how to ramp your reps in q4 & start 2020 off right

5 killer strategies to onboard reps faster and crush your sales targets. How To Ramp Your Reps In Q4 & Start 2020 Off Right

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5 killer strategies to onboard reps fasterand crush your sales targets.

How To Ramp Your Reps In Q4 & Start 2020 Off Right


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It’s playoff season

4.5 months

18 months

Average ramp time for a new rep Average tenure for a sales rep

Sales Onboarding: The Express Route From Hire-to-Revenue, The Bridge Group

2018 SDR Metrics & Compensation Report, The Bridge Group, 2018

August hire November hire

% of quota 50% 50%

Monthly quota $10,000 $30,000

Revenue $5,000 $15,000

Opportunity cost $5,000 $15,000

A quick example...

Where’s sales enablement?

Profitability = tenure - ramp

1. Outcome-based enablement

Outcome-based enablement


Have your performance reviewed

(e.g. certifications or sales milestones)


Learn something new (e.g.

watch a pitch video, read best

practices, etc... )


Practice what you learned

(e.g. stand and deliver, pitch rooms, etc... )

Outcome-based enablement cycle

16%Of intensive “one-off” training is lost within 90 days.

The Future of Sales Training, SPI, 2010

How to applyoutcome-based


1. Break up programs into modular chunks.

Every step should build on the previous one

to drive continuous improvement.

2. Build real-life practice into your program.

Assess based on real sales achievement.

2. Automate your onboarding

Onboarding is too manual

Onboarding is too manual, so every change, new

role, or new hire causes hours of manual work.

How to automate your onboarding

1. Automate program enrolment

● Templated programs

● Tailored to the role

2. Automate sales milestone achievement

● Increases enablement adoption

● Embed milestones into your programs

3. Train customer value before product

Reps don’t need product knowledge

Train customer value

1. The company & person you target

2. The value you bring to them

3. The problem / pain that they have

Train customer value

Question:How much does a rep need to know to be dangerous?

Train customer value

Answer:Just enough to get them to the next stage of the sales process.

4. Scale your subject matter experts

Scaling your SMEs with video

Graph based on work of B S Bloom, an American educational psychologist

Scaling your SMEs with video … but it’s not that much better.

Scaling your SMEs with video

1. Video can scale your SMEs

2. Stop them spending hours rebuilding decks

3. Get them out of meetings

Scaling your SMEs with video

1. Record themselves going through a session

2. Take it piece by piece to get good cuts

3. Edit it together

… should take 90ish minutes

Scaling your SMEs with video

● Consistent onboarding experience

● SMEs always perform at their best

● Onboarding schedules aren’t based on calendar availability

● Clean benchmarking + comparison

● Compile an expert library

5. Track the revenue impact of sales enablement

Why track consumption metrics?

Track the revenue impact of sales


If you measure sales milestone achievement,

when that achievement happens, and what

enablement programs and activities came before

it, you’ll get a much better understanding of what

programs are driving revenue impact.

Track the revenue impact of sales


● Cut low-impact programs / activities

● Separate high- and low-performers, so the

right reps get extra coaching and help

● Test program iterations and lower ramp time

incrementally over time

● Create “refresher” programs to improve

existing reps

Tie it all together

Tie it all together

1. Outcome-based enablement

2. Automate your onboarding

3. Train customer value before product

4. Scale your SMEs with video

5. Tie enablement programs to revenue impact