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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>DNA versus DeityDNA is what you are but DEITY is who you are!What is DNA?It is the molecule of heredity</p> <p>It stores information for building proteins probably not each trait</p> <p>It has the information and instruction set for building proteins that are needed to keep the cell alive</p> <p>Every living thing has DNA</p> <p>It directs protein synthesis and then the proteins do all the essential jobs to that keeps every living thing goingWhat is DEITY?It is being natural, supernatural or prenatural, with superhuman qualities or powers</p> <p>Someone who many be thought as sacred, divine and holy</p> <p>Some believers many consider or believe that they can communicate with a deity, who can respond supernaturally to their entreaties</p> <p>Some religions have one supreme deity, while others have multiple deities of different ranks</p> <p>How DNA and DEITY work?DNA is what you are but DEITY is who you are!</p> <p>This may give shock to and pause for many people, but with the deep knowledge or understanding, this is considered as one of the truest statements if ever there was one.In the SHOCK Philosophy, the third principle is Energy, which is another word used to describe the awesome power of God</p> <p>Depending upon your doctrine, programming, beliefs, and upbringing, you may find that affirmation liberating or blasphemous, DNA and DEITY can be used together</p> <p>Regardless of which side your consciousness falls on, that statement is still shocking to your nervous system or subconscious because of the implication that you have internal God-power in you and that every human being has it and can use our God-power to produce heaven or hellReason why you have not manifested the reality you desireYou have not learned how to blend the three most powerful forces of manifestation in the universe</p> <p>This manifestation includes:</p> <p>TheologyBiologyPsychology</p> <p>What is SHOCK PhilosophyIt stands for Seeking Higher Omnipotent Conscious Knowledge</p> <p>It is a non-denominational, scientific way of approaching conventional manifestation and intention principles</p> <p>It is a synthesis of psychology, biology and theologyBenefits of SHOCK Philosophy All cultures, races and denominations can use this process to powerfully manifest positive results</p> <p>It can teach you to overcome sabotaging your own success, by using your talents and turning them against your own self</p> <p>This is a practical tool that can lead you step-by-step through the process indicated in SHOCK Philosophy toward great awareness, insight and achievementQuestions the SHOCK Philosophy AnswersWhy has "Positive Thinking" and "Prayer" not created the results I desire?</p> <p>Why do I keep attracting the same unfulfilled experiences and people in my life?</p> <p>Who and what emotional state am I addicted to?</p> <p>What patterns of thought, values and judgments am I locked into?</p> <p>How can I truly succeed regardless of my past failures?</p> <p>Are there prayers my current faith can't answer?</p> <p>Why organized religion, hope and faith will fail you?Overview of Principles used in SHOCK PhilosophyPrinciple 1: The Master and the Masses.</p> <p>Principle 2: Creation Has Been Created.</p> <p>Principle 3: Energy Is!</p> <p>Principle 4: DNA Is What You Are; Deity Is Who You Are.</p> <p>Principle 5: Consciousness Is Energy &amp; Capacity.</p> <p>Principle 6: Energy Cannot Be Destroyed.</p> <p>Principle 7: Face a Death &amp; Rebirth.</p> <p>Principle 8: Face Your ANTs, WORMs &amp; Fears.To know more about this successful manifestation to success and how you will be powerful within yourself, then you can visit http://amzn.to/VH0aw9</p>