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    ED 402 712 EC 305 220

    TITLE Texas Early Childhood Intervention Programs, 1997Directory.

    INSTITUTION Texas Interagency Council on Early ChildhoodIntervention, Austin.

    PUB DATE Nov 96NOTE 47p.AVAILABLE FROM Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood

    Intervention, Division of Education, Communication &Information, 4900 North Lamar, Austin, TX 78751-2399;toll-free telephone: 800-250-2246.

    PUB TYPE Reference Materials Directories/Catalogs (132)

    EDRS PRICE MF01/PCO2 Plus Postage.DESCRIPTORS Community Programs; Definitions; *Developmental

    Delays; *Disabilities; Disability Identification;*Early Intervention; Eligibility; Home Programs;Infants; *Organizations (Groups); PreschoolEducation; Referral; State Agencies; *State Programs;Toddlers


    ABSTRACTThe Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood

    Intervention (ECI) serves 23,000 children a year and funds 71comprehensive programs and 12 Milestones programs throughout Texas.Comprehensive programs offer a variety of services to help familieswho have babies and toddlers with disabilities or delays, providingservices in the home or integrated community settings. Milestonesprograms identify newborn babies who may need further evaluation andhelp link parents with primary health care providers. This directorylists ECI Comprehensive and Milestones programs by city in Texas.Program names, addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers areprovided, as well as service area information. The guide alsoprovides information on referral and eligibility and definitions ofterms used in the directory. Supplementary information includes Texastelephone numbers of various professional groups, a listing of otherstate and national resources, and a listing of Texas research anddemonstration projects impacting children in Texas with developmentaldelays. (DB)


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  • Texas Early Childhood Intervention Programs




    U S DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONOffice of Educational Research and Improvement


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    , nit lies-




    *1/4 alaa wet

    Serving Texas families who haveand toddlers with disabliditiereta


  • Texas Early Childhood Intervention Programs


    Texas The Interagency Council onInteragency

    icon Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)Early Childhoodkg a serves Texas families who have

    babies and toddlers with disabilities or delays.The state agency provides services in everyTexas county through local programs. ECIreceived more than $42 million in state andfederal funding (IDEA, Part H, P.L. 102-119) forfiscal year 1997.

    The 1997 Directory is published by the:Texas Interagency Councilon Early Childhood InterventionDivision of Education,Communication & Information4900 North LamarAustin, Texas 78751-2399Telephone (512) 424-6785Fax (512) 424-6833ECI web site:

    Although an effort has been made to verifyinformation in this directory, inaccuracies mayoccur. We apologize for any inconvenience andask that you send any corrections in writing viamail or fax to the ECI State Office Division ofEducation, Communication & Information.

    Updated information about ECI programs maybe obtained from the ECI Care Line at(800) 250-2246 or theECI web site:

    November 1996


    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • ContentsAbout ECI page 2

    Referring a child page 4

    Finding programs page 5

    Eligibility page 6

    Comprehensive services page 7

    Milestones Programs page 8

    Comprehensive Programs page 10

    Finding professionalsin Texas page 31

    State & national resources page 32

    Texas research &demonstration projects page 35

    1997 Directoryquestionnaire page 39


    For more information, call the ECI are Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 1

  • About ECIThe Texas InteragencyCouncil on EarlyChildhood

    Intervention (ECI) servesTexas families who havebabies and toddlers(children, birth to age 3)with disabilities or delays.Currently, services areprovided at no cost to thefamily.

    The agency serves morethan 23,000 children a yearand funds 71 comprehensiveprograms and 12 Milestonesprograms throughout Texas.ECI received more than $42million in state and federalfunds (IDEA Part H, PublicLaw 102-119) for fiscal year1997.

    ECI services are deliveredthrough local communityprograms funded by ECI.Some of these programs alsoreceive funding from theDepartment of MentalHealth and MentalRetardation, the TexasEducation Agency orprivate organizations, suchas Easter Seal.

    Texas ECI families act aspartners with the agency atthe state level and with ECIprograms at the local level,helping children withdisabilities or delays reachtheir potential. The agency'scouncil, which is thegoverning board of thestatewide system ofservices, consists of 3parents of children withdisabilities or delays and 6representatives from theTexas Departments ofHealth, Human Services,Mental Health and MentalRetardation, Protective andRegulatory Services, theTexas Education Agency,and the Texas Commissionon Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

    Families are alsorepresented by a 22-memberadvisory committee whosemembers are nominatedfrom local ECI programs,advocacy groups, parentsupport groups, and otherentities. At the local level,families work with ECIprogram staff on a team todevelop an IndividualizedFamily Service Plan (IFSP),outlining services for theirchild and family. Programsalso may have local boardsconsisting of family andcommunity members.


    ComprehensiveProgramsECI comprehensiveprograms offer a variety ofservices to help familieswho have babies andtoddlers with disabilities ordelays. Services areprovided in the home and/or community, in locationswith children who do nothave delays.

    Together, families and ECIprogram staff create aservice plan and choose theappropriate services for achild. Staff then provide orarrange for these services,such as physical therapy, orspecial instruction, accordingto the child's needs. Together,families and ECI programstaff help children enrolled inECI ComprehensivePrograms to reach theirpotential.

    Milestones ProgramsMilestones programsidentify newborn babieswho may need furtherevaluation. Programs alsohelp parents maintain a linkwith their primary healthcare providers. Parents ofnewborns with a very lowbirth weight are interviewedat the hospital beforedischarge and are offeredthe opportunity to enroll inthe local Milestonesprogram. Services areprovided to eligible babiesat no cost to the family.

    2 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246


    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 3

  • R f ing a childWhen should you refer?What the law says:

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, P.L. 102-119) is the federallaw that sets up a system of services throughout the United States to serve children,birth to age 3, with disabilities or delays. The Texas Interagency Council on EarlyChildhood Intervention (ECI) is the state agency that governs that system of servicesand programs in Texas.

    The law requires that professionals refer children for services within twoworking days of determining a delay or disability.

    This directory of Texas Early Childhood Intervention programs was published tohelp you quickly find your local ECI program when you suspect a child might needservices.

    How should you refer?Call the:

    ECI Comprehensive program or Milestones program near youSee the list of programs beginning on page 8 to find the program that serves yourarea. The program will screen children for potential eligibility at no cost to families.

    or call the:

    ECI State Office at (800) 250-2246The State Office in Austin provides an information and referral service regarding ECIand will refer you to a program in your community or across the country.


    4 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Finding programsThis directory lists each ECI Comprehensive and Milestones program by the city inTexas where its main office is located. Program names, addresses, phone and faxnumbers are provided, as well as service area information.

    To find the ECI Comprehensive program that serves your area, refer to the map on page 10and the program list that follows it. Locate your city, or the largest city nearest you, in yourregion of the state and contact the program listed. A program list, by county, begins on page11.

    To find the ECI Milestones program that serves your area, turn to page 8 and locate your cityor the largest city nearest you and contact the program listed.

    You can also refer a child and find out about programs and services by calling theECI Care Line at (800) 250-2246.

    People in Texas with hearing or speech impairments can call Relay Texas, (800) 735-2989,using telecommunication devices (TDDs), to contact the ECI Care Line or organizations listedin this directory. There is also a TDD line at the ECI State Office, (512) 424-6770.

    8For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 5

  • EligibilityAfter referral for ECIservices, the child isevaluated by an

    interdisciplinary team. Theteam includes the child'sfamily and ECI programstaff members who haveprofessional experience in avariety of fields, such aseducation, physical therapy,speech-language pathology,or social work.

    If the child is eligible, asdetermined by a medicaldiagnosis, atypicaldevelopment, ordevelopmental delays,program staff and thechild's family will developan Individualized FamilyService Plan (IFSP), whichwill outline ongoingservices for the child andthe family.

    If the child is not eligiblefor ECI, program staff willrecommend other appropriateresources to the family.


    Children are eligible forECI Comprehensiveservices if they are underage 3 and documented ashaving delays, have adiagnosed physical ormental condition that has ahigh probability ofresulting in delays, orexhibit atypicaldevelopment. A child withdelays must show asignificant delay, beyondacceptable variations innormal development, inone or more of thefollowing areas:

    cognitivegross or fine motorskillslanguage or speechsocial or emotionalself-help skills

    A child who mayperform within theappropriate age range ontesting instruments, butwhose behavior orbehavior patterns areatypical, is also eligible.

    Children are eligible ifthey have a medicallydiagnosed physical ormental condition with ahigh probability of resultingin delays. These conditionsinclude, but are not limitedto:

    Down syndrome andother chromosomalabnormalitiessensory impairments,including vision andhearinginborn errors ofmetabolismmicrocephalyfailure to thriveseizure disordersfetal alcohol syndrome

    Milestones programsChildren are eligible forMilestones services if theyweigh 1500 grams (about 31/2 pounds) or less at birthand do not otherwisequalify for ECIcomprehensive services orany other publicly fundedservice coordinationprogram.

    Anyone may refer a child for ECI services.ECI programs determine eligibility.

    6 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Comprehensive servicesComprehensive services are included in the Individualized Family ServicePlan (IFSP), according to the needs of each child and family. The planincludes some of the following services as appropriate:0 nce a family isenrolled in an ECIComprehensive

    program, they will receivea Family Rights Handbook,which outlines the rights offamilies whose children areenrolled in ECI and whatservices to expect.

    Service deliveryECI services are provided ingroup settings orindividually, depending onhow a child benefits most.Services can be delivered in:

    the homecommunitysettings with children whodo not have delays in theirdevelopment

    ECI Comprehensiveservices are:

    provided to children frombirth to age 3, who havedisabilities or delayscurrently provided at nocost to the family,regardless of incomeavailable to children whoare Texas residents

    Assistive Technology Services - aservice that directly assists a childwith a disability in the selection,acquisition, or use of an assistivetechnology device.

    Audiology Services -screening,evaluation and assessment ofhearing, including range, natureand degree of hearing loss andcommunication functioning.Referral for medical and otherservices necessary for thehabilitation or rehabilitation ofchildren with auditory impairment.Provision of auditory training, auralrehabilitation, speech reading andlistening device orientation andtraining. Provision of services forthe prevention of hearing loss.Determination of the child's needfor individual amplification,including selecting, fitting anddispensing appropriate listeningand vibrotactile devices, andevaluating the effectiveness of thosedevices.

    Early Identification, Screeningand Assessment - procedures toidentify children who might beeligible, to evaluate themdevelopmentally and to determinetheir strengths and needs.

    Family Counseling - guidance forthe family, such as help fromtrained personnel to improve childand family interaction.

    Family Education - training andinformation about childdevelopment, the child's delay andhow to help the child.

    Home Visits - services provided inthe home.

    Health Services - assistance toenable a child to benefit from otherservices, including: cleanintermittent catheterization,tracheostomy care, tube feeding, thechanging of dressings or ostomycollection bags, and consultationwith service providers concerningspecial health care needs.

    Medical Services - diagnostic orevaluation services by a licensedphysician to determine a child'sdevelopmental status and the needfor early intervention services. ECIprograms do not pay for othermedical services.

    Nursing - health statusassessments, nursing care toprevent health problems orimprove functioning,administration of medications, andregimens prescribed by a licensedphysician.

    Nutrition - services provided by adietitian or nutritionist whodetermines the child's nutritionalstatus.

    Occupational Therapy - servicesto help the child learn skills neededfor play and daily living, includingdesigning and providing assistivedevices to help the child.

    Physical Therapy - services toidentify movement problems and tohelp prevent or reduce movementproblems.

    Psychological Services - includecounseling, analysis of functioning,and interpretation of behavior.

    Service Coordination -(previously called CaseManagement) help in obtaining oraccessing the services needed bythe chile and family, providinginformation about ECI services, andfinding other services in thecommunity.

    Social Work Services -assessments of the child in thefamily setting. Counseling andsocial skill building activities.

    Special Instruction - helping the childdevelop learning skills.

    Speech/Language Pathology -helping the child who is behind inunderstanding language or inspeaking.

    Transportation - coverage of travelcosts that are necessary to enable aneligible child to receive services.

    Vision Services - screening,evaluation and assessment ofvision. Referral for medical or otherprofessional services necessary forthe habilitation or rehabilitation ofvisual functioning. Communicationskills training, orientation andmobility training, visual training,independent living skills training,and additional training necessaryto activate visual motor abilities.

    10For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 7

  • Milestones Programs

    Finding ECI Milestones ProgramsECI Milestones Programs are listed alphabetically by the citywhere they are located and include counties served by eachprogram. Some programs have satellite offices where referrals canbe made. To find the program that serves your area, locate yourcity, or the largest city nearest you and contact the program listed.

    AustinCentral TexasMilestones Program512/467-98751101 Camino La Costa,Room 210Austin, Texas 78752Fax: 512/451-1468

    Danielle Odom, ProgramCoordinator

    Counties ServedBastrop, Bell, Coryell, Falls, Hill,McLennan, Travis, Williamson

    CarrolltonBabytracks Project214/492-06464443 North Josey LaneCarrollton, Texas 75010Fax: 214/394-6266

    Ernest A. Gotts, Ph.D.,Director

    Counties ServedCollin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis,Fannin, Grayson, Hunt,Kaufman, Navarro, Rockwall

    Service AreaDenton County: Southeastportion (serves infants whospend newborn stay in Collin orDallas County NICUs)

    Satellite Office(s)5701 Maple AvenueDallas, Texas 75238214/350-8186

    Corpus ChristiBaby Connection512/850-64003455 South AlamedaCorpus Christi, Texas 78411Fax: 512/851-6880

    Lizette Saenz, Coordinator

    Counties ServedAransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, JimHogg, Jim Wells, Kenedy,Kleberg, Live Oak, McMullen,Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio

    EdinburgRISC Program210/383-14781304 South 25th StreetEdinburg, Texas 78539Fax: 210/383-8864

    Erasmo Salinas, Jr.,Program Coordinator

    Counties ServedCameron, Hidalgo, Starr, Willacy

    El PasoFirst Step915/543-3591222 South Campbell StreetEl Paso, Texas 79901Fax: 915/543-3600

    Carlos Gomez,Program AdministratorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedBrewster, Culberson, El Paso,Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Presidio

    Ft. Worth1

    TRACS Project817/885-3931801 7th AvenueFort Worth, Texas 76104Fax: 817/885-4118

    Leanne Coward, Director

    Counties ServedCook, Denton, Erath, Hood,Johnson, Palo Pinto, Parker,Somervell, Tarrant, Wise

    8 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • GalvestonGulf Area HighPriority Premies(GUPPIES)409/772-2815409/772-9420301 University BoulevardGalveston, Texas 77555-0526Fax: 409/772-0747

    Armida Alcocer, ProgramCoordinatorDr. Michael Malloy, ProjectDirectorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedAustin, Brazoria, Chambers,Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston,Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery,Walker, Waller, Wharton

    HoustonProject Print713/770-3410Meyer Center For Pediatrics6621 Fannin StreetMC-3-2335Houston, Texas 77030-2399Fax: 713/770-3399

    Victoria M. Hill,Milestones CoordinatorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedHarris

    LubbockProject Little Steps806/766-1172806/766-11751628 19th StreetLubbock, Texas 79401Fax: 806/766-1253

    Lavera Marie Gray,Program Specialist

    Counties ServedBailey, Cochran, Crosby, Dawson,Dickens, Floyd, Gaines, Garza,Hale, Hock ley, Kent, King, Lamb,Lubbock, Lynn, Motley, Terry,Yoakum

    LongviewBaby Care903/758-9300448 East Loop 281, Suite 3Longview, Texas 75605Fax: 903/757-8294

    Mattie Weir, MilestonesCoordinator

    Counties ServedCamp, Cass, Gregg, Harrison,Marion, Morris, Panola, Rusk,Smith, Titus, Upshur

    San AntonioTiny Trax210/737-9119800/524-37554203 Woodcock Drive,Suite 208San Antonio, Texas 78228Fax: 210/737-8227

    Roddy Baker,Program CoordinatorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedAtascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal,Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe,Kendall, Kerr, Medina, Wilson

    TempleCentral TexasMilestones Program817/778-67442408 South 37th StreetTemple, Texas 76504Fax: 817/778-4066

    joy Worley,Program Coordinator

    Counties ServedBastrop, Bell, Coryell, Falls, Hill,McLennan, Travis, Williamson

    Wichita FallsScreening, Trackingand Referral Services(STARS)817/723-2292800/831-6263Wichita General Hospital1600 8th StreetWichita Falls, Texas 76301Fax: 817/723-2297

    Susan Foster,Infant STARS CoordinatorEmail: infantstar

    Counties ServedArcher, Baylor, Brown, Callahan,Clay, Coleman, Comanche,Eastland, Fisher, Foard,Hardeman, Haskell, Hood, Jack,Jones, Kent, Knox, Mitchell,Montague, Nolan, Runnels,Scurry, Shackelford, Stephens,Stonewall, Taylor, Throckmorton,Wichita, Wilbarger, Young

    12For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 9

  • Comprehensive ProgramsFinding ECI Comprensive Programs

    The map of Texas below includes some of the major citieswhere ECI Comprehensive programs are located. A regionallist of programs begins on page 16.

    ECI programs are listed under the city in the region wheretheir main office is located. Some programs have satelliteoffices where referrals can be made.

    Counties served by each program are also listed. In somecases, more than one program serves a particular county. Thesecounties are multi-served, programs which serve them areindicated by an asterisk. These programs have designatedservice areas within multi-served counties to ensure each childin Texas is served. Service areas may be listed by zip codes,school districts, or other boundaries. Service area informationis listed in detail below the program.

    To find the program that serves your area, locate your city, orthe largest city nearest you within your geographic region ofTexas, and contact the program listed. Or, use the followingprogram list, by county.

    If you have any questions about what areas are served by aparticular program, or if you are referring a child to anotherstate, or across the country, please call the ECI Care Line at(800) 250-2246.

    two* Ar

    Note: Some programs' service areas cross regional boundaries


    10 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Comprehensive programs, by countyCounty Program PageAnderson ACCESS Early Childhood Intervention 23Andrews ECI Cares 30Angelina Cornerstone 23, 25Aransas Bay To Bay Infant Development Program 26Archer Infant/Child Development Program 19Armstrong Region 16 ESC ECI 16Atascosa Early Intervention Program 28Austin Know Infant Delays (KID) Project 23Bailey Rural Infant Education Program 16Bandera Homespun ECI 21Bastrop PRIDE Program 20Baylor Infant/Child Development Program 19Bee Bay To Bay Infant Development Program 26Bell Childteam 21Bexar Brighton School ECI Program 28

    Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center ECI 28Get Ready for Three (GR-3) 28Parent and Child Educational Services (PACES) 28Parent Education Early Intervention Program (PEEIP) 28

    Blanco Homespun ECI 21Borden Rolling Prairies ECI 19Bosque Klaras Children's Center 21Bowie Region 8 ESC ECI 24

    Valued Infants and Parents 25Brazoria Project ADEPT 22Brazos First Steps Forward 20Brewster ECI Cares 30Briscoe Rural Infant Education Program 16Brooks Bay To Bay Infant Development Program 26Brown Child Development Center (CDC) 17Burleson First Steps Forward 20Burnet PRIDE Program 20Caldwell PRIDE Program 20Calhoun Region 3 ESC ECI 29Callahan Advancing Babies Chances (ABC) 17Cameron Pediatric Infant Program 27

    Region 1 ESC ECI 27Tropical Texas Center ECI Program 27

    Camp Region 8 ESC ECI 24Carson Region 16 ESC ECI 16Cass Region 8 ESC ECI 24Castro Rural Infant Education Program 16Chambers First Steps 22

    Infant Program 22Cherokee ACCESS Early Childhood Intervention 23Childress Region 16 ESC ECI 16Clay Infant/Child Development Program 19Cochran DEBT ECI Program 16Coke PRIDE 30Coleman Child Development Center (CDC) 17Collin Collin County MHMR ECI Program 19

    South Collin County Infant Program (SCCIP) 19Collingsworth Region 16 ESC ECI 16Colorado Project GROW 25Comal Homespun ECI 21Comanche Child Development Center (CDC) 14 17

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 11

  • CountyConchoCookeCoryellCottleCraneCrockettCrosbyCulberson

    Dl Dallam' Dallas



    DawsonDeaf SmithDeltaDenton

    De WittDickensDimmitDonleyDuvalEastlandEctorEdwardsEllisEl Paso

    ErathFallsFanninFayetteFisherFloydFoardFort Bend


    Program PagePRIDE 30ECI Texoma 18Childteam 21Rolling Prairies ECI 19ECI Cares 30PRIDE 30DEBT ECI Program 16ECI Cares 30Region 16 ESC ECI 16Dallas Center for Developmentally Disabled ECI 17Parent Infant Training Center 18Project Kids 18Dallas Services for Visually Impaired Children 17Parents in Partnership (PIP) 19ECI of Richardson 19Partnership for Early Intervention 18DEBT ECI Program 16Region 16 ESC ECI 16Denton Outreach - ECI Program 18Denton Outreach - ECI Program 18Partnership for Early Intervention 18Region 3 ESC ECI 29DEBT ECI Program 16Early Intervention Program 28Region 16 ESC ECI 16Bay to Bay Infant Development Program 26Child Development Center (CDC) 17Infant Stimulation Program 30PRIDE 30Step By Step 20El Paso Rehabilitation Center ECI 30Elinor Zind ECI Program 30A Step Forward 30Infant Intervention Program 19Step by Step 20ECI Texoma 18PRIDE Program 20Rolling Prairies ECI 19Rural Infant Education Program 16Infant/Child Development Program 19Project Tyke 24Project GROW 25Infant Development Program 23Region 8 ESC ECI 24Step by Step 20Early Intervention Program 28DEBT ECI Program 16Project Launch 23DEBT ECI Program 16Homespun ECI 21ECI Cares 30Region 3 ESC ECI 29Early Intervention Program 28Region 16 ESC ECI 16ECI Texoma 1 5 18

    12 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • ;countyGreggGrimesGuadalupeHaleHallHamiltonHansfordHardemanHardinHarris


    HillHock leyHoodHopkinsHoustonHowardHudspethHuntHutchinsonIrionJackJacksonJasperJeff DavisJeffersonJim HoggJim Wells


    Program PagelSabine Valley Center ECI 24First Steps Forward 20Early Intervention Program 28Rural Infant Education Program 16Region 16 ESC ECI 16Childteam 21Region 16 ESC ECI 16Infant/Child Development Program 19Project Search 25Infant Program 22Know Infant Delays (Kid) Project 23Infant Programs 23Project Tyke 24Keep Pace Infant Program 24Infant Development Program 23Project Launch 23Sabine Valley Center ECI 24Region 16 ESC ECI 16Rolling Prairies ECI 19Homespun ECI 21Region 16 ESC ECI 16Andrews Center ECI 25Pediatric Infant Program 27Region 1 ESC ECI 27Tropical Texas Center ECI Program 27Klaras Children's Center 21DEBT ECI Program 16Infant Intervention Program 19Denton Outreach - ECI Program 18Cornerstone 23,25Rolling Prairies ECI 19A Step Forward 30The Children's Center 19Region 16 ESC ECI 16PRIDE 30Infant/Child Development Program 19Region 3 ESC ECI 29Cornerstone 23,25ECI Cares 30First Steps 22Laredo State Center ECI Program 27Project Nitios 26Bay to Bay Infant Development Program 26Child Development Program 17Advancing Babies Chances (ABC) 17Region 3 ESC ECI 29Denton Outreach - ECI Program 18Homespun ECI 21Bay to Bay Infant Development Program 26DEBT ECI Program 16Homespun ECI 21Homespun ECI 21Rolling Prairies ECI 19Homespun ECI 21Bay to Bay Infant Development Program 26Rolling Prairies ECI 19






    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 13

  • County Program PageLamar Denton Outreach ECI Program 18Lamb Rural Infant Education Program 16Lampasas Childteam 21La Salle Early Intervention Program 28Lavaca Region 3 ESC ECI 29Lee PRIDE Program 20Leon First Steps Forward 20Liberty Tri-County ECI 23Limestone Step by Step 20Lipscomb Region 16 ESC ECI 16Live Oak Bay to Bay Infant Development Program 26Llano Homespun ECI 21Loving ECI Cares 30Lubbock DEBT ECI Program 16Lynn DEBT ECI Program 16Madison First Steps Forward 20Marion Sabine Valley Center ECI 24Martin ECI Cares 30Mason Homespun ECI 21Matagorda Project GROW 25Maverick United Medical Centers ECI Program 26McCulloch Child Development Center (CDC) 17McLennan Klaras Children's Center 21McMullen Early Intervention Program 28Medina Homespun ECI 21Menard Homespun ECI 21Midland Infant Stimulation Program 30Milam Childteam 21Mills Child Development Center (CDC) 17Mitchell Rolling Prairies ECI 19Montague Infant/Child Development Program 19Montgomery Tri-County ECI 23Moore Region 16 ESC ECI 16Morris Region 8 ESC ECI 24Motley Rural Infant Education Program 16Nacogdoches Cornerstone 23, 25Navarro Step by Step 20Newton Cornerstone 23, 25Nolan Rolling Prairies ECI 19Nueces Infant Development Program 26Ochiltree Region 16 ESC ECI 16Oldham Region 16 ESC ECI 16Orange First Steps 22Palo Pinto Infant Intervention Program 19Panola Sabine Valley Center ECI 24Parker Infant Intervention Program 19Parmer Rural Infant Education Program 16Pecos Infant Stimulation Program 30Polk Cornerstone 23, 25Potter Amarillo State Center ECI Program 16Presidio ECI Cares 30Rains Andrews Center ECI 25Randall Amarillo State Center ECI Program 16Reagan ECI Cares 30Real Homespun ECI 21Red River Region 8 ESC ECI 24Reeves ECI Cares 1 7 30Refugio Bay to Bay Infant Development Program 26

    Region 3 ESC ECI 29

    14 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • CountyRobertsRobertsonRockwallRunnelsRuskSabineSan AugustineSan JacintoSan PatricioSan SabaSchleicherScurryShackelfordShelbyShermanSmithSomervellStarrStephensSterlingStonewallSuttonSwisherTarrantTaylorTerrellTerryThrockmortonTitusTom GreenTravis

    TrinityTylerUpshurUptonUvaldeVal VerdeVan ZandtVictoriaWalkerWaller


    Program PagelRegion 16 ESC ECIFirst Steps ForwardDenton Outreach ECI ProgramPRIDESabine Valley Center ECICornerstoneCornerstoneCornerstoneBay to Bay Infant Development ProgramChild Development Center (CDC)PRIDERolling Prairies ECIAdvancing Babies Chances (ABC)CornerstoneRegion 16 ESC ECIAndrews Center ECIInfant Intervention ProgramPediatric Infant ProgramAdvancing Babies Chances (ABC)PRIDERolling Prairies ECIPRIDERural Infant Education ProgramECI of Tarrant CountyAdvancing Babies Chances (ABC)ECI CaresDEBT ECI ProgramRolling Prairies ECIRegion 8 ESC ECIPRIDEInfant-Parent Program (IPP)Parent-Child ProgramPediatric Development Program (PDP)CornerstoneCornerstoneSabine Valley Center ECIECI CaresHomespun ECIPRIDEAndrews Center ECIRegion 3 ESC ECITri-County ECIKnow Infant Delays (KID) ProjectProject TykeECI CaresFirst Steps ForwardLaredo State Center ECI ProgramRegion 3 ESC ECIRegion 16 ESC ECIInfant/Child Development ProgramInfant/Child Development ProgramTropical Texas Center ECI ProgramPRIDE ProgramEarly Intervention ProgramECI CaresDenton Outreach - ECI ProgramAndrews Center ECIDEBT ECI ProgramInfant/Child Development ProgramLaredo State Center ECI ProgramEarly Intervention Program

    For more information, call the ECI Care


    162018302423, 2523, 2523, 25261730191723, 251625192717301930161817301619243020202023, 2523, 252430213025292323243020272916191927202830182516192728

    Line at 1 (800) 250-2246






  • PanhandleCities of main ECI offices

    AmarilloAmarillo State CenterECI Program806/358-897471161-40 West (79121)P.O. Box 3070Amarillo, Texas 79116-3070Fax: 806/359-0506

    Cynthia Bischof, ECI Director

    Counties ServedPotter, Randall

    Region 16 ESC ECI806/376-55211601 South Cleveland (79102)P.O. Box 30600Amarillo, Texas 79120-0600Fax: 806/373-3432

    Noel Clifton, ECI CoordinatorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedArmstrong, Carson, Childress,Collingsworth, Dallam, DeafSmith, Donley, Gray, Hall,Hansford, Hartley, Hemphill,Hutchinson, Lipscomb, Moore,Ochiltree, Oldham, Roberts,Sherman, Wheeler

    Satellite Office(s)200 East Ninth StreetBorger, Texas 79007806/273-1008

    300 South KleinP.O. Box 615Dumas, Texas 79029806/935-4151

    601 North 25 Mile AvenueHereford, Texas 79045806/363-7666

    321 West AlbertPampa, Texas 79065806/669-4700, ext. 39

    402 South AmherstP.O. Box 1048Perryton, Texas 79070806/435-4412

    517 South WallShamrock, Texas 79079806/256-2745


    LubbockDEBT ECI Program806/766-11721628 19th StreetLubbock, Texas 79401Fax: 806/766-1253

    Laura Logan Kender,Program Administrator

    Counties ServedCochran, Crosby, Dawson,Dickens, Gaines, Garza, Hockley,Kent, Lubbock, Lynn, Terry,Yoakum


    Counties servedArmstrong Garza OchiltreeBailey Gray OldhamBriscoe Hale ParmerCarson Hall PotterCastro Hansford RandallChildress Hartley RobertsCochran Hemphill ShermanCollingsworth Hockley SwisherCrosby Hutchinson TerryDallam Kent WheelerDawson Lamb YoakumDeaf Smith LipscombDickens LubbockDonley LynnFloyd MooreGaines Motley

    PlainviewRural InfantEducation Program806/291-4416710 QuincyPlainview, Texas 79072Fax: 806/291-4419

    Betty Smallwood,Program CoordinatorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedBailey, Briscoe, Castro, Floyd,Hale, Lamb, Motley, Parmer,Swisher

    Satellite Office(s)119 East Avenue CMuleshoe, Texas 79347806/272-4433

    109 Northeast 2ndDimmitt, Texas 79027806/647-2409

    310 West BroadwayP.O. Box 143Tulia, Texas 79088806/995 -3720

    100 West 4thLittlefield, Texas 79339806/385-4013

    104 West 7thFriona, Texas 79035806/247-3522

    Courthouse, Suite 206Floydada, Texas 79235806/983-2584

    16 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • North

    AbileneAdvancing BabiesChances (ABC)915/670-50902616 South ClackAbilene, Texas 79603Fax: 915/670-5094

    Marie Farrell, ProgramSupervisor

    Counties ServedCallahan, Jones, Shackelford,Stephens, Taylor

    Cities of main ECI offices Counties servedAbilene Archer Foard MontagueBrownwood Baylor Grayson NolanCleburne Borden Hardeman Palo PintoDallas Brown Haskell ParkerDenison Callahan Hood RockwallDenton Clay Hopkins San SabaFarmers Branch Coleman Howard ScurryFort Worth Collin Hunt ShackelfordGarland Comanche Jack SomervellGranbury Cooke Johnson StephensGreenville Cottle Jones StonewallMcKinney Dallas Kaufman TarrantPlano Delta King TaylorRichardson Denton Knox ThrockmortonSweetwater Eastland Lamar WilbargerWichita Falls Erath McCulloch Wichita

    Fannin Mills WiseFisher Mitchell Young

    BrownwoodChild DevelopmentCenter (CDC)915/643-1721901 Avenue B (76801)P.O. Box 250Brownwood, Texas 76804Fax: 915/646-7627

    Cindee Goodwin, Coordinator

    Counties ServedBrown, Coleman, Comanche,Eastland, McCulloch, Mills,San Saba


    CleburneChild DevelopmentProgram817/558-11211601 North Anglin StreetCleburne, Texas 76031Fax: 817/645-3032

    Margaret Owens, ECIProgram Manager

    Counties ServedJohnson

    Dallas*Dallas Center forDevelopmentallyDisabled ECI214/328-43098550 Cadenza LaneDallas, Texas 75228Fax: 214/328-7486

    Susan Bart, Program Director

    Counties ServedDallas

    Service AreaLancaster ISD East of HoustonSchool RoadMesquite ISDSunnyvale ISDWilmer - Hutchins ISDDallas ISD:75141, 75149, 75150, 75159, 75172,75180, 75181, 75182, 75228, 75239,7525375134 and 75146 East ofHouston School Road75217 Southeast of Loop 12(Ledbetter Drive) and South ofHwy. 175 (Hawn Frwy.)75241 South of Loop 12(Ledbetter Drive) and East ofHwy. 342 (Lancaster Road)

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at

    *Dallas Services ForVisually ImpairedChildren214/828-99004242 Office ParkwayDallas, Texas 75204Fax: 214/828-9901

    Carol Danielson, EducationDirector

    Counties ServedDallas

    Service AreaHighland Park ISDDallas ISD:75006, 75230, 75240, 7524875204 and 75246 North ofHaskell Ave.75206 South of Vanderbilt75214 West of Abrams/Victor75219 North of Lemmon Ave.75223 North of IH-30 andNortheast of Haskell Ave.

    *Parent InfantTraining Center214/634-37261499 Regal Row, Suite 200Dallas, Texas 75247Fax: 214/634-2953

    Barbara Moss, ECICoordinator

    Counties ServedDallas

    Dallas and the Parent InfantTraining Center service areainformation continue on thenext page.

    1 (800) 250-2246 17

  • North

    continued*Parent InfantTraining Center, continued

    Service AreaCedar Hill ISDDesoto ISDDuncanville ISDGrand Praire ISDIrving ISD South of Hwy. 183(Airport Frwy.)Lancaster ISD West of HoustonSchool RoadDallas ISD:75232, 75233, 75236, 75237, 7524775211 and 75212 West ofWestmoreland Road75224 East of Hwy. 67 (Marvin DLove Frwy.)75241 West of Hwy. 342 (LancasterRoad)

    Satellite Office(s)1425 Pioneer Road, Suite 135Irving, Texas 75061214/254-2353

    *Project Kids214/982-104912532 Nuestra DriveDallas, Texas 75230Fax: 214/982-1192

    Angela Pittman, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedDallas

    Service AreaDallas ISD:75201, 75202, 75203, 75205, 75207,75208, 75209, 75210, 75215, 75216,75218, 75220, 75225, 75226, 75227,75229, 75231, 75234, 75235, 75238,7524475204 and 75246 South ofHaskell Ave.75206 North of Vanderbilt75211 and 75212 East ofWestmoreland Road75214 East of Abrams/Victor75217 North of Loop 12(Ledbetter Road) and North ofHwy. 175 (Hawn Frwy.)75219 South of Lemmon Ave.75223 South of IH-30 andSouthwest of Haskell Ave.75224 West of Hwy. 67 (MarvinD Love Frwy.)75241 North of Loop 12(Ledbetter Drive)

    DenisonECI Texoma903/463-5691406 West MorganDenison, Texas 75020Fax: 903/465-3055

    Linda K. Horton, ECIProgram Director

    Counties ServedCooke, Fannin, Grayson

    Satellite Office(s)211 North CommerceGainesville, Texas 76240817/665-1464

    311 West Sam RayburnBonham, Texas 75418903/583-5851

    Denton*Denton Outreach-ECIProgram817/891-0970Lakewood Square3969 Teasley Lane, Suite 140Denton, Texas 76205Fax: 817/891-2909

    Mary Jane Gitter, Outreach-ECIDirector

    Counties ServedDelta, Denton, Hopkins,Kaufman, Lamar, Rockwall, Wise

    Service AreaDenton County: Portion north ofHebron Parkway75067 North of Round GroveRoad and Hwy. 121

    Satellite Office(s)300-C North TrinityP.O. Box 559Decator, Texas 76234817/627-7300

    101 9th StreetP 0. Box 506Terrell, Texas 75160214/524-3001

    1400 College StreetP.O. Box 2133Sulphur Springs, Texas 75483903/885-8018

    2550 Dragon DriveParis, Texas 75460903/737-4330


    Farmers Branch*Partnership for EarlyIntervention972/991-67774350 Sigma, Suite 100Farmers Branch, Texas 75244Fax: 972/991-6361

    Ann Wood, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedDallas, Denton

    Service AreaDallas County: Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, Coppell ISDIrving ISD North of Hwy. 183Denton County: South of HebronPkwy. from Collin County line to1-35 East75067 South of Round GroveRoad/FM 3040

    Fort WorthECI of Tarrant County817/446-80003840 South Hulen StreetHulen Tower NorthFort Worth, Texas 76107Fax: 817/735-3873

    Joy Elliott, Chief of ECIServices

    Counties ServedTarrant

    Satellite Office(s)1208 Country Club LaneFort Worth, Texas 76112817/446-8000 (for all referrals)

    18 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Garland*Parents InPartnership (PIP)972/494-83861621 McCallum DriveGarland, Texas 75042Fax: 972/494-8386

    Janet Centola, ProgramManagerMeredith Smith, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedDallas

    Service AreaGarland ISD

    Satellite Office(s)2725 South First StreetGarland, Texas 75041972/494-8762

    720 Stadium DriveGarland, Texas 75040972/494-8581

    GranburyInfant InterventionProgram817/573-2662P.O. Box 261104 Pirate DriveGranbury, Texas 76048Fax: 817/573-9531

    Dayna Adams, ProgramManager

    Counties ServedErath, Hood, Palo Pinto, Parker,Somervell

    Satellite Office(s)209-B BarnardGlen Rose, Texas 76043817/897-4337

    Building 244, Fort WoltersMineral Wells, Texas 76067817/325-9541

    1508-B Santa FeWeatherford, Texas 76086817/594-3860

    652 West Green StreetStephenville, Texas 76401817/965-7806

    GreenvilleThe Children's Center903/454-03002824 Terrell Road, Suite 502Greenville, Texas 75402Fax: 903/454-8635

    Elaine Nelson, Director ofChildren and AdolescentServices

    Counties ServedHunt

    McKinney*Collin County MHMRECI Program972/562-0331209 N. Benge (75069)P.O. Box 828McKinney, Texas 75070Fax: 972/547-6801

    Mary Forbes, ECI ProgramCoordinator

    Counties ServedCollin

    Service AreaAll ISDs in Collin County exceptPiano ISD

    Plano*South Collin CountyInfant Program(SCCIP)972/516-1195720 East Park Boulevard,Suite 204Plano, Texas 75074Fax: 972/516-1196

    Ronda Deso, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedCollin

    Service AreaPlano ISD



    Richardson*ECI of Richardson972/490-9055Spring Creek ElementarySchool7667 Roundrock (75248)P.O. Box 835066Richardson, Texas 75083-5066Fax: 972/490-9058

    Kay L. Hopper, ExecutiveDirectorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedDallas

    Service AreaRichardson ISD

    SweetwaterRolling Prairies ECI915/236-6821800/852-2193114 LocustSweetwater, Texas 79556Fax: 915/236-6533

    Mary Lou Bledsoe, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedBorden, Cottle, Fisher, Haskell,Howard, King, Knox, Mitchell,Nolan, Scurry, Stonewall,Throckmorton

    Wichita FallsInfant/ChildDevelopment Program817/322-07711005 Midwestern ParkwayEastWichita Falls, Texas 76302Fax: 817/766-4943

    Charlcie Flinn, Supervisor

    Counties ServedArcher, Baylor, Clay,Foard, Hardeman, Jack,Montague, Wichita, Wilbarger,Young

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 19

  • Central

    4 -

    Austin*Infant-ParentProgram (IPP)512/472-31421717 West 10th StreetAustin, Texas 78703Fax: 512/469-9611

    Madeline C. Sutherland,Associate DirectorJay Aalsma, R.N., UnitManager

    Counties ServedTravis

    Service Area78641, 78645, 78653, 78669, 78703,78704, 78721, 78722, 78723, 78724,78726, 78727, 78728, 78730, 78732,78733, 78734, 78735, 78736, 78738,78739, 78745, 78746, 78747, 78748,78749, 78750, 78754, 78758, 78759,78880

    *Parent-Child Program512/477-11301208 East 7th StreetAustin, Texas 78702'Fax: 512/477-9205

    Alexandra Alfau, ProgramCoordinator

    Counties ServedTravis

    Service Area78702, 78719, 78725, 78741,78742, 78743, 78744, 78617, 78619

    Cities of main ECI offices

    AustinBryanMexiaRound RockSan MarcosTempleWaco

    *PediatricDevelopmentProgram (PDP)512/478-2581919 West 28-1/2 StreetAustin, Texas 78705Fax: 512/476-1638

    Becky Zeeck, ProgramManager

    Counties ServedTravis

    Service Area78701, 78705, 78731, 78751, 78752,78753, 78756, 78757

    BryanFirst Steps Forward409/779-6467800/282-6467302 East 24th StreetBryan, Texas 77803Fax: 409/361-9847

    Miriam Q. Roman, ProgramManager

    Counties ServedBrazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon,Madison, Robertson, Washington


    Counties servedBanderaBastropBellBlancoBosqueBrazosBurlesonBurnetCaldwellComalCoryellEllisFallsFayetteFreestoneGillespieGrimesHamiltonHays



    MexiaStep By Step817/562-2821800/687-5878P. O. Box 1460Mexia, Texas 76667Fax: 817/562-9231

    Renee Clark, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedEllis, Falls, Freestone, Limestone,Navarro

    Satellite Office(s)100 Industrial DriveWaxahachie, Texas 75165

    Round d-Fla-aPRIDE Program512/255-31102000 North Mays, Suite 200Round Rock, Texas 78664Fax: 512/246-0798

    Mary Lett, Director

    Counties ServedBastrop, Burnet, Caldwell,Fayette, Lee, Williamson

    Satellite Office(s)1203 Mills StreetTaylor, Texas 76574512/352-7858

    510 Industrial Blvd.Marble Falls, Texas 78654210/693-3790

    10 Settlement Drive #BBastrop, Texas 78602512/321-3364

    204 Main RearLockhart, Texas 78644512/398-9430

    864 North FranklinLa Grange, Texas 78945409/968-5311

    384 East IndustryGiddings, Texas 78942409/542-2913

    20 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • San MarcosHomespun ECI512/396-4753174 South Guadalupe,Suite 101San Marcos, Texas 78666Fax: 512/754-8350

    Carmen Polhemus, Director

    Counties ServedBandera, Blanco, Comal,Gillespie, Hays, Kendall, Kerr,Kimble, Kinney, Llano, Mason,Medina, Menard, Real, Uvalde

    Satellite Office(s)703 Main StreetP.O. Box 1023Blanco, Texas 78606210/833-5567

    118 Ad VogtP.O. Box 1068Boerne, Texas 78006-1068210/249 -9304

    103 Goehmann LaneFredericksburg, Texas 78624210/997-9503

    313 Leslie DriveKerrville, Texas 78029210/257-2277

    1095 Bridge StreetNew Braunfels, Texas 78131210/625-1510

    417 South Mitchell (78667)P.O. Box 1556 (78666)San Marcos, Texas512/396-2058

    410 CarterP.O. Box 104Hondo, Texas 78861210/741-8083

    102 Front StreetKyle, Texas 78640512/268-1879

    950 R.R. 2325, Suite BP.O. Box 2507Wimberley, Texas 78676512/847-1547

    714 East MainUvalde, Texas 78801210/278-6261

    TempleChildteam817/773-6787618 North Main StreetTemple, Texas 76501Fax: 817/770-0516

    Gloria Frick, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedBell, Coryell, Hamilton,Lampasas, Milam

    Satellite Office(s)1007 South AnnHarker Heights, Texas 76548817/699-2090

    1012 North Drive, Suite 3Copperas Cove, Texas 76522817/547-5914

    WacoKlaras Children'sCenter817/752-3451110 South 12th Street (76701)P. 0. Box 890Waco, Texas 76703-0890Fax: 817/752-7421

    Pamela S. Marcum, ECIDirector

    Counties ServedBosque, Hill, McLennan



    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 21

  • East

    AngletonProject ADEPT409/849-2447120 Hospital DriveAngleton, Texas 77515Fax: 409/848-8337

    Teresa Croft, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedBrazoria

    Satellite Office(s)611 West South StreetAlvin, Texas 77511713/331-7117

    502 Circle WayLake Jackson, Texas 77566409/297-1613

    301 Dance DriveWest Columbia, Texas 77486409/345 -3168

    Cities of main ECI offices Counties servedAngleton Anderson Jasper ShelbyBaytown Angelina Jefferson SmithBeaumont Austin Liberty TitusBeliville Bowie Marion TrinityConroe Brazoria Matagorda TylerCrockett Camp Montgomery UpshurGalvestonHoustonJacksonvilleKaty



    Van ZandtWalkerWaller

    Klein Colorado' Orange WoodLongview Fort Bend PanolaMount Pleasant Franklin PolkRosenberg Galveston RainsSilsbee Gregg Red RiverTexarkana Hardin RuskTyler Harris SabineWoodville Harrison San

    Henderson AugustineHouston San Jacinto

    Baytown*Infant Program713/424-44777 Swalm Center DriveBaytown, Texas 77520Fax: 713/424-7154

    Stephanie Meads, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedChambers, Harris

    Service AreaChambers County: Portion westof Hwy. 3180, Hwy. 3360 andHwy. 146 and south of theintersection of Hwy. 3180 andHwy. 2354Harris County: 77013, 77015,77029, 77044, 77049, 77058, 77059,77062, 77209, 77502, 77503, 77504,77505, 77506, 77507, 77520, 77521,77530, 77532, 77536, 77547, 77562,77571, 77587


    Beaumont*First Steps409/784-5435655 South Eighth Street (77701)P.O. Box 3846Beaumont, Texas 77704Fax: 409/784-5418

    Tania Bowen, Acting ECIProgram Director

    Counties ServedChambers, Jefferson, Orange

    Service AreaChambers County: Portion eastof Hwy. 3180, Hwy. 3360, andHwy. 146

    Satellite Office(s)3419 57th StreetPort Arthur, Texas 77642409/727-1277

    228 StricklandOrange, Texas 77632409/735-3576

    1222 Main StreetAnahuac, Texas 77514409 /267-3237

    22 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • *Know Infant Delays(KID) Project409/865-362116 North HollandBellville, Texas 77418Fax: 409/865-5236

    Debra Kollman,Program Director

    Counties ServedAustin, Harris, Waller

    Service AreaWaller County: Entire county

    ISDexcept portion of 77493 in Katy

    Harris County: 77065, 77484,77429,77447 Portion not in Katy ISD

    Satellite Office(s)9730 Grant RoadHouston, Texas713/955-7385

    ConroeTri-County ECI409/525-27421020 Riverwood Court,Building OneConroe, Texas 77304Fax: 409-756-8319

    John Nelson, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedLiberty, Montgomery, Walker

    Satellite Office(s)610 Loop 336 EastConroe, Texas 77301409/525-2600

    406 North WashingtonCleveland, Texas 77327713/593-3555

    612 Highway 90Liberty, Texas 77575409/336-3675

    21016 South Sam HoustonHuntsville, Texas 77340409/295-0072


    CrockettCornerstone409/544-93191501-D Loop 304 EastCrockett, Texas 75835Fax: 409/544-5556

    Barbara Holcomb, Co-Program Director

    Counties ServedAngelina, Houston, Jasper,Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk,Sabine, San Augustine, SanJacinto, Shelby, Trinity, Tyler

    Galveston*Project Launch409/772-7717409/772-7718301 University BoulevardGalveston, Texas 77555-1025Fax: 409/772-0866

    Carole Gard, Project DirectorEmail: [email protected]:utmb.educ

    Counties ServedGalveston, Harris

    Service AreaHarris County: 77546, 77586,77598

    Houston*Infant DevelopmentProgram713/522-10511415 California StreetHouston, Texas 77006-2693Fax: 713/522-0721

    Kathryn Moody, ProgramDirectorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedFort Bend, Harris

    Service AreaFort Bend County: 77099, 77477Harris County: 77003, 77004,770062,77033,77048,77075,77477


    *Infant Programs713/521-95843311 Richmond Avenue,Suite 100Houston, Texas 77098Fax: 713/521-2187

    Marlene Hollier, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedHarris

    Service Area77002, 77005, 77007, 77008, 77009,77011, 77012, 77016, 77018, 77019,77020, 77022, 77023, 77024, 77025,77026, 77027, 77028, 77036, 77037,77040, 77042, 77043, 77046, 77054,77055, 77056, 77057, 77063, 77072,77074, 77076, 77077, 77078, 77080,77081, 77082, 77087, 77091, 77092,77093, 77095, 77096, 77098, 77401,7743377079, 77084, 77094, 77449

    77017, 77021, 77030, 77031,77034, 77035, 77045, 77047,77051, 77053, 77061, 77071,77083, 77085, 77089, 77099,

    Portions not in Katy ISD77088 Portion not in Klein ISD

    jackonsvilleACCESSEarly ChildhoodIntervention903/586-3175913 North Jackson StreetJacksonville, Texas 75766Fax: 903/586-4234

    Sheila Self, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedAnderson, Cherokee

    Satellite Office(s)201 East Neches StreetPalestine, Texas 75801903/729-8433

    Satellite Office(s)201 East Neches StreetPalestine, Texas 75801903/729-8433


    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 23

  • East

    [Katy*Project Tyke713/396-6647West Memorial Elementary22605 Provincial BoulevardKaty, Texas 77450Fax: 713/396-6612

    Diane Ricklefsen,Instructional Officer

    Counties ServedFort Bend, Harris, Waller

    Service AreaFort Bend County: 77450 and77494-Portions in Katy ISDHarris County: 77450, 77493,7749477079, 77084, 77094, 77447, and77449-Portions in Katy ISDWaller County: 77493-Portion inKaty ISD

    Klein*Keep PaceInfant Program713/320-0995, ext. 20016503 Stuebner AirlineKlein, Texas 77379-7372Fax: 713/379-6260

    Georgan Reitmeier, Director

    Counties ServedHarris

    Service Area77014, 77032, 77038, 77039, 77050,77060, 77064, 77066, 77067, 77068,77069, 77070, 77073, 77086, 77090,77336, 77338, 77339, 77345, 77346,77365, 77373, 77375, 77379, 77388,77389, 7739677088 Portion in Klein ISD

    LongviewSabine ValleyCenter ECI903/757-8194448 East Loop 281, Suite 2Longview, Texas 75605Fax: 903/757-8294

    Gail Brown, ECI ProgramManager

    Counties ServedGregg, Harrison, Marion, Panola,Rusk, Upshur

    Satellite Office(s)104 South MainHenderson, Texas 75652903/657-3630903/657-3168

    2805 Victory DriveMarshall, Texas 75670903/938-7682


    Mount Pleasant*Region 8 ESC ECI903/572-85512230 North Edwards (75455)P.O. Box 1894Mt Pleasant Texas 75456-1894Fax: 903/572-8203

    Martha Collins, Director ofSpecial EducationEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedBowie, Camp, Cass, Franklin,Morris, Red River, Titus

    Service AreaBowie County:Eastern Border: the territory westof the county roads 2110 and 2105immediately west of Hwy. 560 asit comes roughly south from RedRiver. At Hwy. 82 it circles thewest end of Red River ArmyDepot and Lone Star ArmyAmmunition Plant.Northern border: south of theterritory outlined by Hwy. 2149on the southern border of RedRiver Army Depot and Lone StarArmy Ammunition Plant,intersecting with Hwy. 3098.Follow Hwy. 3098 south,encircling the city limits ofRedwater, coming back to Hwy.67. Follow Hwy. 67 east to Hwy2148 to Hwy. 59. Follow Hwy. 59towards Texarkana to theintersection of Hwy. 3244. FollowHwy. 3244 to the intersectionwith Hwy. 2516, following 2516approximately 3 miles,intersecting with Hwy. 1330 andfollowing that road east to theArkansas border.Western Border: Bowie county lineSouthern Border: Bowie county line

    24 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Rosenberg*Project GROW713/342-69273926 Avenue H, #11Rosenberg, Texas 77471-2842Fax: 713/341-9388

    Sandra Collins, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedColorado, Fort Bend, Matagorda

    Service AreaFort Bend County: 77053, 77083,77085, 77417, 77430, 77435, 77441,77444, 77459, 77461, 77469, 77471,77478, 77479, 77485, 77489, 77545,77583

    SilsbeeProject Search409/385-3510415 West Avenue NSilsbee, Texas 77656Fax: 409/385-6530

    Evelyn Davis, Director

    Counties ServedHardin

    Texarkana*Valued Infants &Parents903/794-24576101 North State LineTexarkana, Texas 75503Fax: 903/792-0816

    Pat Ralston, ECI Director

    Counties ServedBowie

    Service AreaNorthern Border: Red River andthe Texas-Oklahoma state lineEastern Border: Arkansas-Texasstate lineWestern Border: the territory eastof the county roads 2110 and2105, immediately west of Hwy.560, as it comes roughly southfrom Red River. At Hwy. 82, itcircles the west end of Red RiverArmy Depot and Lone Star ArmyAmmunition Plant.Southern Border: north of theterritory outlined by Hwy. 2149on the southern border of RedRiver Army Depot and Lone StarArmy Ammunition Plant,intersecting with Hwy. 3098;following Hwy 3098 south,encircling the city limits ofRedwater, coming, back to Hwy.67. Follow Hwy. 67 east to Hwy.2148 to Hwy. 59. Follow Hwy. 59toward Texarkana to theintersection of Hwy. 3244; followHwy. 3244 to the intersection ofHwy. 2516, follow Hwy. 2516approximately 3 miles to theintersection of Hwy. 1330 andfollowing Hwy. 1330 east to theArkansas border.



    TylerAndrews Center ECI903/597-50671722 West Front StreetTyler, Texas 75702Fax: 903/597-6223

    Sheila Koeffler Matson,Program Director

    Counties ServedHenderson, Rains, Smith, VanZandt, Wood

    WoodvilleCornerstone409/283-8171800/321-1502201 Willow StreetP.O. Box 217Woodville, Texas 75979Fax: 409/283-8752

    Cassy Drake, Co-ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedAngelina, Houston, Jasper,Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk,Sabine, San Augustine, SanJacinto, Shelby, Trinity, Tyler

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 25

  • South

    Alice*Project Ni nos512/664-0145206 East First (78332)P.O. Drawer 1820Alice, Texas 78333Fax: 512/664-0120

    Emma de la Paz, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedJim Wells

    Service AreaJim Wells County: Portion whichis comprised of Alice and alltowns and rural areas south ofHwy. 359 and Hwy. 44. The othertowns in this southern area of JimWells County are Ben Bolt, PalitoBlanco, Mae, Premont, and LaGloria.

    Cities of main ECI offices

    AliceCorpus ChristiEagle PassEdinburgLaredoMcAllenSan AntonioVictoria

    Corpus Christi*Bay To Bay InfantDevelopment Program512/855-39914410 Dillon Lane, Suite 11(78415)P.O. Box 71178Corpus Christi, Texas 78467-1178Fax: 512/855-3994

    Virginia Pena, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedAransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, JimWells, Kenedy, Kleberg, Live Oak,Refugio, San Patricio

    Service AreaJim Wells County: Portion whichis comprised of San Diego and alltowns and rural areas north ofHwy. 359 and Hwy 44. The othertowns in this northern area of JimWells County are Alfred, OrangeGrove, Sandia, and Midway.Refugio County: Woodsboro ISD,Refugio ISD

    Satellite Office(s)924 East FordyceKingsville, Texas 78364512/516-1067

    3001 Old Kingsville RoadAlice, Texas 78332512/664-1261

    1805 South Northwest FrontageBeeville, Texas 78102512/362-0720

    312 South Commercial StreetAransas Pass, Texas 78336512/758-0155


    Counties served

    Aransas KenedyAtascosa KlebergBee La SalleBexar LavacaBrooks Live OakCalhoun MaverickCameron McMullenDe Witt NuecesDimmit RefugioDuval San PatricioFrio StarrGoliad WhartonGuadalupe WilsonGonzales VictoriaHidalgo WebbJackson WillacyJim Hogg ZapataJim Wells ZavalaKarnes

    Infant DevelopmentProgram512/884-98541502 South Brownlee St.1630 South Brownlee St.(mailing address)Corpus Christi, Texas 78404Fax: 512/886-6917

    Elsie Wiley, Interim ProgramCoordinator

    Counties ServedNueces

    Eagle PassUnited MedicalCenters ECI Program210/773-71162525 Loop 431P.O. Box 921Eagle Pass, Texas 78852Fax: 210/773-1586

    Toyoko Rivera, ECI Director

    Counties ServedMaverick

    26 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Edinburg*Region 1 ESC ECI210/383-56111900 West Schunior StreetEdinburg, Texas 78539Fax: 210/383-3524

    Kathy de la Pena, ProgramDirectorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedCameron, Hidalgo

    Service AreaCameron County:78520, 78521 Brownsville78566 Los Fresnos78567 Los Indios78575 Olmito78578 Port Isabel78597- Padre IslandHidalgo County:78516 Alamo78557 Hidalgo78577 Pharr78589 San Juan

    Satellite Office(s)302 Kings Highway 83, Suite 203Brownsville, Texas 78521210/504-9422

    *Tropical TexasCenter ECI Program210/383-01211901 South 24thP.O. Drawer 1108Edinburg, Texas 78540Fax: 210/381-9226

    Rick Gonzales, InterimProgram DirectorJoan Brotman, Coordinatorof Children's Services

    Counties ServedCameron, Hidalgo, Willacy

    Service AreaCameron County:78535 Combes78550 Harlingen West of 1stStreet78552 Harlingen78559 La Feria78592 Santa Maria78593 Santa RosaHidalgo County:78504 McAllen, North ofTrenton78537 Donna78538 Edcouch78539 Edinburg78543 Elsa78549 Hargil78558 La Blanca78562 La Villa78563 Linn/San Manuel78570 Mercedes78579 Progresso78596 Weslaco

    Satellite Office(s)601 West 6thWeslaco, Texas 78596210/464-4701210/968-8551

    806 MorganHarlingen, Texas 78551210/423-8955



    :LaredoLaredo State CenterECI Program210/727-5983402 Hillside, Suites 1, 2, & 3Springhill PlazaLaredo, Texas 78041Fax: 210/791-9511

    Sandra Gonzalez, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedJim Hogg, Webb, Zapata

    Satellite Office(s)P.O. Box 466Zapata, Texas 78071210/765-9673

    201 North OakHebbronville, Texas 78361512/527-5771

    McAllen*Pediatric InfantProgram210/631-9171P.O. Box 4891217 HoustonMcAllen, Texas 78505-0489Fax: 210/631-7566

    Deborah Simms, RN, InterimECI Director

    Counties ServedCameron, Hidalgo, Starr

    Service AreaCameron County:78550 Harlingen East of First Street78568 Lozano78583 Rio Hondo78586 San BenitoHidalgo County:78501, 78503 McAllen78504 McAllen South of Trenton78560 La Joya78565 Los Ebanos78572 Mission78576 Penitas78595 Sullivan City

    Satellite Office(s)1301 Rangerville RoadP.O. Box 0103Harlingen, Texas 78550-0103210/423-9171

    Cenizo ParkLa Casita, Texas210/487-2667

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 27

  • South

    San Antonio*Brighton SchoolECI Program210/826-4492271 East Lullwood AvenueSan Antonio, Texas 78212-5296Fax: 210/826-7887

    Mike Delehanty, ECIProgram Director

    Counties ServedBexar

    Service AreaNorth East ISD 78209, 78213,78216, 78217, 78218, 78233, 78239Judson ISD - 78109, 78148, 78154,78218, 78219, 78233, 78239, 78244,78266Randolph ISD 78148

    Early InterventionProgram210/829-07841201 Austin Highway,Suite 116San Antonio, Texas 78209Fax: 210/829-0263

    Bette Delgado, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedAtascosa, Dimmit, Frio, Gonzales,Guadalupe, La Salle, McMullen,Wilson, Zavala

    Satellite Office(s)2208 North FirstCarrizo Springs, Texas 78834210/876-2456

    401 North 11th, #417Crystal City, Texas. 78839210/374-2393

    105 South CommerceDilley, Texas 78107210/965-1080

    1419 3rd StreetFloresville, Texas 78114210/393-3439

    1034 St. LouisGonzales, Texas 78629210/672-7430

    767 South Saunders StreetSeguin, Texas 78155210/379-3971

    *Easter SealRehabilitationCenter ECI210/614-39112203 Babcock RoadSan Antonio, Texas 78229Fax: 210/616-0443

    Linda Tapia, ExecutiveDirector

    Counties ServedBexar

    Service AreaNorth East ISD 78229, 78230,78231, 78232, 78247, 78248, 78258,78259, 78260, 78261Edgewood ISD 78207, 78211,78225, 78226, 78227, 78228, 78237,78241, 78242Schertz, Cibolo, and U. C. ISDs78108, 78109, 78148, 78154Boerne ISD 78006, 78023, 78015Comal ISD - 78260, 78261

    *Get Ready For Three(GR-3)210/614-19102219 BabcockSan Antonio, Texas 78229Fax: 210/614-7142

    Edna M. Torres, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedBexar

    Service AreaNorthside ISD 78227, 78229,78238, 78245, 78251, 78253Southwest ISD 78211, 78224,78242, 78245, 78252, 78002, 78052,78054, 78073Lack land ISD 78227, 78236South San ISD 78211, 78224,78236, 78241, 78242Medina Valley ISD 78245,78252, 78253, 78254



    *Parent And ChildEducational Services(PACES)210/436-9881525 Cupp les RoadSan Antonio, Texas 78237Fax: 210/436-0372

    John Delgado, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedBexar

    Service AreaSan Antonio ISD - 78202, 78203,78204, 78205, 78207, 78210, 78214,78219, 78220, 78223, 78225, 78226,78235East Central ISD - 78101, 78112,78152, 78214, 78219, 78220, 78222,78223, 78244, 78262, 78263Harlandale ISD - 78211, 78214,78221Somerset ISD - 78073, 78069Southside ISD - 78214, 78221,78264, 78112

    *Parent EducationEarly InterventionProgram (PEEIP)210/732-69186655 First Park Ten, Suite230San Antonio, Texas 78213Fax: 210/732-5817

    Sonya Gonzalez, ExecutiveDirector

    Counties ServedBexar

    Service AreaNorthside ISD - 78006, 78023,78228, 78230, 78231, 78240, 78248,78249, 78250, 78254, 78255, 78256,78257San Antonio ISD - 78201, 78208,78209, 78212, 78213, 78215, 78228,78229Alamo Heights ISD - 78209,78212, 78216Fort Sam Houston ISD - 78234

    28 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Victoria*Region 3 ESC ECI512/573-07311905 Leary LaneVictoria, Texas 77901Fax: 512/576-4804

    Brenda O'Connell, SupervisorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedCalhoun, De Witt, Goliad, Jackson,Karnes, Lavaca, Refugio, Victoria,Wharton

    Service AreaRefugio County:Austwell-Tivoli ISD



    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 29

  • West

    EI Paso*A Step Forward915/774-01426461 Hiller Street, Building AEl Paso, Texas 79925Fax: 915/779-1782

    Anne Hernandez, ProgramCoordinatorEmail: [email protected]

    Counties ServedEl Paso, Hudspeth

    Service AreaEl Paso County: 79905, 79915,79925

    *El PasoRehabilitationCenter ECI915/544-84841101 East Schuster AvenueEl Paso, Texas 79902-4659Fax: 915/532-8637

    Pamela Bustamante,Program Director

    Counties ServedEl Paso

    Service Area79821, 79835, 79901, 79902, 79903,79904, 79906, 79908, 79912, 79916,79918, 79922, 79924, 79930, 79932,79934

    Cities of main ECI offices

    El PasoMidlandSan Angelo

    *Elinor ZindECI Program915/545-61101413 Montana AvenueEl Paso, Texas 79902Fax: 915/545-6105

    Pamela M. Perez, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedEl Paso

    Service Area79907, 79927, 79935, 79936, 79938,79836, 79838, 79849

    Satellite Office(s)6500 BoeingEl Paso, Texas 79925915/772-4446

    MidlandECI Cares915/563-2380915/567-32562811 La Force BoulevardP.O. Box 60580Midland, Texas 79711-0580Fax: 915/567-3290

    Pat Flowers, ECI Coordinator

    Counties ServedAndrews, Brewster, Crane,Culberson, Glasscock, Jeff Davis,Loving, Martin, Presidio, Reagan,Reeves, Terrell, Upton, Ward,Winkler

    Satellite Office(s)209 West Holland AvenueAlpine, Texas 79830915/837-3146


    Counties servedAndrews ReaganBrewster ReevesCoke RunnelsConcho SchleicherCrane SterlingCrockett SuttonCulberson TerrellEctor Tom GreenEdwards UptonEl Paso Val VerdeGlasscock WardHudspeth WinklerIrionJeff DavisLovingMartinMidlandPecosPresidio

    Infant StimulationProgram915/570-3366401 East Illinois, Suite 108509 North Loraine (mailing)Midland, Texas 79701Fax: 915/686-1938

    Anne Plumlee, ProgramDirector

    Counties ServedEctor, Midland, Pecos

    Satellite Office(s)2626 JBS/Parkway, Suite C-129Odessa, Texas 79761915/362-0297

    1123 North Main StreetFort Stockton, Texas 79735915/336-3383

    San AngeloPRIDE915/658-6571612 South Irene (76903)P.O. Box 5199San Angelo, Texas 76902-5199Fax: 915/658-6571

    Betsy Sadler, ECICoordinator

    Counties ServedCoke, Concho, Crockett,Edwards, Irion, Runnels,Schleicher, Sterling, Sutton, TomGreen, Val Verde

    Satellite Office(s)103 CenterDel Rio, Texas 78840210/774-1156

    30 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Finding professionalsin Texas

    The following Texas organizations can provide the names ofprofessionals in your area who offer specific services forchildren and families:

    Texas State Boardof Licensed Professional Counselors(512) 834-6658

    Texas Physical Therapy Association(512) 477-1818

    Texas State Board of Examiners for SpeechLanguage Pathology & Audiology(512) 834-6627

    Texas Medical Association(512) 370-1300

    Texas State Board of Nurse Examiners(512) 835-4880

    Texas Occupational Therapy Association(512) 454-8682

    Texas Pediatric Society(512) 370-1506

    Texas Psychological Association(512) 454-2449


    Texas Society of PsychiatricPhysicians(512) 478-0605

    Texas State Board ofSocial Worker Examiners(512) 719-3521(800) 232-3162

    Texas State Board ofMedical Examiners(512) 305-7010

    Texas State Board of Examinersof Marriage and Family Therapists(512) 834-6657

    Texas State Board of Examinersof Dietitians(512) 834-6601

    Texas State Board of Examinersof Psychology(512) 305-7700

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 31

  • State & national resourcesThe following resources offer specific services to supportfamilies of children with developmental delays andprofessionals involved in early childhood intervention.

    Advocacy, Inc.Disabilities(800) 223-4206Special Education(800) 252-9108Regional OfficesWest Texas (800) 880-4456South Texas (800) 880-8401North Texas (800) 880-2884East Texas (800) 880-0821Central Texas (800) 315-3876Non-profit organizationadvocating for people withdisabilities, includingeducation of children withdisabilities. Also refersindividuals to other agencies.

    American Speech-Language-HearingAssociation(800) 638-8255Information and referralcenter for individuals withspeech-language-hearingdisabilities.

    Any Baby Can (ABC)Austin(512) 454-3743Kerrville(210) 792-4222San Antonio(210) 377-0222Provides resources and careto children 0 3 years with achronic illness or disabilityand to their families.

    The Arc of Texas(800) 252-9729Assists people withdevelopmental disabilities andtheir families. Providestraining workshops on topicsrelated to caring for childrenwith disabilities.

    Baby Love &Medically FragileChildren'sInformation &Referral(800) 422-2956A statewide Information &Referral line available towomen and children withspecial health care needssearching for health andfamily support services intheir area.

    Blind Children'sCenter(800) 222-3566Preschool for children,birth to age 5, who areblind or visually impaired.Offers support for familiesand provides informationand publications to referralprograms.

    Brain InjuryAssociation, Inc.(800) 392-0040(512) 467-6872Provides informationabout brain injury,identifying medical, legal,financial and other localresources. Referral centerfor state associations forpeople with head injury.Develops programs forpublic awareness,education, research andrehabilitation. Providesfamily guidance.


    Caring for ChildrenProgram of Texas(800) 258-5437Provides primary care andpreventive care for children,ages 6 to 18, whose familiesare not eligible for Medicaid,but cannot afford privatehealth insurance.

    Child Care ManagementServices (CCMS)(512) 438-4149Supports families who areworking or in training withchild care services. The TexasWorkforce Commissionpurchases child care foreligible families through 27CCMS contractors in Texas.Families are eligible if theymeet income requirementsand have a child, birth to age18, with a disability.

    CHILD Help USA(800) 422-4453Offers crisis intervention,counseling and referrals forchildren and adults.

    Child ProtectiveServices(512) 450-3305Investigates reports of childabuse or neglect andprovides aid to abusedchildren and their families.

    Citizens AssistanceHot Line(Texas Governor's Office)(800) 843-5789Information and referral forTexas citizens about stategovernment issues.

    32 For more information, call the EC! Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Cleft PalateFoundation(800) 242-5338Foundation for parents ofchildren who have cleftpalate in the United States,Canada, and Puerto Rico.Refers clients to a cleft palateteam in their area. Alsoeducates the public andsolicits their support.

    Cystic FibrosisFoundation(800) 344-4823Organization that raisesfunds for Cystic Fibrosisresearch and providesinformation.

    Epilepsy Foundation ofAmerica(800) 332-1000Information center forpatients with epilepsy, theirfamilies, professionals, andthe general public.

    Head StartResource Access Project (RAP)Texas Coordinator (Training)(210) 695-9678Head StartCollaboration Project(512) 424-6532Disability ProgramRepresentative(214) 767-8864Comprehensive preschoolprogram for children, ages 3to 5, of low-income families,including children withdisabilities.


    Medicaid Hot Line(Texas Department of Health)(800) 252-8263Provides information aboutMedicaid providers andbenefits. Providesinformation about Early andPeriodic Screening,Diagnosis and Treatment(EPSDT) for children,including dental andmedical benefits. Helpspeople with Medicaidbilling problems.

    National Associationfor the Educationof Young Children(800) 424-2460Offers opportunities forprofessional growth toparents and educators ofchildren, birth to age 8.

    NationalClearinghouseon Child Abuse andNeglect(800) 394-3366Clearinghouse providinginformation on all aspects ofchild maltreatment.

    National DownSyndrome Congress(800) 232-6372Non-profit organization thatadvocates for citizens withDown syndrome.

    National DownSyndrome Society(800) 221-4602Provides services, includingfree referrals andeducational informationabout Down syndrome.Also promotes publiceducation about the geneticcondition, advocates onbehalf of families andsupports research.

    National HIV and AIDSInformation andReferral Services(Centers for Disease Control)(800) 342-2437(800) 344-7432 (Spanish)(800) 243-7889 (TDD)Information, including anational database and referralservices for patients and thepublic.

    National Hot Line forAmericans withDisabilities Act (ADA)(800) 949-4232Technical assistance andtraining related to theAmericans with DisabilitiesAct.

    National Registry ofCongenitalCytomegalovirusDisease(Centers for Disease Control)(713) 770-2280Center concentrates onisolating viruses anddiagnosing tissue cultures.

    National RehabilitationInformation Center(800) 346-2742Library and informationcenter, including a databaseinformation service.

    Parents Anonymous ofTexasHEARTLINE(Child abuse prevention, referral)(800) 554-2323Support group for parentswho find parenting achallenge, or are looking forpositive ways to raise theirchildren. Focuses onstrengthening the family.

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 33

  • Parents SpecialEducation Hot Line(Spanish and English)(see also Special EducationHot Line - Texas EducationAgency)(800) 252-9668Provides assistance toparents of children, ages 3 to21, with special educationconcerns.

    Shriner's HospitalReferral Line(800) 237-5055Provides free, medicalinformation and care forchildren with orthopedicproblems or burns.

    Social SecurityAdministrationHot Line(800) 772 -1213Provides information andreferrals for Social Securitybenefits, insurance andretirement.

    Special EducationHot Line(Texas Education Agency)(see also Parent's SpecialEducation Hot Line)(800) 252-9668Assists parents with specialeducation questions orconcerns and providesreferrals.

    Spina BifidaAssociation ofAmerica(800) 621-3141Email: [email protected] information andreferrals. Includes aprofessional advisorycouncil on education,medicine and legislature.

    Texas State LibraryTalking Book Program(512) 463-5458(800) 252-9605Provides books andmagazines in large print,braille and recordedformats. Provides freelibrary service to Texans ofall ages who are unable toread standard print due tovisual impairments,physical disabilities, orlearning disabilities due to aphysical or organicdysfunction.

    The Program publishes aResource Guide which listsnational and stateorganizations for manydisabilities. Additionalinformation on adaptiveaids, educational games andsupplies is also included.The Guide also contains abibliography of printmaterials pertaining toeducation and parenting.

    Texas AIDS Line(800) 299-2437Information center thatoffers referrals to HIVtesting sites.

    Texas Commissionfor the Blind(800) 252-5204(512) 459-2500Provides information andreferrals for children andadults, including the elderly,who are blind and/or deaf.


    Texas Commissionfor the Deaf and Hardof Hearing(512) 451-8494(v/tty)Information and referral forindividuals who are deaf orhard of hearing. Summercamp for children, ages 7 to17. Also provides safetystickers and certificates ofdeafness.

    Texas RehabilitationCommission(512) 483-4060(800) 628-5115(Voice/TDD)Information on VocationalRehabilitation Services foradult Texans with physicaland mental disabilities whoneed help securing andmaintaining employment.

    United Cerebral PalsyAssociation of Texas(800) 798-1492(800) 834-1827Advocates for people withcerebral palsy. Providesinformation and referrals,leadership activities andpublic health and educationprograms.

    Women, Infants andChildren's (WIC)Program(800) 252-9629(800) 942-3678Provides vouchers for infantformula and foods. Alsoprovides breastfeedingeducation and nutritionaleducation classes forfamilies.

    34 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Texas research &demonstration projects

    Research and demonstration grants impacting children in Texas with developmentaldelays are listed below by city. Research grants provide time-limited funds for projectsto answer research questions. Demonstration grants fund efforts to test models of

    service or personnel development. If you know about other projects in Texas to add to thislist, call the ECI State Office Division of Education, Communication & Information at(512) 424-6785.

    AustinEarly ChildhoodInclusion Grant(512) 471-4161Department of Special EducationKeith Turner,Project DirectorCollege of Education, SZB 306University of TexasAustin, TX 78712

    To provide family-centered earlyintervention services in natural or inclusivesettings to promote the development ofchildren, birth to age 6. Trains earlychildhood and early childhood specialeducation master's level students.

    Examining Sign Development inHearing Impaired Infants &Children(512) 471-1701Richard Meier, Ph.D.Department of LinguisticsUniversity of TexasAustin, TX 78712

    A longitudinal study of early gestures andbabbling in deaf and hearing infants, age 5months to 15 months, to learn whether:deaf children show an analog of vocalbabbling through manual gestures; andhearing infants use their hands in a babble-like way.


    Texas AssistiveTechnology Partnership(512) 471-7621Penny Seay, Ph.D., Executive DirectorDepartment of Special EducationSanchez Building, Room 252 (D5100)University of Texas at AustinAustin, Texas 78712-1290

    To establish a statewide consumer-responsive system to provide technology-related assistance and services to Texascitizens of all ages with developmentaldelays.

    The Texas UniversityAffiliated Program (UAP)(512) 471-7621Penny Seay, Ph.D., Executive DirectorDepartment of Special EducationSanchez Building, Room 252 (D5100)University of Texas at AustinAustin, Texas 78712-1290

    To promote and support the independence,productivity and inclusion of people withdevelopmental disabilities into all levels ofcommunity life through a coordinatedprogram of interdisciplinary training,service delivery, technical assistance,applied research, and informationdissemination.

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 35

  • DallasCa llier Child StudyEvaluation Team(214) 905-3034Teresa Nezworski, Ph.D., Program DirectorCallier Center for Communication DisordersUniversity of Texas Dallas1966 Inwood RoadDallas, Texas 75235

    To evaluate children and provideinformation about their cognitive, speech/language, audiological, and social/emotional (psychological) functioning. Theteam sets up a treatment plan, providestreatment in some areas and provides casemanagement.

    Preschool LanguageDevelopment Program(214) 905-3103Sandy Friel-Patti, Ph.D., DirectorCallier Center for Communication DisordersUniversity of Texas Dallas1966 Inwood RoadDallas, Texas 75235

    Demonstration and teaching program toprovide classroom-based languageintervention for children, ages 2 to 5, withlanguage delays.

    Preverbal Communication Program(214) 905-3114Janice Lougeay, Program DirectorAutistic or Pervasive DevelopmentDisordersUniversity of Texas Dallas1966 Inwood RoadDallas, Texas 75235

    Demonstration, teaching and researchproject to serve children, ages 18 months to4, who are not talking or are delayed indeveloping communication skills. Meets theneeds of children with autism, PervasiveDevelopmental Disorder (PDD),developmental delay and unspecifieddisorders in an intense, classroom-basedprogram.

    Visual Acuity Testing withPreverbal Children(214) 363-3911Mark Bane, Ph.D.Retina Foundation of the Southwest9900 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400Dallas, Texas 75231

    Visual acuity testing for children, birth to age 5.

    HoustonBrain Development in Childrenwith Autism(713) 500-2580Dr. Katherine A. Loveland,Principal InvestigatorMental Sciences InstituteDepartment of Psychiatry and BehavioralSciencesUniversity of Texas-HoustonHealth Science Center1300 Moursund AvenueHouston, Texas 77030

    Examines how young children with autismdevelop, with the aim of understandingbrain differences in autism. Includeschildren, ages 3 to 7.

    Child Injury Projects(713) 792-5330, extension 3135Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Ph.D., DirectorDepartment of PediatricsDivision of Developmental PediatricsUniversity of Texas Health Science Center6431 Fannin Street, Suite 3.252Houston, Texas 77030

    To study how children, birth to age 7,recover cognitively and socially frominjuries to the brain and other body regions,and how the family environment affectsdevelopment.


    36 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

  • Desmond Neonatal DevelopmentalFollowup Clinic(713) 770-3400Frank R. Brown III, M.D., Ph.D., DirectorMeyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics6621 Fannin, MC 3-2335Houston, Texas 77030-2399

    Provides longitudinal followup andneurodevelopmental assessment forpre-term babies born at 31 weeks (or less),gestation on or after July 1, 1994, at BaylorAffiliated Hospitals. Research and trainingactivities include outcome studies ofpremature babies and those receiving nitricoxide and ECMO.

    Developmental Clinic(713) 794-1875Susan Landry, Project DirectorUniversity of Texas Medical SchoolDivision of Developmental Pediatrics6431 FanninHouston, Texas 77030

    "Developmental Follow Up and ParentEducation for Medically High-Risk Infants"Longitudinal assessment of

    developmental skills for 300 infants andtheir families. Includes parent education ofinfants' special needs and training ofparents' techniques.

    "Medical Complications and Parenting:Preterm Infants Development" Includes375 families visited and observed in theirhomes repeatedly throughout the child'sfirst four years of life. Parenting and childdevelopment assessed.

    "Developmental Follow Up of Infants andChildren of Mothers who Abuse Drugs"Emphasis on identifying high-riskparenting behavior and educating andtraining those mothers in the use of moreeffective parenting skills.


    Early InterventionPersonnel Preparation inCommunication Disorders(713) 743-2896Martin Adams, Ph.D., DirectorProgram in Communication DisordersUniversity of Houston4800 CalhounHouston, Texas 77204-6611

    Personnel preparation track for graduatestudents who have a bachelor's degree inCommunication Disorders. Students whocomplete all graduate academic and clinicalrequirements are eligible for certification bythe American Speech-Language-HearingAssociation.

    Medical Complications andParenting: Preterm Outcome(713) 794-1875Susan Landry, Project DirectorDevelopmental ClinicUniversity of Texas Medical SchoolDivision of Developmental Pediatrics6431 FanninHouston, Texas 77030

    A study of the effects on the developmentof preterm infants and the medicalcomplications of prematurity, parentingfactors, and environment.

    National CongenitalCytomegalovirus (CMV)Disease Registry(713) 770-4387Gail J. Demmler, M.D., DirectorDepartment of PediatricsBaylor College of Medicine6621 Fannin Street, MC 3-2371Houston, Texas 77030-2399

    To study the biology, epidemiology andlong-term effects of congenital CMVinfection. Distribute nationally a biannualnewsletter and maintain a CMV parent-to-parent support network.

    For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246 37

  • LubbockPersonnel Preparation ofTeachers of Studentswith Visual or Multiple Handicaps(806) 742-2184 or 742-2345Virginia Sowell, DirectorOffice of the ProvostTexas Tech UniversityP.O. Box 41071Lubbock, Texas 79409

    Provide training for teachers who will teachchildren with visual or multiple handicaps.Includes early childhood conceptdevelopment.

    San AntonioAble Kids: Assistive Technologyfor Young Children(210) 614-7138Tricia Legler, Program DirectorChildren's Habilitation Center2219 Babcock RoadSan Antonio, Texas 78229

    A project to integrate assistive technologyinto early intervention programsthroughout Texas by providing training andsupport. Components include productionof an introductory training video, regionalteam training, video teleconferencing,videotaped consultations, and anequipment catalog. Areas addressedare positioning, augmentativecommunication, adapted play, and mobility.Able Kids is a project of the Children'sHabilitation Center, funded by the TexasPlanning Council for DevelopmentalDisabilities.

    Effects of Culture, Prematurity,and Social Interaction on SymbolUse by Infants at Risk(210) 567-5224 (Neonatology)Laura Beizer, Ph.D., Principal InvestigatorDepartment of PediatricsUniversity of Texas Health Science Centerat San Antonio7703 Floyd Curl DriveSan Antonio, Texas 78284

    To provide normative data from threepopulations at risk for language and schoolproblems and to identify social andcultural factors within each group whichcontribute to early symbolic developmentin some infants and risk in others.

    Developmental DisabilitiesReview Course(210) 671-2598Chris Johnson, M.Ed., M.D., PrincipalInvestigatorVillage of Hope Center for Childrenwith DisabilitiesDepartment of Pediatrics, UT HealthScience Center7703 Floyd Curl DriveSan Antonio, Texas 78284

    Annual review course of major disabilities(cerebral palsy, spina bifida, MR, autism,learning problems, etc.). 35 hours of CMEcredit or graduate credit. 4 hours ofdidactic and 8 hours of practicum per dayfor 5 days. Practicum includes assistingchildren in camping experience whileserving on an interdisciplinary team ofphysicians, nurses, therapists andeducators. Trainees may enroll their ownchildren in the week-long overnightcamping program.


    38 For more information, call the ECI Care Line at 1 (800) 250-2246

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