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  • 1. DMDA fun weeklyactivity thatkeeps yourparents in touchwith lifein Smartia!!!But what does DMD stand for ???????

2. Dear Mum andDad!!! Getting any ideas yet ???!! 3. Each Friday, you will write aletter to your parents, tellingthem all about life in SmartiaYour parents will then havesome fun homework over theweekend 4. reading and replyingto your letter!!! How cool is that ?! (they can write to you in English or their first language, if you want ) 5. More than just a newspaperreporter style where you onlymake a (boring) list of things youdid that weekLet them INSIDE your BRAIN (what didyou think about what questions were youasking yourself etc.Let them INSIDE your HEART (what wereyou feeling about something WHY didyou like/dislike something etc.) 6. It will be fun to watch yourDMD book grow fuller and fuller over the year, just as you will grow as a writer as the year goes on !!(as much as possible, bring the DMDbook back every Monday - trainyour parents to reply to your letter ) 7. Remember these important parts of aletter Dateex. August 20, 2009Dear Mum and Dad, (notice the comma !!!!)INDENT the first sentence by lining it up under the comma of Dear Mum and Dad,INDENT the second paragraphend off with a CLOSING SALUTATIONex. Your friend, (notice the capital letter and comma !!!!) ex. Hugs and kisses, 8. ENJOY !!


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