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Self Declaration

I, undersigned here Rasila Varsani a student of F.Y.B.B.A hereby

declare that the project work presented in this report is my own work

and has been carried put under the supervision of Professor

Ritubhatnager.This project report has not submitted previously anywhere for any

educational purpose.


PLACE: (Signature of the student)

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This is to certify that, Rasila Varsani student of 1styear B.B.A course run N.R institute of business administration by affiliated with Gujarat university has been permitted to make a study visit of divyabhasker Ahmadabad ltd and accordingly he had visited that zone on 19th January, 2011 and acquired knowledge on various aspect of management skills involved in the business/service providing activities.

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As we are the student of B.B.A., which means Bachelor of business

Addministration. Ultimately it aims us to administrate business conditions.

There is saying that:

“Study without practice has no fruit,

Practice without study has no root.”

So, gaining the practical knowledge with theory is much more important

than gaining only from studying theory. So, our lnstituteSanskarSchool and

Collage Management and Information Technology organized an industrial visit to

gain more practical knowledge after completing theory. Therefore we went to visit

Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. on 14 aug. 2010. After visiting there we came to know that

how the industry is producing and providing there commodities to the general


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It is an occasion of great pleasure and a matter of great satisfaction to

present this report of project work undergone at “Parle Products Ltd.”

This Set of work has helped me in acquiring valuable Knowledge regarding

application of theoretical knowledge and has also helped me to understand in a

better way what I learnt in theory. Firstly, I am very thank full to the principal of

our collage.

I, Miss Rasilavarsani, the student of first year B.B.A. of Gujarat university

with sincere and hearties feeling to management authority of my collage-N.R.

Institute of business administration for seeking the permission & organizing

knowledgeable visit to divyabhasker.Ltd..I am also very thankful to our

management lecturer pro.Ritubhatnagarand;they both guided us very well

throughout the whole visit.

At last ,I am very thankful to university for providing beautiful opportunity

and thankful to all staff, general manager and directors of divyabhasker.Ltd. for

giving the permission of visiting there and giving full fledge details and for giving

their valuable time to us.

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6, DwarkaSadan, Press Complex, M P Nagar Zone I,Bhopal – 462011 Madhya Pradesh.Phone: +91-755-3988840,Fax: +91-755-2675190


Bhaskar House, 280 Makarba,Near YMCA club, S.G. highway,AhmedabadGujaratPhone: +91-079-3988885


Totally Operational as on 21st June 2003. In 189 days one mission was completed. On the first day publishing we have broken all the records 21st June at morning Bhaskar Group has progressed by creating this event of introducing new Gujarati News paper in to the history of Newspaper. It has introduced its publication through of 4.76 Lacs of copies to its readers and this way the publication was started the one of most important thing to be noted is that right from the beginning of purchasing land to the end of building a huge office it has completed only 189 days.

In last seven years Bhaskar was started 12Aavruti publication on level help of differentAavruti. It is a big challenge for Bhaskar group togive the training to the selecting as per thestyle. These challenges have to complete with bestplanning. It gives the 15 days training to the teamby inviting well known challenger andmanagement trainer of the country. The result ofthis all the study is that the reach the Gujaratinewspaper publishes on the earth of Gujarat to theHand of Gujarat people.

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In Ahmedabad “DivyaBhaskar’s” production set up is in the India. Best newspaper file in which the production setup total 30 thousand square foot& 25 foot’s mission now put the type machine’s capacity at in one hour 45 thousand copies are printed. Two news lines with 45 machines 3 orient super printing machine. These 5 types of machinery can printed in 3.50 hours 5lacs copies And production setup included four high speed plat exposes which can every day prepared more than 225 plat and with this above established online Inegsalter which give capable of is everyday magazine and 32 colored pages output.

Company Profile

DB Corp Ltd firmly believes in this growth and have been working along

with it and focusing on all such markets which we call as "The Real Indian".

D B Corp Ltd. is present in 12 states in Hindi Market and 1 Union Territory.

Besides they are also present in 2 states in Gujarati language in Gujarat and


It is the only Newspaper Group which has presence in 13 states and 1 Union

territory, in 3 different languages namely Hindi, Gujarati and English.

D B Corp Ltd. is one of the leading print media companies in India,

publishing 7 newspapers, 52 newspaper editions and 135 sub-editions in

three languages (Hindi, Gujarati and English) in 13 states in India.

Their flagship newspapers, DainikBhasker (in Hindi),DivyaBhasker and

SaurashtraSamachar(in Gujarat), have a combined average daily readership

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of 17.5 million readers, making us one of the most widely read newspaper

groups in India with presence in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan,

Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Delhi, Gujarat

and Maharashtra. Our other newspapers are Business Bhaskar, DB Gold and

DB Star and, on a franchisee basis, DNA (in Gujarat and Rajasthan).

Due to their unique launch ability, they became no.1 from the date of their

Launch in almost all places, out placing the decades old local newspaper of

that place.

Warburg Pincus, one of the leading Private Equity Investors, acquired 7.14%

stake in their Company in 2006 and since then, the nominee director from

Warburg Pincus is on their board, which has further strengthened and

consolidated their Corporate Governance practices.

They are leader in almost all the states and/or very close no. 2 where ever

DainikBhaskar is present as per the above table.

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History of organization

The Supreme Court quashed the orders of the Madhya Pradesh High Court inTheDainikBhaskar title dispute case in the favour of M/s Dwaraka Prasad Agrawal& Brothers and asked the concerned authorities to restore the status quo that existed on June 29, 1992.

Agrawal, who is a daughter of the late Dwaraka Prasad, and also a partner in the firm, expressed satisfaction over the judgment at a press conference in New Delhi last week, and said: "I hope that the judgment of the Supreme Court will beduly implemented in letter and spirit and soon the Registrar of Newspapers in India andthe concerned District Magistrate will take suitable and prompt action in the matter."

DainikBhaskar was established by Dwarka Prasad Agrawal in 1958 but itwas taken over by his son Ramesh Chandra Agrawal and his uncle BishambarDayalAggarwal in 1992 using "fraudulent means" and without the consent of the actualowner, Dwarka Prasad. Following this DainikBhaskar was transferred to Writers andPublishers Ltd, a company owned by Ramesh Agrawal. The Supreme Court has nowrestored the ownership to M/s Dwarka Prasad Agrawal. and Bros.

Before 50 years ago, Bhaskar group established in the firm of one newspaper.Now doing 900 cores Rs of turnover this group is highlight in 80 decades. When timepasted this group their business activities are expand in textile salient accusation oilrefinerydalda and T.V media & Information technology etc. field they are entered.

The DivyaBhaskar Group was established in 1958 in MADHYA

PRADESH. It was started by Dwarka Prasad Agarwal. His son, Mr.

RameshchandraAgarwal, is the Chairman, Mr. SudhirAgarwal, is the

Managing Director and MR. Dinesh Agarwal, is the Director, in current

situation. Bhaskar Group first printed DainikBhaskarNews paper, in

HINDI language at North India, before 50 years ago, Bhaskar group

established in the firm of one newspaper. Now doing 900 cores Rs of

turnover this group is highlight in 80 decades. When time pasted this

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group is expanded their business activities in textile salient accusation

oil refinery Dalda and T.V media & Information technology etc. field

they are entered. BhaskarGroup is established before 50 years. It is

most public reading newspaper. Bhaskar Group is covered M.P,

Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal

Pradesh & Maharashtra published from every city.

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The Mission of the organization is, to increase the quantity of people who


and rural areas covered by Bhavnagar. D.B.Corp’s ultimate mission is to increase

the readers of D.B.Corp’s publications, like DAINIK BHASKER, DIVYA BHASKAR, and

DNA news paper etc, world wild.


The Vision of the organization is, to be one of the highest selling news

papers in Bhavnagar centre, named as SAURASHTRA SAMACHAR (A Unit of

D.B.Corp.Ltd.). D.B.Corp.Ltd. is also carrying the same vision, to be the no.1 news

paper in India.

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Awards & Achievements:

DainikBhaskar wins award at INMA Awards, 2010 in the category of

"Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients"



Bhaskar Group chairman gets the SaraswatiPuraskar

DainikBhaskar won Bronze Award for Print Advertising Sales and Retention

category at INMA (International News media Marketing Association)

DainikBhaskar won Bronze Award for Public Relations and Community

services category at INMA (International News media Marketing


DainikBhaskar Won Media Abby's Bronze Award at Goafest.

DainikBhaskar won Platinum Award for public Service category at 39th


DainikBhaskar won Silver Award for Newsletter B2B category at 39th


DainikBhaskar won Gold Awards at the Global Youth Marketing Forum for

Best Creative TV

DivyaBhaskar is Print Week India Newspaper Printer of 2009

Chairman received Rajeev Gandhi Award for lifetime achievement in


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DainikBhaskar adjudged Consumer Super brand (2009-10)

GirishAgarwal — Director DBCL adjudged Outstanding Entrepreneur APEA

Future Plans:

DIVYA BHASKAR has many objectives with them for which they need the strategic input and implementation expertise of a marketing consulting firm.

DIVYA BHASKAR still carries with them the label of a vernacular daily although they are the single publication in this country, which serves 30 to 35% potential of the north and west India. The group aspires for the status of countries second largest and powerful media house after times of India.

BHASKAR Group has trust that they will become one of the effective media group and this will not adequate for them to be in only in news media but try to ahead with generation and reach wherever it finds its customer. Therefore, bhaskar group aim to growth internationally.

DIVYA BAHSKAR also felt that they need to sharpen their space selling strategies. The group feels that they have yet to exploit the potential of their markets and the dominance of them product in these market, both combines can result in to opening the revenue stream for them.

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BHASKAR group needs the help of the H R arm of the consulting firm or as suggested for identification of the right people who can help them in realizing the under lying potential and group also needs a structured periodic and result oriented training program for its sales force.

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Organisational Structure:

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Department Studies

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Bhandr-raj Chamber,

C G Road, C G Road,


Gujarat 380009

079 3988 8850

We could not understand the location divyabhaskar reason for choosing a particular


Make sure all street and city names are spelled correctly. Make sure your address includes a city and state. Try entering a zip code. Know about this place and want everyone to find it?

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Product Information

People satisfy their needs & wants with products a product is any offering that can satisfy a need & want. The product will be successful if it delivers value & satisfaction to the buyer. The buyers choose between different offerings on the basis of which is perceived to deliver the most value.

The DivyaBhaskar is one of the media company. It is printed the news papers & magazines. The DivyaBhaskar company is printed the news paper as per thecustomer’s needs & wants & try to satisfy them. The DivyaBhaskar newspaper will be successful because it delivers value & satisfaction to the buyers

A.Different product, that company manufacture.

The divyaBhaskarcannotproduce more products. It is product onlynewspaper & magazines.

B.Different Brand Name

The DivyaBhaskar Company cannot manufacture any other product so ithas no different brand name. The company has only two brand nameDivyaBhaskar&DaineikBhaskar.

DivyaBhaskarThe DivyaBhaskar established at Ahmedabad in Gujarat which isnewspaper.

DainikBhaskarThe DainikBhaskar is established 14 years ago in Rajasthan, In Rajasthan,theDainikBhaskar is a Hindi News paper.

C. Variety & Features

The DivyaBhaskar has different varieties in its news paper.Main NewspaperBusiness Bhaskar

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Science BhaskarKalashVarasa&VaibhavSchool BhaskarLife LineNavrangSatyakatha0DishaBhaskarLife StyleFocusRasrangRasarang plus

The DisvyaBhaskar is printes the main newspaper everyday, but themagazine is different in everyday in week. It is printed the special edition for festivals,election, or any special subjects.Main Newspaper

The main Newspaper of DivyaBhaskar is almost 14 pages. The management of DivyaBhaskar is divided some news is on the first page other news is other pages.

The main headlines of News are printed on the first page. The special news like accidents, earthquake, aero plane crashes, train accidents, terriosm attacks, fire in factory, election etc are noted at the first page. The some small advertises are also printed on a first page at the first page, the DivyaBhaskar is give the information every day, Date, year, day, price page size, Suvichar etc.

The Second & third page of the main newspaper gives the news about thecultured activities like dance programme, picture exibition, singing, competitions, it also express pprime minister Ministers, chief minister, religious persons message, their wishes for the public some time any of the film start’s interviews also noted at the third page.

Page 22: divya bhasker

The information about the weather is also noted at the second page some othernews also printed at the third page. The information about the where the Bhajan, Bhagavatkatha, picture exhibition, health shabbier, sat sang is held noted on the fourth page. The other information related to social, religious, are printed of this page the astrology’s news Television programmer’s information with time & name of programmers give on this page. The birthday wishes, important telephone numbers like hospital, police station, fire station, railway-station, control room, inquiry office, Blood bank, Medical store,etc. It also give the information about which film is realized which theatre. The besna, Avasannoth, murliar information on the fourth page.

The fifth page give the news about the worker’s strike other small news, &also advertise. The enquiry Saturday athe fifth page is only for the “AhmedabadSpecial” for ahmedabad’s news. Problem of ahmedabad city.

The sixth & seventh pages are give the news about whole Gujarat state. Atthis page give the information about business meetings, school-collage functions, publicNotices, Admission Notification & other news related to accidents, murder.

The eight page is only for classified news. In which Appointmentsinterviews for different fields like technical, official, finance, Computer, Medical &other, At this give to page give the advertisement for purchase & sales vehicles, lands,shop, houses, of products advertisements.The admission advertise of collages, cross-words game & news are specifiedon the ninth page.

The last page also, DivyaBhaskar, give the big news & Advertisement.

Thus, the main newspaper of DivyaBhaskar useful for every perosons.Itgive the news of cities, states, national & International, It give the Informationdifferent type of issues , admissions, study, laws, properties, political, social ,cultural etc.

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The DivyaBhaskargives its customer two page news about market everydayit is known a “corporate bhaskar” In which it give the news about national market &international market’s share’s price movement the share’s lows price & high price ofthe company it give the top volumes of the top companies, mutual fund’s movement,FII’S movements The corporate Bhaskar give the price of share of all the companyservices. It is not give the only share’s price but also give commodities price, Sensex,points, Nifty. The corporate Bhaskar give the news of companies their investments,shre, product, price, profit, loea etc. Some time it also expresses the company’s notice for the shareholders. It is give the news about the currency rates of national market &international market.

Some columms, DivyaBhaskar gives everyday like “Aajkal” “Aajni vat”“khatimithi” “Aajnikahevat” “chhalkato jam” etc. for enjoyment.


A services is any act or performance that one party can act or performance that on party can after to another that is essentially intangible & does not result in the ownership of anything. Its production may or may not be tied to a physical product.

The divyaBhaskar provided its customers so many services like the newspaper is easily availably any places very low prices, best quality & largerInformation & very important new.


Services are intangible. The service of DivyaBhaskar cannot be seen, tasted, felt heard of smelled biform they are bought.Place

The DivyaBhaskar provides its services on that place from where customer Can easily buy.

PeopleThe DivyaBhaskar gives its Newspaper to direct people. The

hawkersCollect the newspaper from common place & distribute to the customers.Symbol

Page 24: divya bhasker

The name & symbol should suggest fast services of DivyaBhaskar’sNewspapers

PriceThe price of its newspaper is very less so everyone can offer the

newspaper & take advantages of its services

Marketing department

Page 25: divya bhasker
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     Marketing Department

Marketing Dept. is just like Blood for any organization. Marketing persons saleswhat we are producing. But in a business like press, Marketers collectadvertisements to be printed in their news paper.The whole work of press runs due to the advertisements. Advertises are the mainsources of earning. As we know,newspapers are provided to readers for thecost of just RS.2 though the cost of printing a paper is around 7Rs./copy.SotheMarketing Dept. plays very important role for collecting advertisements.For performing such task, marketing department of DivyaBhaskar pressISdivided in Sub departments as defined under.

Marketing policies

Color Pages in A News Paper. 9 Magazines or Supplements In A Week. Free Gift Of Good Quality Every Month. Very Good Picture and Paper Quality. Good Commission to Add Agencies. Add Criteria Like-Not More Than 130 Cc Add On Front Page Gifts,

Page 27: divya bhasker

Calendars, and Hand Books as a Gift At The Time Of Survey. Wishes to Regular Customers on Their Big Days, Like Birthday

Marketing strategy

Involves the people of Gujarat to make a newspaper for andBythem marketingthey realize their latent need or a good newspaper.

1) The Product – Market Growthperspective.

Market penetration strategies:

Market penetration refers to DivyaBhasker's attempts to increase sales pf its present products, in present markets.

Byattracting users of competitor's brands. Broadening the customer base by converting non-readers into reader in

adefined segment. More effective sales promotion and advertising. Each and every products of Bhaskar group are launching on Sunday. Market development refers to a firm'sattempts to increase sales of its

present products by tapping new markets.

By reaching new market segments like untapped and unutilized marketconverted into Marketing executive has allocated work by their Experian readership by DivyaBhaskar.

Marketing executive has allocated work by their experience.

Page 28: divya bhasker

• Marketing strategies based on stages’ in product cycle

Whatproducts are to be sold into what markets, becomes marketing objectives, while the means of achieving these objectives using the marketing mix, are marketing strategies for Divy'aBhaska

Strategies for introduction stage

• This is start when the new product is first distributed and made available for purchase (launch). The company's sole objective is to stimulate awareness, interest, trial and purchase

• A Rapid- penetration strategy of launching the product at a low price and s p e n d i n g h e a v i l y o n p r o m o t i o n . T h i s b r i n g s a b o u t t h e f a s t e s t m a r k e t penetration and the largest market share and is suitable for a massive size of market , where buyers are unaware of the product concept and are price-sensitive.

• DivyaBhaskar has spent heavily on advertising and promotion

Page 29: divya bhasker


The process of disaggregating a market into number of sub markets/segments is known as market segmentation.

Marketing begins with segmenting a market into different subsets, and then identify the most appropriate segment or subset to operate in, so that all marketing efforts focus on that segment.

DivyaBhasker's newspaper product is published only for Surat city that is called as city Edition.

Surat City MarketTo sell or to circulate the newspaper in Surat city Market is divided in to 10centers.




Bombay Market

Athwa Gate



Page 30: divya bhasker

Customer Segments of DivyaBhaskar 

Customer Segmentation is subdividing of a market into a dest ines subset of  various customers, Where any sub-set might be considerably be selected as large Market to be regained with a district marketing mix.

1. Religious2. Bank3. Astrologer 4. Education and Immigration5. Electronics6. Entertainment7. Fashion8. Finance9. Food Product10.Four Wheelers11 .Government12. Health and Medical13.HR Appointment14.Office Automation15.Readymade Garments16.Telecom17.Three Wheelers18.Two Wheelers19.Industrial Notice20.Jewelllary21.Mega Stores22.Furniture23.Home appliances.

Page 31: divya bhasker

2 . T a r g e t i n g  

The main target of DivyaBhaskar is untapped market and who are not [urchasingtheir own newspaper. Marketing being with segmenting a market rent subset, and identify the most appropriate segment or subsets operate so that all marketing efforts focus on that segments. This is known as targeting. For targeting DivyaBhaskar has several options

Single segment concentration Selectivespecialization Productspecialization Marketspecialization Full market coverageDivyaBhaskar has decided to target on selective specialization, means targeting on different market with different product

 P2P= Product=Market For example: city edition only distributed in Surat city and the DAK (upcountry) edition distributed in outside Surat city.

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Human resource department

Organization structure

Page 33: divya bhasker

  Human resource management

Meaning& definition      

Human resource management is a management function that helps manages recruit select train and develops members for an organization. HRM is concern with the people’s dimension in organizations

DAINIK BHASKAR which basically one of the product as newspaper of theBHASKAR GROUP, also conducted the human resource management very well and in effective manner. In Gujarat it launches its paper in merely gives the name as DIVYA BHASKAR, which gets open its offices in Ahmedabad,Surat,Baroda, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and many where.

DIVYA BHASKAR manages its office and organizations efficiently with human resources management system. Divyabhaskar conducts the formula human resources management system, which terms as the hierarchical managing and querying system. There are different heads for each department and they-control their department and its employees with human resources management system.

HRM department i.e. Human resources management if DIVYA BHASKAR, which deals with managing the staff and employees and the customers also. It controls many sub division as explained below

Page 34: divya bhasker


Security is the important task of the company, which is in DIVYA BHASKARconducted by HRM department. Securing the office, store, and go down, production area at the main door of the security guard also counsel under theHRM department


Time office basically controls and conduct attendances, leave records, weakly leaves, official tours of the employees and other staff members. It also manages the medical leaves, paid leaves and casual leaves. With these all leaves it also maintains the total number of days works out for the organization in total working days..


Administration includes housekeeping, general utility, traveling details and services, hotel booking services employees and members. Cleanness, required material and stuff for office use and water facilities are also provided for the employees of the organization. For booking of the tickets and provided the Executive with comforts in traveling. it also conduct traveling accommodations. For visit and staying of guest and senior executive. it also manages the hotel facilities..


General detail of all employees is been taken by the HR department and there after any problem regarding health, accommodation, and social problem are been managed by the manager of HR.

Page 35: divya bhasker


Every organization has the reception to welcome the guest and to solve their query regarding the officials of the company. DIVYA BHASKAR has receptionists at the entry of the company to solve the query and to receive the guest and their calls for the employees

6 . L IBRARY: -DIVYA BHASKAR has a big library to keep knowledgeable books and magazines. For the staff and employees to read and take different books and novels, magazines as per their wish and requirement. It also have daily, weekly magazines of other organization also indifferent languages.

7 .RECORD ROOM : -For keeping record of the old paper and magazines and purifies, there is record room in DIVYA BHASKAR.So by keeping the record of the old paper, which can be used in future for any query. It stores about one month old records 

6 .L IBRARY : -DIVYA BHASKAR has a big library to keep knowledgeable books and magazines. For the staff and employees to read and take different books and novels, magazines as per their wish and requirement. It also hasdaily, weekly magazines of other organization also indifferent languages.

Page 36: divya bhasker

7 . RECORDROOM : -For keeping record of the old paper and magazines and purifies, there is record room in DIVYA BHASKAR.So by keeping the record of the old paper, which can be used in future for any query. It stores about one month old records.


Simple definitions of HRP...... Includes the estimation of how many qualified people are necessary to carry out the assigned activities, how many will be available And what if anything, must be done to ensure that personal supplyequals personnel demand at the appropriate point in the future. HRP is mainly called manpower planning, personal planning or employment planning

“ DIVYA BHASKAR “ also conduct the human resources planning process, which ensures that company has right number and kind of people, at the right place, at right time, capable of efficiently and effectively completing t hose tasks that will help whole organization to achieve its overall objective. Thereare several stages of the HRP processes which tell us that how DivyaBhaskar works on the basis of HRP process

1) Future personal needs2 ) C o p i n g w i t h c h a n g e3) Creatinghighly talented personnel4) Protectionof weaker section5) International strategies

Page 37: divya bhasker

6) Foundation for personnel functions7) Increasing investment in human resources8) Resistance to change and move9 ) O t h e r b e n e f i t s


The following are the steps undertaken by the “ Divyabhaskar “ for their future requirement of employees.

Page 38: divya bhasker

A) OBJECTIVES OF HRSome of the general objective of the DIVYA BHASKAR are :-1)To reduce labor turnover in organization at both the levels executives andworker.2) To reduce the rate of absenteeism3) To develop all the employees of the organization by exposing them to differentareas. So sprat from their own personal development, co–operation amongdifferent department and units..4) To increase production an level.5) To predict future requirement of employees and staff.

(B) HR NEED FORECASTHR need forecasting is the estimation of future requirement of a people of specific quantity with specific quality i n news-paper at present DIVYABHASKAR has big staff with sufficient labors and workers.

Labor : 375,Unskilled : 75,Executives Staff : 75

“Divya bhaskar having a total employee of 327. The role of HR is to maintain apresent level of employment and vacancy arises or company in need of anemployees, the vacancy should be fulfilled.Now, the company has planned to go for an export in future. Hence they havestarted it prepare HR need required in future..

(C) HR SUPPLY:- After analysis of personal need, next logical steps to find out the no of peoplefrom the available sources. The availability of employees may be within or outside an organization. If vacancy arises in the organization and fulfilled byan existingworker

Page 39: divya bhasker

who having a qualified skilled and within well experience, company recruitwithin an organizations only.. But vacant designation is not matched with theexistingemployees, company should go for an outside recruitment..

D) HR PROGRAMMING:-Divya Bhaskar has well managed way of sales and production of newspapers andother stuffs. With balanced demand and supply of personal. The vacancy is filledup by the right candidate at right time. Therefore HR programming is of greatimportance in HRP, which is utilizing at its best level.

F) IMPLEMENTATION :-Converting HR plans into action is known as implementation. DIVYA BHASKARhas made good HR plans f or the future success.Recruitment plan covers permission from authorized person who selects themessage and media sources Selection plan includes the different type of interview and tests

F) CONTROL AND EVALUATION:-Control is necessary at the time of implementing HR plans. “DIVYA BHASKAR”has budgeted, targeted and standard HR plan. While implementation,responsibility and duties should be well clarified among employeesAn evolution is the analysis of HR plan, where the estimate result should meet inthe actual result

Page 40: divya bhasker



Human Resources planning help to determine the number and type of peoplean Organization needs. Job analysis and job description specify the tasks andduties of Jobs and the qualification expected from prospective jo

The next logical step at “DIVYA BHASKAR” is to hire the right number of people of the right type to fill the jobs. Hiring involves two broad groups of activities.

1) Recruitment

2) Selection


“It is the process of searching for and obtaining application for job among whomthe right people can be selected.”

It is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment . the Process begins when new recruit are sought and ends when their applicants are Submitted. The result is pools of applicants from new employees are selected.

Recruitment is the first step that a company tries to interact with its employees which Makes the employees more familiar with the culture and tradition of the company .Individual come to know the working processes of company and they can decide Whether they wish to work for it or not.

“It is the process of searching for and obtaining application for job among whomthe right people can be selected.”

Page 41: divya bhasker


In pre-recruitment, HR manager brings indents from all other department andanalyses it. If a vacancy is filled up by giving additional responsibility to thecoworker / employees of the department, than there is need of recruitingprocedures.


“Divya Bhaskar “ has decided a job specification & job specification & jobdescription for each position in the organizations. Different qualification &experience is required for each job. If any vacancy generates among one of thefour department, than it should be fulfilled with regard to job specification& job description, which is being formulated by organization.


(1) Source ActivationHuman resource manager verified that there is any vacancy exist or will exist,but here no actual recruiting take place until manger gives a permission.

(2) SellingSelling the organization means both message & media should be well selection. “Divya Bhaskar ” gives its advertisement in his local newspaper for welcoming of more & more applicant.


The purpose of screening is to remove from the recruitment process at an earlystage, those applicants who are unqualified for the jobs. The screening can save agreat deal of time and money.In “Divya Bhaskar” Mr. Sanjay assistant manager of HRM scrutinizes and shortlist all application and shortlist applicant list is sent to HR manager. Than onlyeligible application are called for interview.

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Evaluation and control is necessary to carry out recruitment process at low cost“Divya Bhaskar” control its cost by way of

 # Giving advertisement in his local newspaper.# They also control costs by recruiting unsuitable candidatesfor the selection process.# Company has a too short recruiting procedure so there isno overtime cost.

SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT(1) Internal Recruitment:-

1. Previous ApplicantRecruiting previous applicant is an inexpensive way of recruitment. Instead of going for advertisement in a newspaper for new vacancies, Fairdeal groupc a r r i e d o u t p r e v i o u s a p p l i c a n t , w h o h a d a p p l i e d f o r a j o b w i t h s p e c i f i c knowledge. Sometimes skilled & qualified candidates apply in the past are notbeing appointed, because of few vacancies available in the firmSo in future, if company goes for expansion or if there is anyvacancy ,than first preference isgiven to previous applicant.

2. Personal contact:-In a bigger organization it has been found that there is a process of hiringemployees on a persona! Contact . Same Djvya Bhaskar is applying; f i rs t preference is given for the employees who come on basis of personal contact,which helps to know the efficiency and skills of individual much better.Generally at higher post these fundamentals are used to select the employeesat Management and knowledge level these types of process are helpful in DIVYA BHASKAR.

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3. Direct recruitment:-It is the process of recruiting and selecting the employees’ indirect basis withoutany such reference and interviews.

4. Employee’s relative and friendsDIVYA BHASKAR is also conducting the process of selecting employees throughthe contacts of employees.Employees’ relative and friend are also given priority if they are well known ledgedand efficient in specific task.

(2) External Recruitment

1. Advertisement Most easier and highly used recruitment and s electing process is throughadvertisement in newspaper and magazines A letter has been sent to anadvertising agency name “ Discrete Advertising” , where all the details likeor which post advertisement is given.

2) Special recruitments:-Many times employee working for other organization also 'been recruited at higher salary for their high efficiency and high skills. These are the special 6 typeor recruitments and selection. Which areveryhelpful in promoting an organizationat high level of success?


Selection is the process of picking an individual with requisite qualification andcompetence to fill jobs in the organization. It's the 'process of different betweenapplicants in order to identify those with greater likelihoodof success in a Job 

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The role of selection in DIVYA A BHASKAR is mainly influence the two thingmuch:-

1)Work performance, depends on individual. Effective selection, therefore,assumes greater relevance.

2)Cost incurred, in recruiting and hiring personnel speaks volumes about the roleof selection.

In DIVYA BHASKAR the HR department and its head under take both processesfor employees, with concerning to different departments. In DIVYA BHASKAR thereare number of employees have been selected after recruitment for the job of different tasks at different post.

DIVY A SHASKAR has different process and steps for selecting are as follows. In details. During probation period an applicant performance is satisfactory Selections the process of picking individual out of the pool of  job applicants with requisite qualification and competence to fill jobs in the organization. Enable appl icants are cal led a t the convenient place for an interview, where company gives a form to filled up for the "personal bio data" and this form is used at a time of preliminary interview and also kept for the office use.

The specimen of personal bio-data is given below. Selection procedures of “Divya Bhaskar" is as follow

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{A} Preliminary interview The main objectives of "Divvy Bhaskar" interviews are as follow.

# helps to obtain additional information from the applicants

# facilitates giving genera! Information to the applicants such as company policies, jobs, products manufactured

# Interview helps to build the company’s image among the applicants. The purpose of preliminary interview is to eliminate unqualified applicants.

The people, who are selected for interview', are interviewed by particular head of Department. For e.g. if interview is conducted for the post of Finance Assistant Manager than the entire question related to post is being asked by head Of finance department. Following are the question, which C.A. /Assistant manager of 'finance asked during interview.1. Entry related work.2. Checking & editing related work.3. Reconciliation related work.4. Statutory completion related work.5. Filling & other work. More details of their work are shown in the Job Discretion of a particular job.

(b) Employment InterviewInterview is a formal in depth conversation conducted to evi3lwate the applicant acceptability. It allows a two-way exchange of information. The employment interview can be:1. One to one2. Sequential3. Panel

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     "Divvy Bhaskar" has selected one to one & sequential interview. In one to one interview, there are only two participants- HR manager /CA & the applicant. While in Sequential interview, a series of interview is involved. So that each head of Department can ask question related to his or her subject.

(c) Types of InterviewInterviews are of different types. The main reason 10 conduct an interview is how applicant responds to answer at a time of. Interview & how he behaves of reacts during interview. There are usually structured, unstructured, mixed, and behavioral & stress interview."Divvy Bhaskar" has se lected mixed & behavioral in terview. The reason of  selecting mixed interview is as it is based on structured as Well as unstructured red questions. Where comparison is done between different applicants. Behavioral interview focuses on a problem, how applicant is expected to solve & how he reacts during interview.

(d) Reference & Background CheckDuring interview the "Divvy Bhaskar "ask the name, address, & telephone number of reference for the purpose of ver i fying informat ion about on appl icant . But information gathered from reference should hardly influence selection decision of "Divvy Bhaskar". The reasons are:

# the candidate approaches only those people who would -favored about him.# The reference people always try to favors towards candidate.# The reference people try to show strength of candidates, so that it helps in his Carrier.

(e) Selection decisionIn "Divvy Bhaskar", Head Manager & HR manager take interview of employee, while director finally selects them.(f) Job

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offer After passing from interview, the next step is job offered to applicant through appointment letter. In "Divvy Bhaskar" selected candidates are appointed on ovat ion basis for 3 months . During this t ime per iod a performance of the candidate is evaluated & if it is up to mark than he becomes permanent employee of the company. When performance is unsatisfactory & fails to meet minimum desire level of the company, than probation period is extended for one month &again his performance is evaluated.

(g)Contracts of Employment. After selecting a qualified applicant by management, an applicant is appointedon probation basis as a management trainee. Before commencing a job,applicant signs a probation contract employment form, where all the terms andcondi t ions re la t ing jobs are given than appointment le t ter i s i ssue to management trainee and he becomes a permanent employee of a company and he will be appointed at Surat office. Specimen of contract and appointment of an employee at registered office are given behind .After the process of recruitments and selection, finally the candidate has-been selected and Interview assessment sheet, have been filled up by the candidate

1) Personal history form for enrolling the details CD employee.2) Joining report form, when the candidate has jointhe'company3) Vehicle requisition form if the candidate is having his personal vehicle4) Proposal form for insurance in group personal accident Policy5) Employees state insurance corporation form, for insurance of the employes.6) Employees’ details for card form to fill the details, of employees inIDcard.7) Provident fund form to be filled by the employee.

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     Collective bargaining. These welfare activities are essential part of employee welfare & that of social welfare.

1) Medical Facility“Divya Bhaskar” provides various medical facilities to the employees. First Aid center is there inside premises Medical facility is only provided to the worker who in production department and first Aid is provided to each and every employees.

2) Canteen Facility“Divya Bhaskar” having a good canteen facility at plant & at head office. At the production plant the company offers three times tea to every worker including master, supervisor as well as executive, while lunch & dinner are offered only toaster, supervisor & executives.

3) Rest RoomIt is only provided to the workers in production areas for taking rest after completion of the production process.

4) Loan FacilitiesCompany provides loan facility at 0% interest to executive employees for the selected purpose. The payment is made on installment basis whose amount in fixed by the company. The placed form is to be filled up by executive while taking loan.

5) Divya Bhaskar Welfare TrustThis Welfare funds which is operated by the “Divya Bhaskar” run at the whole Gujarat branches at Ahmadabad, Baroda, Surat , Rajkot.

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TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTTraining and Development employees are the lifelong assets of an organization. Training consists of planned programs undertaken to improve employeeKnowledge, skills, attitudes and social behavior so that the performance of the organization improves considerably.

Whereas Development is a process utilizing a planned and systematic ocedure by which managerial personnel acquires conceptual and theoretical knowledge for enhancing general administrative abilities.

For growth and development for the employees and the firm “Divya Bhaskar” has its own style of training program which is practiced in “Divya Bhaskar” has no particular fixed training period rather there is a probations period.

 If company adopts a new management policy then top level person will only analyses development programmed for the junior manager. No outside person is recruiting for development programmer.

Types of training 1) Training for Promotion:Promotion involves vertical transfer of an employee followed by change in authority, responsibility, status and pay. In “Divya Bhaskar” if any types of transfer take place from one department to other department. One month training has been given to an employee who is given by senior person only.

2) Induction Training:In “ Divya Bhaskar” the supervisor or department head intro-duce him to other member of the department. This may help him to adjust with his work maters.


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More over wi th th is basic informat ion l ike company products , pol ic ies , responsibi l i t ies , accountabi l i ty and other work re la ted terms and given to an employee. During the probation period, trainee gets the training for15 days under the marketing department to know about the basic knowledge of product. After one month trainee is posted to his specific place for which he has selected. So the main purpose of induction training in “ Divya Bhas-kar ” is to make the e m p l o y e e m o r e c o m f o r t a b l e s o t h a t h e c a n e a s i l y a d j u s t t o t h e n e w environment.