do you know some great and successful women around the world or in the history? guess who they are...

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  • Do you know some great and successful women around the world or in the history? Guess who they are .
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  • an inventor and a scientist given the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911. the only woman scientist who was awarded Nobel Prize twice Madame Curie (1867-1934) from Poland.
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  • In the year 1903, she and another scientist were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of radium. On July 4,1934, she died in Paris, killed by her own experiments. She died of radiation poisoning.
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  • Empress Wu Zetian (624 - 705) the only female monarch ( ). lived in Tang Dynasty. ruled the empire ( ) for over half a century.
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  • Wu Zetian was the only woman who ever ruled the Chinese empire in her own right,her actions have been a subject for debate for more than ten centuries. She was the most remarkable( ), influential ( )and mysterious( ) woman in Chinese history.
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  • She is a nurse, and is considered a pioneer of nursing care Born in Florence, Italy She was known as the lady with the lamp for the concern she showed to the sick soldiers. Florence Nightingale
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  • A Chinese saying goes: Women can hold up half of the sky.
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  • Who are they?
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  • A girl from the countryside who dressed as a man and went to fight for the French and to drive the English out of France. She was caught and put to death by the English. Joan of Arc (1412-1432) France
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  • She was born in the small village in France. She lived at the time when there was a war between England and France called The Hundred Years War. She showed the French army how to win battles and inspired them with the confidence
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  • enough to defeat the English and send them back to England for good. At that time it was considered wrong for women to fight in the army. Joan argued that God had spoken to her and sent her to help the army and encouraged her to fight in mens clothes.
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  • Elizabeth Fry was a Quaker. She helped improve prison condition and gave prisoners work and education. Her work helped the Quakers get the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947. Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845), Britain
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  • She was born in a Quaker family on May 21, 1780. In 1812 she first visit Newgate Prison in London and was very shocked at the conditions there. From then on she began to work to improve prison conditions in Britain. In 1816, she began her prison school.
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  • In 1818, she and 11 other Quakers talked to the leaders of Britain about life in Prison. By the 1820s she and her work had become well known.
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  • Song Chingling (1893-1981), China
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  • In 1915, She married Dr Sun Yet-sen, founder of the Republic of China. After her husband died in 1925, she supported the Communist Party even though most of her family were members of the Kuomintang. She was made an honorary vice-president of Soong Qingling
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  • the Peoples Republic. She busied herself with various welfare activities, ranging from heading the Womens Federation to a number of committees involving children.
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  • A doctor who became a specialist in womens illnesses. She devoted all her life to medical work for Chinese women and children. Her work encouraged many other women to become doctors. Lin Qiaozhi (1901-1983) China
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  • She was born in Xiamen. Her parents were Christians and her father believed in the education of women. At elementary school one of her teachers encouraged her to become a doctor. In 1929, She graduated from the University with a PhD degree in gynecology.
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  • In 1933, she studied in Vienna and then returned to China to work for women and childrens diseases. She was very important in inspiring women to become doctors and was one of the founders of modern gynecology( ) in China.
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  • Jane Goodall went to Tanzania and studied chimps from 1960s. She went with three African helpers to live in the Gombe National Park in East Africa. Her life was spent following and recording the social life and Jane Goodall
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  • relationships of the chimps. Because of her research, we now know that chimpanzees hunt for meat, use tools, and have different personalities. In 1965, she earned her PhD in Ethology from Cambridge University.
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  • Jody Williams helped found an international campaign to stop the use of landmines. She worked hard to make as many countries as possible agree not to use them. She and her organization were given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. Jody Williams (1950- ), USA
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  • famous Make controbution to the development of the society, Gain a better education Have many fans all over the world Make controbution to the development of history, Make controbution to the civilization of human beings What is great people? What is great people?
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  • NameAmbition ProblemsSacrifices Joan of Arc To drive the English from France. Women were not allowed to fight like a man. She lost her life.
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  • NameAmbition ProblemsSacrifices Elizabeth Fry to help improve prison conditions. She was criticized for neglecting her family and enjoying fame. Less time was spent with her husband and family.
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  • NameAmbition ProblemsSacrifices Soong Chingling Her relatives held political opinions completely different from hers. After her husband died, she lived alone. To work for civil rights, democracy and peace.
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  • NameAmbition ProblemsSacrifices Lin Qiaozhi To help women and children with their illness and health Women had greater difficulties getting into medical college and getting further training She never got married or had a family of her own.
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  • NameAmbition ProblemsSacrifices Jane Goodall To work with animals in the wild. She lived a hard life in the wild. She gave up the comforts of life to study the chimps.
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  • NameAmbition ProblemsSacrifices Jody Williams To prevent the making and use of landmines. It isnt easy to work with groups in different countries and persuade governments to stop the making and use of landmines. She has lost her own personal time because of the demands of the job.
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  • Personal qualities of the great people determined brave confident warm-hearted responsible unselfish honest intelligent broad-and - open minded generous kind modest hard-working considerate helpful active independent Group work
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