by area reps

JULi8:99 ¶_ ,". i : Park Board bans smoking at both Nues pools bySheilya Hacke« The Nilca Put Bce,d flip- nofojwa floWed i iia recuit anoking let pait and the Sporis CompIe them bully me into changing my pOFy by bannzng ail anokng at pooL votc. 0thPUtkdiSUìctWaterfaciIities. Commissioner Bud Skaja. Jr. Skaja tatcr told of threats and llIC&IimImvuncdaicccntIy. was the sole dissenter in dic 4-I haunted Policyallowing smoking vote, cxctaiming "t wouldn't tet phonc number. He said therc al a dcsigned labia in the con- the pio (smoking) sido influcncc Continued ou Pa e O PEC9IA MILES PUBLIC LIBRABY £960 BAKION BILES IL ESElN : Maine East student. : Waukegan A Des Plaines teenager dzowned Sunday. July t4 while Swimming with friends in the Wa- ternearaCommonwcaJth Edison powerplantinWaukegan. The body of Ryan Torf 16, was found on the beach early Monday mmnlng, July 15 Ryan, a starting pitcher on the varsity baseball team, and five rompan- ions from Mne East. High School iiiPagk Ridgebad been swiingiiear Uw power planta discharge pipe. The spot lapqtu tar with fisheimen, lsicau Ihn wann water discharged &uin the plant alIsarE fish. Sleimmiag te not allowed there due to ihn fast- movingcuucnls. Continued on Page 50 - ditlon òf 8746 N. Shermer Road, Nues. IIÌois 60648 - (71ê) 966-3900 VOL3S,NO.4THEOU(;l.E,TIIURSS)Ay JULY Ia, Isst 50 per àopy From the ¿BIt Wad by Bud Besser Last week's Icad sooty re- ported former Miles village. manger, Jack Hadga, was . sarked by Ihr Teaneck (NJ.) . . Town COuncil, bajse he un- reasonab1ialienatcd towindsip empIoyee . and caused a . broach in Ihr previous rota- tionship with the CICrk' Of- firs". This look piace about . two-and-a-half years after he was hiredjo fill the post of iownmanager. . DuringJacks five year len- we inNileshispersônnel poli- . cies cau havoc down al the Scheel Adminsirtion Build- ing. Hc operatedu 'no non- sence' . business office segre- gatiug employees so they . would have littiechancéto so- cialize daring workinghow-s. . . POlWdPithiBeCplacddesksin . thçouterofficeandempioyees . weresbuffledofftootherloca- iiònswlsereth&eighthouref-- : . .fóis wòuide confined sleict- ly to the .buslaegs ut hand. Subsequently longisme vil .. ingèeitioyeòs were no iong : rworkisg (or Nues. Wean been tÔId since Abc Seiman took over, some of the former . eñsployees 'have drifted back totheNlica woekforce. i It wasflt too long ago the- ..NjtrsLijy.Boajd liad peob-- - tejiNs withá forNace administra- , ithin-. diete --district. - Women : employees complained he was - verbally abusive io the female -ismptoyees who worked at the - - library.When he left the dis- lriçt the libsasy board did not inration any of these coas- plaints but gave the adminis-: - - - Continued on l'age 50 womaiì's dèath A Cook County CircuitCoUrt by Nancy K Theyre looking ai windows, peering behind fences and Scruti- Sizing shrubbery. One block !uis dubbed the phenomena the p nt police, bnBinfict,Nitosced n- fooement personnel are check- ing ont each of 14,500 dwelling anNa to wipe ont weeds and peel- ty up porches as well as notice chipping paint and cracking con crete. $9.8 million awarded in MG 'Paint police' patrol Niles streets rruminas Ninety-five percent of the people are extremély pleased', clainics I-loosing Directo- Todd- Bavaro, who recently obtained board approval to hire an extra man to perforai inspections part- time.- Residençex reportedly are eyebatled from foundation to got- - ter as well is-the rest ofthe ptop- erty. Around 304 minor violations have - been noted in letters left with the propery owners in the 539 homes inspected since edd - - Continuedon Page 50 iuey recently awudeda $9.8 mil- : v lion verdiNa tas the family ofa 39- year-old Morton Grove woman, wittidied--from a raptured brain aneaeysm--- - - -- - The family's attonsey, Joieph A. Power Jr., stated that Marlene Cohn ."receivedpoor medical. care' when Dr. -Thomas Frost failEd to detect the aneurysm, mistakenly diagnosing the ail- ment as meningitis. Cohn, who - snfíered from excruciating head- - Còntinued on Page 50 - EntertaJiiment. Guide j j - Pógà 3348 fihiAcIaíJ - FrogréssReport Ç Pagt2i-27 chOot GuIde - Pa9es 29-32 N - Bill requires AIDS-infeCted health care workers to notify patients e- w AIDS law -- backed by area reps by Gail Jersey In overtime sessioti, the liti- sentative Palien explained, "we noix Honse of Represeutatives went to work on pressnring the (Monday) passed a biltrequiring Poblic Health Department and nl- AIDS infected health care work- timately on crafting legislation to ers tu notify their patients ofpos- put patient notification into place sible exposure to the deadly vi- as pohtic policy in ourstate NosE rus. that the nation's health authorities The legislation, SB-999, was havr determined there is in HIV written by Representative Penny risk in invasive procedures snch Pollen (R-55) in response to the assnrgeryordentistry,shepubtic documented spread of the HIV desrrvestobeprotectedtotlseex (AIDS) Vu-uS fronsaPloridaden- tenipossible. tistto five ofhis patients. Representative Ralph Cappa. When another legislator and I relit (D-13), a co-sponsor of the learned that a centrai Illinois den- bill, said he believes anyone ex- slsthaddiedofAlDSlastoctober posed so the AIDS virus, esp and that she stales public health ally palients, should have the aalhorities had decided to keep right la know if they have born his p tieso in Ike dark, Rrpre- Continued na Pnu Ç5 Niles Fest food tent draws crowds Ç Ç Ç - - - Ç- - PhotohyflavidMifler Patrons ofthe Nibs AllAmerican Festival found t0ey coaldciflooan from a varioy o(ethbIo treats rs eluding Vietnamesesprtngrois funneleakes corn pizza nbsandwiches andare cream The Fest raes from July 10 through July 14 and featured carnival rides andgames bingo with cash prizesandentortainment. sevengroupsperformeddurig the5-dayeventdrawjflgrecardcrowds

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¶_,". i :

Park Board bans smokingat both Nues pools

bySheilya Hacke«The Nilca Put Bce,d flip- nofojwafloWed i iia recuit anoking let pait and the Sporis CompIe them bully me into changing mypOFy by bannzng ail anokng at pooL votc.0thPUtkdiSUìctWaterfaciIities. Commissioner Bud Skaja. Jr. Skaja tatcr told of threats andllIC&IimImvuncdaicccntIy. was the sole dissenter in dic 4-Ihaunted Policyallowing smoking vote, cxctaiming "t wouldn't tet phonc number. He said thercal a dcsigned labia in the con- the pio (smoking) sido influcncc Continued ou Pa e O





: Maine East student.: Waukegan

A Des Plaines teenagerdzowned Sunday. July t4 whileSwimming with friends in the Wa-ternearaCommonwcaJth EdisonpowerplantinWaukegan.

The body of Ryan Torf 16,was found on the beach earlyMonday mmnlng, July 15 Ryan,a starting pitcher on the varsitybaseball team, and five rompan-

ions from Mne East. HighSchool iiiPagk Ridgebad beenswiingiiear Uw power plantadischarge pipe. The spot lapqtutar with fisheimen, lsicau Ihnwann water discharged &uin theplant alIsarE fish. Sleimmiag tenot allowed there due to ihn fast-movingcuucnls.

Continued on Page 50 -

ditlon òf

8746 N. Shermer Road, Nues. IIÌois 60648 - (71ê) 966-3900VOL3S,NO.4THEOU(;l.E,TIIURSS)Ay JULY Ia, Isst 50 per àopy

From the

¿BIt Wadby Bud Besser

Last week's Icad sooty re-ported former Miles village.manger, Jack Hadga, was

. sarked by Ihr Teaneck (NJ.). . Town COuncil, bajse he un-

reasonab1ialienatcd towindsipempIoyee . and caused a

. broach in Ihr previous rota-tionship with the CICrk' Of-firs". This look piace about

. two-and-a-half years after hewas hiredjo fill the post ofiownmanager.

. DuringJacks five year len-we inNileshispersônnel poli-

. cies cau havoc down al theScheelAdminsirtion Build-

ing. Hc operatedu 'no non-sence' . business office segre-gatiug employees so they

. would have littiechancéto so-cialize daring workinghow-s.

. . POlWdPithiBeCplacddesksin.

thçouterofficeandempioyees. weresbuffledofftootherloca-


: . .fóis wòuide confined sleict-ly to the .buslaegs ut hand.Subsequently longisme vil

.. ingèeitioyeòs were no iong: rworkisg (or Nues. Wean

been tÔId since Abc Seimantook over, some of the former

. eñsployees 'have drifted backtotheNlica woekforce.

i It wasflt too long ago the-..NjtrsLijy.Boajd liad peob--- tejiNs withá forNace administra-, ithin-. diete --district. - Women

: employees complained he was- verbally abusive io the female

-ismptoyees who worked at the --

library.When he left the dis-lriçt the libsasy board did notinration any of these coas-plaints but gave the adminis-:- - - Continued on l'age 50

womaiì's dèathA Cook County CircuitCoUrt

by Nancy K

Theyre looking ai windows,peering behind fences and Scruti-Sizing shrubbery. One block !uis

dubbed the phenomena the p ntpolice, bnBinfict,Nitosced n-fooement personnel are check-ing ont each of 14,500 dwellinganNa to wipe ont weeds and peel-ty up porches as well as noticechipping paint and cracking concrete.

$9.8 millionawarded in MG

'Paint police'patrol Niles streets


Ninety-five percent of thepeople are extremély pleased',clainics I-loosing Directo- Todd-Bavaro, who recently obtainedboard approval to hire an extraman to perforai inspections part-time.- Residençex reportedly areeyebatled from foundation to got-

-ter as well is-the rest ofthe ptop-erty.

Around 304 minor violationshave - been noted in letters leftwith the propery owners in the539 homes inspected since edd

- - Continuedon Page 50

iuey recently awudeda $9.8 mil- : vlion verdiNa tas the family ofa 39-year-old Morton Grove woman,wittidied--from a raptured brainaneaeysm--- - - --

- The family's attonsey, JoiephA. Power Jr., stated that MarleneCohn ."receivedpoor' when Dr. -Thomas FrostfailEd to detect the aneurysm,mistakenly diagnosing the ail-ment as meningitis. Cohn, who -

snfíered from excruciating head--

Còntinued on Page 50 -

EntertaJiiment.Guide j

j - Pógà 3348

fihiAcIaíJ -



chOot GuIde-

Pa9es 29-32



Bill requires AIDS-infeCtedhealth care workers to notify patients

e- w AIDSlaw -- backedby area reps

by Gail JerseyIn overtime sessioti, the liti- sentative Palien explained, "we

noix Honse of Represeutatives went to work on pressnring the(Monday) passed a biltrequiring Poblic Health Department and nl-AIDS infected health care work- timately on crafting legislation toers tu notify their patients ofpos- put patient notification into placesible exposure to the deadly vi- as pohtic policy in ourstate NosErus. that the nation's health authorities

The legislation, SB-999, was havr determined there is in HIVwritten by Representative Penny risk in invasive procedures snchPollen (R-55) in response to the assnrgeryordentistry,shepubticdocumented spread of the HIV desrrvestobeprotectedtotlseex(AIDS) Vu-uS fronsaPloridaden- tenipossible.tistto five ofhis patients. Representative Ralph Cappa.

When another legislator and I relit (D-13), a co-sponsor of thelearned that a centrai Illinois den- bill, said he believes anyone ex-slsthaddiedofAlDSlastoctober posed so the AIDS virus, espand that she stales public health ally palients, should have theaalhorities had decided to keep right la know if they have bornhis p tieso in Ike dark, Rrpre- Continued na Pnu Ç5

Niles Fest food tent draws crowdsÇ Ç Ç

- - - Ç- - PhotohyflavidMiflerPatrons ofthe Nibs AllAmerican Festival found t0ey coaldciflooan from a varioy o(ethbIo treats rseluding Vietnamesesprtngrois funneleakes corn pizza nbsandwiches andare creamThe Fest raes from July 10 through July 14 and featured carnival rides andgames bingo with cash

prizesandentortainment. sevengroupsperformeddurig the5-dayeventdrawjflgrecardcrowds


HOURS Mon Fri 7 30 6 00 Sat 7 30 - 5 00


. Nues resident.wins trtickiñg trophy

Bridalsalon .

otit $4,000 incredit card scam

-A fake jewelry box and dis-guscd messenger helped MortonGrove and Chicago police apprc-hend a Chicagoan who allegedlystole nearly $4,000 in cvdnisggowns loon Margie's Bridal Sa-.Ion. 5645 Dempster St., MorIon-Grove.

Thc alleged thief, Louis San-tdago,aIsoknowna,Agne«sandoval, 22, allegedly received à;number of Budget roulaI car re-ceipl.s írom a male friend and

. used cmditcard numbers Lo orderevening gowns by phone fromMargie's.

July 2. Santiago allegedly or-. Continued '!' l'age 28

Forinéi MG . :,tiustee dies .

atage8l. . flugoR. Hilzelberger, 81, ofMorion Grove died Saturday..Hilzelberger was a distinguishedMorton Grove citizen, havingserved on die Morion Grove Vil-Jage Boazdfor2tiyeaos.

He was an active member ofthe Board of Health, Air Polla-sion Control Commission, andIhr Traílle and Safely Commis-sion_ He was also a part-timehealth inspector.

'Mr. Hiizelbcrgertook a vesyactive oars in the community,"

Continued on Page 28



MEMBERNnrthnrn ltlini.Nnw.papurAssociation

Bah BesserPohlisherDavid BewerFoundlng PublisherDiane MillerDirector of AdvertisingMarkKrajeckl_Director of ProduotinoLinda BUrnsCopy Editor

Nues, MG researching water systems' operating costs

Local water rate hikeappears to be inevitable

)iy Shedya Hackett .

A boost n water raies looks in- Manager Abe Selman said theevitable for water nsers in Nues newmoneyNileswiltgetwheniiand Martas Grove. The boost begiossellingwaler-toNsputhjswould reanit from the Chicago fall wputd not necessarily can-City Council's approval of a sis cetontaraleincreascinNilespercent ralo increase far custom- Nitro is also researching ilsersofChicagos take waler. wasersystems operatiog coals..

Morion Grove's Administra- . July-10, Seiman saidNiles Wa-tor, Larry ArfI, said he woatd'ah- ser'ases are tow, compàrerlto sur-solniely" ask dir Viltage Board rotindiagcornmnsiiies;andjthanfor an Increase and he had tenia- hoes several years since waterlively coi lied the publie and raies were raised Hesaid the waboard members he was doing a ieee pensewaso lyoneelementraie study, preliminary la submit- of what it takes io run a systemhag as increase proposal as she andpoinsedontiomounflng COOlSinly22boardmeeting. for salaries, insurance,- gas and

Morion Grove will soon lose diesel met, eleciricity and otherthemoneyiinowgainsfromsell faclors, inch-as rrplacement.ofisglakewateriollieNoi-th Snbnr- aging waterpipes.ban Puhlic Jjtility ; company Stiyisgheisconseioasofa(NSPIJ) in nnineorporaied Maine tating costs to residents, SelmanTownshipaadihatalatrstheires.. emphasized he would do eveiy-goose Picisrt..i4rNileViilage Continued onPage 28

Dist2O7 àdmi.nistratots.,: :

high on salary chartsAs polilicians struggle lo bal- asbestos removgt pmjecì. Revc-

aiice neat yeafs slate of Illinois nuefrom property laxen accoanisbudget, High School District 207 fer 91.5 percent of the districtseasily managed lo batanee its budget.own 1991-92 budget, including Figuring promitiently in thecomfortable salaries for sop ad- 1991-92 budget isthepayroil formimntratois Disleict 207 administrators Top

The district's school board re- ping the list is Siiperinlendeutceotly approved a $62 miltion James L. Elliott, whowiit imenbudgei,only twopercentoverlast SI 10,400 ñest Yi.Pollowiàgyear's figure. The small budget are Jolis T. Benka,roàit su.incroase can be nilosbuied in part perinteadeot, adminislratión, imdlo a $2 million decrease in funds Donald E. Kenney, Msisthnt.0ù.needed, due lo the completion of perintendeot, basinéss who willthe Maine South library and the Continued on Page 28 . .Perfor ers 'clown' around














MOn. & Thur. till &00

Edmund Schaoufer, ofNilès, w. ;;- . ...; tented with a trophy on. Jurie 8 by the Illinois Trucking Assc. abon (i/A) for winning sec-ondplace in the flatbed division of Is state wde compobbonTheeverit, which is sponsored-eachyearby the ITA to promote

driving skills, knowledge ofhighway rutes and regulations, 'and., .

:. ' held at the indoor facilities of The Odeum Exposition Center inVillaPark lThno,s

. Schaeffer'ssecondplaea winning ttiisyearmai*shis 5th yearofentryintothecompehbon he look thirdpbace in 1988 Echadfer is employedby Bi) MacExprdss a steel and heavy macbin. erysers/icetrushingcompanybasØdinAr,g,0fljj,$

; . .'

New Dominick's storetO open., by: year's end

. -. . . . bySheilyaHockett .

' ., .De$pileappeaJajices.Coroc. noting exterior work on the plazaLion Continues at Baliard Road is complete, except forshe park-

. andGreenweod Aveisue, Milza, ing lot and interior elecrdcaisite of a new Dominick's food wòrkwhichison-going,sloicandaubopp'mgmalj, Salerno said the name of the

, Rich Simpaon, a Dominick's 8.6-acre shopping center will be. spokesman, told The Buglelbe straight-forward:. the Bailard/bnildeçGczajd Biehl, isdoing in- Greenwoodshoppingmall, Dom.tenor wosh and the store would inick's will occupy8O,000 sq. ft.

' openbefore theendoftheyea,as of.the main dion thewestacheduled. side ofihe site and the remaining

Niles'Code Enfoecement Di. 20,000 sq. ft. of thebailding will. rcvtor,JooSaleeno, backed Simp- be teased to othercbminerciai in.

, son's cláim about consteuction, Continued on Page 28

Sprinkling. ban bringsdeluge of violations

'High temieratares and littleraio.líavc.tlooe more than cansebrown lawns in Niles... The weather is raising tempers

. .asjioli.crack down onviiage

. sprinkling violators.'. -Inone week,Nileàpolice went;tonely5Ohomeaon complaintsofspriokling ban violations. Pitio

,- time ffeltddrureceiveawarning,-. while secofld lime offenders re-

, ceivea$ltfine. For successive

violations, penalties can reach ashighaa$500.

,Msislant to the village manag-er, John Coakity, said the sprink-hog ban eminates from a federallaw, whicheach siate must en-force. Illinois is enforcing thelaw, and could cat off or reducethe water supply to any rnnnici.ia1ity àsiñg Lake Miëhiganllsatdoes notcooserve.Continued

un Page 28

.guiigDist. 63 Schoolsin need of repairs


bÑ Eileen Hirscbfeld. . A sçhoolbaiidingsage in llsl iugionEtementary School as well. MaaieElemenlary School Dis- a almost $18,000 for life and

-- Irict 63,mpre end more monies sfetywcek.. , are being expended for repairs as Gleichman said Ihn district an-'- well as life and 'safety work. ne-- nanny spends abOut' $30,000 ou

cording to Superintendent of bailàr-repairs. According to him,Schools Dr.EldonGleichman. water in the imincorporaled area

AtlastTnesday's meetïng,sev- of the township is very hard anderalexmnples incisdeda $4,5E1 ranEhoo equipnl.

-» ,-.-:Photn by David MillerChildren enjoy 'clowning around with Professor Knowsalittle Talksalot, as he guides them throughthewacky worldoiclownoag with lhe Marbleworks Children's Theatre, in aperformanecofA History ofa FooC--2000 Years ofClowning,partoflhe Nibs College Seminary'spedormiog,5 FsshivalChildren of all ages are invited to join the performances, every Saturday al i i a w , continuingthrough July27. The PerformingArts Feslivahinpresentedin cooperation with the Village ofNiles, andfeatures the Nues Syrn

lla,lbnr.eiiteejp'StAW2lppMrgg ,

1 ULe !ht&frAn Independent Community NewspaperEstabljshed in 1957

8746 N ShermerRoad, Nues, Illinois 60648 (708) 966 3900

: Computer pröjëct fosters Family reunites to honor relativecooperative learning

Four computer camps will belieldat Maine Rast over the nextfour weeks for students, who areparticipating in Project Home-room.

ProjectRomeroom, which willpiace computers in students'homes and link them to theschool's mainfrazne computerand computcxizedlibrary via thetelephone loco, is apint ventero

-bween District 207 and IBMAmeritechTelephone.

At the computer camps, sta-dents will learn to operate theequipment and use the software.A meeting fee parents is sched-ulcd for Aag. 15 from 7 to S which time families will takeiheircomputees home.

The two-ycarpiiotpmject willallow about lOO swdnels to at-ten4 sjiecial interdisciplinaiycls in English, math, science,and social scienceihat will been-hattced with compater tecbnoio-

eachers for thepr6gram, whowilt siso have home computers,will be available thorugh a corn-putee modem and message sys-tem to help stadnet.s with theirwork after hours. The studentswill siso be able to commanicatethrough the computer messagesystem with their fellow studentsin derprogromencouroging inter-schon between classmates andfosteringcoopilralivè learning.

By putting computcrsright inthe home,. District 207 will also

. increase the opportunity for par-ests to be involved first-bendwith their child's learning. Pur-cuts will have arreos to bulletinhoard homewoek assignmentsandtheircbild'sacademjc record.

Sóiecomptiterpmgeajns may

even be created in different tan-guoges to help the district corn-municate in the 47 different Ian-gsages spoken by ?saine Eaststudents.

In addition to using the workproòessing, simulation, and ix-searchcapabilitiesofIhecomputer, stsdenls will be reqaired todownload hOmework ainign-meals into the-teacher's computerin the evening. Overnight, thesystem wil analyze the- home-work and correct it.

The Wache- will know beforeclass begins what concepts sta-dents had difficalty learning, -making t- possible to review _____those couiceptsin class the nextday. - .. '-Assistant attOrneygeneral addressesseniors - -

Jerty Sisal, assistent attorneygeneral in the - EnvironmentsiProtection Control Division,within the office of the tilinoisAttorney General, Roland W.Bonis, will be the guest speakerfor the Summit Sqoare Retireeson Thursday, July 25. -

Jim Thompson, activity director, announced the meeting willbe held at the Summit Square Re-tirement Hotel, tO N. Summit,Park Ridge, at 1:30 p.m. Sisslwill speak lo tise group on, 'Safe-guarding Our tllinois Environ-

Sisul has been in private proc-tice and with the Attorney Gener-al since 1984. He was formerlyassigned at Special Assistant At-torney General in the-EminentDomain andCondemnation Divi-slos.

ThìsTheCiosestwecènéTo Fòreign Investfflent. -

We believe in reinventing our money right here inthe cornmanity, not overseas. -.

We care about the development and growth of-- local businesses And we want to help our customers

- manage their financial resourcen wisely.So When It come lo take out, we're definitely In

- - favor of fried rice. Bat We'll vote no to the taking oat offoreign loans.







;349-, 26DZ.CAN



7E--- EACH





-. 70Z,


CENTRELLA- - - - -





HONEYNUT - $ 49.




-c-c_CA- -ÇOLA:

t IO

120 CT.

.1 ............,; .


, ....--z,-,, GENOA.. - $ 29

ARMOR SALAMI. TURKEY.:..S7B.. $ 29 ' -


:... LEAN' -





V//t '/¼"'//////////////////////z V ////// '////W///////Z'///,//////,>/ ////






.24 12 OZ;.CANS

INGLENOOKWINEBluahChablisRhineVin Roso

. . ...STEL .- - . - -.

89 - .



. s i i - .




--We,. ese,ve the right ro limit quali tierS nd cojrecr prirrineOors.


. - .7.780 MILWAUKIE AVE.NULLS . .


K U -

Mon, thra Sat. 8:30 - 6:00 P.M.PHONE: . ' Sun. 8:30 - 2:ÓO P.M.. . -I- 965-1315 ....- - -


Ni(esite Clare Doud's familymunifedin Katonah, New YOá*tO lift the spirits o(Clare's sister, Rober-ca, formerlyofPark Ridge, wh000fferedtromasfrokeandnowresidesinanlndiananuceingbome Ro-becca'sson, Bob, arrangedfos-the neaiiy6ilrelatives (in topphofo) togatherinhonorothis motherarrdto show Their!ove1forher. Rebecca, (directlyahove, bòtto, rowirst on left) ispictw'od with hpr sevensisters af fha reunion including (top row, left to eight) HeIen from Peoria, Clare Doud, Elsie, of Peoria,Irene, ofPalml-iarbor, Fla.;(boftom row) Ruth, ofScottsdale, 4riz., Phyllis, fro,nAsÌsSn, Tx., and Deter-is, ofMarleton, N.J.

Guide-Lites forMG residents

. The MoGon Grove ChamberofCommerce and the Village areSp0550ring the sale of Guide-Lites, which arc illuminated ad-dress signs for yoarhomoor busi-ness. Guide-Lites are specificallydesigned to eliminate the prob-tern oftocatingsrreading addresssignsatsight. -

Thecostjs$t4.5() Insidiadosir available,

Proceeds from the sale ofGuide-Lites are used IO parchaselbs holiday banners which aredisplayed On noces light poles intire Village.

For additiood informatiso,please call the Morton GroveChamber of Commerce sod Is-dustry, (708) 965-0330.

5sburrlption Rate (to Advance)Per stogie copy $.50Oneyoar $13.00Twa years $22.50Three years - - $29.00lyear sesior Citidenu, . . $1150A year loot ore000ty) . . . .$15.95I year (rorelenl $35.00

Att APO addresses -

.p.9.(oe.horylenrppn ,.,, ... _.

Park board implementsiew meeting procedures

The Niler Park District Boardof Commissioners has imple-mented a change in their meetingformats to include a ConsentAgeoda sod Standing - Commit.tent. The porpore ofthe new coo-sent ogeoda is to save time by at-towing for one roll cati of atl

- items batead sfseparate votes oneach item. -

Alf Regolar Park Booth Meet-logs are heldoo the third Toesdayof the month at the ballard Lei-sore Center and are open to thepublic. Persons or organizationswishing to have items placed ontirs agenda should notify the di-rector of paeko and recreation oradministrative coordinator at theAdministrative Office by letter srtelephose (967-6633) no laterthan 5 p.m. the Wednesday priorto theParic Board Meeting.

The purpose of standing corn-mitlees of the board is to isvolvedoe isdividoal board members inspecific areas of the district oper-ationt thus allowing them to bet-lersoderstaod aodesplaio the de-tailed operation of a particulararea to the board as a whole.

The olandiog commiltees ofthe Nues Park District Board ofCommissioners are the Adminis-IratiOn and Pinance Committee,Revenoe Facilities Consmittee,Recreation Committee, and theParks, Buildiogs, aod GronndsCommittee.

The park board presidtinl has -

appointed the following chair-meo IO tite abouve otaodiog corn-seestern which will meet on amondsly basis


-CueolPanek,chairmatiAdminislgatioo and Pinance

Committed - Jim Pierski; chair- -

manParks, Buildiogs, and Grounds

Committee - Elaine Hessen,chairman

Recrealion Committee - Mar-leoeBoceek,choirniao --

Please call the Miles Park Dis-Islet sdminislrative coordioalor at967-6633 if yon are interested in -

olteodiog ose of the eomositteemeetings os their monthly -meet-ing dates are sobjoct lo change.

Standing committee- informa-nos shall be sommorized for ree-ommendagions presented at theireegular monthly meetingo of thehoard.

'Rome Alone'shown at library

The second film the SsmbnerFilms st the Library tories, HomeAlone (Rated PG 103 min.) willhe thown on Monday July 22,1991.

A comic fantaty abosO an 8-year-old yoongster accidentatty,left athonsedot-ing Chrisenas.

Doe to limited sesting andheavy public demand, this sum- -'

mer again we have scheduled twoshowings of this film- one at 2p.m. andtheotherat7 p.m. -

Tickets are required - for thisfilm showing allhel'tiles Library.

Seventy-five tickets will be -

available. at the circolation desk(one ticket per person in line) 30migotos before each show time.The movie will he shows free òfehoege itithelibrary auditorium.



. THE BUGLElUSt'S 069-76e)

Bub BesserEditor and Pohlluher

NEwsPAproI, iVOL 35, NO. 4 StiLS' tO, 1991

8746 N. Shermer Rd.Nues. IL 60648P.buner 96e-3900-1-2-4

Pobtiahed Weekly on monday- in Nttrn, IllInoIs -

Semnd Class Postogo ro.-Tbe BogIe pld at ChIcago, Itt.and oddittonol entry offleeo.

Pmtnrootor-r Sefldaddreuoehoneno te The Botte,

0746shermerRd., NOei, IL 60649






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..--- ISenior 10-year volunteers honored

The Illinois State Medical So-Clot)' offeis a new, fie. bmclIurcoutlining patient options in end-of-life medical OSlO and decisionmaking.

'A Personal Decision' con-tains the forms isquired try lili-noie law to establish a Livingwill. Dorable Power of Attorneyfor Reali!, Care and organ donor

--.; modem medicine savesand exteeds lives ibaS only a fewyeses ago woaldlhave been lost,patients and . physicians alikehaveraised concerns about quali-ty of life, said Robert M. Rear-don, M.DJSMS psesident.

°Livee artificially maintainedbymarhineurainsonablingqaealions about how wó managehealth care for incapacitated pa-donts Our goal is to help patientsauare peace ofmind for them-

Comawsepadenrs,thoeee*1eeing in a pessissent. vegetativeslate, and people sutfecçng frondementia all lack the ability tomakedecisionsaboutlifesedo-ingeffor,theSociyr.s.- °Advance directives allow pa-tienta to select the care Usait willreceive later when they may beunable to make or understandthose decisi055.e Dr Residensaal. -

': I ' VLYGHOTOe ........... .

, t . , i a....,'- , ,! 'I

TenearNilesdofliorCen,ervo/un,eorsì,jc(ude(/efttojgflj)1ambertB,flder WailerBfatka.;George 'I ICIe,jflGauthter, Herb Milforand 17-yeat onteran vo!untaerChesterÊurmanokt Netnioth,eodoeea Gfl.eR L

be !t !' Warsaw Inn for their Puliob buJiet. TicketscfOIants VomonJohnsonandMauriceNag/o. The volunteers asenJune 14.

Brochure outlines patiE1

; . y Tickets an on sale fnc ClIC Aug. 2 Chalet l*hole Toumainunton I $ lite Aug. 26 18-hole Bristol Oaks Tournanseog ($32' in-"Illinois law assigns that sight

to the patienL it's up to patients,however, to claim their sight bysigning advance directives and.discussing dleirwishes with theirfamilieaandphysicians.'

Without advance dioclives,executed at a time when the pa-dents capacity to decide isnot inqacadon, lilmilies may be foicedto godo cows to bave the right tomake health care decisions as-signed to samoane other than thepadenL

The most effective of the ad-VaIlce dilectives contained in thebrochure is the Durable Power ofAttorney for Health Care, lt at-lows a designated ittdiVi4Ual tomake health cale decisions for apatient incapable of doing so;those decisions isclud startingand terminating life snstainingmeassnso.

Using the form included in thebtocbw,patienlscan name uptofive people to selve, ¡fl sequence,as their agents for health caco, Iftheuirstperaop named is unavail-ableorunwillingtoserve, the lawspecifico that the ne person.namedwift sacceed as agent

The second form in the bes-chuzo. the Illinois Living Will, di-sectshospitalpersonuclnottoùseeXtsaOrdinnly lifesaving meas-aren if the patient's condition is

The right'deóisioh.Nowynu u.n stay Wurm at . V!IY

ml. YenS Spotts tgntúe1r G.. Focose. I. i

net oety on eaeepttnke,t bay, boot WItt"ve pee plenty ufuporntlng dotta,..Sisen t tight. with .p.ek Ignition, therei. n, punt tight t. weno. funt J,at Whatyea'd from Ya,k. the teide; t. ' /energy saving featurn.And Bau eon uounI n. lt tarqutelOpeenllen mdl,.5. dependable lt.,Replacing an øtdorg., tam... wIth oarHIGH EFFiCIENCY n,udet can ,..tty catyour go: bitt. TheSO 11GW tarn.aau bane0e A.FU.E. s57840%.

Call us loday and see 1,0w can save.


. Diala-

Hob WIIIipm, Inc. VAUJE. -Air Conditioning Healing

. . . . . 1.4 HOURS

67.. . .

.7 DAYS A WUK =..suUS4Seo GLENVIEW724. 2430


----.-- -- .--,.- n,-. I nrceiy.0 . . --------tt honored ata seniorluncheon on L .


GOLFTOlJRN*jwj . a

eludes lunch). Pof5ddiliOIIalgOlftotyttainctjnjonn thetermrnalnnddeathtslmmine$L I scninrcesluau9676lOO,ent 376,. 'The Ltvrng Will applIes only ... ...

nuder strict'y defined conidi- . : .. . . .. .

lions,' Dr, Reardon noted, 'The ¡physicianmastcersjfytt,asthepa. . ' 'fl. 1!4j Senior Centor Stamp CollectingClgb will sai meetdent's condition is terminal, that duringthemonoJmofJp.gJnly TbeclubwilIresaajnemeejnge Ideathisimminentand ttsatproce. onTuc.sday,Aug. 13 aLZp.m.dures such as CPR would dono . . ' .

mote lisait delay death. A Living. . . tWill allows.brjth patients md .. MEN'SCLUBTR1p . . ..

fnmul the pence and dignit ofa $.

ThNilesSemor Coittor Men's Club in now tatting reginiiafi,sturalea' . .foratrip,to the Lipiozan Horse Show and Lambs Firm n« forThe Socieiyùrges patients to I y.1I4Y24. tileCootoftlletsipiu$23. Ticket iulasbo-sign both docweento to beabso- f Ilately èars their wishes are fol- iboughthemplrgmaybelowed., 'Many patients assume I f0f.Pla5kthatyttemueteplseedoaawaisng liat,call967 Itheirnextofkin will have the au- htOO.exL376forndthlioJmfe,thority to make those decisions,' .

sad Dr. Reardon, 'But if that I . WPMEN'S CLUB MEETINGtime comes. the family may fisdI The Woman's Club will meet on Monday July 22 at I p it fortheirhandstiedbythelaw.° - theirbnsinenemsi LIchwilbekednwithuuofThebrochure also mcludes tn-

.4 isim saneiwicit, PiCICIe.tIeSacItaIVJCO«. Tickesaare$Í ledmust Ifoirnatton ubout organ donatton, bepcibyJuIy Il. Anicgeajnnig will be held followingwInch offers the gift of hie and ' T mting. health for otherpasent... in lib-I ' .'oais,drivézscanmáekthefrfrj. . . .. . ,

BOOK DISCUSSION GROUPnor smilla; tlse. state medical' jsociety brochüre also includes a. Gro.o net forIfridny, Aug. 2 at lOam. The book, Legends, LtesW5lletnizedorgnndonorcard. . I ciserisie MytheofAsnesima History wilibe dicuaaed. The. A necondwalletcwd describes ' exploreethefictioeuliaitg of hintoty ovor theyeais, Thosethebenzeraa.kevingnigne,jady steñngwillraiubckonImawhich,,,..e,n..,,,,.,.Vance directives . cure; this should be eopc-cially helpful to tranma teams,'emergency personnel and physi-cians,Dr. Reunion noted.

era licenses toindicate orgaudo-.


'The Nilm SeaiorCentsriaopen toatI Nitos sunioin, 62snd overa und their yOitnÁer npounen. The center is located at 51160 Oukte,.

!SL,Nika,%7-6100cxt376. I

: Is A Wo.nen Clubnpoñnored lnipoCedazb.q$uuicmusewiuc, heldonFiy,Aug.9from9..m.ss4:30p wcoetofI

ipiSupcnmaIlgenscenletmejnl«g, . .. .

n ,.

.5 e-o

. I.

thkmcethigdate,.Thegwa ¡ . .veiylirniled. Sweetsandcoffeewiflbend . . .. . V

.. ... SINGLESCLUB : .. .... .ThenewSinglesClubwill hold thehonxtmeedagonThirojsy, T . I

July2Satlp,m. llwgroupwillptaycaedaundtai,legaflen,cff..$ Y

and àke will be neeved. Fors resevation. call the neniorcentee ai j967-6l00,àxL376. . . V . . .


', sSwu,,..,...','.,.P4(

Summer. PillowSpectacular

itt::-Item .I

Ilb-1$599 4.19

.r 1399 2.19.. MsstahbntN.n..ti.,, IFAsVNtMtnI.daeldby I 7,lStl

Norwood. ParkHome plans

.lotofNorwood Punk Home, 6016

p.m. come to the Norwood Paok

N. Nina Ave., Chicago, (En.

Wash. to be held in the parkingHome Employees' Annual Car

car wash.Saturday, July 20. 5 am. io 3 .i . The nçnmor.centor sellI spönsora tWO-day1wnkk5l5opou Wednes- . J

t edin lheaftofrnäkj.niIk fiowersweats. Anampleinoniiupinyse

I,thetenkycenter. ll$CcOntofthewodcsbopis$4.AnupplykstwH

T day,July24und3t ñm lO#jfl.toioos, Thccbaswillbememace f .

begiventohntudenticusethneofegi.e L.Ltnecesnaryfortlwclass,


lrancetotheictisonAhondaleI. . . ILLINOISBELLPRESENTATION ' . :

ICosts are as followau Cars $5,

station wagonnSl,piek-up Bucks 'I TheNiesSeniorCentetwill hostapnesetuasjonJy illinois Bellandrnini-vann$8,fullvun,$l0. . on thai, lteatcomthunicedon Moda. Thepmgasmwilj beheld onPeoceeda bencfiLthe Nsirwood , Monday,.Ju1y29, at2p.m. Forresenvations,caJl thpcenterat967-Park Home, u retireoneist facility

I6100,ext376. Thereisnochangeforthepoenenoa

. bythestateoflllinoisaaanix-atarI . Si.55PLUSCLUB .. ... bOom (the highest possible mt-I

It be hardnot to notice all the changes takingplacein and.about oar church, St. Isaaciognes. Thafs the ocasos one meetings

I LEGAL NOTICE I arebeingheldatStiohnBrebeaf.Flansganptan. Therewnsanicésbirnout for oar first meeting in Flanagan Hall. There will be only

1Notice is hereby given, puras- one meetitig amonth. We will return to the regntarUch.jle whenant to "Ait Act in relation to the t oat ball is ready. A special word ofthsnks is in order for the,chil- I. use of an Assumed Name in the tiren tied grandchildren ofjalie andAsthsrMiller,who treáted the

. conduct or transaction of Basi- members IR coke, coffeeandicecionm forsbeir mother nndgràpd- Iness in the State.' no amended, motiene's 8OthbiethdayonJunè2l. .

that a certificatitin was filéd by BérniceLegeler, program chairman, gave as the late ofcoming Ithe andersigoed with the Çoanty I èvenis so let's all get behind herandgive her and thecltib oursup-.Clerk ofCook Coility. ... I July l- Day attheRaces,Jaty 30 -Rivaiboats-ip, Dorment

FIle No. 0003t44 on inne 27, ing will be beldonJaly il atnoonatFlnuaganteall. . . - I1991, Under the Assumed Name f Certificates werepresented to members fòrtheirwoet in helpingof Advance Ad.'eriisiug Sign tag forLitdtiCitybyMikeprovenguno HappyAmiitemau,jss iCo., with the place of basiness t to all celebrating this snonth. We asIc yotorprayeis for recoveey tolocated at 6408 N. Mozart, Chi-

$health to our sick nsRmbers atid your prayers to all ourdeceined

cago, IL 60645. The Eue natos . tobmbem................ .. . .

(s) and residence addrtisn of I President Ann Romeo, ask for our cooperation andpalience andowner(s) is: Robent (Ruby) Nur- that we salceone month at a time, as she is doing her hesttosnn thattns.2703 W. Esses. Chicago, IL thitigsnnn snioolldy. '

20R,t. Nu 452E) BORGt,

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. 0OV0000ISI.20,GOI 0,0FREE 00000P0*,000I,.dt

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Seed!ess Buy 1. G..t ICucumbers FREE!FREE!

5000n.eSt BtteneFn.E.o.conn.nqA.d

!Jltrasweet Yellow CornLoBin, Cherries *.... $12f

LoostyGoown 4 $100

BuyI.O.tIFREE! Rose Bouquet FREE!


s s s s s -on S. B.

p- B-

. . :::. ....:I1


AL ¡ J


'Grirnaee'attends[ .


J UnitedWaPïItiii_7!

ence issues across culturar and


ethrnchnesmthreecmss y LufeCenter offers Alzheimers caregiversÎI,n

Community CoUege this

MGmeGoveI?ncI5IpTenen*sanjnth carnival kicks off cholesterol . support group meetsGain a cross-cultuml pers- . guing film focusing on the silvez hnings of sem citizenship. .. screening .R GI e

the of todays society in thef Oneseniorcidzens'groupdutsthmughsomcofIheabstacIesofag . . Anon-goingaupportgroupf ga n na envi w.three-credit course The IndividI mgby participating in social and community affales The filai fo-

your cho C&CiVCS of Mzeheime?s Group memberumeet to. uaIinModemSociety. Taught . cuseumonafewmcmbofihegeoupwiiosehveawereaiteanj,If you patinais wi meet y, u p g qby Fran Markovitz on Fridays Í andenriehcdbythøirserviccinvolvemenL SIIverLinmgs"wiJJb ,; , .

LifeCenter on the TI'Y. . The vansion Hospital ucat m ormaftonfrom 9 30 a m to 12 20 p m ni followed by two others Focus on Ability (not disability) andGreen health and fitness fac hty Gerialnc Sceviceshosisthemeet refemec to caring for a victim o


t Room lø9oføaktonEast. "Rwnbieofwiieeis,Jingieofciiains" an up-cIoeIookatthemagN. California Ave.. is Ingo the bailli Wednesday of AlzbenneruDioease.- Examinetbeconceptofelhnic.. nifientCIydesdaleu. Thethreealmswillbenhownat lOa.m.and3 .

sponsoring a cholesterol aoci every month from 6.30 to 8:30 Formoreinformation.ity, Ehe dynamics of various cUi- p.m. on Monday, July 22; Wednesday. July 25; Mònday. July 29; j . blood pressure screening from 9 p.m. Ifl ¡he small cafeteria atThe Evanston Hospitals naoic, flic groups and possible social andWednesday.July3loncableclmnnel5l. ,

n.m. io 4 p.m. ou Friday, July Glenbrook Hospilal, 21(1) Servicesat(70 .cousequenccs in Inuioduciion to .

1g.EthnicSiudics. Thiscoursewill CUOLESTEROLSCREENING . Reao are ncccssarymeclTucsclayandmursdayfrom -

and may be made by calling9:30 10 1045 am. in Reom 2517 onTueuday,Jiily23intheHiçlthigersenjorccmr. Tbequickanij .878-8200. ext. 5660. The Life.



afihe DesPlaiuescampus. simple teubwill give an accurate blood cholealerolmeaauremenz inCenter isaffihiated with Swedish EL A. : All Ementus courses begin the jusethicemmutes. ForMorlon Grove Seniors (age65+),whohaveCovenant Hospilal. FREE TRAVELweek of Aug. 26. Credji couines ., never ticen ucinencii before. there in no charge for the ucreening. I

CAREERhe auditied if ihr student

$Them ihadiacounted fee of$3 for Ihouedeniring follow-up nemeo-

$ i SEMINAR. . dneanotwishloreceivecredil. ingsand$4forthoanunage65. -

WED JULY 24Tnitioa is $20 per cresOS hour

fi . screenings . .' M

.. , fer in-dislnci students under 60 AWALKDOWNMEMORYLANE . .

7.00 P.years of age, und $10 per credit the senior rental resicement living complex at ': , .

The SwedishCovenantlTospi- R1INShoueforsindenis overOü. l665 Oakton Place in Des Plaines. will present a special prograni f S

IjJ Service will conduct RE. Oaktons Des Plmnes campus f11j RememberWhen . . . HowThings Used to Be. Enjoy an . free denIal screenings from 9 DAY OR EVENING CLASSES . PLACEMENT ASSISTANCEis lcoaied at 1600 E. Golf Road afternoons walk downrnemory land with the Des Plaines Hisioii- T ' u am. to noon on Priday, July 25, AFFORDABLE TUITION APOLLO/SABRE COMPUTERS. . and OakEn East is at 7701 N. Society Society and Oakton Amiss. Refreshments will be °

ILS offices in the Andeeson Pa- _. LincolaAve,mSkokie. served. Theprogrambeginsat 1:30p.m. onTucsday,Ju1y23. For !vilion,2751 W. Winona. Adams Institute of Trave t.For mom mformalioa on these reservatiouscaii 82742lbeforeJuly20.

The screening is open lo per- 111g riza Drlvn, Snite 101 Schauinburg, IL 60173. . andothercoaeses,calltheEmen-of all ages. Appoinimeula 330-0801 .

tus program of Oaktou Comma- PRIMETIMERS ,and may be made by


.. . nityCollegeat(708)635.1414. . .s TheNorlh Shore PeimeTimersClub invites inleressedresideuts .

calling 878-8200 ext. 5500. APPROVEDSYThE ILLINOISSTATE BOARDO. i lo two appealing upcoming programs. They will tour Hanger Pot- i .''c 4i

.. . MilliE'S 4+ . ..g j lerylhenliavelunchattheMilkPailonJiily2s. Thenoniuly3l rThoMcDonalds YJrimacopoans with SueNeuschel, director they will enjoy a cruise on[.ake Michigan on the Odyssey." For - .I

FLOWER SlOP, INCadult and senior services for Maine Township, at the town- more mformauou about the Prime Timers and their activitien call

. ' .. 6500 N MII k A . . . DodeeConnellyaL966.8350orpriscIllaGojemfla9gg..733 j . . . .

. - . ..- . .wail w ve. nhipe Grandparents Fair on June 29. NeusohoLorganized the

Ann Martini ofskoicie works with somn balloons that wilibeI event.I DOG RACES J i ......'. .. , ..... .,-... --.- - .,..w, Çnidi i.. I _ -

- . .

I. ..

and toprovide companionship ouu weekly basis to isolated or

. ci. iioesin i ne an Uiympic.caslber aiehleie, bui only a person Iwho enjoys having fun, to compete in the upcoming Six-County

$ Seniorølympics. Thisyearsgames wilibeheld fromJaly24.2Sat Í

held by the North Suburban Chi- tiers and companions 5f osto-cago Chupter, United Outomy matescandiscuss theirproblems.

. . I.

t I:


n .s AN?VRYhandicapped men and women in West Chicago High School. Enema inclode: archery, basketballtheirowu liorns.

Asaociadou. ut 8 p.m. Weilnos- UOA, a volunteer, non-profitday. July 24. in the East IJining organization with newly 50,000


s ---- .I.

/'; :


. .

.. I


e icl i ._--- -1_

rl II I

r-i ) 11)_JI L..,.iI jLi Lt lJ I r'Ir.t - ]l



Friendly visiting is rewardingm many ways. Just the look isgrat-ifying m itself, Sameamesthefnoudiyvisnor n ihoonlyvisiloranursinghomnrcnidentorashat-mseniorverhas.

There isroom inLeaningTow

free throws, bike race, howling, golf (9 and 18 holes), horseshoes, tshuffloisoard swimming lubIe tennis tennis track & field

h ComUtions against others in age bracketsningt55. Local seniors haveeeprosenled Morton Grove nobly inrecentOlympics. Seniorsshouldstartgotting inshapciodaytnpar-

in their favoriteevenis. For registration informatioa comeintotheFliclringer5eniorcenmr

Room (10th floor) of Lutheran members, provides support andGeneinl Hospital, 1775 Dempaler educaliontopeople whohave hadSLP&kRidge miomy nurgery: Members of the

Attheseseasions, membeesex- NonbSubmbanChicagoChapterchange ostomy eure tips ami in- are from the north and northwestformation with other members, suburbs and Chicago's north andwho liane Ilse same type ofosio. The sessions are especially Oslomates, family members






. . I I

. , .

I '...

' , )

- .

-r .T5 r


er Cenlers Outreach Program foradditional men and women whocan volunEer hour or aweek to provide these services iothosemlheNilesTownshipareawhoarernneofcornpan

SENIORTRAN GOES TOTREMALL -The Monten Grove Seniarisssn will expand its bounds (outside of

MorIon Grove) for two special shopping u-ipx io Golf Mill.Wneys me speci senior discoont days for many reGilers,therefore the Senioriran will Iravel In thy mall on Wedsnsday, Jely31. Pick-upme5willbO9aad lOaa.andrniwna land2p.m. I

useful to new oslomates bat can and friguds are welcome. Forbeuelitanyone who has hadosto- moro informalion On the group ormy surgeiy. Attendees can ask the meeling, phone (708) 256.quesfions of nuen especMly 5885.trained in oslomy care, anti


.1, s s

- L,- . - ,

-Y. -

i . .

...H1. .


, . L

NT-:v,55, _ 5v",," s , ti1



dre inLaooabout the Outreach Programplease Contact Rose Wahlbarg,


5enioan or io make a ieservaiion today, call the MorIon Grove V

Booklet addresses arthriticscoping with fatigue



. .





vss ,r h55-,v ,,, .h

d f f l' v,,il iv f ss-,s, ov 1



C 'dv _ fh,&,




Ouieeach Supervisor, at (708)Ml-8222 - Ex. 2230. 1a mgTower Senior Center is ut 6300W.Touhy Ave.,N.les.

Center offers I

seniors companions

HolLineat47o-5223 .

fFor moro infoafion ant these senior snices and recreados

pro5 eau the Morion Gro o Sen o Hot L no at 470 5223 orView Commani Center at 965-7447. To receive the

"Seniors in Morton Grove" newsletter send $2.50 lo the MortonGrove Park District, 6834 Dempsler Street, Morion Grove. IL,°°'

Managing the faligue OfEn as- To oblain a free copy of "Cop-sociateti with aitheitis is the sab. Ing wihtFaiigue," enflENt the Ar.

ct of new broche uvbble 0s FounthOon, Illinois of charge from Ilse Aelhrttis ter at 79 West Monrow StreetFoandon. Suite 510, Chicago, illinois

60603. Phone(3l2)782.1367,Thebooklet "Coping With Fa-

Nutrition and



,sm,fh,, .ikM4 I 10% SENIORd i loi f.54 'S iCITIZEN DISCOUNT:


i Twelve years ugo The Centerof Concern Swtn 223 1580 N I


This is just a reminder that after a person leaches age 70 and awgen arthritis and fatigue, ena- longevity

bling them to lake a more active



i FIfl.rnInI At 't' Ini.,mti FREE



i Noilhweat Highway, Park Ridge,inaguraledltsSemorCompanionPeogram

half. they must begin receiving distoibutions from their IRA. They


by withdrawing the entine balance ofthe IRA by the ivquued $

roleincopmgwithit. iscusseAccording to the booklet, fa

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HeatingandAirCondillnningNiA makeuynuftelgnod anude

Working out of The Center.these dedicated people am first 'By2 starting to withdraw periodjc disiribulions of the bolance I

An indi idual must hegm receiving disinbaiions from theirIRAtheyreachagc7O

die distnibulious

.ten &geneve iiiseaseri common

of causes bolts emotional withagingmapassagesThronghand physical and manifests iLselfmanamberofways

of Oaklssn East 7701 N Lincoln


fmi fi hait


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. Cv f nnv

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they visit five to 12 homeboundmdividuals each week. The



.Assurauce ea n

& Air Conditioning, nc -

Llncolnwood dmmmsn.

loney, isolated and the depresnedareincludedm thiscategory

made by April 1 aie treated as made foe theprevi'0m year in which the IRA owner reached age 70 and a ball Re'qmredistruuonsrorluteryesmuEeyDec 3! ofeach

The new booklet reviewn the Skokie.frequentcausesoffalsgue, how lo As! donation is requested, ForO more effectively with the more mfornsabon ca!! (708) 635


fiihg,r.SfTsdd.fn iv..

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nis si,, OiiP,ri,,, ,

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5ivvtiIviS. ,ssv i xxnr ii Li



7101 N. Cicero .

w:708)679.02 1 2

..nIc. ml Nn.15w11 S SaÑa

To learn morn about thisprogram, orTheCeut&s23 other0r call Jane at

year. Formorg toll-fine t (ioo) 829-J6l6anijask f¡ for Publication 590, "individual Re0mmen Aeranggmens, (Re. L

fromLifeTimeaApnl!99!) ---T problems it presenta, andmclnd- 1414, 5Lt f. .


edaFatigueCareWheel toheip .

better manage their fa Get In Shape I


i/ni f i_iH ,.-s ,

- ........-.-- ...-. .----------------- Hi.......................................... ........ ..................................................

SENIOR CITIZENSShompoa& Set S2.5taireiin $3.00I Evenyony Encrer SUNDAYUr. Mnns CipperStyijog $3.55L!' Ros. Hairnlyiing $5.00[!C ¡fi



- - .- 631.0574

Visitors needed ,

for seniorV

programA Friendly Visitor can mean a

great deal in the life of a shut-inseniorcitizen with no family orfriends. Leaning. Towor SeniorAdult Center has an OutreachProgram with the purpose of vis.iting loiiely seniors in the Nilrs

Morton Grove's Prairie View Travel Club will be going lo theDikd Greyhound Park in Kenosha at 10.45 am. on Wednen-day, July24. AfIera hotroaatt,eeflunch, includingsalad, potatoes,vegeEbte desert, etc., travelers will receive an official racing pm-graiit and tip sheetandcan settleback loran aftemaon ofracing fe-ver. Them will be 13. 12-minuteraces to enjoy. They will head forhome at about 4:30 p.m. either a little richer or a titile pooiee, buthaving had a veiy full d fun day at this, the newest of Chicago-land'saueaciions. Signup soonbecansethesekindsofiripsaeeveeypopular and sell oat immediately. Come lo the Prune View Com-munily Centerandiogistor. Thecostis$23 forresideuls and $2S5O.fornon-residonis.

. Sty.cnhIr..iTvop..eno ni Vsn,r.e






i', ., .,' .,",'e.. J nn.;.,,,. n'e, ,,, e, n,, wn,,ny, ny a ,,o,',li am. '3p.m.

,m camivalisajoinüysponosre4kickoffeventbyRush NorthSh9re Medical Center, Cid Orchard Hospital, The LiebermanGerthtric Center and ShoWn Meadows II Nursing Center. It isOPNfl 10 tIM pUblic. Throughout the week, each facility

. hosting theirowncamp.a!9ndrive.

. Ostomy Chapterplans 'rap session'







. . .

. ' ,








' :.



' ',"II





Benefit raises.. $50,OOOfor Glenkirk

Oar 300 people from the Chicago/and area attended Glenkirks t99/ Corporate Benefit, ?t4ainStreetUSAon Friday. May31 a/the Chicago Botanic Gardens. The benefitraised$50,000 forthe de-vetopmenfailydisab/edinfants, children and adults servedby Glankirk.

Blank/rn is a not-for-profit, soc/a/service organization servingpeopte ofall ages with developmentaldisabilities, with programs located in Deerfield, Glenview, Northbrook, Highland Park, Lake Foresl,MountFrospect, Munde/ein, Wheelingand Vernon Hills.

Shown here during theraffle are (leSto right) Debbie Hayes, Householdtnternalional; Former Chica-goBearLestieFrazier; Coach RayMeyor;andRobertJordan ofWGN-TV9.


Make ahealthychoice

i? n

A11 Famfl glve you Ihefreedom to oee the doctoroyoo woot. Where you wont.

Call or step In today.

Bob XorvaoBill N. Milwaskeo

NiIeo, IL 60645(708) 470-8830





. CUT HEATiNG BILLS op to 40%-HOT the 92% oltíoiont Gos Camer Woothor-UTe/Tor fiX Fuman with Mini-S condensing

. LARGOS1GAS FURNACE SELECTiON-U 505cl Tor nswy honre S budget




. Low Monthly Payments25 YEARS SAME LOCATION

Call Your Dealer Today

For Moneysaving Details . .

Townshipcaucus meetsJuly25

The East Maine TowoshipCaucus will hold the third of itsthree meetings, Thursday, July25, at 7:30 p.m. The meeting willbe held at tise Maiae TownshipTownilall, IlfløBallardRoad, inParkkidge.

The Caucos is concerned withone of the vacancies coming upon the Disitict 207 Board andthree vacancies COmingup on theDisleict 63 Board. Those Candi-dates seeking Caucas mcommen-ddlion will haveanopnuuity to,give a brief presentation to the

. GeneralCaucus. -

There will be a short questionand answer session after eachpresentation. Caucas mentbeeswill then vote on which candi-dates to recommend in the No-vembereleclions.

The nomination and electionof offtcers for the nest Caucus(l992-1993)arealso ou the agen-dafoithemeeting. -



.ÇbB M.q



24 HOUR SERVICESetving the NItos CommunIty oner 25 yearn


4171 N. Milwaukee- CHICAGO SKOKIE

(312) 283-5040 (708) 676-3880

Legion fishfries to endfor summer

The Morton Grove AmericanLegion Post 1/134 at 6140 Demp-ster w/ll tolse off the mondo ofJuly and August from servingtheirweekly f/sh fr/es.

The meals have been well re-ce/ved but volunteer help w/lt betaking vacations.

Retiring commander RegerSchmidt thanks the cilizens whoattended th/s past year and en-caurages everyone la have a safe,happy sommer.

Group çxplores,

male identity ..

Men, throughout history, havebeen socialized - to keep theirfeelings to themselves. Jestreceulty, have men beenencouraged to expressthemselves emotionally -- andwhat healthy encouragement thathasbeen.

Counseling Servies Associatesof Skokie is offering aprofessionally-led group ofbuilding nuet/tring and satisfyingrelatiOnships with each other,with spousesand with family.

The group will also deal withtheir view of masculinity andhow it impacts on the work theychoose to do. The group willinclude discussions, readings andexercised to empower men to getwhat they want from their lives ixa challenging, growth-producingsetting.

"For Men Only: ExploringMale tndenlily" meets everyWednesday, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.Toreserveaspace, please call JoeSeldeas at (708) 965-0195.

Call JULIEbefore diggingIf you ace planning a projecl

that reqnires digging or ranismoving, remember to include aphone call to StiLlE, the JointUtility Locating Information forExcavators service, in your prep-aralions,

Whether planting trees andshrubs, building adeck or pattingup fences, a toll-free call to tU-LtE at (800) 892-0t23 is lise firststop when uederlaking ootdaorprojects, reminds Northern lIti-nais Gas,

JULIE's cenItal dispatchingsyslem will notify Nan/tern lIti-noix Gas and other member corn-panics so lltatthey may locate andmark underground facilities u) beavoided, People should call alleast48 hours before theydig, en-cleding Saturdays, Sundays andhol/days.

s a


All singles over 35 invited tothese big dances. . . Friday. JnIy19, 9 p.m., 10th AnniversaryDance, Park Ridge VFW Flail,Canfield & Higgins, $5, In-eludes big buffeL Sunday, July21 Early Evening Dance. 6 to9:30, Aqua Bella Banqoet Hall,3630N. Harlem,Call (312) 334-2589,


Charley-Charley Singlessponsors a dance for ages 27and up on Friday. July 19, statt-ing al 8:30 p.m. at The Willow-brook Ballreom, 8900 S. Arch-er, Willow Springs, Theadmission will be $5, and therewill be a cash bar. No member-ship is required. The dress codois dressy (men must wear ajacket or a tie: women dressesor skins). For infonnation call(708) 403-8738.

CATHOLIC ALUMNI CLUBAll single young adulte (ages

21 to 38) ate welcome at a dancespoasored by the CuthoticAlumni Club at 9 pm., Friday,Joly 19, at the O'Hare Mar/ottHotel, 8535W. Higginu Rd. (byCumberland Ave. and the Ken-nedy Espy.), in Chicago. Nan-member admission is $7. Thrband is "Magic.' For more in-formatioe,call (312)726-0735. -

CHICAGOLAND SINGLESThe Chicagoland Singles As-

saciation will spnñsor a singlesdance with the live music ofThe CurcetB Tysnes at 8:0p_m, ou Friday,- July .1.9, in lbsJ'cnlbaase Ballroom i of t/seStouffer Oak Brook ' HoIst.2100 Spring Road, Oak Brook;Alt singles are mv/led, Admis-s/On is $7. For more informa-I/on call Chicagoland Siegten(312) 545-1515.


All singles are invited to theCombined Clnb Singlen Dancewith the live mss/e of Sierra at8:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 20,at the Embassy Sn/ITS O'HareHotel, 6501 North MannheimRoad, Rosemoal. The event isco-sponsored by the NnrthwestSingles Association, YoungSu/sorban Singles, and Singles& Company, Admission will be$8. For more iuformation call(312) 725-3300.


"Sparm" will sponsor u"Stars & Stripes" dance on Sat-ueday, July 20, for singles atthe Morton Grove Moose Hall,6419 Chmlnut Street, from 9p_m lo midnight Dancing tothe music of- 'The Ambassa-dors," Members $5 - guests $6.For information, call (708)965-5730.


Original Sunday Singles in-viles Everyone over age 25, tocome and dance the night awayon u big, beautiful dance floor.The Original Sunday SinglesDance and Fatty, will be heldon Sunday nighl, July 21, from8 pm, - 1 um, The dance feo-lares DI mmie and providescomplimentary food, Admis-siou is $5. At Maories Lounge,Shoralou O'Hare Hotel, 6810N. Mannheim Rd., RosemontFor furlber information, call(312) 92t-6321.


North Shoretewish Singlespresents its . July JubileeDunce. Dance the eveningawaylo the Eddie Kate Or-eNcalen Sunday, July 21 7:30p.m. to I I pm: All singles 39+.inviled Free parking a theMayer Kaplan 3CC, 5050Church SIreeL Door . prices,complimentary Coffee and ro-froshmenln. Non members $7,For information call Doris al(708) 679-1582 or Beverly at(708)967-7702,


The Combinedjewish Sin-gles invites you io a CitywideDance on Sunday, July 21,from 7:45-1 1:45 p.m., at "Dit-ku's", 223 W. Ontario, Chica-go. Door prizes. Dress code.OaIy$4. All welcome,


Single Professional Society.BikingOuling -- Join SF5. foran escrtsng ride through BusseWoods in Arlington Heights, Il-I/noia, ou Sunday, July 21. Wewill be starling the ride prompt-ly at Unan. For iaformation ouoar meeting point or for suoreinformal/on about this event,cull treno ut 398-6753,


SingIn Prbfcnnional Society-S.p_S_'s "M/dweek Gung" w/llmeet -this cmioeWednruduy,July 24, at Fue/fiL-Club, Lam-bnrd from 5:45 -8 p.m. for eut-iug aud suc/alio/sg, Dancinggenerally begins arosud 8 pm,,en consider staying a while ladouce, For mute iufurmaliouabad this event, call TUsh(690-9034), - George (969-0419), or Jim (961-5750).


The Chicagolaud Singles As-sneintion will spansor a 'Turn-about Dance" milis the live mu-sic of Full Moon al 8:30 p.m.ou Friday, July 26, in Lise Pent-bossu Balleoum of the StoufferOak Bruuk I-laIcI, 2100 SpringRuad, Oak Brouk. All singlesare invited, Mm/ss/un is $7.Fur mere infurmatiou cull Chic-ugulaud Siugles (312) 545.1515.


Meto Singles invite all sin-glen to a singles dance with Dtmusic at 0:30 pm. on Friday.July 26, at the Fiinceso Reslau-ranI, 1290 5. Milwaukee Ave-nue, Liberlyvllle. Admission of$5 includes a buffet. For moreinfomsation, call Metro Singlesut(312)777-l005.


Churley-Churley Singlessponsors a dance for oges 27and up on Friday, July 26, sIan-ing at 8:30 p.m. at the OclandChateau, 14500 5. LaGrangeRoad, Orlaud Park. The admissian will be 55, and there willbe a cash bar. No membershipis required. The dreus code isdressy casual. Fur informationcall (700) 403-8738. -

The SinglesScene






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food lhoroughly. The browning eleesentdeliCioualy enhances the color and -

leulure of meat, poultry and fish.







9000 WAUKEGAN RD. MORTON GROVE (708) 967-8830Dlrsetlonas 2 mL Enot nl 1,1-Stat. . 2 orI. Wont nl Edono - i btk. North of Dumputor HOURS: Dall 9-9 sat, 9.5:30 Son. 11-5


;'orevQr ÇrcnFLOWERS and GIFTS



Church & TempleNews

Edgar meets with membersof Greek Orthodox Church

Goy. Jim Edgarmeels Wit/I members ofSt. Georges Greek OrthodoxChurch, which recenily held its13th annualfestivalfeaturin9 ethnic dancing, musicand food. The festivaidrewan estimated crowd of9,000. From left to rightaresill George Stotis, Nick Markopoulos, Rev. Christos Vagias, Tom Georgi-luk; Goy. Edgar, Mark Tiniakos, Steve H. Lamprou, and Nick Argyropouloa.

Volunteers forChurch sponsors Israel programNite at Ravinia accepts couple

Rabbi Victor H. Weissberg,The Fellowship Committee at leader of Tempte Beth-

LutheranChurchoftheResurrec- BI, 3610 W. Dundee. North-Lion, Nitos, is sponsoring a Nor brook, ànd 3050 . Touhy, Chi-At Ilavma on Sunday evening, cago, and Mrs. TamarWeissberg,July28. director of religious education,

Thin is a Cote -Porter night. have haca accepted in theVotun-Bong- your own picnic supper, teers forinrae!progiam.lawn chair/blanket. Wmc, cheese Volunteers forinraet providesnoddessentwill beprovided. . workers to help mesy -varions

Cost is $2, ptas the admission - wojaru in the park of $7. tf you are n Rabbi Weissberg is the firstneed of a ride, ptease cati the rabbi to participate in the pro-charch office. grnm and is looking forward to

the three-week period of servicewith either Ethiopian Jews nrhelping yoong people in an armycamp or hospitat.

For further information abostthe Volunteers for Israel pro.gram, please contact Joy Sager at274-8899.


sgruíng the North Shore commutiities

Rabbi CantorGerry Rosenberg Alfred Aboav

Our 13th Consecutive Year.ioiti the B'nai Israel FamIly (708) 29t-1665

Rosh HashanabERVA - SEPT. 8thist Day Mon. Sept. 9th2nd Day Ines. Spt. 0thKoI Nidre Tues. Sept. i 7thYom Kippur Wed. SSpt. i 8th

Services to be held at


High Hoiy Day Tickets $7 5.00 per personFamiiy of S - $350.00

(After 5 - Each additional ticket S 50.00(

LEONARD SILVERSTEIN DR. ROBERT ROTHExecutive t7írecior President

For farther inforniation and tickets.

Call Julie 708-291-I665

(A HSØ' Haty Day tíciat eas,stítnres nesnbnrnhíp io Soul Israel)

Church plansBible School

Jerusatcm Lnthensn, 62t8Capnlina, Morion Grove, invitesatt chitdren - - three years oidthrough entering eighth grade - -to ilsVacation Bible Schoot, Jaty22-26, from 9 to t t:30a.m.

Each morning, chitdren witttracy and enjoy Bible stories,singiog, - and crafts centeredaround the theme, 'Growing iiiGod's Family."

Nehemias S.Mina, M.D.

Nehernías S. Mista, M.D., 57,of Morton Grove diçsi Jaly I.He was the hnsband of FelicitanMina.Father of Christine.Brother of Feed and Shorn Lin-da Kininnar, Fanerai serviceswere tiled July 6 at Simkins Fu-neral Home, MsirtonGrnve. Ar-rangements were handled bySimkins Fuserai. Home. Inter-ment was in Memorial Park Ce-metery. Skokie. -

Ida B. ItealyIda B. Healy, 55, of Morion

Grove, stied on June 25. Shewas the wife of Donald. Motherof Donald, Jr., Mai Cairo,Donna Asimakos and Thomas, -

Grañdmother of 7. Sister ofRath Miller, Hdrjy Mackey.Nellie Guare, Louis and Law-unce Mackey, Agnes Raisin andMary Jorgenson. Funeral inr-vices were held June-28 at-StMartha Charch, Morton Grove.Arrangements went handled bySirnkius Funeral Home. Inter-

A two-thy farewell celebra-lion to be held-Juty 27 and 28.will mark the culmination of the66-year ministry of St FraitcisRetreat Hanse at Mayslake, OakBrook. . -

. - . The largest dud second oldestFre-regisleation is suggested; relocat hanse in the Chicagotand

walk-ins also welcome. There ares, it was established in 1925are en fees invotved. Cati Tim and operated throaghout ils histo-Matthies as 966-t453 io register ty by the Franciscan Province ofor Is obtain additional informa- theSacredl Heart, HeadqnartoreslLion. in SL Lonis.

Theretreat honse und groundsFamilies invited comprise 60 acres of an 89-arre

to join chavurah, ProvinceinAngust, 1990, togen-

Congregation B'nai Zinu bent- crate needed fnnds for their elder-ed in EastRngers Parts, Chicago, y, sick and student friars. Oninvites Jewish families in sabur- Jane 24 a contrarI was signedbaa areas lo join their chavarah with dcvetoper Shannon & Asso-(Friendship Circle) on Friday ciatos of Weslrnont, IL, for theevening, July 19, at 7:30 p.m. at property,forssserestateofStnyve-the home of Gtoria and HaroldSuite, 241 Old Oak Coat West, NSJC plansBaffaloGrove. -

There will be a short service Shabbat Servicesand discnssion ted by Rabbi Nor-man Ktciuman on The Meaning Shabbat Services wilt be con-ofiheHigh Holy Days'. dueled on Frithy eveniong, July

Hebrew Bar and Bat Mitzvahs 19, at 6:30 p.m. at Northwesttutoring available in suburban ar- Suburban Jewish Congregation,cas. Regular sabbath and holiday 7800Lyons, Mortes Giove.sad daily services held regularly Saturday morning servicesin Chicago st Congregation B'nai wilt be held at 9:30 n.m. to theZion, 6759 N. Greenview Ave. syssngogae.

For response and iuformatiou, For membership informationphone (708) 577-9107 or (312) please cali the synagogne office465-2161. at(708) 965-0900.


ment wan in Masyhfll CemeteryNitro. :

Robert W. DerichsRobert W. Denichu, 62. of

Morton Grove, died on lune 23at Lutheran General Hospital.Park Ridge. Mr. Derichs wasboni in Chicago. He was tisehasband of. Jeanne -Father OfLaura. Bard, .Danisl; and in.brave. Grandlhther - of - JuliaBaii. Funeral

= services wereheld June 26 at Home. Arraugemenli weinhandled by Simkins -FuneralHome,

Conchita MoedÌllasConchita MOediIIaS, 79, of

Morton Grove, died on June23at-Renimection Hospital, Chi-cago. Ms. Moedulian was isornin the Phillippines. She was theowner of a grocery store. Fu-neral services were hold June26 at Sl,Maatha Chwch, Mor-ton Grove. Arrangements werehandled by Simkins Funeral-Home. Interment was in Mary-bill Cemetery, Nues. -

Farewell celebrationcloses rétreat house


SKAJAI -? 966-7302


PAMPHLETS AVAILABLEGermions Abose Fssrn,uI Contn?

Funeral Prn.A,,asgowort Facts AScot Fune,aI 5 rsvicn

sant Peabody, early 20th àentuiycoaltycoon.

Schednled activities for. theclosing weekendinctude:

. an infotmal open-house onSaturday, Jnly27, featuring lightrefmshmcnls andqppotlanilies toreminisceand tow the baildingsand grounds, and

a final Encharist at 2 p.m. onSunday, Jaty 28, with guest horn-just Fr. Thomar Gedeon, SJ., exmaUve direclor, Retreats Interna-donut. Sanday artivites-ace byinvitation osly.

Carrent staff wilt host . andmany former ministerial asso-cistes witt assist in the closing-celebrations.

For fartherinfomsation, pleasecati the retreat hoaseoffice at(708) 323-1687 between 8:30 -

am. and 4:30 p.m. MondaythcsaghFriday. --

CongregationB'nai Zionplans services

Congregation B'nai Zion, Jew-ish Conservative, 1447 W. Pratt -

Blvd. plans Minyan servicesMonday and Thursday, at 7 am.Weekly Satarday morning ser-vicesareat9:30a.m, LateFridayevening services first Friday ofeach month are at 8:15 p.m. Fre-cededby Kosher Dinnerserved at6:30 p.m. Sunday morning ser'vices areat8.45 am. fotlowedby -

breakfast, program and discus- -

sian.Nominal donation far break- -

fast. For information and ruser-vations forbreakfaats and dinners-call(3l2)465.216t.

B'nai B'rith.élects VP

Lou Orlovsky. Ilse nnlgoingpresident of B'nai B'rith District6, was elected to Ilse office ofB'nai B'rith international VicePresidentatthetherment District6 convention huid at the ConcordHotel, New Yoric

Loa will be inslallesi au theB'nai B'rith International Co-nvenlion in Washington, D.C. inAugust, 1992.




: CONGREGATION BNAI -EMUNAH welcomes RABBI DANIEL EPSTEIN, who will takeup his duties on August 1 , i 991 as Bnai Emunah's new spiritual leader. Rabbi Epsteinbrings to the congregation a varied and unusual Jewish background, combining traditionalyeshiva training with modern secular and religious education, experience in Israel and onAmerican college campusés, and in Havurah groups as well as in the pulpit.

. Rabbi Epstein's childhood home in the Upper West Side of Manhattan (New York City)was Orthodox in observance combining Talmud with philosophy Hebrew and fervent Zionism His father an ordained rabbi descended from generations of Lithuanian rabbis devoted his life to study teaching and writing Hebrew literature Rabbi Epstein s grandfatherserved as Chief Rabbi of St. Louis, Mo., where a Jewish day school still bears his name.

After his graduation 'from Manhàttañ DaySchool and Yeshiva University High Schoolyoung Daniel Epstein studied at the Yeshivain Israel interrupting his studies to completea Bachelor of Arts degree in Jewish Thoughtat Hebrew University in Jerusalem He wasdrawn to political life on campus and becameactive in some of the early Havurot in Jerusa-lem. : --: -

TheVorn KippurWa!-erupted-justafter hisreturñ tôthe United Statés, and Daniel Ep-stein immediately returned to -Israel as a vol-unteer, working and teaching on a kibbutz.His sister's husband was a casualty of thatwar, leaving awidow and two children. Rabbi Daniel Epstein -

When the war ended, Daniel Epstein came home to study psychology and work for theHillel Foundation. He was still enrolled in Columbia University when he entered Rabbinical-School at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. By the time he was ordained, fouryears later, he was Director-of the local Hillel Foundation, and active in the Havurah move-ment. He became Chairperson of the West Side Minyan, a committed group of dynamicyoung adults who worshipped and studied together, striving to create an alternative Jewish-community. . .

After ordination,Rabbi Epstein served as Hillel rabbi as Case Western Reserve Universi-ty in Cleveland. He has held pulpits in Virginia, Massachusetts, and (most recently) LongBeach, California. He comes to Bnai Emunah with his wife, Joanne, daughter Shira (agefour) -and son David (one year old). Rabbi Epsteins variety of experience and training hasprovided him with many advantages in taking over a well-established congregation like BnaiEmunah. His enthusiasm in dealing with children and young families is contagious; butRabbi Epstein has also taught at nursing homes, and organized adult courses in Jewishmysticism, the changing role of Jewish women, and the Israel-Palestinian conflict. -

Rabbi Epstein plans to make Torah study and discussion part -of each Shabbat-morningservice at Bnai Emunah. He intends to teach and lead study groupsof interested Jews,both Shabbat and weekdays daytime and evening

Congregation Bnai Emunah has been privileged to have Rabbi Harold Stern, noted schol-ar and teacher, as its pulpit rabbi for moré than thirty years. Now that he has elected emeri-tus status, the congregation is delighted tO welcome a gifted young successor, who will car-. ry on Bnai Emunah's traditions, challenge congregation and community, and lead BnaiEmunah into a dynamic future. -

(708) 581-00508526 GOLF RD. #M


betweenI I Arvoy & Siloono



Is In OurBeautiful

Center Pieces


i Ca/erìrMorris - Schmaus

Barbaro Morris of Skokie andCharles Morris of Wheeling an-flounce the engagement of theirdanghterinlec Melissa to Antho-ny Pani Schmans, son of Edwardand Betty Schmaus of Chicago.

The bride-to-be is agradase ofDePaal University in Chicago.She is an assistant product man-ago for the Bradford Exchangein Nites. Her mother is executivedirector of Nile Township Jew-rib Congregation and herfather isa vicepresideutwith detuxe Craftin Chicago.

The futura bridegroom grads-atad from DoPant University inChicago and is an operations as-




WE 5ELLAN0 U5ETIO FOLLOWING ,RnresslnpduLp000uers SCh.,-\ o(pf, PO MIWh.II.,, M.tth. 5.,,, E.(.t tltO.



6ONOWFou turing.

5835 Dempsnor St.Morton Grove(708)967-04201708)967-0421


o fl'SS e s,, .-- jNeedle biopsy

. forthe breast

. available

sixtantat Stuart Center of PePautUniversity. His fattier is em-ptoyed by theU.S. Postal Serviceand his motheris with Ihn Davies

. SupplyCompany inChicago.The couple will be married at

the Chateau Rand in Des Plaineson Oct. 27. Following a honey-moon to Mexico they wilt resideinChicago.

SV BusinessWomen planmeeting

The Skokie Valley Businessand Professional Women's Clubwill hold its Monday, Aug. 19meeting at the North Shore Hit--tox,9599 Skokie Blvd.

Sherlo Adams, a nationallyknown spoakor, will have as hertopic how Life Is Like A Slice ofWatermelon.

Do join us for this most ixtor-esting oveeing. Social hoer 5:30p.m., dinner 6:30 p.m., $13 in-eluding lax and gratuity.

Please call before Monday, ifyon plan to attend: Irene Mont-will (708) 905-2097 or Elsa Beh-ronds (708)675-9039. -


natwiEHnowa,dW,O,ISMÍ,gsnfI.-.--- Try Our New

/ Genmetrieni HeiruW..




BULBS20% Faster!,.t45 ,.t8O5t'

- Patients of Lutheran GeneralHospital (LG.H.), 1775Deelp-ster SI., Park Ridge, will ñowhave access to the latest in breasthealth care--the Mttsnmotest. anew non-surgical mammographynail which locates and helps thephysician perform a fine needlebiopsy of breast lesiáns whichmay be so small they cannot befell.

"The American Cancer Sacie-ty nays that one ont ofevery nine-women will develop breast can-cersometimedueing hertife" ex-plaises Nicholas Kinnas, M.D.,director, mammography, "Re-search has shown that as many as75 percent of breast lesions thatare surgically biopsied are be-niga. Until theadvcutof the Itere-otactic biopsy peacedures, needlebiopsies could only be performedou tissue thatcouldbefclt, There-foro, thevastmajority afeases re-quEred surgical biopsy 10 dcler-mine whetheror Col themam wasbenign. The Mammotest affordsas accurate diagnosis of lesionstIrature idenlifiedhy physical ex-amination and thoae identifiedonlyby mammography,"

During the steriotacti biopsyprocedano, the palient lies on herstomach on a padded lubIe withher breast suspended through anopening in the table, Two stereoviews ofthe suspicious lesionaren-rayed and, with the aid of acomputer, the lesion's exact loca-ti05 isdetermined in three dimen-slats,

A thin biopsy needle is thenpassed within one millimeter ofIhn saspicioin mass and a tinysection oftissuo token for exami-nation.

The technique minimizes painand cost and leanes no scarringthat could interfere with latermammographic follow-up.

Slereotactic biopsy proceslaresare prescribed by o patinut's phy-siciax. To find oat more abut thetest, contact tho hospital's DoctorReferral and laformation -Ceuterat(708)696-6160.

Toughiovegroup meets

A self-help group for pamuEIroubled by childseu's and leen'behavior meets every ThursdayevenIng. 7:30 p.m. at Ilse GlescoeCommunity Center, 999 Green-bay Road, Glencoe. For furlberinformation, call Harriet at 272-6801.

Ladies Auxiliaryhosts party

The Ladies Auxillaryofh5e Knights ufColumbus Coifnoi!heldtheir Uune Parlyat the St. John Brebeuf, Flanagan Halt. Thepant officer's were Dolores Zalesny, Dolores Moetek, GeC Pot-lack, CeciliaFiedor, and Terry Vasile.

Women in,Constructionplan meeting -

The O'Hare Subwban Chapter Jackie Walters, a professional -

#l93oftheNationlAsiation imago consultanl, will be theof Women in Construction guml speaker for the evening.(NAWIC) will meet Tuesday. Ms. Walter's presentation will beJuly 16. 1991 at the Avalon Res- followedby tlseCbapter's mouth-tauraul. 1950 E. Higgins Road, lybusinessmeeting. -

ElkGeoveVitlage.- GamE atidall women interest-Reservations for dinner at $1 I ed in consleuction am invited to

may be madewith ArlcneChmie- attend. Formcmbership informa- -

lewski at (708) 307-1401. Social lion, conlact Calot Bennett, Gusthour is 5:30 p.m., followed by A. Norberg & Sous.(708) 234-diuneratti:30p.m. . --- -

ORT chapterpläns party

An open meeting and Sapor ooTuesdayJnly23,atl13ØWingo Party will be given by dio al din Maine Township Town -Village Chapter of Women's Hall 1700 Ballard Road, -ParkAmerican ORT(Orgaxìzation for Ridge.Rchabililation through Training), Chairperson for the afternoon,

- Julia Gopin bas a fun-filled partyA NAD group in store with Wings, prizes and adelicioas picnic lauch. The don-Ion is $6.50 per member and

Anorexia Nervosa and Asso- guest.ciated Disorders - ANAD will For fsirthcr information, pleasehold a group meeting for anorex- call 676-4076. - -

ics, balimics, pareto, and fami-lies at 8 p.m., Thursday, July 25,at Highland Park Hospilal, 718GlruviewAve., Highland Pasta.

Tho meeting is free. Those in-tergslrd are inviled tri attend.ANAD gorups now hold regalarmeetings in unmerous NorthShore - communities and othersecliousofgreaterChicago.

Por additional information call(708)831-3438.

-meets July 25

the Skokie Transfér, inc- Dont miss our -


4736 Dmpster, Skokie, IL 60076, (706) 677-5151

HOURS: Mon-Sat: sn-n TSars.: 11-7

Nues SeniorCenter Sponsorscraft class

Aro you looking to learn aquick new craft? Would you liketo make decorated swealshirlsaud lee shirts ihat look like expen-Sive boutique items? tf so, regis-ternow for the CratE with CathieSills Plower Sweals Workshop atthe Niles Senior Center. - Theworkshop will be held onWedneadays,Jaly 24and 31 fromlOam. -noon.

Thecostoftheclassis$4andasxpply list will be given to eachstudent. A sample of the silkflower sweate is ou display at theseniorceuter, The clam is open toasyNiles senior62 years and old-eraad their younger spouses. Ad-vaacedregistration is required.

Caduc will also be teaching apetal porcelain class in Augusl.To register for Ihn silk flowerswea!a workshop or to gel fartherinformation ou the petal porco-lain class in Angast, please con-tact the NOes Senior Ceuter at967-6100, ext. 376.

Dennis P. ChanceNoW Seaman Recruit Dennin

P. Chance, sors nf Dennis L.Chance of Des Plaines, hascompleted recall framing at ttecrait Training Cenler, Orlandp,Fie. , -

Polish Arts Exhibition

The Polish Arts Club held their 58th Annual Exhibition ofPoliuh-American artists at the Pope John Paul ti Gallery at theCopernicus Cultural and Civic Center, 5217 W. Lawrence Ave.Two Thousanddollars Wereawardedinprizes to The winning art-luts. Governor Jim Edgar senta letterofgreeting and congratula-tionsto ThePotinhArts Club. -

Shown above from (I to r): Hubert F?omanownkí, Connut Gen-eralofPo!and; Helen Dimmet, president, PotishArts Club; PaIn-cia Michatski, assistant to Governor Edgar; Sophia Kasper, di-melon, CopemicuuCenter;DonisSikorsky, artistandchairman ofthe event,

Stories,game-hour atlibrary set

PTe-eltciric entertainment isenterlainment without videos.Nintendo, CD's, or even televj-lion. What's left?!

A fun-filled hourofssorjeu andbooks in theNitesPublic Library,Jaly 25 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. forchildreñ2iid rudeand up. Sorry,batteriesnotincluded,

For more information' stop bythe Children's Department at theNiles Public Library, 6960 Oak-ton SI., or phone (708) 967-8554ext. 30.

Summer readersset record highThe 1,000th player signed up

for the Niles Public Library'sSummer Reading Club. Il's anall-time bighl Yashica Patel,daughter ofKen and Vumi Patel,helped break the library's recordfor summer readers, Yashica is -cightyearsold and wilt attend Vi-olaNelson School in Ihefalt, -

Jozwiak Park-summer hours.

The Niles Park Dislrict wouldlike to announce ita summerhoues for Jozwiak Park, throughSept. 2, 11a.m. until 10:30 p.m.scyen daysaweek.

Attractions al Jozwiak Park in-elude, newly "Automated BattingCages", 10-hole mini-golfcourse, concession stand, play-ground and Ilucebaneball dia-monds. Party packages and grouprenIaIs are available,

(Bring this article with you andreceive a 2 for 1 ou the mini-golfcourse, pasty packages and grouprentals not included).

For more information contactJalone Valle, 647-9092.

Teen ChallengeChoir performsNUes Assembly of God

Church presenta The Teen Chat-lenge Choir with Rich ValkanetonJaty 21 at 11a.m.

Hear the music of youjlg menwhohave lamed from drugs, al-cobol, and gangs.

The choir wilt sing at 7877 N.Milwaukee Ave., Niles Commo-nlIyCentCrr'eII u-' -"

York Stellar 20O0z airconditioners operate ao efficientlythey leaveyou feeling good inside.

With a 10 SEER rating, theirdesign is the atandard for reliability

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' Heating and Air Conditioning

York makesyoufeelgood inside.

Mens 30 &over open -basketballAli men 30 & over are invited IoGrennau Heights to participatein open baskelball.

Greunas Heighls is localed al8255 Okelo in Niles. Program isheld on Tuesday sighls and u $2fee per person per visit is paid atthe door roch night.

Contact John Jekol at (708)967-6975 for further informa-tion. -

Jr. High camp setThe Golf Maine Park District

il offering a special program forshudesls cnlering seventh andeighlh grade this fall.

The camp focuses ou Spellsund Lifetime activities such astennis, canoeing and golflo nameu few.

The camp begun ou June 17and continues nntil Aug. 9. Reg-islration can beona werkly basis.

Por more information contactUse Golf Maine Park District at297-3000,

Assurance Heating& Air Conditioning, Inc.7101 N. Cicero . Lincoinwood

(708) 679-0212We Service The Northwest Suburbs

Would you Eke to help u local,worthy cause while at the nametime benefiting your companyand havingagood lime?

The Special Leisure ServicesPoandalion is hosting it's annualCorporate Olympic Challengebenefiting Area24 Special Olym-pics.

Local corporations notify cm-ployees of the oppenunity to beinvolved by either sponsoring a

Corporate OlympicChallenge planned

swimmer in the company name, -or getting their own sponsois topledgemoneybasedon pool laps,peints scored in volleyball or per-formanee on health club mu-chines,

The evening ends with a pool-side party where food and hover-age is provided.

Por mare information call JudyRuemmele or Wunda Rivera ut392-2848. -


CIa.'..' I


9140 N. Wuukegas RoadMotIon Grove, Illinois 60053


Bus.: (708) 966-5977

r- -- --I




We're your YorkWeathermanDealers ..,bringing nicedays indoors.



Tae kwon donational champ

Jeri' M. Rescober, 14. 1991slate gold medalist in the martialarts of tac kwon do. broughtpridcto the state ofillinoisby emeig-.Ing as the 1991 itationalebamp inthe form competition capturingthe gold medal in the t lUt UnitedStatcojuniorølympic Tac KwonDo Championships held in Cia-cinnali3Ohio,Jnly4lhru6.

The 2nd degree black beltcompeted among 72 other bestathletcsinthe5l slatesofthena-lion Jerry is grateful to his mas-ter coach, Mosler Sang ChetChwtg, his parents, Mends andco-athletes for the moral sup-ports, inspirations and triwnptt.

AtSt. John Erebeaf, dnring8tbgrsdr,,-he was dir captain of thefloor hockey team that won thetragur champtionship and wasvoted MVI' of a victorious vol-teybalt team.

Jerry is currently attendingfoothalt ssmmrr camp at NotreDame High Schoot,where he wittbeafreshman this fall.

Oakton Community College'sKid's Cottegrprogrsm is offeringa Soccer Academy fmm July 22toAugust2,Mosday through,from t-4 p.m.

The coarse is open to boys andgirls of all skill levels from thirdto eighth grade, sud wilt merEstOakton's Des Plaines campus,1600E. Golf Rd.

Steve DeZueko, head mecercoach for Maine South HighSchool, sud his staffwilt conductfour levels of training: Begin.

smash your way into sommer by- signing sp for our Youth Rae.

qnetballProgeam.A beginning and an advanced

eläss will be offered from 10 am.te noon. Also, doubleyonrfun bysigsing up for our Youth SportsfSwim lessons package. This


Jerry Rescober

Oakton offerssummer Soccer Academy

fling, intermediste, advanced,and goalie training. Duriugthe 30total hours ofisstruction, pjçjpants will learn play techniquesandelemeutary tactics.

Fee foe the two-week coarse is$95, which atan inctudesamguta-ion soccer ball sud a t-shirt. Achild may atan register for oneweek for$50.

For more information, call theMONNAP office st (708)635-1808 or Maureen Donaldson51(708)441-6012.

Leaning Tower YMCAoffers youth sports

Summer is here and the Lean-ing Tower YMCA has manyyouth sports programs to offer.

The Saturthy baseball pro-gram includes Tee-Ball for 4-7yearolds and 12' softball for chit-drus 8 to 12 years of age, bolts fo-cusing on fondsmentals, instruc-tien, and league competition. Ifyour'ru not interested io baseball,

package includes gym activitiessuch as kickbalt, basketball, in-door ragbatl ucd sports plus corn-btined with a 45-rniuute swimlessou. Each package wit! run fortsvO weeks.

Ifyou have any questions, callthe Leaning Tower YMCA al(708) 647-8222.

John P. RebellatoNavy Seaman Recmil John P.

Rebellato, son ofEllen M. Bach-niak ofDes Plaines, has complet-ed recruit training at RecruitTraining Cnmrnaud, GreatLakes, IL.


TeamAthleticsRoyalsWhite SonRaI!gersYankees .


4man Air Command 9OGas Furnace


Little League

NatlonalLeague .



Mets 2-15-0. Tasty PupAthletics 36RiggiosRinls3

Every scored tonight andleading the hitting were MattBowler with u homerun, 3 triplesand u single for 8 RBI's, and TimHausner with 2 hometuns and adouble for 8 RBt's, Brian Arndthad a homer, double and 2 sin-gles, t RBI, Rick Lapiuski 4 sin-glrs and 3 RBI's and Erik Stillerwith a single, doubleand4 RBI's.Nalasba Daszak turned her dou-blu into a humerus with her fastspeed and aggresive canning andalso got another double and 3REl's as well as receiving thegame ball from theottier trum forhelping them out in erntet andmaking a greatcatch. Paul GeSa-rio continued his aggoesive hit-dug with a single and double andJohn Syrehad agreatnight with 2doubles and a single, 3 RElu..Mike Peurnon hit well with a sis-gte and double and scored 3 ruasand Rick Litzau had 4 walks andscored each time,ist Nati BankofNiles Cubs 36Lipperts Lads Yankees S

The Cubs had a great night.Great pitching by Nikotas Lapin,Gino Ori, Mike Zajuk and JoeyTranchita. John Bowler wascalled np and did a fantastic jobdefensively and ualoaded a pairof homeruns and a single, GinoOri blasted a homer and singleand Aaron Alabar hit a blazingdoable and single. Joseph Ori,Joey Trauchila and Nitcolas La-pineach withadoubteand single.Singles and RBrs by AnthonyPontittoand MitEr Zajak.Bresslersice Cream Royals 84ArtislicTraphieswhiteSox3

Pitching, defense and hameau-tiingkeyedtheRoyat victosy. JeffPearsou,Jayson Miller and KevinMocogni shut down the Son,Miller stroked 3 clutch hits withbalanced support from JoeVanderheide, Mocogni, Pearson,Ron Hobbs, Vita Battista and JeffTackeu, Ricky and Scott Muelleralong with Paul Ofsiak playedwell.

For the White Sox, singles byMike Stoll, Jason Duda and MikeMamIe, Doubles by Mike Kurczand Demetri Touzios. A fine buntsingle by Jason Henricknen andgreatcatchingbyBen HeweltandEric Fak. Son had aggiesuivefielding by Eriu Sheehan and callup Paul Czerwinski. PitchingwereDada, Kurcz and Touzios.,JerrysFruit & Gd. Phillies 27RobertZakuffDDS Rangers 7

The Phillies played an oat-standinggame. Joe Jung and call-up Chris Evans both hit homers,Justiu Bates had a hit enel)' timeup. Nick Seluemser, Tony Go-santi and Steve Cucita had manyRBI's. Good pitching by JoeJung, Jim Scheemser and JasonKrynski and also getting teipleu.Drew Marlin made a nice play at2nd,FirstofAmerica Bank Mets 27SkuiaTerrace Giants iS- -

great play al 2nd. On the mound,

,- .

sebailLthgue .:

AmericanLeague pitching and calciting, 5 RBI's, adouble and triple, the Giants

W.L-T could not out hit the Mets. Also. 14-3-O pitching well wem Nick Mojal;13-2-2 Tim Biyski tind. Mike Schwei-.

. Il-6-O gertNkknndMikealsoeachhad6.5-O a singlé'and triple and Tim .sin-2 l4 I gIra for an RBI Pete Strauch

. came theffugh wilba homerand issingle. Eric,Mbext a, doubleindtimgle and a single for Mike Gal-Iágher. Good fielding by BrianDntgganandTommieSchneitler;SkajaTerraceGiauts22 . -

jrrysFruit & Gd.PhlIlies6Tonight was the night for the

Giants clinching Istpluce in theirleague, The Giunte begun with agreat ois down by 3rd basemanMike Schweigen and catcher JoeAchino lagging out the runner.Leading with hitting were NickMotjal with a triple, and 3 tinglesfor 2 1601's, intd Dan Kaminalci atriple, 3 singles for 3 RBI's, JoeAchino pitched well and had agreat steal home with a single,triple and double for 3 RBI's.Mike Schweigertand Tim Bryskieach with 3 singles and RBI. Sin-gles by Eric Albert, Mike Gal-tagher, Pele Strauch, TommieSchueiderand Brian Druggan.

The Phillies felt behind butnever gave up. Sparking the of-fente was Tony Grisanti with adouble and Rick Saucedabrought him home with a single.Justin Bates had aRBI hit and JoeJung continued his hitting streak.Jim Schoemser had a 2.hit game,2 RBI's, Jason Kiynski stele 5bases and Mutt DIon, DannyRieck and Drew Martin walkedanducored. .

Tasty Pup Athletics 25.FirstofAmerica Bank ktets 3

The A's had another big nightwith 25 runs, total of 61 runs intheir last Zgameu. Saper pitchingby the A's with 14 strikeouts,Malt Bowler giving up t hit, irun, 5 strikeouts, Brian Arndt. ihit, I run, 5 strikeouts and TimIìausner 3 hits, t ran and4 strike-outs, Stealing home were MikePearson ans Natas8a Dnszatc.Jeff Miszczyseyn made a goodcatch in left, Tim Hasnner led Ihnhitting wills a homer, triple anddouble, Mattttowter2 triples ands double, Pani Desudo 3 singles,Brian Arndt a triple and dôiible,Erik Stiller a triple and single,Rick Lapinski, 2 singles, MikePearson u triple, John Spera don-bic, Natasha DanzatE and JeffMiszczyseyneachasingle.Riggios Reds 23LippertLadsYankees 15

ArtistieTrophiesWhite Sox 6lstNat'IBk ofNiles Cubs2

Pitching for the Cabs wereMike Zajak, Gino Ori and Niko-lus Lapin. A great double play,Joseph Ori tagged out Ike runnergoing to 3rd and threw lo TheyTranchila on Jod. Steve Parushusbitadouble and single and AaronAtairar hit a howling triple Inright,

BessIers Ice Cream Royals 24Robert ZakuffDDS Rangers 7

Jeff Pearsou and Kevin Mo-cogni each had 5 hits includingKevin's borner, while hitting furthe cycle. Scott Mueller Used 3hits, Ron Hobbs, Jeff Tackes,Vito Battista and Joe Vunde-eheide 2 each and Dan Altman asingle.

Rangers had hite by AduniPrzybylo, 3 fur 4, including uhomer, Adam O'Grady, 3 for 4and Jerry Ckrachot, 2 for 4. AtGajda whacked his 1st homer ofthe year. Andy Grumza mude a

Even though Gianls' Dan Ka- Mdy Gramza and Al Gajda did a

Bronco LeagueNilesVFWPost7li2PhiIIies9KnightisnfCoLRangers6

Consistent Plilliles hitting anda helpful hcxnerun front JeffPoulnorn helped Ilse Phillies beatthe lnt place Rangerte Aiding inthe offensive effort with hua were

. Tim Schneider,Dan Guerrierri.-Jolts Hanna, George Costopo-loua, Matt Zivkovic, John-De-Marco, Jim- Soptyh and JoeCook. - - -

: Jim Scardtiand an Donovanhad 2 hils:each.while Jòcy Mannhad a doúbie Rangeg pitchingstaff of Sean Donovan; TomWhalen and Jim Tragos -pitchedwell. . - -

M. Gottlieb DDS Ginnis 1,Norwood FederalMels ii

The Gianlsgot geat hittingfrom Denk Pallister who hit-ahomerun. Also from Jason Kurey3 hits. Scott Shultes had a triple.-TheGiants gotteemendous pitch-ing from Brian- PaIrada, JeffPope, Myles VivesaudJason Ku'rey. Danny Baig und DimeeicPanosplayedwelL -

MGottliebDDSGlants6Nues VFWPosI 7712 Phiuies5


Nick Fission' double in the 4thpushed lIte Phillies only scoringinning to 5 runs. After 5 walks byGiant pitching, Pisuies hit drove -in 2 runs. Matt Zivkovic with asingle and Piusios with anothersingle. -

Sertoma Club ofNiles A's 32Norwood Federal Mets 81

The A's who trailed early inIbis game, exploded for a 18-ran3rd inning. Alt 10 players con-tributad. Hitting were DennisGarbis with 2 triples, u double, 3runs scored and 7 RBI's. RogerMeoczek wills a triple, double, 2 -

singles, 2 RBI's and 5 runsscored-Pete Sikaras with 2 don-bleu. a single, 2 RBfs and 3 flansscored. Mark Smith with 2 sin-gleu, 1 double, 3 RBI's and 2nmnsscored. Greg Reick with 2 htts, 3RBI'u und 4 runs scored. Jim Lu- -

binski, 2 hits, 2 raus, Tony Da-rand with adouble, 3 walks usd4runs scored. Erik Link, Pat Tar-pry and isaac Conrad walked 9limes and scored, Pitching wereSikaras, Lubinski, Link and Du-rand.

The Mets buB were hot in thefirst 3 innings when they tooka 5run lead. After u ningle by BrianNeville, Ryan Wailer hit a triplefollowed by u single by KurtICruppe, Jeff Romanek. MikeNowak, Brian Grzybowski andcall-up RIttEr Schweigert all wallssingles. Ryan WaIler made hispitching debutand did agood job.Also pitching were Brian Grey-bowski, Jeff Romanek, MikeNowak, Brian Nevilie, Nick Za-jakand RyanWalter. -

Village Bike Shop Royale 7KnightsofCol. Rangers 6

TheRoyats hung ou behind thepitching of Mike Ugel, BrendanDalton, Steve Myluryzck, Terryand Tom OJ4rill. Hitting wereTom O'Neill and GaronGeslicki.A2 out RBI by Tom broke open ascoreless game in the 4th. DanSaura made a flue running catchand B. Dalton threw out a runnertrying to steal, Down 7-2 goinginto the 6th the Rangers ralliedwith a siang of lilla,

Jim Scardo and Sean Dotiovanblasted back to back triples. TonyTranchjta made his debut at 2ndbaue und madu 2 nice, playu.Ranger pitchers Kyle Lintuer,Jhs Tragos, Sean Donovan, JoeyMans, Jerry Posedel and TomWhatenall pitched solid innings.



IThurs. Eve., July 18

HOLIDAY INN- (Wheaton Area)

150 S. Gary Ave.7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


MT. PROSPECTWed. Eve. July 24

HOLIDAY INN(Kensington)

200 E. Rand Rd.7:30 PM to.9:30 PM


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Fri. Eve. July 19HOLIDAY INN

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CHICAGOThurs. Day, July 25


350 N. Orleans12:00 to 2:00 PM. Registration


- ELGINSat. Day. July 20

HOLIDAY INN345 River Rd.

11:00 AM to 1:00 PMRegistration10:00-11:00

MEIROSE PARKThurs. Eve. July25



Mannheim Rd.7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


GURNEE- (Waukegan)Mon. Eve. July 22

HOLIDAY INN6161 W. Grand Ave.7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Registration6:30.7:30 -

NORTHBROOKFri. Eve. July26HOLIDAY INN(Allgauer's)

2855 N.Milwaukee Ave.

7:30 PM to 9:30 PMRegistration





Tues. Eve. July 23HOLIDAY INN

17W, 350 22nd St. -

7:30 PM to 9:30 PMRegistration


SKOKIESat. Day, July27

HOLIDAY INN(Northshore)

5300 W. Touhy Ave.11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


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o ress- oiWritten on


American LeagueTeam W-L

. LoVerdeConstr. Giants 16ContractCarpetWhiteSox9

tnthelastgameofthelstrota- 3Lion, Soxbmkeoutoftheirhittíogstump with 12 hits, but it wasutenough. Leading the offense was TTim Brown with 3 singles and 2RBIs. Tom Brown, Mike Kauth. wSteve Brown and Brian Brosnorall bad 2 singles and LambrosTragas a single. P6ching wereRands, Tim Brown. Kym CbangandBrosner.Parrilla, Weiss & OHafloran&tty's Yankees 10Tom Drossle DOS Athletics 9

The As lost a close game de-spLe a bornerais from Tom LilLaandPhrl Yee. Goodpitching from3ason Tackes, Phil Yce and JoeVitale.Contract Carpets White SostiSanirattelo & Sons Phillies iO

While Sox defense was lesi byexcellcntpilching by Mike Kaulhand Steve Brown who kcpt thePhillies from getting on base farthe first 3 innings and TomBrown with an unassisted doableplay toned a last inning rally. Of-fesse was ¡cd by Sieve Brownwith a doable and Inple and 4RBIs. Tom Brown had a singleand double, Mike l(aadi KevinDermody, Chris Dermody andLambms Tragos all had singles,Thanks to call-up Tom and TerryO Neilt who caught 3 fly balls intheoalficldandscored 3 runs.

Philties Marty McDonaagh

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OAiiiiLÏïOUPON t9/4S



conlihued to hit well, drilling 3hits and delving in 4 nmn. Alsogetiing hits were Shawn Cutup,Tom Woman, Jim Gianakopon-lot and call-np Peler Sitiaras.Mike Neri reached base andscored 3 Itmew Pitching wereMarty, Shawn and Tom. DanIr máde a clulch catch incenter. Call up Peter Sitiaras andDanionesplayed excellent.C9ntractCarpetWhilesox 10TomDrozdz DDS Athletics 7

ThisWhileSon viclory was ledby thebatofMike Kauth who had

singles ansI a grand slam, for 7RBI's. Steve Brown had a home-run also and a double. Lambroscagas had a Iriplc and Kevin

Dennody bad 2 singles. Helpingidi singles were Tom Brown,

Instructional LeagueEdison Lumher YankeesNUes Bugle Cubs

The Yankees were ted byAdam Peri who belted his firsthome ran. Cory Lapinski andChris Sacheeki weal 3 for 4. Da-vid Krynski's bat conlinued lo bestrong delivering another key hil.Pitching were Lapinaki, Sa-checki, Siers, LaMonicaand Peri.

TheCabs hado strong eight byDerek Dasoak with a 3-ranhomer, a doable mrd 2 singles,making a great caleb, and pileh-ing soother shut-out inning, nobita, and 3 strikeouts. Joe Arandcame ihrough with a 3-run singleand a triple, Hyan Briscoc wiih 2singles for 3 RUIn and pitchingshut-oat Isoli, I hiE and 3 sinke-oats, Mike Salvi with an RBIdoable, and Brian Zocriek wilban RBI single. Alsopiiçhing wereSalvi, Zoenink, Danily Bryski,Joe Knrceand AIds Sampra.Edison Lumber YankeesWtndjammerTravel Rangers

A spectacular over lite shoal-dcrealeh made byJason Gacriner



LAWN &TREE CARE; The Proferninnols in Tninl Lnwn crrn











Tim Brown, Kym Changand An-gelo Kurras. Steve Brown led thedefensefrom 3rdincludingadou-

.bleplay with Keviu DermodyandLambms Tragas and Kym Changwithcaiches in the onfleld.ContructCurpetWhiteSpx 7Parrillo,Wei,ss& O'HarroranAttorneysYankees3

Tom Brown with asiugle,dou-bIc, 2 RBI's and 3 slolen basesand also his 2nd unassislcd doti-bIc play led the WItte Son. SteveBrown had 2 singles and MikeKauth,Chris Dermody and Ange-lo Karrasall had singles. Pilchingwere Tim Brown who fared only6 batters for 2 ieniegs, and KymChaugand Mice Kauth. LambrosTragas again with 2 great catchesincentcr. --

at short highlighted the Yankeesfine defensive play. Key bila byPrank Mooradian, Nick Georgeand Tony Guerrieri. Shut-out in-nings pitched by Mike LaMoni-ea. Coty Lapiriski, Chris Su-ehecki und Bobby Siern.

Rangers had line pitching byChris Evans, Chris Olivuand An'Ihony Anichini. Another great of-fcnsive day by Chris Evans with uhomerun und a doable. Good hit-hog by Mark Ori, Salvatore Run-danzo and Paul Pawylowkyz.Fine defensive plays by Mark Origrabbing a line nul in center, SalRandazzo catching u fly in leftund Pat Sullivan grabbing uground ball ai lsL Goodjob in hisfirst appearance us catcher byoeyPontillo. b

ÑilesBugleCuhs I

Optimist Club GianisAnother great night by Cubs'

Derek Daszak, getting his 2ndmghttn urow, 3-run homer,u sin-gb and dOable, for 6 RBIs. MikeSalvi had 3 singles, 2 REIn, JocyKurcz u single and 2 REl's, Dan-






pÑgram explained'The Niles Park District is cesa- ss,000 Jifeguurdn, un Ellis client

tinually growing and changing lo bus not enperienced u patronmeet the needs ofita diverse pop- drowning.nlution. lncladedinthosechang. In 1989 over265pnblicswimeswusllteconsrrnetinnofawater wing pols utilizèd-. the Ellispark to replace theold traditional training programsteesses the pro-pool al theRecreation Center. fessional und significant personal

Wulerparks, in general, are a responsibility that is required tonew Concept across Ihe country. be a lifeguard. The Ellis & Asso-Ageneïes, noch as the- American elate Nalinnal Pool and WaterRedCross, thutwere traditionally Park LifeguardIraining programwIled upon for uitswers are also bus been officially endorsed byftndingJhemselves in new and Ihe National Recreulionrind Parkonfarniltitlerrirory. AsslsciutioicLast yean,three Park District In short, the Ellisand Asse-Risk Management Agencies ex- ciatos Lifeguard Training Pro-perienced the terrible effects of a grum includes the mandatory esedrowning. To heip prevent these of rescue tubes, ideniifies high.iecideñs in she fatnre, the Nilen spòlamasundhours;learhPurkDinlries, bused on therecom-

victim idensificusion skills and le-mendatinnof PDRMA, derided gal liability issues Also includedlo parlleipate in the Ellis pro- are threè annual enà andils which tént gnurd in.Ellis and Associates, a Huas--waterrencnetechniqnesundcpRton, Texas-based Urns that wasskills to ensure sLat these skillsestablished in 1983 Io speciallyhuvenoterodedoversimeaddress risk management for Wa-

At a recent Ellis Training-pro-lerpanks and conventional pools.gram nisseen agencies participas-In she past 7 yearn, -after trainingedincludineNilen. - -

i AAAStandings- .

WhtteSox - 1.0.0 strid the:Íiee pitching effort theCubs O-l-O restofilteway. . -

Athlelies O-l-O Sports PorlraitsWhite Sox 16

Team W-L-T only I hit und struck oat9 in-4 in-Reds - . l-O-O nings. Ed Wojeiechowski cousin-

AAA Standings ing byJohu Higgins who allowed

TuntyPnpAth!etics6 -.Hnghes Bros.Transp. Reds 7Village BikeShop Cubs 4 Golf MaineThe second half of lise seasonnlarted with a fine ieam effoet by

tennis :-Ike Reds. Contributing hits wereTony-Thinnes, Jim Mariti, LeoFruscione, EsyonPeternandDee- The Golf Maine Park Districtuts Konrcczny. Excellent pitch- -will be offering youth etusses li,r

the beginnerm, intermcdiateuudny Bryski a single and RBI, rind advance tennis player. BeginnerRyan Brincee with a sissgle. classesire offered Saturday frOm:.Walks by Brian Zoes1lnk, Alen 9:30-lO:30a.m, through Apg;l7Sampra, Joe Araud, Erik Zlalkin The odien beginner class isand John Mattino. Good defense held Tuesday and Thursday fromby Mike Salvi shith an unassisted 3:45-4:45 p.m. Theseelasses w.illbdouble play. Shut-out pitching tukeplace from July 18.Aug.27.agaln by Derek Duszak, no hits, 2 . .

strikeouts and Mike Salvi, i his. i For more information contactstrikeouL Rtchat297-3000. .


I w__

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PRO RE »From dreams to real-ity...that's progressin motion..settinggoals and eventuallyreaching them.Individually and col-lectively as a nation,future greatnesscomes in the con-solidation of effortwith ambition, spiritand performance, leteach of us in ourcommunity strive forthat greatness...forourselves and for ourcountry.

Living today, planning

for tomorrow, learn-¡ng from yesterday...let's go for it!

Yankees 4-2Athlcdcs 3-3WMcSox 4-5



w ,

Baseball League News

AA League

National LeagueTeam W-LCubs 6-1PhiIlies 5-4

: Reds, 2-4GiañL 2-4


,-I iisiiiêsslloviow tS Forecast


Oakton ComputerCareer program set

Applicationsarenow beingac-cepted for the INTENSE Corn-pater Career prngrarn at OaktoaCornrnunity College.

If you are looking for a carnetchange or for advancement inyoarcureentwork. INTENSE cangive you Lite oppoaanity to garntbeskills needed to become an en-try level computerprogmmmer.

Classes begin Aug. 26. Enroll-ment is limited. For information,call Leona Roen at (708) 63-1834.

Seven big reasons-

to invest withEdward D. Jones & Co.l_ US. Covnmmt

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Corporate beada- 9.5%4_ Federell5 I nears d Cartineatea

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heaeared Fadera lemmeTee-Free MantelpalBenda.

leeteetemtybe rnbastan ateto and

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ased en A.eatod Co,po,ntr nonde..


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EdwardD.Jones& Co.

-,. - -

,-- ---,-

Central Telephone Company (Gente!). President Paul Yoro-vich (right) presents employee Rose Caidwoll (left) an Award ofAchiovementforoutsiandingservice to the company.

ChiSel's "1990 Ontstandiog Mar-keteer's Award." Caldwelt is amember of the Christian AdultChristian Education Coancit andthe program planning committeentherchurch. In thepast, she pro-vided tutoringservices tothe areayouth.

The award was created to con-vey Ceutel's recognition and ap-predation forenceptionat perfor-mance - by employees whodistinguish themselves throughon-the-job service, quality ofcharacter, dedication to the corn-muteity and industry enhance-ment.

First Colonialannounces 27%net iñcome increase

First Cotoniat BnnksharesCorporation (NASDAOJFCOLA) has announced recordearnings for the quarter endedJane 30.

C. Paul Johnson, chainnan andchief executive officer, repealedthe company has earned $3.5million during the secondquarter. a 27 percent increasefrom the $18 million recorded inthe second quarter of 1990. Ou afatty diluted per share basis, PiratColonial earned $35 versus $3t,a t3peeceut increase. For thesismonths eanded June 30, thecompany earned $6.9 million or$67 a share compared with $5.2miltionor$.59 pershare.

Johnson said. "For both thequarter and the first half of 1991,income was enhancedby a higherleverofeaming assets, aresuit ofacquisitionactivityduring 1990".

He atto pointed out thecompany's asset quality remainshigh. The level of nouperforneingloans, defined as nouaccruailoans, restructured loans andother real estate, was $119million, a 12% decline from the$15.9 million as of March 31,1991.

- Ramos honoredby Met Life

Jun Rnmos was recently bon-ored at Mrtropotitain Life Insu-rance Company's "ManagementLeaders Couference."

Ramos, who is the brach mcm-ber with Metropolitan's Life'sOak Mill Branch located ut OakMill Mall. 7900 Milwaukee Ave,Niles, received a management.tendei'seoeeferepqe,award.

Centel employeerecognized for service

Central Telephone Companyhas announced Rose Caldwell.pretlnCt manager, Centren, re-ceived an Award of Achievementin recognition of outstanding ser-vice.

The company's president, PantYovovich.prnsenteclthe award toCnldwell.andto seven oiherCen-let employees from five stateswhereCeatel has operations.

"We are the foetunate recip-ients offre hard work. dedicationand commitment of these win-ners." Yovovich said. "Theircon-tributions and enthusiasm on thejnb make Centel n better place towork. Theirefforlsoffthejoh notonly make theircommunities bet-ser places to live. but also en-haare Cenlel's repntation in theeyes of freie friends and neigh-becs." headded.

Catdwelt, n Contai emptoyeefor 10 years. is active ita bothcompany and commnnity organi-znlions. Last year she received

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GLENVIEW STATE BANK800 Wnokegon RoadhlS2S GIerw,ovn Rnod/3310 Gllr,now Annd/2610 Golf Rood

GIoñn,eW IL 00025 - -- - - 1708) 729-19Q0 Moorbyr. FOC

How to achieve financial'freedom in the-1990's - -

- Reprinteelfroem "TheAdrinnr,"aapubticàti4rn of -

GkearfrmSleate Baenla'e Trust & FianndaalPlernniñg Dtipwhneat

What does financial freedom mean to you? No more mortgagepayments? Enough money to live on comfortably for thereat ofyonr life? No worries abont investments? The assurance that yoti

-willbetaken car ofuo matter what happent to you? -


Financial freedom can be att thom things--and more. Busen-daIly, you am financially free if you only concern youiseif withthose-financial maltera that interest you. - . - -

- Do you hate paying bills and watching yotin inventtnènts?Then your fmancial freedom will come when you are liberatedfromthosetasks ,- - -

On lIte oilier hand, you may get a great deal of enjoyment ontof monitoring your portfolio and making your own investmentdecisions. Por you. financial freedom may tin fmding a way toend time-consuming bookkeeping tasks. -

-Or you may need more income to have the kind of retirementlifestyle you want. but may he uncertain -how to make your in-vestments yeild more. Financial freedom for you would be theability to do the-things you want ot do without being overly con-cerned abosil the expense. -

These are only a few of the ways -you could define -financialfreedom. Unfortunately, it often seemu so difficult to achieve thatmost people just go on handling their money the way, they al-ways hose and continue to be burdened by financial concerns.

- But it doetn't have to be that way. Thousands ofpeopte in thisarea arr enjoying freedom from financial worries and chores as aresult of one simple mechanism: the living trust. Because ofitaflexibility. the living least allows them to achieve almost anykind offinanciat freedom they desire. -

With a living oust managed by a hank trust deparunent. youcan select tise srvices you want to receive. At thehighest level ofnervice,.the bank hilndtes all aspoets of your financial affairsfrom bill paying to managing your investments for yonehenefel10 aseanging for chores to he done around your home. Thesis themost beneficial when you incapacialed by illness or simplydo not with to hotlser with money matters.

That is net to say, though, that having a living trust means youare ill or infirm. Not ut alt. If you have a living tontI, you couldtake offon a month-long cruise and not worry about yoor belts oryour invesletiests.You could spend teme with famely or freendsrather than -woeryiug abost money. Or you could Jato sit backaud relax. - . -

- 1f you wuuld prefer to be involved in the day-to-day manage-ment of'youeinvestenentu, a living trust can also be useful. Thehank handling your least wilt take care of all the beokkeepmgchores for you, ssch as collecting and reinvesting dividends andprodncitng a lax summary for you at the end of the year.

In this situation, the living leerst simply gives you the anna-rance that your invmtments will be handled according -to yourwishes if you should become incapacitated. This rua be esportaI-ty important if you are married and your spouse has little or noeuperience with invensusenta.

If you da not feet ready yet for an active living trust, but areretired or near retirement, you may wish to consider setting up aself-declared trust. It is a type of living trust in wb ich you act asyour own sotanEe until you become disabled or decide to turnover management to someone else,

Combined with a "limited power of anoeney," a self-declaredtrust is an excellent way to protect your spouse and your familyin ease mmething should happen to you. The trust document oat-lines yourwishes, so your liffairs are managed smothly for yourfamily's benefit, but without burdening them.

Some of your frieuds may already be enjoying the freedom ofa living trust. Bat you may never know about it because taust nc-counts are entirely confidential. Your private financial affairs arenever revealed, even lo employees within tIte bank.

Rnbert L. ResinVIce PresIdent

Glenvlew State Bank

For more information about how a living taust can help youdeclare fmanciai independence in the 1990's, call Bòb Rosin.vice president, Gienview Slam Baut, at 729-1900.

Tax planningquestions answered

Thene arg typical of questionsankçd -by tapayees and nrc pee-tentadas a public seevice of thispublecntion and theiRS,

Q,. t keep hearing about taoplanning, I ans not'wealthy, sotdo not have to bother with it,tight? -

A. A good lime for lax plan-ning is when you have finishedyourfederal income taxreturn fortheprevions year. Also, lax plan-sting should he done any timesomething happens thntcouid nf-fectyourfuturetaxretums.

Q. Can you give me an exam-pIe ofsomething thntcould affectmy tax relearn?

ComEd employeesachieve recordservice

Commonwealth Edison's ser-vice reliability retord averages99.8 percent, a record employeesuro pesad of achieving. Despite

- contiuous hard work to provide- customers with the most reliable

service, - we cannot guaranteepower interruptions wilt neverOccur. When they do, every ef-furt is made to restore servicepromptly, especially to custom-ers requiring essential serives.These customers include hospi-(als, nursing homes, manicipnlfacilities and individual resideuc-es where uperson may depend ouas electrical life sapport systemsch asarespi.ratororakiduey di-alynis mnchiue.

While these examples repte-sent top priority cases. it is the

. castomer's responsibility to pro-vide suilablealternntivrs for rIet-Iricity in the eventofa service in-tsrruption. Hospitals haveemergency generators on site toprovide temporary power. Indi-vidual life snpport systems have backup mechanisms formanual orbattery operation.

Edison maintains a list ofnames, addresses, and telephonenumbers of these priority cases.To add apalient whoreqaires lifesupport systems to the residentialpriority list, physicians shouldwrite a letter to their patient's lo-cal Edison district superman-dent. The superintendent willthen review the situation with-thephysician to determine the ph-..tient'seligibiily.

Working with Edison caes as-sure Customers of the utmost se-eire reliability.

Business Assn.names executivedirector

The Independent Business As-sociation of Illinois (IBAIL) ispleasedto announce its new exec-ntivr director is Eunice Cons ofMorton Grove.

A small business owner her-self, and a delegate to both WhiteHouse Conferences on SmallBusiness, in 1980 and 1986,Cono leas been an active volun-leer on behalf of the businesscommunity for over IO yeses.

Cons's many volunteer effortson behalf of small business in-etude serving on thelloard of Di-rectors of the Chicago Associa-ion of Commerce and Industry,the illinois State Chamber SmallBusinmsExecutive Board, the Il-linois Tourism Council Bonedand the Chicago Advisory Cons-cil ofthe Small Business Admix-

A, Yes, Buying. a house,which often brings large interestpayments. may affect the amenaIof your deductions. Also, even.smaller things such us -whosename and social security pnmbeigo firston ajoint savings accountcan affect your return. If youopen ajoint savings account with,adepeudent, either child or adult,yourdependent's name and socialsecurity number mast go ferst ifthemoneyand interest itearnsbe-long to lieti dependent. Other-wise, the interest iscomewil betaxed as your income.

Q. Do you have any other sug-gestionson tax planning?

A. Ye. Establish nrecordkeep-ing system that works for you.Good tax planning takes you en-tire lax situation into ncconul, andgood records help you keep thewholepicture in view.

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-.. Sinné-1096

Seminar focuseson tax-savinginvestments

. Many consumers unknowing-ly pay loo much tax on their in-vestments, Find hut how to savemoney on taxesby altending Cm-gin Federal Bunk's free Earn-More Keep-More seminar,

Yoa'li also fand ont what youcan do with yourpensioa or profitsharing disbursements and howyoa inn increase your spendableincome without increasing yourtaxes, -

All attendees will receive apersonalized Financial Indepeu-dence Forecast that will helpthem determine how much they'llneed to retire. -

The seminar will be held at 6p.m., 4147 N. Harlem Ave., Nor-ridge, on July 25 and at 4 p.m.,7201 N. Harlem Ave., Nues, onJuly31.

For reservations please cull(312)804-4530. -


First National Baeìk of DesPlaines has announced the dee-tins of Timothy G. Towle to the

-Bourdof Directors.

Towle, 43, is president ofBoulevard Bank National Asso-ciution in Chicago. He joinedBoulevard Bank as a collectionmanager in 1977 and rose lo theposition ofesident and directorofthebaeskin 1988.

A master of business adminis-teatina graduate from IllinoisBenedictine College, he aiseholds a bachelor of seience de-greecin finance from Southern lInlinois University.

Towle serves on the Board ofDirectors ofBoulevurd Bank Na-henal Association; GreaterNorelsMichigan Avenue Asseciation;Retail BankersAssociation - Chi-cago area; and Consumer Bunk-

LIbERTy BANktos saviruc1s

2392 N. Milwaukee (312) 384-40007111 W. Foster (312) 792-2211

-6210 N, Milwaukee (312) 763-43606677 N-Lincoln (708)

Towle bank's board

. Fnüiis2j


ers Association. He and his wifelive is Naperville and have twochildren,


._. w- u, ,su' -ER IMES


Bast appointed CEOof A.B. flip1

The Chicago-based AB. DickCompany has named isa presi-dent, James L. Bast, to the addi-tional position ofchief executiveofficer.

Bast succeeds David Powell,who continues to serve AB.Dick's parent company, TheGeneral Electric Company, p.l.c.(London), as a director with var-ious responsibilities in NorthAmerica.

"Our AB. Dick and ltek Gea-phix brand products represenlthe finest reprographic equip-ment and supplies available,"says Bast. "I'm proud to be apart of a worldwide companyt.E enjoys such a rich heritage."

Bastjoined AB. Dick so pmo-trient and a director in Decem-ber, 1990. Prior to that, Bastserved as president of the U.S.Business Systems Division ofPitney Bowes Inc. in Stamford,

Skokie FinanceDepartment- -- awarded

TheVlllageofSkokiehas beenawarded the certificate ofachievement for excellence in fi-flauem! reporliug far ils 1990

. comprehensive annual financialreport

The certificase of achievementis the highest form ofrecognitionin the area of governmental ne-enacting and Imancial reporting,and ils attainment repreneuits anignificant accomplishment-by agovemmentand its management,

It in awarded by the Government Finance Officers Asseciatian oftheUnited Staten and Canada (GFOA) for iLs comprelsensive annual financial report

Finance- Director Robert J.Nowak was given an Award ofFinancial ReporLing Achieve-ment as the person primarily responsible for the 1990 report

james Bast

CT., and President/CEO of Dai-laphone Corporation, a PitneyBowes subsidiary.



, IF YOU'RE 50-PL US..

Just for keeping at least $100in.yoûr checking account, you -

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NILESMitwa,k-ev 5 Ot,to,, 705) 965.0120 LAKE EOREST .100 E. lttinoi, Rd. (708) 234.4200


Government añdtax-free mutualfunds popular

by Jeffrey CardellaEdward D.Jones & Ca

There aie two groups of ecmlized mutual funda that havegained popularity in the past few years Managers of the Brat in-vest ut amandes issued by die US, government and ils agencies.Managers of the othee invest in securities exempt from federallaxes. Both are income oriented, so the investments the managerof both types of funds usually select are bonds, coles re USTreasury bills.

Many people fear the risk of investing in an economy they meas nncerlain For thin mason, they avoid stocks or corporatebonds and aie comfortable only in securities backed by the fullfaith and credit of lire U.S. government tnvesting in goveñrmrintsecnrilies, however, generally requires large sums of money. Aninvestor with limited funds is al a disadvantage when competingwith professional traders in the complex government mathet.

A need for professional representation for the individual inNen-tor was the- mason managed mutual finds. with the objective ofhigh current income inadditioa to the pmleclive guarantee of theU_S, govemmeat were created,

When yoa invest in lax-free mulual funds, your money ispooled with the money of thousands of investors and is investedin 30 lo 100 individual federal lax-free municipal bonds. Like theindividual municipal bonds, the interest you earn on these fundsis federally lax exempt, and because you are investiag in amulo-al fund, you have the benefits of professional money manage-ment,

The benefit of these mutual funds is the security of regular in-terest with the meonas of Ilse interest affecter! only by current is-terèst rates. Some government fnnds offer the added attrrictionofa monthly check, which is not available through many individualinvestments.

If your iavestmcnt need is current income wed safety of priuci-pal, you owe it to yowseif to look into mutual fundswhich investin secarilies issued or guaranteed by the US. government or ilsagencies. If your need is enmone mo-free income, wouldn't it benice to earn interest free from the bits of Uncle Sam sud still besafe?

Illinois Bell opens- --work-at-home center

Illinois Bell opened a resource conterin Chicagarecently forifscustoma,n whowwkathome. Attlsecenter,230 W. Washing-inn, homewo*örscanconeuitcomrnunieajjons upeöialists, viewmodel home-office set-upe, and sea services and products atwork. - -

More than one-million people rions -of homó-oflice eqnipmént.- err.,, ..-----------.,_anduervicm. - - ' -

Available far demonstrationsare populafworkat4rrime equip-meut .- unch as fax machines.compater modems, and answer-ing machines - and Illinois Bellservices that homeowners mayfindsueful, including Mutti-Ring -

Service, local 800 nerviceand ad-The Illinois Bell Work-Al- ditioaalphourljues. -

Plome Planning Cener. 230 W. The facility is open MondayWashington, includes model through Friday from 8:30 a,m. tohome office set-ups. trained cou- 5 p.m

part-time or full-time, accordingtôeslimates. Today Illinois Bellapenada work-at-home planning

- center--thefieotofilskindindrenatiOn -- as a resource for home-wrirkers,

- The cenleris staffedby IllinoisBell communicatioas specialists.


Finally, here's-a way to take advantage of the equity in your home.and enjoy the possible TAX BENEFÌTS without the risk of rising in-terest rates or the fear of having to refinance your mortgage.

First National Bank of Nues presents the SENSIBLE HOME EQUITYLOAN. Compare our benefits: - -

.. Fixed interest rate for the 'life of the ioan. -

. Repayment of BOTH princiI and interest.s No application fee. No annual fee - , - -

. No points-- (There is a nominal charge which includes costsfor title search,'-re-

cording fees and appraisal. Loans can range from $O,OOO to-- $50,000 for up to 10 years. You may borrow up to 75% of theappraised value of your home less the outstanding first mortgageprincipal.) - -

Now you can borrow money for hóme improvements, college edu-cation, investment opportunities, a new car, a boatwhatever youwantwithout the fear of overextending yourself. It's the smart andsafé way to unlock the equity in your home. -


'2YR. -

- 3YR.5 YR.7 YR.

lo YR.-

First National-Bank of Nues7100 West Oakton St.

- -Ni-les, Illinois 60648

(-708) 967-5300 -


u* AMOUNTS UP TO $50,000.00**-* AMOUNTS OVER $1 0,000.00 -





i 0.00**i 0.95**

- - 1 1 45***

i i 75***


--To learn more about our SENSIBLE. HOME EQUITY LOAN, call or- visit Ron Raucci or Larry Callero in our Loan Department.

Equal Housing -Lender

- -------t-x-NtC--., ,.


Member FDIC A Member of Northern Illinois Financial Corporation


Vapor Mark IVnames new manager

J. A. Machesney, vice presi-dent, sales and marketing of theVapor Mark 1V TransportationProducts Group. is p!eased to an-nounce the appointment ofEdgard J. Qairoc to the positionof manager intematiooat sales -South America.

Mi-. Quiroz' entensive expo-sure, backgroand and experienceio loterxatiooal Suies makes himwell qualified for his new respxx-sibililies.

l-lis many oew duties will in-elude international sales in SouthAmericu, Mexico awl the PachteRim.

Vapar Mark IV has its head-qoarlcrx aad maie maoofacluriugfacilities in Nilex. Edgard Quima




Buying Or SelhngCull The

¼Professionals At



8860 MILWAUKEE AVENUE, NILES(708) 297-541 1.

If you think you're paying Un-cte Suns too mach of what youmake on yqar investments. youmay want to lake a closer look attax-free and lax-dpferreut invest-meno.

Jost remember that tau treat-ment is onty one factor te con-sider when developing an invest-meat strategy, advises thelltioois CPA Society.

Municipal bonds offer invcs-


MAKES MORTGAGES!AI! kinds of mortgages - small or big, short term orlong term, fixed rate or floating rate.

Mortgages are our primary business andhave been since 1936 when we made our

first one!So while others may blow hot or cold on mortgages,we just keep doing what we have been doing allalong. If you are thinking about a mortgage (orrefinancing the one you have) give us a call at (312)761-2700 and ask for Casey Kaminskior one of hisassociates.



IcatIoflS: 2720 West Devon Âvènue Chicago, Illinois 60659 . (312) 761-2700100 Oak Brook Center, Oak Brook, Illinois 60521 . (708) 954-3760

. - 9147 Nodh Wauke9anrMOOnrOIlIIflOIS0O53-.-(70)-966-6970

Pärk Ridge residentfeaturedat anagement seminar

Psrk Ridge rnsiderst, Lee S. MeClain(cenlerrighf). oft!te Chicago !awflrm ofWlldman, Harrold, AllersandDixori, presentedseasiorssatManagernentSkll(s fort/se 199Os,jointIysponsoredby Loyola Uni-varsity's Institute otHuman FtesourcesandlnduutrialRelations, the Wildman flrmandthe FomalflidgeGroup, management/human resources consultants. Pictured with, MaClain ¡s koynota speakor CookCounty RocorderoWueds CarolMooeley Braun (centerleft), Lou Vitullo (!eft):and JamesFiffer (right),also oil/se Wildman firm. - ..

Tax strategies for investorstors a way Io cant tax-free inter-est income. Issued by state andbeat governments. municipathoods help raise money to buitdschoots, roads and other pro-jeaN.

tu the taut few years, the mu-nicipat bond market has becomea more complicated place for in-vestors. In the past, att munici-pat bonds were exempt fromfederat lax, bat changes in thetau taw created three differenttax treatments of municipalbonds.

The interest you earn ou thetraditional obligations of slateand local governments remainstea-free, And, in most slates, if However, you should keep inthe bonds are from your home mind thatearly withdrawalsfromslate, you generally escape state a CD are genemlty subject to anand brat taxes as well, Howev- interest penalty,er, certain bonds isiued for pri-vate purposes, sach asindustrial savings bonds have two spe-development, now generate ii - rial tax appeals. Piest, interestteest that can he subject to the at- earned on savings bonds is ex-temative minimum tas, empI from slate und local income

Still other honds, including es Second, since you collectthose rssaed- to finance sporte y interest when you redeemstadiums and-convention facili- the bonds, the interest is goner-ties, no longer qualify for any ally not sobjecs ro federal taufederal tax exemption. until then. However, you can

To determine if municipal : choose to report the interest an-bonds are the right type of in- nuatty.vestnsent for you, you should If yen select this option, andcompare the return you can col- later yoa decide lhatyou wouldted from a lax-exempt inveut. benefit more from reporting themeut to the teatro you would get inlerest when you redeem Ihnfrom a taxed inventinent. You bonds, you can switch methodsshould also weigh the security only with the consent of- tIteandthetermofthehondunder lIts.consideration, Beginning Jan. 1, 1990, a

In uddition, keep in mind that new tan benefit was created forif you need lo sell a municipal certain US, savings bonds, tu-bond before ita maturity. you lernst on these bonds is ..nOtmust report your capital gain or taxed if the bonds are redeemedloan on your tax return, What's to pay college expensen.nece. you cannot deduct invest- Bio, iii order to qualify forment expennm ussocialed with this tax treatment, certain condi-lax-exempt inVestmenls, lions must be satisfied: the bond

By transferring money from nsust have been issued afteran invesunentthataccurm inter- Dee, 31, 1989; you must be 24est dialy to one that pays interest years old or older at the time theat maturity, such us Treasury bondi are purchased; and youbills, you can defer the taxes due must use the bond's proceeds foeou your investment earnings. qualified educational expenses

Treasury bills are issued in de- incnroed by you, yore spouse, ornominalitins of $10,000 and up, depenjepis for higher ednea-and mature in three, six, or 12 tian.months. The bills are issued at a Tlii exclusion is phased eutdiscount, with Ihn interest paid if your adjusted gross income1fdethfidthiltm5falIswithirrcertaitrìanges.

turity foe face valseIntereut On T-triNs is comptete-

ly exempt from state and locallaxes; federal taxes are not doe.until the year Ilse bitls matare.

Many bankti, brokerage I1iThand other financial institutionsoffer Certificatm of Depnuit(CDs). The interest earned ouCDs is subject to federal, state -

aad local loom. But, becauseearnings on CDs are tened in theyear you receive them, you canuse CDs au a means of deferringinterest incomò.

When you buy a-CD that ma- -

tures next year, -the iuteeest itearns is not taxable until then.

What to doin an audit

There are typical of questionsasked by taxpayers and are pee-uented as a public service of thinpublicalionundthelRs,

Q. I received a leBer in-themMItelllngmemyfcdeeuJxm-tnrnwas selected tobri exuminedWhatohouldido? -- - - -

A, The first thing you shoulddoiureadthelettercnrefully. Theletter will tell you the time, dateandplace scheduled for the enam-inalion, aswellas as wbatparts ofthe return will be examined, oraudited, and the type ofrecords -

yonwilineed. -

Q. Howcanlprepureforthisaudit?

A. Assembleunyrecoredu sag-gested in the lelter,pluu anyolber -

evidence lb support the income,deductions,- adjnslmeñlscredits that will be examined.Cheilkioseeiftheeeareanymiss- - -

ing records litaI you will need tofindbeforeyourandit.

Q. Canlbringuomeonewith -

metotheuudit? -

A. You maybriugwith youannuerney, certified publie acecen-lant,enrolled ngenl. the individu-al who signed your return au pee-parer or anyone who inknowledgeable ubout your lax--related books und records. How-ever, generally only un aitortíey,CPAorenmlledagentmay mpm-sent you. Yow representativewill need weilten authOrization torepretieutyou inyonrabsence

Q. Whathappensiftheauditorfeels my records do not supportlisp items i have claimed on myretumandldonotagree?

A. You and theaudilor should -

discuss the reasons behind his orher decisions. If it is u matter ofinsufficient records, ask what -

udire kind of information would- be necessary lo support the items- in dispute. Regardlessofihe rea-

son, you should discuss the find-ingswith theauditoeto makesneeyou understand what thepmbjeguis and what soluliOnjifani;iu--cancome ta. One of your mosteffective tools in an audit is corn-munication.

Q. What options do I have-ifwe cannot come to an agreementon the resulte oftheaudit?

A. Your first step is to hequestan interview with the auditor's su-persiane. Many audit conflictsnie resolved at this level. If youstill cannot rdsch an agreement,the uuditoror supervisor will ex-plain your appeal tights. For ad-ditional iufonnasion, call i-800-

- 829-3676 to request free IRS-- Publication 556, Examination of

Retaren, Appeal Rights, - aridClaimuforRefund.

Real estateclàss offered -

AclassinRealllstateTranmc-lion, the basic course needed toobtain un Illinois saleaperuon's Ii-cense will be spousoredby ERA-USA REALTY. LTD. Ciasumwill beheldaty 1013 S. ArlingtonHlu.Rd., Arlingtonllte,

This course will be offered -Mtindays and Wedneu4ays forfive weeks, from 6:30 to 9:30p.m. ularlinglluly29. Freeceviewnito is Aug. 28. State Exam rs byappointment.

Tuilionis$Ioøpluubooks.For more information regard-

ing the courue or to register, callJoe Zivoli (broker/owner) at

fr- Business Review tS Forecast

Skokie rouidentMichaelJ. Dinelllhaa been designated Sales-pésonofthe Vearfor l990by InlandflealEnlate Salea. He waschosen from among 45 othersalenpeople in Inland's Oak BrookandChicagooffices. -

-- Dinelllispicturedabove receiving his award from Walter Pay-ton, ex-Chicagoßear. -

RATET7.$2,500 Minimum Dcpsit: I I -Monlh term.

o'/OApR. u

this is the return you'11 get for depositingmoney in our-special-rate CD. Bat you'll haveto act now. Because this high rate is being

- offered for a limited time only at First of- America.

-As always,depositors are FDIC-insured up

to $100,000. And the rate is locked in for thefull termofyourcertificate. Anotherbeneuit is

- thatyoiur money will be put towork right herein--che- community, funding local loans for

homes and businesses.So if youre looking for-a saFe,secure, tau

deferred investment that svili give you a highrare ofrerumn, come to First ofAmerica. Andopenoneofour special-rate CDs today. Whetiyou do, you mill also qualify for a no servicecharge personal checking account and freesmall safe deposit box rental for one yeár.Remember: No deposit , no return.

o FIFAMEjoNEoFosEM:osvusrs s:ccrsruAvcs.sva-ovLvs ElENvoa WA>.Tu5rOuE?

si Ip :,f : tr al a Fuir: a F fNs,a,4.2:w G,,ai,. Muud,kw t,b 'v' /, -362-irON Z:,i :.745-:2:h

Part-lime, temporary, and sea-sonst workers employed by stateorlocal governments are the malogroup affected by newSocial Se-curity legislation Ibas went intoeffect for services provided alteeJuly 1, according to Thomas A.Cuein, Social Security managerin Dea Plaines.

The change in the law providesmandatory Social Security cover-ageforaboul2.3 miflion slate andlocal govemment employees,whoarenotcoveredbyanyre&e.ment system at this time. SocialSecuritycoverage far these work-eesis important, Cuein said, be-came workeru who are tot coy-cred by Social Security often donot arrange for allemative retir.ment. survivors, ordisability peo-tection.

-UnIRe private industry, where

Social Security coverage is man-datory, the decision ta provideSocial Security coverage to stateandlocal government employeesbas been ut the option of eachslate. Some state andiacat goy-emmeula have chosen to provide -their own retirement systems in-stead.

But with the addition of pari-time, temporary and seasonalworkers covered by the new leg-islation, 77 percent of state andlocal government workers arenow covered by the Social Scene-ity system.

Por more information aboutSocial Security programs, call theNationwide, toll free telephenenumber, 1 (8w) 2345-SSA(772).lt'savaitableMoiiduy -Fri-day,7a.m.-7p.m.


Inland awards Skokian Social Security coversmore government workers


The Bugle's



Bridal salon .. conteifrompage3cIcrc1 two gowns by phone. giv-Ing the credit card number of anAlsip man. The credit wascleared and a messenger pickedup the gowns and delivered themton south side Chicago address.

The scam was repeated. usinga different charge, July 3. Theceedit card company again ap-proved credit and a messengeragain picked up the dresses. Thecaller asked the store not to both-er mailing the bills and said hewould pick them up himself. ButMargiesmailed thebillu anyway.

July 7, the wife of the Alsipcredit card holder received thebill and called Margies. sayingshehadnotorderesl any gowns.

July 10 Santiago allegedlyagain phoned in an order for twoatore gowns and gave anothercreditcard number, but this time.the creditcompany rejected it be-cause the account was closed.

The store contorted MortonGrove police and investigatorJanies Maadik was on the scenewhen the same messenger ap-geared for the third order. Themessenger desceibed to policehow he would leave a package inthe phone customer's door andpick np his delivery fee from anenvelope taped lo the door. Themessenger added he also wasscheduled to make another pick-up for the customer at a northMichigan Avenue, Chicago, jew.dey firm.

Morton Grove police contact-ed the property crimes unit of theChicago Police Department andthejcwctry storo.July 12. MortonGrove Investigations Command-re. Sgt. PrankPantaleo, picked upa falce pachogefrom thojewelcr.

tnvettiguetor Daniel Dono-ghue poned as a messenger and ataboat 8 p.m., he, CommanderPantaleo, iuvestigator Maudikand officers Matthew Paokowand Ed Mshnhc juinctl Chicagodetectives Robert Rocas astiGrog Geisbush aithecaiter's Chi-rogo address.

When Santiago signed the de-livery receipt the messenger gavehim, ho was orrestesl by Chicago

police mid charged with forgery.White in custody, the mas agecedlo talk with the Morton Grove of-ficers,

Dmcribing hin method of oper-ation, he saidhn took credit cordnumbers from car rental receiptsgiven him by a friend named'Bags", then catted and orderedgowns sent to hin home. MortonGrovo charges against Snntiago/Sandoval are pending for nniaw-ful ese nfo credit card sed he hasou Aug. 13 coors dato.

Margie's Bridal aulas is oat thenearly $4,000 cost of the drevvev.Because employees ai Margievdid not check the octaal creditcards, bat only ran them throughfor approval of sufficient. fuods,Margie's mast absorb the nearly$4,000 cova of the stolen eveninggowns.

Dominick'sContinued from Page 3

(crests.Two out-buildings, occupied

by a restaurant and a bank, willabut Greenwood on the east, Re-portedly, there is contention overthe occupancy of the out-buildingu, The bank allegedlyprefers the mote visible Ballard/Greenwood corner location, butthe site is already leased to a res-(curant.

The resolution of the out-building problem remains indoubtsincedeveloperBiehl is theproject'smain spokesman and di-reels the project from Colorado.Ilewas unavailableatpeess time,

Craig E. LucasMarine Capt. Craig E. Lucas,

vos of Kenneth E. and Ruth E.Lucas of Glenview, recently re-ported for daly with M MarineAircraft wing, Marine Corps AirStation, Cherry Poiut, NC.

A 1979 gmdaatc ofGtenbrookSouth High School, Glenview,lit., and a 1983 graduate of USNaval Academy, Annapolis,Md., with a Bachelor of Sciencedegree, he joined the MaineCorps in May1983.

Encltivg yew ergovavilc design$4900 .jastpohstovdsh000

. Firm hovdllvg tally nstomnhc

Canon , : ll ri?tier gives

S Q por$roits a soft, romonhle lush. Includes Conov USA., Ive., ave-year

limited warrnviylreglstratlav card

So advançed.,.It's o lot of Canon for a little money.


District 63-.Also, he mid nome of the

school buildings are about 30years old and require many re-pairs. Aimant the entire parkinglot at Mark Twain ElementarySchool in heing resurfaced andntherrepairsalsoarcunderway.

In additional business, boardmembers voted to acquire newequipment including computertables brIbe Gemini Junior HighSchool computer lab. Equipmentalso will he purchaned for theWashington Elementary Schoollibrary.

Other bids to be awarded arefor overhead projectors, cassetterecorders and supplies for ele-mcntary art.juniorhigh art, audiovisual; classroom. paper andphysicaleducution.

Again, board members re-nawed a food service manage-ment contract with MarriottCorp. for the coming school yearand approved n lunch price list.Hot lunches am available only atGemini.

Also, board members consent-ed to waive beard policy and en-ter into an agreement with Fireund Security Systems, Inc. foeleasing and purchasing security


Continued 1mm Page 3The village has tried to notify

residents of the sprikling banthrough a mass mailing, signs atthevillagehallandin local news-papers, However, it seems thereareanumberoftesidents who areeither unaware ofthe regulationsor choose to ignore them.

FromMay 15tlìeoughept. 15,residents are asked -to refrainfrom watering between the honesof noon and 6 p.m. tu addition,those with odd numbered ad-dresses can water on odd days ofthe mouth, while residnnts witheven numbered addresses canmataron even days of the month.. While same residents com-

plain that the sprinkling regula-tions in Nitos see too complicat-cd, other asca villages areenforcing simiturban9.

In Des Plaines, police foundverbat warnings had little effect,and began issuing $50 tickets tooffenderta

Frank E. Grzelakl'vt. Frank E. Gezetatu Jr. has

completed training at the U.S.Army Infantry School, Port Ben-ning, Columbus, Ga.

Greelak is the son of Frank E:GrzetnkofMortonGrove.

Conéinund froi PIp

equipment as well as inniallalionofthesameatApolloiuniorHighSchool. In the past year, Apollohas been the nile of a first floorfire. which may have been causedbynrson.

Following a recommendationby the buildings and groundscommittee board membersagreed to approve district schaolsas "maancareuhelters' as request-edby the American RedCross,

Also, board members cament-esito allow LiltIe League baseballto be played on the south side ofApollo SchooL The leugne willhe under the supervision of theGlenview-Youth Baseball, Inc., anou-pmfitorgauization.

Dist. 207Continued from Page 3

eachearnS95,587.MaineWest High School Pan-

cipal James L Çobnm will earn$98,6$5. while Thomas J. Ca-chur, principal of Maine SouthHigh School, and Carol Grenier,principal of Maine East HighSchool will each earn $88,780.

Director of Spec'ttl Educationand Student Personnel ServicesRobert V. Jacobsen will earn$80,384, an will Coordinator ofPlanning and Special ProjectsDennis P. Diesen. Karen Lartien,director of public relations, willearit$45.796.

High School District 207servesPark Ridge, Hilen and DesPlaines,and includes Maine East,Maine South, and Mainu Westhigh schools.

FormertrusteeContinued from Page 3

said James Sloan, Public Infòr-marion Officer for MorIonGrove, 'His influence and -per-sonality extended into many are-as of the village. He was wellliked by all of the village peoplehe came in contact with," Mr.Sloan said.

A retired Loop pharmacist,Hitzelisrger is survived by- hiswife, Frances; two daughters,DawnEvansandCaroljeanSlntz-man; abrotheri a sister-i 10 grand-children; and 11 great-grandchildren.

Karen A. BurrMarine Plc, Karen A. Barr,

daughter of Wayne J. Burr 01Den Plaines, has completed re-croit training at Marine CorpnRecruil Depot, Pnrrin Island,S.C. -

*Qh'°-tG . Rsrn.o '

Let Our FUr ExpertsPut Your Furs Back In Fashion!

STORAGE CLEAN GLAZESPECIAL $40.00Storage Includes - Minor Repairs


with any restyle I repair $300.00 and up

Phone: (708) 966-4090


Continued from Page 3

thiig he could to control the fee-qnency and sire of the increaseand still keep the water self-supporting.

When Chicago initiated therate increase, a Chicago officialwarned nnbttrban nsers would usethe raise as an excuse to raisetheir raten even higher. Adt re-cently retorted The waterbill wepay to Chicago is about half ofwhatitconts toron (the water sys-tern.)"

He noted for pram, suburbanwater purchasers were also pay-ing Chicago. sewer fees. Afterseveral years oflitigation, Chica-go was ordered to refandthe new-erfee, butthatrefandis still pend-ing.

Niles residents currently puy$t.84 per 1,000 gallons of water;Morton Grove pays $2.06 per1,000 gallons. Among other pur-chasers of Chicago's lake waler,Des Plaines' watnrcuntomees pay$2.t6per l,000gallons; andParkRidge hills on a graduated seule,according to the amount of walerused. Its waterusers have alreadyabsorbed one water rilE inôreasethis year, in May. Glenview buysils waler from Wilmette; Skokiefromttvanston, andrates vary.

Car theftsBetween June 27-July 9, two

cars were taken fromadealer's lotin the 8800 block of WaukeganRoad, Menton Grove, by personsunknown.

One, a 1991 Oldsmobile Bra-vada, was valued at $22,OOfri theother, a 1991 Oldsmobile CutlassSupreme. wasvaluednt$14.635.

July 12, a t987 silver-brownAerea Legend was taken by per-sousunknown from in frontof theowne?s house in the 5900 blockofMonroe Street, MorIon Grove.The owner called it a $25,000loss. -

An 18-year-old Lincolnwoodwoman told police unknown of-fenders took her 1980 Toyotafrom a -theatre loI ni the 7300blockofDempsterSrreet.MortonGrove, lhenightofjuly 10.

She valued die brown car withadentedfrontfenderat$500.

Safety rules fordriving in fog

Rapidly changing tempera-Inres catt cause fog, which redue-es visibility md makes drivinghazardons. Beprepatedtochangeyourdeiving habits iffog appearssuddenly.

The best safety rule is to avoiddriving infog wheneverpossibleHowever, ifyou must drive, takethefollowingsafetyprecautions:

I. Dim your headlighls. Youirotonly willseetgoreclearly, bat

- oIlier-drivers will see you better.Low beams direct light onto theroad ahead, while the ligIE fromhigh beams hits Ibefogundis re-flected offit, Illinois law prohib-ils driving with parking lightsonly.

Slow down. Rednçe yourspeed even more ifyou see head-lights or taillights in front of you.Headlights may be on a vehiclecoming down the center of theroad, and taillights can indicate astopped vehicle or one that isbarely nanving.

Do sotoverdrive your head-lighls. Keep within the limite ofyour yisiou and be prepared toslop in an emergency. If the fogbecomes so dente that you canhardly see, pull off the road andatop. Do not drive ou a highwayalEve or lømilen per hour.

Driving safely in fog reqnirenconcentration and patience. Re-member to dim your headlights,slow down mdpall off the road ifvisibilityis cero. -

syer:orv,snss .Vncoorm.T'nas!m'flfl'THE IU0L TIIURSDAY,.JUt,a' t 1991





Nues mom earnspharmacy degree

Fiances Konieczny of Thies,received apharmacy degree withhigh honors from the UniversityofIllinois.onSunday,June9.

Dr. Konieczny maintained aperfectgradepointaverage of 5.0while cûntinning to work as aclinica! staff pharmacist in theCritical Care Pharmacy at Lu-tiserais Genesul Hospital In ParkRidge.

Attending she convocation asidgesduation ceremonies were herthree children, Kathy, 13. Mike.10, and Lisa, 6. who are currentlyenrolled al St. John Brebeufgrade school in Niles, her hus-build, Glenn, commercial and in-dustrial lighting specialist al Ac-live Electrical Supply Companyin Chicago, her parents, Mr. andMrs. Frank Wilt of Chicago, andher in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. JosephKoniecznyofParkRidge.

SchoOl Guide

Frances Knnteczny1


Degree Optionsfor Adults

'7 Ch()SC Elin/jurs, /,eec,usr'I i'a,it il 1//a real ol/cgeex/,eiience rhij I commue so/)ts)i((' flÌI eaieei; Rc E4rnigan. FciIity Coordirlor




Information Session on Adult ProgramsSaturday, July 20, 1991 9:00 a.m.

Call (708) 617-3400 today for more information.Emhant Callepe. 90 Prospect Averar, Elniharsi, IL 60126-3296








Oakton. . . Making the Most of Your World

- Michele Bond,finds Oakron's flexible hours ideal for her narrino classes wish mothering twosmall clsildren. Michele, who will graduate fromthe nursing pmgmm in May, says "Oakron'sgioen me the opportunity 50 do something thait've always wanted so do? . . . Making she mostof her woeld.

oRegister now!

Fall classes begin August 28

Oakton Community CollegeDes Plaines . Skokie

(708) 6354700 (708) 63544003OIIO3 AIINflLNPJO o NOI












Kevin A. Rapacz Scholarship winners

Oakton adultstudent orientation

If you're an atoll thinkingabout returning to callege, attendan orientation toOalcton Comma-nuty College designed for re-entering sindents in the TrainingCenlerBnildaig 183, otthgGlen-view Naval Air Station in Glen-view on Thursday, Jety 18 at 4p.m.

Two credit classen will be of-fermi thin fall at the Naval Train-ing Center: The Psychology ofPersonal Growth taught by De-loren Oelove (Thursdays from 6to 8:50 p.m.) and Introduction toArt taught by Christine O' Con-nor (Wednesdays from 6 to 8:50p.m.). Clnsses begin the week ofAugust24:

Registration for the nrieetation. session is reqnieed. For more in-formation or la register, call De-lores Ortove at 000km Eost inSkokieat635-1417.


Recenuli, ÑfrdDHihSchur,lForBoysprnudnnouncodthe 1991 Kevin,4.RapaczSchoIarshr, Award winners. Kevin Rapaez, a 1986 Graduate oiNotre Dame High School was tragically killedin an automobile accidenfin l9B7and in memory ofhis name his (amllyestablisheda scholarship me-morisito be presented io the one student from each clans who besirepresents the qualities and char-acteristics ofKevinA. Reparto. .

Picturedhere are Kenneth Rapacz; freshman Tony Como; sophomore Alan Acierno;junior CharlesTherman;seniorMarkPatuszynskiandMrn. Barbara Rapacz.

Eimhurst Collegeoffers options

education al a fonï-year college Aug. 7,alil:30p.m.will fmd a. variety of options The Weekend Option at Elm-available atElmhnrstCollege. burst College began ta falll990.

Registration for the spnng

Adults wishing to further their Aug. 3, unweit as on Wednesday,

term at Elmhnrgt wilt continue To obtain a schedule of infor-through Aug. 23. Classes begin motion sessions or to receive ad-onMonday, Aug. 27. dilional information aboutany oflnfonnatiou Sessions on Adult the progiams available for adult

Programs will be held at Elm- studentsaiElmhurstCollege, callhurst College on the following the Office of Adult and:TransferSaturdays at 9 am.: July 20 and Admission at (708) 617-34(8).

st. John Brebeuf School8301 N Harlem Avenue



u Pre-School 3 and 4 year olds. Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Before School (7:00 AM.)

and After School Programs until 6:00 P.M.. Religious Classes and Sacramental Programsu Learning Center - Remedial and Gifted. Gifted Program. LD Teacher -

n Computers taught from 4 year olds to 8th Grade. Band Program. Piano Lessonse Various Sports Programs lPhysieal Ed In Our Own Gym)n Rainbow Program fOse Parent Family). Hot Lunch Program -


School GUideHonors' program recognizes seniors

Maine East'seleventh annualseniorhonorsprogram recognized the talentandeffort 0116e Clans nf8991. Recipients otMaine Eastandrelatedorganization awards included: (rood-I, l-i) Linda Friedhieb,.Maria $ciannasmeo, Tina PrennE, Mary Yoon. Carolyn Cho( Ji Hen Lee. Bien Lazatfn. and ConcettaCatuscelli; (row 2, l-r) Jason Krajcer, Denise DeWuIf, Andrew Mun. Russell Lundberg, Laina Badata-menti, DorothyKurlyo, andStacyLamdon; and(row3, l-r) Mihaiatadescu, TriokPathak, Richard Lee,,BrianHeiser, AngeloPetraios, Jorraban KusnerandscottLazèpaeilh,

District 219-Board appoints new memberThe POiles Township High resident in self-employed and

School District 219 Board olEd. works in the area of marketingacallen appointed Howard Dann, und pnblicielalions for the dentala former board member in Bait profession,Prairie Elementary School Dis- Board Piesident Gail Stonehirt 73, to till the vacancy left by said that Dane, who was chosenthe May 21 resignation of Flor- from among four highlyenceSnllcer. qualified candidates, will benefit

Dane. the father of two stu- theboard becauseofhia expertisedents at Niles North High School in finance, special eduation,con-and ose ut East Prairie School, Iract negotiations and his expon-served on the District 73 board ence as an elementary schoolborn 1975 lo tllSl, and agaia hosed memetter.from 1983 to 1987. The Skokie In the community, Dane is also

st. John Lutheran Church and School(Missouri Snodl

7429 North Milwaukee Ave., NibsChurch: (708l 647-9867 School: 1708) 647-8132

Pre-Kindergarten Classes For 3 Year OldsKindergarten thru 6th Grade

Extended Care



For Further Information Call(708) 647-8132

Thomas K. Stoebig, PesterArlene Meyer. Principal

st. JOn,, Crh,,n.

£Oi.i, thi n,is,n.

. a member of the the Nitos NorthViking Volunteers. a managerand umpire for Skokia YouthBaseball, chairman ofthe District73 refesendum committee. amemberofthe District 73 specialfinance advisory committee, andanolunteerwith Ametican YoathSoccer Organization.


u.w,p4y.J!)ItY.1r.1s9a ..r, t&GE3t


Loyola launchesnew masters program .

Suppose that yo, want an and part of a complete, focusedM.B.A., and yon'renot interested interest, courses many be takenin law school, But you know (or throughout the graduate selsuol,smpect) that some type of ad- that includes uciology, theolo-vanced degree would help you gy. biology, literature, history,progress withingyourprgsfeasiou. . philosophy, political science,

"Loyola's new Masters in Lib- psychology, and several olherde-eral Studies (M.A.L.S.) pmgram partmenta.isjastwhatmany peopleareseek- The M.AL.S. degree can being." says Ann Faulkner, Ph.D., pansued through day, evening,assistant dean ofLoyols Uniner- and weekend courses. Classessoy Chicago's Graduate School. arr offered atboth Loyota's Lake"Isa totofprofeosions, theresim- ShoeeCampas(6525 N. Sheridanply sn'taclesecutpath lofollow. Rd., Chicago) and the downtownPeople who want or need an ad- Water Tower Campus (820 N.vautrai degree that isn't in one of Michigan Ave., Chicago).the traditional ateas, slur want to An application for admissionbe able to choose the focus of is required, along with three let-thnirsiudies," mrs of recommendation. Gradu-

Alosg with au advisor, , ale Records Exam (ORE.)M.A.L.S. students design their scores ase not a requirement forown programs of studcy, which acceptance into the M.A.L.S.include sia electives and three nr- program.qnisod cone courses. Ir approved Por further information, 'call


Dr. Fautknerat(3t2) 915-7500... .,'t. ¿GIVE YOUR CHILD A TRONG EDUCATIONAL-


3 year Okt "Little Sóheol"4 year old Re-KInder

All day kinder and grades 1-a. An aullen g ntrallenging rsïgizus ndamtine- safare n alter totted earn program. Computer S mssiu proseares. Prsgminc forth, 5iftnsf and those with sponin sosAs. Hot snub pmgmn,. Athletin prneatn. Smattnr class size. Prnteuoionat h raring fanall5t

Let us help you give your child the best to grow onst. Martha Catholic School

8535 Georgiana . Morton GroveCall for more Into

7081 967-6286 or (708) 965-1595

ST ISAAC JOGUES SCHOOLPrograms for the Entire Family

EJPre-School for 3 and 4 Year Olds -


¡IIGrades 1-8


FALL 1991"Achieving a proper balance belween inlellectual growth and social development

through acliety based curriculum' '

"Research is ovetwhelming in concluding that full-day kindergarten produces aca-demic gains that are significant - in reading readiness and other achievement meas-urea, in social growth, in reduced retentions, in parental attitudes, and in added oppor-jtunilles tor specialized attention.'

'All-day kindergarten given children twice the time over the course of a school yearto practice skills they have learned and to paclicipale in enrichment activities that buildon those skillu. All-day kindergartens score significantly higher on tests of skills neededfor-first grade than did studente in half-day programs'

7O8I965-4565, .

0e. Duntinin Gulls -Kent state UniversIty study tase

O-it .liQí.= ---.-8101 Golf RoadNitre, Illinois 60648

Rev. John Hrnnessey, Pasgorqeorge R. Kokaska, Principal


Trelned, QimIlItod Cosmeelees. Extended Cero fer Wneklng Peinnt.

.Verlety st ActIvitle.

. One Week S.e.lnn untIl Aeguet 9th

. ACA AccredIted Comp

Ask about our Y's Kids Camp for ages 3-5

For information & registration call

7O8.6474EAN!NG TOWER YMCA6:too w. Touhy-Ave., Nues



. '-.fAmong the children attending the NorthwestSuburban Jewish Congregation Nursery School. 7800

Lyons, Morton Grove, are: Joshua Hahn, Karen Takoin, Adam Kabrins, Melanie Sonenshein, JordanNeuhausenanôJessica Melinger. The chiidrenarepicturedin theirFive Morning Class.

School reformissues addressed

Judi Voller, a teacher amistasEat Gemini Junior High School inNUes, joined with some 8,500delegates from throughout theUnited States atthe Miami taeachConvention Center to participatein theNational Education Associ-ation's 129th Annual Meeting.

Volleris attending the conves-lion as an elected delegate of theEducation Association of Nor-folk.

NEA President Keith Geigeropened die meetingiuly 4 callingfor a 'Bill of Rights fOr Cliii-then." He said their iighs "mustbe guaranteed byihe fiii forceandfaitb oftheUnitedStatesgov-crament."

Voller also thased in dse 25thanniversary celebration of themerger of NEA and the AmericanTeachers Associatiou,apedomi-sanEly black eduactors' oiganizs-lion. The merger occurre4 in Mi-ami Beach on June28, 1966,

The National Education Asso-ciation is an organizutin thatseises more than 2millioii educa-tian employees ibroughout theUnited States and oversea,.

Open Door programaccepts registration

Applications are being accrpt-edutOaktouCommunityCotiegefor the next session of the OpenDoorprogram, a tuition-free edu-cational and vocational piogeantfor high school graduates withlearning disabilities. Classes be-ginAag. 26.

Funded jointly by Ouliton andthe Private Indusiry Council ofNorthern Cook County, OpenDoor allows sludents lo combinetraining in a classroom with workexperience atan area business.

Students are trained at Oaktonin basic thOu such as communi-cation, math, and introduction tomicrocomputers, as well as train-ing in job-seeking and job-holding skills. At the sante time,the students work half days atarea businesses tes gain firsthandknowledgeoftheworkworld.

-Students are pee-screened andassessed to determine their inter-ests and aptitudes, Open Doorstaff works to ensure u goodmatehbelweenemployerand stu-dent,

Our Lady of Ransom School8300 N. Greenwoòd, Nues, IL 60648

1991 - 1992 SCHOOL YEAR. Prenchant for 3 to 4 yam nidss Kindergartens Staffed by FEudAN SISTER6 und my instructors. Grades i through gs At terss hool program until 6 pm !

We offer a total religious education programstressing academic excellence. Wehave a learningcenter for remedial and gifted students. a computerlab and a library. Our students in the science pro-gram have won many regional science awards. Wehave a complete music program, band, athletic pro-gram and many after-school clubs. We also providethe Rainbow Program, a support group for childrenof one parent or blended families.


Call Sister Mary Geralyn, Principal,

t(7O3) 696-4413for on oppointmgnt.

To be eligible. applicants musthave a high school diploma orGED. reside in norllilnorthwestsuburban Cook County and meetthe Private loduslry Council ofNorthern CookCounty eligibilitygaidelines Enrollment is limitedlo 12 per semester.

For mom iflformation, callJackie Dino, program coordina.tor,at(708) 635-1944.

Dist. 207 1

appoints assistantsuperintendent

The appointmont of SuzanneMilliex as assiitaat soperiotes-dentfor instruction was approvedby the Malee Township HighSchool District 207 Board of Ed-ucationTnesdoy,July 9.

Milles, who will begin her sewposition to or about Aug. 1, willreplace Joel W. Monis, who re-signed to become superintendentof West Chicago District 94.

Milties is currently assistantprincipal for instruction at Wit-lowbeook High School. whereshun has headed a library renova-605 peojecl. worked on the devel-opment of a three-year computerproposal, andchairedthr staff de-velopmestcommiltet.

A graduate of Elmiturst Col-lege, Millies earned a master ofarts in English from Norhern lIli-_oois Universily and a certificateof advanced studies in odminis-Iration from the Univelsity of liii-sois at Urbana-Champaign.


t II

. I, IS


College graduatesPamela Gilbert offles Plaines

was awarded a bachelor's degreefrom North Central College June8 au the independent, comprehen.sivecollegeofthe liberal arts andsciences cetebrded ils 126thcommencement,

CynthiaA. Janowski,ofNiles,and Roimuarie Bacci, of DesPlaines, were amting the 110giaduates ofBarat College, LakeFotest, who received degreea iotraditional commencement cere.moniesonMay 19.

Janowski graduated corn laudewithdepailmenlal honors in man-agement and business and wasnominated for membership inDelia Epailon Sigma, a nationalhonorsuciety,

Bacci graduated with depart-menIal honoro in managementand business, She also was nomi-sated for membership in Della.Epsilon Sigma, a natiosal honorsociely,

More than 1600 Western lIli-nois University students wererecognized for completion oftheir degree requirements al Sat-urday, May 1 1, CommencementExercises. Local graduates in-eluded: Mike Cierniak, MarkNelson, Bruce Ramseyer, Jenni-fer Seal, Brad Siegel and RobertSliwinski of Morton Giove; andKristin Goishall, Steven Ham-mer, David Hirschfeld, ScottJohnson and Elyna Robin ofNiles,

More than 4,600 Pwdur Uni'versity sludent,s were awardeddegrees daring commeuccnaentcerzmoniescondacted recently attheWestLafayettecumpus.

Kathleen O'Neil ofNiles grtid-uated with a liberal acts degreeandJoseplt Picnlo ofNiles gradu.ated widsaphasmacy degree.

Th following area stadesIsarecasdidates forabachelor'sde-greefrom SI. NeebertCollege,,Del'ere, WI,

Fourhundred twenty three sta-dents were candidates fordegreesawarded in May 19 ceremonie atSchuldes Sporta Ceeter; includ-ing: Kevin M, Bell, Joseph J,Kumkoskí, and Mary Mahoney,ofNilzs,

Boston Universily awarded tic-ademic degrees to 4,683 stadentaduring commencement exercisesonSanday,Mayi2.

Among the graduates wasMorton Grove reaident Steven P.Weibel, who received a MS inmechanicalengineering.

Michael Shim of MotionGrovewasamong thn430 seniorsat Franklin A Marshall College,who rcceived a bâchelor of artsdegeee,onMay 19 ntthe college'scomm.ncementcerrtnony.

. latir BrynntQuinn, the Emmy-Award-winnitig anthor and col-umnist for Neinsweek and TheWaihinglon Post. deivrrrd thecommencement nddirss and re-ceivedan honorary Doelorof degree.

Shim. a government majorwith att Asian studies minor, is a1987 graduate of Loyola Aedd-mey. A dean's list student. he thesun of Mr. and Mrs. ChangeShim. .

John Knragiannin of Nucagraduated horn Rosary Collegewith the advanced degree, MasterofBusinessAdministralion,

Brett CalIera of the Niles wasone of the mote than 1,300 sta-dents to be awarded undergeadu-ate, graduate and specialist de-grecs from the University ofDayton students on Sunday.April28.

Catlero graduated ith a vissaicommunicationsdesigndegtee,

More than 2,500 students re-coined degrees during Iowa SlateUniversity's spring commence-mentMay 18. Local graduates in-cluded: David J. Haberkorn, Mi-chad Henry Kirchens, andRobert Allen Socas of MortonGrovc;and Prasltant Pradip pesaiofNiles.

Michael Scott Gaanonuki soitofIcIe, & Mrs. CharlesGawrtnslaof Niles, graduated from frakeUniversity in Des MomOs, lwa,onMay 12.

lsichaoieeceivettaB.S. degreein pharmacy and has accepd npositios with Jacobs HealticareinRosemont, Heisa l986grpdu-ate of Notre Dame High Sciooland Sl.John BrebeufinNiles

Two students from Skkie,were among those roceiving thebachelor of arts degree fromCarleton College durisg cjom-mencement exercises on Sptur-day, June 15,

They are: Jensifer McWil.tians, the. daughter of Haroldarid Barbara McWilliams ofReatos Avenue, who received aba. in physics, and Joy Versos,the daughter of W, Kuiht Ver-non of Gross Point, who -en-ceived the ha. in English.

Host families for teens soughtShare the American dream including Atístralia, Denmark,

with a teenager from another cor- Finland, Germany, Hong Kong,nerofourworld. Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain and

Students from mossy cousInes, Yugoslavia wish to come to thep United Statua to stndy this fall.

All share a common thrum, lo. liveasa typical American leerIng.I I I

er wait all of the responsibilities -.--andprivilegesthatare involved, -

I.E.F., International EducationForum is a sua-profit organiza-tian, involved in intemational

. high school student cxhchange,Students come with their ownspending money and are folly jn-sated. They arrive with manymisconceptions about lift is theUnited Slates, buI leave with auundeestandiag that con only benofit us all.

If your family may be willingI t U I I tas sham yonrhome with au I.E.F.

sludexl, please call l-800-825-.....



'The Nerd' runs thru August

Nues College Seminary ofLoyola Uuiversity will presentthe imenod annual PerformIngArts FestIval during weekeodslu July. This year, the festinaiwill include progromx each Sal-urdoyand Sunday.

The'Fextinuf will leatare theNues Symphony Orchestra eon-dueled by Renerend Stanley R.Rudcki, ou Sunday, Jaly 28. Ad-dititually, the Skokie ValleyJazz Ensemble with the soundsof 'Unified Jazz" vocal eusem-ble from Northeastern Universi-ty will perform big band jazz onJuly21. . -

Ou Saturdays al Il am., theMarblnwarks Children's Theatrewill perform "A History of a Fool"--2,000 Years of Clownisg, inthe Seminary diving hall. Chu-

tiren nf uil ages are invited tojoin us fur laughs as ProfhxxnrKuowsulittle Talksalot guides usthrough the wild asd muckyworld of clowning. Parents arealso invited to attend. Lunch wif Ibe available.

Admixxion for all peformauc-ex is free, and vIsitors to theSanduy outdoor concert are eu-couraged lu bring lawn chairs,blankets, and a picnic luuch.Refreshments will be available.

'y . r1r- euy,

. ,«'The Nerd runs through Aug. 31 at the Pheasant Run

Dinner Theatre, 4051 E. Maine St. (North Avenue) in St.Charles, For information on the Thursday through Sun-dayperformances call the box office at 708-584-6300.

Weekend concerts scheduled outdoors

,--NUes College

hósts arts festivalIn cave of rain, the concerts willbe held in the qymnosiumThe -weekly schedule uf

evests include:Saturday,July2O, 27-11 n.m.

A History of A Fool" Marble-works Children's Theatrepresents 2,000 years of thewacky world of clowning withPrafesxor Knowsalittle Talksal-tI. Lauch follows the perfor-mance al noon.

Sunday,Juty 21 -3p.m.'An Afternoon of Big Batti

Jazz with the sounds of Uvi-fled Jazf yucal ensemble fromNortheastern University, andthe Skokie Valley Jazz Evsem-bin, a20-piecejazz baud.

. Sunday, July 28 - 3p.m.A 'Pops' Concert 01 Amen-

can Show Tuvesl' Selectionstram FInlan's RaInbow; FunnyGirl, Gypsy, Disney Magic,Cats, A Little Night Music,and Annie Get Your Gun, performed by the Nues SymphoneyOrchestra, conducted by Rev.Stanley R. Rudcki.

For updated Festival uf armo-lion call: Performing Arts Festi-val '91 Hotlive: (708)647-0712.

Weekly entertainment guidePage 34

Greek Food Festslated for July 19-21

Jais the parish al Holy Tasio-rhai and St. Haralambos theweekeud ofJuly 19, 20, and 21for the annual Greek Food Festof Hiles.

The Fest will be held on thechurch gronndn at 7373 Cald-weil Ave. in Nilen. Admission onFriday is $1 , Saturday atti Sun-day $2 and children ander 12are free and sesiarcitizeun $1.

Come and enjoy oar autheuicGreek tosino and pantries. Donot target to sample our worldfamous loukoumuthes while,

you listen lo the tseautitul musicof Geurge George and the Anis-toes.

Take a chance to win a 1981taiiy.quipped Mercedes 190E.All proceeds of the Fest go tusapporl the St. HaralambosBailding Fand. Fathor DeanBotsis and all the parishionersof St. Haralambos ievile you lujoins us for the waederful GreekFood Fest of Nues.

Far mare inlormaliou costadthe church office at (708) 647-8850-------------------,

-- a-

Good food and fair prices are key to Arvey's popularity,- Arvey's Restaurant -

, çelebrates 22 years, of success

, by Nancy KoramlnasRestaurants came ana go but mare broiled chicken dishes,

Arvey's in Nues has managed lo Some dayn you have ta go bunkoutlast itu tampelitnrs is neigh- ta school, The public tells pusboring ssbarbsby responding to whatyoa wastta snrve.diners' needs, preferences in Weekend brunch al Arvey'u

varies from omelettes in the$3.95 price ratigo, flaky trois-sanls and gulden waffle dishesfur slightly less to the restau- "Some people haveraufs 'creative classits, inelud- been coming here -ing eggs benedict, three differ-est steak and egg dishes and since the day weother traditional morning' eu- opened and now their -

frees rangisg from $3.75 to Adult children come "$6.45. Bloody Maryn oraealhermorningrefreshmentmaybeur- too."dorad tram the bar,

Lanchean entrees include a some al Friday's dinner spa-variety of sandwiches. entrees. ciuis. Generous porfioua of pan-

ta, seufaad, pork, fuwl, lamb,

fauci choices and by returningcustomers' loyalty, Moderatepricing also cuslributeu lo thereslaurant's popularity,

The restaarant wan built byword of moath, says GeorgeArnasilis, who along with hisbrother, Tom, owns Arvey's."We provide the taud and hardwash." Opes 365 days a year,Arvey's semen mauls weekdaystram 11 am. lo midnight, Withthe lounge area span until 2am. They open at 7 am. forweekend breaktast-goers. soapi, and salads including the

Beginning in 196g an little reslauranfs famed Caesar's veal, and beat main coursesmore than acuftee shop al7041 salad. The latter dish is itdiud- range tram $5.95 to $1 i .95,Ouillas St., Arvey's now has a ed au a complimentary side lo camplemeuted by wiees tram

California, Greece, Spain, Ger-many and Portugal. There isalso achildret's menu.

We try ta ase the moat tata-rai ingredients. We don't usesabstitstea.' enplaiues Tom.Whenever we can get fresh

and nataral we use it. Food is

"We try to use the most natural ingredients.Wedón't use substitutes. If I can't eat it, I -

won't serve it to you."as and their pastel-hued,French Provincial-style baequetroom, Le Petite Tnianon at Ar-vey's is an ideal location farlaucheuns, corporate meetings,wedding brunches, companyparties or any osent consistingof 1 00 orso hungry diners.

"They give pon good food audaiatforyourmoney,said Pelerand Natalie Sergula of Ingle-side, Illinois, who came to Ar-nopals dinewuththeirdaaghter,Michueline Brawn, a Chicagoresident. The Sergsta's alsopraised Arvey's "pleasant help."

'lt 21 years we did a lut atchangea ta the menu,' chefTom Arvanitis says. "There's alot mr'o salasl tow. m"n

When Arvey's first advertisedfree Caeaar'a ualad in 1973, thequeue of people wanting ta gointo the restaurant stretchedmare than itO feet tram thecash regiater and out the door.Far 15 years, their father madethe Caesar's salad in the diningroom,while patrons watched.

"Where's Papa'?' Georgesaya proudly. 'People still askabout him and he's beet retiredfor five yearn now."

Both brothers emigrated tathe Chicago area from Hasta-nia, Greece, after they gradual-ed from high school. They werelater followed by their sister andparents, George, now 55,learned thebus"v h.,. ,,,,.,f,",,

at hotelu, while Tom, 4'S, startedan a hitches helper in variousChicago eateries.

Where else are you gonnaget Dover Soie or Lake Superior.whitefish far $6.95?" asksGeorge rhetsricuiiy, pointing lo

"The restaurant wasbuilt by word ofmouth. We provide thefood and hard work."delivered fresh five days aweek. lt I can't eat it, I won'tserve il to you."

"Ifs notbecause we did it Our.seines," Georgesays of lheres-taaranrs success. "We have tothank all the customers and allthe people working far the vil-lage of NIles, Some poeplahave been coming here situethe day we opened and nowthei'vd'I'tchildren came loo."

Photo by David MillerGeorge (left) and Tom Arvantis, owner's of Arvey's Restaurant, pose in their

French Provincial banquet room. The banquet room holds about 100 dinersand is used for luncheons, corporate meetings, wedding brunches and corn-.................., ......

.-,. "i'_

Co unity events

. GreekFOOEJ FestJoin the parish of Holy Taxiarhai and St. HralamboS

the weekend ot Ju'y 19, 20, and 21 tor the annual

Greek Food Fest ol Nues.The Fest will be held on the church grounds at 7373

CaIdwell Ave. in Nues. Admission On Friday is $1, Satur-

day and Sunday $2 and children under i 2 are free. Sen-

iorCitizens $1.Call 647-8800 tor more information.

. Des Plaines Farmers Markét

The Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce will again

sponsor the annual Farmers Market to be held each Sat-v

-urday through October 12 al River Road and Perry

Street. Market hours are trom 8 am. to i p.m.Farmers trom three states bring in tresh sruits, vegeta-

bIes, tlowers, plants and assorted cheeses.For additional intormation call 824-4200.

. Shakespeare festival tripSt. Scholastica High School is sponsoring a trip to

Srattord Ontario tor the Shakespeare Festival August

13 through 17.The cost is $350 per person and includes transporta-

tian accommodations and attendance at five plays.

For more information call 312-764-5715.

... .JULY 30 - AUG. 3

... - t,

. .. .

A' ....... From

.. .. Li "Saturday Night Live"

. . RICHAI4D LÂYr,IEII 'Hey Steve Steveman.... . . Copy .. -SteveriflO... Steverovich...'.. ,. You Get the Idea.


SHOW!Rte 83

Sorry - No Free Passes.

(Eimhurst Rd.) & Oakton (708) 2286166

. White House exhibitSomething very special comes to Old Orchard - the

Minialuro White House Exhibit, a finely delailed replicaof our nation's first home. Spanning over 60 feet from itseast to West Wlng, every detail of the stately mansion ¡srecreated on a one inch to one fool scale.

Visit the exhibition through Juty 21 . Hours are Mon-'day through Friday 10 am. lo 9 p.m. Saturday 10 am. to6 p.m. and Sunday i i am. to 5 p.m.

The exhibit is located ¡n the Southeast side of the mall.Old Orchard Center is located at Skokie Blvd. and OldOrchard Rd., just east of the Edens Expressway in Sko-


s Children's Renaissance Faire .

Parents and children alike are invited to a "Renais-sance Fair celebration at the Kohl Children's Museum

Thursday. Aug. 1 through Sùnday, Aug. 14.Children will dress in Renaissance clothing and have

their fortune told by a gypsy. Meet King "Kohl' and hiscourt jester as they recite everyone's favorite nurseryrhymes including Humpty Dumpty, Little Misa Mullet, Old

King "Kohl" and more.The Kohl Children's Museum is located at 165 Green

Bay Rd., Wilmefte. Hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 10

am. - 5 p.m., Sunday, noon - 5 p.m. closed on Monday.

Admission ¡S $3; children under one year of age are free.

For more information call (708) 256-6056.Continued Òfl Page 35


Theatre Guildannouncesauditions

Auditions will be held st theDes Plaines Theatre Guild, 620Lee St., Des Plsines for theadult roles in Oliver! on Mondayand Tuesday, July 22 and 23, at7:30 p.m.

Auditions tor the children'sroles will be held only on Sen-day,Jaly2l,atl p.m. The show

-will run weekends from Sept. 6. throughtSept.29. Performers of

all ages are needed. Childrenmustbé at lessf5 yesrs old,

. Be prepared to read from thescript. sing and dance. Bringyour own sheet music ifyour vo-cal selection is not from theshow. Herb Barry of Stream-wood is the stage director, Ro-

. sana Dinsmore is the music di-rector, and Karen Rieger ¡s thechoreogrupher Please call theGuild at j708) 296-11211 ifyou

. need additional information.

Metra offersfun Seekers Kit

.For convenient connections

to many entertaining attractionsin northeast Illinoisthis summer,Metra commuter rail has its"Fun Seekers truvelprograon.

The program is designed forthose interested in unsfrao-hired, self-guided visits/bare tosuch uttraolions us Arlington In-ternutional Racecourse, Ravi-nia, Brookfield Zoo, Museum ofScience and Industry and theArt Institute.

Brochures are available torover 20 city and suburban at-tractions, including specific traintravel and connecting bus intsr-mation where necessary

A tree "Fus Seekers Kit" withup to five alLuchon brochures isavailable by caling i (800) ME-TRA-Si . Each kitwill be person-alizad based on the caller's lo-cation.

Metro la also reporting a "fa-vorable" response Io the sum-mer-long $5 Weekend Pass.The special ticket otters unlimit-ed rides on both Saturday andSunday on all lines except theSouth Shore. Those travelingwith children can realize furtherssnisgs with Metra's "FamilyFare" plan. Underthe plan, uplothree children under 12 ride freewhen accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

There is an abundance ofavailable parking at Metre sub-urban stations on weekends.During the week, parking isavailable at most stations. CTAand Pace buses serve manyMetra Stations with convenientconnecting uernice.

Chicago attractions whichcan be reached by metre in-dude: Adler Planetarium, Art lnstilute of Chicago, ChicagoAcademy of Sciences, ChicagoHistorical Society, ComiskeyPark/Wrigely Field, Field Mu-seam of Natural History, LincolnPaik Zoo, Museum ofSdence &Industry and Shedd Aquarium.

Suburban area attractions in-clode: Arlington lnternntionulRacecaurue (C&NWINnrthweslLine); Woodstock, IL, (C&NWNorthwest Line); Frank LlnydWright's Home & Studio,)C&NWNdusl Line); Geneva IL,)C&NW/Weot Line); St. Churlas)C&NW/West Line); BrsuktieldZoo, (Burlington Northern Line);Chicago Botanic Garden,(C&NW/Nsrlh Line); GreatAmerica, )C&NW/North Line);Raninia, )C&NW/Nsrth Line);

.and Trnut & Salman CharlarBoat, Fiuhing tram WaukeganHarbor, )C&NW/North Line).

Thúrsday. July 18, 1991 Page 34

I GÖL MtLL ThEATRES.Daily I :30, 4:15, 7:00, 9:50


Daily 1:0ó, 2:50, 4:40, 6:30, 8:20, 1Ö:1Ò

.. . THENAKEDGUNRated -P0-13

Daily 1:15, 3:20. 5:20, 7:25 9:30. . .BILL & TEDS BOGUS JOURNEY

Rated PG

Daily 2:20, 4:45, 7:10. 9:30

CITY SLICKERS. .. Rated P0-13

Dalty4:15, 7:00, 9:45 Sat. & Sun, 1:30, 4:15,7:00, 9:45


Daily 1 20, 3:30, 5:40, 7:50, 1090


Daily 2:30, 5:00, 7:25, 9:50


Daily i :05, 3:10, 5:20, 7:30, 9:40



Daily 2:15, 4:10, 6:55, 8:00, 955


DaIly 1 30, 5:30, 9:30


Daily 3:20, 7:30


Daily 5:30. 7:35, 9:40


Daily 1 :15, 3:15



DOUBLE FEATUREDully 210 :,9:40


Daily 4:05, 7:50



,10 IIM*UkS*A'

Jazz and swing music at Golf Mill Park

Nues Park concert tonightConcerts are being held al

Nues Park District's Golf MillParir location on Thursdaysfrom 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Each concert has been se-lactad to give listeners a widevariety of music and entertain-ment. Everyone is invited tobring a lawnchair or blanket outfor these free concerts in thepunk.

This week, on July 18, enjoythe wonderful sounds of Hear-nay. This group playa predsmi-

flantly jazz and swing, but canbe persuaded to do someBroadway favorites. Their. mu-sic is easy to listen to and greatentertainment for the wholefamily.

On July 25, Public will per-form with Some Motown favor-ites. This very energetic and di-verse band will hace . yousinging and dancing right alongwiththem thewhole nightiong.

For more Information pleasephone 824-8860.

Lambs tohost antiqueshow, sale

For thoae who enjoy lookingal and buying antiques, TheLambs 17th Annual AntiqueShow and Sale will be held onSunday, July 21 , from 9 am. to5 p.m. at Lambs Farm.

A wide variety of beautifuljewelry, furniture, glasswareand otherfine collectibleswill beone sale. Doalersfrom through-ouf the midwest will bring youthe bestprices on antique treao-urea and collectibles. Dealersinterested in enhibiting their col-luchons can do so by contactingLynn Duenow. at. (708j 433-fl2502. Entertainmentwill be pro-aided by the Libertyville ConcertBand from 2to 3p.m.

While visiting the show, visi-fors can browse in The LambsCountry Shops, which include afull service- restaurant, icecream parlour, country storeand bakery, petshop, thrift shopund silk screen gift shop. Allages will enjoy The Lambe'farmyard and small animal nur-sery, miniature golf course, andminiature passenger train. (TheLambu requests that visitorsplease not bringcoolèrs on thegrounds of Lambs Farm.)

Admission to the antiquesshow is $2 for adulls, kids 12and under are free. Proceedsfrom the show-will benefit TheLambs. The Lambs is a non-profit vocational and residentialfacility for 180 mentally retardedadulls,

Lambs Farm is located at theintersection of I-94 and Roule176 in Libertyville, Illinois. Formore information on Lambsspecial.evento, cal (708) 362-6774.

Village GreenArt Festival set

The Northbrook Parir Districtand the First National Bank nlNorfhbrook will co-sponsor the1 991 Village Green Art Festival,July 20-21 atlhe Village Green,Shermer Road and MeadowLane.

Entertainment and refresh-ments will be available bothdays.

The comedy club Zaniespresents Suturday Night Line'sthe Richmeiater in an encluuivetwo week engagement begin-sing July 23.

The Richmeister, beBerknown us Rob Schneider, is the26-year old writer, actor andstand-up comedian who hasgained national attention withhis new ukit and popular catch-phrases.

Rob Schneider appears atZanies on Route 83 stOalcton inMount Prospect from July 23through July28.

His Chicago appearance isscheduled July 30 through Au-guut3atZanieo, 1548N. Wells.

Zanies is sn-institution whichregularly showcases the bright-est humorists in the country, aswell as produces concerts,plans corporate meetings, andspecial events.

For further information callZanies at 31 2-337-4027 or 708-228-6166.

Saturday Night Live's"Richmeister" appears at Zanies

Saturday Night Live co-median Rob Schneider ap-pears exclusively at Zaniesfrom July 23 through Au-gust 3.






-,._; . . . NO LICENSE-.-.-: REQUIRED



For a day offamily fun. .

. try Fishing& Mini Golf!

9665 Golf Road, Des Plaines824-9821

A t ELEGANT DININGrvey s AT TS BEST!4 Menus - Specials Changed Daily

BREAKFAST: Exquisite.Omelettes (Served Anyway You Like Them). Belguim Waffles - Only $2.95

LUNCH: (Specials Changed Daily) . Here is Just a Sample:

cs:cccs sT:n-rny 495eon,t, Bmt orC:,ickn o,,, lcc,iin a Ligi, Sa,, ra,a, ii, an A orinan t or

Capy VanetaI'Ica. Sorvod ii, yo,,r (i ,o,o: of So,,p or And.

. FETTUCCINE ALFnIOO 4.75Noodle, Cot,d will, a Sich C,000:y Cl :co,a Oaaoo.

Sa,vad with your Ci,oicr or soup or salad.

DINNER: Gourmet Dishes To Please Any Taste Here are Just a Few:

AU Daily Dir,OrSpooiiu 1,,oiudo Soupdu lou:, Curruror Tao,,d Salut, Chalar afPololo or VagaroSa ard Do,,ar I

TOP SIRLOIN STEAK 8.95 FRESH WHITEFISH hake Superior) 6.95USDA Chio, Skillfully oroiad, Sawad Aulo, Frr,hlo,tho lVhil4i,hFürl Par O:,ii,d.


ThrarOroiirdl.awbChop,,MariruladCwokSlyia. Thrsru,iiimofl

chirlar Iloif, Sword s'ilS La,,:' od I-lo,5,, in your woolS wilh Ihr roalyfi000r ofarauaoo od Iowan 'DPA. Srrrwd ciii' nuauod Vrgrlahi

A a 7041 Oakton Nues, ILPhone for Reservations (708) 967-9790

i:,!ugte:. ....... ». .

Community events. Seniors to. see "Mame"

. . Mime Is-the play that Leaning Tower Seniors will,. see on Wednesday, AuO. 14, at the Fireside Restaurant

& Playhouse In Fort Alklnson, WIsconsIn.l'ho cost per member is $43 and an add'dionaf $2 br

. guests. .

For Intormation catI Lois DickeR, Leaning Tower Sen-or at (708) 647-8222, Eat. 2237. 10 am. to 3p.m. -

s Concert at Prairie VieviDon't miss the Sensattonaf Salami Brolhera perform-

ing at Prairie View Paik on Tuesday, July 23.This free concert, sponsored by the Morton Grove

Padk Dislrict and Affiliated Bank, begIns sf7 p.m. Oldiesbut goodies will be featured by these old "greasers", whowill make you want to twist Ihe night away. Prairie ViewPark is located al 6834 Denpaler St.

For more inbormalion on the summer concert seriescall 96e-1 200,

;_ -- .?t


I -:L

o, '\

-: \

-')I:i ..Ê

. Arts and crafts fairThe 9th annual Central Streel Arts and Crafts Fair will

be held on Aug. 10 and 11. Saturday evening will bringtree entertainment tealuring a comedian and the Isba-bus Ronnie Rico on 515go,

MinIs will be displaying works 1mm 10 am. to 5 p.m.on Saturday and Sunday; entertainment begins at 6:30p.m. Sslurday. Independence Punk, 2100 Central Street,Evanslon.

For rrcre information phone(708) 475-1718. ,

-Continued on Page 38

Daily 7:00, 9:35 - Sat. & Sun. 1:45, 4:20, 7:00, 9:35


- .Jn .

.. . Entertainment..:.- Thursday, July 18, 1991 Page 35

b LEN ThEATRESat aiD Golf Road

11E 4t

August Fest 91 will beginThursday, Aug. 1 and continuethrough Sunday, Aug. 4 at St.Zachary Church, 567 W. Algon.quin Rd., Des Plaines.

Fest hourswill be 6 to i i p.m.Thursday and Friday i to ilp.m. Saturday and i to 9 p.m.Sunday.

Admission is $1 . Free admisSian tor any militafy personneland children 12 and under.Free parking.

Centerstage entertainment isfantastic and free. The enter-tainment lineup for ThursdayAug. 1 included: John Howell &The Born to Boogie Band andBachman Turner Overdrive;

Entertainment & food highlight church festival

st. Zachary's readies August FestThe Friday Aug. 2 lineup In-dudes Xoko Taylor. Saturday,Aug. 3 entertainers include: g-neous Biscuit, Seventh Heaven,Tim Gawrun and Fast Action,Changes, The New ColoneySix, The Shadows of Knight andThe American Breed. Sunday,Aug. 4 lineup includes: EddieKorosa and the Boys From liii-vois, Joe Cantato and the GiantKillers and the Buclringharns.

Enjoy suburban taste treatswith the following: Baskin Rob-bins Ice Cream, Edwardo'o,Elite Treats, Frankie's li, Gour-met Delights, House of Cakes,Pickles Plus, Tropical Coolers,Two JB Ice Cream, Vivian

Lee's, Watson's Catering, YeOlde Town Inn, Zak's Kitchenand Zak's Pupe.

Win a 1991 Dodge Caravanor Shadow Convertible or$13,000 in cash.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 tor$5. Drawing at 8:45 p.m., Aug.4 winner need notbe present.

Poker, black jack, big wheel,arid adico game will be featuredduring casino nights in theschool on Friday Aug. 2 6-11p.m. - Saturday Aug. 3 6-11p.m. sod Sunday,Aug. 4 5-9p.m.

Saint Zachary's Auaust Festoffers fun for the entire tamily.Plan to attend.



7373 CaIdwell Avenue Nues, Illinois.Phone: (708) 647-8880



., GREEK TAVERNAlmportnd Omek Wivcrsnd appetizers

., ROAST LAMBt'ram the opev-spit



1991 MERCEDES 190E


JOIN US!FRIDAY, JULY 19, 6 P.M. to 12 midnight

SATURDAY, JULY 20, 5 P.M. to 12 midnightSUNDAY, JULY 21, 1 P.M. to 12 midnight


Children under 12 FREESenior Citizens $1.00


4Morton Grove Inn


SPECIAL fromHouse your vioiting family or friends at theBestWestern

MortovGrove Inn.Now rooms toatriring king, queen and tu!I size hods,

camplemeeraey onntivental breaktasr. esercise anm. and bange.

Call for Reservations 708/965-64009424WaukeganRoad

Morton Grove, IL 60053JHAF ALS_ JflMEFc,

SINCE 1571

'4Fo.j $ 8)'SMng DIne., 7 Deys




FISH BOIL EVERY MONDAY - JULY SPECIALSAt.nhsn snow OteeS L.5n...............$7.50 1/2 Genoine chkhen.........$5.95

L.sge F,.nsh Fried Shsinrp............$5.95 LloIrsIni with Shsinrp.......$8.95shein,p D. Jenghe.........................$8.95 Smiled Oennyn Rnoghy...$L95B,oil.d LoE. sopmiorWhit.IIsIr...$ß.95 Fresah Fried 5m.I...........$5.95S,oild msa.v. pik ......................$7.95 BisehenOd Catilist ............$7.95

Btnited B,eokT'oet........................$8.95

7545 N. CLARK ST., CHICAGO(312) 262-5767

Calling All Franks!WPTb0N HOT0, 1*&s 0%

Ç7 \1iN

DURINGTHE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULYif you can prove youre a

"Frank"s Is your first, middle or last name Frank or Frances'?s Do you live on Frank St. or Franklin Blvd.?. Do you live in Franklin Park or Frankfurt?

CHICAGO NORTHBROOK NILES LINCOLNWOOD CHICAGOnfl, N. w..m As.. 3061 5C1d.. R.d 0645 N. Mtt.5k5 An. 33fl W. 0555v A. SCSI N. Rido. as..

FREE Franks

Thursday, July 18,1991

Theatre 21 9 presents'Sound of Music

,"The Sound of Music" will be stagedat 8 p.m. July 26,

27, Aug. 2, 3 end at 2 p.m. July 28 at the ¡dites North HighSchool Theatre, 9800 Lawler Ave., Skokie. Reserved seat-¡ng ¡s $7, or $6 for senior citizens at the July 28 mantineeonly. Call (708) 966-8280.

'Summer Sampler'benefitsseminarians

Didyou know thatthe semi-nanans studying ter the priest'hood at Nifes College Seminarypay the same biSon as any oth-erstudentatLoyola universIty?

Ifs true. Nues College Semi.nary, focated at 7135 N. Hai-lam, Is partof Loyola university.Loyola University recently an-nouncad a 9.9 percent increasein tuition tor the 1991-92 eco.demie year. That.;means NitosCollege's seminarians . whomust pay the same tuition asother Loyola students -- mustprepare for a tuition bill estimai-ed to be $9,210 noxtyear, not tomention room and board andother costs which add another$3,000 to the annual cost of aseminarian's educatlon...

Thät's why soma volunteersare helping Hiles College semi-nary organize a special fund-raiser called the"Summer Sam-pIsr" to be held on the NibsColige Seminary campus onSaturday, July 20. The summerSampler has one primary objec-live: raise money to help NibsCollege's seminarians continueIheirstudies tortho priesthood.

The Summer Sampber willbe hold on Saturday, July 20,trom 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. on theNitos Collage Seminary campusat7135 N. Harlem (the corner ofTouhy and Harlem). Generaladmission tickets are $15 In ad-vanee or $20 at the door, withspecial admiosion prices forchildren 12 and under and sen-iors 55 and over. For addibionallicket intormation, please callNibs College Seminary at (708)047-8028.





Sean Younq ' 6:05. 8:00, 9:55


Bruce Willio



Everyday: 1:30, 5:30, 9:30

"TOY SOLDIERS"I Everyday: 3:20, 7:20



"DROP DEAD FRED"Everyday: 2:10, 5:55, 9:40


Everyday; 4:05, 7:50

HELD OVEREllen Barkin

WithMcCauley Calkin

"SWITCH"Everyday: 5:30. 7:35, 9:40

"HOME ALONE"Everyday: 1:15, 3:15


utler hosts day hi Springfield

State Sen. MartyBuller (R-28, Pm*Ridge) hosted a day ¡n Springfloldlastmonth for social studiessludentsfromMain South High School, including the ad vancedplacement government class.

The speaal class won lite Illinois Stata Champions in the 1991 Bicenfennial Constitution Competi-lion andplacedthlrdin the nationalmeei, Sen, Bullerarrangedfor tire students to tour the Governor'sMansion, theDana ThomasHouse, ike CapitolBuildingandvisitLincoln's Tomb,

Capparelli survey showsopposition to tax hikes

Of the many loties affecting . ,cnty tax extensions would be al-northwest side ClIicago and tab- towed Io mercase eaih year. Fifuiban residents. propeuty. tases ty'nine percent supported theoverwhelmingly remain the Democrattc proposal that pm-

. number one crincrin. eccmnling poned putttng a freeze on proper-. to a 13th District nuivey con ty lax levy increases that would

. diìctedandtabulatedrenttyby bemcffcctuntilthestatepaysSBtep. Ralpi! C. Cappacelli. 50 percent of funding for ediara-

. Sixty'five percerit of the moos t'oit Etght percent remained un.thani3O0o respdnSag indicabed decided.tlt$ property tasca were the ma- However, only. 50 . peicentjar issue affecting their quality supported higher income taxesof life. Otltercategories noted in . in exchange for reduced pngiéY

ST laxes, while 44 percent op-poned it asid sto percent were un-decided.

On another sorney issoe, the15 cents Link Up It surchargewhich was added to lebeponebills crEer this year has alreadybeen repealed. However. 85 per-erst of those responding sp-posed the additional mandalorycharge.

The final item on the surveypeetained to the governor's pro-posai to Omit pharmaceutical as-nictance that benefits sesiors odfixed incomes to $4110 per year.Fifty-one percent were opposedto any limitation, 37 percentsupported il and 12 percent re-malnedondecided.

The survey was sent to slight-ty more than 30,000 residentsand 3,768 responded, providinga very credible more than 10

. thesurvey, such as jobs, educatian, drugs/crime, the environ-mestati received far leso auen.lion. .

However, 'ut detcerniningwhether a tetuporary income taxincrease soald be made penna.nent as a way of holding downproperty taxes, respondees werenearly divided .. 46 percent said"yes," while 52 percent said"no.'

Of the 46 percent that said"yes,' 15 percent thought it(about $400 million each)should be split equally behoeeneducation and local govern-menls,which is the current percent said itshould be split equally betweeneducatin and bocal governmentsonly 'if they use their share ex-ctusively forproperty Iaxrelief,"Twenty-three percent suppoxtedGoy, Jim Edgar's proposal of 56 percent return.percent ($450 million) Io educa- "The survey is a real help inlion, 31 percent ($244 million) knowing the virws of my con-to local governments and 13 por- stitutents on issaes presented br-cent ($106 million) to the stale. fore the Genesi assembly," hr

Only 33 percent supported the said. "1 hope that more residentsgovernor's plan of putting a five will be responding to future sar-percent cap on thn amount prop- veys,'

CTA, RTA should provideservice disruption notice

. SlaleRep.JeffSchoenberg (D-56) on July t, 1991 introducedlegislation urging the ChicagoTransit Authority (CTA) and IhrRegional Transportation Author-ity (RTA) lo provide silvanerwniuennoliceofits intenttointer-ruptcommuterserviceforroutisemaintenance.

The CTA recently announcedthat the Skokie Swift, a majortransportados source for 3,000commuters, would be closed forlt weeks fnreehahilitation work.The sudden ctosureresulted fromthe CFA's failure lo obtain per-mita from Evanston to continueil_s repair work during weekendsand nights.

Schoenbeig'n resolution calls

on both thrCTA andRTA to pub-lish s notice 14 days peior toser-vice intemsptiou and to providewritten notice to municipalitieswittsinaftvemiteradius.

Thrrc is no valid reason forthe CTA or RTA not to providcnotice that gives commuters timeto make alternate travel plans,'Schoenberg said,

"The toss ofthr Swift for threemonths is bound to result in high-er transportation costs and addedtravel time for many commuters.Giving them ample advance no-tice helps to cushion Ihr incus-venience thatservice interruptioncauses. lt's the least the CTA andRTA can do for ils riders,' headded.

House resolution.commendsboy scouts

The Boy Scouts of Americahave come under attack from theAmerican Civil Libertins Union(ACLU) because the Scout Oathand Law calls upon Scouts to dotheir duty 'to God.' according toIlii1iois House AssisluintMinorityLeaderPennyPullen(R.55th).

For that eeasou, Rep. PennyPollen co-sponsored House Res-otution 737 in support ofthe BoyScouts of America and com-mredisg the organization forteaching about traditional valuai,including Ihr importuner of dutyto God and country.

The resolution was adoptednnanimadsly Thursday by the It-linois House.

Rep. Putten noted the ACLUhas recently targeted the BoyScOuts for their non-sectarias rr-ligious beliefs. The orgsnizatioehas launched legal action againstthe Boy Scoets on behalf of odie-ists whoopposr the "dsty to God'sectionoftheßoy ScostLaw.

'The Boy Scouts ara a privateorganization with a coastitutiss-ally protected right to set theirown standards for menihership,"Rep. Fatten said. "Fora so-cattedcivil rights organizados to de-mand that they serreuder theirrights toassembleand express re-ligioasbrliefs iras outrage."

Rep. Fullea said generation af-ter generation of Americans havesnpported thepriociples tsnght irrscoeting. "Abost half the 7-ta-I0.year.Old boys in the countrjoin theCsb ScesE," PubIen said.'They learn valses such as loyal-IP. courtesy, obedience, thrift aadreverence, among others.

"The ACLU may have a prob-leur with those principles," shesaid, "bat boys of all roces andethnic gronps tarn diem intobiiildingbbocks far saccess."

Edgar announcesMG man'sappointment

Goy. Jim Edgar has annoancedthe appointment of members tovarions boards and commissions.

Gne local resident, KennethSaloman, of Morton Grove, wasappointed as n member ofthe lili-nsis Development Finance Au-Ihority.

Soloman, 40, is an attorneywith Shefsky and Froelich, Chicago. He replaces JohnRogers in this positioa.

Theappoinlmenteequires Sen-nteconfiernution.

Politics.O'Maiiey backslegislation ongun buyers

Cook County Stete's AttorneyJack O'Malley joined GovernorJim Edgar and law enforcementofficials Thorsday in support oflegislation that will provide fast-er und more complete informa-tien about a gun bayer than iscurrently aviabable.

'I can snpport any gun legista-lion, which would cat down onthe violence in our neighbor-hoods and in one streets, Garmurder rate (carrently 410 homi-cides in Chicago since Jan. 1,1991) and the spread of fieeoemsinto the hands of offenders underthe age of 21 is inlolerable," saidO'Malley, who uppeared at npress conference with the goy-ernor in Springfield.

O'Mulley cautioned while hesopporta the legislation, whichsete up a holline for sellers to useto receive instant infonnntion onthe gun buyer's status, he wiltilirllser puaIs for laws that effec-lively deal with the growingproblems ofgunn.

I LEGAL NOTICEI, Stephnn J. Stolton, DO

HEREBY STATE that t ans theClerk for the Town of Maineand that t am Ilse Rood DistrictClerk in and for the Maine.Township Road District.

t do further slate that Ordi-nance liOl-RB-2, ascertainingprevailing wages in the Tows ofMaine Road Dislric was dulyadopled by the Highway Corn-missioner oflhe Town of Maine,Cook County, IL on the 10thday ofJnnn, 1991, and that Oct11-nance #91-2 ascertaining pee-vailing wages in the Town ofMaine, was dnly adopted by theBoard of Trustees at a regalarmeeting on the lotis day of Jnne,1991.

The originat Ordinances, list-ing applicable prevailing rates ofwages ate part of the officialrecords of the Maine TownshipRoad Disleict and of the Townof Maine, and are on file andavailable for exurnisulion at the.Maine Township Town HaB,1700 Ballard Road, Park Ridge,Illinois 00060.

Stephen J. SloltonTown Clerk



OWNER: The Village of Nitos, County of Cook, Illinois, herebygives codee that sealed unit price Bids wilt be received for the con-steuclionof:

I. 1635 Lineal Feet of 20 inch watermain located along Camber-land Avenue between Dcmpster Street and Church Street with mis-cellancoun nppurteltatlt conuuuction

TIME: Seated Bids will be received until 12:00 p.m., Local Timeon the lut day of August 1991, in the office of,thn Purchasing Agent.Village Hall,.7601 Milwaukee Avenue. Niles, Illinois 60048. Afterthe official Bid cloning time, the Bids will be publicly opened and

'read aloud at 3:00 p.m. Local Time in the office of the PurchasingAgent

BIDDING DOCUtnNTS: The Bidding Documents are on file forinspéction at the office of the Purchasing Agent, Village Halt, Nilm,Illinois, and the offices of Donohue di Associates, lue., 1501 Wood-field Road, Suite 200 Baal, Schaumburg, IL 60t73. Copies may bdobtained by applying to the Donohue & Associates office listedabove. .

A $32.50 payment for each set of Bidding Documents is inquired,of which $25.00 is a refundable deposit and $7.50 is a nonrefundablehandling charge foreach set of Decumentu to be mailed.

Copies of the Bidding Documents may be secured in person al the'Donohue office listed above, eliminating the handling charge. The in-fundable deposit will be returned to the apparest low Bidder and allother plan holders who return the Documents in good condition with-in 30 days after the opening of Bids. These are the only conditionsunder which the depositwill be relurned.

SUBSURFACE.INVESTIGATION DATA: Subsurface Inventiga.tien Dala is os file for inspection at the office of the PurchasingAgent, Village HaIl. Niles, Illinois, and at all offices listed for in-specting Bidding Documente. Copies are available at no cost and'may be obtained when requesting Bidding Documents.

LEGAL PROVIStONS: CONTRACPORS and Subcontractorsshall conform to the "Preference lo Citizens on Public Works Peo-jeer' Act. (IBinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 48, Section 269, et.seq.).

WAGE RATES: CONTRACTORS shall be requisad to pay sotless than the prevailing wage estes on the Project as established bythe State of Illinois. Copies of these wage estes are incorporated inthe Conlract Documents.

BID SECURI'FY: Bid Security in the amount of not less than 5%of the Bid shall accompany each Bid in accordance with the Inslenc-tioos to Bidders. .

CONTRACT SECURITY: The Bidder to whom a Contract isawarded shall be required to famish both a Performance Bond and aPayment Bond acceptable to OWNER for 100% of the Contract Pricefor each of the above Bonds, in accordance with the requirements ofthe Contract Documente.

BID REJECTION/ACCEFfANCE: OWNER reserves the righl toreject any and all Bids, waive any infornsalities in bidding or to se-ceps the Bid or Bids, which best serve the interests of OWNER.

BID WITHDRAWAL: No Bid shalt be withdrawn for a period of60 days after the scheduled opening of the Bids without the consentof O WNER.

Published by authority of the Village ofNiles,

Nicholas B. Blase, MayorKathy Harbison, Village Clerk

Donohue& Associalen, Inc.Engineers, Architecte, ScientisteScttaumbueg. IllinoisProjectNo. 10162

R.Ian ned EnloyThe





INFORMATION ON CLASSIFIED ADSYou Can Place Your Classified Ads by Calling (708) 966-3900 or Come To Our Office in Person AT: 8746 N.Shemier Road. Nues, Illinois. Our Office is Open - Monday thru Friday. 9 AM. to 5 P.M.





9 s...


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.Helpod wv!0Jont ctody Iw.Jeff Atton.y1708) 296-8475


We specialize in local moves.Residential - Commercial

: Office.Call aefe,. qeate.

1-708-766-8878lII.cc64735 MC.0 lsttrod


- 6684110-I PI.orTnkId


CONSUMERAll orJ movers mort be li-censed by the Illinois CommerceCommission. The Ii ennsen Um.bermust appear in -their idver-5ibin. To be licensed, the movermoss h accinse rance-sn file. Donot pIsen ynor belongings ioioopardy.- liso a licensed mover.For information oeil:




Rioh The HandymanPAINTING

Interior - Estarlo,stiointesd

P resSore Treated Preserving- FREE ESTIMATES

Reasonable RatEs: Insured




.Wenrouam&patfamitnmbao(7081 967-9733

Cell Ve.R.taraIsoa. Fran Estimatan


- Complete Decerating.Wallptper hanging I Removal.Plester F Drywall Repairs.Woed finishing I Reuun..lnn I Ref. I Free Est.TONY PAGANO

(708) 259-3878

, e.


.Intaria, - .Eltteriar-Wned Staining Dry Walt Repaira







- -- -J.Z-ROOFING CO..ShiegI.-Fi.t lust Tari.Madjtiad Rubbm RoAringEapafl at Roof Fari.ChimnanRapeira.TuckralntInarOEn EST. SEN. CITIZEN DIS.

cina, ss.osoo


ROOFINGCanuplete Ouolity' Roofing Serviee

Free Written Estimates- 966-9222


-AA SCREENING & SHADESRe.snraan patio and windowScreens. Contam framiñg and tisarustran made solar sun shadesthat retleet 70% sfhnat & light.


--MCKAY- -


.Trn. Ramonai .Tdnsttlng.LatcIn.aìtg- Stanup RamonaI

- 808-TREE- - 18733)

FrdIyIr.rn.d Pasa EstIa09s -

-I k


- °GIam BleokWlfldaWr -Chimuuays IRaboilti Masosty

S.sthlattiog e Chaunleul ClassingRasidustlol . Consmarsial - Indoatriol

(312) 283-5024FREEESTIMAIES -

J2_ ROOFINGCemplata S Spot Turkpsistleg

.Chimnays RabolitUntel

-Glass slash Window,-Now BrIskWOck &WutauprnalIng

(708) 343-6640



Chimneys Ropoircd & RobsiItMasonry

Gloss Block InstallationWindow CoulbingBuilding Cleaning

ffnsidential-Cammereial.IedostrialFully i vocee d - Free Estimates-- 708-965-2146


TUCKPOINTING-Chimney, RepairedA Rebuilt

.Lnnks Repaired

.WaeerproofingEsst Pneus Frac Estimatno-

(312)774-247910% srolorCillcan 015000cr

The Begle NewspapersThe Newspapers That Deliver

Serving The North end Northwest Ssabsrbs


CLASSIFIEDSare worth more

than just a quick glance.Have you taken agood look at our Classified pageslately? YouR be surprised at just how many ads wepublish.When it comes to Classifieds. the more the merrieris true! More potèntial buyers...more sellers! Morepeople advertising things for saleand somehow.we get more people lookingl Thats the way itworks! lt takes both buyers and setlers...and wevegotthem IBuying or selling. the first place to look is in.TheBugle Classifiedsi -- -


(708) 966-3900THE BUGLE NEWSPAPERS -


-Specializing in:



- CALL DAVE:965-6725

or leave .. --- .-message



. RcpairPstotwt Avrique Urorelry. WslvhRrp.irfltolro Itreladed). Deaigo Nro Pinot. Emes YorrrOld





CALL HENRY:I 1312) 769-2646

We Also RrpaieDoaignrrlirodbugs


Shipping By

SUR PAC9215 Waukegan

Morton Grove1708) 966-2070

. PackingSuppliesandBoxes

. PrivateMail Boxes




Monday-FOoL SSO-tTt

YourAd AppearsIn The Following Editions







WALl. WASHINGW.IIa, CaMinan. Woodwaalr wa.h.d;

c.rpetarIand. Sp.aI.lIeIag laR..ideattI.ICIn.nlng.

Fune EaHnua.ta. Susurrad1312 1252-4870 13121 252-4874

Find the help thatvoli need in au,

clessifiod section.


a Cruisesa Airline Tînksts -

. Tearsa AMTRAK_a HetalRrCnr Nantais

HOLBROOK TRAVELVillage CrossingShopping Center

5689 W. Toohy - Nues(708)647-0505


8038 MilwaukeeNiles, III.


Padding and Installationavailable

We quote pricesover the phoñe

flflt, 'w-

ADAM & EVEHair Studio of the Breakers





/ 692-4176

F PERMS(laeIada Haireatl





SHAMPOO/SETNcwS1o_ea eoa,s,eua

WITH ThiS AD ONLY8655 Golf Rd.. Des Plaines(708)635-0007


You Can Place Your Classified Ads by Calling (708) 966-3900 or Come To Our Office in Person AT: 8746 N.Shermer Road. Niles, Illinois. Our Office is Open- Monday thru Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.


Classifieds9 66-3900 Ieehu0d1ma

- -

- -


iÌIp -

. :ULTfoNcsT15Tns:PSAI Cf


YourAdAppearsIn The Following Editions






- -




s - A 1

H[AIUNG.RM.stIal &CarRRt.IIn.I

.FrdAl,& BolItas.HMHLy5pOIlED.

Najob Tra Larg. er Tue Smell998-5725


Fall .amlrH raspai Ele.alsg sparlai-kE Frac aatlaturtne,fuEy in.or.d We155

Nit.. IltInni

DALE & SONConcrete ConstructIon

(708) 808-0229.Vadan, Fede. .Sid.w.lIrs

.Rsarn Additiana, .t..LiO.I,a.d .Ineoar..d - 25 Wa. Eop.

aDEX!WOSnTraatod Ceder

8,ian°Eisi ss.iusu


Fatly Insured - - Ga.r.atnad-


IMPROVEMENT- 'mI'iii. Carpentry -

Wundsw and Dasr ReplarntnnataSudlng - -

aPeerhos and Dasks BruIt & - -

Surur.d-Us.nsnd-Bssd.dEut 185g -


Dry Foem Carpet4yTh - & Upholstery


w ti w h g A d 0thRelated SrevlEes Avuliohin

7day ovvi/ve- pirvve 967.0924


F,.rearinara.. rsoAd.lralvad




(7o8)545g4Wad . FowEatuROtta


rR0I5dtR de d

d M h M -

- - aNejabTnnSmnilaFREEESTIMATES!II - - -

CALL (312)2829301-



EL ELECTRICg&aadata clasut

bausa. Naw Bannons. .

a pose . -

I -


- -



Srn,GtStorrnWindawn. Doors- -

ReplasensantWindowe -

(312) 775-5757 -


CONSTRUCTIONDrivaw.y aPatieaSidewalk aSt.t,n

F;..E..tow . InmaredEap.ntWorkn'annhip.t.ffo,dabl.natsa -

(708) 965 7687




TuIó-- '708) 674-5439


.- -

. g -

- - -

pogr-nIrss, ss L.r:' naGattr.SffitF so

o:rirn:R Repaira





tIlajritE C nabsth

Gary -


ç- -

-. . -

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- - S -

¡ flç:


O.-- -




CLASSIFIEDJust check the BusiressSerroice section of The Bu-gI&s Classified Ads and letthe pros do the ¡obI Voullfind competitive skills sndrates thatll gIve you agreat selection. Whether

need a job done or areoffering your servIces. readand use our Classufreds foran informative. inexpensivehandle on your area s mar-ketplace for lifes everydayneeds and wants.





Call A







- -

. cuuasrsssls&knpsasnm.e


824-5991MR. ASPHALT


Our Name Says It All.Dneemaye ParkingAe,au

.SaalCaating .Rosorfaeinu. New Conatrastisn . Patching

Fra. EstinsatasInsured Gunr.stnrd

(708) 446-9300





dasnlsa. Fully hourad cell Jerry1708)289-0653

MAIDS - IN . MOTIONCleaning Servisa

Crees I&R do

Cali -




CaqoerhyPe,orWealhor Insolofion




.Mditiana .Roa,odalung

a'IyR at Sd a.Ganeral Rrpeirs

17081 8278504 (lORI 827-5046

. - -



.Oakton & Milwaukee,


(708) 696-0889bosh Saw MRoAr Nalah rad a, a


. -s -

-BG. Concrete, Inc.Specialuzang In:

Druveway SidewalksGarago Fleo,. -StepsPat,os Parshan, EJE..Breaking & Hauling


-'. i 2'°.- .!- ,. '




Robes wER now dear nnddramar

aan.svorRO%ufnaw eabinrt ro.I;;:.eabinst, Mnd Cespter

Tops availubla at faetsrp-tn.yeaprioRn. Visit nur nhowrsam at:




- SudewelksFree Estimate.

Liranad Fallir Inserad

965 6606

.Bacat ServicesFor Free Eutimate

- (708) 595-1 5 18


Fully Insured



u r- Directory

- ATTHELow. low


tatti. Icuatomersi

To rour ph


ThE BUGLESBusiness

5 beckoning


" .

BUGLES. whichrau te:


afone d

,, surah. sp edlokars and M por. ovary day and sat

Your n,asu.a.right l,rth.bustapOtln

patantM bpoesara guIng Sn .0 O5


Advertise Your Businuss


Call 966-3900 For SpecalBusioessServiceDlrecta,y


awn heme anytime without olA-gatisit Gy.wide /noburba.Financing avsilrbla to qasi,fied

- bayana. Ne poyntent for 90 days.

The Cabinet People(708) 520-4920

Llcuesad&005drd FI1EEES11MATES

G & L CONTRACTORDrivoWoyn . Patio, . Fosndulioe,Stops . Aggregate . Brick PMving

GUY:(708) 966-7980


DI 1(9 E

s i u




Your Credil io

, good wilh us!acoepl Visa & MasterCard.




Your Ad AppearsIn The Following Editions






You Can Place Your Classified Ads by Calling 966-3900 or Come To Our Office in Person At: 8748 N. Shermer Road, Niles, Iffinois.Our Office Is Open - Monday thru Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Deadline for Placing Ads is Tuesday at 2 P.M.Certain Ads Must Be Pie-Paid In Advance: Business Opportunity, For Sale, Miscellaneous, Moving Sale, Personals, Situation Want-

zed, Or If The Advertiser Lives Outside Of The Bugles Normal Circulation Area.



omputer service co,p. in Skokiaook i,,dioid,&o to hndIo proof-oding & editing. Ch0000 yoorown boors. Call:

(708) 581-1777 ext. 20



0.e teen, Ix rxwIn W. h.. theheere coallabta vea want te work. W.aIt:

.I$Do.rx. Ixea.n'.dhoera

..hIft&wk.nd ..I.,ydIII.,.ethl.

.t,.v.I -



pdaat. OtyShlitWo'k

00, DMa. .r lnolxd.e North aid. NINW .ebo,bR.Ao.500 In-tReated? Our n.w fln.nagan,.nt tear,was non-



2005 Dempatac St.Exanatoan. IL 60202

(708) 328-1900


HELP WANTEDFull or Part limeInside or Outside

Sales Job forNiles - basedNewspapersGood Salary

Plus Commission

(708) 966-3900



DEj'&NESOur officeR are located at 8746Sherman Rd., Nile, and we areepen waukdeye xciv. 9m-5pnn.Yea may step in or eau (708)966-3900 te placa yeer ad,. Forads only. you may tax your Copyanytime, 7 day, a week, 24hern a day to 708) 966-0188.Our deadline for all lnanienRfor our Thursday editions isTuenduy prior to pehlioation at3pm. Cull your repreaentatioufor ether specific information.


NEWSBOYSThu BegIn in meNeO

dalino,y nuwacurnioru of oli unento delinea nows papnns ou

Thurodoy.ForAn OpporlueiiyTo Cor, Cetra 58$



Da yea want trainiag fon childcar. in your horn.? Frau Seminarsoffanad in Glonniuw. Aug. ist AAlag, 15th -7:30P -9:00PM. Aug.15th 900AM - 4:00PM. For morainfer: Call:

TELE - HELP(708) 291-0085

GENERAL OFFICEPan Tim. Opportunity

Tusaday thron Saturday9 am - i pm nc i pm . 5 pm

-Will aosw.r phanea. typu and b.trai_ on sumputur. For intar.viaw. eontaet Mr. PhilNILES BEAUTY SCHOOL

8057 N. Milwaukee, Nilea


Find the help thatyou need-in our

classified section.


Immediato Opaninga For:RHAIRORESSERS

Full or part timeFACIALIST

Must be experienced

Northbrook area(708) 480-7570


- 'MANICURISTFur Morton Gr000 Beauty Solon

E*eollent commission.Fleoiblo hours.

Cull Anna

- 965-1399

PUBLIC RELATIONSDo yea libo to hava fun A makofriends? Are you goal orientod andopnn minded? If you answerudvos. thon we hune u earner furyuuI PIT F/T. Cull:

(708) 884-1885




Work 20 hours a week answering busytelephones and typing atNues Newspaper office.

To dolicer a Nutionul Nuwepupor in the Enunston, Skokie undWilmetto Rouas. Ruutou uro also available en Chicago's Norti,Sido. 8140 misimum por week nuarootue d. No collecting on su-lieitiog. Appronimutoly 2 houru pur doy, 7 duyu pur week. EorlyAM. hours. Must h aoearulia bio iesurud nohicle.

Call between lam-5pm


or apply in person 2AIVI-4AM5115 Brown St.. Skokie(708) 677-9099

3346 N. Paulina, Chicago(312)528-4181 J

TYPIST I PASTE -UPWork Monday & Tuesday

Noon to 7 PM

¡n Nues NewspaperProduction Department


(708) 966-3900


I //


Has Part Time Opportunities For:- COMMISSION SALESBrand Central Electronics Department


Flexible hours, days, evenings, and/orweekends. -Comprehensive benefits

including paid vacation, profit sharing,employee discount and insurance.

Apply in Person - Personnel Department

SEARS400 Golf Mill Shopping Center

Nues, Illinois 60648296-2211_eppamploynrH

Home ImprovementCenters, Inc.




I I -

NEW ARLINGTON HEIGHTS STORE!ro meut ho ämunds Dt :h000mmunity.HundyAndy.huMidwest's prumior home

. im prevnmoncrnterc hain, is announcing. - or erbst eco:iee ir Arliegtec Heights.

w hose immediete Fell-Time H Poe-t.. Time spehinge tOt EXPERIENCED

eppliesets ter the showing pesitiers. EXPERIENCED SOLESPEOPLE-

lAit Dnpts., Fuit. u Pue-timnta DAY CASEOSOS. lFulI-s,mol. DEPARTMENT HEAD- Point)

W:th thisrewoet lggOt)Or,ye could betightnextdeertoen eecitingncarent.Along wih our Picasso) wetkingenoi-rnnment you'll enjoy tlnoibje hours.oomputitiue Weges, tull-time/puy-imebenetits, employee discount, eunellentcoree) oppohunihes und mote.

we ere holding open netviewsbetween 9:000.M.-7:OOP.M.Pinson appiy in petsen le:

1 700 Rood RoodArlington Heights, IL

Rand X Thonman)

NoticeBugia Nuwspnperu resumo, thu right at any time tu e)ausify oil adeer-tiser, eetsne d tu reject any adeortising duenned shjeetiorrable. Woconnut ko nuspensihlu far senkel statom untsi0000 fist with sur poli-eins. All Help Wuntud uds nr ustspae lp 5h 000turo nf the workoffered. Bugle Nowspupnm dueu net hnuwingl yueee pt Help Wuotedadeortisiog thu tinsn y woy elulasou thu Huwan Rights Ast. For fer.thor iofurmatiu 0000toe t tho Depuntmunt of Human Rights, 22 W.Rnndolph St., Chleogo. IL 793-6495.

The Bugle Néwspapers'The Newspapers That Deliver

Serving The North and Northwest Suburbs

INFORMATION ON CLASSIFIED ADSYou Can Place Your Classified Ads by Calling (708) 966-3900 or Come To Our Office in Person AT: 8746 N.Shermer Road, Niles, Illinois. Our Office is Open - Monday thru Friday, 9 AM. to 5 P.M.


Classifieds. bb-J.900

-I VourAdAppearsIn The



TL$utGL raoentesa

aseo,, woos u PARK RIDGE/DES--- .-

Following Editions





You Òan Place Your Classified Ads by Calling 966-3900 or Come To Our Office in Person At: 8746 N. Shermer Road, Nues, Illinois.Our Office Is Open - Monday thru Friday, 9 AM. to 5 P.M. . - -

Deadline for Placing Ads is Tuesday at 2 P.M.Certain Ads Must Be Pro-Paid In Advance: Business Opportunity, For Sale, Miscellaneous, Moving Sale, Personals, SituatIon Want-


ed, Or If The Advertiser Lives Outside Of The Bugles Normal Circulation Area. -




Flltntutm h ASEp

enpoein000 Call Damy

(708) 696-2687

EARN EXTRA SSS7-?csoplmt,yf Ipro cts urcos:ttcosnnp,sny.

(708) 520-3498-





n:lel: Inthuem ruAlul iodaalry..dlnlddals5olula oar ¿?5.du.:a:


- you wIll bu raapemlblu ter ns.Iocalologour uuuafmt uuatom.r aRroto, atan-d rd whil pod eel g knob I

mIltosnr lntu,po,uonal uNII.. Penden.mmput.rnepaninnuals.plua.

PART-liMESERVICE AUENDANT subida. foreustonnaes nuotaI

drueklng ihaflaldR. ,aqetr.o da-pendable panean: pr.uluua matunnuraoosleaaop.rsaeuol. a plu..


P°' an I eua ed euh d

i plut p dd p tI en-aro at theIr destteantsn.. Wuruqairu.coud C or B ttcunsu (CDL prororn odi. oc.coLon dril gao d d g d ..

- -Coma muon with u, to dl.oa.o thmn

eu7unb uIt W will tsu1'

ThE GLENVIEW RADISSONleso Pdilmoakon Ano,

GI W IL17051 803-9500 -




Po-munnntbonolitx -

.Vruin -


Kambor y Same .

Phyll a Haba


007 DEVON PARK RIDGECou st d 5 rngI baloau

- -



Part TimePhotographersneeded for the

Bugle Newspapers-

(708)966 3900


p en t f Il t n, p etSh k CeO f d 'l 2

eh speabtog prufarrud.

FeeappEeatioo,eull:Cathryn Merriek ut:

(708) 865 61 00

FULL TIMEPositions Available

s - DO yk f



Cull Sau

299-2273otween 9am - 3pm

POSTALy d - - -fm Nhl11 I

1-8O0552-399500g. IL 174

S am . S pm 7 doy,-

Lino A Work io 5h.Sig Sky Sacra of Montan.

PHYSICIANGeneral prastitienorfur rural pros-t h t t I M t G tw Vf mth t if en &th

bt gc:tyrun h. Cume et the b:g skystatu.

(406) 378 2188

LuSallo-NorthwRst Notionol Ruuh Isaoohiva quuliliod eundid.lonjozjs.gereournin uinthma au.

TELLERDl eel d tfot hunsfl

eaII t co tose sorse d anal.druwnnbuluoeieu en u dailybuuo.... .



WRITERw k M )5 ay

andTuesday for

Bugle NewspapersNues office

- Call:

(708) 966-3900-


If y I hi d dgood job. Sum up to $250 uweek plus v000tiuo a d h I-d .,, p a t ng p atravel time, HMO plan avail-uble.

MCMAID(708) 470-1 999

cad. huedlioo k. diportmnnt Hornb.elsgrosnd, und essetoss,nr mroisn

w° mAhityt .1,ok wIl

1a5h nptaelo toas mill bu ui500.t

CLERICALD t I d w u phconica rorrespoedenen, tiling, p.w u.-agn,oedapeeiulpreioessuauegeod.

hoemy phono eneRo50 with custom-

tiooetula:f4,wPi IeIkO


Wn offuruttru etisn bonofita Ro io.olud0000spu lisien sulare,.turheero-

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apply In pnrnnToes. :nseuoThur.b.twoonsuw.Spm QNi.utt.SuUnNarskwostNasoolBuek,

ILsOu4i -

50E MIF -

Colt f h p dt k 'n b 5W

t:°5':;10nown mn naglus clossiliadsi Moruy


tu 0d thsa Itew Chrek sur spmial reten cati sightawayardgotruodyrorseenn)r.taotruspensol

Find the help thato n 1V U ce in our

C assi ie section. CORRECTIONSEuch ad ic carefully pregi read,but errors do ecsur. It yes findOn errer please notify us mmcdi'utH)y. Errors will be rectified byrepublication Ssrry but if an

r u ti fter the f t

Eubilcatlon and we are not neti-fled before the nest insertiec,thn respscsibjjify is yours. Im nescent shall the liability fer thertsr eocyed Ihe csst of the

spoco sccupied b tIny errer.


Good eommanieatioei skillo, 55 wpm typing obility. word pro-cecuing sicilIa. good moth skills & MultiMuto & Lotas eoperi-

50r: cm,. nsurotawhbd Full t m mployne t

Fur appointmant coIl:Lois Caracci -


(708) 31 8-41 06Ao AflirmatinoActiee Employee

Nun-Smoking Fuuility

e y oUarsUr abt. to maut with u. at

m' i,'olar't65656,Asnmesrn.n Omeuroun. INn



. .Buyrst or se.11rngUGLE CLASSIFIED3the piace for you. Calo:


r CAREER OPPORTUNITYlNationully rooegoizod lender in quality home farnishings i seerreo tIpi

looking foe sales euosultusts who undoestand what il takes to be sse1'oossfal. We offur: somprehensien troieinn, growth po tentia I, uaoellentIemployoo benefits, gu,ranteed druw. Do you possess the fottow

Iiogdo torostio the nruw,no fluid cf homo furnrshtngs. prOfesst000l aPpruoeh S folluw-thruugh. sonetee urienta tiun, skonp eommuei000ioe

I skills, sulf-motinatiun, mum spirit, a desire for un eejoyabl eeorrer .jPutootiul sains pesitiunn is Chienne fi surrouodiu gssbsr ks. Ano youready tu shift S cursan d jein a winniog team? If so send resome tu:


L :::r;0




. . -


- .



. .


by Colime 966.3946 or Coree Te 0erPerlen e Perone An.

8740 N. Shorreer AnuaN:Io, ltl:no,s

0er 00:5e s OyenMeedac rima F,:dac

9 AM. to 5 P.M.000al,eu or Plae:eg Ads n

TuusauV as 2 P.M.Cnr,u:n,AdOhPoetBOProPu:d

Ee°°5h400ieg Salo

sitnutisnWunnoao y The Aduertiso, Llore Oursidror The 0091es Semmel CirculoriecArou

NoticeSanto Nowspo pururo nueveu the right at any tiene tu elussify at) adoer-tisomeOtn und to rei ueteoya doartising doomed objoetisoubtu. We

offered. Engin Nnwspapom does not knewingl yueee pt Hotp Wasted

thdd t

y rt:: TNltghtAt 32fW

Randstph St., Chieugu, tL 793.6490.

The Bugle Newspapers"The Newspapers That Deliver"

. .


Curd) CoIl: 966-3905,:


INFORMATION ON CLASSIFIED ADSYou Can Place Your Classified Ads by Calling (708) 966-3900 or Come To Our Office inShermer Road, Nues, Illinois. Our Office is Open - Monday thru Friday. 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Person AT: 8746 N..






ANTHONY DODGE210G N. Wiuk.g.fl Rd. (lOßI 729.2900



DEADliNESOr o0I r. IO.t.d mt 8748 Shen.r Rd. NiI .nd we .,. op.nw..kd.y. only. S.n,Spm. Voo may .tp in o c.Il 17081 900-3900 tnplace your .d.. Fnr .ds only. you may fax your copy anytime. 7 d.wink. 24 honra S doy to 17091 906.0190. Our doadlin. for all iflaurtiofla

for our ThW,daV ditlono io Toasday prior to pubrm.tion at 3pm. Callyour r.PtWntOtlw. t0 oth.r upanific information.


1976 Ford Wagon03.000 Mil..


1947 Joap. 302 VE.1600 o,B.aEOIIM


1985 - Grand MarquIs -Gray. 4 Door

Excellent Condition22.000 mii..

Boot OfferCall: (708) 966-9883

06 Ford Window Van. 8 Cvi heavyduty rear springe. Nom tiraa and

braka.. A/C. 77.000 Mi. Good non-tractor or deliv.ry van.

. 17081470-8631






Gl,nni.w (708) 729-1000



Skokio 170816736660


1439 S. L.. StrantDoa Pleinea 17081298-8200


85 OId. Clora4 Door. Goad Condition.

77.000 mii...Anking $3000Coil L.Vern.

(708) 966-3900

Now Reconditioned &Surplus

.Mntor. .Veoa .Pnnrpe.Gmaretor. .49 Compreuoøro

-Elm. HendToalo .HnI.te -9wtareMoth Moro

TRANSTEK SALES(708) 470-8631

05 Fard T . 36.000 mile..Sao roof. Fall pomar. Sporiul

liroitod adition. 88.000.Doyo-470-0631

Evoniogo - 677-3029

WIL-S140IIE P011O611 Gre.. Bay Road 1709) 251-5300


1206 E. Dando. Rd.Pelati. 1708) 9914444


RivarRoed & OaktanDes Pioin.o (7091824.3141


715 Chinugo Avanno - Evanston(7081 069-0700 - 1 (312I SUBARUS


1660 Frantogn Rd.Northbronk (7981272.7900


Call Helento

place your ad



Program encouräges Graduations .

child-parent interactionThe Nelson School PTA re-

costly decided to sponsor a pro-gram Cathieti Helping YourChiIdatHDSev Ihatcombiney thehooky of a national school pub-lithee with local parent organiza-lions.

The publisher han developed useries of books in mathematicsand science whose activities re-bstothegan1softheregaIrazademie program, but provide a va.riety of different ways forchildren and parents lo work outhe topics.

For example, there am a own-ber of science experiments thatl,alenIs and children can do athome that wooldn't be replicatedin the school setting. The activi-

ITT hostsCollege Fair

High school utudeuss, parents,teachers, and counselors are it-vised to attend the Hugh OTIrianYouth Foundation Futures For-um College Fuir from i p.m. to

- 4:30 p.m., Friday, Aug. 2, ut lili-flojo Institute of Technologys(l1t) Hermann Hall, 40 W. 33rdSireet.

More than SOcollegerepreseu-latives.-fròm around the U.S.--will be available so answer quea-sinus pertaining to admission re-quiremenss, acudemic programs,and financial aid. Admission tothecollegefairis freec

For mom information aboutthisevent,contactllTsBethTaylorut(3t2) 57.3Ø35

Be alert todrunk driversApproximately one of evesy

two Americans will be involvedrn an alcohol-related accident intheirlifelime, and over htilf of allfatal accidents ase alcohol-eelated.

Therefore, the ability to detecta deuuk driver could save yourlife.

The following clues indicatethat a drivermay be under the in-fluesce:

-turning too widely, abruptlyor illegally

swerviag ou and off the roadorbetween lanes

-stopping without cause in atraffic lane

-responding slowly to lraffscsignals

-signaling inconsistently withdeivingactioas

-following other vehicles tanclosely

If you spot a suspected drunkdriver,keepplenly of distance be-tweet you and that vehicle. Ifyoumuslpass,do itcarefully. IfascHrie is approaching rapidlyfrom behind, allow it to pass.However, beuwaso of the driversposilionutull limes.

Do not attempt to stop the ins-paired driver. Stop at a rest areaor gas station and notify the po-lice. Give the police adescriptionof the vehicle, the license platenumberandililocalion.

Reporting a drunk driver Iselpskeep the road safer for all mutor-isli. Butmostimporlanlly,donotdrink and driveyourself.

inducted intOsociety

lndiaaa University has an-flounced Ike names of studeninelectedinloAiphaLalnbdaDella.natioaalscholaslicfreshman han.or society. which recognizea su-perinr academic achievement byfreshmen.

Among those elected, fromSkokie, Ill,, is Jodi Glickmnn,8206N.Kedvole.

Mto. from Northbrook. IlL. laMarc Jason Levinson. 349 ParkDrive.

lies, however, reinfotce the con-cepsa that children are learning inschool.

Judy Davis, Nelson PTA presi-dent, recommended the books brprovided to families un a cost ha-sinestherthananafundrniisingde-vice. The VFA members agreedthat providing the service thesebooks represent was a positiveaction for the PTA lo enguge inand supported the presidents po-sitioo, Parents were notified oftheprngrasn.

ThePTAmembersplass tocan-tinte providing these books tofumiliesandwilhavethem uval!-able at the Augusl, 1991 regisua-liondates.

Honor Societyinductsmembers

Forty-three students were in-durant into Regina DominicanHigh School's chupter of the Nu-tinesl Honor Society. Area in-dnctees include: Des Plaines:Jennifer Angeles, Monica Baig,Skokie: Jennifer Cacanindia,Aurora Martinez, Booke Toi-hurst, Alleen Boue, JeanneCsshing, Morton Grove: The-rese Muerda, Eileen Tunghal,Niles: Michelle Venci, Lincoln-wood: Monical Barros, CristinaLawrence and Kaylce Lentino.

Sheamus Mannion, FreshmanClass secretary, at Noue DameHigh SchoolNiles, will beattend-ing this summers illinois Teen-age Institute at lllinois.WesleyanUniversityiñliloomingson.

ThelTlis spoasoeedby Opera-lion Snowball and is designed toprovide studeols with the noces-sae)' skill and knowledge to helpschools develop and maintain asubstance free climate.

Use cautiturning ri

The right-lure-on-md law is apopular lime saver for busy Ill!-noia motorists. However, turningright on red has become so auto-matie that many motorists fail tostop andyield theright of way.

Help prevent an accident bycoming to u complete stop beforeyou tssrnataredlight. Look foruaffic on the street you are enter-ing and yield thè right of way toany vehicles or pedestrians in thecrosswalk. Then make the righttumcuutiously.

Before turing right at a red

Oakton's ChildDemonstrat

Oakton Community CollegesChild Development Demonsiru-lion Center on the Des Plainescampas is cartently acceptingapplications for the fall. 1991 se-mesterofits preschool program.

The Child Development Dem-unstsaliun Center provides a pee-school program for childrenaged three to five an well usteacher Irainiag. It offers un ex-citing, stimulating curriculumthat futtern exploration, discov-my, interaction with peers stdself.enprcssion,

Children can enroll in theMonday/Wednesday/Friday peo-grata, which meets from 8:30 -11:30 n.m. ce from 12:30 - 3:30p.m. and in the Tuesday/Thursday irogeam which meetsfrom 9:30 n.m. - 12:30 p.m. Theprygram follows dse collage'scalendar, meeting fur sixteenweeks ocr semester. The current

shown oncable channel

The graduation ceremonies ofHilen North and Niles West highschools will be sired on High.School Cable Access Channel 49in Skokie on weekday morniogsthroughAug. 1.

The Niles West cereesony willbegin at approximately 7:30 am.and the Niles North ceremonywill startatabout8:45 ans.

In addition. 'Profiles of Excel-lence," Niles North's awards as-sembly, will be aired each week-day morning at 10 um. For moreinformation, call 982-5421

MG residentreceives honors

Seven students from illinoisreceived academic honors fur theSpring 1991 semesteratFrnitklin& Marshall College.

A student earns Honor's Listrecognition foruchieving a 3.7 orheuer grade point average on a4.Oscaleand DeansListrecogni-lion for achieving s 3.0 or heisergrade point average on a 4.0scale.

Among the students is: Mi-churl Shim of Morton Grove,who graduated May 19 isith ugovemmeot degree, and wasnamed to theDean's List. A 1987graduate ofLoyolu Academy, heis the son of Chang and YoungShim.

Student involved indrug prevention program

flitting this year Sheasnus liasdemonstrated willingness to leadin this urea, serving as u chartermember of Noue Dames Suate-gicPlanning nf Prevention Team.The experience at ITt shouldprove quite valuable to Sheamusand toNoue Darne.

The Notre Dame Communityis grateful to the Forest HospitalFoundation for providing Shea-mus wills ascholarshipto the IT!.

on whenght on red

ttgtst, stop sign or uncontrolled in-tersection, look down the side-walk andpast parked cars forpe-drsuians and cyclists. Watch forondobey "nu turn on red signs atintersections where making a turnataredlightisprohibited.

Making uleft turn ut aced lightis permitted from a one-way5mal to tone-way suret headingleft. Be sure lo come to a corn-plete stop and yield the right ofway to other drivers, pedeslriansand cyclists before taming.

Deveolpmention Centersfees are $480 for the thee-thyprogram and $320 for the two-thy program. These is a one-time registration fee uf $25.

Parents are encouraged to calithe center and make an appoint-meat to visit with their pce-scheoler. To make an appoint-ment, and for furtherinformation, call (708) 635-18411.

Student namedto Who's WhoNadia AccendE ofPark Ridge

han been selected for the 1991edition of Who's Who AmongStudents In American CollegesandUoiveenitses.

A semer Italian major at Ro-any College.RiverForest, Aece-tulliinoaeof44Rosarycollegeswdentachouenforthe honor thinyear.





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INFORMATION ON CLASSIFIED ADSYou Can Plaian Your Classified Ads by Calling 966-3900 or Come To Our Offmnn in Person At: 8746 N. Shermer Road, Niles, IllInois.Our Offi Is Open - Monday thru Friday, 9 AM. to 5 P.M.

Deadline for Placing Ads is Tuesday at 2 P.M.Certain Ads Must Be Pre.Paid In Advance: Business Opportunity, For Sale, Misoellaneous, Moving Sale, Personals, Situation Want-ed, Or If The Advertiser Uves Outside Of The Bugles Normal Circulation Area.






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South CarolinaFamily Restaurant

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South Caroline slow to Lake.onar rotiriog. Call far datait...Slt9Onn

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WISCONSINLuke Property

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Total Acm. = 36 appron. $50K

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ERA CALLERO & CATINO(708) 967 6800(312) 774-1900

Nilo. - e724 MerrillFri., 7(15 & Sut.. 7/25. 9:30 - 5:30.Furniture, clvthes. missnil5nov55.


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classified section.

INFORMATION ON CLASSIFIED ADSYou Can Place Your Classified Ads by Calling (708) 966-3900 or Come To Our Office in Person AT: 8746 N.Shermer Road. Nues, Illinois. Our Office is Open - Monday thru Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

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Grad Total 411 FOnde e 049.265,96 ;2,o3692s.

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COfltlDU4dOQ Page 41


LEGAL NOnCEContinued from Page 47


CLRRIO 0F THE CIRCUIT COURT so6.00; cosmo op TOI CICTIT!COURT 500.00;21.042 OP Till CIRCUIT COURT 500.00; CLIRK OP TOI CIRCUIT 20020 500.00; --

SgRK OP ml CIRCUIT 200720 500.00; CLERiC OP TIE CIRCUIT C002T 500:00;

222R1OF TRI 002002 000020122 .37; CORPO OP Tool CR22000 COURT 122.37; .

000100LT110 ZOO 20000cl; op Ott 100.00; COOK Compro CIRCUIT COUR050.00; .COSTON00100. NICK 200.00; CULVER. 200X0 50.00; CULVER, DORIS 82.00; 220000W, JOHN 50.00;

01101G 2010TR2070010 25.00; 00000», D 50.00; 0102110, M 00.00; DI MARIA, nO

EXPERT TRAVEL & utulo LTD 396.00; PAlTAS? III00202RflIO 115.00;

PILAI. R 00.00; PORI 010flOB 000T05tT0 25 .00; ROnZO COUnT OP SOLIO 1,225 .00;

FR020000, 005 110.00; P0000401 012151102 0.0i;0000T0000, A 50.00; 0400 00000000k 810.00;

ORBIT OAKS SAO? 10000. 00000. 910.00; 00212 0220 01ST 000000 20001. ISa .00;

IIORTSILL, GEORGE IO 200.00; Iffi501A, GAIL 37.50; 01000MO. PArROCI 950.00;

00. MUNICIPAL 050000020 ASSO 20.00; 02 NATal 30.00; IL 001000TIOOThL THIPnOY 7000 40.00;

JAMESI. 0020H200 III S11110100 145.00; JEllS 33.07; SOLL 000FPAN 216.00;-

2.0.0. TOOL &0T7211000 COMPANY 07.50; OAL0100SKI. 01000.0» 60.00; nOPA. STANLEY 07.50;

- LIPr11;BZ SOflRE 55.41; L. 50.20; LOIRA. 07 .50;InTORO. sIns R 0M. 277.O0; £010 InH 27.80; I«IIS flT A A0082TRS 60.00;

3g IlIOn 110.01; t5R8 1 300.00; fl ZI SRIO; IK 112100 150.00;XSR110ZT 86.98; flIlOQIT PftmI. QL vF 65.80;RR8flS L1 TUlAnB 225.00; . IflIJIM 50.00; W.RIUX WIPES 200.00;

70015105: i.3B0.00; a QIZOz ITI 500.20; EWS, R081m.L 12.50;Err, aI2a 60.05; flIIAS, wà 26.10; I0Ifl mID FPCILO1T 247.50;ZE410IvIEv TARDUOITS rR_fláfl 210.00; .. .08S 50.88; a1N 37.10;CZP010LOflW nfl 8p0 As 30.00; MIL. PZZ 32.50; XIOmlLIUI. M 07.50;tr 140.95; mVr TI 44.00; mons 051CIST 104.00;

. L IllS. D. IIIm, 100.00; . G. 6t3fl SOlO; .& 0. J P0St 100.00;

N3CIPAI. cInZII OP flLxs 25.00; flICIPZ.L 5Zfl0RZR 2030c0rI 125.00;

ZlTIL 2L nO s.00; RItal POLI ZZP8T 000.00; Hfl1 0W0 76 05.00;w,w0Z IL 0L RSS.10; E 0ZIfl 570.00;

2T- ILL PIRE ajIllo 200.00; 010820L0 40.23;gnm1, In P0Lo AIa mn 100.00; ST flICIPOL FE0 95.00;nORnmOsr fl90292L P 169.09; 9WI0In TRInO 250.00;

Ic.tAOn, 2109go 37.50; 0r. TRAZO 37.50; 20.50;

0m-00 250.00; 0000 0 150.00; fl. 8 50.40; PJJ. SORIA 50.00;

200.00; 0. C0aZ.TTh10 47.50; 02020 79.90; R009OERO. 0I 32.50;

lopIn smnp n 45.11; 2I. 75.00; 0U2. wO aao 54.00;

0020Lit. W 50.00; flW, 04W 25.00; OflKThfl 0V.sThT0 flW W1R 50.00;

sollas;, 260.82; Sfl00 PliaS 200.40; ST FWW 200.00;

Ososa TRIRLOW 50.00; 1TZ0 P4BL0 1.0.40; 010242flc. 19099W 50.00;

TEORIa InvaR &002110. Ia 40.20; T0mI1 p. 9090W 106.00;5m9120. ncm4 300.00; T2 s inn. flx21 35.20; TI R30 300nOUIL 20.00;SOWYWICL Z 50.00; 500.59. P 299.91; fl 4I. 30.00; 106 0fl2. 65.00;

12350.67;SOT000120. 6000000 5. 5503.00;0000LD, SorraBo o.2221.20;A000LD. 060000 0 2017.20;0130060. posto 1930.SO;o60000ZDWA01 1405.62; 02900, 000000L]P 7007.05; ..B2I...LYN0 ! 7

,. LEGALNOTICE.........-5125.07111010 00200001 0 564.10;010A0 TRONAS P . 253.27; BISTOALPO S. 27007.7O;Bl000600. 00023061 0S90.90;907000,NAP0L9 S31634,60;BA000S, BINA S129.Iö;OELLS 11000 , 000 1951.30;I000000010. FRED aIllo.59;190510SN, PATRIO N 70.03;000500,

23051.31;BLARO SDRA p10701:62, BLASE. NICHOLaS I -

2414.01;IL020, WOLTRR35776.20;ILSSSICR, 0000000


7020,2;IUC9LEV, 52200 A 1391.00; 00001. noIre 20047.00; lUSO.,WARILYS A 14170.-16; 00000, P590000 0 f3010; CILLERO, OMINA S2052.01; SaLI2II; LEIRON H 3S122.34;CIAOP, 017X05. 36072.95;

1451.;?, CORNELL, 510 P ?R63.50;COPAl?. 05000 JANE 567,16; 000000T000, 90CR 6604.52; CR00510,9000520 5 26520.72; coimEo, MIllIon 0 1566.52; 5101RA,-. HELEO0. 1204.61; DAVENPORT, ILESO 0. 830.22; lACIS, 9000110W10217.11; EERW,P620RICE 1139.04; DELIA, 50009910 MOO 16447.10-COlISEO, 10014001 II 2717.32; PROSEO, 00000,0 P 17017.12; DOSSIEr, -

09970 .0 400.99; DIEnE. BRYAN 1252.44; 00005, 60016 L 22105.55;10040910093-, SEDIlE 32431.11; SR1000LI, 01101RA 13506, 00;


001100, RATON 0100W 23018,06; RUBAVA; ClAIMER 0 2522.22; 00090,40990501 J 1765.81; 05550W. REITE 6759.05; 950W, ALICE 20015.55; .

_WO. 10110010W 0244.00; ELOWE. 222500 0 22370.25; 91001.P00951 10109.81; ELIIESEW, LEON I 12002.11; ESPOSITO RAVIE S19500.80; 05001, 900E P 10501,31; F01010, ORROrE 1557,06;

504W 013960.05; FELD. 00090W 25007.82; 0002220. 900062 9 -

FL0ESEII;2IE1, WEXO 0 0251.11; F100135. 502102 C 32002.63;

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24201 .05; »0020210, SIMUlA 39201.70; flORA, 3900090E LiCOl .2317.30. 209W 25094.10; 10009500. OVWLOW 19093.91; 41010110, 50051E 1455.61;0002AIO, 0ICI0LP 14003.01;. GONDOLA, TERRY 27204.34;0ERflE, lOWJI 619.20; SI000AS$0, 500W 1706;94;-21691143P0o;501EP8..306I8.05 01102000560; CR00101 N-33020. 16; C00000005ELLI

- 10011010 L 30173.11; 0100000IOLLE, #6009110 744.47; 100V001IOLLO,000501 12I.11;1L111010. CR01000 03 511.25; 1L0IES. THOMAS -------23390_. fl; 000ño,oa; MTHC i,00:a; 010652KO. - DANIEL 5-2774.S1...SOUS. SOLLABa L 0720.16; 0019001E, DANIEL 1. 1412.561 400400,00102068, DAVID 26401.57; 401119mSEI , 0000040 20520.315.10W, -

BATOLlEN E 16723.34;40000000, ROSCO? S 32730.51; 401001ROI, -

HArtaRE S 2031. 70; 411000, BolIllA 22081. 07; OALLIC, DA011LLOI 5500.75; 1017510100, 5005 005000 20555.14; 50503050, 50519-lIADO 7701.30; 0MW», ROBERT A 20240.75; 80500110, 9090400 0; -

5107,70; 01010110, 00000 0 2220.52; 01000000 103001W L2C221.30; 1110020,E0002.r 060.76; lOWS, 10003RA 0 31021.21,SOL01016W, JOSEPH R 27305.50; OEWEICO2, .60000 0 -áaaoo:Ia;40400951W, SACK R 34705.24; 40RTL, VOCEO! 2137,E2;W0510000WDAVID L 1610.10; HOLT, GEORGE 01000.0,; 1061CR,, 5100160 5

500000, 'lOon N 32282.12; 50012, 056E AlOE 2S217,97 40011020W, -

20827.05, 1095520202, 0111211101E 1015:59; EAE000LIA2, 50050

04056:42; 01000110. 50, 0610C S aCC;O.04; 4010E. 50005 lai1,00;40050. 0ODEPTO 05051.91, alAn, PAUL 1010.61; KOBOLE001, -

DONALD E. 2E220.18; BOLBASEA, bACIO 104.11; EOSINA, CATS 0000E

CLIC900015 140.03; ROIOK1 000EHA aoaO;oa; 'WOOL?, 00511"'!'.

10505.11, 5012, 4011100ES 2025.52, LA 00010. lIOSAS 25925.00;

--- 2010. ia; LOAvIE, DONaS D 40231 .15; 10000. 0010105 -2. 15845 44 -

10404.41; LS 10000, VITO P 34252.50, tULIA, 40540E? C 412.55;LILLO, NADELn 150.30; 0100905 III, SlOWS A. 21642.09; . - -.

01100011,50. , 505300.2. 2112.01; 010005510. 500012 0 104SE27400251190 50, 505022 C 05374.55; 91500W, 90001000 25100.46, -

- MASONIC, PATRICE O. 35645.43, ElISIO, PAT01004 N 5.16212,75, -

NAICOC2C, PAUL 2271.22, Wl*0000C, 005010 P 330i5.40; WS00000AA,lLENE 455,90, 00 AULE?, EILEEN 1041.31; 0COWERWOO, 01000030120.72, XC 5100015.3, 9600105 10,08.77; NELA000102010, 10050E1005.00, IEWOIDEALLI, DORIOS 2752.55, NICKEL SOC, 09000L 1905.00;01001LOEW. 0040505 31755.35, 00100E, NADO 0521. 72; NOIES, .

00600 P 30320.10; 550100ER, TriAraS 22511ES, WEOROICS PATRICIA

1C147.41;100390A, THOOISS J.laaO.7;;0001EOA P0000W 41177.52;

109101ES 4OE0.6; 0' SOLLIV05, 505100 0. 22910.57, OLOROSO 0, .

111E7.10;CST000040, 55110W 307,77;PALOOES, L105100 5.1E25.02;P0590, 00260W 1177,54,PAo100, IOSSOLL 7005.32; -

27O54,E7;PESWO, RISOlTI 16000,60; PLODS, 40500ES I

POCOORI, LESLIE 10011.23; POSiTON, 000115,0 S 2221,52;i'CoSTOOT,

1O14.IS,00000005T o 0000L 4773.50;O;ICE, SERRI waso;6.s


TIPPER 50,105 144-.o,;NOEPIÑA6;oo;AíLLI6O, i6911.7S,T0000ÒSAO50 AL G 6 AlO 10W 5 6 lAS I SL

Commissioner- addrsésShoreline Towers JCC

Commissioner Gloña AliStoMajewoki, o tho MetropolitanWater Reclamation District ofGreater Chicago, will be tlopguest speaker- for the ShorelineTovero on Wednesday, July24. - -

Alice Scholsbérg, coordinatorannounced the meeting will beheld at the Shoreline Towers,630lN. Sheridan Road, Chicago.-Commissioner - Majewski will

address the group atl:45 p.m. onthe topic "The Workings of the

- WaterReclaniationDi6ujct.Commissioner Majewski re.

ceivedloer education horn Mon.delin. College, JesephinumAc6d6nsy in St. Clenoentu. In1986, follow'mg a previous two-year SOrIO, she was elected asconomiationer for an additionalIix-yearterm.

The commissioner was recent- Disabled and was elected, by her- ly honored by the New Horizon colleagues, as chairman ofthe Fi-

Cenlerfor the Developmentally onoce Consinittee for Sloe Distaict.

Çharcoal grill safetyfor -great summer-foodThere is nothing like the taste bot coil until itcools.

of a-steak-baked potato and corn Never ose liquid Itaoter to heaton the cob fresh off the grill. . np or warm the coals. The fireMoot evenyone enjoyo great tasI- couldfollow thesoreamoffluidto -ing food cooked Over a fire, but the container, resultitig in an ex-fsv of oto think about a grill ax a ptosion. - -

'flre." -- Theonntbing toremember, oc-"It's amasing as technological- cording to Gerber, is that char-

ly advanced as the United Slates cOal grilling must always be doneis that we lead all industrialized outside, However, some peoplenations in fIre deaths," says Dan get caught in the raiti and try toGerber, sagely. expert for - the finish grilling inside the garage.Country Companies. - an insu- "Stay out of 'the garage. Therance and ; investment group. fumtis from thecharcòal are toxic"Each year grilling accidents re- when contained indoors. If thesuit in many of these - tragic weather doesn't allow you to fin-deaths.' - ish your gritting oSsido. fooish- Gerber saya. it is essential to cooking the food in the kitchen,wear the- proper Clothing when hexayt.----------------grilling. "Loose clothing mesare If the food is done and you?Pelikely tocatch on fike.Giveyoor- ready to eat, don't forget to ohntself udded protection by wearing all the vents on thegrilt with y000rfare resistant totius and- a heavy mitos. -

apron," headdo.-

The propergrilting utensils notOnty make the chefs job easier,but atoo safer. Tongs and fo6kswith long. heat-rotistant handleshelp keep hands further away to copefromtheheadandflameo,

Even before you dump thecharcoal into the grill, place thegrill out- of high-traffic areas.This will keeppeople from shim-bling ovor it. "Always keep yourgrill at least five foot from corn-bustivle materials," says Gerber."Md keep children away fromtloegoill at all times."

When starting yooxr cbarcoalgrill use 000ty lighter finido modoespecially for charcoal grill ase,explains thesafotyexpert. Do notuse highly volatile fluids like gas-Ohne. Aller usiog the lighterfluid, close the c005aiOer tightly,and store it a safe distance awayfromthegrill.

If yoo uoe 36 electrical starterfor charcoal, make sure to plug itio a grounded outlet. After thecharcoal io lit, remove the startercarefully und make sure no oSecan como in contact with the red

GIuria AlittoMajewski

Program helpsteens learn how

The sixth grade students atNelson School recently wodoedwith LINKS organization fiomthe North Shore Youth Services.ofNerthfield. on suicido proven-lionandproblem solving.

Teenage suicide has become anational problem. flased on thisgrowing trend, tise Nelson pro-gram has been modified to givestudente the oppoawnity to learnabout Ilse decisionu they face asthoy becomo teenagers and theskills to handle these decisions.

Pat Cohn of LINKS and her.colloagues gave presentations toeach sixth grade class. The morothan 1011 Team VI students havebeen gaided throaghoul the yearby Martin Frega. Thomas Nor-qanisl, Judy l°relscbold and DorisTetford. Alt of the teachers re-ported lhatthe sessions wem veryonlighteniog and helpful to thestudents.

Complete Landscaping Servicesat Reasonable Prices

E Lawn CuttingZ Bush trimming. Fertilizing -

u Edging -

"We've been serving the aréa -

for 20 years"

I .S s

- Resolution honorsPark Ridgevolunteers

State Sen. Marty Butler (R-ParkRidge) will spoosora Senateresolutiou to honor two ParkRidge volunteer projects recog-nizrel in the annual Governor'sHomo Town Awards competi-lion, -

- Parkside Lntberan Volunteersreceived a third place award and

MarCIIe Provencal, Parie- Ridgen Farmern Market, an Ison--

mable meñtion at award ceremo-nico in Springfieldrecently, -

«t am proud that tise efforts ofthese two local organizationshaveachieved utatewide recogni.tion, Buller sold. "My Sonnteresolation is in honor of the manyhours they dovute to helping ourcommunity." -

Butler said that 700 ParksideLutheran Volunteers made more

- than. 8,000 bips to the hospitaland npentmorothan 24,000 hoursvisiting and assisting patienta,

- The volunteers include membersof Alcoholics Anonymous. AIA--non and other gronps associatedwith alcohol and drug abnse andealingdisorders.- "Marche Provenzal' tannersmarket wasa goal of- the Vision

- 2000 Program for Park Ridge. -Itprovides an outlet for fresh pro-ducoand other items and helps toattract people to the downtown

Emergencypantry needsbaby ¡tems

MaineTownslsip'n EmergencyPanhi)' will now pmvido babyfood, fremula, und disposable di-apees as well as nonperishablefood lo residente in crisis siwa-lions. -

- Maine Township SuperviserJoanB. Halt-in-asking the corn.mnnitytohelpthetownshipstoçkthe pantay by donating - babyitems, canned goods and othernonperishable food,

Groceiy store gift certificateswouldalsobeappreciated,

Food and g't certificates maybe brought to the Maine Town-ship Town Hall, 1700 BallardRd.. Past Ridge (between Potterand Greenwood) during regularoffice boors from 9 n.m. to 5p.m.weekdays and 9 am to noon Sat-nrdays. For information coil 291-2510,ext, 236.

Dearllditor,Nine yearn ago. after portici-

patingintheNiles MaiSon Grove,and Evanston 4th ofJuly Paradesfor years t decided to see if Sko-kieconldhaveaparade, tool

1 apearrd before Shirley She-vich,prenidentofthe5kokiepaDistrict and her futuristic boardand not only received a warm re-

j7tiOE, but a positive approvaland endorsement to work withDan Bwn and inteersted citieons to' form a committee tocreateaparadeand wedid, -

Eight parades later t want tocongratulate . Grand MarshallMarvin B, Small, his committee,lheSkokiePadc Dinleict, The Vil-lage of Skokie, his adivisorymembers, your paper, and the

Orchard Villageseeksvolunteers

Orchard Village - PótpourtiThriftN GiftShop4ltOOuksonSt.-Skokie, is looking for volons-teers, -

The shop-isopen from 10a.m. -5730 p.m. Monday then Salurdayaod framers- farniture jewleey,bilons, toys. hooks. small appli-secos, knickknacks.

Persern wishing to donate il-enscan drop them offat the shopfrom I I am. to4p.m, daily.

If you wiulo to volunteer in aclass shop, please call JerriMoore, manager, at (708) 673-3455-

LEGAL NOTICEContinued from Page 48

10754.45; SItIOS , C OAROSIOSOO .03; OOS0505Sfl

- Most furnacesburn more "-"-"'-'-"- ' -- ,_. _0

than justgas.--The Lennox Whiaper Heat

ModelNumber G2OQE Gas Furnace burnsup to 30% lean gaa than conventional furnaces.

So thechoice is yours. Get a Lennox Whinperlleatwith spark ignition. Or watch your

- hard-earned money go up in smoke.

Sickle Va1 Conteol, 9,sc.- 6310W. Lincoln Ave., Morton Grove

(708) 967-2200 (312) 774-2260.eE Mt, No ObiTt!StOn Emarg.noy SarEte. ApilloOl.


Ø '


LENNOXVALUE , aE O,sC; ;so,o;,,;-, . 5;0,.. - -

tíiÈil?iSIZ 'Tìi UÀJi8f :

Letters To The -

- Editor IResident grateful to celebrate

4th ofJulyin peaceOpen Letter to the Village of videdusachancetooeeoomanyNiles&theNilenpaekDistrict: of our neighbors. Got severalThank you for providing the good laughs from the juggling/Miles residents with suchdelight- comedy act. The squadrons offul July 4th activities, We en- dragonflies were a welcome sub-joyed the parade and were re- stitute fee Ilse flies. monquitos.minded by the OLE Pray for and yellow jackets of the past.Peace float of that frightening And even the in January and bow grateful erntetweall are tobase theopportunity Thanks again for a real clansIo celebrate one national holiday presentation,inpeace, - i Sincerely.

Festivites at Grennan Heights Indi Stephens & family-Park was run efficiently and pro-

- - - - Nibs

Skokie parade was the largest everscofllrlbutern forthegreat-esiSkokiepurade ever,

Not only wan lite parade, dielargestundmontinvotved,butthecrowd was in the 1.000's in con-least to Ilse tOO's of Ilse earlypew

Citizens interested in a uniquesharing and caring experiencethould call 0R3-0500 to solon-leer for nest year's committee:SiemprlFidelisl -ReSy

- - BhlsiandzelPastGrandMarshall


Skokie, IL,

I- LEGAL NOTICE IThe Plan Conmissiott anti -

Zoning Board of Appeals will - -

hold a public -hearing on Mon-day, August 5, 1991, se 7:30P.M. in the Municipal Council-Chambers, 7200 -Milwaukee -.

Ave., Nitos, Illinois, to hear the --followiogmauer(s): - -- -

9I-ZP.tJeffréy L. i:ai.eua, 8109

Oeark, Nitos, Illinois, Petitioner.Requesting a change in zoningfrom B-1 to B-5 Special ose Ohrthe inotatlation of a ti foot steel-lite dish at 8143 Milwaukee As-clue, Edward D. Jones & Corn-pony. 9l-ZP-l4

Gary Hatterstey, Antenna Is-StallatiCo Sop-vice, Bon 19, 20 S,Dugan Road, Sugar Greve-lIli-lois, Petitioner. Roqoesting a . -

change in zoning from B-2 to B-2 Special use for the installation - -

of a 6 foot satellite dish at 8349Golf Road, Radio Shack.

9t-ZP-15Chett Paulsen, V.P. Nutwork

GP., 7050 Union Park Center -

#650, Midvate, UT. Petitioner,Requeotiug a change in coning - -

from B-2 PUD to B-2 PUG Spe- -

cial Use for the installation of a , -

6 foot satellite dish at 5665 Tou-by Avenue, Jewet/Osco.

9l-ZP-16- Chett Paoìtseo, V.P. Networko.?., 7050 Uoion Pork Ceoter#650, Midvale, UT, Petitioner, .

Requesting u change in cooing -from B-2 to B-2 Special Use forsloe iostallasion of a 6 foot satel- - -

lite dish at 8201 GolfRoad, Jew-ellOscu.

9l-ZP-l7Chato Paulsen, V.P. Network

o.P. 7050 Uuion Park Center#650, Midvale, UT, Petitioner.Requesting u change in zoningfrom B-2 lo B-2 Special Uso forthe installation of a 6 foot salol-lite dish at 7900 Milwaukee Ay-ense, Jewel/Osco.9t-ZP-t8

loases A. Koputos, 200 GolfMill Shopping Center, Niles, Lili._uois, Petitioner. ReqUesting .achange is zoning from B-1 to fi-


I Special Use to erect an 8 foot -

satellite dish at 200 Golf Mill,GolfMilt Lanes.John Frick, ChaitmanPlus Commission & ZoningBoard of Appeals

Sydney Mitchel, SecretaryPlaoi Comnoissiou & Zoning

Board of Appeals


. LECT . .


1Ó,000 SUITS!Designer Wools. .. Business Blends. . .YearRound Wool Blends...Fine Fabrics inContemporary Styles and Colors... bothSingle and Double Breasted. Solids,Stripes, Plaids...the choice is fabulous.TAKE $50 OFF on each suit you select -NO LIMIT! Example: Our $149 Suits - youpay only $99. But only for 7 days!.






NOW OPEN:Buffalo Grove, Town center,

Rl. 83 & Lake cook Rd...708-537-6611

Chicago, Lincoln & Peterson. 312-764-5800Chicago, 9605 S. Western. 312-881-0446Schaumburg. 830 E. Golf, 708-885-3040

Morton Grove, 6717 W. Denipster

S D.iu

[ By .

IPrairie VieW Plaza).708-581-0022

Lombard, 244 E. Roosevelt,708-620-4410

Lansing, 167th & Torrence in The Landings708-895-6222


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Iratora free pass which wouldnot hinder him in socking hisnextjoh.

In both the village managerand the library adminiSLratoraclions the personnel prol-lems the two men had werenever mentioned. In both cas-es the two districts did notwantt.Óhindee ihemens futureadvancement in thcir profes-sional fields. But WO oftenwondered how prudent thedistricts were in not reportingthesenhortcomings?

In this day of lawsuits it inlikely both districts preferrcdto whitewash these mens re-sumes rather than be confront-ed by a possible lega] action.Malter of fact, when we toldone of the Buglcrs we intend-ed writing about this matter,we were warned about the po-Ionisai foralibcj suit.

Because both men exhibit-eti behavior which proved det-rimental in Nues, it could heassumed they would carrythese problems to their nextjobs. And if they did. wouldNues be doing their next ritt-ployern a favor by not report-ing their shortcomings?

Years ago we received avery good recommendationfora man we Itired who was anexcellent salematt. And therecommendation was true Hewas one of the best. Bat he hada many-year problem withstealing money which the manwho recommended the sales-man must have known aboat.But he thought he was beingkind and helpful by not men-honing the mansproblem. We

Be alert fordowned power lines

The average person can he a rectapotentially dangerous situa-big help to Commonwealth Edi- lion.sou in meeting ils responsibility Any time you see a downedof providing a reliable supply of power line,report it immediately.electricity at the lowest posstble Failuretodo so could result in se-cost in a manner consistent with leus injury oreven death. Neverenvironmental standards. touch a fallen line, and caution

By being observant and report- children to stay away, abnormal conditions to the Edison has a substantialcompany, you can help avert a amount of equipment mountedpossible service intertaption -- outdoors and protected by fencesperhaps to your own home or and locks. Give a call if you ob-youiown neighborhood -- orear- acted broken or missing larks or

sections of fence. Children are.

Allstate plans curious and could wind up hurt-

walk for Orchard IO themselves or damagingequipment that could cause user-

Village vice iuterrupliou.This list is by no means all.

Walkiug is good for your inclusive. In a system as large asheart... and for persons with de- Edisen's covering more thanvelopmeutaldisabilities! ame miles in northern

Allstate Helping Hands and luisais, equipment problems canOrchard Village are sponsoring and dooccur. Obviously, coma-tire first annual "Walk For Win- ny employecs cant he every-oem'. The2-milewalk-A-Thon, where, so thaIs why Edisonwhich is being organized by em- connE on members of the publicployees of Allstate, who volun- sokeepaneyeoatfortroshlésitu-leer to help Ilse comiouorty and ations and report them by callingresidents ofûrchard Village, will Edissus 24-hour loB-free 05m-

. take place starting the Allstate ber -- I-800-EDISON-1 (l-800-headquartersinsouthwess Skokio 334-7661).on Saturday, Sept 14.

Registration begins at 9:30 Youtham. and the morning includes re.feeshmenlo, u tee-shirt, prices, soccer ctinic

. and lunch. Participants are takcdto make a $4 donation and to find The Ntles Park District is sow

spousors for thenon-corupetitive accepting registration for Is

walk. lfyou areinterested in sign- youth soccer cltmc.

ing np or volunteering to help Parttctpanls will learn the fun-

with the Walk-A-Then, pledse damentals of soccer on Satur-

. call Kathy Smith at (700) 967- days. Instruction on practice,. 1800 .

conditioning arid game urlualtons

All money ruised will he used will also be taught for both girlsto plan activities for the tises and sud boys.

-,,., «i,,. . I 1k,,. Còntact John Jeket at (708)

A IDS law.., Continueti from Pagelenposed. "AIDS is very danger-Onu, and anyone -- especially doc-lorsordentista -- should volnntar-ily teli theirpalientu. People mostknow," Capparetlisaid.

Senator Martin Butler (R-28)also voted in favorofthe bill, slat-ing, "I betieve ii is every person'sright to know if they were ex-posed in any way." He added,

.. "Back when I was a kid, theyposted signs when someone hadscarlet fever, and no one thoughttheir rights were being abused, ltwas protection for everyone.

HIV is a greater tltreal. This iswhat public health protectionshould he. People have a right toknow if they'e been exposed," heconcluded.

Senator Walter Dudyce (R-7)alsosspporled the meausre.

This legislation wan part of abili Ihal allows rape victims logoto Ihr stale's attorney, priOr toconviction but when probablecause has been established, anddn,i,ued AIDS te, dg for accused

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aches, was hospitalized at Luth-em General Hospital in ParkRidge.

Power said malpractice casesare very espensive. Typically,personal injury attorneys rcceive.approximately 25 percent of thetolalaward,plusexpenues.

Cohn, who died Nov. 9, 1984,issttrvivcd by hcrhanband Ralph,SI, and twogmwn childrcu

Park Board...were "sick messages on my an-swcring machine" that told him Iochangehis vole.

Commissioner Elaine Heilen,who had voted for allowingsmoking ia a previous action, eu-plumed hervotr switch, sayingshe had monitored the pool unan-nounced,found smokers were notslaying at the table designated forsmokiag and kids were aroundficares. She too, received numer-OuO phone calls, even at work,urging her to vole ngainst smok-ing. She said "I feel if people can'tabide by the rule of the board l'tiehangemy vote tonight.'.

PresidentCarol Panek reflect-ed ou her concern after seeing

. parents silting and smoking at thewater park with their liEte chit-then playing about them.

Board members returned to an-other contentious issue and ap-proved keeping the adult swimduring safety break policy as it is,This policy bansaduitswims dar-ing safety breaks at the Oasis wa-terpark, butallows iraI the SportsComplex pool. The policy will bereviewed before neut year.

Commissioner Marlcue Bac-eck noted mare staff would haveto be hired if break swims wereallowed at the Oasis und commis-uioners udiI "didn't have the fullpicture on expenses" because theutility bills had tot come in. Norwan hiring guards feasible at this

. time of the year, she added. Fivelifeguards are now scheduled toleave in August. .

President Panek said.she held.from consideration a petition re-,questing the dismissal of EllisAssociates, the firm that eslab-hubes safely procedures for thedistrict water facilities. She bol-stored her uction by presenting

'therenulls ofa Surprise audit Ellisperformed in dur past month. Thereport stated "staff performanceis outstanding." SuperintendentofRecrestion Nuncie Boland alsorporled both Nues water facili-ties were rated excellent,

In his report, Park DirectorTom Lippen introduced Jay ledi-nab as the new assistant businessmanager.

Jedinak has over 20 years of

rapists. Previonsly, victims bedlo wait nudi conviction -- aneventlhatoflen does noloccur, anrape charges are often plea-bargaineddown lo lesserchurges.

Previous AIDS disclosure leg-islation was vetoed by GovernorJim Edgar. ' lt had included ameassrelo require prisoners 10 betested for AIDS before leavingjail. GovernorEdgar rejected thelegislation, opting lo wait for nmore specific determination onthe issue from the Ceuter for Dis-ease Control.

The bill also provides forwarning 10 health care wotkers ifthey have done invasive peace-dares on a palienl, who later Ismsout lo be HIV-infecled.

The sote was 104-5 on thelandmark legislation, Ihe firstsuch hilt to pass a legislature inany slate. The Senate had earlieradopted the measure 53-0. TItemeasure now goes lo Governorunu Edgar for final action.

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and theirridcrs."They were losing money,"

Swansonsaid."They were rnde and often

very obnoxious to the seniors.'rioted Village Administrator Lar-'y Ant. "(Since the new systemcame into effect) there have beenno moreproblems."

Swanson and Arft expect thenew system will be permanentlyimplemented.

Continued friim Page 1nance administrator and most re-cently was an accountatil for theFederal Deposit Insurance Cor-poralion of Chicago.,,.

Lippert also,axi'nounccd theresignation of Revenue FaciliiiesManager Jim Weides, who has'accepled a position an ice andaquarien facility manager for theGlenview Park Disleict.

Davo Figgins, Weides' assist-anl,will be interim revenue facili-ties manager, effectiveiuly 29.

Figginu later promoted the dis-trict'n July 31 marking,of Tam's20th anniversary withaprice roll-back ou some refrestumenis, apultiug contest und a closest-ta-the-piucontest.

Turning to finances, Vice Pees-ident James Pierski noted the Fi-nance Committee had reviewedcurrent and past policies regard-ing benefits to past commission-ers: had looked at fundo and bal-asees in the current budget to secwhat has been spent compared towhat is budgeted and had studieda tentative schedule for the bud-get process.

Pierski gained board approvalestablishing a$20 chargefor re-turned checks.

Treasurer Mary Marusek dis-tribuleul an itemized review ofpark district balances by fund.She said tax collections for thecorporate and recreation fundawere ahead of last year and thegolf coarse fanriwits doing ex-ceplionatly well with revenues of$96,646'forthòmonlh of Jane.

.. The Piliks, Building and.Gruinuds.Committee, chaired by

, .g2otnduissibjti Heinen, touredlive district parks Commttleemnrnbers ab considering Ilseplaygroand '. ;and landscapingneed8' of the' Sports Complexpark. . ' .

Commisnione, linnen askedDirector Lippen it) seek out buy-ers for tise oldRecreatiou Centerwater slide byAug. I. and told of'requests by neighbors of GolfMill Park for new playgroundequipment She taInted MikeRea, superintendent of buildingsand grounds; Tracy Taylor, ad-ministrative coordinalor and astateemployee forpreparinga re-



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Authorities specubte thestrong currentS pulled Ryan'sbody Out iflIo lItO lake. Membersof the Lake County Sheriff's Po-lice, Waukegan Pire Department,U.S. Coast Guard and othersseethed for Ryan from appmxi''mately 3 p.m. until late Sundayevening. According to the coro-ncr's office, Ryan's body washedup on the beach and was dincov-cred early the neotmoming.

Josh Cole, 16, one of Ryan'sfriends, was rencard Sunday nf-ternoon us he began to lone con-aciousness in the water. 'He wastreated at Victory Memorial Hou-pilai in Waukegan and released.

Although signs are posted thatprohibit swimming in. the area,the group apparently ignored thewarnings. Since 1988. three otherdrownings have taken pIareis thesume spot. Diane Emerson, anEdinou spokesperson, said thatapart from posting nignn, thecompany is not sure whatelse canbe done to prevent future trage-dies.

Lawrence S. KolbaskaNavy Airman Recruit Law-

croce S. Koibaska, son of SteveN. and Irene D Kolbaska ofNiles, has completed recruitIrainilig atRecruis-Training Corn-nsaod, San Diego.

The 1983 graduate of MaineTosvnship East. High School,Park Ridge, joined the Navy inFebruary 1991.

to plant trees in Nues parks. Thédistrict seeks $17,000 from thegovernment, with the districtpro-viding $19,000 i. matching


. Continued rrom.Page1May. 'The'tffending residenceswill be revisited afire 30 days loseeiflhe siluation has been cor-reeled. , '

"If there's a financiol burden,we're not going IO pnsh them,'Ba'varo suid "We're not going lopush them if'they needaddili000llime. " .,

Bavaro said the village person.nel are aathorizedby village ordi-nasce 10 cuter. any structure Or

'premises IO prrfOrminlPecttoflS."We'd like lokeep oar property

values np inNiles," Bavaro said."We want to keep Niles lookinggreat."

Adult swimclasses set.

Ifyou are at adult from age 17lo seniaraatd havealways wantedlo learn la esvir., or if you knowhow to swim, but need additionalskill development, the LeaningTower Family YMCA is 'Wherelt'sAt"!

Nationally-trained YMCA in-struclors are hamanistici. theirapproach lo. the nelds of eachperson, and the Leanin TowerFamily YMCA goaIs.aie toprövidnarelaxingand tropical at-mosphere where all participantsedn grow and develop at theirown rate.

The 5-week classes began July15.. For additional information,contact the Leaning TowerFamily YMCA, 6300 WestTouhy Ave., Nues, (708)647-S222.

DennisP. ChanceNavy Seaman Recruit Dennis

P. Charca, non of Dennin L.Chance nf Des Plumeo, has corn-plolod recuit training al Ancrait

' 'Truiring ChhterfOrlando, Fia.

--. ThE glJGhg,-THuasDAyJuLrlaggl''bE5O . ,, 1991..

suffered from this bad recom-mcndation and learned thehard way such a kindnessprovesi tobeadisscrvice.

In the case of the formerNiles village manager, wewere told he was a whiz atdealing with tinancial matters.But his personnel relation.ships were harmful whicheveutually proved his down-fall in his Teaneck job.

Would Niles oflicials havebeen kinder to him by lettinghim know his shortcomingsand asking him to change? Ocwere they houer letting thingsslide, Iming several longtimeemployees and eventuallycausing similar problems athis next job?

Maine Township up those wallets!Owing the upcoming schoolyear you will be paying$855,533 for the len adminis-eaters salaries in high schoolDistrict 207, SuperintendentSaines Elliott will be paidsi 10,400. The assistant super-intendenta of admiuistrationand business will be paid$95.587 each. The assistantsuperintendenl of instruction,who will he announced, willget $78,200. The three princi-pals will get from $88,780 to$91,635. Director of SpecialEducation and Sludext Per-tonart Services will be paid$80,384 as will the Coordina-lar of Planning and SpecialProj9cls. The director of pub-lic relations will receive$45,796.

Yo,, live in a high rent highschool district.