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It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on dcor for your wedding, especially since this event will probably be very expensive already. In order to cut down on your expenses, there are simple DIY decorations that you can make that will look great yet will not cost you a lot. This guide will show you how to make some of these great decorations.


<ul><li><p>Creative &amp; Beautiful DIY Wedding </p><p>Decoration Ideas </p></li><li><p>Your wedding dcor can transform an ordinary venue into a beautiful and magical space for one </p><p>night, so that you can celebrate your very special event in style. It is not necessary to spend a lot of </p><p>money on dcor for your wedding either, especially since this event will probably be very expensive </p><p>already. In order to cut down on your expenses, there are simple DIY decorations that you can make </p><p>that will look great yet will not cost you a lot. </p><p>Here are some fun and creative DIY wedding decoration ideas: </p><p>Wedding Balloon Arches </p><p>This simple design element can make the space look special, especially if you use balloon arches to </p><p>frame where you and your spouse will be standing while you are getting married. Usually a frame is </p><p>used to build a balloon arch, which simply involves twisting the balloons around the frame. </p><p>However, it is not always necessary to have a frame. </p><p>You can create the arch by using foil or latex helium balloons and tying them to a long length of </p><p>string or fishing wire. Then, use a weight to weigh down both ends of the wire. The balloons will </p><p>naturally create an arch because of the helium. You can change the shape of the arch by moving the </p><p>balloons closer together or further apart. </p><p>Latex balloons when correctly helium-filled have an approximate float time of 10-12 hours, so make </p><p>sure that you build the arch right before the Wedding for the arch top look its best! Find a great </p><p>selection of quality latex balloons here. </p><p>Foil balloons, when correctly helium-filled average a float time of 5-7 days making an earlier set-up </p><p>easier. Find a wide range of quality Foil Balloons a great prices here. </p></li><li><p>Hanging Blossom Centrepiece </p><p>Looking for an idea for a beautiful wedding centrepiece that will create a magical atmosphere? </p><p>Instead of putting flowers in a vase on the table, why not try hanging them from ribbon and </p><p>suspending them from the ceiling? You can also add candle holders to create a special effect with </p><p>various levels of soft light. For a beautiful vintage look, you can consider using dried flowers </p><p>suspended from the ceiling. </p></li><li><p>Floating Candle Table Decorations </p><p>Heres another attractive idea for decorating the tables at your wedding floating candle bowls. </p><p>They are inexpensive, as all you will need to buy are glass containers and tea candles. Fill the </p><p>containers up with water and add some flower petals, pretty leaves and perhaps even some glitter. </p><p>Then, use the small tea light candles to float on top of the water. You could even consider adding </p><p>some food colouring to the water to give it a colourful tinge. </p><p>Calligraphy Rock Place Holders </p><p>This project starts with a trip to the forest or the beach, where you can look for beautiful rocks that </p><p>are all smooth and around the same size and shape. However, dont worry about having them all </p><p>exactly the same, this crafty natural wedding dcor idea is all about the imperfect beauty of nature. </p><p>The next step is to clean the rocks thoroughly, scrubbing them with an old toothbrush to get the dirt </p><p>out of the crevices. Then, use acrylic craft paint to decorate them and to paint the names of your </p><p>guests on them. You can use stencils to get the perfect lettering, or just paint freehand if you have a </p><p>steady hand and good calligraphy skills. Allow the paint to dry and then give it a coat of clear acrylic </p><p>medium to seal it. Place the rocks on the table to mark the place settings. </p><p>Balloon Drop </p><p>One way to make a special moment even more memorable is to plan a balloon drop. When you and </p><p>your spouse have your first kiss at the altar, or when your first dance happens, you can have net </p><p>above you release dozens of brightly coloured foil or latex balloons. </p></li><li><p>Its not as hard as you might think to create a balloon drop. You can find the netting at a landscape </p><p>supply store, as it is often used for fish ponds. Spread the net out onto the floor and fill it up with </p><p>inflated balloons. Use a weaving stitch along the short edge to make the bottom of the pocket and </p><p>then sew down the length of the netting as you fill it with the balloons. Dont tie off the farthest end </p><p>of the line, as it must be able to pull completely free. Then, flip the net and attach the unsewn side </p><p>to the ceiling, with the stitched side hanging down. When it is time, have someone pull the cord to </p><p>release the balloons and have them fall down. </p><p>Balloons Galore has a wide range of balloons, including personalised balloons that will make your big </p><p>day extra special. </p></li><li><p>Balloons Galore </p><p>15 Stanier Road </p><p>Broughton Astley </p><p>Leicestershire </p><p>LE9 6TW </p><p> </p></li></ul>