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  • In 1985 I was working on early concepts for NASAs Space Station Project.The Space Station has large rotating joints, that use motors.Here I wondered how to engage a motor onto the turning part (the drum).Note I was toying with a linkage system, and using a spring (belleville).(I forgot about this page until much later.)

  • I left the Space Station project for about 9 years.I was asked to return and solve a problem:Motors strong enough to engage the lock could also break themselves.Strengthening one part would endanger another.

  • I look for solutionsI wanted to make a load-limiter (a fuse) that would allow a strong motor but also protect the fragile parts

  • I read

  • I use math

  • I get help from other peopleI keep working on my design

  • I show my work to other people, to get their approval

  • After approval, we gave instructions to the factory to make and assemble the parts.We wrote test plans, and the testing showed that the parts would work in outer space.Here is my part (the Engage-Disengage Mechanism (or EDM)) ready for launch.

  • There are eight EDM units on the Space Station.I can look up, at night, and see it fly by.