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E.Q. The Crusades are sometimes referred to as “Successful Failures” for the Europeans. Why ? Aim (Copy): What were the affects of the Crusades? . Do Now (Quietly please! !! ): Please hand-in your HW . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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E.Q. The Crusades are sometimes referred to as Successful Failures for the Europeans. Why?

Aim (Copy): What were the affects of the Crusades?

Do Now (Quietly please!!!): Please hand-in your HW. In your notebook, answer this question: What do you know about the Crusades? Think in terms of the varying (different) aspects: Causes?

Impact/Affects? Assignment #1: Overview of the Crusades(20-25 minutes)Review the handout/chart surrounding the Crusades (Work quietly please): Students are asked to discuss & exchange ideas with group members (Write on your chart/graphic organizer).

Based on what your neighbor(s) has on his/her sheet, did you recognize any similarities &/or differences in comparison to your own? What were they? Quick Overview of the Crusades (6-8 minutes)A series of military campaigns waged by Christian Europe in order to recapture the Holy Land from the Turks (Muslims).

3Seljuk Sultanate (Muslims) and the Byzantine Empire (Christians)

4The Kingdom of Jerusalem

Jerusalem5(Jerusalem) = Home to the three faiths of Abraham Judaism, Christianity, & Islam = Constant WARFARE/Bloodshed.

The Holy LandThe Muslims took Jerusalem as early as the 7th century, but the crusades only began in the 11th when the Seljuk Turks began interfering with Christians traveling to the holy city on pilgrimage. The Crusades lasted until about the 14th century.


Map of the Crusades7Knights



Crossbow9Review the Effects (Read carefully): The Popes/churchs power declined and nobles lost power as well, but the middle class began to prosper. The Byzantines suffered the most for their empire was almost destroyed. Religious intolerance increased = Hatred/biases towards outsiders.Europeans were introduced to new forms of technology = weapons & for travels, e.g., compass, new ways to build ships, etc. Trade increased tremendously (Played a huge role in helping to end Feudalism & the Middle Ages as a whole). Ideas were exchanged between different areas (especially warfare tactics as weapons became more specialized). Lastly, womens status changed as they were left to run the households. Learned about new foods/fruits, medicines, art, architecture, etc. Demand for for exotic goods dramatically increased. As a result, Europeans became truly hungry for exotic things = adventure/exploration of distant lands, learning about different people & cultures, etc., was huge.Europeans began to use $$$/bullion [precious metal = gold, silver, copper, etc.,] a lot more = The rise of kings & emperors. Start of a new system of banking. Growth of cities.

Crusades: Questions/Comments?(5-7 minutes)Confused? If you are, please say so.

Assignment #2: In your notebook, write in your own words (10-12 minutes)

Can you be considered a winner if you lost possession/connection of an item you original set out to gain? That being said, based on the homework assignment & todays lesson, with the exception of the first Crusade, and the knowledge that they lost every Crusade going forward, can we honestly consider the Christians/Europeans winners throughout the post-Crusade era? Why, or why not? Think carefully prior to answering any of the above listed questions. Think of the state of Europe prior to the Crusades, aftermath of the Crusades, the major effects etc., , before answering the questions.

Review tonights HWPlease review the handout: Questions? Confused? Comments?


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