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  • 1. Client Consultation Process
    The only way to ensure our solution will resolve your organizational issue!

2. DLQ Enterprises Co. Engagement Methodology
Because we have found that this simple approach works best to ensure that we meet your expectations. We do this by providing you and your organization with a cost effective solution that not only meets your needs but often exceeds them by ensuring the highest standards of quality with measurable results.
3. Client Consult Process Overview
1st, we meet with you and your team
3rd, then we deliver our solution proposal to you and your team
2nd, we confer
Offsite with our Team
4. Client Consultation Step 1
Meetings with Senior Management
To determine, define, and document the future state vision
5. Client Consultation Step 2
DLQ Solution Development
We confer with our experienced team of consultants and management to develop a high quality cost effective solution
Typically 1-2 days offsite
6. Client Consultation Step 3
Meeting with Senior Management
To deliver an executive briefing and solution proposal
7. About Step 1
What is the purpose?
To explore, identify, agree, and document the REAL issue(s).
How long does it take?
As little as 2 one hour sessions (minimum) or,
As many meetings as your organization feels it needs to fully explore, identify, agree upon, and document the issue(s).
8. More About Step 1
What are the expectations?
DLQ expects:
To be provided with an open an honest dialogue regarding the nature and possible causes of the issue(s)
Access to requested documentation regarding
9. About Step 3
What do we deliver?
An executive briefing consisting of
Executive Summary
Executive Presentation
High Level Proposal
High Level Statement of Work
Much more
10. Questions?



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