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  1. 1. Employer information Benefits - Features - Pricing - Testimonials
  2. 2. Through Do Good Jobs you can reach thousands of do-gooders with the right skills and values.
  3. 3. Trusted by: and many more...
  4. 4. Single job listing Full-time, Part-time & contract work 30 day listing $55 Bonus pack Pay for 4 get 1 free 5 x 30 day listings Pack valid for 1 year $220 & not for profits Volunteer recruitment (limit 2 per year per charity) Unlimited Goodness Featured branding + editorial content. Unlimited 30 day listings Subscription for 1 year $1290 Good value
  5. 5. NZs only ethical jobs board
  6. 6. Included features Ad posting in weekly job newsletter, online and phone support, resume scroller and event listings. The good stuff Optional goodies: Social Boost Promote your ad through social media reaching thousands more candidates. Ad Tweaks We know what people respond to. Let us tweak your ad to get the right candidates for your role. Specialists We have a network of recruitment specialists who can find great candidates and provide support and advice: from help with screening applicants to a full end-to-end recruitment process. $30 $60 free call to discuss
  7. 7. Why use us? Quality candidates Our members are a niche market of people with the skills and values that youre looking for. Rather than be inundated with unsuitable applications, youll access a network of high calibre people with the drive to match your organisations vision. Amazing value Why spend an arm and a leg on recruitment commissions and advertising rates? Our listings are up to 6x cheaper than the other large NZ jobs boards, and you will get quality rather than quantity. New Zealand owned Unlike the mass market jobs boards in NZ which are Australian owned and profit driven, were kiwi owned and focused on creating a better world. Our profits are shared with some worthy charities. We get to focus on making the world a better place and helping you do that too. Its true: good people make great organisations. Youre in control Your personal user dashboard lets you keep track of your page views, edit, promote and relist your ad whenever you want. And if you need help, were on hand to offer you advice.
  8. 8. People who like us... On the two occasions that I have used Do Good Jobs I have been totally blown away by the quality of the candidates. Ben, Conscious Consumers LOVED using you guys, thank you so much, its a super easy system. Julia and Amelia walk the talk, as well as the online side of recruiting, they understand the Good Jobs ethos and marketplace so can make personal connections within their networks, which is priceless. Pat, One Percent Collective Do Good Jobs has a reasonable pricing structure in comparison to other sites (and of course a captive niche target audience!) Emma, Tauranga Environment Centre Do Good Jobs helped us find the best person we could hope for. Aaron, Power Shift NZ-Pacific I was impressed with the variety of skill and high calibre of people that responded and it was great to find people who were generally interested and passionate about working for a social cause. Silvia, Chalkle My efforts to find someone for this role through other avenues had proved unsuccessful but through Do Good Jobs I have found two (maybe three) great people who I hope to make a part of our team! Beba, CareShareWare I got a bunch of good applications through your website (including the person we appointed for the role). I also used Seek and the quality there was quite variable. Hamish, Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre
  9. 9. Our story... Weve been friends since we were 12. Our friendship began in the classroom and 20 years on we are longest time friends. Over the past few years weve been collaborating on ways to do good, both in our work-life and our spare time. In our quest for meaning and purpose in the workforce, we both stumbled over a series of frustrations. In Julias years working for various charities, she was struck by how hard it was to recruit people with both the skills and the passion for the organisations mission & values. Likewise, as a job searcher, Amelia found it overwhelming trawling through long lists of jobs, trying to find employers whose ethics and values reflected her own. After encountering countless friends and associates who shared our frustrations, we came to realize that there was a real and urgent need here. So on a mission we went: to designan ethical jobs board for New Zealand that would bring together all the talent, values, skills and opportunities that our beautiful country had to offer. And in 2011, after many late nights and weekends, Do Good Jobs was launched. Our purpose: to connect employers doing good in the world with people who want to do good. As weve grown, weve built a solid community of talented and inspired people, and developed an ecosystem of good. Weve moved from being a simple jobs board, to developing networking opportunities through event listings and providing specialist services and support for job seekers. Weve got lots of ideas to explore and are excited about the future. Were here to help and would love to talk with you. We hope youll join us on the good journey. Julia + Amelia
  10. 10. Nuts & bolts The definition of a good job: If youre looking to list a job on Do Good Jobs and its in development, environment, or community-related sectors, or for a charity, government agency, community group, or social business, thn you probably meet the criteria. But heres a bit more info: Listings that are accepted. Listings must be linked to the causes listed below in order to be accepted must be either: - development-related and/or be linked to the aid and development sector. - environment-related and/or be linked to the environment sector. - community-related (health, well being etc) and/or be linked to the community sector. - aim to create positive social and environmental change. - be a charity, not-for-profit, NGO, government agency or community group. Profit-based businesses may still list roles if they do not operate solely for profit, and contribute in some way to social and environmental change (e.g a Fairtrade clothing company). Listings that are not accepted Illegitimate activities -job that violate international law, break the law of countries where work is undertaken, or break applicable New Zealand law. Military work, security services or oil industry roles. Roles that are solely faith-based. However, roles with a primary focus in the development sector, environmental sector or community-related sectors will be accepted (e.g a community support role that helps feed the homeless, but is led by a faith-based group). Organisations that promote discrimination or human rights violations. Misleading listings listings must only be for genuine work, contracts or volunteering opportunities. Companies whose sole purpose is income-generation. Listings for the purpose of defrauding others. If you are unsure whether your role suits Do Good Jobs, please email us to check at
  11. 11. Ready to list your next vacancy with us? visit or email