looking forT (hen come and se<i luy sioek befurf you Hoy; 1 w|l1 llll youi «rf|<’r for whate'er you want. aU kind* nf potiitr^ supplies at bottom prices, suaraiineil ihigliis raiisries. gotdtiah. agtierluine. isbhiij |i> luna, etc. Orders d*‘lRered. tllvt m s irisl satisfaction guaranteed a( The Ke'lHh'i- tVini try Supply llouer, New .leraey'e largisi Irail ing bird store bmiJ pet stock ba*sr I'JhvS'AKL I.. HlVllKR, the reliable bird soil imuhr) man. UM Mulbrrry at-, op. Cllnioiisi.., Neu-ark.KAUFMANn” * ”^ I N D H kTm h Rose

Hhude liiand Had cockerel sale, hstirl- eo3ne blrda at f l each, come to Hsaiiiiuur- ter» nn-t lek* your pick; this In the -train (hal nas put the quultly In the "nihpr fel­low’s' flotk. 438 Fraitklin ave . Nutley,N. J.


E i n

n i S U N A L l U S U f U S O T P O R T U N IT IE S

fA ft aumly a f«w custoiuars «Hk ...«Cga. right from |li« voup. Me. doaes.

rood In Newark or Kasi Oiuugo- AAdrt ulwe. Box 14ft, Sea a offkc*-

r xm M i-

I ggM anf n n fn tM ig rr tigfg, W NK>*i . rtW- All niy crMliurg wiTI i>r«gtniIhorir Mt Ik.- .-«#g..- -* _■ M.IM r clsima |U mo office of UonMr Lsr*. «u

•< , i’l l / wflkle rtve days.MllACL tQ ^ T lN O ^ ^

CCNTR4 I^T«*tM*rtMm imusr. fully lor nfshed a«Ml rPniod. f|tR< inunth. near ei.ui

Breams _ rob. A

and trolloy. |tu» cash; roni m iMlioiillo ova.

Inqulii ::ui

BOOR fn horns


A iHEB for sale and dellvwred- IZ3 7'ranklth Bloainfield,

n U ftA ftP . pobl table lupnlles; tables heugbl, repairing a xpe^-lalty. lAlDUjW. M

Hdrtiat it., cm. WashlngUiii; tul. !f4»4 Market.BlARQAIN—Motlofratih moving plrttnw ma-

flhiae for sale, alinoiK new; eacriftce. Ad- ■ raaarilm . Dox l». Newe office, Uoutclalr.

RAUER'S fine old port and eherry wlnea, ^ _par gallon up. ‘Phoda TTd 'waverly.

K BRAt^BER. Newark, K. J.

« S £ r

BARBER fixtures for sale, used four mnnthsj like new, hsxgaln for quick buyer. dOil

Norib Fuurth sL, Kanrlson.lUXBRY fu tu res for sale cheap; itoie and

■hop fixtures. Addfeos Fixtures, box fi. H ow office,CAfH reglxtera. Nallonale, bought, sold and

evchangedi all styles, eJeotrlc or kand. suit* • dIO for any busiiiess; like nevv, a t half orlgi'

all machlnea Ruaranreed; cash of in> ta. Em#x Loan Office, 256 Market it, 2MIR Market.

< U lllflA «—Reflex. wItb lJallar lens, t i l t ;olhori |1 up; new platinum paper.

■Stlata. Newark Photo Supply. I l l waah-l l t to n St.O A ^ S and prlnUnf "on the Jump;" low

oorde, 75c. up; cuia, dexlgni, labels. HP6B PreiS, Halsey and Market, over theatre.PRIIBS SUIT for sale, epiendlfi condition;

ohaap to quick purchaser. Addroaa Suit. S n At, News office.#011 b a l e —Young's rink roller aketee, with

■hoes a ttacked ; all new rullera; IT; a bar-Btdn. l i t Oliver st.FOR SALE—Ice box, suitable for grocery or

4et1ca.L*aeen store; alntust new. Apply 171 RUBterdon bl.FAIRBANKS guitar asuV leather case, cost

IBO; good as new. will eell cheap. 19fl Band- to rt ave., IrHngton^ N. J.

LARGS PetruU Jewel 3-ovsn gaa range, 1x4.and 13 revolving nods stools; range and

■toole In riret-daas oriter. cheap. Branch Rrook Park Boathouse

M ERi^AND!SB~^BDER CHSOCB.We Issue Order rheck* on the Dafiartment and Cash Stores for auy kind of MerohandlM. You pay the sstne prices lash buyrrs pay and eettle your socDunl with us In easy weekly psyrosuts

[DEAL UWl'KK BTHTEM.Room (MMl. Wlas building, 671 Broad st.

UARKFiD Rocks, fifty choice puiin# niafe>] with four extra flm- I'gi-kerptii ihia Im h

iltaUly pen (hat ran't H4. l>eit. U)liia Mi p.>r cent. iUiV ’Phone S a rJa . R H lUT ( AMP Uvlngaten. N. JIlAKRELi iMymouth Rock stillng liens gootl

stork, fill- breeder*. ai |1 each Inquire IT Park pi . IrvingtonBl'FT Orpingion*. ctnik. «iock<*r#is end |rulli-t*,

Ruff and Whit* Orphiirion rggt. for hsichlUK also d*y-olr1 chicks f>>i' eale, FARH'K Blue Ribbon i'oultry Farm, ■IIJ Routh i.>rsnsi> av# west , jihonr S2dJ, HoulhItVFF N<iTtjN torknr#!*, |2 anil un*anl

u RNER Uldgevcoi>l loud. upruxlfe MapU- wood Poultry P^rm, MMIhurn

iCAilPINBH— Imperial strain. tguMeii aitd Silver (^ampinr hah) t-hlrks and hatching

eggq for sale rr<iTn my prl .e dinners ni the following shows l?H«ex .'nuTity Poultry Aa- soriatlnn Show al I'alUwell, l.iecrmber, 1913; 1st. cock. 1st. ben. :ul, mukervl; 1st and fd. pullet, let, pen In Hlivsr rsm plnsa and 1st. cockrrt); 1st and .'<l. pul'M, In tiohlen <’aqi pines, also silver cup for heat display uf

, ram pinet. At Greater .Newark PfuiMry .^s- ■lu'lailon Show. January. )» ll. in . i '" k . Ut. ?d and Sd, hen; 3d, cockerel; 7J and 4th. pullet: 9d. pen, and attver nip tor Ikeni dln- ptay of HtUer Oampliiss; alao lid. hen; Jil and 3d. (lockeral; lai. 3d and Sd. pullet, and the tiandaonie medal for best display of Golden f’amplnea H. (' BIERTt'E.M PF7JL. 41 Avenue 1., clly,THlrKH—WhJit Leghorn, one week old, bred

from winter leyera, I81' each. SV, ,4 MI’N- DRR. ItVi Hillside ave.. Lynns rirm a. Tel. 1WS7J WsverlyC tJO tfE lot of Buff and WMiHe i^rp'lngtons

for sate. Inquire a t bOd Valley st . Sciuth Orangei'HIL'KEN coops for sale: bargain 42 State

st . East Orangv. N. .1.■’xLE'TItjT^.STRAIN" K, ' Wnile Ughurni

lay you large winter cgg^. splendid utility types; won prises und i‘up. Aatlsfled ■ fiverywhere; fine cutaloiue. all abnui prndu>- dons cofti. young pulteis, wltitc. i-ggs. bal­ing feedi; hrnoderx. El .'‘dt u|>; I.mic Miie ludlcis, alT ages: sery reasonnlile. \Vrlt<' I'ullet Lh'pt . rotumbla Pniiltry Fann. Tome TLi.er, N Jf o r t y Burred Ro<-k pullets, two cockcrela

for iHle, cheap. tVHil.ASN’KK, Kltt Maple 4ve , Lynns Farm*.

Now iB ih* lima lo order

‘'POWDERPAINT,"tlM tnoat pracClcaJ paint on Lh« tnarkat for both InMd* and oulalde uae. "Powderpalnl" is fire- proof. auT} and weather proof, and is a saJil- tary wall covering, costs but dU c tn ii per gal­lon. Writ* for sample amj coior list.

K. S. r o i^ Y ,BT South Twelfth St.,

Newark, N. J.

OLIVE OTL—If you want to grow fgt and roay, use Lily Brand, absolutely pure olive

oil. of Nica, Franci;; a poslliva flenh and blood-builder; no rheumatiam. kldnsy, liver or atomavh troubles can exlet where this oil la used; It Irturea perfect health; sold on|i’ ftt Olive Btanuh. 114 Newark Arcade, 641 Broad s t , opposlta Arcade Theatre. \V, B.

I . TURNER _________________________I ' o n e computing scale and ona cash offloa,

I ahowcaaea and 4 counters; must be sold---------- H a t any price. I. bOMMEH, SM^Springflald111 (Hrd V ' 1®** Wav.

POT STOVES,CANVAB c o v er b ,

RAJDlATORa.WAUIH iONS ft CO..CLAY AND OGDEN 8TSFUHD product of the 1>eea, fin* table honey,

g Iba. for SI delivered: send poptat OM Furin. AAdrefS GEORGE RAUCH, Orange Mountain Bae ^ r m , '^'cat Orange.POOL TABLE, good aa new, 87 Roseville

avs.; Call any time.





i W e i A i ^ w r a ra tearing down modern Isa&glQo; exesUant Interior trim and bulld-

IM m aterial fo r sal*. Apply «n pramlsaa I I Soatb M ountain av«„ Montclair. GOLD- *-lRO WRECKING CO., Inc., Jersey City;

lane I i l l Jersey.1 _______________________________________■OAUIS-TaMo, Dayton, An,|illl* c cn p u f lu

■Ml*,; dial. .VM btlanch aiForoin-• I tr w a i t ; tu a n ir te td half prle«; llamUton aH nutlnc n a la i; taMlInc tanlu; m i ; par- m ot* . A. W. LE FPRai!!, M BtllivHli *Y,.■Ol^OMD.HAKD btilldina m aterial; huHdlnf, _ boodbt and runovid. A. P, HAHBLEN. 110 H ilii It., B*at Oranja; BMW Onm»i.TWMWlll-OIiB foot m* rtUtf. 13 foot Atlontlo

Ahv , 9 foot hupUnc u b ln launch, SO (pot Mbautv oabtn launch, 30 foot auailtary ilSop M Mvoral othor hoitoi all th o n boats a t a f f im f d ie v e boathouM, m

«WiD.KOIJB' tro c a r lo , bo*, alao butter ^ j ^ ^ l l l t l M l condition. A. KOLLHAR, 671

ojmant blooh machine* and outfit for IM Munn av*., Bart Onuig*.

I D—too y oun t man lo wear chance- a acarf pin*, ca ll m Oliver a t

- — T- D atroit motor, » m i olutch, heavy ty, chaap: a n rnedalllnt araallor onalna, l« (or aaUInt; alas 10 flat-bOttom row- ■ -ret-oJa*a ordar. Branoh Brook Park auaa______________

8 Intam atlanal Intarlackln, Rail Krdctnral 8t«al Co,; what am I

Addriaa Bargain, Boa 40, Newa of.

E w t l w l d G ood* a o 4 F n r a f tn nL S fffS!® ? *S t ta csotania of 20.(M ^ r l ^ a heuaa, to n th a r or tapaniWyi

TMy H-not* playar piano, parlor, library, ana badm in turnltur*; dlabaa, out gUia,

llnatu, ruga hrio-a-braa, oUMM. KwSwt *11 pU ntln ia ate,; oall to-

w aw m w ; iw raaan iw a oftor rafnaad;-------- near

m ww»*M*av«T, uv *enwvMBuie uirer Pel

- S * 8* L 6 c a r p e t , t l yarda M.60; par- T(w aiitta, _ J18,80; bureau, 10,60; aawlng

, Okaap. 10 B ridg . at'. n « r B r « i’i . J ’" '™ ' aaw lnt

""O 'l

'■ r-T~- wiowB para at monj^i,i l i iu f m ll t . ** "* “ ■ h ^ n c h e r .

C liO a^B aao tlfu l rM d fa th a r olook, naliiK- ***»- .innoo ^^nwa .data of monjs,

fIrat-ciM* conJl- *W®OBR, 24 Columbia at.,

lA LB ohaap If #old quickly, two nar- l « atovoa, ons kltohan atova, baby oar-

I ^ M f l i i a " N J ' ° « “ |^ " c S n t ? r d ?d*,!

M R SALE—Dorif mirror, auUabla far draaimakar or ta ilo r; alao wardrobai both

| M condition, Addreria Chanoa, B oi m . plgwi office. *r m l iL E , at a nerlfl^ie. all kiuda af Moand-

k M furniture and unradaainea atbrags , « 3 a WirtiMnaton Btoraga Co„ 374 WaihlajLiB™

PIW BADE—Ona blah pollahtd oak bad- 6tS4d, one oak eldeboard. 30 Q nva «*r

I M nUoii, N. J . . * ^F o r SALEt—Washing fuaehine. $5 ;' baXealn. J m . Norlh Bscond it.. East Newark. N ^^.

I'OR . A l.E—Tlujrimghbi'er! RIidiI' Filftlid Red corks, corkeri Is Slid tisti'himi >*Ka;

reasimable; intperdon Invlteil; ortlcn taken for baby chk-ks. ItArcRV t,. ROBE. Uhl FranklinIl , Rli’xmifierd

DON'T WMHir « y«*r by buying Inl6rter *gl|*or chiL’ks, H«(or* ylaclntf yo«r l«m

ml the muilnxs of prlM winnillg Huff Urplngtuii anti While W ymndoltti mt tbmOlympU PouHry Fmfm. 14® F *»ll« ti ®L, Irvington. N J. ‘Pbone U®l W *verlj^ ^

Tnr hatching from fei CJ. Buff. also H. C. B'mH s lyegkmrliB. Wycorf

-----... and CwlumUm Wymndolloa,imnd Kiraiii B'eet Ormkge Poultry i t r a , in I'ark ste. __FU<ri< (nr "hashing. ■- C. W hile X sfhorM .

now rcedv. orders imkee hehg chKkt.Maplfii>iu(t PmiJtry Fmrm, Bex i t l . MlUburn, ehfi gprinsfltid emr 11ns; i-immed Bemders.FKKHU rgga from our own hSiinery, lOo.

doasK H» won 1st mud Id prise mt theNen a f» 1‘iiuUry Show on eggs, aiiisfisncsd puulirv man uaiusU for our ppuUry f»rni afi^r April I. G. WILLBGN. i t Cl# avi,;.. Irvingiou

NOTUcM-^l have eelU (he elmre I wusmpi mve. lo M. MurXe ell perenna hgvtef slalms

ttgainat amid s to rt prement seme le ahmor.argned wllhin five day*. J.LANp. Fehruary 4, u f i . A.

* AM aI ^ U T i« p u rrh u s legin W hroneo ami wmgon new owned by C. W. Brltion;

any one having e rleJm un smeig^mesi Im

C A B flU aB TBIUMKR mmnUd (o mpvii s enop IP relevpeo: geod «»p»riunily G U

■.NrUBB Mvevr ite tl* . «> Kiver »i . Pal srsen. M. J. _ __ ^Ch> to d went te aimrt In buainvs* for your

■elf? B‘e went huneet, repebl* inrn. wlih svlUgg sUllty, men to **U I'Mffrr. tsi.


•P*v1bII). RlilfgSTnsrs Pouiiry Ymrds. Bmak-

FKEHM laid eggs. 46 vents per i1ox.; special prirea In qumuiltles^. sterile while*

■ flIng Rhlge N- -T. ^FRKHH laid *gge, 60c. i>er doaup. Kk> Unien

aM' , Inunglon ___FUR «ALE -Htrictly fresh egg* ALBERT

F IhH, Vaux Hall road, near Mlllburn av*i., .Mlllburn, N. J ,_ _____ __iLrrLMllNG” B a i lR ~ 1 ^ 0 to H P*r II*(inttSM. te o h g « Kliigle Comb White Leg-

Thompw»n's R inglels; si<H-k at iOl

-- „ m v.Nan mti R«fn^.. ..Tuaaday, E tb ruarr la. C w.llANNiNU.

I. M. ]*BflHAN. have suki my elgtlensrystore, 4»1 tlergen *4., i» 1. Grnasntat. Credt-

1 d*>i te M. UCB*Ma n Feb, 5. ig)4,w a n t e d - 4)ne oF two chlldrsh <0 boerd,

4TI Cheelnui ■( , Arlinglon. N. J.

BoS m h P t n M a l i


t r a in e d M'BUE ATTN.NDAMT. TRI VATE NIHHINO ARnANUBD IF NH.'-cd tiA nr, I i ia h u w vkmv r p a b o n - AkDE. Hi i I HK U to 8; dUKDAVk lu to .. TAKE SI iIWAY, HrjtKACE (IR BDK- VATKD r-AHS TO aUTK RT. RTlTluN, ONLY lb MIM TKS KHUH (MBTI.ANDT TEMMINAI, i ‘li I , BINI t t S kROM 8:;|i HT FFRHY l ; i \Vli*T dlTH aT., KRW VUBK CITY,

bsaiti, I-Udar, Hlcaa aMd a i tr i . ia and ai* clAl prtcad m eicrlta. In . n - “ urba ihhiMRliiuut Nav Jarw-v

tram Martin’, illract. R atal wtiii* Wj»n- Comb White Lei

igleis;Poultry Varila, 136

FOR SALE—-Roee-t'omb Rhode Islend Red cfickerel. Thompson's strain; also l;;n-«gf

iTK'uLator, |o : and Ro*e-cnmt:i Rhode Islanil Red eggs for hatching, |6 100 .13 Uak st.. East Orange

FOP BAL-!5—Rose Comb P. 1, Red cnckrrali;three gitod-shaped, deep rod, matured

birds, will sell Ciheap In make ruom. ITZET. 214 OleVflnnd ai.. Orange.FOR SALE—tVhlte Orpington trio#, pens

and t'oehersls. DR. HUHAi'E I HEEMER. Navton. N. J.

horn*,times- |[oUtititln*id«B4;y ave.. Glen Aldg*.M.ATCHI.NlI EilOtl-W hite Leghorns fertllliy

guarantveil seltliig nr by hundred, order now fnr immediate uf future dellvary W: A. MINDER. 1t» KlllaMv ave. Lyons Firms r r | LWId Wsverly ^l-lATf’HlNU eggs, W'hile Wvsndorte frum iwn-

vrar-oH hen*. |1 for 12 bsny chlik", 25 eaiiis riuot'e, fresh lalrl eggs dally .US', tar drsvh. I'rori posist id Waivnung svc., Oranga.HATCHING RiKlrt—Ksllerstrsss Whit* Orplng-

lujis. M. Ancona*. |k place urders early- U'slmit Ridas Potillry Yards. 144 Norlli WaJ- nul el., Eti( Or*ue«.IF YOU are ilr*<l uf ^ y tn g high nrlcvs fnr

aetijng eggs. lUU riffer should Inioveet yuu; during FVhruary. I will sell egg* fnmi sinrtly hlfh-clasB IV U R I Red* and B f’ Rnrhs el tl per 13 my blrd- are well tweo. large and vigorous ami are eacellenl n Inter Uvers; liEiboctlon lnv|t«d. \allay road. tjlebe st.,Weat Urarxie.rM rERiA L 'R lN G Lyh' eg#B, » .y t per“ iS;

fpuni winner* st Noverk. cr>jik sni1 cm-k* eTti; KKiH Uism i^ver Hun-lay, EVEltAHD. llSUI Houlli tireng* n^e . near R*nfor»lNEW LAID sggs. poultry, farrti products;

rfuu Mry feed, gir-en ■ ni bone iinokini;; nrderf for hatching eggs and dsy-otd chicki, stagon nr panel post delivery The Ftihlsn l^anii. Madison. N. JNKW IshI eggtt for sOt At 4X0^ : >‘urh Six­

teenth et.. rlty. MRr- T F MAnriRfcf'll.VKR ' AMPlNK hunhin* eggs. h IU bonk

ti ft-w sMtliigs (or February .mil Mariii.high Hass UIrda, I2.5n itei i:i 4ti Ktanley rd-. South OvatigeUHll'TK WYANDOTTE hatching eggr Tj

fnr | l . gelLvered. fea- mnre iionkings for February and Msrrh DOT'; ALL, Bnailolii rI Mspleivnod. N ,f , te], South' >rsngeWANI'ED. eggi fur halchlng. hpv bread, mutt

Id- Ihoroughtired UUd gOUti Ullllty ftOrk, Wllfi h'gh ]icr :-eut. of ferUMly; Hi’Sei 1>y the it>h. Addresa Egg, Hnx K, News offii e, oring*.

lo c u b c io r iA SMALL Buikeye anrt a rm ierl incuba­

tor fnr sale, fi rH iL L iP P . Tlfruhy pi, near Flnrenre sve,, Irvington, N. .T|■YPlIEK^i tufubitoF, run twice. 560 eggs,

for tattle iheap WILLIAM r/)\Vl.N 191 Heller purk^uy. cityDtiN'T wall for the hen she may never rtt;

gel a BiiL'kcyp hot w sir- Incabaloe and be sure, I have ah stylei km-i ^ tea ; also poultry Biitivll'-s, and fb-id tu iiL:ikv ^vns lay. At feed More of NDWELL N SMITH, «pp. Bt. Merk'i t.hupoh. W-;i{ ijrauge.FOI'K Ruffajn, i1.V)-4Kf mschlnva; hnughl

new last H*senn, $iu eitrh, four In ter­national hovers, i-h- h. U f> De i.WWr, I*Mngffton, N J.. 'pli..i)- 2dD‘2a.ONK t'tftlrle Stole mrui-ii'or In good cCfidJ-

lion, ho-rgy cS|>atlty <'aM any time; (cheap), 4?* urungT a ti,, Ir'InKion.TWO Bui'kryca. bold ikj t^ggs eieb: oae Ruckaj*.

holds Hu cggfi; niu' ('nrne'll. tiHrle lid I'agN: goiHl 1‘ondltloo Sronn- only iiscd ooe'c; tnHialliof lurpv lnr-idiain|- reiwm nf Helllhx FKTillE l‘nnl- Irr I'lunL d-l Thnroiit *t , Hlrjonifleld- 'Phone iVKSJ.

PR m a st>e v j l u ipm-iaiiat m nraad *i..Nauark, N .1, opp. Hhubert Thgalt#. 26

)<srs' a!xi4vr|rm-v a spaL'Iallai in sH chronic d1sen**s of n.kii *n-| w«rn«h. vetaiTK rilovA* *•disa-ssei nf heart, bldnsya^ gtsmach, i«er or u[a>1<1cr, rheumalltm. urlrtafl’ und all uriM disaaget. i»rn< e houre 2 (o 4 P. It! iml

FOR. RAI.E--Twenty light Prabmas, liying. nlxo coop* and Incubator. 74 Msulli sve.. Rlo**m-

field. N J.FOR HALE—26 Barreid Hock putleis. JiJH.N

LENTZ, Hamburg pi. read, below Blue Work*.FOR SALE—Barred Rock cockvrela' A.

PARSONB, Brnad at., Brookdale. Blncm- fleld.FIVE chnlcft Buff Orplnglnn Cockerels for sale;

r>0k stTS.In, la up; your pick. |3. CON- INOSBY. 781 Rtuyveoant ave., irvinsrion.FEW choice cockerels for sale reasonable;

P*. I- Reds. Plymouth, Barred and White Rot'K 34 ('uifimlngs st.. IrvljigtonFIFTY White Leghorn pullets, Rancoeta s ln ln ;

alao pot gamefi, blue rlblmn winners; ch«ap. Inquire Giragc, 461 Main st-. East Orange.FiVEi white Leghorn nullcis, laying, and

cockerel, wdll aeJI them cheap. .McFARTT, 2S Princeton at., Hlltonln, HlUon.FEW AVhIte Leghorn punet*. ell laying. Call

Sunday morning only, second floor, 47 Smilli at.. Irvington.FINE WTille Leghorn breeding cockerels,

uhee.p. 2 Tuscan road, Maplawood.(JXmIT^ANTAMR. 'black-biaasied rsda, duc1T

winga and BlrchSne, extra fine birds, fnmi II Up. J, N. SHNNOCK, Yale iurract. West Ora.nge. 7'e). 4504M Orange.LANFEAR'fl Roso Comb Red*, clmlng nut

cookrrelB, 12 and 13; eggs from grand m at­ings. 141 fhv»p«ct It., Nutley. Near VcM- land ave.ORPINGTON, v h lta and buff eggs from 26

htgh’Claaa pena; two first and special prises at Newark Poultry Ehow; $10 fi^r lOB. JENKS'S Orpington Farm, 43Q Union ava,, Irvington.

ONE Cyphers 76 Incubator; one Cyphers colony brooder; one InlornaUonal hover; white l«eg-

hom pullets for aale. 45 Franklin ave.. West Orange.PRIZE*WTNNINO While Orpington oockei'ele

and Barred plyntogCh Bock cocMercIs for Hale cMsoiMible: White Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock. White Leghorn eggs for hatching rea­sonable; orders taken for baby chickH. 7U Clinton II., Bloomflald, K. J. 'Phone 2242ILPARTRIDGE Rocks: twenty-five pullets at

11.60 each; cockerels from T3 up; also two fine breeding pens; prlxe winners, M. J. WOODWARD, Newton. N. j.PEN of ten Whtte l.ogharn yenrlings, all lay.

lag, price 86c. earli, 1£53 bprlngfleitl ave.. Irvlngrton, N. J<^L^L IT Y '* Buff Orpingtons wlnl Two blue

— - - ' 1 ; at ....................o spiire;

oenti oaoh. MENDEjLAOHN, 'Tuscan road andr l l ^ n a one red; at Cliathain. S. Y., la«t

week. Cockerel to spure; hatching eggs ten oenti oaoh. MENDEILAO’' ' ' ”*Oberlln st.. Haplswood.HEhAD THIR—Just what you have been looking

tiftt healthy hatclied cblck* delivered to your door, on short notice: all standard'breeds and vgrteUas; satlifautlon guarthteed. Wrlia your wAntg to Watchung Hatchery. 183 W'gtsoii gve.t West Orsr^e.RQfli COMB Red cockerel, bred from

Hadlsan Square Garden winner; |6 ; a bargain. EDWARD 9ACHfi. 42 Maple pi., Nutley; isave trolley Vreeland ave,RHODE! Island Whites, cockerels and ha.ich-

Ing e«ga for sale. PAUL BEEEX. 81 Bald­win pi., Bloomfield. _9 1 L V ^ Caniplne halchlng cggH and baby

ohlQM, farm raised sloct, winners at tho best shows; also While WynndottaB: »e ^v ltaisfpsctlofi.' Colonial pouttn* Yards. 843 Sand- f m ave*; *phono Market wl8J.K l v S r ■^mpltTsH: drdrri being booked for

eggs and nhloka; lorgest and oldest breeder of these Vfondfrful layers in this lectlun; start rlthu C. P. ICgNDALl4. Madison, N. J.SnjiaLS comb fnrtmn Leghorn and Buff Cochin

bantam coekerels; pDxe stock; prices rc«- aonahle, KltUllnny Poultry YarOa. IM Or­ange Irvington.S. C. WHITB Leghorn puIleU; Wycoffe strain

cockerels; "Old Trtiity" Incubetor and brooders for sals* i i Arlington ave., Oald-. well.BEVEN sln^a comb whits leghorn hstii; $1

each, fifi Day at., Orangv.TW p Rhods laland

___Hall. N. J .; and of Springfield ave. cars J . Kroehl. florist.

O Rhods Inland Jtgd sitting hana for Jo. W'M. WAONBR. Valley st,, Vaux

TWO Ancona cacksrols far sal#; good for braedlng; f l .1 t fiaeh. II Lm 1i« »1.* Irv ­

ington, near Olympic FstfitTWENTT Rhoda Island pifUata for w it. 20

Meeker at,. What Oranga,- 'phone 4343-M Orange. ^

WHITE IVTANDCrrrtHi u d Barred Rock*.ptrUeid. flite, each; White Rocks, e m for

lutchirig, twst of stock, frtfh prise wlnli

4AP HANOE, gas radiator, hangliw lame 48 P^rkhurst at.

La r g e xix-foot dining table, eelid oak: -...^yajuum rji*""- ■ ch*-n;. lIBKIIMtA. .lo

MUST BJ3 SOf<D—rThe contstita ua gantly furnished five-room flat. aompiCta;

y a ^ reasonable; separate or together; good uaiKie for young couple; call all- day 9vi- dag and Monday. AriCT” • • • » *•»•-*— -T-FWV

n n

I p ;m , N

> n d M ot^ay. AliCfUM. 3is L ittleton av aIVATB p arty has a complete eulU of "irolttfte for five roema; nearrty new, will

^aaonable; whole or aspareU: this It a In for some one. Address Party, Bov

Newt office.U W iN Q inacbliloi; drop-head Binger^ com-

'"Male attachreente, cheap; a lio Singer ma^ 14: all makes rspalred right In your without delay: over 96 years' vs-

W rlta os call. MR. UITCHfllX, nth ave.; 'phone 86TIJ M arkat.

S - -3 9 R |

gasf t ga rtsa

fit- -range for asUe; good eondlttan; 26

s a hoae. never ukad. 310 Mutbeity

»d4*il > . » tm movlna. ro*m* J. HUJIT.

o „

, , , altUng. »3 per - iltlifde ave,, Lyons Parma, N. J. *

% from ^ s e wlnhers.lod. L WSAYSH, 2T2

WHITE W yandotte cecksrsla March hatch.pure whUa. WiUiaoiB strain: also ilpgls-

comb White Laghorn coclaerels; lodk

w i n ? ^ W ^i?T (jtoN S . ^

D o { tAT IhR N^narK Bird Stovv. !vj Clinlnti it.,

untl ff'.t i^rrlfTH. roillea, jiarrota bljiying •'aiinrl«ji. guoruntved, femelCH rasdy for mutliijc, ribh globes. medicines and fooUH, open Sunday mornings.AT HTUD—The Boston terrier, "Haley's

Boy." hl.4o the French bulldog "S4'iu»is;" white slTk pnodl*. one year old, fnr ael* cheap. HALFV. &0 Eoel Park ni.AIREDALE terrier for Sale <-hsap; fl months

old; pedlgretd. house broken. Aidrees Ikix ifl, Sprlnifri-).!. N. JBu l l TL-;HKIBII, female, ^vhlte, some shew

dog. worth ti:i; |fi taken her; beat In town. 4^8 John bf., Harrison, N. .TDEAIJTIFIT* male coMie. cheap, excelloni

svaU-hd<Jt: ThII any day or Sunday, 2 Tus--'un ruiil, Maple^Koad.t'Ol.l.lB, uiHb . (oT suIp rbeei* to rn*kr |■rtott] for

i-<imluff llit-^rn, Fiisiniiloa Infuthpuri stamp at Htiid. AHllEA L'uUIp 274 tYssUIngtoRave.. Surif-y.


10, 12. 11 Cu-vhard st. Thonc 30SU Market-FOR S . tL E —A'hNe (oy silk poodfrs, male and

fchmic. Jiu each; also a One couker sfigniel pupivy. .tDAMS. 5TU Hawthorne ave.Fo r SAl.lfi—P'lill-btnodcd bull tprricr puppies;

hiatk Hiid tan 82 Centre it., Nutley.FOR yAL6!—Great Dane pupplea, 49 Mercer

at.; hetweeii High and weat sts.PEDitiRKED Dandle Dlnmnnl terrier pup-

plea; five months; njost affectionate and Intelligent of terriers; best pets for chil­d ren . prices reasonable. 26 Lawnrldge road, Orange; 'phone 2f95W.

SIX straight legged beagle hound pups.Nfven weeks old; best stock In mate;

fa ther and mother pedigreed; first prise. Nineteenth st. and Eleventh ave.M'HITD French poodles, 9 weeks old. male or

female; eeU theaii; first floor M.tCHER. Bank b1-

T y p e w rite r ! e n d S a p p l i nAll Makes Typewriters.

Renter], f2.n0 up. Sold, JIO.OO up. NBWARK TYFaWRITER EXCHANGE.

9 BeavTr st. 'Phone MarkM 4430.One block east of Broad it.Three doors From Market at.

ALL makes. 910 up: largest slock in N J.;euppllee for b1! tnuchlnra- repairs guariul-

teed; rsnlals, 13 and 4.H; aold»on assy payment plan; eave 4ii tn T6 per cent.. GE!0. M. JUDD. IT Academy at , Newark. N. J . ; tel. 7.96T Mk tREMINGTON type^v^ll^r for aal« In good

condition. 910. Call i t ritie st., Arlington, Kearny car to atSFBCTAL SALK, visible Underwoods, BmUhs,

Ramlnttohs, Gllvers, Kovals, rebuilt, esccllant machlnss 91& to 135; exchanging, rcpalHuf. Consuildiied Typewriter Exch..243 B'way, N .f,TYPEWRITER wanted, In exchange for

' four lota In Long litland. MRfi. KING, S8I abmerset at., plslnflelil, N. J.


SIZES. N AAV ARK AECONp-HAND MA- CHINERT CO., n CHESTNUT BT.________B A F aS -O m C T a n d h o u s e ; b e s t MAKBi


U n b r d l u , T m nksp L e a th e r G e e d iUMBRELLajS r e -c o v e r e d . REPAIRED.

Beat materia I; sHk and linen covers: wear lltdaflnttaly; "triple-jutnt ribs;" sxtr* Bbwtiff; ail bras* wiring; ivil] not rust; stylish hamisn. Imrtorted goods; sold and silver trim: work fuaran tea^ GREEN. 740 Br«ad rt., opp. P. 0.

L a d d tf f , D e rr ic k ! a i d F l t f p i d ufUXXRT LINJ, POLES SET. W AWU UP.


E g n (or hatching from birds with rao ' ords; lavsatlgate b«fora you buy. Ambia> rida, VoTOBa. W. 3c, 'ghohe 64I8W.WHITB rock breeding coe1(6roli; viamvius

SfKctinfiita; price reasoMl^ei or will ex-> ch an p f«p othere of equal valtM. 6fi Quimby p|„ W att Oraiyg- alia WELL htty is genulfM Barred Rbch hens,'

1*3dttg (WUh TOtialer); also sonna bantams. Mlllburn aVe., n d npniigflald av*. car* markeil Maplewtjod. fo4m*rly Amorlcan HouaaIfl RHODfC Is l a n d RM hens, on« coebertt,

Waveriy. 4 blocluVaaum Bigetne Ct>.

K | |»AT LY»na Parra* H*nn*rp. Whita Lu|i>

»f»a lo f taatebint m w ra*4n fim M afo -.. aa triH r*n<*. only U.M par u , t i j i p«r

n*«r KliMd* *v*., Lyona rarrii*. PRBDB*«T ...... ....... -BETZ, tn*n*t«rB O tP ORPJNOTOK far tratclihil; ratU-d

( • priMuaa w lw m ; M r cnatantra li*V* takfeoih * . ,n ^ !»*«■: M r ttrXiam* tibfaraa ]



G > w tCOWS—^WIH receive Thuraday, February I,

chotoo carload of flash cowo and spring- efBi for sale or eachanga a t lowest marlcet prlM a OtCORGB BAUEB. llE Unloti ave., Irvington; 'phone 1II8W w avsrly.

W t lA e * t a d J a w d i yOUR Sf t in t Jew atir, «tlv*r-

'Uyri. wataht*. ate., aant (r**; maka Mile- U a i^ K'» Mnfl •»tf»(»etlBs fu u a n -te^ i. A. LOEB 4 00.7|H L*7*yaHa at., Nawark

F r t t e r a i l F oIm u d . E a k l f B iHAVE rmi «fl *raw»m a t ts* a fdar ta which

yen balona* Wa *r« th* b a * d q w t* ra tar hnliana, plai, rln ta , ate.. Nawark

Eiablam Company, roam t f t , ! l ^ a t

■ - - b^vw* ■'a b t is t h - s io v s ; thaw ca rs t U S latlarlM,

pr-JAI;-VE HlO-Va, auc, to tMn-*-T*r, TU Broad, near Harkatj 'phaM HP* Uatkat.

P i t t o n

P A T B i mPATEhTS *na trailcmarkt *aasrad * t'Tlow to Oal Thera JOSHUA H, aatatit lawyer. at.. Waabhiptotii * jSeaTlSwn It.. Chicago » » Chaatiiat II..lltIBBEU. il- EVURErr, P*tMt I* ’'S S t S i reSitmt to -jBd epyrtaht*. l» »ka i* ta «

raarkai, < v i> y r iB h > * , ,Tnia! hM«.> wPAhllihaa '

b to M 7. M. ei*i> lurwiiiy iud Friiuy mupn ingB ti to II (..•rri'-fi .'ii-st-d iiundsM.

riiii<uH t.'D irr Mlgh M U. glLSKY,

M.tNi'M'RiNi; FAGIAL M-Ad tAGB F1RKT-GR.\1‘K h a ir CKK d A

HAlltl'ftRgvlKii rViS'K BY MldK JaOnETTA KPiNNELLT.

nCPKR HT 'MIONL 43IU MARKKT.R b:or^ t:nR i> m iu w if k .. .. . ------MHP r-niiWLH bRANI Hulheiry st


IKl)LrL.^>'rt KXPEHIRNre rONFlNF.MPJNT t.’.\Ak:iS. TKl*. A2J0W m a r k e t .

kl FlEHFl-rOfTg HAIR.M'erts. Mole* and Hlrthmarks Tvniovrd ferever by fclierlrkify. I'l yeera' expsrlsnoe.

MIWK b VVKSTKRVELT.‘.'ill W4*>hlngion SI.

'■ntiGRovr;. DWTiicTlVE.Uf Fsrk rise's,

AGKM Y N’P:\»'ABK. N j This egenry has th< odvsnUg* of mSe'> tha*

.m yrari* «xjier‘enr^ hi and i-rlTnlntl mst-ters. Rxpfcri <lU(s«ra]ih atr^h'iM’ljT.tN.A pink rhi-ak (hit fof tinting rhrahs

and llpa- abtulute^y hsrmloM eml will net luh aiff has stond 4ii« i.-it of 23 K*ara. At any liipertmeni atoro. or a: MKF. P. tvR»«TbU4' VKlaT. 213 Weshlngtfn at., Newaiit. N J.

o 'R o rn K fc KUKLT m k ta l I^oI ** v k n t il a t im n a n d imAVT


Thvne 4M2 ‘Wsvaflv, NEWARK. N. J,WASH.AGK ailh remedial incvarMota olveii fm

gi-ncml debility, tvufouler, rheumarir ner viMis afft-t-ilone; hour* for •pr'Otrimenis. ID A. W. in K. H.. Mon.. Wed. Set MI*>S I R ^N CE^^^SSU LL. W Rjrnet e t______


Indies' |•r1ve.1e nursing irentTneni at home dwMiaf'B reference M fioiitb Orange avs ‘rhoiie fll,*ikW Market.MTIK ANNA NFUMANN: Wender 0(1 fer

KheilmsUsiTi; fomil]- wc ciMlm It la the t-ost^'n^Meadow' si . Jilixabetli. DJ. Sc. |1 per bn tikELITE Schoni of Designing, Dress Cutlinir

and P'lUIng; bd* gp-ln-dnte. learn In make ga^\ rie u iihnul fitting; filled pstierna s speclaHy, «erv«l fnr circular*. 7S Halsey ft.STATE DETTcgTIVE AGBM 'T^nmm'iiijilon

by Onverrinr; opersiora *en1 any part, 4# vm ejipcrTcnrf s:* RroHil hI , JOHN GREG- (JHY. I’hlef. nl7l Mkl Night Wav.

fiLmil]- cfcret of genaratJon 1 111 the world. i><K>klet. fill. S. J . ; II

MASFP;rSF whn h«N »ut‘weafun.w ireatad people fur nsrvnuB trouble, poor vlrcul*-

tlnr. convttpBtlon. vlll giv* g*nt>r*J ruspong* and ttictihni baths, *70 Columbia g(.

' ’ORHETft.CopaeiB made trh nriier, *lnul flgbrea, |a1 AO

up; slight figures. L2 up. AdtKxss MMS D’AMIrt'i. Ifex UN. News iifflre.FRIV'ATF matarnlty home, syperlntrtfdfd hy

Irakned nurse. itivelM tadlei taken to board, r'> ery comfort. IfG Clltuon av .; t*l.S204W Wav,MABAEU14U (gradukta) u'iffhos lady patLenLa.

resldencea MI8S JOHNSON. 4IC West 1Mlh_a^. Naw fo rk ; 'phens T3J0 Auflubsyr*.l-riYl’l!® Li'^SP^, the full dreaser; Areas lulls

liiiii 'l'u^e<jof to hire for til occoslona ih> Market st . over Slppel's. Tef. 6Tb MarketAMDltLMN’ adjustment os'-ni'i'i acL'Idenis,

trolley. Mconi. railroad, sufnmnhtle*: no rr-

L O S TCASE—l^net, a cast ocnialnint gold not*

eyegles.^a*. between Miller 0t. {Jehool and city haK; Anababh Broa H«i| m on case. I*leoM return to 1 Mutimeuth fil

anmtl rltlm and aub-N*i exiMiti^nf-*

■ s ia f r ^ Ubersl vemmispkHi l«h >i V-'u van make from iU toTour eCfsrtg datemitne ynpr liuwmt—ih^ largai your aaltfo. the larger yuur aelar] Yhu haYS no Mak. no menay Inrasirt in lUta k and «( the aame tU^e Hats Ih* pUasur* of halrg yifur own boos. I*ei us hs*r from you whsn y*u a r t ready lo start In buelneee fi»r )iauree!r iaild far pamiuhlet. Address The Orrei AtUnth- and FsciHe Tea Compun>. l^^csrUnwnl f, Em n» . Nan Tofk CHy ____

FGR hA r - I\^.|dotng gar^l nuili

selling. Athar buiii

DMlfiCATEHAKN Slnre. bi.ttvr «iiit eggn. Ire bos, aralee apd flxturaa, l>e*( offar take*

U; owner unnliia to altan l »a»ne. AU- Ureas 'A' C , Bos N t«s oflUaVoH H.tLK, a reenuraviuHng uuslnaoa. fully

«dulp|>«1 fur mapuigcturtrifi nrrui givaUt and light machine work* a g<'.<U rhshut* fvr the right u r l ) prtrs |lSUi* Addrrre M>-t«1. Hex iJl. News umew. 'F u n >At*B-Good butler and egg m ute: a

auhatAMlal. guargnUeU weakly profit all complais. Apply owner. CJ Tiffany pi , Irv­ington, N. J

- I psflfr." three gmiU taWs*. .-uilneai y»er lound reietm lor

aeillng’ Sihar buiineaa. ikiS Ni>rth luurth st Harrieor.KAfT(>RYa*up*rlrttend#nt earned , mqei he

fuily quallfibd and ut’le in In* **111 from three five tbnusaiid wlih lom pan) . g‘Mvl aalery. AUdrewi Kaciory. L»px l i , New# uffjee ______GtiMft naloon old-r»lablliheda doing guoU buel-

IH an. for aal«, leaaonaM* f'fu i m Iw* *** 1 oh «C!.iiuni of guotl reason. For v*^Uculaia in eulrv from «o IJ A M. i"'» ■»lfl‘;e '•'f llu- RMk' Brewing I'uinveny «f Newark, N J., oU- 4b llityea at , Newark. ____ __________GOltU JMlINTtN«i. 1 rifi'u b->nil Ut'eriiraiJa.

MHHvoU*. aMval<»pe»nard*. ete , i M t per I.POP; JNvi'U te-fg k j. 14,AS, K4imp>a' eaiil. HTK A'vll MOrl^<FPlEttA US Liifayatii *'C. near MoWhnrur

H O R S E S . C A R M A G S S . E T C .

i iL u .k iiKAD ( .n a a iim u M b;m u l s *. b . . i r . . » i H..re* Hrabla-Hn N j" J a w -49 ;-ltI UIU.IAU N' J-Thla la iliv awfeat ami U et p\%m In Ih i

Last re-i.yy or oall Jiur**#* |*Tl\ala **lse «l »M thna-s

Kegukir aueiton eutee every TfLgUAV AND FUlUAT-

CHinmtUitna a t Ifi.t* A. nsH* •» et «hUh Mme «4 offer d>*P . .

Sfill -MHAU o r lin iid K ll-lf i*•«f eii U*»vHgUoi|ii.

For each reie we rSi-alMf i‘onaigh*aafita of liiurkv** from Ike rerma of I'ShU*,' Ivenl*. ohlii. Lnllane Virginia etiU Kew Jerafp-

,tiU ere Ih' ttvsl

Idsl'a.IQo Mr:i'i>NG-HAND ilUKMJW flu

■el4( tail ■'> nkiirrl httras jwlgse- bHil 4fe ln | ktn]ctsd 1. (lUr aUlppere tn wnalttvsly odM

In Ih# lllgKS'it M«l " "llieo* tlurgSieralJi; put up at aiH'Uou Ht iheaa *nla

I - n : 11 y t U A NT V KhUTj ;C'l’«AlUNEV HEPURDHD ....... pIRgATlSiFIKI*

liouarrurlilahint and almf- ilf N. J Imiuhe

FPlEfiA US Liifeyatu eiOOD-FAYiNG

hurlneia fai' aalr. In I'asoel^- N. J M liri>f*i.KMA N, 201 K|!iliig(lrld ate. Ne»- qrk, N J, ___ ______ __ __GAHAGE opikirlsnlti , i-ra chame, only onw.

railroad luwn, 1 2iaV huaCIng I'levc; uonrtvlu ■ir«) liuilillhg 4"‘i7ti, -ul lank; all m!«!srn vtjn* ^enlancc*. e<.rkaho|i .ffl.. . prhe Hatculah- Ingly !nw; 4)ul<-k ouU VAN HUIIN, Urgmatl * building ___ _tTAii,Gils'" c»kwr-Kb l-'<» ‘ura. ram Mu v*r

niunth. It* ri«re uow In eiorag'- fully e<]'il • iwl, „-tHjd vhenva fur sn .Mjtomulrik nievtmiiUijatgeln, ftkiM i-eah. \*tdr^2m l>awrenvg st . Nvverk

KV to innhs f^ui i«yiilrlv i'i ipuntlilv Iniie' nil ill, Il |i<r i MiC th'-n BMin

Mfnn >|!0» u- y'!i*' 1 3'<wt rnl'il'iiiin- i rin.iJU ' >'111IIg j«n 1 for frrr |,u' k n nh 1 1 ri’e nv • Addrraa . kid'orlunli). Kox MM, N'vwe tfliic.HCSTLKII a’aiuH. '♦lo lso bnal''*-iii ftir

flrns lUiirtlng IfniiH'illstel) * iiio1i.ir .h-lna-v errs lve tietwearn N>u.ark ami New York I'honr BIH WARDKN, sflcr 1 r. M. OrangaUAItUtVAHL and huuiefurnlskh^g gnod*

•tore, aatabllaheil over 41 year*, prk • tmly 1116; worth double Addrer* Gotni. Box y\ News pffk'e, ________ ____LuNtT iiMtablliheiJ reilauranl. ..om plete;

whole house, reni |U i . leaea; large iran- • Irm irnila; near large audliorluiu Mini mov­ing picture thraifM, iranafar staHOfi; rv- ceTpta for rrrtuurani averagM we4-hly.Ion furtilsht-il rtMiuir bring ruonihlj ;•Bcrlfl4,‘« for |1,|SQ For further pertluulari ■ee IftHABL LEON. UdT M arktl^^i ^LOCAI, parihef umnird; no Inveaimeni: all

(•(eel nroiloital giiiagcx and ■mall hulhj- Ing*. very attravtlvr proposition: fulleatapTfeH i-ji'Operalinn; permausrit. prnfltablr. Huby U anufaciurlnt Company. Jackeon, MlvhLADIES' and aenia tailoi h)idi> for sale: no

r«-ai*ona1-lc offer refused, reason xcHInf, le:4Y- ing toan- Hank it. _ __MANCFAi-TCTlER wand fld ir manager 1.1

etlahllah ■«fflor aud munag^ BslHimrri. monihf/ Mslai) uuri IlhertI comniiarlun; refar- enien required, |Wat itv ll.tSXi neveaaery. y u l.andtM own nionr] galea mariMger, 5Tr, n il (>'lony building. I'hlvago.M ANlTArTCftFR w m lf buelnra* man whh

ten tn rifiesn rhcuHMnd cash «nd Ruivlvea far executive position: salary und dl' tdsnda on lit vraimeni, Inveatigitr ibis; no brokers i r i-n>s- periors. Address Kiecutive. Ilnx loT, Ne^d office.

DOn—1*0*4, Fshruniy G, brown tjid white rollle; male; without collar; Bnsnrrs tn

nume □/ Nero, fteward If returnfil to Mitri. LAU'fftNCE. 2 ■rlty. Moen pi., root of Harvey et.,

Li<>(l—Lust. Thursday eflrm non, cftlll* dog;•vable end s^hlte, had calUr Hnrt Irvington

lioenKe, Uaturti lo IPB Ataple ave., Irvlngtor;, reT7-aT*J.LOG—Lost, collie. Thursday; white collar:

answerV to name of He* Rawsrd If ra- turned tu A. C. MAtlTlN, m Prospect st..city.DOG—Lest, French toy *llk poodle, 2lth of

■lanuftry. Haward If returned Nineteenths*l. end Klevrnth ave.DOG—Water spaniel lost Thursday morning,

Ren'srd If returnaid to 122D Broad at , city.EN VELfJPE—Loet. beown envelop*, com lin ­

ing p*:t.perB wiih oddren and only picture «f dec«iiaei1 brothor; rawanl, R.LODGE PlN'-^Loat on Cllntoh ave., near

Elglitesnth s t , Tharsday Flm ltr return to DODSON'S, 313 CMwtPit ave.M l'FF—(>oet. Hudson m s I muff, •(ther nn

Lackawanna t;05 train leaving Hoboken, or betwoan YVatwasIgg Ave, filatlon and E7 Cleveland terrace. If found, 'ptioiie Orange 44taW: liberal raw ard; nn qutttJenB aaWedNKrK PIECE—Lfist, Ffldsy afternoon, br-

twven V6 Sofith Eleventh etraet and ftoravllle pTesbytartan ChUrth. girl’s hro#n fur h«k piece. Rewird If retumad to Qfi fiouth Klev- snth ttre*t.POCKETBOOK lost, containing money and

.reoelpts, with tiatno and oddrees; Inst Monday aftsritcKin. hetwasn BedalV* and Istraus's. Reward If returned to i^-fayetle at.RINQ—lx)i(. marquise diamond ring, also one

dlanicmd, about karst. In a small cqt- Lou hag. Reward if returned to C. DONO-

r>$l Avon ave., Irvington.BUlTCASE-r-Lost, containing womariV^ap

panel, lost In irvlngtop, T*n dollan fs ward If returned to AHRENS 6 drug siure, 1163 Springfield ave., Irvington; ’phone Wav. 4BB.BHAFT-^tjott, oii Ctlnlon Avs., gulo dHvini

aliaft; reward, rtoturn to C. PATRICK, Jaekqort st,. city.U M R R FrX jr-L ort, gold-handled silk utn'

hrella at either BarnhergeFs. Woolworth'e or Kreage'?; reward. Rsturn to II Park pl.> pioomfisid. _

F O tf f lD


DOG—Found. celUs. Owiirr c in have egm* by Alipiylng to Human* goelsty, 4dk North Fifth


' ^ a J,'^'oand, Irish reUnr (log, MRS,

a NK. its) flouth Ktnth b*.N. T.

HANDBAO-Found Jan. II , oa Walitpt et..near Ractfio. ladiCa handbOf eonUInJng

email gmounL Owaer may claim soma at Greanfleld'i drug store, Walnqi and Paelflo ita., by Identifying bag and eontenti oad paying f^'r advertisement.UMRRifLLA-Fotmd, lady’s umbrella, in C. &.

RUt'on. Inquire a t L. ACfmDLnBTET* THR’^ l^rcgj st.

a U S IN E S S O P P O R T U N IT IE SA tlA ftO A IN —Th* i ^ « r Hoi,**! t u W

Inaton it., 19 re ta il; h««t Knewa tn tt« th « * tr iu l p ra t i id t iu a llra n t th a n u r«r ta r ty to bur i t ■ aacriftoo; tin eo«Aa*t1tt to (tv* u* htuin tia on account ot tn Iwalth; no r«MMahle offer rifuM d; tR to 99 tahio hoaraora. b iild ia ho u n flllod; Inv iattta to ; >l«am lioat, i l te tr te ll(h t.

B U B IinnsA t


r t 'i r ToU WAK' « e c "MACK.”

n i iW K » jiB !N 'a i TELSrH O N n


' O k gCLL ” 1 AW ."

CB kLD'O. AltBT,

too *«r <out •etlcltln(; prw*M *wnar *H)’t r i r a t s «H!lt iiii*ha**r «no month If wanted. HSRUANR o t i r i M V»ion l i ^ .. I l CThitoa n .

TrMBL£Ri^. liuntOr H eline^ ^fooebpaa, Rartor Tuintleri. AOd Ylp-

pU*ri; selling out. W. HARTR, HA Flrol

ATTENTlON-if you

ad* Ci t r a K i r j o t t - J t t w

paltl; autek tn a * SprlngflelJ' ave.;BAKkRTa well fkUblUiled.

or MH g&F« “ F, or coll

ONK I'f th^ firirii rn'Vderate •tret) faruily tosr llnH-iiousi-B m ih* rll) k> r^ksr'ti vf

lUnesB, can be purebtsed f"r l^.'Axi. i>rnirnlly b'CHied. rniNlern and fliii-i'lftre In e^Sry re- ipet t, r-aierlng lo a rrfinetl (uitrnnege hi gcunj rates; lung-irrni full [«rli('ulBr* lo te-•rtonsIMw Inquirers hy addressing Re«poiiSlh|e. Uux 11<», Ni-wb uffirePa t e n t s t»it f k i: R m i itNEL.

firnd iimkJvI fti ■hrU l) fur IrSe uplTih>ii ua \o |inivntHb1lU>, I t nd for llliiktraleti guide lw.>k rt. ilailnihg liHI m^'chiinlru! ninvfimftilS iiii'J LIHT uF I.NVB.VTIUNK WANTED. FAllTUCLAIIR NFW TRADEMARK LAWCOFYKIGHT*. E T r, piiteiil* ati'enlu.-d lrt« Iji Wfir^d'k iVfigri-Sk, tumpii rupv ir«b.

VICTOR 3 EVANS* * “'G 724-1‘Jfl Gfarii »l , Wurhlnstt^n. D f

VOUK OFFICE, 132 Nassau etPARTNER tn Invest IlfiO In nn.* T { the

greiite*t prnprtei t h>n <'f the day. ^tililih u ||l fhtand clnxexl Inventigailnn. HgaiKu hikI Information Kcekere don't aonver. a* IhiM prnpoiAltlon in for a llie i,s1dB-a«'akf young Ti;an. ^Vl(le'.4 >\ ak#*. Box 11. Nmh-k officePARTNERSHIP - -EnrrfMlc man. hu*Ger,

wjth capital. wuuIh psrlrsrahlp ^here wer- vlrea ftrcr also required, stain full parih • ularn; nu AgentM. Address Inventor, fhot fir.. Nev.ft nffic*.PM T l ’nK theatre for sal* Rood chance for one

vsanllnu easy ecniTrailcn, fine 1iM*lne»»s. .\S- ilUPs MR Vt'., Ho* 81, News office.REAL ESTATB huslnsB* for sale, sx cp*

tliina? l•Kan^!e, only rensonahU amnuntcash, ur part InterMl 'vlih honest. U'-Uve man. AtUlresa SubilanlM ’. Uoa ItK, .New* offtre,BO.KDHOT7SK and hplel for sale llrenaeil

lujtel of is rooms, hear rullrond wiuilnn; with aepen land; bargain. Adflreit* Hotel. On* Kl. Msm* office.SMAL*L ganerst etnre on nvrnu». rnrtrrr-

Uonury. KtAllonery. noilons. drllcateMtcn (irtd commission bukery, Jong esiahllsh*-tj. rotu $IJ. Including two living rtvoms. rtt- cilptB Rverage over 1104 wsHklv; for quick sale. IZ2E. Ree ISRAEL l.EON, 'lOT Market

9AT.OON'KfliaPEnfl' opportunities; popular Stlnons. Including traffic corner cares; re­

quired 1800. IlGO upwtifrj; swell safe, alleys, hllllards, amvMment resort. $7,000; hotel. IM 60. KRUBD. «0 Newark ni Hoboken.SPECIALTY 4g«h(- open for snother line;

arqtrtlntsd With geharnl hardwArs stidSiorilng kuuda trades. AOdresB Agent. fMi* 1 ,

cire offl,.'*.TO THOSHI wRq have pai^ms and wish (o

]}i|sr*' ^jme (in the markrt. vuill (inP«l«wilt

l?lar*'interost ^ aammublcatlng «vith ihs NfitlonHl

FrontailnF F.vsttTu Okln hu)hli(i< ^aehlngtnff ft.. Newark. N .1 , 'pljon* W7*>TTPKWRITTEN LETTERK -HAI.F PRICE,

10* TSc: nob l i t L W ILCO; good work; prompt service. HALL TO., 2g3 T107

cortsTiigloohS for sale in oenirr rtquir* IflN Merkel s(.,

TWO gfMrt confbrof city; choirik 1

r<K>rh 17.WANTED-An Who ran thlttk of feme

ilmpla w pblsnlf Protect your idtot.Ihre may Invtntteh'

' bring y9u woalthi; write for "Headed (•'’ atpil "How to Get Your Parent and

yjMir Money.^' RANDOLPH A CO,. Paieol At­torneys. w aahlttglfrq. D, C,WANlTBt7" to hoar flom______ -. ___ , ...........ner of gm

buslnesa for sals for c;aph buyer: asnd de- scrtptlcn; don’t pay btg commiASlonM. Wgyt ern gales Agancy. Minneapolis, _ Mlnn.WANTED, a Sriisll country hotel or rnwl-

house within thirty miles (»f NewerK. Giving full particulars, aildreas Hotel. Box IM, News office.W’ANTRD. partner, in real ootate btwIniH.

very small capital required. North Real Eslais Ga, 76 Woahlngton ave,WANTKl>-4fi00 OR iscurUv. ur sllcn t^artner;

may have position If ssdsfHctujy; rofat^nro, Addreta D.* Box fig, News office.wiLl* Ftirutaare buixlneiw, mall ordgr. light

m anufacturing or MlJlng agency profarrcil. Hand full particular* to JAMRB TBUPLFI.11 port]Bpx 14 3, Neera officeWHAT you offer good automobile dian,

who has wide espensnee In eecond'haiid cAra? Agdree* Bu*lne*s. Box 147, Nel^* OfflM.SOChAL'RtS FARM* good house, neerreary out-

bolldiogn, fruit, located Irt euburbs, thriving tnwni Idoal site for faetory or any snanurec" tor* plant, railroad ildtng nn farm. Ttnam houae on farm, .\ddrcoa Box t t l , nranUory, New Jaroey.fl,T(I0 RUTS ^ry goods. gr«c«tiw. hotlona. ata-

Uoaery. oopfecUonary. tobacco, cigar*, elec- trio' light, fUtureta ^owcosgt, gofiss, rent tLi

heal. I&patod 30 yosra.light, fUtureta I

Uh. iNctuding kioa b a L j u l a ; .

H O R S E S , C A R R IA G E S . E T C .. •w**.*^ L.-*.**.-!.**"

I I ! W i t f**d work ban e , iliit dump uart dr tr*ek ln (; *la« tpod cbvaby b*y Muy.

atm (T oetr or btltcbar. TKOS. DIuOBTT. 117- i n Auior at.

Y iif AI,II' YOU .tUL WITH VHUIt ( • l l i . ’II.MIt:,

H 'lr ... VVHK-it. u.iU ll*nt*M ta ­re Util from any one lo It* siald i*ii liii'iml** slnn. elihsr el Muttinn ur grlvats sale.lliitMe-' fur r»lr iv< ^%.•)laqg«|| « | all lliiieo. Kiriy ►Ft# of N(u IturiVkMk f'»r nsIo vlioap-

TH>*si. H. H((1' t 'lio P .1'S 1lllt«i77 ,\ I'arkhurst. StnlUih A. I'alvratrn.

llale*in*n.J d- U IIaLIAM^ Aiiiu(i«ne«r.

MILKli W. I’Ar.l'.Y (V flHo..11-U llRlhCK ST SKItVAHK N J.

TELlii'HLi.NL 4,! .tlALKET.:u0- IImHHLS :;tf0

Aluaye im hau.i in h lp<.-i froir weljth1i>i I .OOS tn l,|ue Ibk. Usiiy tnut«(] p a in All acrltiiiaied-

U'r rereive »hlputiri(M uf I'viinM.vl-vanIa hirraec, i-Jtitelktlng uf ihe t>esi h«aiy ■Ira'I ROuiij faiiii chunk* nn.l many U.!|i«Liau^lriesa htifr***. M’e van ihn 0**1vbii#|y Ml popginr vrl'.va.Li-; mi M-v-fljiU• h« i*P Lt>n*'7(i Always cn baud.

MI-LLS■ Jf .'hii-h HI ta T y u Inrg* ^llrl*ty. Young

unri ii>atn'| t*aj;ie.T-. lilRbi^-7l


J('U r> t (;UAXUIM*b.M.i: A \h [;.\( ii.vNnw h t u ii .e .

I8r^| unilKJE KT.. IKi*. iSo'J MARKKl'ilAVK ji'bT M i:i'EJvi;i‘ a cAiiiiO-sn i.»f

l'E.NN'srLV.\.NI A HORHEH WICIIIHINU FRO.M l.lkm t ;» l.'-Hi, THLeiJ-: flOnHKs \BE (|ndi> MHiiKE An L' «\i'i'USIATP;i>i W |i| |A \ I-: also T\VK\-; y MK.U' GF OMIi' ANUUKNliH.U. lU'M Ni.rv ASP IM’KtsmiSil HtmdK’t. \4 H u r \ l i t.V f EC EVliHV HURSE

llAKLY V llAYi;*«.L. U. ’Fhuiis 44C3 Mi:raei.

KKW ,\;iK H- 'Kdl-; OJ .IS HKJLxir* c*T

nn lian.i fmiii I' O In 1*4 liotiil af Ai.'vllirwitrij FeiiriN.t ivanlu liikrufM to aeleci fr<7Mi \Ve will roi'Bive l■‘*t■ru*ry ' 'jur rm U l(7A7J ot Mm-vlMHH lirafi h*>r*e« a«-1gh- inp fruiii I.40U iM LSOO reiue liLe ilrlvecB nrii' AiMtte fine luult**. bImo a-nriuati uf • 'heiipsr hnr«e^ ^

TtYu UAVS' TlUAl. 'tlMvN All iHirr-*.. mu* be isr' repr«-''BUl*tl

(floney r»fuii>Je«l.K. E. EH'LD. 4«le*mai>.

LO A N S W A N T E D -R E A L E S T A HI WIVH Ui vUren ilrei Hionifisa^ «l

44, RRi auit at-.liiiU >'U utfiH Itttp.vtrii up«|H>riy: itn im ^aflMmrit, li larr o,iu.Iiiivrvst. |.f4m;lval* mil) MVRPvH'll, ugiia lA bauahim T ir . M>mv1alr> ______vs ANTbiD-iLEou at « per Uvnu on t t «rre«

aiMl bullillnpe la ThDd W«rd. Faisroaai prepert) vtuilh lie.OHO. Addrreu u u iis r e« W«vt Ninth Nt.. New Verb CUyWANTMIt, luan «it tU .«M gn llr*l urerigoa*

e l fise per ^enL u|i LlMt tjH-«n#a atmA-ment-Jii'Uihi; lu-w. vwet 3*.uuo. iii-lLAlANHO'iif. ie t IJi’.uij building.

U.UU1 W.SNTI.L) U1I lu'loav. l.’V ftut Cioofi: piikt (0 isL'i (luht. iiiarHvi value 44.'tsi; gut,a

itHulaUi iri (.ti/uimliiU Uu*.r<(, *Aag.Ml, Ni-w« UlHi.il-.

WANT ILeoO- wwinu iiioiigings, s pgr cent, ■riihuiiijii liwvihrig. g.MPu *«vufl.y;

p rlin te purl> prvlurr*ii. Aadraa* MagNew* ufriira.

i'he;gN (’KJiMWL d ’k a i> 1U>ri4lEii.

Boartl vif Ifeuttt) lis* pt>>a#(i nn nr- !inai|va regulating the rainoVN) ut ilead

• ntmalH.Any perfirMi reinijvtng ur nrticring ih* re*

riMivNi Ilf animals u-uiiout a permit. aiN-ufiJ- ing iii l)iif* ur'Ilnaric-e. 1* lubjevt to tjiv rlne or ta iv ili4>» lti Jail.

I Mill the Uhl) iMir huuiig 4 ’Jlhi»r[ly tu r*> ri.'iv-e .liuO aiikmalM wHltnul ■ permit.

HhJNKY l^'uilDELLTelei^oiits; Coatraurer

taSii Market 9414 Market.I pay th* hirhesi m arkat price.

14k LU'VH exiru large work -hofoe. w-eigha liver IJOg Him,, trifle pavemSiit Mjre, suit

furmer ur iiciqtraator, aJ*n guiHl vhunky mure, irtfle puvemsMt oor*. huU farmer, price IJJ. garni nirimg .work hune. suit fanner, prlvs 120; two peiidler*' wagiius. flU niifl si.'i .-iih: iiuht iu|i Ki<>vtj Miiguti. In lk.‘(L order. $:». JOHN RRl.LAH. Mlllliun^ *v»., ecil Apriiigfleld trolley rur* niarknl Maplu- wmiil. fiirrnerly Amerlcatb MoUmc.1 AM going lu vurchs** an sammobiiu nod

■aHI »eil livu mari-ji that ur« e'-tuady wtmh IRAO lor ITES raclu eUlluMe greeer. liulchei, linker, milkman, farmer, ur eny general bunl rii-M |iur|>ru>». tills In g g<M»J cham-e to buy a borsc cheap, a* 1 ncfil the riuun: call rval- (leni-e VH. VRKKL.sNlJ. h.S Ualii* eve.. In - liigii'iii. hrosil i>r SprUigfleld ive. 'wr, get uff Mfipiv see.

“ jo h n" ’Tlilrtv-fin* (oji -MMifuns. suttaH* I*' any l>u«l-

nee*. elx top :>rildler waginis; Met sn i-arprnier or |ilun>ht-ri wagnos; two Uend-made loji Miignnii. Hulislili- i^t bcitlled kH-fr burlncsa or any uiher hUBlm-as; Iwu elnglp Ice wegi.iia- all kinilt uf aecuriij-hepii wagorlp anij ciM't'Ugvu

Li.Hi :;kii s t j r r j i oitANtif: aVK.TKL, 7T.TIW. MAJtkET.

FiHl SAl.E—One Icam of hlockv lioll* hnrseii.ui-igh dump wegun gnd lis'idinie<l«

double hensrKi; vix top wegims, thiec ruther tire runabuuiji, I welvu cxirn hurMi-* nnil irurej who lisiv hi'ull ittud In ilvvry builncitii. weigh­ing from HIMi (o tin fSMHiUiMfili' Offer rv-fUMil. f‘i[l ai HprltigMelfl Llc*ry RIkJ>|t'. WM .loRhK. eiTh-iVH Springfield u^r.. bt'lwrifn Kirticnlh uml Klit«*i-iith atef'UiHlMi ot'1' hiiKineHa, will mHI lU ]\nT¥f% eml

rnnr*'*, sl«> two mares In foai; uarrlega horae. hsrneMx Hmt ciirris;.'!-, also dump ungDii. Irm-k jiiiil n |irriu* ivagona. uiir borein will tuilt fur rermliijr, irurVmfn nr snf blrul »f IniilnsH'i: fair trial given lci null enpluKlii’i louk u* nvrr Ix-fofeNrlng i ljicwlieri' r i l l sTl dtv Fuiirlar t Alll. MFVrn. 17f» HJpl, Vi , near [V. 1. ami WJ ILtVf-; iw- lvc hcuii I.f 1lni*.K and Iliorra PI*

M ten ) pfirs olfi; wcrklng fm the .S'yw-trli 11 nd Nriv YupV Kspreiw roinpHiiy; • ' II r hcafi. Mil ivu iicoil loi.on ftir uroMi h"iria; c^ll to sec Ihciii, prh'c R;l.*i In H,., Hh wc wjmiI tnaell ai un« e H H. ItROW, iny Fianr *1

I'jimiT liirg*' luiThr-H. one exlrw tergi iimiI''. d viihte 1i.jri.eaii, runAlnOiila. glu** frnn> il^pul

errlagcp. single lumber wagon: fiiriUlurcwagiine. nlun all kinds ' f Eumhrr ('n'lSundny nimnlng; goals' tIgH, poiili'ti urni Jonkeye, SS'ARNl-jn, 1 New York hvc,$80 tV1I.jL buy young tinrse, Lnp v.-Kgoii nrul

hnptiCMH, ihlM nu(fl( beer ui'*il by nruc''r. I'niL moHl anj- IniMlneKK .lOTiN HIlLLAlL Mnihurn iive, eiul Springflelil trolley c.ir-. marked Miiple wor»d. formerly Amerlcai: Mouse.

LAFTlE.VrE Lh'FRY TO wlJl lell thfoe \teams of Mr work horees. unicrg them '

iii.irsn, al^o ten i.'xtrii ddisfry hi.rais, will ■'‘il Ihr'm cheaii, for we Imn-e n«> further ujb fur thPni ''all nil w*ek hi 247-J4H PlUPf st,TK.AM of emflll, chwnky-hullt work hor*>-fl.

poll farm. tlN); or win ■j<I| irivaratr. b'-'n iini'1 on IjoIII* hm.f vvQgnn; Hghi top plfl' fci'iii wsgon, IPrj. \S Kl.iiAN. 414 Suuihliiphicrnlli at . fleer South Orange a\-e.Ifif) Ill’YK chunky built HOrrell horae; Hd

huyn hro'vn uiAre. Ihla pair 'sniilfl suit fijpm iir busInrsH use; fHRt roeij hrniu-hn, |A0. I’ftil any time H S\'. ALLINO. Irvhiglein Hottl Mixhle. Irvington Centre

.IFHT rpcMveil. csrliiad 'veil aelected Psnn* tylvnnln liorees. to he aiJw*’*t Inicsit insr-

ket p rh r , (air trial gl,.jsfl!^ LARRY t'LH- vRCAUO 5(1 Union lyff . Irvington. 'pKotie

ts J \

IFllVATC Mtrly Haul* IILfiui on HrtS (nun- gage aPr tsty bW p** nu it., «iu iinsi-v.iiai

prwpgrt/. Aikiutoa l.ua<i l>ot UL ,S«w* v.iiko ,

WANT Ifi.aoo, final l u u n g a b L p v f v-viit...HMwPhti.l UV'tliiMlI, MTvuuxjr.

Aildieiw IluX JJ ;v*w . a.friit.WANl He p«r Writ liMiii, li par . flrot

ii»artgHa*. atiliur-Mii o»triwr *»• ■..-4. rirwa *4. V,, •*. New* uUu«

WANTEJ>. gl.(RR< ut (i evil’., (LtM uiori' gage, InInatun |oup*iij suuu iwuilty. aA*

<ifoaj i'r'Kii,<, i*w* e*i. .vn»>* -iijt.v. ^

LU A JIA r t l O U M A L

i.«;(UL HATE LU4NH- $W TO flfiO

TOm o u b u k e b p c m .


\ r YOU HAVE FUUNITUHM TOV CMHb u r h o w h e h u (4L1(j k :.v n o o t h b h

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ROOM m . eMt.’HtU KLOfit.



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Telep('‘irie 1237 MarlieiUpen Mniiduy itml ilaLuriiay v^ritjiigs,

l/J,\N1S T^' RALAfllP.U riCfTl’LF.tJN PLAIN Mi'lE-i.

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MILLER. iM Wli.sti* *v*. ____Pt.ATFORM WAt'HiN fnr nale cheap.

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M O R T G A G E L 0 A N S --R E A L E S T A T E



‘ ' ............. CHA•(US OR c o m m is s io n C liBu. W. jlA aK ET ,

tOUNMELi m-AT-LAW,RTOM 733. p r u d e n t ia l BUILDING.

______ 'NAVIKCI l««t t^tiYuH, wl! «v«rrtlilng, tiorgea.

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REAL ESTATE MOKttJ.^G^5H.Private or H. and L. i prompt atienhen.S«nd pcpial a represerttallva will call

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JOS ML HVRNh I'O., mortgagO d«p«TtnivrL Tire Urotd eh, room VM._________________

MONEY to liMu gn bfma and moctfafo^ FRICDERICK K. Mi.>0GB, OounMlor-tt-lAW.

Nailuna) Ri«te Bank bmidlRg. Stb Breafi et.. Novarfi. N, J. •

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LO A N S W A N T ED —P ER S O N A LIfPlMlIOS a lofin nf $HD(l fur four monllm.

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MiiiliHon, N. .1.PIANU Tl.LMNU; VlUUNK Ri=;i'\ 111KD.

17 M'N;hT I»ARK HttL'DNri Kt.M’iH ■::> fOLCMmA a v k ._^w ilt d n

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aAWRP'URD CYCLB CO.. iMa'i UtauU st.iSTctCLKS-Hlgh-gTedLi Mryvk Urgaln*' tlma:

pirke oul your wheel now ilurlTig tht dfiH maxon- «*• ulU give yvia In U*r renL off uCIviT'Johnoon. I'lema!, Sivarks. Cohnnklg, tlrai- cefita xto.; \»y a small •kpo«ll aim Ivavv ft hrPf Uiiljl ITJU warn ll: n?Kiilur $:«. naphle# now I1A; gotMl iDeC tl.UM; s«i- uhcvta IhYdawn.SI oef Wevk: more wht- ’l* tbxi' all KiWaPii oi<jres corrhlned. HCflBBltT AU^TN* .W Dr*aruft kt., half Work from Hroodl oL •’i tMVw" ■~ EMItLSaTANit iin u jrtodfH twrty for rtimonaittilaB: 3 H. B. alnilL B un H H. J*. twin. (5»Bl H> *■ ^ •»*", ■ taiSriTwyavred. f:a> n t r a ; •*» bal»!li« tn alt n-allM aHamir u*wi motawyaM; rvinr ln.ad<I lt»M them m-dr and i r l <mr apaclat o ln r; cyan ea-edtiraa and flumlay.

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n iC lA L MMVVEAR OPHNINQ. r ib n J trr 34 lo lOth.

.... ..... ....... fl<u4»ntil« potiitonl. '^11 or w iitt[ ovinint MMlona

lUwrtffk« 0PM 4»Hr And on Monday.

Id Friday •vtoloiB.Acadtmy and HalMjr it*.

Nawirk, N. J.30HN KUULER JR., FHiNCirAU





THE NEWARK BKMINAIIT. W hltman'a HflArdlni anJ l>ay Buhiwl. CIJNTON AVE.. NEWARK N

« l l a ^ . '*a«jn4 aamfiiar b**lna Kabriury 'JPrhSmry «nd 1ril«rmedUt« rtB(*rim^Tiii lay

CUNTON AVK., ..................Oartltloai* ailmMi m i*a«l»ri(

t l i t r ^ h biMla for •••daitihpubilv rMdy fox hlch §<*honJ will flrul lnnl\ln-VA1 trmlalDf Ibai l&tuwi rtjiW pmfrfH* ami

' ' - - • - iibllulpa 'a>al«fua.^pMtiar davelopmani of foailTHE TOWN8KSD HCIIOOL KOH GIRLM.

HWH HT.. NEWARK. N J.Hr*. Julia Rna I>avla, I'rliwlu* .

All «r«dta. iJIlIi, En»llah. HclaliHlli! and C allan Praparalory Couiaaa ^ p l l a ---------- ------ ■'■■

A U T O M O IIL E SairrO B D AITU KXt:lUNOK--lara. *TB oi>- " waM, til jofld mMlrtf oftif/:

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a u t o m o b i l e s B U S IN E S S N O T IC E S

PRIVATE fimlly will • • .rH k r 1«l* 1*15 *■• i . i o o . only UM.I four muhiiIk . h«« •!•^‘ rl<' M ll.iU r lir «iiA l■l•o< lc 'H I"" '* . m ountuH i rim. mp. »l<l'' born. •pAfdonirltr. Urn. * "i i J , ' ‘l.1. A SI. .liiwk Bl»orb€r». r . l r . •

BMrH |.r«lol n r "rim a with iv -a im a ex tra braml ue*v Inner . .toola, atP. • *n*riint#*4i aa n-jfre*«rTitan annguaruntre^i aa ri-pX'Uomotwlrntad liuyrr'a iailafit.-ll«n, prji a

Am'lIBNBACH,S43 TLAaNE BT.. NXAIt m a u k ct .

M ALTO ROBK.N AT IJtWT.N. B -Over 60 yaara bandUag robra direct

fruia the cntlls.

i^Ia 'fraVuBtVni from ib# Grammar Ichooll •ap aniar claaMa February 2 _______

NEWARK ACAOEUT. roundtil 1TU3.

WILSON FAURANl\ HKAD MARTBR. Thoroufh preparation for any collrga or

■etamiflo BchoQl. or for bualnaaa Ilf*. Caia- lo fva ott rafluaai ___________________

FORDS, Hupmohllaa, Hulcka, Frankhna.t ‘halmara, (*idUla/a. Maxwnia. Oaklanda.

Parkarda. It. U K . and muny nlliera; run- abouta, (ourlnf rara. IlmnuBlnet, laudaulctlea. from dlSaj to yiLV), miKdrla )kli» lu 1IM4 tia^ar mind whal car you wnnl nr hoiv. luurh >6u can afford m inveat. (AM at th*' old rallaldi and only uriainai eirhanKr In Jrraev and ilMt la TOWXHKND'ft Aul(* llarbangr Stl.'i tialae)

•3*DAT Bualneu Collefa, BrMd and rrdar •Uri «by Bpand 7 to ft montha iMmlna aian

afrmpDv, vrhen you can bacoma comprleni In About m day* or iiudyT Eapanaa proponlonaiv. Podtiona aacurtd- CalAlofue. Tal. Market htiTTySW ARK Bnalnaoa C o l l^ . 106 Halaey *\

‘ * • abort ' ■ * ......... ........ ..........**TMl

;aopini, abortboDd, aioaoiyvy. aacrata-ly tttd ■ ‘ ‘ "

syed at anoaraph MTRA U WINNER. V K

tiAl; d a y 'tb ) aTMlni;" apacUl aiiaad tvaiuiifa for tmployM atanoarapher*- 1, u Ca L?C1r t . Praa. U

DRAKK COLLEGE.Sfoad a&d Want Park ata.. Nawark; book- haoplng. ahorthatid. typaw iitlng, Hacretarui and pa&matiNhlp oouraoa; poaltlnn".10W1>BN Prlrata Ruilneaa CoUrsa-HhcTlhaiid.

tapewTltlng^ buok-kecplni, tpgJjBh. lay ara- alona, |3 waakly; evenliigA li HT f'enire at-BOrrON Tachnloal Hi-hikil of Newark: roEenra.

law. uedkal, rnxInrerlDg. prep.; prUato luior. day or *Teolnf. 26H HpHeTll!p arc.

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MRS- FRKBEIUC C. BAUMANN HAS r e s u m e d p ia n o in s t r u c t io n .


ACrOliKT of Jeath, will ■m-nfUa Peerlea# 1- Ijaaaenter luurina for-.iit^of lyp*. coel

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I9S0. Call nwrer'e private rrel«l*i|«"- M*)Uth Ninth al . iwo hliMl-r frm» •'I'Uo h u rt Drlilfe T’lflia. nr«*fiU'>nt-BIVATK^hnilly «M1 M'rlflcy I'l

purrhum r. Ini* mu.|. I nli.M*r'l ' ^ 1 ^ ' ' ^duor IITW •m.ill I ..««•*..(*; i'" i'" '« cartkmally Tln-i autumoMl# for f*'" lr»A purpoaea. lUTf. ala» Vclle aiieaial. .-«• M P • 6 imarvnRer <ar '* ,|* **•'*fully ♦xjulpiHil, In ai'ienill'l <«ndnlon. r™.lT fo' Imm-illAi* .i>.. In»l-m*'l «'I>rl>kle n r .K t *.S7 V*nd. rUIII !;“J .loii *1. "I." ililioii. i;i(«*ly“ . lim n. . ! «ProBpret. ___

andrUlMKU I-AIIA m u Kl«n.|.ri mup'- - - i j a o n a b k fiarI'lerce Arm* ilmnuiinr. no ra, rrfuacd. DnHlflNKFORD runalKiul for*-d..nr I'f'dy. top

ibindahlRln. f l n i H DUHHl^».310 TUrWvUla i*v# ________,__ ____ _

NEW JEHMEY ROofln* aiid CArpeRtrilni t 'o .—tt# will J d all Uhi work on top of yuuf

iMUia ai the loweat prU*#. our tlaai ir roof paint and aaphalt ritnt roofing h a t t»o Mt^aU old roofa rovrrtii or pmlniod, chinmeta. lotdara an'l KUUtra r«-|Mil)aiJ. wlthlo !M> mllt-a of N*wark guamiiirpd HI year*: raUniuiaa fumlahed. a card will hriog our rtpiaaoxiiQllit. 32 KHia- both a i r . . leL 241 Wav.

R E A L E S T A T E F O R B A L E - C I T Y

O w tU egt

B.W'K Nioiivy by hiivlna ui reflnlah j u r all- vtrwNie. 1 hemlellrri arid hraai iHHlalvada.

Maklnir Hii-ni Ilk# naw, anything In ihu niital line refiniihed and ir|Kilrtd. h «u|>rr1i>r allvar IHilIkh all'eye 'iii liMnd, Welle *-r 'rihuna fl347

NLtv\HK Nt'^KEL PLATING CG.Ki-mx 2h end 40 tSainut at.

DKMPSKY auto tip reaa betwoan New-ark.iirNMC* anil M ontclair, prompt delivery

guaranteed furnliur# moved h> cUy <>r lounlfy Newark f»fflr% 10 Suaeai ave., 'phone 40*1 Market. (WHY n »i npiiJy a nueial celling nver the cmi-h-

*i| Ln >wur klt4-hen liuthmoiriA, atorva,Ml- ■ >1 14 TIIAI'TWKIN. Meta] i>illna Coii- t r i i l -c, nil prihlru* a se . . tvl, a>TNW. \Va«erly

P ACK A ltn Pnifllia or for aniuH t r u i k , i'

u a ) av<-, city,

liuLiHblt lor r«nur,g. .ira^in Kkin. Shu < rn-

GARAliB- elx CHI

Kearny ■elec I ri«

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let, room for Pnipjlre fiS

JACK«(tN 40 II P III 'ilel 40. ru j-lm ew n g#r. f:l&, .S II TIPiMKiiN. ’’r.' f irket

FuR BALE-Piie-i-a*Mi'»;rr ni-aai HHO model, Al condition li'iMln- Ikal P Irel at

F o r S t i c or E x c h ia E oII A IK flvc-piiMenger loutina r*it woi,*l'l

make giHnl Iru tk . wlH tnhatiK e fur Mghi runahnut i»r sell f'*r Addres' f rh a ie ,Itox 141. NenH iifflte.

F o r E ic h in g e

1 -rli.a I............ ..P r lf i l aie.. near ( luadway, lirookl) P

t'ADll.LAC, one iyllnder. in rnmiina nrrler, neaie fnuj. make fine rutiitnen lu 1 car, ec-

APTg UW.NH-Rk.UARAi IKMEN.when overhaul- Inf ihr «'ar. |»ui in h ■#! of nur new c*»0-

reftlrlr hammered [datim rlqgi. twielKio-iv the bept rlhg ever minb*. adopted by the leading inknufariurera; will the jx'wer o( mo-inT from 2?i to fLY ner cunt.; aaie xaa. oil. and etirft kinnking ('aji el factory and let * mhow yi>U .^ fler t‘an IhnLun Ring U74 JeMtfav e , Newark S. JT o r j l i x a c a r s — 1911 Hudaim 37, Huir'k 40.

1B12 ('’adllliu, Oakland. Hu'lNon. ouie Au- tocral. lYM r»fUI1ar UamL 30 Chalinern, 20 nihera: *oin* yt.u cannot fell froni new: Iradea made, buv now- al '«Inter prirea. wa fnvha compafla»n DODBINH, HO ilelle- vllla ava.

M liB HATTIE A. lUCKS. axperle.wad teacittr from Ntw York, rupt) of Lir. Will-

taA Maaon •n4 other maatera, win mcelva ad- VAnoad pupil*; beginner* rapidly advanced. 38 MAMad it., ^ * t Orange. Tcl. 1216 Orangt.rUbRENCE (teacher for threeARTHUR -

yaari at (he lamdon Conaervatory of Muaic)....................... . .. . - nlacli

R.VROAINI4—lUOlt Packard aevexi-iiaijienaer.fully «julpp4-4l, eiip ettvera, KJaacn h*i"u,

wind *hl€li, newly palnled. pypaln lank, baa m be eeen m lie arVpreclaied; one t*r>l< rjadirier. fully o^julpped, wMh eaira ahoea. ^tc.; l!Hl Ford louring, reaaonahl? offer. 43 Frellng- huyaen nv'-.; 'phnna S-Hb Wav'rly.PItRHfc; ARROW Minnualn#. In gmnl oOP-

dtllon. eleclrk'ully lighted Inalde and out; fiv# good llrae, four extra Inner tube", big iMirgaln for a«me onr. (hr best offer nvar MOO take* It. ran he neen wi pBrnge. Twaniy-eecood at. and Clinton >ve. Irving­ton. Saturday unit Sunday.

■Iflglof (lU llin method), voice placing, coh- rtaga and opera, piano , - -

154 Waanlnflon at.; tel. IW3M Market,end violin tuition.

■linOALLIANO. concert vlollnlat. give* In- ■ tncllon ; tMglnnerB rapidly advanced; cel-

•Bfiatad oancart ^ tc e e taught, studio WISS- S I A CO., toa Broad at.; for appointment WtHa or aall Moadaya, 1 to I.

KAGAME PETITTE. vocal Ita lian method* 1T>1I Waat Park a iree t.. Mondaya and

TiIttrYday*. Raaldant aludln, 376 Weal ll2d al.* Near YYork. Voice trial free.B I^CH XR of banjo, mandolin, guitar and

•yjonn. feaaon* 60c*; open for cngagamenli fa r eluba, ■nokcra, partial, wedding*, eto. 161 Wnic* »t. CAHL, I^ C H B lt._______________jgHUtBTY’ cburuhai neadlrg alngrra and organ-

tatK DIMM wrll* wKnsTEH'H J im i ' &*- • h a u l . HAnhattui Hnnch, UT Kait Klftetnlh f t . ; 1184 ituyvBMUt.XAOTIME lunm* trtai F rb ru iry oifen f r »

bOftXlM; rtault* guaranteod; twenty leaeoni: mualcal Knowledge required* Addreaa E.,

I N*wa office.BOPRANO and baritone eololata In large city

church, from May 1: eU te experience an<1 • a tg ^ expected. Addreae hlualc. Box 10. Kewa office. ______ILAOTIME, popular, ciaaelcaL ih« Bolle* Tjoca*

tlQQ Eratem *lmpllfla* all mualr; rapreaentl- flea will call* HOMKR J* BOLLES, it W.Fark

WM. WALLACE CANON,TOh# epeclaliit. *ln|lng. Studtoa. Lauter Co.,2ftf CVfton ave.; lei. 48R B. H.: voK-e trial gratia.

EDWIN WICKHNHOEFKTL IVldllP IpatnictlQd. Bludlo*. 10 Weat Park al.

Nawark: 90 CoUega at.. South Orange.BANJO, MANDOLIN. GUITAR, VIOLIN

LaiNKina, 60r. Secot>d'-hand Initrumenta for M)a* A. J* WE1DT, 4 ^ Waahlngion il.PIANO, violin, flulo. clarinet Inairitcilon. L

KAKQOLD. BtudlD. 16t Bergen at., near EoMth Orange ave.; Intlrumente for aalr-VIOLIN, MANDOLIN, liANJO* GIUTAB LE8-


•CM, CBLESTE B. UBNDERSON-Thi Aft cY Binging; voice trial appointment. Reel

daiace>atuilTo, S4 IVeat Kinney M.

FORD landaglrt body, new paint, gixhl oriRr.two lOlh Clia1m4*ra bodlee wllh top. new

paint, Qulnby T paaaenger body, twu panel bodice, atake body; (Iroa. (uliea. o<1d* and onda of every fhing for the auto; three hoora full of bargain*. UIpFURU Exchengt. Hal- i«y it.

I'liaiigc for li l# nmdrl aiandarii lypewri i^r an«l 4-aril 1nd#< raMncI, i'»iia'Mv 10 m 1 *'OO'i - v i , d ^ a . ArllngUm <>mctcr^ Aillnfi<in,N. Jj l \ ‘' r.tK»iKN'»h;f: inr: fine oondl(lnr\, fully

eQulpp*<1; *a!a or cithwhgfi real ratal# i>r ftikv .. iiignai n i LkmM bi , Eaal i^rmiKe.

GEO l iu im s . rspcri cljlfimey hulldar: ikafi- nl fri'i' i"i' I'uGi'm. t'rr flue; chlinnu-yi

built aM'1 r*-| *1 lr»-il; amoky Hilmnrya iriiai>inici-ii iti drMVi '.T j t(U‘hrniin<l B(.: tal. TmL'I MarkL'tASVNiN'Gf4 WINDOW HllADEH for STriFlEH

OFKirES .VM» PWEl.MNGK AT UiWE.‘4T IMUfK-i U m i R +OR I'llONB METllO Fol.nA N (-ilADB ' (f. 2H ttuooMlJ hT

■ I- y ■ I.I.vrON a VK.—Nine-room realden* e. i.hIIi- raveptlnn hall, ateam. clei-

t r |. , i . par>iuet fiHilrai plot bax lC ; prlre |x ..iKi Mfii* • u«h neceHary* A«k FEIST AKHI ’T' 'Ta Broad.

n i l 1/ 'It .Qkfl e a ib buya inoai tnnd- irii T,...m f#»ldetH-e; avery conceivable

II,*1,1 t u n tiled batbN, marhieo ld ,,rj(r lOlng r<iom. Engl lah dining-

r'XHii opr'i rircplat*# largo por<'h, paruuet fuMix- « i- *'>' CiQ-fl. p lo t , eaay tarma*A.I, A l-KIST. ">» Brn*d. ,

hi lif' -' kiti H-i.

Nj; V It H 1.1.1*1*11 i‘ARK W A T—Ten-room< f III fineat rnudU ion. a ^ r y moil- ■ i,*-mcnt. pao iu a t floure Uirough-

Hun KioTii. l*rgc_port’h .^ g u r^ a ; If.lftO.out Aj*H hl.lMr ' KEIHT, 71* Broad

CI.IN'I'''N H ll l . r t iicHt reaidenoe, lea* than II lilt BieH. fireproof con>

roiMna* ihrej bathe.i.;-t tio

R E A L E S T A T E F O R S A L E - O T T

b w t lU a f i

R E A L E S T A T E F O R S A L E - O U T _________ O F T O W N ____________ _

B iM B rM id ''THKKE aitech«d ona-famlly houaae, oaa(iloik f rom n i m o o *v#., n aa r W r lg h l e t . ;

nn# neiighlHirlnKKl. th*a# houaea h av e p a r t u** per moxilli. *i*««rnM.!n*ii4a and rent for Mbft: can b# n®* all-room houee; hath. heal. el#i’lTWt>l

u. I # » Cl AAn ,f*#.ah' A* aao- all in\prnicnicnte; price li'l.kiai. JUII-N t»pitfihaacd ft«r caeh . u a ian ce f j , i a e , k",...* Fr»nkHn Tttuunifiaid a t Ba-•pend aboul MOO oil theoe hoaaea and yearly r t j 'b u l ld ln a ' iK au irk r?ni uiil piMutlvcIy U 17*0. CoU at office | ^ •n a r t r .^ , 1* an i ki 11 u n, u n. Ifor full par iU'ulera NORTON liROTHBRfl ,177 I’llnion aveHL'LHKHHY’ ST, &v4--fuxy Hltla alx-fonm

I-ciuji#, part hiipi-oseinctiia; good repair iKilh Inehl* and nuialile, full lo i . fooil ncffh- borhoiHl. *<‘ ncr hH# Vft city an-l reiiuceia u* to Mil. askiJiBvery eaay l#nua NORTON BKOB.. aole agenta. 177 4']|nion as r

!* I -i-ni'-ui rijmna. three bathe, p.,rn t i.-i u « ic r h ea l; ciptn ffreplace.

rU i r . i ..Ak Him iiiuhlfl n<*«ra th rough-• t rue rnUil p.«iu*ri*.- • -.............. ., .uu t, |,btwlK.-me el- 'l '- '- fU lu r ia . mag- nirir#riU> mi'i iiriinH.Hlly ilciuratail , un- uaual f fwicn-v *juni'i ti-aOTig d l y , jjavr l- fice# for l.y^fOv I’LIHT 4t* KEiBT. T2|Hroad.

Sa n it a r y . ^*-»imleM. fireproof flmirUi* fi»rKhrbrii httihroom, mora*. etc . wnil for

aatiiple. 0^3 B. li Newark ('ompueitlnnFloij-rlnif '-41 Wimbl7igt«»n atUAHoSRY. hoi.er wvrk. bake cn. aMarallun

work iin-1 reiHlruig iilaaterlhg: all klndl Of maaon 4>uik ii>t*'iidi <l (u. M. GLLi*EN. 32U llunjufii •' . .".I'lHW v v a v o r l y . ______MAHn.N work, iblmneye rehulll. ilaetarlng,

ahfriiii"tia on.I jMtiMng. JGS A. nl!ll*!*Y. 70 South T'Oili il . H. M .or ■rnd rard.

Yli.lAl. I'KI! IN 'l^ a n d WAU.H t ’elliok!^ M <u> EKEI1 hOTK. 17 Ellla

\ .A l i^m m m i v'-oI'll Munii .1 ■ Il

r4 til liut ri Til- -r baw-x iiuildinu

new iw fii Hilly h-'iuaeai-if-en ........ . rack , turn■iUaii’ lu-«i. ]<t :il2slUu. .1-h pl.iXAi SriIKKER,

WLaT OltANG!' '1« n lit h4Jii#’ I I I

•#-;.»4rale cnii ,4i'* rs mrnia; Qpjiraiafi v mnriyiige u( pi..'ami.

I ' r-1.. Kill M "it’i ft p»n nW'im*. I r t h a t h a .

I-mi lu-ai. -iH i"«|>rove-llir Hi iUlUM.in III Mlruj

- I :h>x i'.aj, ln(N(i-t garden H iilI I ho krn Hun ri-nl IG , 3d. i i:i

•I rti'Mu in flial ' .>nrM-

iiLXV *r’. .-,1 X1iiji k

; 'phone 3i<».' Wai-frly-MAHtiN vviiKK '

|Uaiirr:ji«. ul(«ra- DERM^H'V. lal III

Miiinryw rchulK rcfmlrr^l. -TIM and Jobbing h liKt'lHlIy • *ty i l . ; lr1 Market

THGH W M Ntl.LY. ROll-EII HETTKJtfiirtiHrH rt-palrliii: taolory jnbMng. nieH.m,

high grub* work South jllth »r , 41KIR. R HMKTAI* f‘r r l I.VGH AND t\ Al.LS.

Kiiioikie* i l \ tn -n all kindi of work. M'lE Rii.sKNSTEClN I :t Halacy #i icl. 4421W Mk'

.W |k Tito I'tiriiuct f

eieiirii I'B'it , rvi.-i) inirrni i mr nlieighiKirti'•■'I'l. nnnil> i" l*.i'''k»w>i irolli-y M MERER. Easi < buli liiui

W RIG H T ST„ near KreHnghuyaan ave.-—12- rmnn two-famliy houH#, Bwpareie »laftfO

h aa tc ra , two ha lh i , e l c r i r l r l ty ; tva ry tn lng new and up - te -d a t r , neivly devora icd; y ea r ­ly ren ta l |4ii0. v,r 4«k |4.tii«ti J ' * ’*” *-owner leaving city NOllTGN HHd B . aole agcnlB, 177 i.'l[ul<jii hvc._______ ________ _

|R,S60-Small aaiminl down, cosy hom< In fll>* bx’allty. handy to trahia and tr»licy; *1x

room*, batb: all iniproicmvnta; will rvdt wlib ii-ptlon lo ijurchaec. JOHN MOVE. *1 1 tVankim BI., llJwxmfleltl, or Eaeex building. Newark.indli t'AHIf. H,*0» nrt morlgagv, flur avvert-

rtiom hiiuiic. all lmt«r'^^emrnt*: han'ly Uo*- tloa JOHN (' MOVE r, t Franklin •!.. Uloomflcld. UI Eaarg building. Neaayk|3*2on-Two-famlly ljuua#. #lc^ch rranuf. bath;

aciterat# hra«#r#: at! Imitn.'vc4m n u . handy to txmln and tridlcv JOHN r .MOVE. Ti\ rra/ikUn tl.. RIoomfleld. or Eeiex building* Newark.

AETNA m:.\I*TY t ’O. UllLH FOR VyL

na.ip drawiT. eHlmalri fiurn nulMliiga ritianceO and eriecud

un iinoAD s r-nione '2tTi 2ft2J Mkl.



MOS J' n iiinrkal>lr m ‘ llm-i: GlH 01’J-Mxlfv m e , 1«iw4'*ii I'MiitTin uno SUdienn

fngricM!-t.-'iJi ( uvruniii’, IMU**- all uni-rnif nirlll# b\l[ i-lftiMr!i- llglii will b« »<’ld “ I SfUtlHKH tiuii-lm* .

J(JMN RROWM: .•arprntcr, UI Fllacrkrr ■' .t'h'irie Market tU'iAJ, Jobbing neatly d«nf,

*-4lUnHiea *l^‘ r tVorkdlmp, Kaa#x 11.

A u to n o b ilc i fo r H ir tJ-EERl.EaH CAtlM. I.IMOI'HINE TUIF.I.M:

H m :ll, DAY. MIINTH l-fcNTnM.AVE KAKT iJflAKGK. TEL 1M7I ORANGEPACKARI)f4—Ihat and cicaneat aervlce: Umuu-

alnea; h4sur. day or '^cck. Fickard Renting Co., 11 l-'ullott it ; 'phoi.e 7h0 MarketrA i KArtU car 10 hire by ihw monilv For

parHcUlara, Auto I’ur Garage, 4IU Warhlng- ton ■« Tbone VMH) MarkO.r o HlRl-; T'#ri 4Jna-lr>Ti trucka for faei d#-

(Iverv As;!" Service ' 'n . 222 Ferry at ; tel. i:99 Market.

M K nnn m k t a i. cK iU N n ro4'rlHnga ami aglla KO-fiL Academy al

E»i- lilt years. Tel 4oikt Marliri

4 'm SK In I'emrHl aw-, Uomon plan, twn- Idmlly luiunf. both r >a,vm rented huHt on

lot 34^1 i;., reitrlviei^ nclg11borhoml. thereI i4r# 1,1 rfiMii*-, lAii hnlh-1. nil liijpnn einenl",j srparaie iniram rs hivI slcani hnHeri, can I j'C Keen Mil) njiie iiy npyidntm enl, prii-# huUJ Lrriii.e wUl !T\t'*rr'f«1 '-■'U If >"o nr« In Ole

m arkfl. i-m i.H* ! HuWERS & CO, 019'ISl Market HI

METAl* f'ElU.NOH AMJ WALl.S <-rer(ed in all kinrta nf hnllding* .fAMES J MAOriRE, ni:i UaUvy A . Newark.J. >1 TuMBS chair caning nf all kinds,

ilth eeatlng. 4hand rnne. pr##a#d and pit Meri'er <nuri. Newark. N- .1,


Automobilei WantedFOflD vsanteil 1912 ur 191 m miulel in flrat-

« luaa tulldlHi'ii only, elal* price el'- prefer private p a m . »'-'bo lan Inairui-t «nd •Hire till April Atldreoa Cash, 4*1 Gregory Rve , AVeal orang-

U ANT one !*p to Bell lo |>rlvate garage.MbBolijiely no klnrag# «h«rg<-p. bui mufit

be i-heap, will put In ahap'AfldreM Kxperi Ht>i 9*.

If nevesaary. Nrw'b offic"

B4.;HEBLKR rABBVnRTERfl.Service atatlon; new model *'K.' receiu t-holce Of MoUne-Knlght maker* In record-hreahlng iMl. Why not exchange your old one? Full •took of model* and paria. ilao #xp*rT *4- JuJter. at WILIJ4 Oarage. 3fi0 Rell#vMRj ava.DOBBINS ha* almoat evoryihlng for the auin

midwinler i i ^ l a l sale tU’Icm ; englnei. Iran*- mloalona. rear enda, redlaiora, spring tlrea, tanka, Freatn tanka. Klaxin horrte. magTieroa etc.; vlalt Jereey'a three llmea largcii ea- hange. 300-3ft2-3M-35Mi llellevllle ave. __

ELECTRIC delivery autonmijlla. ln«-mUe hat- U-ry, fancy cloaed panal fored<x»r body, prut-

il'-ally new e a r only uied 4 monihi; aacrlflve ■86(1. coat IS.iHkl. Full partlruiara. MR. RAF­TER'S chauffeur. 467 Vanderbilt *'*■ , a t Ful- ton *t.. Brooklyn. 'Phone 2168 rrospecl.klAGN&TOB, all typts ind m*kaa. l>ought, tolil,

repairad and azchanged: all rapaira dona In four hour* and atrlcily guartnieeo. at lowealgricea; dl*trlbtitora and tervlc# atatlOTi of

1mm* and MIchLgan magnolaa. HECHTS. ?hU Waal Forty-ninth at.. N. T. __

I M THK liUT who la looking to buy old car* burneil can for Junk purpoaaa; I am pair­

ing 136 up to tIOu. Puitai. or 'phon« SQ60J. ........— lift-------- “UAVER. 16 Bay at.. Uootdtlr.W'ANTRD. SMALL 1-11 JLMtmiU!: KUNAROUT

tor avv'roxlmHitly JlSi cash, alat* ye»ir unifomiltlon. Aildreaa Perfona) Buyer, iioi G, News omee. Orange ____WA.NTLD. flve-piiPsenger motor touring

4-ar. give full purlloulw# and toweat poa- slble price, Addreei Gar, Box 46. Newa offlt-a.

Uili WAM.PAPEK SALE, liianki , gills, •'k- ; rinboaied, 7tsi

i,viv-t'in« art w-lour# for 10«. . narnlihed liiei fui . fvaperlnfl roi.)hia fnr L'E. paliitini; at|nu prlit-a M linTHi>l'SE t) Smjlh Hiulige ft\e.. ill work guaranteed ■Rliniu- 7SL‘KJ Mki.

TIIK IUHJUKLYjN WALLP.M’ER f'O will |>*|'er ruOtna from t'J 6u up; pAlnilhg and kalxoiiiliiing dune ar >«-xy reahi.'nabla prLe*. Send fuatal or uall at 2Tl Hank it.p a in t in g , piiierhanglng. lowest prices: all

wnrW RUHranteed; give me a trial. MAX tVElrtP. H7W fkt. Grange av .; lel, I*17W Mkt

Hi‘:LiAm*K rjECori.vriNf: ro .will iiape'- f04jmi. t:.60 up: painiing. |2 up. IRH l/lni-oln tve*. Orange; IbL 4t)04. M. WAJt*M-tNMATTAN De^'oratlng Co., lei, jillk Mkl..

psfietlng rooms. up, palntlnk. 11.76; out­side work. J 1*KVEN. 136 .South Orange ave.

liAR.GA1 NS—,Hii-riuHTi house, thiludlng large Hture Golil# #t , near Thom ar. Juet I'e

paired »n>i paUiiert lot 30.tl00, IJ-’G nurtlly, IlOUO. Ulan iwn-famlfy hnuae. Mer- g#n #r , near Springfield . 13 rnnnia,Ikige atii< , two l‘Alh-4, steam heal. uM lin- pnivi'irienla. good LuiuMHon, will ■ [L'* annually. |C .'lOu. Ll'f'iDDLK L. gen el.

3tl'i Her

TWO-FAMILY rlwellHiK. iw ei'e romna. two baths. Ksperaie hnHer#. eie':!rU- light,

tVoodalde aeitlnn I'H 33x1110 17,00" bullil- Ing and loan mortgiiRe i B'Iu'# '! t'» 14.000. eujiy terms or snnie riiiiftl' seiiiiw rnortgagei In pari payment. AddresH uwrier. HUximfield N. J.

n tilg rnnms, t*arge grounclB. Fhie localbJti. Value IlS.Ofto.


Ka#ex bldg 'Phona M arket 4641.

f6,tio(k-I'lahi-n-om Imuae. baih. sietm heal, t-ieilrh-liy. all Inipjo'ementr; rented tmw ii

C ’l: will *rr*ii*i' irrm t property now frct uml clt-.ii. JtjHN' G. MOVE. Ewex bblldlnr Newark

HLImjmFIELD— SaiT lfke. v«iu H'C abeolule- ly frae; plot S6xltl9. ro i u :-r.imlly houo#

fnoi, but 2 Indepeivdebt houseM. 9 itiirtna each; 1 iv||| glv# you boili liouaee f4>r tf'.HiO, HO* cjah; large barn, stable#!. |>ei4i loratlnn. If you are wise 4'onic .Sunday, pimre ahead 1JI.KR Imllclrr. 294 Bloomflelif uvi> , lilootn- field.TWG-KAIiliLY houae, fiXin-en Tfiiniu seimiate

entrancex; gus. water and Krw«.r ci'i)ne4'il4in; comvnlcm to Cenirs. rintal |:i" im«nihl>. will kicrlflre to iiuh'k buyer f' r fll.iNkl, ui-r^iunl r«- ekltng OMt of town, termi to bull; no agenta. On tier, Box OH, Hiooiiifieb)IJLGi>MFIBLD— Ideal sput , for 4'hlldr#n.

modern rlghl-roiuti houea; all Improve- menli, large lot. barn. vhUkans. fruit iraea, school, statlnn, thre* minutes' ivulk , a gem: only 91,006 raah down. Address Owner, Dux 91, NOV'S office.TKN-Ru o M dwelling; bath; ateam haat;

elei-lriu flxtureH. open flreplauea; on magnificent lot, near train and troHay; tl.500, IMKIfl cash. Addrtes Owner. Box 93. nioomfleld. N. J. _______

I.GlLSt: aii-J barn. Jg.fiOd. house i,oniaini nU' large ronma and bath; all Improvemenla.

twenty mlnuiva to Broad and Market Minall itiiouni down, balance on first m'>ri- gage. JUllN <■ MgYE, Esiei building. Nev iirk-T\VO-FA.VllI-7' hhure, 94.200. l-l roerni, ai'

Impriivnncnln; rents for Fl4 per month, h* f block from lUjiriinflelrl ave. trolley. JOHN G. MOVE, Essex nuhdlnf, Newark

Box Sb.

IjcFTH ElUHTliJEM'lI HT . tJPf.-Hn%-LOT fikxHXi. WITH IRil'SK. G G riT lE h BY


iwo-famlly. thirtt-en rooms, baths, all mod­ern ItTiprr-vempnls, sienm beet: sejartiit »'n- iranves. e'ghl diMira fr-im rllninp aie ; seb'it one-fanilly realdcTitiai si-ctlon, ' an Bt*- Satur­day 'If Sunday. 10 to & o'clock prl^e l6.T.ib, no agents. _______ _

FINE Interior work and outside painting of any kind and of any place GOTTFR

g e n t /., 346tv Sussex ave.. near Hixth at.PAPERING room. 13.60, and painting. U.60;

outside work done reasunahle; niao plBsterlng, CHBIH. VuGLER. /SftW SuuUi Sixth at.

FORD, 19)3. muring or runabout; stale price and parllfulara, spot cash. Address Ford,

G10 Broad st.


LGl IFMKNT t ' l ’

flTOnDAkD-DAYTO.V touring, twn Franklins Moline fore door; Oakland |>ony loTmcau,

Jewell 7 paasenger; Maxwell runabnui; Reo touring; WInton cheap, make huslne** car: three tloora full of Uargaina. GlFFORI), 281 Haleey tt.FRANKLIN frtur-4-yl1nder. air-cooled Pterce-

Arrt>»', both flve-paaai-nger, fully equlppt'd- In excellent condition; brie*' 9 160 fluch; For<jtouring tsar; VelMe f|ve-jMSsenger, gcMid a.i new.

UEYER3 Oarage. 4M Main at..half price. Eaft OrangalUirt MODEL 31 Ttulck flv*'pasaonger touring

car; car Ubj been uA d very little and guar­anteed to be perfect In every rfapect: an op- pnrtunlly in buv a as Lm''sl aa n^w st a •econd-hand price, Buick Mot^r Go . T22 Hal- aey si.



KIVB*PAKHENOP:li louring fur. “ Mnon." givnar going away; car In f!ira(--cla«a condi­

tion, big bargain; muat ba acea to be apfire- cldtad. Inrrulre at Avon Ahs. Oaraga and Ma-

RAOTTHE pikPo playing guaranteed any per- •an In (w*niy leasotia: boor'

tatdMT will call.leasona; booklot mallcH free;

McCo n n e l l . 57 Hfliaey at.KAN O INSTRUCTION. 60c. LESSON. CLIN­


O & nciiif





BAKCINQ—Tango, one-itep, trot, MnxUa and lataat steps; Instruction mornlrig,

aftarnoon, avanlnga; M. r . RICHARDS. lr<»- quoli HalL 286 Vf'ashlngton > t.; tel. Market

nrtulre at Avnn Ave. Oarage and rhlne Shop. A^on ate. and South Eighteenth• L _ ___________ _____ ______ ____FORD runabout with IhLI Ixoly. cxir«i big

bargain. nart*e*hnff amali touring, great aac- flflce; Jackoon. ulih Ruib'nbcrg moior, fine: Simplex T paaaenger almost given away. 3 floors full of li^rgylns.. GIFFORD, 281 Halaey.

c o m p l e t e line of Stuclebaker ii>-cd road- aier and touring cars from |3hC to |9i)0,

STUDEUAKEH Agency. 134 Washington et.

BODIES—Iftl.Y CadJUac, brand new. 1915 Alco touring, taxi, unly W ; llmouilne, 176; Im-

lorted Inndsulet, 9136; new p&lnied panel ile- Jjvtry. WO; 16 four, five and neven paaaenger. touring bndlea. 116 and up DOBBINS-

'• IjxromOilve liodera. 1 Tubular Return IJoller, Jackvled ’Ijnke. 6 upright HolLr:4. 1 SfOtch Marine llolk-r, ah luniplclr; Steel .\lr Kei-fH*era. Dami^er IL^uUnra 26 Duplex Teal ing and other Sleu.ii I'umlJe. Itolatln* Euglnea, quantity of IST.gine and Holler Puna. Fewt Watt*r Heiitcr*. riijiiHT Kfiili ' i 1.70 H. P I'oi- llia Enfflne, .7 tflrlous sire liOrLuntal and "let- ilcnl Steam Kni lnea. quantity of Hruss Valv-’s. Faint. St'rui> Iron. Liigluceri' Suppliei. Compreiaora. eli.

'I IN AND IRON SIIQP.7’uni-li anil Shear*. Hulls, Uroove/p. Squa/e

Sheari. HtnJtea, Stovte, Furnace, Flwtrlc Motor. Tithes. Hi-rciv Machine*. Pow*r I'uuchea, V|hp«, Hanger* Pulieya. HhafUnK. quamity (if small Tool". She*', and other Iro>, Metal of every licacTii'llon, Hrak#*. laiko of geared lloila. com;ihte Rlack*TX Ith Equip- mrnt. F ix T in r .s .

Comhlnsillon Safe. Ilt-ii and Flat-top DnaliS Offlro CR44Jri. TypewrlH^r, ufflcc rariitlon. et' .

The above (.■‘njliimeni i* one of the lergeet of It* kind In the Slate of New Jerat.y,

S. FISHER CO—We di> painting and paper- hanging at reasonable prices. Inquire 182





IJ-fti>OM house. Imiiruvemenl*'. also barn, reHUlentlul section 130 feet frimiage nii

two Blreele. I’OO feet deep, runtiiiig through entire block, will sell for I J . ’liO lee* than ap.seased and lenvr RS per cent, on m ort­gage Address flacrtflce, Box bO. New* uf- fli*. _____ ____________

DANDY t vo-famlly house; all Impro'e- meiite \«lih large burn, near Bloomfield

a '" , will sell lo lulUijk. worth |il.bO0, will •ell fur 95,5fi0. ROREJiT ME*S/EL. S Eaton pi.

IN tllcn RIdige section; dwelling, nine rooms, two bathe; fireplaces: ateam heat.

elBClric llghclTig: blot 140x110; po*ae**lonMur 1, JlO.OOO* t:,040 ca*b. NATHAN lliaSK LU Inc _____LOOK —Olilj M.WO; new bouae~»e*eo fwitna,

til* bath, shower, stepia, gt*. electricity, 0» n rtrcpltce. nb'ely deromted; eoDvebleal sectloD. Owner, rotjin SU2* LkiT Merkel it.in.miMKtELB—IieautlfiJI ft-rootu houae, al! 1»-

pn>retDnuls. rloae to IruUey: i*irt6re; little ■ ■ MIJKLDON. 222 Market it , New-ranli rcijulreil


C h a tb tmGllIl’KEN FARM opimriuitlty; aplendid view

.■i avres. OUO feel frontage, cHy water: elec- trio; I'loom fine house; bath; barn; hennery, tru ll; few minutes aLallOJi; alckneM; aacrlflce f5,6fsi; e tiy lerm*; can sell plot*, reducing voat VAN HORN. Firemen s building.

'iOfl BATUtAlN— Ronevtlle two-famlly house, all Bepamte linprnvementa, well-

built and rented, convenient tu curs HOB- l-:itT M EN/EL. 8 Eaton pi

TWO splendid, large. deslr4ible propertlea. 1« rooms, modern cunvenk’n'ca, hams, g a^ga.

sen phutoa, main boulevard; Rreatly reducod rice*; tk.uOu. 9h,6<K); btg snap at Madison:

riioilern hou*c, ba~n. % arre. 93.8(i0. VAN itOHN. Firemen'* buiidliig.

NONE BETTER—Roiievllle three-fkm ily. all sepiiraie Iniprri\'emenln: bargain h1 t9,&00.

It<jRl':KT MEN/EL. i Eaton p i. corner Fif­teenth street near L>range and Main ata . open evenings

DEClDEli DARGAlNB—North Soventn st..nine-room brick houne. near depot, price

14.60(1. $501} down. Ninth si., near Leniral ave . eight-room bouse. price 93.800; Eleventh ave.. flve-rnnm house, prlf’|300 down. B. JUDGE, IE South Ninth Bl.I'N iaU A L opportunity—Near Warren si.; a

choice one-family houae In desirable acciloTi of Kalrmouni ave : cdUaino h rt'oms and bath; all Impte , will seU Tea*on«ble lo responalble party and on your own terms. T'HILIP J |;U7\'ERH Sr CO , iSIi-lfil Market *1.


TELEPHONE 77:H ttOOM 810.ni:ft -IFFICE FORCn g q m HINEB KN-


lU L t)R A l.LYER r o i l YOUR PROPERTY*

UN MT PRU.m’ECT AVE.. residential sec- Uon—Reaullful new two-family house: all

Improvement*, parquet floor*; up lo date; driveway for garage; price It.SOd; IDOO ca»n; rent SflOd yearly. Owner, H, SCHENCK, 91 llryaiil at ; 'phone 489 B. B.

OWNER rnual selI—To»satisfy note ruvner niusi get -.ash not l a i ^ than March I, and

^\||1 ssc-rlflre this henullful nine-room resi­dence liicHted on North Sixth si.. In the heart of Roseville, first floor contain* coty reception halT. good sl>:e parlor, dlnlng-r-mm wllh plate rail ari4l open fireplace, butlers pauiry and kitchen, three good slierl bed­rooms anil bath on second <l04«r, ihrea l''eil- ronniH and attic on third floor, waa held at n.fiOO. but for H qub k sale can be hsd at ILShO 4lon t buy before you fee this. PH IL IP J. BOWERS A CO,. IBB191 Mar­ket et , Howcth' bullillng. __ _BARGAIN-Iiton cash, brand naw twivramlly

house, eleven rf»rjn)s. atparaie Imprroentente; fine reeidentiul Becilon; 9*6.200 4‘. J. KlER-'-N. 32 Clinton at.gNAP--Tftn-rt>om houie. all improvement!', plot

MhcUO; near trolley In host residential nee- tion: near Bummer Ave. Sthijol, t4.6uO. G J- KIERAN. 22 CUnlon si.SGMMER AVE Houae nine rooms and bath,

all Improvegienlg; In finest realricntlal sec. ll'in: Bummer uve ; 13,500; be quick. t \ J. KIERAN. 22 Glinton at.



PATF.RBDN. N. .f.To be sold In loti tar Immediate renioval.

Kale hut 2 blocks from the Erie Depot.




H. W. BAFl1;i*RY.





|,|r, BArRIFlGiC-flue h1<x k from Rmnd or Mt. Proape< t tmney*, a 'ery iieslrablc »wi -

family Ktiu** with uil impi?.; conlalning 15 rr«,niis and hath. If inbl quirk, will sell 9H5o. li<-l<jw actual t-!iaf PHll^lP .1- HOWERS A CO . ISO-IWI Market *GUriPE^’ lLLE--Exceptional liarjrain, one-famlf.v

ftciai'bed brick house; Hgbi rc*>m* and hath, all nnwlcrn tmprr>vements: beat resi­dential section of RoJieilllei one block to ftn- lion; must aarrlflce; 86.3(H). H. H KLOGR- NOV. FJk Tlrnad *tNORTH SEVENTH S T . near BlonmfleliJ

rtve. -Street paved, convenient In trolley; H-ri>oin. iwn-fam1ly house, all Injprpve- rnents owner leaving '-lly, will eel I al ‘ sacrifice. JOHN ,1. BERRY Broad at.

BRO . 776





ONE-FAMIT.T hou*e. Roaevill#, 7 rooms, bath.BIilc. Improvement*; sleam heal; open plumb­

ing; Al condition, barn, carriage houae. two hliigle. or* box stall; Hater, sewer conn'ctlotii; xultiiblf' fur garage, term* leasono-ble 171 Third at.

RI'ILD your o.en home; the Cllnrnn Hill Gr>n struitlon Gomiwny will build a swell sli-ritfirn

bnu*p. wllh all Imprnvpmenia. including bath, rHiig*. wsahiray*, medicine cabinet, olunifi* and pedestals bt'lwccn parlor and ilinlng-'ronnx; price 93.461), or n twelve-room two-family hogse with iTTiprovement* f< r Jfl.Sfki: only best of labor and rniicrial ueed Ikroughnut; lah<' *d-- vantage nf ihe*e winter prices. Glinton Hill GontirucUnn Co., ODS Bpringfleld ave. Irving ion f'enire.

DKVRLHrEll'H oppoMUDlty: »i lets. fWilSO ferl eirh: loi-iled 6v(* uilttiitcs' n-Mlk from Glittliam

J I Depot. I*a«-ktwsDRi Railroad, sireel*'peaert. cement Bldewilk*. aewera, walef, elec Irb'llj Slid rrollej available;' whole or large por iliHi van he iKmgUt at |3tlU caeli. •Iiould retail fordouble the aiDoiiflt; tnvcitlgitc lUla unusual o|> jHirlunlty. VA IJKVK V. WEI^HII. opposite Lackawaniia HtsHon. Morristown, \ . J.LARGE, modern resideiu;e, nme rcKima, bath

electric light, sleiaii) hc.at, tjaruge; plot avar- ugvs li»>x21B, fruit, berrlc*; corner Main and Washington; near slailon, trolley. Owner. Rnv 2fi, Ohaihnm, N J.9(i0i> CASH and 9.V) per momh will buy a naw

h-rooin-ai.il bath hout< , all modern vonvajt- lencef, 'I'hune Owner. 2S5U Market.

CaldwellDEdlKAULff propenlea for sale and ram.

R C. DKAN. *lCd Bloomfield ava.. upp4Mlle Central 0*i]dwaU.

I^LINTON HILL-l*arge lot mnd*m plflgani trim; cost 17,230: wtll *eM for

Address Widow. Box 14(1. New* o f f i c e .___

B a it O ra n g aMl SI be sold, value IT.friM). price 9,'h W»0; lot

r<(ixl4H- 1uiu*e S rooms and huh . fltia loca­tion: bigb ground

fi.iii"), Brick Church StHiioii, s r<nm!j. bain and ail hnproM'mcnli'. ample grouii-ls, 91,ihK1 ca*b-

93.300; l-:vergroHn |>l >M slyl*- houB*; krooms, balb; sicam heat, y2u' la th needed.

8H.60i), B fine ppiiKiiiy. value J12. 'khg H> rorjihs und bttih, Itt lti:ixlii:i. fine old shade trers. Biablc

81.7,(KSi. frmnr and brick hnus<', 1 ’.' rtHiiiiB huiI 4 h a t h n f r u s . b R r i L ' ' ‘Kl f l ' ’' ‘r r ; H e r : Ha ir l c l -d location; lot nr.xF*G alable, a f.ircfk.sure; bargHlii; value 823,'VHi

.1 G THGSUFl.L MtHRti:Real Lstaic Rvaker Oin"'Hi(.' Mrlck t hurt li

Sialbm, I'mbi OracKc S’M(»HTDN n 10 namis

irl'ily : *al-v I ,4)H0J b.ithB, iieam. ele.

nt;i*G I S'l . H rono’s rniiili n 1 ,iiprii'eii" P*il* lO.-jOfl, rent |iki

THRKE-l'AMILY bouse. In goorl order. h IHi Htalile In rear; can be bo-ight right. Apply

to VAN MANTHEY. llSfl Central ave.^-lAMI'T'iN TKIinAGD. H rrK>ma,

irlcliy; rent 8T*3.

BF.AI'TIF’L'L one-family* nliie-mom houae: suitable for doctor or private family. Ad-

dre*n House. Box 114, New* office. ___FOR SALE, house. ’('Bh eight rooms;

provement* lot 3»xlo(ange ave.. near Grove s.,

............... im-t 9&3 South Or­

el ly.CENTRAL property; three-family. 29x100;

Plane a t. near wiUlam : big future. Addreaa Chance. Box 135, News office

BACniFlCB-'fU 'O nr neareal offer takes U H. P. 4-cyllndsr 6-paascnger touring car;

giioil running order: good paint and lire** will deinonatrate; must aell by Tuesday. Call’gt 8? Laurel ave. Arlington, N. -FCHALMERS, 1013, deml-tonneau, recently

uverbauled ind painted; fully e^jufpped; muat be seen lo be uiipreclated; reason for •eUlng. am iiurciiaalng a alx-cyjlnder car. Addrcs* A. J. iL, Box W, News office. _____

a u c tio n s a l e .

M, J. (VniNNOR'H iONS. .MlCTli'NEERft. A’l' THE SALUJRtKiMy.13y-134 Ml LiiERRY 8T .

ON MONT>AV Mt^RN'lSG AT H n 'f ’l / h ’K. •\ l*arge VHrlcty of

FL 'R M TB R K . Rh’Ga. REDS AND ri.\NOS


Real klaiate. Ina.. Loans and Appraiiaii.REAL E'-TATffi Al*ONO Ihs LACKAWANNA.

K. C. HOLMES AGENCY.SUMMIT, N. J ._____________


1180. Doiwlng every Saturday evening; ape- clal feature, February 18.MR. AND MRS. EDWARD F. MAHTCR* Sr-

lect School of Dancing. 301 Main nt.. Dr- g&ge; ah rnodern dances; Kpectul ratoe lo olaaeea of tan or more; private rtaH.iee a r ­ranged for niarrlad folks, 'phone 4S97W Orange.BTIRCKHARDTB Academy for Danclnx. MU

Bmad. ojipnalie William; open ev« ry eiruing; Cl&ae tirlsata leseoni; experienced partniTS for beglmivrs; with thla 9>kiPTn none fKlI; latest atylo a specialty; edv&ncD claaa W'ed- neadar evening*.


IfllO GADILLAG’. toy tonnrau. 4-p*a*anger, d«- moumablft rlrns, lop. tire* almoat new, all

('Oinpivte and fln^ condition. 9436. K. L. LRtX>KE. *21 Highland ave.. l‘orr*t Hill- 'Phone 172SM Brunch Brook. _____ _>’IVE-PAHSKNGF:R. fouT-cylIndrr. <T0-hor*e»

power car. bought new by owner; iniO com- plola equipment, lire* nearly new; excellent cunilltlon; Very rvaaonable 30 L^alle s t . : 'j'hnne flAIW Waverly. • _____F(3RI> metal commercial bodl'.’S. doora on rear;

rnady tu rnouni on (.haasl*. IN" each. Htnou- itne bodies, aluinimim, vor>- light; ready to fit 10 vhD«siB and trim and J. COLYER £eCO., 500 Central ave.

Private class leasons, 10 A, M. to 10 P. M_, gdvsncad clasa Tuesday svstilng. BERRY


CADILLAC—A few choice used Cadillacs* xiverhsuled and repainted, prices rang*

from 9960 up; snclossd and open bodlas- Detroit CadlHrto Motor Car Co.. 312 Halosy sL, Nstvsrii. N. J.

DancInK Bchcx>1. 833 Broad *t. Tel. 31.31W Wav.PRIVATE flanclng lesson* a speolslty at your

eoiivsnlencn 7 Belmonl avs., near Spring- ftsld ava. PROF. L. U H IU a Inst.; cal! «vi-n'a


Claases or private w-hc-ol, or roMldenre, HiO William St.. Orang^n; Fi^i>ch. Oernmn. Spanish. Italian, Latin, Greek O P, CAMBRELINGFRENCH, German, Spanish. Italian at th*

School of ToinRuages, Prospect and Main m* .ilijei£aal OraiiKB; scli'w! or rcsiuenet.

D ram atic a n d E lo c s tio BGEO. r . OIAISTLAI’. Professional Coach, Elo-

eutimi. stage trail,ipg. uniateur thesirlcals and x’audevHlc a<'U voached. Bpeclal altenUon •locution Biud.-nts. RtuiHo L*6 N»>v et; hours l-fi

THOMAS commercial. BO-hnrsepowar, In Al rondlllon; rapacity one ton; fully equipped;

prlcR reasunnhif, owner <>4t of bUMl-nr»H; no dealers. Address THOMA9, Box 13 . New'H offU-e. fi:WHY pav rent for your amont|bl1s. when vou

.’an I'tiy the Rut y *t*sl portAble garage for ti:T Hn.r iipuarJ flreiiroof and wateriuoof. f'TlirRilN n. M!'iH?RAFT, RI3 Elmwood «>e.4Tfvln^um, N- -I-

[CENTR.U* AVE.—GarSfie sits; 26.000 square I feet: frontage on two main stress. Consult ! ALBERT E. ALLSGPP. fnr., Firemen s bundl­ing.RIDGh ST.—Thrce-ramlly. i'«'o trcjllpy lines.

riceilrnl for Ins estm^'nl; aJwayS reiiieh: low price It sold at ome ALBERT Iv ALLHOrP,Parlor, Chamber an<l Dining-room l-’hirnitur'*, ^ ..... ...... .....................

In sultTg and odd plec-en. Library aultea, in |ric.. Firemen's building.lealber: Turkish RO'-kera, mahogany Tables. ------- . _ ----- ..j----- ^ ^ -----*Upright and Player IManoa GORNLK lu-i gun und Magiinlla pts,-llnoe-

DlNlNQ-JB i’ GlTES. i story i rams bulldii^g, five fBinlhes andIn mission an«l oak; also a l-vr e as*orlm**nt nf store; nl*o brick stable fnr eleven hones andgirtebuanls. Buffets] China a 'll Crystal Gioufts. [ yard whb iihert*. Imjulre WILLIAM RAUEK, lealber ami oanu iekt Dining I'halni, Extensluo | 440 Bergcji st Tabjw*, T''a«cy Roikers. Unoki-aaea, (Toui bedrnri I'ivturra,

I.RAfl ' AND IRON BI-3US.In all stylre, hair and I’oUon Matiresaea T'rfas- CT* and rbiffonlers. In oak. maple, mahoghny anri Glivusslon walnut, Hr'iri'om Chairs arul Uo< kers m mgti b, Da\ enpurt*. Coitumors. Wajihstand*. Hlankcta anil PIUd’ab.

IH.’Gfi a n d LINt>LKrMsl. Axmlrister. Velvet, Wilton uiM Lruasela R uk».

Runnels. Art Squares, Bloses and other fur- r-lshing*.

aOGTH SEVENTEENTH ST.-Sacflflrs besu- tJful two-fsmily: all Impta.; also une-fanilly dn-elllngs. i!©I-807 South tfUh s t . ; bardwixd

trim- parquet flonr*; beautiful decorations; lot 86x100 AV^5U^^T THErKR. 1RI> Hnuih I7lh st.BARGAIN-TWO detached houiee; all impnive-

TTients; lot 55x100. and vacant c-nmer lot aOxlOO Inc-lude l: good locality; North Newark; three minutes lr> Broad at. trolley; price 9Hi.' &O0. A<ldre.M Bargain. Rux 3fl. Newa nfflte

TWD-FAMIL^' houae on Camden si.94tkK); 95f»0 cA*h. balance ruorigsgr.

W, GILLEN. 142 Market it.


I HRKE-FAMILY house for aale; g«»il order;Improvementi; I in Niagara at. inquire C.

GRANER, HI) NMaxara at. ___ _______FOR HALE—Threc-atory apaitment, ah Im-

lirovrmenTs; 145 Ml. Prospect ave. Tel.021W H- B._________________ -


tioam c'lfi

prtifJ^rEf T HT . 11 2 I'Ultis. stfamlarge grounds -wltll dtablr*; IPlU

Many other sUrKcil'f bouern, KjJe nr rei;', aliu apam iitnis. .'aniior i>vi s It e


Upposlte Brick Cliurcb hlatlun. Ei*t UrungH.nKAGTlP'UL l/nc-illnn--Biirgulr ; A r-ub^lun-

tlally built «>nc-fiunllj h'>u>*«- in reslJenllHl fterihm 6f Bast Orungp large grournls: cun- t.\lnn 1 1 romnn anil hhtJi, nil lniprmem*nta, Including fumblntUinn f.i» iimi I 'Dvtrlf Ilghl. tIU'ri barb parquet fioor.-i ihmughout the hnu>-B, corner property. «vlll sell reoannubls on your n»vn leriikH; InveHtigai* ihlt oppnr- lUJiRy !>HtLrr J. BOWERS &. CO.. 1S»' ISI Market st

f o r Ha l e chrap, on easy terms; aparltnenl.Iwo-famlly, 273 7\‘oo<lBlda ave ; fourteen

rooms; *eparai« enirancee and healer*^ hard- j mortgagewood finish; all Imprr'vemenls; rerlal 947 per month. W. c. HEADLEY, «W Brond si.

SIX-FAMILY snap: near Central a\e. and RoaevRle Rlstlon; all Improvement* but

bent fully rentwli for^l.344 per year; first

FOR RENT-Dcalr-Al'le house*, |25 and uuwaM ;new BimrlTrent. stenm healed. Janitor* ser­

vice. hut water ntid elcrtriclty. and mj. ward, two-ramily houses. 922 and upward, houses for sale, all prices

FRANK H TAY1/7R.28lb year oiip. Brlrk Church hta.,

I.a..kav^aniia R IL. Fast Oren^e. N. J. UPKN LlNtXiLVS IGRTHDA V.

n.OOfi. Titlii by InsGtutlo.r;

ORCHARD RT. -Good ll-room hou*r: all lin- provemenle: large lot; suitable private dwell

Ing nr Imardlng-houso: cut-fif-tnwti ownerneeds rash; will sacrifice; price H.HWL terms arranged. FIACRE. t>'20 Eaoex building.

...Iph’t take back sacond mortgage; price 912,sort; iMa pro|»erly ahouJd be taken at onie. Addresa LEWIS. 2H Rhod* Island a \e . Eaat O r a n g e . _________________________

m u SA l.E^W ell hulU one-family house eleven room*, two bath*; good neighbor-

hn>d: Eighth Ward; will sell nl one-quarfer lexM than appraised ^■alU0 nr exchange for city lotH. Owners. Box 7, News office.ONE of the best constructed two-fanilly dwell­

ings In Weequahlc Park section; am compelled............lldl - -- --- ------------------ -


WKEQUa HIC s e c t i o n —Plola 50x100, re- etrloted to one-family housaa, price J1.600;

plots 35x100. restricted to one or two family houses. 9S00 W. T .IFNNINGS, 56 W«e- quahlc a\ rBALDWIN AVE.. plot r>t)xlll, If you want a

very chohe locality for huliiilng n i-lwen- Ing huy thk-t, near Glintun hva. Heal Estate Department. GL'EHl.N ft WILLIAMS. 7S1 Broad at c

f o u r sli-famlly houses, near new high school and close to Elisabeth ave,; five-rewm flans;

I’Cl'E-KARTFOHD'pony tr)nii<*atJ In flrsl-elaa* roiiilutMii, all equipment. Including quirk

\ hanging delivrrv l>cdy; good as new, t4tX>, VAV, STI Amhersi st., East Orange, tel- Or­ange 2F>-1.

AT AUCTION.A large bankrupt stock r>t Grocirtes and

Fixtures of Horry flilverfnan, will be sold Ly S. DIugRch, auciloneer MniMla-y. Febru- ary 9, 151*. »l 10:30 A M , on the prem- ivea. 243 Court st.. <or. Charlton at,. New­ark. N. J. Thli stock conulsts of a great many welDknmvn brands of (7rocerle*. Teas, Cnffees, ftpIccH. elr. Fixtures, 1 three-tub icebox, 4 snow rRHes, 7 silent salesmen enow- caaes, 1 delicatessen eftae, \ walU-a*o. count- ers. 1 coffee njlll, f.'-als». i Natlntinl i-ash register; everything solfl In trade lot* n llh - pijt lim it y reserve.

annual rental 94. iflbi small amount of cash required. Address Owner. Box 77. Newa of­fice.

flve-pttrii shoes, uiheh and full equipntent; Juat

ovfrhauiid nnd III b«*t conilltion, demon- Mrutluo given. Address O., Box III* New*nffire.

EMILIK Ma r ie KFEBLEH. reclUI pro- graniH. limiructloTi In rloculinn; coaching

of amateur pluya. IT7 Milford av«. Tele­phone 32&.!M Waverly.

Mucellaneoai>RTTHMETIC. algel'Ta. grammar, cc-niposition

and oral t3nffllsh, v-nvaie Joninjctlon st mod­erate raiea. Addr^^s instructor. Lux 127, News offtce.GElItMAK. lirlvatfl le*sor». Er^glieh for foreign­

ers; arithmetic aud ulgcbre courses, evenings. Addreas DKUraCR. Box a:.. News office.

lutruction W toted'WAWTED. teacher ta itiA’h Uallan*

AUTOMOBILESa u t o b u p p u e s . b t o r a g e , r e pa tb in o

In stock, sll parts Maxwell. lg-2b; cylludsri cjeaned with oxygen. JEHLL 8. 303 Halsey at.AUTO radiators, lamps, repaired and rebvilH by

expert mechanlca; prompt ser^'ics*. American U9uto Radiator Works. 4llwB]lam at. 2fi92w uT

wf: m a k e o l d e n g in e s n e w .AutoTnoMie, marine and motorcycle cylin­

ders rrbnred. new pl*tOni» and ring*. Bloom- uellavllle are*. Bloomfield*fUltj I iarnge. 4<t0 1

AVTO TIRE EXCHANGE: bafgalna, new, sec- tmda and second-haud itres; La RGEAT SX-

CHANGE IN THE HTATE. 22& lialsey at.; tel 8375 Mkt.; old Urea taken In exchange.ONE BuU-k, model 17. new transmission.

compleic- 120; one four-cylinder motor, Al cnitiHtion. 92G, 6-200 storage battery. 910. \V. H. OREEN. 565 Twelfth ave.ALL metal parts of auiocnobllea and machin­

ery welded and actually fused together; alu- nilnum e-orh a specialty, D. RElDENAUH.

Halee ' s t . . 'Phone 74H2 llarkat*

THF auction Sale of GHOCFRIFkS. which wu* 10 be held ai the rlT Y Al'CTION RCX>M3,

M a ca dem y ST.. O.N MONDAY, I'liiG KFARt U, AT 11 A M . I* f\>HTrONED until WRU.NRSnAY. I'EBRFART 11 For full pPt- tlculars of *a)e ace Tuewlay s News.

K. SONNADKKD*Auctioneer.


BEO fo ft door, new paint, yetjr own pries;Jackson. iklO touring, make offer; Cadillac

touring, highest bid takes it; ihffte floora full of cars. GIFFORD. 2kl Halsey ft.LITTLE four-cylinder roadster, |tOd; Chal­

mers 1910 rour-psasenger,•cyllnd

four-. . . model 17 touring, |400. J South Clinton st-, East Orange



FOHD^—Se^eral bargains In used Ford cars;Intmedlate deliveries or new Fords. Motor

Bales Agency of Ihe Oranges, 4ftU w East Orange 'Phons I35ft.

dalo at.,

BUYS a one-cylinder Cadltlar* in goodrunning order, with boalneas bMy; iwa extra

tiraa Call Hunday. 1512 Broad at.. Bloomfield,Iftift ftl|C-eYUKD£SR rehulH at- a cost

of ovar a very good -pHca. Addreaa Loiter, Box 4 ^ . _ _-- -,<-T.. .. •

RUNABOUirS-"lBl3 seUIe” Overland, |135;Ford 97R; Maxwell. |dA and ttSA; Htipp ftlL

Abbott D ftndi. 44 end special roadsters, fast and sporty. DOBBINS-

AC7TO TOPB are mad* by F* MATT * CO.;nasraabic and satisfactory; positively guar-

iiPtaad. 4ft| W aahtn^bp s t ; tel. 7478 Mkt.

.TKCMNTCAL autofhoblle magazina./a lr ts ' valuable Information;

. , * ^nrsrlpan Chauffeur, l!T Yiuller 'uiog-s ....»clhnstL

WELDING auto and machine parts; work oalleij for; lei. 2r»*MR Bejievllle. E, W.

■QLBAU, Division ave., Belleville. N. J.FOR BALK, Stadehakar eleotrlo runabout;

tires Hka bew; lifi ^ k e s It. Pneumallo Catllpp* C04, 409 Brcsyplst., Bloomfield.AN « x c * i 4 l o n a l F o r d . tftlS-lftl-i

fully eqiifftiiMi mimy extras; t«00. DB. VLACHB. 10 Cortlahdt st., Newark.

V£KT late mode) five-passenger car, costing 92, ^ 0 ; fully equipped; must Hell Imme-

d laie^:^ 1200. MR. GROSSMAN, 401 H arri­son aveT, Harrison.&EO, Iftil. g'liassenger touring , ear, lb sicaL

lent, condition; oversJoa Ur«i; will aacrince lo quick buyer. Address W. H. v.. Box ft7, News office.

NEW .1ER8ET CIVIL SERVICE e x a m in a t io n r

iipen to resldenlrt uf the Slate. February 17, I9i 4—PoelUcins connected

wllh the Prison Farm. Leesburg; Suparln- tendetii Prison Farm, IlftO per m onth; Aa- Sletant .Superlntftiulenl. 968 per m onth; flu-perviwr Bulldifii*. IDX* month.Marrli 2—SeTfeani-at-Arms and Court Crier. Mercer County. 9L2tM).

March 13—Copyists, pan and typewriter. 940 (ahout-l a t outset, male and femala, open lo residents of the State for eervlcs In the 8iale. nnd to residents of Newark. Jersey City, Trenton. Hudson and Mercer

unties for service In those municlpaiHles, March :3—Factory inspectors, femoles

only. #1,60(1 J ,Application blank" muBt be filed S days in advance of each date set. Communicate with Civil Service Commission, S tats Houae, Trehlon. _____

fJOING SO rT H -M ust Mi'rlflce rosirDl-i building loip on Rock ft\" ; worth |1 (I'MJ.

wbl sell 1 > quick buyer fU.Tn each, Address S4outh, Box 10:4. Neva office.B l’IT.DKR H B argain—T«i. 0 plot*, 8 and 16

lots; nn Nlnetesnlh and Twentieth sf* , ono block north from Klxleenth ave. car. N. SCIIOLL. 66 Baldwin iiv*.

tn finish building as builder could not bay for material: will nrll for lea* than cost. Ad drpia Marbrinl, Box 141. News office.WEFtjrAHK' secHon; two-facnily house, 13

rooras, two bath*. I'hcsinut trim, beam cell­ing*. electric llRht, utenni lic.ntprs. separate cn- Iranre; lot JWxIOO. near oar line; price 96,WX). W ’r. JKNN LSTJfl, Rfi \Ve*-quHlilr sve.YMMflT HT,. 42—Go*y littls ali-rooni brick

house, all IraproTcnicnt"; picellent rouditintiSfikliig $3,300, only H.nOO caab reimlred: w irl Uninodlalo offer. laquire only CHARLK8 L-NOltTON, owner. 177 nintfin aveCHAD7MICK AVE.. Weequahic aectlon—-

I'wo-fsrolly bouse. 13 rooms. 2 baiba, Btesm heat, electric light*, separate en­trances; nsar car Hhe; 96,600. Address Wee- quahk. Box 84. News office. ____FOREST HILL—Large corner plot. IC-roont

d\\e!ling; modern improvements; steam, honest iHjlIt; beet neighborhood. garage plot; great bargain, only 93.500 required. Widov-or. 18 Mt- Prospect p!

80LTH TENTH ST.. 51—Eight-room house on lot 25x100: fine neighborhood: flO#

cash, balance on easy term s to aull pur­chaser; 'phone -Market 2207, or write. Own­er, Box 9L New* office. ______#tj,700—Boston plan. 2-famlly. teparal* ateam

healer and entrances, electric tights, tiled bath*, beauilful decorations. GEORGE E. MPT»:HLgR Cq^ t o a Rosavma ave.


THIRTEEN rooms, new iwo-famlly house.nil modern Improvements, separate healsra

and entrances, double porches and sun par­lor, dining-room with beam ad celling in 1‘hostnul trim, handsomely decorated, con­crete walk, abodes, screens, gas and elec* tricky, plot 30x100. situated In a desirable and most convenient section: three mlnulB* to Erie station and trolley; only #700 cash required; mortgage 94,000; balance easy terms- send for photo; price $5,600'. JAMB8 ,!. -McaVINEY. 11 N. Fourth *1., Harrison.

GfclNTUALLV located ifrrcom brick, thri'c d.irles and basement; near everything: sdsplcd for

iniHtnoas; #11.000; bargain. CONKLIN'. 1003 I'nioii buildingCHRAPFST plot

Newerk; 122x206 take $3,300 cash, 'Phone Estate Dept-

Frelinghuysen ave,. appraised #6.000. will

1740 Market. Roal

HALSEY ST,. 408-410.Properly for sale or_i’ent_for bu*lne*« pur­

pose*. I. DIMQND. D. OSnOBN, ft4fi Broad.,1N7:SS nroperty; iwo store*: *!;< families; It il.rWiO year; price to quick buy:r, Il2.u00

lil S1N7runt 91..,.-. J— . ....................

Adilress Investment, Hex 146. New* orfice-FOR SALE—Lot In Clinton HIU sertlrm:

this Is a bargain , don’t m l« H* Address BargAln. Box 108. News office.

NEW JERSEY CIVIL SF.RVlCK EXAMI­NATION—Open to residents of Newark. March 2—Helper Imale). surveyor's de­

partm ent. Street ami Water Coimnlsslon. Newark, I400 per annum

March 6—Stenographerx. Board of Bduca-

DwelliniiT7\iJ-KAMlLY house, Clinton Hill; select

neighborhood; small amount of ca*h reeded; any reasonable offer will be accepted. nRl'.Att- KNRIDOE A TJCHENDR. Inc.. 338 Broad st.PESniSE AVE.. 274--l>sndJ HGlr tdx-room

houso. iteaiD heat, batli. all ImproT'-niPuts: must sell st oni-e, asking 93,i»GO: rsj]i miulred |1,W0. NORTON URtiTIIERS, 177 CHnloi: are.ECKERT AVE,. 38-44—Two-family hO':Be#: 14

rooma; all In’inrovemonts; lust completed; will take part |taymeni and larR* murtgage; price 98,(jOO. GEiaRR A FLDM. M5 Broad.XSVO twin houBPs. fl ronmn each, on large lot,

north end of clt\ . l4,fiCK) price for ihe two: easy terms; Improvementa. large lot Ad­dress Must 8ell. Box 125, New* office.

I 'ORGST HILI j— House, 6 moms and bath, huller's pantry; steam, gas. all Improve-

mfniH ibTse minutes’ walk to iraliia ami trolley; bargain to quick buyer. G E. H . fiivner. L pper Montclair.

$4,S0b Bl’VS practically new one-family house; Id room*, all modern Imprwe-

menta: hot water heat: gas and electricity; rhestnul trim and maple floors, screens and shades; large veranda: paved street, high location; lot 30x100: private mortgage $’,600; terms arranged; can be seen ajty- Gnio; write, call or 'phone JAMES J

-th et., Harrison.

NORTH FlITEENTH KT.. ns-ar Park ave;-- Two-famlly lu-use ihlrtoen moms; ever

modern Impmvenicni; aeitarais jxiTi'hes, «, trance umi stciim lieutrrh; first 1 lass i:i>nd tlon; three minutes to Aminre HtatloTl an near trolley: 9Q.o(>0 Address Owner, Box « Nr\»s office.OWNER leaving town, muai sacrlflre attrsr-

i[%e it'O-roum houre: i'on>'<nleni to Grove St. Etatlon. trolley and school; all modern im- pros'cirents, perfect order; shade's, tcreens, awning.^, etc,; decided bargain; look It over aitd make an offer. 144 Gnenwood ave., E^si Ortnge.SEVEN-ROOM house, with all improve-

meniB and stc&in heat, on North Nlne- teeiilb at.: S minutes lo Grove St. Station and trolley: price $4,200: first fa ir offer lakes It; term s arranged. JAMBS .7. A!c- AVINEY. U N y th Fourth at.* M srrlsoh .^

-fazmly spTWO new ilx-fanflly spartraenls, fully leased for I4.2(J0 a year carb: two tnlQutea frooi trolley

and train; showing net Income of $1,800 esdJ after paving eiprn^tf's; will (‘ichiiige equity for' T _ ____ n-HTaAif t <3 1 UlktdnkrgoMl second pkortgages. THOMAS JOHNSON', 212 RurneM st., fUst Oraage.CENTRAL AVE.—Real bargain, two-famlty,

all Improvements: near East Orange Sta­tion; lot 3914x123. room for garage; this la

raft) ‘ .an opportunity to get a valuable property at a bargain price. LEWIS, 28 Rhode Ial> and ave.* Eael Orange.

Me-AVINE7*. J1 N. Fourth

AN ELEGANT hoiise, IT rooms,ihrfc baths and all latest imprm cinents.

prlc*' COSI $ir,.(VK't: realru-ipd neigh-boihond; rllniOh Hill section Addreia F. A. llQX Sd. News office$4,5D0—Two-family, all lm pro\em entv two

separate "team heaters; ewny terms; $3,200, one-famlly, improvement!^; paved iurret. easy terma. Address IJarRaln, Box 30, . News office.RESIDENCE, six roome and bmii. nil Im­

provements; house Just compii'iRfi, located wltblq ono block of Centra! ave. price mod­erate and on easy terms. 7S. Nowe office.

Adrire-"s ,1. H., Box

$200 CASH huys r. heauDfu) thme-fsodly stucco huuic with all nu«dcm tmpTt>vefjienig

In Glinton Hill. Forest Hill nr U'.scvIIIp sec­tion* Inquire CHAR. iJJLRKl, :;2'2 Wash­ington st.I.ElPLTE ST., near Gimion avr One-family

houiO, nine rooms an 1 nadi an irniTovt-’ ments: lot .VixUK'-. pri'e 17,2oO, rasli ia.oOO, balance mortgage. Andress N.. llox 6J, News office.WOODSIDE- Drie-family bnuxp. sevan

room", bath nnd *pnrf for two rnome In ftlllc; all lmpro\pmon(.< r.all nr write. Own­er. 721 Summer avs . iHi;,

CLINTON H ILL—Modern two-f*mlly; IS rooms; every Improvement; steam, wide

lot; best neighborhood; hear trolley; special bargain. Owner. 18 Mt. Prospect pi.

■VAILSBCRGH^Two-tBr iiiy all Improvomonls.well built and Srileilcally decorated; will

secrlAre; ninke an nffvr Address Owner, Box ini>. News ofTl'T-

Norwhod et.—Two-familytloT ; females only: 1420 to |65D per annum. 1 y a TLSBURGH..................... -- - ............. ^Application blankfi must he filed by tvoon. I lO-room; two baths; cost owner, 14.200; ut---'

Tuaadsy. February* Communicate with j „-ij| sell for *3.900: (erma lo eultr EDWARD

HAVE two good l»^o-fkmlly houses, will sell cheap to gubk hj,.pr <it \vnuld consider

gooil trade. Audrrs-s Leaving Town, Bo* News office. ____

the Otvil Service I CoTnmIssion, ’3 ^ te house. iTrenton. * ’ ■ * _______________

1 BEERS: foom 746. PriideniUl bldg,

E-xarr*naiJ^"tNEW JERSEY CD-ll Service open lo residents of .New's/.

1P14; storekeeper. Newark CU>$1,020 per annum; appllrttion bia'nke tntist be Hied by noon. Februeev 14. cTommunlc-ate with Civil Service Commission, State House, Tren- ton.______________________ ________ _______


WAVERLY electric. Iftl3. fully eaulpp^. ex- Ira batteries, etc-; a real'bargain to qukk

O A pfiU U A lift#, taiirlog car. in Al ccodl’ . sell c b 6 ^ to cash ktuyeT. Ad

1!. Box 91, Nows office.<N>VtaaIc1In. 4*«ylind*r. model □. new

, fine oondltton. fuHr Mulpped. TOBT» an st. ‘Fbsne #749 Waverly.

i i ^ S 5 r Uttaip overhauled and palntad;W 4tl«a b a rn l« ; can be sera a t U

#4M re a r; >ht>na T » M arket_____■ala, T-paam gsr

‘ W dy ‘t dMee.

sap far rtady buyer.1, Hew* f

' 4ilw iftiR. furaddnysi. tatlF «Ru9pfad» Kaa-i n B a u e r aL

buyer. ~EDWARDfl-KHiaH'l' ftalee Co., 29b Central ave.TRrCK6-*ISD buys 14$ toq vA\6 tire wtt i

closed body; 9979 bu)w tlnen t^Sw-pound de<livery car In city; blgr snapa for quick cssh. DOBBINS.BTEVQNS-D'CRYEAf model R rupabout. In

g o ^ numliui order; price $100. Tborie R.'h OrtAge av*,. evenings.C- CLARK. 904 South

after 6:8ft.BTANLBV EK atN S, with pumps. $16; non*

burnable tmlier: 4>voll lenerator. 11; one ton chain block. 31$ Franklin at.. Bloom- tlatd^BATUB^N'»«fleeen*paasefinr. tally aqulp-

p*4f nU te food dailvanr* Maaweti■L. ........AtRMFi HB SatMT




NEWARK ROOFING CO.. £ Ootlaga s t —Are you going to have your roof repaired.* tV*

paint and repair all kinds of old, leaky roofa anti put on new roofs and guarantee water- tigh t for* te,. years: wa use best saphaltum elastic psint made; old, wor-n-out roofs covered wUh our asphatl flint roofing; alt work

fsguarantead satisfactArg or no payj le t im m * tlm ata on your work; w* can save go* — bale .ih* «•##. ^Pbant. I#I9 ftiankat.

DWELLING, suitable for furnlshed-j bouse, between Broad and South Rt.

ra. - "’'^A*nt*, steam.' want pi.

IT'8 A DANDY, mx-lainffy, 3fl rooms, A bathi. large I01: yearly rent 91.272; little

rash needed; come and see this bSTffal' - Ad­dress Bargain, Box 140. Ni-ws office.HOGSE. nine large rooms, bath, lots of

oinseti; ail Improvemenia: large pnrehss; ateam heat: fine cellRr. near new normal school Owner, 15 lA'Skernttn ave.ROSEVILLE AVE-, 7.ClT-a:.ft-Blev«n rooms.

lot $0kI'T ; hHR been Hppralsed hi 912.0^'J; will ^11 for 98^(10 10 nuh-vj|aver. EDWARD b e e r s , room 734 Prudentljpgldi. ______

I.INTOLN AVK. harcam. 8 rooms, bath. 0P*« II! hrai, large lot: asking

K>.fKN': malse off- r T. M. SMITH. 620 »s*e* building. __

,'IlLtNOTON. N. J .-V or Ml*, horoo lllfa.I i .a liulidlnii lot., on iho ElUhomlui trac t.

rrathrleil. 60xlW and l«r*er; n«ll(!>>«''''OOJ o' nta- alt. of ['r*.nyl*Tlart church. nOw In actual cuurae of conslrucJlon; uirMU macadamlitd;

city IniprOvoTnenl: **'*'T'* ^a'-'Orahlo;small urnvuni cash, balance Inatalmentc. in­quire lifLaurm iG S. 26& Bmodway, N, Y.c o r n e r business property with six moms

and hath: barn and wagon shed: mealed on paved slreet: big opportunity for right party ; lot $0xHl0; price owner gnlngIn Europe; termf arranged. JAMES J. Mc- a v in E t . 488 Chsalnut st., ArllngtAn.Ttj! iWfi'l’ON N. J .—Buy this beautiful land,

five seres can b« cut to building lots: twen- ty-fl% minuf“ to Market and B rg d sis; price $5,800 cash; must be sold before March L aEOROE PENEK. ISfi Market st.________ __WtJ offer two two-family houses, located 3TO-

aiH Iw at Arlington; al) improvementa but h eaf taken under foreclosure; no reas^iable offer refuslia. OEIOER & MORLftCK CO.. 77 Rprlng field ava.

BeOefilIcJGST COMPLETED. High at., near Holmes

f t 2%-ilory ctmenL utucco and shingle, 7 rooms, oath; *H Iktrtt ImprnycmenW; iiAnel side walls and beamert celling In dining-room: open fireplace: slevplng poivh; steam heat; IfltKhi: term* to suit, i ^ l y on premIsvH or Ite ERKIENB M. GAVEY, sve., Benavllle-

162 Washington

AN exceptional bargain; 'P^ blocks from trolley: high ground; lot ftOxlOO; house con­

taining eleven rooms; all improvements; newly decorated: roust Im *e«n to be appredatid:Sricf td.HftO: tcritiH arranged- flee EIGBNB 1 o.'VEY, 162 Washington ave.. Celleviiie

ROflSMORE PL.-2!-;j‘*lory frame dwelling- lot 50x150: high ground; rostricied locHtlop;

house conlslnlng 7 rooms and bath: all ntwiy decorale^li steam heal; #5.301); terms to suit.

FOR SALE—Two-family houirt. 119 Smith Parkway, IBO feel from Central ave.; lot

30 by 294 feel; every Improvement and ai- ischm eni and oth^r unusual features; pride right- fine opportunity, owner on premises. J. B. MILLER. ___________ __REASONABLE Offer takes modem hoUNI S

rooms; receptli-n I all; ell Improvements; slate roof; lot 40x100; converlent to Centful a^e, cars and tubes, D., L.12.1)00. third cash; Inspection solicited. Halsted at.YOU CAN save a tbouaantl dollars; must

sacrifice private hnuee; JO roome, outdoor sleeping room; modern, all improvements; convenient two trolley lines and railroad. Address Direct Owner, Box 47, News office.GOOD location, 3 minutes from Brtek Church

Station and trolley; Iwo-famlly, consisting of IS rooms and bath; all Impis; can be bought reasonable and on your own terms. PHILLIP J. b o w e r s * CO., laa-lftl Market at.SAND FORD ST,. I3t-“ Beam ceilings, elec­

tr ic i ty large lot; #7,00ft resldenee; bard times, price $4,776; small amount cash; bal­ance 5 per cent.' owner, premises, cell; might consider lo r cash payment.MODERN two-faroliy; up-to-date !n every

way; In finest sertton of East 0 «ng# ; noer station, well rented: write or call fftr frJl particulars: price very reasonable. LEWIB, 28 Rhode Island ave,. Bast Orange^________EAST ORANGE sacrifice sale: centrally lo­

cated two-famJly house; all modern Im- pTovementii perfect condition: owner leav­ing section. Addrees .1. R. M., 12 W eil Forty-seventh at.. New Y o r k . ______HAVE arreral bargalRa Iti one sod two fimlly

bouses, eoovetilpnl to trsln and trolley, on en. y terms; If yon are looking for a Uotiiie con­sult THOMAS JOHNSON, 212 Burnett it., Bast OriBge. ____ _______ „BEST two-famlly bargain In Bast Orange;

lwf> years old; all Improvemetils; beet condition; mom for giirage: easy term s; call any time Sunday, Acltirefle Owner, 21*7 Amherst at. V —- ___________ __EAST URANGE. nn i*l.: fine real-

dences. 10 moma bu th : ev,^y impm meni: fine location. SHc.LDON. Market i«t., Newark.

liKAGTlKt’l- on*- family nine-room house; *1 modern nni'J'''”- s u i t a b l e fof"doetof

prl\Bto f:4mGy. .Stldresa A-, Box 6, New# ■officenE!^lI''T:NGK, Nnrih Lnd: S ulcc. large rboms;

sun lur'or rs'J'iuci floors:4sleel •ell 97..V111. Rcaldence, Box 90. N#«i

* itae ii91S.WKI RicsiPE.vt.’tl, « rooms and bath.h<ei all i-xTHf light rooms, drtw v^y, near

Btnilnn A l-ii-cis I>r!\'pway. Box lO®. New* offi-e. - __pi..7m SA

llOUSi ^_______ _ I aluii'jiia

FOREST HILL—Tjwn-'fimlly: beautiful. >new, well built.' with garage; I Mock

from trolley; must *eM; will sacrifice. . - . ■’m- -2- ir*»Own*r Bnj U i S bw. nfdc*. I !-r t«„ fumlllp.; In*** W;

FIiriCE rrtv *ood corner two-fomily llh all Improvrmern.l n t j r lUrro AJJirM Bicrlllce, Boi 2.

FDR SALK—A very deHlrable modern one- family -house. 7 rooms, all Imprnveii'ienis

near trolleys; 3a mlnuii^R to Broad st. 0^!ne^. A. WALTERS, 41 CUnlon st. .

i’AIlKlili ST., sna—Onr-ftmllj bm«o .nlliblr

h'l'ina lo Suit purcliasft. SHBLl>ON, 2** Merkel■tp IMsr

BARGAIN—Investment. aix-fantlly houee;yaarly rent $1.3A2; sell $11.11011; lerme ar-

nmgrd; be quirk: fine iQeatloit '^AddraseOwAer, Box 94. News on}e«.FOR 9AUB--Two-family house; Bremen at.: no

'ogentji, Addraoi MreiMiw Bos: 19. Naua of-

nt.G^'lii-ROOM house and'mpr^vemenif,; fivs Tnlnutee from Haw- th..rne sv« cur line. iTHlPlre ,101 st.SPLGtAL OFFER-^H ■'*1* ??

i-.luction nil. my•Id.- vi. .yddrcM l y g kln. H f l 'Wa r w ic k ' BTr,'~

bouse, slglil. yeon x i ™™be sold. tO V M !

KH' BUaENK il. OAVEY; 162 -Wiuhlneloa I Kon 8A1.E-68 Klltem •'* '•"{'''"{,^'','5' UtllBVlIle. ■ I HC-; (Irtflv loc«ir6; tiollcyi; tot 30-liH.,

--------------------- i 13,SIX).. ASILLEB. within.________

' ' -taw , fireplave,■IN.'ftBnm dflft plumhing theU estP^s snd coal r*i'g«; splendid cePar; ihwe

is.OOf); STEPHEN ST., near Essex sinlnn, and conveplant to trolley: amry fr^me

dwelling and build**—sFt rrKmi. .* Bee EI-GCNE svo.. BcUsv''

NE>’l.le. g ^

BELLEVILLE—2V&-story, lV,vAoma. all lat­ent improvementa. In best condition; de-

alrable Ipdatlofi i eell cheap lo quick buy^r; STual) amount cash needed, Addrc:ii! Belle­ville. Box Rft. News office.

porcalS'n ?vish lH4ni. (Mklstoraav room: iSiC-t ybiJr owti <leco.a,K'na* r.«T llr lS w ap n a troHoyl Ih.tkkH *«rms ar- r a u iJ ^ bum bg belt.of ma^snlcil: other r?r eale: for rohl. to 9l.:!*liG como

M M u n

mVKiTMENT r|BA tunnels, i every dtecriptu

terms. KfU’SK,

IRVINGTt^N f hurue before * a large iiui of t My huuAS* unil 1 If you t^eni lo I REAl.TY GO , 1 cars el (*rsnge

iRVfN’LToN 1 ivS will bultj

ropme ubd bsG raiigr. hot weie lot, hiiujie end I heut. 11'.Nil'* oni bttlenee Ilk* re every ^«sy us a have Rsn^plt ho houses t)gG(apecial plans a i 104j flprlngfieldIRVINGTON t\

ffMims. " bulh •epurale tfuirnn build thu alx'vc cash !iei-'‘raarytwo et tills pri and we liu tlil^ buey, this Is yo RSALTY GO, Orange av*IRVINGTON-I

tow n . twn fa 9209 cash ncccb and two llnra CITY IlKAf.TY

IRVINGTON - all Improvenv

little ca^h diiv\ are real l>arg*u we Oak Gi rv field gvrIRVlNLTnN

r'Xmt ]iinii>c, tlot 37 1:4 x100. r Ilk* ren( , op«i r u . 1045 .SpritiJKVINGTuN-.J

ro'-nis end I 50x1 >4 , nfsr 1 lively W'lrih IS th is ovei r l T ' field SVC

ONE-FAMILY house; also atore corner lot. lOtolSA. IS.ftdO. -L r

122 ■Wtihlngton a'* . , Belleville.

___ crtlei*'for sole; for rent. to ii.:.^pc cornu

.1. tl: COEYMAn ! IJrunln-l " ,

BlooraBeldENCEPTIONAL DARGAIN-Nlne-room house ______ _

end hath; best part of Bloomflchl: herdwood j-ijon 1nW» double dwelling; price IIO-W ; ----- - .v— . ..V. *.,A . tj.. — i.dOross O^vner. S o l . 16)floors throughout; gas and ckclricliy; hot teYms arratig**^* ^.ddross Owner.water beat; reception liall; pint® glass win* ’ flifiomfleld'* f ’*dowi; one Klork from rRlIfoau and five mlp* I - , .u — ---- - '

thing; innall anMum (’■f ritsh, b a lk m sh e w Irrms; Mil or n.sk* an appointment. AflXLKT

j-ronra trouw. reL-ebilon hall, «iscirl<itYi iv -


IRVINGTffN 1 buMd you *

W'ltt huppL yiuii from 93(iv lo I how. only bcpl labor etiiploycii CITY UKAI.TY open SuntJayrnVlNHTfiN 1

room hout'* . heat; ifM 'iflsin ra s h . halarict* ( large lot. ont> 93.9ftfi riv^-rtcentrf of Iimih and eh'ip. tol two-faiidly h< le .id 'i *mi up termx. only h l cheapest r«el 4*0. 1045 Hprln

IRVINGTON ' gaLis juvl n<

once . Il 111 coi see ufl first (Tl field ave , get

lIAGNirlOlSNT U 'T , M x»15lU6. In U - ,Ml<len(UI Hctlon: 7 pilnuiM to

; ja n roll,y. « lth fourraui-room .Iwlsllnc. In !>•«'< 01 xnm, rapalra; fu lu lllo lur boAtillnr-hooii*, or oltor-tor A ...I II- .. A.)... 01. AMr

d w n i:r wi' ihnuso. r'riiitnii

baths und rntru heal. *!! roo'iPK Bfly Is ’'huaird [eyu an'l is in caeh and terms JUtl-N H FH ava.. Irvingtonlion r.^BM and

iitth ilK-rnoni water. l>aili. ptfdesifllB beiwc rnedlrtin* i-al>lnr gft.Slid. JOHN field ave . Ir

OWNER w-ll! *( cuniaiiiing bat

etedni heat. ihi* block of two irci plot; llivi rnsji prlct,Springfield ai ■undayilI.eOfl FHLL I

house I'ontalr hoftf, nrwii di-i qii one of (he t gu qiij'-kty al I the balon^'e eat CO., IKifl Bprlrij

VERY swell 1 Centre, six li

trlcKy. coal an full pi'lre 94,‘JC other bargain^ ave., near CentFOR BALE or

attached eei roadt near nti heal: dei-orate<. one. For delsave.Ilftft CASH buj

lols on rholc Btreei; S 6x11 0, gage. BROSa,ELEGANT hoi

cars: tdx larSlacn; large i

e a t ; coal and lot 48x!00, on BROS8. 10*7 J1600 DOWN, I

chaser, buys hous^; lot ‘lOxI from trolley a month, 97i.HoO; A. J. KTATBJti ton C'enir*

$200 DOWN, f: room collage

all ImprnvcTneii trio light; sCTCi Bread and Ma partlculara. Adi flee,FOR SALF—1

hatha, pafiti separate heal paved; block I before buying quire SO Wabsbargain—H

Bleam heat: central locatio 206 cblckeni: Irif town. A offloe.$S6ft DOtYN. b

lly 10-room block from iro price, 94,650. ton ave., IrvirBJ‘LENDID pi

Improvemenn minutes trolle; terms . orrong* building. NawiIRVINGTON,

family hoUJ10ft; price |3,[ ------ NF—SBNNBTT. O' Orangn.PRIVATE res!

lot fl4xi««: ( house. 10x10; t street iiaved.

$100 DO'WN, X house; full'!

pay you to loc CO-. lOM Clin1100 GASH wl

and steamIngton, price i 13 Hill st., NTWO choice t

vesllgatlon; i n rsr trollty. office.MOU8E-166 T

improvementJ Apply GLIFFCraVINQTON '

cated; two b bargalp. ,LH1NTWO lo ts . 1

Me for anarti A. L. CLIFf'OI

Bouses fro


Trolley *tn landing. Flo ftoallnff.


Suite 116#. CO CHI

WB HAVB J , Bite In o n r l l ^ ; a ca

BUSIN S0B mira of .towi

M to show a aAftHtha; tern l a n d . Flretisk<SM FARl

excellent f Avenue; pear

S f f o f W n

duwi; one blorh from rRlifoau snd five mle* • ■ _ - .utee from trolley; :>r«(tkal!y new bouse; own- : WHY NOT buy 'er row cuTupylng. and pu-t-ouni of husli'ess ii>- , I have style tw n-f^ .H y r ^ l q e n ^ xIng South; price ts.60(h (.'ail i-r address A. ,pvery p ^ ^ b te Improvement, hot water heklx CAY. W WllilAnuon x i... N, J. | ' « S. ' iV. '9<I,000; NEW hours of six rncmi and batft'. frulL ' Affdr*^ *’> CARLOCK {

reemM tff. Ito i.H

■TWO IlOTB, •*0)1, • a l l

V a t dock. ( m a th at., n

everj’ Itltpuiveni^ai; Blram h ta l; n'Klta porct* HfKHKiX. Wwanflxld. ^ lain plamWnt tlxiurr).: r n n m i , « l l v and walld: Thaichw ranxi-; rnn. »BlxRt lo •vary- rA tt i l - J ?£*!• .1 iE ?

a m W & . '**(**” ' **** • r Sund«)'C,k''btiWlll4* |'riaunaht* n m aftar acoagtod abtva |

A L E -O U T

will liuy rtn« At. elrc^rt^iiV* ». JOHN C.

uf B»-

r hom*. In flO*win rvtk\ wiih

UL>YI!:.:m«x liulldmx.

r. flilr iieV'fn- >; hiin<ly [•H*'-

Fhihknn si., fe«a/k.1 rr.rmi*.‘mmiii; hgndy • MOYK. «;i


ilvf* Hl>»oluU< l-fdivilly hf»u««liHfM. t>

ft»r Ij.lftO.brrii loi'Atii>n; plM r 0 nhFg<t.

1 live. Itlootil*

moini HriiMratB«\i,r connBi'Uos; ii uinnthl> : will n¥i, relull; nu Mienu.

for i-hjldren.g.11 Improve-

ni. fruit tr«ea, wulk , n gem :

u Ok\ ner. Box

• la&in hM.t; rlrepIgoBa; on

«n4 troUay. a OwTi«r. Box

]wellliiK, nine ■ ; Bieikm hent. 110, poBBeMlonlb. N a t h a n

— tr_ URTtn roomi.elfftrlrltjr, o» n

ivrDleat aectloo.

II bouie, all Iv* •ti-iiflrr; lIttiA

Uarkel il., New-

: vl«ivily water; elnr- liarn. hennery.

■kneM; aacrlfke ploij, reOuclni

lUlliJInCie pro|>rrilM,

harm, Keraga, irres.tly reduetd ip at Madlaon:. I5.WI0. VAN

iota. ROilAO (ert Ilk front (.'liaLbaii) HallroAd; airealN eri, watefi liok or laffe por ; aboulil retail for

lIlU UDllRUtl Oi>II, oppoiltc Lkc-l

. . . . me roama, ba th . aruge; plot aver- t^onier Main and [rollrv. Owner.

I will buy a fMw ntodern conven-


Bale and reni ih1 ase.. oppMlla

lotI. title loca-riiiMiti; bain uii-le, fl.U"0

le ii.iuae: d ■Hhh Tieoded.\n Liid aha'ie

I» ruoiiia tiiiii ne IV3trfC-l“«l


ip Hrli'h t'hurOi V .1

alhs, atfafti. «l*i •

i n |.iiprii'. eiiienia;

H.HIIIS. fclearij ritr-

L' Eialtil stcuiii, . in tl SHKJ

i*r«, «j}e nr I Ui.e

Ion Eiui Oiange.ri;j|n; A HUlmlan- ue<- 111 rPHtJent la I

grouTidu; cun- ill liiipri'vern*Tita, ip[1 elri’trlf llgM.

ihmugliout the 11 sell rrasniiablrt JgHte ihK oppnr- GfiS & CO . U»-

B. $‘J!> and upwaM ; ted. Janltor^a aer- ilty. and nj<-

anO upAard,

riiOTI.'hurt’h Hta., Orange. N. J.

ilHTHDAY. _ _near Park ave.—

•en roonia; ever rale iHirehea. v first flass oond:

i|Kre Station an S3 Owner. Box Z

il aicrlflre attrar- nleni to drove Rl.

all modern Im- ahadt'B, Borewna,

tain; look II over eriwood a\e., Elatt

Lh fmprove-on North Nine-

Grove St. Station ■ flral fa ir offer

JAMBS J . ilc - h at.. Harriaofi.ntf, fully lewed for ilautea from trolley line of |],S00 etvli (•xrhaiige equity for tlOUAS JOHNSON, re _________ _____rgaln, two-famlty, ^uat Oranffe Bta-

or garage, thia la valuable property 13, 2A Rhode lal-

houae, 140 South Central ave.; lot

irbvement and ai- lal featurea: jyrlCe wner on preraleea.

I modem hOUN: 8 all improveinente; venlent (O Central :i. and W.; etkUii Ion eoilcited.


iml dollare; m tut 10 rooma, outdoor

D.I1 improvefnetita; nee and railroad. X 47, Newe office.from Brlgk Church

amlly, conlletlus of pti; can be bought n terma. PH1LUP H Market a t_____am cetllnga. elec- lO reeldenee; hard amount caah; bal- r. premlaea. ball; payment.________j-to-date In every

of Elait Change; write or call for

reasonable. LBWIS, Orange,eale; centrally lo-

■ ; all modern Im- Itloni owner leav- R, M.. 72 wait ork. __________one and two family xln and trolley, on In^ for ft bntwe con- 12 iMirnetl at., East

fi*|d Rl.; fine, retd- ith: evqyy Improve- ;1jDON'.'-222 Market

, alt ri yriM.I both, loJIoya; lot DO*Ud; ,

IfC•"efu nix eot>* bed*

•Caan, ttreplaoe,..elutii [dumtilng the iplcr.dld cel er; throe t, steam td.mt, notd

owti ' il«cti.a;tvns; Qjr', tti.ikhi; ,ftrms ar> K:banlca; other prop- IKK* Id ll.Jtlip coibu ‘anna Station: oiien AN ifM.W Nilixi’afi." in 'k t - tloni 7 inlnuiee .to ith fourLeeti-roant 14 repairs; eulU blt ng-houne, or a lte r­ing: priue IIO.Mdi US Owr<er. Sok.U ^

\ v'lth an incoma?'. 'ft-famUy realdendk* , ml. hot w ater.heat; n >ent: upper apart- i • 4h yearly: rardciu E40X A, CARI<0CK I r



HobolMBINVBrrMENT r.T.p,)KTr>itTlK»-NM r f«r-

lien, tuiinela, aMrxt-ifve ra«l eaiats offerlniv. eve#y dearrlptiun, I'laaoMBbie i*rliea; easy terna. lUH'HU. oo N*a«irk at-. lIobokaD.


REAL ESTATE FOR SA L E -O U T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ OF TOWN _ ____

KeyportTBN ROOM houae In fine taaMenRal

Ihra* mlnulea feum atatlfm. axceptloit** "r wan arranged and flnlahnl in hard • vary conveaivme; lula e/e lOOxilW. with Man and Khedi tree- daleched 12x<W, wUh hut water heater HRPWN A KIN(IS1,a ND, Ktremen'a oulUIng. Newark

IJEV^N^»T^^N • So»’ la your chanre to huy a honia before Npriiig ralae in prirea; ws have

a large Jlat nf bargaliia in ope and two fam­ily houtiea ami lot# «|| over lovn ; eee ua flret If you want (o buy right, open Sunday CITY HBAIiTY rti., joiS Hpringfleld eve., gal off c a n at ('range av«.

lRVINliTl.)N - J-Jitra ^p*rial; Jual for lit<h: we mill build you a xubaiantlHl hou#''. (/

COiirna tijid bath, with Improveinenta, rijh#. range, hot water, large Hitlc. on a g>M.||lot, bouse aiiiL bif f»nTy : n eir with r(pan\ heul. only $'t)» nr |30u rash feiiuir«‘lbalance Ilka r r n i , ()i|h ivlll be u# ....... mevery ^ny aa any Sit.SoA l-fiuse In town, v r have Bample houiub tu ahui.v you, only rhren ' huua«a bglll at tit:# p rbe . a«k (■' ^ee rur apaclal plana and lids. I'ETV Htl.U.TY I'O . i 104J Spr|iigft«ld ave. near UraiiRo a^e '

IRt'TNGTnN - Hpe< lal, lwo-fa;nllj’ h"uae. II rooma. L' builiH, all Improveuienta but heat,

aeparute t^htroiMe#, u« aupnli the lot and build the ahnve for you for 4" ; ; , only |S00 caelt narepaurv. balam'i< eauy itfriiu , <mly two at ibi# prl 'C. ihla In rt>> cheap huuae,and we do this only io keep o.ir \wjrkiiien buiv, IhlM la your gain V)pen ,Suiiday I'lTY RSCMiTV Ci.l, Ifll.V Hpfihgfi»-hi Mve. tiaar Orange avamVlNUTON —Here i-t the tpiggeat bargain in

town, two family bntjNi- fnr onlyt2u9 cash nete««f>rv. •.■ri'* i>bii k fnmi O r tr e and lu-n llneB i<r car* eee thia fituuduy.flT Y TtJ-lAr.TY I’ll UM-. Sptlngflelil aveIftVIKGTON—N'lre '« ii fuiuny rorner bnuaa.

g{| ImprovsTneiite i.iit heji |4 i-OO. only a little vaeh do>ui. .niM'lirr hi I4.L.-0, th»AA are real UargHlne 4m I vifirih $fiOi< more than we a#k I ' l r v KKU/IV n > . iii4S Kprlng- field ave

IRVINGTON <-eMh buya a iland.v hIx-rcK>m hoLjiw, tilth hath and Impravemei.lB

lot full r'fti-e iinly terinelike rent, open hunday t'lTV RLAJ.TY f'U . 1045 Npririffield ave,. near Orange ave.JRVINGToN-“lS.2hO buys a gtmd house, h

ro'-nih and liaO> ami improveinentp. 'ot S0xll:fl. near l.vn. Ilnca of i-arg, Ih li la puai- tlvalv worth |S.9f>n, If vnu u a n ta anap In^k Ible ovei o n v lUlAJ.TY c’o . 1045 Hpriug- field fiveIRVINGTi'N f)n you o« n a lot? l.e! iia

buMd you a hnuae, no rush regoired. ue win eiipply ulaiiH. fhiance It for you und aave from IS'ji) Io |<00 or rlir price, wt- konivhow; only heel material tiiHi boneai unionlabor eniployei'l, ro>iia In and lei uk explain. t'lTY IIKAI.TV i'y‘ . lO li Springfield ave, open SumJd|iIR \ ’ !NGT(«N- Here a few b,irgalnn 3K-

room Imuae. hM ImprnverTo'riiH, Ihrltitllngheal, lot fiftsino; only is inn. Kon ur laOfiogah. halarire eany lerme, fti-e room huUNe.large lot 4»nv Mo'K froni len ir '’ of town,• l.Ffrn Fiie.rro.ro hnuae. lot :7xlJ!), near centre tif inwii, F<Mirnoim houa*end shop, lot .'7x120 42,1Vj Several nl-etwo-family h'luee#, o^ih improvemenin, |4 ,jnn iii>d up All i licee gold on your own term ^. only h Illtle > aah rogulreii. beat and cheaprat real eKiaie lyi ii>wn «’ITY KlLAl..Ty f'O,. 1045 Springfield ave ; open Sunday.iRVlNOT(b\- We have a number cY big bar-

galua Jual now, tre wlue anil get buay M once. It u lll rtoat you n<ithlrtg to talk Hover; aee ua first TTTY KKa LTY Ct).. 1045 Spring- field Bva : get off (rare a i rrrange av^

OWNER will iiHtrlfk-e niegnttt. two-family houBO, t'lmraliilnf (waive rrmnia, aeparatc

bathrs anti f-ntranfen. all JmprovernoiTia exreiit h ti l ; all rooms an- Mghi and airy; ihlx prop­erly I* '■ huflfed within unv IdcH'k of the trol­leys and ie In rxiT-tlpnf voiirllUon; only giimi caah and lerma t» m il. xatrlflce prb*e S’i.tJdtt JtJHN n. FHANKK TO, 9HA SprlngflBlrl tva., Irvington, S. J . Open Sundaya.

lion TAPH and balance easy tt-rma buya coiy little alx-rooin houee. htiving h.>t and cold

water, l>atli. laundr) in cellui rrilumiui and pedexialB beiweeii reception ball uml parlor: rn«<Jl''ti'ie I'aliln*-!, piiile rnH, o(r., lull prh-e ga,BWl. JOHN H. FHANKK I'O.. fW*4 Hprlng- flald ftve. Ir%lngt'5n I'l'iiire Open SuniUye

OWN'BR *>'111 aacrlfh'e elegant alx-rocm houae conlklnlng hail: and all linpro\ ernenta except

atoAm hear. thlR houa» la loratvd within a half block of two iroHey? and le built <iti n ri7\ -fivit plot: |1iv> ruali Htid balunce lu gmli, earrlflce prlrc. *2,£).VV JOHN U TRANKE OO , hUH Springfield ave, Irvington Centre. Open 8unda.yi.I I ,051) FULL price will buy beautiful Ihtla

houae oonlalniNg *1* rrmnie, Ivoib, ateam head newO <li-c<;ruccd. thia houae la altuuted qn one of the nlcmri ntrwtB In ti>*n and will Cu ({Ulckly ai tb|a price, only |3(K1 oaah and the balance easy lerma JOHN R. FRANKli CO.. lUiS Springfield ave . Irvingtr-n Centre.


!!nuiit' ■ I

fmUl li.-ri

I till.III.AT I i> '


N ,\ .1 For lUtlP **i’ ■ i-uriialiilng elsh l

I' iprttvmieiUa, prj«'» • ' a nujiii'Rr ''f rhiilca .. l. 11. SN'VniiR-____

V t ffin irr hoiel 'fu*■.« . lie iJUahi at A I'O GL^iR'iK JllAHtNoU.

Ljroiu FtnntNKW iwn-famUy houaa. nine roomt (■ni’uo«p

1111-mp. li.i UialOO. gk.MOn, eaay tenna pHjni hoiiar, a lth four Iota plenty f rmi

vaah ♦l.hfW). liaUnre im .r ig y H ' ’ rrtoni heuro. Improvamenla. fruit vary eai> term* Hulldlng h|l7 h ’ui>, cloae to arhouli an'i NliDV. 113 *^n., ttaylrook. N__•

RTY direct from the butldrr K nrnl - i hoiiaea at your o> n pflr* ''7 / ' m

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I::i: Mt Noni, at.. Ncaark,


^ W ^ A K T E DI WII.I4 Img. Mil n* axchange yeur farm.

-- l#t nt* h#*r from gnu. OKn M w liE lH - im . u Iia Nuks i-ritBi. huuMa. arari- I k R room EI4. Km*x liuHdlng. tel <i«04 Mkl.mnii*. in • famih h. owneia win ot . _


■lERSEYPI. i\t hJH -Ui i

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MaplewoodNr.rt' S. n AND HI BI.O.VI i< ■.>

IN MAl'l.l-:VM«.|) jWtl’TH ttR.HN'iE T"t'N>HI!

I-Xif Hale or Rem All modern inu-lJ., prb* a at .!

able- ^ tl-'hl, t’h Klan* I' ^MOI'KRN rriidenrr, T.tnr riH u k

Liir'-li. hnt Wrtii-r healinit. •■i.in H50*1N.I. rira(-rl»*a bjr.#llull. .hK;.v having fiuiMid tx vet 'Ui^er is Hi.ui ii# jHipe .if Ihv pi oiHM I) I I IM li I. tfHRlEN «‘(,l , H.rjtli tlrung'

( (lUrAltATl VKl.V ni»u’ Iw ' fuin..^ wmi l*fhed h.'Uir. lb tf*oma. all I'l iirifi i.i<i,Ti

m^nia. be«t reaidvitiiB] m t ir .| 1 jJ,ai-'|iawaii)ia Siaimn. ejrnl v im«jiMh prbe III into Ad-lr pi. ]: 1 Slaplrwnrvl

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proveriiPiil. u.'pper agn |iuri>>iriteiirii. bari> .uid garage. >-lth .... ... |tITftXlHO. giving i-Mr-i i: ^ihilid.fffiJi. FlAKER. Punnepl |" h ' m i-1.iii.

MIR'TH OHANOl-I TOWNHIlir p. i , | inj,- im« :n> nr Kuirt fri-nMyr |.'•-l hi 'itP f*.p hiJU' to Jlli front foul, 'mishi. aaa -1 w

of Orange Mogniaira \\ S W tf'K, Otl Fili,;? pi , SouO. I 'range. N I.

DO YOU w a n t a O h.iI> M' ME'' T.0 Va * aei'eral good Ivuua'ia I'lr sa t' .. tid re .. on eaev

teiliu, iLH Jimr u b i 'p. Ili'TNKY I'U(. HK TI liakei at , ................ I N J

,Jel hniif, elKbt -mctiia. pi"l Trixl-’r' r^uaacx. h'p f"ii'V '« ii' rei, liil'P •

]I > Il I.U''.-.. uml I trrUgf i,..i.jn 1J1 -«M V.orlrndvkt no.tr BlJO..;; i1

I lUMi aril |dei .'.iixlltk nimui. pn r tu.v. «' .M .1 KENNA, -INI Br-'uda-v \ >

I.T'f Nmw *-miM Ihi*bprn niucin.ie nhade c(h!ule und

llvu. lura.li.i buJIl l» .’P.iPr if l«e*lriiti in it»r:lii ueir'fnteil h 'iiiiiinife I .Vi’in-i r-ailMii U.-keta gpeci nn .]- ai'iH aniA'uni > a»l. n.iNtJ. .«■

• till ill ’ « | ! T nWfn r. J T I TR-N'Ill M.\ rfpl.irvi . Nd'le*. N J________

I'haiiae Pf;ui:ii'» ^.| ri>f md clear pr«i*eriy*bvw.lirrr Vi hh.gjia i-rie-.iin-a In llie Oi

J** ***ra. J n Till al'l-.l.i MihiRR i-»hI .elate hruker. np- '•‘ an# Ml 1. k . huh II HiuM- ii. ^aat OiMiige N .1I ' '’IInJN' foi '110 gm1 lot*. 4i#a

faiTillj fi>' Kiiefkruih huaintaa prop *"■>, fern,! ,iruj (rit,# fi.f tbn t,roi'eit> Iri i# •'» »lu( -«v.i «uni. wb»r*. »Pu want it.

1: i-AS- IT ni.AiIVCUTS". k I tiur.li Kt#ii..i. l.laet iirangetVIi.l, i-vihjiiftis iieH ni.i fMiolly hnitfc# near

Ri'tcrh.nd Uri I'epot y.,rk ‘'liy,1 f.iida> '-l irlii pitrij'.j#! fbuiih i*lue i rnm M.,,T ,ir-#ni-iiM . l...-rti#d f.irm

'I". ' mil,-. Hud Tfiitlar#' K.iliuiig*Hr

I- M till -liW \.V| 1 11 |.-

I'li’i'iBriiL.. .1 1'hH It. \ r . .

‘ in fuM lihua# iTi I'iainf1i>l . Ini . ler h II t<1. a - (mpl# nf i-.m

wirr ail III giraiant mo. 1 n 1 ' hI«c II $1 :aRi In , .iBh. IfhioKiii.

F'lr nii-ii' I Im lilt I ngmid >l«#i .uunirv riiali in

V in.iKj.e Addreaa riwinr . offha______ _______________




i-r<H«in hoU«e. IH Hv't i:ii>n(a, ni’Bi I1#vs IIhvv II. iM.l l>e arm K*-vs


VKRY BW#I1 n#w one-famlly houae, near Centre; elx large roomu, bath, eteam. elec-

Irlclly. A'ORl and gaa range, fine let, SJxlTO; full price 14,900; easy fernia. Far thl« and other bargulnH ae# RRiJSS, 1027 Springfield ave., near Centre.FOR SALE Or eychAnge, twe vary choir#

attached aeven-ruom houaea nn county road, near uara; uH Improvements; etaum heal: tlecorated. a real InvealTtieni for Hom# on*. Fur detoJIe, BR03S, 1027 Springfield ava.gXOO CASH buys any of several firie TiuUfllng

Iota on choir# etreel, all Imprivventenl# In atreat; SSxlUO; price S4T5; S per ren t inort- tage. BKOSa. 1027 Sprlngflebl ave.ELEGANT bouee on Siuyveaant ave., near

c tra ; fix large rooma, bath {tiled), fire­place; large hlIIc ; beam celUnga; aleam heat; coal and gae range, private mortgage, lot 45x150. only $5,800 and terma to ault. BBOS3. I0i7 ASprlngfleld ave. ______

liOO d o w n , balance arranged to eult pur- ebaper, buya ihrec-famlly aevAnteen-rcxim

houae; lot IfOxlOO. on paved atroet. one block l^ tn trolley and ichr>ol: price. If anld ihla mordh, $7>.Ho0; thin la an exceptional bargain. A. J HTATM CO-. HHHJ Cllniun ave , Irving­ton C'enir*$300 DOWN. |2n per month, buys a nice ilx-

poom collage; newly papered; open a ttic ; all ImprovcmaiiiB, Including atoam heat, elec­tric light; acrceiifl furnlahed; 20 minutes from Broad and Market ala., two car llnea. For parLlculara. Addreea Hnuaei, Box TO, Nowa of­fice,

a: AcRKS. (•(.'.Mi’RiHiN'': "\r. - i n n :M' A IT H A V T i \ 1', Il 1, A11/ e; \ TT .\ I,

rHOrM RTIFb IN M 'H Il:idT"\\ .V > | A(JFJ\T1.KM.\.V S .AJ.L \ I ; a H li'iMK WITH Mf'IiE-jKN HHSU-KNCK MllM IH,‘M.I> 1NH8. A AM'AHl.K IM»1\ IIH .AL W ATl'.ll HrpPUY. EXTKNSItK \IKW,y SB l.Ff’T NIIRJH B "r .l fn < 'Lb NE.AK HTa 'I'Iu N \H- H in.rTF Lt.AIUlAlN r.WIMl T " .‘ r i ' l T ' N DEATH <IF f'W SKME. r. HAMILTUN .'L C l , 3*1 HW.1V. \ \MOHFilST'iWN l.urgr dw#lllitR I'i hhiiis. «.l

lni[ f \ #rT,i‘tiia I'll i-r #l;itiaulirtiii# f. I 1iiab b'i>ih:inz h a< h x.iOi* ctinll i'-lLm iirt -** u k .,1 bcfiAprM Ut I-IT'GKM- Will.Mil .ntj.iaiu-I.*irlia>Aiiijn» S'.iM"ii. MurrlBn’-uti N .1

5501! H 1ST'i\t N. N -T S '-'enlcn jit th# fnr >!c- veliipirx. i'Jftbi*‘#n hnr'IfCfl f'-i-'' h -niai;' . i.#pt

aiuaiUrn. 1 jjfivf nleiil i" lltl]|-■• anl l.acka- v^aniui H'uttur; ( 'i iorlunliy, I* u Ilux Ri|. iltirriatown-KUR HAt.K »ir in "lei. m rr.om hnuj#, ami

parlor, baUi. hoi water h«.al, flrej-la. .iniB an'l elwtrlr- flxtiircj, imt'lv ih'i<irti#d, gariRv and large plot owner, H.x 2st, Maplewood

M adiioDCXI’EI'TJ'VNAI.. d m jK T l'M T V Sf-ldom fud

HHRNTW t i l '!> I, r

r : Tin-: i iM .tM in i 'IS E m .i.T

KK \ i;ri.M. V .vrTH A '‘ r i \ e


|•■ nH S \ L F MnUplHN I MI*ROVE

MFNTS sriT A H l.i: Foil roM

Ml TER8 fiJl AF M MMM(

Al'I’l-V .\T ONi'K T "

RltKN’TW - nis.Al.TV 00

; WK81 3 4 n i S T . N '■4' ‘ ‘

• IlM-'RI'M I -A 11 ). . I, .lie lamll-

i-f #h imiJ tB( . < or. h;ii|ih,

linuie. N rocroiMil Imiulre



II • • ' hH . ri ri. ' ' '.-'t L(. .rtir. >rhe« 1. .1n-' •' Mil Hi ' •' ,1 •11 ,1.11'.-ne ' 'ilii a u1 If: -Il ' IK T -l'

HI 1 tc en't 1'nn,.. - 1. o1-1 -1Tre,

u I-;. I . IKLI'to ■ 1J 1 ft In ft

best ■ 1 1 1'.ii-'I H f V K.s i :

.i:nt tl 4k. i#n,t. 10

' HiKir*.I . H [h I' I .Irt : oh.


S A L E 11.5 ikin iKMna. m tm ihe, rlr<-trk-ll.- lu n iT>-a 10 l!h«i I Ir" #ai a*'«‘tl'iii

(•I'T. t i l h t> Hi »' h i l l,noma, bn h, J.10 nth «p.«ra |2rs I,. . aei-i-ral ei. u|i

44 id u |<, Dp h all ' lehH iffto '' a Ho ih U i) a

" -a ll-riMcii hwuBr, 2 iMih ■ n 'tt l a i 'h R W K iia i 8t«MotiJ u lf Li Uh K 111 iruMi-v P'.ar

i | i ‘ h*k T#>phhiiF lirang#hi u w i in on |'i'iip # i'y . I2J

Mligi's' I -Heaudful lumira. up- m I s a>, fi»r #iile m ran i, arg- <Kia. g.iraga I’or ternta,

VVOrlLD Ilk* lo rant a farm within 10 nillaa Ilf Newark, from SO in SO »«‘rea J it-

sniJKH. ?1l WMhhigi*n a t. Newarkl-'ARM 1C rcnl

eiirir tharra. Nr*a offlre.

■evt-niy.flir i» l<aii Addrtaa Farm

arrew mHi'X hNl. I ----------- . . J


FmcIiTv ti|i«ciall*ik.T3N IJKUAD HTliKkl*

T#l OllU MarkrtIM-'iT 2fk.m4no. flflerb mhiulra frum HriHad and

Markfl ai» . hnr uf lh* miv«( il#«irahla elUa in ihla vIHall) , at a rldFubiuil) ■••sv prlcv. act null ktt 'w e ioiMd fai'to'-lra in vour Girder " FEIdT A rKIRT, 7:w Rt'-bcitl.SST KINNKV HT Kx.-elleiil Riiallon for

lewebir light on ihiae nlilra, 47^40. addl- tluniil ground available. Al-lIKRT IC. .ALL- HfiRF Im J'irrman'# eulbllur

REAL ESTATE W ANTEO-OUT OF __________ To^iyi^'~ '~ T x ) 'o W « ltB ( l OK HUAI. ■ •T * ! '? „ . IN THIS OHANlIltit ANO UAKUEVVWO, V.J.

I (11. my book! fur 111* mmil.Hi •i.rin*trad* ihal t n.a> I.*.* th,m M ...nipj#!, AtjHwihle. I rvai>*ctfuMir iolllcll the privljog* nfilaiing aav uTDiMiiy l'(Hi nigy hav* m 'irfar i*jr Bale ur r#nl. No i-harii* I* mida U»il**a iha

I pr'i|h*riy 1* dlRpokeil n f by «!•, I h dIhn iwual commIaatt.il deml full partlculani u»

FRANK M TAYi-OR. ytmr opp Hrl. k i'horcb tR*..

II .4 U ra^'cislug iMime/oiii #lqulriM forHer 'Divenianl io Mounlgln ^tatlon. HO'JlIt

Itwai.ga ait.i Slapli-wnod •fapcli. it )'ou with la ' aeli ur n ni. Hat yuur i ruparly with IttiaK M ’.

Ill l illl . IrMngion a ‘c . opp. achool. iH*blh urank« ____ _


HPRIMiKiKUli N. J. . KLi-tpry ailea. fh * l.’illillitKa four arrea. rallronl iidlna mi*. -

ill. bahta dghl-likCh artexlmi a #11, fUx» r**d ■leep. loc II i'. t'Datnaviil.' bullur. J<i | | ]'Vf’ lli’al lK>l|«r hydraulic eteani |>iiiii:>. i luj ton air < oiii|ir-ar.ir Ironegan 4 Hwlft aiitflne. 4A l-l r nil <-utn|.re*aar, t8ii)i. hoi walrr hi;«i<r, s\ni.-i mnk, f-ra# wRh blower f.#it 1 iinchina ihj;.-h|[,r, ofrb c #qulpi>r'5 Jb (ona ■ oal (•(b # '<.i'4«lece. tlii.'KHi. u-rma artangfl A P.f , uuiin*. _ _ ____ _

mKNT I I' MAN'S..I' uiii'ie fi <'

i-r.i'aM' r [’nri fi- 1.1 # Sewi»rl<

'«l-J#n.»’ U |■...'ml'. lUMi 11" "")■ will ''iiiifi- :;iii ib-iU's ;i'


ill \ V ' I K I pH «M.lv IlF.N.' ILT lil H"' k

. n I. r\ I r A irai Tiiii l.in \ . \ f h .a sh k

t -jn-h S'a 1; Ofeng*


1l-lMuin, I I'll■ 1 I Till •<U' h UH rt -it.' iiPHii-r. s

1 pjti’•rn. I


I :rllllg'

.\djlr'' mr H r: I

l.'ftl nrvi f, , M>.

•'Mil .'r Sf' '*rilhI K.u I-r' oarli,', N«ivp nfliir

y . i 1 11 H l . r : \ f:s 'T 1I S T .li'.’ that ripiia* frnm -I |MI (ll'ariH# U-." '‘ (rr# .'■ nl f1s i- ia n ill>

ft .-i! im cnl, w.|l iPiil'tl '"111 #ti: »r-y n ii#nonbif-, Ill'll on ciin.v iitinp '■-r 'm-hiM nmal.ler #s. iiiix.i f<.r piiiftlipi iTO|n‘ii) ur loin In g o l h'llMln,; Bi'.ilon rrFIUKR * M"Ill»<'K i*n. 77 hi rlliufitld ftse.

teniia ihia fj-^ahly iruppiis, g aili#ea aurronnd atlra.-tu# m-w.- l.•ltA ;lI ollt fAr own IK. ui'dn.'y l.r g" i iu' i i. > ilpoi tieijehhurhprsrl "i iaai<s l#i. kiwanna HtLllrouo i-Xpruaa town «a.«v i-i. inn<utlti|, high pb-.at]on. vtrwB, Ideal f1oi3r plan 2o H. long r«riimH-i * living room, hug# fireplaii; mlsaid-i l-.iok- caaea; beamed cBlImg; u ft, I'Ist** kUuib w i-t d<iw; panoled fllnlng-roani liiiiltiti bufi'«i haded glaaa dom- rhlne i-loi'i. klti hen. #x ponelvB gas rang#, '‘ inran’'# IibI. k U tup l«d- rouiiil (Had baihrooni. fineBl TipllI ptnmbliiH flxturea, flnlah, hU ualt f.&ora luuBt 11 qi 1 k- )v; photo. SO.rMNi; only jCHHi 'n*h rp'HMr"'l ALLAIWM'OFT St S')N. IfiO Naaa;su rf .N Y.

.Cl. I ---------Kl.HUAN'T h.mi-

l il.'II ]i-l 1 nve#l itiApT >II K-jrir-.r-l nl

a I kt-.ri NT 'M Mn v. r» r C:<‘ ii| i.u ((I Pill-

SS Prtf M'l:

m.'ijiii r.pi.or

I I'loii-. .genia •'"I'V I M. h il.umITt.Al'l.r.V Mni IT'.'tl.' si .NewarkbOrTllWKST i-OTner Tv. . ifth ss# and FlpMh

I ai Pior# an.i i« ' at-a '' eientp with l-iilM- ' mg Hill! slh’da, junai' " ?"! sinMpa "r gaiag''.

,ni iwofsinlly hvna. c-r loir, .ih!lllERMOTil/.irK (•' » 77 SnriiigfieM ave.


W.tNT Ml T ir.id# my splendid nlne- ftpo> f avi' litrni#, fill 1rn<

blXi'EPTiriN-t U1..T -hnirp hnuar mnii d#*lr able birailoii, Il rnome, stfam. #i#Miblty. oak floom. liarilw>od fininh, i.lol (k'xlTo. r» nilr,i)iBj depot. IT mk'.

CHOH'B ’j-fiimiis houau. 14 roornx. J hcMik oak floors. hardvs.jt>d flrlah #vtTy . “nsen leiiee. girtam, gae #li>i trirliv. lefiia inr}7b4i. will tell lor ST.iMHi. easy Icrma

NETW 3-famUy houe#. cstry .‘onTenlen.-p. 12 r'Kima. 2 bathe, hardwoorl finlrb ihioiigh out, tteam. gaa. elertii'.Jly. Jft.JiOO, ftAay lerm*.

Df'TfilRABLC r-orner plot, right at depot, auli able for buplnras proTH'rty. nnx-TNA ex'-flu lloiial property fur ImiMer or Ins-ator

CHOH'TU riolfl for reei.lenTlal purpoaea In hH Boctioni of Wonirlulr from 130 up

I'RorEHTY. ovary dos.-rlpHrm Bale i#nl, ext'h.MIIRIKK’H,

Opp. LAAckawanriH Teimlnal, Moniildlr.n,KA8ANT AVK.. 73—This hrUe#, nr P'xid a?

r#w, S ronma. #r#ry inOderti Impi . incluJ- IpR Fleam h«Hi. par<iu#l flo. r* rireai enam-i plumt'ing; worth will nor rvfUK# htivreaeonabl# offer. U|)an for InepectloH 3 'u h | FluriJny. Take Elm eij-eet i-ar in '>dar a ir.'': , 1 Ihtll Bhorl walk 10 houic .1 F JAUK, JU'l I Broadway. N#w York, ______ _FFIAME DWELLING, elevei: rooma. two

baihrooms; open flreplaraa, wired fi>r electrlc.l(y; combination flKturai; hardwnrid riooTs: built three yea.ra ago, lot H'xlCiO; iro.Odd. •*&#> lerma. nr will take bulMlng Ini In part paymetil Addraas Owner. Box S5. UloomfleM. N. -L

FOR BALE—Tyvlngtnn, 2-family. 11 rooma.batha. paptriea, large a ttic : dry cellar;

oeparate healera; electric lights: streetpaved; block from carti; cheap; look al this batore buying alaovrhe'rQ; lot 37^x116. In- qulra 30 Wabatet a t_____________BARGAIN—Houne. Neven rooma and hath,

aleam ha«t: all Improvements; Lot IBxlBO; central loeatlop; large hennery accnmmndata 200 chickens; all klmla of fruit; owner leav- ifif town. Address Owner, Box HT, News o f f i c e . ____________ ________two DOWN, balance arranged, buy* two-fam*

Ily 10-room house, extra large lot: half block from trolley and near Irvington Centre: price. M.BSO. A. J. STATES CO.. 1096 Clin­ton avr., IrvlngtiMi Centra.BBLENDID plot, 10 cUjr lota, fine location:

Improvemanta; nearby graded ichool: few Tninutea trolley; must realls* quick; $3,800; terms 1 arranged- VAN HORN, Firemeii'e building, Newark. _________________________IRVINGTON, Selvage at., 25—New two-

family house; all Improvements; lot 2Ex 100; prica |S,S06; oasy terma; l$B0 cash. R. BENNETT, owner, 7 s Hollywood ave.. Boat Orange.PRIVATE residence; *even rooms: steam, etc.;

lot S4xl60; chicken houae. SKhtBO; Incubator house. 10x10; two blocks to trolleys and school; atreet paved. FOLSOM Agency, I45d Orange ave. ___


All About "The Ideal Home Town." BECRE3TAHY, Box 314, NuUey, N. J,

OrangeFOR SALE—Near Mountain BtAtlon. houa*

of nine rooms; lot NbiKlO; good Inratlon; owner hue been hiildlns fi>r $7,5<.KI, but will now take e v#ry low price (n effect quick sale. J. GHARU'^e 0 ‘BltIEN. CO., South Orange.THIS good buslneta property mult be sold (o

close an estate. Apply lo ALBE7RT E. ROB- ]^BON, 16 C-ona ft.. Orange,


Choice building sltea: write for honUlet. terma, etc. FREDERICK A. FARLEY. Box 26$ Mlllburn; 'phone 237.

prnv#ni#riiF.. I"fi* L'^tlOo. uti.1 hm«H gurage, ffir ii iy i-r nulHirl'# ii\«tit>rn Ipt'i gel lo- K#(h<‘i phon# 4"R3 Bram li Hr »nli

nT!M,\l> ai iiijriil li<.U6# »llb jH,tillnT,.‘GxL'ri right «i'»nuji I I... '-r *|Ti Hnd arven

rti fi,r lkU«!j|i if H' J‘l 1} I'l'-ruBry 15. nr wiil l•l{hnllxe f>'t Hmallrr free and - leer proi-, I I;. c i\Mi< r r.ii I ■ iirl at-

M11 VTt'LA ; R .Wll ilcsIraMp home,Il ri>iinin, liaih. 'vll! u#ll nn rensnnatil#

1#rms ur might 'JK’llsng'- f ir Two-family in jiMod Ini-Hiinin 'l‘ M. SMITH. Pi’i biilliilnx.WILL st'H Or »'\<hflny# my Ttashlngtcm five.

property, •biialnrae ae'-iinn. " running tlirough in l . l r . oin w an t lnjll-.l'ni-: lot. M.*eMpnllrf 1

tir pinflil house. LElHL. 627 Siiinrn<r

LKHlKAfiLE Im(. ll&silOfi. on Tsabolla a^t•.Newark, o' rn '‘nli'ni 10 trolley; prite

$4Fn nr Mill rsrhanp# f'-r Rprond imirtgage. A'tdri'nn I’ n Hn* 1.T, Ampere N J.W.ASH! Mi r " \ AVK. I'lat s<'-llOn Two A

fkniiiV hoiiFfS atii'iirtl r#ni. ll.'J lfl H-. I{(uUkly. liargHlti El'WAHij S. HESSMAN, I'nlf.n hijIMltig.XKAHLY row elx riroHy, rented tioo moruh,

fur rwo-fumils, >'iipii'>n Hill ouiuts only .Adri'PHS iiwri'T, Hok lolij Nrrw'if office.I'LINTON HILL Nnw tl-faniHy apartmrni.

n*ar rar Hn--. wliai am I offered ' AildreaB 1 ‘Union. Boa uh, Nc'-ra office.

__ FARMS FOR SALE __40 rru|! and g#iirrul farm, rumtuaml-

tug \i*.yi rli ri lutul un# of the h*al farms In tlUji til'll Ilf iiiK lounlry , high aleva- llnfi I K‘,111! if li, V i«ii' minute* to depot, on sta ll i iiiil. I I'l flirtde. iHWfi. ilrlvea. no !■•( l#r ••If# .ibl'iin i t'lh fi>r pea'hen apiJ apple*inn*- .... .. liMU'< K Liut lenient cellar, wind-mil' Imih. >..t(rr ponhe*. splendid barn, I'Hin i-eiiM ii(C"0 a|nnln tenant hont.*, P 'U ltrr I'Ulil't.K- r-.r iiln.ui iiliO land all ' Ifttffrd HOil liinlo full ruHhrttlon, frnlled •,'ith il'i lienritiK ,.jiri;i'a. Ue*i vuilelles f.S i-herrieis, p-arn Oii peai'h ireea. good ah»T# I’f Irtrid auwi: .lll^sn tn t im e r , corner prop- >-rtv. fiirrn i« tvonli ls,0'!i0. owner will hsi*- nfi'-e It Holii iiul Kiv for $t,E.on. ahout M.fiOO >A:b ri.iv, In I Ilf Hr],* lu Puy youT farm . In-

ihin '.ne MHAV A MA ’GKOHGK, 1077 |i|p .\fl h[<ig f'hllHdelphla. I’a.. nr V Irt-hiiul, \ ,T v-Mi# or call for delalla. Hiao "ir hd iidaoinely IMuatrated farm rnta-

__ ____ ______ _______________M.'i A''KISS, rl'-h I' ll, 'm Slate nvid. Hunier-

don l ounis . >4 iitfh. Ml r#a. large house and ' 'jihu!i>iing«, magnlftirnt pewrh '>rchnrd, nrar

lit'NMi, |iC( a u i i iwo pearh orcharia,• I *-i;<-iLi I'ulUlllige. |t« rtijlea lown nnd ril.- niiid i.'|i;K»irii \iewN. $*,.ksi n>lgM exchange, ;ii; H -rM iliihg tivo , *icam'haai#il hnuii;.ii:i> 'iiii'uH'lings | ! 2,')00. IT) acroa near Madl- Ktin Urge ro*i1 ftoriiegf, coiy seven-room Il -'isi Nf!'.iiii h#iii, gsiage, tlii.txio, Chester. M O' LX' llirii hulldltigp, In mlniiiCB P . L .mil 'A , Ij.tMyi uuiJiy othioa. soma good ex- rl <'sli f-'REIi If (.'tiNKl-IN, KKWI'nlrn tiull'HtJitril'K-'l tl, \ Ald'EK----Freehold. IwkpWOrKl

Hi” ilo:i. chU kvn. fruH. trucking. gr«ln farU'S /til With hulldlnga. S arrs*. good !.«tan, n for gurHk»‘ buslTieaa. $2.#isi; two Bcre< Jl.nui a';r#N, $1 40u, 11,HTg), » acr*i.

liajf t'Mili Nh arie, extra value, |6,Otl7>; Vi H 'f-1, Nplon-iifi place, waier supply. $4.2iSt; hnl# i-MKh S4ee farm min. VAN HORN. KlM-mrn I huP'liiin

FACTORIES ^ R J A L E _ _ _ _Al fEN'IJoN MANl K.Ai’ ri'HEHA ’ '

Mi'LHKIlRY at mor >iou1h tUreet Hiatino.K'-rmFyivania Heilroarl. large pl>it ruiminc

tfir lUkh in adev In rear, iw<>#t<iry brick ill. ilfng; muai hr «n|d si urtc# to aeiile exiair. M > 'h 110 (xx». uanl reasooahla offer a<'t nui kly FETHT A FEIST, Factory HiwcUillats. T:;v ^ _

$7 ‘ifl, \>w bullrtlni, thrae-alnry cnnrraia, ." ilS . for farlory or iiorKge, '••nirul.

I I . '.(10 esa}) iSTUirsd. baluncs nmrtguge .Ad- dress O n n e H'lx 6$ Ne%t# officeWANT A f‘'A<'Tnll V ■* Imlmsinanta offer-■!,

ns'irty lowni. ulil donate eiF, four s -f 'e , l-rlrk. UUO4I I'UiMIngi, rl-linx. lu n-iUble c-n cern. l-'INi'K, EllxatiethTSSU At’HWfl, brick bulldTnfs. 46x16 »rij

20x30. ouo siiiry . railroad *111101, Mala- wan, N J , : HOD ALLEN. 4QI Caniury Imlldinj!. Newark__

W A.\Ti.li ai uuie. a.ieages. farm* and ImuN^h tn list for aprb>| (rkda nuw s ta r t ­

ing '*h a h l e h h h i .e v e .MHiburn. N' J.

itasi Eataie.

WANTED. St nn--#.Iinprotemenl* Ir

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>>'AN'rKl-. mo lam >1 or 1' room house. lA Of- angvB. rveai ft-itkon. -.heap for .^a^> M odtn.

Mqx k!, Nww* offi'e^______________


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HfiWIiin'HAM. n-iX IRH. News uHl<

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■ I I ^17 sr

TO I R T - O UT OF TOWWOUIN KIOUK H h h « f«f r » l . ii« . M>.

I4 i Mid up. good |naal(oni ao»r ItoIm , trolleya, srho'i'iii. only ihrea mlnutM fo sU< lion. [A>H8K. 1 4’Hoton rruMl. Gian Rldgib^Kast iiMAN^K. 11 \vilHam"Bt.~M*»*tr«»nM»

haih. heat, open plumblni. rent ^ 0 0 ; Jy*t il^curaletl K*-> at « i .if r«m r«l fl«*Uy 4TH Central n tt . Newark.TH.VT . . xy ronagt :iT ruritath *t.« noar

hprmgfltld a>e. IrvIrgUm. 11 fiiosM bath; all IrjiL-ronniei.U; tkcirlc light, in ­quire -S22 S<>u»ii Tenth at.ICAHT OR.ANitE. WHliarlT BlTTlih-HuMroW*

h#uM. fvuiit ami hai.-ii auiirwuya; all roorng 0]H nlng into I'ull* na-xly devoraiid; rant roog- Ul ubl'.', Il■■pl1re Nd. 21.E.vbT on \NtilL Samh Ihirnati «t.. 22—Gotliffa

10 III. with ul' Ininrovertu-nte tnohidlng ekn- lrl> llih li mil tiard'A'ucNl r>i>i rg, Inquire ghgt dcorLY S 1j II I'HST elghl pofiia hnuse; One Fig

clil-ken f"i i ' flv# Tilnuirx' iTulli'y ride Newark, i'’ot lid Inquire HE'YEIl, .'ki Uoyrt •<m v iN O r’lN. Wasi.ng!'>!, ave., IliV-gf;

ru'iinx, liftCh Tent cciS'-nubU- rr xell (nr $:> I down: hdlunir i ' i j IT 142 Ntaihel at.V. KST (lUANf.U 'i r'-umi, bath. ate*m..'2ll iitl

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