Distributed Leadership…A Tool for the School Improvement Journey Gauger-Cobbs Middle School and Glasgow High School Presented by: Todd Harvey…Principal.

Download Distributed Leadership…A Tool for the School Improvement Journey Gauger-Cobbs Middle School and Glasgow High School Presented by: Todd Harvey…Principal.

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Slide 2 Distributed LeadershipA Tool for the School Improvement Journey Gauger-Cobbs Middle School and Glasgow High School Presented by: Todd HarveyPrincipal Glasgow High School harveyt@christina.k12.de.us Amy LevitzPrincipal Gauger-Cobbs Middle School levitza@christina.k12.de.us Slide 3 Objectives To simulate discussion and reflection about current secondary school leadership practices To stimulate discussion and reflection about the concept of distributed leadership as it applies to secondary schools To share practices and plans GHS and GCMS are pursuing related to distributed leadership To create an awareness of forms of Distributed Leadership that are already in practice within schools Slide 4 Where We Are Now New principals to our schools Under academic watch Focusing on assessing school culture and leadership capacity Traditional leadership model currently in place Co-recipients of the leadership grant with Christina School District matching funds (and very thankful!) Initial grant efforts focused on targeted professional development initiatives and teacher leadership of those initiatives Slide 5 Guiding Principles/Points of Emphasis Think BigStart Small Avoid being resource rich /implementation weak It is about student achievement, student achievement, student achievement.. It is equally about teacher quality, teacher quality, teacher quality School reform is a journey Slide 6 More Guiding Principles/Points of Emphasis No silver bullets found hereour story and interpretations fit our school situation Be able to identify staff strengths and weaknesses as they relate to leadership capacity Have self awareness of your strengths and weaknesses Teacher to teacher talk and teachers leading teachers is powerful Slide 7 Activity One: Reflection Leadership As We Know It 1.Describe in written form or diagram typical leadership models that exist in most secondary schools 2.Describe typical secondary faculty/department meeting formats 3.Report out to large group 4.Big Ideas/Insights/Questions/Implications Slide 8 So What is Distributed Leadership What might it look like in a secondary school Distributed leadership centers around a different model within the school where the distinctions between followers and leaders tends to blur (Gronn, 2000) It incorporates the activities and efforts of multiple groups in a school who work at guiding staff in the instructional change process (Spillane, 2001) Slide 9 A Picture is worth 1,000 Words Teacher to Teacher Talk Slide 10 Teacher to Teacher Talk Slide 11 Teachers Teaching Teachers Slide 12 Slide 13 Teachers Organizing and Implementing Initiatives Slide 14 Teachers Leading Professional Development for other Teachers Slide 15 Collaboration In Progress Slide 16 What Distributed Leadership is Not It is not one more committee for people to serve on It is not one person single handedly reforming a school It is not a top down leadership model It is not possible with out building leadership capacity among your faculty Slide 17 What are We Working On at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School and Glasgow High School Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Working on the Work -Student Engagement and Teacher Collaboration Framework (WOW) Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Differentiated Instruction (DFI) Revitalizing Site Council/Action Teams Restructuring department (Instructional Focus) Elective Course Fair Measuring Academic Progress (MAP) Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) Design Team International Baccalaureate (IB) Applicant School Team Exploring Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Slide 18 Activity Two: Someone Once Said.. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality Warren G. Bennis You manage things, you lead people Grace Murray Hopper Admiral, Us Navy (Retired) A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships were built for No Name People support what they help create No Name Slide 19 Activity Two (Continued) No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it Andrew Carnegie A good leader surrounds himself with other great leaders No Name It is important when the people believe in their leader, but it is more important when the leader believes in the people No Name My responsibility is to be a supervisor, not a super worker Fred Smith Slide 20 Keeping it RealHow does this relate to our guiding principles. Read and discuss the University of DE Education Policy Brief found in your packet. Suggest an improved practice to off set this finding. Read over the 3 phases of school improvement. Number them in the correct order from least distributive to the most distributive related to leadership Slide 21 Final Thoughts Distributed Leadership is a framework not an initiative Distributed Leadership may already exist in various forms within your school As a Distributed Leadership model expands within the school the need to review other practices and structures will become on-going Rememberit is all about positively impacting student achievement-to that end your data and results will be paramount to measuring your success


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