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  • In the 16 years of friendship, you never cease to amaze me, make me laugh and appreciate our nerdy/weird-ness. Your second child is blessed to have you and Adam as him/her parents.You are an amazing mother and individual, and I am honored to have you as my friend. Love ya tons! - Jackie Lindeman


    Congratulations Patricia! We couldnt be happier for you and your beautiful growing family. You deserve all of the wonderful and exciting times ahead of you...Lots of love and aloha - Sky Brewer


    Since Im brand new at the parenting thing I dont have much wisdom or insight to impart, just very best wishes to you, Adam and Gibson as you welcome your new addition! What an exciting time and

    what a blessing! - Cate Klein

  • Patricia, I am very excited for baby number 2! Words cannot describe how wonderful it is to be a grandparent. Gibson is such a joy and I cant wait to to meet my second grandson! I have the pleasure to watch you with Gibson and you are such a wonderful mommy! - Andrea Goldenberg


    Patricia,What an exciting time for you and Adam! Im so happy that I get to share a part of this expe-rience. I have enjoyed getting to know you and I look forward to sharing many more memories in the future. Enthusiastically awaiting your new arrival! - Nancy Stark

  • Dearest Patricia, It was an honor co-hosting your sprinkle and honoring baby goldenberg. You are a true friend and always willing to help, hang out or listen. I am so thrilled that our our husbands and first borns are buds and I cannot wait to see what kind of trouble our two new boys will get into! Lots of love. - Caroline


    Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.- Dalai Lama

    Patricia, the quote above speaks volumes and it is what will make you an amazing mother once again. You are endlessly compassionate with Gibson and the most loving mother. He is very lucky and your new darling will be so lucky too. I wish you courage and energy through your birth and peace and joy when he arrives. - Jeanne Bray

  • A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, a home happier, and the future worth living for.

    Dear Patricia, Its been so fun getting to know you and your family over the last 2 years. You are an amazing mother and a great friend! Being a mother is one of the greatest selfless things a women can do and as you know, can be one of the most rewarding things. Congratulations on baby boy #2, he picked a wonderful family to join. Lots of love to you and your family. - Britt Jaeger


    Dear Patricia, You are an amazing woman, which makes you an incredible mom! Your love, devo-tion and compassion are admirable. Gibson and Baby Boy number 2 are lucky guys to have you as their mommy! May love, laughter and happiness be your constant companions. - Dana