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  • 1. Disruptive Innovation for Social Change Paper by Christensen, Baumann, Ruggles, Sadtler Presented by Group 9 Section C- focusing on Indian Context Ankur Gupta Aravind S Dipesh Kaien Amit GargPGPM 2011-13 Padmini NarayanCSR Course Ankur JoshiDate: 19th March 2012
  • 2. Aggressive Spending Returns
  • 3. So what author suggests Extend support for organisations approaching social sector problems in new way and creating Scalable sustainable systems-changing solutions
  • 4. InnovationSustaining Disruptive Better quality or Making product reach to additional functionality larger customer base for customers Personal computers Existing customers are focus Problem Status quo
  • 5. Is it enough NO Social changes are un-intended Outcomes are by-products Hence Catalytic Innovation can come from players outside the ranks of established players
  • 6. Qualities of Catalytic Innovators Create systemic social change through scaling and replication Meet the need which is over-served or not served at all Products are simpler and less costly Generate resources which in ways are initially unattractive to incumbent competitors Encouraged by the uninterested players
  • 7. Examples in various sectors (Indian Context)
  • 8. Health CareSustaining Catalytic Apolo Hospitals Arvind Eye Care Medanta Medicity
  • 9. Arvind eye care The problem of avoidable blindness rapidly escalating remained a major cause of concern in the Indian healthcare scenario In a developing country the government alone cannot meet the health needs of all owing to a number of challenges- growing population inadequate infrastructure low per capita income
  • 10. Aravind is more than an eye hospital It is a social organisation committed to the goal of elimination of needless blindness through comprehensive eye care services It is also an international training centre for ophthalmic professionals and trainees who come from within India and around the world It is an institute for research that contributes to the development of eye care and to train health-related and managerial personnel in the development and implementation of efficient and sustainable eye care programmes Aravind also is a manufacturer of world class ophthalmic products available at affordable costs through the Aurolab
  • 11. Aravind keeps its surgical equipment in operation 24 hours a day, which reduces the cost-per-surgery Also, doctors focus only on performing surgery, and nurses handle pre-op and post-op care, which increases doctor productivity These actions allow the company to give away free surgeries to the poor while still earning a profit The hospital performs high-volume and high-quality eye surgeries inexpensively to address the needs of the 12 million blind people in India.
  • 12. EducationSustaining Catalytic Doon School Super 30 in Bihar Other Private Schools Teach for India
  • 13. Economic DevelopmentSustaining Catalytic Bombay dying Jaipur rugs foundation HDFC Bank Microfinance DHL Mirakle courier
  • 14. Jaipur Rugs Foundation Established in response to the growing needs in the development sector to organize people at grass root level for alleviating poverty by significantly enhancing their income Build up the capacity of weavers /artisans so that they may have decent earnings and lead a dignified life It works with more than 40,000 (target of 100,000 in next five years) artisans across the carpet value chain in 10 states in India
  • 15. Milestones achieved providing sustainable livelihoods to thousands of artisans improvement in payment terms eradication of child labour from carpet industry popularizing carpet in non-traditional areas organizing artisans in SHG and producer companies for financial security promotion of artisan forum etc.
  • 16. Mirakle Couriers A severe lack of government support for differently able people in India, particularly when it comes to employment there are very less opportunities because no one has the patience or the foresight to learn deaf language and culture. This is how Mirakle Couriers was born. Over the next few months Dhruv (promoter) spent time exploring the deaf culture and learning Indian Sign Language. He focused on a courier business because it requires a lot of visual skills but no verbal communication. The deaf are extremely good at maps reading, remembering roads and buildings because they are so visually inclined. Over the last two years Mirakle Couriers has grown to operate in 2 Branches in the city, employing 70 deaf employees and delivering over 65,000 shipments per month. We have won several awards including the 2009 Hellen Keller award and the 2010 National Award for the Empowerment of People With Disabilities.
  • 17. Dynamics to be watched for catalytic innovator Relatively new entrant providing low cost product to market over-served or not served Dominant provider moving away towards more profitable market New entrant expanding its market and other trying to enter copying its model
  • 18. Business Model Not only solution but important is its potential to scale it up and sustain Avoid tax paid as a indicator for catalytic innovators
  • 19. Wait.....that is not so simple Watch the video.....to understand the complexity and practical implications http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M5ae MpzOLU
  • 20. Thank You


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