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1Were the Google of Health


Mission & Vision2Be the True Ambassador of Health


Our MISSION is to change the way the world has accessed health information, and healthcare eventually.

Our VISION is to become #1 trusted consumer health brand, touching millions of lives every day.


There is no credible source and no succinct way for users to find healthcare information online.

Searching online leads to less authentic and less credible information Poor doctor:patient (1:1700) ratio makes doctor more and more inaccessible Information available in text form is very difficult to understand


SolutionA platform where users can get answers to all their health issues in the form of videos from doctors, which are :4


DOCTORS add credibility and authenticity; no need to read from unauthentic and unknown sourcesEASY TO UNDERSTAND

VIDEO ONLY format makes it easy to understand


PERSONALIZED (with deep learning) video feed coming from local experts


Market Validation


1 out of 20*searches on Google are on Health

55%**of mobile data traffic is VIDEO* * *

India will be the epi-center of all chronic and lifestyle diseases


Market Size6#This number is only considering India; but our product is global* * * McKinsey &Company Report, December 2012: Technology, Media, and Telecom Practice; Online and upcoming: The Internets impact on India

260M+*73.8M*100KINTERNET USERS (INDIA)Total Available MarketSMARTPHONE USERSServiceable Available MarketUrban & Over 25

USERS W/DCOur Current Market ShareLarge Pie available for the taking



7Download our Android app


Traction (Users)8

Acquiring 500+ users per day50K users acquired400K unique video views; 100 hours of video is being watched every day

40% MoM


Traction (Revenues)9

35% MoMRevenues since Jan 15 150 paying customers (including 3 major hospitals)


Business Model Building user base is our first priority10

Core Offering Revenue Model Healthcare Information Services (HealthTube services)

FREE for usersSubscriptions from partners*Partners subscribe to our HealthTube services to provide answers to the incoming user queries.Healthcare Information ServicesAuthentic, credible and effective answers generate trust on the platform, thus leads to high transaction volume for other services and revenue channels.

Information services to users include : a. Video answers from Doctors b. Hangouts with Doctors c. Receiving personalized feed d. Discover the entire Video repository* partners include doctors, hospitals ** launched when our demographic is attractive to advertisers and marketers in and outside the ecosystem


2. Video Consultations (1:1) (HealthTube Plus services)

3. In-video ads**

11Current Revenues and Revenues in PipelinePricing planLaunch TimingUsers Remain free (large user base is key revenue-generating asset)

Partners INR 10000 per doctor (for 1year) INR 600000 per hospital (for 1 year) To be revised annually 1. HealthTube Services

Users (FREE)

Partners (Subscriptions)Already live since Jan 15


2. Video Consultations (Transactions)3. In-Video Ads (Advertising)10% convenience fee To be revised annuallyLive from Jun 17Live from Jun 16

PPV pricing set by free market auction Current RevenuesRevenues in Pipeline (preliminary)Pricing planLaunch Timing

12Building for the next 1 BILLION

How will we change the world ? (Roadmap)


Year 1Year 2Year 3630K users ($500K revenue)1.6M users ($2.66M revenue)5M users ($7.37M revenue)

Acquire Users for video Q&A (Ask the Doctor)

Build Brand Doctor Patient hangouts on various health topics

Disruptive Tech - Doctors self-recording answersTap the middle of the pyramid - engage non-english speaking audience in metros by building solutions for those who have smartphones & dont know how to use them!Tap the bottom of the pyramid - Extend video consultations to rural and semi-urban population

Next Gen Tech - Build use cases for wearables from the vast content weve builtInsights & Analytics PlatformAd PlatformSpread more wings - Go Global Launch 1st value added service - Video consultations in BangaloreSpread wings - Go to more metros, Tier I and II cities

Non-linear content production - content platform to be opened up for anyone to upload contentTap the bottom of the pyramid - Content in regional languages(Distributing HealthBoxes)

TeamSatish K Cheekala - Founder, CEO & CTO Early Employee & Software Engineer at Veveo, acquired by Rovi Corp. in 2014 Software Engineer at Microsoft

Manu Srikumar - CMO Sr. Marketing Manager of CareerBuilder IndiaMarketing Manager, on Leadership team at FreshersworldIrfan Khan - VP Sales Zonal Manager (Karnataka & Goa) at Himalaya Pharma Shekhar Gupta - Co-Founder, Managing DirectorCo-Founder, COO at D2L Pharma Research Solutions Pvt Ltd 13The team has the background, proven track record and vision to succeed

Dr. Sreya Gupta - Co-Founder, COO Doctor with experience in both clinic & corporatesWorked with IMS, Genpact

Abhinaw Kumar - AVP Product Product Manager at SourceBits; Program Manager at WinshuttleWorked with Birlasoft, Infogain, Oracle in various engineering roles


Hasa Samudrala - AVP Creative & ProductionProduct Manager at SourceBits; Program Manager at WinshuttleWorked with Birlasoft, Infogain, Oracle in various engineering roles

Competitive Advantages

Our focus on credibility and personalization gives a competitive edge14

Short, 2-3 minute videos with lots of illustrations in common languageUNIQUE MODELEASE OF UNDERSTANDINGSWITCHING COSTS HIGHCREDIBILITY 1st TO MARKETThese videos are not performed by actors or studio recorded, only by experts, DoctorsMachine learning systems learn every single user action, and provide a tailor-made video feed.Ability to monetize content generation through partnershipsService has high switching costs for partners as they cant move in the middle of a project as their consumers have a sticky factor to our brand in the contentPERSONALIZATION1st to introduce videos in India


Thank You!15Q & AFast forward five years, it's going to be video - Mark Zuckerberg