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Communication and presentation tips for do-gooders, created by Dr. Carmen Simon and Bruce Kasanoff. Learn more at and


<ul><li> 1. ( B E T T E R ) DO GOODMa#Brooks/NounProject</li></ul> <p> 2. DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA HOW TOFeed one millionstarvingchildren?Fund anafter-schoolprogram?Get your familyto volunteer onthe weekend?DW/NounProjectStephenBorengasser/NounProject 3. The people with the biggest hearts often havethe toughest time understanding why everyoneelse does not care as much as them 4. The truth is, everyone else does NOTcare as much as you do becauseYOU ARE SPECIAL 5. Dont getdiscouraged.Just get betterat selling yourideas. 6. HERE ARE 4 WAYS TO DO GOOD...BETTER 7. CREATE ANTICIPATION 8. Like this 9. Make people wonderwhat will happen next 10. BE PROVOCATIVE 11. Many socialentrepreneurs arewasting their time,because theycant sell theirideas effectively. 12. ASK QUESTIONS 13. COULD YOU ATTRACT A CROWD BYSILENTLY SITTING IN A CHAIR? 14. MarinaAbramovidid, at theMoMA in NYC. 15. Marinas exhibit posed a LOT of questions.Many peoplecried while sittingwith Marina.Is it art to sit in a chair and just payattention to another person?How lonely are we?What does attention mean? 16. Marinas exhibit highlightsa vitally important lesson:When you ask aquestion, pause to giveothers time to consider it. 17. ADD SURPRISE, CONFLICT ORTENSION 18. MOST COMMUNICATION DECAYSINTO PREDICTABLE PATTERNS.TO AVOID THIS, USE SURPRISE, CONFLICT, OR TENSION 19. These tacticsfocus youraudiencesattention. 20. They increase theodds other peoplewill care aboutyour idea. 21. You dont haveto be an artistto do this.There areSO MANYcool toolsavailable toget attention. 22. ...AND ATTENTION PAVES THE WAY TO MEMORY 23. Focus their attention on whats important. Peopleremember just 10% of what you tell them...Even if you are trying to save the world. 24. So stick to 4 points, or less 25. The birth of anew idea isalways hard. 26. DO GOOD BETTERCREATEANTICIPATIONBEPROVOCATIVEASKQUESTIONSADD SURPRISE,CONFLICT ORTENSION 27. What do we wantyou to remember? 28. Well give you asecond 29. DO GOOD BETTERCREATEANTICIPATIONBEPROVOCATIVEASKQUESTIONSADD SURPRISE,CONFLICT ORTENSION 30. ABOUT THE AUTHORSBRUCE KASANOFFHow to do well by doing goodKasanoff.comDr. CARMEN SIMONThe science of memorable presentationsRexiMedia.comAll photographs by Carolina Miranda (C-Monster/Flickr) 31. AND START THE PROCESSALL OVER AGAINBE PROVOCATIVE </p>