do you wait patiently for success to happen?

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Post on 26-Aug-2014



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Are you the one who waits patiently for success to happen? If so, you are totally missing out! You need to do something else other than waiting. For more information, check this post out > This video will also help >


  • Don't Wait For Success To Happen
  • Heres a popular saying: Success comes to those who wait
  • And thats totally wrong Let me explain WHY
  • Success needs one crucial thing minus waiting.. In fact you shouldnt be waiting. You should be doing that one crucial thing it takes to succeed.
  • It is taking action
  • Waiting without taking action is foolish
  • Only ACTIONS give you RESULTS
  • When you wait for success, you are wasting the most precious resource you have - time!
  • A destination never comes to you. You need to get up and travel there. (you can tweet that)
  • Success never comes to you if you WAIT
  • You have to get there and earn it by taking action
  • So should you be impatient?
  • Not at all
  • When you have taken actions, and if success takes longer, its OK.
  • This post will help
  • When youve done what has to be done, and yet if, success hasnt arrived
  • > May be you chose the wrong strategy. > May be your methods dont work. > But you will figure that out quite soon.
  • But you must take action. There is no going around about this
  • Instead of waiting for success to arrive, you should do the following
  • #1 Get clarity with YOUR success
  • Everyone has their own version of success
  • Define YOURS. And get super clear with it.
  • #2 Set realistic goals
  • #3 Define an action plan
  • #4 Stop and analyze often
  • You can wait patiently after doing all these
  • But not without taking action :)
  • Hope you liked what I said so far
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