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1 Intelligence Bibliography (last update: February 9, 2018) This bibliography is maintained by Bob de Graaff (The Netherlands). Suggestions for affitions or improvements can be sent to: [email protected]. This bibliography contains only books, reports and websites. Articles are not included. For a list of topics see Contents (below). Sometimes it is open to debate in which category a cer- tain item should be placed. E.g. a book on a Russian agent in a an American intelligence organi- zation could be placed under Russia, the United States, humint or counterintelligence. The user should use his or her own heuristic expertise to search with a bit of imagination. Also the search function on your electronic device may come in handy. Contents General introductions Bibliographies Biographical overviews Encyclopaedias Dictionaries Magazines and periodicals Archives and sources Internetsites Military intelligence Business, competitive and market intelligence Private intelligence and security Tradecraft Historical overviews Second World War Intelligence and security organizations General Africa Australia and New Zealand Austria Belgium Canada China Colonial empires Cuba Eastern Europe European Union France Germany Greece Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Luxembourg Mediterranean Mexico Middle East and Iran NATO

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Intelligence Bibliography (last update: February 9, 2018)

This bibliography is maintained by Bob de Graaff (The Netherlands). Suggestions for affitions or

improvements can be sent to: [email protected].

This bibliography contains only books, reports and websites. Articles are not included.

For a list of topics see Contents (below). Sometimes it is open to debate in which category a cer-

tain item should be placed. E.g. a book on a Russian agent in a an American intelligence organi-

zation could be placed under Russia, the United States, humint or counterintelligence. The user

should use his or her own heuristic expertise to search with a bit of imagination. Also the search

function on your electronic device may come in handy.


General introductions


Biographical overviews



Magazines and periodicals

Archives and sources


Military intelligence

Business, competitive and market intelligence

Private intelligence and security


Historical overviews

Second World War

Intelligence and security organizations



Australia and New Zealand





Colonial empires


Eastern Europe

European Union












Middle East and Iran


The Netherlands



South Africa

South Asia

Southeast Asia

South Korea



United Kingdom

United States

The Vatican


International cooperation


Geoint and imint





Strategic Intelligence, Early Warning and Surprise

Intelligence analysis


Intelligence failures

Codes and cyphers

Counterespionage and counterintelligence

Denial and deception

Covert action

Ethics, accountability and oversight

Intelligence reforms and a new paradigm

General introductions

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(see also: Internetsites: CIA, FAS ; United States : Theoharis)

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Magazines and periodicals

American Intelligence Journal

Cahiers Inlichtingenstudies

Cover Action Quarterly

Critical Studies on Terrorism

Defense Intelligence Journal

European Journal of Intelligence Studies

Georgetown Security Studies Review

Global Security and Intelligence Studies

Inteligencia y seguridad: revista de análisis y prospectiva

Intelligence and National Security

The Intelligence Review

Intelligence Review. Journal of Centre for Intelligence Operations

Intelligencer. Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies

The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

International Journal of Intelligence Ethics

The International Journal of Intelligence, Security, and Public Affairs

International Security


Intsum Magazine. Journal of the Marine Corps Intelligence Association

Jane’s Intelligence Review

Journal of the Australian Institue of Professional Intelligence Officers

Journal of Cold War Studies

Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security

Journal of Cryptology

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Journal of Information Warfare

Journal for Intelligence Analysis

Journal of Intelligence History

Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies

Journal of Intelligence Studies

Journal of Intelligence and Terrorism Studies

Journal of Mediterranean and Balkan Intelligence

Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

Journal on Secrecy and Society

Journal of Strategic Security

Law and National Security Intelligence Report

Military Intelligence (Profesional Bulletin)

Naval Intelligence Professionals Quarterly

Romanian Intelligence Studies Review

SAIS Review

Salus Journal

The Security and Intelligence Studies Journal

Sherman Kent Center Occasional Papers

Sicurezza, Terrorismo e Società


Studies in Conflict and Terrorism

Studies in Intelligence

Survival. Global Politics and Strategy

Terrorism and Political Violence

The Vanguard. Journal of the Military Intelligence Corps Association

World Intelligence Review

Archives and sources

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Business, competitive and market intelligence

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Private intelligence and security

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Tradecraft (see also: Codes and cyphers)

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