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    MEDIAd o a n h n h a n v a c u o c s o n g . c o m KIT

    Add. 5th Floor Han Viet Tower, 203 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi Email. [email protected] | Hotline. 0911 068 883 CG RECORD MEDIA

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    Trang thng tin tng hp Doanh Nhn v Cuc Sng (www.doanhnhanvacuocsong.com) l hin thn ca nim tin mnh lit vo tinh thn khi nghip. S mnh ca Doanh nhn v Cuc Sng l cung cp ci nhn ton cnh v Kinh t - ti chnh; Gi vng trong nc v th gii; C phiu ti Vit Nam, Chu v Th gii, qua gip cc doanh nhn c nhng nhn nh chnh xc trong k hoch pht trin, nh hng cng ty ph hp vi tnh hnh kinh t chung.

    General information Entrepreneur and Life website (www.doanhnhanvacuocsong.com) embodies the strong belief in entrepreneurship spirit. The mission of Entrepreneur and Life is to provide an overview of the economy - finance; gold prices in the domestic country and in the world; stocks ... in Vietnam, in Asia and in the World, thereby helping entrepreneurs to have accurately identified in conducting develop-ment plans, orienting company consistently with the overall economic situation.

  • Vi nhng bi vit chuyn v cc nhn vt, cng ty, cu chuyn kinh doanh c tm nh hng ln trong nn kinh t, nhng thnh cng cng nh kh khn ca mi doanh nghip trong cc thi k, yu t vn ha trong kinh doanh ti Vit Nam qua nhng bi vit bn c s hiu thm v doanh nghip, cp nht thm nhng thng tin v i tc, i th, t l tm gng rn luyn bn thn mi ngy.


    With thematic articles about the prominent characters, companies, business stories that have great influence on the economy, the suc-cesses and difficulties of each business in a particular period and cultural factors in doing business in Vietnam via the articles, read-ers will understand more about the enterprises, update information on partners and rivals. Thus we, as the readers, can follow these examples to train ourselves every day.

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    Bn cnh nhng bi vit v kinh t chuyn su s l nhng bi vit mang tnh th gin v chia s v nhng im du lch th v, l hi ni ting hay nhng khng gian ni tht, ngoi tht pc bit hn l gc thng tin tng hp lin quan n y t sc kho, nhng bi tp th thao tt cho sc kho.gip bn c / doanh nhn lun bn b, do dai cho li doanh nghip ngy cng vng mnh.

    In addition to the in-depth economic articles, readers are provided with fun corner like enjoyable and relaxed writ-ings, introduction to a variety of the exciting tourist attractions, popular festivals or some picturesque interior and exterior space ...More particularly, it is the corner that aggregates information relating to med-ical health, sports training for strong body ... This helps the readers, entrepre-neurs to always remain healthy to manage and develop companies more and more strongly.

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    Nhng mt trong nhng yu t rt quan trng vi mi Doanh nhn l hnh nh ca h khi xut hin trc cc i tc vi phong thi lch s nhng vn tht thi trang cng c cp nht qua chuyn mc Thi trang.

    n c Doanh Nhn v Cuc Sng mi ngy!

    The image of every entrepreneur, however, is one of the very crucial factors when they appear before their partners in an elegant manner, but still keep very stylish. This matter is also updated via the Fashion section.

    Welcome to read Entrepreneur and Life each day!

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