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Doctor Faustus: Christopher Marlow (1592)Smt. S. B. Gardi Department of EnglishM. K. Bhavnagar UniversityName: Gohil Devikaba JRoll no.: 06 Topics Name: Dr. Faustus as a Tragic HeroSubmitted to: Dr. Dilip Barad SirBatch: 2014-16Paper name: The Renaissance LiteratureContact Me: Christopher Marlowe was an English dramatist, poet and translator of the Elizabethan era. We can say that with him the Renaissance in England stars. 2Dr. Faustus is a play written by Marlowe. It is known as his one of the remarkable work.We can see an extra ordinary personality of Dr. Faustus and that is his hunger for knowledge.If God made the whole universe then how we can consider him as a tragic hero? If god himself give desires to Dr. Faustus then why his downfall happens? Because of Hubris- an excessive pride (What God can heart me?) it is a human error. God gives many indications to save his life. Like old man, good angel.In the beginning his intentions were Nobel but when he tried to be like God, at that point his downfall starts.He uses his powers for amazing adventures like learning the secrets of astronomy upon the summit of mount Olympus, which, again, are befitting of the tragic hero.At the end I want to say that it is good to be a learner but it will harm when it looses its good value.Thank you