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,Qy:.,6+.$ i:. yle; {--t{ r- ,l \i l.; t ^l J' r r','i '. \ r . ( \\ I \' t- V i\ i',1 \l\.*t lr UNIVERSITY PAPER F.Y.B.M.M SE,M-rr APRIL -2018 .,j

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,Qy:.,6+.$ i:. yle; {--t{ r-



t ^l J' r r','i'. \ r . ( \\ I \'t- V i\ i',1\l\.*t





APRIL -2018


TY 611 n 5",13-ca-tB

E't4 cowva - sglri

Time : z| nru.t

!Q. P. Code :,33459


Q I A Read the f,ollowing news srory: 15

Roar: Tigers of the Sunderbans, produced by Abis Rizvi Films, isreleasing on October 31't.The augmented realtyexperience treats the viewer to a participativeinteraction with a virtual tiger. It allows one to pet and stroke theanirnal while watching the excitement on a large e screen in real Time.What makes it all the more interesting is that viewer can take horne thevideo. leature them with the tiger.to upload it on sociaI netr.norkingpage,the professional /promotional activity was set up inmolls,colleges and multiplexes in over l5 cities CROSS the countryand found many takers among the youth.Kamal sadanahs directorial debut,Roar:Tigers of S underbarr s,re I vo I vesround the Inajestic tigers of the 1'orestand the makers carne up withinteresting wausto introduce the royal beast to the audience.. auniquepromotional activity,involving augmented reality, was launched bysalrnan l<han.

Says producer Abis Rizvi." the tiger is protagonist of ourfilm and thisactivity is the best way ro establish a bond with the audience."

l) Edit and rewrite rhe ner,rs story.2\ Sumrnarize the news story giuen above.

Q2 A 1) what is a press release'l How can one write a good press rerease? g

B 1) Write an application to obtain infbrmation from the collector as to 7why your name and those of your family members have beendropped from the voters' list ofyour district. even though you havebeen voting regularly till 2016.

ORQ2 C Differentiate between editing and summarizing.

D What is precis making?

Q3 A What is meant by hard news? What are its main parts?

,' B Interpret the following Table and write a paragraph about it:





Q. P. Code : 33459

ar ir:! ii--i L,.!.*:8#Al (**dd ilirsrr.{#:!-: _ i..r;i ar,.^..ii,:^:

t:t)iatrc FPl$;d Arrds'+@ '&81$ A:u!&#e

*:sylsw e+d &.fu* - s!&rj*]!r.,if,r:ni f J

:w & Ea!es{* ,Asdw 6*use&s

F )$ it:.&hr - s6itiiril,Er

Q3 c what is rhe rerevan^ce-of transrat,", 3tn" fierd ofjournarism?D what is body copy? How can one write .fT..;ir;^i;y'."0r,A What are the functions of a translator?B There was a rary organized by a youth organization against rampantcorruplion in sociery. As a reporter rrom a readiig dairy. write a repon aboutthe event.

'-'o -.i'! j' r '! I

COR! Explain'r-cttcrtotrrer.diror". \\,r.itcarettertorrreediror.or..Tirnesor.

Inrlia' criticizing conr,--r.riporar' starc of news presentation in erectronicmedia.

Write in brief on any THREETaglineHeadlineTranscreationSoft NewsJ ingles

* {< X)k X *:! * *,k ** }k,& r< ** *







.,.f', ,LUiD! ,1



:.' 4


i}Tf:::,:i: ii , ::::liL ::'rilLL r*-*lqtuF.ts

$m u'r 5** tL[g- or^- t.r Q.P. Code:33278








3. a. what is learning? How does learning happen through classical and operant

;:ifff'Iil*rlur, "u,

apptied research be done in rnedia psychology, lffi]OR

3. a. Explain Freudrs Psychoanalyical theory. (07)

b. Explain Maslow's Hierarch,v- of Needs theory. How can the theory be applied tomass media. (08)

4. a. Describe the fundamental aspects of personality and Explain Cognitive theory andBehaviorist theory in detail. (15)

ORb. What are the various theories of attitude formation? What is role of media information of attitudes? Hou clo opinion leaders use mass media to influence attitudes/

'r.''5.t ..

:a.,t b,

': C.



Explain with examples.

Write Short notes on any 3

Positive ReinforcernentPro-sooial rned i a effectsPositive effects of mediaEthical principles of researchVarious types of pre.judice


(t s)

iqsro J-o vws*L^'"-?Syeho) 6sy

(Time: 2.5 Hours)

a. Define thinking. What are the characteristics of a creative thirrker?b. Define Psychology and explain its various branches.


c. Explain conformity and compliance with examples?

d. Write a note on Cognitive Dissonance and how can you overcorne it.

Please check whether you have got the right question paper.

N.B. 1. AII questions are compulsory.

2. Marks are intlicated to the right of each question

l. Explain Gestalt's principles of perception and write a detailed nore on visual anddepth perception. Comment on their application in mass media.

r?lo4 ltB F'($M r'\ ['Pitv]Dot jti cat S ci d- po lieiqs eyncep+_

Q.P. Code t 31Z1i

I Marks: 75][Time: 2.30 Hours]

Please check rvhether you have got the right questi,n paper.N.B: 1. All questions are compulsory,

Q'1 lliscuss the topic given below with reference to aRy one fundamental right, fundamental 1sduty or directive principle.

a. Linking of Aadhar card to Banks and the right to privacy.OR

b. The controversy surrounding the release of the filrn pADMAVAT

Q.2 Answer any one of the following: 15a' Whrt are tlte fundamental duties? Distinguish bctween furrdamenial duties & directiveprinciples of state policy.

ORb' What are the features of a democracy? Do you think India'is a successful democracy?

Q.3 Ansrver either A or B.a' i' Explain any F0UR non-democratic forms of government with example.

ORb' i' What is the impor'tance of regional pr.ties in the func[ioning of the centralgovernment? :

ii. Elaborate the rore of media as a watch dog of democracy.

Q.4 Answer either A or B.a. i, What is thJ Jalit movement in Maharashtra about?ii, what is rhe rore of the Dominanrir.r.lr'rrri,r.rrn,.a porirics?-"- --":_"'^

ORb' i. ' How has the digital media impacted the Indian youth's participation in theelectoral process?

ii' Explain in detair the issue of the unif,orm civir code,'.

Q.5 Answer any THR.EE of the following:a. Panchayati Rajb. 0pinion polts

c. Samajwadi partyd. Role of Election Commissionere, Quasi Federalisnr in India









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k'^Jp-b d

Q.P. Code : 05276

[Time: Zj Hours]

Please check whether you have got the right question paper.1. All questions are compulsory.2. Figures to the right indicate marks alloted to the questions.






Q.a a)

a) What is management? Explain in detail managerial roles given by Henry Mintzberg.OR

b) What is classical managementtheory? Explain the principles of management by Henry Fayol.

a) What is Planning? Explain the characteristics and steps involves in planning process,OR

b) Discuss the Scientific Management advocated by F.W, Taylor.

b) Define leadership. Why is it considered situational in nature?

a) 'Decision making is an important conceptual tool of management.l Explain in detail the process ofdecision making.

ORWhy co-ordination is an important function of management?Define staffing with special reference to recruirment.

How did identification of the Hawthorne effect lead to the recognition of the importance of psychologicaland social factors at work?

ORDefine the term manager with a suitable example. wf,.t i, the difference between a manager and aleader?

what isTotal Quality Management? what suggestions would you offerto make TeM effective?
















Q.s Write short notes on (any 3)

1. Crisis Management

2. Management as an art and science

3. lnternational Management

4. Performance Appraisal

5. Communication


BA2}:AD5BCD3:]A799483AA3O I 9FAA4F7D

F Y Er"lr'1

\qloq lr8 f, rur(r f'l e c- J .!\rzv,-/(eJrl,J

l.lu r-ation: 2.5 hour.s T'otul ll{arks: 75 rnrrii.c

\ ott'. -AI I c1ucstions iirc con:pu I ror-1,.

I)rari' rru'at labelled diagrani w-hcrcver r..:cesSaO,Pr"cscnl. rhc ansrvcrs rvith rclevant erantples.l:i_qrrres to the rieht indicare marlis.QI. i{cad the cnse and ansrycr flre follor ring questions.

Sincc fast decade' rtiuch ofthc shiit in ihe buyerprefbrences llar.,e been attriL.,rrtecJ

tti tlte cn:ergL:,lcc oi'rnall culturc in india. iv.lalis have impacted the lnilian liiestylcr.I't'ri;ti ltllrlls are l:ti;rc llralt.iiist slropping,ii.rlclion thc'; orc trseri li:r pri:rpiir iii rr:.1re

iir:ln One wily, solre g)eopl.: Lrsc ii iirr-soc:ial i,::rtii-xr rvlic;-c as otlrers go ibrSir*pping as nralls plcseni tlirmserr,,.:s as a onc :;r.op shop lbr all neetls of tlrrcoilsrrrlrr i:r ihe int;"-t pleastrrahk: :rnd econornir: rvay. Sorne visit ihum l.or

compietc experiencc rvith all the rightings and rlisplal,s that realll, makes ir orr* ofll'rc orontisinq expcrience fbr thcir:. rtlso a tril> ro maii can eahancc nr*ortr fio;r1 hadtu qtxrd or lrom gooti 1o eriergetic. (Jnc can just go ancl cnii:y ti:,e envircnp:rirrt.il<:ij' events nn'C pr:opic. 'l'here

rir-r more hr'aiih b,cnclli. ri,irile slroppilt at rxiJjs iisiili:-: lirt.spicad oYei'tlir:itstictls o1'sr1. filcters:ilttlrescareh sliou,s thiitcn i.ijl:.r.;.riig{-$ perssn rvalks over a liiltlneet*r t>efr:re rvalking out, lt triiJ,tlol L:c :: big lircrrrr.

inilu'-:r'rcing lilestylc but it cirn be cormtcel as yr,:rhalrs a l:u.nejiit.

QI i \\'irar .irc: rh* hcne{its r:l-:;}topping in niill.,

Qli {iive five saJes pi'onloti*u reci.iniclues us*,1 jir rhc s}ro1,r1-:irig g:iili:;.

t.J-l i .'1ur:ording {ri voLt, is *nli*i* sl:,aptrring;r tirrcat to ni;rIl culturc I Ji.rstii,,,

t)). i\) l]efinu ri'rarkctirrg ar,rd explain its feaiures.


{1) [xplain meanrng r:f ftural *rark*ting en,J features of a rural nr.:r-k*t-il.ii

ji i

il j

i' i'r





'f{-rRN (jVEI{

(J.l). CoLlc : i50lli





t]lc- Wlrtrt is Market segirtcnta'rirn'i I)iscr:s:; il briei'oli what groi,.ds a r:rari:elcln br segmented. {ii}(.)id' I)istirrguish betrveeri'l'raditiolral rnail.-.rriirg and \{r-riicrn markctir ,:'/{?}

(.)j a.I)iIjel'ence bttr.r:ccn rrrer.kr:tirrs tiriti slIi jng.ill r

i-)-l.b- i)isiinguish btlt','r:cn Skirnnrinq thc ciciirr pricing stru{"r-g1.and I)r.i L:triiii;'ii.:;r.,:kcting Sttitcj'r, i; i


{.)-1c . Lnutnerate thc iiiiicrt'rrl'l.ypcs iil'cu:;l,inrcrs onr g*ls to see in a rvir;i:ilI*ilian market? L'xplain in brisi'tlieir rrait.s. {.t)

tJ.ld. What is scrvicrl *iiuL:r.ring7 I_:xptrain its icii{ures- (7t

t.)-l;1. q"1,r,, arc tlic qualitie s ,{'ri qor:il s:ricsriirn,,)(.).1b. "l)akaging is a nrar.keiing nccrrssil)r',. - I:xplain

i.)-i^\trrr:ite Slhurt notes cn tirlr J)

r. I::rscntial.s ot' a goorJ a,Jvefi isirrgi:. I] rali rl i:c1 u i tr. iind lJrard 1,.:-r,a | 11,

c. l{. eiat i*n shil: lx:trket,ingd.BLry.,ing m(itir,,es

c; I:* nr&rkuliirg

Q.l'. Cotiu . 3-;07E



, ii'

,t.t-'-4\v !\.\\


l'1ilu.J ovtli




FY 6rrr $1ko J Io t-i*erq., tr't,^.^r-q

Q. P. Code : 33986

[Time: Z] noursl

Please check whether you have got the right question paper.N.B: 1. All questions are compulsory.

2. Each question carries equal marks.3. Marks to the right indicate full marks.

I Marks: 75]

Q1(A) ln George Orwell's Animal Farm. why did the original seven commandments lose

their relevance? what were the changes made? why were these changes made?


(A) Discuss the significance of the symbols in George Onruell's Animat Farm -- Names,Milk and Apples, windmill, old Major's skull and Jones' Rifle. 115l


(B) What is the significance of the use of symbols in Bhisham Sahni's Tamas? IlSlOR

(B) How effectively has Bhisham sahni devetoped the plot in Tamas? t15l

Q2(A) ln Gabriel Garcia Marquez's short story ,,A

how do the fantastic elements help provideand behave?

Very Old Man with Enormous Wings"insights into the way human beings think


by the use of first


(B) ls the short story "Girls" by Mrinal pande made more effectiveperson narration? In what way?

ORQ2(C) How effective is lsabel Allende's narrative technique in her short story "And of Clay

are we Created"? tgl

(D) what is the theme of Ernest Hemingway's short story "A clean, well-LightedPlace"? How does Hemingway develop this theme? VJ

Q.3(A)with reference to Maya Angelou's poem "The Lie", comment on the ,emotional

mask' that the speaker hides behind as she bids farewell to her friend. t8l

6B97F38ED2nss:11::r c 7 58D27281 A96

Q. P. Code : 33986

(B) What is the theme in Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a SnowyEvening"? How does he develop this theme? l7l


(C) How effectively does Wilfred Owen portray the enemy as a friend in his poem

t8l"Strange Meeting"?

(D) ln what way is Gieve Patel castigating modern man in his poem ''On Killing a Tree"?To what extent do you agree with Patel's point of view? l7l

Q4(A) Vijay Tendulkar, in his play Silence! The Courtis rn Session, has used this platform

to expose gender discrimination in patriarchy. What are your views on this? [15]OR

(A) Do you conslder Leela Benare as a tragic figure in Vijay Tendulkar's play Silence!The Courtis rn Session? Give reasons for your response l15l


(B) What is the source and the irony of the title of George Bernard Shaw's play Armsand the Man?

OR(B) George Bernard Shaw rejected romanticism and embraced realism. How realistic is

Arms and the Man? How much of it is "unrealistic"?

Q.5. Write short notes on any three:



[15](A)The use of irony as a poetic device in "On Killing a Tree".(B)The use of metaphor to articulate human emotions in the poem "Need Ka Nirman

Phir Phir".(C)Title of the poem "strange Meeting".t (O)Cafe as a setting in "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place".(E)Women in Nani's house in "Girls".

********* * * ***** ***********

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