Do Past Mortality Rates Predict Future Hospital Mortality?

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S98 Surgical Forum Abstracts J Am Coll Surgadjustment. We sought to identify the patient- and procedure-related risk factors for iAEs.METHODS: Our 2007-2012 institutional American College ofSurgeons (ACS) NSQIP and administrative databases werematched then screened for iAEs using the ICD-9-CM based Pa-tient Safety Indicator Accidental Puncture/Laceration. Theoccurrence of iAEs was confirmed by systematic review of opera-tive reports. Patient co-morbidities were assessed using the ACSNSQIP variables. Previous abdominal surgery as a variable wasdetermined using the CPT codes for adhesiolysis. Operativecomplexity was determined using relative value units (RVUs).Multivariate models were constructed to identify independentpredictors of iAEs. Sensitivity analyses were performed in a uni-form sample of operations.RESULTS: Of a total of 9292 general surgery procedures, 218iAEs were confirmed. The median patient age was 56 years; 54%were female. In multivariable regression analyses, previous surgery(adjusted OR2.34, 95% CI: 1.71-3.21, pMultivariable Model: Risk Factors for SSI in VHR PatientsVariable Odds ratio95% Confidenceinterval p ValueMRSA+ 3.5 1.8-6.9