divergent thinking and the fantastically flexible human mind

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  • Divergent Thinkingand the

    Fantastically Flexible

    Human Mind

  • Weve all heard of creativity...

    But what is it?

  • For the sake of this presentation, well define it as:

    The ability to produce ideas that can be used in a novel way.

    Novel: new or unusual in an interesting way

  • Great! Glad we got that settled.

    Except, one problem...

    Its really hard to be truly original in our ideas.

    Look at my totally original creation!

    Wait that looks like mine!

    Well this is awkward...

  • So, lets start over.How do we invent something useful if everything has already been done?

    We cant always find a new way to do things, but our brains are flexible enough to think up the uncommon.

    Divergent Thinkingis the process of contemplating

    multiple avenues of thought.

  • Consider this scenario:

    How many uses can you think up for a rubber band?

    The more unconventional ways you can think up, the higher your level of

    divergent thinking.

  • Chances are, you wont think of any uses that no one has ever thought of before.

    But you will think of uses that arent obvious to others.

  • And that, my friends, is how we produce great things.

  • When did you last show off your flexible brain?For more information on divergent thinking

    and learning processes that align with the

    Delphian model, check out this awesome video

    of Sir Ken Robinsons TED Talk on Changing Education Paradigms.

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