divy amin explains the difference between cardio and weights

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  • Divy Amin Explains The Difference Between Cardio And Weights

  • Today, a great number of people are all messed up in the confusion between Weights and Cardio. They can't understand that which one is more effective to lose weight. They don't know on what they have to concentrate on more when trying to look good or reduce some extra weight. Many believe that performing cardio routine is the perfect way to shed unwanted fat and according to Divy Amin who is a California based certified fitness trainer does not complete this job of losing weight. He believes that weight training is also as effective as cardio in order to lose fat as one burns calories even after the workout is completed with weight training.

  • Cardio routine has its own advantages, such as increased cardiovascular fitness, complete blood supply to muscles, and better heart health. Cardio exercises are the ideal way for strengthen your efficiency and endurance. Apart from this, weights also assist you tone your muscles that cardio wont do. A person who follows cardio routine might have a lot less fat on his/her body which will surely give a smooth look, but lacking muscle tone, which can only be achieved with the help of weight training.

  • There are a lot many benefits of performing cardio routine and some of them are weight loss in which according to Divy Amin, you can join a healthy diet with cardio that can be proven the best way to shed some fat. You can also improve the results by performing weight training as your routine. Secondly, mental health which is a known fact that exercising helps in making the mood for it. While exercising, your body unloads endorphins and this helps in minimizing anxiety, stress, and depression. Another one is immune system health and Divy Amin says that different kinds of exercise has different and positive effect on the immune health.

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