Do Baton Rouge Home Appraisals Increase Property Taxes

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    Bill Cobb

    Do Home Appraisals Increase Baton Rouge Property Taxes?


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    April 23, 2013 01:25 AM

    Do Home Appraisals Increase Baton Rouge Property Taxes?

    Generally the answer is NO for refinance, estate and divorce appraisals. However, for purchases, it could raiseproperty taxes or increase property taxes for the new buyer as local Tax Assessor do monitor these transactions, canincrease the home's assessed value to the new purchase price and therefore increase property taxes.


  • My Appraiser Peer and Friend in Sacramento CA, Ryan Lundquist, has also written aboutthis topic below:

    Will your property taxes increase when you get an appraisal ...

    http://sacramentoappraisalblog.comWed, 27 Mar 2013 22:59:48 GMT

    Ryan says, Two events trigger a property reassessment: new construction and change of ownership.

    "Sometimes property owners ask me during an appraisal inspection if their property taxes are going to go upbecause of the appraisal. That's a great question. No Sharing: Just so you know, there is not any county databasewhere the appraiser sends an appraisal report when your house is being appraised. The appraisal report should notbe delivered to anyone by the appraiser other than the lender during a loan appraisal or the private client during aprivate appraisal. Unless the county is somehow an intended user of the appraisal report, theyll never see a copy(they wont be an intended user unless theyre involved in the transaction somehow)."

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    Do Home Appraisals Increase Baton Rouge Property Taxes?