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Hey, rainy days happen. And when they do, Do It Now! Crafts comes to the rescue of parents everywhere, providing more than 70 awesome crafting projects (like making a pop-up 3D card) and delicious, clever recipes (like cooking up taffy from scratch). Best of all, the activities are shown in vivid, colorful, and cheeky step-by-step art with short instructions that make completing them a snap—and a blast! Culled from the creative minds of two zany moms who still remember what it's like to be a kid, Do It Now! Crafts is the perfect answer to summertime boredom. Previously appeared in the Moonbeam Award–winning Show Off.





contents how to use this book1 take aim with a catapult 2 fire a pen crossbow 3 design a kite 4 fly a kite 5 fold a paper airplane 6 whip out a ninja star 7 marbleize pretty paper 8 cut festive papel picado 9 paste up a piata 10 light paper-bag luminarias 11 fill a sea globe 12 pour a sand candle 13 weave a friendship bracelet 14 hook a gum-wrapper chain 15 link a daisy chain 16 tie-dye a stripy shirt 17 tie-dye a swirly shirt 18 cover an mp3 player 19 roll up a duct-tape rose 20 bead charms 21 mold clay monsters 22 create silhouette portraits 23 draw a cat 24 sketch a dog 25 draft a horse 26 draw awesome manga 27 flip out with a flip book 28 pop out a 3-d card 29 sport a comic-book tote 30 beautify sneakers 31 punk up high-tops 32 trick out slip-ons 33 fashion a no-sew skirt 34 paint one-of-a-kind nails 35 make a crazy ponytail 36 ink a fake tattoo 37 annoy with a balloon horn 38 toot a straw horn 39 wire cereal-box speakers 40 screen-print a t-shirt 41 make a compact disc-o ball


tell me more index about the authors credits65 grill cheese on a stick 66 bake a cake in an orange 67 cook campfire candy apples 68 concoct chocolate anthills 69 make edible fake barf

42 roll candy sushi 43 pull tasty taffy 44 kick up some ice cream 45 make fruity soda pop 46 build a jiggly city 47 make a dessert aquarium 48 bake stained-glass cookies 49 adorn a gingerbread house 50 make icing glue 51 separate an egg 52 make fortune-cookie dough 53 fold fortune cookies 54 freeze smoothie pops 55 blend a smoothie 56 make chewy fruit leather 57 roll pasta dough 58 fold tortellini 59 enjoy purple pasta 60 dye rainbow celery 61 twist up soft pretzels 62 chill refrigerator pickles 63 sculpt snack art 64 roast veggies in the wild

a word to parentsThe activities in this book are designed for children ages ten and older. While we have made every effort to ensure that the information in this book is accurate, reliable, and totally cool, please assess your own childs suitability for a particular activity before allowing him or her to attempt it, and provide adult supervision as appropriate. We disclaim all liability for any unintended, unforeseen, or improper application of the suggestions featured in this book. We will, however, be happy to accept the credit for increased awesomeness.tell me more

symbolsFlip to the back of the book for extra info about this activity, including trivia, special techniques, history, or the science that makes it all happen.

uses recyclables

This project helps you recycle old junk you probably have at your house. Go green!

Wear old clothes, put down newspapers, and warn the parents. This one will be messy!

messyThe timer shows the number of hours, minutes, or seconds you should spend doing a step.



The thermometer indicates the temperature to which you should heat or cool an ingredient.

tool kitHere are some basic items that you probably have at home, so they arent listed in the toolbars. Pack a tool kit, and keep it handy!

This symbol tells the number of times you should repeat a particular action.

The calendars xs shows the number of days, weeks, or months that a step requires.

Follow the little asterisk in a step to the larger one on the page for information about alternative methods or materials, or for tips.scissors glue pen, pencil, and marker plain paper





dead pen

rotary tool

fire a pen crossbow


Take apart a pen that has run out of ink.

Drill a small hole in the middle of the tube.

Push the hollow tip through the hole.

Cut two notches in each end.

Secure the pen perpendicular to a pencil.

Place a rubber band in the notches.

Tape the clothespin on so it can still open.

Load the ink tube through the hollow tip.

Clip the rubber band into the clothespin. Take aim and fire, but never at people or animals!


fill a sea globe

1 Clean a small jar andremove the label.

distilled water

2 Soak beach shells andsand to clean.


3 drops mineral oil


distilled water




paint one-of-a-kind nails2


1 1Let dry.



3 1Press onto polish. Let dry.

Add to wet polish.

4 2

Let dry.



2 3

Let dry.

sugar-cookie dough

parchment paper

bake stained-glass cookies


Roll out prepared cookie dough.

Use a flour-coated cookie cutter to cut out cookies.

Set on parchment paper and cut holes.

Fill a bag with hard candy. Crush with a rolling pin.



350F (175C)

Cut the tip off the plastic bag.

Sprinkle the crushed candies into the holes.

Bake until light brown.

Let the sun shine through!

tell me more


roast veggies in the wild


grill cheese on a stick

1Cut the veggies into equal-size pieces.

2Toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

1Scrape the bark off part of a forked stick.

2Butter one side of each bread slice.



3Put the veggies on a square of tinfoil.

4Fold into a packet.

3Put cheese between the unbuttered sides.

4Hold over the fire.






6Unwrap and enjoy!

5When it browns, move away and flip.

6Grill the other side.

Add to coals. Flip after five minutes.

WELDON OWEN INC. CEO, President Terry Newell VP, Sales and New Business Development Amy Kaneko VP, Publisher Roger Shaw Creative Director Kelly Booth Executive Editor Mariah Bear Senior Editor Lucie Parker Project Editor Frances Reade Assistant Editors Emelie Griffin, Katharine Moore Senior Designers Stephanie Tang, Meghan Hildebrand Designer Delbarr Moradi Illustration Coordinators Sheila Masson, Conor Buckley Production Director Chris Hemesath Production Manager Michelle DugganDo It Now! Crafts: Cool Art Projects & Tasty Snacks Copyright 2012 by Weldon Owen Inc. 415 Jackson Street, Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94111 Telephone: 415 291 0100 Fax: 415 291 8841 A division of Special thanks to: Storyboarders Esy Casey, Julumarie Joy Cornista, Sarah Lynn Duncan, Chris Hall, Paula Rogers, Jamie Spinello, Brandi Valenza Illustration specialists Hayden Foell, Raymond Larrett, Ross Sublett Editorial and research support team Ian Cannon, Marc Caswell, Mollie Church, Elizabeth Dougherty, Kat Engh, Alex Eros, Justin Goers, Sarah Gurman, Susan Jonaitis, Peter Masiak, Grace Newell, Jennifer Newens, Paul Ozzello, Ben Rosenberg, Hiya Swanhuyser Kid-reviewer panel Emma Arlen, Leah Cohen, Sally Elton, Whitman Hall, Tesserae Honor, Nami Kaneko, Emily Newell, Eloise Shaw, Georgia Shaw

A Show Me Now Book. Show Me Now is a trademark of Weldon Owen Inc.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in an information retrieval system in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, taping, and recording, without prior written permission from the publisher. Excerpted from Show Off, first published by Candlewick Press in 2009. Library of Congress Control Number: 2012932623 ISBN 13: 978-1-61628-390-2 ISBN 10: 1-61628-390-4 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012

Printed in China by SNP Leefung Typeset in Vectora LH

Illustration credits Front cover Raymond Larrett: kite Liberum Donum (Juan Calle, Santiago Calle, Andres Penagos): taffy Bryon Thompson: fortune cookie Gabhor Utomo: tie-dyed shirt Back cover Britt Hanson: sea globe, snack sculpture Gary Henricks: sand candle Vic Kulihin: catapult, straw horn Raymond Larrett: kite, stained-glass cookies Liberum Donum (Juan Calle, Santiago Calle, Andres Penagos): comic-book tote Christine Meighan: cake in an orange, paper airplane Vincent Perea: fake tattoo Otis Thomson: flip book Gabhor Utomo: marbleized paper, piata, tie-dyed shirt, screen-print Tina Cash Walsh: pasta dough Interiors Key: bg = background; bd = border; fr = frames; ex = extra art Henry Boyle: 37 Hayden Foell: 45 ex Britt Hanson: 11, 15, 22, 34, 42 bg, 60, 63 Gary Henricks: 12 Joshua Kemble: 59 fr Vic Kulihin: 12, 38 Raymond Larrett: 34, 8, 10, 48 Liberum Donum (Juan Calle, Santiago Calle, Andres Penagos): 2326, 29, 35, 43, 4647, 68 Christine Meighan: 56, 14, 4445, 4950, 64, 6667 Hank Osuna: 42 fr, 6162 Vincent Perea: 36 Ross Sublett: 33 bg, 35 bg Bryon Thompson: 2021, 28, 5156 Otis Thomson: 27 Taylor Tucek: 39 Gabhor Utomo: 7, 9, 13, 1617, 3032 bg, 40, 41 bg, 59 bg, 69 Tina Cash Walsh: 1819, 3032 fr, 33 fr, 41 fr, 5758, 65