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Mark and BMBY's Angels present : Do not say you did not know ! With: Mark Zeevi, Shimrit Rosenfeld, Inbal Azoulay, Avi Tel Founder 2 Yad as guest None of your leads will get lost !

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  • 1. Mark and BMBY's Angels present:Do not say you did not know!With: Mark Zeevi, Shimrit Rosenfeld, Inbal Azoulay, Avi Tel Founder 2 Yad as guest

2. Small pleasures big performanceSoftware is like a game you like it or you do not.So we have invested everything possible so thatyou fall in love with our system,We planned a beautiful and comfortableinterface, we made sure that everything will besimple and friendly.And if you have any requests orsuggestionsWe have built a flexible system for makingeasy adjustmentsAnd we will be happy to do it for you 3. In any place, at any time, from any deviceOur system works on computer & iPhone app & iPad & Android.Because the Internet moved - over 65% of surfing is from smartphones &tablets 4. Import mechanism that does not start from zeroEvery company has a database of customers & suppliers.Each one is a potential customer and therefore first step before allhave to concentrate all the notes from all sources and import them to thesystem (marketing value of each record 50 NIS).For this purpose we have developed a clever mechanism that allows: Easy and simple import Identifying redundancies Associating with the right fields Associating with the sales people Data improvement 5. Lead Management SystemImportance of automation in receiving leadsThis is the most important part in the process,once we imported all the historical records, it isimperative that any new Lead from any source(internet and telephone) will enter directly into thesystem, will be directed to the relevant sales personand the sales process will begin.Our leads management system makes it all andmuch more.Read below ... 6. Robotic IntelligenceAutomated process of receiving leads from 30 to 95publication is not cheap, and shame on allleads that is not treated in timeTherefore, we built an automatic robot thatwill help you handle the fastest way Leadscoming in, keep his "Warmth", reply byemail or sms depending on the subjectaddressed, remembering the salespersonand more ... and more ...Let's see why ... 7. Response within an hourReadiness of the lead interest to pass the initial stage ofthe sales process Decreases drastically (almost 6!) Withinan hour he turnedAnd continues to decline as time goes onNow you see why? ...Look at what else we have prepared for you in the kit0.3%140120100806069%11%4%0.5% 8. Telephony systemFamiliar with the phenomenon that customers call and you are not able to answer?The problem is that sometimes you forget to return them or at best come back to themlater ...So give it an end! Any phone can be a lead and it is important that you willsave all the leads!We built you the smartest telephone centers you know(like the big companies only for a small price) andadded her proper tools to manage leads andcustomers, for example: Call Recording Call register is full (like your smartphone) Bumping customer portfolio during a call (existingor new) Dashboard that shows in real time where eachone and what it doesLet's see what else you can see there ..The first centersMobile and stationarylines 9. Management of sales centerWhat senior manager want? Answer in a second? Received!We built you "cockpit" Visual, flexible and easy to operate you can see itall, but everything! 10. Management Sales Process -conversion ratiosOnce all your leads automatically absorbed successfully, our sales systemcomes into play and you begin to manage the entire sales process.Unique mechanism is "Pipeline" : correctly manage all stages of conversionrates of sales and identify the point of failure. You will get full control of theselling process from intake leads to closing the deal, you know with all leadstreated, and if you have created all sales opportunities realized.We still have a lot to tell you about it (and we will do it in a personalmeeting) In the meantime, you will continue to see ... 11. And we have not talked about love (CRM)Do not work for the CRM Let it work for you! Flexible interested Portfolio Self option to add dynamic fields Management of tasks and appointments Activity Log Interface to gmail to Outlook Report Generator revolutionary Generates alerts and reminders- for the customer, the salesperson and thesupervisor by e-mail, sms and applicationIn short if you ask nicely it will also makeyou coffee :) 12. mail & sms Mailing systemSavings of about 50% in advertising costsMessages and communication mechanism with customers that is direct andcheap with advanced features Full personalization to all customer data Segmentation by all system fields Option to upload pictures and sending HTML Sending messages scheduled by date Full sending reports - what came, what was opend, what was clicked Automatic continued sending Full documentation in the client's portfolio 13. Dissemination of messages insocial networksThe chepst lead Online - Organic and FinancingIsrael almost 5 million people surf Facebook and other socialnetworks (78% of them on a daily basis).Do you realize this is the country's largest media?(Yediot Aharonot has at the weekend 200 thousand readers)Today there are fantastic and cheap tools to publish postsAnd posts of these networks.We built you a interface to T-roo comany that allows you inThe simplest way to spread Posts to groups interestedthroughout social mediaIf you ask nicely, Heli (owner of T-roo) will tell you how 14. Campaign ManagementYou are investing a lot of money in advertising. All the studiesShow that 50-70% of the money goes to the trash and it has quite afew reasonsBMBY will just reveal to you what are the reasons.You can see an accurate result of each campaign and Google Listing,Facebook, second hand, newspaper and any other media.You will learn not only where to reach you interested,But more important where you come from actual buyers.I personally guarantee you 50% savings! 15. Club ManagementAnd lets say we have sucssess until now,We converted all of our past clients to the system, automaticallyabsorbed evey new lead and all dealt with him nicely, improvedconversion rates, closed more deals and saved a lot of money inadvertising..So what now?Very simple, let's sell our existing customers more!(You do not have all the time to work only on new customers)BMBY will help you take advantage of the database that you built,Take care of customer satisfaction and loyalty of your customers,Update them in products and services and ensure that you gain fromthat. 16. So what else are we expecting?Avi and research and development teams are now working on our On sometools that you can enjoy them soon: Invoicing system built-in Credit card settlement mechanism Full interface to the systems Full interface for Google's advertising and FacebookAnd some very interesting things that we can not tellYou that there spies" following us all the time :)So Expect surprises ...Meeting with you, show you how to successfully operates BMBYThousands of companies in IsraelAnd how it also improves the effectiveness of your advertising and marketingWithout going into great investment and without changing anything in itscomputer system in your organization. Are waiting for your phone to coordinatethe meeting ... 050-4333181 ShimritTel Avi Tel founder - YAD2