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  • DIY Christmas Decorations Christmas is a time designated for comradery, jubilation, and good will, but often times those warm holiday sensations are sunken by the sorrow of expenses associated with travel, gifts, and decorations. Heres a few do-it-yourself Christmas decoration ideas that you can spend little money on and have a good time crafting. 1. CD tile Mosaic Ornaments. The Mesopotamians began crafting mosaics with tiles in the third millennium B.C. Mosaic art is timelessly beautiful, and these holiday themed mosaic ornaments are both affordable and easy to make. The only materials youll need are: 1. a pair of scissors, 2. a hot glue gun, 3. a clear glass ornament, 4. a cut of colored ribbon, 5. CDs you no longer listen to. Simply stuff the colored ribbon inside of the ornament and cut a CD into different shaped pieces. Using the hot glue gun, arrange the CD shards on the ornament as pleases you. Allow to dry, and there you have it - a beautiful mosaic tile ornament!

    2. Holiday Hot Air Balloons. For this project, all youll need is: 1. an ornament of your choice, 2. some twine, 3. wood grain or brown cardstock, 4. glue, 5. a coin. Begin by fashioning a small cut of the cardstock into a five-sided cube. Next, glue a coin to the floor of the cube for weight. Place a slightly taller 5 sided prism inside the cube to cover the coin, but when making this shape, be sure the white side of the cardstock (if there is one) is on the outside. Place your prism inside the cube, and fold the excess cardstock over the top rim

    of the cube. Next, tape twine to each of the four corners of the basket (on the inside of the basket, of course), and proceed to wedge the other ends between the ornament and its respective cap. 3. Stemmed Glass Snowglobe. This decoration idea is both simple and elegant. build your snowglobe set on a circular cut of cardstock cut to match the size of the rim on your glass of choice. Next, fill the glass with fake snow, glue your set onto the rim of you glass, so that the set is encapsulated inside, and place down to dry. After its had time to dry, shake it up to your liking and spread the holiday spirit!