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<p> 1. DIZAPPEAR #NoMoreRegrets 2. ? Who likes having regrets in life 3. They bring us down, have us feeling shameful and even remorseful. 4. biggestregrets come from our moments of weakness smallest Still the 5. Like sending a text at AM... 6. E X... or scrolling through messages from your 7. and nding out that you only talk once a year with a Facebook friend Hey, happy birthday! Happy birthday! HB... Hey dear, Happy Birthday :) ! 11-08-2014 11-08-2013 11-08-2012 11-08-2011 8. But this is our solution to regrets... 9. Imagine a world where we text like we talk... 10. A world where texts are only read when they are relevant. 11. A world where we dont fear texting too much. 12. At Dizappear, we want to bring smart texting to smart phones. 13. NoMore compromising history. NoMore shameful screenshots. NoMore exs waking up to discover your texts from last night. NoMore failed texts. # # # # 14. Take full control of your messages. 15. Your messages self-destruct if they are not read before the times up. 16. Cancel a sent message before its read. 17. Use Dizappear with any numbers, even if they dont have the app. 18. the rst smart messaging application to be trully ephemeral. DIZAPPEAR = 19. Thats how at Dizappear, we dont leave a chance to regret. And we are far from being done. 20. @dizappearapp contact@dizappear.fr #NoMoreRegrets </p>